Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 30 - Stacking Disasters

What was she thinking?! With her dick, clearly, but that shouldn’t have made such a decision for her. Regardless, she sat in Rachel’s home, opposite Leah on the couch and desperate not to peek as the buxom futa milked herself. She assumed it’d seem strange to complain, since the book had made it normal to everyone but her. The fact Rachel didn’t bat an eye at her half-naked, fully erect sister lactating from her four breasts, confirmed it for her.

Carmen crushed her cock between her legs. She hadn’t thought of Leah’s transformation with a level head, nor had she expected multiple pairs of boobs to excite her, yet they did. Oh god, they made her throat dry. The milk was thicker than Stacy’s and almost double the amount. Was it possible to bathe in it? She hunched slightly, hoping discomfort would stop the erection.

“Need any help?” Carmen asked of Rachel, who mostly stayed in the kitchen.

“No, it’s alright. It’s mostly done anyway. Leah, can you hurry up and finish?”

“You know pretty girls makes me produce more,” Leah said and winked at Carmen.

“No, they don’t,” Rachel sighed, “Come on, let’s leave Cow-Tits to her business.”

“Aww, don’t go. Maybe she’d like a fresh glass?” Leah nodded to the two gallon jugs at her feet, each half-full and rising.

“N-no, I’m good,” Carmen said and beat a hasty retreat to the kitchen. The family had a small table in there to her relief, so she could collapse and shroud her burgeoning hardness. Rachel came in soon after, shaking her head.

“Sorry about her. Something about being double gendered makes her act stupid,” she said and went to the stove, where a simmering pot of bolognese and spaghetti bubbled away. At Carmen’s stare, she offered a shrug, “Nothing special, but it’s pretty quick.”

“Don’t worry about it. It smells great,” Carmen said. The last time she cooked was using crap from tins and outdated packages, but this was fresh, she could tell by the smell. It lacked the plastic taint she was familiar with. A timer went off and Rachel drained her pasta, muscles blooming across her dainty arms.

“Help yourself,” Rachel put the pots down alongside plates and cutlery, spoons and tongs at the ready.

“Do you cook often?” Carmen asked as she ate, herbs and spices crackling along her tongue. It was delicious, just as the scent prescribed.

“When Mom and Dad are away. Which is, like, every weekend at least.”

“Must be hard,” Carmen said, wondering how she’d handle someone like Leah in a confined space.

“Not really. I’d prefer to get pampered, like a certain someone, but can’t really complain.”

“I’m not pampered,” Carmen said.

“Not you. I heard about what your family went through a while back. I meant Gretchen,” Rachel said, which roused Carmen’s curiosity.

“What about my family?” She’d research everything later. It was frustrating to feel like an amnesiac.

“You know? Your dad and all…” Rachel diverted her eyes, “Are you feeling alright? I don’t think I’d forget something like that.”

“No, sorry. It’s just been so long I… I guess it never really crosses my mind. It’s been eight years already,” Carmen mused under her breath, and again wondered about her path in life. Success didn’t mean a thing when she was a millionaire, or perhaps she needed it more now. Last thing she wanted was to be remembered for nothing but having wealth.

“What’re you going to do? For college and work I mean?” Carmen asked.

“No idea,” Rachel shrugged and slurped up a strand. She smirked, “Or maybe I’ll just marry you. That’d set me up for life.”

Carmen snorted, almost choking on a mouthful, “I don’t think you’d want someone like me.”

“Why not? So you have some weird fetish diary thing, big deal. I’ve seen and read worse.”


“Online,” Rachel rolled her eyes and her lips turned mischievous, a fitting look for her, “I’ll send you some links. You got Facebook?”




“Please tell me you have a phone at least.”

“Yeah, but it’s kind of old,” Carmen said and produced the same device she’d used before writing Ashley’s name.

“Okay, we’re going out again tomorrow. I’m updating your tech. What’s your laptop?”

“Dunno. Someone was throwing it away so I took it instead.”

“But you’re rich?!”

Carmen giggled at the redhead, whose face reflected the gears turning over and clanking to try and justify such a thing. It hadn’t occurred to Carmen to update her belongings. Clothes without holes are a necessity, of course she would buy those, but the latest technologies weren’t. Her phone worked, as did her laptop. They were slow, yes, though they functioned. However, maybe it was time she indulged in something non-sexual.

The night continued with Rachel explaining different models to Carmen. Statistics that meant nothing to her, such as what graphics certain parts were capable of - did it matter as long as the screen showed the required information? - and why a lightning fast response time made all the difference. For a short time, Carmen marvelled at a world of knowledge she’d neglected. It didn’t interest her the same way it did Rachel, but she was swept into her exuberance.

It was approaching midnight before Carmen realised how long she’d spent there. The sun had long expired, its light replaced by bulbs and the moon. She hadn’t noticed. When she would stay up studying she felt every second of the hour, yet it seemed to have poured past her.

“I should go,” Carmen said once she’d helped clean up the plates. The leftovers were boxed and put away to be used another day.

“I’m almost sad you have to,” Rachel said and walked her to the door, “But the view is nice.” She added when Carmen bent down to put her shoes back on. The honour student blushed and righted her posture, turning around, “That doesn’t change much.”

Carmen sighed. To be desired was the price of owning a Futa Note, she was used to the stares, but she didn’t mind Rachel gazing at her. She had kinder eyes than the men, which cowed the rampant lust recognised from her friends, and a hint of unavoidable jealousy.

“So, tomorrow?” Carmen asked.

“I’ll meet you at the mall. 12 o’clock, don’t be late. ” Rachel said.

“I’ve never been tardy in my life.”

“First time for everything.”

“See you.”

“Yeah,” Rachel said and closed the door, leaving Carmen to the false lights surrounded in shadows as she headed to the bus stop. She stopped when the house opened again and Rachel rushed out, “Wait. Here.” She handed her a massive bra.


“You shouldn’t use tape. It can crush your lungs. And you’re too hot to hide it anyway.” Underneath a street lamp, Rachel’s pallid cheeks were bleached, then rapidly darkened as she retreated. But, again, she returned, stood on her tip toes and pulled Carmen’s head down. Her lips pecked the taller girl’s cheek, then she was gone. For good it seemed.

“Thanks,” Carmen said to the void. In private darkness, she put the bra on and marvelled at how well it fit her, like it was custom made. Her breasts were accentuated in the garment, and they didn’t bounce as much.

Back home, Alicia was still awake in the living room, book in her lap and a cup of wine in hand. She beamed as Carmen entered.

“So, how was your date?” Alicia inquired, leaning forward.

“Um, it was nice…” Carmen shifted from foot to foot under her gaze, unsure of what she expected.

“What did you do?” Alicia asked and tapped the chair beside her.

