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Its the first part of a story I wrote a while ago.
Unlike my other stories, it is not set in Belial, instead its is set in the near-future, where medical progress allows for more extreme surgical modifications.

Experimental Procedure

The Surgery

“Sweetheart, are you sure, you want to do this?”

Miriam noticed the tone in her husband's voice. He was genuinely worried about her. About her well being. Such a sweety, always trying to be the protector. It was the reason she loved him. It was also the reason why she could be absolutely honest with him.

“Yes. I know the risks but I still want to go through with it.”

The procedure she had volunteered for was going to be one like no other, even though she did not know all the details yet. About two months ago she had seen an advertisement on her news feed by a large medical cooperation called CMTG, looking for someone to undergo what they described as an intensive, experimental body modification procedure. Apparently it was for research purposes and as a proof of concept. She had applied the same day and after a medical exam, they had chosen her as the perfect candidate. Maybe she had been the only candidate but it did not matter.

Miriam could not deny that she had always felt a fascination for the wild side of body modifications. It was not extreme piercings or expansive tattoos she meant by that but what could only be done via surgery. When she had been a child, she had seen videos of people with split tongues, fake horns or even a rare few that had gone so far as make themselves look like human animals. In the decades since medical technology had made massive leaps. Ultra-precise surgical robots, tissue-regenerating gels, gene-therapies to avoid rejection of transplants and many other achievements made it easier to alter the human body than ever before. Of course the most common use was still the treatment of disfigurements or ordinary cosmetic procedures. Extreme body modifications were still just a niche within a niche. However there were a lot more possibilities nowadays. Miriam had seen people with ears or tails transplanted from animals, a man with four functional arms and she had read a lot about all kind of bizarre things people had done to their genitals. The most extreme case she had ever heard of was that of a woman who had had her head transplanted onto the body of a male dog. Apparently it had been a desperate measure after a tragic accident, when there had been no human donor available in time. However, she apparently now enjoyed being mostly dog and would not want her old body back, even if she could.

Despite this interest, Miriam had never considered actually undergoing any modifications herself. She did not even sport a tattoo or piercings. Instead she had been living a pretty ordinary, almost boring life so far. She was not even entirely sure why she had answered the ad but something about it had triggered some deep desire within her, which she had not been able to shake off. Maybe it was an odd form of midlife crisis? She was in her early forties after all and had two adult children already. Nonetheless she had made her decision and would not go back.

“You do not even know what exactly they are going to do to you. What if you hate it?” John objected. He did not sound like he was trying to convince her to cancel the whole thing and she knew that he would not do so. Instead he wanted to make sure that she would not regret her choice.

He was right, though. All that Miriam knew from the interview was that the company wanted to push how much the human body could be altered with the technologies available. They did not give her a list of the exact operations they had planned, only that she would undergo a full sex change, with functional reproductive organs and her form would look neither human nor animal, instead aiming for something bizarre and surreal to grab public attention. They could turn her into a formless blob or hulking monster for all she knew. The only thing that was for sure was that she would end up with a penis. Despite her better judgment, the lack of information excited her and made her even more willing to go through with it. She told her husband the same.

He smiled in return. “Alright, sweetheart. That was all I wanted to hear. If you are sure then I will support you, no matter what.” The hug he gave her was a big relief. Despite her determination, she was still anxious. Of course she was, it was only natural. After all there were so many uncertainties and risks, not just about what her body would look like. What if this was too much for John to deal with after all? What if she ended up ostracised by the public? What if there was an accident or malpractice, turning her into a cripple? What if she ended up hating her new body?

“What about Samantha and Bill? You think they will be able to live with their mother becoming a freak?” she asked, actually worried this time. She had almost forgotten about her children in the matter, too much focused on her husband's reaction.

“I wouldn't worry about that,” he answered, his attitude completely changed now. “Samantha is living at the university and Bill will graduate in a few weeks and probably leave for college himself. They are old enough to deal with the situation and if they don't like it, it should not influence your decision.”

“You're, right,” Miriam replied, smiling for the first time. It felt like a weight had been taken from her shoulders. She stepped forward and embraced her dear husband. “Thanks for your support. You have no idea how much it means to me.”

“Don't worry,” he replied and kissed her gently.


The same evening Miriam checked in with CMTG and confirmed the date for the surgery. To John's surprise it was the next day already.

“Why so soon? Can't it be a later date?” He asked.

She almost seemed embarrassed when she replied: “True, but I thought waiting longer will only make me think it over again and again, to the point were I might start doubting my decision. Better to go through with it while my determination lasts.”

It was a good enough reason for John. Even, though he himself was still worried what the outcome of the procedure might be, he was determined to support his wife. If she wanted to be turned into some non-human freak, then so be it. The fact that the surgery included a sex-change, bothered him the least. It was no secret that he was bisexual. His wife had known since their first date. Although he liked her body as it was, he was sure that he would get used to her having a penis.

Nonetheless he took a good look at her. Despite being in her early forties and having two adult children, she looked at least a decade younger. Both of them had always been quite conscious of their health and so a good diet and regular exercise has left them in a rather good shape. His wife was a tall, slender woman with long brown hair and a face that showed only the slightest hint of wrinkles. In her youth she had been the most beautiful girl around and, to him, she still was. John's eyes wandered from her wide hips to her generous d-cups, that were still quite firm. He could get used to a penis but he was surely going to miss those. A promise was a promise, however.

“Bill is staying with a friend tonight,” John said, as he slung an arm around his wife's hip and pushed her gently towards him. “So how about we explore your old body a last time and give it a nice good bye.”

Miriam chuckled at the clunky attempt at flirting but then kissed her husband passionately. What followed was her last experience of sex as a woman.


It was five in the morning when they arrived at the hospital, a private facility owned by CMTG . Miriam's anxiety was palpable. Despite sticking to her decision, she could not deny that she was nervous. Not only about what the surgery would actually entail, but also the risks that came with every procedure of such scale. “No backsies now,” she told herself.

John was supportive the whole time. It was kind of amusing, how it was almost as if he the one trying to talk her into getting the surgery. Inside they were greeted by the CMTG specialists and supporting surgeons. Without losing much time, Miriam was lead to an antechamber to undress and lie down onto a stretcher. John stayed with her until it was time for her to be wheeled into the surgery room.

“I love you,” was all he said and all he really needed to say.

“I love you, too,” she responded as she disappeared into the other room.


When John left the antechamber, a doctor was already waiting there for him. He reassured him that Miriam would be safe and that the surgeons involved where the best in their respective fields. He also informed him that the surgery would take 12 hours and Miriam was meant to rest for at least 24 hours more. Nobody was to visit her until then.

He then gave John a list of all the individual procedures conducted on his wife's body. It left him speechless. The whole thing was far more extreme than anything he had imagined. Despite the doctor trying to help him better understand the medical jargon, he struggled to picture the final result, only that it could indeed no longer be described as human. A part of him was worried whether he should have talked his wife out of it after all. It was too late now, however, and all that was left to do for him was to be there for her. Who knew, maybe he would even like her new looks, even prefer it over her old self. Weirder things had happened.

On the way back home he calmed down and began organising everything for Miriam's eventual return. He informed their children but left out the details of the procedure, only that their mother would be alright but probably look very different. In fact he arranged for his son to stay with a friend for the rest of the week, so that Miriam could have a bit more time for herself when she came home.

