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Arriving at the Mall

The mall was only a few blocks from Kara’s apartment, making for a relatively short drive. Henry didn’t see anything too unusual as they pulled into the lot. It looked like the part of the mall where the incident had occurred was fenced off. A few security vehicles were making the rounds and Henry guessed they wouldn’t be able to sneak past them. The other end of the mall appeared to be open for business. At least, that was his best guess given the handful of people and vehicles in the lot. Kara couldn’t see anything from her lower vantage point, so Henry relayed the details.

“Do you suppose we could sneak into the fenced off area?” She asked.

“Definitely not from the outside. Not without their security seeing us anyway.” He explained.

“Lets head in the open side and see if we can make it from there.” She suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.” He replied, driving towards the lot nearest the active entrance.

With some help from Henry, Kara slipped back into his pants. She managed to position herself so that she could see through the unzipped front, but was careful not to open it enough for anyone to notice her face. It was still a bit cramped and the bulge was noticeable, but not enough of a deterrent to stop them from heading towards the building. There were a few younger kids loitering out front, some older people walking in and yet more just parking. The main entrance wasn’t locked, but they could see that several shops inside still had their gates down.

He passed through the glass doors and moved to the closest map kiosk to see where they would need to go. Henry made sure they weren’t being watched and asked Kara to take a look.

She poked her head out and reviewed the map. “It was there, top right near that food court.”

Kara pulled herself back inside and they began their journey towards that end of the building. The further they went, the more deserted the mall became. Given how empty it was this close to opening, they both guessed that many of the shops wouldn't be opening any time soon. Likely caused by the quarantine earlier that week or perhaps by too many employees calling in ‘sick’.

Henry passed through two long stretches of shop fronts, but soon entered a mostly vacant food court that broke into several other corridors. One of them had been fenced off. He wasn’t sure how easily he could bypass the fence, but couldn’t see any security in the area.

“Hey, is it clear out there?” Kara whispered.

“Almost... I’ll let you know when we’re out of sight.” He replied quietly, making his way towards the fence...

*They check the crash site


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

The Crash Site

It wasn’t long before he passed the last active food place. With his signal, she snaked her way out of his pants. They both shivered as his foreskin pulled back.

“Ugh... It was getting hot in there...” Kara complained, attempting to pull some of the foreskin back up to cover her exposed chest.

Henry could feel her pinching and tugging the sensitive skin and joked, “Maybe we should have found you some doll clothes...”

She frowned at him and continued to pull on his skin until she had enough to cover herself, though it wasn’t easy since her movement was making her body go erect. Fortunately, the erection wasn’t sustained by her giant companion. He was more interested in the state of the mall than keeping her hard.

It was a surreal to see the place almost completely empty, though not quite as strange as some of the other things they had witnessed recently. Kara recognized the closed corridor as the impact zone. All of the lights were off and the shops were locked up. Most likely evacuated during the quarantine. A tall chain link fence had been put up to keep people from entering.

“I wonder if we can get through that.” She said.

Henry moved closer to the area, keeping an eye out for witnesses. They were easily able to pivot a piece of the fence away from the wall to make an opening. The light from the food court was cut short from a division in the ceiling, but offered enough for them to see as they approached the crash site.

“It’s gone...” Kara noted. “They must have taken it away.”

“The pod thing?” Henry asked, moving closer to the mess that remained.

“Yea... It was right there.” She said, pointing towards the damaged floor.

“Bummer... I was hoping to find something awesome.” Henry shrugged.

“I was hoping for answers...” Kara added with a more solemn tone.

Suddenly a strange voice echoed through the room, startling them both.

[[ Be us answers ... spur know tram limp ... have hue of some bum ... what a the right there ]]

“What is that?” Kara said, as Henry stepped back.

“Some kind of alarm?” Henry asked. “We should go before someone catches us.”

[[ Alarm? ... Some go ... find us? ]]

“Who’s doing that?” Henry asked, looking around the room.

[[ Apologies ... information where ... required additional to form.... Language speech. ]]

A feint light emanated from the debris. Something, or someone was trying to communicate with them...

*They find a piece of the pod


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The Source

The voice stopped, leaving them in eerie silence. They glanced around but, as far as they could tell, they were still alone. The only other sounds close enough to really make out were from a tarp flapping over the hole in the roof. Kara turned her attention back to the debris and noticed a feint glow. The source of light was wedged under some chunks of tile at the edge of the impact zone. She pointed it out to Henry, who bent down to pull it free. He held it in front of his face and examined the surface. It looked almost like a piece of obsidian glass but with geometric veins carved through it. It felt warm to the touch; as if it were alive.

“Hey, let me see it.” Kara insisted. “That looked like a piece of the thing that landed here.”

He held it at crotch level so she take a closer look. It had been nearly a week since she saw the pod. The memory was fuzzy but this definitely reminded her of it. Part of it was smooth, etched with narrow bands which seemed to carry light from somewhere within. The other side was fragmented, likely where it had broken away from the rest of the pod.

“That voice stopped.” Henry noted. “What do you think it was?”

Before Kara could respond, the lines of light pulsed and a single word echoed around them.

[[ Hello ]]

“Who are you?” Kara asked, staring into the stone. “How are you talking?”

[[ Information ... Fleet designation c-137 ... Speech synthesis though molecular vibration ... ... ... Language incomplete ]]

“It sounds like it’s coming from... Everywhere” Henry said in disbelief.

[[ Apologies ... Adjusting vocal direction ]]

The sound condensed from the strange omnipresence to it’s source; the tiny shard in Henry’s hand.

“Did you come from the pod that crashed here?” Kara asked, running her hand across the surface.

[[ Designation c-137 is ... pod ]]

Before Kara could ask anything else, a security guard found them. “Hey, you can’t be back here!”

“Take this and hide.” Henry whispered, quickly handing Kara the alien shard.

He waited until she had pulled herself back into his pants before turning to face the approaching guard...

“Um... I was... Looking for the bathroom...”

*They leave with the shard


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes


“Didn’t you see the signs?” The guard asked. “How did you get past the fence anyway?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention.” Henry lied. “It looked like that fence was open on the side... I thought it was so people could get to the restrooms.”

The guard sighed and pointed towards the section of fence they had moved. “You didn’t open that?”

“No...” Henry answered. “I thought there was a bathroom on this side of the food court. But I noticed that hole in the roof and stopped to look.”

“Great... That means someone else is back here.” The guard mumbled. “Alright, lets go... If you need a restroom, there’s one next to Finches. That’s two stores down and on the left if you head west. Or you can just look at the map kiosk on the east end of the food court. This area is off limits, including the bathrooms.”

“Finches?” Henry replied innocently. “I didn’t know there was a restroom over there... Thanks.”

The guard lead them back to the side of the fence, then left to find whoever had opened it. Henry couldn’t believe his luck and quickly moved back through the food court. By then, it was past 8 and a few of the shops had opened for business. Foot traffic was still sparse. That was probably for the better since adding the rock made the bulge in his pants slightly more noticeable.