“I’m tired, Mom. I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

“I hope they’re nice at least,” Alicia relented.

“Yeah, she is.” Carmen started up the stairs, froze and looked at her mom. That wasn’t supposed to come out, not now. She hadn’t prefaced it with anything to soften the reveal either. For several seconds that dragged into minutes, she just stared, until Alicia came and rubbed her shoulder.

“It’s alright, Honey. You go sleep and we’ll talk more in the morning.”

“You… it’s okay?” Carmen asked.

“I’ve had my suspicions for a while now.” Alicia smiled and headed into the kitchen.

Carmen walked, numb, into her room and sat down. Exhaustion pulled her under the sheets, the pillow cradled her head. She tried staying awake, to sift through the day and all its strangeness, but sleep forced her thoughts into silence. It didn’t last for long. In her dreams, her subconscious had free reign, as did something she wasn’t sure belonged.

She found herself back in Rachel’s house, the details foggy, but Rachel herself was crystal clear. They were sat on the couch and naked. Strange, Carmen thought, as she didn’t know what Rachel looked like, yet she expected this was accurate. The creamy complexion of her face poured across the rest of her, ending at her dusk pink nipples. She appeared even slimmer without her clothes.

“This could’ve been tonight,” a voice said, one she dreaded. In a doorway was that gorgeous apparition, the one that all but forced her hand with Leah. It didn’t change shape, instead it maintained the resemblance of a Seikogami, except somehow larger. Just the creature’s presence exuded power now, unlike Ryuka. Was it really the Futa Note?

“Could be. All I know is that I exist in your subconscious mind, always below the surface, but there regardless. Now, why don’t we see just where the night could’ve gone? If you’d taken the book with you.”

The scene changed, Carmen was beneath Rachel, who straddled her naked thighs. She appeared so delicate, like a doll that needed soft hands lest it shatter. Rachel’s hands sank into Carmen’s tits, coaxing the nipples into stiffness, before she latched onto them one at a time. Sensation roared to life and snapped her cock into action. It pushed against Rachel’s vulva, hot and wet and inviting.

“No,” Carmen shook her head and willed the dream to stop. It did, but the scene remained the same, as if paused, “This isn’t me.”

“Hmm, you’re right. She needs something extra,” the entity said and Rachel changed. She shrank against Carmen, yet her curves exploded on her form, her ass in particular. It spread across Carmen’s legs, stretching toward her knees, while handfuls grew on her chest and stopped. Something hard, throbbing and swelling, pressed into her. A cock sprouted from Rachel’s crotch, extending between the honour student’s own breasts. It had to be almost half Rachel’s new height.

“Stop,” Carmen said, but it was a whisper again a hurricane of lust suddenly bellowing in her brain.

“My, that’s quite a sight. Let’s see her in full.” Rachel stayed in place, yet a double spawned from her and came to stand at Carmen’s side. Not much taller than four feet, yet with curves no self-respecting adult would possess. Her breasts weren’t that large by comparison, no more than D cups on her frame, but her ass and hips shamed her shoulders in width. To match her height, her face had softened and filled out into an adorable smile, contrasted by her horrific cock. It had to be two feet, maybe larger, and her balls hung past her knees.

“She looks too young,” Carmen said, trying to refuse the vision.

“But she’s not. You know that. She’s eighteen, a virgin, and oh so eager to take your cock,” the entity said, coming to sit beside Carmen, one breast falling into her lap with the frozen Rachel.

“This isn’t real.”

“Exactly, so why not enjoy it?”

“You’re trying to manipulate me,” Carmen said, anger creeping into her cheeks. The whole scene crackled like static on a TV.

“No!” The entity recoiled, face warping into anguish, “I’m trying to help you. For all that I’ve existed, I’ve been mired in your desires, all just begging to be unleashed. Those things you write, they’re just beginnings, the insignificant wants that sneak through cracks. There’s so much that wants to get out. Even this isn’t close to the things I’ve seen in your mind.”

“You’re wrong,” Carmen shoved Rachel aside - it dissipated into smoke - and stood over the entity, “It’s my mind. Whatever you think is inside it, isn’t real. I don’t want anything like this.”

“Then why are you so hard?” The entity reached out and cradled her erection.

“Because…” The touch was silk on her shaft, at once like a teasing breath and assertive squeeze.

“Face it,” the creature rose and pressed tight against Carmen, their bodies all but sliding into each other, “You deny yourself so much pleasure, for what?”

“I control what I want and what I do. Not these hormones.”

“They’re part of what you are. Open yourself up to something more. Your family is fine now, you’ve got friends, why not enjoy what you have? And what you have is a book that can bring all your fantasies to life. You’ve already sampled them.” At her words, Leah appeared as she had in the café, with all manner of obscenities added to her body.

“That’s what other people did, not me,” Carmen said.

“Oh, please. You know humanity is perverted, yet you wrote something like that. And you liked it, I know you did. You groped her in the bathroom, even ate her pussy. Now just imagine if you controlled that instead of random humans. What would you do?”

“Get out!” Carmen jerked in her bed. The Futa Note laid on her nightstand, unopened, while Ryuka hovered in the air. She checked the time and groaned; 2:43AM. Even if she fell back asleep, her alarm would trigger in a few hours, and she didn’t know what awaited her if she did. Despite what she’d said to that thing, it wasn’t wrong about her. She was erect, even in reality, with Rachel’s malformed body floating before her eyes. Her hand found the book and stayed there.

Rachel already liked her. Writing her name would amplify it and more. She’d be happy, free of Gretchen’s company, and she would belong to Carmen. No! That was her dick thinking. Her thoughts would be hers again once it calmed. Just had to get it down. She climbed from bed and shuffled to the bathroom, phallus shoving against her pyjamas. When did she undress? Ryuka must’ve changed her clothes, and without trying anything sexual either. The Seikogami could be helpful.

She didn’t sleep well the rest of the night. Closing her eyes brought that dream back, even if it didn’t return in the moments she drifted. Her libido handled that. If she dreamed, it was always sexual. Carmen awoke with an erection time and again, until she gave up and had a shower. Not a good start, but that would not define the day. The shower helped at least.

Her mom was in the kitchen, as if waiting for her to come down. Seeing her in the early light, bringing out the tint of greys in Alicia’s hair, only highlighted how different they’d become. Carmen had been a brunette like her for years, darkening from childhood into her teens, they’d had similar faces and eyes, but, after finding the Futa Note, all that had dissipated. Where her mother was svelte, her slight curves trophies of motherhood, Carmen was statuesque.

Once handfuls, her breasts now overflowed any palm, and her butt made anything except sweatpants a trial to wear. Carmen’s face had slimmed, while her lips pouted and her eyelashes thickened. Her irises had dulled too, no longer sharing the silver tinge of Alicia’s. A faint, crimson tone now tainted them. The brown hair was closer to black, and yet none of those changes alarmed her parent.

