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Chapter 3: Allison Smith, a highschooler living on a ranch.

School over, Allison Smith arrives at her families two-story home, her blue truck, full-sized, extended cab, pulling into the driveway. The 5'8” black-haired, blue eyed, attractive young woman steps down from the driver seat, brushing her long black hair back over her shoulders to get inside and ditch her backpack in her room.

She's attractive, a narrow waist, wide hips, a full, shapely rear, and good looking C-cup breasts, wearing a short blouse over her tanned bronze skin, jeans, and sneakers. At school she avoids the social power plays of the jocks and cheerleaders, preferring the band and the acting club.

As Allison walks through the front door, her mother, Jane, calls out from the living room, “Allison, you have a package on the hallway cabinet.” “Hey, thanks, mom” Allison calls back, picking up the package. She frowns at the oddly labeled box, “Why did I get a remote?”

With a shrug, she lowers the package. “I'm going to be in my room, Mom!” She says as she walks to the stairs, looking in the living room to see her mother wearing her work clothes and watching the TV. Despite their difference in age, Jane is in great shape, a little bustier than her daughter and on a rare occasion, had been mistaken for Allison's older sister, which she always enjoyed when it happened. Jane gave her a smile and a nod, “Alright, although your father's been fixing that front gate on the stables. It would be nice if you said hi to him before dinner.”

Allison rolls her eyes, but smiles as she says, “Alright. I might go out and tell him he's done another “amazing” job.”

In her room, Allison sets her backpack down on her desk along with the box containing the universal remote. She opens the box, “So what are you?” She asks as she picks up the instruction manual.

*Allison reads the manual.

Allison reads through the manual for the remote muttering “No” “What kind of joke is this?”, and the like in disbelief. Finally, she sets the manual down and picks up the remote itself, feeling a shiver of uncertain anticipation as she holds it.

Her eyes go to her closet, a few outfits visible through the open door. “I suppose swapping clothes with something I own is a safe test,” she says as she looks over the buttons to find the right one. In two clicks, she's suddenly wearing a dark blue dress of hers and she gasps, covering her mouth to keep from screaming. “Oh my god! It works, it works, it works, it works.” She says over and over, until she calms down almost a minute later.

Then she holds up the remote and looks at it one more time. “Oh hell. You can't be real... but you'll be so much fun.” She says as a smile crossing her lips.

*She decides to use the remote outside.

Feeling heady with the power in her hand, Allison walks out of the house without so much as a word to her mother as she goes to the stables. Her father, John, is there in a shirt and overalls, hoof pick in hand as he checks the hooves of one of their mares, Misty. At 6'2”, blond haired and blue-eyed, he could probably model for a construction equipment ad. He smiles as he sees his daughter.

“Hey, Allie, I fixed up the fence so it doesn't drag along the ground,” he says happily as she smiles at him. “It took you three days to get to that, daddy. You're getting slow.” He snorts at this, “I'm not old. You know Old Charger twisted his foot and took some extra care to make sure he didn't need to see the vet.”

Allison just grins at him, “Of course, dad. It's Chargers fault.” She says as she looks at the Stallion standing in his pen, idly staring at them. Still grinning, Allison points the remote at the horses in the barn and saves them to its memory, like the manual said she could.

*Allison merges her father with Misty.

Allison feels a flood of nervousness as she points the remote at her dad and the horse. Allison feels a bit of relief as he seems to ignore the device. She presses the merge button. One moment, she's looking at her dad as he's lifting Misty's hoof up, then, she's looking at an anthropomorphic and very female horse, wearing her fathers clothes, her mane braided and hanging down her back. Not only that, she's hot, her lips oddly luscious and feminine, with F-cup breasts and an hourglass figure.

The new female mix of her dad and Misty steps out of the stall and closes the door to it. “Thanks for stopping by to say Hi, honey.” Allison stares, struck speechless for a moment, making her father give her a concerned look. “Allison? Are you alright.” Allison nods, recovering as she asks, “A-are you alright, dad?” The horse-woman smiles at her and nods, “Yeah, but you should really get used to calling me Misty, honey. You've been bad about it ever since we went through that procedure.”

Hearing that, Allison turns and walks quickly out of the stable to not freak out in front of her father. She rushes to a storage shed and hides behind it, staring at the remote in shock. “H-he thinks he did that himself? Earlier? How could this do that?” Then, after a moment, she shakes her head, “I was kind of thinking of the change being that way. Did this thing really just change the entire world?”

*Feeling giddy, Allison decides to use the remote on her mother.


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Chapter 7: Feeling giddy, Allison goes to change her mother.

Thoughts tumble through Allison's head about the impossible and powerful device she now has, “I... this thing turns the world into a toy...” She mutters to herself, walking through the front door and to the living room, finding her mother done with her show and reading a book, although she'll be cooking dinner soon as “Misty” will be finishing up with the... other(?) horses.

“Misty was proud as ever about fixing something, mom.” She says, making her mother smile, “Of course. That was nice of you. You know she loves a little praise for her work and she does work hard,” Jane says as Allison points the remote at her, her mother seeming to not notice the action either.

*Allison merges her mother with Charger.

Allison selects Charger from the remotes memory, then points it at her mother. Suddenly, looking a lot like her father, her mother is an anthro horse, her figure and noticeably larger breasts, proving she's almost all female, although looking a bit younger. She's now wearing a dark-green dress that, sitting down, does nothing to hide the fact she has Chargers equipment between her legs.

Allison takes a deep breath, trying to hold back the nervous panic she still feels at causing such a drastic change. Then, curious to get any details she can, she asks, “S-so. How's merging with Charger?” She asks.

Jane stifles a giggle at the question, “It's amazing, Allison. I can't imagine I've not said it enough, even though Charger was getting a bit old, I have so much more energy now.” Allison shakes her head at this, “H-how come you got Charger and dad got Misty?”

With a look of supreme patience, as if she's heard this question a few times before, “You're father was dead-set on Misty and we weren't even thinking of doing anything with Charger, but after Misty's merger keeping Charger around longer was just too valuable. The best breeder we've ever had.” With that, Jane smiles at her as Allison begins to sweat a little, nervous and excited. “Y-yeah. We've made a lot of money off of Charger.”

*Allison decides she isn't done with her parents yet.