At the 12 hour mark, the hospital gave him a call. The surgery had apparently been an absolute success. No complications and his wife was healing quickly. He only had to wait for another day until he could see what they had done to her.


“Your wife is ready,” the doctor said, waiting outside the recovery room that Miriam was in. “She has taken well to the healing-gel. Tissue has already mostly reknit. A week and she will be in top condition. However, it will take a while longer for the scars to fade fully.”

John barely listened, too excited to see his wife. It was a mix of wanting to see that she was alright and sheer curiosity what her modified body looked like. He nodded and thanked the man, when he was finally allowed in the room.

The moment he entered, his eyes went wide. There on the bed lay what he intellectually knew was his wife. Yet it was the most bizarre thing he had ever seen. The only part of her body he recognized at once where her feet. They were the same dainty, feminine feet he had known for so long. The familiarity just highlighted how different everything else had gotten. His wife's feet were still attached to two human legs. But they were no longer the long, slender ones he knew, instead the limbs were short and stout, little more than half the length they used to be. He could see the thin scars where the surgeons had taken out portions of her legs to shorten them to their current size. A deliberately placed blanket covered her crotch, although John had an idea what lay underneath.

Miriam's hips were still the same, too, although it was hard to tell, due to the changes to the rest of her torso. Her belly was round and distended, as if she was pregnant, while there was barely a chest above that, little more than a round bump, having no resemblance to a human ribcage. That was because her entire ribcage had been removed and replaced with a smaller structure to support what little was left of her upper body and allow her to breath. It was one of the few information that John actually remembered from the document. Many of her inner organs had been reduced in size or removed altogether, like one of her kidneys, so that her heart and lungs could be pushed down into what used to her her midsection. Nonetheless this compression of her organs had left her with such a swollen appearance.  John noticed, that, although Miriam's breasts were gone, she ironically still had her nipples, set roughly were they would have been on a normal chest. They seemed a little out of place, being still the thick nipples of a woman that had given birth twice. Even more so, because they were currently fully erect, either due to his wife's own excitement or the breeze in the room.

Shoulders and arms had been removed with her ribcage. Their lack emphasized the rounded off appearance of her compact body and made her neck look even longer, sticking out from her body like a fruit's stem. What shocked John the most were the changes done to his wife's head and face. There was nothing left to recognize.  All her hair had been removed, permanently, he knew. As a result John could easily see the extensive work the surgeons had done on his wife's skull to make it even more spherical. Not only had they chiselled away and smoothed out her brows and cheekbones, but also done some subtle modifications to the top and back of her head. They had even removed her ears, leaving not even holes. Instead she now possessed permanently implanted
amplifiers under the skin that would allow her hearing to function almost unimpeded.

While at least her eyes were technically unchanged, they seemed to stand out in an almost alien fashion, due to the drastic changes done to her skull. Below her eyes was the most bizarre alteration, in his opinion. His wife's nose had been removed altogether and covered over with skin, while her mouth was no longer a mouth. A brown, wrinkled sphincter replaced her once full, expressive lips. It was one of the most daring modifications. The surgeons had removed her entire lower jaw and parts of her upper jaw, before some complicated alterations to some of her facial muscles and mouth cavity to support the transplant. His wife's new mouth had once been the anus of a male organ donor, as far as he knew. He could actually see faint scars around the orifice where it had been attached to her face. As far as he was aware, she would have only limited control over the sphincter muscles, essentially no more than over her own anus. She still had a tongue inside her modified mouth, though, which had been surgically compressed into a thin tube more similar to an actual rectum. Eating should be no difficulty so long it was mushy or bite-sized.   

“O-at do o-ou think?” John heard his wife say. She had certainly noticed his stare but her own eyes only betrayed an amused twinkle.

John was taken a little aback that words escaped that tight sphincter, although he had read that her ability to speak had been considered important to preserve. Due to the modifications to his wife's mouth and the loss of her nose, they had created a new opening just below her neck to breath from. Apparently it was very similar to procedures done on specific types of cancer patients decades ago. However the surgeons had used muscles from Miriam's original mouth and a small plate made from cartilage to create a biological valve, so she could close the orifice at will. It allowed her to breath in easily through this new opening and then breath out through her new mouth, speaking only with her tongue and voicebox. As a result her voice had a bit of an hollow note and was heavily slurred. On top of that it came with the sputtering sound of a fart.

“It looks a lot more extreme than I expected,” John said honestly. There was no point lying. “But I still love you. I guess I can get used to your new look.”

Even his last sentence was not a lie. With the initial shock wearing off, John realized that his wife's new body was not as repulsive as it might initially seem. It was surely very bizarre and kind of alien but not unpleasant to the eye, as far as he was concerned. Even the facial anus was not that big of an issue for him. Considering his sexual preferences, he even felt a little turned on by it, despite himself.

“O-ou o-ant to see it?” She fart-talked slowly. John knew what she meant and nodded.

Awkwardly using one of her legs to kick away the blanket, she revealed the secret that John already knew lay underneath. Between her legs was no longer the pink of her vagina but a rather sizeable penis. Even flaccid, it was at least seven inches long, with an appropriate girth and suitable balls in a very heavily wrinkled scrotum beneath. He knew that the organ had come from the same donor that his wife's facial anus originated from. He could see the faint scars of transplantation on her shaven crotch. John had known that he would technically be married to a husband after the surgery, but the reality of it, still send a shiver of emotions through his body. There was the understandable disbelief and some disappointment at the loss of his wife's femininity, but also an odd pang of excitement that left him feeling very positive.

“Didn't think you'd end up better equipped than me”, he said with a chuckle. It was actually true, although not by much. However his smile served to encourage his wife. Then he changed to more practical matters.

“Doctor says you are ready to go. You feel up to it?”

She nodded and shuffled her way off the bed. The movements were awkward. Not because of any lingering pain but she was clearly unused to her changed anatomy. Shorter legs, different centre of gravity, it would probably take some time for her to adjust. Nonetheless she managed to make her way to the edge of the bed and let herself carefully drop onto the floor. She landed on her feet, swayed a little but caught her balance. All the while John stood ready to catch and help her. However his worries turned out to be unfounded.

Despite the awkwardness and deliberate slowness of her movements Miriam was already able to get about by herself without the need of assistance. John was astonished how quickly they were able to make her body heal, while he helped her into a hospital gown, custom made for her new body shape.

“That's enuff, do not boffer about that,” she said when John looked around for her underwear. Of course her former pants would not have fit her new equipment at all, he realized, but her tone made it sound as if there was another reason why she preferred to go commando. There was that amused twinkle in her eyes again and John was sure she would have grinned if she was still able to.


Miriam's heart was racing as they left the room she had woken up in. She could hardly wait to see people's faces when they saw her. She had been turned into a freak and she loved it. Or was it “he” now? At least anatomically that was the case. Well, she would sort that out later. At the moment she was still utterly overwhelmed by it all.

She had woken up only a few hours after the surgery, almost a day before. The nurses had prepared a full-length mirror so she could get a proper look at her new self. It had been quite the shock. Unlike her husband, she had not been given any details on the extend of the body modifications. At first she had been overwhelmed by a sense of horror and disgust. Especially at the loss of her arms and the sight of the anus that now served as her mouth. It had been a natural reaction and it had faded quickly, replaced by curiosity.

She had volunteered to this after all, knowing full well that the result would be more extreme than anything ever seen before. In fact she had wanted it, embraced that long suppressed desire to be a freak. And a freak she was now. By god, she looked more like an alien than a human. So there was no reason for her to complain. Maybe she had gotten a little more than she had wanted but that had been the risk.

