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I had an idea for another season of Belial Idol... COUPLES EDITION. I was thinking three couples, six regular challenge and transformation rounds, and monthly updates. But I’m wondering if there is actually any interest in another season and if folks here would vote.

Is anyone interested?

If so, should I write the thing script style a la Belial Idol Season 1, or should I write it more prose style from an audience members perspective?

For voting, would it be better to have the polls on the forums, like last time, or in the discord? How many of y’all actually use both regularly? Would you login to discord just to vote?


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I think having polls on the forum would work and I really liked the script style you used last time. But, if you'd prefer to write an audience members perspective then you should do it that way.


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I'd be so down for another season smile


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Just popping by to say this is for sure happening. The first chapter will drop the first Sunday in August, and then (hopefully) the first Sunday of every following month until the story is done.

Voting will be done here and also on the lob discord.


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Hell yeah to another season!

If you want to have more votes you could announce the poll in Discord, but have it happen here ^^


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That’s probably the simplest idea. Was thinking about having a discord poll *and* a forum poll and then just add them together. Something to think about....

I should probably do a test run of the voting system on the forum too, since it had been a while.


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If you have polls in two places you're likely to end up with double voting.  Probably easiest to vote in one place and link in the other.


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Well if you can’t trust a bunch of anonymous kinky internet strangers to follow the honour system, who can you trust?

But seriously, that is a good point.