“Hey, Mom,” Carmen said, keeping the discomfort from her tone. She kept it concealed well, but being around her family, even Melody, terrified her. They made it clear how much she had changed.

“Morning, Sweetie,” Alicia said, smiling. Yet another difference between them. Hers was a furnace, warming everything in its range, but Carmen’s looked sensual no matter how she tried, “So… how long have you been gay?”

Carmen stumbled and caught herself, “Um, that was sudden.”

“I figured it’s best not to beat around the bush.”

“Yeah, agreed,” Carmen said and got some toast, while she cracked a few eggs to scramble. Once her breakfast was ready, she sat opposite her mother and took a deep breath, “It’s been a while.”

“That’s not very specific,” Alicia teased, “I suppose you’ve always known? Since you never had a boyfriend. A miracle for a girl like you, I’d say.”

“A girl like me?” Carmen asked.

“Do you see yourself?” Alicia chuckled, “You’re gorgeous, Carmen. Guess the good genes skip a few generations. You must’ve been fighting boys off.”

“Not really,” Carmen blushed. In whatever reality the Futa Note had made for her, she’d always been curvaceous. At least it hadn’t compromised her relationships.

“Have you had girlfriends before? I’m just curious.”

“Yes, I did, but it didn’t end well. She was a bitch,” Carmen said, offering a good-natured grin.

“And here I thought everything was all rainbows for gay people. And the new girl?”

“She seems nice. It’s, uh, a bit complicated.”

“Do I have to warn about safe sex? I mean, there’s no sperm or anything involved, so…”

“Mom! No, god…” Carmen lowered her head, cheeks boiling in embarrassment, then realised Alicia didn’t know about her cock. Why? The book could make Leah seem normal, and yet it left her own absurdity in the dark. She didn’t want it known, of course, however that seemed such an odd choice. Unless she influenced the book. Ryuka hadn’t followed her down, so she couldn’t gauge her reaction.

Melody broke into the room at a run. She tackled Carmen and looked up at her, face in an adorably angry pout.

“Where were you last night? I stayed up for you and everything!”

“Sorry, Supergirl. I got caught up. I’ll make it up to you later, promise.”

“You’d better,” Melody threatened, though her voice and face removed any intimidation. Carmen grinned at her sister and pulled her up to sit on her lap, the girl’s head leaning against breasts almost the same size as it. That seemed to placate her sister, who stole a piece of toast and egg.

“Melody!” Alicia reprimanded.

“What? She said she’d make it up to me.”

“It’s fine. I’ll get something to eat when I go out.”

“Oh?” Alicia forgot her younger child and cocked a brow at the oldest, “Another date?”

Carmen blushed and nodded, “Basically, yeah. She’s gonna help me update my phone and laptop.” The younger girl gasped.

“Does that mean I get your old ones?”

“Don’t you want newer models?” Carmen asked.

“I’ll be fine with yours. If they’re good enough for you, then they’re pretty much good enough for me,” Melody said, snickering. The older sibling rolled her eyes.

“Okay, oh exalted Melody, you shall have my phone and laptop, unworthy as they are.” Carmen giggled with her sister.

They finished breakfast and she returned to her room, where Ryuka lounged. The Seikogami made a show of stretching, showing off her curves and cock. As she turned to face Carmen, she was grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“Someone had interesting dreams last night,” Ryuka noted. She went ignored as Carmen sat down and studied the notebook.

“I need to know something. You said the Futa Note might be sentient to some extent, that it could manifest in my mind.”

“Yes, though I’m not sure about any of that. I just have a feeling sometimes.”

Carmen bit her lip and flipped through the Futa Note. Familiar empty pages faced her, yet now they seemed vacant, lonely, devoid of what they needed. Every blank line stared at and accused her of ignoring it. The thing really was messing with her mind. Carmen shut it and tossed the book to the foot of her bed.

“Could I influence it?” Carmen asked. Possibility dawned on her if that was the case. No more dreams, no more temptation. Perhaps its effects could be tuned, changed so it wouldn’t turn people into futanari. She could make herself smarter, the smartest in history. Or more. Why settle for simple brains, when power was an option, or both? Without any repercussions. Shut up!

“Whoa, no need to yell. It may be your thoughts, but it’s still loud,” Ryuka said, rubbing her temples.

“Sorry,” Carmen breathed. It couldn’t be used, regardless of whether she affected its powers; the temptation and moral degradation were too much. She just needed it to stay away from her dreams.

“Apology accepted. Now, for your question, I do not know. It’s possible, I’m sure, but even the Seikogami Queen doesn’t have the power to affect a Futa Note,” Ryuka said and came to tap her fingers over Carmen’s head, “If you can, then your mind must truly be something special. I can’t wait for you to finally let loose and show me all the things in there.”

“Well, it’ll be a long wait,” Carmen said and went about getting dressed for her date. That warmed her face. A second date, even if it was just going shopping, and so soon. She looked at the bra she’d borrowed from Leah and put it on. In the past weeks, she’d forgone the garment, deciding her breasts were perky enough, but there was something nice about it. The way the bra arched over her mounds, highlighting their curve and magnitude. And, though she would deny it, her nipples sliding against the cups was pleasant.

She threw on a shirt and loose jeans. With her body, it didn’t seem to matter what she wore, it all hugged her figure. Her jeans were large enough to hide the bulge to her relief. Shoes on, bag over her shoulder, and calm, Carmen started for the stairs. She stopped at her door, though. The Futa Note stayed on her bed, the title glaring at her.

“Just take it. You might get mugged and need the help.”

“No.” Carmen said and left it. Her bag felt light, like it didn’t exist, despite the weight of her phone and water bottle. The relief that should come with it hid from her. She ignored the nagging sense that it was wrong and got the bus. Minutes later and she arrived at the mall, a familiar wave of red hair waiting for her. Rachel didn’t know anything about her problems, nor was she enamoured like the others. Strangely, the redhead had become exactly what she needed after last night.

She banished the memory as Rachel spotted her. A smile pulled her lips up, copied by Carmen.

“Hey,” Rachel said and looked her up down, “You look… plain.”

“You look… cute.” That seemed an understatement. Rachel had her hair loose, flowing over her shoulders, chest and back, with a frilly, purple dress that hugged her petite frame. It ended above her knees, waving in the wind, and dipped low at the neck. She wore a black choker with a small pendant dangling over her collarbone. Her cheeks turned a brilliant red as she played with a lock of hair.

“Thanks, but I feel overdressed now.”

“Sorry. I don’t really think about fashion very often.”

“It’s okay, you look great in anything. But… I might know a few things that’ll look perfect.”

