Topic: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

Hey all, sorry this story is a bit late.  I've been working on it since November, but it ended up so long I burned out for a few weeks.  But I finally finished and present to you a story packed with all kinds of transformative goodness.

Tags: extreme transformations, multi-breast/limb, inanimate, animalistic and anthro changes, gender bending, merging, holiday,


Chapter 1

            "Alright everyone, we've finally arrived." Kirk Hammond said as he pulled the packed rental car into a parking space.

            "About time." Kirk's daughter Marcie complained from the backseat.  "You drive like an old lady."

            "Marcie Marie, that's no way to speak to your father." Sheila Hammond berated her daughter from the front seat as she folded up the map they used to get to Wasen.

            "Sorry Mom.  But you didn't have to sit back here with them snogging half the trip." Marcie shot her older brother Brent an annoyed looked.

            Brent rolled his eyes at his sister before turning back to his fiancé.  "Ignore her Emma, I think Marcie's just jealous."

            Emma playfully stuck her tongue out at her soon to be sister-in-law.  "She should be."

            Slowly the Hammonds extracted themselves from the rental, banteringly playfully the entire time.  They were brimming with excitement and it shown from every face.  They were in Wasen during the Festival of Lights, which was practically a rite of passage for transformation fans.  That, and they knew that by the end of the day, their lives would be forever changed.

            "Now remember the rules." Kirk reminded his children and spouse as they prepared to go their separate ways.  "No one shows up for our dinner reservation tonight looking like they do when we break up this morning.  Best transformation gets a year worth of bragging rights and first dibs on the food at next year's Goodharvest dinner."

            "Best transformation according to whom?" Marcie asked.  "Do you think we'll actually be able to reach a consensus?"

            "That depends." Sheila answered for her husband.  "Are you saying you can't come up with something better than the rest of us."

            "Oh, you bet I will." Marcie proclaimed, before stalking off into the crowd.

            The rest of the family shared a chuckle before each heading off in their own direction.  The only exceptions were Brent and Emma.  While as competitive as the rest of the family, they couldn't dream of transforming without the other present.

Chapter 2

            Kirk Hammond stared up at the sign on the building's exterior.  Demon's Flip Tournament.  Free Entry.  Transformative Prizes.

            Kirk had always considered himself an amateur cardshark.  Part of it was being good at numbers, a trait he had honed from a young age and kept sharp as an accountant.  The other part was the sports-like thrill, without the need for physical exercise.

            Kirk looked down at his belly, which in recent years had decided to strike out for additional territory.  He'd been a fit jock back in high school, but after busting his knee trying out in college had been living the sedentary life.

            If the tournament was really free it might be an easy way to pick up a transformation or two.  While he'd always had a fascination for the transformed, Kirk never had a specific transformation in mind for himself.  In a way, the unknown nature of the prize was almost as big of a draw as the rush of winning.

            Stepping inside the building, Kirk saw a vast open space filled with tables.  Based on the floor to ceiling bracket against the left wall, they expected a lot of players to show up.  Four rounds meant sixteen starting tables, each of which looked to hold somewhere between five and eight players.  With this many players, the odds were good Kirk would win a decent prize even if he was knocked out early.

            Walking up to reception table at the front of the hall, Kirk smiled down at the woman sitting there.  Although, sitting might have been the wrong word.  Most of her body was contained in a large pot, with only her head sticking out the top and her arms out the base.  "Good morning, I'd like to register for the tournament."

            "Of course sir." the transformed woman replied. "Please fill out the necessary paperwork and return it to me in order to secure your seat."

            Kirk goggled as the receptionist handed over a sheaf of papers nearly as thick as his thumb.  Maybe this was how they weeded out anyone who wasn't a serious player.  Retreating to a chair against the closest wall, Kirk started reading through the paperwork.

Chapter 3

            Sheila Hammond took her seat in the second row and waited for the demonstration to start.  When she first read that this particular avatar was going to be doing a show at the Festival this year, Sheila knew this was where she wanted to get transformed.  And Sheila wasn't the only one.  The show wasn't supposed to start for another fifteen minutes, and already the room was already over half full.

            "Excuse me, do you mind scooting over a seat so we can sit together?"

            Sheila looked over to see a mid-thirties couple standing at the edge of the row looking at her.  She scooted over a seat and the pair squeezed down the row to take the two open seats.

            "Thanks.  I was worried this place would fill up before we arrived. " the woman said, holding out her hand to shake.  "Jennie Fitzgerald."

            "Sheila Hammond." Shelia replied as she shook the woman's hand.  "It looks like you made it in just in time."

            "Ralph Fitzgerald." the man said as he took his seat on Jennie's other side.

            "Are you two…" Sheila began, unable to determine the pair's relationship.  They looked similar enough to be siblings or even twins, with identical runner's builds and rounded faces.  Their hair was the same sandy brown, though Ralph had a buzz cut while Jennie's locks framed her face in a bob.

            Jennie and Ralph stared at each other for a moment before chuckling.  "We're husband and wife." Jennie explained.

            "Though we do get a lot of people thinking we're brother and sister." Ralph added.  "You should have seen our last family reunion."

            "Are you two locals or did you travel out for the Festival?"

            "We're local-ish.  We live about an hour and a half drive north.  I've always wanted to come see the Festival and Ralph surprised me with a trip down here for our anniversary.  How about you?"

            "I'm on vacation too, though I wish our travel was that short.  We probably spent half a day on an airship getting here."  Anticipating the upcoming question Sheila continued, "The rest of my family's running around the Festival somewhere.  We've turned it into a bit of a competition, to see who can find the best transformations…"

            The trio continued to share stories as the room filled to capacity and the show began.  A T shaped stage ran along one wall of the room, with the longest end surrounded by the audience.  A woman strode out from one of the short legs of the T.  From the neck down she appeared to be wearing a skintight black bodysuit, over which she wore a white doctor's labcoat.

            "Good morning everyone." she called to the crowd.  "I'm Dr. Jeccel, and I'm glad to see I have so many excited followers here to see me.  Is everyone here looking for a change in their life?"  The crowd waved their hands and cheered. "Excellent.  I'll start off with a few basic transformation before I turn things over to my other half to show off some of the creative designs we've been working on.  But first, a question.  How many of you know what makes my transformations special?"

            Sheila raised her hand, as did Jennie and Ralph.  About half the crowd did as well.  "Hmm, lower than I expected.  Those of you who don't know about me, did you come with someone in the know?  Or because you wanted to find out about new transformations?"

            "We came because you're hot." someone called from the other side of the stage.  Sheila shifted to the left to try to see where the speaker was.  If she had to guess, he was somewhere in the mass of frat boy looking youths sporting school colors.

            "I'm always open for compliments." Dr. Jeccel purred.  "Why don't you come up here and I'll give you a little reward for your honesty?"

            There were cheers from the frat boy section and one of their number rose from the crowd.  He was good looking in the way people barely into their twenties always were, with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

            "What's your name, handsome?" Dr. Jeccel asked as the frat boy joined her on the stage.


            "Now Vincent, tell which part of my body you like the best.  What part of me really gets you motor running?"

            Vincent took a long moment to examine Dr. Jeccel from head to toe, his eyes lingering over every one of her assets.  He finally blurted, "You have a really nice set of tits."

            Dr. Jeccel cupped her large breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze.  "They are nice, aren't they.  I wish I could say they were natural, but sadly they're the product of dipping into my own supply."  She gave her breasts another squeeze, nearly shoving them in the frat boy's face.  "So Vincent, how would you like to get your hands on a set of lovelies like these?"

            Hector nodded dumbly, nearly hypnotized by the orbs rising and falling with each of the Doctor's breaths.  "If you want a pair of your own to play with, all I need you to do is take off your shirt."

            The young man did so, nearly ripping the garment in the process. An assistant came onstage, wearing a labcoat and bodysuit just like the Doctor's.  She was pushing a small trolley with a plastic storage tub on top.  When the assistant stopped it beside Dr. Jeccel, the Doctor reached in and scooped out one of the items inside.  Before the crowd could register that it was a small water balloon, Dr. Jeccel threw it at Vincent's chest like  champion softball player.  The orb impacted dead center on the frat boy's naked chest, splattering a white, paint like substance all over his pecs.

            "What the h…" Vincent began, looking down at the mess spread across his chest.  He was still looking down when a second balloon, this time larger and filled with clear liquid, impacted right after the first.

            "Why are you…"  Vincent stopped abruptly, mouth agog.  His hands flew to his chest and covered his pecs like a woman surprised getting out of the shower.  "What's going on, what did you do to me?"

            "I'm giving you exactly what you asked for, a pair of nice big breasts of your own to play with."  Dr. Jeccel threw another balloon, which impacted Vincent's chest just the like the first two.  As the crowd watched the liquid seemed to soak right into his skin like moisture on a dry sponge.  The more balloons Dr. Jeccel threw and the more liquid was absorbed, the bigger Vincent's breasts became.  It only took three more before he was lugging a pair of knockers bigger than Dr. Jeccel's.

            "I think he's had enough Doctor." the assistant proffered.

            "Perhaps you're right, Melanie."  Dr. Jeccel walked right up to Vincent, who was dejectedly looking down as his chest.  The good Doctor had lived up to her word, they were just as perky and plump as any breasts Sheila had ever seen.

            "Ah, why the long face Vincent?  You got just what you asked for."

            "I didn't want them on me." the young man said, barely louder than a whisper.

            "Why not?  Why should someone else have the pleasure?"  Dr. Jeccel ran a finger down the sides of each of Vincent's breasts.  The frat boy let out a gasp as she flicked his nipples.

            "You liked that, didn't you Vincent?  These babies are so sensitive when they're full, you'll almost forget about what's between your legs."

            Vincent was nearly panting as Dr. Jeccel continued to play with his breasts.  "But what…what will people think when they see me walking down the street?  I'm a freak, a man with breasts."

            "Oh boy, you really know nothing about my transformations, do you?  Melanie, bring the cart over if you please?"

            When the cart was before the pair of them Dr. Jeccel reached out and pinched both of Vincent's nipples, hard.  The frat boy let out a squeal of pain that quickly shifted into cries of orgasm.  His whole body shuddered and liquid squirted from between Dr. Jeccel's finger.  The Doctor let go, instead pointing Vincent's breasts toward the tub that once contained the water balloons.  With each of the frat boy's shudders more liquid spurted from his nipples into the tub.  His breasts shrank with each spurt, until a minute later he was back to his flat chested self.

            "See, all better."  Dr. Jett gave Vincent a playful slap on the shoulder.  "Apart from your oversized nipples, no one will ever know."

            "I don't understand." Vincent said, poking at his now flat chest.

            "Clearly.  Let this be an object lesson on why it's not smart to heckle alchemists when you don't know what type of transformations they specialize in.  I specialize in dual state transformations, sometimes called closet transformations.  People who use my potions gain the ability to shift their bodies between two states.  In your case, your chest can absorb water to grow into luscious breasts.  With practice you'll gain some control, so you don't boobify yourself in the shower each night, but after that no one will be able to tell you're a transformee.  You'll have, as you called them, a really nice set of tits, but only when you want to.  That, is the kind of transformation I specialize in."

            The crowd cheered as Vincent stumbled offstage, still looking at his chest.  The assistant, Melanie, retrieved his forgotten shirt, tied it in a ball, and tossed it to one of Vincent's frat boy companions.

            "Now that we've got that unpleasantness out of the way, who else wants to be changed?  I've got my whole stock of basic transformations with me, so ask away."

            While Melanie pushed the cart offstage, a small line quickly formed at the front of the stage.  When the assistant returned with another cart heavily laden with vials, Dr. Jeccel called the first woman up onstage.

            "What change would you like me to make in your life?" Dr. Jeccel asked her.

            "I really liked that transformation you did at the Frey art show last year, when you look that model's arms away.  I've always fantasized about getting a change like that."

            "Not a problem, that's one of my best sellers.  There are a lot of people who share your helpless fantasies."

            Dr. Jeccel put on a pair of gloves before selecting s tub of ointment from the cart.  She rubbed it into the woman's left arm, starting at the shoulder and working all the way down to the fingertips.  Melanie also gloved up and started working on her right arm.  Dr. Jeccel finished first and by the time she stepped away it was clear that the woman's arm was shrinking.  Maybe receding was a better word, getting shorter and shorter as it was sucked into the woman's torso.

            A minute later the woman was left totally armless.  She twirled for the crowd, revealing the sphincters that now rested in the sockets of her shoulders.

            "How do you feel?" Dr. Jeccel asked.

            "This is awesome." the woman replied.  " I can still feel my arms inside me and can even move them.  It's like tickling my insides."

            "Just be aware the change removed most of your digestive system to make space for your arms.  You now consist mostly on mana, but can still eat small portions.  Try flipping back to your other state."

            The woman concentrated and a moment later her fingertips could be seen poking out of the sphincters at her shoulders.  A minute later, she was visibly in possession of a pair of arms again.  There was an indent encircling the top her arms where they met the body, making the woman look like a giant ball jointed doll.

            "As you can see, the execution of dual state transformation is tricky." Dr. Jeccel explained as she pointed out the anomaly.  "You'll look perfectly normal with your clothes on, but naked there will be some unusual remnants of the other form.  The more severe the transformation, the more significant the crossover required between forms."  Dr. Jeccel nodded to the volunteer, who was already pulling her arms back within herself.  "Thank you for helping in my demonstration.  Next."

            The next woman wanted Dr. Jeccel to surprise her with a change. 
Smiling broadly, the Doctor smeared a red ointment over the woman's nipples and areola.  The change caused both parts of the woman's ample breasts to enlarge.  Eventually the nipple sunk into itself, leaving a plump red ring like a hooker's lips.

            "Now, I need you to focus on your breasts and push." Dr. Jeccel explained.

            The volunteer looked skeptical but did as instructed.  She thrust her chest forward as if her breasts were ready to pop free and fly away.  Instead something slid out from the holes that replaced her nipples.  Two somethings, long and thick and cylindrical.  The volunteer stared agog at the twin dicks now poking out from her breasts, before smiling mischievously and giving them a playful pump.

            "My girlfriend and I are going to have a lot of fun with these." she remarked before thanking the alchemist and moving offstage.

            Sheila was surprised to see the next volunteer was another of the frat boys.  This one was more androgynous that the first, with wavy hair in a non-gender specific style.  She was double surprised when he asked for the same change as the humbled Vincent.  She was triple surprised when he agreed to Dr. Jeccel's proposal that she'd only do it if he also accepted a complimentary change to his genitals.

            While Melanie applied the changing ointment to the frat boy's breasts, thankfully without any more water balloons, Dr. Jeccel picked out another ointment and started rubbing it on the man's penis and balls.  As the crowd watched, they sunk into his body, revealing only a feminine vagina in their wake.

