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Topic: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet



Flight of the Tiresias


"Captain's Log. Starship Tiresias. Stardate, uh... Hm. Ugh, I really can't bother to keep this shit straight. Look, this isn't my usual deal, alright? Just because I'm technically the captain by default, doesn't mean I know what fucking stardate it is. Is that even a real thing?

It's a Tuesday, 620 days after we established our little science community on Orbitar. Our happy little family. Except, everybody pretty much hates each other. That's what happens when you cram seven people in a box together for two years. None of you at corporate would know though, 'cause you never visited. Time moved real slow down there, mostly 'cause of the moronically long rotation cycle of the planet. You think getting a decent night's sleep back home sucks? Try getting a wink of it when the sun's up hundreds of hours at a time. Shit sucks, alright? That's all I'm saying.

Um, anyway. I'm recording this as an official report to the Anahita Corporation, to tell whoever's listening that all six remaining personnel have successfully evacuated the secure facility on Orbitar. A little weird you guys didn't give us a heads up about the asteroid, 'cause god knows you fancy fucks have better scanning equipment out there than what you left us with. Hey, how's Dominic doing, by the way? Dude left like three weeks ago, we expected to see him back after a couple days. Guess he was better off though, huh? Had the right idea, take a sweet ass vacation while us dirt scrapers deal with moving day. Tell the dumb bastard his loyal underlings miss the hell outta him. I dunno what the "genetic anomalies" were that you found in him, but I seriously do hope he gets better.

Anyway, it'll please you to know that we packed up all the confidential shit, real clean-like. Anette's got it all organized by name, color, flavor... heh. The usual OCD crazy chick shit. Can't wait to get away from her, honestly. Monsieur's got us all in order, though. We're lucky we got him packed with the rest of the junk.

I hope this actually reaches you guys. Do you even know if we're still alive? Our comms tower on Orbitar was probably destroyed by now, and our on-board comms definitely aren't cutting it from all the way out here. Whatever, I'll just make you listen to this in person when I get there, I guess. Chief Security Officer- er, I mean, Captain Michelle Creer, signing off."


Michelle turns off the digital recorder in the comms device strapped to her wrist. She leans forward in her seat, rubbing her temples in annoyance. Several locks of wavy brown hair fall in front of her face, and she roughly brushes it out of her right eye. She lets it sit over her left, though. Not much point in showing off the eyepatch any more than she needs to. Security's good work, but it doesn't mean she's proud of the scars she's taken in her field.


She sits in a large, almost throne-like seat in the center of the bridge of the starship Tiresias, a shipping vessel used to transport supplies to and from the Orbitar Scientific Research Station in the 42 Draconis system. The fanciful chair clashes hard with her utilitarian blue jumpsuit, the only thing she's bothered to wear in all her time on Orbitar. All five of her impromptu crew members surround her, all on some level feeling awkward at having listened to that trainwreck of a log entry. Standing directly to her left is her boyfriend and xenobiology expert, Andy. Or, Andrew, as his nametag states, but nobody but his bosses have ever called him that.

"Hey, hon, you feeling alright?" he says at almost a whisper, as he places a tender hand on her shoulder.

She side-eyes him. Same goofy expression he always has. Same messy blonde hair, same toothy grin. She can never decide whether she wants to punch or kiss that stupid mouth of his.

"Doesn't matter." she grimly replies. "Let's just get moving already. Hey, Megan? How's our route looking?"

Directly to her right is the team's star cartographer, essential in their secret research on Orbitar. During their assignment, she became Michelle's closest friend. Although, Michelle would probably word it more like "ally."

"Er, not great, Michelle. Because the Anahita Corporation insisted we avoid interstellar warp highways, we'd have to use some backdoor warps. But honestly, I can't tell you where they are. Our warpcomm tower was destroyed with the rest of Orbitar, so I'm kind of working blind here."

Michelle's face scrunches up, trying her hardest to hold back harshness. It's the one favor Michelle grants her "allies," the benefit of the doubt.

"Flying blind? Isn't your entire job pretty much completely about knowing where shit is in the sky?!" she grumbles. "What other options do we have, then?"

Megan opens her starmap on the screen in front of her. She makes several flicking motions with her fingers, looking for something in particular. She zooms in on one point on the map, and looks back up at the new captain.

"Best I can do is point us in the direction of corporate homeworld and hope we get there in time." she says with a shrug.

"In time for what?" Michelle says, straightening up a bit.

"In time for us to not die, 'Chelle."

The voice came from the corner of the room, from one of the engineers, Shapley. They were standing as tall as they could, despite their short stature. They're dressed in their typical black hoodie and torn jeans, with the hood up barely concealing their wild blue hair. Shapley was a human, but was raised on the remote planet Ovida, where all people, regardless of sex, grow up non-binary. It showed, as even though Shapley was biologically female, they wore clothes that disguised their already relatively flat chest and thin curves.

"I say we've barely got enough fuel to make it, if we have enough at all."

"We've got enough, I checked." said the blonde buxom woman standing next to Shapley, as she pushes up her glasses. She's a bold contrast to their conservative appearance. Lindsay, the other engineer onboard, makes a habit of getting on Shapley's nerves whenever possible, just as Shapley takes every opportunity they can to prove how much more competent they are at their job than Lindsay.

"If your ponytail wasn't so tight, you'd realize that the amount of fuel we started with an hour ago is more than the amount of fuel we have now. I'll go check again if it makes you feel better." Shapley snips.

Michelle groans. "Oh my god, enough with this shit. Can we go just a little while without you two trying to kill each other? Shapley, if Lindsay says we have enough, that's good enough for me. Megan, set a course, we need to get moving as soon as possible."

The people in the room all look at each other nervously. Does she really not realize how serious this situation is? The only person there who hasn't spoken up yet, Anette, stares at Andy, silently urging him to talk to Michelle.

"Erm, hon, don't you think-"

"I'm the captain, right?!" she barks. "So if I say we go forward, we go forward! That's officially an ORDER." she speaks forcefully, directing the last word toward Megan. Megan hurriedly starts programming their route on her screen.

"Now if everyone's done giving me shit for taking action before we all die out here, you can all head back to the common room." Michelle waves them off.

Everyone leaves, except for Anette. The meek girl with the black sideshave walks up to Michelle and clears her throat.

"Michelle, you and I both know what's out there..."

"Nope, sorry, you're gonna have to tell me. Today, preferably."

"The stuff we've been researching and documenting for two years. The clouds?"

"Oh. That. Right."

"They're pure energy, not like anything ever recorded in the universe. We literally don't know anything about what they're for or how they interact with organic matter, I really don't think-"

"I already gave the order, didn't I? You think I should change my mind?"

"Just, for the safety of everyone on board... maybe we should get on the interstellar warpway." Anette looks down immediately after finishing this sentence. She knows the response she's about to get, but she had to try.

"...The warpways? Didn't I literally JUST say why we couldn't do that?! I was given direct orders from the CHAIRMAN of Anahita that we were to, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, enter public space transitways. Do I need to spell that out for you?!"

"No, sir."

"Exactly. Back to the common room, please."

Anette turns and leaves without a second word. This is why she likes working in the archives, she never has to deal with anybody or their ridiculous horseshit.

- -

"They probably think it can be used for fuel or something. Like, inter-galactic warp kinda fuel. The next-level tech shit."

Shapley goes on about their theories about the Anahita higher-ups to the other crew members around the common room. They're all sitting and standing around a central table, surrounded by various sofas and chairs. The room leads directly into several bedrooms, which the crew had all laid claim to practically the moment they stepped foot on the ship.

"I bet they're gonna smoke it. I mean, giant colorful clouds of who-knows-what, that's the first thing you do with it, right? Especially when you're that rich" Andy jokes, earning a laugh from the group.

Anette listens to the group but doesn't participate. She's stuck in her own head about a very similar question: what are the clouds? It's the reason they were all hired in the first place, to sit on a rock and watch the clouds for days and days. They never got much out of it, but the planet has plenty of other interesting... biological... hmm.

She stands up and leaves the room abruptly. The four turn their head when they realize she left, but Andy launches right back into his bit.

Suddenly the door opens again. It's Michelle, looking angrier than ever. She storms into the room, and whistles to usher in the crew's robotic helper, Monsieur-87. Despite his relatively expressionless face, his LED eyes make him look rather sheepish.

"Which one of you was it." Michelle speaks in a quiet, threatening tone. "Which one of you told buckethead here to send the ship toward the warpway."

The air in the room has gone deadly still.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I told him it wasn't my command, so we're back on schedule." She takes a breath to compose herself, but doesn't do a very good job of it. "I'm in charge here when Dominic's gone. I thought that was clear, but apparently I need to keep reminding you every ten minutes. Megan, I want you to take Monsieur to the bridge and make sure we're actually going the right way."

Megan doesn't speak a word, and leaves with Monsieur without looking back. Shapley steps up. "We're going to run out of fuel," they say. "And that's going to be on you."

"Lindsay says we have enough, we have enough." She says back. Both of them are pretending to be civil, but nobody's fooled. Lindsay gives Shapley a wide smirk, which Shapley doesn't bother to acknowledge.