Clothes exhausted her. When she thought Rachel was satisfied, or had given up, another shirt would catch her eye, or a dress, or a pair of pants. Few fit properly, either made lewd by her curves, or unusable with her cock. A black dress shirt was all that Carmen deemed suitable, though Rachel pushed for her to buy a few other items, including a sheer dress that started too low and ended too high. The redhead was persuasive with a magnificent pout to rival Melody’s.

In the end, her backpack was weighed down by multiple articles that she would never wear. Unless she and Rachel went further than a kiss on the cheek. The thought roused last night’s dream, of what she could have done to the girl. Her cock stirred and received a sharp pinch from her thighs. Keep it together, Carmen thought and followed her date into an electronics store.

The timing was perfect. Most people had wandered away for lunch, leaving the shop calm but for a few murmurs in aisles. Rachel led her along a wall, where laptops were displayed, advertising their capabilities.

“What about this one?” Carmen asked, for the seventh time, and pointed to one she thought looked suitable.

“Absolute shit. I guarantee it’ll break after three weeks,” Rachel said with a sneer at the machine, “Stop pointing out the cheap stuff, not like it’ll make a dent for you.”

“I don’t like relying on my money,” Carmen said and palmed her wallet. It wasn’t her money. She’d taken it from Ashley’s family, but no one knew that. Even Ashley might have no idea that she was once in the top percentage of wealth.

“Right, right. Well, you’ve gotta spend money to get value. Like this, seven-hundred bucks, but it’ll hold out for a couple years. You could even play a few low spec games on it. Yeah, I know you don’t play any, but just in case. Besides, if this keeps up, I’ll get you into a few.”

Carmen sighed and shrugged, defeated, “Whatever you think is best.”

The excursion brought them to a new café, built just days ago. Warm décor and plenty of choices, from the fattening muffins, to energising coffee and sugary soft drinks, yet it all brought out a pit in Carmen. She’d heard about a place like this from Stacy, the few times she spent the night with her, it was always on the buxom woman’s mind. If she had the money, this is what Soothe the Soul would have been. But it had to be a coincidence.

“You okay?” Rachel asked. They were sat by a glass wall, watching people pass by. Several slowed to gawk at the way Carmen’s rear spread across the seat, almost spilling over, then hurried at Rachel’s scowl.

“Yeah, just reminds me of someone I knew,” Carmen said.


“How’d you know?”

Rachel shrugged, “Lucky guess. We can go somewhere else, if you’d like.”

“No, this is fine. I’m fine. It’ll pass.” At least, Carmen hoped it would. Even the smell was familiar, the atmosphere also, as if she’d stepped into an alternate reality, one where she could’ve been with Stacy. She’d have graduated, earned her degree and moved in together. This might’ve been their shop one day. With Carmen’s mind and Stacy’s warmth, no one could resist. Every night, she’d sink into bed and be enveloped in soft arms and squished into breasts, until she opened wide and swallowed their bounty. From there, things would get crazier until her cock…

Her cock was hard. Carmen glanced about in a panic and breathed when she noticed no one was looking at her. They hadn’t even ordered yet, so there was plenty of time for it to go down. Nothing to worry about. Ryuka’s voice shattered her relief with three words.

“Isn’t that Stacy?” Carmen whipped her head at the deity, anger mounting, then around again at the sound of an oh so familiar gasp, one she’d caused more than once in a night.

“I have to go,” Carmen said and stood, thinking only of leaving before regret overcame her.

“Um, Carmen? What the hell is that?” Rachel asked.

“Well,” Ryuka said and flicked the obtuse bulge, “This’ll be interesting.”


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 31 - Sample of Decadence

A lot of things happened that didn’t make sense. Random bouts of unseasonal weather, a hot girl going out with someone tiny and plain by comparison, and said hot girl possessing a blatant, unfeminine appendage. That bulge could not be anything else. Rachel gulped and diverted her gaze. No one else was looking at them yet, a few glanced, but they were too distracted to recognise Carmen’s secret.

“Hey sit down,” Rachel said, kicking her date - that thought still sent a trill down her spine. This was their second date, and already she was learning one of Carmen’s deepest secrets. It had to be, she wouldn’t tell anyone about it willingly. Carmen flushed a dark crimson and plummeted to her seat, a sheen of sweat on her brow.

“H-hello, how… how can I help you?” A waitress asked. She was a tall, buxom woman, and seemed softer than any stress ball. Discomfort poured from her stance and her skittish eyes, which did everything in their power to avoid Carmen.

“I’ll take the quiche and, um, I guess she’ll have a muffin and whatever coffee you recommend,” Rachel said, unable to get Carmen to look up.

“Alright, I’ll, uh, I’ll be right back,” the waitress said. Laugh lines framed her eyes, but they looked heavy as she turned away.

“So, that’s your ex?” Rachel asked once the woman left earshot. Carmen nodded and glanced up, lips tight.

“You saw it,” she said.

“Saw what?” Rachel tilted her head in feigned ignorance and played with a napkin, “You mean your tits jiggling? How could I not?”

Carmen thinned her eyes, then sighed and looked away. At some point Rachel would come clean, sooner than later as Carmen obviously didn’t believe her, but the ‘woman’ didn’t need any more anxiety. A deep breath flattened any crease in her shirt, the delectable tits straining for freedom. Carmen turned her gaze on Rachel.

“She used to be my boss. After awhile I… we started dating. It was fun,” Carmen explained, a mournful grin on her lips. It turned to fury a second later, “Then Gretchen and Ashley fucked it all up.”

The waitress, Carmen’s former girlfriend, came back with their order. She looked flushed, her jovial cheeks tomato red, but she had a smile now. Was her chest smaller? Trick of the light, Rachel decided and eyed the two cups she put down for Carmen. One was a dark, aromatic coffee, and the other was just milk.

“If you have any problems, just call me,” she said and left. All it took was a few words, and observing some delicious jiggling flesh, for Rachel to see how Carmen could fall for her. The way she spoke had a tone of joy to it, soothing all worries. Which twisted Rachel’s gut into a series of nooses, slipping around her heart and throat. It took all her substantial will not to run away. Going after Carmen’s workplace had been her idea. Gretchen’s malice worsened it, but the concept was Rachel’s.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said.

“Don’t worry. It’s not like you could’ve stopped them,” Carmen regarded her drinks and gulped. She took a sip of the milk, slightly thicker than what was in cartons, and smiled the same sorrowed smile as before, then added it to her coffee.

“Still…” Rachel nursed on her lip, looking around for that waitress. She was with other customers, at ease as she chatted with them like old friends, which she did with another table right after. All the while, her curves rippled with each step. Rachel imagined sinking into that softness, warm and safe, “She seems really nice.”

“She is,” Carmen said and followed her gaze, then immediately jerked her head away.

“So, uh, wanna tell me about that diary thing the other day?” Rachel asked, eager to focus on anything else.