            "You're now a hermaphrodite." Dr. Jeccel explained and she stuck a finger in the frat boy…girl's new slit.  "You penis and balls have the ability to retract into your vagina, with the head of your dick acting as your clit.  In your other state your balls and dick are fully extended, hiding your vagina from view.  In this way you can present as fully male, fully female, or somewhere in between."

            "Am I still…you know…functional down there?" the frat herm asked.

            "You can be, but currently you have a fertility safeguard in place to prevent getting yourself or someone else pregnant.  This is fixable with a simple reversal potion whenever you're ready to start a family.  And even then, your body won't let you impregnate yourself."

            "I can't wait to try this out, thank you." the frat herm said as it started to get dressed once again.

            "My pleasure.  It's so much better when I'm dealing with polite volunteers."

            The next twenty minutes flew by as Dr. Jeccel continued to apply her magic to the volunteers.  Limb removal.  Body inflation.  Extra orifices and genitals.  Eventually she proclaimed, "Alright everyone, I think that was enough of a warm-up act.  Though I'm sure you loved those transformations, what you really came here to see is my custom work.  Isn't that right?"  The crowd cheered, indicating the alchemist was right on the money.  "I think it's time for my other half to come out and finish the show."

            Dr. Jeccel removed her coat, handing it off to her assistant.  The skintight catsuit followed, revealing a body that wasn't fully standard underneath.  A deep groove started at the base of her neck and ran down between the Doctor's breasts, and finally stopped at her navel.  Those who hadn't seen the transformation before gasped as the groove opened, the skin peeling away like the skin of a banana.  Revealed beneath was a writhing mass of tentacles, each as thick as the doctor's arms.  Some were dick tipped, others ending in mouths or vagina tipped breast spheres.

            The tentacle creature pulled more of its limbs out from the legs of its humanoid form, leaving the now empty skin floating behind it like a tail.  Several tentacles went to tying the loose flesh in knots until it resembled a bow, with Dr. Jeccel's former face at the center.

            "I am Hindle, avatar of Mammon." the tentacle creature proclaimed, it's words echoing from what seemed a dozen different throats.  "You have come here to see my grand ideas?"  The crowd nodded eagerly.  "I will bestow three transformation today, on those that I find worthy of my attention."  The avatar's tentacles spiraled out to examine the crowd, as if each was tipped with its own eye.  Without warning all of the tentacles turned and pointed at a single audience member.  "You."

            "Me?" squeaked the woman in question.  She was dressed like a punk in torn jeans and a band t-shirt.  Neon blue hair covered the top of her head, while the sides were clean shaven.

            At the Avatar's direction the woman came up on stage. "Do you wish to accept the gift of one of my transformations?" Hindle asked.

            "Heck yea." the woman replied, surprise having faded to excitement.  "Make me a total freak."

            "That was the idea." the Avatar remarked dryly, before one of its tentacles shot out and plunged down the punk's throat.  Other tentacles wrapped around her, stripping off clothing.  Once the woman's pants and open crotch panties were removed, additional tentacles squirmed up her vagina and ass.  The tentacles in question bulged and contracted and huge amounts of something…air, cum, Sheila didn't know… were pumped into the woman.  Her limbs began to swell monstrously.  They started out as cylinders thicker than her torso, but soon grew spherical.  It was only after each limb sphere grew to nearly three feet in diameter did the incessant pumping stop.

            Tentacles retracted, leaving the four huge spheres floating in mid-air.    The radically changed woman spun lazily as she floated.  This allowed the audience to see the ends of the spheres were capped with dinner plate sized areola, giving them the look of giant breasts.  Instead of a nipple the cavity sunk inward, much like the breasts of the dick tipped woman earlier.

            Sheila squinted as the floating breasts rotated and thought she could see they were connected by another, smaller sphere in the middle.  It was likely the transformed version of the woman's torso.  She could just make out additional areolas with cavities in the gaps between the breasts.

            "You change has stabilized.  Come out and play, little one." the Avatar commanded.

            Tentatively, tentacles poked out of the gaps at the end of the breasts.  Colored the same as the woman's missing hair they were more octopus that phallic, with ringed suckers covering one side.  The tentacles grew longer and longer, allowing the changed woman to feel her new form.

            "I feel…strange." the floating creature proclaimed.  Much like the Avatar it's voice echoed, as if more than one mouth was speaking at a time.  "There's so much more of me and I can see in so many directions.  And I'm flying.  I always wanted to fly.  Though…I never thought it would be like this."

            "That is why I picked you, out of everyone here.  Why don't you give flying a little spin?"

            As the transformed woman did a lap around the room, Sheila thought it was closer to floating in style than true flying.  Propulsion was obtained by expelling gas from one of her breast blimps, with the tentacles providing some direction.  As she floated by overhead Sheila could see she was right about the cavities on the central torso.  Up close they appeared more vaginal in nature.  There was a large one pointing nadir on the central torso, larger than the ones between the breast blimps.  Presumably there was a second one on top, pointing skyward.

            Eventually Hindle called the floating transformee back to the stage so she could revert to human form.  There was a great farting sound as air escaped from multiple orifices.

            "You'll want to be careful doing this around any open flames." the Avatar remarked as the punk deflated back to human size.  "Your body naturally produces large quantities of hydrogen now, which can be dangerous on confined locations.  I would have preferred helium, but it provided insufficient lift for a transformee of your size."

            Back in a humanoid shape, it was still clear the punk was a transformee.  Her skin had taken on a corduroy condition of bumps and dips, especially on her limbs.    Foot long slits could be seen running vertically on the front and sides of her torso, ringed in dark patches of bumpy skin.  The woman's head was unchanged, but she had a ball joint like gap around the neck explaining how it was pulled into her body.

            "This is so weird." the punk remarked as she raised her hand to her face.  "Moving feels totally wrong.  It's like trying to guide by arm by committee, with lots of unexpected jerks and starts."

            "That is because your musculature has been replaced by the tentacles from your other form.  It will take some practice, but soon the change will be indistinguishable."

            The punk tried to stand and nearly fell over.  "I think it might take more than a little practice."

            Dr. Jeccel's assistant came over to help the changed woman up.  It took the audience a moment to realize that she had changed into her other self just like Dr. Jeccel.  Melanie's labcoat and bodysuit were absent, revealing the changed body underneath.  Her breasts had inflated two sizes and split open like a sliced orange.  Twin foot octopus tentacles akin to the punks' emerged from the center of the breasts and twisted among each other.  Only these were a bright purple instead of blue.

            Further tentacles spilled out of the woman's crotch from both of her lower holes.  Her legs now bent at strange angles in a more digitigrade configuration.  What Sheila had once thought were high heels were revealed to actually be hooves.

            Melanie stopped before the downed volunteer and used several of her tentacles to help the woman back to her feet.  This was necessary due to the disappearance of the assistant's arms.

            "Huh, you have some pretty cool changes yourself." the punk remarked, reaching up to stroke one of the dick horns that poked forwarded from the assistant's temples.

            As Melanie helped the punk off the stage, Hindle went back to scanning for its next volunteer.  "For this next change, I require a couple."

            Beside Sheila, Jennie and Ralph were quivering in their seats.  They looked seconds away from throwing their hands in the air and waving wildly when the Avatar's tentacles all focused on a spot further down the row.  "You two."

            There were cries of excitement, followed by a man and woman climbing up onstage.  Both appeared in their mid thirties, fit and toned in the way only people who spend fortunes on personal trainers can accomplish.  As they stripped out of their clothes, every well defined muscle was on full display.

            Hindle arrange the couple, Shirley and Frankie, onstage with the man standing behind his partner.  The Avatar directed Frankie to bend at the wait, putting his face nearly into Shirley's rear.

            "I feel like the back end on one of those Demon's Eve horse costumes." Frankie joked.

            "Are you saying you're a horse's ass?" his partner quipped back.

            Melanie appeared from backstage with carrying a thick bundle of cloth.  Hindle took it from her and used its many tentacles to unfold a sheet taller than itself.  The Avatar gave it a flick, spreading the cloth out to its full size, and let it drift down over the couple.  The fabric draped over the couple, creating the horse-ish shape the couple alluded to earlier.

            After sitting there still for a minute, the fabric seemed to draw inward.  No longer loosely draped, it began to pull tightly around the couple.  Instead of the expected outline, it was quickly clear that changes were taking place underneath.  Shirley's torso seemed to have split in three, while there were strange lumps growing out of Frankie's back.

            When the cloth finally stopped moving, Melanie took hold of it and whipped the fabric away with a "Ta-da."

            Underneath the cloth was a sort of sex stallion.  It was quadruped, with four muscular legs ending in hooves.  What had once been Shirley's torso were now three massive dicks, turning this way and that as if they bizarre creature could use them to see.  An equally large dick hung from beneath the rearmost legs, accompanied by twin basketball sized testicles.

            But the part of the change that evoked the clearest image of a mount (apart from the giant horse dicks), was the raised area on the back of the horizontal torso.  It was unmistakably a saddle, the flesh darkened to the brown of leather.  Twin protuberances stuck up in the middle, ready to fill the lower holes of any female brave enough to ride such a beast.

            Hindle invited ones such female up to the stage to be the first rider.  By the way the woman's face morphed into a shocked "O" as she got fully seated in the saddle, Sheila suspected the phalluses were even larger than they appeared at a distance.

            After a few minutes of prancing around the room, the sex stallion returned to the center of the stage and transformed back into the couple.  It was fascinating to watch the trio of phallic heads press back together into the facsimile of a human torso, a pair of arms and a head reappearing out of the slits.  Frankie was able to pull his head out of Shirley's backside as his arms also reappeared and the saddle on his back deflated.

            After a minute or so there were two normal-ish people onstage.  Both
had retained their hooved feet, though they now appeared as high heels and cowboy boots.  While it had shrunk to half size, Frankie's member was still equine looking and significantly larger than a standard humans'.  There were the slits, gaps, and discolorations required for their altered forms.  But like Hindle has said, put some clothes on the pair and the changes would be very hard to notice.  It might be impossible to miss the bulge at Frankie's crotch, but all sorts of men were getting themselves enhanced these days.

            As the muscular couple left the stage, each with an arm around the shoulders of the woman who had ridden them, Hindle once again spread its many tentacles to examine the crowd.   "Now for my last transformation."

            Sheila felt her heart bear faster as the Avatar's tentacles twisted and bent, looking in every direction.  Without warning, all of the tentacles turned and pointed right at her.  "You!"

            Sheila looked left and right, expecting someone to jump up excitedly.  Suddenly it hit her, everyone was staring in her direction.  Dazedly, Sheila realized that she was the one who had just been called out.

            Beside her, Jennie's face was nearly bursting with excitement.  "Go on, go." she whispered.

            Still feeling that this was some sort of dream, Sheila slowly made her way onto the stage.  Before her stood the bizarre form of the Avatar, Hindle's tentacles back to looking in all directions.  "Do you wish to accept the gift I am about to bestow on you?"

            The words lodged in Sheila's throat.  This is why she'd come to the Festival, after all.  To get transformed.  But never in her kinkiest fantasies did Sheila image in would be onstage, in front of so many people.  But now that she was here, was there even the smallest whisper in the back of her mind that seriously suggested she turn back?  "I do."

            As Sheila began stripping off her clothes, the assistant Melanie appeared from backstage pushing a huge block of light brown stone.  It was four feet high and eight feet wide, cut roughly circular.  As the block came closer Sheila could see the it was not one solid piece. Instead the stone was like a giant tub or pool, filled with a murky brown fluid that bubbled ominously.

            "If you with to be transformed, all you must do is climb into this pool and sink beneath the surface.  Let the essence of the liquid seep into your body, mold it and shape it.  Only when you no longer need to breathe, that is when you are reach to rejoin the world above."

            Doesn't it mean, when I need to take a breath?  Sheila wondered as she climbed up rough stone steps carved into the side of the pool. Only one way to find out.

            The pools was way too shallow for Sheila to dive in, so instead she took a seat on the lip and let her legs dangle into the muck.  The thick liquid pulled at her naked skin, as if begging her to slip inside.  Taking one last full breath of air, Sheila let herself sink fully into the pool.

            While it was wide, the pool was rather shallow.  Sheila found herself floating horizontal, equilibrium reached between her buoyancy and the thickness of the liquid.  The muck was all around her now, clinging to every inch of her skin.  Said skin began to warm as the transformative agents went to work.

            Unable to use most of her senses, Sheila was left with only touch to discover how her body was changing.  She could feet herself expanding outward, the current of the muck catching on new parts of her body.  Unable to keep a seal any longer, Sheila felt the muck flow into her lower holes, filling and transforming her insides.

            The experience was so overwhelming, Sheila wondered how long she could manage to stay down here.  Her lungs burned with the need to breathe, but she was right on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her life.  She was so close, so very close…

            Sheila's scream of orgasm was muffled by the muck around her.  With her mouth now open, the thick liquid poured inside her.  Sheila expected to start choking and immediately tried to close her mouth.  The liquid fought her, continuing to pour inside.  Just as her panic reached its highest point Sheila was struck with a realization.  She didn't need to breathe.  It was as if she was absorbing the needed life energy from the very liquid around her.  Experimentally, she opened her mouth and swallowed a few more gulps of muck.  Nothing terrible happened, other than the fading glow as her transformation solidified.  So that was what the Avatar meant.

            Realizing it was time, Sheila pushed off from the floor of the pool.  Either she was much denser now, or much larger, as the maneuver was much smoother than her entry to the pool.

            Sheila broke the surface of the pool, sending liquid flying everywhere.  She grasped the edge and used her arms to lift herself out.  As she was halfway out a second, lower set of arms took over.  The action was so natural Sheila was almost fully out of the pool before she realized her new additions.

            "A beast, modeled on those of primeval times." Hindle proclaimed as Sheila dropped to the floor beside the pool with a thud.  "A sexualized hunter, a predator and defender."  Turning more of its tentacles toward Sheila, the Avatar asked, "Would you like to see what you look like?"

            When Sheila nodded, Hindle pressed one of its tentacles against her forehead.  Suddenly Sheila was seeing herself from dozens of angles, the sight lines of the Avatar's many tentacles.

            Hindle was right, Sheila did look like a primeval beast.  She was much larger than before, easily seven feet tall based on the pool behind her.  Her six limbed body was toned with athletic muscles and completely hairless.  Instead her milky white skin was covered in neon blue lines that gave the impression of scales.