Andy tries to get between the two. "Hey, uh, maybe we can chill out with the death glares for a second? We've got a long trip ahead of us, I really don't think we should start it with-"

"PLEASE, Andy! Don't try to defend Shapley's insubordination. They defied a direct order and now they have to-"

"You think *I* told Monsieur to change the route? That's fucking rich." Shapley spat.

"Oh please, who else would it have been?" Lindsay called from the corner.

"Hon, please, can I talk to you in private for a sec?" Andy pleads. He takes Michelle by the hand and guides her to his room, Michelle and Shapley shouting at each other the whole time.

- -

"Miss, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we've got a bit of an obstruction in our path." Monsieur says gently, pointing out the front of the bridge.

Megan follows his finger to a red, crackling cloud of energy, growing larger and larger in view. "You're sure we don't have the fuel to go around?"

"Quite sure. Lindsay's reports state so, and they're signed off by Captain Creer."

Megan sighs. She supposes that's the best she can get. She raises her arm and considers for a moment getting Michelle on the comm, to triple-check, but thinks again. "If I ask her again, she's going to kick my ass." she groans. "God, I really don't have a choice, do I... Okay, Monsieur, keep us straight."

"Very well, ma'am. One minute until breach."

- -

"So you're taking their side, over mine?!"

"I'm not taking anybody's side, I'm just trying to get you to understand where they're coming from!"

Andy finds himself on the losing end of what wasn't even supposed to be an argument in the first place. Michelle didn't used to get like this when she was just security detail, but the power is clearly a bit much for her. He knows that, which is why he is trying his hardest to be patient with her.

"How am I supposed to react when my own crew doesn't respect me? And you, of all people, aren't sticking up for me? Who's supposed to be the man in this relationship?"

- -

"Thirty seconds until breach."

- -

In the other room, Shapley and Lindsay can only hear muffled shouts. Lindsay has her ear pressed to the wall while Shapley stands on their tippy toes, trying to reach the air vent.

"Stupid fuckin' thing doesn't have any air flow."

"Haha, can you really not reach it? Holy shit you're short." Lindsay mocks.

"Oh my god Lindsay, are you actually incapable of shutting your fucking mouth for a single god damn second?!"

- -

Anette approaches a shelf in the storage room, reaching for a box of fossil samples on the top rung. Not quite able to reach it, she first tries to prop herself up on the shelf opposite the box, but when that doesn't give her the height she needs she resorts to climbing up the shelf like a ladder. She's just about to touch the box, when the intercom suddenly turns on, nearly blasting her ear off. There's so much feedback that she can't make out who's talking or what they're saying.

- -


- -

The Tiresias barrels through the storm at full speed, but the mass isn't displaced like you'd expect from an airplane puncturing a cloud. The red abstract shape instead phases through the ship, touching and intertwining with every atom in it. Anette loses her balance as the ship begins to shake, sending her falling backwards off of the shelf. She prepares for a hell of a concussion, when suddenly her feet stop her short. That's odd. She looks down at her feet and sees them firmly planted on the shelf in front of her, but she's tilted backwards at a 45° angle. Shouldn't she still be falling?

That's when she looked behind her. Sticking out of her yellow sundress are two more legs, protruding from either side of her hips, planted on the opposite shelf. She screams.


Megan watches from the bridge as the red cloud rushes at terrifying speed into view. After the thirty-second mark, Monsieur opens up the intercom to alert the crew to the danger.

"Alert, all personnel. This ride is about to get rather bumpy. I'd suggest you find something to hang on to."

Megan winces as her view from the window fills with red. She grabs onto the back of Michelle's seat with all her strength, and closes her eyes.


Suddenly it's like she wasn't holding onto anything at all. She doesn't remember letting go, but now she is undoubtedly hurtling toward the back wall of the bridge. She hits the wall hard, and falls unconscious.

- -

Lindsay and Shapley are sent sprawling, fortunately onto a conveniently placed cushioned sofa in the common room. Lindsay hits first, and has the displeasure of breaking Shapley's impact. Lindsay looks down to see Shapley's face buried in her breasts. She shouts and tries to shake them off, but Shapley just groans and rubs their head.

"Get off you fucking moron, you're on my tits! Ugh, why do youf feel so squishfy?"

Lindsay pauses for a second, wondering why that came out weird. Shapley starts to come to, and, realizing where they're laying, quickly sits up on the couch. The action, though, earns them a fair bit more movement than they had expected from their chest area. They put a hand to their breasts. Shapley had never needed to wear a bra before, so they weren't particularly knowledgeable about cup sizes, but these were certainly not the A-cups they've had their whole life. They felt a bit swollen, more around the B-cup range. They tent open the front of their hoodie to check and, yep, where the hell did those come from? And what the fuck is going on underneath them?! They unzip their hoodie and lift the bottom of the shirt underneath to find not two, but SIX breasts now sitting on their petite frame.

"Th-th-th-th..." they stammer. They've frozen up, baffled by what they're seeing. Lindsay thinks she's seeing things, and reaches for her glasses that had fallen onto the floor in the chaos. She puts them on to get a look, but the second she lets go they fall right off her head. Confused, she tries again, but they fall off once more. She reaches up and feels the bridge of her nose, or what's left of it. She can feel it now, flattening out as it retreats between two fleshy fat pads on either side. She traces the pads down to the sides of her mouth, which leads her to touch her lips. The sensation is like an electric shock. She pulls out her compact to get a look, and she sees her mouth shrinking as her lips pull up into a more and more vertical configuration.

"Whaf the fufk if haffemimg fo me?!" she yells, muffled by the mess of changing flesh on her face. Shapley is shaken from their own changes by this, and gawks at the sight in front of them. Lindsay, so recently a regular, attractive woman, now has a vagina for a mouth, running up into a clitoris where her nose should be. Lindsay tries to open her "mouth" as wide as possible, and sees that there's still a tongue inside, but no sign of teeth. She sticks her tongue out as far as it can go, but having it run along her new lips elicits the start of a soft moan, and she stops.


The frightening energy in the room is cut by Michelle's piercing shout. Andy exits his room looking shellshocked, with a very obvious pair of new arms hiking up his shirt right under his original pair. He locks eye contact with Lindsay, looking aghast at the "face" in front of him. Right behind him comes Michelle, or at least a person they assume is Michelle. Gone is the toned 6 foot body of the imposing woman they were just getting an earful from. Now in front of them is someone almost half that height. She's practically draped in the shirt of her jumpsuit, wearing it like a dress. Her stature could almost be described as childlike if she wasn't so outrageously curvy.

Michelle seems hardly bothered by her crewmates' new features. She takes one glance around, then looks down at herself.

"Get Monsieur on the comm. NOW."

- -

Megan's head is swimming. She's seeing stars. Wait, are those stars? No, she's face down on the floor. Time to correct that. She splays her legs wide and tries to get her arms to push her up, but they don't respond. Must've hit my head worse than I thought, she thinks. From her vantage on the floor, she can see Monsieur speaking on the comm on the other side of the room. Her ears are ringing too loud for her to make out what he's saying, though.

He gives her a look. She can tell he's worried about her. When you spend enough time around the guy, you pick up on his mannerisms. She liked how much he worried about her sometimes. Nobody else does around here. She closes her eyes and smiles to herself, about to drift off again, when she makes out something he says.

"Yes, Miss was similarly affected. I think it's fair to assume all organic beings on board were in some way or another..."

"mons...i...uer..." she cracks, trying to get his attention. Man, I'm really in bad shape... she realizes. The back of her head feels wet. Blood? She tries to feel for any blood, but again, her arms don't feel like listening today. She rolls to her side to try to get up again, but upon doing so she sees something weird: an empty sleeve draped to her side. That... how did that happen? Did the cloud... knock my top off?

No, that can't be right. She can still feel the fabric on her body. Oh well, no mystery that a good night's rest can't solve. Her vision narrows and she drifts off again.

- -

The next time Megan opens her eyes, everybody on the ship is on the bridge again. Well, as far as she knows. Everything is still kind of blurry, and some of them look all sorts of strange. They're all arguing, as per usual. No bother trying to follow what it's about this time. She realizes she's sitting in a chair now. How'd that happen? Monsieur puts a cold, yet comforting hand on her shoulder. She turns to look at him with a weak grin, and he looks down with the same. She tries to feel her head again, but the same problem occurs.

"What... what's wrong with my arms..."

The group goes quiet, and they all look her way. Monsieur pipes up.

"I'm afraid we've had a bit of an incident.

- -

After getting up to speed, Megan's head starts to feel a lot clearer. Looking around, she can't believe the things she's seeing are real. Is she sure she isn't still unconscious? She'd slap herself to find out, but, well...

Most of the changes are apparent. Lindsay, though, is in the corner of the room wearing a surgical mask. Megan assumes her change had something to do with her mouth. She looks more down than usual. Good, Megan thinks. Nice to take her down a peg every now and then.

