Topic: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

A story made in collaboration with Sophiie93, featuring new characters named Alex and Kait. (It is a direct transcription of a discord roleplay that has been edited for short story script format.)

*Alex: A special mutant living in a small town with no real friends and a terrible secret. She is a hermaphrodite who has grown extra penises over the course of her life. She is ashamed of her mutation and has trouble coping with the needs of her body. She doesn't believe anyone will accept her for who and what she has become.

*Kait: A one of a kind mutant, one of the most extreme known to exist, with two heads, eight arms, and eight breasts. She has the consciousness of one woman who occupies two brains, thus making her more intelligent and perceptive. She grew up in a large city where people saw her as a beautiful freak. Her dream is to settle down in a quiet place with a special someone.


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

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One in a Billion


By the year 2100, half of humanity were born with a special mutation. The other half remained normal humans. Back in the mid-21st century, the population growth threatened the global health of Earth's biodiversity that humans were forced to adapt to the changing landscape and environment. Consequently, the genetic makeup of human DNA evolved so fast that people were being born with unnatural forms that shocked the world's leading scientists. When more and more babies began to develop extra body parts in the womb, it was apparent that humanity itself was evolving into something more. Many speculated how. Many asked why. But few considered the evolutionary advantages.

Considering that most mutations gave people extra body parts, like arms and legs, none knew just how strange the mutations could get. While rare, some human women were born with extra pairs of breasts, and some men were born with an extra penis. Even more spectacular were the few people who were born with bodies that were considered impossible. Such bodies included extra eyes, extra tongues, and even elongated frames that made them look like human centaurs.

However, no one ever asked if the emergence of such mutants were only because of a sexual component that gave humans the extraordinary opportunity to experience the greatest delights of life than anyone could dream of.

In 2109, two of the most extreme mutants would meet for the first time and discover what it means to be a mutant.

Mary Kait Harris was a mutant girl born in the biggest city in the country. Surrounded by urban folk every day of her life, she was forced to grow accustomed to life between the smoke and noise of the bustling concrete jungle. As part of a small family, she was the natural center of the attention due to the extreme nature of her body. Kait was quite possibly the most extreme mutant alive. She has eight perfectly functional arms, four on each side of her long torso. Each pair grew out of her body underneath each subsequent pair of respective shoulders. In addition, she had four rows of two moderately-sized C-cup breasts, each set protruding from her pectorals muscles, giving her eight nipples in total. Doctors said that they wouldn't develop into full breasts, but they were wrong. Even with all of that, the most shocking part of her mutation is above her shoulders.

Originally thought to be impossible, Kait was also born with two heads, completely identical, completely human, completely female, both sharing space on her top shoulders. At the time of birth, Kait was considered conjoined twins by medical experts. All her life, Kait was led to believe that she was two different people throughout childhood. Her parents gave the name Mary to her left head and Kait to her right head. She was so used to this that she actually believed she was twins, and because everyone else believed that a single person cannot share two heads as a single consciousness, she decided to act like that. She hated catching attention from people who thought otherwise. Using both brains to study, she was always smarter than rest of her peers. She was so intelligent, in fact, that she naturally used her talents to study science and became a nerdy girl when she grew up in the city. Unfortunately, her studies caused her be so alone. She didn't have any lasting friends throughout her adolescence.

When she turned 16, Mary Kait Harris finally learned the truth about herself. She discovered that each of her heads were more alike than she thought. So much so that it didn't take long for her to learn that she had the same thoughts, the same feeling, and the same desires across both heads. She was not two different people. Instead, Mary Kait was just Kait. One girl. Two heads. Eight arms. Eight boobs. All for her to control, and feel. This epiphany led her to be uncertain about her future. Everyone knew she was a freak, but if they ever discovered that she was just one person, her life would become a mockery. So she kept her single identity a secret, choosing to continue her life as two different people. Mary and Kait. Soon after high school, she got a job in a tech factory that built robots and hardware technology for a big company. Kait made it her passion to help people by making their lives easier with designing new generations of servant bots, despite what people thought about her. But in the many years working by herself, she felt incredibly lonely and tired of the big city. After saving up enough money, Kait decided to move away from her home in search of something new. She grabbed her things and left the city without saying a word to her family.

She wanted a new life. A better life. But most importantly, Kait wanted love. And not just any love. She wanted a real romantic partner. Someone who would love her back. Love her for everything she was, no matter what she looked like. Someone she could feel and touch with her eight hands and kiss passionately with her two heads. Kait wanted someone to trust. She wanted a true lover.

Like Kait, there is another mutant who struggles with the extreme nature of her body. But unlike Kait, her mutation is not as obvious and is entirely dependent on a different kind of love.

Alex Murphy has never thought her life would be so difficult. Her youth has been normal for a mutant until she hit puberty at age 13. Her parents, and by extension, her doctors thought Alex was a normal mutant girl with a penis. A futa. Nothing crazy. There were literally millions of hermaphrodites in the world. From birth, she seemed normal. She had a good childhood with a nice small town family. But when she became a teenager, her entire world changed. One day she felt something strange in her groin. At first she thought her penis was aching or infected, but she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a new nub of flesh grow at the base of her cock. In minutes, a second cock had grown right next to her original one, complete with another set of balls. Alex was horrified. She thought her life was over. She didn't sleep for three days following her suddenly mutation. But to spare herself of crippling embarrassment and ridicule, she had no choice but to get used to it. The futa girl hid her dual cocks away from everyone, including her family. She didn't want anyone to know what was happening to her. She thought that it was just an anomaly, but she was wrong.

A few years later when she turned 16, the strange sensation in her groin returned. She discovered yet another penis and testes grow above her first two cocks. Alex wept with frightful tears when her third shaft and balls grew to the size of the others. What made it even worse was when she discovered that her dicks had nearly doubled in size from her former 6 inches to almost 11 inches long, flaccid. She was deathly afraid to know how big they would get when erect, so she resisted the growing urges to get excited and horny whenever she could. But that was near impossible. The addition of new testes meant an increase in testosterone, thus causing an extremely unnatural hormonal imbalance that struck Alex with constant sexual urges. It disgusted her. It depressed her. And she feared it would happen again.

The next two years were exceptionally bad. When Alex turned 18, her worst fears were realized again when a fourth cock grew in the same way as the others, matching the same ungodly size of the three other cocks that dangled between her legs. Each one hung as far as her knees when flaccid, each one foot long from base to tip. After graduation, she decided not to go to college in fear of being exposed and humiliated by students. Alex found a decent job at an antique bookstore where she could be mostly alone and still support herself while living with her parents. The novelty of a physical bookstore, one of the last surviving branches in 2109, allowed Alex to enjoy her peace. Now at 20 years old, Alex will never stop fearing the day when her mutation will strike again.

With four, 13-inch long flaccid cocks and eight tennis-ball-sized testicles between her legs, Alex is by far the most extreme of her kind. She has trouble hiding her secret from the world. She does everything in her power to conceal her enormous bulge during the day, and up to this point in her life, she's been largely successful. However, on the other hand, and quite ironically, Alex had developed a strong liking the most extreme mutant bodies that exist in the world. She has been fascinated by how much humans have changed over the past century. She wasn't exposed to mutants first hand when growing up in her small rural town, and the only way she could learn more about them was through the Worldnet, the international successor to the 'Internet' of the late-21st century. After many years of looking at pictures and reading stories, she always wondered what she's do if she met one. But never in her life did she imagine that she's be an extreme mutant herself. Before her first change at 13, her favorite mutant forms were people with four arms, or six arms, or even three legs.

Alex dreams of living a comfortably normal life without having to worry about the stigma of her ongoing mutations. Only then would she be able to accept who she is. Until that time, she stays quiet and obscure to save herself from the shame of her condition. As a consequence, she had to sacrifice a normal social life with her peers. She's also proud of herself for being largely successful at suppressing her sexual urges with every passing day. But sometimes her overwhelming hormones rage out of control where Alex has no choice to rub all her cocks to orgasm. And every time, she felt ashamed of the body that she's forced to live with.

She hopes her condition doesn't get any worse. But at this point, Alex is just holding out for the inevitable. Holding out for a miracle. Holding out for someone who could save her from herself. A true friend.


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

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One in a Billion
Chapter 1


July 14, 2109 C.E.

One brisk summer afternoon, Alex is closes up the antique bookstore for the day. It is one of the very few stores where people and mutants can buy physical copies of new and old book. It had been a slow day, which is something she enjoyed. But lately Alex was feeling so starved of company that she's been rather lonely. Her mother suggested she apply for school and take some classes at the local college to meet some new people, but she refused. It wasn't in her nature, or her will, to work up the courage to make friends. She wasn't particularly the type to go out for leisure time with people she doesn't know.

Alex locks up the storefront and adjusts her heavy members and sacs under her thick skirt that reached all the way down to her ankles. It's quiet out again, even at this hour. Alex heads home, walking awkwardly down all three blocks to her house. She proceeds to spend her night, as always, looking at pictures of mutants on the Worldnet. Her favorites are the ones with a second torso like a centaur, and people with 4 arms or more. Mutants with odd characteristics like three eyes or long fleshy tails fascinated her endlessly. She wishes she could meet one, but that is just a fantasy. Alex gets some rest for another lonely day at work tomorrow.

– –

Meanwhile, the mag-lev train door slides opens, and Kait, finally free of the long travel from her city, carefully steps outside. She wore a long coat that covered her entire body, except for her top two arms and her two heads. With a big backpack on her back full of robotic materials and tools, she examines the train station. She focuses both pairs of eyes on the bright overhead signals leading away from the platform, checking where she could to make her way to the rural village she arrived at. Walking down the calm street, Kait closes both set of eyes and doesn't hear a single sound except the light country breeze and the echo of distant birds. It was so peaceful compared to her home city that she takes a savory breath with both noses. She smiles in stereo and keeps walking until she finds a warm and comfortable hotel.

Upon entering the lobby, a service robot approaches Kait and rolls in front of her.

"How can I help you?" It speaks in a human-robotic-hybrid of a voice.

Kait doesn't want to attract any more attention than she was already getting, so she puts on the sister-sister act that she normally did in public. Using her left head as a fake sister Mary, she trades off lines with each head.

"Oh hi! We want a room please!" Kait replies. "Just for one night" Mary says.

The robot asks for her name, and she is willing to give the robot both two names.

“Kait and Mary Harris,” her right head says. The robot makes a beeping sound and accepts her information from her holocard and gives access to her room. She walks quickly to the second floor with her bags in tow in her lowest arms. She is tired from the long travel and practically runs into the room, closing the door behind her with a thud. Now that she is finally alone, Kait drops the act and throw herself on the sofa. She releases her cloak lazily onto the floor and stretches all her eight of her arms outward. She is desperate to relax and sit on the bed for a night to herself. Within a few minutes, Kait falls asleep.

The next morning., Kait feels the sun hit her faces from the crack in the window. Both sets of eyes open as she yawns in stereo. [R: Where should i go today?] [L:Where should I star?]

– –

July 15, 2109 C.E.

Alex wakes up like ever other day. And with every morning came impossibly stiff morning woods tenting her pajamas. Her sheets hover a foot in the air as her cocks push them high above the bed and blocks most of her forward view. Her balls are so full that they ache, and her cocks are so hard that they throb in place. Alex grunts when an unwanted rush of pleasure overtakes her body. She pulls the covers off her body and sees just how huge her cocks had gotten throughout the night. Just over a-foot-and-half long, each, her four cockslits from four separate shafts are already drooling precum constantly, making a small mess on her chest. She gets up to take care of her boners in the bathroom, leaking pre on the carpet as she closes the door. An hour after taking care of business and showering off, she puts on her special clothes and leaves for work.

It's almost 9am for her 8 hour shift. She knows how difficult it is to conceal her bulges. Alex is in constant fear that something might go wrong to expose her genitals. Every day is a risk, but a necessary risk. She doesn't want to think about it. Hopefully it would be a slow and quiet day as always, the only kind of day that she could hope to feel like a normal person.

Being a mutant, especially on of her extremes, is a frustrating effort with little reward.

– –

Sitting on her bed, Kait looks down with the right head, still a bit sleepy. She glances at the clock with the left head, indicating it was almost 9am. Being a bit lazy but having enough strength to do it, she walks to the bathroom to take a nice hot shower. She picks up a towel and some clean clothes from her bag on the way. She removes her clothes swiftly in front of the mirror thanks to her eight total arms working together. With the shower open and the water falling, she looks at both of her faces with the messy hair and sighs. [The worse part of having two heads is I lose so much time combing my hair] she thinks to herself from both brains. She giggles to herself and jumps in the shower. After 10 minutes, she exits the bathroom while still drying the hair on each head with two pairs of arms. She dresses in comfortable clothes and a long cloak and goes outside to explore the town. It's around 9:30am when she crosses in front of an old bookstore. Very interested in what those books can have, she walks inside without a second thought, making the door sound off when she enters.

– –

Alex is resting on the cashier counter with an arm under her head, feeling so tired. She dips a few times and almost falls asleep when the front bell chimes throughout the store. Alex perks up and rubs her sleepy eyes. Alex takes a needed breath and straightens her back. She stretches and twists arms before checking who entered the bookstore so early in the day.

Alex freezes dead in place. The girl nearly chokes on her own spit when she witnesses a woman with TWO heads casually strolling into the bookstore, smiling with two identical faces while exploring the shelves with both pairs of eyes. Alex can do absolutely nothing except stare at the mutant from behind her own long hair. She does everything to hide her gaze whenever the two headed woman glances her way. Alex gulps awkwardly, then suddenly feels a strong pinch of sensation attack her crotch. Alex panics as soon as her four cocks come to life and double in size to semi-hardons beneath her long skirt. She could feel her shafts grow so hard, so fast, that she gets off the stool and kneels down to hide her enormous tents.

“Fuck...” she whispers under her breath. Her body refuses to comply with her efforts to push them down as her dicks continue to stiffen to over a foot in length and keep growing. Alex makes a face due to the unusually strong pleasure. She watches the two-headed woman take her time browsing the shelves of books. She can hear two identical voices originate from the woman, as if she's talking to her other head. That very thought makes her dicks even harder.

Trying to look like twins, Kait uses both heads to do two different tasks as she moves around exploring the bookstore. In a quick glance, she sees a strange girl at the counter moving like she's uncomfortable with a pallid expression on her face. [I wonder if she's okay, she looks really good.] She smiles to herself and walk closer to her. [Okay] [It's time to act]

"Hi!" Kait says with both heads at the same time. [Ew! that's not the best way to sound  like two people.] She shakes her heads and tries to focus.

Mary: "Hello!.." Kait: "I...W..we... were looking for robotics books.... did you have some about that?" She kept looking at the girl with both heads. Kait realizes that the girl is acting more and more suspicious and odd. Kait: "Uhmm... are you fine?"

Alex's heartbeat skyrockets when she notices the woman approach the counter. Alex does her best to act professional, but her nerves are exploding within her, making her skin hotter, thus making her face grow red.  She puffs out her chest and attempts to breath normally. {Dammit, I hate my body. I can't stand embarrassing myself in front of two beautiful women who occupy the same body. Why is she wearing such a huge coat in the summer?} The woman standing in front of the counter waves. She seems nervous for some reason, and is acting kinda strange. The woman then asks for help.

"I'm fine, ma'ams." Alex coughs nervously. "Slow day. Y-you'll find the technology section over there." She points near the back corner.

Kait leans her heads and make the same expression with both of them.

"Thank you!” she speaks in unison. [NO, not again] She rub her right head with a hand. [I can't understand why having two brains is still so hard to me to not act in sync with my heads] She sighs and realizes the girl in front of her staring at all her subtle movements. A blush come across both her faces.

Mary: "I.. uhmm..." Kait: "S..sorry... we will be back..." She turns and walks to the technology section, glancing at the girl with her right head over her shoulder. She finally reaches the section and starts browsing the books. Kait grabs two of them and checks them with each head. [Uhmm this one must be good.][This isn't in the big data center like the city.][Strange.]

Alex is more hard than ever. But she manages to take deep breaths to deal with the pain. Her cocks are so erect from being so aroused, in fact, that it physically hurts. {This has never happened before. But I also have never seen a mutant like that woman in person. Only on the Worldnet. Two heads is so cool and sexy... no no stop thinking. I can't let myself get so flustered. Calm down, Alex. Just breathe.} Alex adjusts her waist and legs every time her four dick give her more trouble under the desk. Her eyes keep wandering to the twin woman.

Picking 5 books in just two minutes thanks to the multitasking of two sets of eyes, Kait walks to the girl again holding the books. Before she reaches the desk, the top two book falls and she instinctively moves one of her lower arms to catch it, but the thick overcoat blocks the way. An obvious movement could be perceived under the coat as the book falls on the ground. Totally ashamed, Kait speaks in unison again.

"Oh wow... sorry..." She leaves the books on the desk in front of the girl and leans to pick up the other book from the ground. Kait: "So...sorry.... so many books" [I hope she doesn't realize that lower arm movement.] She smiles with the left head as she keeps speaking with the right. Kait: "We want these ones please."

{Did she just... wait, is she smuggling something under her coat? Is she trying to shoplift?} Alex stands up immediately when she realizes what the coat is most likely for and takes a step back to call her boss on her tech-wristwatch. {The woman looks so innocent, but I won't let her beauty distract me from letting her steal.}

"Mr. Simms, we have a problem,” she says into her watch.

Kait looks at the girl with both heads in sync without understanding what's happening.

"Sorry? Whats wrong?" Without any answer, Kait starts to panic and covers both of her faces. "D...Did i do something wrong?" The nervousness distracts her focus enough to act as two persons. [A problem with what?][Why did she react like that?]

Alex gets a response through the small speakers on her watch. "What is it this time, Alex?" a man says from the other end of the call. Alex can hear the disinterest in Mr. Simms' voice. She doesn't like her boss very much because he's strict and lame, but understandably professional and lawful. Alex hesitates and looks at the girls. She realizes that she can't move from her spot or else her huge tented skirt will be exposed.

Maybe she can deal with this herself.

"Sorry, Mr. Simms, no problem here." Alex clears her throat. "I'm sorry, miss. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Thieves aren't welcome here."

Kait stares at the girl for a second, trying to figure out what she means. She is already so nervous from the words the girl tells her that tiny drops of tears are visible on both sets of eyes.

"T...thieves? Me?" She shakes her heads trying to act again as two people. Mary: "W...we aren't stealing anything... w..what you mean?" Her hidden hands now hug her chest to protect herself and almost loses her mind in panic.

Alex feels bad, but stands her ground. "Can you please return the books under your coat, I know you're trying to take them without paying."  Alex can't help but be polite to girls.

Kait: "W...we aren't hiding books there... is just.. my... our body..." Both heads looks so blushed and ashamed of the situation that she presses her coat against herself even more like trying to protect herself from the suspicious eye contact.

Alex frowns. "What do you mean your body? I know you're wearing that huge coat to smuggle vintage books out from here."

Kait shakes both heads. Mary: "We... we swear... we aren't stealing anything...." Kait: "We don't want to show our body in public..." Real Kait is hyperventilating at this point.

"Uh huh." Alex crosses her arms stares carefully at the oversized coat, inspecting it closely. "Please, I don't want to have to get my boss out here. I don't want to get fired. Come on, it's not hot outside, so just return the books and I won't report you." Alex eases up on her accusatory tone and pouts. {This is the second time I've had to deal with shoplifters, but this mutant seems so innocent and harmless that it doesn't make sense.}

Kait realizes she has no choice but to show the girl her secret. She faces the girl at the counter and prepares herself. She looks in opposite directions with both heads for any onlookers, and when the coast is clear, she opens the coat a tiny bit, exposing all three extra sets of arms that were hugging her body. The arms release the self-hug and show more of her torso, complete with complimentary rows of breasts of decent sizes. The shirt covering her chest is thin enough to make the bras of each row of breasts visible, letting the girl know that she isn't hiding any books.

Kait: "I-it's just our extra arms..." Mary: "We...moved them accidentally."

THUD. The counter suddenly bumps hard, knocking over a few trinkets. {Oh shit!} Alex squints in pain as her cocks suddenly throb so hard that they bang into the underside of the desk the exact moment she finds out what's under the woman's coat. {Holy mother! More arms! So many more arms! Oh god, and so many more tits, too. She has Eight arms? And eight boobs? What?} Alex almost faints after an influx of chilling sensation washes over her body. She cringes deeply knowing for sure that the girls heard the noise.

"O-oh." She says softly. "Uhh... uh, that's nice." Alex gulps hard. "Sorry for the misunderstanding. So y-you want these five?"

Kait looks at the counter when she heard the noise with a cautious expression. Mary: "Y...yes... these five..." Kait: "Is someone below the counter? What was that?" Closing her coat again, Kait gets closer, now influenced by curiosity. Kait: "And what's nice?" She blushes when she realizes what the girl is talking. Kait: "I know... there aren't many known mutants with more than four arms, six are rare enough on its won... and then there's me..." Mary: "Us..." Her left head says immediately like trying to correct herself.

Alex twirls her hands, exhaling an ugly breath. "N-nah, something just fell off the hooks, don't worry about it." Her body heats up more as excess hormones are now working overtime in the wonderful presence of a goddess. {These twins are so damn cool. They're so lucky to have so many--} She stops her train of thought and smiles. "We don't get people like you around here. I'm sorry. I--I misjudged." Alex distracts herself by ringing up the books on the old 2080s cash register. The price displays on the screen clearly for them to see. "That'll be $205."

Kait shakes both heads. "Oh don't worry... I know you have to take care of your job...." She speaks in unison and then searches in her pocket for her holocard. She hands it to the cashier girl. When she lifts the card, Kait feels that something is wrong. She immediately realizes she was speaking as one person and looks to the girls eyes with both heads expecting the girl didn't catch the lack of discrepancy. Then, before giving her time to ask, she keeps talking.

Kait: "W...we hope mutants like us don't bother you... WE are from the city but WE want to move to a more peaceful place." Kait tries to use the 'we' a lot trying to fix her mistake, but she just look more suspicious.

Alex scans the books and gives them to the girls, all paid in full. She hands back the holocard and tilts her head. "I want to ask. What brings you here? And why? This town is so boring."

Kait shrugs while grabbing the card with an extra hand that escapes between her coat as she winks at the girl with one hand.

Kait: "We just get bored of the noises and the chaos of the city." Mary: "We can have better fun here, we just arrived here today, but we don't know anyone." Kait leans a bit over the counter to lower her voice. Kait: "And please don't tell anyone what you saw under our coat." Kait chuckles, more relaxed.

Alex pouts crudely. "Why not? You two are really beaut-- uh really cool!" Alex scoots forward to further hide her four huge boners, which continue to pulse without mercy. "Are you someone famous or something?"

Kait shakes her heads. Kait: "We try to hide our body as much as we can. We are strange between the mutants, even in the city." Mary: "Exactly, and we aren't very sociable so we don't have friends that knows about our extra arms either." Kait: "Or friends at all..." [Oh my god... it is so strange to speak like this, I feel like answering myself all the time.]

"Oh." Alex leans back a little. "That doesn't sound fun. Do people not like you? You're really cool though!" Alex's voice cracks from subconscious excitement that bleed from her dorky nature, so she dials it down. "I mean, I don't know why you would want to visit this town. It's so... empty." Alex's eyes droop. "I've lived here my whole life. It's always been quiet and boring. I don't know what it's like in the city."

Kait: "We are scientists." Mary: "We came her to provide so new technology for this town." Kait: "And give it more charm and security." Kait giggles with both heads while having fun with the cashier girl. Kait: "Oh, where are my manners, I'm Kait." She smiles to the girl but forgets to say her fake sister's name.

Alex accepts her hand, and shivers upon the touch knowing how many more arms they really have. "Nice to meet you Kait. My name's Alex." She addresses the other head of the twins. "And you?"

Mary: "Me?... Oh! Yes, I'm Mary!" Kait extends the left hand to Alex, too. "Nice to meet you Alex!" She smiles with both heads  [At this rate she will realize Mary doesn't exist!] Kait: "Did you work here everyday?"

Alex crinkles her nose. "Yeah, it's my day job. The only one I could find that needs an actual human behind the counter."

Kait giggles with both heads. Kait: "Are there many mutants around here?” She tries to inspect Alex's body with her left head while she speaks.

Alex doesn't wait long to reply. "No. There are very little of them around. And none of them are as... extreme as you." Alex hesitated to say the word 'extreme', but it was an appropriate label. "Are you recruiting mutants around here or something for your a robotics company?"

Kait: "Oh no no..." Mary: "We were just curious. Mutants scientists are so interesting." She looks at Alex eyes making a double wink. Mary: "We just got robot parts and designs here and we are going to build some of them. People will love them!" Kait: "Are you a mutant by the way?" Kait relaxes her top arms on the counter while the other six remain hidden inside the coat.

This time Alex takes several seconds to respond, eyes looking down at Kait and Mary's winter coat, imagining those arms again. Her voice gets a little weak when she speaks. "N-nope." Her cocks continue to ache. They are so hard that it's hard to concentrate. {Fuck, this is the worst time for my body to start acting up.}

Kait: "Ohhh.." Having two set of eyes allows Kait to follow every movement Alex makes, even where she can't keep her eyes off her coat. Mary: "But you seem very interested in them, don't you? You've been so flushed since you saw under our coat."

"Oh- uh I just like mutants. They're cool. I'm a little... jealous." Alex taps her fingers together.

Kait laughs with both mouths. Kait: "You want to see again?" She jokes, feeling more confident with Alex for some reason. Now Kait wants to see how Alex will react.

"No no I can't ask you to do that. I don't want people to get the wrong idea. We're on camera."

Kait blushes so red from both faces. Kait: "W...wa...wait did we just... show our extra limbs on camera e..earlier??" She stumbles forward to hide her torso behind the desk.

Alex frowns. "No, the camera is for security. No one will release it publicly, it's illegal.” Alex looks up after explaining herself while staring at Mary and Kait's chest.

Kait sighs with relief. Kait: "Oh, okay..." Mary: "You scared us. We want to keep our body as a secret." She glances at Alex and notices how good she is at keeping herself professional. Kait: "Would you like.... to show us the village?" Mary: "Yes! When you leave the job?"

Alex contemplates silently to herself. "I'm not... I'm not sure. I don't know. There's not... um... well uh..."

Kait grins and stands back, waving her hands. Kait: "Its okay, we understand if you don't want to do it." Mary: "People will stare at you a lot if you are with us too. We don't want to cause you problems."

Alex slaps her forehead. {Fuck, I blew it! This is my first, on probably only, chance to be friends with a mutant like them. I can't let them slip away.} "Um, well, it's not that, it's just... you seem so nice and successful. Why do you want someone like me to show you around? I'm a nobody."

Kait sighs with both heads and touches her right forehead with a palm. Kait: "What makes you think we are successful? We have no friends at all, we aren't famous, we just build robots. We are totally boring." Mary: "We only have each other all our life." [Pff if only...] Kait looks a bit sad and avoids eye contact with both set of eyes, lost in her dual thoughts.

Alex shifts on the stool. "Oh, well, you said you're scientists, so that means you guys are really smart. That's better than most people can say for themselves. Sorry I misunderstood." She scratches her head. "I find it hard to believe that you have no friends, however."

Kait: "Well... we are good with studies because we have twice brain pow.... i mean...." Kait looks up with the right head as her left continues. Mary: "We just study a lot. We don't go outside to socialize, and when people see us, we are the center of attention. We don't enjoy that." She pauses for two seconds "We are the ones that avoid people... you know... conjoined twins are strange between mutants and even more the ones with eight arms and breasts. Doctors want us to conduct a lot of tests and x-rays to our arms to see how they are connected to our body. It's really annoying. We only want to show our body to a person that we trust. That's why we left the city. We want to start a new life here." Kait smiles at Alex with both heads in sync.

Alex nods respectfully. "That makes sense. I can sympathize too, I guess. I don't go out much either and don't have many friends. I don't want anybody to know that I'm a-- uhh- um... I mean... that I have no talent or good qualities. I'm boring too.” Alex stopped there, unable to say much more.

Kait: "Well... I guess that's a good reason to make one...two... new friends, right?" She blushes a bit looking at the same cute girl with both heads, clearly in sync. Mary: "Would you like to be the one to show us the town then?" Kait appears more nervous now. [How bad can it be when I have to socialize with regular people?]

"Right now? I got work." Alex's expression illuminates, but her joy is held back for later.

"No..no." She says in unison, shaking her heads. Mary: "After work." Kait: "I mean... whenever you can... it doesn't have to be after work either. I don't know... we just..." Kait has difficulty finding the proper words.

"I got an idea.” Alex strokes her chin. “Why don't you two upload your contact info on my holocard, then we can... um... keep in touch... and maybe I can show you around sometime later." She smiles nervously. "I have to warn you though, there isn't much to see around town anyways."

Both heads look at Alex with puppy-dog eyes as if she received the gift of her life. She nods nervously. "Sure!" Both of her mouths say. She fishes her holocard from her pocket and gives her info to Alex.

Kait: "It doesn't matter if the town is good or not." Mary: "We can share some time with a person for first time in years."

Alex smiles at how sweet Mary and Kait are. She can tell they are smart and nerdy with just how demure they are being. She checks over the info on her holoscreen and sees something odd. "Wait, do only one of you have contact info? Where is Mary's info?"

Mary: "Uhmmm..." Both of her head blush deeply. Kait: "W...we.... just use one, is better for buying things online, or for procedures, we have to do all together anyways." Kait uses the first excuse that came to mind.

Alex nods. "Oh, that makes sense. You two are inseparable after all." She chuckles under her breath, amused by both the joke and the fact that the woman has two heads.

Kait looks at herself with her heads. Mary: "Exactly!" Kait: "We are a good team." She acts out by clapping her hands together like she's interacting with her fake sister and giggles with both mouths. Mary: "Okay then, we will wait for you to call us when you are ready." Kait winks with the right head while the left one speaks.

"Okay." Alex says gently. She feels some of the charm of Mary and Kait rubbing off on her. Not to mention the disaster happening below the desk. Alex suppresses a conflicted face when she notices their coat move. Her dicks have not flagged one bit and continue to hurt after being so erect for so long in the presence of a beautiful mutant. "My shift ends at 5pm. Do you want to call? Or should I?"

Kait thinks for a second and then nods with both heads. Mary: "You can call us when you are done if that sound okay for you." Kait: "Its a deal then?" Kait extends a hand to Alex. [It seems she doesn't see through my fake facade. I wonder what she'll think when I tell her that I don't have a sister.] While she waits for Alex's reaction, her left head glances down and realizes the size of Alex breasts under the uniform. [Wow.] was the only thought that bounces between both of Kait's brains.

"Good to meet you girls," she says politely. Alex shakes their hand again, forcing out neat professionalism. "See you later. Have a good day."

Alex watches Mary and Kait stroll out of the bookstore with their heads held high. {Hm, good to know I'm not a loser after all. Those girls are amazing.} Now that Alex is alone, she growls at her cocks. They haven't gone soft one bit. They keep bumping against the underside of the desk. Alex held them at bay long enough and took many deep breaths to calm down.

It only took an hour for her dicks for finally go flaccid, but her balls remained bigger than they'd ever been before.

Kait leaves the bookstore and sighs outside, touching her chest with a hand. [R: What a scene!][L: Alex seems to be a good girl.] She smiles to herself and walks back to the cozy hotel.

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Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

One in a Billion
Chapter 2

- - -

Kait opens her bag of books and rubs her heads to trade thoughts between them. [Which clothes should I use?][Why i nerve have good clothes for dates?] ["Date?!"] She blushes from both faces and shakes them free, grabbing her best looking dress from her luggage. She doesn't have a lot of good outfits since she had to customize all of them to have eight sleeves, but this one was her favorite. A ruby red one-piece dress with four diamond holes vertically separated down the middle to expose each one of her four cleavages. A nice design that made her look like a precious jewel. She carefully sets the dress on the sofa and takes another shower after all that she's been through today. [My coat makes me sweat a lot.][I should use a fresh one for this.]

While drying off in the dark room, she looks at herself in the mirror wearing nothing but thin panties. She glances at her body from heads to toe, twisting around a bit to inspect all of her mutated body. [I'm really so freaky.][Even for a mutant fan, I hope it doesn't bother Alex.] She walks half-naked into the main room and turns on the TV, relaxing until 4:30pm shortly before Alex gets off from work. Kait watches TV with her right head and reads one of the new books with the left one.

– –

At 5pm, Alex locks up the bookstore for the day. She heads home to relax and change her clothes. Her body has been on high alert all afternoon. Her dicks grew erect every ten minutes for the remaining hours of her shift, and now she is so exhausted that she lays down on her bed and takes a nap.

An hour later Alex opens her eyes and gets up, only to find her cocks completely erect again. {Ugh! What is wrong with you guys? Why won't you go down?} Alex took a peek at her digital clock on the wall, reading 7pm. {Oh shit! I forgot to call Mary and Kait! I promised I'd call to see if we can hang out today. I'm really nervous, though. What if she was just visiting and went home already?} Alex activated her holocard and removed the wireless earpiece from the side. She dialed the ID number they gave her and waited. Her heart and cocks were rapidly pulsing with each passing second.

– –

Kait waited and sighed when she didn't receive any calls. 5pm. 6pm. 6:30pm. She turns the TV off and sits on the desk chair, looking outside through the window. [These polarized hotel window are nice.] [I'm luckily that people outside can't see me or they would freak out.] Kait looks down to her many hands on her lap. [Maybe Alex freaked out at the end of the day when she remember my secret and doesn't want to contact me.] She exhales and closes her pairs of eyes, forgetting about her current situation. Her eyes droop, half asleep.

Suddenly, Kait hears the call from her holocard. Quickly waking up, she grabs the earpiece and answers. "H...Hi?"

"Hi, is this Mary and Kait?" Says the familiar voice of Alex on the other end. It took so much energy to keep from herself from grinning too wide. Her lips were too precious to ruin before the date.

"Y...Yes.. it's me!” Kait says. “I mean is us! Alex?" Her left head sighs for her own mistake of letting her sister act slip away.

"Yes, it's me, Alex, from the bookstore. How you doing?"

Kait breathes deeply and relaxes her expressions, trying to hide her happiness. "Hi Alex! We are fine! We were waiting for your call. How was your work day?" While she speaks, Kait focuses her left head on paying attention to where she walks while using all remaining hands to get dressed and comb the hair of both heads.

Alex sighs. "As usual. Nothing special, except when you came in today."

Kait giggles. "Oh, but what happened? You went out late from work?"

"Oh no, I'm so sorry, I uh... I fell asleep on my bed. I was so tired when I got home because my dic- ... um because my delicate muscles were aching." A breath blows away from the mic.

Kait smiles to herself. "That's okay! Don't worry, work is tiring. Trust me. Do you want to show us the village anyways? Or you have other plans?"

Alex checks the daylight outside her window. "Um, maybe we could just hang out somewhere. It's too dark out now." She sits back down on her messy bed, staring angrily at her enormous tents under her custom skirt as her dicks rise almost two feet away from her crotch. "I don't know what friends normally do together. A-are we friends?"

"If you accept us with our strange body, yes off course we are.” Kait says with her right head while watching the TV with the left head. "We don't know where you live, so.. if you want... we can eat something together on my hotel room? Maybe?" She lowers her tone, worried of rejection.

"Oh yeah that's right, you're at a hotel." Alex thinks back to her memory of the town. "There are a few big ones and lots of small motels. Just tell me where you are and I'll come by as soon as I can, okay?"

Both faces of Kait brighten happily. “Yes... yes! I will send you the information immediately to your card, okay? See you in a bit." She end the call and relays the address and hotel room number to Alex. Kait uses her digital glass tablet to order some good delivery food. Walking to the bedroom again, she changes clothes, using the long one-piece dress she had picked for the night. [I don't think I'll need the coat this time.]

– –

Alex searches closet for so comfortable. She decides to throw on something casual and appropriate. A bra, shirt, and and dull gray sweater. She doesn't want to attract any attention to herself when in public. Alex also doesn't wear pants due to her condition. She puts on her thickest and longest carbon-black skirt custom ordered to fit her waistline and height to make sure it hides every bit of what hides beneath. She wants nothing to go wrong. Her black skirt is good hiding wrinkles and shadows from curious eyes. There's still the possibility of discovery, but the risk is lower. Alex leaves the house and takes a free automated taxi to the hotel. A few minutes later, she walks inside the big hotel lobby and searches for Mary and Kait's room number.

– –

Meanwhile, Kait received the food and put decorations on the dining table in the hotel suite. The rest of the room looks good and clean, except for her worktable all her hardware tools and robot parts. [This is a part of me anyways...][...should be okay.] She goes to the bathroom and washes both of her faces, using a soft lipstick on both set of lips as she looks over her rosy cheeks in the mirror. She grins twice. Kait grabs two combs and straightens her long black hair on both heads, using all her hands to her advantage. She loves playing with her hair. Once she finished, she walks to the living room and waits patiently for Alex. She idly plays with her hair, twirling many fingers through them constantly.

– –

Alex ascends to the second floor of the hotel and finds the correct room number. She knocks on the door and steps back. Alex hears sounds inside. Her excitement is hard to contain.