Allison blinks for a moment as her mother goes back to reading, shifting a little to settle her equipment more comfortably, “I'm going to read a little more, I'll call you when I finish dinner,” she says as she gets comfortable. Allison taking a few steps out of her mothers line of sight is speechless. She had just changed both her parents so drastically and... sexily. This was turning her on.

She has to play with this a bit more. Change her parents a little more, maybe herself as well.

*Allison changes her mother.

Allison nods as she decides to use the remote to play with her mother a little more, thrilled by the power and options the remote holds for her.

*More options for changing her mother.

A cavalcade of ideas floods through Allison's mind. What to do, what to do?

*Allison accidentally drops the remote.

Jane shifts a moment, her hand gliding across her draped sheath, the movement distracting Allison, loosening her grip on the remote, the little device falling from her hand. She cries out in shock and horror, scrabbling to grab it before it hits the floor, fearing what might happen if it makes a change while she isn't holding it.

*She catches the remote.

Allison breathes a sigh of relief as she snatches the remote from it's mid-air tumble, but her clumsy grab causes her to hit some buttons on it, her breath of relief interrupted by the changes to reality she accidentally caused.

*Allison and Jane merge somehow.

Allison clumsy grab winds up merging the two together, but how?

*Allison has merged herself into her mom.

The caught remote has merged Allison into her mother. But how did it merge it's poor victim who is all to aware of what's happened?

*Allison is her mother's balls.


Re: Changing the World: Remote Control - Allison the Living Cock

Chapter 16: Allison is her mother's balls.

Allison blinks, her perspective jumped. She's looking... forward, at a bit of an upward angle. She breathes in. Her body is... so different. She closes her eyes, forcing down the panic that's threatening to well up. Reality changed, panicking isn't going to help.

After a moment, she tries to figure out what happened to her. She's... not human. No arms, legs, neck. All she knows is she's pressing against fur. She's... warm. Actually, she feels good... and full. At least she's still in her living room... “Mom?” She calls out.

She gasps in surprise. And pleasure. A hand touches her, her skin tingling wonderfully from it as she feels... active. Somehow “What is it, Allison? Oh, oh. A little productive today, honey?” Her mothers voice has an... erotic tinge. “P-productive?” Jane giggles as Allison finds herself sliding forward a bit, pressing more heavily into... thighs? Full? Productive? Is she...? Hell no! It can't be.
Her spinning thoughts calm down a little, though. She's bouncing and it feels really good. Rocking her and making her feel ever so comfortable and yet full and ready to... Wow. she needs to get off, her body flushing with arousal, a moan escaping her lips, accompanied by a moan from her mother. “J-just a few moments, Allison.”

Jane's cock gets hard, swaying in front of her, although all Allison feels nothing of the cock but erotic, arousing feedback from her mother's own excitement, a hand moving to rub against her as she's walked, bouncing into the bathroom. The door opens in front of her, a new seat and... device near it. A tube and tank?

Allison blinks as she sees a mirror that wasn't in the bathroom before. She gets to watch as her mother sits down, the seat long enough to let Allison rest comfortably on it, a thrill running through her as her large, warm, and full testicles rest heavily on the cushioned seat. Finally she gets a view of herself in the mirror. She's... massive. Her eyes, showing a mix of arousal and surprise, and her mouth all that's left of her human self. She's... over two feet across? At least. It's amazing her mother can still walk and so quickly.

Her mother slips the tube over her already hard and massive cock, her eyes fluttering as she puts her hands to Allison's tight dark flesh, starting to rub. The living balls that Allison has become flooding with pleasure, the taste of semen starting to build delightfully at the back of her mouth. Allison reels from surprise and pleasure, realizing she's been turned into a sex organ, pressure and ecstasy building as she's filled with anticipation of an orgasm that she's sure is going hit her.

Jane shakes in building ecstasy, pre flooding from her cock into the milker, cum filling Allison's mouth, the two merged girls tension finally building to its climax, Jane's head falling back, her back arching as Allison pulses with each release of cum from her shemale mother, each one and explosion of intense ecstasy, her world whiting out in pleasure.

The world fades back in when she feels herself lifting off the seat, but there's an afterglow, making her feel warm and spacey, humming as she barely notices what her's mothers doing, her bouncing form making it so easy to just enjoy how she's feeling with little care of the rest of the world.

*Allison's focus comes back when Misty shows up for dinner.

Allison blinks, finally coming to and surprised at how she just kind of drifted along, happy and barely thinking. Her father... is that really the right word anymore? Misty's voice calling out, “There's my sexy girls. Allison giggles and blushes a little at her strange, lewd form bared to the lovely horse girl. Was her mother even wearing clothes? Certainly not a skirt or anything to cover Allison herself.

She shivers as her mothers hand slides down her right side, “Mmm hmm, Misty. Dinner's almost ready.” Allison blinked, surprised that her mother had done so much without her paying attention. The next thing she knows, Misty's pants are pressing against her, the horse-girls hand running against her side, an erotic surge from her mothers arousal mixing with hers, Jane's cock starting to slide out of her sheath as she giggles and pushes Misty away, “Ohhh, don't get us excited dear. You have a little work to do after dinner and we should let Allison fill up some more.

Allison gives out a small moan at the thought of filling up and cumming again, feeling disappointed as Misty's supple fur pulls away from her. “I can't wait!” She coo's out, Misty smiling as well, walking to a chair at the kitchen table, “Me either, honey.” Jane shakes her head, turning back to her cooking. “You two stop, I have to finish dinner,” she admonishes, her cock rising beneath her apron, the shemale horse having to adjust the tie to let it slip through and nestle between her breasts. “You have no idea how difficult this is with my cock this hard.”

Allison giggles, closing her eyes as she just feels herself, round, feeling herself fill with her mother's wonderful seed. During dinner, she hangs under the table, over the edge of the chair, staring at Misty's legs and crotch, licking her lips and aroused, her mother making several playful complaints, having to suffer her massive cock staying hard through the entire meal.

Finally, her mother is left along, cleaning up, Allison jiggling a little as she tries to clear her head. It's been so easy to just relax and enjoy what's happened, but suddenly she wants to move a bit.

*Allison gets her mother to use the remote.


Re: Changing the World: Remote Control - Allison the Living Cock

Chapter 18: Allison gets her mother to use the remote.

Allison steels herself, fixing the idea of doing something about her situation in her mind as she speaks up, “Mom! Could you go and get that box I got today? The remote?” Jane pauses, stepping back from the sink where she had been putting the dishes to clean up. “Oh? Sure, Allie. Although I don't know why you need a remote.”

