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Failsafe Failure

He turned it over and found cracks running across the screen. “Uh oh...”

“What?” Jeff asked, turning towards him.

“Looks like it’s broken...” Frank replied.

Jeff took the game and looked it over. The screen was definitely damaged, but there was a partial image under the glass flickering in and out of view. It seemed the game was still going, though they couldn’t quite make out the text.

“That can’t be good...” Jeff said as he tapped the broken glass.

“Didn’t it say everyone would go back to normal if it was broken?” Beth asked, still feeling very aware of her modifications.

“I think so... Lets check the instructions...” Frank suggested.

He found the sheet and skimmed through the text. As he searched, the screen flickered and tiny static bolts shot through the air. In a panic, Jeff dropped the game onto the table.

“Hey, be careful! You don’t want to go and make it worse do you?” Frank yelled.

Jeff would have apologized, but was caught off guard by the source of the voice. He looked towards Beth and found that her mouth had returned. Though on closer examination, he realized that it looked more masculine.

He turned back to Frank and found his girlfriend’s pussy just below his nose. Beth was staring down, trying to get a look at the foreign mouth that decided to occupy her face.

“What the hell?” She muttered, still speaking from her groin.

“Did that thing change us again?” Frank asked, once again using the mouth on Beth’s face.

He reached up and felt the edge of her pussy. She let out a squeak and demanded that he not touch it. Frank removed his hand, but couldn’t help laughing at her reaction. Beth wasn’t happy, though the grinning mouth on her face might have fooled anyone who didn’t know better.

It wasn’t long before Abby returned from the bathroom. She had managed to squeeze most of the tea from her panties and slipped them back on, though there wasn’t much left to the imagination since her cock hung out the side. Her shorts were still a bit damp, so she simply draped them over her shoulder.

“Did someone play for me?” She asked while lifting her left hand to reveal a smooth nub in it’s place.

“No... The game broke when it fell...” Jeff explained.

“So what do we do now?” Abby asked as she attempted to pull on her shorts with one hand...


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Seek Help

Frank’s mouth, still on Beth’s face, read aloud from the instructions, “If the game is damaged ... all players return to normal... If the failsafe doesn’t work, contact your local magic specialist.”

“Who would that be?” Beth asked from her crotch mouth. “I mean, it obviously didn’t return us to normal.”

“Where’d you get that game?” Abby asked, turning her attention to Jeff.

“I ... well, it was this shop at the mall, but it disappeared after I left.” He explained. “I thought I imagined it disappearing but now I’m not sure.”

“I suppose our best bet would be to head back and find it...” Abby shrugged.

“Guess so... How long until it closes?” Frank asked, checking the time on his phone.

“It varies, but most places in the mall close around 8...” Beth offered.

“That only gives a couple hours to sort this out... And that’s assuming this ‘magic shop’ doesn’t close earlier than that.” Jeff considered. “I’m not even sure if we’ll find it...”

“If nobody has any better ideas, then we ought to get going.” Abby suggested as she continued to struggle with her shorts. “Beth, do you mind if I borrow a skirt?”

“Sure,” Beth mumbled. “But how are we going to go anywhere with the game keeping us in this room?”

“Maybe we can just take it with us?” Jeff suggested as he carried it toward the kitchen.

His theory was right. He was able to pass through the doorway and continue almost as far as the fridge before something stopped him.

“Hey, could you three walk this way?” He hollered.

Once they started to move closer, he found that he was again able to travel.

“Wait up.” Beth yelled. “Abby needs to change, and you need to put on some pants before we go anywhere!”

Beth and Abby went to the bedroom to change while Jeff and Frank waited outside with the device.

“Don’t take too long in there.” Frank’s distant voice called. “We need to.. mmmfff mmfff...”

He was cut short by the feeling of a hand over his mouth. His first reaction was to reach up and pull it away, but quickly remembered where his mouth was when his hand met Beth’s pussy.

He could hear a surprised gasp through the door before Beth called back. “Hey, hands off!... We know we’re in a hurry... Just give us a minute alright?”


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Cover Up

After a minute, Frank glanced down at Jeff’s naked bottom and asked. “Are you gonna to cover up?”

Beth almost replied, but realized that Frank was talking with Jeff who, unlike her, had no pants on.

