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This is a short one so far. I found Jen's reaction to Kyle's initial Transform or Dare amusing.

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Transform or Dare?

Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively
simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the
theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...



Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Big Mouth


“As if, loser.” Jen eventually replied. She proceeded to launch into a rant, insulting Kyle with as many creative put downs as she could think of. Kyle patiently waited, a smug smile on his face as she raved.

“If you’re done,” he calmly said once her tirade had finished. “I believe you’re minute is up, which means you get both!”

“Fine, hit me.” Jen said derisively. “This oughta be good for a laugh.”

“Oh it will be, just not for you.” Kyle shot back, still smug as ever. “First, your transformation. Tell me Jen, do you know embarrassing it can be for a guy to get a boner in public? No? Well you’re about to find out, but with a twist, of course.

“What, you gonna make me grow a dick or something, you freak?”

“Oh no, that’d be too simple. Now pay attention. Whenever you get aroused or turned on, your breasts will start to fill themselves with sperm.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you, you twerp?”

“I’m not finished! The more turned on you get, the more sperm will fill your breasts. And the more sperm they get, the bigger and perkier they’ll become. And the best part? When you get so aroused you have to orgasm, all that sperm will travel up your throat and out of your mouth, like a throbbing cock spraying its load.”

“Jesus christ, you’re a freak, you know that?”

“I’m just getting started, Jen dear. For your dare, you’ll progressively get more turned on as time passes. It’ll start out slow, then get more and more erotic until you cream yourself. And when you do ejaculate out of that big mouth of yours, you’ll have a uncontrollable desire to shoot your load into the mouth of the nearest girl, especially if its one of your bitchy cheerleader friends. And the best part? Whoever you cum into will also develop the same condition!”

“Wow.” Jen said, as Kyle paused to take a breath after his long winded explanation. “I can’t wait to tell everyone what a sick fetishist you are. As if you weren’t enough of a freak already.”

“Enjoy yourself while you can, Jen dear.” Kyle replied. “Cause your life is about to-“ But he was interrupted by the dial tone. “That bitch hung up on me!” Kyle sputtered, but he quickly regained he composure. The curse had been set. All he had to do now was wait.

*It begins...


Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Big Mouth

Starting off slow...

Jen tried to put the strange conversation out of her mind. Listening to the little dwerp rant had almost made her miss the bus. She hastily threw on the rest of her outfit, her cheerleader top clinging slightly tighter to her chest. Jen barely noticed as she rushed through the rest of her morning routine.

She was hopping on one foot, trying to get her other shoe on as she hopped towards the bus, the driver impatiently honking his horn. “I’m coming!” Jen shouted. “Asshole...”
As she muttered under her breath, Jen swore she could hear a strange sound coming from her chest. Each time she hopped, it was as if a slight sloshing sound was coming from her...

No, it couldn’t. Surely it was just her imagination. Jen shrugged it off, finally getting her other shoe on and leaping onto the bus. She ignored she bus driver’s chiding of her tardiness and headed for her preferred seat at the back of the bus. She was disappointed to find it unoccupied.

“Guess Emma is skipping today.” She said, taking her seat alone as the bus drove off. Ah well, she thought. Maybe this would give her a chance to take a quick nap. But as she closed her eyes and tried to relax, she felt a strange sensation. It felt was thought a gentle but persistent warmth was emanating from her breasts. It wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, it felt pleasant. Pleasurable, even. But...did her bra feel even tighter than before?

Jen took a derp breath, trying to calm herself down. “I’m just nervous about cheer practice today”, she told herself. But the feeling persisted, if anything growing slightly but surely stronger as the bus ride wore on. And every time the bus hit a bump in the road or ground to a halt, Jen could her that little sound again, gradually getting louder. That strange sloshing, like thick liquid being tossed around. Almost as if her breasts were...

Jen started breathing more rapidy. The conflicting sensations of panic and pleasure were rolling around in her chest. No way the curse was real, right? No way that brat Kyle had actually done something to her...right?

Just then, the bus drove over a speed bump near the entrance to the school parking lot. It caused her breasts to jiggle, bouncing up and down as the bus passed over. Not only did they feel heavier than usual as they heaved, they felt immensely pleasurable as they did. The sloshing sound was even more pronounced. Jen had to grab her chest to stop the jiggling, but that only made it more worse, as the touch of her warm hands felt even more erotic. Her breasts felt tighter than they had before, and certainly bigger, pulling at her bra. But they also felt...amazing.

Jen breathed in sharpely, her mouth hanging open. Her hands were still on her breasts, and she felt them pulsate gently. The liquid in them shifted slightly, and she felt muscles in her throat begin to tense up...

“What the hell are you doing, young lady?” The harsh voice broke Jen from her haze. She opened her eyes to see the bus driver staring at her. The rest of the bus was empty.