Allison purses her lips at this. Damn. She could try to not tell her mother what the remote is... or she could tell her and see if she believes her. Maybe with a white lie involved.

*Keep Jane in the dark.

Allison smiles, “I just... want to look at it, mom. Please?” Jane shrugs at this, turning, Allison swinging, sending a shiver through her again and tempting her to give in to her new situation. “Alright, girl. You don't ask for much, so let's go look at that remote,” a hand caressing Allison again, making her shiver in pleasure before she starts bouncing again, rubbing against her mother's legs.

Allison's eyes lock on the box holding the remote as her mother picks it up, lifting up outside of Allison's field of view. The ball-girl gives a small moan of anticipation as her mother opens the box. “Alright, Mom! Can you hold it down here? Close to my mouth?”

“Sure honey, here,” Jane says, not quite sure why Allison is so interested in the remote, but happy to do something for her ever so intimate daughter. The remote descends into Allison's field of view and she starts to stick her tongue out, pausing for a moment as she looks at the undo button, hesitating, wondering if she really does want to change back. Somehow, it sounds a little boring... mundane, and not quite right anymore.

*Allison presses the undo button.

Allison drives her tongue forward, mashing the undo button, gasping as she change in an instant, suddenly herself again, blouse and jeans back. She giggles a bit, the remote now in her hand and she hugs her mother, distracted by how good those massive breasts feel pressing into her.. Jane giggles, hugging her, “Hey, what's up? Why are you so happy?” Allison shakes her head, smiling as she lets go of her, “Oh... I don't know. Anyways, I'm going upstairs!”

The newly restored girl rushes upstairs, hurrying into the bathroom and locking the door behind her, looking at herself in the mirror. It feels good to be moving on her own, and her breasts are back. She cups them, smiling for a moment, before a frown crosses her lips, “Damn... I missed you, but I don't feel right, either.” Allison feels kind of wrong. Like she really isn't supposed to be the girl she is. She feels like she's supposed to be more of a sexual thing.

“Dammit. My head is still messed up...” She says to herself, a slight whine in her voice as she tries to process how different and odd she feels in her old body, trying to figure out what she wants to do about it. She has plenty of options with the remote at hand.

*Or she can get clever.

Allison licks her lips, holding the remote up and looking over the buttons, ideas of what to do racing through her head. “Alright. I have to have some of that back.”

*Allison merges her mothers cock with herself.

Allison smiles, selecting her mother from the remotes memory, “I don't have to be attached to my mother to be a piece of her,” She says to herself, a delighted and erotic tinge to her voice as she points the remote at herself, clicking the merge button.

*Ever more lewd configurations.

Let's dream up a few more cock-merger forms.

*She looks like herself, with cock-like skin

Allison inhaled, pointing the remote at herself. These new desires were so strong. Even though she was giving into them, she still felt some worry and self doubt as well. This... she didn't want people to accept it, but not think it was deliberate. She clicks the merge button, feeling like the world lurched for a moment and suddenly her body was very different.

She didn't radically reshape her body. Arms, legs, hip, breasts, head. Eyes, lips and nipples all there. The two striking changes to her body were her skin and the massive sack and balls hanging under the skirt she was now wearing. Large sphere's the size of basketballs. Her skin was now the textured and mottled pink and black of Charger's cock, with some large, prominent veins meandering vertically up and down her limbs and torso, lending to the impression that she was more a cock shaped like a girl than anything else. She still had her long, black hair hanging down her back, or what looked like hair. A closer look would reveal it to be long, thin, and very fine tendrils of the flesh she was now made of. It danced in a delightful tease of pleasure, cock-flesh sliding lightly against cock-flesh.

She giggles, cupping her breasts for a moment, her sensitive flesh dancing with pleasure, making a small moan escape her lips before she let's go. Then Allison spies that the counter-top is much taller... “Oh, hell. I shrunk?!” she cries out, looking into the mirror, blinking as she mentally adjust to both her image and the different perspective. She's... almost tiny, over a foot shorter. She's an exact four feet now. She just shakes her head and giggles, nervous and excited.

*Allison goes to see her mother

Allison grabs the remote, just in case she needs to adjust something, and eagerly leaves the bathroom. It's a little disorienting being so much smaller, but she tries her best to ignore it. Her mother is still in the living room, still reading. Allison was barely gone after all, her dress no longer draped over an impressive stallion cock and balls, just like Allison was expecting. Although she wasn't expecting her mother to be completely naked, her gorgeous body bared and her large breasts unrestrained. She's gorgeous.

The new Allison blurts out, “Hey, mom!” Her mother looks up from her book at her and smiles, her eyes glistening with an erotic hunger Allison hasn't known before “Ohhh, there's my girl. Although why are you dressed up? You didn't say you were going out today. Your father was looking forward to some fun, too.” Allison blushes a little as she's nearly overwhelmed by conflicting feelings.

She knew the remote was responsible for making her want to be like she is and how right it feels, but there's still a small part of her is shocked and confused by her desires, how erotic this all is, and how her life has changed so radically. She wants this though.

*She uses the remote to settle her confliction


Re: Changing the World: Remote Control - Allison the Living Cock

Chapter 26: She uses the remote to settle her confliction

Trying not to pause too long, Allison raises the remote. She really wants to just enjoy this. It feels right and she wants it so much and that nagging worry is holding her back. With a couple of clicks, that worry is replaced by how her mother feels about this, as well as getting a bit of understanding of her new life . Allison smiles at her mother as everything feels perfect finally. She can remember being a normal girl before she used the remote, but now she's her mothers stallion cock and it's absolutely wonderful.

The little cock-girl giggles, pulling her shirt up over her head, “Oh, school was a little strange today, Mom.” she says, quickly pulling off the rest of her clothes before almost skipping over to her mother, her balls bouncing, Allison quite enjoying the strange new sensations. She kept the remote in hand, setting it on the little table next to the recliner as her mother helps her up into the much larger stallion-woman's lap. Allison finds herself pressing against her mothers breasts and giving her a very intimate and enjoyable kiss, both moaning at the sensations. Jane's cock sliding delightfully against her luscious breasts.