She glanced at Abby as if asking what to do. She simply grinned in response. Watching Frank’s mouth operate remotely was strangely charming. It was almost as if he didn’t realize it had left his face. Beth rolled her eyes and did her best to ignore him while pulling off her shirt to find something with a less revealing collar.

“What do you mean?” Jeff asked, seemingly unaware of his naked genitals.

Frank remembered how he and Beth had argued earlier and decided to take a more tactful approach. “You do know that the game made you not want to wear pants... Right?”

“Of course I do...” Jeff recalled.

“And you know it’s not OK to be like that in public... Right?” Frank asked with his distant, yet audible voice.

“Yea... I suppose...” Jeff shrugged.

Along with Frank’s voice, they could occasionally hear Abby giggling in the other room.

“Why not put on a robe or long coat? Just something to cover up your junk...” Frank suggested.

“Yea, I could do that...” Jeff nodded. “I’ve got a coat in the bedroom closet that should be long enough.”

“Hey Beth...” Frank started. “Can you ge-mmmff”

“I know... I can hear you... Your mouth is literally on my face.” Beth replied with an annoyed tone.

“Sorry... I’ll try not to talk so much...” Frank said after he felt her hand move away.

“Hah... Good luck with that!” Abby joked.

Frank’s mouth smirked in the other room. It was strange. He was well aware of the distance between his face and mouth, but it didn’t feel strange to talk, even though his words were muffled by the bedroom door.

Before any of them could say anything else, the game screen began to flicker. Sparks arched through the air around them, indicating yet another malfunction. When the screen dimmed and the electricity in the air dissipated, Jeff looked up at Frank. He was the same, relative to what he had been. Beth’s pussy still adorned his face in place of his mouth.

“Hey Girls, the game just did something... Are you alright?”

“Uh... We’re fine...” Abby replied. “But it changed us again...”


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New Round of Changes

“Do you ... need ... help?” Frank asked, pausing as every other word vibrated through his lips.

Jeff looked towards the source of the voice.

Frank’s pussy contorted and moved to form words as he said “I think I ... have my mouth ... back ... mmmm...”

“This feels ... weird...”

“Can we come in?” Jeff asked, turning his attention to the bedroom door.

“May as well...” Beth replied. “It’s not like we can be modest with bodies like this anyway...”

Fearing the worst, he pushed open the door. Abby was looking away and Beth sat at the edge of the bed next to an open dresser. From the back side, Abby looked no different. Beth, on the other hand, had a noticeable change. Frank’s mouth no longer lived on her face. In fact she had no face, not even a head. She hid the rest of her body under a blanket.

“Beth... Are you alright?” Jeff asked as he moved towards her.

“I’m a freak...” She groaned from somewhere under the covers.

“Come on, it can’t be that bad...” Jeff insisted, show me what happened.

She lowered the blanket to reveal a face on her middle breast. Two eyes and a nose, just above a pert nipple. Her ears stuck out from either side, slightly squished in the cleavage of her outermost bosom. Unfortunately, her mouth stayed between her legs.

“It’s fine...” He assured her. “I’m sure we can get this fixed at that shop.”

“I sure hope so...” Abby said as she began to undress.

“Why are you...” Jeff started.

“Taking off my cloths?” Abby answered. “I’m not sure... I just... Need to.”

Her hand was still missing as she clumsily lowered the skirt she had pulled on moments earlier. Her panties followed soon after. Her clit dick still hung between her legs, but seemed to be rising to attention. Next came her shirt. She might have been a step back towards normal if not for the two new breasts had inflated just below her original pair. Her four nipples looked larger than normal. After she unclipped her bra, they realized that each one was actually a cock head pushing out of a short foreskin. They were already hardening as Frank went towards her. Without warning, he bent down and gently pulled one into his pussy mouth. She embraced him as all four dick nipples flexed upward.

“Sorry...” He mumbled... “I can’t... Stop...”

“Don’t stop...” Abby managed, as she rubbed her stumped arm into one of the lower breasts while stroking her clit dick with the one hand she had left...


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Can't Stop

Beth could hear the wet sounds somewhere behind and asked, “Are they making out?”

“Something like that.” Jeff replied...

“If you two make a mess, you’re cleaning it up!” Beth yelled.

She sat quietly for moment, then noticed something in Jeff’s groin. “You too huh?”

