Topic: Learning to be Natalya

Life can be strange, and my life is better than one might expect.  But it has issues.  This is the story of how I overcame the problems in my marriage.

A little background:  My name was Red, Redmond in the long form, even though my hair was blonde and there wasn’t a red thing about me, even a birthmark.  I had been happily married for three years to a lovely woman named Megan with Dark hair, a tight, well-toned and athletic body, and a pair of lovely emerald eyes that you could get lost in.  Three years of marital bliss, love, good sex and for me happiness with the woman I loved.

Then Cassie happened.  Cassie was a twisted transformation fetishist and Megan’s best friend, and had actually convinced, then transformed her tolerant, fairly submissive boyfriend into a luscious, feminine sex doll that was highly fun for anyone with a penis, and we knew  it was only a matter of time before the demented little fetishist changed herself to accommodate her newly feminized lover.  Little did we realize what she would try to do.

Cassie, last year, slipped my wife, Megan a transformative potion into her drink while they were relaxing together, waiting for newly-christened Natalya to return from her new “Job.”  Fortunately for my marriage, and Megan, Cassie screwed up, drinking the concoction she meant for Megan, and giving Megan the potion SHE had been meaning to drink.  Demons, my wife and I were lucky it turned out that way… and yet not.

Now Megan’s youth and vigor was returned, and Cassie now occupied the space between my wife’s legs, a rather impressive cock and balls that gave no sign that she used to be a fully mobile human.  This has caused problems, not the least of which being that Cassie had arranged for her soon-to-be new penis, formerly my wife to never have to worry about urine coming out of her, changing all of her waste to cum that had to be fucked, masturbated, or sucked out.  Cassie being between Megan’s legs absolutely improved the quality, and quantity of my wife’s orgasms, but it utterly mauled our sex lives.

We still love each other, we still sleep together, but Megan gained every single one of Cassie’s fetishistic fantasies, and her attraction to me died overnight.  I still loved my wife… she was still beautiful as the day we met.  But she wasn’t interested in sex with me.  Sure, we accommodated each other as best we could.  More than once I got her to close her eyes while I gently rubbed her new member until she orgasmed out all of the mass of cum in her bladder over the course of a five to ten minute orgasm, and she occasionally surprised me with the same.

But our rare play always involved her closed eyes, fantasizing about someone else.  My wife loved me with all her heart, but was no longer attracted to me.  The only time our sex lives picked up, and started to somewhat normalize was ironically because of Natalya, Cassie’s former boyfriend, and now our shared girlfriend?  Fuckbuddy?  Sex pet?  I don’t know how to describe it.

Natalya was not happy when Cassie got herself turned into Megan’s penis, any more than the still-sentient Cassie was to be hanging limp between my wife’s legs, desperately straining against the pressure until Megan found the time and privacy to masturbate, or let Natalya devour her former girlfriend’s cum like a drink from a delightfully fleshy straw.

As I sat, contemplating how I could change the relationship back to just me and Megan, Natalya had interposed her face between my thighs, her wonderfully tight mouth sliding slickly on my penis, gently milking my cock as my manhood split the vertical lips of the woman’s face that replaced mouth and nose.  Natalya had been utterly transformed into a silent fetish, a curved, well-formed and busty woman with a shock of curly, blood-red hair and glacial blue eyes.  As she slid her facial pussy away, I moaned, as my cock began to twitch, then spew my spunk into the toothless, tongueless passage that was massaging my cock so delightfully, and more than my normal amount of spunk, a byproduct of the amber fluid she’d given me in a shot glass, raced down her throat, causing her to orgasm in turn, smearing white cum all over as she kept thrusting her face on my manhood.

When I finally subsided, and her mouth was fluttering, the altered redhead, reluctantly let me slip from her tight pussyface and got up, sitting beside me, leaning her head back and letting the continuous, gentle orgasm induced by the touch of cum in her facial pussy slowly drip and raw all the fluid into her stomach.  It was how she ate, and she was incapable of processing any other food.  I let her lean on me, putting an arm over her and kissed her, rubbing my tongue into the clit that had replaced her nose, causing her mouth to spasm harder as her eyes twinkled.

“Feeling peckish, Natalya?” I asked quietly.  She hadn’t really asked, simply giving me a shot of her amber aphrodisiac and then drinking from the fleshy straw between my legs. 

She nodded and signed at me, long day at work, barely any customers.

I nodded and looked at her.  She was naked at home, and besides her pussyface, she seemed to be a normal woman, albeit with six large, well-formed teardrop breasts that couldn’t be called saggy at all.  Her pussy between her thighs and the one replacing the sphincter between the cheeks of her lovely ass all drew in cum that was her food, and as she digested, the gentle orgasms caused by her addictive, liquid meals also gave her a druglike euphoria that made her eager for the next “meal.”

Megan was Natalya’s absolute favorite as far as her new cum-exclusive eating habits were concerned.  Megan’s penis could produce a full and filling meal that would take up to four hours of delightful euphoria to digest.  And the amber fluid leaked by the walking sex machine’s breasts was a potent aphrodisiac that could make any man or woman randy and ready.  She sold the stuff to alchemists for quite a pretty penny, and lived well because of it.

I loved Natalya for the relief and release she gave me and my wife, and I hated her because, through no fault of her own, her submissive, six-breasted, redheaded, cocksucker body was utterly made for Cassie’s fetishes, and megan utterly inherited Cassie’s sexual fantasies, fetishes and preferences.  While we frequently shared Natalya together, they had a special relationship, and Megan only had eyes for Natalya’s body, and Natalya felt somehow guilty for Cassie’s attempted betrayal, but utterly adored Megan’s form and change, intended to both please and feed the redheaded sex doll.

When I drank a shot of Natalya’s breast aphrodisiac, or simply drank it fresh from the nipple, I’d stop caring about relationship dynamics in the face of driving need to fuck.  But Natalya was also attracted to Megan, who had both a penis, who was still the sentient girlfriend Natalya still loved despite her attempt to enslave my wife to their lusts.  While Natalya loved to indulge me, I was “lunch” and megan was her lover.

It was unhealthy and satisfying yet not.  I don’t know how to describe the dynamic, but when I dwelled on it, the whole situation was depressing.

The fact that Cassie wished her girlfriend could have simply given herself a dick from the alchemy shop rather than trying to be clever did help… a lot.  But no one likes to feel like a pity fuck.  Or just a quick snack source.

As it turned out, Natalya had something in mind this day, after a year of pretty much using her to get my rocks off and her using me for quick hunger relief, she brought me an envelope and handed it to me, settling next to me silently, and leaning on me.  Inside was a beautifully handwritten note.

I know you’re feeling alienated even in your own marriage, and it’s not your fault.  Unfortunately I feel the same, and as I evaluate my life, I don’t want you and Megan, I just want Cassie.  I love her, just like you love Megan.  But because of Cassie tampering, all Megan really loves about me is my body, the fetish I let my girlfriend turn me into.  Unfortunately, Cassie really had a one track mind and only wanted me as I am now.  I went along with it because I loved her.  I still do, but me helping you and Megan drives a wedge between you and her.  So I propose to give you the body your wife will adore and let me exclusively enjoy Cassie again without interfering with your love life.

The next pages were a legal agreement, and at first I was unsure what it was until I realized.  Natalya was proposing a merger, with a full, written explanation of the history and why she wanted to become… a body part, between MY legs.  It was a signed legal document, and all I had to do to get my wife back… was sign the document and agree to take on the identity of Natalya, her appearance… and Natalya would…

I could get my wife back… albeit I would have to change myself radically to keep her, to make true love to her again… I would have to sacrifice myself to be happy with my lovely, dark-haired, but male, wife.

I almost refused out of hand.  I never wanted to become a transformee.  The only thing that stopped me…

I love Megan, I still wanted her, wanted to live and love her. If I didn’t agree I would have to watch my marriage die by inches as I tried to love a woman who simply held no attraction to me.  My hands were shaking when I picked up the pen hooked to the envelope and as the ink drew across the paper, I signed my identity away.

Natalya gave me an inscrutable look and put the paperwork carefully back in the envelope, then stretched, showing off her lovely feminine body, all six of her lovely breasts, the lovely face only marred by a tight slit and nub, framed by her vivid, red curls that fell to her waist at the same level of the lowest globes of flesh that almost framed her belly button.  Maybe had I met Natalya we’d have had a relationship, as she was still lovely, luscious, but our circumstances were poison.