            Sheila's most significant change was the many dick topped breasts covering her body.  There were two additional pairs below the originals on her torso, each several cups larger than Sheila's initial bustline.  A line of dick topped breasts started at Sheila's widow's peak, ran in a line across the top of her head, down her back, and along the top of her three foot tail.  The smallest ones at either end were only the size of apples, with thumb sized dicks atop them.  The largest breasts, on the center of Sheila's back, were well over a foot in diameter and topped with dicks the size of two liter soda bottles.

            The last thing Sheila focused on before Hindle broke the connection was her face.  It had remained relatively unchanged, likely to allow for the transformation back into her human form.  Only now her mouth was stretched open twice as wide as was possible before.  A half dozen, foot long tongue poked out in a ring around the edges, waving like they were tasting the air.  To her shock, Sheila found she could in fact taste far more than before.  It was as if she could sense the arousal of the crowd, the secretions leaking from their bodies as they stared upon her changed form and wished to either be it or fuck it.

            There was a tantalizing scent very close at hand.  Sheila used her multiple arms to push her breasts aside and looked down.  There, poking out from her crotch like a cannon, was a massive penis.  The tip was more angular than a human’s, with spiked ridges around the rim.  It took Sheila's overwhelmed brain a moment to realize that this monster was actually a part of her.  She gave her new member an experimental stroke with one lower hand, which resulted in every dick on Sheila's body standing up at maximum hardness.  Did dicks always feel this good?  If so, how did males ever get anything done?  And why had she waited so long to get a bodyful of her own?

            While Sheila was feeling herself up, the Avatar began explaining the details of her new form.  Apparently she was now fully mana dependent, both for breathing and digestion.  There simply wasn't enough room for the dual state transformation otherwise.  Sheila would still be able to eat small amounts of food, but it would be converted into cum.  Better for her were mana rich drinks.

            Keeping an ear on Hindle’s explanation, Sheila swung her tail around for a better look.  In addition to the dick breasts on the top, it had two more lines of them running down either side.  At the end of her tail was a two foot diameter ball of breasts and dicks.  Bashing it into someone or something would likely cause a lot of damage.  It was like having a morning star or flair attached to her

            Eventually, Hindle asked Sheila to return to her human form.  Melanie brought over what appeared to be a portable shower and asked Sheila to stand inside.  The beastly woman did so.  At Hindle's instructions Sheila tried to picture her human form and the desire to change back into her.  After about a minute the rock hard dicks across Sheila's body began to cum.  As white liquid poured out of her and splattered across the clear plastic sheet of the shower, Sheila found her new additions shrinking away.  The breasts covering her body deflated until they were only oversized nipples, the dick tips causing only tiny bumps.  Once her tail was smooth enough Sheila found she could fold both it and her dick into the cavernous vagina that encompassed the gouche region between her legs.  Even with most of Sheila's body being hollow now, it was a tight fit for both appendages and the lower arms that withdrew into her torso.

            The talons on Sheila's hands and feet retracted back into normal looking finger and toe nails.  The bones in her feet adjusted, lowering Sheila back from her previous toe walk position.  The extra segment in her digitigrade legs snapped back into line and the section collapsed, bringing her closer to her original height.  While she would be several inches taller than before, Sheila's height was now not out of the ordinary for a normal human.

            Eventually Sheila found herself fully back in human form.  Or at least, as human as she could simulate.  She was still completely hairless and had enough weird bumps and skin patches that anyone seeing her naked would instantly know she was more than human.

            After parading around for the crowd, Sheila asked Hindle, "How do I transform back into beast form?"

            "Due to the mass required, such a shift is much slower than the reverse.  Your body is capable of generating the extra mass itself from ambient mana, but this takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.  This process can be significantly sped up by the application of additional material, especially mana rich material.  If you were to step back into the pool now, you could shift in a manner of minutes."

            "Do you mind if I do so?  I want to spend the rest of my day here in beast mode."

            The Avatar chuckled.  "Of course you do.  I shouldn't be surprised after all.  Out of everyone here, my senses told me that you were the one that would most enjoy that transformation."

            Instead of climbing back into the pool, the Avatar suggested a simpler solution.  After Hindle wrapped up the show, Sheila stepped once more into the portable shower.  Melanie hooked up a barrel of cum and pumped it in, allowing Sheila to soak up the liquid as she changed.

            Five minutes later, Sheila emerged in her larger, spikier form.  To her surprise, she found Jennie and Ralph waiting for her, chatting with Melanie and Dr. Jeccel.  Both alchemist and assistant had shifted back to their humanoid forms, but remained naked save for their lab coats.

            "I can't thank you enough for this change Doctor." Sheila said as she walked over to the group.

            "It was my pleasure." the Doctor replied.  "As always, Hindle's transformation came out beautifully.  I expected we'll be receiving orders for similar work in the near future.  Would you be willing to model this form again at one of my other shows?  I have a greatest changes performance coming up in two months."

            "I would very much like the opportunity."  Sheila gave the alchemist her contact information before moving off the stage so the clean-up could begin.  There was another transformation show starting in half an hour and no time to waste.

            As Sheila stepped outside, Ralph and Jennie in her wake, she turned and asked the couple, "Why did you two wait for me?"

            "We wanted to see your changes up close." Ralph explained.  "I mean, we were sitting there talking with you, and then you got picked to go up onstage.  I wish we'd been picked, but this is easily the next best thing."

            "You seemed like a really cool person when we chatted before the show." Jennie added.  "So we wondered if you wanted to hang out with us for the rest of the Festival?"

            "Jennie's hoping your luck will rub off on her." Ralph teased.

            Jennie stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm not. Ok, maybe a little.  So what do you say? Want to hang out with us?"

            Sheila mock considered, stroking her chin with one clawed hand.  "I don't know.  I see some upsides but…ok, just kidding.  You're more than welcome to come with me.  First stop on the list is a clothing shop.  As much as I'd like to walk around naked all day, the excuse I'm recently transformed will go stale quickly."

            "Ooh, I know the perfect place to start.  On our way in, I saw a booth selling headscarves.  They would be perfect because…you know."  Jennie gestured at her hair, something Sheila now lacked.

            "Sounds perfect.  Lead the way."

Chapter 4

            Marcie Hammond smiled as she stepped through the doors into the annual art exhibition at the Festival of Lights.  As a long time lover of transformed art, and a first year art student herself, the art show was what she was looking forward to the most on this trip.

            The exhibition took up an entire building downtown, broken up into different areas of focus.  Turning left after she entered, Marcie found herself in a section devoted to the history of transformed art.  The inhabitants of the realm had been using alchemy in artwork for hundreds of years and several historical devices were on display next to modern counterparts.

            On one wall was a frame press from the era of Mad Kings, designed to reshape any woman put inside it into an rectangle of ornate gold.  A modern equivalent was beside it, smaller and with highly polished metal components compared to the rough metal of the old press.  Between the large machines was a television looping a video of two women demonstrating the use of the presses.  They appeared to be twins, with lanky bodies and white blonde hair.  The old press required its twin to contort herself into a circle, before closing tightly and pressing her into shape.  The twin that went into the more modern frame maker climbed into a tank on the side.  D-cum poured from the top, melting her into a golden puddle, before she was pumped into the press' mold.

            The results of each press were displayed on either side of their machines, each framing the picture of their previous form and some biographical data.  As she studied the result of the old press, Marcie noted a sign hanging below that stated touching the frame was encouraged.  Tentatively, Marcie gave it an experimental stroke.  The gold gave slightly under her finger, as if it was living flesh painted gold instead of hard metal.  It had a warmth that betrayed that the frame had once been a living person.

            Before she moved on, Marcie noted that the frames were to be auctioned off that evening, with the proceeds going to fund further historical research.  Apparently the historical society that owned the Mad King's press also had a papermaking machine from the same era that also needed restoration.  Volunteers who wanted to be part of the testing process were encourage to call the number at the bottom.

            The next section was focused on transformed statues.  Some were created by transformed artists, other focused on transformed subjects, and some were created by transforming volunteers.  Many statues overlapped categories or even fell into all three.

            Marcie stopped before a statue of a young woman reclining against a rock.  Her four arms were massaging her four breasts, while a spade tipped tail plunged deep into the gap between her legs.  Hooved legs spread wide,  horned leg thrown back in ecstasy, forever frozen in climax.  The woman looked strangely familiar, but Marci couldn't place her.

            Spotting a placard beside the statue, Marcie stepped closer to read the small text.  The statue had been created using a living volunteer.  Both the artist and volunteer were transformed.  They both attended…oh, that might be why the woman looked familiar.  Both the artist and subject both went to Marcie's college, though a year or two ahead of her.  Perhaps she'd seen the woman walking around campus before.

            Marcie leaned closer, trying to picture the stone woman as her former living, breathing self.  Hang on, now that she was paying extra close attention, Marcie could see the minute fluctuations in the statue's chest.  She was still breathing, even if it was barely perceptible beyond close range.  Marcie's gaze raised to the statue's face, just in time to see it wink at her.

            Marcie jumped a foot in the air in shock, her heart beating like a hummingbird's.  She almost expected the statue to lunge at her, but the horned woman continued to recline on her rock.

            Marcie decided to try something.  "If you can hear me, blink again."

            The stone woman blinked once.  Emboldened, Marcie asked another question.  "Are you going back to school after the exhibition?  Blink once for no, twice for yes."  Two blinks.  "I go to the same school as you.  Should I look you and your artist up when I get back?"

            Two blinks, followed by two more sets of two in rapid succession. 
Apparently the woman really liked being a statue.  "Ok, I'll see you then."

            Marcie passed through two more exhibitions before entering one called "Impending Cum-clusions".  Each of large tubes or cubs contained humans on the verge of transforming.  There was a man hanging from a bar above a pool of d-cum.  A timer on the side of the cube stated that he'd been hanging there for three hours so far.  Beside that was another cube with a bar, but this one's inhabitant had already fallen.  The clock was stopped at a point about a half hour before and the creature within was a bizarre combination of human and plant.  An armless and headless pink humanoid torso rose from the central bulb, while penile tentacles waved as if tracking the plant's next victim.

            The next cube held a woman bound to a x-frame.  She was naked save for the chastity devices that covered her entire body.  These were the only things saving her from the carpet of dakini worms that covered the floor of the cube.  There was also a dakini spawn in the cube already, walking back and forth between the bound woman and a wall of shiny objects.  Squinting, Marcie could just make out that they were keys.  Looking closer at the woman's belt, bra, and gag, Marcie could see each was sealed with a large and solid lock.  The spawn tried it's selected key in the lock for all three, but the metal sliver refused to slide into any of the holes.  The bound woman squirmed when the realized that this key wasn't the one, though Marcie wasn't sure if she was relieved or annoyed by this fact.  Not seeming dejected, the spawn returned the key to the hack of hundreds and selected another seemingly at random.

           Curious about why the woman's breasts were locked up, having no holes for a dakini worm to enter, Marcie located the explanation placard.  Reading it, she learned that the locks binding the woman to the frame would unlatch if her bra was removed.  She would then be safe until the end of the exhibit.  However, when one chastity item was unlocked the other two would permanently seal, so she'd be forever chaste and silent afterward.  If her gag or belt were unlocked first, the other two devices would also lock on, adapting to whatever spawn form she ended up in.  Marcie shook her head incredulously at the devious set-up before moving on.

            After the large cubes there were several upright cylinders.  The first was filled with a pink tinted gas and the man within stared longingly as the astounding rack of sex toys against one wall of the tube.  A placard beside the exhibit explained that the cylinder was filled with arousal gas, and the sex toys would cause transformations if they were inside the body during orgasm.

            The next cube held a couple fornicating wildly.  The woman was on her back, limbs splayed, while her partner thrust deeply into her vagina.  Marcie could make out hints of the pink arousal gas, which explained their frantic coupling.  Above the couple, dividing the cylinder in half, was a foot thick block of ice.  Above the ice was another three foot section of cylinder filled to the brim with d-cum.  The ice was wider than the cylinder above and below, so a significant portion would have to melt before the d-cum could spill into the lower chamber.  It was already dripping water in places, warmed by the body heat of the coupling couple below.

            Without warning, the male pulled out, flipped his partner over, and started plowing into her doggy style.  The woman's face pressed into the glass wall of the cylinder less than a foot from Marcie's causing the startled young woman to jump back in surprise.  This caused her to bump into someone standing behind her and nearly fall over.

            "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that."  A hand reached down and Marcie used it to pull herself back upright.  It was attached to a handsome young man about her age, with short sandy hair, big blue eyes, and a wide grin.

            "And I didn't mean to use your shoe for target practice.  But I blame her." Marcie replied in jest, pointing at the woman in the tube.  If the copulating woman noticed the commotion she had caused outside the tube, it wasn't evident.  Her face was still locked in a look of foggy arousal.

            "No, it was my fault." the young man insisted.  "Besides, the inside of the tube is mirrored.  Flo has no idea we're out here."

            "Flo?  You know the woman in there?"

            The young man nodded.  "Flo and Everett are good friends of mine.  They're the ones who asked me to come out for the Festival so I could see them transform."

            "Really, that's cool.  I take it you're not a local then?  Where do you live now?"

            The young man chuckled.  "Nope, I am a local.  That's why I suggested this place to Flo and Everett as a good place to get transformed.  But I'm currently away attending college."

            When her told her the school, Marcie's jaw dropped.  "You're kidding.  That's where I'm going to school right now too."  Finding out one of the exhibits was a former schoolmate was one thing, but find out this living, breathing, cute boy also went to her school was luck on a whole other level.  Wrapping her arm around his, Marci stated, "How about this.  To make up for sneaking up on me, you act as my tour guide for the rest of the day?  As a local, I bet you know all the best places to check out."

            The young man mock pondered.  "I don't know." he mused.  "Spending the day with a hot young woman, who just happens to go to school with me, doesn't seem like much of a punishment."

            Marcie's heart gave a little flutter when he called her hot. The moment was a total meet cute, but right now all she wanted was to spend more time getting to know him.  "Oh, I'm sure I can find ways.  I'm Marcie, by the way."

            "Cliff.  Now, unless there's other art you want to see, I know this great bistro down the block.  Best sandwiches you'll ever taste.  The cheese is actually made by the proprietress, who's part cow…"

Chapter 5

            Kirk leaned back into his chair with a grin.  The first round was over and he'd been one of the three to advance from his table.  Kirk had been right in picking this tournament as a way to spend the morning.  The thrill as every card was flipped over, the rush of winning a hand…it was almost as good as sex.  Possibly better, since as with most adults with children in the house his and Sheila's intimate times had been few and far between of late.  Something Kirk hoped to fix in the near future.

            "A drink while you wait sir?"                                   

            Kirk turned to see a young blonde woman standing beside him, holding a tray of glasses.  She was dressed in an odd combination of a sexy maid dress and a bikini.  Stockinged legs, white gloved arms, tight bikini top that barely concealed her ample cleavage, and a tiny apron that left her toned stomach bare and only fell halfway down her thighs.  Kirk had seen other women dressed similarly throughout the hall, passing out drinks and snacks.