The door opens to reveal Mary and Kait. Except, only their heads are visible around the side of the door. They invite Alex inside with gestures from many free hands. "Hi Alex! Come in! I've been waiting for you." She still doesn't let Alex see her dress, with all arms exposed and the multiple cleavage openings.

Alex smiles wide when the girls invite her in. {Hm, it smells nice in here. Better than the default hotel room smell.} She hears the door close behind her and finally sees the twin girls in all their spectacular glory.

Alex stops dead in her tracks as her heart stops and her body freezes. She's in shock. {Holy fuck! Look at that dress! They look so beautiful! And all those arms... moving at the same time... her pairs of boobs creating so man cleavages... and her two smiles staring... uh oh...} Alex suddenly feels her entire body react to the mutant goddess in front of her. Intense pleasure pounds her dormant nerves, weakening her complexion. She immediately panics when she feels her quartet of cocks awaken and grow underneath her skirt. Alex sucks in her breath to slow the grow, but can only hold it for so long.

Alex gives an awkward, yet warm smile. "H-hi Mary. Hi Kait."

"Hi." Kait answers with both heads and waves two of her right hands. Walking closer to her without realizing the effect she's having on Alex, she hides two sets of hands behind her hips while the lowest pair hold hands on her front and the top pair scratch both of her heads' cheeks. "We don't need the coat inside here, it's warm in here." Mary: "W...we hope it doesn't bother you.” She then realizes and hide the last set of arms behind her, too. Her left head chuckles nervously. Kait: "W...we know.. we have a lot of hands... you will get used to them.... i guess..."

Alex feels unworthy to be in the presence of such a fine mutant. The kind of extreme mutant that she's been fascinated of since she was a kid. But she's never seen anything like Mary and Kait. Not even on the Worldnet. Alex can't stop staring at all their arms and boobs. She was never usually into girls, but there's just so much of Mary and Kait that she cannot resist. And besides, having four large cocks helps with her lust for anything that includes multiple body parts.

"N-no, it's alright." Alex recollects herself. "Wow, seeing so many arms in person is... is... I don't know, I never thought in a million years I get to meet one." She nibbles her bottom lip. {Why is she wearing something so formal? We're just hanging out... right?}

Kait feels butterflies in her stomach. She blushes from the compliment. [Oh?][She likes my arms?] She clears her throats. Kait: "Well... here you have us..." Mary: "So you really want to see our arms?" All six arms that are hidden behind her simultaneously move to the front and opens her palms to let Alex see them, moving her 30 extra fingers. Kait looks up to Alex, eagerly awaiting her reaction. A brief pause lingers between them.

Kait: "We are more unique that what you think..." [Oh god... I shouldn't say that][Or can I? Can I trust her?]

"I love your arms." Alex says without thinking first. She regret it and covers her mouth. She retreats a step back the moment she realized what she just said. {What's wrong with me? I can't let her know I'm more than just a fan of extreme mutants.} "I mean... you look great." Alex tosses a weird smirk. "Don't you think that dress is a little overkill?"

All four pair of Kait's hands immediately move to cover the cleavages of her many boobs. Kait: "O..oh... y..you think that?” Mary: "We can change our dress if it bothers you. We just picked our best one." Kait: “It's the first time we used it." She sighs from both mouths. [God speaking as two people is getting so hard when I'm nervous and ashamed.]

“Oh no no, I looks really nice.” Alex quickly replies "I just didn't expect you to wear something so... ...fancy." Alex explores the tranquil interior of the hotel room. First class suite. Really cozy and relaxing. "What- uh... ... what do we do now?" Alex coughs and clarifies her question. "Like, do you really plan on settling in our town?"

Kait: "I have dinner ready, we can start there." Her left head giggles while she speaks. Mary: "Yes, we are planning that, we want a peaceful place, and now considering you, we have more friends here than in our city." She starts walking to the table with the food and the decorations. The dress lets Alex see the curve of her spine and torso where were her many exposed shoulders stuck out from the sides. Her spine does a perfect Y at the height of her first pair of shoulders where it splits into two necks for each of her heads.

Kait: "Follow us."

Alex is so mesmerized by their movements that she obeys without thinking. She follows Mary and Kait into the dinning room. Alex is confused and shocked to see a fancy set up with ceramic plates and wine glasses for such a casual occasion. She wasn't expecting anything like this. {It's almost like she thinks we're on a date.} Alex stops walking and wiggles her nose. {Uh oh. Do they really think we're on a date? But I just wanted to hang out. Then again, I can't control how funny and aroused I feel when I'm around them.}

Kait suddenly turns around, giving Alex a more confident and warm double smile. She couldn't help but marvel at Alex's modesty and shy demeanor.

Kait: "Take a seat, Alex." She points at the chair with one of her eight hands while the other seven subconsciously take a different pose. Mary: "We want to talk with you.” She sighs from both mouths. [R: It's better if she knows it now.][L: I feel I can trust her.]

Alex takes her time walking towards the table, but keeps her guard up. {I know that tone. It's strange. What is Kait up to?} She carefully sits on a chair, tugging her many cocks into a better, more comfortable position. They've grown half-mast since she entered the hotel room and are still inching bigger under her skirt. "Alright."

Kait sits in front of her across the table. With the fresh food already on the plates, she looks away with both heads seemingly ashamed and lingers in silence for a couple of seconds. Kait: "Y...you think we can be good friends?"

"Of course." Alex responds right away to crush any misunderstanding. "Why? What's up? Did I do something wrong?"

Kait look at Alex with both heads and shakes them vigorously. Kait: "No, no you didn't..." Mary: "It's... just... if we are going to be good friends, we have to tell you our secret." Kait bites her dual lips, totally nervous. Nobody, aside from her family, knows about her unique mind, being one of the most unique cases regarding her body.

Alex raises a hand. "No no, please, don't tell me what it is. You've only just met me. If it's very personal to you, it's a bad idea to just tell me your deepest secrets." She sighs and sits silently. "I'm pretty much a stranger to you. I do want to be friends, but this doesn't seem like the right time."

Kait: "But if we don't do it, we would be hiding something for you for a long time.."  Mary: "You are our first friend in years, and the first that has gotten this close to us even after seeing our extremely strange body." Kait puts six of her hands on the table staring at Alex with a serious expression. "We want to say it, if you promise to keep it the secret between us."

Alex exchanges looks between Mary and Kait for a while. Her complexion is deeply rooted with nervousness and anxiety. {Wow, she's really serious about this. I hope she isn't some kind of master criminal or something.} Alex leans back in her chair and rubs her hands together over her knees, just short of the tips of her dicks poking far from her crotch. "O-okay. I promise."

Kait breaths slowly and waits a moment before answering with a straight face. Kait: "Well, as strange as it can sound..." Mary: "...Mary doesn't exist..." She closes her hands tight in anticipation for Alex's reaction. She wasn't all that specific, but she felt the weight of her secret being thrown around.

Alex frowns, confused. Alex snickers at the supposed joke. "Umm, what? Mary is right there." She points at the left head. "That's a funny one. So what's the real secret?"

Mary: "That was the secret. Mary doesn't exist. I am Kait too." Kait nods with her right head at the same time as her left. Kait: "This isn't a joke. I'm serious. I don't have a sister."

Alex can see that they {her?} are not laughing. She refused to believe it. "What do you mean you don't have a sister? You're conjoined twins, right? Mary and Kait." She points at each head.

Kait shake her heads. "No, we are both Kait.” She speaks in unison. “I'm one person.”

Alex still can't wrap her head around the idea. "You're not making any sense. Identical twins do that all the time. It's some weird phenomenon that makes them sync their actions often."

"W-well, um, okay how about this.” Kait keep speaking at the same time and then mimics two perfect smiles from each mouth. “Make your own test."

Alex shifts in her seat. "Like what?"

Kait giggles with both mouths. "You think twins can say longer phrases like this, in constant sync?" She continues speaking in double harmony.

Alex begins to grit her teeth. {This is getting REALLY creepy now.} Her expression goes blank. "Uhh..."

Kait laughs mildly in relief now that she is comfortably discussing about her mind with a cute girl. Left: "You don't believe me?" She smiles with both heads to Alex.

Alex is almost stunned, but a small part of her thinks this is still all an act. A really clever act that is so convincing that she might almost get away with it. "Not really."

Right: "Okay. But do you know that not single conjoined twin shares senses with her heads, right?" She covers her right head eyes. Left: "Show me something to me and I will say what this head while looking at you with my right one." Kait winks expectantly at Alex with her left.

"Hm." Alex stares at them for a second, wondering why they are so insistent on convincing her of this. "Alrighty then." Alex holds up a napkin from the table. "What is this?"

Right: "A napkin." She smiles with both heads. Left: "Try another thing if you still don't believe me."

"Um, okay." Alex picks up a fork with her left hand and a spoon with her right hand. "Try this."

Right: "A fork in your left hand and a spoon in your right." Kait chuckles to herself, only speaking with the right head. She removes her hands from the other eyes. Left: "You believe me now?" Right: "This is how it's easy for me to study my work. I can read a book with each head." Kait gestures like she's holding a physical book with each pair of hands as if to read.

"You could be cheating by peeking." Alex asserts, still not persuaded by the stunt. "So turn sideways and look at me with only one head, and the other look the opposite wall.”

Kait giggles and follows Alex orders facing the wall with one head and Alex with the other, turning her body sideways. Right: "Like this?"

"Cover your ears too."

Right: "Of both heads?"

"No, just the one looking away." Alex waited to make sure Kait did what she asked. Sure enough, Kait covers her ears with her top two left hands and closes her eyes. The rest of her arms wave in the air to give Alex the signal that she was ready.

"Okay, rapid fire round. I will show you some numbers one after the other. How many fingers am I holding up?" Alex shows three fingers.

Left: "Three!"

Alex hold up both hands and shows 7 fingers.

Left: "Seven!" Kait right head winks at Alex, causing the girl to squirm.

Alex keeps her cool and holds up 2 fingers.

Left: "Two!"

9 fingers.

Left: "Nine!" Kait right head giggles. Right: "This is fun."

Alex wiggles her nose. She shows 1 finger, then 5 fingers, then 3, then 8, then 5 again.

Kait right head closes her eyes a bit focusing as her left head says all the numbers. Alex watches closely to make sure Kait isn't cheating. Left: "One, now five, now three, now eight, now five!"

Alex puts her hands behind her back.

Left: "Why you hide them?" Kait's right head tries to look behind Alex without any luck.

Alex gulps the heavy lump in her throat as her expression implodes in the span of a few seconds. Her face goes from skeptical, to confused, to full realization. Her eyes grow so wide that they almost pop out of her skull. She breaks eye contact with Kait's smirking right head, unable to keep her jaw from falling halfway open. She blinks and shakes her head many times to make sure this is still reality. She sinks into the chair and slumps over quietly for a short while her eyes stare ahead, watching Kait. Their..., no, HER smiles are both creeping her out and amusing her at the same time.

Kait leans forward. Left: "I hope you don't show fingers behind you. I have two heads, not x-ray vision." She laughs and sticks her right tongue out, playing around with Alex while speaking with the left head. Right: "Can I release my left head now? Seeing and hearing the world with only one head feels so strange for me." Kait sigh with both heads.

Alex just stares and them... her... for as long as it takes for it to sink in.

"You really are one person." She says in a soft, monotonous voice. She judges each pair of eyes as belonging to the same person, as crazy as that sounds.

Kait releases her left head and turns to face Alex. "I told you I am." She speaks in unison and giggles. Right: "Surprised?"

"It shouldn't be possible." Alex says in the same flat voice.

Left: "That's the same thing the doctors said when I tried to explain them I'm one person..." Right: "...but it is how it is. I just have two heads." Both heads of Kait look to each other while she speaks.

Alex's whole body shivers the moment she sees Kait turn her heads toward each other, and is forced to make an awkward face. She feels her crotch immediately fire up at the very idea of two heads on the same body looking at each other. It doesn't matter if she's the same person, that is hot. Alex fights to push down her still growing cocks. For some reason, they feel heavier than before.

"U-uh uggff, o-okay." She shakes her head again to free herself of the image in her head of Kait's heads looking into her own eyes. "Just give me a minute to think about this."

Alex stands up awkwardly and hobbles over to the bathroom. She closes the door behind her and begins hyperventilating the stale air she had been holding in her lungs. {What the fuck!?} she screams in her mind.

Kait watches Alex walk to the bathroom and disappear. [Oh no...][Did I scare her too much?] She slowly walks closer to the bathroom to check up on her. "Alex? Are you okay?" She says in a worried tone, but in stereo. Right: "I know I'm so extreme as a mutant and so rare, but won't hurt you or do anything bad to you. I swear on my life."

She waits for an answer by turning her body and sitting beside the bathroom door, Kait hugs her legs with all eight arms and sinks her heads lows. She leans cheek to cheek between her legs.

– –

Alex clutches her violently thumping chest and stands up straight, only to double over in slight pain as she feels her four cocks throb so hard that they yank the fabric of her skirt. She rubs her hidden shafts enough to relieve the discomfort. She can hear Kait and also Kait call to her from the other side of the door. {Fuck, what do I do!? My dicks are ruining everything today. I can't control myself. I need to take care of this, but I'm not in my house. I'm in a hotel bathroom. I can't just masturbate in here. Kait will know something is up for sure.} After several minutes of silence, Alex cracks the door open a little to see where Kait is. She finds her curled up in a ball of sad next to the door. {Ah shit, I made her cry.}

Kait lifts her right head when she hears the door opening and looks at Alex. Her smile brightens and she immediately stands up on her two feet. "A-Alex... I... I'm sorry... did i do something wrong?" Her four sets of hands are everywhere in a full nervous state of uncertainty. Left: "I wasn't trying to scare you. It's just—, just that I felt it was best that you know the truth about me."

Alex looks away for a moment, then looks back. "I'm sorry I made you do all that stuff. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. The 'singular person' thing is still hard to swallow, but I believe you." Alex doesn't move a muscle, refusing to exit the bathroom. The door blocks the view of most her body, especially where it counts. "I just makes you more... incredible."

Kait looks at her, unable to comprehend a compliment like that. Right: "Y-you think that?" Left: "Then I'm not frightening you?" "Wohooo!" Kait jumps in happiness and extend two of her four right hands to Alex inviting her to catch them. But Alex still doesn't move, making Kait pout twice. Right: "Do you want to come back to dinner with me? The food is getting cold." She smiles to her with the left head as she speaks.

"W-wait, I c-can't- I have-" Alex hides further behind the door.

Kait looks at her with both heads and frowns. Right: "You have... what?" Left: "Are you okay?" Kait looks more worried, but chooses not to invade the privacy of Alex and steps back. She act distracted by looking opposite directions. "Ooookay... I will wait for you at the table" She speaks in unison and turns to walk away. Right: "Take your time..." Left: "...make yourself a home, so treat this place like it's your house."

Alex closes the door and sits down on the toilet seat. She sighs. Alex very carefully rolls up the bottom of her skirt and lifts it above her knees. Next she pulls the fabric back, completely exposing her huge cocks to the air. Alex bites her lip when she literally sees all four of her thick shafts throb to the beat of her heart. She releases the skirt and grabs her two upper cocks with one hand each, barely able to get her fingers around the girth. Her two bottom cocks lurch with lust-filled need, but Alex didn't have enough hands to tend to them all. Alex hesitates before starting to stroke her impossibly hard dicks. Her four swollen cockheads are so smooth that Alex is swimming in oceans of bliss as waves of ecstasy flow back and forth over and over. Her eyes roll to the back of her head. She picks up speed, and soon feels her 8 balls pulse on their own. Then, Alex pictures Kait in her mind, and as soon as she does, Alex's vision goes white as her eye snap open, and then fires off her impressive load all over the cabinet in front of her, each rod spraying thick ropes of cum in dozen-seconds long streams. Alex's grunts are low, but quiet enough. But she didn't expect the orgasm to be so powerful. So powerful that when she felt her cum start to dribble its last shots, another orgasm shoots through her body, causing her arms and legs to convulse in absolute pleasure. Again, her cocks fire off more thick streams of pure love all over the bathroom wall, adding even more semen pooling on the tile floor. Long hand motions force more hot cum out as her orgasm rages on.

A minute and a half in to her second earth-shattering climax, Alex huffs violently as her body shakes with aftershocks of the waning orgasm. The last of her cum launches on the floor, and her balls finally stop pulsing. Alex is nearly out of breath as she lays back on the toilet to rest her sore body.

As soon as her mind returns to her, Alex's eyes light up in horror. {What the fuck did I just do!? Fuck fuck fuck.} Alex scrambles to get all the tissue paper and wet rags as she could find to clean her massive mess up. It's a relief that her cocks have finally gone not just soft, but completely flaccid.

Alex cleans up her sticky mess and dumps the evidence in the trash bin. She puts her skirt back on and fixes her short brown hair in the mirror. Satisfied with her appearance, she quietly exits the bathroom and slowly walks to the dining table. Kait is sitting there browsing the Worldnet on her holocard with one head, and eating some appetizers with the other head. "Um, h-hi."

Kait immediately stops what she's doing. Turning to watch Alex with both heads, her faces change from a bored and relaxed expression to full happiness. Her four top hands wave at Alex.

"Hi!!" She speaks in unison. Right: "You feel better?" Left: "All of this must be so shocking for you." She is ashamed of the misconception, but at the same time feeling so much better knowing that Alex is approaching closer and accepting her special condition.

Alex gives a dry laugh. Her eyes are on Kait to make sure she doesn't suspect anything odd. The dinner before her is neatly set up with some fancy dishware, even for a hotel. Alex is able to sit down more comfortably now that her extreme arousal has been taken care of. But somehow, she still doesn't feel completely relaxed. Her whole body is still buzzing with heat. Kait's voice—now that Alex knows the truth—is so much more soothing to her ears.

"I--it's fine." Alex lied. "Just a little shaken up is all." Alex sits down across from Kait, gazing down at her plate.

Kait smiles at her in stereo, looking at her more confident as she breathes deeply with both mouths. Left: "I'm so happy that you actually believe me." Right: "This is the first time I can act like how I really am inside while in front of someone." Left: "Acting as twins all the time is exhausting, even for having two brains." Kait stay in silence for a second, trying to find the correct words to say.

Right: "Imagine like you have to move your hands." She lifts her second pair or hands, "But you have to act with your left one completely different than how you act with your right. To act like each hand have their own personality." Left: "At the end of the day, it gives me a headache." Right: "And believe me, you don't want to have headache with two brains." She winks with both left eyes and grabs the fork to take a bite with her right mouth.

Alex rests her elbows on the edge of the table, listening to Kait speak so fluidly while switching off each head. It was cool and creepy at the same time. But there was also something else that was bothering Alex. "Why did you lie to me?" She says as she drops her eyes to look at her hands. "What I mean is, why do you want to hide your true self by acting like two different girls?"

Both of Kait faces change to a more sad expression and they both look to the table moving the food with a fork. "Well..." she simultaneously began with both heads. Left: "I just... you know... I think I'm the only case of a two headed person..." Right: "..and because of that nobody believes me... and they bullied me a lot in the past... so I decided I should act to show what people want to see...." Left: "...so... I acted like twins in front of people since I can remember." Her lower 4 arms move nervously. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to lie you, that's why I told you the truth now." She speaks with both heads in sync as she looks into Alex watchful eyes.

Alex leans back in her chair and lets her arms go limp over her lap. "Oh,” was all she could say in that moment. Alex understood completely the plights of Kait being picked on for being different. She knows just how unique and cool Kait is, even for a dork like herself whose deepest, most personal, desires included learning more about extreme mutants types. She couldn't think of anything that could make this day any more extraordinary. "I'm sorry."

Kait smiles to Alex. Right: "Oh, don't worry... I got used to it." Left: "That's why I always avoid people because even the four armed mutants treated me like a freak." She lifts all her arms on the table. "You know..." Left: "...I was the octopus girl... or..." Right: "...the best girl for orgies..." She gestures with all hands like she was stroking cocks in different angles, completely unknowing of Alex hyper sexual condition and the effect that it's having on her. After a quick pause, she laughs with her right head while she speaks with the other. Left: "But right now I find it funny, because most of them where just jealous because I have twice as many arms as those guys. Who's laughing now, huh?"

Despite the nature of all of Kait's body parts seemingly built for sex, Alex didn't expect someone as innocent and charming as Kait to bring up something so lewd all of a sudden. The stroking motions she did with all of those slender arms sent her body into another frenzy. This time it didn't hurt, but she definitely felt weird sensations within her over-endowed body. Thankfully, her hormones were recently drained, so she wasn't concerned with losing control again.

"I like your arms." Alex remarked. "Who wouldn't want more arms?" Alex sat up straight and crossed her legs to put more pressure on the growing energy rising within her body. "Hey, I like octopus. They're cool. Therefore, you're cool, too." A small smile tugged at her lips.

Kait laughs with both heads. Left: "That isn't the first time you said you like my arms." Right: "Would you like to be a mutant with more arms?" She grabs the fork moving it hand to hand from her topmost right hand to the lower one and back up again to her first hand. Kait didn't intend to be a tease, but she loved moving her arms around. It's natural to her. Left: "If you like them that much, I will be sure to use them a lot in front of you, they are really useful for me when they aren't hidden under my coat." She eats with the right head while keep speaking with the left. "You aren't going to eat? It's really tasty!"

Alex nods and take a bite from her plate. She hums with a mouth full of food. "Yeah, I kinda want to know what if feels like to have more than two." Alex looks up to see Kait's many, many, many hands doing regular things that even made her shiver. The fact they all exist on one body is making her skin crawl with waves of goosebumps. And with two heads, TWO!, that belong to the same woman, is nothing short of miraculous. She could feel her palms grow more sweaty.

Kait looks to her hands and all her palms moving her fingers. Right: "Well, I can't really describe it. I was only able to do many multiple tasks with them when I grew up, but I think if didn't have two brains, I wouldn't be able to do complex movements with eight limbs at the same time..." Kait keeps eating with the left head "...but more than that.. I don't know. My eight hands have been mine since I can remember, so, I guess it's like having two, just they are six more." She gestures around aiming all her free hands toward Alex. Right: "But don't challenge me to a tickle fight or you will have a bad time." She laughs at her joke and continues to eat with her left mouth. Left: "Still, I'm surprised you ask for my arms and not for my heads, that's usually what people want to know about."

Alex licks her lips at the prospect of being touched by so many hands at once. "Well... you see... I'm actually- um- I--" Alex coughs the excess saliva from the juicy food in her mouth. "I can't imagine what it's like for have another head. It just doesn't make much sense, but that's not it..." Alex washes down her throat with water. "You're so... um... two brains...heads... I can't... " Alex takes a deep breath as her heart is close to exploding. "It's so... sexy." Alex says that last word very very very quietly, almost muffled.

Kait's grin freezes in place. [Did she just say sexy??][Yes, she did!] The multiple senses going to Kait's two heads helps her to fix her state of mind. If something wasn't clear for one head, the other head fills in those blanks. She never realized how useful that was because she always took it for granted.

Kait's blushes with both faces, but doesn't want to make Alex feel uncomfortable. "Having two brains... is..." She glances to herself with her heads "...a good advantage..." She giggles and focus to speak with only one head. Right: "I know it doesn't make much sense, but it's like I'm two girls but one at the same time..." Left: "...both of my brains are perfectly linked... so it's like a constant chat between them that builds two thinking minds into one entity." Right: "I can control both of my brains independently. I can watch two things at once with perfect details, and all that info is mixed in my mind." Right: "If I learn something new with my right head, my left one will also know it, but if I need to use it that knowledge with my left head, I have to send the thoughts between each brain." She rubs the back of her heads with the third pair of hands. Left: "It's a mess to explain, but I'm basically having two inner voices inside my mind all the time." Right: "And I can do two task at once, so it's always easier to use all my hands for something, or to study two things at once." Her faces go red since she never tried to explain it at that detailed level before. Just saying all those words is surprising herself with how amazing it is.

Alex chews silently and sits motionless. Her eyes and ears are on Kait and Kait. Listening to them... her... is beyond fascinating. When she finishes swallowing her food, she takes another bite, then another, intently listening. During the explanation, Kait occasionally turns her heads inward to look at herself. This forces Alex to jump as her crotch reacts without warning and she cringes. She grits her teeth as a spike of odd pleasure climbs up her spine. She doesn't realize she is grunting out loud. Something about having two heads on the same body looking at each other so close together, they can almost...

"Ugg, don't do that." Alex accidentally says under her breath. She didn't intend to say it out loud, but it was too late. {What the hell is wrong with me!?} Alex does her best to squeeze her thighs together to cut off the blood flow to her four cocks, but it's no use. The sensation is too great.

Kait stops talking when she hears Alex mutter out a few words. Left: "Don't do what?" She gets worried when she sees Alex's strained expression. "Oh, oh! Sorry, you're so right! I have been talking a lot about myself." Right: "Tell me something about you. Do you live alone here?" While her right head speaks, the left one notices that she has a bit of food on her right head's check and she subconsciously licks it almost touching the lips with the tongue. She does this often when she's alone since is easier than grab it with a hand, but at the moment she does in front of Alex she froze and blushes. Left: "Oh! I'm sorry!" Right: "Wow I shouldn't do that in public." She speaks with both heads at the same time, making it hard to understand.

The moment Kait licks her cheek with the other head, Alex's eyelids flutter as if she has a mini-orgasm. She tucks in her gut in order to intercept the exchange of pleasure traveling from her brain to her cocks. But it's no use. Alex moans in her seat. All four of her cocks lurch underneath her skirt and bump hard against the underside of the table. Alex's heart stops when the table lurches and an audible thud echoes across the room. She drops her fork on the plate and fumbles her hands under the table to push her dicks down. She sinks into her chair, making an awkward face. "Uh-uhh... ugff..." Alex gulps full cups of air when her shafts refuse to go down. "L-life is g-good here." Alex is so distracted by the growing stiffness of her 18 inch cocks that she doesn't answer the question with a relevant answer. Each penis is also rubbing against each other while her balls hang over the edge of the chair.

Kait looks at her in surprise and then with a dual worried expression "Are you okay?" Left: "Did I say something wrong?" Right: "You have been acting strange tonight. Can I help you with something? You can trust me." She says, lifting six of her hands in the air like she's about to stand up and help Alex. But when she heard Alex answer back, it makes her worry even more. Alex can notice how her lowest set of hands grab her dress tight on her legs, trying to contain her own shyness as she leans closer trying to help Alex.

"N-n-no, I'm okay." Alex lies. "It's not--" She is struggling to control the increasing arousal. The longer she is here in Kait's magnificent pretense, the more horny she gets. {I'm such a wreck! I should just go home.} But Alex can't be so rude without giving Kait a formal notice that she should be leaving soon. But all she can do is retreat under the table inch by inch to hide her erect cocks tenting her skirt without care. Nothing comes out of her mouth but groans.

Kait sighs, noticing that Alex won't tell her what's wrong and sits back down again. She claps her four upper hands and points with the other four. Right: "Okay... so! How was the food?" Left: "Was it tasty enough?" She smiles, trying to relax Alex, but still uses her multiple limbs often to do multiple tasks, totally oblivious that Alex is getting aroused for that.

Alex grins nervously. "Y-yes, very good." She grunts again. "Uhgg...unff... uuhg..." She wiggles her way around the painful, aching position that is getting increasingly difficult to control.

Kait rest her back on the chair to relax. Left: "It was good. I don't have to act like Mary, or else I would be arguing with myself about the food." She drinks water with the right head while she speaks. Left: "Did you have more mutants friends?" Kait tries to relax and make Alex feel better, even if she doesn't know what's bothering her. [I don't want to ask.] [She doesn't look like she's ready to tell me.]

Alex blinks rapidly as her vision goes blurry for a second. She scoots her hips up and brushes off her skirt. But it does nothing to quell the throbbing meat that is constantly begging for attention. "Y-yes, that's funny." She said. "Friends are good to have." Alex's fingers slip under her sweater to pinch herself, hoping physical pain with make the arousal go away.

She was wrong.

Kait focuses her right head and play with the fork moving it between three of the right hands like juggling while keep speaking with the left head. Left: "That's nice! What kind of mutants are in the village?" She accidentally drops the fork to the ground. "Ops!" she say in unison, leaning to grab it from the ground. Alex sees four left hands holding the table and her body. She picks the fork but her left head glances something under the table. Kait comes back from under the table again with both faces totally red with confusion. [W-what was that?!!] Both heads look directly at the fragile girl sitting across from her. She gasps. “ A-alex...? Are...are you a m-mutant too?"

"Wh-what!" Alex shouts in absolute panic. "No no no no I'm not-- I'm not--" She slapps her forhead. {Why did she do that? Did she see my...? This is not good!} Alex tries to pull her skirt further over her cocks despite the skirt already hiding most of her legs and waist. "You're crazy."

[What was that then?][I'm pretty sure of what I saw her... lower body.] [It wasn't normal at all][But what was that then?][I don't know] Kait's brains are imploding as she tries to understand what's happening. She blushes more and more. She has a good guess of what's under Alex's skirt, but doesn't want to force anything upon her, so she just asks in a very confident and sweet tone with both heads. "Y...you are like that now... ...because of me?"

"L-like what?" Alex says, breaking her voice. "I don't know w-what you're talking about." Alex knows she's been caught, but maybe there is some way to play it cool and get out of the mess. "My legs are tired, and they're aching." She shrugs. Her moderate D-cup boobs also squish together, which would make her cleavage more pronounced  if it weren't for the fact that she is wearing a thick hoodie to hide any indication of her overly sexed body. {I hate this. I hate myself.} Alex drops her eyes to the table, avoiding eye contact with either of Kait's heads. {C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, get it together! I shouldn't even be here right now. Why did I even agree to this? But Kait is just so... n-NO stop it stop it, stop thinking about how amazing oh so sexy she-- AGHH STOP} Alex bangs her fists on the side of her head to help fight her perverted thoughts.

Kait sighs with both heads and uses one of her lower hands to rub her right head. [She's losing her mind.] Right: "Listen... Alex..." Left: "Calm down please...." She begs her with her four top hands. "...It's perfectly normal, you don't need to hide from me." Right: "I will not tell anyone. Can you trust me?" Kait blushes as her legs tremble nervously. "I just want you to be okay."

Kait's amazing voice{s} are enough to calm Alex down. Alex takes long gulps of air as she stops flailing her arms under the table. She is astounded by just how earnest and understanding Kait is. There is no fear in her voice. No panic. No anger. And most of all, no disgust. Alex glances up just enough to look at Kait. "I'm okay." Alex is still violently shaking, but is strong enough to subdue herself for now. However, she won't have the strength for long. Her mind and body are already breaking into a freaky mess. "I-I'm not hiding anything." Alex lies, again.

Kait looks at Alex with a confident face. Right: "Alex..." She puts one of her many right hands on her chest, just over her heart. "...I can wait until you are ready to tell me, but..." [I don't know if i should say this...] Kait glances down at the table and the empty dishes, a bit sad for not being able to help her new friend. [I guess I'm not reliable.] She shakes her heads. Right: "It's okay." Left: "Did you want me to leave you alone?" Right: "I just want to help you and feel good, I don't want to lose the only important person to me over a mistake." Little tears are visible on both set of eyes.

Alex suddenly goes numb. Her heart drops when she realizes what she has done. {Oh no, I made her cry. What the hell is wrong with me?} Alex's eyes go wide and she perks her head up fast. "Oh no no no please don't cry." She pleads. "I don't mean be rude at all or anything like that." Alex drops her eyes once more, knowing she blew it. "You're just-- I mean I'm just--" Alex pauses for a while. A silence fill the air for several seconds before Alex inhales slowly, then lets out a rough sigh.

"Y-yes, I'm a mutant." Alex cringes upon her admission.

Both of Kait faces looks up in sync to Alex and hold her tears, cleaning each eye with a free hand. "A-are you really?" Kait appears so much more relaxed now. Left: "Then what I saw under the table is true?" Right: "Can you tell me the truth? I will help you to hide your secret." [I'm so sure that was a cock.][But looks like a big one. Too big to be a cock, maybe it's something else. But what? I want her to sexplain me.] "And please... don't be afraid to tell me. It isn't your fault to be a mutant as isn't mine to have eight hands and two heads either. We have to deal with that, and now we have each other to make it easier, I know how hard is to be a mutant all your life and try to hide it, but I'm not like everyone else. I will never judge you." Kait speaks with both heads, but in a sweet tone, and more in sync that ever. She literally sounds like one voice in perfect dual harmony.

Alex hesitates. "No one knows, except my doctor and my parents." She looks right then left and right as if to check for eavesdropping. It was instinct. Alex taps her fingers together. "W-well, I'm... um... I'm not entirely female."

Kait both heads blush red and whisper. Right: "Y...you mean.. you have a penis?" Her left head looks to the table as if she can see Alex groin through the table and then glances up to her face again as she speaks with the right head. "But it's really big, isn't it?"

"Um..." Alex blushes deeply. She pushes her hard cocks back down, but they fight back and throb in response to her confession. She didn't expect her arousal to spike to new heights as soon as she spills her greatest secret. "Actually, I have four."

Kait freezes and her two pairs of eyes open wider than ever before. "F..Four?!" she shouts in unison. [Four... four penises?][Is that's why it looks so big?][Or are all of them huge?][Wow four...] Kait suddenly starts to feel so aroused herself. [Th..that's really hot.] Both of her brains are busy comprehending Alex's mutation as she lifts her eight hands in front of her own faces. She then slips four of them under the table, thinking about how many of them she would have to use... [Wait...][What am I thinking?!!] She suddenly hides all her hands behind the chair and stares at Alex.  Right: "Oh..oh wow! That's a lot!" Left: "And here you tell me I'm lucky." She giggle nervously trying to hide her excitement.

Alex disagrees. "I'm not lucky. They're such a burden, like a curse." She doesn't notice right away that is Kait getting flustered. "They're way too much for me to handle. I can barely control them. I'm sorry, that's why I'm feeling so frustrated today." Alex doesn't move an single inch, waiting for Kait to say something. Her heavenly voices have begun to help calm her down.

Kait suddenly realizes about all the day situations. Right: "W...wait... th..that means..." Her left head cover her mouth ashamed. "...You are like that... because of me?" Two of her hands cover her chest as she start to breath faster. "D...did I do this to you?"

Alex can't bring herself to say anything right away. She stumbles over her words. "yes," she says quietly, dropping her head low with monumental embarrassment. "Don't take it the wrong way. I like you. But I'm so confused. I don't know why they're so..." Alex pauses there.

Kait stops for like three seconds, but it feels like a minute the two mutants. "I...I..." She stop for a second [W..what? She likes me? That can't be.][I'm just a freaky mutant, this can't be possible.] Right: "I... I never thought I would be sexy for someone." Left: "T..thank you..." Kait makes more attempts to be more confident. Left: "Is t-there a way I can help you?" She smiles at Alex with both heads, then realize that phrase could be taken in more ways than one. She waves her eight hands off. Right: "Oh... I don't mind in the pervy way... I mean... if I can... " She starts panicking. Left: "Well... I guess I can help you in that way to... I mean... damn!" She touches both of her foreheads, totally confused. A second later, she opens an eye of her right head to see Alex. [She must be hating me now.][I wasn't controlling what I'm saying.][But I also want to see her cocks so badly.] She shakes her heads again and sigh.

Alex puffs her cheeks for another sigh, this time breaking into a cute grin, but she puts her arm up to hide it. "This is so embarrassing." She says to herself under her arm. "I kinda made a mess in the bathroom. I am so sorry." Alex rubs her hand which have gone cold since relaxing a bit. Yet her cocks are still hard as ever. At least they've stopped throbbing so much, but they still feel uncomfortable in the tight confines of her skirt. Alex throws her hands up in her defense. "B-but I cleaned up. It won't happen again." Her smile disappears. "Now you know my secret. I guess we're even."

Kait left head turns to see the bathroom door and her blushes return with full force. Left: "Oh..." The right head still stares at Alex. Right: "Don't worry about it. It doesn't bother me." Kait gives Alex a warm smile with her right head as she stands up and walks to Alex's. Now that she's close enough, she looks at her groin with both heads. [Wow she's definitely full hard now.] Right: "Come on, Alex..." Left: "Trust me more... you can;t stay like that." She pats Alex on the head with her second and third right hand. touching the girl with her extra hands for the first time. "What do you want to do?" Kait now feeling more close to Alex fight against her shyness and give her a double smile.

Alex shivers deep down when Kait touches her with a hand, then another, then another. Her teeth scrape over each other, making her jaw shut tight. She grabs her skirt to hide the tent that her dicks are causing. {This can't be happening right now. Everything I've ever wanted. And SHE is here, talking to ME, from TWO different heads! The kind of person she's always dreamed of meeting after all those years browsing the Worldnet.}

Alex doesn't move from her seat, but finally does relax her posture. "T-thanks." Alex bites her lips. "This doesn't seem right. I shouldn't be-- I don't know. I... I can take care of this later. Maybe I should just go home."