The red-haired woman leaned inand pressed her soft vertical lips to my cheek, het facial labia twitching slightly in the closest approximation to a kiss she was capable before standing and signing at me.  Want to do this now before one of us thinks too hard, panics and runs?

I nodded, numbly as the naked woman sauntered over, set a camera, then came back after setting up, straddling my form on my lap, though not on mu penis, doing a high kneel as she brought her lowest breasts to my lips.  This was something she did with megan, rarely with me, only when we felt like lovers as my lips clamped down on a nipple and began suckling the sweet amber aphrodisiac from the orb. 

Within minutes my erection was straining as I drained the second breast, then the midde pair, then her top two dry as she stood up and walked over to the bag with the paperwork and picked up two vials, marked “For me” and “For you.”
She leaned her head back and simply poured the mix down her always-somewhat open, toothless mouth and throat, then waved.  I was so horny I didn’t care that this might be a trap, a variation on Cassie’s trick to turn my wife into her dick.  I drank down the sticky, salty alchemist vial without hesitation, then heaven as Natalya turned her back to me and sat in my lap, hand gripping my rigid shaft and guiding it into her soft, tight pussy, I don’t know if it was the one between her thighs or her asscheeks.  Truth be told, I didn’t care as she leaned back, wrapped my hands around two of her breasts and planted one of her “Kisses” on my cheek as she rocked her hips back and forth on my cock.

I didn’t last long, full to bursting, leaking precum, I dumped into her body, setting off her seneitivity to male seed and she orgasmed in turn, and I howled in ecstasy as our hips merged, shifting together as flesh mingled with flesh, and bone sliding and reshaping as the ecstatic, orgasmic feeling of joining wracked me, and her.  I could feel my body, my hips her hips, my leg, her legs, my torso… all shuddered in ecstasy as the next orgasmic wave hit and our legs merged into each other, lower bodies in full, delightful sync as my legs were replaced with her delicate legs.  My ass twitched, then spasmed in ecstatic waves as our hips and ass fully merged, and I felt slick warmth as the orgasm behind and between my buttcheeks was awakened to pleasure.

I had barely recovered, hands gripping her breasts, our breasts frantically as her body sank into my hips my inches, the orgasmic feeling intensifying as her flesh merged, sank into and spread through mine, changing me.

Again, the orgasmic wave hit, and my waist changed, and I felt a fleshy pressure as her lowest breasts graced my torso.  At this point it was all I could do to hold Natalya tightly and kiss her, licking the slit on her face as she sank until the next wave hit and she sank out of reach, her arms fusing to her torso as I cried out, he middle breasts absorbed through my hips as I moaned helplessly. 

As the next wave of ecstasy hit, and I felt Natalya slide in further, absorbing and merging into my body, my voice cut out and died as my back arced, my hands gripping the couch with a silent cry.  I was vaguely aware of a wobbling, shifting sensation on my chest, a lump in my crotch as my thighs squeezed Natalya’s cheeks, her face as the final wave took me, and the lump that was Natalya’s face and head sank into me and smooth over as her mouth, now the pussy between my thighs spasmed and quivered, filling me with ecstasy I hadn’t ever dreamed of as my face followed my body, my teeth simply softened and were absorbed into newly sensitives gums, my mouth contracting, spasming silently as my tongue literally dissolved painlessly into sexual fluids, and the walls of my mouth contracted, my sinuses closing, sealing as my mouth and nose seemingly folded inward on themselves, pleasurably reforming into a tight, exquisite slit and my face orgasmed with my hips as I passed out from the sheer ecstasy.

I don’t know how long I was out, I woke in my own drool, face slicked by saliva  and covered in a sea of red as my eyes groggily opened.  I pushed the thick, curly res mane back, away from my face almost reflexively as I rolled up off my side, and stood, only registering the alien shifting, and the feeling of wobbling weight on my chest, of six points of fullness hanging from my torso, taught, tight and unable to relax.  I felt a draft between my thighs, and liquid dripping from between new nether lips, and a wet, squishy feeling of flaps of skin trapped in my ass.

For a moment I forgot what had happened as I looked down and my smaller hands traced a pair of familiar, soft, full globes below my chin, then another pair below that, and a third as I began to shake… 

We really did it.  My hand slid down to cup my dripping nether lips and awareness of the mind trapped between my thighs was eager, aroused, frustratedly helpless with a thrill of fear at what comes next, disbelief that she went through with it.

A full-body mirror in the bedroom revealed my form with a narcissist’s eye.  I had lost at LEAST a decade, my body and face as youthful as the day I turned twenty, and staring back at me were Natalya’s glacier-blue eyes, starting out over the facial slit that substituted for mouth, lips, teeth and tongue.  Belatedly I realized… I wasn’t breathing.  But it seemed that was unnecessary, as I didn’t feel like I was suffocating.

As I gingerly moved through the house, I found Natalya’s skin-tight leather pants, her boots and corset that prominently showed off her breasts and set them aside for later.  Would I need to do Natalya’s day job?  As each step touched the floor, my chest, my six breasts, wobbled and jiggled, and it felt… sexy.  Alien and perfectly natural.  I felt like I was supposed to, even as the sensations were unfamiliar.

As I explored my own home through new eyes, I found myself wiping slick juices from my face frequently.  My mouthslit didn’t fully close, and my jaws didn’t respond voluntarily, and I felt an empty ache in my belly.

The cupboards and refrigerator were filled with food, and not a bit of it looked appetizing.  Then my eyes fixed on the bottles of white fluid marked with Natalya’s name.  Never in my life, would I have ever believed you if you told me that I would feel a craving for Natalya’s spare supply of Freyan cockwoman semen.

Somehow… I knew the sensation of drinking the stuff cold would be filling, but… unsatisfying.  I took the bottle and went hunting through the special cabinet, finding the special cap Natalya… I, used.

The fleshy penis had once been human, according to the seller, and it would supposedly make freyan cockwoman cum taste and feel fresher.  I screwed it on and for quite a while, I just stared at the thing, disbelieving as my body betrayed me, and the slick, wet, drooling intensified between the vertical lips of my face, between my thighs, in my ass…

In the end, hunger, and curiosity beat disbelief, and I’ll admit, more than a little fear as I lifted the bottle in both hands, pressing the tip of the cockhead to my vertical lips and rubbed it along to find… I stopped.  I could feel the still-sentient person trapped in the fleshy straw, mad with need and humiliation, desperate to feel release again after having been trapped in the cabinet, exulting as my flesh touched the former man.

Again, hunger won out and I gently, carefully pressed the warm, fleshy thing into the unresisting, toothless, tongueless passage of my mouth, and the head squished a little, and the shaft sort of… popped in, and my drool-slicked mouth had the penis straw sunk halfway into my mouth, splitting my face before I fully realized that it was stretching the tight, circular flesh of my mouth exquisitely.  The first inch was heaven, the feeling of all if the five inches pressed deeply into the pussy of my mouth was heavenly as sensitive flesh slicked and slid across sensitive flesh, rubbing me inside in the best possible ways.  I tried to suck like a straw, but without a tongue that would be impossible, so I resorted to gently sliding the thing back and forth between my vertical lips for the few moments it took for the first gushing spurt of cum, warmed by the helpless bottlecap dick to flood my mouth.

I almost dropped the bottle as my mouth spasmed and twitched gently, a gentle orgasm from the touch of fluid sustenance.  I would learn that different cums give a different flavor of orgasm.  This orgasm was a gentle ride of warm pleasure as I thrust the bottle penis in and out of my split face, slowly flooding my mouth, and the head pushed it deeper into my throat and forced it to slide into my stomach.  I can’t say I swallowed, that would imply an active process.

It took me five minutes to drain the bottle, and when I finally slid the erect thing from my vertical lips I felt lovely as the cum slicked my folds, the inside of my mouth passage, and my muscles fluttered gently as the orgasms slowly drew the flood down into my throat to rest in my belly.  I felt truly full for the first time, and a moaning euphoria that I could never express in my silence bubbled up in my belly.

And somehow, I knew that the freshest semen, straight from the dick would always be the best, as my pussy between my thighs shared her understanding with me.

If the whole experience were this exquisite, my dread for megan coming home for the first time, for making love to her as a woman for the first time, my enthusiasm for the idea of letting her fuck my face and cum down my throat… all of these seemed like they would be amazing.