Jeff followed her gaze. He hadn’t noticed, but his cock seemed larger. He reached down to examine the strange feeling hidden inside his foreskin. Pulling it back revealed two heads. He moved them apart to find that they both connected to a single shaft a few inches down. He released the split heads and shivered as his foreskin pulled them back together. Abby and Frank were still busy, though by now Frank had attached himself to one of her other dick nipples. Jeff, now more aware of his own groin, could feel the sensitive organs hardening.

“This game really does like messing with our privates.” He thought.

Beth let out a long sigh, then said. “Well... I don’t want to be a freak for the rest of my life. Lets find a way to cover up and get going...”

“Frank, Abby... Finish up... We need to go.” Jeff insisted, trying to ignore his semi-erect cocks.

“Mmmmff...” Frank replied, unable to pull away from Abby’s breasts.

Abby’s response wasn’t much better. They were lost in the game’s spell. Abby could hardly focus as four of her unusual cocks continued to throb. Frank had brought her top right dick nipple to orgasm, then moved down to the next row.

She furiously stroked her lowest cock, while Frank kneaded the breast he was currently suckling. Her other two dick nipples desperately wanted attention. She had to make due with her stumped arm, but couldn’t do much more than rub it across the sensitive flesh.

It wasn’t long before her lower right breast erupted into Frank’s tight slit. Her clit dick soon followed, spraying a jet of cum onto Frank’s shirt. He was so entranced by her multitude of dicks and breasts that he barely noticed. Soon enough, her third orgasm hit, sending waves through her body and milk from her lower right breast. Frank drank it down as quickly as he could. Then, with milk still running down his chin, he pulled free and slipped his sensitive lips onto her top left cock.

Jeff shrugged and went to the closet to find something for Beth. Her lower half was fine beneath a skirt, but her upper body needed some sort of coverage. Jeff picked up a hooded jacket and had her put it on with the zipper low enough to let her eyes peak through the gap. He then grabbed a t-shirt to stuff it into the hood. It wasn’t perfect, but she could pass as having a head under there if nobody was paying attention.

She stood up and turned to see what Frank and Abby were doing. She almost yelled at them, but Jeff stopped her and pointed out that they wouldn’t be doing something like that if the game hadn’t forced it. She understood all to well, given the preceding events...


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To The Mall

Jeff slipped into his coat and buttoned it up. It was just long enough to hide his abnormal genitals but not enough to hide the fact that he wasn’t wearing any pants. He didn’t mind, but knew that the others would appreciate the coverage.

About then Abby reached her next orgasm. Frank didn’t take long to switch to her next breast once the milk stopped flowing. By then, Abby could barely stand as her body was wracked with pleasure. Even though her other dick nipples had been spent, they still drooled white fluid and occasionally twitched.

With such a sensitive body, it barely took a minute for Frank to trigger yet another orgasm. With that final spray of milk, the spell was broken. Frank fell backwards, almost choking on the abundance of white fluid gurgling from his sensitive lips. Abby’s body shuttered as she fell to her knees. One last involuntary convulsion sent four spurts of milk onto the floor.

“You’re cleaning that up when we get back!” Beth insisted.

“I will... I’m sorry.” She breathed. “Just... Couldn’t stop... Felt so good.”

Using a handful of tissues, she wiped her chest, then gathered her clothes to redress. It was a challenge with one hand missing, and she decided to leave off her panties. It’s not like anyone could see her goods under the knee length skirt. In an attempt to hide the extra mounds on her chest, she borrowed a large hoodie from Jeff, which Frank helped pull on.

Frank happened to be fully dressed, but had a mess down the front of his shirt. Jeff offered him a turtle-neck sweater so that he could hide his pussy mouth behind the collar.

They would all be sweating a bit, but collectively decided that it was be better than showing off their new bodies. Jeff slipped the game into a messenger bag and tossed it over his shoulder. Once ready, or as ready as they could have been, they left for the mall.

They decided to take Frank’s SUV since it had plenty of room for the four of them. Assuming the Magic Shop was open until 8, they would have about an hour to find a so-called magic specialist.

The mall was about ten minutes away and aside from hitting a few stop lights, the ride was uneventful. Though Beth did complain every time they hit a bump.


With about 45min left, they pulled into the mall parking lot. Frank lucked out and found a spot somewhat close to the entrance. Jeff pushed open his door and slipped out, then turned back to grab the messenger bag that contained the game. As he reached in he noticed a familiar haze flickering through the air.

“Oh crap...” He said, now feeling very naked without any pants on under the coat...


