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It takes a while and reads a lot like Hermpires at first but it turns Belialesque in post #10.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

Transform or Dare?
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Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school

colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...


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A case of Futa Flu
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"Well your time is up. I guess you'll have to do both now," Kyle said sinisterly. Jen spluttered and breathed in some dust cuaseing her to sneeze

"Hmmm, you know it is Flu season, so how about this. For your transformation you are going to come down with a case of the flu. Not just the regular flu, mind you, but a special one. Everytime you sneeze you will have a transformation, until you are turned in to a Hermaphrdite equine morph. Along with the changes every time you sneeze you will go deeper into heat. Also everyone will not notice anything different about you, except for you and me."

"You sick fuck" Jen yelled into the phone already feeling ill.

"Oh my, what a mouth on you. But I'm not finished yet. No infact we're just getting stared. For your dare, after the football game tonight you are going to go into the teams locker room and let them have there way with you. I'll see you at school Jen."

With a click Kyle had hung up on her leaving Jen dumbstruck until she sneezed once again and felt her ears change. Jen rushed over to to the mirror to see that instead of normal human ears she was now sporting furry blonde horse ears where hers once were. She groaned.

"What am I to do now" she thought just as another sneeze racked her body. She began to feel warm as though she had just gotten out of a hot tube. If she had been wearing panties they would be soaked as pussy juice was leaking out of her vagina rapidly. She moaned as she reached down and parted the lips of her unshaven cunt without thinking about what she was doing. Her other hand went and tweaked one of her nipples, and she orgasmed like she never had before. Unfortunately, for her it was only the beginning as she sneezed agian. She felt a slight pain as her new tail began to grow out of her shaply ass. But she kelt on fingering her vagina through her unkempt strawberry blonde bush. She came three times before she heard the honking of the bus.

"Oh no," she cried as she came again. She stood up feeling woozy from orgasming so much in such a short amount of time. She found her other sock, put on her shoes and rushed out the door the smell of estrus wafting off of her soaking vagina. The only the she forgot was the pair of pink lace panties that lay on her bed.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

The flu is contagious you know
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Jen sat down next to her friend Beth, feeling quite awful having sneezed twice while running to the bus. She looked down at her newly formed 5 foot long flaccid horsecok and apple sized balls.

Beth looked at Jen and whispered in her ear, " I think you forgot your panties again."

"That's the least of my worries," Jen sniffled back.

"Oh don't tell men yor coming down with the flu. The big game is tonight and we can't cheer without you."

Jen went to reply but sneezed instead and felt her asshole pucker up. Beth suddenly moaned with pleasure thrust her hand into her panties and began furiously masterbating. Jen sneezed again causing her pussy to estrus to pick up even more and spraying the girls across the isle. Soon enough all the girls on the bus were sneezing up a storm, transforming and scummbimg to the heat. For some reason though the boys were unaffected. Jen stroked her now erect horsecock and fondled one of Beth's tits which had gone from a B cup to a D. Up infront one of
Seniors was pounding a freshmans now horse vagna like there was no tomarrow. The captain of the schools female soccer team was eating out her sister and jerking her best friends 3 foot long "little pony". Jen pushed Beth back against the seat and ripped off her panties revealing her soaking wet cunt. Jen couldn't take it any longer, her now dimond hard horse phallus aching witth pain and leaking a huge amount of pre. She rammed her cock into her friend cumming almost instantly. Beth moaned like a slut in heat, which infact she was, and orgasmed as well. Jeen kissed her best friend passionately and moaned as well. Suddenly every girl in what ever act of love making they were partaking in was flung forward as the bus arivved at the school.

"Quit fucking and get to class," the bus driver yelled.

Jen liked Beth in the eyes and spoke softly, "You're the best fuck I've ever had."

*Homeroom becomes a stable


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

Can't contain the flu

The girls didn't make it far before the heat became too much for then to handle. Every sneeze progressed their changes, and made any girl in the area start to change as well. Jen walked into the main hallway and was shocked to find a number of herm-equine girls fucking or masturbating in plain sight. Which sent her into a deeper and more intense estrus.