The drawbacks of her new form, she could deal with later. Her lack of arms was probably the biggest one but she had trust in John supporting her. She could still eat, drink and talk, even if it sounded more like she was farting words. While she had recovered from the surgery, the nurses had fed her a bland gruel and helped her to adjust to moving with her shortened legs.

By the time her husband had arrived, she had fully accepted her new form, liked it even, especially due to its bizarre and kind of repulsive nature. Now she walked through the corridors of the hospital, barefoot and only with that flimsy gown covering her body. Letting her new genitals hang freely underneath felt strange, like some foreign object stuck to her crotch, but also weirdly exciting. She could hardly wait using it.

It was not a long way to the exist but they still passed a good number of people, nurses, doctors, patients and visitors. Every single one of them stared at her as if they were seeing an extraterrestrial. She could not blame them. After all the whole point of the surgery had been to show the extend the human body could be altered into a new shape. She enjoyed the stares, the shock and confusion in their eyes. Even the disgust that showed on a few people's faces, she embraced. There was an overwhelming urge to just rip off her gown to show them the full extend of her inhuman form. Only the lack of arms prevented her from doing so. Miriam was surprised how much of an exhibitionist she turned out to be. The whole experience made her body tingle. It made her crotch tingle. Unused to the sensation, she noticed only belatedly that a tent had formed at the front of her gown. What was left of her face flushed with a pang of embarrassment but only for a moment. Overcoming the old reflex, she instead chose to own it. If she could not undress, then at least she could give the people something else to stare at.

John noticed her erection, too. He did not seem embarrassed but rather torn between surprise and worry. Miriam could not smile but threw him an amused wink instead, to let him know that she was alright. It helped to lift his spirit and he smiled in return. It did not matter to him that others were seeing her in her new state. The world would know about her in a few hours, anyway, as CMTG was going to present Miriam and the surgery done on her tonight in a worldwide life-stream. Fortunately his wife did not actually have to be present for that, as they were going to use only pictures and footage taken during and just after the surgery. They had promised to protect her identity as much as possible, but John was well aware that it would make little difference, considering how much his wife stood out now.

Outside the hospital, he helped his wife into the car, the seat a little too high to reach. She was sure she could climb up eventually but her legs were still a little stiff from the surgery. He strapped her in and off they went.

“You seem to be getting off on the attention, me thinks”, her husband mentioned with a grin, once they were on their way.

“I hobe I did not embarrass o-ou,” she said and added: “This feels amazing. Mever thought I o-as such a slut.”

“I see that,” her husband replied and chuckled, while nodding towards her crotch. She hadn't even noticed but her penis was still erect. She joined in the laughter, or at least tried, what came out of her mouth sounded more like repeated farts.


“Bill is staying with that Marty fellow for the rest of the week. That gives us four days to get to know one another,” John told her, as they arrived in their drive way.

Miriam was glad for this. She felt a strong urge to be intimate with her husband, her penis still hard and the tingling had evolved into something she clearly identified as arousal. She badly needed to be touched. That's why she darted straight inside once John had opened the door for her.

“Take this off of me,” she demanded with a surprising amount of force in her voice. But she needed to be naked.

John complied and pulled the gown off her body, noticing a wet stain where her cock had left an impressive amount of pre. He did not mind, instead there was a mischievous grin on his face. His wife was already having trouble to control her new manhood.

Free of the gown Miriam jumped onto the sofa. It seemed so much larger, like everything else did now, but she did not care. She leaned back into the soft upholstery and spread her short legs putting her erect penis on full display. It was the most erotic pose she could think of right now.

“So o-at do o-e do about this?” she said while gently swaying her cock.

Her husband got the very unsubtle hint. With a smile he pulled his shirt off and undid his trousers. Seeing his well-toned naked body drove Miriam's arousal to new heights. Never before had she felt so desperate to be touched. Luckily she did not have to wait for long. John went over to the sofa where he sat down right next to his wife. A fart-like yelp escaped her lips when he suddenly grabbed her shortened body with both hands, just to then lift her up and onto his lap. After a bit of shuffling he was comfortable, his wife pressed against his crotch, her short legs hanging over his thighs, giving him access to her throbbing manhood.

“This is so weird”, he mumbled, as he wrapped one hand around his wife's shaft.

“O-ou are not the one with a butt for a face,” she joked back, but her attention was entirely focused on her husband's beautiful hand gently stroking the penis. Her penis. She could still barely believe it but it felt so great, the sensation alien and yet familiar in ways that she would not have been able to describe in words. Slowly she found herself getting lost in the sensation. She did not even notice the hardness of her husband's own penis pressing into her lower back.

The pressure grew in her lower body, a deliciously odd feeling, getting closer and closer to her first male orgasm. Her husband's fingers were dancing across the sensitive skin of her shaft faster, his grip tighter. She did not notice how her breathing was quickening with the rhythm of his movements, weak farting noises escaping her mouth instead of moans. She was getting so close. Almost there.

Suddenly John's hand withdrew. Miriam was about to protest, arousal driving her desperate, but before she could do so, his hand shot underneath her balls and she felt his slimy, pre-covered finger penetrating her anus. Her confusion was immediately pushed aside by the pleasure. She never had had anal sex before. She had no idea it could feel that great. Each little twist of his fingers made her body jerk with pleasure. Her husband's wondrous fingers were gone far too quickly but Miriam understood now what he was going for. So she was not surprised, when he suddenly grabbed her by her hips again and lifted her up, an easy task, considering how much smaller her modified body was. He lowered her back down and Miriam finally felt her husband's cock slowly enter her lubricated sphincter.

She moaned loudly, his shaft stretching her far more than his fingers could have. John only grunted in response. Keeping a tight grip on his wife, he began thrusting his hips. He fucked her in earnest now. There was an energy behind it that neither of them had experienced in years. It was as if Miriam's transformation had just spiced up their sex life in away they could not have predicted.

Miriam couldn't care less. She was lost in an avalanche of new and overwhelming sensations. Her cock bobbing up and down, tingling with pleasure, her balls slapping against John's own testicles and thighs, not to mention her anus being stretched far beyond anything she had experienced before, while her husband's own manhood tickled a beautiful new organ deep inside her. She had no idea how long she could last, yet she did not want it to end.

“I love o-ou”, escaped her wrinkled lips, little more than a hoarse whisper. Meanwhile she turned her head around to look at her husband's face.

He did not say anything, instead he returned her lust filled stare with a smile and leaned forwards. His lips touched her facial anus. A true kiss was no longer possible, instead her husband's tongue shot out and penetrated her tight sphincter. A small echo of the pleasure spreading from her rear end blossomed in her face. That was the last drop. Her body shuddered, as her first male orgasm overtook her. Ropes of white cum erupted from the tip of her cock, the transplanted testicles already producing a healthy amount of semen. Miriam screamed in pleasure, a weird combination of a feminine voice and a loud fart. The surgery had been a blessing, her new cock a beautiful gift. While she had started to enjoy her freakish looks in the hospital, this was the moment she fully and whole heartily embraced what she had become, sex-change and everything.

She was so caught up in the tidal wave of new sensations, that she completely missed John's heavy grunt and his own hot semen flooding her rectum. Eventually the pleasure subsided, Miriam's penis stopped ejaculating and started to drop. Her orgasm could have lasted for a few seconds or hours, she did not know. Exhausted and happy she slumped back into her husband's chest, causing John's softening manhood to slip out from her stretched sphincter at last.