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Another Round

He was certain he had been changed again. He wasn’t entirely sure how, but knew that the spell preventing him from wearing pants no longer in effect.

“Is everyone OK?” He asked as he waved away some lingering sparks. “Did anyone change?”

“I think I went back to normal...” Frank replied, raising a hand to his mouth.

He felt a little heavier and remembered that the first thing the game did was shave off some extra weight. He would miss that, but was glad to have a normal mouth again. Speaking with a pussy felt great, but made it really hard to say more than a few words at a time.

“I think it spared me too...” Beth said, unable to feel anything different.

“I got something new.” Abby said, lifting her left arm to reveal that it now ended with a large flaccid cock.

“I think it undid one of mine...” Jeff said. “I don’t suppose there’s a spare pair of pants in here?”

“Sorry buddy, the closest thing to clothes I have in here is some gauze in the med kit.”

“Oh, I can use that.” Abby said as she pulled the box out from under the passenger seat.

Jeff undid a few buttons on his coat, then lowered it down to his waist where he tied the sleeves into a make-shift belt. It was more like a kilt than pants, but better than nothing.

“Well, if we’ve all still got legs, then we should really get going.” Beth said as she pushed open her door.

Jeff went to the other side to help guide her while Frank hopped out to join them. Abby took a minute to wrap her new dick in gauze before awkwardly reaching across to open the door with her remaining hand.

Once the group was satisfied with their appearance, they set off for the boutique where Beth had waited for Jeff earlier that day...


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Found It

The mall was mostly empty as they walked through the corridors. Several shops had already dropped their gates and locked up. It wasn’t a good sign. None of them wanted to think about spending the night under the game’s spell.

As luck would have it, Jeff spotted the shop between a cell service kiosk and a row of quarter machines. At least he guessed it was the same place. He was looking at a large wagon that had an antique store vibe. Above the curtained entry way was the familiar wooden sign that read “The Magic Shop”.

“That’s it!” He gestured. “I mean... It’s different, but that’s the same sign.”

“This does look familiar.” Beth said, pulling her zipper down to get a better look. “Wait... That’s right. You went here while I was looking for a blouse... I think. I don’t remember it being in a wagon though...”

“It wasn’t.” Jeff replied. “The shop I visited was between le-Botique and Shurtz, but that’s the same sign as before.”

“So these folks will be able to turn everyone back?” Beth asked as Jeff pulled open the curtain.

“I hope so...” He replied.

He waited until they were all inside before stepping in after them. He had to push several more curtains aside before finding the familiar old shop that he had browsed earlier that day. It was exactly as he remembered, which was amazing considering how small the new exterior was.

“How is this possible...” Frank asked, stepping further into the relatively enormous space.

“After all that’s happened, surely you’re not still skeptical about this sort of thing.” Abby joked.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

They all turned to see a young woman sitting behind the register.

“Uh...” Jeff stuttered. “Um, yes... Well. You sold me a game earlier today.”

“Oh, I remember you!” The girl replied. “Let me guess... You enjoyed it so much that you decided to buy another one!”

“That’s not...” Jeff started.

“We’ll you can’t...” She interrupted. “You bought the last one.”

“But... It’s...” Jeff tried...

“You’ll just need to be patient. We get new shipments at the end of each month.”

Before he could say anything else, the shop began to shimmer with tiny bolts of static...


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It's Broken

“Oh... That’s why you’re here...” The shop keeper said shortly after the air cleared. “You broke it.”

“Jeez... I keep telling them to reinforce those things. Hell... We had one break on the way here and it messed up the whole shipment.”

“Not again...” Beth muttered.

Without taking a moment to see why his body felt strange, Jeff turned his attention back to the shop keeper. “Yes it’s broken.”

“It was an accident, and now we keep changing.”

“Can you help us?”

“Nope!” She replied. “But I can take you to Veronica.”

“Veronica?” Frank asked.

“Yea, she’s our local ‘Magic Specialist’... Sounds a lot more professional than ‘witch’, don’t you think?” The woman explained.

“My name is Theresa by the way, but my friends call me Tess.”

“You’re lucky... Well... Lucky to have run into me...”

“Veronica happens to be my aunt.”

“She usually doesn’t see people this late in the evening, but she’ll make an exception for me.”

“So where is Veronica anyway?” Abby asked, trying not to sound impatient.

