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First 3rd Date - Part 1

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Every inhale brought with it the musky masculine scent, fueling her panic. Every exhale tickled its turgid form, stoking her erection. The idea of being in public with this happening, with her there to see it, caused a knot of nerves to coil in her stomach. It throbbed intensely. Wouldn’t it be better to rub one out before going? That’s what guys did wasn’t it? No, what if she could tell? Couldn’t people smell it? Fuck maybe this was a bad idea…

It had only been two weeks since their second date. They had met in a course on advertising, quickly learning they were both marketing majors. Study buddies within the first week and fast friends beyond, they were kindred spirits. Kinsey had been eying the dark-haired Alice since day one. She was slim with big expressive eyes that drew Kinsey in like a moth to a flame. It was a month of rampant flirtation before the energetic blonde asked her out.

The first date was pleasant. A local restaurant they could walk to after studying made for the perfect outing. There was certainly chemistry, but they took things slow with only a kiss goodbye.

The memory made her new tongue throb. Lips spread around the protruding meat, Kinsey opened her eyes to stare at the full pink head. She could feel it pulse, all the way from its base in her throat to its head. Groaning in frustration, the length tingled pleasantly. A bead of precum blossomed from its thick tip. She cringed her eyes shut returning to her crushing anxiety.

The second date was outdoors. Plenty of time and fresh air to enjoy each other’s company. That was when Kinsey received her change. There was an alchemical spill upwind. An intermediate compound with a D-cum base that volatile enough to float on the wind but mild enough that none of the changes were terribly extreme. The paramours were separated in the chaos, each being escorted off to different hospitals across town. After a week of observation and testing they were considered safe. Kinsey’s tongue had become a human cock. When flaccid she could speak, albeit with a lisp. Shocked and still adjusting, she returned home to come to grips. They had kept in touch, messaging and comforting each other but neither was forthcoming about their changes.

Over the past weeks Kinsey could feel herself falling more and more for Alice. Kind and compassionate, she had been her rock as she came to terms with her change. She desperately wanted to see her again but was bogged down by fear. Finally, they decided enough was enough and they agreed to meet. Today was the big day, thus Kinsey’s panic.

Thinking of the past week, Kinsey slowly realized how foolish she had been. She had spent the past week sulking instead of with Alice. Slowly winding through her crush’s kind words, she felt her organ wilting. Opening her eyes as it retreated into her mouth, she breathed calmly. Alice liked her for who she was, she didn’t care about any changes. And she was the only one that really mattered…Besides, maybe Alice would like her new addition. Kinsey actually didn’t mind how it felt when she was alone. All full, with lips pressed around the taut shaft. Perhaps another tool for the two of them when she finally got around to jumping Alice’s bones. The thought made her rod pulse, causing her to quell the idea for now, giggling.

Kinsey bounced to the door, grabbing her notebook and pen in case she got excited again. She smiled wide, grin uninterrupted.


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First 3rd Date - Part Two

Alice’s eyes were full of mirth as she tried to apply her lip gloss. She drew the applicator in long strokes along the inside of her labia, having to press and tug to get the folds coated well. She could feel her “mouth” tingle warmly at the effort. She capped the cosmetic and appraised herself in the mirror, eyes gazing over her glossy vagina. She had to chuckle at the absurdity of it, fragrant puffs slightly parting her lips.

She had done it as a bit of a joke to help put Kinsey at ease. This was the same lip gloss she wore on their first date. It did seem fitting to wear it on their first date after being changed.

Her eyes turned pensive, lips twitching as she instinctively tried to frown. She wished they had never gone to the park that day. It was her idea. Alice loved the fresh air and it would’ve given them lots of time to talk. Then that damn truck had to overturn and ruin their evening. It took them a week to make sure neither of them were contagious. They had messaged each other from hospitals across town, keeping each other company on those long nights in observation.

Afterwards they were released, but neither one of them were ready to see each other again. They still messaged though, almost constantly. Alice loved how quirky and energic Kinsey was…but she could tell these past weeks were hard on her. She was struggling to accept her changes while Alice

was…conflicted. Her changes were fairly life changing. A functional pussy had replaced her mouth. It couldn’t get pregnant or menstruate, but she had learned it worked just fine. Leaking, clenching…orgasming, the whole deal. She could only really eat liquid or...well, phallic foods now. To make matters even more embarrassing, it was identical to the one between her legs

Overall, she should have been horrified. But she found she wasn’t. What Kinsey didn’t know (but Alice was eager to share), was that she had a kink streak a mile long. She had spent the last week acclimating, sure. It was one thing to enjoy diddling your own mouth but another entirely to walk around in public with your sex spread on your face. But ultimately, she could live with her change happily. It was Kinsey she was worried about. She wanted to help her, to let the bubbly blond she liked so much be herself again.

Alice had missed her terribly. Hopefully they could reconnect today. Fall into each other’s arms, comfort one another, and maybe later Alice could see how well her new lips could kiss. She gave herself a sidelong glance in the mirror as her lips began to flush. She had better be careful or she’d mess up her lip gloss.

Alice made sure she looked alright and turned towards the door. Grabbing her purse, pencil, and paper, she strutted excitedly to her date.