He looked as tired as she felt but also content. Miriam had no illusions how lucky she was to have a husband like him. She had been made into some monster and yet he hadn't hesitated to make love to her and she could tell that he had enjoyed it, too. For some long, calm moment they just lay there, breathing heavily and looking into each other's eyes. John could not take his eyes off from the weird but also enticing sight of a large anus pulsing in what used to be his wife's face.

“I love you, too,” was all he could think of to say.

- to be continued -


Re: Experimental Procedure

Nice big_smile
I wonder how much farther you could take this, especially without magic available to make transformations so easy. But yeah, really nice.

Also, cool for the husband to be so open to his wife's TF, especially in a world that's not in Belial.


Re: Experimental Procedure

Always great to see something from the OG himself, especially with such a great transformation! I always love seeing ones like this, where the main character's new form ends up being a massive perversion compared to their original human body~ Very interested in seeing how this continues!


Re: Experimental Procedure

A new Life

The rest of the week was essentially a relaxing holiday for John and Miriam, allowing her to recover from the surgery and adjust better to her new anatomy. There were so many new discoveries to make.

It was her first morning back at home, after a night of passionate love making. When Miriam woke up, she was alone in bed. It was not much of a surprise. John often got up first and was probably already preparing breakfast. With a little struggle she managed to get into a sitting position and kick away her blanket. What she found underneath was a throbbing erection staring back at her. Her first morning wood. So that's what it felt like.

On the way to the bathroom, her penis became slowly flaccid again. She was sure, though, that it would be hard again soon enough, if last night was any indication. However a different urge demanded her attention right now. Her bladder was ready to burst. She was just about to sit onto the toilet when an idea struck her. Balancing awkwardly on one foot, she used the other to flip up the seat, so she could then step forward and carefully position her member over the bowl. Finally she was able to empty her bladder. Watching the urine flow from the tip of her penis into the toilet beneath, she felt an almost childish glee. After all it was her first time peeing like a man. In the hospital she had had a catheter to deal with this, while last night she had just sat down and done her business like before the surgery. Once done she put down the seat and lid again, before flushing, by pressing the switch with a foot. She chuckled to herself, as she left the bathroom without washing her hands.


The following days continued with similar experiences. Every day situations turned into exciting new discoveries. The first time doing a number two, she ended up having to ask John for help. Until that moment she had not considered that she no longer had a way to wipe herself. The same was true when she took her first shower. This dependency on her husband left her rather embarrassed at first but the attention she got from John made up for it and made her enjoy the situation after a while.

It took her a little longer to adjust to her new diet. Most of it was liquid now, smoothies, protein shakes and broths. There was only very little solid food she could still swallow and all of it had to be bite sized. At one point she had been tempted to try eat a banana but quickly realized that without being able to open her mouth, she would just have squashed the soft fruit against her facial sphincter, rather than actually getting it inside. Nonetheless she enjoyed her new body too much to let this drawback ruin her mood.

All the while Miriam continued to stay nude, embracing her newly discovered nature as an exhibitionist. John did not seem to mind, in fact it had been decades since he had had such a sexual appetite. The same was true for Miriam. She could not recall since when they had had so much sex.

But this time of leisure could not last forever. After this week of recovery, followed a whirlwind of activity, in order to bring Miriam's life in alignment with her new body. Lots of things had to be changed, adjustments be made and people confronted. Some of it was enjoyable and some less so.

The hardest thing for Miriam was to confront her children. Bill was the first, returning home at the end of the week. His mother had deliberately chosen to stay nude when he first saw her. While she could get into a pair of boxer shorts or wriggle into a t-shirt, it was still quite a hassle for her. Staying nude was a lot easier, not to mention that it felt somehow more natural to her. In fact there was an odd resistance at the thought of putting on something. Thus she made the choice to just have her son witness her new form in its full glory. Bill was old enough to deal with seeing a penis.

To his mother's surprise, he reacted to her new form better than she had expected. Of course there was a moment of stunned surprise and maybe even a little disbelief, but after that his attitude changed to the same detached disinterest, he usually displayed to the world. While he admitted that it was weird to see his mother with a penis and an anus for a mouth, he apparently did not really care so long she was happy with it. Within less than an hour he acted as if nothing had changed. Later that day he did not even bat an eye at seeing Miriam eat dinner by pushing a bottle into her facial sphincter.

Samantha's reaction, on the other hand, was a lot more energetic. Before the surgery, Miriam's daughter had disapproved of the idea of her mother undergoing any body modifications, citing the medical risks and potential negative social impact. Once she actually saw her mother, however, her attitude made a full turn.  After the initial moment of shock, that most people experienced seeing her, Samantha developed an eager interest in her mother's new form. The rest of the day she kept hovering around her, taking in every detail, asking all kind of questions about her new body, while showing no discomfort at her mother being nude. What was it like to have no arms? What did a penis feel like? How could she eat with an anus for a mouth? And so on and so on. Miriam started to wondered if maybe there was something else hidden in her daughter's surprising curiosity.

Now fully supported by her family, Miriam could focus on all the other adjustments that needed to be made.


“Alright, I got everything,” John said, holding a large and heavy looking cardboard box. “You're sure you want to get rid of it?”

“Yes, darling, I got no need for it any more,” his wife replied.

He left the bedroom, leaving Miriam standing in front of an almost empty wardrobe. There were still the few items that John kept in there but all of her own clothes were gone. A month after the surgery, she had made the decision to never wear clothes again. What had started as an exhibitionist thrill had turned into a lifestyle. She still struggled to explain it. Not only were most clothes ill suited for her anatomy but it just felt wrong. The feeling of nudity being right and natural had grown so strong, that she no longer could bear to put anything on. Thus there was no longer a need to keep her old clothes, even the ones that would still have fit in some capacity. John was just putting the last box in the car to bring it to a charity, together with all her shoes. Maybe she would at some point get some suitable sandals or boots for rough terrain but for now she was determined to stay barefoot, even outside the house. Worst case her feet had to just toughen up and get a bit more callused.

Next she had to get rid of her make up and beauty products...or maybe later. Looking at herself, Miriam noticed the dark hairs that had grown back on her crotch. She was overdue for a shave. Thus she got out her razor and shaving cream, while she tried to figure out how to use it. The most obvious idea was to push the handle into her facial sphincter and then used her head to shave herself. Still musing about the practicality of her plan, she took another look at herself in the full length mirror.

Her skull was still perfectly smooth and would certainly stay so for the rest of her life, but on the rest of her body hair had grown back with a vengeance. It did not just cover her crotch but crawled up to her navel, while her legs sported hair up to her thighs. It was a lot more than she was used to and, even though the hair was still growing, it seemed a lot thicker and denser than ever before. In fact the pattern seemed pretty masculine, like on John's body. It took a moment for her to understand that it was because of her testicles. They did not just produce semen but also provided her body with higher levels of testosterone. Testosterone that was slowly changing her body even after the surgery, making her more masculine. In this moment, something clicked in her mind. Of course she knew that her body was essentially male now, her large equipment was proof enough. But mentally she had continued to be a woman. Only now, seeing her body in the mirror, she
realized that she had no reason why. She was physically a male. She liked being male. She only had to embrace it, make it part of her identity and complete the transition. In that moment “she” became a “he”.