She couldn't make it down that one hall without stopping to fuck someone, be fucked, or jerk off while watching another pair of horse-herms getting it on. Jen couldn't stop herself, and the more she fucked the more she changed. When the first period bell rang, Jen was almost completely equine. Her body was covered in palomino hair, and a long white mane had grown from the back of her neck. There was a tail of similar color hanging over Jen's puffy horse asshole. Jen's ears twitched back and forth atop her head. She proudly displayed her cock and balls. Her pussy dripped mare juice everywhere, enticing anyone who approached her, male or female.

Jen knew deep down that this was just because Kyle cursed her. And that if she wanted to, she could use the curse to set things right. But the estrus was too powerful. Her pussy was constantly inflamed, weeping mare-juice everywhere. And no amount of horsecock seemed to satisfy her.

That first class was the worst. Jen was so horny from seeing all her classmates turn into slutty horse-hermaphordites and fucking each other senseless. Jen was so needy, that she'd pushed her chair backwards and closer to Beth's desk. That way Beth could could fuck her with causing too much of a scene. But horse sex was still a loud and messy business.

Jen sat there moaning and tweaking her nipples, while humping the bottom of her desk as Beth rammed her from behind. And when the two came, they couldn't contain their whinnies. Thick, chunky scum poured out of Jen's shaft, while Beth's load was lost inside Jen's massive horse cunt. Even more of the stuff got caught in Jen's tail and dried on her asshole. Her lips contracted over and over around her friend's shaft, milking it for every drop of cum.

"I have to stop this. No matter how good it feel, and fuck it feels awesome, I don't want to spend my life in heat. I could get used to the other changes, maybe." Jen thought as she stroked her cock into an erect state again. By the time her first class was over, Jen had orgasmed a total of six times. And each left a larger pile of cum on the floor. Jen left a veritable pool of the stuff behind as she exited the classroom.

*Evolving Virus


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

Men with stud cocks and mare pussy

While Jen was trying to think or a way to fix this... "Problem" Kyle was enjoying it. Right now he was fucking an infected teacher in her giant mare pussy 'Damn how can pussy this big, hug my cock this much.' Kyle thought. By second period anyone, man or woman, who wasn't already fucking without concern.

The Virus spread, from one woman to the next, already it has spread through most of the town. Kyle looked at his handy work and smiled in pride... that is in tell he saw something that he didn't plan. Slowly one of his friends, a gay friend of yours that was bouncing on one of the horse futas was starting to develop a horse cock and a mare pussy.

'What the hell, my futa flu was only suppose to affect women, Jacks a guy and even if he wasn't it shouldn't take affect in tell he started sneezing.' Kyle thought then he realized 'Crap I its a flu, and I forgot that and flues can change. This futa virus must be evolving to affect men and to start taking affect even when they aren't sneezing.'

Kyle started panicking, when another thought crossed his mind 'Wait a minute Jacks letting that futa fuck him, maybe it well only work one men if they're the ones being fucked. But still doesn't fix the problem, I'm going to find Jen and hope she'll use Transform or Dare, to fix the problem instead of taking revenge. Have to find her quick."

*He finds Jen, and she "Fixes" the problem


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

Jen furthers the curse

Kyle found Jen being pounded by one of her best friends after walking around the school, carefully avoiding the horse herms. "*Ungh* Kyle. I bet you're *ungh* happy!" Jen said in between moans. Finally, both horse herms came, and Jen talked to him. "What do you want?" she asked.

Kyle looked at her and said "I want you to fix this. I'm sorry Jen, I really am. I shouldn't have done this." "Bullshit!" Jen shouted. "You just don't want to be a horse herm!" "Alright, you got me." Kyle said. "Can you fix it?" "Only on my terms. I'm not ready to give up this wonderful body. You're going to get both, and you're going to give the curse back to me." Jen said. "Alright, fine. Just don't change me too much." Kyle said.

Kyle was unfortunately too trusting. Jen had lied; the curse had changed her brain to love the transformation. "Transform or dare?" Jen asked. "Both!" Kyle said.