Re: Learning to be Natalya

This is well done, I'd love to see that meeting.  big_smile


Re: Learning to be Natalya

It took the better part of three hours for the heady euphoria of a full belly to gently fade, with small aftershock orgasms punctuating my body gently over the course of those hours.  The blending of eating, sex and drug-induced high was disturbing, and lovely.  I couldn’t tell you what the bottled, newly-warmed spunk really tasted like, as my tongue was gone with my teeth, and my ability to discern normal flavors had fled with my ability to chew, or fit anything wider than a penis into my mouth.

I spent those three hours gently rubbing the former Natalya’s much-reduced form, the soft lips and clit between my thighs as she shared the cum-induced high with me while I explores my new breasts and felt around the new tight slit in my face.  She wanted the real thing, of course.  Hilariously because of how Cassie changed Natalya, it didn’t matter which pussy someone fucked me in, mouth, between the thighs, in my ass, all of it would result in the same thing, the slaking of my deep thirst for the only substance my body could absorb anymore.

There were a few annoyances, I had to clean up a bit more frequently as each of my pussies was apparently always somewhat aroused, continually producing slick, lubricating fluid that dripped, smeared and would occasionally drip out of the lips on my face.  It was a little annoying, but then…

I was torn.  It was too late to run back now.  My choice was made and enacted.  I could not unmake that decision.

My breasts were nice, large, sensitive, and felt lovely to have my fingers slide along the soft skin of all six of the globes of flesh, and walking felt good, as the soft, heavy globes bounced and wobbled in a delightfully alien way.  Pinching my nipples was exquisite, and each of them felt full.

When I was hunting about Natalya’s (now my) things, I found the cups she placed on her breasts to collect the amber liquid that started leaking from all six of my nipples as I incautiously played with them.  I was a bit flustered and not used to dripping from all over as I placed the cups and hoses, and then let the hand pump gently draw the valuable fluid into the bottle at the end.  It was actually rather euphoric to feel the aphrodisiac flow out of me, and the act of having it flow out aroused me more than I normally was as I explored my new form.  I easily filled the bottle, and set it aside.  I hadn’t realized just how much there was.  An eye dropper with a few drops could easily bring a man or woman to the edge of sanity and arousal, and I realized just how MUCH I had drank in the past direct “from the tap”

I knew how much each of these bottles sold for.  I wasn’t going to have to worry about money any time soon.

It was going to be another several hours before Megan would be done with work.  She and Natalya both worked at the same transformation and sex club.  Now I knew why the redhead had stayed home to hang out with me.  I’d been to their place of business, but never as Natalya, obviously.  I’d be expected to dance, indulge and participate if I went.

Fuck it. 

I decided that I’d already taken the plunge to become not only a woman, but one who would have to get used to and accept the fact that she was basically a walking cum dumpster to those who didn’t know or care about her.  I would have to accept that my well-being now required the blending of eating and sex into a single unusual, if delightful, act.

Natalya’s work clothing was an eclectic mix, but she favored the tight black leather pants and corset that strapped up the sides.  A pad lined pair of panties to absorb excess moisture, and the tight leathers slid right up and over my hips.  Laces on the sides that exposed the skin of my thighs pulled the garment skin-tight, and I got my torso into the corset.  My large breasts rested on comfortable display, showing off my new cleavages well as I tightened the garment on.  As I looked in the mirror, I saw Natalya, ready to face the world. 

Natalya never hid the slit on her face, and as I strapped on her heeled boots, taking a few tentative steps, neither did I.  With my provocative outfit, six tits on very obvious and shameless display, and easily-excited vertical pussy-slit for a mouth and nose, I set a pair of sunglasses on my face, resting the nose guards on the protruding clitoral bump where my nose once sat, and headed out into the world with one of the amber-fluid bottles in my hand.

I got a few points and gasps, a few comments about how I was clearly immoral, and more than a few lewd propositions.  Before merging with my shared, redheaded sometimes-bedmate, I would probably have told them to go fuck themselves.  I didn’t feel an urge to say a word, not to defend myself, nor to rebuke them.

Come to think of it, I just didn’t feel any particular urge to say anything, to speak or form words.  It was as though such forms of communication were an irrelevance to my eyes and ears.

The tentacle’s caress was actually a mansion turned into a bar, transformation parlour and sex party location all in one.  As I walked through the door, a lovely blonde woman, Sabine, the name just came to me, put her arms around me and kissed my facial slit, and smiled.  “Welcome back love, Megan said you were running behind.  And I owe you a special kiss.”

Her tongue was weird, and as she kissed me she pressed the tip to rub my nose clit, then the rapidly thickening cock formerly hidden behind her normal lips caught me by surprise as the suddenly bulbous head and shaft split my face, stretched the tight walls of my mouth, and made me want to purr like a kitten as my wet-and-ready face-slit met her lips in probably the most lewd kiss ever as Sabine cupped my cheeks and gently slid her face back and forth as I felt her intent, her emotions, the fact that she was trying something new, just to share with Natalya… a promise of a kiss worthy of the redhead.

There was no malice, no evil intent just fun between friends used to teasing and sharing sensations together, a liberty taken that would always before have been welcome as my eyes voluntarily closed as the wet, slick, sliding flesh-on-flesh sensation overwhelmed my mouth as I realized that if a cock got too close, once it touched I had no teeth or tongue to keep it from sliding into my face up to the hilt.  Not that it mattered, as I would have moaned had I not been rendered utterly silent, because of the amazing sensation of that soft but firm, turgid flesh rippling back and forth inside my mouth that was made just for what she was doing.

A warm rush of fluid hit my throat as she pressed in deep, human lips touching my facial pussy lips as I felt her warm, delightful feeling of her spunk flooding my throat as she drew back once, letting her cock trip it’s seed through the length of my toothless, tongueless passage, then thrust forward to smear the cum all over inside my mouth, some of which dripped onto my chin as she held her new cock-tongue in my mouth as she unexpectedly fed me both the food I needed, and the delight of an explosive, knee-weakening orgasm as my mouth fluttered and spasmed, trying to crush her dicktongue with weak, massaging, orgasmic contractions that made the lovely bottled cum I’d drank earlier feel like random junk food in the face of a gourmet meal.

She held herself deep, flooding my mouth seemingly forever but only for a few seconds, as the dick softened, went limp and slid back into her mouth.  I didn’t object too much as Sabine nibbled my ear with her now-seemingly-normal mouth.  “Promised I’d give you a special kiss soon, love.  Megan’s upstairs waiting for you to get here.  Maybe we’ll see each other again in a bit.”  Sabine was most emphatically looking to share her new addition with me soon as I slipped away to the cheers of the patrons of the establishment.  I got the impression that I was wearing a very popular face around here.

Just like taking a bite of good food whets the appetite, the small amount of cum fed me, even though my mouth was still fluttering and cumming, and the brain-shattering euphoria was threatening to take my ability to function, I still somehow managed to make it to the second floor as another woman with chin-length brown hair and a pussyface like mine kissed me on the cheek in greeting, pressing her pussy to my skin and tightening it gently.  I returned the greeting as somehow I recognized Charlize.

One of the house specialty transformations was the pussyface with my digestive properties.  There were always one or two people willing to subject themselves to “The House Special” and enjoy the fruits thereof.  Hilariously as the management found out, the fetishistic transformation was actually more popular with men, who would obsess over the pussyfaces they would see more frequently here in the establishment, then take the plunge themselves.  Charlize was one such, and after the experience of being broken in by Megan’s dick, she had transformed her body to the feminine and gotten a job as one of the waitress/attendants like Natalya and Megan, and never looked back.

No one has ever heard a complaint from any of them after they gain their new pussyfaces.

The room I wandered into had a woman I couldn’t identify pole dancing as Megan watched, snuggled against a rather unexpected form.

Megan was tall, svelte and athletic, with jet black hair to her hips and vivid green eyes that glittered against her lightly-tanned skin. She was naked, snuggled up against a woman with pageboy red hair and brown eyes, and no arms.  In fact, her breasts continued with another well-formed pair of breasts, and another, and another, and another decorating the serpentine lower body of said woman like an obscene breastipede.

To my credit I only blinked once as I sauntered forward and planted a pussy-kiss on Megan’s face, then sat down on the other side of the woman, leaning into her, and giving the Breast-snake woman two lovely creatures to snuggle.  I got a smile and a good look as that new, bizarre, empathic insight revealed to me a calculating transformation fetishist with a plan and rather shamelessly lewd desires.

I could tell that being able to get a feel for what’s in someone else’s head as I reached over to the always-ready racks and picked up a nice dildo.  I gave the new woman a lewd wink then slid it into my mouth, all the way till it touched my throat, then slid it back out, slick with my juices.  I flipped on the vibrate function and looked low, to how she was seated, then pressed the tip of said vibrating dildo into the pussy nestled between a pair of breasts, gently pushing it in to the surprised and delighted shock of the pretty, helpless Breastipede. 