“What diary?”

“You know, that Futa Note thing.”

“Oh,” Carmen cleared her throat, “Uh, that. It’s nothing.”

“Seemed kind of kinky to me. You write fantasies in it or something?”

Carmen turned her eyes elsewhere, as if searching for an answer, then she forced a laugh, “Y-yeah. Kind of.”

“Why not just look it up online?” Rachel asked.

“Well, it’s more to just, um, get it out of my system,” Carmen squirmed a little, embarrassed, but it was better than being reminded of what Rachel had taken from her.

“Why not just rub one out?” Rachel asked, then her eyes widened at Carmen’s fierce blush, which spread deep into her cleavage. A sharp breath sent the mountains jiggling in their prison. Rachel choked back a laugh with a mouthful of her quiche. She swallowed quick and addressed her companion again.

“Wait, you don’t masturbate?” Rachel almost chuckled.

“No, I do. Just, not willingly,” Carmen muttered. Was she bitter about her libido? This time, Rachel snickered at the supposed girl. Someone like this shouldn’t exist. Perfectly huge tits and ass, and a hefty slab of dick between her legs, and she didn’t like to jerk off. Ridiculous.

“Why? It feels good.”

“Because… I have reasons.”

“Maybe try just relaxing into it sometime. The best ones are always when you build up and take your time. No worries. No obligations. Just you, your body, and fantasies,” Rachel sighed, recalling last night when she did just that. Once Leah was milked, she’d retired to her room and was swarmed with fantasies of Carmen all night. She ended up passing out because of it.

Carmen squirmed more and glugged her coffee, “Tell me about the laptop you picked out for me.”

Rachel shook her head and smiled. Most honour students were repressed, or sheltered, though it was surprising that a futa of all things would be. If Carmen was anything like Leah, then her libido must be crazy. That boner certainly said volumes. Not as large as her sister’s. Rachel shuddered to think of how often she’d been forced to see Leah’s erection. That girl avoided pants like the plague.

She explained all the specs and features. Carmen relaxed, nodding along as she learned what matted in computers, and what she could do with all that processing power. Gaming, working with multiple screens, opening a dozen tabs without issue. Sure, Carmen might not put it to full use, but there was hope.

“I really don’t need all that,” Carmen said once the tutorial was done, regarding the bag with disdain.

“Can’t have my girlfriend living in the dark ages,” Rachel sighed and finished off her quiche, hiding her guilt in its flavour. Carmen shrank back into her seat.

“So,” Rachel said, louder than she needed to, “That book of yours. I noticed my sister and Dakota’s names in there, and Ashley.”

Carmen looked away, then stood up. Her erection had gone. “Come on. I still need a new phone.”

Buying one didn’t take very long. Rachel was stubborn about tech, all but tossing aside the unworthy devices as she scanned the options. She pretended to vomit each time Carmen suggested an Apple product. They were too exclusive, and Carmen wanted to avoid the expensive crap anyway. Still, Rachel pushed her to at least buy the second to latest model, and get a decent data plan. Afterwards, they sat outside on a bench, fiddling with the settings and getting Carmen acquainted with a modern OS. It almost hurt Rachel to think Carmen had used a pressure-based screen for so long.

“So that’s it? Everything is set?” Carmen asked.

“Yep. There’s a few things you can do with apps and such, but that’s the basic shit done,” Rachel said.

“I mean, it’s nice at least,” Carmen noted, turning it over in her hand.

“And the camera is great. Here,” Rachel took it and turned the lens on herself and Carmen, snuggled tight to get in frame. She snapped it just as Carmen gathered what was happening, and another of the honour student herself, “That’s a keeper.”

Carmen sighed and took it back. She went through the settings, navigating like a pro after Rachel had shown her once, and the picture of them both was set to her lock screen. That was fast, Rachel thought and looked at her. In two days, and as many dates, she felt this girl - futa - was someone worth staying with. More than that, she was amazing. Someone that quick to learn, who could be fun and sexy without really trying, and once had a job despite her family’s wealth… this was Gretchen’s opposite made flesh.

And Rachel had tried hurting her worse than she imagined. She would tell her everything next time, she decided as her phone pinged at the arrival of a new photo. It was the one she took of Carmen. She deserved to know, then she could make her choice. Until then, Rachel had photographic aid for her evening.

Not long after, they parted ways at the bus station. Rachel played up the drama, as if she were being sent off to war, leaving her darling all alone. It felt that way, as if the bus pulling away was the signal of an ending. It wouldn’t be, not yet at least. Rachel waved to her and kept looking back until Carmen left her vision. Then she breathed a sigh of remorse and relief.

The house was devoid of life. Rachel didn’t have any pets, unless her cow-like sister counted, so the rooms stood vacant but for their furniture. She walked through the same house time and again, and not until last night had it felt so empty.

“You’re hopeless, Rachel,” she told herself while making a snack. The moment Carmen was gone, her world seemed to dim. How pathetic a love-struck girl was she that two dates decided her perceptions of reality? She sighed and headed upstairs. A moment of quiet, self-love would clear things up. She’d use her dildo this time, the poor thing hadn’t seen much action in recent weeks, though she wished it were Carmen.

Holding the plastic model in her hand, she wondered at the honour student’s cock. Was it as perfect as the rest of her? The bulge was sizeable, not enormous like Leah, but for someone of Rachel’s height, it would fill her perfectly. She hoped it wasn’t sleek and feminine like some she saw online. A cock needed to be rugged, gnarled with thick, juicy veins throbbing all along its length. And a big, spongy head!

Rachel almost missed her own penetration in her fantasy. The fake dick pushed open her petite folds, moistened by her lurid mind, and stretched the inner walls. She bit back a moan, slowly urging more into herself. The mould was terrible. It was too flat with little to no texture, meant to glide inside smaller girls without trouble. But that was boring.

She pumped it now. Her legs splayed out on her bed as she reclined on pillows, soft breaths coming faster as she envisioned her girlfriend - or was it futa-friend? - bearing down on her, breasts right in her face and cock slipping into her tight opening. No matter how she tried stretching it, the hole retained its grip. It may just be her imagination, but Carmen’s face was a beautiful storm of emotions. Relief that someone knew and accepted her, happiness at being with Rachel, anger at what Rachel had done, and pleasure and love from what they were doing. Rachel wished she had kissed her, just to replay the sensation over and over.

“Come on, Carmen,” Rachel panted to her vision. She brought her phone up, the futa’s picture blushing at her, “Give it to me. Fuck me. Make me cum with your girl-cock.” Her hand sped up. The air tingled on Rachel’s nipples, her pussy squelched with each thrust, and she reeked of sex. If only she’d kissed Carmen, then she could remember her taste. This was enough, however, as she hastened to a powerful climax.