Her attention shifts as Shapley teases Michelle for how silly she looks, sitting in her proportionally huge captain's seat, especially in her new makeshift clothing. Michelle has wrapped a scarf around her chest to form a functional top, and is wearing a pair of stretchy shorts as a bottom. Andy goes to put a hand on her shoulder to soothe her, but his lack of mastery over his new limbs results in him raising a lower arm too, accidentally hitting her in the ass. She glares at him, and he backs up a couple paces.

"Monsieur, you said the cloud is directly responsible for these changes?" Andy asks.

"Yes sir, it's very likely. However, physical changes of this nature are completely unprecedented, scientifically speaking. I'm not actually sure how this is possible."

Anette pipes up, awkwardly stumbling from her chair with her now bizarrely wide hips. She shuffles her feet awkwardly over to the nearby table, where her fossil samples are sitting.

"I can't tell you why, but I can tell you it is definitely precedented. Look at these microbial fossils." She focuses a microscope on the specimen, then brings up an image projected on her screen. "On the screen you can see the typical mactythicae we find on Orbitar, ordinarily at impact sites. They come from the system's asteroid belt. They're super common, yeah? Well, look at the fossils. They're different. Not SUPER different, but different enough to matter. You could write it off as evolution doing it's thing, but look closely. Every single specimen in the same fossil is a variation on the original species. I think these microbes passed through a cloud, just like we did."

Andy gets a closer look, and is shocked.

"She's right. That's... that's weird as hell."

"THAT'S weird as hell?!" Michelle yells. "Look at me! I'm a fucking Oompa-Loompa! It's a good thing we're bringing all our research on the clouds with us, otherwise I don't know how the hell Anahita would fix us."

"Sorry sir," Monsieur interjects. "But I feel obligated to point out that there is a significant chance that, even with your research, Anahita Corporation won't know how to solve your problem. And the chance is even greater that we'll pass through more clouds on our trip there, making the mutations significantly more difficult for them to deal with."

Michelle pauses, thinking about her options. "Monsieur, stall the ship until we can figure out a gameplan. I'm not dealing with any more weird-ass changes."

"Stall the ship?!" Shapley shouts. "How many times do I have to tell you, the ship is LOW ON FUEL you half-sized moron?"

"Ve coulb bifabwe augfiwiawy fyfpemf fap bom'f biwecpwy wewate po mafigafum ow wife fuppowp..." Lindsay chokes out.

"What the hell did she just say?" Michelle asks, briefly breaking her death stare with Shapley.

"She said we could disable auxiliary systems that don't directly relate to navigation or life support." Shapley says.

"If Lindsay thinks it'll work, then you'd both better get on it." Michelle orders.

"Oh, well if Lindsay says..." Shapley mumbles sardonically as the two leave the bridge.

"Monsieur, halt the shape immediately."

"Afraid not, sir." Monsieur says without an inch of emotion.

"...Pardon me?" Michelle is taken aback.

"For the safety of the crew and the cargo, I cannot go through with an order that I believe will result in total disaster. It strikes me as exponentially more important to preserve the lives of our crew over their forms."

"I hate to say it, but I agree with him." Anette says. "As annoying as this is, it's manageable. Asphyxiating to death isn't so manageable."

"Fine!!" Michelle barks. "If you're not interested in what the captain has to say, then you might as well get the hell out of here!"

"I agree wholeheartedly." Anette responds. "If you need me, you'll find me in the archives."

She leaves the room in a flurry of confused steps, carrying her box of fossils with her. The sound of her footsteps alternative between shoes and bare feet can be heard through the silence for a good while after she's gone.

"If we're stalling, then I could take the time to find us an alternate path," says Megan.

"Don't bother, you're useless in the state you're in. Even ignoring your total lack of fingers, you're concussed as hell. Monsieur, take her to her room so she can recover."

Andy gives Megan an apologetic look. Monsieur hesitantly concedes and puts his arms around Megan, helping her walk out of the room. "Best not to argue with her right now. She's dealing with a lot."

"And we aren't?"

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Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet


Shapley is making themself busy in the engine room, unplugging and redirecting power to work around the unnecessary equipment. After having to yank an especially rusty plug out of its socket, they grumble and look in Lindsay's direction. She's watching pensively, too stuck in thought to participate in the real world.

"So, I couldn't help but notice that I'm the only person around here doing their job. Any chance you want to join in, pussyface?"

Lindsay gives them a furious glare, and adjusts her mask. Shapley shakes their head and goes back to work. They work their way over to what they believe to be the vending machine terminal and they start to wrench the cord out, when Lindsay grabs their hand firmly and pulls it away from the plug.

"Shdop!" she slurs, her face turning a bit red.

"Uh, why? Didn't grab the granola bar you wanted yet or somethin'?"

Lindsay starts wildly gesturing with her hands, making wavy signs and pointing in every direction. Shapely can't even begin to figure out what she's getting at.

"What the fuck are you trying to tell me? Just say it, with human words! I can at least understand you when you talk!"

Lindsay hesitates.

"Seriously, now of all times is not the time to shut up." Shapley groans.

She speaks very slowly and carefully. "Fpeakink... makef... me..."

She pauses.


Shapley's eyes widen. "Oh." They don't quite know where to look. "Um... hold on. Let me find something for you.

They start rummaging through desks, making a mess of the space until they find what they need, a pen. They hand her the pen and a pad of paper, apologetically.

"If you need to tell me something, this'll work fine, I guess..."

- -

Monsieur carefully sits Megan down on her bed, making sure there are enough pillows to break her fall if she tips over unexpectedly.

"Are you going to be all right here, Miss?"

"I don't know if I'll ever be all right again." she says dejectedly, gesturing with her blank shoulders.

"For all their faults, the Anahita Corporation provides you with excellent insurance. If they can't fix you, you'll at least get the best prosthetics that corporate money can buy. And that wouldn't be so bad, would it? After all, is having metal arms the worst thing in the world?" He rotates his hands on their joints comedically, and gets a light chuckle out of Megan.

"Ah... awful luck though, huh? I mean, out of all the mutations we got, I just had to get stuck with the worse one."

"Ma'am, I hate to gossip, but you haven't seen Miss Lindsay's mutation. It's... rather severe."

"Really? I just assumed it gave her a fat tongue or something, given how she was talking..."

"Afraid not, though it's really not my place to spread other peoples' secrets. However, I can tell you that, from what I've seen, it looks as though the mutations aren't purely random. I believe they were at least somewhat influenced by you and your coworkers' states of mind when the cloud struck us. Your emotional state, what was on your mind... things of that ilk."

"Emotional state...? What are you saying, Monsieur? Why would I lose my arms then?"

"I believe it may have something to do with your feelings of helplessness, from not being able to act against the captain's orders."

"You... you might be onto something, Monsieur. I'm a real pushover, aren't I?" Megan pouts, and rests her head onto the wall behind her.

"No, nothing of the sort. You simply found yourself in a tricky spot, and didn't know how to work your way out of it. Nothing to be ashamed of, I promise you." Monsieur places his hand on her knee.

"So, the others... I guess Michelle wasn't feeling as big and strong as she usually does, so she shrank to half her height?"

"Exactly, Miss."

"And Andy felt obligated to comfort Michelle, so he grew an extra pair of arms."

"Perhaps so."

"This cloud's got a real fucked up sense of humor, doesn't it."

"Indubitably, Miss."

- -

Anette walks through the archives with her box, her arms growing tired from her entire body shaking. It makes sense, what with her taking twice as many steps to travel the same distance. I bet I could get some really awesome cardio going with these, she thought to herself. Her uneven footing had started to bother her enough that she took her shoes off completely, going quadruple barefoot. It helped her start to figure out her rhythm as she made her way to the radiation testing chambers.

In front of her was a desk with several monitors, and behind it a large room behind massive lead walls. Her only view inside was on a monitor, from which she could see several giant electromagnets position at the corners of the room. The best way to try and replicate the effects, she thinks, is to blast em full of radioactivity, I bet.

But she's taken by surprise when she sees that the electromagnets are already on. The field is active, and... hm, odd. It looks like... a portion of the red cloud has been captured between the electromagnet pylons already?

She plops herself down in the swiveling chair in front of the monitors and cracks her knuckles. "Alright. I don't know what to make of this, but far be it from me to pass up a chance to mess around with shit I probably shouldn't."

She opens the box of fossils back up.

"Let's fuck with nature."

- -

Michelle and Andy exist on the bridge in pure silence. Andy tries to distract himself from the awkward tension by fiddling with his new digits, trying to learn how to coordinate all four hands at the same time. He tries snapping with all four, but screws it up a few times, accidentally only snapping with either his upper or lower hands. After a few attempts, the noise pisses Michelle off enough to earn more of her rage.

"Didn't I say I wanted a break from bullshit?" she says pointedly.

"Hey, it's not on me that everybody hated your 'let's die in space' plan, all right?"

The shock of Andy speaking out shuts her up for a moment.

"There's a reason they don't respect you, you know. You don't respect them! It's a two way street, Michelle." He grows angrier with every word from his own mouth. "You can't just expect other people to keep giving and giving and giving, just because you said that's how this works! You haven't earned their respect, you aren't their real leader! You aren't Dominic!"