"Let's do your dare first. You're going to use the curse on me, making it a dare, and daring me to let you suck my horse cock." Jen said. Kyle winced, but he was still desperate for immunity from the herm virus. "Now for your transformation. You're going to get the horse herm flu-" "Wait! You lied to me!" Kyle interrupted. Jen kept going. "But it's going to be different. You're going to get a sexy female body, with huge breasts that constantly lactate, wide hips, a huge ass, and you'll be in heat, just like us. This new strain of herm flu is going to affect the mind too. Everyone who gets it will become much happier with their change before eventually forgetting they were anything but a slutty horse herm. Of course, no one will need to go to the bathroom or be able to get pregnant. This is purely for pleasure. And it's going to affect men just like women, making horse herms everywhere!" Jen finished, cumming from her massive horsecock at the same time.

Kyle couldnt believe what he had just heard. He didn't have time to, either, as his body started transforming. He felt pain and pleasure as he shrunk to 5"4 and his hips and ass expanded. His chest grew as his waist thinned. A horsey asshole and massive horsecock appeared as a horsey vagina appeared underneath it. His face, now her, became soft and feminine, free from flaws. Her hair grew down to her growing breasts. Happiness took over her brain as her libido rose. She wanted to be a horny horse herm, just like Jen! Kyle was now Kylie, a horny horse herm eager to spread the virus. "Transform or dare?" she asked Jen in her soft new voice. "Dare." Jen said. "I dare you to let me suck on your beautiful cock!" Jen smiled as Kylie began licking her shaft. Everything was going according to plan. Quickly, she came down Kyle's throat, which Kylie happily drank. Jen watched as all of the men around the school transforms, filling the school with horny horse herms. She also felt the new flu symptoms appear as her breasts filled with milk. She was even happier now. She couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

*The flu mutates further


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Bigger horses
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Kylie moaned as she guzzled Jen's hot cream. She just couldn't get enough of it; it was too good! Jen could feel Kylie's muzzle lengthening out over her cock, and she tilted her head back as her pleasure was amplified. Suddenly plump lips sprouted out from the end of Kylie's maw. A long dexterous tongue slipped out and wrapped around Jen's massive member. "Aah- what's even happening down there? Woah!", her eyes rolled around the room, lost in pleasure.

Jen shrieked as she felt herself being lifted into the air. Kylie was holding Jen up by her legs, sucking her off while standing up. From her view, Jen could see that Kylie's hair was growing rapidly, fluffing up as it covered her eyes. Two equine ears sprouted out the top of her head. She was looking horsier by the second! Had something changed in the virus to make it more vigorous? Her train of thought was lost as she was bounced up by Kylie's arms, probably to readjust weight. Jen noticed that the horse woman sucking her dry was getting more muscular, making the edges of her body look rougher and more defined, but that quickly changed as dark fur sprouted out across her features, softening her look.

Before she knew it, Kylie was finished sucking, and Jen was on the ground with a thud. She winced as pain tingled through her rump. From here she could see that Kylie's feet had morphed into cloven hooves, they were large and quite shiny. Kylie licked her juicy lips clean and then smiled as she looked down at Jen. She had had her fill and her transformation was complete- for now at least. Jen was helped to her feet by the big breasted horse amazon, although she had a little trouble standing up after the recent events. Jen noticed that Kylie was more than twice her size, her face in line with Kylie's cock, which seemed to have changed too, becoming a mutated version of its former self. Clear fluid constantly dripped from the tip, and every so often the hole would clamp tightly and shoot out a fine mist of the intoxicating cream across Jen's face. The scent was so strong, so filthy, and yet it was so good. Kylie's firm rod was covered in rings of nubs, which would twitch and shake of their own accord. The massive thing was shoved inside Jen's mouth without a moments notice.

It had slipped inside of her so easily, and once there, the nubs on the tip of Kylie's mutant member became engorged with blood, stiffening them and making them swell in size. The nubs twitched around a bit, ensuring a proper seal had been formed. Then, Jen felt Kylie's hands being placed on her head. They were huge, almost too big to rest there comfortably. With them on top of her head, Jen noticed that they were perfectly symmetrical, with a thumb on either side, and she had eight fingers instead of ten. With a riotous shudder, gallons of cum began to be pumped, literally, into Jen's mouth. It was physically impossible to not swallow as the sheer pressure forced the tainted spooge deep into her body. She moved her hands up to Kylie's wide hips for stability, they were like tree trunks covered in dark fuzz.