Allison can't believe how good it feels, she just wants to start sliding and pumping between them, wanting to cum right now, but she knows it isn't time yet. As far as her mother's concerned, they already masturbated when Allison got home. Now it's time to watch some TV with her sexy little cock before dinner. Jane smiles, having set her book on the stand when Allison walked over, turning Allison around and setting her rear right against her blank crotch, Allison's pressing her head gently back into her mother's breasts. “Ohh, I miss my dick when she's at school so much, honey. Most stallion's don't have to let their equipment go to school, you know,” she teases as she picks up the TV remote to turn on the show they've been watching.

Allison settles back, more than happy to sit here like this, her strange sensitive flesh pressing against Jane's, the lingering pleasure and arousal of her even more sensitive head resting between the soft, pillowy breasts Jane has, promising to distract Allison with the temptation of a titjob.

*More choices

*Moves things along

We'll move things along to after the show, but how long after?

*Dinner (Again?)

Allison murrs happily when the show finished. Just like when she had been just a pair of balls, it was so easy to just enjoy being what she is. Jane helps her slide off onto her feet, groping her ass before she stands up herself, a thought popping into the cock-girl's head. Her experience as a living pair of balls at dinner was fun and she wants to try that again as a cock! Simple enough. After a moments pondering, she manages to use the remote to make it time to fix dinner again.

“Alright. Misty is going to be done with work soon enough. Let's go make dinner.” Allison nods, smiling as she walks next to her mother. The naked stallion pulls on an apron and gets to work. Allison finds herself quietly staying close to Jane, pulling against her whenever she's going to standing for a moment and always knows when to pull away before Jane moves.

It would be boring, but Allison isn't even sure she can feel bored like that anymore. Which seems like it might be kind of nice to her.

Then the front door opens and Allison feels a flush of excitement and arousal knowing the sexy mare is on her way to the kitchen. “There's my stallion!” Misty says loudly. Allison is shocked for a moment, only a moment, at the sight of the naked Misty. Her father has changed. Between her legs is the largest vagina Allison has ever imagined, like a dark, glistening wet basketball size lips and mound between her legs, with a huge stub of a three-inch clit. Her belly is a noticeably rounder, making her look pregnant, but Allison realizes that's not the case. That bulge is her pussy, larger on the inside as well as out. She'll stretch perfectly around Jane's little cock-girl.

Jane turns as Misty strides towards them, her pussy squishing roughly between her strides, scooping up Allison under an arm and pressing her between the two horse-girls. Jane and Allison both moan, Allison shivering from the arousal and pleasure of four breasts and warm chests and bellies surrounding her, Jane's eyes fluttering as Misty kisses her.

“And her sexy penis,” Misty says, smiling as she pulls her lips from Jane's and moves them to Allison herself, giving her a kiss, her broad tongue playing delightfully in her mouth for a moment, Jane moaning and squirming, adding more pleasure and arousal to Allison's taught, ready body. Allison feels her mouth fill with sticky pre that Jane pulls into her own mouth just before breaking the kiss.

Misty pulls away, still holding Allison as Jane slaps her arm, “You horrible tease!” she accuses the still larger horse-girl with a giggle. “Dinner's almost finished and you have to play with me like that. I have half a mind to stop and just fuck you and let you have the cold and half-cooked food.” Allison giggles, “Ohhh, yes. Do it!” Jane laughs at that one, “Oh no, you would keep me fucking Misty twenty-four hours a day. I can't let my cock do all my thinking for me.” Allison pouts at Misty, “Awwww,” while the thought that should could somehow have sex 24 hours a day. There had to be a way to pull it off with the remote.

Misty smiles at her, “Oh no, I'm not giving in this time. Besides, I like having a real dinner. Let's let my sexy stallion finish cooking. You can at least sit with me until dinner. Allison nods just as she notices a smell. It's musky, and animal. Allison realizes she can smell that pussy and it's making her want to plunge right into it. As Misty walks to the kitchen table, she whispers, “Besides, I know my smell's going to dive you wild.”

Allison nods as she gives out a low, wanton moan, “W-wicked”, she says with a smile. It's certainly true, she can smell Misty's sex. A sweet and musky smell that makes her start squirming a little as Misty sits down at the table, resting Allison on her lap. Her breasts, belly, and swollen sex all pressing against the cock-girl.

There's a long, lewd moan from Jane as she feels this, the stallion-woman placing her hand on the counter to steady herself, “O-oh, Misty! Get her off of your lap! You know it's too much for me, I can't get a thing done with all that, mhmm, sexy flesh pressing against me.” Misty giggles, gently pushing Allison off her lap with a wink, “Sorry, Allie, guess we don't get to have any fun while we wait,” she says loudly. Allison nods, shivering from lust and arousal, taking a few steps towards where Jane will sit at the table, finding herself closing her eyes, trying to hold back the desire throbbing through the sex that is her body.

Jane goes back to finishing up dinner. She always did have an iron core to her and it seems she uses it to hold back her animalistic desires. When dinner's served, Allison finds herself again sitting in Jane's lap, between spread legs, sitting where she would be if she was properly placed on her mothers body.

Jane seems to eat quickly, though, her eyes on Misty the entire time. The moment the horse-girl is finished, Jane gets to her hooves, “Mfff. C'mon, filly.” Is all she says, letting Allison to her feet. She shivers, tingling in a mix of arousal, desire, and anticipation as Misty gets to her hooves as well, giggling, “Oh, you want me? Why didn't you just say so?” teasing as she turns to the kitchen door.

*They get to the bedroom


Re: Changing the World: Remote Control - Allison the Living Cock

Chapter 30: They get to the bedroom

Allison and Misty manage to get to the bedroom just a bit before Jane does, the naked mare sliding back on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs, her massive, almost drooling sex drawing Allison's eyes like a fire does a moth, pre burbling from her mouth, too much for her to swallow as it dribble down her chin, adding to the heady smell of sex and horses that permeates the room. “Mmm, you know what you want,” sex dripping in the invitation to Allison. Allison is practically buzzing, knowing what to do thanks to that copy from her mother. She rushes to the mare with the massive pussy, bringing her hands to the large, swollen labia, spreading open that deep pink passage to Misty's moan.

Despite her diminutive frame, Misty looks just a little small for the stallion cock girl, but she knows that's not going to be a problem as she presses her head between the horse sex. She almost cums right then, the pleasure making her anticipation and desires come to a head. She moans out, holding back a bit longer, amazed at what she's doing, how natural it feels. It's what she's meant for, making it all the more intense. Shivering from the sensations and her desires, she pushes further into Misty, the hot, wet walls tight around her, stimulating almost every inch of her sexual flesh. “Ohhh, god yes!” Misty gasps out, laying back on her arms as a gasp and moan is heard just outside the bedroom, Jane entering the room, her legs shaking a little from the pleasures. “O-ohhh, you never make her wait.”