A moment passes. Andy watches Michelle's expression. Her blank shock twists into a fury so hot he can practically see steam rise from her head.


"You're fucking inhuman. I don't know what I see in you. You're damn lucky you're so hot." As the last word leaves his mouth, he realizes what he said. The energy shifts very quickly. Michelle, bewildered, looks down at her new form.

"Lucky, huh? 'Hot'? You sure about that?"

"...Yeah. I'm sure."

Michelle's glare turns into a devilish smirk.

"Alright, dick. I'll show you who's so fucking lucky."

She leaps from her chair into his arms, lustfully kissing him and practically shoving her tongue down his throat. He carries her easily, and sits down with her grinding on his lap. He puts all of his arms to use, running them up and down her smaller body. To Michelle, it feels like he's reaching every inch and crevice at the same time. It sends tingles down her back. He grabs two handfuls of her plump butt and she hungrily nibbles on his shoulder, begging for him.

She reaches down and starts to struggle with his fly, but he's got her beat in seconds. His hand deftfully reaches behind her and he rubs her tiny, plump pussy. She shakes at the mere touch, unfamiliar with the sensitivity of her new compact form. As she gets a handle of his dick, he presses his middle finger against her opening and pokes it in, just a little. She latches her mouth onto the end of his cock and moans into it, sending little vibrations down its base. He reads her message loud and clear and pushes the finger in deeper.

Michelle is in utter disbelief at how huge just one finger feels to her. The dick falls out of her mouth as she jaw gapes open in a mask of pleasure. It's like a huge cock was just shoved up into her all the way to the base. She squeezes her pussy around it as she shudders madly, and he feels her juices squelch out around his knuckles.

"Oh my fucking god, I'm gonna cuuuum..." she moans.

"Wow, already?" he asks, having only been fingering her for a handful of seconds.

"Shut the fuck uuuuupppp..." she unconvincingly moans into his chest.

Before he can enjoy the show, Andy notices the room start to fill with an odd blue light. He looks out the front of the bridge to see...

"Uh. Hun." He points to the window, and her gaze follows. She stops panting.



"Okay, so, first question for the silent wonder." Shapley gestures to the notepad they just handed Lindsay. "How did you redirect the power to the life support system from the colored light module earlier? I need to do something similar over here and I want it to be parallel, so we know we're being consistent."

Lindsay starts quickly scribbling on the paper while Shapley waits patiently. She hands the pad to them and points to it with her pen. Shapley narrows their eyes and stares at what Lindsay's given them, for a long time.

"Is this supposed to be a diagram? Jesus, Lindsay, your handwriting somehow manages to be your least effective method of communicating so far. I preferred the sign language! Hell, why not let loose and just talk? What are you so embarrassed about? Don't want to get off in front of me? So fuckin' uptight."

"I'b wike po fee how you'b beal wiff viff!" Lindsay says, making a wet patch on her mask.

"You want to see how I'd deal with this? I'd deal just fine. I actually enjoy letting off some steam now and then. It helps keep you from becoming a total cunt!"

Lindsay snatches the pad back and writes in big letters: "FUCK YOU DYKE"

Shapley snorts. "As if that word means jack shit to me. Can you just draw it, if you never learned how to write? It'd make our lives a lot easier."

Shapley starts making a move to grab the pad, but Lindsay grabs them by the wrist, and looks around nervously. Shapley pauses, and notices the same thing Lindsay is: the room is shaking. Again.

- -

As the blue cloud blasts through the bridge, Andy holds Michelle's smaller body tight to keep her from flying across the room. He secures himself in front of a console, and the two huddle together as it rips through their bodies.

When the flood of energy finally dies down, They release from each other and quickly go to check their bodies, a task made easier by recently tearing off each others clothes. Michelle quickly finds a pencil-thin, oily-black tail sticking out right above her butt. It ends in a stereotypically devilish spade tip, and is unusually sensitive to her touch. She rushes to the front of the bridge and stares at her reflection in the window. The tail isn't the only change. Her ears are pointed, somewhat elfish, and her eye is colored pitch-black, save for her iris, which kept its rich blue color.

Something feels odd under her eyepatch. She rests a hand on it briefly, then lifts it up. Her left eye, once marred in a fight, has fully healed back! She looks at her reflection again, actually pleasantly surprised by her change for once. Oddly, the iris of her healed eye is now a hot pink color, leaving it in shocking contrast with the other. She turns her gaze to Andy now, and sees the extent of his transformation.

If she didn't know him, she might have thought he was a woman. His narrow waist, his bulging breasts, his gentle skin and face, his wide hips... Andy has been turned female through and through, except for the keepsake left in his groin. His penis is now more like a vagina with a dick for a clit, no testicles to speak of. She couldn't help but also notice that the change had generously bumped his dick up a few inches. As Andy ran his dainty fingers through his still-short hair, he looked at her and saw her pinkish eye glowing brighter than a star.

She couldn't draw her gaze away from his cock. She wasn't even thinking about his new body anymore, it was like any time she tried to move her eye, or even her mind, away from his giant throbbing cock, something was blocking her. She feels herself practically soaking her thighs, more horny than she's ever been in her whole life. Andy looks at her with confusion, but also barely restrained excitement, as he presses a couple of fingers into his new hole.

- -

Monsieur, having felt like he's adequately calmed Megan down, decides he must attend to the other crew members for the time being.

"Miss, I'm afraid I have to take my leave. I must go and check on the others."

"Yeah, okay, good idea. Go make sure Michelle and Andy haven't killed each other yet, okay? If it happens, I want to at least be around for it." Megan jokes.

"I wouldn't allow a crew member to kill another, even if this hypothetical joke scenario."

"I know, Monsieur. And I'll be fine. I'll just, uh... take a nap, I guess. Let everyone else handle this mess until we get back to home base."

"Very well, Miss. Sleep tight." he says gently, as he leaves and closes the door.

After Monsieur's footsteps grow quiet in the distance, Megan lays down on her bed. As if on cue, Her back starts to itch.

Great freaking timing, thanks, she thinks to herself. She wiggles around frantically to try and satisfy the itch, to no avail. She flops onto her pillow and groans. Accepting that she won't be getting any sleep, she starts to recite her favorite TV show episodes in her head, when the room starts to shake again.

"Oh god, no no no..." she mutters as she scrambles to her feet. She runs to the door, but realizes that Monsieur closed it on his way out. As she kneels and tries to get a hold of the knob with her teeth, her vision goes blue and her legs start to tingle. She fears for a moment that her legs are about to be taken from her too, but when they collapse out from under her, she sees that they are still there, just... floppy.

"Whaaat... is happening to me?!" she cries, as she watches her legs start to unravel. Starting at the seams between her toes, her legs start to peel open into five even segments each, rounding into perfect fleshy tube as they go. When they reach her hips, the new fleshy ropes fatten up and start to curl by themselves. Megan feels new muscles forming, tissues that feel bizarre and unlike anything her body has experienced before. Overwhelmed by the sensation, she struggles to right herself, and soon finds herself just a torso, with ten tentacles sticking out of her hips.

A moment passes, and she starts to laugh. Hard. She starts trying to flex the new muscles and finds it surprisingly intuitive to move and stretch them by will. She manages to wrap two of them around the doorknob and swing open the door, and she begins her strangle slimy shuffle out of the room.
- -

Anette is operating a lever on her console that controls a robotic arm inside the test chamber. The arm is moving a fossil sample to the center of the room, where it'll be properly exposed to the mutagenic cloud. It's a delicate operation, which makes it a real shame when the tremors start up, worse than before. Her hand shakes, as does the chamber itself, and the fossils go tumble out onto the ground.

"Guess it doesn't matter if it's on the floor or not," she said shakily. "Really not looking forward to this next part though-"

She's interrupted by the blue cloud blasting through the room. Several rows of shelves behind her start toppling, and she narrowly tumbles off her chair in time to avoid being crushed. For her consoles, though, she can't say the same. She rolls on the floor a bit, her changes making it difficult for her to understand her position in space. She decides to just close her eyes and ride it out, instead of fighting it. When the tingles stop, she somehow feels a body press up behind her, as if she were being spooned. Yet, somehow at the same time, she feels like SHE'S the one snuggling up to somebody.

She opens her eyes and takes a gander at her body. Actually, TWO bodies. To her shock, she finds herself a head attached to two bodies, flush up against each other. She struggles to get them both to sit up, in a weird straddling pose. Unsure of which body was her original, she feels in front and behind herself, exploring her bizarre duplicate bodies. The strangeness doesn't stop there, though, as trailing her arms down her rear torso, she finds a distinct lack of breasts, and much further down... an undeniably male organ, hard and pressing angrily against her female half's lower back.
- -

Monsieur is traveling the halls between the common room and the bridge when the cloud passes through. Realizing what just happened, he hurries his pace and bursts through the doors of the bridge, only to see Michelle and Andy ravenously fucking on the floor. He notes their new transformations, and the fact that Michelle has seemingly managed to fit a dick a fourth of her height into her vagina, distending her stomach beyond possibility. With every pump her belly bulges obscenely.