            "Thank you miss…" Kirk spotted a small nametag pinned to the left strap of the woman's top.  "Annabelle.  Are you getting a chance to watch some of the games or are they working you constantly?"

            "Oh, I get to see enough.  Your bluff ten minutes ago that knocked out the player to your left was inspiring."

            "I try."  Kirk downed the glass in a single gulp and handed it back.

            Annabelle set the empty glass on her tray.  "I'll be back after the next round with another drink.  Try to hang on until them."

            "Oh I will." Kirk responded softly as Annabelle curtseyed and walked away.

            Kirk got up from the table and made his way to the restrooms.  The last thing he wanted was his bladder acting up in the middle of a round.  The entire way he nearly kicked himself for staring at a woman like that who wasn't his wife.  He still loved Sheila deeply, even after all their years of marriage.  There was just something about this place that was making him feel randy.

            After finishing his business at the urinal, Kirk went to the sink to wash his hands.  Reaching over for the soap, Kirk froze as his eyes caught his reflection in the mirror.  His hair hadn't been that thick this morning, had it?  And with so little grey?  Eyes scanning down his profile, Kirk noticed that his spare tire seemed to have lost a little air.  Was this all real, or just delusion brought on by winning his first round of the tournament?  Either way, Kirk redoubled his determination to make it all the way to the final table.  He dried his hands and left the bathroom, pumped for the next round.


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

Chapter 6

            "What do you think Brent?" Emma asked as she held one of the stall's brightly colored outfits in front of her body.

            "I think you'd need another breast and two more arms to make the outfit work." Brent replied, giving his fiancé a peck on the cheek.

            "Maybe that's just the transformation I need.  Though you'll have to get them as well.  You promised matching transformation."

            "I said linked, not matching.  If you get extra breasts, I get extra dicks or something like that."

            Emma leaned in and whispered in Brent's ear.  "Oh, don't deny it.  You'll kill for a big pair of hooters of your own.  I know all about your fetishes mister."

            Brent blushed slightly but it was true.  Emma knew all about his genderplay fantasies.  In fact that was how they'd met.  Brent had lost a bet (on purpose) and had spent a Demon's Eve party serving as a maid.  His friends had tried to make the situation worse by making the outfit super sexy and Brent had enjoyed every moment of it.  Emma had been at the party as well, dressed as a dom, and it had been love at first drink order.

            "We'll have to come back to this shop later, after our changes." Emma remarked, pulling Brent out of the stall and back onto the crowded street.

            "Yes dear." Brent replied with playful exasperation.  He knew how much Emma liked being in charge, a fact that was a huge turn-on for him.

            The pair passed by stalls selling food, clothing, and even transformed furniture, until something in a stall down the block caught Emma's eye.  "This way." she proclaimed, tugging Brent along.

            The stall they stopped in front of was mostly composed of a long stage with a boxy machine in the center.  On either side of the machine was a sort of chair or shelf for a user to sit on.

            Barking the machine was a strange proprietor who appeared half man and half woman.  Literally half and half.  The left side of his…her…its body was masculine, with firm muscles, short hair, and even some stubble.  The right side was all female, with long hair, make-up, and a single plump breast.  The outfit it was wearing was a similarly symmetric, almost harlequin, combination of a suit and a hooker outfit.

            "While our next set of users prepare backstage, let bring those of you just joining us up to speed.  Behind me is the great GET machine.  GET stands for Gender Essence Transfer and this machine does just what it says.  As you may or may not know, all humans are born with varying amounts of masculine and feminine essence inside him.  While these skew toward their birth sex, it is possible to have a man with high feminine essence or a woman with high masculine essence.  This changes their outlook on life, their body type, even their personality.

            "With this great machine it is possible to adjust the amount of gendered essence in the body, transferring it between two users.  This allows for the creation of hyper masculine or feminine individuals, those with 80% or more of their respective essences in one gender of the others.  Even with our best technique some of the drained gendered essence remains, so it's nearly impossible to end up with someone 100% of a single gender.  And honestly, I think our users enjoy having a bit of their old essence left.  You'll understand what I mean in a moment.  But first, please welcome out to the stage Shane and Alma."

            A man and a woman walked out from backstage, both naked.  Shane was of average height and skinny build, with short black hair.  Alma had short and plump, with coffee skin and a bob haircut.

            "Shane and Alma here will be undergoing our standard hyper couple transfer.  That is to say, Alma will be passing her masculine energy over to her husband Shane, while Shane's feminine energy will flow back into his wife."

            Two assistants, both baseline humans but dressed in the same odd outfit as the barker, appeared and began fiddling with the chairs on either side of the machine.  As they worked the barker explained, "Each user of the GET machine will have a set of input and output essence nodes on their body.  The type and location of these nodes is important, as it affects how the essence is removed or add to their bodies.  Due to the nature of the essence transfer process, the part of the body with the output node will remain with the largest concentration of that essence in the body.  For example, say Alma was transferring her feminine essence to her husband via her breasts.  Instead of shrinking away, as would be the case if she put the probe somewhere else, her breasts would remain the same size or possibly even grow larger as her remaining feminine essence was concentrated in her breast tissues.

            "The same effect works on the input nodes.  Flipping the example, if
Alma was receiving her husband's feminine essence directly to her breasts, then they would be the most affected by the transfer.  In practical effects, she'd become very busty indeed.

            "Let's see, how did this pair pick for their node choices.  For Shane…it looks like the technician is attaching the input probe to his penis." As Brent and Emma watched, one of the technician's slid a fleshlight looking contraptions over Shane's full hardness dick.  "This is one of the most common choices for our male users.  As for the output probe…it seems Brent is going with the anal probe.  Apparently Alma likes her men with a bit of a bubble butt."

            As the crowd chuckled, the technician attacked a phallic column to the seat of the chair.  Shane lowered himself onto it, wincing as he went.  On the other side of the machine, Alma was already seated as her technician attached dozens of circular probe patches on strings to her legs.

            "Let's see, what did Alma pick to for her points.  Input to her vagina, another popular female options and one necessary if she's going to be able to take Shane's enhanced package.  Masculine essence out through the legs is a surprise."

            "I'm a runner." Alma explained.  "And I've always been jealous of my husband's legs."

            "Well, you'll certainly have the build to run after this.  The distributed probe that my assistant is hooking up affects the body shape and muscle mass of regions they are attached to.  This can be as small as a single limb or as much as the entire body, with the effect diluted by how much area is covered."

            Alma's assistant gave the barker a thumbs up and rose to stand behind the machine.  The assistant on the other side signaled he was done as well and he too moved to work the controls on the back of the machine.

            "Here we go folks.  Just a few last minute checks and then we can begin the transfer."  A hand stuck out from behind the machine, flashing a thumbs up.  "And it seems we're good to go.  Can you give me a countdown, starting at ten…"

            The crowd dutifully did so, counting back until they reached zero.  As they did there was the click of lever being pulled and the GET machine exploded in lights.  It's two occupants began to twitch as if under assault by hundreds of tiny electric shocks.  A trail of blue lights ran across the GET machine toward Shane, while a similar line of pink light streaked out toward Alma.  They met in the middle and passed each other.  It was only after the lights reached the far side of the machine that the changes began.

            It was hard to tell at first, but after a minute it was clear that Shane was growing larger while Alma was growing smaller.  Not all of the woman was shrinking at the same rate though.  If anything her breasts and backside were getting bigger, while her naked legs grew thick with muscle.  On the other side of the machine Shane was growing more muscular as well.  His butt grew thick and fat, elevating him off the seat by several inches.

            After about five minutes the techs shut down the machine and undid the probes.  The barker had the newly changed couple stand onstage beside him and loudly went through all their changes.  Seeing the pair standing side by side it was easier to compare the results of the GET.  Alma seemed to have lost around four inches of height, which had been found by Shane.  While her legs were a toned runner's dream, her wide hips and heavy breasts would make running very far a challenge.  Alma's face had undergone some minor changes - -a straightening of her nose, plumping of her lips, etc, and her former bob haircut now fell halfway down her back.

            Shane, meanwhile, was sporting a nearly foot long erection from his crotch.  No longer skinny, his body was thick with muscle and body hair.  He looked to be sporting a two month beard and the slight balding he'd had before was completely gone.

            Eventually the barker let the couple head backstage to get dressed once again.  Due to their changing sizes, this was most likely going to be a challenge.  As the pair left the stage the barker said,  "Let's give a big cheer for Shane and Alma.  Now, who wants to go next?"

            Brent and Emma shared glance lasting only a few seconds before both raised their hands high in the air.  "Ah, it seems we have another eager pair of users." the barker chuckled.  "Why don't you two come up here and we'll get you started on the process."

            Brent and Emma scooted around the side of the stage.  They were met by the female assistant, who led them behind the curtain.  Backstage there was a bench and a set of lockers, a makeshift changing area.  The male technician was there, assisting Shane as the larger man tried to fit back into his clothes.

            "Do you need an explanation of how the GET transformation works?" the female tech asked the couple.

            "No, we watched their full transformation." Brent said, pointing at Shane and Alma.

            "Perfect.  In that case, do you know what kind of hook-ups you want?  I assume we're doing a standard couple's transfer."

            "Actually," Emma cut in, "we were thinking of doing a reverse of their transfer.  So I end up with all the masculine energy and my fiancé ends up with all the feminine energy."

            The tech gave Brent a raised eyebrow, as if expecting him to complain about this upcoming feminization.  Instead, Brent added, "How about placing the output probe on my dick.  I need retain something to keep the missus happy.  And I'd like my essence input directly to my breasts.  I really like how hers turned out." Shane gestured to Alma, whose shirt, despite tenting hugely in the front, now fell almost to her knees.

            "If you're sure." the tech said.  "We don't get a lot of changes like this.  Just be aware that due to the amount of essence that needs to be transferred, the effects will be much larger than you saw in the earlier transformation."  She turned to Emma.  "And for you Ma'am?"

            "I too share my husband's breast fixation, so I'll have my output probe there to retain them.  As for the input…hmm.  Can you do a distributed muscle probe web like you did for Alma, only over my entire body?"

            "Sure.  Let me go get the machine set up.  Meanwhile, we need you two to strip down.  You can place your clothes in one of the lockers." She gestured at the wall of metal shelves before slipping back to the stage.

            The pair began taking off their clothes and setting them on shelves.  Emma paused to tweak her fiancé's diamond hard nipples.  "You're going to look so hot with a big honking pair of tits."

            Brent knew Emma was bisexual, a fact proven by the extra women they occasionally invited into their bed.  The thought of him gaining breasts was probably making her as hot as it was making him.  And while Brent was straight, he had a fetish for strong, dominant women.  He wasn’t worried about the change making Emma too masculine.

            Five minutes later, the pair found themselves onstage with the barker and his assistants.  Emma gave Brent one last kiss on the cheek before being led to the far side of the machine.  The male tech instructed Brent to sit on the seat and spread his legs wide.  Brent was already hard in anticipation, so the fleshlight that the tech slipped over his dick had no trouble staying in place.  The Tech then attached two clips to Brent's nipples.  They bit with a jolt of pain before releasing a flood of endorphins. The tech checked the connection, before nodding and moving away to the rear of the machine.

            Brent could hear the barker riling up the crowd, but his brain was too excited to understand the words.  He could feel the energy of the crowd rising as the transformation countdown ticked to zero.

            Brent started as an electric zap arced into his penis and nipples.  His whole body started to tingle, like a limb that had gone numb after being slept on wrong.  The tingles ebbed and flowed like the tides, running back and forth between his upper and lower torso.

            Brent was desperate to reach up and feel if the changes had started, but he'd been warned by the tech to stay still during the procedure.  Jostling one of the clamps free could, at best, interrupt the process or, at worst, lead to an uneven flow of essence into his body.  So Brent was forced to sit there and try to only feel his changes.

            Brent closed his eyes, hoping that cutting down one sense would sharpen his others.  His whole body felt strange.  Like bits and pieces were moving, shifting into new locations.  Things that had once been heavy were becoming lighter and vice versa.  Brent could feel a tickling sensation on his neck and realized his hair was growing longer.

            Brent enjoyed the sensation of his body changing for several minutes longer.  He didn't open his eyes until he felt the pinch on his nipples from the clamps being released.  Opening his eyes and looking down, Brent had to blink a few times for his brain to comprehend what he was seeing.  The female tech earlier hadn't been joking.  Doing the essence transfer this way had a huge effect, as evidenced by the massive mammaries hanging off his chest. They were so large that they blocked Brent's view of anything below them.

           The tech returned and crouched between Brent's legs.  Had the man always been that big?  He looked like a giant now.  How was that possible unless…Brent had shrunk.  Shrunk quite a bit.

            There was a tugging sensation between Brent's legs and tech was finally able to remove the penile probe.  This allowed Brent's member the freedom it needed to come into view.  The transformed man stared agog at the arching column of flesh.  He couldn’t see the base to be sure, but his dick had to be well over a foot long and thicker than a can of soda.

            Brent tried to get to his feet and was nearly knocked over by his radically changed center of gravity.  The mountainous breasts on his chest tipped him forward, while the weight of the hair tugging down his back pulled in the other direction.  The bones in his hips must have changed, as every step was an exaggerated swagger that swung his padded rear side to side.

            Brent turned just in time to see Emma come around the other side of the machine.  If Brent had lost height than she had found it, his fiancé now stood head and shoulders over the barker and positively towered over Brent.  Emma looked like a professional bodybuilder, every muscle group on full display.  Despite this, she still carried a feminine hourglass shape.  Her breasts were proportionally larger than before, making them titanic on Emma's huge frame.

            The next few minutes were a blur as the barker called for the transformed couple to stand beside it onstage and went through their changes.  Eventually the pair found themselves backstage.  Brent had seen a full length mirror that before and he hurried over to see what he now looked like.  When he finally did so Brent froze, his brain overloaded at the image.

            In short, Brent looked like a sex personified.  A tiny personification of sex, as Brent estimated he'd lost nearly a foot of height.  His breasts would have been abundant on a normal sized woman, but they were almost obscene on his less than five foot frame.  Too big and luscious and perky.  The torso beneath slimmed down to a waist so narrow the old Brent could have wrapped his hands fully around it, before exploding out into well padded hips and thighs.  In between these thighs was Brent's dick, now softened to ten inches or so and
accompanied by a pair of apple size balls.

            But the oddest change for Brent was to his face.  There was no hint of the old, masculine Brent.  Instead the feminine beauty staring back at him was like the combination of all the women Brent had ever wet dreamed about in his life.  There were strong hints of Emma's features, but her nose had never been so small and cute, her lips bee stung and plump, her eyes so large and inviting.

