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Julia and Frank (Illustrated)

Julia could feel her lips tingling as they stretched out horizontally; gradually taking on a far less sensitive shape. Kara’s magic space rock was working. She could see the skin between Frank’s shoulders bulging upward to form a new head. As his chest deflated, his eyes closed. The lashes sucked inward while the lids puckered and darkened until all that remained were ordinary looking nipples. She could have done without the dizziness and headache, but was overjoyed that the two of them were going back to normal.

In her excitement, she placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. “We did it Frank... We’re going to be... ... ... Alright?”

She tried to pull her hand away. Frank’s shoulder was sticky... Really sticky. Her excitement turned to dread as she watched her fingers melt into his skin. It felt like her hand was being sucked into warm tar and she was completely powerless to stop it.

Frank’s eyes were gone and his mouth had closed up. He barely caught the end of Julia’s muffled comment before his ears melted back into his ass. He was aware of his body but suspended in silent darkness while his facial features migrated back toward his shoulders. His female frame was growing back into it’s previous proposition while a lump grew between his shoulders.

After what felt like ages, his eyes opened, though he couldn’t seem to move his arms. He couldn’t move his neck either. Something was very wrong. He glanced around his limited field of vision and spotted Julia’s chin to his right. He tried to say something, but it was no use. His mouth hadn’t returned. He could hear, though the sounds didn’t seem to be coming from his own ears. They weren’t on his ass either. It almost felt like sounds were reaching a place somewhere to his right.

Was he hearing with Julia’s ears? Each time she took a breath, his lungs expanded. It didn’t make sense. He tried once again to move his arms, but failed.

He turned his focus to his legs, which were effortlessly lifted into the air. He didn’t know what else to do and began to wiggle hips to force himself to the edge of the bed. He didn’t make it very far before Julia was shaken awake. She groaned and opened her eyes. Her body felt strange. Almost heavy. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked down to see Frank’s legs shifting around on the bed. That wasn’t right. Why would his legs be in front of her...

She followed his torso up to find that the only thing she kept in the latest change was her right arm and breast. Everything else, including the cock she had been sucking only moments earlier, was Frank’s. To make matters worse, he was staring at her from a partially formed head on their left shoulder.

Almost effortlessly, the two of them cooperated to slide off of the bed and stood in front of a mirror on his closet door.

“What the hell is this?” Julia complained, looking at their reflection. “We were supposed to go back to normal!”


“Hey... Say something already...”

*Frank and Julia go to Kara for help


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Limited Quantities?

Kara considered the number of cure locations, then said, “Hey 137... I don’t suppose you know how many pieces you broke into when you landed, do you?”

[[ ... .. . .. ... . ... .. Approximately 27 fragments ... 8 were large enough to function ]]

“Huh... Eight fragments, seven locations and you. They must have figured out what you are... Or at least what you can do...”

[[ I am ... Fleet designation c-137 ... I do improvement protocol and biological corrections ]]

Kara grinned at it's response. As intelligent as their new friend was, it was still terrible at reading between the lines. Kara turned her attention back to the television. It seemed none of the stations would offer details for what the cure was, but did show people lined up in front of tents. Each one of them seemed to have some inhuman change. Some were subtle enough to be invisible under their clothes while many others were quite obvious. Such as a woman with her arms and legs swapped, or a man with a phallic looking tail swinging behind him while he waited his turn.

Kara watched, hoping to learn more about the situation; but was interrupted by Julia, who threw open the front door and rushed inside.

“Julia?” Kara asked as her friend pushed the door shut behind her. “Why are you wearing Frank’s bath robe? What happened to your neck?”

“It didn’t work!” Julia cried. “You lied to us.”

“Lied?” Kara asked, noticing that Julia’s lips had gone back to normal. “What do you mean? What happened?”

Julia dropped the robe. More than three quarters of her body resembled that of a man. Her neck was offset to the side and another head was wedged between hers and the opposite shoulder. It was Frank’s head. In fact, it was his body too. Unfortunately, he was still missing a few parts up top, which Kara guessed might still be on his bottom. The only parts that belong to Julia were the right arm, one breast and her head. For whatever reason, she seemed to have control both of them.

“Oh god...” Kara said, trying to keep a straight face. “You two had sex, didn’t you?”

“What of it?” Julia shot back. “You said we needed to stimulate to change back... We stimulated!”

“I can see that...” Kara snickered. “I guess we should have been more clear earlier... According to 137, sex messes up the process. I thought you would have known that... I mean, Henry and I ended up conjoined for the same reason. Um... Why isn’t Frank saying anything?”

“His mouth turned back into an asshole.” Julia argued. “Look... I-... It doesn’t matter. Please tell me you can fix this!”

“Don’t look at me.” Kara nodded towards the shard on the coffee table, which by now had become noticeably dull compared to when they had found it...

*137 helps them


Re: Mad Science: It Came From Space - by fortestingpurposes

Anomaly Corrected

“Hey space pod thing...” Julia complained. “Can you fix this mess?”

[[ Anomaly Detected ... Joint stimulation interfered with programmed reversions ]]

“Yea... That’s great... Can you split us up?”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

Julia breathed a sigh of relief and put back on the robe she had dropped, though she made sure to keep Frank's head out this time around.

“We seriously have to ‘stimulate’ again?” She complained, pulling the sash around their waist.

“That’s how it works...” Kara shrugged. “You can hang out here if you want, or head back to Frank’s apartment... Makes no difference to me, I’m just gonna watch the news for a bit.”

“Wait... Where’s Beth?” Julia asked, realizing that Kara was alone. “And Henry...”

“Henry went home.” Kara explained. “Said he’d drop Beth off on the way.”

“Huh.” Julia took a seat on the couch. “I guess that’s good... I’d never hear the end of it if he saw me like this... Don’t you dare tell him!”

“Your secrets safe with me...” Kara laughed. “How’s Frank doing? Kind of looks like he’s just along for the ride...”

“It’s just the opposite, actually. He controls the legs.” Julia explained.

Kara picked up 137 and looked it over. It was still warm but very dull following that most recent request. Was it about to run out of power? They had used it quite a bit since she and Henry found it...

“137... Are you alright?” She asked. "You're looking a bit dim."

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