"I really don't have time for this nonsense."


Anette is bent over a desk, desperately trying to salvage the only monitor still in one piece. Well out of her skill set though, she found herself in a losing battle, especially given her severe inability to control her new doubled libido. Her male half is grinding up against her ass and feeling up her chest as she works. She could stop if she wanted to, it was her body after all... but fucking hell, why would she ever want to stop doing this? It feels fucking fantastic.

She is both feeling the incredible sensation of having rugged, rough hands grope her hungrily... and the new pleasure of feeling the power and adrenaline of a muscular new sex. Her new penis is absolutely aching, begging to penetrate something... and her pussy would be more than happy to oblige. One of her male hands snakes down and thumbs her clit, and she melts in her own arms. Her female legs practically collapse under her, sending her ass flying back, impaling her hole on her dick with one, clean motion. Her mind bubbles as the dual sensation of penetrating and being penetrated forces out a long, low groan.

Clenching her fists and toes, she pushes closer and closer, forcing herself as deep as possible into her own body... until she reaches her limit. She stops for a second, basking in the feeling of being so utterly filled and filling herself so utterly.

Then she starts thrusting. Slowly at first, struggling to move at first due to how tight her own grip is on her cock. Every time she pulls out, she gasps, and every time she pushes, she exhales until she's practically wheezing. As she works herself, she starts thrusting more and more. The harder she fucks herself, the more she rocks the desk in front of her, sending computer equipment jostling around, bumping against each other. She doesn't care. She couldn't possibly, not about anything other then her own private rapture. How could she care about silly things like keyboards, and monitors, or the fact that the one that just turned on in front of her shows not a red cloud like she had seen before, but a red and blue swirling storm turning a rich purple? She couldn't.

- -

Lindsay, having had the good sense of staying near a steady railing this time, managed to stay on her feet during the quake. Shapley, too, was still standing, and they looked at each other quietly, trying to figure out if something has changed about the other.

"Are we... okay? Was it a dud?" Shapley asks, hopefully.

Lindsay was almost ready to feel relieved when she felt an odd sensation in her stomach. She pressed a hand to her belly, feeling a lot like she had an empty stomach, but in a more deep, existentially yearning way. Like her whole body needed something to eat, not just her gut.

She returns her gaze to Shapley, and sees their face growing red and wet, like they were overheating and sweating heavily. They don't look uncomfortable though. Shapley notices her odd stare.

"What? What's wrong?"

Lindsay points at Shapley's forehead and tried to tell them what she noticed, but found her voice had completely caught in her throat. She tried to speak again, but the only noise that came out was a wet smack from her flexing and unflexing her pussymouth. Pulling her facemask down, she tentatively puts a finger in her mouth to try and dislodge whatever is causing her muteness. She can't feel her tongue anymore, just sensitive walls of flesh! The more she tries to speak the more she only manages to frustrate and arouse herself. She gives up, flushed and annoyed, and sees that Shapley still didn't get the point. She mimes a wiping motion on her forehead.

"My... head?"

Shapley mimics the motion, raising their hand to their head, but the second their palm touches their bright pink skin, they flinch and yank their hand back, their fingers trembling in shock. Their forehead skin is INSANELY sensitive. Lindsay, fascinated, reaches her hand out and plants her pointed finger right on the center of their forehead. She holds it there, and Shapley's whole body shivers in pleasure.

"Ohh..." they moan. "Why is it... so sensitive?!"

Lindsay removes her finger when she sees that the pinkness is spreading across the edges of their face and down their neck. Lindsay's instinct is to shout, but all that happens is a dribble of grool wets the front of her blouse.

Shapley's top is getting even more soaked, as the pinkness spreads down their torso and the natural lubricant their new skin produces drenches their hoodie. The sensation of fabric rubbing against their bare skin starts to prove too much, and they tear their hoodie and shirt off as fast as they physically can, panting in relief once their skin is exposed to open air. They start to stoop down in exhaustion, but the moment their now hot red nipples touch the cold floor, a shockwave ripples through their body sending them straight up again.

Their skin is now covered in a thick enough layer of lube for them to be able to grope themself without pain, but the pleasure starts to become too much as every minute movement of skin against skin drives them mad. They run their slimy hands up and down their six shiny breasts, so enveloped in pleasure that they are hardly able to make a noise above a sharp whispering scream. As they feel the pinkness creep down toward their groin, Shapley is both terrified and delighted to see what new heights they'll find.

- -

Michelle's body is so filled that she wonders if she even has organs in her body. More than half her torso is full of Andy's enormous cock. She turns her gaze briefly to Monsieur, who stands in the doorway, but her pink-colored eye doesn't find anything sexually satisfying in his direction, so it diverts her attention right back to Andy.

Monsieur shakes his head at the display and closes the door. Going back down the hallway he came from, he thinks, at least they aren't killing each other.

Andy, meanwhile, has reached his limit. Any more sex and he'll go completely raw. He's baffled how he's managed to stay erect so long, but assumes it has something to do with the clouds.

"Okay hon, hold on for a second..." he says, running practically on empty.

Michelle ignores him and wraps herself around him even more tightly. He tries to yank her off, but in her blind passion she scratches long marks into his back with her nails. Yelping in pain, he puts his hands on her face and shoves her, hard. He gets her off of him, and she keeps reaching for him desperately for a few more seconds. However, with one of his hands covering her pink-colored eye, she finds her heat suddenly dissipating and her thoughts become more lucid by the second. Realizing what just happened, she gasps and clasps both her hands over the eye, keeping it covered.

She stands up, feeling oddly bloated, is if she just had a huge meal. Scrambling over to her discarded eyepatch, she reattaches it and tightens it as much as possible. She takes a second to breathe, and look to Andy.

"We... need to stop this ship. NOW."

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Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet


"I just don't get how this is possible at all." Andy mumbles to himself as he paces back and forth across the bridge. "I mean, sudden mutation is one thing, but... she practically doesn't even have organs! I mean... how is that possible?"

"Hey, dude, are you done flipping your shit yet? Can we talk about this?" Michelle asks impatiently as she watches her boyfriend have a minor existential crisis.


"This, all this that just happened to us. What it means."

"I... really don't even know where to start."

"How about... those marks I left on your back. I'm, uh... I'm really sorry about that. I shouldn't have done that." Michelle says, genuinely apologetic for the first time in a long time.

"Oh, that? It's fine hun, I know you weren't in your right mind. It's not you, it's the cloud."

"That's the thing. I think maybe... it's both? I mean, obviously the cloud changed us in all sorts of fucked up ways, but... when we were fucking like that, it's like... all that anger deep down in me found a way out, and turned into the outside me while the outside me became the inside me. Does that make any sense?"

"Err... sorta? I think I get you, but... what are you trying to say?"

Michelle pauses and stares at her feet.

"I'm... a shitty person, I think. I've been putting myself over others so much, and I didn't let anyone tell me I was wrong, because I was so sure I was right, and, and..."

She looks like she can't decide between screaming and crying, so she settles on just shaking and sniffling. Andy kneels down and puts his arms around her.

"Hey, hey... okay, here's the thing. I'll be real with you, you've definitely been a dick to a lot of people. But it's not like you have to keep being that person, right? You want people to respect you, don't you? As a leader? As a person?"

"Yeah... I don't know, maybe..."

"If you really think that aggressive ego monster is the real you, on the inside, then you have it completely backwards. I know there's something good in there, behind all the anger and outbursts. That's who I'm looking at right now."

"I... can I have your comm? I lost mine, when I... got small."

Andy grins a bit and takes his comm off, handing it to her. She turns it on and tries to call Lindsay and Shapley. When they don't pick up, she calls Monsieur.

- -

"Hello, captain. Are you finished with your... er."

"Monsieur, let's not talk about it, please. I need you to check on Lindsay and Shapley, see if they everything reader to make stopping this ship something that won't kill us all dead. Thanks."

She hangs up without another word. His built-in comm buzzes again... It's Megan's voice.

"Monsieur, I need you... please, come back to me..."

"Miss, are you okay? ...Miss?"

He receives no answer. Alarmed by the message, he knows deep down he has to take care of the person most important to him, before all else. He rushes to the common room in record time, the whole way wondering what ailments the cloud could have caused her to make her more distressed than she already was. He arrives, only to find her door open and room empty. He stares at the empty bed, fearful that something could have happened to her.

"Monsieur... behind you."

He turns his head to see Anette's door wide open, and Anette sitting on her bed with Anette's personal laptop open. She's coiled in a mess of tentacles, pecking at the keys with two of them and using the rest as a squishy cushion. As Monsieur approaches, she rolls to her side seductively, tentacles flowing over her like cresting waves.

"Miss, I was under the impression you were in trouble. You asked for help."

"No trouble, but I definitely need help. Something about these tentacles make feel... so... mmm. Lightheaded. But I had an idea... and I need somebody who's got it all together to make it happen." She gives him a goofy, lethargic smile.

"I would be happy to assist, Miss. What can I help you with?"

She turns Anette's laptop to face him. On the screen are diagrams of the blueprints of Monsieur's helperbot model.