An ear piercing whinny drove through Jen's skull as she felt the new virus taking hold over her body. She swelled in size, and the same changes that happened to Kylie came over her too. She could feel her balls swelling to the size of basketballs. Rather than being used to produce sperm, they were repurposed to create and store copious quantities of the horse flu, and to synthesize powerful aphrodisiacs as well. As Jen grew, she quickly became too big to stand and suck, so she dropped to her knees on instinctual command. Jen's mind was becoming warped, her intense desire to fuck and to be fucked was being twisted to be a method of spreading the influenza as much as possible. She found herself wanting to spray her hot seed into as many different people as she could. There was just so much inside her and she felt so full. While she had already been overtaken by lust, a deep need to spread the disease was rooted into her soul as well.

An audible pop made Jen's new, more sensitive ears twitch; her transformation was complete. She was helped to her feet, hooves now, once more by Kylie, but this time she stood as tall as her mate. The two smiled at each other, the same thoughts running through both of their heads. Both took a moment to play with and tease the other's bodies before they set out to fulfil their new desires.

*The two play with each other some more


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Horsey style
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Jen pulled Kylie close against her and began to kiss her deeply. In the tight hold, they rubbed against each other's dick and tits. Kylie broke from the lip lock and, in heat, panted heavily. Her tongue was still intertwined with Jen's, squishing around the soft muscle. Jen reached down under Kylie's cock and shoved her two middle fingers inside the mare's pussy. Kylie gasped from the sudden stimulation and began to drool as Jen squeezed her clitty with her thumbs.

Kylie, taking the hint, turned away from her lover and dropped to all fours, waggling her curvaceous underside while looking Jen's way with a lustful smile. With no hesitation, Jen thrust her hugely erect horsecock deep into Kylie's pussy. Kylie pushed her plump lips into an 'o' of surprise. Jen let her nubs tease Kylie's insides for a moment, pushing her partner around as she squeezed her soft, firm ass-cheeks. Once she was done playing with her, she pulled out and then lunged back in, repeatedly pumping in and out. Jen grunted in exertion each time she thrusted in. Both of their cocks dripped with precum, and despite orgasming within seconds, they still only shot out bursts of the clear fluid; they were saving their viscous cum for the others.

With their deafening whinnies echoing through the building, and with the hot, musky scent of their bodies invading the nostrils of those nearby, they quickly gained an audience of horny teenagers that masturbated furiously to their performance. It seemed as if they were the center of attention to the whole school; things were going just as planned. The two licked their lips in anticipation of what was to come next.

*Jen cums and mutates Kylie even more


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Bigger and Better
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As Jen pounded her lover with all she had, she felt a growing pressure inside her, a deep need that had to be fulfilled at all costs. She needed to cum, but her body wouldn't let her; her cum needed to be saved for corrupting other girls. Jen's inability to blow her load only drove her to try even harder; it was in her nature to not let anyone or anything stop her from getting what she wanted. Her whinnies were full of lust and rage. Each thrust was stronger and harder than the last. With each push Jen could feel herself inching ever closer to the edge.

Jen's whole body shook, and she felt her nubs hardening inside of Kylie. A powerful orgasm washed over her body; she had broke through. Her balls began to churn, contracting and expanding as they prepared to release her load. Kylie could feel the pressure building up inside of her and was excited that Jen was about to cum in her again. She clopped her hooves against the ground impatiently as she waited for the load of corruptive goo. After just a moment, Kylie got exactly what she was waiting for, and whinnied in delight as her womb was filled with Jen's cream. It felt so good inside of her, hot and... sweet?

Kylie gasped as something in her pussy wrapped around Jen's cock. She could feel lips blossoming from her honeypot. It seemed her moist cunt was becoming a lower mouth. Kylie used her new mouth to suck Jen off as hard as she could. Her hooves clove and the four segments that formed extended into thick fingers like those on her hands. Her legs shifted and cracked, bones popping and muscles rearranging themselves; they became a lower set of arms attached to her hips. Kylie groaned in delight as she felt herself changing. She loved being corrupted and corrupting. It felt so dirty, but the dirty-ness was what made it so good.