“She’s out in... Holy crap!” Tess jumped. “That’s one hell of a transformation...”

They all turned to see that Abby’s arm cock had gone erect, pushing out of a seam in the gauze. Her dick nipples were forming damp tents on each breast. Still, none of that quite as shocking as the new leg pushing out of her skirt.

Frank, who had been standing beside her, was no longer normal. It seemed his lower body had vanished, forcing him to walk on his hands. His shoes and pants laid vacant on the floor beside him.

Beth was lucky, it looked like her body had no significant changes this time around, at least nothing they could see.

Jeff didn’t feel much different, though there was something strange about his lower body. His legs felt smoother, maybe a bit longer too. As he ran his hand along his hip he realized that his lower half was taking on a distinctly feminine shape...


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New Player

Tess stepped out from behind the register and sat down on a nearby bench. She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her socks to reveal a pair of hands in place of her feet.

“I suppose we ought to get going before things get weirder.”

“Wait... Did the game just change you too?” Frank asked.

“Hey, don’t be rude!” Abby blushed. “I’m really sorry about him...”

“Thanks, but your buddy guessed right.” Tess laughed. “I don’t normally have hands for feet. I don’t know many people that do...”

“Since it set a new round of changes in motion while I was in range, it basically added me to the player list...”

“At least that’s what I’m guessing. I can’t think of any other reason my feet would have turned into hands...”

“You’re taking this really well...” Beth noted.

“Well... It is just a game.” Tess responded. “Yours is acting a bit funny, but I’m sure my aunt can fix it.”

“Oh, by the way... What were your settings?”

“Settings?” Beth asked.

“Yea, what did you select when the game started?” Tess clarified. “Might be good to know since I’m playing now...”

“Oh...” Abby replied. “If I remember right... We stuck with human transformations and kept sex enabled.”

“That explains a few things...” Tess joked as she glanced at Abby’s erect arm.

She took a moment to acclimate herself to the hands at the end of her legs then said, “My aunt lives about 30 minutes from here; I’ll send her a text to let her know I’m on my way with some friends.”

“I’m surprised you’re calling us friends already... We’ve barely met.” Frank observed.

“Better to be friends than enemies...” She said, while typing a message into her phone. “Besides, I happen to be a witch in training. If y’all do anything unfriendly, I might just turn you into toads.”

Tess couldn’t help laughing at their collective gasp. “Oh relax... I’m not going to turn anyone into a toad... Though I can’t guarantee that the game won’t.”

“I’ve never seen one randomly transform people. It’s like it’s playing on it’s own...”


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Looks Normal

“Wait... What if someone sees your feet... Or hands?” Abby asked as Tess moved towards the exit. “Or my .. um..”

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about that.” Tess started. “So long as you’re in the game’s field of influence, you’re practically invisible.”

“Or... To be more accurate, people can see you. They just won’t realize you’re any different.”

“That’s a relief.” Abby sighed. “So I can take off this hoodie and nobody would think anything of my chest? ... I mean, it’s not like I’m fooling anyone with this new leg anyway.”

“You could walk around naked and nobody would notice.” Tess winked. “Well, no one aside from me and your friends here...”

“Good enough for me...” Abby replied as she slipped off the hoodie. “I was baking in that damn thing.”

The sweater came free, revealing a t-shirt that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Four damp bumps dotted the tips of her breasts since her dicks had been steadily leaking something between pre-cum and milk. Her arm had calmed down, but still twitched every so often. The last transformation had replaced her genitals with a leg. For whatever reason it excited her, but she did her best to ignore it since they were in a public place.

Jeff realized that Frank no longer had a need for his pants. With his permission he replaced the coat that had been tied around his waist. He had a chance to see just how lady-like his legs had become as he squeezed his plump bottom into the tight fabric. Beth decided to drop the wadded shirt from her hood and unzip the jacket enough to let her breast face hang completely free. No one had noticed earlier, but with the hood and wadded shirt removed, they could see that her pussy had taken up residence where her neck had been. Frank took an opportunity to swap his turtle neck sweater with the t-shirt that Beth had been using as a temporary head. It had a small damp spot where it had been resting against her sex, but he didn’t mind; it was a lot cooler than the sweater. Frank wrapped the extra cloths and shoes in his coat and slung it over his shoulder. When everyone was finished, Tess lead them out so she could close the shop.