Kara stayed quiet behind his fly as he made his way back to the parking lot. Eventually, she felt a slight change in temperature and peaked out. They were outside and his car was coming closer with each step. As soon as he sat down and pulled the door shut, she revealed herself along with their loot.

“I can’t believe this... We found a piece of it!” She exclaimed. “Maybe now we can get some real answers.”

“Ask away” Henry said, “I’m gonna get out of here before anyone tries to stop us.”

“Um... c-137, right?” Kara began, looking into the glowing shard. “Are you the reason everyone is changing?”

[[ More information required ]]

“More information? I’ve turned into my friend’s penis” Kara complained. “What else can I say?... Henry and I were changed. Our friends were changed... People all over the region have been changing and it all started when you crashed into the mall!”

[[ Intelligent ... Compatible species detected ... information transfer protocol initialized ... DNA mapped ... Mass genetic data added ]]

*Some of their questions are answered


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes


“You added something to our genetics?” Henry asked. “Then... You really are the reason Kara and I are conjoined like this?”

[[ ... Yes ]]

“Can you change us back?”

[[ ... .. .. ... . . . ... .. Yes ... Original data found ]]

“Please do it...” Kara begged. “I don’t want to be Henry’s dick anymore.”

[[ Cannot ]]

“C-... Cannot?” Henry repeated. “You just said you could!”

[[ Catalyst required ... Cannot revert without catalyst ]]

“Why do I have a feeling it wants you to jerk me off?” Kara groaned.

“Does it matter? So long as we can go back to normal, I’d gladly to make you cum.” Henry smirked as he pulled into the apartment parking lot. “I don’t think either of us wants you to be stuck as my dick...”

Henry parked and helped her back into his pants before stepping out of the car then hurried up to her apartment. As soon as they were inside, Kara pushed herself back through the fly with the alien shard in hand.

“Alright 137, what did you men by ‘catalyst’?” She asked.

[[ Genital stimulation ]]

Henry laughed... “You guessed right.”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

*With faith in the alien rock, they prepare to change back


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Recollection and Preparation

“Huh... That was fast. I don’t suppose you have some lotion?” Henry asked, only half joking.

“Hold on... I have another question for it.” Kara said, waving off his approaching hands. “Why did we end up conjoined after our last change?”

The shard pulsed slowly, almost like it was considering what it should say.

[[ ... ... Genetic markers indicate catalyst in close proximity ]]

“Do you realize what that means?” Henry grinned.

Kara rolled her eyes. “That having sex made us merge together?”

“Yea, but it also means I was totally right about those news reporters having an affair.” Henry laughed.

“I wonder how many other people finished up with one less body between them?” Kara smirked. “Eh... Anyway... Can you take this thing? My arms are getting tired.”

He took the shard and placed it on the coffee table.

Kara could sense his impatience and said, “There’s some lube in the drawer of my bed stand.”

Henry went to her room and pulled open the drawer. Inside were two different dildos and a small vibrator. As promised, a bottle of lubricant was visible just past the second silicone penis.

“Nice toys.” He quipped as undid his pants. “Maybe you can show me how they work some time.”

“Lets... Take care of our situation first...” Kara blushed.

The humor reminded her that she genuinely had feelings for the guy, even now. Perhaps they could start a romantic relationship once the space rock put everything back to normal. It’s not like she had anything left to hide from him anyway. They had known each other as long as she had been friends with Julia. They’d made love and spent the last day and a half together. Now, even her sex toys weren’t a secret. Did Henry have similar feelings for her? Or would spending the last few hours conjoined drive him away?

He dropped his pants and returned to the living room with her lube in hand. The glowing space rock waited silently on the coffee table...

*Henry masturbates with his dick girl


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Applying the Catalyst

“You ready to give this a try?” He asked, looking down at a slowly rising Kara.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She replied, losing herself to the steady thrum of blood pumping into her body.

She knew this was inevitable from the moment the light came on earlier that morning. Transformations were triggered by masturbation and she had become his penis. The change had messed with her brain to make it seem OK, but having decided to accept the situation on her own made it easy to deal with. Or maybe that was entirely part of the condition. Either way, she was ready to do her penile duties.

Henry settled on the couch and made sure his dick girl was comfortable before dribbling lubricant along her shoulders and chest. The clear fluid ran between her cleavage and down to the place where her stomach merged with his shaft. He had no intention of forcing something like this on her but, now that they were actually trying it, he couldn’t help his excitement. It was evident from the way Kara’s body had risen.

He gently wrapped a hand a few centimeters below her arms and began to squeeze and stroke. Each movement made her squirm. She hugged her breasts and ran her hands along her neck and shoulders. Now that she was fully erect, every inch of her skin was highly sensitive. It was unfamiliar, yet comparable to the best massage she had ever felt. Henry breathed heavily as he continued to work the lower end of their shaft. Gobs of pre-cum began to fill her mouth, stifling any sounds she may have made otherwise. Each time he tightened his grip, fluid was pushed out. It streamed down her chin and onto her breasts, charging the lubricant as the fluids mixed.

Henry couldn’t believe how sensitive her body felt. Kara was an amazing penis. She self-stimulated while he handled her lower body. The significant increase in girth filled his fist, giving him a sense of virility he’d never experienced before. They continued like that for several minutes, building up heat. It was only a matter of time now. Each stroke brought them closer to release.

Kara’s body twitched violently when it finally came. Henry’s hot cum rushed up her throat, blasting from her mouth in rapid spurts. As the last of it oozed down her chin, she began to go limp. Her head throbbed and the room was spinning. They shared a sense of bliss in the dizzy afterglow, but the lightheaded feeling didn’t subside.

She expected as much from such a wild ride, but began to feel hints of pressure where her body had merged with his shaft. Were they changing back?

The pressure continued to escalate. Henry must have felt it too. His hand released her torso and fell on his thigh. The other was held against his temple as the shared headache and pressure overwhelmed them.

The shard pulsed quietly as their vision blurred.

Like before, they passed out...

*Kara wakes to the sound of her phone


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Wake Up Call

Kara’s phone screamed.

She was dazed and slow to pick herself up from the floor. Her phone continued to bleat as she clumsily ran to her bedroom. It was the ring-tone she had set for her boss, who had given up just as she reached the end of the hall. As expected, the screen indicated one missed call. Her thumb inched towards the call back button, but she stopped. Why did she wake up naked on the floor?

She gasped and ran back to the living room to find Henry slumped on the couch. He was completely naked, sleeping soundly and appeared to have an ordinary penis between his legs. It had worked. She wasn’t his dick anymore... She placed the phone on a nearby shelf and examined herself. Only one ordinary looking nipple highlighted each breast. A quick look down below offered similar results.

137 had done what it promised. She was overjoyed but hesitant to wake Henry, deciding instead to get dressed first. She took her phone with her, but decided not to call back right away. Her boss hadn’t left a text or voice-mail, so it must not have been an emergency. Still, she was worried. Maybe her boss had changed, or maybe the photo shoot had just been rescheduled again. Either way, she planned to return the call once she was dressed.