The imaginary Carmen notched it up as well. Drawing had provided Rachel with a skilled imagination, as such, she envisioned the honour student in vivid detail; every jiggle of Carmen’s tits as she thrust forward, and how the nipples danced to her tempo. Her mind circled around, envisioning the futa’s luscious ass pounding against Rachel’s crotch. Rachel bucked her hips and moaned louder, back arching in pleasure. Fire and lightning crackled under her skin.

“Cum in me. Cum in me. Cum in me.” Rachel chanted the lurid desire. How big were Carmen’s balls? Did that even matter with cum? Regardless, she hoped she came a lot. She must have a big, juicy load destined for Rachel’s slutty cunt. Oh god, she really was a total slut. This futa she knew little about already subsumed every desire, had her thinking of the future, made her crave a cock after she spent so long thinking she was gay. Maybe she still was. Futanari counted as girls, right?

“Whatever, just cum!” Rachel said and wailed as her pussy clamped down. A finger slipped inside and was crushed against her toy. It might’ve been painful, if her juices hadn’t come spilling out, squeezing everything from her snatch in a gooey spray of fem-cum. Any sweat that clung to her thighs was swept away in the tide. Her mind, however, refused to let it end. She crammed three fingers inside herself, palm swiping along her clit as she prolonged the orgasm with another.

Her body quivered in the afterglow. Spasms rolled through her pussy, squeezing out her exhausted fingers and what little juice she had left. The walls ground together, eliciting another groan. Rachel turned on her side as lethargy settled upon her. It didn’t matter that her dildo needed cleaning, or that her hand and room reeked of pussy, she just wanted to sleep. Her eyelids fluttered shut and Carmen’s visage welcomed her into dreams.

Carmen sat at her desk until the sun began its descent. She had set up her laptop, made a grandiose ceremony of passing the old tech onto Melody, and now she sat there with the internet at her fingertips. It was faster than ever, pages loading within a second. Think of all the information she could uncover before sleep caught on, or how much media she could catch up on. Or how much porn she…

Fascinated by the sleeker object, Ryuka hovered by her side as well, “I was amazed at what humans could create, but for you to have something so small yet so powerful is quite the feat.”

“Says the owner of a Futa Note,” Carmen said. Maybe it was worth looking into the Seikogami again, she had all the time necessary to discover their influence on society. Perhaps they were the reason humans became so perverted over the centuries.

“Nope,” Ryuka answered her thought, “Your kind were boning assholes before we showed up. I mean, sure, we inspired some futanari stuff to crop up here and there. Maybe we introduced a couple people to sounding. And sure, we did get caught doing vore once or twice.”

“Vore?” Carmen frowned at the term. Before she thought to just question the deity, she had typed it in, “Oh… vore.” It was the act of swallowing someone. It didn’t matter what orifice was used. Often the victim, prey, was digested and added to the person’s body mass, usually as breast or ass flesh. She closed her browser at the throb between her legs.

“Someone likes eating people,” Ryuka sang.

“Shut up,” Carmen shut down the laptop and plopped onto her bed. Melody was busy enjoying her new phone and computer, old as they were, and Alicia had a meeting about some investments. They’d already had dinner. No one would disturb her for another hour or two. Her cock pulsed against its bonds, echoing below in her pussy. She hadn’t touched it in months. Not since she first met Ryuka in fact.

Nor had she masturbated for simple pleasure since before that. It felt good to cum, given her body it was inconceivable not to, but each time she did it was for relief. Plain and simple. There were no reasons for stress anymore. She could let it all flow out, washed away on a tide of leisurely masturbation, and give her body the taste of pleasure it craved.

“I’d be happy to offer my services,” Ryuka said and settled atop the bed. For someone so tall and curvy, she left little to no imprint, even as she rolled onto her stomach, breasts squishing out from her chest, like massive balls of creamy dough, “Believe it or not, I enjoy taking things slow sometimes. Watching people climb to their peak with a shout of bliss is a great time-killer.”

“No,” Carmen said after longer than she intended, “I-I just want to be alone.” Her face was hot. Shit, she was blushing. From Ryuka’s offer? Probably. But she couldn’t accept it, not yet. It was bad enough that Ryuka could make her cum with just a few touches, but to willingly accept that was a step too far.

Maybe another time. For now, she wasn’t confident in her self-control. And the last thing she wanted was to lose her virginity, either of them, to a sex goddess. Carmen groaned in her chest, dismayed that she was even entertaining the prospect in the future, but sighed when Ryuka pouted and left. Hopefully she wouldn’t peek.

“Oh, god. I’m actually doing this,” Carmen muttered as she pushed her pants down. Relief flowed once they stopped biting into her meaty thighs and hips, and her cock lurched into freedom. The thing had grown a bit. Not a match for Zoey, whose bulge seemed impossible to hide, but larger than average by a couple inches. Learning so much had its demerits, as she knew what that meant; eight inches of cock sat between her legs.

Her shirt was next to go. Of everything the Futa Note had done to her, the one she appreciated was touching up her curves. She’d have preferred earning them herself, there must be exercises for doing so, but it was hard to argue against what a magic book bestowed her. Her goal was to take it slow. That meant leaving her sexes alone and… exploring? Carmen sat in the nude and glanced around, before she hefted her breasts.

They were far lighter than Stacy and Ashley’s, despite having a similar size. She didn’t have milk or semen constantly building inside the pair, though that did nothing to their form. For most of her life, Carmen had been averagely endowed, with a lacklustre shape. Now her breasts sat proud upon her chest, rolling just a bit under gravity, with plump nipples. They overflowed her hands, squishing between fingers as she fondled them. She let go and stroked their size. She gasped as her nipples were rubbed.

“This isn’t too bad,” Carmen said and continued doing so. Her pulse quickened, pounding through her nipples that engorged with her desire. She bit her lip and pinched them, moaning at the surge of pleasure. Moisture brimmed to life between her thighs. It became humid against the backs of her balls, which rubbed her fairer sex as her legs closed together. The last time pleasure built up this slow, she was with Stacy, who had much better discipline.

Now Carmen struggled not to let lust take hold. Instead, she kept one hand bound to her breast, while the other’s nails traced across her stomach, down to her cock. Take it slow. One by one, her fingers curled around the turgid shaft. She exhaled and gave a long stroke, dragging it out to the head and gasping at her delicate touch, then dipped down. Maintaining that same pace, Carmen closed her eyes to let imagination take hold.

“Strange. You’re awake, yet I am here.”

Carmen turned and regarded what she believed was the Futa Note realised by her mind. It was beautiful. She clenched and moaned. Was she still masturbating in her sleep? No, this didn’t feel as much like a dream. More a fantasy.

“Perhaps,” the Futa Note answered her thoughts, “I hope it’s not. I want to talk to you more.”