            Surrounding Brent's face was a forest of golden blond hair.  Turning to the side, Brent was amazed to see the yellow locks curled all the way down to his ass.  No wonder his head felt so heavy, it was a miracle all that hair hadn't broken Brent's neck.

            Emma came up behind Brent, knelt so she could press her head against his, and cupped a huge breasts in either massive hand.  "Ooh, you did turn out good." she said while nibbling on Brent's ear.  "Better than I ever imagined.  I'm going to have so much fun playing with you, my little lover."

            "Little is right." Brent admitted as Emma drew back to her full height.  His fiancé's breasts were perfectly situated to rest on top of Brent's head.  "I'm small enough for you to pick up and carry like a purse."

            "That an…intriguing idea." Emma purred.  "I'll have to look into it.  But first, we need to jury-rig some clothes so we can continue walking around the Festival.  Although," Emma licked her lips, "the thought of your walking around naked like that for the rest of the day is making me so wet…"

Chapter 7

            Kirk lifted his finger slightly, just enough to glance at the cards underneath.  An avatar of breasts and a staff of anuses.  Not normally a good pairing.  While both were high cards, the off suit didn't match what was currently on the table.

            The dealer, with four eyes on her face and four more rising from stalks along her hairline, flipped over the Lick.  The staff of vaginas.  Now Kirk had a pair.  He tossed in a call as the bet went around the table, willing to at least wait out the Suck.

            There were four players left at this semifinal table, down from six.  Only two would make it to the final round.  The player to Kirk's left, the one hesitating on whether to bet or call, was the worst off of the remaining players.  Kirk wasn't sure if the twitching was a long ingrained habit, or something the man had picked up with his transformations.

            It wasn't until after his second round win that Kirk realized there were transformation agents in the drinks the waitress' were serving.  While all they seemed to be doing to Kirk was make him look younger and buff, some of the other players at the table were showing off more noticeable transformations.

            The man to Kirk's left was starting to grow a thin coat of grey fur on his exposed skin.  His eyes were getting smaller and his chin and nose more prominent, giving off a ratlike vibe.  The man on Kirk's other side had gone through almost a polar opposite change.  Like Kirk, the man had bulked up considerably.  He kept tapping his feet against the legs of his chair, causing a sharp retort like someone in tap shoes.

            The woman on the other side of the ratlike man was the most transformed for their table.  Her red dress struggled to contain the extra pair of breasts running down her torso, and orange fur that matched her fiery hair was starting to escape from the edges of the garment.  Kirk was pretty sure she was turning into some sort of fox.

            If the pattern held, Kirk was pretty sure he'd be gaining some animalistic traits soon as well.  Hopefully he didn't only continue to grow bigger, or soon he wouldn't be able to sit in a chair.

            "All in!" the rat-like man blurted, shoving his chips to the center of the table.  The foxy woman called, while the other male at the table folded.  Did he want to stay in?

            Kirk lifted his cards again, as if they would suddenly reveal new information.  What the heck, he had enough chip to try this.  At the very least he had to stop the foxy woman from taking all the rat's chips.  She already had fifty percent more than anyone else.  Kirk put decent odds on her winning the tournament, but he at least wanted to give her a challenge.

            "Call." Kirk tossed his chips to the center of the table.
          The many eyed dealer discarded a card and revealed the Suck.  The avatar of dicks.  Now Kirk had two pair, leaving him feeling much more confident.  By the rat man's sweating, it wasn't a card he wanted to see.  As always, the foxy woman was unreadable.

            Rat man was all in, so Kirk and the woman waved off raising.  The dealer discarded another card before, with gasps from some of the watchers, revealed the avatar of anuses.  Kirk's heart beat faster when he realized he had a full house.

            One by one, the trio revealed their hands.  The rat man had nothing.  He was one card off from a straight, which still wouldn't have beaten Kirk's hand.  The woman had the last avatar card, but her second was the five of breasts.  Three of a kind only.

            Kirk let out a whoop as the dealer pushed a huge pile of chips his way.  He was now in the lead.  Was it only his imagination, or did Kirk feel even bigger at that moment?  Still grinning as the dealer pushed the button in front of him, Kirk tossed in the small blind.  He was one fire and going all the way.

Chapter 8

            Brent and Emma strode down the Festival streets.  Their cobbled together outfits had been fine for a quick lunch, but now it was time for new clothes.  Brent was wearing a t-shirt that draped over him like a tent, a pair of sandals tightened to the last notch, and nothing else.  His new frame was so small that all other clothing fell right off.

           Meanwhile Emma was wearing a wifebeater that was almost indecently tight, her nipples easily visible through the fabric.  Luckily her feet were still small enough she could use an abandoned pair of shoes, but Emma was forced to wear a pair of stuck together skirts like a mismatched kilt.

            "This way Brent, I think I see a clothing stall." Emma said, leading the way forward.  Being so short Brent couldn't see anything but other people, so he dutifully followed Emma's perfect ass through the crowd.

           When they finally arrived, Emma could see that the stall was indeed a clothing store.  Though perhaps clothing display was a better description.  There were a dozen or so outfits, each cordoned off with rope and illuminated by spotlights like they were invaluable movie props.

            "Welcome, welcome to the Fashionista's Dream." a saleswoman said as they stepped into the shop.  The woman's face didn't betray a hint of surprise or disdain at the couple shoddy clothes as she said, "Let me guess.  Recently transformed?"

            Emma nodded.  "Just before lunch.  With the size changes we underwent, our old clothes didn't fit anymore."  The large woman looked around the meager options on display.  "Although, I'm not sure what you have here will fit me either."

            The saleswoman chuckled.  "You don't need to worry about that sweetie.  You see, all the outfits we sell here are transformed."

            "You sell transforming outfits?" Brent asked, confused.  "What do they change you into?"

            "No, no, you misunderstand me.  The outfits we have on display used to be normal people just like you and me.  Through our patented processes we converting them into living outfits, to allow them to live out their fabric dreams."

            Brent was still confused.  "How does that work?  Are they still sentient in there?"

            "Much in the way a person who undergoes a ctf is still sentient." the saleswoman explained patiently.  "For most of our products they are fully passive, only able to see and feel what directly happens to them.  For our permanent options, they are also able to tap into their hosts' senses as well."

            "Permanent, as in you're stuck wearing them all the time?" Emma let out a low whistle  "That has to be expensive."

            "Actually, they're cheaper than our removable options.  Most of the cost of the transformation is subsidized by the person who became the outfit.  Being worn full time is a major burden, not to mention a more complex transformation, so we charge more for it.  A removable outfit transformation costs less to undergo, but to recoup our costs we need to charge more for their use.  We've found that, due to the price, it's actually easier to rent our removable outfits out for parties or special events instead of selling them.  That way our customers, both clothing and human, get to feel special when they go out.  Those that want the sensation of everyday wear go with our permanent option."

            The saleswoman paused, "I'm sorry, I tend to get carried away when I start talking about our outfits."

            "I can see why.  You want to either wear them or become them." Emma guessed.

            The saleswoman smiled nervously.  "I want to become a permanent outfit.  There's no way I could afford the change up front, so the company is letting me work off my tab until I've earned enough to justify the transformation.  I'm so close, I just need a handful of good sales or referrals this weekend and it's off to a life of fabric for me."

            The woman's face was almost pleading, revealing how desperate she was to experience a flattened existence.  "Well, we'll see if there's anything we like.  Come along Brent."

            The floor space of the shop was expansive and the pair spent quite awhile walking from outfit to outfit.  The types of outfits on display were amazing in both the variety and complexity of styles.  There were simple bodysuits in a wide variety of colors and apparent fabrics.  There were biker outfits, wedding dresses, even fetish gear.

            At one point Emma lost Brent among the displays.  When she found him, her fiancé was practically drooling over one of the displays.  It was a sexy princess outfit, but one created by a very perverted mind.  The torso of the outfit was a bone-crushingly tight pink corset with white trim.  Below that hung a wide, floor length skirt with a cut-out running down the front.  This revealed a tighter skirt underneath, one that left the manikin's crotch bare save for the glint of shiny metal.  The inner skirt ran down to the knees, where it was replaced by a pair of white stockings and nearly ballet level heels.

            Above the corset there was a collar that wrapped around the neck, with ribbons flowing down over the breasts to connect it to the corset and the bands around the upper arms.  These bands were tightly linked by further ribbons to the corset, limiting movement.  Even more ribbons fell from the bottom of the armbands to link into the tops of elbow length white gloves.

            "Find something you like Brent?" Emma asked, even though the answer was obvious.  Her fiancé's dick was rock hard and starting to leak pre-cum as he stared at the outfit.

            Emma glanced at the display's information card before continuing, "Are you sure about this Brent?  This is a permanent outfit.  If you put it on, you'd be my cute little bondage princess forever."

            Brent quivered and for a moment Emma through he was going to cum all over the dress.  Showing superhuman restraint, Brent said, "Please Emma, please make me you permanent little bondage princess."

            Emma rubbed her chin.  The thought of Brent wearing that dress made her very wet, but she wanted to make her fiancé squirm a bit before she gave in.  "I don't know, it looks expensive.  We better go ask the nice saleswoman."

            As if summoned by magic, the saleswoman appeared beside them.  "The sissy princess, an excellent choice.  In fact, you remind me a little of the man who became that dress."

            "Wait, you're telling me that dress used to be a man?" Emma said, flabbergasted.

            "About as much as your boyfriend here." the saleswoman replied, gesturing at Brent.

            "Fiancé." Emma corrected.  "How much would that outfit cost?"

            The figure the saleswoman listed off was expensive, but not unreasonably so.  Especially when one factored in the cost of not needing to buy clothes for several decades.  "Ok Brent, I think we can afford to get you your dress.  We just need to find something for me first."

            "I may be able to help with that." the saleswoman said quickly.  "You see, the man who became the outfit your fiancé is lusting over came in here with a companion.  A more, shall we say dominant woman.  She was very similar to you, actually."

            "Is she on display here?" Emma asked, thinking back to some of the black leather outfits she'd seen earlier.

            "Not exactly.  She asked to be left in a proto-transformed state, her final form determined by the person who chose to wear her.  An exorbitantly expensive options, one we almost never get takers for.  But she wanted to be able to mold herself into the proper outfit for the purchaser of her companion's outfit.  A bit of a wildcard buy, but what do you say?"

           Emma looked over at Brent.  She'd already decided to buy him the dress.  Having a matching outfit, one that used to be linked to the one Brent wore, would be icing on the cake.  "We'll take them both."

            Brent let out a girlish squeal of excitement.  "Excellent." the saleswoman said.  "If you follow me into the back changing room, I'll have your purchases brought right over."

           The couple followed the saleswoman to a curtained off area in the back of the shop, where they were instructed to disrobe.  Slipping out of his oversized t-shirt, Brent squealed, "I can't wait to put on that dress."

           Emma admitted to herself that she couldn't want to see him in it either.  See, then screw.  Though reversing the order was tempting, Emma suspected there wouldn't be enough time.  Besides, having them both dressed in their permanent outfits would make their first lovemaking in their new forms more enjoyable.

            The saleswoman came back a moment later, pushing the princess outfit on its stand.  Little wheels had been added to the bottom to make the transfer easier.

            "How do I put I on?" Brent asked excitedly.  "It looks so complicated.  Do I have to wait until you take it all off the manakin?"

           "No, transfer for these types of outfits are quite simple.  I just need you to come stand beside it."

            The saleswoman took Brent by the shoulders and positioned him in front of the dress, back firmly pressed against the fabric.  For about ten seconds nothing happened, then without warning the dress animated.  The dress must have split down the middle behind Brent's back, as the loose ends opened wide and then engulfed him like the jaws of a ravenous beast.  White and pink fabric flowed everywhere as the princess dress pulled itself off the manakin and flowed over its new host.

            It took about a minute, but eventually the fabric stilled.  The dress had shrunk slightly to fit Brent's diminutive figure; it now appeared so well tailored as to be painted on.  The corset tightly gripped Brent's minuscule waist and lovingly cupped his huge breasts.  The flare of the skirt obscured his large backside, while the slit in the front gave a peek at what was hiding underneath.  Emma finally understood what the glimpse of metal she's seen earlier was.  The chastity belt had been flat metal on the manikin, but now it held Brent's dick and balls in a tight metal embrace.  Emma hoped this wasn't a permanent feature, as she had plans for that part of her fiancé's anatomy.

            Brent tried taking a step in his new confined existence and stumbled, nearly falling on his face before Emma caught him.  The large woman wasn't sure if it was Brent's inexperience with high heels that made him unsteady, or the fact the inner skirt bound this thighs tightly together down to the knees.

            As she helped Brent upright, Emma noted an addition to the outfit she'd missed before.  There was a heart shaped opening on the top rear section of the skirt, leaving Brent's cute bottom on full display.  Something Emma gleefully planned to take advantage of later.

            "So love, what do you think of your new dress?" Emma asked.

            "I love it.  It hugs me so tight in all the right place.  I can't wait to go out and show it to everyone."

            Emma couldn't help but smile at Brent's enthusiasm.  His giddiness was almost rubbing off on her.  Turning, Emma saw the saleswoman had returned with another cart.  One it sat a stone pedestal, with a sphere of swirling blackness sitting on top.  The orb was nearly three feet in diameter and appeared to be made of a highly glossy material.

            "Here is your purchase Ma'am." the saleswoman said as she pulled the cart to a stop beside Emma.

            "How do I put it on?" Emma asked, unsure of how to wear a sphere of black something that probably weighed as much as she did.

            "All you need to do is push your hands inside, and the proto-fabric will begin merging with your body."

            Emma did as instructed, pressing her hands against the inky surface.  There was resistance to her action, as if she was pushing against the skin of a water balloon or giant block of jello.  But as her hands breached the surface the black substance suddenly came alive.  Abandoning its spherical disguise, it rushed up Emma's arms and engulfed her entire body.  Emma had to fight the primal instinct to try and scrape the substance off.  Even if she had it would have been a useless gesture, the black material flowing like a liquid as it wrapped itself around her.

            As a familiar heat grew inside her, Emma realized that the orb wasn't just covering her skin, it was making internal changes as well.  Emma could feel an alien presence guiding the change, the remnant of the dominant who had changed herself into the outfit.  As the black substance started to flow up her face, for the first time Emma worried she might have made a mistake with this purchase.  The blackness covered her eyes, sunk into her ears, even tunneled down her nose.  Emma expected a coughing fit, a natural reaction, but there was nothing.