Her neck extended out and up, up, until it was at Jen's height, even while Kylie was on all fours. It kept going, and soon it was even higher than Jen. New ribs sprouted from her spine below her head, and bumps appeared at the sides of her newly formed torso. The bumps stretched out, filling with thick, dense cords of muscle. They bent, and continued for about the same distance before stopping again, and shifting into palms, which split into four black digits. She had a set of arms underneath her head again. Her upper body was nearly complete, but it was missing a very important feature. Two growths appeared on her chest and began to expand. They filled with fat until they sagged. It was quite clear that they were breasts, and large ones at that. Kylie moaned as the tips of them writhed into long nipples, which almost seemed like short tentacles, being about half a foot in length.

More budding breasts slowly bloomed underneath the first row. Soon the front of her body was lined with them, and her underside began to develop them as well. The rows of tit-flesh continued all the way down to her cock, which stirred into action, mutating further. Her nubs became more like nozzles, and they dripped with copious amounts of lubricating pre-cum. Kylie panted as she finished changing, She was definitely a bit larger, and stronger than Jen now.

Kylie grunted, her tentacle nipples vibrating and extending until they reached an appreciable length. They twisted backwards, coiling around Jen's body. Kylie neighed delightedly as she pleasured herself against Jen's soft fur. Kylie pulled Jen out from herself and lowered her down, underneath her body. With her tentacles she pulled Jen over her cock. Both of them whinnied in pleasure, and from her elongated nipples, Kylie spurted hot creamy milk across Jen's fur.

*Kylie corrupts Jen


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

Two horsey beast women
added by Lu!dot

Kylie pulled Jen along her length, like some kind of horse futa onahole. The horse virus was now no match for raw sexual power, although it had weakened in response to being in control of the beings it had corrupted in the first place. It would now take quite a bit more of the goo to get the same level of transformations as before, although neither Jen nor Kylie would be complaining about that-- it just meant that the two would have to have even more sex than before. Jen's hungry pussy was flooded with hot corruptive spooge, her mate was pumping her at maximum force, all of the nozzles along Kylie's cock firing in waves. The sensations were similar to a vibrator, but better, as the nozzles themselves were twitching against Jen's inner walls as well.

Kylie thrusted a bundle of tentacles into Jen's panting, whinnying maw. They took a moment to fill her mouth with milk for lubrication before they were all shoved down her throat at once. The tentacles in her tummy unloaded inside of her, flushing her system with sweet, corrupt fluids. Soon, all three of Jen's holes were gushing with cum and milk, even before this point her body had started to respond to the sudden influx of juices. Kylie moaned as she felt Jen convulse around cock and nipples. Eventually she just dropped her lover, letting her lay in the puddle of slime. There were still parts of Jen's body that hadn't been coated and soaked yet though, so Kylie took a step back and started to hose her down with her primary cock cannon. Even with Jen's body entirely full, she still tried to catch the corruptive cum that was being shot at her in her mouth. Kylie twisted her tentacles around Jen, spurting more of her cream across Jen's fur, making sure to work the juices into her cum sponge's skin.

Jen's eight fingers elongated, or rather, her hands split, all the way down to her wrists, which began to split as well. Her arms were being converted into four tentacles each. The hair on them fell out, making the changed appendages smooth yet still soft. The keratin of her former hoof nails receded down the length of each twisting shaft, shifting into rings at the middle- one for every four tentacles. Jen's tentacles then began to bulk up, and the tips of them took on a more phallic appearance, specifically, they looked like the heads of equine cocks. Jen groaned in delight as her body continued to process the milk and cum that was soaked into her fur and dripping from nearly every orifice. She could feel herself stretching taller and her muscles compacting and rebuilding over themselves.

As Jen came to match Kylie's height, she compelled the rings around her "arms" to slide all the way down to her shoulders, letting her many tentacles wave freely through the air. She whinnied in pleasure as she came from each of one, showering the lobby in her corrupt cum.

*Kylie and Jen take a bath in the town's water supply


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

There's something in the water
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Despite her already strange body, Jen craved change; as she did when the flu first mutated. Strangely enough though, all this sex was starting to take a toll on her and she felt as if she had to lie down for a bit, perhaps in some cool pristine water. She gave her partner a quick kiss before heading out in search for a large basin of water to fit her.