She arched back, and inadvertently mad it easier to seat the whole thing into her and hold it pressed in.  The completely unexpected action sent her right over the edge and kept her there.  Megan simply leaned in and I barely heard over the music, “I told you Natalya was good.  Still think I’m going to lose our little bet, love?”

The woman shook her head between gasps, and while I held the dildo in, gently rocking it in and out of her, I placed my facial pussy on her top-right nipple and gently twitched my mouth like I was sucking, sussing out the woman’s needlessly hypersensitive, hypersexual form with that odd skin-to-skin empathy.  In moments she was lost, and by the time I had gotten to suckling on the eighth breast down her body, the woman was cumming explosively around the vibrating dildo.

When I finally slid the offending toy from her, she was left shuddering, and sweaty, and megan looked at her smugly.  “So, I can use whatever I wish, and the costs are covered?”

The woman shuddered and let out a throaty moan before answering.  “Only if both of you promise to come back and give me a proper night of attention.”

“Done!”  Megan’s eyes sparkled as she looked over at me.  “Do you trust me?”

I simply shrugged and nodded.  I wasn’t expecting the response as she hopped up and grabbed my hand.  “Come on Natalya, let’s go get Red his present!”

Present?  My normally-information-sharing sentient pussy gave me no indication what Megan was talking about, nor what she was implying.

I was led right to one of the transformation show rooms and settled on my back on a table.  Megan grinned at me.  “I’ll go first, since yours is a little more complex.” 

And She simply grinned and tossed back a vial, and then changed.

Megan’s face pushed out as her ears migrated to the top of her head, and golden fur with black spots erupted her lovely breasts stayed as they were, and after a few moments of subtle changes, my girlfriend decided to embody one of my fetishes that she shared, with a sleek, short feline muzzle and fur tracing around her front, torso, breasts and belly, leaving the remarkable cock she sported rather obvious as her new tail flicked back and forth behind her.  As she finished, feline ears poking from her lush hair, green eyes above a cheetah’s muzzle with soft golden fur and spots all over her body if I still had a dick I’d be utterly erect.  I’d seen some badly-done anthropomorphic transformations, but it appeared she had chosen some of the best.

Bluntly if she’d come home looking like that I’d be hard pressed not to immediately agree to become female just to enjoy her in bed again like that.  She was pushing my buttons, and her own, one of her leftover fantasies after Cassie’s burning need for Natalya’s cum-receptacle form took over.

“Your turn, love.”  The cat woman purred at me, and leaned into me as she pulled my legs and hips to the end of the table, and undid my boots and pants, then Natalya’s exultation hit me like an orgasm as Megan slotted herself fully into me, my legs locking around her as the onlookers watched and cheered.

“I don’t care what anyone says,” Megan purred from between my delighted thighs, “This cheetah will always prosper.”  There were groans from the peanut gallery.

She didn’t fuck me, just teased as the fur of her back and hips tickled my thighs and calves and she leaned in with a vial, and carefully dripped it into my open facial slit as the lovers who were once our genitals twitched and hugged each other as tightly as they could as our shared empathic talent gave the dick and pussy’s emotions to each other, wracking me with pleasure as I felt orgasmic warmth dribble into my labial, facial lips.

After a few mind-numbing minutes of feeling my hips contract as her own pre-cum dribbled into me, I was only dimly aware of the off feeling of my arms and hands as another demon-cum vial was dripped into my face and my feline lover called for volunteers.  I was shocked when one of the thick, vibrating Dildos slid into my ass, supplied by a helpful audience member. Within seconds I had no reason to complain as the sensations ripped through me.

I felt someone grab a wrist, then another, and… another?  And another? As four long, thick, delightful feelings erupted as four random penises slid into the palms of my hands, original and new, my fingers touching balls, or a hermaphrodite’s pussy, and in one case a chin as the appendages slid in and out of my hands, my forearms as Megan dribbled the last potion into my spasming, delightfully-stimulated facial labia.

I was lost in pleasure, delirious as I was fucked in ways I could never imagine, and saw Sabine cup my face, plunging her cock-tongue into my facial pussy again as I felt my body invaded six ways while the tickling and popping feelings of change overwhelmed me.  The feeling of exquisite flesh sliding against delightfully sensitive flesh was overwhelming, and when the orgasms came, and the feeling of cum flooding my orifices began… 

Somewhere in there I passed out from the sensations, and the orgasms that erupted in turn in six parts of my body.

I awoke to the feeling of my breasts squished under me, face down on the table as someone brushed out my hair. As I twitched again, I felt a pair of delicate hands cup my still spasming cheeks and chin and felt the gloriously lovely sensation of cylindrical flesh pressing into and exquisitely stretching my newly cylindrical mouth.

I was getting used to people randomly shoving dicks in me.

My pussy between my thighs was happy, clenched tight deep within to keep the meal of euphoria-laced cum trapped inside me.  My wrists, all four of them, felt the same, recovering from being invaded as the receptacles “Swallowed” and I could feel the orgasmic sensation of their spunky prize travelling up and into my torso, leaving my body in a heroin high.

Even if I was of the mindset to tell whoever it was to get their dick out of my mouth, I doubt I would have been able to do much about it.  I had remade myself into a dick receptacle, and it was incredibly easy to get lost in the ecstasy of digesting a lovely meal.  Any objection I may have ever had to being a fucktoy died as the sheer pleasure of being full of cum caused a rumbling purr deep in my chest as I felt the hands attacked to the amazing penis trapped between my lips move, and the feeling of a brush sliding through hair on my back and arm was heavenly.

As I started purring, the sexy fetish that was megan’s new, feline face shortly accompanied the feeling of the erect meat slipping out of my mouth and moving away.  She kissed me with her new feline face as I groggily opened my eyes.

“Hey sleepy, you passed out.  You go ahead and relax while I get you cleaned up and presentable.”

It was all I could do to nod in my euphoric, pleasurable haze.  I may as well have been drunk and high, as the feeling of cum in me being absorbed gave me pleasure just by existing.  Megan, of course added to it my gripping her thick cock, and sliding it fully, without resistance into my slick pussymouth.  It felt perfect.  My mouth was stretched in a way that was just meant to be, and as I enjoyed her sleepy ministrations with the brush, I felt her engorged member slip, shift, slide out a little and slide back in to the hilt, stimulating me in a gentle, loving way.

Even the realization that my orgasming face was responding to a load of cum dumped into my throat wasn’t enough to ruin my delighted reverie.  It just kept coming, for endless minutes, and my oddly-different face just kept cumming around her dick as she finally gave up brushing me up, and gently thrusted her hips, stimulating my face each time her hips touched the clit that was my nose.

It took minutes for her need to empty her bladder, or super-prostate, or whatever the doctors wanted to call the thing that filled with warm, thick, male cum instead of urine into me.  Her waste was my delicious food, as my lover fucked me, fed me and left me in euphoria.

I was in utter heaven, and didn’t even have the mental wherewithal to tilt my head back to keep some small amount of her precious seed from dripping out over my chin.

When Megan lifted me up, I could barely stand, awash in pleasure, euphoric and utterly, happily, delightfully drugged by the massive meals I had just taken in.  “Time to go home, Natalya.” she whispered as I nodded weakly.  Oh that’s right, I thought in my druglike haze.  I look like Natalya now.

When I came back enough to reality to participate in life again, and take stock, I was snuggled on a couch with Megan at home, purring impossibly, even though I was still not breathing.  I still felt warm, bubbly, pleasurable, but aware enough to take stock.

My face was weird, pushed out, though I couldn’t identify why, and as I shifted my arms, I felt too many limbs as I felt my new hands with my old hands, tracing four sets of claws through fur as my eyes opened wide and I stood, feeling like I was comfortably walking on my toes as I moved to the mirror.

Like Megan, my body was covered in fine fur, except for my torso and abdomen from the top of my breasts to my exposed pussy, all was just soft human skin.  Around the border, snowy-white fur and black spots decorated my limbs and back, and my new three-foot long, feline tail.  I still had my six lush breasts, but now had four arms, and each palm had soft, black labia and clit leading to the pussy that now occupied each of my four hands and arms.’