“I’m not listening to you,” Carmen said, then noticed her nudity and turned, hiding her erection, “Go away.”

“I can help with that. Don’t worry, I won’t touch you. Only supply what you want to see right now,” the book held up its hands. Carmen eyed it, wishing she would stop noticing the seductive way its tits moved, so buoyant despite their massive size. Or how just shifting weight between feet demanded her attention. There was no contest, this thing was curvier than Ryuka.

Carmen regarded the scenery. It was her room. Her peripheral view was hazy, telling her it was a dream-like state. She sat on her bed and waited, observing the Futa Note. It stood by the door, smiling like a bemused parent, but also guarding the exit it seemed. Carmen sighed and leaned back onto her pillows, feeling them as if it was reality. Her physical body must be moving as well.

The Futa Note cleared its throat and, in the style of a wrestling announcer, said; “Let’s bring in our special guest. Weighing in at 100lbs and standing at 5’2’’, it’s Rachel Adams!” The door opened and Rachel stood there, also naked, and appeared almost childish beside the creature. She looked around with a smirk, then fixed it upon Carmen. Like a switch had turned, she raced toward her.

Carmen yelled as she was tackled to the bed and met with a flurry of kisses. They felt real. Her lips were being mashed into someone else’s, but she couldn’t say whose. Must be Ryuka. She wanted to stop and reprimand the Seikogami, but her body refused to act. Rachel kept kissing her, awakening her arousal to new heights as those slender thighs straddled her.

Something squeezed her cock. Carmen reciprocated the kisses, relaxing as her physical body kept pleasuring itself. The pleasure was slow, gentle streams that rolled over her flesh, warm and inviting. She kissed harder, deciding there was no stopping until she finished, even if that meant delving deeper into her mind than she cared to. In the meantime, she had Rachel’s petite and supple body wrapped around hers, so close that the heat of her vagina poured onto the cock trapped between. Hot breaths rushed from their noses as the kiss deepened.

She’s so small, Carmen thought and cupped the girl’s ass. Her palm covered it with ease, fingers almost capable of grabbing the whole other cheek. If she were bigger, then Rachel would seem like a child. She already did. Cute breasts were devoured in Carmen’s whorish set, their mass squishing around and rolling over Rachel’s tiny torso. If the rest of her was this petite, then what about her vagina. Stacy’s had been accommodating enough to handle four fingers with ease, but she was a giant compared to this girl.

The kiss broke and a bridge of drool with it. Carmen hadn’t noticed she was drooling so much. She wiped it away, leaving a slimy trail on her arm, one that told her just how far she had fallen into depravity. Rachel leaned in and licked it up, pressing her tongue flat. They stared at each other, chests heaving.

“This isn’t real,” Carmen said.

“No, but this is Rachel’s desire as well as yours,” the Futa Note explained, still at the door.

“This isn’t real,” Carmen repeated as Rachel ground into her penis, giving it a taste of that hidden treasure she refused herself. Dakota, Mary, Zoey, Ashley and now Rachel, none would turn her down even after finding out she was also a futa. She still would deny herself. Pleasure was a distraction from reality, nothing more, and she would only share it with someone she really cared for. Someone she wanted to be with. Who accepted her and supported her and loved her and wanted her and… Rachel had seen her cock, but didn’t care.

She had seen the Futa Note and didn’t care. She’d supported Carmen in the diner with Stacy and clearly wanted her. Did Rachel love her? Carmen swallowed. The pleasure had paused in her confusion, then Rachel grunted, hefting a tit to her face. She stopped to marvel at its size, a close match for her head, then ran her tongue around the areolae, circling toward the lush nipple at its centre.

This was a fantasy. It’s not real. Carmen groaned at the pressure on her cock and the impossible sensation on her nipple. She was alone in reality, yet Rachel’s lips and tongue and teeth were there on her tit, slobbering over it like an overeager dog. Telltale sparks detonated in her breast, trailing devastating pleasure down her spine and into her loins. This was a fantasy.

It didn’t matter what she did or what she thought. Nothing she did here mattered. So, what was holding her back? Carmen held the redhead against her nipple, her other hand kneading that petite, supple ass. Hidden within, two holes beckoned so sweetly, each promising wondrous tightness. Addictive scents swirled from them, testing Carmen’s discipline. Meandering beads of sweat formed and were joined by more on her skin, the strain showing through as Rachel’s hands fondled her breasts and her lips suckled on a nipple. She jumped to the other, leaving the first swollen and glossy with copious spit.

“What’s holding you back?” The Futa Note asked. Its shape had fluctuated, becoming perversely massive and shiny from oil, with nipples the size of fists that leaked a constant flow of milk. Carmen’s breath caught. She didn’t have an answer. It wasn’t a defeat to enjoy her fantasy, even one infiltrated by the book. This was her mind. Her world. By right, she should indulge in all the things she chained up.

“Couldn’t agree more,” the book smirked and ran its hands over torso-defining tits, then down into hips that could shred any jeans, ending at an erection that cleared the doorframe, “Just tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen here. I am at your beck and call, Carmen. You think I will change you, that I’ll take your self-control and raze it to the ground. But I won’t. I just want you to be happy. Tell me your desires.”

Carmen gulped back a moan. Her mouth opened, her mind raced with possibilities, which spewed from her lips without a filter. Even when she thought it was done, a new idea came that demanded freedom. Across the room, the Futa Note beamed at her, yet its eyes shone with an eldritch warmth. Rachel shuddered and moaned, arching back to show off the phallus sprouting from her crotch.

The room came back into focus at just the wrong moment. Carmen gasped, jerked and cried out as ecstasy plummeted from her gut to her loins. She released a nipple she’d been nursing on, letting it flop back into place, while her cock quivered in her hand, which kept stroking. Dense ropes exploded from the tip while her pussy doused the bed, its walls clamped on all her fingers, spraying past them. Spasms ran through her tunnel and up her dick, still more cum erupting from both.

Remnants of her orgasm dripped from her sexes. Carmen panted where she laid, staring at the ceiling, astounded and shaking from the aftershocks still coursing through her. She reached to her breast and flinched when she grazed a nipple, like she was hit with a taser. On her bedside, the Futa Note was open. It seemed to stare at her.

She gulped, recalling the fantasy. Did she want to turn Rachel into a futa? Carmen propped herself up and stared down at her own body, voluptuous and coated in sweat and cum, the scents of which permeated her room. Her cock shouldn’t exist. It was a blight on her otherwise improved figure. Those thoughts still held true, yet she was reluctant to assert them.

“It’s not that bad,” Carmen admitted under her breath. At least it wasn’t a limp, useless appendage. She could masturbate with it, take pleasure in her predicament, and even get someone pregnant. Her mind blanked at the thought. Could she? Gathering a clump of semen, she regarded it with a critical eye. Nothing about the aromatic slop gave the impression it was infertile. She doubted the book would allow such a thing. The book… perhaps it wasn’t nearly as dangerous as she first thought.