Kait keeps smiling down at Alex with her left head, but stares at her groin with her right one. Left: "Alex... you can't go outside like that. If you want to hide it, you have to release yourself." [Oh my god, what am I doing?][Oh! I can make a deal with her.][Wait can I?] She blushes so hard with the idea, but manages to acquire the strength to say it. "O...okay... lets do this." Kait grabs both of Alex's hands with two of her left, still rubbing her hair with the others. Right: "Let's make a deal, kay?" Left: "We trust each other right?" Right: "If you release your cocks from the skirt and relax until they get down..." Right: "I will.... I ... I will.. release my... dress..." she say the last word softly while licking her supple lips. She closes both set of eyes and waits for the response she is hoping for.

Alex is more surprised than ever. She nods and stands up. Upon doing so, her dicks bounce when she plants her legs firmly on the ground, making the quadruple tent under her skirt stick out over a foot away from her body. Four clear peaks are poking up her skirt, lifting the ankle high fabric off the ground several inches. It's almost like she's smuggling a huge cow udder under there.

"Okay. Deal." Alex shakes Kait's third right hand. "But not here."

Kait stares at the tents of Alex's skirt in surprise with her left head .Left: "Wow, they are huge." All eight nipples of Kait are not visible through her shirt as she blushes so hard, but she feels the grow hard. Right: "W-where then?" Her hands are shaking, both because she want to see Alex's body and because she is about to show herself naked in front of someone else for the first time in her life.

"How big is the bedroom?" Alex says, her voice dripping with shame.

Kait giggles and extend her eight hands as far out wide. "This big!" she jokes. Kait laughs and looks at her own hands. [Lets see how she reacts.] Right: "You say you like my hands don't you?" Left: "What if I do this?"

Kait runs behind Alex and hugs her from behind with all her arms at the same time rubbing her boobs in the process, cackling with a head on each side of Alex's own head.

"Eep!" Alex squeaks audibly. She can feel two breaths from two separate sources on either side of her own head. Her entire body is melting. Not to mention all the arms that are wrapped around her short body. Kait's two lowest pairs are so far down her torso that they're dangerously close to grazing over the base of her cocks. Alex feels her crotch nearly explode with pleasure, causing her dicks to visibly throb all at once, slapping her stomach. Instead, Kait's hands were in the way. The mushroom shaped heads of her shafts poke Kait's arms through her skirt for a split second, but it's enough to cause her legs and arms to quiver violently. Then Alex panics when she feels something she's never felt before churn within her eight balls. Her expression is strained when Alex feels a pressure build and suddenly travel up each of her cocks. Her heart is racing a million mile per hour as the concealed tips of her cocks sprays a few strands of what Alex can only assume is precum, dampening the carbon-colored fabric in four different spots. It happens again, and then again. Alex hasn't been stimulated enough to cum yet, but the sudden and intense rush of pleasure to her dicks is what sets them into overdrive, desperate to release their pent up loads. Alex feels all of Kait's tits press against the curve of her back, causing even more shots of pre to soak her skirt. Her heavy breath is only remedied by a single, muffled word.


Alex and Kait push the intimacy to a whole new level. The pair of mutants straddle each other, lost in the high of euphoria as their excessive bodies feed off their hyperactive pleasures. Alex and Kait have enough to fulfill each others' needs, but aren't prepared for just how intense the next step is going to get.

Alex rolls her head back further into the gap between Kait's dual heads in bliss, breathing harder and faster. The mere contact of Kait's entire upper body sets her body in motion, sending new sensations of pleasure she'd never felt before. Her eyes squeeze shut with the sudden flood of chemicals invading her brain, as well as her shafts.

"W-wait-- d-don't do-- uggnff..."

Kait blushes so hard when she feel how warm Alex body is right now, seeing her cocks from two different angles with her heads as they touch her many rows of hands [Oh wow!][Did i provoke this?] Her breaths race at the smell of Alex potent musk from the enormous size of her hidden members. Even though they are under a thick skirt, the tents make them look even bigger.

Alex couldn't speak. She didn't think things could get any hotter, but she was sorely mistaken. She trapped a breath in her lungs as she could hardly breathe.

Kait struggles to keep her mind straight. She is in a losing battle for control of her arousal as her feelings prevent her from thinking anything else else besides Alex. She suddenly releases Alex. Being fair she walks in front of Alex, so blushed, but not ashamed anymore. Instead, Kait is so excited while she focuses her left head on Alex and her right on her nice bust and pitched tents. She notices that the tips have darker spots, as if damp with... [Yup, that's her precum.] [Hm, and quite a lot of it already.]

Kait steps back a few paces and makes sure she has Alex's full attention.

What Kait does next nearly forces Alex to her knees. {Uh oh... is she really gonna... no no no} Alex was internally frightened by the reaction of her own body, but there's nothing she can do about it. Her frozen gaze looks on as Kait, in all her multiple glory and glamour, starts the take off her dress. One by one her pairs of hands undo buttons of the lovely dress.

Kait moves her three top pairs of arms in front of her lovely ruby-red dress and proceeds to unbutton with one audible “Pop” after the other. She does with every button and every hands, very slowly slipping the dress out of the many arm holes. She is halfway into undressing in front of Alex, whose cute expression is priceless, and turns her heads inward to look into her own eyes. Kait gives herself two smirks and gestures in the air with her top two arms.. Her silky dress slowly falls away from her body, exposing pair by pair of shoulders, as well as every pair of boobs lining down her chest without a single bra on any of them.

Before Alex knew it, Kait was almost completely naked in front of her, stealing Alex's virgin eyes of their purity. Eight arms, eight nipples on eight boobs, and two heads. Alex felt her cocks lurch again, releasing more pre onto her skirt with ease. Her jaw hangs open and her hands are shaking.

When the dress falls below her hips, a cute pair of black panties are exposed while Kait's heads spread out enough to expose her necks and the gap between them too. Kait avoids eye contact with Alex until she can catch the ruby dress from falling on the carpet.

"So... what you think?" Each of her hands are outstretched to present her whole mutant body to Alex, letting her see everything that she has to offer. Shortly after, her arms then fight to cover her many breasts because the hotel room is cold.

Before she has a chance to reply, Alex feels a sudden orgasm ignite throughout the female part of her body, hitting her with intense pleasure she still standing, and still full clothed. Her eyes temporarily flutter, but Alex remains standing and tries to play it off as normal goosebumps. The only thought that comes to her mind is the one that she's been meaning to say since she first laid eyes on Kait. Alex is so vulnerable that she actually speaks that thought.

"Y-you look... like... the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life."


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

One in a Billion
Chapter 3

(full uncensored version)

- - -

"Y-you look... like... the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Kait gasps from both heads. After having shown Alex all eight of her arms and four matching pairs of breasts lining down her entire torso, Kaits giggles softly for the reaction. She didn't expect were the very words that Alex uttered.

It was the first time anyone has ever said that to her.

Kait can see Alex shaking so much and takes two steps forward, making all of her boobs rub against each other softly as both pairs of eyes simultaneously stare at Alex with equal surprise. Those words made Kait freeze in place funny enough, as each of her faces grew so red that heat radiated from her cheeks. [I-I'm sexy for her?][She's the hot one here!]

Right: "A-am I causing your body to react like that with just being naked?” Left: "Wi...will you show me your body please?” Kait's right head bit her lips while she respected the distance between them to let Alex make the next move, crossing all her arms over her crowed chest. She felt more relaxed with the words that Alex gifted her  that she even had the time to joke around.

R: "I will have all my four eyes on you.” L: “Respect the deal or I will use my 40 fingers to tickle you." She chuckles knowing that Alex is loving all of her multiples.

Alex continues to watch every little movement of Kait's arms and boobs, making her more sweaty under the collar. Her hoodie is getting incredibly hot under there and she waits until her arms have enough energy to move again. She nods her head when Kait asks her to undress. This is the first time she's ever been in a position to show her gross form, let alone to someone so god damn hot.

Alex carefully removes her gray hoodie to reveal an equally boring gray shirt. Her D-cup boobs strain the shirt enough to pull the bottom above her midriff. She didn't have much problem taking off her shirt and bra. They we're still women after all. She was soon only left with the thick skirt that hid everything below her waist. Alex paused when she reached down to take it off, thumbing the elastic hem of that kept it from falling off. Her hands didn't move because they were too afraid to go any further. Alex puts her arms to her chest to partly cover her bare chest. She looks up to see Kait watching carefully from both sets of eyes, each one mimicking the others expression. Alex couldn't quite make out what Kait is thinking. "uhmm..."

Kait smiles twice and steps close to grab her hands with her second pair of hands. Left: "Alex, don't be afraid of your body." Right: "You are really beautiful." She looks at her, blushing deeply and happily with both heads, ignoring the fact she's almost all naked herself. Left: "You have nothing to be afraid of." Kait uses her lowest pair of arms to remove her panties out of Alex's view as she lifts it to the height of all three of their heads. Right: "If a mutant as freak as me can show you everything I am, you can definitely remove your skirt for me." Her left head winks to Alex while she again walks back to give her space. This time she was less subtle about focusing attention to her black panties and shaved vagina between her own legs.

"B-but it's not-- like I can't--" Alex can't help but freeze in front of Kait. She shakes her head and twirls her hair. "They're gross." Alex says lightly. "I'm gross."

Kait smiles and chuckles, then turns to walk to Alex's side, showing all her shoulders from the side and the gap between them as they each one move independently. Bends over to remove her panties and present them to Alex. From Alex's point of view, each of Kait's heads are visible from each hole as she hold them up to her face. The panties themselves looks so damp with Kait's dripping vagina fluids.

Left: "Do you really think..." Right: "...I would be this wet if you were gross?" Four of her hands touch each one of Alex cock tips softly. "Please show me." She says with a lustful tone.

Alex is no longer quivering, but quaking to the bone. Her nerves are firing on all cylinders that there no stopping her arousal from rising to greater heights. Alex watches Kait move so effortlessly and fluidly that she is leaking even more between her legs. As Kait flaunts her soaked panties, Alex feels her own pussy start to leak of her love fluids. When Kait approaches her, filling in the last gap between them, Alex gasps when she feels four palms graze over her concealed cocks. Her members lurch at the touch and begin pumping out a few more hot strands of sticky pre-seed. The fact that Alex is producing precum is not unusual, but to produce THIS much is unheard of. {What is happening to me? I've never leaked this much in my life.}

Alex takes a long breath and complies with Kait's request to undress. She first pulls her skirt above her belly to loosen the waistband and to make sure her cocks don't snag and pull out of place. Her next move includes the most daring of all, and the simplest. She pulls the whole shirt down to release her quartet of eighteen-inch long cocks, finally exposing her members for the first time to another pair of eyes. Or in this case, two pairs. Alex drops the loose skirt, letting it fall to the ground to further reveal a huge sac with four equal pairs of tennis ball sized testicles reaching halfway to her knees. Alex shivers due to the cool air brushing against her unnatural, naked form. Alex's cheeks sink deep crimson as her enormous cocks sway with the slightest movement of her hips, each one leaking so profusely that long ropes of translucent precum drip down the undersides of her three-inch thick shafts.

Kait was just staring at the four big cocks in front of her, frozen as her mouths hang open, and her left mouth drooling a bit. A hand moves up to the left mouth cleaning it as she shakes her heads. Smelling her insatiable musk through both noses at the same time was just too much for Kait to handle, her body seems to be hypnotized with the huge cocks in front of her.

Left: "You even have the balls too..." Right: "They must feel really good right?” Six of her hands are already playing with her many boobs while she steps forward to hover over the huge rods of throbbing flesh. Alex can practically smell the raw arousal emanating from Kait's own smooth body when she gets closer. She noticed Kait's panties are drenched from her wet pussy.

Alex licks her lips and examines Kait's full form; from nice toned legs, to her four pairs of arms, the bottom of which are sticking out over halfway down her torso, to her perfect boobs. She looks at Kait's heads, not really knowing which one more dominant one than the other, assuming that's possible.

"C-can I touch them?" Both heads say in a desperate and lustful tone.

Alex stays in place. "Okay." She puts her hands up. "Be gentle. I might cum any second- unnffg--" Her cocks continue to bubble out more precum.

Kait chuckles with both heads knowing how weak actually Alex is against her mulits. "Oh, I will be gentle." Kait slowly moves all eight hands to the right-most cock, rubbing it softly with ALL forty fingers on just that one cock as she kneels in front of it. Left: "Like this?" Right: "Is this soft enough?" Both of her heads are cheek to cheek in front of that cock and looking up at Alex between the space of her other cocks.

Alex suddenly shrieks as her body briefly spasms. Her right cock immediately launches ropes of cum with such force that her voice falls away and her eyes squeeze shut. To Kait's surprise, she finally collapses to her knees as her shaft drenches the carpet with her thick semen. The other three cocks were merely drooling precum in excess in reaction to her single cock orgasm, which made her muscles weak. Alex's balls rested on top of her thighs and continued to pump its load from only two balls. They other six contribute some additional spunk to each shot and adding a few more hot strands as her throbbing cock fires off its fifteenth and final rope.

Alex clutches her chest to catch her breath. Her body feels so weak from the intense explosion of unadulterated pleasure that she can barely hold herself up. It was the best orgasm of her life, yet only one dick came. The others remained hard as ever, leaking profusely, desperate for release. Even the cock that just fired off a puddle of cum didn't go soft one bit. Due to the fantastically lewd figure of Kait's many arms heads that infected her brain, her arousal only seemed to grow stronger. Alex rolled her head around her shoulders in bliss.

Kait—now covered in layers of cum—kept looking at Alex in shock after witnessing how much semen Alex just expelled from a single dick. "Alex!" She glanced with both faces, hair her top shoulders and boobs covered in stands of her glue-thick load. Left: "Look what you just did!" Right: "I will have to take a shower!" She looked at Alex more confidently and smiled, already joking about it. "But first..." She speaks in unison again Left: "You have to unload all of it." Kait stands up in front of Alex and holds each cock with one of her hands, having four more free to point to each one with a finger. Right: "I will give you a different treatment on each one. Which one you want first?" Kait says still dripping with the first sample Alex has to offer. She enjoyed the amount all so much and was curious to see what Alex had in store for her.

Alex can only sputter out a weakened response. "S-sorry." She is huffing heavily by now. "Your touch set me off. I told you I've been so hard all day." Alex shakes her head. "I don't know how much more I have. I've never cum that much before." Alex realizes that her cocks as still so hard. "Please, they're aching so hard. Do you think... ...do you think you can take care of all of them at the same time?" Alex never thought those words would ever come out of her mouth, but now that the beautiful creature before her is here to help, there are more than enough hands to tend to her problem. She has also never came from all four cocks at once. She previously couldn't because she didn't have enough hands of her own to service them all simultaneously.

"As you wish." Kait giggled, winking at Alex and kneeling in front of her. She allows Alex an all access pass to her body by placing all her boobs between her cocks. Left: "Let's see..." She focuses her left eyes on the two left cocks, and her right eyes on the two right ones. Being gentle like she promised, she grabbed each of the cocks with two hands, then glanced to Alex with both heads and started stroking all four softly. Alex deeply grunts from the burning pleasure as Kait strokes all four of her stiff cocks, leaking precum from each in constant dribbles.

Kait gave each one a different rhythm and speed; the middle-right one with both hands at the base moving fast, the right-most one with hand around the bottom, stroking softly and applying pressure to the thick shafts. On the other side the left-most cock had two hands running fast from the tip to the base on each side while the middle-left received the fastest handjob Kait could give. Left: "You like this...?"

Then Kait had an idea that would make Alex shiver to the bone. She turned her own heads inwards towards each other, barely an inch from touching her own sets of lips.  Right: "What you think Alex.. should I?"

Alex looks up suddenly to see Kait's heads literally facing each other a lovers breath away. "Unnff... yes." Alex squeezes her eyes shut. The involuntary reflex also made the corners of her mouth twitch. She is so drunk on pleasure that she could hardly think, but witnessing a person with two heads on the same body kissing each other sends an earth-shattering orgasm raging forth.

Instead of kissing herself right away, Kait teases Alex more and more by making her heads lick each others' blushing cheeks, cleaning the first load of cum off her skin. She looks back to Alex licking her left lips. Right: "How is this feeling for you?" She aims all her hands up towards her own heads for more pleasure. Two hands stroke her own cheeks while her open continue groom each face. Four more cup her upper chest over her top two pairs of boobs.

Alex can't breathe, let alone speak. Her mind goes blank and her body tightens. She can feel something surging within her that she didn't quite understand. Alex watches Kait's teasing display of self-foreplay that she was losing control of her own body. The erotic scene in front of her—in addition to her own huge cocks being stroked by so many gentle hands—is too much for her. Alex is pouting her lips while her face flushes deep red with a sizzling  heat. Every one of her cocks leak immensely. Alex is on the edge of exploding. "I-- uggn, I'm--"

Kait opens her mouths and waits for Alex, rubbing the four cock tips against her many boobs, moving them from one row to the other while she keeps stroking them. One other hand slow moves to the respective pair of balls to give them some attention as well.

"Give me your seed Alex." Kait is so beat red and hypnotized by the throbbing pleasure of the giant cocks in front of her.

Alex blacks out for a split second as soon as her orgasm explodes throughout her. The most powerful sensation of pleasure that she could ever imagine ignites within every nerve and vein in her body. Her arms and legs go limp for a second, then her balls tightened against her crotch, ready to blow. Alex leans forward enough to put her head between her left and right cocks because they were so huge that they touched her cheeks.

Kait gets into a different position in front of Alex when the tips of her shafts bubble out what remains of her precum, making way for the real loads traveling up each of her shafts, all at the same time. Alex screams when—finally—her cocks fire off four simultaneous ropes of hot semen with such force that they literally spray Kait's crowded chest like a garden hose under immense pressure. Several sticky strands shoot off in every direction, coating Kait's middle four boobs in just the first ropes. Alex groans out loud while her first shot continues on for several more seconds, but is barely able to recover when she feels her second shots fire off with equal force. Alex's entire body violently vibrates as her second shots end, and her third begin soon after. The longer her orgasm went on, the greater the volume of cum emptied out from her eight balls, absolutely drenching Kait's entire naked chest with her fourth and fifth and sixth quadruple ropes of thick seed. The excess of cum bleeds from her tips as her cocks cannot fire out her cum fast enough, dripping puddles of cum onto her own thighs.

Kait aimed the cocks to wet all her body on the seed of Alex. From her heads and hair to her legs, she was totally wet in cum. Even strings of the stuff are failing from her heads to her back shoulders as she look up at Alex who is totally exhausted. She lifts her second right hand in the hair which is covered in cum and a string of cum falls from the tip of her finger while she watch that with the right head and look to Alex with the left one. Left: "Wow..." Was the only word escapes from Kait left mouth Then she slowly look down and inspect her body [Oh... wait what?][How i ended covered in cum?][All of this is from Alex}

Alex is barely conscious when her seventh and eighth shots of cum fire off all over Kait. Her deepest fantasies have come true, but she was not prepared for what happened next. Alex continued to moan as she reached rope number fifteen, but also felt a different sensation cascade on top of her extended orgasm. She felt her cocks visibly pulse and throb to the point where the length of her each shaft started growing longer and thicker while shooting off more seed from the throbbing tip. She can't believe her eyes as she witnesses her four enormous cock grow from 18 inches to 20 inches, then 22, then 23, the finally slowing down until each cock at 25 inches long. [Holy fucking shit!] was all Alex could say in her mind. Her cocks, still shooting thick seed out her tips, are now 2 feet long! {What the fuck-- unnfg-- is happening-- mffff-- to me!}

Kait glances up at Alex and her cocks and slowly stands up. [She's amazing! Like nothing I've ever seen!] She tries to walk forward but all her body feels so sticky. She looks to her arms, each row seems to be sticky and making strings of cum between them when she spread the arms. Kait stay in shock for a second and then start laughing.

After almost two minutes of constant orgasm, her cocks finally soften as they fizzle out their last loads by the twenty-third shot. Alex's dick start to deflate, but remain semi-hard. All she could do is pant to catch her breath.

Right: "Oh my god... Alex, look at the mess you made..." Left: "I'm all sticky!" One of her lowest hands and one of her third pair of hands grab some cum from her belly and move up to her mouths as she taste it while another three hands grab Alex left arm helping her to recover as Kait kneel at her side "Are you okay?"

Alex's eyes flutter open and hears a heavenly voice speaking to her. Her mind is floating above cloud nine, but is conscious enough to roll off her back. She heaves her breath. letting her lungs drink in more air. In her blurry vision, she sees a strange figure moving next to her. She reaches out a hand with a love-drunk smile on her face. The blurry figure grabs her arms and pulls her body up. Alex slowly recovers from the paradise of pleasure and regains her vision. She looks left and finds Kait and Kait kneeling down next to her with many many arms holding her limp torso up. All Alex can do is take slower and deeper breaths to bring her heartbeat back to normal.

As Kait's voices ring in her ears again, Alex attempts knock her head free of the dizziness with both her hands, and in doing do, she finally is able to hear and see and smell again. She flinches when Kait uses a sticky hand to help her keep her balance while sitting up in a soaked patch of carpet. Alex assesses the scene before and finds white everywhere. She glances around her entire person and starts to panic. Intense shame flushes to her cheeks knowing what she did, but never before has she made this much of a mess. Several dozen thick ropes of cum litter half the room as far away as the opposite wall of the hotel room. Alex looks down at her cocks. All four of them hang soft over her huge sac in a row, side by side by side by side.

Kait's two heads are staring between her and the gigantic sticky mess that she has made. Alex estimates that she has ejaculated several liters of cum onto Kait, while the rest of her load painted the floor in her huge globs. Alex is astonished by the amount of cum she emptied onto Kait's torso. Fresh semen drips through her four vertical cleavages and accumulate over her engorged pussy lips. She notices that Kait's two legs are coated in enough sweat and semen that it looks like she dropped a bucket of lube over her fine skin. Kait's bottom hands are busy grabbing handfuls of cum off her four lowest boobs. Her upper hands are tasting strands of her thick white cum, licking her fingers with both mouths and trading off heads with each sample.

Alex can barely take it. Her insecure conscience comes back to haunt her usually demure personality and causes her to curl up into a ball. Kait tries to get her attention, but she ignores her as she sinks her head into her knees. {I can't believe that just happened. What the hell did I get myself into? I'm so gross. I will be a freak for the rest of my life.}

Meanwhile, Kait is trying to console her, but is having a hard time controlling her own eight arms since the whole room smells of sex. She is still enjoying the taste of Alex's  cum on her mouths and elects to speak with the one head that's isn't fully invested in savoring the flavor to check on Alex. When she sees the shy girl curl up in front of her, she giggles to herself and crawls closer. Using all her hands and her two leg, she joins Alex by her side and rests her right head on her shoulder, giving her a side hug with all four right hands.

Right: "I will be here if you need me, but you have to know this was the most amazing experience I ever had." Her left head is still focused on the cum coating her own body. Her four left hands are fondling her many breasts, taking the cum on them and reaching her left mouth as her right head giggles.

As the two of them sit beside each other completely naked with untold amounts of cum, a serene silence fills the air. Alex is having a hard time trying not to cry, but the intimate warmth of Kait's body calms her down. In fact, she is enjoying Kait's four-armed side hug while receiving whispers of sweet mercy into her ear from the right head. Alex's heartbeat and breaths finally relaxes to normal. She doesn't know how long the two of them were in each others' embrace, but it didn't matter. Alex is now able to hold her own.

Right: "I'm glad I have two brains. My left one can only think about your cum right now. It's so tasty." Then her expression changes to something more sincere. Right: "You aren't gross or a freak. You are perfect in the way you are."

“R-really?” Alex looks up at Kait-right. That was something no one has ever said to her before. It made her feel loved.

Right: "Definitely..." Kait's eyes move down to her mouth and she feel her heart beating faster and faster as she moves closer to Alex lips. She thought for a second and her eyes go open wide. It was so obvious she was trying to kiss her, so she suddenly stops and turns her heads inward. She needed to check something first. She swallows many times with her right head, then open her mouth and with the left head she looks inside her own mouth. Left: "Okay, it's clear of cum." She turns her right head again at Alex and goes in for a sweet kiss. Without tongue, but full of love. Left: "And with that, I want you to trust me. I'm being honest."

Alex gladly and humbly accepts the kiss. Her heart starts beating faster again, and she can feel some sensation return to her flaccid cocks. Her members twitch with every second she is locked lips with Kait's right head. It also amuses her to hear Kait talking at the same time they are is kissing. After a few more moments, they pull away from each other. Alex sighs and lays her hand on Kait's middle right arms.

"I trust you. " Alex rests her head on Kait's top right shoulder like a warm pillow. She closes her eyes and gingerly exhales. "I love you." Alex's hand drifts toward her cocks again. She doesn't realize every one of her four huge rods are already semi-erect again, slowly growing with the new emotions swirling within her.

Kait warmly smiles at Alex and lays her cheeks on her scraggly brown hair while she speaks. Right: "I love you too." Her left head glances at the girl's groin and realizes the situation. Left: "Are you getting hard again, love? Did my body turn you on this much?" She giggles with both heads, letting Alex feel the breath of her right head on her hair.

Kait suddenly thought of something that Alex would really love. She stands up and helps Alex to her feet. A pair of smiles and the numerous arms help comfort Alex. Kait leads her to the bedroom and guides her to the untouched sheets of the king-sized hotel bed. She pushes Alex onto her back and crawls over her body and sits on her belly. She grasps Alex's hands with her top ones and lifts them above Alex head, the pins them against the sheets. "I will show you... what eight hands can do..." She chuckles with both heads uses her fourth pair of hands to hold Alex waist while the four middle ones start tickling her stomach and underboob.

The unexpected gesture sends Alex into a frenzy as Kait attacks her with twenty fingers. Alex reacts fast and puts up a pitiful fight. She can't hide her smirk as Kait finds more places to tickle. It doesn't occur to Alex that Kait is using her middle four hands as a distraction from something more intimate. Alex continues to cackle, trying to swat all the hands away, but there are too many. Kait moves her fourth pair of hands from Alex waist to her outer thighs, tickling more as the movements make Alex's belly rub Kait pussy.

Before the struggle goes too far, Kait releases the hands and sits vertically on Alex's belly. "I have a funny idea, love."

Alex clutches her chest to catch her breath after being granted mercy. "Yeah? What is it?"

Kait smiles with both heads. Right: "I will show you right here, how I masturbate when I'm alone..." Left: "...but in exchange, I want your cocks hard and ready for when I finish." She double winks and leans backwards at an angle so Alex can view all eight of her boobs.

Alex sits up straight at Kait's request, which accelerates the growth of her four cocks. Each one expands to just over 2 feet in length, 3 inches thick. Alex frowns when she realizes just how much bigger they've gotten. But the real prize was the girl on top of her. The eight-armed, two-headed woman with four pairs of tits is eagerly awaiting Alex's stiff rods to grow to their full length. The eight balls in her oversized sac seem to move around on their own as they awaken. A dark blush splashes across her face. "I-is this good?"

Kait grins and makes sure that Alex is comfy on the bed. She plops her butt on Alex's belly again. "Yes," Kait says with both heads as she rest her top arms on Alex knees behind her while her cocks rub against her back. She spreads her legs, aiming her pussy to above Alex's face while her lowermost hand slithers to her groin, teasing with her other five arms as they find somewhere sensitive to touch. Right: "Do you want to see..." Left: "your love masturbating?" She chuckles with both heads and then speak in unison. "The only rule is you have to hold your cum and you can't touch. Just enjoy."

Alex whimpers before she nods.

"O-okay, I'll try."

She didn't expect Kait to be so dominating, but Alex had always felt she would be submissive to anyone. Now that Kait is on top of her, Alex relaxes her muscles and watches Kait slip one, then two, then three fingers into her drooling pussy lips.

Kait's other arms are holding her legs and thighs steady, some even searching for more places on her own body to touch. Alex immediately feels her dicks kick aggressively against Kait's back. Her middle two cockheads brush up against Kait's smooth curves and can't help but thrusts her hips up. The other two shafts rub up against the sides of her middle cocks, doubling the pleasure. Alex is fighting to hold in her third orgasm of the night, but this one feel even better than the previous two orgasms. Alex's fingers dig into the bedsheets as she gets the angel view of Kait's hands working her own slit with deep penetration and rapid movements.

Kait smiles with both heads when she feels the cocks of Alex rubbing against her back. With three fingers of her lower right hand inside her pussy, she uses the left one to play with her clitoris. The four middle hands found their way onto her own pairs of breasts, playing with all of them, moving a row rub the pair below and above it. Her right head slowly turns to her left giving herself a long neck lick while the left head moans and stares into Alex's eyes. Her top hands are still holding her body up resting against Alex legs. She quickens the movement of her hands masturbating faster and faster for her lover as her left head turns to the right, and rest her foreheads against each other. Both heads looks into each other eyes with passion, as if she was two girls that want desperately to have sex. One of her middle hands moves to her right head's cheek and holds it there for a moment. Kait finally lock lips,, kissing herself with a drop of saliva escaping between her two sets of lips. She closes the eyes of her right head and opens one eye of the left one to see how Alex reacts to her self smooch. Her hips involuntarily raise a bit in pleasure, unable to hold that amount of sensation with so many limbs rubbing and touching sensitive parts.

"Mmhfffg," Alex grunts as precum by the cupful dribbles out her cocks. She is using all her strength and will to hold back the overwhelming pleasure that is lighting her body on fire. She can feel more pre spill out in spurts when she watches Kait turn her heads inward to face each other. Alex almost blows her enormous load early when she witnesses the sexiest thing she's ever seen in her life. Kait locks her own lips together and start to make out. The scene was so sexy that Alex was grasping for anything to help her hold back an all out explosion of bliss. {Holy mother! She's kissing herself? She's really kissing herself!? Oh. My. God. Aggh noo... I can't hold it... her body is way too much for me.}

Alex's scrunched expression changes to awe as Kait suddenly starts shaking from an intense orgasm that possesses her body for all out pleasure. Kait begins to squirt so much fluid on Alex's boobs as her legs tremble out of control. She broke the kiss to moan out loud and breath air into her high-capacity lungs again and again while her orgasm keeps sending waves from one brain to the other, creating something of feedback loop. She turns both heads at Alex with her lips moist in her other mouth's saliva. She smirks, taking turns breathing faster with both heads.

Kait leans forward halfway and stares down at Alex with both pairs of those beautiful eyes. Kait is satisfied with her own display of self-love. Right: "H..how was that?"

Kait still hasn't given Alex permission to cum yet, which is further breaking Alex's ability to halt her orgasm. More pre leaks onto Kait's back as her cocks jump, flinging strands all over the bed. They are so hard and slick that it looks like she's already cumming, but she hasn't fired a single shot yet. The buildup is aching within her eight balls to the point of bursting.

"P-p-please, I need--- I need to-- I can't hold- nnnffgg-”

Kait leans backwards between the forest of hard cocks and embraces all of them with all her arms. Four arms on each side of her torso are rubbing their respective two cocks for each side. She leans each head to one side and kisses the two closest cocks tip to her while her eight hands stroke the further two cocks of Alex. With a toothless smile Kait wiggles her butt around and turns her body the other way to face the oversized cocks. She touches the tips with her lips and glances back on last time. She knows Alex is losing the battle.

Kait giggles in stereo and licks her lips before giving the word in total sync. "You can cum now."

All Alex sees is a white light the very moment her mental restraint shatters to pieces upon hearing Kait's lovely voice graze her ears. Alex is already beyond the point of no return while Kait strokes and kisses her cocks with those lips.

But she wasn't prepared for what came next. Neither of them were.

All four of Alex's cocks fire their first ropes of cum with such force that they sprayed almost to the ceiling. If it weren't for Kait pushing her shafts at an angle, she would have definitely made a mess on the ceiling. Alex's nerves explode as her insane orgasm rips her body apart and violently sends every muscle in her body to spasm. Her cocks—still on their first shot—completely drenches both of Kait's heads in huge globs of semen in a matter of seconds. Once her first rope finally flags, each cock throb again as they launch forth another hot load from her engorged tips. Kait is there to catch the two two ropes, but the bottom two members fire their shot up into the air like a hose under pressure. Alex's sac visibly pulsates as her balls tighten once more, ready for the third shot. Alex screams as her third bout of cum fires across the room before the second shot even finishes. She felt so many fingers stroke ever single one of her two foot long dicks. Alex can even gasp at how amazing it feels, she is too busy gulping down enough air to keep her awake. Alex can't tell what's going on down there, but she feels everything.

The quartet of cocks continue to discharge their huge streams of white hot love all over Kait's heads. Alex is nowhere near finished. She has yet to reach the absolute peak of her explosive climax.

There are visible bulges on the underside of each cock where the shots are traveling out of her steel hard shafts in high volumes. Her seed is raining down on her thighs and her belly now, but most of the cum settles on Kait's back as it begins to pool onto the creases of each of her eight shoulder blades. Alex isn't ready when her fourth shot of cum fires off in seemingly unending streams of pearly white, four times over.

Alex's orgasm only grows stronger, but something else is brewing within her gut that as soon as her fifth shot starts coming out, the strange sensation is shoved to the forefront of her mind. Alex is in such bliss, however, that she can't think. The oddly familiar sensation is different from her current ongoing orgasm, but it is no less pleasurable. She tries to tilt her neck up, but her head is so heavy that it rolls side to side over the damp pillows. The new sensation causes her expression to change from blissful to confusion. Something is trying to burst free from the base of her crotch where her four dicks meet.

Suddenly, a small nub of flesh rises from her groin right between her two middle cocks. The nub grows longer and fatter as it travels inch by inch into the air, forming a familiar tube shape.

By the time Alex's new shaft reaches past one and a half feet, her sixth and seventh enormous loads burst out of her four throbbing, twenty-five inch cocks. The new pillar of flesh pushes the middle two out of the way as its girth brushes up against the sides of her cumming cocks. A new growth occurs at the tip where the ends splits down the middle, creating a new slit for Alex's new penis. The fifth shaft has finally grown to the size of the others and a deep purple mushroom cockhead has settled onto the end of the shaft, which is now two-feet long. Veins begin to form along the her new length and, without warning, two new balls appear in her scrotum, pushing aside a few of the other testicles. She doesn't notice that her dicks start to rearrange themselves into a pentagon shape at the root of her manhood. Alex presses her hands over her face still lost in the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Before she knew it, her new fifth cock suddenly joins the others as all of her rock hard members ignite further and explode with another huge load of cum. Even the orgasm from her pussy is overshadowed by the intensity of the huge sex pillars painting the room white. Now FIVE streams of hot seed hose down anything in their path without mercy. By her tenth, eleventh, and twelfth shot, her throbbing two foot huge dicks continue to empty their loads just as strong as the other eight, pouring nearly a gallon of cum all over the place.

It isn't until her fifth cock has fires off it third and fourth ten-second long rope that Alex shows signs of slowing down. She all but forgot about Kait during the growth of a new penis, but now that her senses were back, she couldn't make out which head was which. She thought she heard a double gasp, but there was a ringing in her ears so she couldn't tell.

Kait slowly recovers from the extremely lewd situation she just witnessed. Both of her minds are nearly while she hugs and licks all four cocks she has on range. She hasn't quite grasped the enormity of Alex's orgasm until her eyes search for the source of the burning warmth sliding across her chest.

While Alex cocks fire more and more cum into the air, she opens her eyes a bit to trace the output of cum flying in the air with each spasm. After what feels like hours of orgasm, even Kait reaches climax without touching her pussy, but her trembling limbs don't make her stop stroking Alex cocks. [God I love this][This girl is so hot!][I need more!]

After almost two and half minutes of constant climax, Alex feels her load start to dwindle in size. She goes limp on the mattress as her god-tier orgasm finally stops and her dicks cease firing their seed. Each of her cock tips—including the new one—spurt the last of her semen onto her balls below. Alex can do nothing but stare straight up at the ceiling as her vision spins in circles. There are only two words she can think of before blacking out momentarily.

{Holy fuck.}

Despite Kait's addiction to Alex's cum, she gently holds the four cocks in her many arms like delicate flowers and the other one against her back...

[Wait...][Wait wait wait....] She gets off of Alex and looks over her shoulder with her right head. With eyes open wide in surprise, she sees a new cock that she wasn't holding a minute ago. Her entire body suddenly jumps up and scurries to the tired Alex. Both heads blink and stare at the new penis. Her many hands were in the air without knowing what to do.

Right: "A...A...Alex?!!" She still focuses her right head on the new cock and looks at Alex with the left. She has apparently fainted from all the pleasure. Left: "Alex wake up! You have to see this!" Her right head starts drooling by just looking at the new cock, but she shakes her head free of that thought to cleanse her mind, ignoring the fact that she's totally covered in semen. Even her hair on both heads looks like she just took a shower in literal buckets of cum.

Alex hears voices. Sweet voices. In a fuzzy dream made of warmth and hugs, her mind reboots. She wakes up and opens her heavy eyelids, but they're stuck together by her own cum. She lifts a trembling hand to wipe away the thick semen off her face. The sweet voices get closer and become clearer when her hearing slowly comes back. She recognizes it as Kait talking to her, seemingly in a panic. Alex is laying on the floor in a heap as if she just woke up from a coma. She is covered in several slimy layers of pearly white goo that she can only assume is her own cum. As her vision returns, she can see Kait's vibrant expression from one head, and a dazed face from the other. Alex can't feel anything below her waist. Her crotch and legs had gone numb after she passed out. She doesn't know for how long she was out. And it scared her.