On the way to the exit, Jeff thought back to his conversation with Tess earlier that afternoon. It occurred to him that she seemed to know a lot more about the game now, then when he had first asked.

“Tess...” Jeff hesitated. “Earlier today you said you didn’t know very much about this game, but now you sound like an expert... Is there something we should know?”


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Best Not to Know

Tess laughed. “It’s my personal policy to share as little information as I can when people are new to it. It’s fun to imagine the surprise when the game does it’s thing.”

“You get a kick out of a game that fucks with people’s bodies?” Beth argued.

“It sounds bad when you put it like that...” Tess frowned. “No ... I just think it’s more exciting for people to find out on their own.”

“Plus, I’m not sure I’d make very many sales if I told people exactly what it could do before they bought it.”

Jeff felt a little betrayed, but understood the logic. Given the nature of the product, he had no doubt they wouldn’t sell well if people knew the truth. Then again, some folks might love the opportunity to change at random. He shrugged it off and kept his pace next to Beth.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t as quick to dismiss the explanation. “That’s awful! How can you sell something so dangerous without at least informing people?”

Aggravated breaths made her skirt flutter with each word.

“It’s not dangerous at all... Didn’t you read the instructions?” Tess defended. “It’s not my fault you all managed to break it.”

Her last comment stung and Beth decided to drop it. After all, it was her fault they were there. If she hadn’t broken the game, they may have hit seven tokens by now. Still, she had a pretty low opinion of this girl. Tess wasn’t taking any of this seriously and, much to Beth’s dismay, she was their only chance to undo the changes. There wasn’t much any of them could do except trust this stranger. Besides, the game had changed her as well. So even she should have a vested interest in meeting with her aunt, the ‘magic specialist’.

As they left the mall, Tess asked if they could stop by her car...

“Of course...” Frank replied. “Aren’t we going to follow you?”

“No ... That’s a nice thought, but we’ll have to be in the same car...” Tess explained. “Since I’m a player now, I can’t move out of the game’s limited area. But if it’s alright with you all, I’d like to make sure I don’t get ticketed or towed if I leave my car here overnight.”

They were all feeling a little impatient, but followed her across the pavement. She stopped next to a small pink coup and slipped an ornate wooden stick from her back pocket. It seemed impossible as the foot long stick came free of a pocket that couldn’t have been more than a few inches deep. She waved the stick and murmured something in a foreign language. The group just stared, half expecting her car to drive away or disappear. Instead, it just became gradually more difficult to focus on. It was definitely there, but somehow easy to forget. Before long, they couldn’t help wondering why they were standing so far from Frank’s SUV.

“Alright, that should keep the ticket Nazi’s away.” Tess smiled. “Lead the way fellow players.”

Frank, still feeling a touch confused, turned and lead them back towards his SUV...


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Leaving the Mall

As they crossed the lot, Frank looked up at Jeff and asked if he could drive. Jeff nodded. It’s not like any of the others would have much luck behind the wheel. Aside from Tess, he was the only one with a relatively normal body.

As they walked, Abby glanced towards Tess and Frank’s hands against the pavement and asked, “Isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“Not really...” Frank shrugged. “Probably not any more uncomfortable than your middle foot there...”

“Oh, that’s actually one of the neat things about this game.” Tess added. “These transformations are meant to feel natural.

“For example, I know I’m not supposed to have hands for feet but it feels like I’ve had them my whole life.”

“It does feel pretty natural...” Frank agreed as he balanced his partial body. “Come to think of it, none of my changes have been uncomfortable. Just a bit weird.”

Abby had to agree as well. Her bare foot didn’t feel uncomfortable. Even the four dick heads that rubbed against her shirt with each step weren’t irritating, granted, the fabric occasionally hit a sensitive spot and gave her goose bumps. Still, there was nothing ‘natural’ about having a dick replace most of her arm or walking with three legs.

They continued until they reached the SUV where Frank offered the passenger seat to Tess. Since he didn’t exactly have a butt to sit on, he opted to climb into the far back. Abby and Beth then took the two back seats just ahead of him. Jeff tossed the bundle of discarded clothes into the back next to Frank and found the keys in one of his pockets.

Once everyone was seated and secure, he started the vehicle and left for Veronica’s house. Tess guided him to the highway, where they would spend the next half hour driving. During that time, Tess initiated a round of proper introductions. She thought it would be more polite than calling them things like boob head or half guy. Though she thought one of the names seemed fitting given Beth’s less than stellar attitude. They took turns introducing themselves and it wasn’t long before they were sharing more meaningful conversations. It was nice to get to know each other but the game wasn’t going to let them stay complacent for long.