Despite the humble surroundings, this life-changing realization left Miriam feeling a little dizzy. He threw the razor away and made the decision never to shave again, either. His body hair had become a symbol of his new self and so he would wear it with pride. He doubted John would have a problem with it. A mischievous idea formed in Miriam's head, as he thought about how to tell his husband. As usual, he was right. When he later told his husband about his decision to adopt a male identity and to let his hair grow, John just smiled, nodded and then gave Miriam a passionate kiss. His lips left his lover's facial anus and then put a another kiss on his neck, then one on his chest and further down. At last he put a kiss on Miriam's pulsing glans before giving him his first blowjob.

Over the course of the next week he helped Miriam with the paperwork necessary to change his gender on all his documents, especially his passport. After not too long, it was all done and Miriam was for all intends and purposes a man. He had even considered changing his name, in fact it was not yet off the table, but he could not decide on a new one. So for now he just continued to go with his old one.


Re: Experimental Procedure

Interesting. Like others have pointed out, the absence of magic or similar elements makes the transformation even more permanent.


Re: Experimental Procedure

It was two months since the surgery, Miriam had not left the house yet once. There were multiple reasons for that, medical, social and even legal. Although he felt an urge to expose himself ever since his short walk through the hospital, he chose to better recover his full strength and properly adjust to his new anatomy, before going outside once more. Nonetheless this self-chosen confinement had begun to chafe on him. By now he felt ready to leave the house again, but there was one thing missing that would allow him to do so on his own terms.

Luckily it was this day that it arrived by mail. It was inside a regular envelope, coming from CMTG , the document he had been waiting for. Despite local laws on public nudity being rather lax, there was still a chance he could get into trouble. Sure he could put something on, yet he could not bring himself to do so. He would go out nude or not at all.

That was why he had written to CMTG and asked them for help. Fortunately they were more than willing to support him and now their help had arrived. Inside the envelope was a medical attestation stating that due to psychological and physical reasons, he was incapable of wearing clothes. They even added a clever sounding excuse in case he accidentally popped a boner.

Miriam could barely contain his excitement. Fate was definitely on his side, for the weather was brilliant, a perfect summer day. The sun was high in the sky and there was not a single cloud to be seen. The idea of tanning his body in the city park was irresistible, lying in the grass with his freakish body on display for everybody to see. Losing no time, he got ready to leave. All he really needed was his fanny pack anyway. It was a custom made version, that John had ordered for him. The belt was an extra stretchy band, that he could easily wriggle into, while the zipper was large enough that he could open it with his toes. Sure that he got the letter from CMTG, his wallet, keys and phone, Miriam opened the front door and went outside.

He took a moment just to enjoy the experience of being outside the house. He was absolutely nude, not even sporting any footwear. Every inch of his freakish body was there for the world to see. He could feel the mild breeze on his cock and hairy ball, the cold granite floor beneath his feet. It felt so liberating. It was a shame that John wasn't there with him but his husband was at work and Miriam was entirely unwilling to wait any longer to indulge his exhibitionism.

The closest park was only ten minutes away. While their immediate neighbours were nowhere to be seen, Miriam did not have to wait for long until he came across somebody else. The elderly man looked at him in utter disbelief, jaw agape, clearly struggling to comprehend what he was seeing. If it was not for the anus replacing his mouth, Miriam would have been unable to suppress a wide grin. There were more people about, especially in the park and all reacted very similarly to the old man. It was as if they were seeing an extraterrestrial. Miriam could not blame them, after all his body was meant to be as bizarre as medically possible. Once the initial shock wore off, people's reactions varied widely - disbelief, curiosity, disgust and more. It was exactly the kind of attention, that Miriam desired. He knew he had become a depraved pervert but he could not stop giving into these urges.

He noticed two teenage girls giggling behind his back and a mother in the distance covering her kid's eyes, an expression of disapproval on her face. At one point he was even confronted by a policeman, ready to reprimand him for his lack of clothes. A look at CMTG's attestation made him back off, though, and he left Miriam with little more than a weak plea not to be too offensive at least. Unfortunately for him that was not going to happen. The utter glee and excitement of being on display, was having an effect on Miriam. Slowly but surely his penis was rising. By the time he found himself a nice spot on the grass to sunbath, he was sporting a throbbing erection with a string of pre-cum hanging from it. He made not attempts to hide it, instead he got comfortably down on his back, his cock pointing proudly towards the sky like a flagpole. The only reason he was not jacking off then and there was his lamentable lack of hands. Yet even that disability managed to get a delicious thrill out of him, an extreme form of bondage, that fuelled his arousal even more.

Miriam got slowly lost in erotic daydreams when he realized that he had forgotten something very important. The long weeks inside the house had left his skin pale and defenceless against today's bright sunshine, yet he had no sun cream with him. If he stayed in the open for much longer, he would go home with a nasty sunburn. Fortunately a solution presented itself in front of him, a young woman in a bikini who was just in the process of applying sun cream to her legs.

“Excuse me,”  he shouted towards the fellow sunbather. “May I ask o-ou for a favour?”

The girl turned around and her eyes widened the same way Miriam had seen on so many other people today. At first her expression shifted into one of disgust, her eyes resting on his still erect manhood, but then her face relaxed, as she apparently recognized Miriam.

“You are that woman from the news,” she said, her voice betraying an almost childish curiosity. “Or should I say former woman?”

Her eyes turned back towards his cock. Miriam couldn't suppress a giggle, although he still hadn't grown used to the fart sound that escaped instead.

“O-es, the name is Miriam,” he answered. “And o-es, I rather be identified as a man. I hope I don't trouble you but may I ask for a favour? I forgot my own sun cream. May I borrow o-ours?”

Fortunately the girl was happy to share and when Miriam pointed out that he lacks the hands to rub the cream onto his body, she agreed to do it for him.

“I am sorry about that,” he mumbled, when her hands smeared the cream across his lower belly, getting close to his throbbing erection. He actually blushed, for the situation had gotten a lot more intimate than what he had expected when he had gone to the park. “I cannot control it. Its some after effect of the surgery.”

Accepting the explanation, Judy, as the girl introduced herself, continued to apply more sun cream, not the least bit intimidated by the little freak's cock. When she was done with Miriam's body, she gave the throbbing shaft a playful poke and left giggling. Two more or less relaxing hours later, Miriam was on his way back home, his cock still erect and covered in its own glistening layer of pre-cum.

Luckily John was home by now. Miriam relied on it, for he had grown desperate by now. The stomped into the house and demanded sex there and then. Despite the sudden request and the surprising vehemence behind it, his husband had no intention to refuse.


Re: Experimental Procedure

Man, imagine a scenario where the Earth we know gradually becomes a place like Belial; so much more tolerant of insane TFs like this.
Looking forward to whatever comes next!


Re: Experimental Procedure

The second Surgery

Time passed and Miriam's life continued to settle into a new normal. His and John's marriage was still a lot more intimate and sexual than before the surgery, while Bill and Samantha had gotten over the novelty and treated their mother as they used to, despite his new gender. However he sometimes caught his daughter gazing at him oddly whenever she felt unobserved.

The neighbourhood had also gotten used to the bizarre creature next door. Some chose to just ignore him, while others had decided to just treat him like a normal person, despite exhibitionist habits. In the meantime the media had found out about where Miriam's family lived, taken some footage, done a few interviews and left when the public had lost interest in him. While most people would have detested the short lived media attention, Miriam had thoroughly enjoyed it, happy to show his freakish body to the rest of the world.