            After about a minute of blackness, Emma found her vision returned.  Surprisingly, it was even sharper than before.  Emma found herself staring at her reflection on the changing room's wall and her heart nearly skipped a beat.

            Emma's new body retained its previous muscular physique, but now crossed it with aspects of a giant reptile.  Her skin was jet black scales with dark purple edging, glossy as latex fabric.  Emma's torso was cylindrical, more serpentine than before, snaking out to three times its previous length with the addition of a tail.  Emma still possessed her original limbs, in fact she's gained several additional pairs.  A new set of arms grew out halfway between her initial pair, while a second set curled out further down her tail.  Said tail also bifurcated at the end, ending in two additional sets of arms.

           Holding one of her upper set of arms up, Emma saw her hands had changed as
well.  A thumb on the opposite side brought the number of fingers up to six, and all digits ended in sharp tips like a bird's talons.  Even the set of limbs Emma still thought of as her legs ended in such hands, though they were much larger than the others.

            Finally able to tear her gaze away from her changed body, Emma's eyes rose to take in the changes to her head.  Overall it still looked human, though instead of hair Emma had another pair of arms growing out of the back of her head.  The black scales rounded away Emma's ears and left only the outline of her other facial features.  She didn't know how sight was possible when the eyes doing so were nothing but black bumps.

            The only exposed skin on Emma's body was a cut-out around her chin.  Even then thin black lines zig-zagged to her lips, which were now the same black as the rest of her skin.  Emma opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, half expected it to be black as well.  It wasn't, but the pink organ stuck out eight inches further than before the change.

            Deciding to practice moving her new limbs so she didn't fall over like Brent, Emma closed her eyes and tried to trace the connecting to each of her new arms.  With so many Emma was worried it would be too complicated to control them all, but instead she found a secondary thought process guiding her own.  She tried taking a step and the rest of her limbs swung appropriately to counterbalance the weight.  Experimenting, Emma found she could use more than one set of her lower arms to aid in locomotion.

            "Wow Emma, you have so many hands." Brent said as his reptilian fiancé scuttled over.

            "She's going to be a handful alright." the saleswoman quipped.

            "No, not a handful." Emma mused, her mind seizing on an idea.  She wasn't really the woman she was before, so why not take on a new name that fit better with the new her.  "I'm Hanzie."  Emma practically wrapped herself around Brent, using her extra limbs to feel every part of his body.  "And you, my dear, are my perfect little Princess."

Chapter 9

            "Cliff, remind me again what we're doing here?" Marcie asked as she peeked through the small gap in the curtain.  The room beyond was packed with people.  There was an elevated walkway that ran from the curtain through which she was peeking out of to the center of the room.  There it split off in a half dozen different directions, each new path leading to one of the six cylindrical transformation machines arrayed around the edges of the room.

            "Well, you've heard of Festival Lights and Candelabras, right?"

            "Of course I have.  There's one of each over there."  Marcie pointed to the far side of the space behind the stage.  A large cart was parked there, waiting for the start of the show.  On it sat both varieties of Festival transformation.  The two Festival Lights were two foot diameter breast-like spheres covered in what a green and white tree and cookie pattern.  Nipples bigger than Marcie's fist were pierced with rings wide enough for her to crawl through.

           The two Festival Lights flanked the Candelabra.  From her research on the Festival, Marcie knew Candelabras were much less common than Lights.  While dozens of women would be transformed into Lights each year, only five or six Candelabras were made.  Part of it was the fact that women were more willing to get transformed than men.  Another part was that, unlike Lights, Candelabras lost all sense of personality and identity with the change.  They became little more than objects, identical save for a small designator on their base..  Finally, there was the fact Candelabras became property of the city after their transformations.  They didn't get to go home to their families, instead they were sent to other worthy institutions between Festivals.  It was considered a great honor for a sister city to receive a Festival Candelabra to host.  Some sent volunteers specifically to receive the change, but due to the identity loss it was impossible to know if it was their volunteer who was returned after the Festival.

            The change left the volunteer looking like an old fashioned, multi-candle lamp, at least one on a giant scale.  From a flanged base a single phallic, brass colored column rose in the center, with three curling brass dicks branching off on either side.  The seven tips, supposedly from a legend about seven transformed warriors, lined up in a row spanning nearly eight feet across.  When the Candelabra was horny the brass glans glowed as if they concealed candles inside.

            "You see, becoming a Festival Light or Candelabra is a big commitment." Cliff continued.  "So last year the council tried to come up with transformation that, while not as severe, still held the same essence.  That way more people would be willing to get the transformation, Wasen's reputation would continue to grow, blah blah politiciany  stuff.  My father's on the town council, which is how I got involved."

            "And you're going to undergo one of these lesser transformations?"

            "Yep, into a Candelabro."  Cliff rolled his eyes.  "The name is kinda dumb, but it's hard to find something similar to Candelabra.  Unlike the female version, which is still Festival Lite, but with a T and E instead of GHT.  Speaking of which, here comes my sister now."

           A pair of women approached Marcie and Cliff, both wearing loose robes tied at the waist.  One was a rather plump, dark skinned woman with black braids, while other was pale skinned with shoulder length sandy brown hair.  Holding out the hand to the latter, Marcie said, "Hi, I'm Marcie.  You must be Cliff's sister."

            The woman gave her an annoyed look.  "Yea, I'm Casey.  So what?"

            "Wow Case, tone it down a little.  Marcie's just trying to be nice."

            "Yea, well can she be nice somewhere else?  It's supposed to only be showrunners and volunteers back here."

            "Relax, will you.  I invited her back here to show her around.  It’s not like she's going to go running around messing things up.  Not like the time you and your friends messed up the tree crafting ceremony.  Speaking of which, where is your third wheel?  If Beverly doesn't get here soon she'll miss the show."

            Casey rolled her eyes.  "She'll be here, you know how bad Bev is with time."

            As the two woman strode away Marcie whispered to Cliff, "What was that about?"

           Cliff shook his head sadly.  "Despite growing up in Wasen, Casey's never been a fan of the transformed."

            Marcie blinked, confused.  "Then why is she volunteering to become a Festival Lite?"

            "A combination of parental direction and peer pressure.  Being the children of a town council member, there was a lot of pressure for Casey and myself to involve ourselves in the town legacy.  I went off to school to study business management so I could help our father, while Casey went off to study poetry because it had nothing to do with Wasen.  I think she's only here because father threatened to cut off her tuition if she didn't volunteer."

           "Her friend certainly didn't look pressured."

            "Rhonda and Bev also have parents who are on the who's who list around town and likely received similar parental pressure to show up today.  Only, they both like the transformed and transformations so it probably wasn't a hard sell.  Those three do everything together, so while Casey's not fond of what she's about to do she'll still do it to keep up with her friends."

            Cliff and Marcie passed the time talking until the show began.  A cockwoman, her phallic torso covered with dozens of Festival Light-esque breasts, strode out to center stage to warm up the crowd.  A transformee with multiple breasts and a pair of cock tails followed, pushing the cart with the Festival Light and Candelebra.  Cliff explained that they were Gretchen Nichols and Addicus, the town's Festival committee head and the Avatar who had brought the town's first transformation machine.  The new machines they would debut today were also designed by Addicus.

            After Gretchen went into a long speech on the historical significance of the Festival of Lights in Wasen, the pair retreated off the stage to make space for the transformation show to begin.  One of the other males, who Marcie had seen but not talked to, shrugged out of his robe and stepped out beyond the curtain.  Like a model on the catwalk he strode out to the juncture of the seven legs of the stage.  After pausing to let the crowd thoroughly examine naked body, the young man continued on toward the first machine.  It reminded Marcie of the iron maidens from the era of Mad Kings she'd read about in history class.  The transformation machine split down the middle, the doors opening to reveal a cavity for the young man to step inside.  He did so and they shut, leaving only the volunteer's face visible as the machine went to work.

            "That's the machine for the lesser version of the Candelabro transformation." Cliff explained to Marcie.  "There council couldn't settle on one new design, so they came up with three of different intensities.  The show will do the male and female lesser changes first, then move onto the moderate and major changes."

            "What severity are you?" Marcie asked as the changed young man exited the machine.  His skin was a metallic bronze from the neck down, as if he was a statue come to life.  The only other change Marcie could see were the twin dicks as his crotch.  Fully hard, they were on the upper end of what was possible for a normal human but nothing extraordinary.

            "'I'm doing the moderate change.  While I want to be a part of our traditions, I also want to be able to help be a part of the town in the future.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to do that if I transformed too severely."

            Marcie nodded and glanced across the stage to see whether Rhonda or Casey would be the first to change.  The pair seemed to be arguing, though quietly enough that Marci couldn't overhear.  Finally they held out their hands and made rock-paper-scissors gestures.  Rhonda shook her head and undid the clasp on her robe, handing it over to Casey before she stepped to the curtain.  Marcie couldn't help but notice that Casey didn't look any happier that it was Rhonda who was going first.

            The lesser Candelabro returned backstage and was replaced a moment later by Rhonda.  The plump woman worked her body as she moved up the stage, emphasizing her plentiful rear and heavy breasts.  Rhonda turned right where the other volunteer had turned left, ending up at a similar looking transformation machine.  Rhonde stepped inside, allowing it to enclose her up to the neck.

            "You look good bro."  Marcie pulled her head back and turned to see Cliff handing a robe to the other Candelabro.

            "I feel good." he replied.  "Though I worry I'm going to be permanently hard down below.  Not sure what that's going to do to my wardrobe."

            Studying the perfect musculature of the Candelabro, Marcie privately thought that most people wouldn't mind if he walked around naked.  Had his muscles looked that good before he went into the machine?  Marcie couldn't remember, and she hoped the answer was no.  The thought of Cliff with a body like that was making her drip indecently down below.  She'd already made up her mind to ask him out after the show, and the fact he would soon look like a ultra muscular statue only reinforced that desire.

            "Well, looks like I'm up next." Cliff said, undoing the catch on his robe.  Marcie's heart skipped a beat as she took in his naked body.  While still a virgin, the net had fully prepared her for what a male body should look like.  And Cliff's looked damn fine.  Perhaps she still wouldn't be a virgin by the end of the day.

            "Like what you see?"

            Marcie realized she'd been paying a bit too much attention and blushed.  "Maybe."

            Cliff gave her one of goofy smiles and handed over his robe.  "Good, then you won't give all the credit to the machine when you see it after."  With that he stepped through the curtain just as Rhonda came passed through in the opposite direction.

            The transformed woman's skin was rubbery and patterned just like a Festival Lights'.  From the neck down Rhonda appeared to be wearing a black bodysuit streaked with white shooting stars.  Her breasts seemed to have grown another cup size or two, but that was the extent of the changes.  Spotting Casey, the Rhonda strode off her way as if intent on finishing their previous argument.

            Casey was town between watching Cliff's naked backside prance down the stage and finding out what the two women were arguing about.  She tried to do both, moving to a curtain gap closer to Rhonda and Casey.

            "She's still not here?" Marcie head Rhonda exclaim exasperatedly.
          "No, and I've tried calling her five times.  If she doesn't show up soon, we're going to be in big trouble.  Dad warned me what he'd do if things didn't go off without a hitch.  I don't want to have to move back home…."

            "Look, you need to get out of your robes and get ready to go onstage.  I'll keep calling."

            Annoyed, Casey slipped out of her robe and stalked to center stage.  She stopped partway when she realized Marcie was looking at her.  "What!"

            "Nothing." Marcie blurted, embarrassed at getting caught looking a second time.

            "Do you like what you see?  Before I lose it turning into a freak?"

            "I don't think you'll become a freak.  I think you look nice now, and will look nice afterward."  Feeling suddenly emboldened Marcie added, "Unless the machine permanently sticks your personality in bitch mode, then you might have a problem."

            "Why you…" Casey started, only to pause when the curtain rustled behind Marcie.  "We'll talk about this afterward." she promised, before hurrying out onstage.

            Marcie turned around, excited to see the changes the transformation machine wrought on Cliff.  It took all her effort not to drool as she took in his changed body.

            Much like the lesser Candelabro, Cliff's skin was a glorious bronze.  But while the lesser version covered only up to the neck, Cliff's entire body looked to be made of metal.  His hairline was only distinguishable by the slightly darker metallic tone.  Cliff sported twin crotch dicks, only these ones were the size of Marcie's forearm.  Could she even fit one of those monsters inside her?  In addition, two more dicks sprouted from Cliff's chest.  They crowned his well defined pecs, covering where the nipple would be.  Even half the size of his others, they would be quite the handful if used correctly.

            "You like?" Cliff asked as she came to a stop beside her.

            "Very much." Marcie responded.  Feeling naughty with a bronze paragon of sexuality beside her, Marcie reached up and fondled one of his breast dicks.  The golden tip glowed faintly at her touch.

            "You know, most women don't want to see a guy's dick until after the second date." Cliff teased.

            "I'm so horny right now, I might need one of these inside me before we even make it to the first one." Marcie admitted, before her brain caught up with her mouth.  When it did, she blushed nearly crimson.

            To Marcie's surprise, Cliff looked embarrassed as well.  "You mean that, you want to go out with me?  And…maybe more."

            "Yea.  I've had a great time with you this afternoon.  And you're even hotter after this change.  I… I was more worried you wouldn't want to go out with me."

            "Why wouldn't I?  I've had a great time today too.  I told you earlier I found you attractive, even if and when you…." He cut off as Casey stormed back through the curtain.

            Much like Cliff's change had been a more extreme version of the lesser bro, Casey's change included everything that had happened to Rhonda and more.  Her hair was gone, leaving the rubbery skin to cover her entire body.  The base color was white, with wooden paint brushes painting festive cityscapes all across her body.  Casey's breasts, which had been modest B cups before, were now several cup sizes larger Rhonda's.  They stuck out of her chest like a pair of watermelons, the areas where the areolas and nipples would be indented into twin vaginas.

            Casey spotted Rhonda talking with Gretchen and strode over.  "Please tell me Bev is finally here."

            Rhonda shook her head.  In a disapproving voice Gretchen added, "The town council put a lot of faith in you and your friends to pull this off Ms. Carson.  You've left us up the creek and no mistake.  Where are we supposed to get a last minute volunteer to fill in for Ms. Brooks?"

            "Um, I'll do it."  The words were out of Marcie's mouth before her brain realized she'd actually said them aloud.  Everyone backstage turned to look at her, most with looks of surprise on their face.

            "Master Carlson," Gretchen addressed Cliff, "Who is this young woman and why is she back here?"

            "Gretchen, this is Marcie.  We met earlier in the day and I've been showing her around the Festival.  I know you didn't want guests back here during the show, but I really wanted to let her seem me change."

