Topic: Indigocarmine’s website

I saw on Discord that indigocarmine has a website but I can’t access Discord because of COVID internet. Would it be possible to post the URL here? Thanks


Re: Indigocarmine’s website

Haha it’s still a work in progress (still a couple stories to be added, some images to embed, and I need to manually add next chapter links everywhere). I was going to wait until I had everything fixed up before posting it, but with those caveats I have been making a website at indigocarminefiction.blogspot.com: https://indigocarminefiction.blogspot.c … 70af3ae98d


Re: Indigocarmine’s website

FYI I finished migrating in content (and fixing some links), so indigocarminefiction.blogspot.com is now a fully operational catalogue of my stuff.