Since then things had been rather calm, until about year and a half after the surgery, when an odd letter arrived at the family's home.

“Honey, look at that,” John shouted from the front door, where he had just picked up the mail. “Its  from CMTG.”

“Oh, what is it about?” his husband, replied, as he waddled down the stairs. His body had changed a little more over the course of the last year, thanks to the testosterone levels that came with his balls. His legs, crotch and belly were covered in thick, dark hairs, no less than John sported. There was even a ring of pubic hair surrounding his facial anus, which John had come to lovingly refer to as his husband's “beard”. Oddly enough, the former woman's chest and what used to be the armpits, were entirely free of hairs, probably an after effect of the modifications done to his torso.

“Its been a while since they contacted us,” John remarked. True enough, it had been a few months since they had last heard from the company, when they had been given the results of the final medical test, giving Miriam a full bill of health.

Curious now, John began to read the letter, kneeling down so that his husband could take a look at it, too. As it turned out the letter was a request for another experimental surgery. It kind of made sense, that their first volunteer might be willing to volunteer again. However, what came as a surprise, was that the company wanted the entire family to join in, including Bill and Samantha if possible. They did not go into any details what kind of medical procedure they wanted to perform or why they needed all four of them for it, but the letter emphasized the reward they offered. The sum that Miriam had gotten had been sizeable but nothing record breaking, this was an entirely different story, though. This time the offer went into the millions. If they kept to their current lifestyle, neither them, nor their children would ever have to work again. Whatever they wanted to do with them, the company was willing to spend quite a lot of money for it.

“Well, what do you think?” Miriam asked, a hint of excitement creeping into his voice.

John hesitated, then stated that he was not sure. It was a decision too big to make in a haste. Together they spend the rest of the day discussing the issue. Miriam was eager to go under the knife once more, confident that he would like whatever the result might be. After all he was very happy with his current body. His husband was less eager, though, now that he was meant to be surgically modified himself, something he had never considered. Together they talked about all the possible modifications the company might want to make, as well as the potential pros and cons that would come with them. At last and still not entirely convinced, John finally agreed to take the offer. It was kind of frightening but he was willing to take the plunge into the unknown.

The moment he made his decision, his husband jumped him, his scream of joy distorted into a loud fart. It did not stop him, though, to cover his husband in kisses, or what passed for kisses with his sphincter mouth. That left one problem, though. Their children were also supposed to be involved in the medical procedure. John expressed his doubts about their willingness but Miriam shushed him.

“Don't worry,” he said, snuggling closer to his husband, “I am sure it will work out.”

Before John could answer he found his lips pressed against his spouse's facial anus his tongue invading his mouth hungrily. All worries were forgotten for now, as they spent the night making love.

The next morning John called Samantha and asked her to come over, only giving her a vague explanation that they needed her opinion on some financial issue that had arisen. Two hours later she and her brother sat opposite their parents at the dining table. Miriam explained the content of the letter they had received and that their father had already agreed to go through with it.

At first both of their offspring looked a little shocked and incredulous at what they heard. John didn't blame them. It sounded rather fantastic and unreal, if it was not for the actual letter on the table. Samantha was the first to speak and took both her parents by surprise.

“Sure, I am in,” she said with a wry smile.

Her father could not suppress an astonished “Why?”.
“You see, ever since I saw mom after the surgery, I could not stop thinking about it. I did not understand it myself but now I am sure,” she explained. “I think I'd like to be modified, too. Be a freak, I mean. Sorry, mom. I guess it runs in the family.”

Her mother would have grinned, if he still could. He laughed and said: “So that explains your odd stares at me. Don't think I didn't notice. At first I was afraid you could be attracted to my new wiener, but this makes more sense.”

That left Bill and he suddenly found three pairs of eyes staring at him. He had stayed silent the whole time. Under the growing pressure of his family's glare, he finally sighed and gave them an answer.

“I guess, I got no choice,” he said.

“Everyone got a choice,” his father responded with force. “Your mother and I are not going to force either of you. If you volunteer or not, depends only on you.”

His son replied with a weak smile: “True enough but it would still seem unfair to you, guys. The company wants all of us and the money is quite a lot.”

“Are you sure, honey?” Miriam interjected. “You do not have to do it for us. Its too big a decision.”

But Bill was sure. He honestly admitted, that he was not too keen on the surgery but his decision was made and he would join them willingly.

With all of them in agreement, John called CMTG and told them of their decision to take the company's offer. To everyone's surprise, they proposed to proceed with the surgery the next day already. With no major reasons to opt for a later date and eager to go through with it, now that the family had just made up their minds, they agreed to the date.


The rest of the day was busy making preparations for the surgery, such as packing a few things to take to the hospital and informing workplaces and schools about their absence. Samantha and Bill stayed home over night but that did not stop John and Miriam to engage sexually. After all it was the last time in their current forms. Who knew what state they'd be in afterwards.

“You are really sure about this?” Miriam asked his husband, as they snuggled in post-coital bliss, cum still leaking from both their cocks.

“I cannot say that I am not anxious. God knows what kind of monstrosity I might wake up as,” he said honestly but with a wry smile. “But I am also curious. If you managed to take the plunge, then I can, too.”

Instead of saying anything, Miriam leaned over to face his partner of two decades and pressed his facial anus against his waiting lips.


Re: Experimental Procedure

Once at the hospital, things progressed rather quickly. The four of them were immediately guided into separate rooms, barely given enough time to say good bye. Each of them was asked to undress and get on a stretcher, just before being given the anaesthetics that let them drift off into dreamless sleep.


“You are waking up. Good,” a friendly, female voice said. “Please don't strain yourself. You might still feel drowsy for a while.”

Miriam barely listened as he opened his eyes. His entire body still ached from the surgery. If things were going to be like last time, he would be back to normal within a short while, though. With his mind slowly rising into wakefulness, he became curious what had actually been done to his body to explain the ache. Carefully he rose to get a better look at himself, his body feeling heavy but otherwise normal, except for an odd numbness to his left.

“Oh wait, let me help you,” the nurse said and used the bed's remote to lift the head.

Looking down at himself, Miriam was surprised to find his body unchanged. Everything was still the same, as far as he could tell. Then what had the surgery been about? He got his answer when he looked to his left at the source of the numb sensation.

Growing from his left shoulder was a neck and head almost identical to his own, staring at him with the same mix of shock and curiosity that was probably mirrored in his own stare. The face was almost the same, although the sphincter mouth was still hairless and seemed slightly smaller than his own. The eyes were definitely a different colour from his but still seemed eerily familiar. It was this moment that he finally understood what he was staring at – Samantha. He would recognize her eyes anywhere, even if her face had been so drastically altered. In hindsight, it also made more sense to be combined with his daughter, than finding the head of a stranger attached to his body.

“I assume you two recognize one another,” the nurse said, as if reading Miriam's mind.

In return both heads turned to the woman. Miriam wanted to ask what exactly had been done to them, but no word escaped his puckered lips. In fact he could no longer control the valve on his tracheotomy, frozen in an open position.