Recalling the events that lead up to that moment reminded her of Julia. She had always been a late sleeper, but maybe she’d be awake by now. With the alien shard, she could be changed back. Same went for Frank, her neighbor a few doors down. Was there a limit to what that little rock could do? All things considered, it was only a very small piece of the thing that had fallen.


Henry woke with a start, quickly glancing down to see if Kara was still attached to him. She was gone. To his dismay, the extra size she brought to his shaft had gone with her. His disappointment quickly dissolved into fear when he realized that she wasn’t anywhere in the room.

“Kara?” He called out. “Kara where are you?”

“I’m getting dressed.” Kara called back from the bedroom.

“Oh... Thank goodness...” Henry breathed. “I take it you’re back to normal then?”

“As far as I can tell.” She replied. “How about you?”

“Seems that way.” Henry said, poking at his ordinary looking manhood...

*After splitting up, Kara realizes how lucky she was to find the shard


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes


He stood up and retrieved his underwear from the floor, along with the shirt Kara had lent him. His jeans were still in her bedroom; sitting in front of the bed stand that had contained her personal lubricant, among other things. His cum had gone clear, but they hadn’t been passed out long enough for it to completely dry.

“I’m gonna go clean up real quick...” He offered, making his way to the bathroom.

“Alright” Kara replied. “My boss called while we were out of it. I’m going to call her back and see what’s up as soon as I’m dressed. I think I might call Julia first though.”

“She might not even be awake yet.” Henry laughed. “But maybe the rock can help her change back.”

“That’s what I was thinking...” She continued. “I’ll ask it before I make the call though.”

“Hey, you mind tossing out my pants?” He asked.

Kara had slipped into clean underwear and a skirt during the conversation, but had yet to put anything else on. She noticed his pants on the floor by her bed stand. Her upper body wasn’t exactly a surprise after spending the morning attached to him and having sex the night before. Given that, she simply took the pants and met him in the hallway.

“Thanks...” He blushed. “You could have finished dressing first...”

“It’s not like you haven’t seen them.” Kara joked, pushing her boobs together.

“R-... Right...” He stuttered, embarrassed to be standing there naked.

He thanked her as his flaccid penis twitched to life. But before it could get any harder, he left for the bathroom. Kara wasn’t oblivious to his discomfort and felt a sense of thrill from it. Just yesterday, she was too embarrassed to even ask him out. But that was different now. Maybe the random transformations weren’t so bad after all? Granted, things would be a lot worse had they not gone back to the mall. Had she stayed connected to his crotch, she wouldn’t have been able to work. Without her income, she’d have lost the apartment... She would have been dependent on him to even go anywhere. It was a scary thought, one that never seemed to cross her mind while they were conjoined.

What would Julie have said if she saw them that way? What about her family? Finding that rock was incredibly lucky. Spotting it in the debris had to be a one-in-a-million chance. Thinking about it made her wonder if whoever currently had the rest of the pod was communicating with it like they were.

At the other end of the hall, she could hear the faucet going. She knew he was washing off cum. Cum that had come from her mouth. The recollection almost made her gag. Strangely enough, her mouth didn’t seem to contain any traces of it. In fact, her body felt clean. Perhaps a side effect of going through such a drastic transformation...

*137's ability to speak improves


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes


Kara entered the living room with her phone in hand. The rock waited quietly on the coffee table. A dim light filled the cracks but it was otherwise inactive.

“137, are you still with us?” She asked as she lifted it from the table.

[[ ... Yes ... Have not moved ]]

“How do you work? What happened to the rest of your ... body.”

[[ Information ... Biochemical computation ... Fragmentation on impact ]]

“Were the other pieces taken by the government?”

[[ Government unknown ... Still learning ... Method of communication ... limited ]]

“How did you learn to speak, anyway?”

[[ Listened ... More like you spoke while fragments were ... taken by ... government? ]]

“So... You were able to learn how to speak to us just by listening to nearby people?” Kara considered. “Have you tried to communicate with anyone else?”

[[ Initial communication methods failed ... Genetic methods not fully compatible ... Compensation required ]]

Henry finished wiping off his crotch and had put his clothes back on. On his way back to the living room, he caught the tail end of 137’s response.

“Compensations? Is that why you're modifying people?” He asked as he rounded the corner. “I mean, the ‘sudden cure’ or whatever they called it was great, but were the extra arms ... or genital stuff lost in translation?”

[[ Reproduction results in improvements ... Protocol is meant to accelerate improvements ... Current results are ... unexpected ]]

“So you had to learn how to speak with us so you could 'improve' humans by messing with genitals?” Kara replied.

[[ New method of communications is limited ... Your information is ... helpful ]]

“And here I thought we were ones asking for help.” Henry quipped...

*Kara calls her friend


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Calling Julia

“Oh... I almost forgot.” Kara started. “I was gonna call Julia.”

Kara stepped into the kitchen and made the call while Henry continued to interrogate 137.

“Good morning...” Julia mumbled after a few rings.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” Kara asked.

“No... I was up.” Julia offered. “What’s up? Did you change again?”

“Yes and no... I’ve had a crazy morning. It’s a lot to explain.” Kara began. “Can you come over? I have something really important to show you...”

“Sure, but it might be a bit...” Julia replied. “Remember my roommate?”

“Beth?” Kara hesitated. “Don’t tell me ... she changed too?”

“Yep...” Julia continued. “I just found out a few minutes ago.”

“Bring her with you...” Kara interrupted. “Henry and I found something at the mall. I’m pretty sure we can change you back with it.”

“Henry’s still there?” Julia laughed. “Did you two finally hook up?”

“J-...Just come over... I’ll explain everything when you get here. Bring Beth!” Kara insisted.

“Oh... Alright.” Julia sighed. “I guess we’ll see you soon.”

Kara hung up, then dialed her boss, who picked up after a few rings.

“Hey, sorry I missed your call.” Kara began. “What’s up?”

“Hey Kara, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they canceled the Friday shoot.” Sharon explained.

“Do you supposed it had something to do with the outbreak?” Kara asked, knowing that Sharon would have seen the news.

“They wouldn’t say, but this outbreak might land us a few new jobs.” Sharon continued. “I’ll let you know as soon as I find out for sure.”

Kara ended the call and went back to the living room to see what Henry had learned...

*Julia wakes up


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Good Morning

Beth’s overly sensitive body kept her awake for most of the night. She finally managed to fall asleep around six in the morning, but was up again at nine. She was still tired but gave up on trying to get any more sleep. Since her roommate was still in bed, she took the opportunity to make some coffee and eat something. If she was quick enough, she could have breakfast and her coffee before Julia woke up and found out.


Julia stirred. Her pussy lips felt dry. She rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen to get a drink. She turned the corner and found a topless Beth standing near the toaster.

“Oh... Good morning...” Julia said groggily.

Beth tried to cover herself; though that almost became a non-issue when she noticed the vertical slit planted just below Julia’s nose.

“What happened to your mouth?” Beth asked in alarm.

“Huh?...” Julia blinked. “Oh... It’s a pussy now...”

“What the fuck.” Beth replied.

“Hey, don’t judge me...” Julia scoffed. “Looks like you’re packing some new parts too...”