            "Thinking with your little heads instead of your big one."  The cockwoman snorted.  "But we were all young once.  And in this case your indiscretion might have saved us some trouble."  Turning to Marcie, Gretchen continued, "Are you sure you want to volunteer for the major Festival Lite change?  Are you even aware of what it entails?"

            "No." Marcie admitted, "But I assumed it was a more severe version of the change they went through." she gestured at Casey and Rhonda.  "Painted skin and even bigger breasts."

            "There more to it than that, but we have scant time.  If you truly wish this transformation, we need you out of your clothes and ready now.  Terrell will only be in the machine a little longer."

            As Marcie started pulling off her shirt, Cliff leaned in and whispered in her ear.  "You don't need to do this for me.  I don't want you to change yourself just because my sister can't corral her friends correctly."

            Marcie got her shirt over her head and started fiddle with the clasps of her bra."I'm not doing this for you.  I always planned to get changed at the Festival, extremely changed.  This is opportunity literally falling into my lap."  Bra off, Marcie began pulling off her pants.

            Cliff still looked dubious.  "If you're sure."

            Marcie paused her disrobing to give Cliff's breast dicks a pump.  "Besides, if the changes makes me complimentary to your new body…well that's just icing on the cake."

           The look of stunned surprise on Cliff's face was priceless.  Marcie could have enjoyed it all day, but she didn't have the time.  Kicking off her shoes, the young woman slipped out of her jeans and panties.  Her socks and necklace were last and then Marcie was backstage in her birthday suit.

           It was only then Marcie realized how horny the situation was making her.  Here she was, about to walk naked into a crowd of people before turning herself into a sex freak.  It was a moment she'd been dreaming about for year, abet not quite with these details.  But the rush of knowing she'd committed, that she was about to change, almost gave Marcie a micro-orgasm on the spot.

            The curtain parted and the major Candelabro stepped through.  Marcie only had a moment to take in his changes.  He looked similar to a Freyan cockwoman, a massive penile shaft on legs, though without any balls.  Six additional dicks encircled his waist, curving upwards to reach roughly where a normal human's shoulders would have been.  All seven dick tips glowed golden, leaking small streams of white cum down their sides.

            Before Marcie could take in more details she found her feet leading her out beyond the curtain.  The world was suddenly very bright, both from the overheads and the cameras in the crowd snapping away.  Without thinking, Marcie felt her body react like she was a model strutting down a catwalk.  She paused at the central juncture, flaunting her ass and breasts, before turning and continuing on to the machine that would change her life.  It was larger than the others, both in height and diameter.  There was no humanoid outline - the machine was a solid cube of chromed metal.

           As Marcie approached the cube the front split open to reveal the hollow inside.  She could see what looked like a seat arrangement, padded in some kind of rubber.  Marcie gave one last excited wave to the crowd before she slipped inside.

            The rubber felt cool on her naked backside as Marcie settled into the seat.  Her heart began pounding like a jackhammer in her chest as the doors to the transformation machine closed, sealing the young woman inside.  Now trapped in total darkness, Marcie waited for something to happen.  Her lower body was trapped fairly tightly by the machine, with only an inch or two of clearance, but she was able to reach out with her arms and barely brush the metal walls of the machine.  Would they eventually close in, crushing her malleable body into a new shape?

           There was a hissing sound, followed by the feeling of hundreds of aerosolized droplets landing on her naked skin.  This was it, the big moment.  She'd no longer be boring old human Marcie.  In a few moments she'd be Festival Lite Marcie, boob paragon.  The thought of that was causing a heat to grow through Marcie's entire body.

            A heartbeat later Marcie realized that the heat rising in her body wasn't just mental.  It was the transformative potential seeping through every cell in her body, readying it for the upcoming changes.  It wasn't until her body felt hot enough to spontaneously burst into flames that the walls around her began to move.

            In the pitch black it was impossible to see what was happening, s Marcie was reduced to touch.  She felt cool rubber, slick with additional transformative fluid, press against her head and shoulders.  The sensation was unreal as Marcie's head began to sink into her torso, sending her senses spiraling.

           Like a burst pocket of magma, Marcie felt flesh pour from her chest and begin filling out the mold.  More and more flesh poured out of body, far more than could have ever been squeezed in before.  With her mind struggling to understand the flood of sensations, it was impossible for Marcie to estimate just how big her new breasts were growing.

           As the transformation came to its head Marcie felt the skin over her entire body begin to heat up.  She surmised this was the final aspect of the change, coating her skin in a rubbery holiday themed coating.  The transformation concluded with a full body orgasm that nearly knocked Marcie's mind into the next province.

            With a hiss the walls of the transformation machine opened, letting in blinding light .  Reflexively Marcie tried to shield her eyes with her hands, but nothing seemed to be working properly.  Her senses still askew, Marcie clumsily climbed out of the machine.  Everything around her seemed oddly sized, as if she was looking at the world from a lower angle.

            By some miracle Marcie managed to make it backstage without falling off the platform.  Cliff was waiting for her and the bronze skinned man's eyes grew wide when he took in Marcie's new form.

            "What?" Marcie slurred, the words seeming to echo inside her mind.  "Do I look that bad?"

           "No, you look amazing.  Here, come sit down.  You still look a little out of it from the transformation.  Gretchen was sure that doing the major changes like the others wouldn't be a problem but Terrell was listing as drunkenly as you were on the way back.  It takes the mind a little while to reorient after a change of this magnitude."

            As Cliff assisted her onto a closed prop crate, Marcie asked, "Can I…can I see the change?"

            "You haven't…" Confusion slid across Cliff's face, only to evaporate an instant later.  "Oh, right.  You haven't been taught how to set your mana sight yet.  I'll have to remember to have Gretchen stop by after the show and give you some pointers.  Wait here a moment, I'll try and find something."

            Cliff hurried off, leaving Marcie to the comfort of her new existence.  Her body still felt delightfully warm and happy, sensations she hoped would be long lasting side effects of the change.

            Eventually Cliff returned pushing a full length mirror on wheels.  When he finally got close enough for Marcie to see her new reflection, her jaw dropped.  Or would have, if she still had a head.  On some primal level Marcie had understood she'd been headless since coming out of the machine, but it wasn't until she saw her reflection for the first time that things finally sank in.  The top of Marcie's body was now smooth skin from shoulder to shoulder.  Shoulders that glided smoothly down her sides, the arms they once held as missing as the young woman's head.

            But the biggest change, both in size and impact, were Marcie's breasts.  They were, to put it simply, huge.  Each was a sphere nearly three feet in diameter, blocking most of her torso from view.  Each was covered in the same light blue skin as the rest of her body, with giant white snowflakes acting as plate sized areola.  In the center of each breast was a vagina easily double the size of the one between her legs.  They looked big enough to take even Cliff's enlarged phalluses with ease.  Heck, they could probably swallow one of the man's arms with some lubrication.

            "So, what do you think?" Cliff asked.  His face betrayed nervousness about what Marcie had done for him.

            I think I'm a walking sex idol.  But Marcie didn't say that.  She wanted to express that in a method other than words.  Instead she said, "I think that if you don't find us somewhere private in the next ten minutes, I'm going to do something scandalous in public. Preferably with you."

           "There are some storage rooms on the second floor that aren’t being used right now."

            "Perfect." Marcie got back to her feet, enjoying how her body shifted to accommodate the massive weights that seemed to float in the air before her torso.  "Lead the way Cliff, and I'll give you an afternoon you won't ever forget."


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

Chapter 10

            It was down to the final two.  Kirk stared across the table at his female companion from the last round, who was now even more covered in red and orange fur.  For Kirk's part, he'd grown so large the tournament organizers had needed to find him a reinforced chair.

            The final round had been brutal.  Even though it was a "fun" game, Kirk was pretty sure some of his fellow players were big name tournament junkies.  The woman across the table from him had to play professionally, as she could read a person like Kirk couldn't believe.  There had been one high stakes play where Kirk had folded and she'd stayed in, only for the other player to reveal they'd been bluffing and get eliminated.  Only a few lucky draws had saved Kirk from such a fate.

            An now there were only the two of them.  Kirk was under no illusions that his poker face could keep the woman from reading him.  Nor could he count on lucky hands to save him forever.  Kirk needed a big play.

           The dealer passed Kirk his hand and he surreptitiously checked.  A beast and staff, both of dicks.  Both promising, as there was also a ten of dicks on the table.  A flush was possible, or a straight.  Not the guarantee of having a big pair already in hand, but some inner voice told Kirk to go all in on this hand.

            When the dealer asked for his starting bid Kirk said to his opponent, "Why don't we make this last hand interesting."  With that, he pushed all his chips to the center.

            She didn't need to do it.  The foxy woman had more chips than him, could simply call his hand and be still in the game win or lose.  But Kirk had read her right.  For some people, like himself, the thrill of the game was everything.  "All in."

            The crowd gasped and cheered at the huge amount of (fake) money sitting at the center of the table.  The announcer they'd brought in to commentate on the match was jabbering away in the corner, but all Kirk could focus on was the dealer.  One card dropped into the discard, followed by the Lick.  The woman of dicks.

            Kirk had to work very hard to keep his pulse from skyrocketing.  He now had four out of the five pieces he needed for a straight flush.  Demons, maybe even a royal flush.

           Another discard, and then the Suck.  Another ten, this one of breasts.  Not helpful to Kirk at all.  He tried to read the expression of his opponent, but it was like reading a statue.

            To the growing chants from the crowd, the dealer flipped over the Climax.  Kirk had to blink a few times to make sure he wasn't hallucinating the card sitting there.  The Avatar of dicks.  Great demons, had he just…

            "You hand, madam?"  The dealer ask Kirk's opponent.  The foxy woman flipped over a ten of asses and the avatar of vaginas.  A full house.  A good hand.  Heck, a great hand.  Good enough that it would probably beat anything Kirk had to offer on a given round.  But not this round.

            "You hand, sir?" Wordlessly, Kirk flipped over his cards.  The crowd grew silent for a moment, trying to process what they were seeing, then burst out into raucous noise.

            "Royal flush beats full house."  The dealer stated woodenly, pushing the chips in Kirk's direction.

            The commentator shoved his microphone in Kirk's face, trying to get his impression on the victory.  But Kirk sat there woodenly, his mind still trying to process the fact he had just won the tournament.

           "That was a pretty good move." the foxy woman said, rising from the table.  "Risky on my part, but what's life without a little danger?  Besides, I have one at home already.  And I think I've won enough for today."  She gestured up and down her changed body.  "Lady luck was with me most of today, but in the end it seems she liked you better."

            The woman tossed a chip at Kirk.  At first he thought it was another of the ones he'd spent all day playing with, but then he saw the writing on the side was different. Felicity Fenworth, cardshark extraordinaire.

            "If you ever want to get into a real tournament, give me a call.  After a win like that, I think you're ready for the big leagues."  And with that, the foxy woman disappeared into the crowd.

            "Wow, you won.  Congratulations."  Kirk turned to find Annabelle at his elbow, holding a massive drink in both hands.  He took it from her easily, needing only a single hand to lift it.  To chants of chug, chug, Kirk brought the glass to his lips and drank deeply.  In the earlier drinks he'd just been able to taste the tiniest hint of transformative potential.  But if those drinks had been akin to a glass of wine, then this one hit him like a lemon wrapped around a gold brick.

            Kirk felt himself nearly explode out of his skin.  His larger clothes, scavenged between rounds by Annabelle, burst at the seams and fell to the ground in tatters.  Kirk could feel his whole body changing.  His feet, his crotch, his face.  His entire skin tingled like someone was zapping it with an electric wire.  Kirk savored the moment, feeling every change, before finally opening his eyes.

           The first thing Kirk realized was that he towered head and shoulders over the other humans in the room now.  He had to be at least seven feet tall, and closer to eight feet.  Holding out his arm, Kirk saw it was covered in dark brown fur.  He still had five fingers, but the last section was solid black and tough as a chunk of tar.

            Before Kirk could ask the crowd parted, revealing Annabelle pushing a full length mirror.  She had to tilt it upward for Kirk to get a good reflection of himself, but when she did Kirk felt his jaw drop.

            He was huge.  Not just in height, but muscle upon bulging muscles.  Everything was on display, especially with his ruined clothes.  What's more, he appeared to be part horse.  The blending with his human side was fairly even, anthro style if he remember right.

            Kirk's legs were digitgrade and ended in hooves the size of dinner plates.  He had a short, whip-like tail, and a horse's muzzle and mane.  And if the bulge at his crotch was any indication, Kirk was also in possession of a horse's dick.  By the size, it would probably be nearly as big as Annabelle when fully erect.

            "Congratulations on winning the tournament."

           Kirk looked down to see a short man in a suit.  He vaguely remembered the man as the host who had done the opening speech that morning.  "It was a blast, I can't believe I won."  Kirk bent his arms, showing off bulging biceps wider than the host's waist.  "And I'm digging this grand prize transformation."

            The host looked confused for a moment, then a light dinged behind his eyes.  "Oh, you misunderstand.  The change you just experienced isn't the grand prize.  It's the stacking prize that grows the further one progresses in the tournament."

            "Oh, then what is the grand prize?"

            "Annabelle, if you would?"

            As the server came to stand before him, it was Kirk's turn to feel confused.  Annabelle wasn't carrying anything, not even the serving tray that had been her constant companion throughout the day.  "I don't understand."

            "I'm your prize." the blonde stated with excitement. "I'm your new wife."

            Seconds turned into a full minute as Kirk stared at Annabelle, not comprehending.  Finally he stammered, "Can…can you say that again?"

            "Um…ok.  The grand prize for the tournament was the server that covered your table.  As I was the one assigned to your table, I'm the one you win as a prize."

            "But..what's this about you being my wife.  I already have a wife."  Suddenly, his last opponents parting words made a bit more sense.  I already have one at home.

            "It's covered under the acceptance of prize form you signed as part of your entry paperwork.  It stands as a marriage license."

            "But I already have a wife." Kirk repeated.  "And kids."

            "Well, you can forfeit your prize.  In that case she'll join the other servers as part of the sex pet auction later tonight.  She's already signed the paperwork, so Annabelle here is ending with a new owner one way or another."

            "I…um…"  The big, blue eyed pleading look the server was giving him finally wore down Kirk's defenses.  "Ok, fine, I'll take her.  In what state she joins my family will be up to my current wife."

            In gratitude, Annabelle jumped up and gave Kirk a peck on the muzzle.  "I'm so excited, I can’t want to meet your family."

            Neither can I, Kirk thought to himself.  Mostly to see their reaction.

Chapter 11

            "What do you think of this one Sheila?" Jennie asked, holding up a brightly colored piece of fabric.  The pair, along with Ralph, were shopping for new clothes for Sheila's radically altered body.  In this case, skirts she could wear that wouldn’t interfere with her always semi-erect dick and tail.