Kylie didn't take long to start following her mate, she knew Jen was the best fuck in town and she wasn't about to let that walk off on her. As the two walked down the street, Kylie noticed a pack of jocks that had managed to get away from the school. She whinnied in delight and hosed down the group of boys with ropes of her highly corruptive cum. Just being coated in the stuff made them quickly transform. Their cocks grew to the appropriate horse length and became flat headed. Their bodies swelled with strength and they grew taller. Burgeoning breasts grew from their chests and hungry pussies opened up under their monster dicks. Their hair grew out and down their backs, even going all across their bodies, giving them glossy horse tails and fur coats. A few of the horny horse herms stayed to fuck eachother, but the rest ran off to find more "prey".

The rest of the journey was uneventful and soon Jen and Kylie made it to the water supply. Their path had taken them into the forest to the old water supply. Their strong and bestial bodies allowed them to make the journey without difficulty. They knew where the supply was from their past lives, or Jen did at least. It was a place to go with her friends. The water came from a lake, which was pumped up into a cylindrical stone tower after going through a filtering process. The tower had a small entrance at the bottom and a larger one at the top. Knowing that she and Kylie wouldn't be able to fit into the former entrance, Jen began to climb the tower to make it to the one above.

With her tentacles it wasn't very difficult and she swiftly made her way upwards. Kylie followed behind her, climbing with all six of her arms and pressing each of her many tits against the wall while sliding her monster cock between them. As she climbed higher the pleasure grew more fierce until it burst out of her, making her shoot her seed up. The hot load of goo slammed into Jen's pussy, making her shake with pleasure which resulted in a quick shot of cum being fired from her tentacles.

Upon making it to the balcony where the large entrance was, Jen prepared herself for a moment before flinging her eight tentacles at the double locked door in front of her. Her body quivered with pleasure and exertion as she strained to pry open the gate before her. With an excited grunt and no small amount of cum, the metal doors where flung open and Jen took no time in leaping towards her reward. She plunged into the water and a cool chill washed over her, quelling her hot lust for just a moment, before it flared up again. She took down big gulps of the refreshing water. After so much fucking and cumming she had gotten quite thirsty. Her drinking was interrupted, though, when Kylie came hurtling into the pool, displacing a large amount of water with her big body. Jen snorted at her lover, who responded with a quick "giggle", although it came out as more of a soft whinny.

The sight of Kylie reminded Jen of her purpose. The thought of letting her corrupt essence diffuse into the drinking water made her horny and her many cocks began to drizzle cum into the resevoir. Jen approached her mate and wrapped her tentacles around her. Kylie responded in the same way, letting her nipples extend and wrap around Jen. The two rubbed against eachother, Kylie and Jen sandwiching their cocks against their bodies. They went on for hours, cuddling in the water and letting their highly viral fluids out as they went. Whenever they got thirsty they simply drank from the same water they were corrupting to replenish their fluids, effectively replacing the town's water with milk and cum, with the special ingredient of highly contagious horse flu.

*A mother takes a drink from her sink


Re: Transform or Dare: A Case of the Futa Flu

New beginnings
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Claire had just gotten back home from dropping her kids off at school. They were good kids, and she was a good mom-- she hoped. Their names were Bobbi and Alex. Twins.

Claire filled a glass with water from the tap. Usually she drank bottled water, god forbid that she would put something like hexaflexafluoride in her system-- that was the one, wasn't it? --but she had forgotten to pick it up the last time she went shopping. Besides, a little drink from the sink couldn't do her much harm, could it?

That being said, the water did have an odd aroma to it and almost looked a little cloudy. Just from looking at it she began to sweat, her body heating up. Looking at it made her so thirsty. After a moment of hesitation, she quickly dunked the whole glass down her throat, swallowing it in just a few gulps. She put the glass down to the counter with a *clunk* and let herself breathe for a moment.

The water had actually tasted quite good, better than how she remembered it and better than the bottled water she normally drank. Cautiously, she filled up a used plastic bottle, and then she filled up a few more, putting all but one in the fridge. She took the last one with her over to the couch and sipped on it slowly.