“W-what-- what happened?” She manages to say.

Kait was breathing so fast, scared of the situation. She helps Alex to sit up, holding her back with three left hands as she points to the new penis with the free one. Her right side is staring at the new penis with all hands lifted and one covering her mouth, without believing what she's seeing. Left: "I... I don't know what happened... bu..but you... you grew another cock!"

"Oh god! It happened again!" Alex exclaims, immediately covering her eyes and face with her hands in embarrassment . She peeks at her crotch again. Her new cock is just like her other four, and she can only assume that she's grown another pair of balls. She can't bear the shame and rolled onto her hands and feet to hide her enormous, five-cock package. It's so much meat that they are impossible to conceal under her body. Alex sniffles, trying to hold back from crying.

Kait is still in shock. "W...wait! Again? this happened before? You weren't born with four cocks?" She says in unison, throwing all the questions together in her mind. However, stops thinking when she notices Alex's pained reaction. [I'm still covered in cum.][But I doubt it matters now.] Looking at her with both heads, she leans in and crawls closer while holding herself up with her lower pair of arms. Her third pair spreads around Alex's forearms and raises her second pair to hold Alex's cheeks to look into those gorgeous eyes. She plays with short brown hair using her top hands to try calming her down.

Right: "Alex... don't worry..." Left: "...it doesn't matter if you have 5 or 6 or 10 cocks..." Right: "You will never be gross to me and I will still love you as much as I did before." Kait kisses Alex with her right head. Left: "Maybe even more now..." She chuckles while she holding the kiss "...so don't feel bad please."

Alex calms down slightly as soon as Kait shifts her body closer and spreads her multitude of arms around her torso. Kait's loving voices are more than enough to fill her stomach with butterflies allows her to breathe easy. Alex doesn't answer Kait's initial questions, but instead replying to the assuring words of acceptance. "T-thank you.” Alex says, her lips quivering. “But I will never be normal again. I will always be gross to everyone."

Kait pouts her lips sympathetically with both mouths, holding Alex's hands with her four middle ones. "What do you mean?" She speaks in unison. Left: "You aren't the two headed, eight armed girl here." She giggles with the right head. Right: "I don't care if people think we are gross. If they do..." she shrug with all her shoulders in sync "...lets be gross together..." Left: "What do you say?" She kisses both of Alex hands at the same time.

Alex feels a tinge of glee along her lips in the form of a smile. She is surprised that Kait takes her hands and expresses the deepest amount love anyone has ever given her. Kait will forever be sexy to Alex, and even when she's not aroused, her body is always tingling whenever she's next her. Alex has ejaculated more semen in the past hour than than she'd ever has in one session, and now that her libido is taking the time to recharge, her naked body happily drowns in the warmth of Kait's arms and boobs.

"You're right." Alex sighs slightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." Alex looks up into Kait's right eyes. "Promise me you won't change your mind... about not being normal and gross together?"

Kait shakes her heads. "Off course, I promise!" She said in unison. Left: "Wait... Kait... you didn't ask me...." she glances at her other self. Right: "Oh... sorry.... do you promise too, Mary?" Left: "Yes I do." She winks with both left eyes and starts laughing as she leans back and sits beside Alex. She looks down to her body still covered in Alex cum, and she examines her shoulders and arms. Left: "I never was so glad of having eight hands..." Right: "Your cocks are amazing! I bet it must feel so good to have that many orgasms together. How did it feel?" More relaxed, Kait now wants to know more about her new lover.

Alex blushes through her slick cheeks. "T-thanks. You're too nice. I wish I had more arms." Alex looks down at her flaccid cocks, happy to find them completely dormant, but wondering what it's like to touch all of them simultaneously if she had four hands. "Um... I- don't know how to describe it." She scratches the back of her neck. Every part of her body has cum on it, even her hair. "It's too much. It's like my whole body is on fire every time. But a good kind of fire. I lose control of my arms and legs, and I can't think until I'm done cumming. I can still feel every drop that comes out for as long as it lasts. But... I don't know how long I was cumming for. Do you know?"

Kait is feeling aroused and envious from the description alone. "Wow. And meanwhile I just have a boring pussy." She speaks in unison and laughs. Left: "I think you lasted for around three minutes of constant orgasm while shooting cum in the air..." Right: "I don't really know either, I was so hypnotized while stroking and kissing your cocks. Your cum and cocks were so tasty... and you know..." She touch both of her mouths with one finger ."Feeling them twice is so amazing." She winks to her in a pervy way and then smiles.

Kait stands up on her two feet and brushes off her knees with her lowest pair of hands. "I think I really need a shower now.”

“I could use one, too.” Alex says.


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/heileejoe/ar … -787790932

One in a Billion
Chapter 4


Alex and Kait giggle with each other knowing how much of mess they've made.

Kait looks at different places of the room simultaneously with both heads. “Can you wait for me, please? We can clear all of this up together after that.” She looks back at Alex, waiting for a response. Left: "And don't worry, you can have my hands when you need them." Kait extends the third right hand to Alex to help her stand up. For a moment, they lose their balance and slump to one side, but Kait catches Alex with her lower pairs of arms. They limp slowly to the bathroom and rest against the door frame.

"Do we take a shower separately?" Alex asks. "There's only one bathroom, and I've been covered in my own cum for so long. It's starting to dry up."

Left-Kait: "Let's take turns. I don't think we can fit together, the shower in this room is really tiny. I can barely fit with all my arms by myself, so there's not enough space for both of us." She kisses Alex with her right head while the left speaks. Left: "So wait for me here, okay?”

Kait sets Alex down next to the door and walks into the bathroom to take a show while leaving the door open. Her left focuses on wiping cum from her top boobs and licks it,  giggling with her right. [One of my brains is always thinking about Alex and her cum.][She's so amazing.] Kait turns the water on, hops inside, and lets the water fall on her body. The water pours down on both of her faces as she looks up blissfully with her four eyes. The stream drips between both necks and makes a small pool on the cleave where her necks meet. She uses all her heads to rub shampoo all over her chest to clean her many cleavages. She rubs the top of her top breasts and wipes her top nipples. All her hands move in perfect sync, each one taking a part of her body. Coordination comes natural to her. Living with eight arms from birth has conditioned her brains to control them with ease. Three hands where cleaning her boobs and washing between her many horizontal cleavages while two more hands were on her hair and faces. Three other free hands were on her crotch, her butt, and her legs, quickly cleaning her entire body in less than a minute. Kait is almost on autopilot while doing all the tasks of cleaning herself where each hand already knows what to do on instinct. That allows her minds to focus more on Alex. [I really swallowed a lot of her cum.][Even my belly feels full.]

Kait chuckles with herself. She doesn't notice her top shoulders suddenly bulge outward behind her. The flashy shapes flop out of her body like the stems of two growing flowers. Two new hands bloom from the ends and slap her body like a dead weights. Kait ignores it at first thinking that her hands already lost a bit of control as they sometimes do when she's exhausted.

It didn't surprise her, until it happens again.

She turns her right head to look over her shoulder, and with both pairs of eyes, Kait suddenly shrieks in panic when she saw two extra arms hanging from her back of her top shoulders. The arms had their own shoulders and on the same level of her top hands. She couldn't move them, but she can definitely feel them.

"Alex!! Come quickly!! Oh my god!!" Kait screams with both heads.

Alex is waiting patiently outside the bathroom when she hears two voices yell from inside. {Oh shit, that doesn't sound good.} She rushes as quickly as possible into the steam filled room. Kait calls her name again from the other side of the shower curtains. Alex can make out Kait's imposing figure behind the foggy curtains.

"What! What is it?" She answers back, unwilling to pull back the curtains without Kait's permission. {I hope she's okay. She didn't fall and break an arm did she? I hope not.}

Kait pulls the curtains away with two right hands, revealing the entirety of her wet body and heads. The shower is still on and splashes water all over. She slowly turns around and points to her two new top arms with her original ones. Left: "Look!" Right: "Did I just grow two arms?" Left: "I mutated like you! Why is this happening? Why do I have more arms now?? Ten arms?? What am I going to do now?" Kait starts to panic.

“What the hell...? How did this happen?" Alex shares Kait's panic. {Does Kait have a similar condition where she grows more parts that she neglected to mention?} "You grow more limbs, too?" She asks with reserved surprise. She reaches a hand and pokes Kait's two new arms which hang limp behind her other eight shoulders. "How many arms did you have when you were born?"

Right: "No no!" Left: "I had eight arms all my life! This never happened to me before!" Kait closes an eye of her right head when she feel Alex touching the new arm Right: "I... I can't move them, but I can feel them for sure!"

"Oh!" Alex stops touching the new arms. "Uh... but how did--" Alex's frown deepens. "What the hell is going on?" Alex steps back to observe Kait again, now with two more human arms. {Whoa.} Alex can feel her stomach flutter at the idea of Kait having ten arms. It made her shiver to the bone, but it also frightened her that something weird is going on.

Left: "F-for now give me a towel please." Kait was afraid to even move, not knowing what's happening to her body. All her arms flail randomly in panic. Right: "I... I need to calm down. Help me please."

Alex quickly hands Kait two towels. Kait swipes them and tosses them over her back like capes. "A-are you alright?" Alex says softly feeling sorry for the woman's current predicament.

Kait nod with both heads Left: "I'm... I'm alright" Right: "I'm.. just confused now..." She holds on Alex while turning off the water and stepping outside the shower. Right: "J...just take a shower for now.. I will be fine..." [I'm feeling them more every second.][They were so numb at the start.] Kait gives Alex a kiss with her right head and walks out of the bathroom.

Alex watches sympathetically as Kait leaves the bathroom with her heads held low. After getting a quick kiss from Kait's right mouth, she hops in the shower and cleans her whole body, including each of her five, foot long flaccid cocks. Her balls and pussy were easier to scrub because they aren't as sensitive as her enormous dicks, but they still caused some lingering pleasure. Alex can do nothing but think about what just happened to Kait. {What's going on? Why now? Does it have something to do with me? But I can't transform anyone. That's not possible.}

Alex finishes washing herself within ten minutes and dries off her creamy skin. She is glad to have no more cum on her naked body and brushes her wet hair with the hotel comb. She exits the bathroom to find her concerned lover. "Kait? Where are you?"

"I'm here.” Kait speaks in stereo from the kitchen. Now with her hair and body mostly dry, she's so much more relaxed and smiles when she walks over to Alex. She is holding two glasses filled with orange juice in her lower hands and holding a jar with more orange juice with the third pair of hands. She's still half naked, wearing only panties and a towel between her heads. Right: "Look love..." Her new hands are in front of her, crossing below her second pair of arms as she hold them with them, all while her first pair is touching her cheek and a free hand is resting on her hips. Left: "...it seems the new ones... are perfectly functional." She slowly moves her new hands fingers, in strange patterns while she hold those waists with her second pair of hands as she giggles. Right: "It seems your girl have ten arms now."

"Whoa, that's-" Alex stopped herself there. She was stunned by how comfortable Kait was being with her newest additions. Not only that, but it seems Kait has already gotten used to her two new arms, and is even enjoying them. "Kait? This isn't normal. We have to know why this happened."

Kait giggle. Left: "I don't know what's happening..." Right: "But I'm fine with growing more arms." She releases her new hands as they relax at her sides with all the others. Right: "I already had eight arms..." Left: "Two more won't make me more freaky already, dontcha think?" She chuckles and giving Alex one of the glasses. "And now we are in the same boat." Kait clinks her glass together while grinning with both heads. She then speaks in unison after taking a brief sip. "If you don't like them, I can hide them behind me."

Alex stands frozen at Kait's weird new behavior as if she's happy about this. She looks down at Kait's rows of boobs so elegantly protruding from her voluptuous torso. Then at her arms. Then at her right head. Then the left. Alex angles her brow skeptically.


Despite loving Kait's amazing mutant body, Alex is afraid to think about what they should do if the keeps happening. She doesn't want to be rude so she takes a sip from her glass. She forgot how absurd her own waist from how huge the bulge was sticking out from the towel around her waist almost as if she's smuggling a beach ball under there. Alex turns around and walks away to find her clothes, which were littered around the main room. She sighs when she discovered that they were also soaked in her semen, including Kait's beautiful dress. Alex sits down on the bed and ponders silently to herself. She takes another sip. {What have I gotten myself into?}

Kait follows Alex. "Oh wow..." she say with both heads. Left: "We will have a problem with our clothes..." Right: "Don't worry though, I have more in my wardrobe." She joins Alex on the bed and starts practicing with her new arms by moving them as best as she can. Right: "Damn, it's still hard to move them, even when I'm used to have so many arms." Left: "They feel so strange coming from behind my top ones." The rear right hand accidental touches Alex's shoulder as Kait laugh in stereo.

"Sorry..." She moves the hand away and turns her body away, showing Alex her back where the new arms were. Kait glances over her shoulder. Left: "Can you check if they are well attached?" Right: "And help me move them a bit, like rehabilitation, please?" The two rear arms move a bit, while six others rest against the bed and her legs. The last two are still holding the jar of orange juice and a glass. "I need to learn how to move them. I can figure out the clothes I'll need to wear from now on. We can go to your house later and work this out more."

[I'm so confused.][Why did I grow more arms?][This is so strange.][I can't let Alex panic with me... I have to stay strong...][But...][No, calm down...] Kait's brains were constantly speaking to each other to calm down, countering a panic with positive thoughts from her 'sister' head.

Alex complies with Kait's request after having time to think. There isn't really anything she can do about their situation now. {Eight arms is pretty cool, so why should ten be any different? Ten arms seem awesome.} She examines Kait's top four shoulders by gently stroking her skin with her nimble fingers. "They look like ordinary arms. Your shoulders have a gap between the front and back. I don't know how you control them, honestly. They're so... ehhm... anyways. Your torso is thicker where your necks are." This is also the first time Alex got to examining Kait's necks and shoulders close up.

Kait moves her necks showing how her muscles move and spreads her top arms from her rear new ones. "I don't know..." Left: "I move them like my other arms, just these ones are there," Her second pair of hands touch her top rear shoulders. Right: "It still feels strange to have shoulders there." Left: "And you are right, my torso feels a bit thicker now so that I can comfortably control the new arms." She moves her necks to reveal those muscles. Left: "Please check them, love." Right: "You can touch if you need."

Alex hums in acknowledgment. She puts her drink down on the lamp table next to the bed and slips her slender fingers between every crease and cleave that dips around every part of Kait's upper body. She can hear a double moan, but Alex persists in case she finds a spot that would hurt her in the future if she isn't careful. "Any pain here? Or here? Or here?" Alex asks as she puts pressure on a few sensitive areas.

"Not at all." Left: "But your hands feels so warm, love." She turns and kisses her with her right head on the mouth. Right: "More than pain, it just feels sensitive... I feel it like it was baby skin. So new." Left: "Check some more, I want to know my limits."

Alex slips her hands lower and lower under Kait's double armpits. She suddenly grabs Kait close and pulls her in for a tight hug. Alex pressed her bare chest against Kait's smooth back, squishing her boobs between them, and rested her own head between Kait's left and right. She nibbles the right head's ear and sniffs her silky black hair.

Kait is surprised and blushes from both faces when she feels Alex boobs on her back and lifts all her many hands in a cute pose then she moan with Alex when she nibbled her ear. Left: "Oh wow love... you are so lovely." H new arms subconsciously reach for Alex's hips and rubs them. Meanwhile, the front ones raise up to hold the back of Alex's head. Left: "This is a perfect way to practice how to use my new arms." She smirks with the right head while she speaks.

Alex deeply sighs with her nose buried in the gap between Kait's necks. She pulls her closer and whispers into her ears. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault." Alex's voice drops to an apologetic tone. "I don't know how to make things right."

Left: "T-the place between my necks..." Right: "...it's so sensitive..." All eight of Kait nipples get hard immediately. Left: "It isn't your fault." She leans against Alex's chest, relaxing her muscles and letting her play with her body, guiding her hands to the second set of tits. Right: "No matter what you do, or don't do, I will always be with you. I promise." She kisses Alex with her left lips.

Alex closes her eyes as her cheeks blush when Kait gives her another smooch. "I know." Alex loosens her grip, but she keeps her palms cupped over Kait's second pair of breasts because they felt so good. "I just want you to know that if anything else goes wrong, I'll take the blame. I don't want you to get hurt."

Kait giggle in sync. "You think I care about that?" Left: "I'm so happy with you right now..." Right: "...the rest doesn't matter as long as you take care of me." She leans in an angle that lets Alex see all her body and boobs as she relaxes all her arms. "Look, this is what I see from four eyes in my daily life. You like it?" Kait chuckles. Left: "It's almost like you are my third head."

Right: "Would you do me a favor?" she whispers into both of Alex's ears, giving her the real stereo feeling for the first time. "Masturbate me..."

Alex groans upon the surprising request, but is happy to oblige. She slips her hands lower. Each palm slides over the soft flesh of Kait's third pair of boobs, then lower between the cleavages and towards her final pair. Her hands finally reach Kait's waist and her advancement stops just above her clean shaven crotch. She waits until Kait gives the green light with a hearty moan from two mouths, then Alex slips her hands between Kait's thick legs. One hand clutches onto her inner thigh while the other gently rubs Kait's turgid pussy. Alex then slips one finger inside her lover's vagina, followed by a second finger, then a third. Her thumb simultaneously rubs her clit in precise circles.

Kait can't help but stare with both faces how her lover masturbates her. For the first time, she has all her arms relaxed and pleasured. Then she suddenly has an idea. She lift all her hands and touches every inch Alex's two arms, from the hands to the shoulders. Kait is excited enough to use her new hands with the same dexterity as any other pair. She keeps watching all the action with her left head while her right bites its lips and closes its eyes. She focuses that brain in just the feelings and touch over all her body. All her shoulders, all her arms, rubbing against each other while they touch her lover, and the new hands [Oh god, I'm using my new hands this feels even better.] she focuses on the sensation of each hand independently. Kait is enjoying touching her lover with ten of them while her mind is transfixed on Alex's head between her left and right skulls. Her hips quiver almost reaching orgasm.

Alex intensifies her strokes by gaining speed on her finger thrusts, now adding a fourth finger inside her dripping snatch. She sniffs Kait's moist necks and nibbles on her earlobe playfully. She can feel Kait squirming in place and moaning more and more. This drives her to give more pleasure by taking her left hand and reaching it to Kait's butt and squeezing her curvy cheeks with every pass. Alex moves herself closer and grinds her own oversized genitals between Kait's thigh gap. Her three of her cocks rub over her labia as she quickens the pace on fingering Kait with her right hand. Amazingly enough, Alex's cocks don't react and stay soft. Alex can feel Kait twitching more and vibrating within her many limbs. She braces for what's to come.

Kait's ten arms start to tremble as much as her legs as the orgasm invade her body, both of her heads breath deeply and scream in pleasure. Alex doesn't stop making her tremble over and over when the first orgasm stops, a second climax reaches her brains, which, for having two brains, feels like four orgasms to her. She keeps breathing fast and shrieking as squirts of girlcum arch in the air and fall on the bed. Kait's new arms are lifted and holding her lover head. Both of inner cheeks are sweaty and pressed against Alex jaw.

Alex lays next to Kait's moist body and gasps when she feels her hands touch her cocks with affection. She nuzzles Kait's inner cheeks and feels the warmth radiating from her flushed faces. She waits until Kait is finished the last of her lingering orgasms to respond. "You're so amazing," she remarks softly.

Right: "I... I have never been so happy... with... with myself... b..but" Left: "Si...since I meet you... I'm glad of b-being a mutant..." All her hands find more places to touch Alex. Four of them caress her flaccid cocks with so much love. Rather than pervy thoughts, the other four touch Alex's arms and final two hands stroke Alex hair. "Did you enjoy your lovers ten hands?" She says in unison with a lovely, sweet tone.

“Oh yes.” Alex replies while huffing. “I'm so jealous of you. How can a girl like me ever be enough for all of your hands and heads?”

Kait giggles with both heads. "It isn't a matter of quantity, but quality." Kait leans forward and then pushes Alex to the bed while she lays at her side, holding herself up with all her left hands. She keeps touching Alex with all the right ones and continues rubbing her cheeks, boobs, belly, and curves. Kait smiles at Alex with so much love in her eyes when she realizes something. "Oh!" Left: "I still have two more here!" she moves her new arms to the front, making a heart with her hands. Right: "You maybe don't have two heads or ten arms but your orgasms must definitely be a heaven experience." She taps Alex's lips with a fingers. Right: "Still, all my arms are yours too now..." Left: "You just have to ask where you want them..." She chuckles. Right: "Same with my lips... but..." she turns her heads to each other and give herself a quick kiss on the lips "...you have to share those with... my...." she glances to herself, "...my other... me, I guess.”

Alex melts with absolute bliss on the sheets as Kait's entirely sexy form towers over her. The way Kait handles herself and the way she is comfortable in her own skin turns Alex on more than anything ever. Alex is shocked to hear Kait admit that she likes her heavenly orgasms in addition to all of her other nice qualities. Alex is mesmerized by all of the arm movements while they each do their own thing.

Then Kait gives herself a kiss. She feels her crotch twitch. {Hnnngg, I will never get over that. So sexy.} And the more Kait switches off each head when she speaks is digging deeper into her profound interest in multi-heads. {I never knew that having more than one single head could be so... so... charming.}

But now it's her turn. Alex smiles up at the woman's beautiful faces and winks before yanking her down to give the left head a long, passionate kiss while pressing a hand on one of her middle breasts. She pulls away and looks in the right's eyes. Alex briefly hesitates.

"Can you be my... friend?"

Kait blushes after the long, sudden kiss Alex gave to her left head. She adjusts her top left arm and lays on top of it. She is resting one head over the other until she realizes what Alex means with the question. She feels confident enough to joke around.

Left: "Do you want to be my friend?" Right: "Or my friend?" Her second and third pair of arms crossed on her chest as she speak in unison. "You can't choose us both." She then laughs and strokes Alex's cheek, neck, shoulder, and lips with her many hands "But..." Left: "If you pick one of us...." Right: "We will be your girlfriends." She winks at Alex, playing as two girls again.

Suddenly, one of her many hands grabs Alex's hands and guides them over her chest, letting Alex feel how fast is beating. Left: "I can have as many extra parts you want... but even with ten arms and two heads... I only have one heart, and it belongs to you." Right: "Be my girlfriend please."

Alex closes her eyes to clear her mind of past woes of self-loathing. She grins and opens them again, this time with a sparkle at the corner of her eye. "Okay. I'll be yours." Alex looks at Kait's other head. "And yours." Alex licks her lips. Alex has trouble keeping her eyes open as they droop smaller and smaller. She closes them, but still breathes to prove she is awake. But not for long. "Will you be here when I wake up?"

Kait smile when she notices her eyes slowly close. She leans closer to both of Alex's ears and speaks to her with both heads in a whisper. "Count to five and then open your eyes." She stops touching Alex and crawls up on the king-sized bed, resting her heads on the big pillow on the left side of the bed. She open all ten arms and aims them at Alex, waiting for her to fall asleep.

Alex can't open her eyes anymore, but she knows what Kait is asking. She feels lots of heavy movement and warmth, and then when a slight pause comes, she reaches out her arms for Kait. Alex finds many limbs in the air and follows them back to the body. She finally hugs Kait's imposing mutant form like a teddy bear and starts to whisper. "This is the best day ever."

Alex falls asleep shortly after, laying softly on the warm sheets next to her new girlfriend.

Kait sink her heads into the girl's hair as she pulls her body between her top and second row of boobs, embracing her with all ten arms. Both of her legs feel the warmth of Alex and relaxes herself with a sigh from both heads. She closes both pair of eyes simultaneously.

"The first one of many," she says in two soft voices and joins Alex in the a peaceful slumber.


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

One in a Billion
Chapter 5

(full uncensored version)


July 16, 2109 C.E.

The following day, Alex helped Kait clean up her sticky mess before rushing to work, leaving Kait alone. With the hotel room all to herself for half the day, she has enough time to think of what her life has become is the past couple of days. She never though that getting away from the city would lead her to a mutant just as extreme as her, and eventually the most wonderful night of her life. Alex is perfect in every way.

But Kait still thought the girl was hiding something deep down that might explain her reluctance for intimacy. Although Alex was amazing last night, it seems to her that the shame of being an extreme mutant continues to haunt her. She had noticed that Alex clearly liked her and was honest with every word. All the fidgeting and gentleness was cutest part of seeing Alex learn about extreme mutants. It made Kait love Alex even more.

Now with Alex in her life, she didn't want to be alone with herself. Even though Kait has two heads, both of them are still one consciousness, therefore she couldn't really talk to herself without already knowing what the other head is gonna say. Regardless, Kait now felt more alive and more hopeful for her future. She finally found a person that isn't afraid of her. Alex was fascinated and curious about her eight arms, eight boobs, and two heads.

It's like the girl said, she's the sexiest thing she's ever seen in her life. And that makes Kait smile every time she thinks about it.

As the day is winding down, is Kait resting on the bed wearing her customized t-shirt and watching TV and playing with her holocard. The transparent glass screen displays many applications at once, which comes in handy for her two brains to keep track of. Some music and videos are enough to distract her from the loneliness and silence. Kait waits for Alex to come visit after work at the antique bookstore.

Sometime after 5 o'clock, Kait didn't realize that she fell asleep when a banging noise echoes in her four ears and wakes her up. She rubs her separate eyes with two hands each while the other are busy stretching away the sleepiness.

Several knocks from the door echo again in the hotel room. Outside, Alex patiently waits while pivoting back and forth, causing her long skirt to sway. Her noticeably large bulge swings her side motions.

Kait drops what she's doing and walks to the door and opens it. "Welcome love!"

"Hi Kait. Can I come in?"

She nod with both heads. "Sure!" She invites her with all five right arms.

Alex walks past her, making sure not to touch her yet. "Thanks."

"Ey! Where are my kisses?" Kait giggles in stereo.

Alex puts her hands up defensively. "Oh sorry, I have to be careful of my sensitive libido. I've been hard all day, and it took me half an hour just to get my erections to go soft after I got home. I don't want anything to go wrong."

Kait shows a double pout. "I'm sorry I turn you on so easily." She closes the door behind them. "Get comfy, love."

"I'm just not used to so much love and affection." Alex looks down as her gaze drifts to her feet. "It's still very hard to control my body. And it's been hard to deal with for many years. But you're so awesome that I don't know what to do with myself. Don't get me wrong, I love you a lot. But I just want to take it easy. Or else I won't be able to function properly."

"But I can still give you a kiss." Kait leans in close with her right head.

Alex gives her a soft kiss. Kait-Left: "Thanks, I missed you.” She smiles with a slight concern in her voice. "Is there something I can do for help you to control your body?"

Alex looks around the hotel suite and realizes how clean it is. "I don't know. I've never been in this situation before." She shrugs. "We can browse online for things that can help, maybe?"

Right: "Sure!" Kait starts searching with her right head on her holocard while I still talking with her left. "I cleaned the rest of our mess as best as I could. It was a lot of work to get all the cum off of the floor and walls." She chuckles to herself.

Alex turns away to hide her blushing face. "Oh, uh, sorry about that. It won't happen again." She then whispers very quickly, very quietly. "Even though I'd like it to."

Kait remains busy with her right head while smiling warmly her her left. "I didn't mind doing it. It's something I will never forget." She giggles and shakes her heads, one looking at the holocard. Left: "Anyways, it says here that mutants with big cocks recommend using ice, take cold showers, and cumming more often to fight the arousal."

"I don't think I can handle another orgasm again. If I get too frisky, I probably won't be able to do anything. All futas aren't like me. They have it easy. Ice actually sounds like a good idea." Alex points to her crotch. "But let's use it in case of an emergency. I'm lucky to be flaccid right now. You are so sexy and beautiful that it's taking a lot of mental restraint to hold back."

Kait laughs out loud with both mouths. Left: "Should I use my coat then? I can't cover my heads all the time." Right: "But at least I can cover eight of my ten arms."

Alex hums generously. "We can try that. We can try anything."

Kait nods and struts over to the wardrobe. She takes the large coat and hugs her body with her old arms arms, leaving the new ones resting behind her as she puts it on. Right: "Better now?"

"Yes. But it's a shame that you have to cover up just to make me comfortable. I don't feel like that's fair."

Right: "Everything to make you comfortable love..." Left: "...I love you and I don't want you to feel bad." Kait grabs Alex's hands.

Alex shiver. "I do too." She smirks at each head. "I was thinking... that we could... maybe..."

Kait flutters both pairs of eyes and leans in with both faces. "Yes..?"

"You wanna... um... come visit my house?"

Kait blushes twice. "Yes!! Yes yes!!" She yanks Alex's hands in happiness.

"Great! You already have your coat on. We can get going soon."

Kait rubs my left cheeks. "Should I act as the classic twins with your family?"
Left: "Or do you live alone?"

Alex taps her chin. "My mom works late, and my dad is out of the country on business." She gives a loose sigh. "I just want to show you where I live. And maybe a tour, like you wanted."

Kait giggles with both heads. "Okay!" She hugs her tight. "I was waiting for this for so long."

Alex claps her hands. "Okay, you go get yourself ready. I'll be by the door."

Kait nods twice and removes my clothes while still in front of Alex. She takes off her shirt to put something better on for outside use, as well as a good pair pants. Even though she has a multitude of arms and heads, she still only has two legs like everyone else. Kait throws on her thick coat on again and grabs my holocard and purse.

Left: "Okay, I think I'm ready now." Her right head looks down try getting her lower six arms comfy inside her coat.

Alex grins subtly after seeing how fast and flawless Kait puts on her clothes. “Let's head out. I'll call for an auto-taxi. My neighborhood is too far to walk from here." She opens the door for Kait like a lady.

The two of them make their way to the sidewalk outside the hotel. They don't even have to wait for their self-driving taxi. It was already there, conveniently enough. Alex pulled the car door open for Kait and gestures her to step in.

Kait moves inside and sits on the right side, patting the chair at her left side while looking at Alex with her left head. Left: "I'm so excited." She says with a big smile while looking out the window with her other eyes.

Alex follow her lead and gets situated in the seat next to Kait. Every move that eight-armed woman makes is so hypnotizing. Alex gives the taxi her address and they're off to her house. As the silence of the electric car takes them down nice country roads, Alex sighs deeply. She's never been so relaxed.

She leans up and twirls her fingers awkwardly. "So I forgot to ask, how was your day?"

Kait smile with both heads. Left: "Working on my robots and reading the books I got at the store." She giggles and switches to her right head. "And also thinking about you all day.”

Alex shares a smirk. "Have I ever told you how cool you are?"

She feels a bit funny beneath her long, thick skirt the longer she sits next to Kait in such a cramped space. However, that's what Alex likes about her. Kait takes up so much space with all your arms that it forces them to get closer together, almost touching.

Kait responds with a flattered blush, but forgets to verbalize her answer. She instead recognizes Alex's discomfort. Left: "I'm sorry for the small space..." Right: "...but if it makes you feel better, I'm not thinking of cutting my arms off."

"No no, don't do that. Then I won't have all of you." Alex read the obvious joke, but the fact that Kait has thought about it before makes it unnerving. She can't figure out what her left head is looking at, but her right head keeps sneaking glances at the massive bulge under her skirt. Alex leans side to side to examine more of Kait extremely unique human form. So many multiple parts going on on just one girl.

Kait notices and leans closer. So close, in fact, that they're faces are only inches apart. Right: "Oh? And what's the favorite part of my body for you?"

Alex stop just before her right head's lips. "Do I have to pick just one?"

Right: "Yes, one for me..." Left: "And one for me..." Kait blows a kiss at her with one head after the other respectively. Left: "Aw, it's so cute when you're flushed. Here, let me help with that.” Kait then locks lips with Alex with her right head. She holds the passionate kiss while her left head addresses her own right head. “Aw, you can't speak now, poor girl." Her right head grins during the impromptu make out session.

Alex groans during the kiss and chuckles deeply when she realizes that Kait called her own right head 'poor girl' as if jealous of her it getting all the attention. Her lips are so hot and polished that it feels like kissing an angel. Alex slowly slips her left hand over Kait's chest, but the coat is in the way.

Kait's many hands beneath the coat spread outwards to give Alex space for a hug. Left: "Don't blame me later if you want to touch, love." Kait giggles with her left head while still holding the kiss with her right.

Alex breaths heavily through her nose as their mouths explore every inch. She breaks it off for a brief moment. "Your left head seems jealous."

Kait pauses the kiss for a moment. Right: "She might be." Her left head pouts.

"She?" Alex laugh awkwardly, worried that Kait's singular personality might be breaking. "You sure you're okay."

"I'm joking." Kait chuckles and gives her a kiss on each cheek and two subtle winks.

"Okay." Alex's inner panic calmed down and she taps heron the chest. "Don't scare me like that. I want you for you. Being actual sisters will be awkward."

Kait laughs. "Ey! You know I can't be sisters even if I want to." She winks with both heads again and pulls Alex closer. "You already know my secret."

"Yeah, that's true.” Alex traces a hand up Kait's torso and softly rubs her rows of sideboobs. “I don't want you to be anything else. I'm okay with it as long as it's pretend. Don't ever change.” I bite my lip when I say that.

"And you are perfect as you are, too." Kait smiles at her in stereo. She relaxes her right head against her shoulders.

After two minutes of cuddly silence, the self-driving auto-taxi brings them to the other near the western suburbs of the tiny town. The fact that Alex was bringing home a lovely girl with two heads and eight arms—now ten—is more than anything she has dreamed of. It shows that he has deep affection for someone as amazing as Mary Kait Harris. She didn't want the moment to end, but the route to her home didn't take long.

"Oh, we're here."

Kait lifts both heads to look around. There is the distinct suburban feel to the placement and spacing of the residential street houses that creates a comfortable feeling of home. She's only seen it in books, but never in person.

"So which one is your house?"

The taxi door automatically pops open and they both get out. "This one here." Alex points to the single story medium house with a orchid garden leading to the front door. "Sorry it isn't much."

Kait grins warmly with one head while looking at the house with the other. "It's better than mine in the city."

Alex hums sympathetically. "Now that we're here, what do you want to do?"

"Show me the inside." Kait skips happily down the front path, barely able to control her excited arms. They moves a bit under the coat enough for any onlookers to notice.

Alex leads them inside the house and put her own sweater away. "Come on, I'll show you the basics first." She walks around to show Kait the living room with the holographic TV screen for entertainment, the kitchen for food, and bathroom for the usual private things.

Kait glances at Alex's jacket, and then at herself. [I better don't remove mine or I will tease Alex.][That part comes later.] She chuckles to herself and follows her new girlfriend further into the house. Right: "Wow, you definitely have a cute home." Left: "And warm! It looks really nice!" Kait examines the living room. "You think your parents will be okay with me if they see me?"

Alex hums. "I've never heard anyone call our house cute before." She watches the two heads of Kait take in the smell. The familiarity of the old furniture has a nice natural fragrance. "And, uh, I don't think you should meet my parents yet. Or any time soon."

Kait looks at Alex attentively with two of the same expressions. Both: "Why?" Right: "Are they bad with you?" Left: "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Alex sighs heavily. "They don't really like mutants that much."

Left: "But..." Right: "Their daughter is one of them." Kait carefully steps closer and hugs Alex tight with her top two arms, sinking her noses on her hair as she speaks in stereo. "They aren't like me. I love the mutant Alex."

"But they won't like you, I don't think." Alex breaks the hug short. "They don't know about... you know... my growing mutations... down there..." She gestures with her chin. "I don't want them to ever know. It will upset them more than anything."

Kait pats Alex's head with her right hand while the other arms are trapped under her thick coat. "I know...." Left: "Relax love. They won't know." She releases the hug for a second and bites her lips nervously. Right: "Would you like to... you know... move in with me?"

Alex looks at Kait straight on. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Kait looks away with her right head ashamed, but still stares courageously at Alex with her left. "You know, moving in with me. Living together." She attempts to twirl her lower arms, but they get caught beneath her coat. "I mean, you aren't forced to, only if you want...”

Alex reaches to the back of her left head and presses their foreheads together. "That's something I've never thought would happen to someone like." She holds left hand. "I don't see why not. But you don't have a place in town yet. I can't move into a hotel room with you, silly."

Kait looks at herself, smiling. Left: "Well, I have a lot of money saved up thanks to my previous job." Right: "I can get us a place in this town if you want." Left: "But first, you have to show me the town." Kait-left winks.

Alex's own smiles grows wider than ever. "Of course! Do you have somewhere in mind you want to live? Have you looked at any good places yet?"

Kait shakes her heads. Left: "No, I haven't. When you show me around, we can explore our options from there." She gives two simultaneous nods.

"Wait... you're letting me help you look for a place?" Alex pouts and gestures to the house they're currently standing in. "Do you want something like this? Or something smaller and cheaper?”