The complaint is muffled and Allison ignores it, sliding deeper, stretching Misty's belly as her breasts pull into the tight sex as Jane nearly leaps onto Misty, straddling her mare and her cock as Allison keeps sliding into her lover. Jane and Misty's muzzles lock, hands wandering over breasts and body, driven by animal and human desires combined.

Allison pushes all the way to her hips, where her balls pull against Misty's lips, and she finally orgasms, unable to hold back, feeling cum rush through her in pulses of mind-numbing pleasure, the cum halting any moans as Jane cries out form the sensations, her hips thrusting with each ejaculation from her cock, Misty's already tight pussy stretching even more from the viscous white fountain.

The orgasm lasts for minutes, as the bursts of cum tease her, flooding into her and rushing down over Allison, down her legs and onto the floor, the smell maddening, not having cum yet herself. Jane slumps against the mare, panting from the long and intense release. “M-more. A-Allison, k-keep going,” Misty begs, her hands going to her belly, taught around the small girl inside her. Allison is almost senseless and yet as she starts pulling back a bit and thrusting, cum and juices squishing out around her hips and waist as she pumps. Finding she isn't at all tired, she picks up speed as each thrusts focuses the goal of yet another orgasm. Her body never having to go soft.

Misty and Jane both moan out from the thrusting that neither of them has any control over, both at the mercy of Allison single-minded drive, Misty crying out in her own orgasm, pussy spasming around the thrusting Allison before she feels her body bursting with another orgasm, flooding more cum around her and into the mare. This time, the orgasm doesn't stop her, her thrusting unabated, almost mindlessly pumping. Over and over until Jane rolls off her lover and onto the bed, her eyes fluttering closed, Allison drifting off with her, still buried deep in the mare's sex, who winds up asleep shortly after.

During the night, they settle into the bed properly, Jane and Misty sleeping close to each other, Allison between them. In the morning, Allison wakes up slowly with Jane, smiling at being buried between the two sexy horses. The room reeks of sex and horse, a smell that never leaves it. Misty gets into the shower first, Jane getting a headstart on the never-ending task of cleaning the bedroom until the mare heads out to start her work on the farm again, leaving Jane and Allison to get their own shower.

*Later Allison leaves for the day

It appears Allison still has her own life, despite being her mothers cock as well. So what is she doing today?

*It's the weekend. Time to meet her friend

Allison is a little surprised when she gets a phone call from her best friend, Stacey. Their plans to hang out today, maybe hit the mall, were still on. Apparently being her mother's cock hadn't really affected her social life. She had a hard time not giggling on the phone about this.

It wasn't too long after the phone call that she found herself in the passenger seat of the family SUV, wearing nothing more than a dark halter-top and a medium length skirt that bulged out around her balls. She was a little sensitive to be wearing too much clothing. Also, she apparently didn't drive anymore. That was probably sensible.

Jane gives her a very gently rub on the head and a, “Call if you're going to be late. We won't hear the end of it if she doesn't get to ride you sometime today,” before Allison slips out of the vehicle and goes to knock on the door. Stacey opens the door, smiling. “Hey, Allie. About time you got here. My sister's being a brat today, so why don't we head out soon?” Trica, short for Patricia, is Stacey's seven-year old sister, normally sweet, but as with most siblings, they do bother each other often enough.

Stacey is a short girl, 5'6”, brown hair, blue eyes, and a bit of a prominent nose. Her fathers side of the family is Jewish. Solidly built, but good looking, she's wearing a cream blouse cut to make the most of her modest B-cups, and black jeans. “Sure, Stacey. That sounds fun.” “Okay, let's just hit my room real quick.” Stacey says, turning as Allison slips the remote from her purse and gives it a couple of clicks, not wanting to be the only strange girl out of a pair. Stacey now has four large E-cup breasts, looking quite a bit more eye-catching as Allison follows her to her room.

“Mom! We're going out!” Stacey says as she walks past the living room where her mother and sister are. “Alright, Stacey. Go ahead and grab a bite there, I'll fix a small dinner.” Allison grins, seeing that Stacey and Trica are both four breasted as well. The pair are blonde-haired and blue eyed, Stacey's mother, Tiffany, a gorgeous figure, a little air-headed, though, having coasted by in life on her looks, which are also more eye-catching, four G-cup breasts straining a blue T-shirt. Tricia wearing a blue dress, a four cupped training bra obvious as she plays a Nintendo DS at the moment.

*Allison changes the whole family


Re: Changing the World: Remote Control - Allison the Living Cock

Chapter 33: Allison quickly changes the whole family

Allison stops in the hall door, brandishing the remote again. No, things are still too normal here. Stacey and her family should really be more unusual and interesting. Four breasts was just a start. Allison smiles as she considers her options.

*Allison changes the family individually

Allison's body pulses excitedly in anticipation. She decides to stall Stacey for a bit before heading to the mall. The veins on her arms and legs throb visibly. Stacey notices and smirks slyly.

"Jeez, cant your mom keep it in her pants for two seconds. I swear every time I see you, all you're doing is having an erection. Get inside and sit down for a bit to calm down, the last thing i need is to drag your flaccid butt down to the mall" Stacey remarks. Allison nods stiffly, moving swiftly towards the living room passing by Tricia playing her game. She sits down and relaxes into the cushions, however the comfort and feel of the leather only serves to tease her sensitive cock-skin. Allison cant tell if the arousal is coming strictly from the contact with the leather, or from whatever thoughts her mother is having. Still being able to sense her mother even while she's away, she can tell she's currently in cleaning the stables and getting distracted by one of the mares being in heat. Allison's breasts swell, her midsection begins to undulate and her balls contract. She's having a full blown erection like her friend predicted.

"Aw geez, you're gonna cum soon ain't ya? hold on Aly, lemme get a trash bag first, the last time you blew yer load in our house our mom wouldn't talk to Jane in like a month" Stacey quickly ran off to the kitchen. Allison's mind is clouded with lust and need, wanting only to thrust her body into any willing hole or rub herself anything soft and moist. She see's Stacey's sister and aims the remote in her direction with only a vague idea of release in mind. Zapping the young girl causes her to instantly evaporate into her clothes. The flop on the floor lifelessly where Tricia used to be. Allison was briefly concerned before being distracted by Stacey returning.