"Why does it taste so good?", She thought to herself.

Claire didn't notice as her ears twitched and began to shift up to the top of her head. As they moved to their new home, they gradually became floppy equine ears. Her already nicely sized breasts pushed against her bra, and there was a tingling in her groin as her clitoris jumped forwards an inch. Claire unclasped her now uncomfortable bra and layed it down. It was fine; she was at home, and it was important for her to be comfortable and relaxed here.

*Claire plays with herself and has some water afterwards to rehydrate


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Stay hydrated
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Claire felt an odd heat emanating from her pussy and so she prodded the area gingerly through her clothes, gasping just from the delicate touch. She thought to herself, "I am all alone... it wouldn't hurt to attend to my own needs with this time I have to myself"

She then took off all her clothes and lay them on the far end of the couch. Claire leaned back, sinking into the comforts of her own home and she started to trace her fingertips around the edges of her girl hole. "Mmh~ I'm so sensitive today", she thought, breathing a little heavily already. Just then, she felt an odd tingling in her clit, as if it was calling for her, seeking attention. Claire rubbed the little nub between her finger and her thumb and bit her lip as pleasure slid through her. Juices had already started dripping from her puss, so with her other hand she set to rubbing her inner walls, moaning as she caressed her slick insides. The movement brought her juices into the air and Claire could smell her scent. As soon as it reached her nose a wave of heat washed over her body, getting her as horny as can be. She wasted no time in sliding her fingers back into herself and rubbing her clit hard. It almost felt like there was more of it to please over time, as if it was growing- but it was likely just the horniness getting to her, she thought.

She came quickly, the orgasm coming over her in multiple waves that made her feel so hot, nearly burning, but without the pain, although in some ways it could be considered pain. Despite the incredibly pleasurable feelings of her orgasm, she still felt a needy tingling coming from her clit as it had come before. Claire looked at her wet hand for a moment before suckling on her digits, closing her eyes and shaking slightly at the taste. It was like the water, somewhat off tasting, but overall tasting better than it should. With that thought in mind, she looked back over to her bottle of water. It was important to keep hydrated during masturbation sessions, so she took a drink from the bottle. Gulp after gulp, she had downed the whole bottle in nearly an instant. She looked at the empty bottle, somewhat surprised at how thirsty she had been, but shrugged, deciding it was just because of how she felt today, not knowing that the water itself was what was making her feel like this.

Claire decided that if she was so thirsty, she might as well have more to drink, so she went back to the kitchen, refilled her bottle, and quaffed the whole thing once more. As she drank the second bottle, more changes had started coming in- her tiny clitty burned with need, engorging itself with blood, desperately seeking attention, it grew out, slowly but surely, filling out to 6 inches as she finished her bottle. The long appendage swelled in girth, bulking up with muscle, and a hollow vein appeared upon its underside, leading to a slit that had opened at it's tip. Her clit had taken on an almost cylindrical appearance, somewhat like a battering ram, with a ring around its median. Claire moaned softly as tufts of fur pushed themselves out at her wrists, ankles and neck. Her hair fluffed up into a gorgeous mane and a poofy tail grew from the end of her spine. At this point, she had finally noticed her changes, but due to effects of the potent aphrodisiacs of the virus, she didn't think all that much of them. It was as if she was in a dream, not bothering to ask what was going on around or to her.

*Claire finds herself still thirsty and keeps drinking until shes completely overtaken by the virus


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Full Transformation
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Claire licked her lips, throat feeling sore and parched. She decided she would keep drinking until her throat cleared up. She was about to fill up another bottle, but instead decided to just drink from the tap. She turned the faucet on high and put her head under it, not caring as the water splashed over her face. She just slurped in what she could from the delicious waterfall. As she drank, her head shifted, almost pleasurably, mouth stretching out into a long muzzle. She put the stopper in the drain and drank eagerly from the forming puddle, tongue flicking out and lapping water into her mouth, drinking constantly with hardly any time to breathe.