Kait visibly ponders with both heads, raising both top arms to her chins. Left: "As long as you feel comfortable, that's all that matters." Right: "I want you to be safe, warm, and happy... with me." Her two mouths plants two kisses on either side of Alex's red hot cheeks.

Alex's creeping smile grows more pronounced. "That's so sweet of you. I don't know what I did do deserve you, Kait." She leans in for a quick side hug. Kait grins when she hears that.

"You just accepted me as I am." She takes two deep breaths and presses a few hidden hands to her crowded chest of boobs, and while Alex couldn't see them, she knew just how flustered Kait was getting under the collar. "And you are so sweet and sexy where it counts.”

"You're too nice." Alex reaches down and unbuttons the coat without looking and reaches for her two lowest hands "I kinda want you to check out my room, but there's nothing interesting there."

Kait rapidly shakes her heads. Left: "No no!" Right: "Show me please!" She opens her coat all the way and lets it dangle to the sides where her arms held it in place. Some free hands grabbed hold of Alex's delicate hands, each one fighting for their turn to touch her.

"Alright." Alex lets go of Kaits hands and gleefully skips out of sight into the adjacent hallway. She peeks back around the corner, pointing a finger. "This way."

Kait follows her with so much internal excitement that she's having difficulty controlling
how excited she really is. Her right head focuses on following Alex and her left scans the hallway decorations. There were many pictures on the wall nicely framed in paper white mattes and glass. [Hm, she must really like art.][Did she paint these herself?][Is Alex an artist?] Kait shuffles her feet along the carpet floor and subtly wiggles her hips in front of Alex. Left: "You definitely have a nice house.”

"You can thank my parents for that. They're good folks." They approach an open door and Alex immediately remembers how messy my room is, having forgotten to clean it that morning. She didn't intend to have someone over so suddenly, and especially not someone as hot as Kait.

Alex steps inside the room and pokes her head back out, frowning. "Um... wait here for a second."

Kait leans both heads to one side confused when Alex closes the door. [Probably a mess in her room.][Or some porn to hide?][Now I'm curious] She giggles with her selves and adjusts her coat again, resting her back against the door. After a minute of waiting, she realizes that she shouldn't rest against the door. But it's too late when the old faulty doorknob turns on its own.

Alex jumps in fright Kait crashes to the floor as the door flies open. The woman with ten arms and two heads quickly reorients herself to her knees and witnesses something that made her gasp twice. Ales is in the process of stuffing cum-stained sheets under the bed, only to reveal more stains on the second layer of sheets. The two of them freeze in place and stare at each other with a mix of alarm and awe.

Kait looks up with both heads at the stunned face of Alex. She falls backwards onto her butt and rubs both of my foreheads ."Oh... s-sorry... didn't mean to enter like that. The door just opened." She brushed off her knees and stands up tall. Her faces gave the impression as seeing massive cum stains on bedsheets was something totally normal, but the discoloration in her cheeks said otherwise. [She was trying to hide this.][She's so cute.] Left: "D-did you need help with that love?"

"N-n-no I got this,” Alex is barely able to say out loud. She redoubles her efforts to shove the sheets under my bed with haste. Not a moment later, she springs to her feet and paws the floor with her toes. "U-uh... well... this is my home, I guess." Alex's face is so red that she turns my back at Kait to hide her blush and her boners. I fumble with my hands to force down my growing erections. {What did she do that for? It's rude to barge in someones room when they're cleaning up.}

Kait sighs and walks over to hug Alex from behind with her top hands, still wearing my coat. She rests both heads rest on the girl's shoulders. Right: "You shouldn't be ashamed of that." Left: "I'm your girlfriend..." Right: "Remember?" Left: "You can trust me." She kisses her right cheek.

Alex moans as a shiver shoots down her spine and rolls her head back upon the close breath of hot lips. Her head snuggles between Kait's left and right heads for a moment before looking up. "I do trust you. I do love you. But this room...” She sighs. “...has so many lonely memories. You're the first person to see it, other than my parents." Alex glances down at herself, conveniently avoiding Kait's hidden lower arms. "I just— feel like— such a loser, because I've always been alone. This room is all I've ever known, and having a goddess like you here with me... in my home... is weird."

Kait blushes on the account of Alex's flattering words and looks at her while holding her hands. "I'm not a goddess, love, I'm a mutant like you." Left: "We are on the same boat, and I understand everything you've lived through..." Right: "And..." Kait breaks eye contact with just her right head to hide a bit of her own shame. "...my own room in the city, was really mess, so much more than this... you know..." She chuckles with my left head as she continues talking with the other, trying to hide my shyness. "I have my own needs too.”

Alex huffs a subtle laugh as well, sharing her sympathy. She cranes her head up at Kait with glistening eyes. "You are a goddess to me. Don't think you're not, because you are the sexiest woman I've ever met." She look down at the woman's chest, but frowns at the fact that the coat is hiding most of her greatest qualities.

"Aw, you are so sweet." Kait sticks her tongue out and licks her lips, but then a thought comes to her mind. "Oh! You mean goddess like those multi armed deities in eastern religions? I have more than them, hehe." She notices Alex drop her gaze to her chest. "Do you want to see?"

Alex hums deeply, but it comes out more like a moan. "Yes please."

Kait grins wide and removes her coat revealing all of her arms in a comfortable shirt with half-cut sleeves that reach her eight elbows. All except for the new arms, which just has a hole cut in the back to accommodate her new top arms. She wiggles her original eight hands in front of Alex while the new top ones are hold the coat open.

"You want a big hug?"

Without holding back, Alex moans loud this time. She is barely able to keep herself from collapse to her knees. "Mmrff- Yes please."

[Wow she's really weak when she see my arms.][And I love to hug her and feel her in all my arms.] She tosses her coat on the floor and pounces on Alex, now hugging her with all ten arms.

Now with a hearty groan, Alex melts as soon as all of Kait's lovely arms; one pair, two pairs, three pairs, and finally four pairs. Her own arms don't have much space to reach far, but when she gets them around her back, Kait's new fifth pair of arms grab onto her hands to tighten the embrace. She almost loses her balance while many of her boobs provide a warm cushion. "Oooh."

Right: "You like it?" Left: "It feels good, right?" Kait lifts Alex in the air without problem since each arm can carry more weight.

"Whoa! You are really strong." Alex's erections throb under her skirt and bump into her waist. She coughs in embarrassment.

Kait blushes with both heads, looking at her with soft eyes as she releases her body. "I-I'm sorry- I didn't mean to cause that." She tries to hide all her arms behind her torso, but it was in vain.

Alex buries her head in Kait's front cleavage, then pops back out laughing.  She licks her lips. "They've been hard all day."

Kait gives a dual smile. Right: "I guess... but..." Left: "I bet I can make them get harder..." Right: "If you want to." She winks with both left eyes.

Hypnotized, Alex leans forward and gives a kiss on her right lips. She pull away for a second to speak. "I would like that." Alex dives into the kiss once again.

Kait angles her left head around while Alex steals a kiss from her right head. The make out session didn't last long, much to Alex's disappointment. Kait-Left: "Ohh you sure?" She steps back a bit and turns her heads to each other, grabbing both cheeks with a hand from the opposite side. Right: "Would you like to see your girlfriend kiss herself?"

Alex says nothing and just stares forward. Her disappointment immediately turns to elation while Kait looks at yourself in the eyes. Her right head stares lovingly into her left head. "I wonder what that's like." She accidentally says aloud.

Kait glances over with both faces, smirking. Left: "What what's like?" Right: "Kissing myself?"

There's a brief pause before Alex gulps. "Y-yes.”

Kait checks herself out while trying to explain it in simple words. "Well..." Left: "It's like... kissing other person... but at the same time.. " Right: "You feel the other person kissing you, but you are both persons...." Left: "And you can control each mouth independently..." Right: "So... you know how to move your tongues... and where to move them to make the other person feels good, and that other person is also yourself."

"It's hard to explain,” she says in unison.

Alex stands there drooling from the mouth. She's trying to wrap my head around the idea, but can't. {Two identical brains that sense and think the same things all the time. I guess that's as far as I'm going to understand it.} It's impressive how effortlessly Kait switch off heads while explaining how she communicates between each head. "I think I get it. But also I don't." Alex chuckles awkwardly and nibbles her lips. "I really wish I could feel what you feel. So many limbs..." Alex lifts two right arms, and then bring a hand to the right head's nose. "...this cutie here..." then to her other nose. "...and this peach here."

The Kaits giggles deeply. "I guess the only way to know exactly how it feels is to have two heads, right?" Left: "Still, the hardest thing explain is the feeling when I look at myself with both heads." Her third and four pair of arms grabs her girlfriend's hips after being referred to as a 'cutie' and a 'peach.'

"Again, what did I do to deserve you?" Alex remarks with a casual, low tone. She slithers her arms and strokes the outside of Kait's two heads. She runs her fingers through their hair and pushes her heads closer to each other until their ears and cheeks touch. Her fingers continue to explore the back of their necks as well as the new shoulders behind her first pair of arms. "There's just so much of you. I never want you to leave."

Kait sighs softly, feeling her inner cheeks touch each other. She flutters her eyes from both faces. "I will never leave you." Left: "Explore as much as you want." Right: "Do you need to remove my clothes?"

"Not just yet. Let me feel you. I want to know if this is real and not a dream." Alex mumbles in within her embrace while trying to use every finger to find sweet spots all over Kait's torso, shoulders, and necks.

Kait-Left: "You have a lot to explore." She pivots forward with her right head to whisper in her ear. "Do as much as you want." She then spreads all her arms invitingly.

Alex pushes Kait back and onto my bed. She bounces on the springy mattress and while her two legs hang over the edge. Alex gently pounces on her extraordinary lover like a playful cub, keeping her eyes on the prize. She watches all ten of those arms guide her in. Her new arms holds herself up at a slight angle for a better view as Alex creeps up each set of boobs. Once her head reaches the gap between her necks, she nips the side of her left head, giving it more attention after feeling bad for neglecting it.

Alex starts to feel her huge cocks lengthen below her still-clothed body. They tent her skirt high and wide as each of the five thick poles spread outwards from her crotch. They throb to life in record time and continue to slither down Kait's legs. Her entire body shudders when they touch her bare skin after outgrowing the length of her skirt. Each pulsing shafts pushes against her thighs and are starting to get painful in the weird position they're in. Alex lifts her body up and turns to one side to let her cocks bob up to her chest, then gently lowers herself back on top of Kait. Her bottom three dicks reaching up as far as Kait's first pair of tits as they they slip between all four sets. Alex grinds her turgid shafts against the cleavages lining Kait's long torso, slowly leaking pre onto her skin.

Just a few seconds later, Alex ceases her movements when she feels something weird brewing deep within her body again.

Kait moans from both mouths in sync, feeling all of her girlfriend's touches. Right: "Oh wow love, you are even better than me at teasing. And you don't need ten arms to do it." All of her hands reach around her curves and hips. Four of them stroke her arms, rubbing them from the shoulders to hand. Left: "I love you more than anything. I love when you enjoy my body like this." Right: "It makes me feel proud of myself."

Alex stares down into her beautiful eyes, and is still figuring out which side is more beautiful. Left or right. Kait sensually licking her lips with her two separate tongues is an unbelievable sight. But then I look even lower than than where our crotches meet. They still hadn't had proper sex yet since we first met, but this sensation felt odd to her. As if Kait was somehow getting hotter below the skin.

"Was that you?" she asks, looking between both heads.

Kait glances down. Left: "Me? No. I didn't even move my hips." Right: "Whats' wrong?" Her arms press tight against her back as her right head gazes up to Alex.

Alex hugs back, tighter. She feels the heat coming from Kait's groin again, spreading further to her thighs and soaking up through her pants. While on top of her, Alex sits up straight and rolls off of her. "I swear something is happening down there. Something is happening under your pants."

Kait frowns awkwardly. Lifting her body with my new arms, she slowly unbuttons her and pulls the down to expose her panties. Both of my heads blush in surprise and groans deeply with she is finally aware of the strange feeling.

The two of them gasp upon witnessing Kait's pussy morph right in front of their eyes. It starts to visibly pulse and grow until it's so wide that it looks unnaturally loose. Alex and Kait are shocked again when her labia splits into two separate openings, creating two new lips and a wide gap between them. New bulbous flesh expand and swell to beyond normal size. Alex looks up at Kait's frozen faces, clearly scared and stunned. She can't imagine what's going through her heads right now.

While Kait's body stiffened, her mind traded panicked thoughts between each brain at lightning speed. [W...what is this?][I'm...  morphing again!][T-Those are my pussies?][Wait... pussies? I have two?][What's happening to me!?] She flinched in shock and stumbles back, greatly frightened at what's happening to her body. She is too shocked to touch her mutating groin as all her hands spread out for something to grab on to.

Alex quickly shifts closer and tries to calm Kait's flailing hands, but there are too many for her to control. She leans toward the left head and presses her body against her side.

"Shh...shh I'm here, Kait. Don't move, you're gonna hurt yourself." Alex wiggles her way into a more stable position and grabs her heads to make sure Kait is alright. A heavy dread fluctuates in her dual expressions. Alex shoves her face between both heads. "It'll be alright."

Kait is breathing so fast that she's almost hyperventilating. Upon hearing her girlfriend's voice in both of her inner ears is enough to relax her enough to stop panicking. She looks directly at Alex from two different perspectives, still unable to understand what's happening. Kait slowly recovers her balance and lifts herself up with four arms, hugs Alex with the other four, and brushes her hair with her two newest arms.

Left: "P-please don't leave me..." Right: "W-w-what's happening to me?"

Alex presses her forehead against her left head. "I don't know. I don't know." She inhales slowly and cuddles into her silky, black hair. "I won't let go. We'll figure this out."

Kait tries to calm herself down mentally. Her brains exchange thoughts as if she were sister. [R: Oh my god...][L: Calm down.. calm down Alex is with me.][R: But... I'm mutating...][L: It's okay. We... I'm okay.] She reaches down to her crotch and, using two left hands, she gently hovers her fingers her two new pussies.

Left: "O-okay... a..are they real? Right: “Can you inspect me please?"

"Are you sure?" Alex notices her right head looking forward thoughtfully while her left looks down at herself. Two of her four right hands are shaking, while the other two are hesitant to touch the new slits between legs.

Kait-left nods. "I can't change back, right?" Right: "Is is better to work out how to accept this?”

"Oh uh..." Alex gives a slight pause before carefully approaching Kait's waist. She bends down and lays on her stomach to check her crotch, using her fingers to circle the affected area. Kait groans twice due to the sensitivity, and allows her to keep going. Alex slips her fingers between each pussy and strokes the sensitive gap causing Kait's groans to deepen. Both heads rolls around atop her wide shoulders.

Right: "O...oh wow...that..." Left: "That feels sooo good...."

Alex takes two fingers to spread the lips of each slit to see if they have separate vaginas. Not only are they true, but they're fully functional with their own... wait a minute... that can't be right...


Kait snaps open her four eyes in surprise. "Oh? W...whats wrong love?" She asks with both mouths at the same time. She just stares down as Alex inspects her new mutated genitals.

Alex sits there stunned and silent. "Um... uh-- I don't-- you're..." She finally takes a breath. "You have more down there..."

Kait's legs tremble a bit and both pairs of eyes open wide. "W...What? What do I have?"

"There's... uh... there are..." Alex pauses and turns to to her right head, then her left, then her right again. "You have two clits... in each vagina. And they're twice as big as normal."

Both of Kait's faces blush. "I... I have four clits now?" She begins to hyperventilate again. Left: "I...is... that's..." Right: "And t-twice big?"

Alex grabs onto her shoulders to stabilize her. "I don't know why this is happening. Two pussies, and four clits... that's insane."

Left: "A..are they okay?" Right: "Healthy at least?" Kait attempts to control her turbulent emotions, but this change is more significant than another pair more of arms.

Alex inspects her genitals again, rubbing two fingers over her left pussy, feeling her two clits. When she finds them intact, she lightly teases them. "Do you feel that?"

Suddenly a wave of pleasure overloads Kait, twice as powerful than before the mutation. Her body twitches as the intense sensation reaches both of her brains, causing her to moan uncontrollably. Her legs tremble on the spot and her arms get jittery grabbing the loose sheets under her body.

Left: "Oh...oh god yes! I-- I feel them."

Alex instantly stops and pulls her hands away. "Oh wow, are they really that sensitive? But that's only from one pussy. Let's check the other one." Alex does the same motions with her right vagina, stroking the two other clits.

Kait again shakes violently as each of her left eyes flutter in bliss while tightening her grip on the bedsheets, trying to contain the extreme wave of pleasure. Left: "L-Love... that-s... so intense..." Right: "Can... can you please rub both pussies please?" Five hands are already playing with her many breasts through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

Alex takes her other hand and slips her middle and index finger inside the left pussy to find the other two clits. Now that she is playing with all four, she notices a growing heat coming from your vaginas as they start to leak. She know how much Kait is enjoying it, so she goes from gentle strokes to harder motions. Alex pokes and flicks and prods at her two, dual clit vaginas.

Kait deeply moans from both mouths as tidal waves of pleasure spike from each one of the four clits and converge in her brains, making her feel it eight times. Her entire body loses the control as her two lowest hands unconsciously reach Alex's skirt to touching her cocks. Meanwhile her other eight hands cup her own boobs. She arches her back, trembling so hard that she squirts a lot of fluids onto Alex's forearms.

"O...oh... oh..." Kait moans, unable to control herself.

Alex is surprised with how intense her two-headed girlfriend reacts to the pleasure she is giving her new vaginas. She's even more surprised how quickly she came. Alex gasps when Kait puts two hands under her skirt and teases two of her five cocks. Her touch is out of sync and crooked.

"How does that feel?" Alex foolishly asks while Kait is still cumming. She shrieks again from both heads as if a second orgasm hits her. Then again with a third. Alex frowns in confusion and immediately stops. "A-are you alright?"

Kait's heads drool and look at her wordlessly, lost in bliss. She shift her attention to her skirt and focuses her two gazes at the bulging mass underneath. With six hands, she starts removing them while trying to recover her breath. Her left head is so focused on her skirt and her right one uses four free hands desperately try to strip off her own shirt.

Alex helps Kait by guiding her palms around her thick shafts. The feeling of five warm hands makes Alex quiver. A sixth hand cups her stuffed scrotum where her ten balls double their size as they fill with seed. She becomes so horny that she plants a kiss on Kait's left lips.

Kait gasps loudly with my right head by the mere feeling of Alex's body against her. She also feeling extremely horny and sweaty.

Both brains frantically think about how lucky she is to have Alex and becomes even more aroused by her gentle touch. Now that they are both naked, her hands get more in sync and lends all ten of them to Alex's groin, grabbing all her cocks with two each. She strokes and plays with them under different rhythms to give her the most pleasure possible.

“Do you think.. you can fit in my new pussies now?" she asks while still holding the kiss with her left head.

Alex breaks the kiss momentarily. "I don't know. I'm... way too big." Spikes of pleasure surge throughout her body every time Kait rubs all five of her cocks with all ten hands. Her meaty shafts wobble under their weight and bump up against her thighs and stomach. They slide between the two of them, and because Kait quadruple the amount of tits, the two bottom dicks are completely enveloped in cleavage upon cleavage. A couple of them spurt some strands of pre as if she's already cumming, but she's just getting started.

"It won't hurt to try, right?" Kait says. "L--lets try... slowly... if you are okay with that." She takes two hands from your many cocks and plants them on her own boobs, squeezing them against her 2-foot long cocks. Left: "How does it feel?" Her right head licks her left head's ear to tease Alex more and more.

Alex leaks precum more copiously while straddling her body and cocks with all of Kait's lovely hands. "You feel so good."

The growing ecstasy within Alex's entire being briefly allows her mind to float into brief out-of-body experience. And within that moment, her eyes snap open and stare down at the two-headed woman underneath her. It finally dawned on her that she had finally found someone compatible with her freakish body, whom is currently pleasuring her cocks on her bed. In her room. In her house. The place where Alex had spent countless days and night fantasizing about extreme mutants and the like. This is her place of sanctuary, and now that Kait is here, the most beautiful, most sexy, and most magnificent mutant ever, she can't imagine how this could get any better.

Alex moves back and slides her cocks down towards Kait's thighs. The two bottom shafts slide over her dual pussies, one for each. Her three upper cocks, meanwhile, grind against her navel, arching over her stomach. With her giant shafts against her the new virgin pussies, Kait moans louder and heavier. [W..wow th...they are big.][I want them inside me.]

"Can you guide me, please?" Alex asks politely, noticing that Kait had stopped to catch her breath and think with herself.

Kait nods out of sync and carefully pushes the bottom cocks inside her dripping vaginas, spreading her legs as much as possible. She hoists her hips forward to help herself gain leverage using her many arms. The enormous cockheads press tightly against her slick innards, so wet and lubricated that she moans out of control from both mouths.

Kait releases the bottom cocks and cranes her fifth pair of arms enough to lift her body at an angle. She takes four of the eight free hands to squeeze her third and last pair of boobs against the remaining dicks. With the middle top cock naturally resting between her valley of cleavages, two free hands stroke her side cocks, eagerly playing with the tips to extract more pre as it drips on her nipples. Both heads focus on Alex throbbing meat with blushing faces and hot breaths.

Alex's throaty voice cracks and her body collapses on top of Kait after shoving her two lowest virgin cocks inside her. She's so tight that her dicks almost act as one huge cock as they thrust next to each other. {Oh god! I-It feels so good. I can barely take it.} Alex can't even push halfway due to how thick her cocks are. The bulbous heads kiss her single cervix less than a foot in with twelve more inches to spare. Her mind still hasn't gotten used to having an extra penis, let alone five in total. The three cocks that aren't deep inside Kait are being tit-fucked by all pairs of breasts.

Even though Alex is scared of her own body, Kait is here to make sure she's comfortable with herself. So many hands touch every sensitive spot on her skin. She gyrates her hips with wobbly motions and rolls her head back in love. Alex drops her head between Kait's left and right heads and listens to the sound of her delighted breaths. As Kait huffs rapidly into her short hair, her nerves shift into overdrive. Her overcrowded scrotum start to pump out samples of their imminent load from the tips. She can feel ropes of pre dribble out my three upper cocks while she continues to thrust my hips forward, forcing her other two dicks in and out of Kait's dual vaginas.

"Oooh god."

Alex panic when the impending orgasm cascades throughout every sensual region of her body, so she slows down and looks down into Kait's right eyes. "Oh god, Kait, I love this... l-l-love... you... ...I'm about to... I can't hold it. Do I pull out now?" She grab Kait's shoulders and hold her wide torso as the muscles in her arms begin convulsing.

Kait looks up at Alex with mouths open, but only answer with her left. "I love y...you too... d...do what you feel.. love... I'm all yours!" She grips her cocks harder and accelerates her strokes, trying to give her girlfriend the most mind-shattering orgasm she will ever have. [I..i bet five orgasms at the same time will feel so good for her.][I'm so jealous][Alex is pure love] Her entire body also shakes alongside Alex and attempts to hold her orgasms just a little bit longer. Left: "I... I don't k-know –aahh-- ...what can happens if y-you cum... inside me..."

Alex collapses in pre-orgasm bliss, only to be instantly swept by true climax. She does what she can to hold back for another millisecond to speak. “O-o-okay-- here it c--" Her voice ends there the moment a huge spurt of hot sticky rope of seed explodes from all five of my cocks simultaneously. With two dicks inside Kait and three cocks throbbing above her, she loses all sense of reality while drowning in an unbelievable orgasm.

The two cocks stuck inside Kait shoot ropes and ropes of cum so fast that it pushes them out a bit by sheer force and volume. So much is expelled in seconds that it makes the excess spunk leak out of her pussies. At the same time, her center top cock fires off more thick spurts between Kait's cleavages and onto her gleaming chest. The last two cock being stroked Kait's hands explode with enough force for the streams of semen to rocket out of the tips and hit the opposite wall beside the bed. Her cocks unleash monumental loads all over the walls, sheets, and floor. Alex is successful in holding back a high-pitched scream that would have damaged her throat. More hands wrap the lengths of her thick cocks, and a few more reach around to her back, scraping her fingers along her spine. Kait's heads kiss each side of Alex's shoulders, sharing the ecstasy for as long as mutantly possible.

They are so lost in pleasure and lose the strength to keep themselves up. Alex falls to the side while Kait pivots the same way to compensate. Her right head locks lips with Alex and her left one huffs loudly and raises all free hands with a last breath of strength to hold her from shoulders to hips. Every nimble finger crawls along her skin and dig into the small of her back. Kait releases the kiss and looks at her with two bright pairs of eyes.

Right: "I.. I think.. .having two pussies and four clits... isn't bad at all." Left: "I really love you."

Alex can no longer feel her legs as her orgasm slowly fades and her cocks deflate after finishing. The pleasure was just so intense that she had no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed about her body. Only love and pride took over her bubbling emotions. Kait is the true love she's been waiting for.

"I love... your new pussies. I'm a little jealous." Alex briefly laughs knowing they are coated in layers of cum. "You are my first, Kait. I'm so happy." She tucks her nose in her silky black hair and smells the sex and semen that has pooled between her necks. "I love everything about you."

Likewise, Kait sinks her noses the messy strands of Alex's rough brown hair. With a profound smile, she takes two hands and strokes her lover's cheeks. Left: "You are my first too." Right: "And I'm happy it was you." Kait manages lift all the arms on the left side of her body and leave them hanging over the edge of the sheets.

Alex's bedroom is drenched in her fluids as if someone opened several bottles of champagne and sprayed it everywhere. "Wanna- um... wanna help me clean up?"

Kait nods happily. "I hope your shower is good enough for both of us. I'm covered in so much of your love,” she says in unison as she sits up straight to evaluate the mess Alex made. "How are we going to clean this?"

"We'll figure it out,” Alex mutters. “Together."


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

One in a Billion
Chapter 6

(full uncensored version)


August 1, 2109 C.E.

A couple weeks after Alex and Kait met for the first time, they had grown so much closer than they could ever have imagined. In that short time, Kait was able to help Alex move out of her parent's house and into a small cozy apartment that was closer to her job at the bookstore. Even though rent is low relative to the city, Alex still needed help affording the new place, so Kait offered to move in with her and live together as a freaky couple.

Alex worked every week day, morning to afternoon, while Kait stayed home and tinkered with her robotic designs before showing them to local businesses. Every night they would spend intimate moments together in the comfort of a warm bed and soft sheets. Alex's libido was insatiable the first few days in the apartment together, having to empty her ten balls from her five impossibly hard 2-foot cocks with Kait's help using her ten arms and two heads to satisfy her needs. It was an amazing experience to give Alex the relief that she deserved. They've been a happy couple for the better part of two weeks, living under the same roof and thinking what their extreme mutant lives mean to each other. Being the only two extreme mutants able to fulfill each other's needs practically made them inseparable. In a literal sense, they are a perfect match.

A quarter after six o'clock, Alex returns home from work. Kait is there waiting for her with dinner.

"I'm home!" Alex shouts gleefully as she sets her purse on the table and takes off her fluffy jacket.

"Welcome home love!" Two voices echo from the kitchen as Kait walks out wearing only panties and a kitchen apron over her eight boobs. Kait enjoys surprising her lover like this since they moved in together, so she just smiles like it's a normal thing. The apron partially exposes her four pairs of sideboob which she uses to tease Alex. Two of her arms are busy holding two glasses of water, three of them waving at Alex, one rubbing one of her left eyes, and the other four resting at her hips. Right: "How was work?"

Alex loves when Kait walks around with the freedom to use her many arms as she pleases. She grins wide through her teeth and clears her throat. She walks over to give Kait's left head a kiss. "The usual."

Kait smiles with the other head looking at the kiss she received and sees Alex walking away towards their room. "Oh! I can help you with that love!" She jokes gesturing at the kitchen with the four free lower hands. Right: "Dinner is ready. I will wait for you here." She walks to the dining table where the food is hot and ready and sits, checking her holocard with her right head and two right hands. Kait also turns on the TV and sifts through old sitcoms, patiently waiting for Alex to get ready.

"Okay, I'll be right out," Alex says before going out of sight. She enters the bedroom and changes out of her work skirt and puts on casual attire that is more comfortable. Her old black skirt is the best protection while in public where she doesn't have to worry too much about people noticing her huge bulge. The other skirts that were recommended by Kait were more casual and for home use. Short and lean, just like her lovely physique. Alex loves when Kait comments on any part of her body with nice compliments. The validation is comforting.

Alex removes her hoodie and puts on a loose shirt that drops an inch over her waistline. Once that's done, she returns to the living room with a content smile on her face. "Ooh, it smells great! What are we having tonight?"

Left: "Come take a look." Kait shows her a good looking fish perfectly cooked under a pan. Right: "Ta-daaah!" She extends six of her arms as if presenting a masterpiece of art. "I hope you like it, love, take a seat." Kait walks to the side of the table, moving Alex's chair and reaching welcoming two hand with a cute double smile.

Alex's expression brightens. Kait shows her what she had prepared while holding the skillet with two hands, pointing at it with two more, and adjusting her apron two others, and final presenting herself with the four other arms.

"Oh wow! It's amazing!" Alex puts her hands to her chest to thump her excitement and follows Kait to the dinner table, watching those hips sway. Kait winks at her with her left head. They start eating together at the table. "I can't thank you enough for the fish. You've outdone yourself again.”

Kait smiles in stereo, proud of herself. "Everything for my lover.” She speaks with both heads and extends one of her many hands towards Alex, rubbing her palms softly while smiling with the right head and eating with the left. Right: "I'm so glad to be able to talk with you while I eat." She grins at Alex when talking about her body, knowing that Alex loves it. Left: "You look so pretty today."

"Thanks!" Alex blushes deeply, then smirks. "Same for you." She takes another bite. "It never gets old seeing you do things with so many limbs. I'm jealous."

Kait giggles.. "Yes..." Left: "But I can't have five orgasms at the same time." She also starts eating with the right mouth this time. Left: "Compared to that, having two heads and ten arms isn't all that great." She shrugs playfully while twirling her fork in her food.

Alex hums while chewing food. "I disagree. I would do anything to see and think and feel and taste and hear and smell things from two different conscious brains. Not to mention that you can kiss yourself from two lips, which is the best thing ever. Then there's your ten arms, you can do anything and everything at the same time. My orgasms are sometimes too strong and my body goes numb and I can't feel anything anymore.”

"I can give you a lot of them with my ten arms anyways." She wiggles a few stray hands in the air and winks at Alex with each left eye. Left: "But with the heads thing, yes, you are definitely right." Right: "The kisses feel good. But it's better when I kiss you." Kait blushes and look inwards at herself. Left: "It's good to forfeit control sometimes."

Alex pouts when Kaits teases her more. "Ungff... you're turning me on so much when you do that..." She reaches a hand under the table to push down her growing members. "N-not yet, we're eating, unngg...." Alex can't help but succumb to her insatiable arousal every time she watches Kait move her heads to look at herself in the eyes.

Kait giggles with both heads. "But..." Left: "What can I do?" Right: "I can't hide one of my heads." She tries to hide as many arms as she can under the table and only eat with two. "Does this help?" Kait's faces grow red, but regrets nothing about teasing her adorable girlfriend.

"Maybe a little." Alex laughs nervously., licking the sauce off her lips. "But you're both still there." She gestures at Kait's left head, then right head as if referring to two different girls. "I can't complain though. You are beyond anything I could ever imagine. Even after two weeks, I still find it hard to believe that you're here with me eating a lovely dinner that you made."

Kait's smiles grow with love for the sweet words from Alex. She then looks at herself and keeps playing the sister game for Alex. "Oh... yes..." Left: "And we are glad you are here with us..." Right: "And you choose us..." Right: "And let us cook for you..." Left: "We just want you to be happy, right sis?" Right: "Right!" She winks with her right head and sticks her tongue out with the left.

Alex suddenly gets an unexpected jolt of pleasure when Kait switches to her sister mode and talks to herself as if having a conversation between her heads as a reply. It makes her scoot forward as a deterrent to control her rising erections. All of Kait's movements sets Alex off as her skirt already grows damp just by sitting there. "It looks like fun when you say 'we' and 'us'. It's cool seeing you play with your heads like twins." She rests her elbows on the edge of the table, trying to seem less flustered under collar. "But I don't want you to change. I don't want you to forget who you are and what you are. You're the most amazing person in the world."

"Awww!" Both of her heads squeak happily. Right: "You are the best girl in the world." Left: "I'm so happy that you are with me!" Kait grabs both of her outer cheeks with her third pair of hands. "I know, I will never forget about being myself. I'm only comfortable being sisters when I'm with you." She admits in unison as she covers her mouths with her eight hands. She places the lowest pair of arms on the table and uses the other four sets, including her new pair, to embrace herself.

Alex giggles while watches Kait hug herself with so many limbs. She glances down at their empty plates. "You want me to do the dishes?"

Kait grins in stereo, enjoying the dual view of her girlfriend. "Oh.. yes..!" She shakes her heads. Left: "Okay, how about this, I pick up everything..." Right: "...and you wash them. Then we take a shower together. Deal?”

Alex taps her chin, then nods. However, Alex doesn't move a single inch from her seat after her initial offer, and simply watches Kait stand up to gather the dishes. She just sits there with an awkward smile.

Kait excitedly jumps from her seat and addresses Alex with the left head. "I know what you want to see, so go get started and I will help." She gestures with all ten hands in front of Alex, wiggling all the fingers. She uses her top hands to grab things together and pick up dishes and silverware. Her second pair goes for the glass cups while her third pair carries the big dish where the fish was. She moves her lowest two hands to grab one of Alex's palms and kisses it with her right head. Left: "I still have two free for you." She winks with the left head, showing Alex her fifth pair behind her top two originals, still holding the kiss on her hand.

Alex's expression deepens with profound affection with every little detail and movement that Kait preforms in front of. She is slow to accept Kait's free hands as she makes it known the Kait that she has some massive hard-ons tenting her shirt. "This might... uh... this might be hard to do next to you. I haven't been able to control myself ever since I got home." She slides her legs out from under the table, revealing how big her five boners have gotten during dinner. Kait helps her stand up and guides her to the sink where they start to wash the dishes.

Kait almost drops everything when Alex shows her how hard her cocks are. She express joy in unison. "Oh wow!” Left: “I'm going to need all my hands for this." Right: "Why don't you relax while I do the dishes this time. Can you hold them until we reach the shower?" Kait winks and bites her left lips. "I can give you massages while we clean ourselves."

"O-okay." Alex nods. She stands idly by and stares down at her rising skirt. She frowns at her tents that now extend a foot away from her crotch and growing. They are pulsing with every beat of her heart.

Kait looks at Alex's groin with her left head. Noticing how frozen Alex seems, she stops her current tasks of putting the dishes in the sick. Right: "Um... do you think we should take the shower first?" Left: "You will have a hard time reaching the sink with your cocks like that, love." She hugs Alex from behind and leave the kitchen with her in front, helping her to their room. "I know you love this hug..." She whispers in both of Alex's ears. "Would you come to the shower with me love?"

Alex accepts Kait's hand. She has so many that she doesn't know which hand it is, and because she is more focused on the throbbing meat between her legs that she basically lets Kait shove her to the bedroom.

Kait hums with each head in separate melodies, happily reaching the bedroom with Alex. Right: "Okay love... first take your shirt off..." Left: "One part per turn!" She pulls Alex shirt up with six of her hands as she holds Alex hips with the other four. She tosses it away and gives some distance, posing for Alex with all her ten arms extended outwards in every direction. "Now you take away my apron."

Alex nods complacently and steps towards Kait with just her skirt on. But her tents are so big that she can only reach Kait's apron by kneeling down and sliding her bulge between her legs. However, Alex instead pivots her crotch to one side and lets her cocks slip past Kait's many shoulders while using her delicate fingers to untie the threads hanging around her two necks. The apron drops to the floor and she steps back to find her girlfriend wearing only a pair of black panties.

Kait smiles and walks closer to Alex, already comfortable being naked in front of her, and gently grabs her cocks with four bottom hands and lifts her skirt with the other six, removing it and exposing all five cocks, already hard and pointing up. "You look so hot, love." She holds Alex's hands with four of her own and pulls her closer. Left: "Now my panties."

Alex grunts when premature spikes of pleasure pulse through each of her five 2-foot long dicks. Her pent up need makes her squirm, but is able to maintain control of herself. As half-a-dozen hands hold her tight for balance, Alex and Kait find themselves completely naked. Alex grows hotter and Kait drips with love and sweat. "W-what n-now?" Alex says with a hard breath.

"Shower time." Kait speaks with both heads in stereo. "Come with me love." She turns and walks out of the room, across the house, and into the bathroom. "Babe, don't make me wait!"

Alex hears two voices echo from the bathroom. Kait surprises her by turning her heads toward each other, kissing herself. When Alex enter the bathroom, Kait decides to act like two people and opens one of her left head's eyes, looking directly at herself and fights with all her hands as if trying to stop her fake sister. Left: "Mmh sis... n...no... she's seeing us..." She stops the kiss and looks at Alex with pairs of eye, poking her right tongue out and giggling with the left head. Left: "Sorry, my sister is a bit of a perv sometimes."