"Man, I cant believe I forgot that Tricia was right here the whole time, it's been a while since she's been used though" Stacey mumbled while digging through Tricia's empty clothes. After a second of searching she pulls something from underneath. A large floppy and shiny piece of material that looks like a blanket made out of clear latex. Stacey approaches Allison and gently teases her nose for a bit, rubbing on it and smearing a bit of the pre-cum drool slobbering out of her mouth. Allison moans and rubs her stomach up and down. She's momentarily distracted when her head is suddenly engulfed by the latex blanket over her head. The material is warm and almost feels like it's gently gripping her head in a rhythmic motion. The feeling is unlike anything else, soon her vision grows cloudy, her pre-cum filling up the insides of whatever is on her face. She can feel Stacey's soft hands encircling her neck as if she were about to choke her, however she seals the latex sheath over her head and starts to massage her neck. Allison is overwhelmed, the smell of her own stallion cum drooling from her mouth sets her body into a frenzy, she could feel her mother fondling herself in the field outside the family barn, overcome by the scent of the mare in heat. She bucks uncontrollably on her friends couch, stuffing her face into the latex sheath. The insides warm and inviting, almost caressing her face.

Allison's vision is obscured entirely when she finally climaxes, her throat expelling gallons upon gallons of fresh hot horse jizz. Stacey massages her head and back through the latex, encouraging Allison to spew as much cum as she possibly could into it. After what seemed like hours, the torrent finally died down, her throat settling down from the pumping. Stacy slowly and carefully extracts the latex from her face and through clouded eyes watches as she ties it off and lets it slap back against...Tricia?

"Mmmmm...that feels nice and warm. Thanks Aly, you're the best" She could hear Stacey's sister moan. Wiping the cum from her eyes Allison takes in the sight that sends pleasure through her body and amazes her. Standing before her is Tricia, although altered significantly. Her entire body is transparent and through her see through skin it is apparent that the only thing giving her body definition was the gallons of horse semen that Allison just expelled. She moves fluidly, and her body undulates in unnatural ways. Her entire form is that of a living condom shaped like Tricia, although with obvious improvements. One such being her body being more curvy and mature looking, transparent breasts and buttocks almost as large as her mothers bob on her translucent frame. Above her newly enlarged ass is the tied off end of the condom that was wrapped around her head, situated above her butt like a cute little tail.

"Wow, I can always count on your mom to always fill me up to more than full. It feels cool to look more mature for once." Tricia speaks with a slight echo in her voice. Stacey just rolls her eyes.

"Alright Tricia, just get to work on your homework...you've been unused for like a week now and you've got a lot of catching up to do." Stacy says, causing the undefined face on the condom girl to pout and cross her arms under her breasts. The liquid inside shifting and rolling around to other parts of her body.

"Hey, I cant help it...maybe if you bring Aly by more often I'd be full enough to be more active. Do you know how long it takes to get me full? leaving me in the boys locker room can take like a week to get me even half full sometimes. Those guys have no output at all. Aly can stuff me to bursting in like a minute" Tricia argues. Stacey just mumbles something about bratty sisters and throws Allison a towel.

Stacey and Tricia continue to argue for a moment before their mother pops into the living room.

"Hey, Tricia, finally you're up and going again. You need to get to your homework immediately young lady" She admonishes to her pouting daughter.

"But mom...I always have to do homework right after I get filled, cant I do that last?" She whines. Her mother just shakes her head.

"No buts young lady, you get all sluggish when the semen starts to dilute. You know that the fresher it is the faster you think and act." She says, crossing her arms underneath her second pair of breasts.

"Awww, I never get to have fun. I've got like 3 days tops before I start shrinking and all my fluids are gone...I never get to use it to have any fun" She scowls before stomping off. Her body morphing with every foot step causing the fluid from her legs to jump up into her ass and expand with every stomp.

"Jeez that girl, I swear if it wasn't for Allison and her mother, she'd just flop around in her room all day" Stacey's mom sighed, while turning to look at Allison.

"Sorry about the drama, Aly. Remind me to thank your mother again, I know she your parents love my apple and oatmeal bread, I'll be sure to make a couple more loaves when you girls return from the mall.

*Allison changes Stacey's mother


Re: Changing the World: Remote Control - Allison the Living Cock

Chapter 35: Allison changes Stacey's mother

Allison took in the sight of Stacy's mom and couldn't help but feel her veins throb. She was the definition of milf even without the added benefit of her four G cup breasts straining her tight blue shirt. The sight of those boobs was enough to cause pre-cum to stark leaking from her lips. Stacey was upstairs grabbing her purse while her mother chatted mindlessly about both of her girls and how troublesome it was to raise them.

"can you believe that Tricia is actually in AP classes? I know she tries to be flippant about it but that girl is seriously smarter than she lets on" Tiffany gushed about her youngest daughter now turned into a living condom. Allison just nodded her head absentmindedly and aimed the remote at Stacey's mother absentmindedly. She didn't have a transformation really in mind just that it should be random but subtle. Pressing down on the remote left a small flash and Tiffany stood in the same position continuing to gush about her daughters.

While she continued to blabber Allison studied her body from head to to, looking for any differences in the womans body. She looked no further than the bulging breasts straining her tight blue shirt and noticed some irregular bulges. There was a thick tubular bulge connecting both the lower and upper pair of breasts and it seemed to be pulsing along with her heartbeat it seemed. Tiffany continued to blather on about her daughters and was only interrupted from her banter by an occasional soft sigh and moan. With a light blush she addressed Allison directly, her face more than a bit flustered.

"Sorry ally, it's getting a bit warm...im sure you're understand of all people" Tiffany tittered, unceremoniously and began the process of removing her very tight and sweaty shirt. When the shirt was off Allison choked down a bit of pre-cum at what she saw.

All four of Tiffanys breasts had been altered, although not equally. The nipples on her lower pair of G cup breasts had been replaced by two huge throbbing foot long penises, they stood erect straight up from her her breasts stretching towards her neck. However her upper breasts nipples were replaced by a pair of damp juicy cunts. The labia where thick and plump and the same pink as her areolas, with her original nipples doubling as big puffy clits at the top.