Before Beth could begin to explain, they were interrupted by Julia’s phone. She licked her chapped pussy and went to the living room to answer it.

It was Kara. Julia told her that Beth had changed, but didn’t have an opportunity to explain it. Kara sounded excited and insisted that they both come over to her apartment. Julia was still off work due to the outbreak and Beth’s classes were all canceled for the day, so they weren’t busy otherwise.

She wiped away a line of drool from her chin after the call and went to get Beth...

*Beth's grew a few more boobs


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Beth's Change (Illustrated)

Her roommate had indeed changed. Her breasts had grown from average looking B cups to what looked like C’s. She might have welcomed the addition, but her transformation didn’t stop there.

Just below her expanded rack were two more rows of breasts, giving her six in total. All of them roughly C cups and, according to her, ‘too sensitive’. In an effort to hide her endowment from Julia, she stayed in her room all night, only managing a few hours of sleep. She had to stay topless since the fabric of a shirt was almost enough to make her knees buckle.


Julia felt bad for the girl, but pointed out that it could have been worse. Aside from her own transformation, she shared what happened to Frank, Kara and her brother. Beth’s multiplied bosom was plentiful, but at least she wasn’t making frequent trips to the bathroom to milk herself. At least, not yet.

Beth’s main concern wasn’t the fact that she had transformed, but how she would hide them during her classes. Covering them was only half the battle. Anyone paying attention might have guessed that she had strapped a bunch of grapefruits to her stomach. She didn’t have any bra’s that could fit unless she tied a few together. She did try to cinch the extras down with some medical tape last night, but nearly had an orgasm before she finished wrapping the bottom row. It was nerve wracking. Ever since the change she could hardly concentrate on anything but sex.

Her libido had calmed down after the few hours of sleep she managed, but she was already on her third pair of panties since midnight. She reluctantly told Julia what all had happened. The dizziness, pressure, and sudden growth followed by the constant arousal. She was embarrassed but, after seeing what happened to her roommates mouth, felt more willing to share.

Julia told her about the arousal symptoms and how masturbation might make her change again. Although it probably wouldn’t make her normal. Beth considered it, but after hearing about Frank’s legs and Julia’s earlier dick nipple change, she was determined to stick with her excessive breasts as long as possible. She didn't want to lose her legs and the thought of growing a dick was too scary.

Julia's pussy mouth still felt dry. Dealing with the change hadn't been an issue, at least not until she tried to drink from a glass of water. Due to the vertical nature of her new lips, she had to turn her head sideways. She also had an issue with excess drool leaking down her chin, especially after walking into the kitchen. The smell of Beth's toast was making her hungry.

Be that as it was, she didn't want to waste any more time getting to Kara’s apartment. While Beth sipped her coffee, Julia recalled the conversation she had with Kara. Beth had a lot of questions, but Julia couldn’t offer any answers beyond Kara’s insistence that it was important. With some coaxing, she convinced her to come along. Beth took a few minutes to finish her breakfast, then found a loose jacket. Even that was more contact than she wanted, but at least her new assets were covered. Julia traded her pajamas for something less casual and, before long, the two of them were on their way out the door...

*Henry and Kara continue to question 137


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes


Henry and Kara had learned quite a bit from 137. It was an organic computer capable of manipulating other lifeforms. It’s purpose was to improve simpler life or inform more advanced life. The end goal was to accelerate the development of whatever species it encountered. Humanity seemed to fall somewhere in between. According to the rock, they lacked the means to use external chemical signals to communicate, but had a capacity for intelligence that far exceeded other life forms it had scanned during it's decent to the surface.

Some attempts at chemical communication and ‘improvements’ resulted in unintentional transformations, and due to the methods it used, these changes became a contagious condition.

Fortunately for them, 137 was able to adapt to their use of sound and was rapidly improving as they spoke with it. Better still, they learned that this small shard was very capable on it’s own. It had lost it's propulsion systems and was unable to affect people who weren't nearby, but still had the means to make genetic modifications. Henry considered how capable the fragment was and suggested that it might be like a starfish; able to grow back from just a small piece. 137 didn’t understand his meaning, but verified that it had been among stars.

Kara probed for more information about the so-called sudden cure. Apparently it was the most basic parts of the improvement protocol that it had set in motion. It was able to scan the people at the crash site and calculated what their DNA was meant to look like. A chemical vapor began to infected anyone nearby, both correcting and learning as it went.

This infection held corrective data for a variety of dormant and active diseases. It used people’s own bodies to generate additional corrective chemicals. Airborne data packets were easily transmitted and spread. This impressive bit of biological engineering made short work of any ‘imperfections’ it found in the genetic code.

In one fell swoop, this infection spread from person to person across the entire region and fixed anything that was useless or harmful. Henry joked about many people wouldn’t have tonsils or wisdom teeth anymore. 137 didn’t understand the humor and pointed out that he was correct.

Finally, Henry asked what would likely be the most important question in the days to come...

“So... If you can alter human bodies, would you be able to change either one of us now?”

[[ Yes ... Catalyst required ]]

“If we... Stimulate ... would we change anyway?” Kara asked.

[[ Original data retrieved ... Improvement protocol successfully applied ... Additional changes made by request only ]]

“Could I grow back those extra arms?” Henry joked...

*Henry's joke triggers an old change


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Moving Backwards

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

“Apparently so...” He grinned. “I bet it would set you up with those udders again if you asked nicely.”

“Eh... I’ll pass...” Kara smirked.

Henry could already feel his body warming up. His cock began to press against his pants as it swelled.

“I-...I’ll be right back...” He blushed. “Need to... Take care of ... this...”

He hopped up from the couch and ran for the restroom. Kara couldn’t believe how quickly he had been affected.

“I thought you said ‘when ready’?” She asked.

[[ Exposure to new genetic programming may take affect more rapidly ]]

Kara hadn’t eaten anything since the previous evening and was beginning to feel it. She shrugged and left to warm up some leftover pizza while Henry took care of his latest problem.


Henry pulled the bathroom door shut behind him, quickly dropped his pants and began stroking an already thick erection. He almost missed having Kara attached there, stimulating herself; but it was better this way. He didn’t have to be careful when the entirety of his cock was his own.

With his free hand, he searched her cabinets until he found some lotion. The tip of his cock was already oozing pre-cum, but not enough to lubricate the entire shaft. He realized that the end of this session would result in two new arms and quickly discarded the shirt he had borrowed from Kara.

The lotion was a welcome addition as he returned his attention to his ridged shaft. He pictured Kara’s firm breasts and remembered how tight her pussy had been that previous night. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer and turned to face the shower.

Whatever the shard had done, it was definitely affecting him. Dirty thoughts flooded his mind and his balls churned with warmth. He felt lightheaded as the familiar heat of an orgasm came, ejecting hot white cum onto the tiled wall. A series of aftershocks ejected the remaining fluid and a familiar pressure formed under his arms...

*Julia and Beth arrive at the apartment


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Friends Arrive

Henry wiped off the tip of his cock and pulled back on his pants before returning to the living room. Like yesterday, his body had two extra arms.