Alex shudders from the fact that Kait has reverted to her sister act. She hides a blushed smirk and closes the bathroom door to keep all the warm air inside. During the past two weeks, Alex has had time to get used to Kait's naked multi body. She is proud of her two-headed girlfriend and relaxes her muscles. Kait is kind of lover she had always dreamed about ever since she was young.

"So who's first?" Alex asks between Kait's left and right head. "Mary, or Kait?"

"Me!" Both heads say as she jumps to kiss Alex on both cheeks, making her big cocks rub between her shoulders, against her boobs, legs, and many arms. Left: "Would you let us clean your sexy body?" Right: "I promise we will be careful." She opens the shower curtain and hops in. The couple were lucky to get a house with a shower big enough for their extreme mutant bodies.

"Mmff... yes please." Alex tries to give every arm and hand attention. She attempts to claim affection for each head and every pair of breasts. "There is just so much of you. You can clean me in ten seconds. But me...?" She looks down at herself and her huge package. "It will take me forever to wash every part of you. And I'm so horny that these will get in the way and take longer."

Kait smiles back at Alex with relief. Right: "You shouldn't worry about that." Left: "That means you will be touching our body for more time..." Right: "Just think about that..." She reaches each one of her hands to her sides and rubs them against each other when moving closer to Alex's chest. Left: "Each one of them is for you to wash." Right: "And I can handle your hard cocks by making them soft if you need it." She give a dual wink.

Alex nods with playful embarrassment. "Okay, let's get clean." Alex notices Kait turn on the hot water with a stray hand while simultaneously hugging and groping and stroking and rubbing her in every which way. She moans in bliss. They barely got started and she is already leaking precum profusely from her five tips as each of the bob in place and bounce off each other. Each enormous shaft is so long and thick that they bump against Kait's crowded chest where her vertical and horizontal cleavages converge. Alex doesn't even have to pump her waist forward. Just by standing six inches from Kait, her cocks grind over her top two sets of breast towards her heads. Alex moans louder when she feels all her dicks being touched at once. Alex is already close to bursting. "Oohh... mmmff."

Kait adds her own moans with just the feeling on all five shafts touching her many arms. With the excuse of cleaning them without direction, she rubs each one with one hand from below and strokes from the base to tip in rhythmic patterns, giving each penis their own special treatment. Left: "I have to wash you perfectly... you know..." Right: "And I have to touch your cocks for that." She rest her heads against each other while grinning through her teeth knowing she is teasing and masturbating Alex already. She reaches her free hands down to her many balls and massages them also. "I need to wash here too."

Alex's moans turn to groans with every soft touch and tingle that bubbles through her entire body. Every time Kait strokes her cocks to clean them, she almost buckles under the weight of her arousal. Her knees can't knock together because of how enormous her package is, so instead she presses her head onto Kait's chest, putting her head between so many different cleavages. Alex uses the rows of boobs as soft, yet slippery pillows while fruity shampoo drips down their bodies. She closes her eyes and hugs Kait to wash her back. She is so close.

Even with ten hands, Kait knows that it's nothing compared to her lover. She arches her back in pleasure, making her body tremble as the sensation of all her palms against the big cocks of Alex. Her mind goes wild and she bites her left lips and speaks with the right, whispering into her ear. "I can feel it, you're about to cum, love."

Alex acknowledges Kait's sweet words by gasping her tighter and grunting deeper. Her body prepares to ignite with the white hot love of thousand suns, so she digs her fingers into her lover's shoulder blades, hanging on for dear life. When she raises her head back up to stare Kait in the eyes, those two loving smiles trigger her orgasm.

Alex shrieks suddenly as her cocks release their pent up seed all over Kait, as well as the wet tile wall behind them. Cum in exorbitant amounts pump out of her shafts, spraying their bodies with shot after shot of hot, gooey love. Eight of Kait's ten hands stroke each of her cocks to give Alex as much pleasure as possible to make the climax feel better. The two of them moan from three mouths and hug each other tighter as Alex's heavy orgasm rages on for another minute.

The girl can't speak and can't move. Kait's lower arms are the only things holding Alex from collapsing to the floor in a heap. Alex rides her intense orgasm while her face is buried in the cleavages of Kait's top four boobs.

Kait rubs Alex head and plays with her hair with six of her ten hands moist with water as they both recover. Right: "Was it good, love?" Left: "I hope you like those five orgasms as much as I enjoy them." Kait giggles and sees how much spunk she released before the water is washes it away. She is glad to see her five cocks going to a more flaccid state. She extends her ten arms to help support Alex. "Can you clean my body now please?" She smiles with both mouths.

Alex slowly nods at her request and washes her arms and shoulders one at a time with a lufa covered in body wash. Now that she has been satisfied, Alex happily scrubs all of her cum off Kait's limbs and breasts. She also take turns washing the backside of each head with shampoo. The two of them enjoy the rest of the hot and steamy shower until they are all clean.

Kait feels totally in love that she doesn't pay much mind to a strange warm sensation crawl up her back to her top shoulder blades. She sighs out both mouths and waits for Alex outside the shower, but once she glances at her with her left head, something about her seems odd. She watches Alex lifting her leg as she steps out of the shower, hmm... one... two... three... four... five... six, wait.... six!? She now has six cocks? Kait does a double take and looks at Alex's groin with both heads to make sure her eyes were working properly. She counted again, again finding six shafts dangling from her crotch.

Alex waddles to the rack and picks out four towels, one for her and three for Kait, not yet noticing the added weight pulling down between her legs. She turns around to hand the towels to Kait, but stops dead in her tracks.

“Hm, here you g-- AAHH!" She drops the towels and recoils a few steps back, staring directly at Kait with wide eyes. Her mind goes blank for a moment trying to figure out what she's looking at.

"W...what is it, love?" Kait reacts to Alex's shock with confusion. Her initial thought is that Alex realized she has another cock and moves closer to try calming her down. Right: "Everything is fine Alex." Left: "It seems it happens for some reason... isn't that bad, you will get used to it..." While she speaks with the left head to Alex, her right head look at her groin.

Alex's retreats a step when Kait gets closer. "Uh-umm-- y-you have..." Alex gulps and points to Kait's arms. "You have... more arms..." She says quietly.

Kait giggles. Left: "Of course love." Right: "I always had more arms." Left: "And since I met you I have two more." She is oblivious to what Alex is talking about and addresses Alex's new change. Right: "But... you should see down there, love." She point at her groin with three hands.

"N-no no I mean you have two MORE arms." Alex bites her lips, ignoring the cute affection Kait is giving her in favor of panic. "You have twelve now."

"Twelve?..." Both Kait heads frown at her confused then look down "I just have my ten... ... Oh my god! I have twelve!!" She finally sees a total of twelve hands in front of her as she holds them up. She then looks over her shoulders both way to get a better glimpse of her new arms. They were behind her second pair of original arms. Right: "H...how..." Left: "Why?..." She moves the new arms in front of her as the other ten just relax at the sides. "How am I able to control them this easy?"

"I-I don't know. You have to... we have to calm down." Alex is dripping with leftover water and slips on the wet tile floor while approaching Kait. She drops the other towels in her hands and stumbles forward. She lands in Kait's arms and apologizes. "Sorry. This is just like before. We shouldn't freak out. We need to figure out why this keeps happening."

Kait nods firmly with her left head and speaks with her right, still holding and moving her new arms in different angles. Left: "You are right, and we keep changing in the same way, i keep growing arms and you keep growing cocks..." She slowly huffs from both mouths. Right: "At least I always have more hands to hold your new assets."

"New assets?" Alex looks down at her crotch and immediately looks back up at Kait's right head in horror. Her frown deepens and her legs buckle under her fright, forcing her to her knees in shock. Six cocks, each over twelve inches long flaccid, and a huge scrotum with twelve balls. It overwhelms Alex and almost faints completely when she touches the new cock. But, at this point, she doesn't know which cock is her 'new' one since she has so many already. "Oh god."

Kait holds Alex shoulders and looks at her eyes. Right: "You told me..." Left: "We have to relax..." She pull her closer in a twelve arms hug and rest both heads on her shoulders. "We will figure it out." Alex hears Kait's voice from two places. Kait releases the hug and gives Alex a towel with one hands while using the rest to grab her own towels and wraps them around her body.

"I-I know, but it feels different when I can actually another... oh god... why is this happening?" Alex voices her concern in a whimpering tone. "What do we do now?" Alex stands back up with the aid of Kait's new and old arms. Thankfully Kait is there to guide her.

Kait acts strong for Alex. "I mean... there's nothing we can do more than accept ourselves." She lifts her new arms between Alex and her wiggles the new fingers. Right: "It's not like I can complain about it..." Left: "I thought ten arms would be a lot to control, but twelve is not much different. I can feel each one independently, surprisingly." Right: "It isn't hard at all." She looks at Alex. "What about you?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm okay." Alex glances up at Kait-left, then at Kait-right, and smirks. "Thanks." Alex helps dry their bodies with the towels and brushes away her damp hair. "I think you're gonna need new clothes." She holds Kait's two new hands and notices how warm they actually are, proving that they are real and functional.

Kait sighs and she talks at the same time. Left: "Wow, and now that I finally adapted to two extra sleeves..." Right: "Now I need two more." She holds Alex with her new hands and grins. "You like them?" Left: "It seems I can grab even more things now."

Alex nods "Yes, I do like them. They might get some time to get used to." Once they were done drying off, the two of them went back to the room to pick out some comfortable clothes to wear before going to bed. "I hope we will learn to like it more in the morning."

– – –

The next morning, Kait wakes up opening both sets of eyes, looking at Alex, who is still sleeping next to her. [R: She's so cute while she sleeps] Her left head stares down and sees Alex's six, semi erect cocks while she sleeps. [L: She's probably having a lewd dream] She giggles with both heads and realize she's in a mess of her own limbs, so many arms hugging Alex, some of them hugging her own torso, and some arms resting on her other arms. She sighs and slowly focuses on removing each one. She crawls back over to reach Alex's cocks with her heads. She glances at herself with a complicit smile, and while she was using her upper front pair of arms to hold her body up, she uses all her four back arms to start playing with one of Alex cocks, seeing how the other cocks react to that. She gazes at her lover with her left head as Alex slowly wakes up.

Alex cracks her eyes open and rolls her heavy head on the soft pillow. More pleasure surges through her body even though she's already awakened from a wet dream. She leans her head to discover that all six of her 2-foot cocks are being massaged by a pair of hands, each. Her freaky girlfriend is already servicing her oversized members with her newest arms, as well as giving her the best handjobs with the other 5 cocks. The pleasure is so great that is makes Alex sink further into the mattress and grunt louder. She watches Kait's two heads exchange their focus between each and every penis sticking up from her crowded crotch, sometimes even licking her own noses and cheeks with the other head.

Kait turns to her lover on her side, only to realize she's already awake. Two of her twelve arms begin press against Alex chest and fondle both of her modest boobs, chuckling softly. Left: "Good morning love." Her right head gives one of her cocks a long long lick from the base to its tip. Left: "You can't imagine how tasty you are today." She finish the phrase touching her lips with another hand as she keep licking Alex, having enough hands to do all of that and give attention to each six of her cocks at the same time. Left: "I'm so happy with my two new hands. It let's me feel more of you."

Alex is barely able to smile because her expression is stuck tight with ever growing pleasure from the twelve-armed, two-headed goddess laying beside her. She looks Kait in both eyes and bites her lips lustfully. "Oh god..." she manages to say in a whisper, advance closer to an mini-orgasm. "D-don't stop..." She grunts through her teeth and rolls her head around over her shoulders. The more hands that keep touching every part of her thick members, Alex is on the cusp of losing control.

Kait keeps masturbating Alex faster and faster. Alex loosely follows Kait's nimble fingers and arms moving independently with enticing movements. Left: "I will focus both heads on your cocks now, but first I want you to tell me how it feels to have six cocks now." She then turns to lick another hard shaft in the forest of throbbing flesh in front of her.

"Ooooh it feels... i-i-it feels so... I can't-- uggnnff..." Alex moans as her hot breath gets faster and heavier. She whimpers in bliss thanks to the amount of attention all six of her cocks are getting. At this point, she doesn't even know which cock is the newest one because all of the them are so sensitive and feel so good that pleasure blends together in one intense spike of sky high ecstasy. "I-I can't really describe it," she says staring at the ceiling above as her head rolls further back.

Kait lifts her body without letting go of her cocks and kisses a tips of two of the six her mouths, eagerly waiting for her to cum. She gleefully rocks her hips side to side with expert rhythm. Kait-left glances up at Alex while still kissing her bulbous cockheads, arcing her back and rubbing her top pair of boobs against precum-slick shafts.

As soon as the sensation becomes too much for Alex, her resistance breaks and she lets go. Alex suppressed a shriek when her orgasm violently hits her like a freight train and her twelve balls begin to lurch against her crotch. Not a moment later, thick white ropes of cum fires off from all six of her urethras in sync with each other, each rope taking almost ten seconds to release from her 3-inch thick dicks. She shoots another load, then another, then another, each one lasting longer than the previous and with more volume, absolutely drenching herself and Kait in fresh layers of semen. Her cumshots go on for almost two minutes while Alex clutches the sheets and rides out her epic orgasm in total bliss. Her eyelids flicker with every shot from all six cocks and her toes curl into themselves over and over. Not too long after, her body clams down a while later, but not until she has ejaculated as many as nineteen ropes from each of her six dicks.

Kait sits up on the bed, looking at Alex and breathing hard while both heads and faces are completely covered in cum. Her right head speaks first as she turns her left head inward to lick her right head clean. Right: "This is a true good morning, isn't it?" One of the many arms resting idle by her sides samples some of the cum with a finger, sticking it in her right mouth.

Alex's jaw drops. Kait licking her load in two different ways simultaneously is the sexiest thing she's ever seen. Her body falls back on the headboard like an inanimate log. "Yes,” she says. “Yes it is.”

Kait wiggles off the bed and stands up. Her new hands are obviously mimicking the top rear hands when she moves unconsciously, but she doesn't seem to be used to them yet. They still work properly when she wants to do specific things. She extends her third pair of hands towards Alex. She also reaches with her last and new hands, now offering her six hands to choose from. "Which pair do you want to grab today?"

After her cocks are finally soft, Alex smiles warmly. "I still like your top front pair." She laughs nervously. "If you were born normal, they I would love the top pair even more."

Kait responds with a smile of her own. "If I were born normal, this would be my only pair." She shows her top front pair and grabs Alex's hands, suddenly lifting her up and embracing her with all twelve arms. She gives her cute lover a gentle kiss on her lips with her left head. Right: "But if I were normal, it wouldn't be able to whisper sweet things in your ear while I kiss you on the lips, don't you think?"

"Exactly." Alex replies after breaking the kiss. "I wouldn't want you any other way than now. You are so amazing." She gives Kait-left more love with a quick smooch. "And your two heads are what make you the most special."

Kait angles her heads toward each other, glancing at herself. "My heads?" Left: "I never felt them special." Right: "I had them all my life." She gestures hugging her body with her two rear and the third pair while touching her outer cheeks with the top front pair "What more do you like about them?"

Alex leans close to places her head in between Kait's heads, nibbling her ears. She rapidly exhales hot breaths on her necks. "You are the only one in the whole world like this. The most unique woman ever. And I love it. Every bit of it."

Kait purrs and closes both sets of eyes. "Hnnng... love that's a sensitive spot." Her multitude of hands hold Alex in the air from shoulders to hands to hips.

Alex buries her face directly on the spot where each of Kait's necks meet in the middle, nipping her skin with licks and suckles.

A dual moan escapes Kait, eliciting blushes, letting Alex continue. "O...oh...." All her hands get weaker in reaction to getting teased like that. Left: "I...it's always a... a very... erotic point..." Right: "I...I love you so much."

Alex kisses this erogenous spot for a little longer while Kait's double moans sing like music to her ears. She props up to meet her lover's eyes. "Am I the first person to touch this area this much?"

Kait nods. Left: "Yes, it is..." Right: "And this is your first time kissing a gap between two necks on the same body, I bet." Her left head chuckles.

"Obviously. I bet it feels better with more arms to control now."

The two girls share this embrace for a little longer in silence, taking in the moment. Kait finally puts Alex down, letting her walk to the closet to find something to wear after sleeping naked.

"Oh, yes... I never though having even more arms could be more useful." Left: "I always have an extra hand for doing something around me..." Right: "And most of the time more than one, I just have to pick which specific one I want to use." She tip-toes towards the bathroom. Left: "I will wash my hair love..." Right: "Will be back soon. Please find something for me, too!"

"Don't take too long." She searches through the closet drawers to find her skirts, but notices just how small they actually are. She tries to find the largest one, but even that one feels smaller on her body than before because of her extra penis. Five of the things were hard enough, now six is just ridiculous. She can barely walk properly. Thankfully Alex still fits into her normal t-shirts. Her boobs hadn't grown any bigger, but her manhoods sure have hindered her ability to stand in one spot for more than a few minutes before the weight starts to hurt.

Kait walks to the mirror above the sink and looks at reflection before turning on the faucet and splashing her faces with water. She wipes her cheeks and repeats the process of cleaning her skin for both heads. She also leans down to wash her hair using her lowest hands to grab two towels and wrangling the hair from each head with four middle arms. Once she secures the towel over her heads, she holds them up and join Alex in the bedroom again. "I'm ready, love."

Alex holds up her biggest skirt in the air to show Kait that something isn't right. She twirls the skirt every which way to inspect it more. Her legs are already getting tired for standing for a few minutes. "Does this look too small to fit, or am I just imagining things." She glances up and pouts cutely. "Should we get new clothes? I'm certain you'll need new ones too."

Kait runs a hand down outer right cheek and gestures with the eleven. "Yes, it does seem small." Left: "I can still hide my new arms in my old clothes." Right: "Should I go outside and buy some bigger skirts for you?" She steps forward carefully and examines the skirt with four hands. "I think we need two sizes bigger, and more cloth for me so I can sew two more sleeves together.”

"Good idea." Alex then slips into the undersized garment and strapping it tight above her waistline, glad that it still fits without painful pinching. "This will do for now. But it's a bit uncomfortable." She attempts to walk to the next room, but almost trips. "Whoa, my dicks are so big and heavy now, I might have a really hard time going outside." She says with hidden blush.

Kait tilts her heads slightly. Left: "I will go to buy some new clothes now." Right: "We can use my car." Left: "Do you want to come?" She extends four of her hands towards the girl as she uses another four to grab some clothes.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Alex narrows her brow skeptically at Kait, reminding both of them how freaky she really is. More so now after growing four new arms. "I mean, people might be afraid of you when they see how many arms you actually have."

Kait giggles softly. Left: "I will cover myself." Right: "I am a two armed conjoined twin in public, remember?" She winks and grabs the big coat and slips into four bras at the same time. With so many hands at her disposal, Kait is able to do things so fast that it's unfair. Left: "Can you help me cut two holes into my shirt before we go?" She says while putting on a pair of pants with her lowest two arms.

"Okay." Alex nods in quick understanding. She fishes out scissors from the desk drawer and cuts two gashes in the back for Kait's shirt for her new arms to pass through temporarily. "Is this good?"

Kait jumps up in excitement, making her eight boobs bounce and jiggle against each other. "Yes!" She says in unison and grabs the shirt, kissing Alex on the cheek with her right lips. Left: "Thank you!" She happily puts it on, passing each one of her twelve arms through each sleeve and hole. She turns her body to the side and shows that the shirt fits and the dexterity of each of her new arms. "Perfect!" She giggles and grabs her coat. Now that there's four rear arms, she appears as if she has a big pair of boobs bulging from the back of the coat. "Ready to go!"

"Hm, I guess you can pass as a normal mutant, or at least the normal you." Alex is amused by the lumps under the coat. She gives thumbs up before the two of them gather their holocards and purses and head out. "I kinda want to know what it's like to drive with two heads."

Left: "Oh that's right!" Right: "You never saw me doing it, didn't you?" She grabs her bag and leads them outside to the driveway where their new car is parked. "Here look at this. It's pretty funny." She sifts through her handbag and takes out two license, almost dropping them after fumbling over control of her arms, the new ones of which seem to move accidentally. It's noticeable that she is having trouble with grabbing things that usually come natural to her. "Ew... having only two arms available is hard." She sighs and shows Alex both cards. 'Mary Harris' 'Kait Harris' can be seen written on each one. "I had to take it twice."

Alex laughs along. "That's awesome and unfortunate at the same time. Funny you have two licenses, but it sucks you had to take two tests." Alex and Kait get in the car after the automatic doors open and close. Alex turns to Kait. "I'm sure you drive better than anyone when you can see from two different pairs of eyes. You can even text and drive at the same time, especially now with all your extra hands."

Kait nods proudly with the right head and blushes with the left one. Left: "Indeed. It's easier for me I guess, but I try not to show my arms in public, so I just use my two upper ones for the driving test." She reaches outside the coat and pats the seat next to her with her lowest arms. "But with you here, I can be more comfortable." She winks as the car turns on automatically when Kait pulls the steering wheel. The seat belts wrap around her chest automatically and secures her place. Once they two girls are set, Kait exits the driveway with flawless precision thanks to her awareness and skill. She turns down the main road and drives towards the thrift store north of the apartment. Kait focus her left head on the road and looks lovingly at Alex with the right throughout the ride. Left: "See, I can chat with you while I drive."

Alex smirks trying to hold back a girly giggle. She is entertained by how Kait drives with one head focusing on the road and the other one looking at her affectionately. "Have I told you that you are the most amazing person in the whole world?" Alex grabs one of Kait's free hands as it dangles out of her jacket, and then another hand. Two more arms come out, but Alex doesn't have enough hands herself to hold them all.

All free hands close in to grab her forearms and caress them kindly. Kait teases Alex while she driving perfectly without any problem. Left: "I'm not as amazing as you anyways." Right: "Oh and remember, 'I' am 'us' outside our home." Kait winks.

"Oh! Right, gotcha." Alex winks back, knowing what Kait is implying. For the past two weeks they have agreed to treat Kait at conjoined twins, Mary and Kait Harris, to protect her true identity from attracting too much attention. It turns out that through some research, they found out that conjoined twins were not as rare as they thought, so they decided it's best for Kait to do her sister-sister act. The reasoning is that it would save them a lot of annoyances and headaches of dealing with people too curious about Kait's real condition.

When Alex and Kait finally arrived at the strip mall, they put on their game faces. Kait grabs a mirror of her bag with one of the lowest hands and brushes her hair with two combs, one for each head. She nods at herself in the mirror for looking good and hides all additional arms inside her coat. They exit the vehicle and head inside the nearest clothing shop.

"Welcome!" an artificial voice announces from the entryway. A girl behind the checkout desk stops watching the TV mounted on the ceiling and stares at Kait, bewildered. Kait ducks her head and hides behind the nearest clothes rack, signaling Alex to follow.

Mary: "Okay love, come with us" Kait: "Let's find those skirts first."

Alex waddles after Kait, finding it more and more difficult to walk with the massive package between her legs. Her overcrowded scrotum is pushing and squishing against her inner thighs, making her wince with displeasure. She awkwardly follows Kait to the skirt section in the back of the isle where it's more secluded. She taps Kait on the bottom shoulders. "Uhm... I don't think this was was a good idea to bring me along." She points down at her bulging crotch. "These are really uncomfortable and heavy and warm."

Kait gives her a worried expression from both faces. Kait: "Do you want us to help you?" She hugs Alex's shoulders and helps her walk, ignoring what other costumers think of them. Mary: "We will be fine. Let's start finding a better skirt for you." She sifts through the larger sizes and pulls out a cute skirt with pockets on the side and hoops for a belt if needed. Kait: "What you think? This one are big enough?" Mary: "I... we.. think they could fit. Pick a color."

“I think a longer and thicker one with a tight waistline will do perfectly." She bites her lip nervously. "And I prefer black the best, it hides the bulge shadows better."

Kait nods looking at Alex with the right head as she focuses the left to grabs a jet black skirt that hides all of Alex's legs. Right: "Like this one?"

Alex nods quietly again. "Yup. But I shouldn't try on here, I don't want to risk it. We should just buy at and try it on at home. If it doesn't fit, I can just exchange it for a different size."

Kait checks the new skirt again, grinning. As they walk to the desk, she holds Alex's hand and she gives the cashier, whom is looking at them with a strange look. Kait: "This one please." Mary: “And this one too.” She places a large shirt on the counter that she had picked out with a spare hand. She searches in her bag for her holocard and pays for it.

Alex pivots back and forth like an innocent girl, blushing. Shopping with Kait for the first time reminds her of how they first met. She wasn't particularly comfortable in either position, but she loved being her new freak girlfriend. When the transaction was complete, they walked back to the car and headed home.

Kait, focusing her right head again on Alex and the left on the road, trades off holding Alex's left hand with different hand. Right: "I hope this skirt helps you to walk better. Were you ashamed while in the shop?" She voices her concern. Left: "Sorry, I was never good acting as twins, it makes my brains feels confusing."

"You did good." Alex says insistently while fighting to keep her enormous package from growing any bigger on the car seat due to Kait's unending kindness. "Being in public just makes me nervous, no matter what. I can't enjoy being in crowds anymore, not with this." She pats the beach ball sized bulge between her legs.

Kait licks both her lips. Right: "I will make you feel better about yourself. You are more sexy than any person I've ever known" Three right hands moves out her coat to run more of Alex's left arm.

When the couple got home, they go inside to help each other fit into new clothes. Alex tries on her new skirt. Thankfully, it fits her perfectly.She strikes poses in from of the bathroom mirror to see if her huge bulge in noticeable, and is glad to see that the difference is negligible compared to her other skirts. She smiles and goes back in the bedroom to assess Kait's clothing options.

Kait had cut more holes in her new shirt and old sweaters. She looks up to see Alex standing there with a relieved sigh in both her expression and posture. Right: "You look great! The new skirt fits perfectly." She giggles as her left head keeps focusing on stitching the edges of the holes. Kait then holds the shirt up high with six of her hands while still cutting off stray fibers with other four. The last two arms reach out to feel her own shoulders for measurement.

"How is it going?" Alex asks. Her amazement of Kait's effortless handling of all twelve of her arms has her mesmerized. She is especially happy that Kait is enjoying her four newest arms and using them to her advantage to do so tasks faster. "Heh, it's a good thing you have two heads to help yourself out with all your arms." Alex leans to one side to get a good view of what her progress.

"What I love more than everything about my heads is the fact I can stare at you twice and see your lovely face two times at the same time." Kait speaks in unison, causing Alex to shiver. Alex still isn't used to Kait speaking extended sentences with both mouths simultaneously. Kait shows her the finishing touches on the the shirt she made. Left: "Look..." Right: "I added sleeves to this one too, how do you think it looks?"

Alex clasps her hands. "It look great! Now you have something comfortable to wear that fits so you don't have to walk around naked all the time." She laughs while imagining Kait doing house work without a shirt on using a dozen hands and two heads. She blushes at that erotic scenario playing in her head. "You really are a treasure."

Kait shrugs all her shoulders. "I mean..." She gestures with eight of her hands still holding the shirt with the other four. Right: "I can be naked for you..." Left: "...it's always more comfortable, without all my sleeves rubbing over each other" She spreads her heads. "Also my necks feels better without a neckhole around them."

Alex's grin widens. "That's right, your top shoulders are pretty wide. I like your other shoulders too, just like I like you, and you." Alex chuckles after pointing to each head separately. She brings a hand to her bulge again to fight off the very subtle tinge of arousal rising within her the longer she thinks about Kait.

Kait giggles in stereo. Right: "I love it when you treat me like that..." Left: "...even if it's just me with two brains. I like it when you give love to both of them." Kait right head glances to the left and nods at herself when she speaks. After that she removes her old shirt and puts on the new one, which takes longer to figure out how each arm fits through each sleeve.

Alex watches with the awe of a child as Kait suddenly exposes her bare chest for a few seconds before putting the other shirt on. Putting it on seemed like a difficult task, but for Kait, it was natural for her despite having two more arms than before. She clears her throat and pinches her chin. "I wonder how often you have conversations with yourself before I met you." Alex sat on the bed letting her package drape over the edge. "You told me how lonely you were after being ostracized by everyone around you, and that you felt so alone in the big city. That must have been rough."

When Kait finishes putting on the shirt, she sighs from both lips and looks directly at Alex. Right: "It was, definitely, but I was able to survive easily with a... let's say... unique technique." Left: "That helps me a lot to not feel alone all the time."

"Oh? How unique?"

"Well..." she says at the same time as looking at herself. Right: "As you already know I have two brains..." Left: "...and both of them are me... and they are under my control." She stops for a second trying to find the correct words. Left: "But... they are still two brains... and each one has their own information and feelings..." Right: "So... if I stop sending information from one to the other, I kinda..." Left: "...disconnect with myself." Right: "And when I do that, I feel like I'm two people at the same time." She scratches the back of her right head with two right hands. Right: "I know, it's kinda strange, but it's like I can literally talk to myself without knowing what the other 'me' will answer back." Left: "So that feels like speaking with other person... and helps with my loneliness..." She giggles with both heads and speaks in unison. "I'm definitely freaky." She winks at Alex with the right head and then speaks with the other. Left: "The bad part is when I do that, I feel like I lose a lot of brain capacity and control over my body, so I'm unable to do certain things," Right: "Or even move properly, I'm so used to living with two brains controlling my body and all my limbs..." Left: "I was used to do that when I rested my on bed alone every night."

Alex sits silently with her jaw slightly unhinged due to the profound nature of Kait's explanation. "That's... pretty cool." She hums quietly. "And really deep." She raises a finger around to relay her understanding of Kait's body. "It's really interesting to hear you say that you are not in danger of 'losing yourself' to another version of yourself, otherwise that would be weird and frightening. Still, the whole dynamic of sharing information with two separate, but identical human brains is really awesome to me. I would do anything to feel what you feel. I love how freaky your body is. It never ceases to amaze me." Alex nods. "You are definitely the luckiest person in the world. I don't know why other people would be so scared of you." A new thought comes to mind. "Have you ever wondered how your life would be like if you were just conjoined twins, but not really conjoined, but just a person with two heads but each head is it's own person? Do you think about 'what if' you were actual sisters?"

Kait looks at herself again. "Well...." Left: "I can say I am two sisters in some way..." She rubs her right chin. Right: "Lets see, right now I'm thinking two different things with each brain, which leads into each brain having different information all the time."  Left: "So, one of my brains knows things that the other doesn't, and vice-versa." Right: "When I want to use the information of my right head with my left head, I just send the thought info from one brain to the other." She pauses for a few seconds before continuing. Right: "For example, I learned about circuits a lot with my right head..." Left: "...I can work with them with my left head too but I would have to 'explain' it to myself while I do it..." Right: "...So in short words, I just do it faster with my right head..." She leans her heads outward a bit and smile. "Make sense?" She comes back to Alex's question. Right: "So.." Left: "I can say I'm literally two persons, but with the same personality and working as one single mind." Right: "That's why I can do different tasks so easily with one of my heads without bothering the other. I can even sleep with just one head."

Alex blinks periodically while pondering and absorbing the information. "That's really cool. Which is exactly why I like you." She grins more. "Even though it's still hard for me to wrap my mind around it, I actually like how much of a mystery is still is to me. I like discovering new things about you. I love how smart you are and how amazing your body is, I can't imagine what people a hundred years ago would react if they saw you walking around." Alex laughs at the concept. "There will never be another person like you, and I'm okay with that, because we have each other."

Left: "A hundred years ago? Hm, I think they would freak out." She shrugs with the four top pairs of shoulders "People still freak out now, so in the past it would probably be worse." Her right head giggles as she speaks and she turn to the side, showing Alex her right shoulders. Right: "Also love, check this out." Kait points between her top right front and rear shoulders as she moves them. Moving the rear one up and the front one down making opposite movements. Left: "I realize that even if they are front and rear they aren't connected to each other so I can move them independently."

Alex slightly drools when Kait moves her front and back top shoulders up and down on their own, and again with the second set of arms. "There's always something about you that never ceases to surprise me."

Kait lean in with her right head. Right: "What about you love? Is having more cocks better? I mean... the orgasms... how they feel now?" Kait walks to the bed and sits on the edge of it, crossing her legs and relaxing eight of her hands against the bed while the other four cross below two rows of breasts.

Fear kick in for some weird reason as Alex tries to hide the massive bulge under her skirt to no avail. She blushes at the silly attempt and casually leans forward. "Umm... I don't know... really." She puffs her lips in thought. "It feels... ...nice. But it's way too much. I didn't want any of this this quickly. And having you with me is making it more difficult. Four was too much for a girl to handle, let alone five or six."

Kait frowns. Left: "Do you think these mutations are because of you, love?" Right: "Because if that's it, don't worry about me." She lifts her new four hands and wiggles all her fingers. "I'm not complaining at all, they are quite useful." Right: "And I though I had enough hands, but when I grew four more, I don't know how I lived with just eight before."

Alex looks down in slight defeat and sighs. "I think it's my fault. There's always been something wrong me since I was a kid when I grew my second penis, but it never expect any of this to happen." She looks into Kait's left eyes. "But if it does have something to do with me, do you think we can still be together?"

Kait fiercely looks into Alex's eyes and gestures her to come closer. She then takes two arms with six of hers and pulls her closer for a hug with the other six arms, resting both heads on her lover's shoulders. She softly talks in unison. "I promise I will never leave you, no matter what."

Alex smiles sincerely and blushes deeply. "Thank you." She squints her eyes at Kait's right head. "I don't know what I'd do without you." She looks down at the dormant bulge bumping against Kait's thigh and licks her lips. "Do you think... maybe... we could... I dunno... find out how far my mutation powers can go?"

Kait releases the hug, still holding onto Alex with all twelve hands. "Sounds risky but fun!" Left: "What do you have on mind?" Right: "I will support you on that." She lets Alex go and raises her twelve arms. "I wonder how many more I can have and control. I have a lot of fingers already."

Alex laughs along with her perfect mutant girlfriend. "We can find out tonight." She gives a smirk and hugs Kait, loving the embrace of all of her arms and hands, as well as the breath of her two sweet and lovely heads. "It could be fun."


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

One in a Billion
Chapter 7

(full lewd version)


September 5, 2109 C.E.

Five weeks after Kait grew a twelfth pair of arms and Alex grew a sixth penis, the two of them decided they needed to spend some quality private time together for an entire weekend, alone. After all the stress of work and anxieties from public attention following the days while trying to live with so many extra body parts, Kait and Alex agreed the best thing to do is get away from it all like a spontaneous honeymoon. Although they weren't married, Alex and Kait felt so deeply close to each other that marriage didn't matter as long as they were happy together.

This particularly normal weekend was the perfect time to take a few days off to relax with each other. Alex had to use her vacation days for the trip, but it was so well earned that she didn't feel guilty about burning her paid leave days. Kait had done financially well with increased productivity in her robotics due to the benefits of twelve arms, and because she has two heads to further advance her ability to multitask, Kait got so much work done in a short amount of time.

A few hundred miles far from home, this will be the first major experience Alex will spend outside of her small town community. Up the high mountain tops of the outer skirts of the countryside, nature and romantic getaways went hand-in-hand. It is also going to be the first time she has the freedom to do what her heart desires without the influence of family life or work. Right now what her heart desires is the lovely Mary Kait Harris.

Alex and Kait settle into their hotel room suite at a fancy resort with a great view of a beautiful landscape. Kait wastes no time jumping on the bouncy king-sized bed like an energetic kid at a sleepover. She displayed all of her arms across the thick folds of soft bedsheets that flowed of the edge to the floor on every corner of the bed. She laughs among her two mouths and allows each heads to brush cheek to cheek. Kait loves just how fanciful and quiet this resort is. Spending it with Alex is more than she could ask for.

Alex sets her luggage at the foot of the bed and takes off her winter coat to enjoy the warmth of the hotel room. She is amused by her girlfriend's playful excitement as she continued to roll around atop of the bed. After setting her coat and purse aside, she turns to Kait. "I'm gonna wash up, okay?"

Alex waddles to the bathroom to check how huge her manhood had gotten since the start of their romantic adventure. She had trouble containing her six cocks and bulging sac during the train ride over, but her skirt was manageable enough. Thankfully her new rubber bands worked really well to keep her dicks together.

Left: "Sure thing, love!" She flails four of the six hands on her left side. "Do you need help with that?" She sits up and props her torso up with the bottom two pairs of arms.

"No no, I think I got it." Alex replies calmly. "The restraints are a little tight, but nothing to worry about." Alex lied. She winces while snapping off the bands around the middle of her six-shaft package.

"Okay then, love! I will wait you here." Kait speaks in unison, knowing that Alex loves that. She crawls on the bed and rests both heads on the big pillow. Grabbing her holocard from her pocket and turning on the holo-TV screen in the room, she focuses each head on separate tasks while relaxing under her rear shoulders. She double sighs when Alex leaves the room as both of her minds can only think about her. She's so relaxed, in fact, she quickly falls asleep.

Kait immediately starts having dreams from each head as usual. However, something is off. Both of her minds have something going on inside. Something deep. Another 'conscience' voice speaking, but she doesn't understand what the voice is saying. It feels really strange. She tries to move, but her body is heavy and oddly weak. Little does she know, something odd and foreign, yet familiar, is brewing from the deepest parts of her subconscious.