Tiffany sighed when the shirt was relieved of her torso. She casually reached both hands to grip the four inch wide shafts of her huge dick nipples and guided the tips against her dribbling nipple cunts. Each of her soft labial nipples lips enveloped a cock head the size of a fist with ease as she slowly and languidly inserted them into her upper breasts. She moaned loudly and the double penetration, and the twin sensations of her aching pricks sinking into a hot wet hole each. She let her upper breasts drop down against her shafts and they swallowed them halfway. Tiffany sighed in relief. Letting her arms rest at her side and watching as her lower breasts started to pump up and down like a slow starting piston.

"Ugh...thats better...uh...uh....oooh" Tiffany moaned, the slow motion of her tits auto fucking one another getting the best of her. She valiantly tried to keep her conversation going while fluids leaked from her well fucked upper breasts. Allison was quite hypnotized, watching a pair of juicy pussies getting well fucked had stirred her baser instincts as a living horse cock and her breasticals surged with warmth as she could feel her cum production ramping up again. She would have rubbed at her pussy had she still had one, and not fondle her full testicles in arousal. She had cum already to fill up Tricia and she could tell her mother would be sending her some texts soon about her "spontaneous" ejaculation.

Her mother had warned her that while she enjoyed it, breaking down into a massive orgasm while talking to the neighbors, or buying groceries, or jogging, or eating or driving wasn't something she wanted to be doing to often. Allison remembered her mother explaining to text her before getting them too horny, but being a cock she really didnt care how she got off, but when. Her refractory period was pretty fast as well and Allison prided herself on being a most virile and studly horse cock in the whole town.

The scene of this four breasted milf double penetrating herself just spurred her juices so much that she decided to copy this alteration on to Stacey when she had come back down. Which from the thumping on the stairs was just about when she showed back up.

"Mooom....geez, you're just as bad as Ally" Stacey quipped, rolling her eyes at her mothers antics. Before she could say anymore, Allison pasted the transformation over to Stacey.

"At least remember to put your condoms on mom...or you're gonna mess up the floor again" Her daughter chided, tugging at her own taught sweater, long tubular bulges pointing upwards towards her neck. Her mother just fluttered her eyes.

"Oh yes, sorry...I sometimes forget when at home...besides....I..like going bareback, it feels better" Tiffany smiled blissfully and walked away, a slight jump in her steps in rhythm wither auto fucking breasts. Stacey huffed and walked over to Allison.

"So, we gonna head out or you gonna go ogle my mom again" Stacey laughed, pushing Allisons shoulder slightly. Allison just smirked and decided to give Stacey a reason to sympathize with her mother. Allison reasoned that Tiffany was hornier because she had bigger breasts, and wondered if breasts size related to that. With a slight button press, Stacey's bust grew more and more pronounced, going from E cups to massive J cups in mere moments, at least twice as big as her mothers.

Stacey was visibly flushed at this point, with her chest heaving from labored breaths. Breasts that size must be massive, especially with the special attachments to each nipple within her tortured sweater.

"Ss..Ssorry Ally, I...gotta...just get this off....it's too hot" Stacey muttered, as she removed her sweater and let her massive breasts flop against her small torso. They stretched out beyond her and nearly obscured her entire torso and arms she had to keep her arms positioned to the size in order to not brush them against the sides of them. And Allison gushed a large spittle of cum at the sheer size of her altered nipples. The cocks attached to her lower breasts were simply massive. Each of them a girth of at least six inches alone, with large throbbing veins, each cock was at least an impressive length of a foot and half. Each massive cock head towered above her forehead the size of a cantaloupe and simply drooled clear pre. Her upper breasts were obscured by each massive pillar of flesh and peering behind each shaft showed a pair of simply gargantuan pussies dripping with feminine honey. Her nipple clits were the size of golf balls and throbbed with every caress of the air. Her torso was crowded with genitals above and below.

"Ugh...they're too hard right now, I cant even bend them......Ugh I can barely see" She panted, complaining about her lack of sight due to most of her vision being eaten up by the pillars of cock meat attached to her tits. She struggled to move them out of her line of vision but was just not strong enough to part the two massive manhoods from her sight. She sighed loudly, then pursed her lips and whistled. After that she began to rub both of her cocks as best as she was able, a single hand not being adequate to sate even a single of her members. She panted in lust and need, her nipple cunts rubbing against the shafts and adding to the lubrication of her rubbing. A few seconds later, her living condom of a sister prodded into the living room. Tricia's blank featureless face with only a divot mimicking a mouth smirked at her sisters plight. She cockily placed a hand on her hip, causing the cum in her transparent skin to undulate wildly. Allison could her her own cum sloshing around in the girls body.

"Say pretty please big sis..." Tricia taunted, folding her arms across her faux busts. Her curves being just the cum filling her latex body. Stacey groaned and sighed theatrically.

"Pretty please sis...can you....Ugh....Moooooilllk Me" Stacey droned out, having grown tired of her sisters teasing from her helping her out. Tricia just giggled, and bounced around like a balloon.

"Of course my little cum cow, lets get to work" Tricia exclaimed and then extended both of her arms out like stretchy elastic, although empty of the cum that made up the rest of her body and enveloped both of her sisters massive cock heads. Allison watched as her latex flesh traveled down to the mid of both of her shafts and began to twist and undulate. Effectively milking both cocks like a well oiled machine. Stacey grunted as she got closer and closer to a double climax and she screeched out as both member twitch wildly in their latex sheathes and pumped forth a massive load each.

After a good solid five minutes, each of her members was milked dry and Stacey stood against the wall for support. Tricia had grown taller and fuller as a result her body becoming more and more voluptuous and curvy with her sisters additional loads.

With a relieved sigh, Stacey took her now somewhat soft cocks in hand and slid each one up into the drooling depths of her upper breast cunts. After a moment each cock hardened to fullness as they pierced each breast to their hilt. Stacey smiled dreamily as she autofucked herself just as her mother had.

"Thanks sis" Stacey mumbled, while Tricia winked her expressionless face and sauntered off, her ass wobbling back and forth like a sexy bowl of jello. Stacey grabbed her purse and breathed slowly for a minute as her breasts settled into a slow steady rhythmic pumping as they fucked her upper tits. Her steps gaining a similar bounce in tuned with her autofucking boobs.

"Lets go to the mall Ally" She said excitedly, not even bothered by the fact she was doubly fucking herself in public. Ally nodded in agreement.

*Stacey's Dad shows up before the girls leave.


Re: Changing the World: Remote Control - Allison the Living Cock

Chapter 36: Staceys Dad shows up before the girls leave.