“S-sorry...” she muttered, quickly gathering her things and rushing off the bus, all while the driver stared at her with a mix of what Jen took to be equal parts disgust and lust. To her dismay, every step she took caused her now highly sensitive breasts to slosh and jiggle, sending waves of pleasure across her chest and up her neck, culminating in a sharp but pleasant tingling feeling in her mouth. And as Jen rushed toward the main hallmas the bell rang, she felt her breasts get heavier and feel fuller with every step...

*Can’t be helped...


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The first climax

Jen struggled throughout the school day, her breasts only getting bigger and fuller as her classes dragged on. Paradoxically, despite becoming heavier as more and more sperm built up inside them, they didn’t sag or pull themselves down. Instead, they only got tighter and perkier as time passed, though they were still a heavy weight on her chest. Indeed, they had started to pull her cheerleader top higher and tighter, gradually exposing more and more of her midriff. Worse, every time her growing boobs brushed against a passerby or random object, a surge of pleasure shot through them, traveling up her throat and into her mouth. She was getting more and more odd looks, either from lusty passerby who oggled her expanding chest, or simply confused onlookers, wondering why Jen looked constantly on the verge of orgasm.

Jen gasped as she bumped into someone in front of her. She hadn’t noticed as she had been lost in worried thoughts. Her tight breasts stabbed into the person’s back, sending an orgasmic wave up her throat. It almost felt like vomiting, but instead of revulsion, it felt like a sweet release of sexual tension. Jen tried to apologize to person she had slammed into, but her words gagged in her throat. The last jolt that had traveled up her throat had carried a familiar salty taste with it. Jen didn’t want to believe it, but she knew the taste of precum all too well.

“Jen?” Came a voice from in front of her. Jen looked up, and was dismayed to see a familiar face. It was Monica, one of her closest friends on the cheer squad. Monica was a good 3 inches taller than Jen, with ebony skin and thick, curly hair.

“Jen, are you alright?” Monica took a step closer, laying a hand on Jen’s shoulder. The simply touch of her friend sent waves of lust and pleasure through Jen’s body. She felt her breasts begin to pulsate rapidly,

“Jen, you don’t look so good.” Monika said, genuine concern in her voice, her deep brown eyes filled with worry. “You...” her gaze shifted to Jen’s chest. “Jen, have you had work done?”

“Mon...” Jen tried to speak, but choked on her words as more precum filled her mouth. She could feel a bigger load coming as her throat muscles tightened and contracted and veins on her neck began to bulge.

“Jen are you choking? Your neck is all tensed up! Jen, talk to me!” Monika placed both her hands on Jen shoulder’s trying to figure out what was happening to her friend. Jen wanted to warn her to step away, to get out before she came, but it eas too late.

A strange calmness overtook Jen as she neared climax. She grabbed Monika by the waist and pulled her close, squeezing her enlarged breasts into her friends chest. Monika said something, but Jen couldn’t hear it over the rushing in her ears. With one hand she grabbed the back of Monika’s head and pulled her close, while he other hand firmly grasped her friend’s tight ass. Monika tried to pull back, but it was no use. Jen smiled calmly as Monika panicked before she pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss.

Monika’s scream was muffled by Jen’s mouth on hers. For a few seconds, she locked into the kiss, a strange salty taste on Jen’s lips. Then, Jen plunged her tongue into Monika’s mouth, forcing it open. Monika tried to struggle free, but was too shocked to put up a fight. She heard a deep rumbling coming from Jen’s chest.

With a deep moan, Jen felt her breasts suddenly contract tightly, and a massive load quickly traveled up her throat and into her mouth. Her neck muscles also contracted, shooting the hot load out of her mouth and directly into Monika’s.

Monika was horrified as the felt a thick, sticky liquid shoot out of Jen’s mouth and into her’s. Her cheeks bulged, and some of the stuff trickled out of her mouth and down her chin. She quickly recognized the taste, and tried to spit it back, but the force behind it was stronger. Gulp after gulp of Jen’s sperm traveled down her throat, Monika helpless to prevent it. As more and more entered her body, she felt waves of pleasure overtaking her. Panic faded into acceptance, acceptance into desire. Soon, she found herself eagerly gulping it down, and when the stream finally stopped, she sucked all that she could out of Jen’s mouth, using her tongue to lap up every last drop of the salty, succulent sperm.

After what felt like hours, the two disconnected their lips. Jen opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Monika hungrily drew her tongue across Jen’s chin and lips, soaking up some stray streams of cum that had leaked out of their mouths. The two stood and started at each other for a moment. The hallway they were in was empty. It seemed no one had noticed their...exchange. “Jen...” Monika finally said, her voice an erotic quiver. “What the fuck just happened?”

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