She would soon be in for the biggest surprise of her life.

Alex swiftly returns to the room with her members now comfortably dangling free under her long skirt with no heavy pressure weighing them down. She smiles while watching Kait lay back on the bed with a pair of smiles on her faces, looking up at the ceiling. The ride over really wore her out. Kait looks adorable when she sleeps with so many arms. Alex loves the way her two heads snuggle their cheeks and noses together. Alex nods in thought and hauls her suitcase next to Kait's legs on the edge of the bed to unpack her things.

Kait slowly wakes up with just her left head and when she sees Alex she emptying her suitcase, she focuses both faces at her. Left: "Oh, sorry, I fell asleep." Right: "Did you have a nice shower?" Kait arcs her back and sits up straight, stretching all her twelve arms in the air in different directions. She gets up and kneels down beside Alex to assist. "Let me help you,” she says in unison, grabbing a lot of things out with more hands

"I haven't taken a shower yet. You've only been asleep for ten minutes." Alex laughs softly. "It takes an hour for me to shower, you know that." Alex gives Kait a kiss on her outer left cheek, happily letting her help unpack. The couple put their stuff away and later settle on the bed to watch TV. They flip through the channels and find a good movie playing. Even though it was already half over, the still enjoy it while eating a few snacks. Kait made herself a cup of coffee and Alex sat silently, blushing throughout as Kait holds her hand and cuddles using only the right side of her body. With six arms on just one side, it was more than enough almost engulf Alex with a few hugs. Both girls were finally in the most comfortable spot they've ever been in, and they have yet to start their vacation in a place far away from home.

There's just so much they want to do.

Kait yawns in sync with both heads. Right: "I didn't notice how long I was asleep." Left: "I never asked you yet, but do you enjoy it when I hug you with a lot of arms like this? Is it warm for you?" Her right head kisses Alex's forehead. “I never tried to force my twelve arms to do independent tasks." She whispers in Alex's ear. Right: "Do you like the eight-armed Kait, or the twelve armed Kait?"

"I already loved you from the start, you know." Alex kindly gives her lowest hands a gentle stroke. "Eight arms on you was like nothing I'd ever seen before." She leans forward and lays her head between her two necks, resting her short scraggly hair within the gap between each head. "Then you had ten arms, and now twelve. I love you so much more now that it's not even fair. I'm jealous." Alex sighs as if she was about to go to sleep, but she was just relaxing her torso on Kait's four vertical cleavages. She was so comfortable that she felt a nice pleasure settle into her brain. Her dicks also responded with a few pulses, but Alex had taught herself some self-control ever since she met Kait to help quell her insatiable libido.

Right: "So, the more arms I have, the more you love me?" Left: "Maybe I should grow more." She jokes as six of her arms embrace Alex for all her adorable glory. Left: "I'm glad to have so many hands to hug you and give you all the love you deserve." She moves the other six hands on her chest. "And I can tickle you and win every time." She smirks in unison and pushes those hands closer, ready to pounce.

"No no no... ahh-hahaha," Alex braces with her two only arms to repel the tickle assault, but her pitiful attempt is met by heavy resistance. She is hopelessly outnumbered 6 to 1 in amount of hands. She squirms while many fingers dig into her belly and a few more tap the length of her sweater, beneath the sleeves, and even a hand creeping under her skirt towards her crotch. She couldn't keep track of all of Kait's hands. There were too many.

And yet, Kait secretly wished she had more.

Suddenly, all of Kait's hands stop. She switches from rough tickle movements to more sweet rubs. Not quite sexual, but full of love. She whispers into Alex's ears from both sides. "I really love you, no matter how much you change. I will always love you." She kisses her on the cheeks and squeezes tighter.

“I know." Alex snuggles her head between each of Kait's heads and closes her eyes. She purrs softly and exhales a nourished breath. "I don't know what I'd do without you." She stays in that comfy position while also trying to return the favor with her own flavor of cuddling. "I love you more that you can imagine. I don't know how I got so lucky with you. It doesn't seem possible."

"Well, fate was good to both of us." She speaks in unison at first. Left: "And you are the only one that would feel good with a freaky mutant like me." Right: "And though you gave me more arms, I'm grateful." She waves her four back arms in front of Alex. Right: "These new hands have been so useful during my daily work..." Left: "...and when I touch you."

Alex moans gingerly. "I love it when you do that,” she utters, referring to when Kait speaks the same words with both mouths simultaneously. Kait knows Alex likes it. With her eyes closed and feeling Kait through her voices alone, she leans back, cranes her hands to the back of her heads, and pulls them in for a kiss on each set of lips, one after the other.

Left: "I can do it..." Right: "...as much as you want." She sticks her tongue out teasingly, and then starts to speak in sync. "Not really a problem." As both heads copy the same movements and expressions to match her excitement, her voice stays the same. "I'm still the lucky one that can see you twice, and having two images of my girlfriend from two different angles is the best thing in the world." She releases the hug a bit, just resting eight of her arms around Alex body in a big, warm, soft hug.

Alex pulls of the embrace, having been satisfied enough from the extensive hug that lasted for what felt like hours. She peeks into Kait's right eyes. "I've always wanted to feel what you feel, even if it's just for a few minutes." She pivots to her left eyes. "But I know you'd just try to explain it to me again and I'll sit here struggling to wrap my mind around the idea of having two separate brains for one mind. We don't have to keep treading the same waters there. I just accept it as it being an marvelous experience."

Kait leans her heads to opposite sides and smile with both, still speaking from each one in different intervals. "Well, sadly I wouldn't know if it feels great or not, I've had two heads all my life. Never more than that..." She shrugs all twelve shoulders. "This is my normal body, but..." She moves her back hands to the front, opening and closing them and moving the twenty fingers. "I can tell you that having more arms than the normal eight is awesome."

Alex nods in understanding. "I can't imagine what a non-mutant would think of you if they saw you. They'd probably faint at first sight." She chuckles lightly. "Jeez, I can't even picture what other mutants might think of you now if they saw you. You're the most extreme out of everyone." She taps her chin. "I think I heard of another mutant closest to your amount with six arms. But you have twice that many. And they only have one head, I believe, so there's no contest there. You win at life I guess."

Kait sighs with both heads and crosses eight arms under her multitude of boobs. The other four rest on her hips. Right: "Well..." Left: "I guess I can have a Guinness world record there..." Right: "...if mutants even exist in that book." Left: "I know someone that can be there with me too." She pokes Alex's groin, blatantly hinting at her meaning.

Alex pouts and hovers her hands over her bulging skirt. "Oh... um... I guess." She shrugs. "I don't think there's a record of mutants with multiple... you know... penises. Boobs yes, but not our... ...other privates."

"You think there's one with eight boobs too?" She cups all her boobs with the hands that were crossed under them "If anything, I bet you have the record for most orgasms in an hour." She giggles and shifts closer to Alex, grabbing her cheeks with four of her hands. Right: "And never be ashamed of it." Left: "You are amazing."

Alex twirls her thumbs. "Um... yea..." she begins quietly. "I've had several magazines about mutants under my bed since I was a kid." She blushes. "But I couldn't help looking through them all the time at home after school. I saw a couple of girls with eight boobs, and some were even in different configurations. One girl had four per row in two rows." Alex pauses momentarily to think of the implications that came with such a record that she would hold. "I wouldn't want anyone to know how intense breaking my orgasms are either. No one needs to know that."

"I agree." Kait giggles. "That's our little secret." She touches both of her mouths with a finger to seal the secret. Left: "I'm still jealous of you and how many orgasms you can feel." Right: "That must be definitely amazing!" She glances to herself and talks in unison. "Even with two brains, it's hard to imagine."

Alex blushes harder. "Y-yeah, well, it takes a lot out of me. It pretty much feels like a full body orgasm, six times over, all at once, for about a minute. Even I'm surprised how well I can hold up due to how intense they are." She kisses one of Kait's hands. "You don't have to understand, hun, just enjoy it." A funny thought then comes to her. "You really like how much I can cum, too. I never thought you were into that sort of thing. You are one kinky girl."

Kait bumps her knees together when she heard the description of Alex orgasms, trying to hide her excitement. "How I wouldn't like it? It's soooo hot." Left: "So far the hottest thing I ever seen, and I have seen a lot of porn." An idea pops into her heads. "Oh, I have to share you my collection sometime and show you some of my favorite magazines."

Alex perks up. "You have a porn stash too?" The moment she says that she covers her mouth and her face turns red. "U-u... I mean... I don't doubt it, but when I first met you, you looked like the pure and dignified kind of girl with a good reputation to uphold." She looks down at Kait's hands working their way to her bulge. "I guess we have a lot more in common then we realize."

Kait hands begin to embrace her body, her bulge, and every place intimate place around Alex. "Tell me, if you had a body like mine, would you be pure and not masturbate?" She double winks to Alex. "Of course not. I will happily admit that I certainly do every day. And now with only you on my minds, I get to share my private kinks freely.”

"Now that I think about it, if I were you, I don't think I could go a day without touching myself with so many hands while watching and experiencing from two heads. The way you can kiss yourself is so hot, I can't even." Alex shivers at the thought as eyes flutter when the vivid picture plays out in her head, imagining herself in Kait's place. "Surely now you won't have to masturbate anymore with me around now. At least not alone."

Kait looks at Alex so in love that eight of her hands begin to rub her skirt. The four other hands grabs her girlfriend's arms and holds her shoulders. Right: "I'm glad to hear that. Masturbating against your cocks is so hot that it makes me cum so fast!" Left: "So... you like to see me kissing myself?"

"You KNOW I love it when you kiss yourself." Alex rubs her faces as it burns hot thinking of Kait's two heads swapping spit. "And the way you can play with you boobs and finger yourself and stroke several of my cocks ALL at the same time, it sends me shivers."

Kait smirks with both mouths and speak in unison. "Well, this is our honeymoon, so, would you like to play around with me?" Her faces rub cheek to cheek and smile while six of her hands fight to reach under Alex skirt.

Alex responds with her own smirk. She scoots her butt forward and onto the edge of the bed. "I've been waiting for you to ask me that ever since we got off the train."

Kait looks at her with her right head while focusing the left one on giving Alex a slow striptease. She removes her long shirt with all the customized sleeves, lifting ten of her arms while the other two grab the shirt and slowly lift it. First revealing the lowest pair of boobs and shoulders, she sets those arms free, followed by the thirdmost pair that moves behind her back and unclips that bra from the third pair of boobs, exposing them to the air. The top four pairs toss the shirt away and wiggles her butt on the bed. Kait continues to tease Alex by kissing herself and looking her with one eye from each head. She releases all the remaining bras and gives her boobs a light shake.

Alex's hairs stand on end as her skin bubbles with plentiful goosebumps that felt like mini orgasms all their own by just how erotic Kait is. One by one as those supple tits were revealed. Alex made sure to restrain herself from making a funny face in an effort to regulate her breathing. The overwhelming thumps in her chest peak to the point where her teeth involuntarily grind together while her skin buzzes in response to the pleasure. So much so that if she hadn't been painfully clenching her fist tight, she would have cum on the spot without being touched. It was necessary for Alex to learn to keep her arousal from spiking too quickly, but with Kait, it was just so difficult. What's worse is how Kait kissing herself made her scrotum pulse bigger between her legs and her pussy contract with its own orgasm. But that was dwarfed in comparison with the rising tents that sprung up from her skirt as all six of her cocks grew rapidly. Each one was only thirteen inches long, semi hard.

Kait stops kissing herself and focuses her attention on Alex again. Four of her hands remove her pants and panties, exposing her two pussies, and the rest grab Alex's palms and start to undress her completely.  She carefully removes the skirt and shirt with her many hands and then relaxes in her arms.

"You will lead this time."


Alex is still so weak in the presence in her multi goddess, but is able to harvest enough energy to slip her hands towards Kait's hips. She is too heavy to lift, and with the added weight of her engorged shafts rising even higher to meet Kait's crowded chest, Alex has to resort pushing her back on the bed. She stalks up the sheets like a lioness. She manages to anchor Kait on her back, inadvertently slapping her erect cocks against her chest.

Kait takes advantage of twelve hands to rub and stroke all the cocks bobbing above her body. She cracks two sly grins and focuses one head Alex's cocks and the other on her eyes. She pauses when she notices that Alex has been still for a while. Right: "Sorry, I have so many." She puts her tongue out playfully as she puts two right hands on her her waist and the rest everywhere else on her body.

Alex leans down to plant a kiss on Kait-right. "Don't be sorry. You're too sexy to feel bad about your arms right now." She kisses her left head next. "Will you do the honors?" She gestures to her cocks the pointed to her own chest, reaching as far as her chin. One of the top shafts is already sliding through her own C-cup boobs, making her nipples hard instantly. Her own arms are busy keeping her upper body propped up above Kait as she stares down into the eyes of her beautiful girlfriend, switching off each face periodically to give each one equal amount of love.

Kait licks her left lips as the right head nods. She immediately takes action and starts with light kisses on the tip of the center top penis. Later she transitions into licks, and then finally opening her mouth wide lewdly. Six hands rest their palms along the same cock and rubs it between each pair of her boobs. Another five hands slowly stroke the other five dicks, giving each one a different rhythm. While her top center cock receive the most amount of stimulation and love, her last free arm reaches underneath Alex's balls to tease her hidden vagina.

Left: "Let's see if I can chain your orgasms instead of making them all happening together." She winks knowingly and redoubles her efforts.

"Okay," Alex says through a series of labored breaths. Her arousal shoots sky high with every little ministration that Kait does to seduce her. With so many cocks and so many hands in play, and in addition to Alex's brain being raided by endorphins, her cocktips begin leaking pre cum at an alarming rate. Kait's chest is sprayed in the translucent liquid every time Alex moves back and forth, making her four rows of tits jiggle with enticing motions that only add to her appetite for more. "P-please be gentle."

Kait takes one arm and pets Alex's cheek. Her heads cease kissing her dick, forming strings of saliva between the bulbous cockheads. She licks her own lips to clean her tongues and savor the flavor of her pre. Right: "You know I'm always gentle." She smiles innocently as her lower pair of hands change tactics and reaches her balls. The other four keep rubbing and stroking her bouquet of thick members with all available fingers. She points at the top-left shaft. Right: "This will be the first one to cum, then I will move to the next one until your orgasms stops, then the next."

Alex moans deeper upon the suggestion. Her top shafts throb on their own as if they heard what Kait said. They fire of strings of precum more frequently before. Kait's fingers feel so amazing, yet Alex is only able to hold back for just a little until her resistance shatters. She want to get as much pleasure as possible out of this.

Not long after the handjob on her first of six thick shafts, Alex can feel herself creeping ever closer to the edge, and in one fell swoop, her top-left dick suddenly explodes with huge rope onto Kait, the first of many. More hoses down the sides of Kait's boobs and all over her necks in a geyser of white that shoots from a half-inch thick urethra.

Alex struggles to stay upright and proceeds to make out with Kait's left head as climax finally hits her. The initial orgasm rattles her body to the core, knowing it would be the first of many.

Kait joins in with a gasp from her left as Alex goes in for a kiss. She could practically feel the pleasure of Alex's orgasm by touch alone. Her favorite part is feeling Alex climax drag on longer than humanly possible. Kait uses all her twelve hands on the center-top shaft and starts stroking with renewed intensity. She moves them up and down as they fight for space. The cock is now covered in hands from the base to tip. Kait's tongues roll out of her mouths anticipating the next shaft to cum. She milks it for its load  by taking each hand and rubbing each of them using strings of cum as lubricant.

Alex shrieks once the feeling of so many hands grip her next cock, forcing her the break off the kiss from Kait's left head the very moment another orgasm strikes. The stimulation was already so great from the foreplay that Alex immediately cums again, but this time from the top middle cock, quickly spraying the her own cleavage thick ropes of hot seed. More shots coat Kait's chest and necks while Alex's doubled orgasm continues to funnel more pleasure into her system. She can hardly breath. Every muscle and bone in her body spasms with every contraction and throb her cocks give out as more cum flies from the tips in exorbitant amounts.

And yet, she's nowhere near done, even though the first orgasm has ended.

"U-uuggfu- K-Kait!" she grunts, "I c-can't stop." The sensation of her second cock cumming feeds into her other cocks with every passing second. The third cock on the top row is leaking so much that it looks like she is already ejaculating. but it's just mere precum.

"Ooooooh- AH!" Alex's third orgasm hits before Kait can even react. Kait is enjoying the climactic lurches of Alex's cocks so much that she merely grins with strands of cum drooling down her chins.

"You don't have to stop. That's the idea, my love." She tells her in unison and then grabs the upper right cock with all her hands, leaving just one on the middle cock to rub the base with an open palm. She tried to extend her orgasms longer by leaning in to kiss the tip with the left head to compensate for a missing hand, despite having twelve. Right: "This one's turn now. I want to keep making your waves of orgasms to overlap each other."

At this point, Kait has no idea how amazing Alex feels with three continuous orgasms raging through her, with another on the way.

As her second orgasm slows to a halt, her third orgasm reaches its peak. It then that her fourth climax explodes from her bottom-right penis. It bobbles upwards so violently that it slaps into the one above it. The streams start flying now that her orgasms are stacking faster than she could recover.

"O-ooh, I-I'm- uunnnfff- cumming a-again." As soon as Alex utters that, the orgasm in her bottom-right shaft peaks even before the third has even ended.

Kait immediately sends four hands to stroke that dick, making the pleasure more intense. She put her left mouth on the tip of the top-right cock, drinking in all remaining semen off the tangerine-sized cockhead. She then looks as Alex with her left head without saying a word, but only to wink seductively.

Alex winces with every rope of cum that fires. Each orgasm is stacked up over her previous ones. Her third cock finally stops releasing its load, however her fourth is still in full swing. Alex can feel her fifth and sixth orgasms brewing from her final two cocks. These feel different though. Precum is leaking profusely from them like faucets.

Before her fourth cock has even finished cumming, her fifth AND sixth orgasm both suddenly explode with white hot semen, hitting Kait's crowded chest and adding more layers of cum over the loads from earlier. Alex screams when something else is surging within her fourth compounded orgasms.

The last two orgasms are so intense, however, that she feels her fourth climax suddenly intensify and starts ramping up production as more ropes fire off in long strides from her pulsing shaft. Alex grabs hold of the bed sheets beneath Kait and collapses on top of her. Her body falls limp on top of Kait while still cumming hard from her three lowest cocks. Her head drops between Kait's two heads and hyperventilates into her long black hair. Alex only has enough energy to whisper into an ear from each head.

"o-oh god, i-it won't-- uufggn stop..."

Her entire body vibrates uncontrollably as her top three cocks, for the first time ever, suddenly burst yet again, emptying out huge ropes of seed even after already having cum moments earlier. Alex appears to be possessed by the ecstasy that ravages her petite, feminine frame, almost like a seizure. But, it's just an extreme amount of sexual pleasure. Now, all six of her cocks are simultaneously ejaculating huge loads of cum between their chests. The entirety of their bodies are soaked to the brim sticky fluids. Alex is so horny from six compounded orgasms that she humps Kait's vertical cleavages while the others are sandwiched between her own cocks and stomach. Alex has expelled more cum than she's ever done before.

Kait uses all twelve arms to hold up Alex in a warm hug while she relaxes her heads on her shoulders. She supports Alex with so much love until all the orgasms slowly start to dissipate half a minute later.

She then speaks softly into her right ear. Left: "Did it feel good?" Right: "Do you like doing it this way?" She licks her own lips on both mouths. "You are so tasty today!" She giggles in stereo. "I love the feeling of your cum all over my body and on each one of my arms. It's so warm and sticky, and sexy. I will never get tired of it."

As if on cue, Alex's body weight collapses on top of Kait. Her arms are no longer able to keep herself up. She catches her breath and waits a second before responding with a whisper. "That was the best. You're the best." After some time in a cum-covered embrace, Alex can move her arms and legs again. "We should get cleaned up."

"You first? Or me?" Kait asks with both mouths, sitting on the edge of the bed, being easily lifted with eight of her arms. She then looks down with her left head and moves all her left arms independently in different patterns. After a couple of seconds, she smiles and chuckles. Right: "I'm still glad to have all these arms to make you feel good."

Kait suddenly feels an unexpected thought deep down in her minds. [I wish I had more of me to do it better.] It wasn't coming from her left or right brain. She felt strange and grabs her right forehead, slightly confused. Where did that thought come from?

"I'll go first. I won't be too long this time." Alex says, sharing a cute laugh. Her six flaccid dicks flop forward as she gets off the bed. They dribble what's left of her load that her her twelve balls had to offer. Her cocks are so big that is forces Alex to lean over a bit as she waddles to the bathroom and closes the door. She turns on the hot shower and begins wiping down her entire body.

Meanwhile, Kait sits on the edge of the bed, still thinking about how strange her conscience felt just moments earlier. It seemed as if someone else was talking to her in her own mind, but that shouldn't be possible. Her brains occasionally trade separate thoughts in order to figure out what happening.

[Alex is so hot. I wish I had more to love her with.]

"What was that?" Left-Kait says, looking around the room as if someone was talking in her ear, but knows she didn't talk to herself with her other head. Right: "I don't know..." she says to herself trying to understand what's going. She's not sure if it's her imagination or something real within the leylines of her subconscious.

Kait ignores it and basks in the afterglow of her girlfriend's record breaking orgasms. An ejaculation of such magnitude deserves an award on its own, but she couldn't possibly imagine what it must feel like to experience something like that. She gives Alex so much credit for hanging for as long as she did during that god-like climax that lasted about two minutes, the longest she's ever seen someone cum. Kait licks the stray semen dripping down her cheeks while scooping some on her fingers and tasting it with each mouth to compare the flavor between each mouth. Kait can't believe how good Alex tastes. With so much cum left over, there isn't any possible way she could clean all all of it with her fingers.

Kait sighs. And together with each separate head, she trades naps between each head while Alex takes her sweet time washing off in the shower. Her smiles grow every time she thinks about Alex again. It's still hard to believe how lucky she is to have twelve arms and two heads, along with eight breasts on a single body. Sometimes Kait doesn't feel like she deserves it. But now with Alex in her life, she doesn't have to feel bad for herself anymore.

This is going to be the best vacation ever.

And it already started off with a bang. Several bangs, in fact. Kait cannot deny how incredibly hot it was that Alex came so much so fast, yet there's just so much left to do for their trip. How can that ever be topped?

Without warning, Kait's vision became dizzy from both sets of eyes at exactly the same time. She is forced to shake her heads free of the sudden impairment and blink rapidly to make herself see straight. But to no avail. Her hands begin moving randomly trying to calm herself as she realizes that being dizzy in both heads at the same time is something that has never happened before.

“Whoa... wha...” she utters in confusion from both heads. Her body starts to feel warm under the chest and cold under the skin. It hurts in the beginning, like a literal flame igniting inside her. She drops her gaze down to her hands, many of them with their palms open. Without any conscious movement coming from her own mental control, she fearfully witnesses her arms spasm. Her torso gets wider and her vision gets hazier, only to realize that she is about to faint.

"Alex! Come quickly!” Kait yells with slightly slurred speech. “Something is--” her voice drops there when her minds go blank. Those are the last words that manage to escape from her mouths from the panic. She doesn't remember what happens next.

Alex perks up from drying off in the bathroom when she hears pleas from Kait echo in the hotel room. She drops everything and rushes out the door to see what's going on, stumbling on her way out and nearly running into the wall due the imbalance of her enormous package.

"What! What is it!?" Alex looks at Kait, looking in different places searching for something that might be the cause of the problem. Kait throws her her many hands in a frenzy trying to get them under control. Alex is dumbfounded by her odd behavior.

Kait collapses back on the bed, completely unconscious. Her minds are working overtime as a new mutation comes to the forefront and materializes. She can hear three voices inside her brains, but doesn't understand what's happening. Her body is limp and her arms are sprawled and twitching in every direction.

Alex witnesses Kait fall unconscious as her body changes before her very eyes. Her torso is expands and her heads spread out on their own like she's tearing down the middle like a piece of paper.

But nothing is as simple as it appears.

Alex gasps when Kait's motionless body spasms like she's suffering a severe chest pain and bad headaches. She rushes over to check on her pulse by putting her fingers to the base of her right neck. Her red and sweaty faces cycle through fragmented expressions inconsistently, and quite possibly painful. She can even feel the flesh stretching beneath the skin.

“Kait! What's going on!? Are you hurting?” She strokes both of Kait's forehead, noticing just how feverish her skin is. Alex quickly looks around the rest of Kait's nude body for any anomalies that might help determine what's wrong. Her arms twitch slightly with no real control over them. "Hold on, I'll get you a cold towel." Alex runs back in the bathroom to soak a towel in cold water in the sink.

Kait can just barely hear the voice of Alex on both sides of her heads like an echo. She isn't able to respond, still not knowing what is happening to her body. Despite having fainted, her minds actively try to get her body to move, but all twelve arms are useless. Her attempts to move each one fails. Not a single one responds. Her muscles and skin feel so warm. Her heads have spread a lot by now, making the gap four times wider than normal. Her torso also widens in accordance with the mutation. Even her breasts looks a lot further away from each other. Something, like lumps, start to grow on the flat spaces between each pair of boobs. Between her heads, a similar things happens with a bigger bump rising out of her flesh.

Alex races to get a cold towel knowing that this bad news. Kait looks to be in worse shape than before. Her own heart is racing at the idea that her girlfriend might be dying. Towel in hand, she practically throws it over Kait's foreheads.

But something is not right.

Her heads seem a little further apart that she remembered. She then checks the rest of her body and is shocked by what has happened in the short time that she was gone. Kait's entire chest has gotten wider all the way down to her waist. Several bumps have started to appear in the widening space where her cleavages once were. She can't believe what going on.

Alex can only stare with wide eyes as the four bumps push out between Kait's four sets of breasts, powerless to stop them from growing. It isn't until the nubs grow to the same size as her boobs that Alex realizes what they are. She is secretly excited, but also mortified that Kait is mutating again. But this is the first time she is seeing it happen in real time with her own eyes, but it seems painful this time. Kait's heads are writhing around on the pillow while her arms tense up in response to the havoc that is going on all over her upper body.

Wait... there's a fifth bump right between her necks? Is that why her heads look further apart than before? But what is that bump supposed to be?

The round bumps between each row of breast slowly become fully formed breasts. However, the larger bump between her necks doesn't slow its growth and soon takes the shape of an oval the same size as her two heads. The flesh morphs into skin and bone, forming into a new human head. Ears sprout on the sides, then a nose, then two eyes slits. The last thing to form is the mouth, where the flesh rips apart to make the lips and teeth. Long black hair quickly grows and stretches to the same length as the other two heads.

In less than a minute, the mutations on her body finally stop and Kait goes completely limp again.

The newborn 'head' appears to be asleep, resting against the right one. All three faces look exactly the same. Kait now has four new breasts. A new one between each pair. Kait looks so much more relaxed now, but she's still sleeping.

After several seconds of silence, Alex is brave enough to approach the new Kait and tap her on the shoulder.

Alex falls over on the floor onto her butt when Kait inadvertently pushes her away with some of her right arms. She bumps her heads against each other and sits back up on the bed in a groggily state.

Kait is absolutely speechless.

Actually no, she's thoughtless.

Three brains, one mind.

This is...

Alex simply cannot believe what she is seeing. She hadn't realized that that she's holding in a breath.

When her brain starts working again, she is only able to gather a few thoughts about the situation.

Is that... another head? She thinks to herself.

All things go quiet as Kait falls in a deep slumber again. Alex takes a step back and rubs her eyes to make sure that what she's seeing is actually real. She slowly advances toward the bed where Kait is laid out on her back where three heads snore silently. Each pair of eyes is closed and all have neutral expressions. The new 'middle' head looks so gentle and innocent with new born skin and hair and has the exact appearance of the other two. Alex leans over and taps Kait on the top shoulders.

"K-kait? Are you-- ...are you okay?” She gulps. “Hello?"

As if on cue, Kait slowly opens her eyes with the right head and finds Alex next to her. Right: "A...Alex... what happened? My... my mind... is confused..." She lifts two hands to her forehead. "I... I hear three thoughts... I feel like... like my mind is so much more open now. It's-- it's so strange... where am I? Did I fall asleep?" Her other two heads are quiet. Her right head examines Alex's face. She looks pale like she'd seen a ghost. Three more hands lift to touch Alex's cheeks and hair. Right: "Are you okay?"

"U-uh um, I-" Alex can't find the proper words, or any words for that matter, and just stares into her right eyes while exchanging quick glances at her two other heads. Especially the middle one. "Um you-- uh... h-how do you feel?" was all Alex could ask. She was afraid that Kait might have had some fundamental alterations to her mind, fearing that she might be a different person now.

Kait's left head opens her eyes while she keeps speaking with the right one. Right: "I'm fine, just a bit dizzy. I don't know what--"

Kait instantly freezes as soon as the middle head open its eyes. An entirely new feeling invades her mind as she senses a third point of view, seeing the room from new pair of eyes. She quickly snaps up and falls even more dizzy as both the cognition and the blood rushes to her head.

"W...what... whats happening to me!!!" she screams from all three mouths. Kait cowers back on the bed and stares down at her many hands, this time from three perspectives. Her minds begin communicating with each other as the middle brain starts to fill with all the info of the other two. Her singular consciousness is spreading into another human brain, becoming herself as well.

Who she is.

Where she is

What is happening?

It all comes clashing inside the most complex thing nature has ever created. A developed human brain that didn't exist just a few minutes ago. And now there's three of her. Her right and left heads are nearly in tears.

Scared and confused.

Kait gives Alex a jolt with her scream. The horror in those voices made it apparent that something was seriously wrong. She notices her outer heads on the verge of tears. She is having trouble moving her arms, but is able to raise a few of them to grip her foreheads. Kait's middle head looks like it is possessed by something alien, knocking side to side on the inner ears of her outer heads.

Alex steps forward to comfort her. "Kait, calm down please," she pleads. Kait keeps moving and fighting for a couple of seconds then she relax and rest her arms against Alex. "You're gonna hurt yourself. Look at me and don't move."

All three heads stare at Alex. Right: "Y...you.. I... I'm looking at you three times!" Left: "This is so strange!" The middle head repeats what each head says. "W..what's happening to me, love!? How do I have another head? O-o-or is this a dream?"

Alex takes a long, deep breath.

"I'm afraid it's true. This is real. You grew a third head." She never thought she would ever utter those words in her life. She grabs her top shoulders. "Look at me, look at me, follow my hands." Alex waves her arms forth and back, back and forth, around and around, hoping Kait gets the idea. A tiny smile appears on the corner of her lips when all three of Kait's heads respond by following the position of her hands.

Right: "I-it feels... really... strange. I can't control it." Her left head looks towards the middle as the middle head mimics the same exact thing, looking to the right. Left: "Oh no... I can't move it independently!" Her left and middle ones say in unison. "Help me, love! I'm scared!"

Alex puts her hands down and grabs Kait's shoulders. She hops onto the bed and scoots close to Kait. Alex thrusts herself onto Kait with a big hug to calm her down. Her own head rests between the right and middle one.

"Shhhhh, it's going to be alright. Your Alex is here. I'm not going anywhere. Don't stress yourself yet." She hears Kait sniffling three times. "Don't cry, please. Relax for me, okay? I'll help you as long as you need it." She pulls back and wipes away the tears streaming down her new middle head, which is still weird for Alex considering that it didn't exist moments ago.

The middle head stares directly into her girlfriend's eyes while also gazing with the other heads at the same time. "T...this...w..what I'm going to do now?" Kait tries to recover by taking deep breaths. She just realizes that even her inner organs feel a bit different now, and an odd weight has been to her chest. "D-d-did I really grow a third head? T-this... is so shocking... I feel so confused.. and I can't even control my middle one separately." She speaks from all three mouths at once to illustrate her point. But her breathing is out of sync to the point of hyperventilation. She doesn't know how to properly breath through three mouths.

Alex pumps back to give Kait some space. She rubs the creases and gaps between each of her right shoulder. She also strokes her right head and run her fingers through her long black hair. "It's okay, it's okay." Alex cooed. "How do you really feel? Having two heads was already incredible already. But three...? I don't know... it's just--" Alex pauses. She couldn't quite find the right words to say.

Still in shock, Kait blinks frequently. "I... I.. I don't know... I feel..." She glances down with all three heads. The shock doesn't allow her to move her heads independently and needs help. "I feel strange. I can't-- I can't move my heads independently anymore, but, I definitely feel my new brain, but... it is weird... like a mind that's so confused and doesn't understand who she is and where she is, like a baby brain, empty of data." Her six eyes began to tear up again. "Help me love! I don't know what to do!"

When Kait looks back down, she finally realizes her other change. "Oh my god oh my god!!! I grew more breasts!! My torso is so much bigger!"

Alex snatches a few of Kait's panicking hands and brings them all together. "No no no, don't worry about that right now! Look at me! I know the rest of your body changed, but we can deal with that later. What's more important is you and your... um... heads..." She pauses. "Um... okay, let's see, you can still move your original heads, right?"

Kait relaxes with Alex holding many of her hands and breaths more consistently this time. She closes all six eyes. "I do," she utters in unison. "But... I feel one more head now. It's overwhelming. I'm having my two minds and my new one asking things constantly. I can't help it. I feel empty."

Alex nods in understanding. "Okay okay,  breathe, and relax..." She squints to get a better look at the middle head. "She's-- uh... I mean 'you' look so innocent looking around with your middle head. Is she... I mean.. are you... um do you feel like she is someone else? You said 'she' is asking you things, but if it's also you who is the one asking, then what's going on?"

Left: "I'm so confused, but I know it's still me." Kait manages to open her middle head eyes and look at forward. She continues talking with the left one. Left: "I think I understand better now. My middle brain was so confused and empty until I explained everything with my other two brains. I was having a big conversation with myself just now."

Alex hovers a hand closer to the middle's forehead, but pauses halfway. "Um... may I... touch?"

The middle head nods. Middle: "Y-you can...” Her eyes snap open wide as her other two heads look to the middle one, lifting two hands in front of her center eyes. Middle-Kait: "OH! I'm talking with just this one!" Left: "The feeling is so strange." Right: "Like an alien."

Alex gently touches Kait's middle head, lightly tapping and stroking the forehead and temples. She uses her other hand to feel the new nose, cheeks, and chin, and then moves to the new mouth and eyes. "Hm, nice and soft, I must say." Alex hums thoughtfully. She then slips her hands to the back of the head behind her ears and feels how new her hair is. It is her natural, ink black color. "She--" Alex shakes her head again at the mistake. "I mean 'you' look exactly like the other two." Alex bites her lip. "I'm sorry, I confused as well. Are you really 'you' with this new head. I keep wanting to call her 'she', but 'she' is still 'you'... right?"

Left: "Yes, it's still me” Right: “Just another one of my heads." She chuckles with the middle mouth and turns a bit to kiss Alex's wrist. Middle: "I feel better now. I just have to get used to having six eyes now." Left: "And three brains to work with." Her right head smiles. Right: "I hope I'm not too freaky for you."

Alex disguises a grin with a pout and licks her lips. "I-I mean, yeah, i-it's actually pretty amazing, but this is serious. A whole new head is... impressive... and impossible. You were already so much before, but now you have even MORE than before." She snickers. "It's unbelievable... …and sexy." She mutters that last part in a low voice.

All three heads blush and stare at Alex "Sexy?" She repeats in unison and smirks with the middle one. One of her many hands point to that head with a finger. Middle: "Do you think I'm sexy?" Left: "Now that you say a new head could be so useful." Right: "I should be able to multitask a lot more now." She smiles to herself and then she realizes something important "Oh no..." Left: "I'll never be able to hide this from people anymore." Right: "Is there even another three-headed mutant in existence?"

"Hun, there are hardly any two-headed mutants alive today. You are likely the only one in the world, and possibly the first ever." Alex exchanges looks between all three of Kait's innocent faces. "I don't think human beings are even capable of handling anything remotely close to multiple brains for a single mind. It's unreal!" Her eyes glow brighter. "So please, don't strain yourself.  We don't know how your body will react. We don't know the extent of your mutation, so don't move too much yet."

Kait triple nods. Left: "I still think my insides are different too." Right: "I'm pretty sure I have three lungs now, at least." Middle: "And two hearts." Kait uses her right head to check all her new breasts with four of her six right hands. Right: "This is so surreal." She glances vigilantly at Kait with her left head. Middle: ”I'm getting more used to this, slowly..." Left: "I bet you will have a hard time to keep tracking me now." She does a triple giggle for the first time in front of Alex.

Alex immediately blushes. "Oh... … really." She can't believe it. Her mouth stays ajar as she watching Kait regain control of her heads and limbs. Naturally, she feels a familiar tingling surging in her crotch as her manhood starts to awaken. She panics and jerks back. "Oh no, don't tease me like that...uunnff." She grits her teeth as the feeling grows strong, doubling ever few seconds. "I'm not ready for all of you... yet..." Alex manages to stave off a dangerous rise in blood pressure. "C-can you move your arms now? Do you have control of all of them?"