Seeing the confusion in the faces of mother and daughter, the nurse began to explain the details of the surgery. Apparently CMTG had wanted to show off their progress in combining two human beings into one body. Thus Samantha's face had been altered to resemble her mothers, although the facial anus was apparently her own instead of coming from a male donor. Once the modifications to her head had been finished, the surgeons had carefully removed it, together with her neck and parts of her spine and grafted all of it onto Miriam's body. In order to do so they had surgically pushed his own neck and head to the right, in order to make space for his daughters and to keep a symmetrical appearance. Looking down, he could see the fading scars around the base of his own neck that merged into the scars where his daughter had been attached. Apparently that was why their ability to speak had been temporarily disabled. In order for the flesh around their necks to heal faster, undisturbed by constant movements, that important valve covering the trachea had been paralysed for the time being. Even afterwards, only Miriam would be able to speak. According to the nurse, it was near impossible to allow for speech from both heads, due to the way their shared lungs operated. At best they would just pump air, through both necks, distorting whatever one head wanted to say. Thus Samantha's trachea had been sewn shut. With Miriam still in control of the valve, he would have to talk for the both of them in the future.

His daughter's oesophagus had been left intact, however, and attached to what was now their shared stomach. They even managed to splice her spine into her mothers, although they had not been able to reroute the nerves in such a way, that would allow Samantha to control her half of the body. Instead Miriam still had fully control over both legs. At least his daughter had full access to any sensations generated from below their necks, including their dick, as the nurse happily pointed out.

Miriam wished he could talk to his daughter, get a better impression of what she was thinking about the situation. At least she looked as shocked as he was at the idea of sharing his body with somebody else now. He struggled with the reality of it and how it would affect his life, never having even a single lone moment again, having Samantha with him wherever he went or whatever he was doing. He did not even want to begin imagining the impact on his sex life. During the following hours he slowly acclimated to the situation. Whatever problems they might face, he was sure that they could be solved. Guessing from his daughter's expression, she seemed to feel the same, although daughter was no longer the right term, he realized. Bodymate made more sense.

All the while the nurse attended to them.  She helped the two to recover from the surgery and regain their strength. Miriam had tried to ask about the fate of his husband and son, using a pen and clipboard that had been provided but they were only told to wait and see. It was not until the next morning that they were allowed to see the rest of their family. Apparently they had been recovering in the room next door, which was accessible through a connecting door.

“Before I let you in, let me just give you this,” the nurse said. Before mother and daughter could figure out what she meant, they already felt a prick in their shared butt. The nurse removed a now empty syringe and put it away. They initially wondered what had been injected or why but a comfortable warmth spreading through their body distracted them. With it came a tickling sensation in their shared cock, which to their surprise was slowly rising to attention. Despite themselves, Miriam and Samantha started to feel increasingly aroused, as they watched their shared cock grow fully erect, thick beads of pre-cum forming at the tip. Their skin became wet with sweat, the well tempered room suddenly feeling far too hot. Whatever worry or curiosity they had about the fate of John and Bill, was quickly replaced by an overwhelming desire to fuck.

“Please go through,” the nurse said, already holding the door open. Mother and daughter had not noticed her opening it. Their minds felt sluggish, foggy, far too distracted by the incredible need between their shared legs. Samantha was utterly overwhelmed by the alien sensation but even Miriam was taken aback. His penis had never been so hard before. It was almost painful. Thought still weak on his legs, Miriam manoeuvred the body he now shared with his daughter into the other room. The sight that greeted them there shocked him but also managed to increase their arousal even more.

In front of them was a bed, identical to the one they had woken up in, but this one was still occupied. Lying on it was an almost perfect copy of Miriam and Samantha. There was a short, pot-bellied body with two short legs and no arms. Sprouting from the narrow torso were two jawless heads, each with an anus for a mouth. However, where mother and daughter were male, this entity was very obviously female. Despite the small chest, there were two large breasts, probably e-cups and entirely natural looking, sagging slightly and with large, fat nipples. Due to the faint scars around them, Miriam guessed that they were actual transplants from some female donor. The same was true for the vagina between the other creature's legs. Cleanly shaven, there was no detail hidden from view. A beautiful specimen, perfectly proportioned, although its lips were currently swollen with lust. Like Miriam and Samantha, this female was also clearly in a state of extreme arousal. Not only was the feminine slit glistening with wetness but the blanket underneath revealed a large wet spot.

Dazed as he was, Miriam wondered who he was looking at for a moment but then he realized it with a start. The implication was obvious and taking a good look, there was no mistake who the eyes in the two surgically altered faces belonged to. They were looking at John and Bill. CMTG had not only conjoined Miriam with his daughter but also combined his husband and son and turned them into a female version of himself and Samantha. In a perverse way it made perfect sense.

As if the nurse had noticed the realization in Miriam's eyes, she began to explain: “I guess you already realize that you are looking at your husband and son, or father and brother. They were given the same injection as you.”

No doubt about that. Looking his husband in the yes, Miriam could tell that he was as much overtaken with lust, as he was.

“The doctor thought that the aphrodisiac would help you to break the ice and acclimate to the situation. I guess I better leave you to...well...you know.”

The nurse actually blushed as she said the last words. It was an odd reasoning but Miriam got an idea what the doctor might have meant. If it had only been himself, alone in this body, and only John on the bed, he would have jumped him immediately without hesitation. However now their children were involved. Adults both, but still their kids and they would be involved in whatever their parents did for the rest of their lives. So whatever incestuous issues this might cause, they just had to deal with it, if they wanted to continue having a sex life. The artificially induced erection made the decision indeed easier, for Miriam was desperate at this point to plunge his cock into that tantalizing slit.

Without anybody knowing, John actually felt the same. He had only woken up less than an hour earlier. He still struggled to comprehend everything that had been done to him, the attachment of his son's head, the loss of his arms, the reduction in size and most importantly the change of his sex. As a result everything still felt a little off, especially the heavy weight on his chest and the emptiness between his legs. Yet, when he saw Miriam come in, he forgot about all these worries. His eyes were immediately drawn to the throbbing shaft between his spouse's legs and a irresistible need to be filled overtook him. The unbearable, wet emptiness between his and his son's shared legs was all he could think of. Even the fact that Miriam sported a second head, too, now was barely registered.

Before Miriam could finally move towards his partner, the nurse came closer and bent down.

“I almost forgot, you better wear one of these” she said, as she pulled a condom from its wrapping. Gently and with a dexterity that belied her innocent demeanour, she pulled the rubber over Miriam's member. The sensation of her smooth hand moving across his shaft caused him to almost lose it then and there. Done with her task, she finally withdrew and straightened up again.

“The doctor said that all you parts should work normally, so...well...safety is recommended,” she added with a  smile, before leaving the room through the door they had come through and closed it.

Even if he was able to talk right now, Miriam had nothing to say. There was only one thing he had on his mind. Not caring what Samantha was thinking about the whole situation, he moved their body towards the bed. John meanwhile spread  his legs further invitingly, getting ready for his husband.

Without arms, it took Miriam some awkward attempts to climb onto the bed but he then lost no time shuffling towards that beautiful, moist slit in front of him. There was no foreplay, no teasing or other tenderness. They were long past this, neither he, nor John could wait any longer. Although they could not communicate, Samantha and Bill felt exactly the same, any confusion, worries or discomfort with their situation forgotten in face of this overwhelming arousal.

Luckily Miriam immediately and unceremoniously rammed his cock into his spouse's waiting pussy. All four of them would have cried out if they could. The sensation was new, exciting and weird for all of them. Even for Miriam, for even if he was already used to having a penis, he had never used it like this before. Instincts took over and the the former mother and wife fucked his husband and son with wild abandon.