"See, I can get a lot of work done with all these tentacles... been doing a lot of research."

"Yes Miss, it looks like you won't be needing those robotic arms after all."

"Hmm... maybe I could use... a pair of them." She raises her eyebrows.

"Ah, I see. This is about... Hrm. Miss, you know that as a serverbot, I don't have the particular skill set or design necessary to... do such things."

"That's what I need your help with. These are... cross sections of your arm, right? Is... is this what I think it is, tucked away here?

She pulls up a design of an attachment that looks suspiciously like a dildo combined with a jackhammer,

If robots could blush, that's pretty much exactly what would be happening right now.

- -

Shapley manages to worm themself free of their constricting, rough jeans, as their thighs hit the floor with a wet splat. Like most stimulus, it causes them to groan like an animal in heat.

Lindsay watched with rapt fascination as the last few inches of their body turned pink. It occurred to her not long ago now that the changes that have been affecting the two of them have been directly affected by the other, with her (mostly slurred) wish for Shapley to experience what she feels being granted to an extreme degree. That being said, she has a suspicion about what's happening to her own body. Shapley had, after all, called her out for "becoming a total cunt." Every time her grool starts to muck up her facepussy, she instinctively tries to swallow it, sending a pulsing feeling from her neck all the way through her torso down to her lower vagina. She's pretty sure her vaginas are somehow... connected through her torso.

Shapley looks up at Lindsey, confused, mind too cloudy to fully understand what's happening. Lindsay considers trying to tell them what she's figured out, but she knows it wouldn't be worth the effort. Maybe she'll just let them squirm there some more. She'd smile if she were able. Instead, her vagina just squishes up into an odd shape that squirts out yet another dribble of grool. She reaches up to wipe it off, but finds herself mindlessly pushing a finger into her face. She's a bit alarmed by this, as her hands have felt oddly drawn to her holes ever since the transformation. How is this supposed to end? She starts to think about it, and doesn't notice her fingers plunging in and out of her face.

- -

Anette wakes up on the floor in post-coital bliss, lovingly spooning herself. She looks around herself, looking at the horrible mess she made of the archives. She plops down in her chair at what's left of her desk, female half sitting in the lap of her male half, an unusually intimate feeling for a person who's alone in a room.

She rubs her eyes and focuses on the cracked monitor, seeing what she believes to be a now fully purple cloud inside the containment room. When the hell did that happen? she thought to herself. Is it somehow the energy of the red and blue storms, combined together? She laughs at herself a bit, tickled by just how obvious that is. Man, I'm really in bad shape.

She sees something odd on the screen and zooms in the display, focusing on the floor. Where the fossil sample spilled earlier, there was now a growing black mass.

"There's no way..." she said to herself. "Is that... the cloud brought the fossil sample back to life?"

Zooming in even closer, she notices that not only have the organisms revived from death, they are now multiplying at an alarming rate. These clouds aren't corrupting life, they're... CREATING life. Creating OPPORTUNITIES for life, allowing easier propagation...

Then the pieces snap together. They're not some bizarre phenomenon. These clouds are literally the origin of life in the universe! That must be why Anahita wanted this information to remain exclusive for so long! Anette's mind races, thinking of the possible reasons for what they could be using this knowledge and power for.

She must have only spent a couple minutes in thought, but when she's brought back to the real world, what she sees on the monitor gives her reason for alarm. The organisms seem to be duplicating faster and faster, with no end in sight.


"Don't look so terrified," Megan teases. Monsieur is inches from her face, looking deep in her eyes. He raises his right arm, and it unfolds down the middle to reveal the piston-like device Megan had on the laptop.

"And... you are sure that doing this would be 'assisting' you?"

"Oh, definitely. Just... don't think about it too much... come here..."

Megan coils two of her tentacles up his arm and yanks it down to the space between her tentacles, where her vagina lies right in the center. Monsieur's LED eyes go wide, and Megan gives him a devilish smirk.

- -

"Why is nobody ANSWERING?" Andy grumbles as he tries getting Megan on the comm again. "We can't stop if we don't have the fuel, and we can't avoid more clouds if we don't stop... and we can't even stop the shop without Monsieur up front."

Michelle steps out of the captain's private shower, toweling off her back. "Well, whatever Lindsay and Shapley are doing seems to be working, 'cause half our shit isn't functioning anymore. Our water pressure is garbage."

Andy gets frustrated and kicks a chair. Not hard enough to knock it over, but enough to make a noise.

"Now who's throwing tantrums?" Michelle teases.

"Sorry. I'm just stressed out."

"Don't apologize, haha. I'm actually interested to see this color on you." She smiles. "You know, maybe we should both have responsibility around here. We could, I dunno... keep each other in check? Double captains. That's a thing, right?"

"I could do that for you," he says as he relaxes his shoulders, easing his expression. When he looks at Michelle, he sees her looking lovingly up at him, her tail swaying behind her. "Have I mentioned yet how much I like the tail? It's very expressive."

Michelle looks over her shoulder and is taken by surprise seeing it move without her knowledge. Maybe it's because they're so busy looking at each other, or maybe it's because for the first time the ship stays perfectly still, but this time they hardly notice the room turn yellow.

They kiss each other softly, while their bodies shift around them. Standing together in an uneven embrace, Michelle's skin turns a bright red as she gets a little bit more height, from her feet turning into cloven hooves. Two red horns, curved slightly backward, sprout from her hair right above her forehead. Andy, meanwhile, sprouts a flesh-tone tail from his spine, which stretches out to about five feet. At its tip is a suspiciously phallic shape, which Michelle takes notice of as it starts to poke her in the ass.

"Um... what the fuck is touching my butt right now?"

They look down at their bodies and see the changes. Michelle just shrugs it off.

"Honestly? I'm getting used to it now."

Her curiosity gets the better of her as Andy's tail keeps getting in her space. She grabs it a little too firmly, eliciting a squeak from Andy.

"You DID say you liked my tail..." she says, right before shoving the tip in her mouth. She fellates his tail, its sensitive tip giving him the same sensation as a mouth on his cock. Michelle pops it out of her mouth for a second to catch her breath, and sees the tip of the tail start to split open like a four-petaled blooming flower. At the center, a slick wet hole not unlike a vagina. Both of their eyes practically bulge out of their sockets when they see it, and Michelle wastes no time hungrily lapping at it.

- -

Anette finds herself so focused on the dangerous growth in the containment room that the yellow light filling the room, the yellow light barely gets a reaction out of her. What got her attention was instead the purple cloud turning a brilliant, opaque white. No longer able to see the growth, she wheeled her chair back and surrendered her attention to her oncoming changes, as white light seems to impossibly penetrate the solid lead walls in front of her. Another splitting headache struck her mind as she doubled over in her chair, awkwardly folding her bodies in on each other.

Suddenly she finds herself on the ground again. Did I fall? she wonders. Her bodies don't hurt, just her head. And her neck feels very stiff, strangely. It also feels... a bit too long? She tries to get up, and feels herself step to her feet, and then, seconds later, steps to her feet again. And yet, she's still got her cheek pressed firmly to the cold tile floor. Certain she is somehow standing, she tries to walk around a bit, and hears two pairs of feet stumbling around near her. Suddenly a bare foot plants itself right in front of her face, and thanks to the small starburst tattoo on the ankle, she knows it to be her own.

She clumsily reaches down and feels around the ground, and sure enough, feels her hands grab her head and lift her up, her point of view suddenly rushing to her regular height. Her hand grazes the space under head head, and she immediately knows what has happened. Underneath her decapitated head is a thick, foot long penis. The realization makes it twitch, giving her a pulse of pleasure. Feeling around between her shoulders, she finds a fat meaty vagina where her head used to be, and turning her head around the room she sees her male body standing alone, with a similar neck vagina. Both bodies from her last form were now individual, but both controlled by her.

She knows what the logical next step is, though she is a little worried about the prospect of walking around constantly being penetrated. For the sake of keeping her hands free for her work though, she positions her head over one of her bodies, and shoves down, hard. The feeling of pressure as her dickneck snakes halfway down her torso nearly turns her legs to jelly, but she manages to keep her composure just long enough to get a sense of her new configuration. Her five (yes, five) sets of genitals are sending so many sexual signals to her brain at the same time, that she knows it's only a matter of time before an all-out one-person orgy breaks out. She reaches up and traces the seam between her head and body, where her sensitive cockflesh meets the stretched lips of her neck pussy, and her finger flicks across a large, marble-sized clitoris sticking out of the center of her collarbone. This little button seals the deal. This is happening. But shouldn't she be recording the effects of the growing organism? Investigate the glowing white light?

"Fuck it."

She walks her second body over to herself and plants her mouth firmly on her other neck vagina, sucking hungrily on her clit. She practically tackles herself to the ground, hands going everywhere. She knows that more and more of the white light is leaking through the solid walls, but she quite frankly doesn't give a shit.