My face now had a muzzle pushed out, and my ears had migrated to the top of my head, everything covered in snow-white fur with black spots save for the vivid red hair on my head which was unchanged save for the feline ears poking out.  My legs had changed, and my posture was pushed slightly forward to compensate for my newly digitigrade legs and the feline paws my footsteps consisted of.  My muzzle had my lovely slit and labia pushed forward, and every part of me slicked with arousal.  I was the red-haired snow-leopard to Megan’s cheetah.

As I posed and cupped each of my lovely breasts my feline lover slipped behind me.  She purred in my ear.  “I think between the two of us we can convince Red to join us in a change.  I’m tired of not being able to feel attracted to my husband.”

Oh, my dear you have no idea. My thoughts were a bit scattered at the twin-fetishes that presented themselves to me in the mirror.  Time for my surprise.  Bluntly if I’d known they were planning to treat me to this I’d have turned into a fetishistic hermaphrodite with medusian cock-hair and a dick or pussy-tail to accommodate them if need be.

Now that I was fully cognizant I let the euphoria guide me to debauchery as I led Megan, my lovely kitty, back to the couch, and pushed her to sit down.  Taking the camera Natalya had used earlier and setting up the video, and letting the movie show as me and the former Natalya moved and shuffled to prepare to fuck right where she was sitting.

“You two made a porno for me?” Megan purred as I nodded, then slipped between her legs, and for the first time, by my initiative, pressed my tongueless, toothless muzzle down on her penis and slowly slid my mouth up and down on her member as she watched Natalya and Red fuck on the screen until the labial lips of my muzzle touched her hips and the tip of her cock touched my the back of my throat.  We were now a perfect fit for each other.  I enjoyed the slow, non-frantic pace of gentle stimulation, not caring about the movie, as I’d lived it.

But it was about three minutes after the noisy sex began on-screen that my wife realized what was happening, and a minute later, moaned involuntarily even as her disbelieving eyes showed her a scene she wasn’t expecting.  Her dick twitched and I pressed my face down to touch my clit to her hips, and let the orgasm flood over my face, and gave into the euphoria as she slowly came down my throat.

It wasn’t until her dick stopped twitching and the cum stopped that I reluctantly slid my still-orgasming face off her and climbed up to snuggle her, wrapping my myriad limbs about her and rubbing my cheeks to hers possessively as she almost whispered “Red? It was you the whole time?”

I just leaned back, winked, nodded, purred happily, then decided to climb onto her lap, and sit on her rapidly-hardening cock, giving the two former lovers between our thighs another chance to celebrate my wife and I coming back together.


Re: Learning to be Natalya

This is a lovely story. <3 The only improvement I can think of is adding Natalya's perspective, though that's just my personal preference as an FTP submissive >.>


Re: Learning to be Natalya

easily one of the best stories I have read in awhile that mixes tf, sex and story into one little kinky package


Re: Learning to be Natalya

It took a year to be able to learn to be functional again with my new diet and anatomy.  I have no idea how Natalya managed to overcome the euphoric highs of sex and feeding, because the highs were still amazing, the orgasms as delightful as the first time I felt them, the nuance of the different types and feelings of orgasm based on who was my latest bedmate and meal never became bland or boring.  I didn’t “Get used to it” and the sensations were just as amazing a year later as it was the day Natalya volunteered to merge with my hips to become the sweet, delightful love box between my thighs.

She was still conscious, and we shared experiences on a wordless, emotional level of understanding.  She wasn’t fond of being utterly unable to choose what, or who she was doing, but we both understood one simple fact:  She volunteered to become part of me, which left me as the motivating force behind both of our lives.  Plus, she loved it just as much as I did when I used her to ride someone’s cock.  She also felt the euphoria of being fed just as strongly as I did regardless if she was the receptacle for the feeding.

Poor Megan also had her work cut out for her.  Being unable to empty her “bladder” without masturbating or letting me drain her dry meant she frequently had to deal with building strain until she could find time for release.  Not that I was complaining.  Her most strained, high-pressure moments were the best for me, and now that I was learning to function despite the high?  I could afford to deliberately torment my loving wife to get the best “flavor” from her.

I also had grown to not miss solid food.  While people pushing things into my facial pussy could be pleasurable as a game, the effects on my stomach were not.  Quite frankly I found the mere thought of me eating, and chewing and swallowing to be kinda unpleasant and gross.  Now that being said, other people eating didn’t bug me, and I didn’t mind cooking for Megan at all.  Hell one of my favorite things was to cook her breakfast while she fed me mine through the pussy under my fluffy new tail between my buttcheeks.

Having four arms helped immensely and learning to walk on digitigrade legs actually had a neat side-effect of changing my gait to a sexier strut as I learned to walk properly again.  Megan got the same thing from her transformation, something we mercilessly exploited at work.  We were both technically “Waitstaff” but that was basically a euphemism for “Bringer of beers,” “Bringer of exotic transformatives,” “Assistants,” “Floor show fodder” and the source of an occasional fling in a back room.

No one at the Tentacle’s caress had to have sex with anyone else, but it wasn’t discouraged, either.  Besides, having four arms made my life and job a hell of a lot easier.  I could carry two trays, serve drinks and dissuade unwanted touching or tugging on my tail all at once now.  Sometimes megan entertained the idea of more arms, but I’m not going to let her.  Being able to get both her hands tied up with mine so I can play with her tits and maybe engulf her sentient dick in the pussies embedded in the palms of my hands was way too much fun.  Sometimes we’d spend entire nights snuggling like that while she leaned back and licked and kissed my pussyface raw with her feline tongue until we were both too tired to continue.

Now, given my changes, and my feline appearance, with my obvious, oversexualized features, and the fact that I had seven pussies nestled in various parts of my body, I had to contend with my new nickname, one that had all replaced the names I was used to, or having been going by.

“Hey there Pussycat,” Alexia smiled as I entered the Dance area with two trays of drinks and “Specials” for the various patrons.  The blonde woman gave me a kiss on my vertical lips as I passed, grinning at the lack of outfit I was wearing, and tracing her fingernails gently across my middle, exposed breasts. 

The girls of the club all adored me, loved cuddling with me and Megan and all called me “Pussycat,” because of the plethora of vaginal openings I had all over my body.  And it stuck, with several of them plotting ways to put more pussies on me so I could REALLY live up to my new name.

Megan was on the stage, with one of the brave volunteers playing the transformation lottery, purring up a storm as the new “Contestant” spun the wheel with various props on it, including vials of D-Cum and various illustrations of body parts as well as markers for “The House Special.”  Anyone who won the house special would rapidly learn the joys of a purely salty, liquid diet for the rest of their lives.

The brunette on stage nervously took the D-cum vial and drank it as Megan handed it to her.  Sure enough, the poor girl seemed to stumble then fell, falling into a pile of clothing, from which Megan extracted a writhing, wriggling, three-foot long, serpentine penis that she carried over and added to “The Crown,” a human scalp of writhing penis-tentacles, each one of the “Winners” of a particular type of transformation.  I found it amusing to tease the poor things.

“Oh, the Crown is finally complete!”  Megan grinned.  “We finally get to crown the King or Queen of Cocks today!  Close the doors and lock them, and everyone cast your vote for the newest bearer of the Crown!”  Her voice rang out as the bouncers slammed the door, trapping everyone inside. “Remember folks! Whoever is crowned will get a free spin, to determine their bonus prize!  Also remember, the only people who can win are the people in the room right now!”

As I wandered through, people handed me folded papers with their votes, as I innocently went about my way, not really paying attention to the hubbub.  These prizes often went to favorite staff, voted on by the staff and patrons.  I really didn’t see any of the more popular patrons, the ones that tipped well, or would be red-faced and embarrassed so it was anyone’s game to determine who would end up wearing the medusa-like “Crown of cocks.”

As I made my deliveries, the tips were handed back, and I went over and dropped the votes handed to me into the bin for Megan to count.  I did stop to give a girl a full-on “Kiss” as she drank a House Special while her boyfriend watched eagerly, not realizing what would happen.  When I left, the mousy, dark-haired woman was slipping below the table, and I left with a large tip as her boyfriend’s eyes bugged out in shock from what his girl was doing to him out of sight with her brand-new vertical lips.

Once I dropped my trays I wandered up to the stage and wrapped my upper arms around megan’s shoulders and my lower pair shamelessly grabbed her ass as I pressed my feline pussy-muzzle to her mouth and enjoyed a kiss with my lovely, talented, cheetah-furred wife.  Well more of a delightful licking as she gave me some wanted attention. 

“Hungry love?”  her green eyes glittered as I nodded.  “Good, because boy am I ready for you.” She purred.  “Once I get the last of the votes and crown our winner, we can go on break, and top you off.”  She licked my facial labia from base to clit for emphasis. 