“You didn’t make a mess in there, did you?” Kara asked.

“Not really, but I'll make sure...” Henry frowned as he left to wipe off the shower wall.

Kara had a detachable shower head, which made it easy for him to spray off the cum streak dripping down the tile. Once it was all washed down the drain, he picked up the shirt he had borrowed from Kara. It had two few holes now. He considered his options then went to get his torn shirt from her bedroom. It was a shame to see one of his favorite shirts in such disarray, but at least he’d have something on when his sister showed up.

He returned to the living room just as Kara finished her pizza. She suggested that he get some as well and was about to ask 137 another question when there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find Julia and Beth outside. Julia had wrapped a bandanna around her face to keep her pussy hidden.

Beth looked normal, albeit uncomfortable. Beads of sweat formed on her brow and her cheeks were flushed red. Her stomach seemed to be bloated under her loose fitting jacket. Kara wondered what she was hiding, but didn’t ask. She waved the two of them inside and closed the door.

“So what was so important?” Julia asked.

“We found a piece of the pod” Henry offered as they stepped inside. “If you ask, it can change you back to normal.”

“The pod?” Julia repeated.

“Yea... That meteorite thing that landed at the mall.” He added.

“It’s a long story... But he’s right.” Kara said as she lifted the glowing shard from the table and held it out to Julia. “Go ahead, ask it to change you back.”

Julia thought they were messing with her, but noticed that Kara’s nipples were making two bumps in her shirt. Only two... Either she wasn’t kidding about the rock, or she had changed again and lost her udders in the process. It was easy to be skeptical since Henry was still sporting four arms.

She wondered about the rock, but was far more curious about what the two of them had been up to after she left for the night. She noticed that Henry hadn’t changed his clothes since yesterday and came to the most obvious conclusion. The two of them must have hooked up after she and Frank left. She grinned, but decided not to mention it just yet. She decided to humor them instead, and asked the rock to fix her mouth...

*Their friend's ask 137 to change them back


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Can't Wait

Julia pulled down the bandanna to reveal her pussy while the lines of light pulsed. 137 scanned for Julia’s original DNA. It figured out what her mouth was supposed to look like and released an invisible chemical tailored specially for her body. Within seconds it made contact, prompting a statement from the tiny alien computer fragment.

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

“Holy shit!” She yelled, taking two steps back. “Did that just speak?”

Beth couldn’t believe it either and asked how it was able to do it.

[[ Speech synthesis though molecular vibration ]]

“Can you change me back to normal too? Please?” Beth begged.

[[ Yes ]]

“Oh my gosh...” She said, tears forming. “Please do it... I don’t need six of them...”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

They were all quiet. Kara couldn’t help grinning at the confused looks on their faces. Henry was indifferent and decided to go warm up some of the leftover pizza, though part of the reason he left was so he didn’t have to see the genitals planted below his sister’s nose. Julia was still suspicious and wondered if they were pranking her. Maybe Kara was just playing audio clips with her phone and had a light bulb taped to a piece of black glass.

“So... What now?” She asked impatiently.

“Stimulate when ready.” Kara grinned as she slipped the rock into her pocket.

“Seriously...” Julia frowned. “You really expect me to...”

She didn’t have a chance to finish her statement. Apparently Beth was far more trusting. She unzipped her jacket and let six plump breasts fall free. She was already heavily aroused and something about the 137’s ‘adjustment’ was making it worse. She fell to the floor and did her best to fondle her numerous breasts. Her pussy seemed desperate for attention as well. Blood engorged her clit and her lips swelled against damp panties. She thrust her pelvis forward repeatedly, as if begging someone to penetrate her.

“Holy shit...” Kara said, watching the girl lose herself on the floor. “You don’t have to do it out here you know...”

Beth couldn’t stop... The moment her breasts left the confines of the jacket, her hands were all over them. Massaging and pinching the numerous nipples. She shivered violently as pleasure ripped through her body. It had been building for hours. The moment she started, she was completely consumed. The only response Kara got from the sex crazed girl was a sensual moan...

*Julia's still skeptical


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes


“Help me move her to my room...” Kara whispered toward Julia. “Quick, before Henry comes back...”

Julia had noticed Beth fidgeting on the way over, but had no idea she was so desperate. It was no wonder she didn’t get any sleep last night. Fighting that level of arousal must have been exhausting.

They dragged the writhing girl down the hall. Beth wanted so badly to keep fondling herself and struggled against them. Kara could understand. She had been a victim of excess arousal a few times since her first change. She knew how good it felt, but hated to see this younger girl losing control like that.

They laid her down on Kara’s bed and left her to her business. Muffled cries could be heard in the hallway, but at least she was out of sight for whatever came next.

“Too bad Henry walked out.” Julia joked. “Now he’ll never know what six boobs on one girl looks like. She’ll likely have four less when she comes out of there. That is ... if you’re rock does what you claim.”

“Trust me...” Kara assured her. “You don’t see a bunch of teats holding my shirt up do you?”

“Nah.” Julia laughed and pinched at Kara’s left nipple. “Just some hard nips...”

Kara brushed away her hand. “So what about you? ... Are you going to ‘stimulate’ to fix that pussy on your face?”

“I’m not really in the mood right now.” Julia shrugged. “But speaking of stimulation... Don’t tell her I told you, but Beth’s a bit of a squirter... She’s probably gonna make a mess in there.”

“It’s fine.” Kara shrugged. “I’ve got a waterproof mattress cover and I need to wash those sheets anyway.”

“I know it’s none of my business, but... Well... Did you and Henry hook up last night?” Julia grinned.

“How did you...” Kara blushed. “Listen... You know I like him... It was just a little fun.”

“So what changed?” Julia asked, still skeptical of the rock’s ability.

“It’s a long story... A long... Embarrassing story...” Kara replied. “Promise you won’t make fun, alright?”

“Why would I make fun of you?” Julia smiled. “I’m happy for you... You’ve had your eyes on Henry for ages and he likes you too. Congrats on finally popping that cork. I’m still curious about your new changes though.”

“Looked like he kept his arms... You lost those udders ... but what are you hiding? Did that second pussy come back? Or maybe something new?...”

*Beth finds relief


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Beth's Relief

“I told you. I’m normal.” Kara insisted. “137 fixed me. It’s basically a little computer that can change people. I asked it to change me back, and it did.”

“What about Henry then?” Julia raised a brow. “Whys he still got four arms?”

“Come on...” Kara sighed and directed her towards the living room. “We’ll explain everything.”


Beth could make out voices just outside the bedroom door. Her brain was fuzzy from so much stimulation. Whatever they were talking about seemed distant and meaningless. She squirmed around and did her best to massage each of her six breasts. She wished Julia’s brother had come with her. She knew about the extra arms, but she didn’t quite believe it until she saw him.

Those four hands would be so helpful right now. Maybe his cock too. She wanted something inside of her so badly. She willed an arm away from her needy breasts to entertain her pussy. Her panties were ruined with her juices and the continued stimulation was only making it worse.