Claire put both her hands down onto the counter, nearly denting the hard surface as powerful muscle twisted into her arms. Soft, fluffy hair spread across her skin like wildfire, covering her entire body within seconds. Her heels stomped against the ground as they quickly shifted into sturdy hooves, legs bulking up and becoming horse-like. She pulls herself up from the sink, water still running, and takes a deep, whinnying breath, panting now as she brings air into her lungs, chest surging forwards with heavy titflesh as her body grows taller and more muscular. Before the changes have a chance to slow, she dunks her head back into the basin and continues drinking deeply. Her cock grows in quickly, mutating rapidly as it charges forwards, sandwiched between her body and the counter. Rings of nubs ripple out from her meaty length, she dribbles pre lustfully as her mutant horse cock reaches 2 feet long. Her balls are pumped full of viral semen, sloshing around as they reach basketball size. Her pinkies and ring-fingers then meld together into second thumbs, and she pulls herself out from the water for the final time, reaching a hand down to her massive balls to give them a squeeze, groaning in deep pleasure before breaking out into a delighted, feral whinny.

There's a creak at the front door. Someones coming home, it seems.

*Its Claire's elder daughter


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Daughter/Mother bonding
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"Mom, I'm home!", It was Victoria, Claire's eldest daughter. It appears that she came home to visit. Claire panted and sniffed the air, quickly noticing the scent of her kin.

"Hello? Anyone ho- AA!", before she could react, Victoria's mother had grabbed her from behind, somehow having managed to sneak around her daughter, even with her huge bulky body. She clapped a hand over her prey's mouth, kicking the door closed with her hoof.

Victoria struggled within Claire's grip, but was no match to her well muscled mom. Claire turned her daughter around to face her, and shoved Victoria's mouth onto her nipple, letting a few drops drip into her mouth before her breast began pumping milk into her daughter's throat at full force. Victoria choked and gagged for a moment, but after enough of it had made it into her system, she began swallowing it eagerly. Victoria wrapped her arms around her mother's body, mind falling into a deep haze. Her ears twitched and elongated into cute horse ears, which moved up to the top of her head.

Claire pulled her daughter off of her nip, causing Victoria to whinny softly in disappointment, but her face soon became flush with joy as her mother shoved her hefty cock deep into her pussy. All the warm milk she had drank had introduced the flu to her body, which immediately set to work, softening her up and allowing her womb to stretch around the fat horse dong that invaded her body. Claire pounded her daughter with nearly no mercy, shoving her mutated member in and out of the tight hole, thick nubs dragging against Victoria's insides and swelling with blood, hardening and locking her cock deep inside. As she fucked Victoria, she whinnied loudly, and her daughter joined in by moaning as her stomach was stretched out, a huge lump visible in her tummy. Although Claire fucked Victoria in earnest, she soon began slowing down, as her nubs got to the point where they were so hard and heavy that she was no longer able to push deeper, or pull out for that matter.

Claire panted heavily, balls churning, pumping hot viral goo down her cock. This was her first time cumming in her new body, and it made her enraptured. Her bestial groans turned to explosive whinnies as her cum reached the tip of her monster meat, blasting out the tip and filling her daughter with horse flu cum.

Victoria screamed in pleasure, body rapidly being affected by the powerful infectant. Her body swelled with muscle, and she grew to match her mother in size. Fur burst out from every point in her body, especially from her head and tailbone, giving her a long mane with a beautiful, fluffy tail. Her hips ballooned out into fat melons, and her hips grew wider by the second. Her clitty twitched, and pushed out into a heavy horse cock, her head pushing into a muzzle, scream turning into a full whinny as she transformed, cock mutating rapidly to spread the horse plague efficiently. Her balls grew in right below, fat grapefruits that nuzzled her own mother's cock, which was still lodged deep inside of her body. Victoria's feet crunched into hooves, and her hands melded into the same four fingered, symmetrical shape that Claire had developed.

Claire pulled her cock out of her daughter's hungry, wet pussy, and hugged her tightly, rubbing her hands across her soft fur and grinding against Victoria's newly grown cock. The two grunted happily, faces in pleased smiles as they rubbed their assets together, Victoria grabbing her own mother's ass and giving it a squeeze before slapping it hard, causing Claire to whinny loudly and buck her hips forwards. The two shared a deep bond, which was now deepened by the mind conquering sex they had had and the horse flu that afflicted them both.

To be continued: https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapt … 47429.html