I couldn’t wait.

What I was not welcoming of or wanting to put up with was Dacha and his copycat wannabe girlfriend Mara taking liberties and pulling me to their collective lap.  Dacha was a self-proclaimed “Ladies’ man” and Mara was basically a halfass transformation fetishist who had no guts to endure the uncertainty of alchemy, instead having bleached her skin bone-white and tattooing spots on her skin like mine.  They loved doing stupid shit like manhandling me.  It was harder to spot with me because I couldn’t make any noise whatsoever except purring with pleasure.  Dacha was an asshole who’d had his dick modified so it had feline hooks because he was a sadistic asshole, and he’d gotten me once with that stupid prick of his.  The experience of having that damned thing scrape out of my mouth had ruined the fun utterly, and I was in no mood for a repeat performance.

As the pair wrangled me and restrained my arms (which they knew had claws), but before they could actually do anything to me, Magnus, the head Bouncer, came to my rescue, peeling me away from the pair of sadists with nary a word.  The two didn’t so much as resist him.  They knew the giant slab of a man would kill them both if I so much as hinted that they’d hurt me.

I almost did.

“Want me to crush them?”  The thick, bald man asked gently as he helped me pad away.  I looked back at them and shook my head.  I signed my sentence to him, and he grinned evilly.  “I think that can be arranged.  I will discuss their sins over drinks.”

The two of us wandered over to the bar, and I opened my hip pouch, making sure the two vials I brought out for the two molesters whose antics had “Unintentionally” hurt more than one of my friends here at the Tentacle’s Caress.  One for Dacha, one for Mara.  As I poured the two vials into the drinks and mixed them, I very pointedly walked back with Magnus and let him talk as he lounged back in his chair.

I handed the drinks to Dacha and Mara and then very pointedly tapped Magnus’ inner thigh and tapped my face in my “I’m hungry, may I?” gesture.  Magnus nodded and began talking to the pair.  I didn’t really pay attention to the discussion as I slipped the big man’s dick from his pants and slid my facial slit along it’s length till it was good and hard, then gently slid my stretching mouth over it, sending a very pointed message to the two molesters drinking tainted drinks that a bouncer could have my willing and undivided attention while snubbing the two of them.

The orgasms Magnus’ cum gave were like Magnus himself, at first it felt hard and unyielding, then the gentle pleasure of the real personality came along and just lingered delightfully.  I deeply enjoyed giving Magnus a quickie, even when people could watch.  It sent the message that my bouncers were some of my favorite people and I was more than thrilled to keep them happy.  The fact that Magnus “tasted” delightful, and I trusted him with my life was a bonus.

As the soft spasming in my face and euphoria kicked in, magnus tapped me on the head gently as I zipped him back up.  “Megan called your name, Pussycat.  Apparently you have more than a few votes.  Don’t forget your toys.”

If I could, I would have grinned evilly as I reached over and collected up the fleshy ball Dacha had become, and the twelve-inch “doll” Mara had become.  They were both squirming helplessly as I dropped the pair of them into my pouch.  Neither could make a sound.

I kissed Magnus on the cheek and strutted towards the stage, happy, digesting and feeling rather happily high again as I took my place with the four people voted for so far.  Bradley was another bouncer, a new guy who was nervously looking around worried he might win.  Katherine and Sara were both waitstaff that people liked, and Nadia was the mousy girl who had partaken of the house special, then of her boyfriend.  I knew that happy, dazed and high look all too well.  I was feeling it myself.

“Anderson, you are the last one with any votes.  Please come up to the stage” Megan announced.  “So our contestants are Bradley, Katherine, Sara, Nadia, Anderson and my very own Pussycat.”  She announced us and all I could do was roll my eyes at my silly nickname.

Megan padded out around us on her own Digitigrade paws.  “Only six names, but alas, only one can be crowned, and one will walk away with nothing… except a free beer.  And that name will be…”  She pointed at the board as our good friend Sabine wrote the result…  “Anderson, with only three votes.  Anderson I’m afraid you get nothing but a free kiss and a beer at the bar.” 

Megan padded to the bouncer and gave him an enthusiastic kiss, purring and then letting the young man step off the stage and back to his girlfriend, who was whispering in his ear.  She put on a show for the crowd, grinning that sexy, feline smile of hers.  I could eat it, and her all up.  “And now in fifth place, and earning a spin of the wheel…  SARA!”

Sara smiled, and posed for the crowd.  She was seemingly slightly transformed, with ghost-white hair and four breasts, all shown off in a suit of skimpy lingerie, gifts of previous near-wins, as well as having been Katherine’s boyfriend less than three weeks ago.  She gamely stepped up to the wheel, and rather than taking the free drink, gamely spun the wheel.  When it slowed and landed, Megan announced “Duality Elixir!” 

The names were evocative, but never really told what an alchemical formula would do until it was downed.  And, in the spirit of every single time she had been on stage, Sara tipped the vial back, and braced herself, then groaned as she seemingly split, falling to the floor in two halves and then growing until twin, snow-haired, four-breasted women slowly got up together.  Their movements were identical, and as the clearly confused women looked at each other, the twins both spoke.  I can… We?  Can see through both eyes” The twin-woman’s voices both spoke together as the nature of her transformation became apparent.  Katherine, the other contestant, now had twin girlfriends who shared every sensation, and their one mind.

As the newly-minted twins recovered, the next name went up.  “Katherine!  You only got six votes, love.  So your choice, beer or a spin?”

“My girl spun the wheel, I’ll spin!”  The honey-blonde woman was unchanged, and lovely.  Katherine was one of the few who had stuck with her newly-female lover and taught her all the ropes, so no one was shocked when my dear Megan yelled “ANNOUNCER CHEAT OF THE DAY!”

Megan snapped a hand out and grabbed the wheel, then pulled the result over, and gleefully announced.  “Doubles!”

Katherine blinked as the my beloved, mischievous and sneaky wife took up a limp thing that looked like a demented dildo setup that was clearly set up to attach to a woman via the up-thrusting dildo, and it was clearly made from flesh.  I snuck up and grabbed Katherine’s wrists and pulled them to the side, and purred as the woman’s “Eep!” rang out as my extra pair of hands slipped down to slide her panties down just so as my feline wife applied the D-Cum adhesive to the attachment and pressed it into Kathy’s pussy. 

“With two proper girlfriends you’re going to need a way to please them both, so we shall provide.”  Megan purred as the flesh thing merged with Kathrerine’s hips, and then seemed to come to full life as I reached down and slid my palms onto her new, twin cocks from behind, pushing my furry, middle fingers into the matching twin vaginas beneath each one as she shrieked and came into my hands, both penises dumping a lovely load into my wrists as the new sensations overtook her.

Now I was feeling more and more delighted, and yes I recognize the more cum was in me, the less inhibited I became as I feasted on my special nourishment, and only fed into more gluttonously sexual behavior to get more and more creamy spunk shot into me.  It was a delightfully euphoric and satiating death spiral of sexual bliss.

As I used my claws to destroy katherine’s panties entirely, my coworker and her newly twinned girlfriend were staring at the twin penises sticking out of her crotch side-by-side, with a pair of matching vaginas below to match.

Megan wasted no time, reporting to the clapping crowd.  “And our third-place winner is…BRADLEY!  Ladies and gentlemen, for our third-place winner we have a spin of the wheel… and a special surprise!

I was getting worried, that left me and the mousy, pussyfaced girl on stage as Bradley looked decidedly relieved that he wasn’t going to be sporting snake-dick-hair.  He spun, knowing full well even if he got transformed, the pay raise that came with being of good humor and playing along was always fairly generous.

“Annnnnd, Bradley gets his very own Build-a’maphrodite!”  Megan’s announcement was met with a “Wait, what?” as all of the waitstaff, including me tackled Bradley and strapped him into the chair ‘o doom.

“Now now, Bradley, no resisting…  Sabine, spin the Wheel of femininity!”  As the other wheel was spun, Megan’s “Wheel of femininity, turn turn turn, tell us the features that Bradley will earn!”  The crowd cheered as Bradley’s wheel fell upon “exotic Supermodel.”

As I watched, amused, I reached into a pair of jars on the bard holding the pussyballs and Dickdolls, former patrons of the bar whom had broken the rules, hurt the girls and pissed off the bouncers badly enough that it wasn’t even worth calling for the police.  The squirming ball with a soft vulva spasmed and squirmed in my lower-left hand while the blonde, fleshy doll with a slit face squirmed and tried to escape my grip.  She could actually see what was happening.