Kait raises all her twelve arms together and moves her many fingers. Right: "I never lost control of them." Her other two heads chuckle. Left: "But for now I am using my right and left brain to control them. Let me try..." Her middle head glances down at her arms and slowly attempts to move each one on their own, one at a time. It works for only the top eight arms, but the bottom four remain hanging motionless at her sides. Middle: "I think I can move them now. It's so weird to use this brain, I'm having goosebumps." Her right and left head blush knowing the implications of her new 'self'.

Right: "So this is what it feels like to grow another head.” Left: "Having one more brain is so unbelievable, but it feels really good."

Alex pouts. "But did it hurt when the mutation was happening? You seemed like you were in so much pain."

The middle head looks left, then right. In efforts to get used to see herself at both sides she does this a few times. Middle: "Well..." She lifts two right hands to her right cheek.  "When growing all of this, I don't remember any pain." Left: "And even if it did hurt." Right: "It's all in the past." Kait attempts to sit up, but her balance is thrown off when she moves more arms than she intended. "Oh, I think I'm going to have a hard time to learn how to move now." She looks at her legs with all her heads and her six eyes open wide. Right: "Wow, even my legs and hips are bigger now." Middle: "I'm glad, because I bet I'm so much heavier now."

Alex still can't get over the fact that Kait is already using her middle head normally as if she had it for a good while. She retreats on her feet to let Kait examine herself a bit. Something in the forefront of her mind is swirling. Something unstable. She steps back further, and further, and further. So much further that she is meters away and almost around the corner. She wants to get a better view of Kait as a whole, seeing all those twelve arms, twelve boobs, and three heads... oh god.

Kait watches with worry as Alex back away. Right: "Love? Are you afraid of me now? I'm still your Kait." She leans to the side trying to get close to her, but she just falls on the bed unable to balance yet.

Alex turns around out of sight to catch her breath because looking at how incredibly freaky Kait has become is overwhelming her own brain. She can't fathom the reality that her girlfriend is so much more than she could ever imagine. Alex clutches her chest out of sight while leaning heavy against the wall.

Kait helplessly watches Alex disappear with her right eyes as she use the other two to keep checking her new body. Her heads independently inspect a couple of arms, trying to get them in sync with her new triple-brain network. Her right head puts on a worried frown for Alex.

Alex hears Kait call after her again. Her heart thumps harder, hoping this is a lucid dream. The ache in her chest tells her enough that she is definitely awake and Kait is definitely a three-headed person now. The very thought sends her concealed cocks to bump and sway on their own. After lightly banging her head on the wall, she takes a few deep breaths and finally turns around, straightens her chest, and walks back into sight. She keeps her distance, but that doesn't make her bulge appear any smaller.

With each of her three heads, Kait slowly faces Alex. Her middle head glances down and smiles. Middle: "Oh, it was that?" Left: "You're not afraid, you're aroused." She must have confused her arousal with fear and confusion. Kait decides to tease Alex to confirm if she's really scared, or just so excited. She focuses the power of all  three brains to coordinate the following; she grabs and cups all her twelve breasts in all her hands and turns her right head to the left and her middle head to the right, then tastes her own new lips for the first time. The excitement of kissing herself runs through her entire body making her left head moan while fluttering her eyes directly at Alex. She then speaks without breaking the kiss. Left: "You always love when I kiss myself, don't you?"

"Unngff," Alex whimpers feebly. The scene is too much for her. Her hyperactive libido  ramps up, but Alex fights to control the sensations running throughout her body from overwhelming her body to the point of a blackout. The moment she witness Kait go deeper into the kiss, she almost loses it. "Uh oh."

Kait simply smiles. The funny reaction from Alex is all the proof she needs, so she places a hand to her chest as she sighs from all three mouths. "I'm glad..." Left: "You aren't scared of me..." Right: "You just have to get used to it, like me..." With some trouble, she crawls out of bed and tries her use new legs by walking some steps. With her balance in place, albeit wobbly, she extends her dozen arms outward. Left: "Would you accept me?"

Alex slightly recoils as Kait approaches her, but doesn't know why. Instinct, probably. But more likely doubt. She is still conflicted on which head to address the most. Her mind was racing a thousand times above normal, but her heart stayed the the same.

"U-um, y-yes?"

Kait carefully steps closer,  somewhat apprehensive of her new form only for the fact that Alex isn't quite taking it well, yet. She still isn't used to having more boobs, let alone a brand new head. "I could look different..." "But I'm still one person" "I'm your Kait." Each mouth say in sequence, left to right. She gestures Alex to embrace her. With brief hesitation, she pulls Alex in and lays her head on her new top middle breast while all arms hands surround her Alex body, patting her head.

"Shhh shhh, thats my girl." Three hands pet Alex head Left: "You don't have to be scared of me love..." Middle: "I'm a bit scared too..." Right: "But I know we can handle it, together."


Re: One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe & Sophiie93

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/heileejoe/ar … -801503777

One in a Billion - Chapter 8

Alex and Kait couldn't be more inseparable. They were destined to be together, but neither knew this could happen.

But they are happy it did. It gives more of Kait for Alex to love.

Their bodies tenses up the moment they come in intimate contact with one another. Goosebumps shoot up Alex's spine when her cheek rest atop Kait's new upper boobs. She feels the hot breath of middle-Kait whiff her short hair while her eyes and mouth try to make sense of this. The other two heads lean in from the sides, somewhat creeping her out knowing that neither of them are the ones smelling the top of her head. More hands gently rub her back with soft strokes. The shock is finally catching up to the rational part of her brain, yet with Kait's extreme body calming her, her heart rate normalizes.

Alex and Kait embrace each other for a while. A tender silence filled the air, allowing the two mutants a chance to calm their bodies and their souls.

Kait giggles with all three heads and releases the hug, still holding on to Alex shoulders. "I can describe you better how I feel now that I can walk a bit, if you want."

Alex stares with hazy eyes and, suddenly, she plants a kiss right on Kait's middle lips before she the lovers have a chance to get back on the bed. In her mind, she is afraid that Kait was going to suffer some strange effects from this newest, most unbelievable change the world has ever seen. But, she loves Kait even more for that. She uses her small arms to grab around to Kait's back and force her body weight on her, subsequently pushing them on the bed, they trip and tumble on the sheets and begin striping what little clothes they have on. Alex is so in love, in fact, that she performs every technique and skill of kissing that Kait had taught her and gives it all she's got. She knows Kait is okay, but it was taking some time convincing herself that her favorite person in the world is healthy on the account of being more freaky.

"Mmmhhmm." Alex moans through the french kiss with middle-Kait and grips the back of her two outer heads tighter.

Left: "Ohhh..." Right: "That's my girl... right there." Kait hums along with the tone of Alex's moaning. Her 'original' outer heads expertly give Alex a long and lovely kiss on her cheeks. Left: "You see?" Right: "I'm still Kait. Nothing to be afraid of." She ends the kiss and stares into her eyes. "Can you help me to stand up? I need to check my new body,” she says with both outer heads. Middle: "And you are the best at testing my body with other tasks." Kait remembers the many tests Alex used to do on her for being sure she was a two-headed person.

The love between them deepens when Alex stares intimately into Kait's newborn middle eyes. She stares back at her with a familiar bedroom eye laden with sexual energy. Alex feels her cocks lurch. She takes two of Kait's hands and guides her huge expansive body around in a sensual manner. “A-are you sure you can...”

Kait-Left: "Stand up?" Her middle head looks down at her legs. Right: "I guess I can. You hold me up just in case." Kait grabs Alex's sides with six of her hands and firmly plants her feet on the carpet. Her legs get into position, and when she gets off the bed, it takes a second to maintain balance. Her three heads work together to move and step in different places. "I... I think that's it." She says in unison.

Alex leans to the side and hangs on to Kait's lowest arms. She notices that her legs and feet are in slightly off in position. Definitely not a normal stance. Thankfully she's still standing upright with her help. But if she lets go, Kait would certainly fall over.

"Hey, uh... your legs-- your feet aren't right." She taps her shins with her own toes and can feel Kait's legs wobbling. "You have three heads now, but still two legs. How are you controlling... um who's in control of your legs?"

Kait shrugs with all her shoulders as her heads look inwards. Both outer pair of eyes meet the middle one, who is looking to the left and to the right. Middle: "I wasn't thinking about it." Left: "I think my three brains are doing it together." Right: "Let me try to fix that." She tries ta better strategy for balance. "There. I think I'm better now. Let me try walking." She lets go of Alex and gives a step, but instantly grabs onto Alex again. Middle: "Eww... even with three brains it's hard to gain my balance again with this wide torso."

"Go easy on yourself." Alex catches Kait with her forearms, but Kait has so many hands that several clutch her shoulders and waist. While dipping down to make sure her girlfriend's faces are thinking the same thing based on similar expression, she speculates. "Yes, I forgot that an extra head and wider torso and more boobs gives you more weight to carry. Do you feel any heavier as well? Or is it just that your brains are figuring out which one should control your legs." Alex holds that thought. "Is that how it works? Do you send control of your legs to one brain, and the others take care of other things? Or do you share the tasks across each one?"

Left: "I do. I use one brain to move a limb, or more than one, otherwise the limb would move awkwardly." Her other two heads nod, feeling more natural now in her own mind-space. Middle: "Now that I have this extra one, it's really helpful. I need time to get used to it." Right: "I'm moving it with my middle brain now, but because it's new, it isn't used to complex motions like walking." Middle: "And there's also the fact that my balance has changed for my extra weight. Even if my legs are stronger, my torso is wider, so it's a bit tricky."

"N-no rush though." Alex wiggles into a more comfortable position. "Slow down. Don't overwhelm your mind." With a few more steps, Kait got the basics, but still needs the girl's help as an anchor. Alex observes Kait's expressions very closely when she isn't looking and hopes that whatever is going on inside her heads is no cause for concern. Kait grew up with two complete human heads her entire life, so if there's anyone who can grow accustomed to another head, it's Kait. Alex wonders if the middle head is any different than the other two.

Left-Kait glances looks at Alex while her other two focus on practicing more with her new body. Her arms seemingly move in random directions as if trying to balance her stance. She notices not long after that her partner is staring quizzically at her. Left: "Is something wrong love? You have been staring at my middle face for a while."

Alex is caught off guard. "H-huh? O-oh! Sorry sorry I didn't mean to--" She drops her head down to avoid the embarrassment of observing Kait like a fascinating science experiment and attempts to find something less awkward to spy on.

Kait leans in and kisses Alex on the lips with her left head as one of her many hands moves up to her forehead. She smiles with that head and pivots to one side for better balance. Left: "Don't be afraid to be honest with me love, what are you thinking?"

"Heh, w-what do you mean? I-I didn't do... I'm not..." Alex hopes Kait hasn't caught on to her perverted little fantasy of wondering about all the sensual things she can do with her third head.

Kait sighs. Left: "I know you, love." She leans closer as her middle head soothes her with affectionate eyes. Left-Kait whispers in her ear. "I'll tell you what, let me get used to my new body and I will try to fulfill the fantasy that you are thinking."

Alex is unable to take her eyes away from middle-Kait after letting her go. The unbroken aura of her gazes serve as a reminder of the woman she fell in love with.

Kait relaxes all her arms and puts them against each other. Her next move is to stay still in front of Alex, three faces expressing the same blushed emotion. Middle: "You can examine my body now." Left: "Knowing you, you must be dying to know more." Right: "Go ahead love, check if we missed something." Middle: "If you do, I will explain to you how my body operates not that I've gotten my bearings.”

Before she has a chance to touch Kait, Alex lifts a finger. "Wait... how do you know what I'm thinking?" That particular thought made her skin crawl. "Are you psychic now?" She asks in a serious tone, keeping her distance. Looking at Kait as the three-headed woman showcasing herself in all her nude glory is as surreal as it gets. But there might be something deeper going on.

Kait shakes her three heads. "Nope. You really wanna know what all my brains are thinking of right now?" One of her twelve hands takes the lead and points directly at Alex. "You!" Her three heads utter in perfect unison. Left: "I know you as best as I've always known you." Right: "I'm not a psychic." Middle: "I just know you very well, and considering your reaction, I'm correct."

"Oh... okay." Alex flatly responds. "You do know me too well, huh?" Alex lowers her voice to a whisper. "It would pretty cool if you were psychic." Alex immediately clears her throat and holds her head high.

Kait chuckles in three-part harmony. Right: "Okay, let me explain..." She signals to her new head. Middle: "This is my new brain, so it was literally empty when I got it, so..." she gestures with five hands as she speaks "...my middle brain was learning all the data that my other heads were sending. That's why I was so confused. I had a brain that didn't understanding who she was or where she is." Her outer heads fall silent as the middle one speaks. "And the same with walking. I literally felt like a newborn baby when I tried to use my middle brain take control of my legs, but my original brains helped out." She makes a few steps backwards and forward. "See? My middle brain is just so new for now, I can't even think about robotic technology with this one like the other two, like a whole new person. It will take long, but at least all my brains are linked. Soon I'll have the same knowledge as them... I mean 'me'."

Alex nods with every detail that Kait points out. She continues to sink into her shoulders to somehow take attention away from her dormant cocks, which are pulsating harder and harder. Her willpower is strong enough to keep the blood from flowing into her members, but not enough to hold back the reverberating pleasure traveling up and down her nervous system. Her face involuntarily makes a funny looking face, scrunched like a lufa.

"Oh, that's... interesting." Alex smiles warmly. "It seems like your new head can just be another place to share your memories with without doing much physically with it, like having it move limbs. Your original heads already do it for you. How do you feel with the new third you? Do you feel like you've always been here?"

Kait shakes her heads. Middle: "When I think with this head, I can't figure out how I ended up here. I can still hear my outer brains calming me down and explaining everything to me. So now my middle head doesn't lose the control." Left: "I can say... I was so scared... but with just my middle head..." Right: "She was in fear until I realized what's was happening. It never stopped being 'me'. I've always been one person. It's like when you grow a new limb and you don't know how to move it yet..." Middle: "A brain works like that too. This brain didn't understand what was happening until I got used to it. Now I'm slowly getting better and learning a lot with it." She smiles warmly, looking down with the middle head to move eight arms. Left: "I'm pretty sure that I will get so much better in multi-tasking than before." Right: "And learning too since I can read with three pairs of eyes now."

Alex exhales a long breath. Kait is ignoring the possible negative impact on her life. "I want to say I'm jealous, but I don't think I can handle three heads, not to mention twelve arms, hands, and boobs. Still, I can't even begin to imagine what it even feels like to have my mind spread between more physical brains. So amazing." Alex narrows her eyes to check Kait for any more abnormalities. Seeing Kait idly moving a few arms around and wander her gaze around with her outer heads while the middle one stares at her is a bit weird.

Kait triple smiles. "Did you find something else?" Left: "Can you check my breathing and my heartbeats?" Right: "I think I have more lungs and hearts too. It feels really strange." She gestures with a lot of hands.

Alex carefully paces forward and gingerly places a palm directly onto Kait's chest between the left and middle top boobs where the left cleavage is. "Inhale for me."

Kait does so with just the left head. Right: "Like this?"

"Good." Alex nods. "Exhale."

Kait exhales with the same head. Alex clearly feels an extra heartbeat. Right: "It's strange to see myself there. I'm so far away, but I'm also there at the same time."

"Hm..." Alex looks up at the three of 'them'. "Really?"

Right: "I will get used to it eventually." Left: "But if I can describe it in one word, it would be..." She pauses briefly to mentally prepare her next action.

Left: "A..." Middle: "...Ma..." Right: "...zing!"

Alex quivers on the spot. She can barely contain herself with a girly squeak. She instantly covers her mouth with a hand, hoping Kait didn't notice.

Kait leans the outer heads outwards as all three faces wonder about Alex's expression. "You okay?" She says with all three mouths. Left: "Did you notice something different inside me?" Middle: "My hearts and lungs are okay? Are they bigger?" She touches the place where Alex rested her head with two left hands.

"N-no, it's just..." Alex sighs. "It's just the way you said 'amazing', and how you split up the word by saying it coherently with three different voices in perfect order."

Kait giggles rhythmically. Left: "When you have three brains like me, that's a very easy task." The middle head blows a kiss and the right head winks. Right: "I just hope there's not too much Kait for you, love."

Alex grins while blushing. "Oh you are a tease. You know I like it when you tug at my heartstrings with your voices. And now that there are three of you..." Alex rocks her hips back and forth. "I don't think I'll be good enough for all of you now."

Kait looks down and watches her body, she's still covered in Alex cum. It's noticeable that the new skin is perfectly clean. Right: "You noticed this?" Left: "It's pretty fun." Her middle head hums and looks at both sides taking turns, then she starts to act. Middle: "Oh my god you two, you girls are so perverted covered in cum!"

Alex frowns in slight confusion, but also somewhat alarmed. "Did you just..." She was about to point out the amusement of the funny sister dynamic that Kait preformed. "...talk to yourself? Your other... self? Um..."

Kait gasps three-fold, covering her three mouths with her hands. Left: "I did!" Right: "But isn't what you think." Middle: "I was just acting for you. Still, I can say I'm always 'talking to myself' in my thoughts.”

Alex lets out a relieved chuckle. “Hehe, okay." She takes a deep breath. "Um... can you, uh, can you... ...keep doing it, ...please? With three sisters?"

Kait opens her eyes wide. All three pairs blink in rapid succession for a moment. Left: "Our love want us to do that?" Middle: "Oh yes... I wonder what she will do if I kiss you..." The middle head turns to the left one. Left: "Ewww.. sis! That's gross!" Middle: "Don't tell me you don't like it!" The middle head smirks. The right head sighs and look at Alex. Right: "Why I'm stuck with two perverts?"

Alex's rosy cheeks brighten, holding back more jolly chuckle. Kait's performance is entertaining. She just can't get enough of the fact that Kait can simultaneously acting like three different people, yet remaining one mind, one consciousness. It's weird, but it's what Alex loves the most about her. That, and talking from all mouths at the same time. Right now they are arguing about whether or not it's gross to kiss each other, and it's great.

The middle head turns to the right. Middle: "What did you say?" Right: "Nothing nothing." The left head was blushing for the previous conversation and lifts one hand to rub her red cheeks as other one to touches the middle head's left cheek. They start making out. The right head reacts instantly using four right hands to try swatting away the kiss. Right: "Hey you guys! Don't! Don't do it! I can still feel it you know?!" Right-Kait blushes deeply and the other two heads broke the kiss. The middle head winks at the left. Middle: "It seems we have a jealous sister." The left head leans to the side to look at the right one and raises a free right hand to pinch the right head cheek. Right: "Ey! Ey! That hurts!" Left: "I know." Right: "And don't use my hands!" Both middle and left head turn to the right. "Your hands?" They say in stereo. Right: "Okay okay... our hands, but the ones on my side." She pouts reaches for Alex. Right: "Help meeee!"

Alex grins beyond a smirk, brandishing a toothy smile. She is mesmerized and entertained by the new triplet sister performance. She grows hot under the collar despite the fact that she isn't wearing a shirt. When Kait's right head calls out to her, she snaps out of a short daze.

"H-huh? Oh! Uh... w-what do you want me to do?" Alex stammers when Kait's right head calls out to her, snapping out of a short daze. She brandishes a toothy smile, tightly entertained by the new triplet sister performance. She grows hot under the collar despite the fact that she isn't wearing a shirt. "They seem to be in love, and you are getting jealous." She rubs her chin thoughtfully, smirking. "Don't you want to be a part of the action too? Don't be afraid. I'm sure they won't bite."

Right-Kait blushes and looks at the other heads. Right: "I guess. W-what should I do? Kiss them?"

Middle: "That's a good start." Two right hands grabs the right head and they start making out. Another right hand gestures to Alex a sign of approval.

Meanwhile the left head watches them kiss, then turns her attention at Alex. Left: "I guess they will leave me and you alone." She leans in to kiss Alex on the lips.

Alex moans after the quick smooch and tilts her head to the side. She clucks her teeth. "And who are you really, left-Kait? The dirty one? Or the romantic one?"

Left: "You can call me lefty, and definitely I'm the dirty one." She leans away from her sisters whom are scrambling for control for arms on the right side of her body, still engaged in passionate lovemaking. Lefty continues, “But for you love, I can be whatever you want." She licks the drool manifesting of her plump lips. "...by the way, that kiss..." she points a finger to the other two sisters, "...feels reaaaally good."

Alex glances at Kait's other heads. "I can tell. You're so lucky to feel a kiss that you  aren't actually a part of, but can still feel the sensations. I wish I knew what that feels like. Must be nice."

Middle: "Oh? We can make you feel something better..." Left-Kait frowns in confusion as the other heads stop kissing. Left: "What are you two planning?" Middle-Kait smirks. "Would you girls like to try a four way kiss?" The outer heads blush and address Alex with a nod. Left: “Do you agree love?" Right: "Please say yes! It will feel amazing!"

"Okay," Alex hesitantly replies. "But I still won't be- hhmmmhm-" She is immediately cut off by all three mouths planting a kiss on her own. The two girls fall on the floor with Kait on top and Alex laying on her back. Each of Kait's heads get as close to Alex's lips as possible to kiss her and herselves at the same time.

"Mmmh" "Y...yes..." "Mmm!" is all that comes out of Kait mouths. The kiss lasts for a good minute until the middle head moves away a bit to glare into Alex's eyes. Middle: "This is the best kiss I ever felt in my entire life."

Alex can't speak as the left and right heads are still kissing her deeply. Her eyes are looking up at middle-Kait with electrifying love. "Mmhhmm."

Kait giggles. Middle: "Oh.. you are still kissing my sisters? Too bad you only have one mouth." She jokes and leans forward to join the kiss again. All her twelve hands runs along the sides of Alex, touching her arms, ribs, boobs, and every other sensitive place that makes her shiver. A few hands also drift to her thick members that had been squished between their chests the whole time.

Alex suddenly quakes violently as an orgasm rips through her body and six streams of cum start flying from the tips of her 2-foot long cocks, dumping bucket loads of seed between their bodies. She holds onto Kait through many shoulders and pulls her as close as possible. Her hearty groans are probably loud enough to penetrate the walls as Alex drowns in pure ecstasy.

A short while later, her body calms down and her muscles relax, but it still renders her body inert.

Kait gives three frowns. “Did you just cum?”

“Y-yes,” Alex replies softly, still drooling from the overflow of pleasure.

Left-Kait: “Oh, I'm glad I'm still sexy to you.” Middle-Kait: "You know why I'm happy to be like this now?" She descends both outer heads to whisper in Alex ears from both sides. "Now can see you three times and I can pleasure you better." All her hands converge on Alex's upper body to help off the floor and onto the bed. Lefty and Righty speak at the same time. "Are you happy with your new girlfriend?"

Alex answers with a small nod. Her panting shows just how much energy has been drained due to that last orgasm. Her eyes roll around in her sockets, eyelids fluttering along with aftershocks of pleasure.

"Y-y-yes... Yes." Alex finally collapses on the sheets and allows her head to rest on the warmth of Kait's thighs. With saliva coating the satisfied smile on her sweaty face, she stares up at the Kaits. "I love my new girlfriends." She mutters, emphasizing the plural.

Kait strokes Alex's hair and extending eight hands over her smooth skin. Middle: "I'm all covered in seed now." Right: "Would you like to take a shower with me love?" Left: "I have enough hands and heads to clear both of our bodies."

Alex gives a coy nod. She rolls  her head down off Kait's legs and looks at her flaccid cocks and oversized sac. She knows that she isn't close to emptying those twelve balls. That was just a sample. She glances up at Kait's middle head. "C-can you help me up, please?"

Kait smiles with all three faces and stands up, picking Alex up entirely with ten of her arms as she gestures with the free two. Right: "I guess you don't need these two ones too, right?" Left: "I can use them for other things," she answers herself. They walk together to the bathroom and Kait uses them to open the door and walk inside. During this time, right-Kait keeps staring lovingly at Alex.

Alex shivers with the feeling of being carried by nearly all of Kait's arms. Her vision goes hazy and slightly lopsided, making her look like she's high on weed. Which really isn't far from the truth considering the amount of intense pleasure and euphoria currently circulating throughout her body. Kait sets her limp body down in the tub and turns on the water. The rush of hot water elicits a moan from the girls.

Left: "Your moan is so cute..." Middle: "And lewd..." The right head looks to the other two and pouts. Right: "Uhmm I'm still used to use just two heads to speaking, and I didn't cut the phrases in three. Weird." She laughs with herself and washes Alex with eight hands. She focuses middle on cleaning her shoulders and arms, Righty on cleaning her boobs and belly, and Lefty on herself using the free four hands to start cleaning her many arms.

Alex quietly shuts her eyes and lets the sensations sweep her away. Her mind float high as the warm soapy water is tended by the soft, gentle touch of so many fingers. Her own mental functions and muscle control are finally coming back to her. She raises her hands to her face and cleans the dried goo off her ears and cheeks. Two more hands from Kait pour a cup of bath water onto her head to thoroughly wash off all of the sticky stands from her hair. With the multitude of Kait's mutant form cleaning the excessive nature of Alex's lower body, the bath didn't take too long.

Kait finally finishes with all her twelve arms and three heads. Middle: "Ufff... I have a lot of hair now." She whines cunningly. Right:  "But I'll get used to it soon." She walks outside the shower. Left: "I still wonder how I will use clothes now." Three left hands grab three towels. "Come along, love."

Alex is finally able to stand up on her own two feet and follow after the illustrious and ever sexy Mary Kait Harris, watching every sway on her hips wiggle back and forth.

"What are we doing now?"

"Drying off." Kait give Alex a towel and uses middle and Lefty to pat down her own arms the arms and gaps between them. She grabs Alex's right hand with two of hers and helps the other four to dry it. Left: "I love you so much Alex. Thanks for accepting me even when I became a mutant like this."

"You're welcome." Alex shrugs, unconsciously gnawing her lower lip. Surprisingly, her refraction last longer than normal and her arousal remains dormant despite how much her libido had been exhausted already. So instead, she merely smiles to reaffirm her affection. "You are the most amazing woman in the world. No one else comes close." Alex scrubs her hair with the towel to dry off some more. "It's more than a girl could ask for.” She glances from one face to the other, addressing each of them as a collective. “But I kinda wish I was enough for all of you now."

Kait smile all heads at the timid girl. Both of them are finally dry so she could hug her with all twelve arms and pet her head with three hands as her three heads rest their mouths against Alex hair.  She closes all six eyes and takes a deep breath. "You are more than enough for me. You are all I wish in my life," she coos in a gingerly tone.

Alex manages a heavy breath within the hair of Kait's middle head as she smells her hair. The company of another human head—which includes a new brain and new pair of eyes—is something that Alex is gonna have a tough time getting used to. She loves Kait regardless, but this new change is just so incredibly overwhelming that she can't help but wish Kait still had two heads. A third Kait is giving Alex a lot to think about as if the third Kait is a new person in a group of two. She wonders if she should treat Kait as someone who is impaired,, thus needing some nursing assistance. But right now, she needs her support. Alex stares into middle Kait's eyes and gives a slight grin. "I love you more than anything. I'll help you with anything you need, so don't be afraid to ask."

Kait holds Alex's waist with a few hands and guides the outside the bathroom. Left: "I think my panties will still fit for now." Middle: "The rest we can worry later." Her right head looks away while the other two speak. Left: "I don't know how much I can multitask now, but I feel like I can do a lot more."

The two of them release the hug and shuffle around the hotel suite in search of adequate clothing. Alex grabs her normal shirt and puts it on before strapping on her skirt to cover her dangling cocks. She hears Kait stumble and hit a wall, making her spring to action.

"Are you alright? Do you need help?" Alex allows enough distance for her to readjust her balance. There are just so many arms on her torso that it seems like she is trying to relearn how to move them separately.

Kait whimpers with just the middle head. Right: "I'm alright I just lost my balance." Left: "My center of gravity feels different and my body is wider now. The extra weight of my new head and new four breasts on my chest is weird." Middle: "Can you check how my spine is now?" She turns her back to Alex.

Alex cracks her knuckles and gently examines Kait's back with nimble fingers. "Hold still as best you can."

The four shoulder blades on her upper back have gotten further apart due to the addition of her new middle head. Her spine splits into three just below the top shoulders, making her two outer heads at a slight angle outward. Further down appears more of the same, the only difference is a reduction in width all the way down to her waist where you voluptuous hips curve outwards again. Much of the skin on her back bulges over four shoulder blades. Her top front four arms no longer have shoulder blades, instead sharing the joints with her back four arms. Alex strokes down the center of Kait's back vertically to see how her midriff dips inward. Her hands presses into the flesh and bone, but finds more muscle. She continues to the curve of her back where her figure bloats outwards into her flawless buttocks. Alex stops at Kait's tailbone.

Kait's body react to the touches of Alex hands. Her outer heads begin shivering and drooling, but she doesn't move her mouths. Middle: "So? Did you find something that can give me problems? Are my muscles and bones fine?" Her arms moves up and down randomly exposing the gap between her many many shoulders. Right: "How do my new arms works?" Left: "I can feel them but I can't see them.”

Alex continues staring down at the abrupt examination. Without even looking up, she says, "Have you been... um... have you been working out?"

Kait's outer heads looks up, thinking. Left: "No..." Right: "I haven't. Why?" Middle: "Is there's something wrong?"

"Your muscles are really... really defined, and strong, and..." A brief pause. "Wait you haven't? Oh..." Alex points down at Kait's waist. "Then how did you get so dense down here?" she asks while tapping at the thick, hard muscles just above her curvaceous waist.

"Oh?" She say with all three heads and moves her lowest two hands to touch her upper biceps. Left: "Wow you are right!" Right: "I have strong muscles there now. They weren't there before." Middle: "Maybe it's a part of my new mutation." She inspects her forearms with the hands and angles back for better access.

Alex ponders for a moment. "Well... it must be to hold all that weight on your upper body without getting sore or cramps." She rubs Kait's waist again, seductively this time.

Kait blushes from the touch and nods with all three heads in agreement. "I feel my legs strong too. Can you check them?" She faces Alex, making her twelve boobs sway in front of her. Kait's three pairs of eyes wander all over the place.

Alex feels Kait up starting with her hips. She slowly squats down, trailing her thighs, in and out, front to back. From then on, her knees to her shins, then to her feet, and back up again. Alex does this several times while also squeezing and stroking her calves and heels. She pouts as she finds that they've gotten significantly denser and stronger. She taps on her legs and begins to stand back up, but as her eyes reach Kait's crotch, she notices just how wet Kait is getting. Her thin panties have been soaked through with hot love.

Alex clears her throat and huffs away the enticing smell that is making her aroused. She faces Kait again, blushing. "U-uh, you're legs are... a lot stronger, from the looks of it."

Kait three heads are really red since she realized that Alex had taken notice of her wet panties  She nods three times. "I know. I immediately noticed when I stood up for the first time after the mutation. It was less effort than before even with my extra weight. Are they still feminine and okay?" Many or her hands grab the hand closest to it as if trying to calm herself down.

"You still have lady legs, I can tell you that much." Alex chuckles and takes one of her girlfriend's hands. She leans in to give Kait right a quick smooch on the lips. "They are perfect. You are perfect."

Kait blushes from the recent kiss. Middle: "I'm so glad!" Left: "I'm a bit in shock." Right: "My brains are a mess right now, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it." She sighs through all three mouths. "I don't recommend this for a single headed person. The shock of having more brains would be mind-blowing." She places two hands on Alex shoulders. "I'm so glad to be with you in this moment. You helped to calm down. Thank you."

Alex looks deeply at her lover. "I'm always here." A new thought come to her. "Heh, do you want to do a numbers test again to see if you're still you?" The half-serious question comes with a wink and nudge.

Kait looks at Alex for a second, and then laughs. Middle: "To prove to me, or to you?" Right: "I'm pretty sure I'm still one person." Middle: "Sure! Lets do it!" She relaxes all twelve arms. Right: "What do I have to do?"

"Let go over here." Alex leads Kait to the dining table and pulls out a chair for her to sit. Once Kait gets comfortable, Alex gestures her hands. "Okay, remember like we did before when I first met you? Turn your outer heads away from each other, but this time close your eyes and ears on your new middle head. Your middle head is your new one, right?"

Middle: "It is, yes!" She turns her outer heads to opposite sides and uses two hands to cover the middle head eyes and two more to cover the ears. "Like this?"

Alex nods. "Yep! Now relax your body."

Kait places her other arms on her lap. "Ready!"

Alex smirks.

She has been waiting for the opportune moment to show her true love.

So, with one sweeping motion, Alex thrusts forward and plants a deep, passionate kiss directly onto middle-Kait's rosy lips using all her skill and tongue to explore her mouth. The kiss is so sudden and sensual that she collapses forward into a few of Kait's idle arms, landing on her full chest of twelve plush boobs as a cushion for her own torso. Alex throws her arms around the middle head, slipping her elbows between gaps of her three heads.

Kait gasps from her left and right heads and the middle one moans in pleasure. The sudden love attack catches her off guard, but the left head grins confidently. Left: "I'm loving this numbers game. That's a really passionate kiss, love." She licks Alex's right earlobe. Right: "I love you." The five free arms that weren't pressed between their bodies hug Alex with as much adoration as possible.

When they run out of breath, Alex pulls away momentarily and sighs. "Oh hun, I don't need to give you a test. I know it's you. All three of you. I love y--" she cuts herself off because she was too eager to kiss Kait again and starts making out again with louder groans.

Left: "Oh love..." Right: "You really make me melt in love." Kait intensifies the kiss as the five hands trail up Alex's back and move up and down, touching all the sensitive places. "I promise I will protect you and make you the happiest girl in the world." She whispers into both of Alex's ears.

Alex comes up for air again. "I should be the one saying that to you." She licks her lips and exhales slowly. "But it's not fair, you get to talk when I'm kissing you, but I can't."

Kait smirks. "I can fix that." She leans with her right head and kisses. At the same time, her middle and left head turn toward each other and kiss. "Mmmh?" She's trying to say something but all her mouths are busy.


Alex sinks into Kait's arms knowing just how much kissing is going on between the two of them. She can hear the other two heads making out right next to them. It occurs to her that Kait is kissing herself much better than she is kissing her, and that makes her jealous, but she doesn't have enough hands or mouths to join in. Alex comes up for air a few more times. "Do you think the other 'you's' are jealous that I have you all to myself?" She says to right-Kait.

Middle: "I can feel your kiss in all my brains, love." Right: "I'm not even a bit jealous." They both giggle as the right head leans for another quick kiss. Left: "You're worried that I'm jealous of myself." "You are so cute!!" She embraces Alex tighter.

"Oh. Then in that case... you should tell your 'sisters' that they can't have me." Alex boops right-Kait's nose. "Only you."

"Awww." A double groan comes from the middle and left heads. Right: "Why? You don't like my other heads? You like me because I'm more dirty?" The other two heads pout. "That's not fair."

Alex shrugs. "I guess she gives better kisses than you two do." She playfully sticks her tongue out at them. "Righty knows her stuff. What are you gonna do about it?"

Rightly proudly lifts her chin. Middle: "You should check which one of us kisses better. Come here."

Alex looks at Righty. "Are you okay with this? She's trying to steal me away from you."

Right: "Well..." Kait turns to watch the other two with puppy-dog eyes. She then sighs. Right: "Okay okay... you can do it!" She gestures with three left hands so naturally.

Alex grins with approval. She turns to Middle and Lefty.

"So who's first?"

Four hands point to Middle and two more to Lefty. Left: "Oh wow, our arms are fighting for control of each one at the same time. Take it easy girls, our girlfriend is enough for all of us."

Alex waits for the Kaits to sort it out. They don't immediately know that she is staring at them patiently. When Middle sees a patient Alex, she dives in for the kiss, pushing their bodies back a little. The two of them almost fall off the chair, so Kait decides to pick Alex up and carry her to the bed while watching where she's going with the other eyes, all while Alex keeps making out with her middle head.

Kait reaches the bed and gently sets Alex down. She softly sits on the edge of the bed without breaking the kiss. Left: "I think is my turn." She softly speaks into Alex's right ear. Middle: "Did I do well? I miss your kisses already."

Alex sparks a sensual squeak. "Hm, not quite. I think you are inexperienced with your middle head." She turns to Lefty and brings a hand to her chin. "Let's see if you can do better." They suddenly kiss and fall back onto the bed. Alex lands on top of Kait and straddles her upper arms for better leverage.

After a minute of making love with their mouths, the kiss ends. Middle: "So, who won?" Left: "Which one of us did it better?" Middle: "It was me, right?"

Alex lightly taps her own chin. "Hm, I need a few more kisses to make sure." She kisses Lefty, Middle, and Righty, in that order. With each kiss, Alex positions her body around for the best method of kissing.

Kait's hands follow each of Alex's movements, touching her with six, then eight of them, then two more, until all twelve hands are touching a part of Alex skin. She rubs her arms, shoulders, ribs, curves, hips, butt, and legs.

"You. Are. Amazing." All three heads say in angelic harmony.

Alex sits up and looks down at the smiling faces of those three beautiful heads. "Do you really want to know who won?"