- -

Megan cries out in a moan that turns into a scream and back to a moan. Her crashing orgasms have been coming closer and closer to each other as Monsieur is relentless with his movements and vibrations. It occurs to her that she's actually never reached orgasm with a man before. Maybe she still hasn't? No, Monsieur is a man, more of a man than most of the people she's ever met. As another knee-buckling orgasm ripples from her toes to her head, and back to her toes, she wraps her tentacles around his body tight, and plants kisses up and down his perfectly smooth faceplate. He briefly dulls the vibration to give her a break and let her recuperate.

"This 'pleasure' is fascinating to me. I wish I could experience it like you humans do. It seems... invigorating."

Megan, through the haze of her pleasure, sees a somewhat tragic expression sneak its way through Monsieur's metal face.

"Monsieur, I promise, you're more than enough man for me."

"Miss, do you sense that?"


Monsieur looks around the room, and seconds later the yellow light flashes. Without the tremors, they aren't entirely sure if it's another cloud, until the tingles start to set in. They focus on Megan's blank shoulders, where two tentacles on each shoulder sprout out, matching those on her legs, albeit a bit thinner. Her hair then begins to congeal together into 30-odd strandy tentacles that seem to flow and writhe against each other constantly. She runs her arm-tentacles through her "hair," and feels it caress her back. She smiles.

- -

As the yellow light touches Lindsay's already hollow body, her sense of emptiness grows tenfold, sending her hands darting across her body. She suddenly feels compressed and stuffy in her clothes. She undoes her blouse and drops it to the ground, spotting an unusual crease going down her entire torso. In her alarm, her sense of modesty vanishes as she unlatches her bra. Her bottom is discarded as well, and she looks at her whole, naked body in the reflection of one of the large terminals. She traces the crease, finding it originate on her face pussy and ending at the one in her groin. As she reaches the bottom, she finds that her clitoris seems to be higher than it used to be. In fact, it's STILL getting higher. She looks down and watches as it travels along the crease on her torso.

What she sees makes her sick to her nonexistent stomach. As her clit travels upward, it "unzips" her torso, her vagina spreading her and higher up her body. By the time her clit reaches her breasts, the sense of yearning emptiness becomes something even greater, a sense of total incompleteness. The clit gets closer and closer to her mouth, and suddenly...


Her entire torso splits open from mouth to groin, revealing her insides to be completely hollow, coated on the inside with nothing but pussyflesh. In her shock she paws at the flesh, sending shudders through her whole body. As she loses her composure briefly, she feels herself crumple. She is somehow able to stay upright, but only if she concentrates... and the hornier she gets, the harder it is to stay human-shaped.

On the other side of the room, Shapley is going through their own crisis. While most of their body was a non-stop buzz of unbearable pleasure, their scalp starts to itch more and more. Feeling their hair, they could tell something was very wrong, as the shape of their scalp was oblong and strange. They claw at their scalp, trying to rid themself of the sensation, when their entire head of hair slips right off, as if it were nothing more than a wig. Underneath it is what could only be described as the head of a penis, capping their skull as if it were a spongey, fleshy beanie, with a wide urethra sticking out of the top.

The appearance of the glans seems to finally give Shapley a method of release from their insanely pent-up arousal, and within seconds their whole body starts churning. Pulse after pulse travels up their body, and they feel their head swell unnaturally as all the pleasure in their body seems to focus there. The pressure starts to ache, when suddenly they feel an unbelievable sense of release, and a geyser of thick, hot spunk blasts out the top of their head, blasting the ceiling.

The sperm blasts the ceiling of the room from wall to wall, and starts to drip down like a salty rainshower. Lindsay couldn't even be bothered to care about the disgusting display, as her body has fallen flat on the ground with her enormous lips wide open, oozing girlcum out like a slug. The two, messy, exhausted and beyond recognition lay together in their mess in blissful silence.


Andy sits in the captain's seat, while Michelle cozily reclines on his lap. He rests a hand on her, as they look out ahead to see their destination approaching in the distance: the Anahita corporate homeworld.

"We're almost there. And not another cloud in sight!" he says.

Michelle squirms a bit, suddenly picturing having to show up in front of her bosses looking the way she does.

"This... is gonna be uncomfortable." she groans.

"Yeah, but Anahita has our best interests in mind, right? That's what you always say."

She thinks on that for a bit. Did they really have their best interests in mind? After all they recalled Dominic weeks ago and were clearly aware of the mutations that the clouds created, yet they allowed the crew to make the journey without so much as a warning. They couldn't care less what the crew looks like when they arrive, just so long as they deliver the research that'll make the company billions. And if they did manage to get to homeworld, would Anahita actually ever let them leave? Surely they wouldn't want word of their newest break in technology getting out to their competitors.

She explains her thinking to Andy, who takes in the information with a stern expression.

"Okay, Michelle. You're the captain, what should we do?"

"Heheh, you're the captain too now, remember?"

- -

Anette's one-woman orgy has gotten a lot more interesting. Her dickneck is plunged chin-deep into her female self's groin vagina, while her male body penetrates her female self's neck vagina and her mouth licks at the male's. She's practically turned into a pretzel of sex, and even if she did notice the foundation of the wall protecting her from the white light collapsing, she wouldn't have been physically capable of doing anything about it. The wall disintegrates, releasing a wall of pure white light to blast through the Tiresias at lightspeed. It touches every member of the crew, every atom of the ship simultaneously. Anette feels herself scatter, as if she were nowhere, and then suddenly everywhere at once. Then her being focuses back into one location, as her surroundings become visible again.

Looking down at herself, she's actually disappointed to find just a single body, without sensing a second one. It's her old body, her female one, but with a clearly defined penis between her legs, placed above her vagina. Feeling at the seam of her neck, she can tell she still has her unusual equipment there, and has to steel herself from playing with the bulging clit on full display. The simplicity leaves her feeling lacking, and she sighs, but then...

Sigh. Who's that?! She looks to her left and sees a person that could be her mirror image, checking her own body out while facing away from her. She freezes and stares for a second, then clears her throat to get the girl's attention. She turns around, and the two make eye contact, then look each other up and down. Same body, same genitals, same bizarre dickneck... they're perfect clones!

"Um... hi? I'm..."

"Anette. Yeah, heheh, uh, same?"

"Nice to... meet you, I guess?"

"Yeah, nice to meet you... too."

They step closer and closer, hypnotized by the other. Their freaking self-sex romp has almost trained her to feel attraction for herself, and each of her found themself... strangely aroused at the sight in front of them.

"Are we... going to do this?"

"Absolutely fucking yes we are."

- -

Megan feels herself coming back to reality after a strange, transcendental experience. As the world reforms around her, she finds herself looking into a stranger's eyes. A bald man with striking silver eyes, with a facial structure that oddly reminds her... of...


The man looks confused, and looks down at his body. He tests his arms, flexing them and feeling their overwhelmingly organic energy.

In her shock, Megan almost doesn't notice her own leg tentacles now being capped with dicks. The only reason she noticed was a couple started probing at her vagina on their own accord, sending a shock up her spine. Even stranger, a tongue snakes its way out of her pussy to meet the tentacles.

"Miss, is this... am I human?"

Megan grins from ear to ear. "You sure are, buddy. And please, call me Megan."

She pushes him to the ground and mounts him, her pussytongue snaking out and wrapping around his newly organic dick.

"Now let me show you what it really means to be human," she says as she slurps his cock up inside of her.

- -

Shapley starts to come back into existential focus, but before they can even feel their body, they are struck by the sharp arousal that has plagued their existence for hours now. They realize they can hardly move, their limbs stiff and unbendable. Looking to their left, they see that where their arm was is now a thick, massive phallus. To their right, the same. They can't crane their neck far enough to see, but they assume the same could be said of their legs. They uselessly flop their thick limbs around, but the slapping of their glans against the tile only sends them spiraling again. So desperate to be touched, and to be relieved of the constant simulation, all they can do is shout out and beg for Lindsay to help them.

Lindsay comes into view looming above them, an unusual silhouette bent in unexpected places. Lindsay's eyes have vanished from her head, and her facepussy has extended even further up her head until the golf ball sized clit rests on the top of her forehead, just under her hairline. Her head looks more like a hood than anything resembling a face now.

Shapley calls out again, and Lindsay responds to the sound, reaching down and accidentally palming them right on the chest, between their sensitive glossy breasts. The sudden touch makes Shapley's new phalluses ooze precum, only adding to the puddle of liquid that has been accumulating in the room.

They beg for Lindsay to keep going, to bring them to orgasm. Lindsay finds her body reacting very strongly to Shapley's body and their desperate begging. Her torso drools cum all over them. Sharpley barely notices as they stare into Lindsay's chasmous body, their mind screaming at them to get inside. It's all they want, and the only thing that even makes sense to them anymore. Likewise, Lindsay finds herself instinctually reaching down and picking Shapley up, her chest flush up against their back. The contact sends Shapley reeling, but it only gets better as Lindsay hugs them tighter and tighter. Shapley starts to breach her body, sliding and grinding against every inch of her insides as their respective liquids squelch around each other.