Midway to their destination, it triggered a new round of transformations...


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

New Driver

As the air filled with tiny sparks, Jeff could feel his body changing. His arms were retracting and his torso was collapsing inward. He barely managed to pull off of the road before his arms were completely sucked into his shoulders. His upper body continued to compress until his head connected directly to his waist. Something about this new change made his double headed dick harden. As his new body shivered with arousal, the sudden lack of arms felt really unfair. He kept his foot pressed against the brake and asked Tess to shift into park.

Once they were safely stopped, she helped him removed the now-useless shirt that settled around head. He turned to see if she had changed as well. Unlike him, she still had her entire body. More in fact. She had sprouted two new arms and was struggling to keep her shirt over her chest while the new shoulders pushed the fabric up on either side. He felt a pang of jealousy towards her, but quickly pushed it to the back of his mind. The sooner they met Veronica, the sooner they could get help.

“So what’s the damage?” Frank asked from the far back.

“I’ve still got four boobs, three legs and a whole bunch of dicks...” Abby said. “I think it left me alone.”

“Lucky you.” Frank laughed. “There’s not much left of me...”

Abby turned to see that her boyfriend was now nothing more than a head connected to a hand.

“Oh wow, you’re so portable now...” She joked.

Frank groaned as he shifted himself upright.

“How about you, Beth?” He asked, unable to see from down below.

“I’m fine...” Beth muttered. “I think my boobs are bigger. I feel the same otherwise...”

Abby looked her over and verified that her breasts had indeed grown several cup sizes. The outer two pressed hard against her jacket while the center breast with her face hung several inches further from her body.

“Someone else needs to drive...” Jeff said with a somber tone. “I’ve lost my arms.”

“Tess, would you mind?”

She pushed open the passenger door, and stepped out. Jeff couldn’t open his door and had to wait. They traded seats, but he once again felt helpless with the passenger door completely out of reach. Tess held her shirt down with one pair of hands while reaching across to pull his door shut.

“Sorry about all that...” Tess said as she shifted the car into drive and merged back onto the highway.

“It’s not your fault...” Jeff replied. “Lets just get to your Aunt so she can help undo this.”

“... Right...” Tess hesitated. “I’m sure she’ll be able to fix this...”


Re: The Magic Shop: e-Transformations™ - by fortestingpurposes

They Arrive

Tess managed to cheer them up with some stories from her early days as a magician. It seemed accidental transformations were typical for new witches. She joked about how one of her cousins managed to turn her younger brother into her own pussy for a few days.

“He never was quite the same afterwards...” She sighed. “But it’s alright. Those two are best friends now...”

“Ah, we’re just about there. My Aunt lives about a mile down this way.”

Tess turned off of the highway and onto an old dirt road. There was no relief for Beth as the bumps sent vibrations through her chest. She did her best to hold her center breast to keep it still. Her vision was blurred and she could feel her stomach churning. If the trip had been much longer, she might have wet her skirt with vomit. Fortunately, the terrible ride ended a minute or two later as they came to a stop just outside of an old farm house.

“Alright Folks....” Tess started. “She’s expecting us. We’re a tad late, but I’m sure she’ll understand...”

Tess grabbed the messenger bag that held the broken game and stepped out of the SUV. Abby and Beth pushed open their doors to join her while she maneuvered to the passenger side to let Jeff out. The four of them then started towards the house.

After a moment, Frank yelled. “Hey, what about me?”

Abby turned back, feeling a little embarrassed to have forgotten that he couldn’t walk. The others continued, but didn’t make it far before the game’s limited area of play halted them.

Frank moved himself close to the back seats, rolled back and reached upward.

“Here, grab on...” Abby said, offering her transformed hand.

“Oh come on...” Frank recoiled as he felt her penile flesh tense in his grip.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Abby laughed as she reached in with her normal hand to pick him up.

“Such a dirty girl... Trying to sneak a hand job when I wasn’t looking.” He laughed. “Maybe I’ll let you return the favor when we’re back to normal...”

“Hey, are you two coming?” Tess yelled from further up the driveway.

“Yea, sorry...” Abby replied. “Just needed to fetch my handy-man here...”