            "It's good," Sheila replied, being careful with her claws as she examined the garment.  "Though I think I liked the purple on you picked out earlier more."

            After paying for their purchases, the trio left the shop and moved on to the next.  This one wasn't selling anything, instead it appeared to be another of the dozen organizational or informational booths the group had passed so far.

           "People for the Ethical Treatment of Sexual Beasts?" Sheila asked as she read off the name on the booth's back wall.  "Are there really that many people out there abusing their sex pets?"

            "Unfortunately, there are."  Sheila turned to find a middle aged man in a white lab coat standing beside her.  "It's a sad statistic, but almost one in fifty formerly human sexual beasts is our society is either the subject of or at high risk of abuse, mistreatment, or ill care."

            "How?" Sheila asked as Jennie and Ralph walked over to talk with the booth's other occupant, a woman with curling ram's horns and fluffy fur growing strategically around her body.  "I've been to places like Regina before, and all the patients there seemed happy and healthy."

           "Those under Regina's care are the lucky ones.  There are many, some transformed against their will, who face a more bleak existence.  Many work in brothels or zoos where they don't get proper care or medical treatment.  But unless you frequent such places, you might never know."

            "That's terrible."

            The man nodded.  "It is, and a long term goal of the organization is to end such facilities.  But I'm here today to try and raise awareness for a different problem."

            "Which is?"

           "Almost half the cases we see of mistreatment or ill care are not the result of malice, but a of lack of information about the sex beast's needs.  Public knowledge has them surviving perfectly happily on love and sexual fluids, but more often than not that's insufficient.  Or the amount they're given isn't enough.  Take this case for example."

           The man in the lab coat walked over to the wall and pointed to one of the pictures on it.  It showed an older man in the dirty brown overalls of a farmer, with an eight foot long worm creature beside him.  The man's face was blurred to protect his identity.

            "A wife who transformed to help around the farm and fulfill some of her husband's kinkier fantasies.  After a few months her skin started flaking off and leaving reddish patches behind.  By the time they came to me, over half her body was in such a state.  I ran some tests and discovered her new skin was very sensitive to sunlight.  In essence, by hanging out of the surface she was giving herself a life threatening sunburn.  She now spends most of her day tunneling underground or inside the protection of their house.  For the times the wife does have to go out, she now knows to keep herself covered."

            "Fascinating, but why did she come to you?"

            "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself.  I'm Dr. Jett, a veterinarian who specializes in transformed creatures.  While some of these are naturally transformed, I've made quite a business changing and then taking care of all manner of animalistic patients.  Using my experience to give back to the community is the least I can do, especially if it helps alleviate the suffering of others."

            "Good to meet you Doctor, I'm Sheila Hammond.  What do you say is the most common cause of injury or mistreatment of sexual pets?"

            "That's easy.  The overwhelming cause is not knowing the basic care requirements of the creatures of their care.  Allowing your wife to turn herself into a furry vagina on legs can seem fun, but more often than not people fail to understand how much food equivalent substance such a creature needs.  Some are simply unable to provide what their pet needs, and unwilling to allow them to get sustenance from other places.  That's why I recommend talking with a specialized transformation professional before adopting or becoming a pet, to make sure of proper care."

            "We don't have any sex pets in our family yet, but I'll keep that in mind in case we get one.  Who knows, after this weekend I might find out a member of my family has become one."

            Sheila moved close to examine more of the case studies on the wall, but she misjudged the distance to the table on her left.  Painfully, the spiked ball at the end of her tail slammed into it.

            "Oow.  Demons, I'm sorry about your display."  Bending down, Sheila tried to pick up some of the pamphlets she'd knocked over.

           "Not to worry."  Dr. Jett crouched beside her and helped wrangle the folded sheets of paper.  "I'm guessing you're new to that form."

           Sheila nodded.  "I was changed in a transformation show this morning."

            "If you like, I can give you a quick scan to see if there are any unanticipated aspects of your change."

            Sheila raised a confused eyebrow.  "You offer free scans to anyone who comes into the booth?"

            "Only those with significant body modifications.  Your level of transformation is easily on the level of my regular clients."

           "I see.  Better safe than sorry."

            "Right this way, it will only take a few minutes."


            Coming out from the exam, Sheila looked around for Jennie and Ralph but didn't see them.  "Excuse me," she said to the sheep like woman, "but do you know where my friends went?  Sandy hair, look similar enough to be twins?"

            "Oh, you mean Jennie and Ralph.  They're in the press right now, but you'll be able to see them in a few minutes."

            "The what?" Sheila asked, alarmed.

            "Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs donated one of their transformation machines to the PET-SB to allow people who wish to become pets or beasts to be transformed in a reputable manner.  It's really quite a fascinating machine, if you have a few minutes I can show you the details."

           "I know what a transformation press is, but are you saying my friends are using it right now.  As in they're being transformed?  Which one?"

            "Here this might explain a few things."  the sheep woman handed over a folded slip of paper.  "The woman, Jennie, wrote it for you before they went into the machine."

            Curious, Sheila took the proffered page and opened it, reading the message inside:

Dear Sheila,
            This must be coming as quite the shock to you, but then again maybe not.  We've always been transformation lovers, but after hanging out with your today Ralph and I decided we wanted to be radically changed as well.  It seems your luck finally caught up with us and we couldn't pass up this opportunity for a transformation like this.  Fluffy was very helpful with crafting a form that complimented your own, please give her a big hug for her efforts.
            By this point we're probably too far gone to be able to ask in person, but would you mind being our new owner?  The change will leave us with only animalistic intelligence, so we’ll need someone to take care of us.  I know we've only known each other for a few hours, but you seem like a really nice woman with a great family.  A family that will hopefully find a use for a pet like us.  If not, Fluffy and Dr. Jett will find us a nice home, but I wanted to let you know you have first dibs.

            Jennie and Ralph (soon to be Ral'nie)

P.S. I just wish I was able to see the look on your face as you read this right now.  I really hope you choose to be our owner.

            Sheila read through the note twice more, hoping each new read would provide more information.  Sadly, they did not.  Upon reflection, she shouldn't have been surprised her new friends would change like this.  They had seemed so eager at the show earlier.  Only Sheila never expected them to get transformed without her, then ask for her to take care of them.

            There was no debate in Sheila's mind, the pair would be coming home with her.  She couldn't leave the happy couple at the mercy of random strangers.  Even if Fluffy, who Sheila assumed was the sheep woman who handed her the note, could find them a decent home.  Unconsciously, Sheila's many dicks grew hard as she pondered what the couple meant by a complimentary change.

            After waiting another five minutes, Fluffy indicated that the press was finished and that Sheila could collect her new pet.  They walked behind the booth's display wall and into the clinical space beyond.  In the center stood a rectangular machine roughly the size of the van they had driven to the Festival that morning.  Dr. Jett was standing beside it, checking a display on the side.

            "The transformation finished with no ill effects." Dr. Jett said over his shoulder as the pair approached.  "Give me just a moment to open the machine."

            There was a hiss of steam and a grinding of metal as the front of the metal cube lowered.  Revealed within was a strange, canine like creature.

            "I see your friends went with the Orthrus design as the base.  Very common for patients that want to become a conjoined pet."

            As Jennie and Ralph…no, Ral'nie stepped out of the machine, Sheila saw that the sex beast had two heads, one beside the other at the front of the body.  Did each hold the mind of one of her former friends, or did a new mind control them both?

            Dr. Jett knelt down and began his examination, explaining as he went.  "Caring for an Orthrus pet is very similar to caring for a large dog.  They require lots of space and exercise.  They are also voracious eaters."

            Dr. Jett ran his hands along the Orthrus’ left head, rubbing at the horns, flicking the ears, and sliding his fingers down the creatures’ snouts.  Instead of a mouth, each muzzle contained a large pink vagina, dripping fluids.  "In this case you won't need to worry about physical food, as your friends chose a mana based existence.  However this means they will need a large quaintly of liquids, including human body fluids, to stay healthy.  If you don't think you can provide enough on your own, I can give you the name of some services that can also provide what your new pet will need."

           "When you say bodily fluids, you mean cum, right?"

            Dr. Jett shrugged.  "That is the most common, and most fun way to feed your pet.  However, anything that spends time inside the human body will do.  Urine, sweat, precum, and even blood in emergencies will also work.  Being such an intrical part of the human body subtly adjusts the mana's characteristics, providing nutrients they can't pull from ambient mana."

            Sheila had a mental flash image of Ral'nie licking her sweaty body after a workout, absorbing her essence to feed themselves.  Or using her loyal pet in the middle of the night instead of having to get up to go to the bathroom.  The old Sheila wouldn't have ever dreamed of doing such a thing, but new Sheila was embracing her bestial nature.

            "Your friends selected an armored overlay." Dr. Jett continued, running his hands over the reinforced metal and leather looking plates that seemed to cover most of the Orthrus' body.  They were a white with neon blue edging, similar to Sheila's scale effect.  "These patches may look inorganic, but they are actually part of the Orthrus' skin.  They're durable, but can still be cut or damaged.  The filigree is the most likely part to be injured, especially with protuberances like these."  Dr. Jett pointed at a chrome spike rising from the center of one of the plates.  It had an indent at the tip, giving the metal a phallic appearance.

            "With practice your pet will lean to raise and lower them to prevent hurting themselves or damaging things around them.  But until then, you'll need to be careful."  Dr. Jett demonstrated how the spike could lay flat, before letting go and letting the shiny metal spring back into place.  "Spike rigidity often corresponds to horniness, of which you pet is very much right now."

            Dr. Jett gestured between Ral'nie's rear legs, where a large canine cock was fully erect and straining.  "Mana based digestion systems use cum as a waste disposal mechanism, so make sure you pet is able to cum often to prevent any back-ups.  Right now the cum is set to sterile, but with a simple potion virility can be restored to allow you to stud your pet."

           Dr. Jett moved behind Ral'nie, examining the Orthrus' whiplike, forked tail before sticking his hands between their rear legs.  "A different potion can also turn on ovulation, allowing for breeding.  There are safeguards in place to prevent self pregnancy even if both fertility potions are used."

            Standing, Dr. Jett pulled off his gloves and handed them to Fluffy for disposal.  "Do you have any other questions?"

            "Hundreds." Sheila admitted.  "But I think I have a handle on the basics."

           "That's what I like to hear."  Reaching into his pocket, the Vet handed over a business card.  "If you have any more questions, feel free to give me a call.  I would also recommend setting up a one month and six month check up appointment.  Depending on where you're from Fluffy can get you scheduled, either with me or one of my colleagues."

            "Thank you Doctor.  This has been an unexpected gift I plan to enjoy to the fullest."  Scratching Ral'nie behind their inner ears, she continued, "Come along pet.  I still have more shopping planned for today and now it seems I'll need to pick up a few more items for you…"

Chapter 12

As the afternoon wore on and eventually turned into evening, the Hammond family regrouped at the restaurant.  The family had been planning this trip for over a year and had managed to reserve a private back room.  Kirk Hammond was the first to arrive with Annabelle, followed by his wife, children, and their new companions.  Realizing there were far more people in the room than could belong to his family, Kirk rose from his seat at the head of the table.

           "Good evening everyone.  It seems we all passed the base dress code for dinner.  As no one here looks like they did this morning, I think a round of introductions are in order.  I'm Kirk Hammond, the family patriarch.  With me is Annabelle, my second wife."  Annabelle, who was still wearing her maid bikini with the addition of a collar and leash, waved nervously to the crowd.

            "Second wife?" Sheila asked, rising from her seat.  "Dear, just what have you been up to today?"

            "Kirk won me as a prize in a Demon's Flip tournament."  Annabelle said before Kirk could answer.  "You must be Sheila, my senior sister-wife.  I'm very pleased to meet you."

            Sheila stomped over and examined Annabelle like farmer measuring a horse.  Finally she turned to her husband.  "I'll go along with this, but I get equal sexual access and final decision on any changes she undergoes."

            "I thought you'd say that." Kirk replied, while Annabelle nodded nervously.

            "Is this going to be weird, having a step-mom who's my age?" Marcie asked from the corner.  "By the way it's me, Marcie, and this is my new boyfriend Cliff."

            "Oh, it's going to be very weird." her mother drolled back.  "It's a good thing you're away at school, or you'd be at risk of coming home and seeing your mothers fucking each other's brains out.  Occasionally, your father might be involved as well."

            "You can do whatever you like, as long as we get to babysit your dog in the meantime." Hanzie said while watching Princess play with Ral'nie.  The pink dressed sissy seemed fascinated with the creatures' horns, which curled for the outer horn but were straight for the inner.

            "I'm sure that can be arranged Emma." Sheila said, working out the identity of her soon to be daughter in law by process of elimination.

            "It's Hanzie now." the black rubber woman replied.  "On account of well…all these." She brandished her many arms.  "And Brent is now Princess.  Say hello Princess."

            "Hello Mommie.  Hello Daddie and sister and sister's friend." Princess babbled.

            "I might have let him regress a little too far." Hanzie explained.  "I'll need to work to bring back some of the old Brent, or I'll be stuck raising a little girl."

            "It will be good practice for when you're raising your own."  Sheila came over and crouched beside her pet and former son.  "Princess, this is Ral'nie.  Can you say hello to Ral'nie.  They’re a very special friend of mine..."

            Eventually the food came and the family tucked in.  With so many new additions the space was crampt and several members ended up sitting on each other's laps.  Hanzie had to nearly restrain Princess to prevent her wriggling away, while Sheila and Kirk took turns feeding Annabelle and discussing which transformations she wound undergo.

            Though they debated on it all through dinner, the Hammonds were unable to agree who had the best transformation.  But on one subject they were unanimous, that this had been the best transformed vacation ever.


Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the fourth installment of the Festival of Lights annual holiday story.  Unlike the Hammond family, I expect you'll be able to come up with a favorite transformation.  Vote in the poll (https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/view … 529#p10529), and I'll do a bonus scene with the winner and either their partner or the next few choices.

Also, Dr. Jett and Fluffy were a cameo from a story Demon-man and I have been working on for the past year.  It should be out soon, so keep an eye out.


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

Oh, this is great!

I voted Annabelle, because the prospect of continuing with her was too fun to pass up, but Marcie was my favorite TF in the family.

As usual, I really love the incidental and background changes here.  This setting is such a delight.  I particularly loved the art exhibit chapter, as a fan of inanimate TFs.  Any chance of us seeing the paper machine that was mentioned?

Awesome story!


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

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I voted for Brent/Princess, but I'd love to see a TF for Annabelle too.


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

You sometimes make us wait, but you never disappoint. Great work!


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

Beautiful story, a little sad we never got to see what chastity device came off the one girl though!

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