Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

Daughter/Mother bonding
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"Mom, I'm home!", It was Victoria, Claire's eldest daughter. It appears that she came home to visit. Claire panted and sniffed the air, quickly noticing the scent of her kin.

"Hello? Anyone ho- AA!", before she could react, Victoria's mother had grabbed her from behind, somehow having managed to sneak around her daughter, even with her huge bulky body. She clapped a hand over her prey's mouth, kicking the door closed with her hoof.

Victoria struggled within Claire's grip, but was no match to her well muscled mom. Claire turned her daughter around to face her, and shoved Victoria's mouth onto her nipple, letting a few drops drip into her mouth before her breast began pumping milk into her daughter's throat at full force. Victoria choked and gagged for a moment, but after enough of it had made it into her system, she began swallowing it eagerly. Victoria wrapped her arms around her mother's body, mind falling into a deep haze. Her ears twitched and elongated into cute horse ears, which moved up to the top of her head.

Claire pulled her daughter off of her nip, causing Victoria to whinny softly in disappointment, but her face soon became flush with joy as her mother shoved her hefty cock deep into her pussy. All the warm milk she had drank had introduced the flu to her body, which immediately set to work, softening her up and allowing her womb to stretch around the fat horse dong that invaded her body. Claire pounded her daughter with nearly no mercy, shoving her mutated member in and out of the tight hole, thick nubs dragging against Victoria's insides and swelling with blood, hardening and locking her cock deep inside. As she fucked Victoria, she whinnied loudly, and her daughter joined in by moaning as her stomach was stretched out, a huge lump visible in her tummy. Although Claire fucked Victoria in earnest, she soon began slowing down, as her nubs got to the point where they were so hard and heavy that she was no longer able to push deeper, or pull out for that matter.

Claire panted heavily, balls churning, pumping hot viral goo down her cock. This was her first time cumming in her new body, and it made her enraptured. Her bestial groans turned to explosive whinnies as her cum reached the tip of her monster meat, blasting out the tip and filling her daughter with horse flu cum.

Victoria screamed in pleasure, body rapidly being affected by the powerful infectant. Her body swelled with muscle, and she grew to match her mother in size. Fur burst out from every point in her body, especially from her head and tailbone, giving her a long mane with a beautiful, fluffy tail. Her hips ballooned out into fat melons, and her hips grew wider by the second. Her clitty twitched, and pushed out into a heavy horse cock, her head pushing into a muzzle, scream turning into a full whinny as she transformed, cock mutating rapidly to spread the horse plague efficiently. Her balls grew in right below, fat grapefruits that nuzzled her own mother's cock, which was still lodged deep inside of her body. Victoria's feet crunched into hooves, and her hands melded into the same four fingered, symmetrical shape that Claire had developed.

Claire pulled her cock out of her daughter's hungry, wet pussy, and hugged her tightly, rubbing her hands across her soft fur and grinding against Victoria's newly grown cock. The two grunted happily, faces in pleased smiles as they rubbed their assets together, Victoria grabbing her own mother's ass and giving it a squeeze before slapping it hard, causing Claire to whinny loudly and buck her hips forwards. The two shared a deep bond, which was now deepened by the mind conquering sex they had had and the horse flu that afflicted them both.

To be continued: https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapt … 47429.html