Bradley, for his part was sighing and watching as Megan selected a vial from the appropriate rack very carefully (read: completely randomly) and brought it to his lips and pinched his nose.  “Bottoms up love” were her words as the potion dripped into the man’s mouth, and immediately absorbed into his rapidly warping and shifting body.  Hard, thick, masculine muscles’ and thick bones became thinner, sleeker and more feminine as glittering blue scales erupted on her back, and patches on her arms.  His chest swelled and blossomed as two lovely breasts made themselves apparent, and then a third erupted between them as waves of brown hair cascaded down to the small of her back.

Quite frankly with the brown hair, lovely face would be a good competitor for belial Idol as the glittering scales finally subsided.  Her legs split into four thick, serpentine tails as thick as a woman’s thighs and twice as long as her legs had been.
I did my part and slid down to where poor Bradley’s cock and balls had been replaced with smooth skin in need of something.  I gently dipped the pussyball that had once been a belligerent patron into the D-cum adhesive on hand and gently set it between the front two snake tails in front, purring as Bradley moaned deeply while the ball sank into her flesh, fully merging as though she had been born female.

The cock doll came next, squirming and struggling and protesting as I dipped her ass in the substance and carefully pressed her to Bradley’s crotch so the little doll’s pussy merged with the bouncer’s clit, and her ass fused with her hips.  As I rubbed the small legs and feet against Bradley’s new labia against the doll’s will, and she squirmed, flesh and bone merging to labial folds intil all she could do was rub the sensitive pussy lips her legs had become to stimulate herself and her new partner, the pussy ball.

Once I got her in place, I wrapped my hand around her as she tried to push herself off of bradley’s hips, pinning the doll’s arms to her side, then slowly, gently slid my facial pussy over the doll’s head, then shoulders, then torso, and pressed my lips all the way down as she twitched and struggled to her hips, where her flesh merged with Bradley’s, and enjoyed the sensations of the new cock’s weakening struggles stimulating my soft, sensitive mouthpassage as the doll swelled perfectly to stretch and fill my pussymouth.  I began gently face-fucking the newly-transformed hermaphrodite model, and felt tentacle-like serpent tails wrap my body and pull me tight as clawed hands ran through my hair.

While I slid my hands up and down I pressed a finger to rub the clit at the root of the cock and gently slid my fingers into the new pussy and heard a scream as fresh, deliciously orgasmic cum flooded my mouth as Bradley’s pussy spasmed and caressed my fingers helplessly.  More fuel for my belly, more cum to feed by drug-induced high as I finally let my mouth slide off Bradley’s new, normal, thick and delicious penis with a small patch of glittering blue scales decorating it’s length with a delightful lavender-colored cockhead, no sign of the doll’s earlier presence as I stood away from the newly-transformed bouncer.

Everyone cheered as bradley stood shakily, tentatively moving, finding her four limbs moving with a bizarre walking/slithering gait.  She did not look displeased. 
“Ready for the bonus, love?”  Megan purred for the new hermaphrodite.  From an artistic viewpoint, Brenda was a lovely creature worthy of a belial Idol Prize for beauty.

“If it feels this good, sign me up,” the new woman said breathlessly. 

“Well then, you know the drill.  Select an envelope, and inside will be one of three prizes.  Most of the prizes are the free special.  The Second prize is a customization of your new luscious form with The Alchemy Artistic Masters, Alisaundra, nuvari Kaas or Maylindra, or the new up and coming twin Alchemists Zasha and Mikaela, your choice.  The last prize is a bundle of cash and a free trip to the transformee resort town of Sethal, where you will be treated to the most pleasurable spas, massages and sensual delights until you go insane.  Only one try.  Pick the envelope, drink the vial, and then read the card.”

Bradley, or Brenda most likely, slitherwalked to the envelopes, dozens of them and selected one, downing the vial and opening the envelope reading with a rueful look, “House spethu…” as her tongue pleasurably dissolved and dribbled out of her mouth, teeth absorbing into her new facial slit as the Tentacle’s Caress’ newest cocksucker was made to the cheers of the crowd.  I carefully clapped with my four arms and gave the new creature a labial kiss on hers then pointed at magnus to her, sliding my fingers down the thin slit on her face.

Poor Bradley, as I touched her, she was confused, aroused and norrifically embarrassed, and hungry.  But she looked at me quizzically and simply nodded.  “Trust” was the word I signed to her, and the lovely thing nodded, then slitherwalked her glittery-scaled self over to the one guy I would recommend to any new woman as their first time.  Magnus would treat her like she was the center of the universe.

The new “winner” used the gesture of the house, tapping Magnus’ inner thigh, then her own cheek.  I purred with a happy rumble as Magnus looked surprised, then nodded and offered his bouncer an arm and walked her someplace private to give her the first meal of the rest of her life.

Megan looked at me and the last girl, both of us silent for obvious reasons.  The mousy young woman was absolutely stunned that she’d gotten enough votes to maybe win.  It was hardly surprising, sometimes the most unassuming and quiet people who were pleasant to deal with were the ones to win biggest at the Tentacle’s Caress.

“Now before I announce our final winner, I must ask both of you to step up and Spin the wheel.”  Megan gave me a reassuring kiss on the cheek.  “The winner will get reimbursed for the house special, since the two of you both are already obviously overqualified, and delicious looking little cocksuckers.”  The mousy girl blushed furiously.  “The winner will also get a customized tweak for herself and one person of her choice with an Alchemy Artistic Master, and the vacation in Freya’s Realm.  The second-place winner will also receive a customized artistic session… and a lifetime membership at the Tentacle’s Caress.”

I gave the mousy girl a hug with all four of my arms and gently pushed her to the wheel, and She hesitated only a second before whipping the wheel as hard as she could.  The anticipation seemed to drag on forever as the wheel slowed and landed on the House grand prize.  “Nadia wins the Tentacle’s Caress!” Megan shouted and the entire house cheered as the newly-pussyfaced girl’s eyes almost popped out of her head.

The Tentacle’s Caress was a thin sliver of prize that only existed between two “Ticks” on the wheel.  It came with a full-body transformation, and a lifetime VIP status at the club, which allowed free access to drinks, waitstaff and companion priority, and many, many other benefits.  It also came with the favorite transformation shared only by the owner of the club.  The House Special was but a taste of the transformation I had endured, and she was about to.

I took my turn, and spun the wheel, watching the prize fall.  If I could still breathe I would have sighed.  Megan purred. “Pussycat gains the House choice.  We will present the options silently, and you get to vote.  We’ll surprise her when she comes to.”

When I settled into the chair and closed my eyes for the blindfold…  I felt all of my arms and my legs locked in place.  For the House choice, right before the Queen would be announced, anything goes.  I could even be given the Tentacle’s Caress.  No one had ever been given that one though.

I could hear Megan announce the revelation of the winner, and a cheer roared up, then she announced she would hold up the options and the loudest cheers would win.  Predictably, it was the last one that got the overwhelming roar.

As I Waited, blindly and silently, I heard my opponent moaning as I felt things pressing to my body.  Excited, humiliated things were touched and merged deliciously to my dripping palm-pussies, my ass… then My Furless breasts felt something shiver and merge with each of the lovely globes of flesh on my chest.  All six of them were positively gushing, dripping the amber juices I secreted as whatever they added to my breasts overwhelmed my senses as the final piece touched the lips of my facial pussy, merging like all of the others, flesh joining and spreading throughout my soft pussyface as the overwhelming emotions of too many creatures drowned out my thoughts and my whole body spasmed as I purred, absolutely dripping fluid from every orifice, and all six of my breasts as what I assumed were pussyballs were merged to my flesh.

Somewhere in the writhing, sexy, humiliated confusion, I felt… no, heard a pair of clippers buzzing away at both my and Nadia’s heads.  Those fuckers were taking away my HAIR!

As I felt the wet application of… something on my head, and felt my ears pulled through, I was numb, and then bizarre sensation returned as I and the other contestant opened our eyes and stared at each other.

Poor Nadia was still silent, but her face was more lovely, and her hair had been replaced with what looked like the crown of cocks, as the tentacles of her hair writhed.  Her arms had doubled in length, becoming long, flexible octopus tentacles with a normal-sized, phallic tip, about three inches from the base of the cockhead was a pussy between the suckers.  Her breasts had become six, matching mine in the color blue, with soft red lips that licked themselves and sighed.  Her hips splayed into a wide, fleshy skirt that almost reached the floor as eight massive tentacles that matched her arms stretched out three times the length of her legs, ending in cockheads with the fleshy pussies buried deep.