It was fine though. The rock had said she would change back if she stimulated herself. Any moment now, this madness would end. Wouldn’t it? It was just a rock... Maybe it was just some trick... A simple recording. It didn’t matter... She was so hot, so horny. If she had waited any longer she might have wet herself in the living room.

Was wetting her skirt on Kara’s bed much better? Whatever... As long as she could release the tension. She was close now, very close. The waves of pleasure were building. Two fingers pinched and tugged her clit, sending electricity through her body. Each time her other hand slid across a ridged nipple, her chest would prickle with goosebumps.

Almost there...

With one last stroke of her clit, she reached a climax. Her vagina clenched and flexed, spraying her panties and soaking through her skirt. Her chest heaved and each sensitive place became almost painful to touch.

She pulled her hand out of her panties and grabbed the closest pillow, holding tightly as her body convulsed. This was easily the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. It had been building since yesterday and to finally let it go was indescribable. She had hoped to bask in the pleasant feeling for a while, but instead was greeted with something she had felt once before. A tingling pressure in her lower torso and a mild headache.

She pushed herself upright in time to see her multitude of breasts begin to deflate...

*They explain what lead up to them finding 137 to Julia


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

An Explanation (Part 1)

Kara and Julia met Henry in the living room. He had warmed up some leftovers and was a few bites into a slice of pizza. Julia snatched one of the bread sticks from his plate and slipped it into her pussy mouth.

“Hey!” He complained. “Get your own!”

Julia slipped it out, breaking a line of saliva between her genitals and the end of the stick. “I’m sorry, do you want it back?”

“Not anymore...” Henry frowned, looking away from her crumb covered lips.

Julia parted her pussy in a strange grin and slipped the bread stick back in. She enjoyed the feeling of her labia as they stretched and deformed in front of her chewing teeth. The greasy bread slid along her lips and stimulated the clit just below her nose. It felt like her mouth was watering more than usual and she felt a similar wetness between her legs. Maybe that rock was affecting her after all.

“Henry...” Kara began. “Julia knows we hooked up last night...”

He stopped eating for a moment and looked towards his sister. She was still busy with the bread stick and seemed indifferent to the comment.

“I’m sorry Sis...” He started. “It was just a bit of fun... I know you’re best friends... We won’t...”

Julia pulled the half eaten stick from her pussy, “Whoa, hold up there buddy. Don’t apologize... I don’t care. In fact, I’m happy for you. I’ve been trying to get Kara and you to hook up for ages.”

“You have?” Henry asked.

“God you’re daft...” Julia laughed. “It’s fine... Tell me how you got that magic space rock.”

“I wanted to start from the beginning.” Kara said, turning to Henry. “If you don’t mind.”

“Uh... You don’t need to be too specific.” He blushed.

“Alright...” Kara continued. “So, you saw how Beth was acting? ... That was basically me around the time you left. Henry was the last one to leave...”

“But I didn’t make it out.” He grinned...

*They finish up their explaination


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

An Explanation (Part 2)

“One thing lead to another, and we woke up conjoined...” Kara explained.

“Like those reporters on TV?” Julia recalled.

“Not exactly...” Henry added. “Kara turned into my dick.”

“I thought you weren’t going to be specific...” Kara frowned.

“What?!?” Julia nearly choked on the last bite of her bread stick. “You... His... Oh wow... How would that even work? How did you know? Did the pubes match Kara’s hair color or something?”

“It wasn’t like that... I just shrank down and my legs fused ... down there.” Kara blushed.

She almost didn’t believe her own words. Evidentially that painted an even funnier picture in Julia’s mind, who began laughing harder.

“... Anyway...” Kara continued. “We didn’t really know what to do, so your brother suggested that we go back to the mall to see if we could find answers at the crash site.”

“It was definitely a long shot, but we got really lucky.” Henry added. “The site was fenced off, but we managed to sneak in.”

“The pod I saw last week was gone...” Kara explained as she pulled the shard from her pocket. “But this started glowing in a pile of broken tiles. It told us why it was here and why people were changing.”

“And it split us apart...” Henry added.

“Yea...” Kara agreed. “Not long after that, I called you...”

*Beth borrows some clothes


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Beth Returns

Julia looked towards her brother. “If that’s all true, then why do you still have four arms?”

“Oh yea...” He looked down at his extra hands. “I sort of made a comment about growing them back, and 137 made it happen...”

“It seems to lack a sense of humor.” Kara added. “Isn’t that right 137?”

[[ More information required ... Define ‘that’ ]]

“See what I mean?”

“Have you fixed Frank yet?” Julia asked.

Kara’s eyes went wide. “Oh my gosh... I totally forgot about him.”

“Well what are you waiting for?” Julia added. “I’m sure the guy would love to have his legs back.”

“Uh... Sure...” Kara hesitated. “Henry, can you wait here so Beth isn’t alone when she finishes up?”

“You’re leaving?” Beth asked peeking around the corner.

“Oh, welcome back...” Julia answered. “Are you feeling better?”

“Yea...” Beth hesitated. “Um... Can one of you bring me my jacket?”

Kara lifted it from the floor and went to meet Beth in the hallway.

“Hey... Can I ask you a favor?” Beth whispered once the two of them were out of sight. “I wouldn’t normally do this... Like... Ever... But, I kind of made a mess...”

Kara glanced down to see that her skirt was soaked through. Julia wasn’t kidding when she said the girl was a squirter. She lead her back to the bedroom to find a pair of dry panties and a clean skirt to borrow. Fortunately, they were close to the same size.

“Why weren’t you wearing a shirt under that jacket?” Kara asked while Beth used a dry part of her skirt to wipe off her legs.

“They were too sensitive. Even that Jacket was driving me crazy.” She replied.

“Looks like you’re back to normal now...” Kara said, noting the lack of additional glands running down her torso.

“Yea, thanks so much for helping me.” Beth offered. “How did you do that anyway? What did that glowing rock do?”

“It’s a long story... I’ll have Henry fill you in while we’re out.” She offered while removing the wet sheets from her bed.

“Where are you going?” Beth asked as she pulled on a dry pair of panties.

“There’s a guy a few doors down who changed yesterday.” Kara explained. “We’re gonna go help him too...”

*Julia and Kara leave to help Frank


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Meeting With Frank

“We already explained how we found the shard to Julia. I guess we should have waited, but I didn’t know how long you’d be busy. I’m sure Henry wouldn’t mind explaining 137 though.” Kara offered as she dumped the soiled sheets at the foot of the bed along with other discarded clothing items from earlier incidents.

“137?” Beth asked as she shimmied into one of Kara’s skirts.

“Yea, that’s what we’ve been calling it.” Kara explained, handing her a clean shirt.

Kara returned to the living room and asked Henry to explain the alien computer to Beth, then lead Julia towards the front door. She never had a chance to see Beth post-transformation and was still hesitant to believe that the rock had done anything. Their story seemed sincere enough, but aside from a mild buzz in both of her pussies, she didn’t feel any difference. She supposed Frank would be the ultimate test to see if the rock was anything more than some prank.