They reach a stopping point, where Shapley's outrageously large cocks keep them from fitting any further. Lindsay decides this is unacceptable, so she takes their cocks in her hands and starts cramming. The rough, bending sensation elicits a scream of passion from Shapley, and it seems to go on forever until suddenly, they feel their dicks slot perfectly into four vaginas inside Lindsay's torso. Their dicks now slot perfectly into the upper arms and thighs of Lindsay's body. Lindsay gives them one last push, fitting them inside like they was the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle, but with the sexual gratification of a thousand orgasms. Her torso's lips slide together, loosely holding them in as her hooded head slips over Shapley's sensitive cockhead. Their face peeks out from under her giant clit, and the second everything is in place, the two of them finally feel the wholesomeness they have been craving since their first few changes.

The sudden satisfaction blitzes their minds with an orgasm so strong their minds fizzle and pop. Every cock on Shapley's body erupts, sending splooge blasting out of every nook and cranny of Lindsay's body. Mixed with Lindsay's own liquids, a practical waterfall of goo falls from them. When their minds finally come through the haze, there is not simply Lindsay and Shapley anymore. The two are now something more, two minds melded into one perfect body. Lindsay can see through Shapley's eyes, and Shapley can feel through Lindsay's hands. No longer concerned with the stupid squabbles of their past, they feel free to start a new life, together, as a brand new person. As they get to their feet and carefully take step after pleasurable step toward the door, they aren't sure who they're going to be, but they're excited to find out, together.

- -

Andy practices walking around with his new transformation, which gave him a second torso protruding from his rear, giving him a sort of humantaur body. His genitals relocated to his rear hips, and the sway of the new torso is taking a while to get used to. Not too bad a change, all things considered, he thinks.

Michelle hasn't noticed anything different. "I dunno Andy, I'm stumped. I think I'm exactly the same."

"Maybe it skipped you this time?" he wondered, not really believing himself.

Andy walks up to Michelle, and gets a closer look, when he does spot a minor difference. "Hey... wasn't your eyepatch eye the one with the pink iris?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Your other eye is pink now too, hun."

She looks at her reflection in the window, and sees her striking glowing pink eye as clear as day. She reaches up to her eyepatch, and looks to Andy for permission. He nods.

"If your new pink eye isn't making you go crazy, maybe your change took away the crazy demon heat stuff?"

She yanks off her eyepatch, still keeping the eye closed, then cracks it open to look at Andy once again with both of her eyes. He finds her new impish appearance strangely beautiful, and with both of her piercing eyes staring back at him he feels his heart skip a beat.

"So, do you feel anything?" he asked.

"No... I think we're good!" She says, but the second the words leave her mouth she doubles over in pain, holding her head as a terribly migraine rocks her head. Andy rushes to her side, asking if she's all right. When she opens her eyes again, her pupils are glowing a shockingly bright white, much like the light they felt wash over them not long ago. Her pupils, now a shifting starburst shape, feel like they're staring into his soul as Michelle reaches up experimentally, touching Andy on the hip.

With the single touch, he feels a tingle through his whole body. A third pair of arms bursts from his body, right under the others. They look at each other in shock.

"Did you just.... did YOU do that?!" he yelled in disbelief.

"I did! I... I felt something inside of me, a power, and it spoke to me... told me to spread its light... and I did, and... you changed!"

"Can you... can you use it to change us back?"

She reaches up to touch Andy on the hip again, and his body contracts and shifts in a violent whipping shift, that leaves him looking like his old self in less than a second. He's back to normal!

"This is amazing! Now we can go home, Michelle! We don't have to worry about Anahita, we can live our lives!"

She smiles, and floats magically up to his face, putting her hands on his cheeks and planting a kiss on him. But the smile fades.

"We still can't trust them. Even if they were to let us go, what they plan to do with this power... the power of creation itself... it's not something that should be used for profit, or for control."

"So, what? What's your plan then?"

They're interrupted by a strange bald man dressed in a dress sheet toga bursting into the room. Michelle dashes to her seat and pulls her hidden blaster on the stranger, who puts his hands in the air.

"Don't shoot! It's me, Monsieur!"

Michelle and Andy are taken aback, and are about to doubt him when a tentacled monster of a woman comes flowing messily into the room behind him, her face the only thing they can use to identify her as their crewmate Megan.

"It's true! The light changed him too. I don't know why, but it did."

"Since when could this stuff transform inorganic matter?" Andy asks.

"It didn't just affect Monsieur." Anette says, entering the room in a hurry. Aside from a few odd bulges and creases on her body, she looked especially human for their crew. "I was running tests on the fossils we brought on board, and the cloud revived the fossils. But it didn't stop there. When the white light hit the whole ship, it... merged the organism with the ship."

"Are you saying... the ship is alive?" Michelle asks, bewildered.

"In a manner of speaking." Anette responds. "Anette is telling me over comms that the ship isn't actually running on fuel anymore, it's a fully self-sustaining system."

"Wait... what do you mean, 'Anette is telling you'?" Megan asks.

"Aha, don't worry about it, I'll tell you later."

"So, are you saying this ship could keep going indefinitely?" Michelle asks, a plan forming in her head.

"As far as we can tell, yes."

"Monsieur." Michelle barks, turning to the now human servantbot. "Can you still interface with the navigation equipment?"

"I can't interface per se, but I can figure out a workaround in no time if need be."

"Good." Michelle responds. "We're turning the ship around."

Andy gasps. "Really?"

"Yeah," she answers. "Fuck 'em. They want our research? They want us to hand over a power they'll just weaponize and use to control the local supercluster? No thanks, I don't play that game. We're getting out of here."

The crew jumps into action, rushing to their posts. Andy turns to Michelle.

"Er, before we get started... do you think you could make me something a little more interesting first?"


Michelle leans back in her chair, staring out at the great unknown ahead of them. She looks around the bridge, seeing her new oddball gang of misfits, and smiles. It's hard for her to imagine how only a few days ago, they were all boring-ass, normal people with boring-ass, normal problems. She wasn't worried about people doubting her anymore, she had a power all her own now. And Andy? With the size of his cock and her ability to switch on her fucktoy mode at a moment's notice, she doesn't think he'll be struggling with his passiveness anymore.

As for the others, well... she was genuinely touched by the budding relationship between Monsieur and Megan. Even if she thought they were an odd match, she's happy for them. Monsieur even asked for a few modifications of his own, so he could repeat their first moment of intimacy in his new human body.

Anette And Anette were an inseparable duo, understandably. The two went everywhere with each other, and she's pretty sure they're fucking on the down-low. Whatever, none of her business, honestly. It's practically masturbation, as far as she's concerned. And Lindsay and Shapley? She's honestly not even sure what to call them anymore. With their talents combined, they've been more than useful to the crew, and re-established all of the power systems faster than the two of them ever could have done separately. That being said, they certainly made a hell of a mess. They usually tried to keep a tarp under their workstation, and made a habit of leaving piles of paper towels around for easy cleanup.

She liked her new crew. It was a special thing, having your outside match your insides, and she wanted to make it their mission to share that gift with the universe, one world at a time.

"Captain, approaching planetside."

"Thank you Megan. Monsieur, take us down."


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

Holy shit. Amazing! Have you written anything else?

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Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

No, this is actually the first story I've written since high school lol, smut or no smut. I enjoyed writing this though, if another idea hits I'll definitely be sure to post it


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

Please do!


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

The dual TF into living suit and occupant was wonderfully done. That was the high point for me.

I have to admit that I had trouble keeping up with the use of the plural "they/their" for the non-binary character. I had to double back on whether or not there was a merging that I missed or something.

Personally I think Megan could have had something more interesting going on. I always enjoy a good tentacle cock monster TF but compared to some of the other shipmates, her's seemed rather uninspired.

I think this is the first time someone wrote one of Access' double-body TFs into a story. I liked that was well. There could have been more clarification where you mention seven genitals with Anette because I'm assuming that both bodies had a cock at that point but it wasn't mentioned.

Overall, this was great. I'd love to read more from you.


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

Whoops, the seven genitals bit is left over from a previous draft. I agree, I struggled a bit finding a place for Megan, maybe I'll revisit the story some time and fiddle with the pieces some more. Thanks for reading it, I'm glad you liked it!


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

Really awesome read. Well done! I loved the progression as each cloud showed up.


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

Neat story! I'd love to see any sequels.


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

Flicker wrote:

I have to admit that I had trouble keeping up with the use of the plural "they/their" for the non-binary character. I had to double back on whether or not there was a merging that I missed or something.

As an enby myself who uses they/them pronouns I actually really enjoyed and appreciated it, but what I found was an issue was you weren't consistent about Shapley's pronouns. You went back to "she" a number of times.

Other than that, though, the story was incredibly well-written and very entertaining!


Re: Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

The Light Fantastic wrote:

As an enby myself who uses they/them pronouns I actually really enjoyed and appreciated it, but what I found was an issue was you weren't consistent about Shapley's pronouns. You went back to "she" a number of times.

Other than that, though, the story was incredibly well-written and very entertaining!

Thanks so much, and thanks for the heads-up on the typos! Editing it right now, I knew I must've goofed it up at one point or another


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I edited this to add spacing for more readability. I'm also stickying it because after rereading it, I realized I should have done it a long time ago.