Nadia was lost as she stood, , balancing on her eight, thick appendages, and her six breasts let out of “Ohmygod, this feels so weird!”  Six different, lusty, lovely female voices sang a chorus to replace the voice she had lost when she turned her pretty mouth into a pussy for her boyfriend.  “Why does my mouth taste like…”  Her mouths had tongues and labial lips behind the lips, and the question was answered as the girl fell back into the chair, breasts quivering as they spoke to orgasm, her mouth twitching and dripping as her tentacles cummed a familiar amber liquid all over the floor in large amounts.

As I watched, and was released, stanging up I felt an unfamiliar, heavy weight, multiple somethings brushing along my back and ass as several of the tentacles on Nadia’s head ipened up, revealing soft, pincer-like mouths with a clit at the end of each beak and a soft vulva between, meaning…

“Pussycat is now the queen of cocks!”  Megan announced as my former hair came to life, writhing bizarrely as the inch-thick, three foot long penises that had each once been a person began to move and writhe, exploring my form, wrapping down my arms, coming over my shoulders, under my arms and exploring my body in an entirely new, erotic way, causing my entire body to shudder as I felt penises plunge into two of my hands, driving deeply, even as three of them pressed themselves into breast flesh and caused my eyes to pop out, then another one looped over and plunged into my mouth as my serpentine hair that couldn’t quite reach between my thighs and buttcheeks began exultantly molesting me, emotions ranging from humiliation to excitement and exultant “Finally! Raced through me as my hair began to molest and fuck my upper body, all of my holes being rapidly filled while dozens of long, thick ropy tentacles of flesh rubbed across my body sensually in a bizarre, overwhelming feeling as Megan kissed me on the cheek.  One of the cock-snakes sprouting from my head tried to nuzzle her and plunge into her mouth.

As I tried to extract my invasive anatomy, I felt the first… one cock came into a breast, then another into a hand, then my mouth as the cascade of orgasms began, my self-molesting anatomy inducing orgasm after orgasm, each taking it’s turn as I helplessly let my own hair plunge into myself.  Megan saved me as I mentally demanded that the hair behave, and despite not truly having control, as Megan brushed my cock-medusa hair back over my shoulders, I felt the things letting themselves slip from my bodie’s orifices and wrap themselves along my torso and shoulders, letting me think for a moment as My cheetah-lover purred and kissed me.  “Congratulations, love.”

Far from being sated by the spunk my own cock-snake hair could give, I was ravenous as megan led me, the grand prize winner, Nadia and her boyfriend to a private room where something akin to a wild orgy exploded as Nadia plunged her cum-hungry mouth onto her boyfriend’s dick and I did the same to Megan.  As we did so, nadia’s long tentacles explored my body instinctively, as her lower tentacles, plunged into my thighs, ass and breasts while my hair invaded my hands and the slits in Nadia’s own tentacles in the most bizarre orgy I have ever participated in.  I could feel amber liquid draining onto the tentacles plunging into my breasts lewdly, and my own spurting into her tentacles as one of nadia’s arm-tips violated her boyfriend’s ass, and the other circled around to his mouth.

As the sensations overcame me, my own hair plunged into the pussies on my palms, and I frantically bobbed my head in Megan’s dick until neither of us thought it was coming fast enough, and my wife stood, gripped my face and made my eyes cross and the toes of my foot-paws curl as she held my cheeks and rapidly thumped her hips into my muzzle, stimulating my entire, fleshy cunt, causing me to drool and slick her dick as my wife shuddered and began to cum, frantically pumping gob of seed after gob into my face and throat as I orgasmed around her dick, almost unable to stay awake as she kept fucking me for a long-seeming forever, when I finally felt the hunger fade, the last spurt from her cock get smeared over the inside of my mouth as she thrust in, and the euphoric high set in as my loving wife finally let her softening prick slide from my cum-slicked, spasming mouth-hole.  By Breasts, thighs and ass were all spasming delightfully, drawing the spunky aphrodisiac loads from Nadia into me, while her limbs in turn took the ones from my cock-hair.

Nadia and I semi-stumbled and shakily snuggled with our lovers as the euphoric bliss took us.  When I recovered my brain enough to look, Nadia, the adorable thing, and her blue-tentacled skin had been riding her boyfriend’s penis with her hips her fleshy tentacled skirt concealing what they were doing as she rocked her “Hips” on him.

I stood and looked at the plethora of mirrors to confirm, My hair had been replaced with white, serpentine cocks with lovely pink cockheads.  And spots.  My leopard spots had appeared over all of the lengths, making them appear more natural against my body.  As I looked critically the writhing mass shifted and draped over my shoulders, looking as exotically erotic as could be as my hairstyle shuffled with my mood.  I didn’t have control, but it appeared that my cock hair could be generally obedient to my will.

I had no idea how many people were fuesd to me as I noted the slick, dripping labia and pussy slits decorating my soft, firm, large breasts.  All six of them were delightfully violable.  My ass and facial labia and passages both had the feeling of an overwhelmed, sentient mind as my breasts did, and each new inch-thick strand of “Hair”.

As I went back, megan was passed out face-down on the couch.  I decided to give her just a taste.  I carefully prepared the pussyball that had once been Dacha and pressed it to my wife’s butthole, and watched the soft flesh merge and seal to her.  I tickled it gently with my fingertip as the new pussy-ass quivered in protest.  Perfect.

I sat up and pulled the spotted mara of the bubblegum pink hair, and dipped her into the small amount of adhesive and as she squirmed, I pressed her clit to mine, and pressed her body to fuse with the edge of my pussy that was once Natalya.  Natalya was exultant and approving as she realized who I was attaching, a feeling of vindication sliding through my pussy as I rubbed Mara’s legs into Natalya’s labial lips, causing the slit-faced cock-doll to panic at the loss of control and squirm as I crawled over my wife. Firmly holding my new Mara-dick in my lower-left hand as she silently protested and I purred ingo my Wife’s ears and nuzzled her as she came to feel me rubbing my body to hers.

“What do you want PussycAAAAAA!!!!” she shrieked in surprise as I grabbed her hips with two hands, and slid Mara facefirst, up to her hips where her flesh met mine into My lovely cheetah-wife’s ass.  As I felt her whole body tense, then relax as she realized what I was doing, I rolled us onto our sides and purred into her, spooning deeply so Mara could squirm and wriggle, then slowly become turgid and unable to move independently, perfectly sized for the pussy-ass that had once been her shithead boyfriend.

As the wriggling subsided, for the first time in two years, while my hands explored her body, I slowly slid my new penis into her pussy, an alien feeling as my wandering hands caressed her, cupped a breast, and a lower arm reached down her front and Slowly gripped her lovely dick and impaled her turgid length in the palm of my hand.  While nadia fucked her boyfriend, I fucked my wife.  It was utterly bizarre, and the serpentine hair on my head gently explored her form, rubbing across fur and skin.  As she moaned, one plunged into Nadia’s mouth and tried to stay, prompting amused leniency while the others rubbed her body or invaded parts of mine.

I had to wonder who the pussyballs that had been merged had once been, but… they were now part of me, so it really didn’t matter, and I deeply enjoyed the humiliated arousal of Mara as she was thrust deep into an ass which was now her cruel boyfriend’s mouth.  Dacha was lost, horrified and quivering for more.  He would break first as I felt my hips tense, and felt my pussy and dick clench as one as Mara, helpless to do anything inside Dacha’s tight maw, rubbed her legs, Nadyya’s lips together, rubbing the clit and causing a delicious double-orgasm as I flooded my Wife’s pussy with cum for once.

As I slipped out of Megan and nuzzled her I noted that the cum dripping from her pussy-ass had an amber tinge to it.

“Did you use a pussyball in my ass while I was asleep?”  Megan’s voice was hardly outrage, coming down from her own double-orgasm, and dumping a load into the hand that had been fucking her.

I nuzzled her and nodded, then stood, showing off my pink-tipped, spotted penis.

She recognized the pattern.  “is that Mara?”  When I nodded with a wicked glint in my eye she flicked her newly changed ass with a finger.  “And I suppose that makes this Dacha.  An asshole turned into an asshole, and fucked with his dick of a girlfriend.”

I nodded sagely as my wife licked my facial slit.  “Well, I think it’s about time we get home, don’t you think?  We have an appointment with an alchemist, and you, my love, have a vacation to plan.”

Why yes, yes I did.