The two of them stepped out onto the balcony and went towards Frank’s apartment. Kara patted her pocket to make sure 137 was still there. They passed apartment 24 and stopped at 23. Frank had his blinds closed but they could see light filtering through. Kara rang his doorbell and waited. Nothing...

She rang it again and called out. “Frank... It’s Kara and Julia... We really need to talk to you.”

Frank didn’t have many visitors and wasn’t willing to open the door for anyone in his current condition, but hearing a familiar voice changed his mind. He peaked through the blinds to make sure it was them. There was a moment of hesitation before he undid the deadbolt and cracked open the door.

“Come on in...” He said, pulling a blanket tightly around his deformed body. “If you’re here to invite me out, I appreciate it... But I won’t be going anywhere like this.”

“Like what?” Julia asked, noting that he was slumped over under the blanket. “Did you change again?”

“I’m afraid so.” He groaned...

*Kara shows Frank the pod fragment


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Frank's Latest Change (Illustrated)

“Hey, it can’t be worse than having three giant dicks for legs, can it?” Julia assured him as she wiped a line of drool from her sensitive lips.

“At least I still looked human...” He mumbled.

“Henry and I found something that can change you back.” Kara explained. “We already used it on ourselves. Julia here is due to change back as well, but it requires a... Catalyst.”

“A catalyst?” Frank asked. “What sort of Catalyst?”

“Well...” Julia interrupted. “According to Kara, you just need to masturbate once you’ve been... How would you say it? Reprogrammed?”

He visibly sighed under the blanket. “I'm really not in the mood for jokes...”

“No... We’re serious...” Kara insisted as she lifted 137 from her pocket. “We found a piece of the pod that landed at the mall. It’s like a tiny biocomputer. All you have to do is ask it to change you back and it will set you up to revert next time you... Um... You know...”

Julia had carried a bit of skepticism, but was beginning to believe the crazy story. To taunt Frank like that wasn’t at all in Kara’s nature. And after everything that had happened, it didn't seem all that impossible for her to have found some sort of space computer at the mall. On top of that, her own libido had been rising ever since the rock told her to ‘stimulate when ready’. She wiped another line of drool from her mouth, this time shivering as the back of her hand slipped across the misplaced pussy.

She was turned on now. Something unexpected given how easily she had been dealing with her new lips since her last change. With a mix of arousal and curiosity, she asked Frank if he’d show them his latest transformation. He was reluctant but, with some encouragement, agreed to reveal himself. He loosened his grip on the blanket and let it fall to his shoulders. There wasn’t anything there, just a smooth patch of skin where his neck should have been.

“You lost your head?” Julia asked.

He hesitated for a moment, then let the blanket fall to the floor. Standing there was decidedly female body. Two plump C cup breasts adorned his chest, his hips had widened out and his stomach was narrower; all together tapering into a subtle hourglass shape that would make some models envious.

They might have guessed he had simply become a headless woman if not for the penis hanging between his legs. Stranger still were the two eyes staring at them from where his... or her nipples should have been...




Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Stimulate When Ready

“That doesn’t seem that bad...” Julia started. “At least your legs are back to normal...”

“I’d take dick legs over this any day...” Frank complained.

His speech was a mystery. The sound was muffled and seemed like it was coming from his back side.

“Um... How are you able to talk?” Kara asked, somewhat without tact.

He turned around and bent forward to show that parts of his face had migrated to his bottom. Two ears stuck out of either ass cheek, and his nose and mouth were wedged in between. Based on the position, it looked like his mouth had replaced his asshole. Kara wondered how he managed to poop if his mouth was down there, but decided not to ask. None of them would have to find out if 137 fixed him.

She held the stone out and insisted that he use it. He turned around, nearly falling over as his breast eyes wobbled and re-focused on the glowing shard in Kara’s hand. He humored her and asked it to change him back. 137 pulsed with light while it scanned Frank’s body. After a moment, it repeated the instructions that they had heard back in Kara’s apartment.

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

Kara slipped it back into her pocket and said, “That’s all there is to it... Your next transformation should make you normal.”

“That’s really it?” Frank replied. “Why don’t I feel any different?”

“According to 137, it varies from one person to the next...” Kara shrugged. “We helped another friend change back and she was affected almost instantly. Julia’s made her request as well, but hasn’t really been in the mood to trigger the change.”

“I’m getting there...” Julia said, staring at Frank’s unusual body. “I can’t stop drooling...”

“That’s probably more than we needed to know...” Kara laughed.

“Hey... Why don’t you head back and fix my brother.” Julia suggested. “I’ll stay with Frank for a bit.”

She pushed Kara towards the door.

“I want to talk to him about something... I’ll head back soon...”

“Fine... Jeez... Stop pushing.” Kara complained as she was forced out onto the walkway. “Good luck Frank. Don’t hesitate to stop by once...” The door fell shut between them. “... you’re sorted out.”

Kara sighed and made her way back home, oblivious to Julia’s true intent...

*Julia offers to help Frank change back


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Assisted Stimulation

Julia’s libido had been growing exponentially. It was strange to see a cock hanging off of a woman’s body, though the same could be said of Frank's nipple eyes and complete lack of a head. For whatever reason, the unusual sight had turned her on. She didn’t know why his body was affecting her, but so long as he still had a cock, she didn’t care.

“Frank...” She stuttered. “F-... Feel free to say no... But... W-... Would you like to help each other out?”

“What do you mean?” He asked, almost as confused as Kara had been.

“I mean...” Julia drooled. “I want your cock in my pussy.”

Henry’s mouth dropped open in surprise, though Julia couldn’t have known since it was hidden behind his balls. What remained of his previous gender began to rise as she made her approach.

“A-...Are you serious?” He asked. “Is it really OK?”

“Well, you’ve certainly got my permission.” Julia said, running a hand gently along the edge of his left breast. “Now I just need yours.”

His nipple eyes glanced around nervously while he considered the situation. Julia was gorgeous. Likely way out of his league... What had come over her? He was almost fully erect now and his heart was racing. Before he could say anything else, she reached down and pinched the tip of his cock, rolling it between two fingers.

“Alright... Yes...” He said, still in disbelief. “Uh... This way...”

He took her hand and lead her to his bedroom, nearly falling along the way due to the bounce in his vision. Julia was very excited now; already tickling her pussy mouth with a free hand. She never expected to be spending the afternoon like this, but Frank wasn’t half bad looking and the size of his member was impressive.

Julia had him sit at the edge of the bed, then bent down to take it into her unique mouth...

*They both reach a climax


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Don't Stop

For Frank, this was the most surreal blow-job he had ever experienced. For Julia, it offered a familiar feeling of penetration in an unexpected place. The sensations from her lips and tongue were making both pussies wet with excitement. She pushed one hand into her pants to tickle her clit and used the other to fondle her breasts.

She shivered from the feeling of her facial labia sliding along the sides of his veined shaft while she tickled him with her tongue. She didn't necessarily want to stop, but wasn't very comfortable on her knees. After a few minutes, she lifted her head. His cock slipped free of her pussy mouth, leaving a trail of foamy saliva between his pink head and her tender lips. She placed a hand between his breasts and gave a gentle push. He followed the subtle order and laid back.