With their arousal on such a high, neither of the two conjoined duos was able to last long. John and Bill were the first to reach climax, the strength of their first female orgasm strong enough for them to black out. Their shared vagina contracted involuntarily, the tight squeeze enough to drive Miriam and Samantha over the edge as well. A long hiss escaped their tracheotomy, the closest thing to a moan, they could muster, with the little valve still disabled. Mother and daughter both lost any sense of time and space, as their cum shot into the condom, overwhelmed by a form of bliss neither had experienced before.

Once the last of their seed was squeezed into the tight latex confines, a exhausted Miriam and Samantha slumped to their side, utterly exhausted. Doing so, their softening penis was pulled from the tight grip of the others' womanhood, the female duo's body spasmed weakly in return, not expecting the flash of sensation. Miriam felt weak and fatigued, the drugs were probably still affecting him. Nonetheless he still had enough strength to crawl up the bed towards his spouse and son. In the end he climbed onto their body, so that he and Samantha sat comfortably on the others' belly. He did not care that their penis was still encased in the full condom.

Miriam took a moment to look at the altered faces of his husband and son. In a weird way they looked like the most beautiful faces in the world to him. Maybe it was still the aphrodisiac speaking but he could not deny how he felt. Slowly he leaned towards John's face, which luckily mirrored his position on the shared body. Perhaps the doctors had done so intentionally. With no other idea how to convey his love, he pressed his facial anus against the one of his husband and pushed his tongue deep into the other's tight sphincter. It was more of a rim job than a kiss but the only thing their anatomy would allow and it felt wonderful. A moment later the gesture was returned and he felt John's tongue invading his own sensitive sphincter. Lost in the moment, neither noticed how the act was replicated by their two children. Still overwhelmed by post-orgasmic bliss they could not resist the temptation. The doctor's had been right, the aphrodisiac had helped to break the ice. Whatever their relations might have been before the surgery, now they were just a single husband and a single wife, even if each sported two heads.

Suddenly Miriam felt a familiar tingling in his crotch. Their cock had gotten hard again already, and it was no comfortably resting between the others' large breasts. He broke the rim job kiss and looked his husband in the eyes. It seemed like they had enough strength left for a second round.


Re: Experimental Procedure

A few weeks later John, Miriam, Samantha and Bill ceased to exist. After a lengthy process the family was able to re-register as two entirely new entities, which inherited the parents' matrimonial status. Any blood-relations in regards to Samantha and Bill were considered null and void, in parts due to the fact that their reproductive organs had been replaced with those of unrelated donors. The case drew national attention, as it was the first of its kind and provoked heated debates in politics and the media.

The happy couple did not care, however. More important to them was what names to choose, for their old names did neither mesh well with their physical appearances, nor their new legal status. Furthermore each duo decided that they'd rather adopt a single, shared name, than keep separate names. At first they had thought of ordinary names, maybe Steve and Wendy, but that was too boring. Made up fantasy names did not really convince them, either, no, they wanted something unique, lewd and unsubtle. Thus Miriam and Samantha became Buttface, while John and Bill adopted the name Sugartits.

All members of what had once been an ordinary family embraced their new identities with surprising vigour. Of course the former offspring had little choice, with no control over their shared bodies, nor the ability to speak. They were fated to be no more than mute passengers, rarely even allowed to give their opinions on a matter. Not that they objected, both had made peace with their fates and did not mind their parents essentially making all decisions for them. It was not long after the name changes that they began to regard themselves as extensions of their body mates' identities. Over the course of a few months the former children even began to mimic their parents' motions, creating the illusion as if both heads were controlled by a single mind. It was not a deliberate thing, rather a subconscious tick related to their new self identities.

As the former parents also embraced their new identities, small changes in their manners became apparent. While Buttface retained a feminine touch to the way he moved and acted, he quickly became the dominant partner, while Sugartits, in contrast, became increasingly feminine, at some points even exaggerating deliberately, playing the role of the submissive, dainty housewife.

With their finances secure, so neither of them ever had to work again, they could fully focus on enjoying their new lives.


“This is so weird,” Sugartits said, as she looked at what her husband had bought. Her voice was not what the former John or his spouse had been used to. Instead CMTG had swapped John's voice box for that of the same donor that the breasts and vagina had come from.

The delivery had arrived just a few minutes ago. Inside the box was an impressive strap-on, made of black latex with the detailed replica of a large penis, made of cream coloured rubber, attached to it. On the inside was a similarly shaped dildo. Sugartits had not known about his husband's purchase. It was obviously meant as a surprise and she knew what Buttface had in mind.

“Let's try it straight away,” her spouse said, his voice eager, while his secondary head stared at the strap up with fascination, breaking the usual mimicry.

A few minutes later they were in the bedroom, awkwardly trying to fasten the strap-on onto Sugartits. Without arms it was more of a challenge than expected but eventually Buttface managed to get it into place. A deep moan escaped his lover, as the interior dildo slid into her waiting folds. He fastened the strap with his feet, before rubbing some lube up and down the rubber shaft as if giving it a foot job. He quickly cleaned his feet and they were ready to go.

Barely able to contain his excitement Buttface jumped onto the bed, belly down and using his knees to push up his butt invitingly.

“Now come and get me stud, like in the old days,” he said with as seductive a voice he could muster, slowly shaking his butt. It was all the incentive his lover needed. She carefully followed her husband and got into the right position, the tip of the dildo gently poking against the hairy pucker. Without a word, Sugartits readied herself and gently pushed the rubber shaft in. Buttface moaned loudly, relishing every inch penetrating his rear. The head that used to be Samantha had never experienced anal before but quickly learned to love it. The part of Buttface that used to be Miriam on the other hand had been without it for far too long. While he enjoyed being the man in their relationship, he still wanted to be fucked from behind at least once in a while. That's why he had ordered the strap-on in the first place.

His wife shuffled her legs slightly to get a more stable position, so she could slowly increase her pace. Without arms to steady herself, she had to rely solely on her lower body to do the job. It was not long until she found a good rhythm, her body easing into ingrained motions from her former life as a man. The irony of the situation was not lost on both her heads, the fact that not long ago they each had possessed the real thing but now had to rely on an artificial replacement. Yet the oddness actually fuelled their arousal even more. Of course they were mostly occupied by the intense pleasure of the dildo pushing in and out of Sugartit's pussy.

“Keep going, Honey, I am so close,” Buttface moaned as he leaned into his lover's thrusts.

True to his word he reached climax moments later. His cock shot ropes of cum all over the sheets and Buttface's belly. When his minds came down from the orgasmic euphoria, they noticed with surprised that Sugartits was still fucking them. Her moans were getting louder and more erratic, until her voice changed into a high pitched scream. Her body spasms slightly, as she reached an orgasm of her own. Quite an intense one apparently. So much that she lost balance and stumbled backwards, falling off the bed.

“Shit, you're alright,” her husband cried as he jumped up and turned towards the edge of the bed. Luckily all he saw was Sugartits lying on her back, looking exhausted but otherwise fine. Her faces had a serene, satisfied expression.

A moment later both of them erupted in laughter, although the sound was closer to farts.

“How about we get a drink and then do this again?” Sugartits said.


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Two words


that was hot and kinky


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Great stuff, demon-man! As usual!

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I'm guessing if there ever is another part to this, they're going to go further and splice the family together into one single body. Maybe they'll even remove parts of their brains to leave more space?


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Oh fuck, that would really be something @BrotherOriginal~