Stacey and Allison where about to leave to the mall when the front door opened by itself, Stacey's father walked through and set his briefcase down by the door. He smiled at his daughter and the frowned.

"Sweety....did you forget something?" Her father chided in his fatherly tone. Stacey just scrunched her brow in confusion.

"Uh...no dad, we were just about to head to the mall...so see ya" She mumbled quickly grasping Allisons hand and trying to drag her past her father. Allison gasped at the sensation, her arm throbbing as her sensitive cock flesh responded to the soft warm grip of her friend. However they were both stopped from proceeding when her father held up his hand.

"Nah uh uh young lady...you're just like your mother you know" Her father explained, pointing down at her still perpetually fucking tits. Stacey glanced down and didnt see much to complain about when her father tsked at her.

"You forgot your condoms young lady...do you want to make a mess all over the bus or malls or bathrooms?" He scolded. Stacey just blushed, her torso rocking silently as her pricks continued to pump endlessly into her upper bosom.

"Ah damn...sorry dad...I just forgot...it's not like mom...I cant just pop em out whenever I want...they're too big and when they get hard its impossible to get em out or back in....I promise when I feel like Im gonna blow I'll find a place to drain em and then use my emergency rubbers....please dad...im sorry" She whined, Stacey giving her best "innocent" daughter look as she pleaded with her father. Her dad just sighed, and smiled. Reaching down and rubbing at his little girls head.

"Fine...but you have to stop being so forgetful, you and your mom are a hassle" He chuckled.

"Robert? Oh you're home...hey honey" Tiffanys voice rang out as she rounded the corner, her naked torso also in a state similar to her daughters endlessly fucking one another. fluid dripping down the sides of the shafts embedded deep inside her upper breasts. She sidled up to her husband, her dual shafts rubbing against his body as she leaned up to kiss him on the lips. More lubricants pulsed out of the pierced cunts as a result and soaked his clothes, but her husband paid little to no mind.

Allison was still lost in the pleasure of her hand being held in stacys warm grip, and contemplating on changing her father when she was interrupted by a loud meowing coming from the kitchen entrance. Allison saw Stacey's cat Missy, stretching out and sauntering towards them at a slow pace. Missy was a female black and gray cat that was rather friendly with people but always clingy towards anybody that showed her affection rubbing up at them and begging to be petted and scratched.

Allison decided to get a bit creative and selected her targets with the remote for her next transformations. Targeting Staceys dad, Missy the cat and a certain body part of Stacey herself she pushed the button and waited for the result.

Allison smirked her lips, dripping with cum as she took in the changes.

Where Stacy's dad once was, was now the body of a four foot tall black and gray cat girl. She had an hourglass figure on her short frame with wide hips, a waspish waist and eight large jiggling furry breasts topped with dark black hardened nipples. Each breast was the size of an ripe melon compared to the small size of her body. However that's where the human similarities ended, since she had no head where there should be one and a tight wet slit situated on the spot where a neck would reside. The body wobbled slightly while it waved it's arms about wildly and stamped its feet trying to steady itself. Her long lithe legs ended in dexterous but dainty cats paws with a larger than normal exterior clawed thumb.

"Woah..how'd i get upside down?" A silky female voice purred out from an unknown place. Allison watched as the headless cat girl fell backward quickly and began to do a handstand. The body's eight breasts gesticulating wildly and settling upside down, while her legs dangled over forward exposing her expansive but firm ass on display and her dark puffy pussy lips and cute tight anus for all to see. Her tail curled high above and settled into a question mark shape. Tiffany lowered herself down and moved her face towards the offered and exposed rear of the headless catgirl and gave the pussy a long sensual tonguing. The legs of the catgirl circled Tiffanys shoulders and held on while it was given cunnilingus. When Tiffany pulled away her lips were covered in the catgirls fluids.

"You act so silly honey" Tiffany giggled. The upside down catgirl just wiggled her rump in the air, the tail curling like a coil in a form of expression.

"Yeah sorry...not sure how I got upside down in the first place...that was really disorienting. Remind me never to do that again. dont know how anyone can stand like that" The silken female voice said from between the pussy lips facing upwards. Allison figured by now that Stacey's father had been changed into the body of a female cat girl, however the roles of his new body were completely reversed, without out any outward changes besides a similar vagina at the base of where it's neck should be. Stacey's father strutted around on it's hands walking in an odd manner setting his breasts jiggling wildly while his spread eagle legs mooned his family. He wiggled his hips in a form of a nod sending his large booty to start jiggling. Stacey rolled her eyes and bent low to give her father a hug.

"See ya later daddy" Stacey said as she bent down and hugged the upside down catgirls waist and gave it a small peck on it's bare right butt cheek. He father used one of his dexterous cat feet to rub at his daughters face. Stacey giggled at the feeling of her fathers soft paw pads caressing her face.

"Hold up a bit, make sure Missy is taken care of....You should get her some cat toys at least while you're at the mall" Her dad asked, crossing his arms like he would if they were a normal pair of legs, as held his legs up and bent it to scratch at his dark pussy lips, some moisture building up at his "mouth". Stacey grimaced at the request about to give a rebuttal when a loud meowing rang out.

"See...she agrees with me" Her dad muttered, sauntering off on his delicate hands while her mother followed behind towards the kitchen and out of sight.

Stacey just reached into her pocket and pulled out a bag of carrot shaped cat treats, and then shimmied down her pants and underwear and looked down at her crotch. Where a normal pussy would be, now sat the black and gray muzzle of her pet cat Missy. Her cat had been fused to her owners cunt, with the eyes, even the ears perched above her pubic mound and each of her labial lips being framed by long tapered cats whiskers that reached out to either side of her thighs. The meowing began in earnest when the "Pussy-cat" blink it's eyes and licked its lips. It eyed the treat Stacey waved from above it's position and started to purr which caused Stacey to shiver. The erotic purring of Missy combined with her self fucking breasts, were causing her to stumble. She fed her cat the carrot shaped treat and moaned at the feeling of her cunt "chewing" and grinding at the object and then had a small but satisfying climax when it swallowed the rest of the treat.

"Ugh this damn cat is such a pain...she's too needy" Stacey complained, then shuddered when Missy began to purr at the flavor of the cat treat. She gave it's ears a good scratching, while biting her lip in Ecstasy and moaned as this seemed to bring the cat in her groin some contentment. Bringing her pants back up she grabbed Allisons hand once more and finally set off to do some mall shopping.

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