The eyes on the end of his breasts were hard to focus with, but he managed to adjust his vision to see her straddling his waist while pulling off her shirt and bra. Her plump breasts wobbled free. The last time he had seen them, they were capped with semi-erect dicks. They were now peaked with two perky nipples. A welcome change as far as he was concerned. She crawled further onto the bed, nearly brushing against his eyes as she climbed over his headless form.

They resumed in the sixty-nine position. He massaged her dangling breasts while she serviced his rod. Julia was enjoying herself, but the pussy between her legs wasn’t getting much attention. Frank didn’t have a tongue on that end, much less a head, so she guided one of his hands to her crotch. He ran his fingers up the bottom of her shorts and pulled her panties to the side. With deft movements, he slipped two fingers into her wet slit while massaging her clit with his thumb.

He was really quite good at this; something she hadn’t expected given how timid he had been. The two of them continued for several minutes, until he felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm coming. He offered a warning to Julia, who showed no sign of stopping. She was getting close as well. Both of her clits were twitching and she couldn’t help the drool running down her chin.

She kept going, content to let him cum into her mouth. He flexed his pelvis forward involuntarily. His cock pushed against the back of her throat and nearly made her choke. She let it slip free just as his load erupted from the tip. It splattered across her labia and chest. He was clearly spent, but she wasn’t quite there yet.

“Don’t stop...” She gurgled as the fingers in her lower pussy went limp and fell out.

Frank’s orgasm was making his head swim. He heard her but could hardly acknowledge it as his body gave up. She rolled off to his side and did her best to keep going. It wasn’t easy. She was distracted by the sight of his chest deflating while a lump formed between his shoulders.

Distracted, but still determined, she shoved a hand into her pants and tickled her clit while simultaneously stroking the love button just below her nose. It was just enough to push her over the edge. Her body began to spasm and shiver as vaginal fluid belched up from somewhere in her throat as well as the slit between her legs. She collapsed. Her body throbbed as the next transformation took hold...

*Kara goes to heat up some leftovers


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Winding Down

By now, Henry would likely have finished his pizza and explained the morning’s journey to Beth. Kara hadn’t eaten much earlier and considered warming up another slice of leftover pizza while they waited for his sister. They might even see a more ordinary looking Frank pay them a visit after a while. Kara opened her door and found Henry having a conversation with Beth on the couch. From the sound of it, he had finished telling her how they found the rock and was simply answering questions. She didn’t want to interrupt, and went toward the kitchen.

“Hey... You were really his dick?” Beth asked just before Kara reached the kitchen door. “That must have felt so weird.”

“Probably not any weirder than those six boobs you had...” Kara frowned, somewhat irritated that Henry kept sharing telling that part of the story.

“How awful...” Beth muttered after Kara left the room. For her, the extra breasts had been an ordeal that kept her up most of the night.

“It wasn’t bad...” Henry shrugged. “She hid in my pants when we went to the mall... It was pretty uneventful otherwise.”

“You and her weren’t... Um... Horny?” Beth stuttered. “I could barely keep it together when... You know...”

“Nah... Felt odd, but we managed.” He assured her. “You were probably hit by that arousal symptom.”

“Huh... I guess so.” She considered. “Wait... Where’s Julia. Did she head home?”

“She’s still with Frank.” Kara called back from the kitchen. “I guess she wanted to talk to him about something.”

“Did you get him fixed up?” Henry asked.

“Yes, but he wasn’t in the mood to... Change.” Kara answered. “I imagine he’ll be back to normal next time we see him.”

“That’s good...” Henry replied. “So, I think I might head home soon. I really didn’t expect to be here overnight and could use a change of cloths. Might even take a proper nap. Do you still have 137 with you?”

“Yea, it’s in my pocket.” Kara answered as she started the microwave. “Do you want to fix those arms before you go?”

“Oh... I almost forgot about them.” He replied, glancing down at his four hands...

*Henry requests a new change


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes


Do you suppose 137 can make them retractable or something? I certainly wouldn’t mind keeping them, but my clothes might not fit very well...”

“I’m not sure...” Kara replied. “Couldn’t hurt to ask it.”

“Why stop there?” Beth added. “It can change people. Do you suppose it could give someone the ability to change on their own? Like... Without having to ... stimulate?”

Kara pulled the alien computer fragment from her pocket and looked it over. It looked like it might have gotten a bit dimmer since they first found it, but she wasn’t quite sure. The lines of light still glowed and occasionally pulsed. It seemed content to stay silent unless one of them had a question. She waited for the microwave to finish, then went back to the living room with hot leftovers in hand. On the way to the recliner, she placed 137 on the coffee table.

“I’m sure it would be happy to answer your questions.” Kara offered. “And maybe fix those arms too.”

“Hey, Can you make it so that I can change myself without your help or a catalyst?” Beth asked, directing her attention at the shard. “Like... If I wanted to grow back those extra boobs, could I just do it at will?”

[[ .. ... ... .. Yes ... Catalyst required for initial modification ]]

“You want to grow those back?” Kara asked as she bit into her pizza.

“I don’t know...” Beth blushed. “It’s not just about more boobs. I want to be able to change like... Anything... Without needing permission from your glowing rock.”

“I did say yes.” Henry shrugged. “I’d just like to make a quick request for my arms. After that, I’m gonna head home.”

“If you’re heading out, do you suppose you could drop me off back at my place?” Beth asked. “I really didn’t expect to be here... No offense or anything Kara. I just need to get back soon. I... Uh... Have a lot of homework to catch up on.”

“Doesn’t bother me any...” Henry replied. “Kara, can you tell Julia that I took her home?”

“That’s fine...” Kara replied.

“Alright... 137, can you change my body so that my lower two arms are retractable?” Henry asked.

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

*Beth and Henry leave


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

A Cure?

“Oh, do me too!” Beth begged. “Change me so that I can change on my own... I want to be able to change into anything I can think of... Um... Without having to use a catalyst or whatever.”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

“Way to think big...” Henry laughed. “Can mine also be adjusted to let me change into anything?”

[[ Parameters currently set ... Pending stimulation ]]

“Until next time I suppose...” Henry shrugged, then turned to Beth. “Ready to head out?”

“Sure...” Beth answered. “I gotta grab my clothes from Kara’s room really quick. ... Hey Kara, do you mind if I keep these until next time I see you? Or maybe I could have Julia bring them next time you two meet up?”

“That’s fine...” Kara replied. “Just make sure you take them off before you ‘stimulate’ for that new change.”

“Of course...” Beth blushed.

She went to Kara’s room to gather her damp clothes, then returned to find Henry waiting near the door. The two of them said goodbye and left Kara alone. This was the first time she had been alone since yesterday afternoon and after hearing Beth’s transformation request, was considering doing something similar for herself.

She wasn't really in the mood to stimulate a new change. Besides, Julia would likely be back sooner than later. She flipped on the TV to see if anything new had been reported. Evidentially, they had found a cure. She listened closely as they described seven locations where the cure could be administered, stressing that quantities were extremely limited...

*Julia merges with Frank