That night, Carmen procrastinated going to sleep for as long as possible. If she fell asleep, she knew the book would appear to her, though nothing backed up her suspicion. But the day had drained her and seductive exhaustion replaced her stubbornness.

When next she opened her eyes, it was back in the dreamscape of her room, yet the Futa Note’s form hadn’t appeared. She waited, looking around for any sign of it. Then a small hand pulled on her shirt. She assumed it was Melody, given the size, then she followed it.

“Looking for someone?” Rachel’s visage asked, drastically changed but definitely her. She had shrunk, however the slab of cock draped over a thigh commanded all her attention.

“This is a dream,” Carmen thought and leaned in. If it was her dreams and fantasies, then she could indulge a little. Maybe one day, if Rachel wanted it, she would make this a reality.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 32 - Getting Heated

“Thanks, Mary. Honestly, I don’t know how it happened,” Carmen said, taking the large box from her former antagonist. The blonde shrugged, sending ripples through her impressive bust, which forced Carmen’s eyes away. It was getting harder to ignore such things, more so with Mary proudly showing off her chest. The shirt even had the cup-size embroidered into it; N-cup. She wondered what store made bras that big for someone otherwise slim.

“It’s nothing. I outgrew most of those ages ago. Macromastia and all that,” Mary said and waved her hand. After Carmen added that new rule in the book, most of her ‘victims’ suddenly had explanations for their bodies. All were born dual-sexed, but kept it hidden as best they could - except Zoey, who’s new life story was one of being raised a boy, until her curves came in - and some developed other conditions. Like Ashley’s breasts turning into cum tanks. She hadn’t called for Carmen’s help in a while. Might be worth checking in, Carmen thought and let Mary inside.

Just a few months ago, she never would’ve entertained the idea. Now, she didn’t mind that Mary sat in the living room, relaxed as ever, or that she was practically half-naked. Carmen never removed the punishment side of Mary’s change, in case she regressed to a bitch. Certainly not to ogle her tan skin, svelte waist and abundance of thigh. Or almost a foot of cleavage that stuck in front of her, displayed by a halter top that functioned as her bra.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Carmen asked and handed her a glass of soda, nodding to the slight bumps of Mary’s nipples. It was early morning and the sun mimicked her attention, radiance cast upon the busty blonde’s stack.

“Nah, feels good actually. But you can check if you want? You might need to get real close, though,” Mary teased, then pouted as Carmen shook her head, taking a seat on another chair. The living had a couch and two chairs in a semi-circle around the tv. A large coffee table sat in the centre, with smaller tables between  the furniture.

“You know, one of these days you’re gonna have to loosen up,” Mary said.

“Yeah,” Carmen sighed, mind turning to Rachel and the fantasies that played over and over everyday and night, “But I have a girlfriend now, so…”

“What?” Mary gasped and leaned forward, breasts spilling over her lap, “When? How? Give me details woman!”

Carmen’s cheeks burned at the admission. It had slipped out, though she was going to tell her friends sooner or later. And Mary was perhaps the best one, since she had experience with relationships, at least sexually.

“It just started a week ago, but, uh… it’s going fast. I think.” Carmen kept the details close, not wanting to reveal that it was Rachel. She couldn’t risk Mary harassing her, or telling the others too early.

“Who is it? Please tell me it’s Zoey. The way she looks at you makes me wanna cry sometimes.”

“It’s, uh, no one like that,” Carmen said.

“Oh, I get it. Yeah, that dick would scare just about anyone away.”

“Not that,” Carmen chuckled and shook her head, “I mean, she’s someone else. Someone we don’t hang out with. Anyway, I’m worried that it’s going too quick.”

“Why?” Mary asked and leaned back, “I’ve seen plenty of fast moving lovers stay together. It’s called the ‘honeymoon phase’. You guys bang and if you’re still together after, then you’ve got something.”

“I mean, I…” Carmen swallowed her doubt. This was Mary, a proud slut, even with a dick in her pants, and someone that slept with hundreds more people than Carmen. Sex was second nature for her, “I don’t want to sleep with her and then it’s over, you know. Or for things to change.”

It didn’t happen with Stacy, but it wasn’t long before something went wrong. This was a high school romance, however, and those rarely ended well. Perhaps she only noted the worst ones, and media portrayed the bad more often, so that might affect her judgement. She liked Rachel. The last thing she wanted was to hurt her. But they couldn’t escape Gretchen. Something would happen once Summer ended. Could she just enjoy this for the holidays and leave it at that?

Nothing had to go wrong. Carmen was on the verge of happiness, wasn’t she? Nice house, happy family, a relationship, good friends and options for the future. Most were because of the Futa Note. What was a couple more entries just to solidify it? Mary pulled her from the reverie.

“It won’t be over. Trust me, you don’t want to wait too long with some people. If she’s making moves on you, show interest, maybe hold back a bit, then return the favour,” Mary looked deep in thought, as if going over one of her many trysts, “Or maybe just go on instinct. Spontaneous sex is pretty fun.”

“Thanks,” Carmen said, though her face was hot.

“I like seeing you happy,” Mary explained and got to her feet, “It’s a good change from your usual gloomy look.”


“Yeah, you used to be all dark and broody. Don’t get me wrong, it worked, but your smile is so sexy. Well, I’ve gotta go. Ashley and I are meeting up later.” Mary winked as she left.

Carmen stood at the door, lost in thought for a second. She checked her new phone; two hours until she needed to head out. Rachel’s face looked at her from the screen, beaming adorably. She didn’t like being called cute, but there were few other words that perfectly summed her up sometimes. Even in her fantasies, where she turned Rachel into an amalgam of sexuality, that cuteness remained. Reminded of her growing depravity, Carmen turned her attention to the old clothes Mary dropped off.

While not her style, few things of hers fit right, and she didn’t have time to shop for more. That was wrong. She had the time, any amount she needed now, but her attentions were torn. Between Melody and Rachel, she didn’t leave much for herself, and what little she did was spent in pleasure. She masturbated everyday and dragged it out if possible.

It was just as Rachel told her; ‘going slow made it better’. Taking a few minutes just to grope herself, to enjoy parts of her body she felt pride in, before moving to her less appealing side. It had grown in the past week. Being so intimately familiar now, she could tell. Each day seemed to add a fraction of growth, not just on her penis, but her breasts and ass and height. Hence, nothing in her wardrobe fit. Mary was her closest bet in terms of size. Zoey was too tall and hadn’t saved any old clothes either.

Carmen sighed, thinking that she should see her friends more often. Maybe she would organise something and bring Rachel along, then she and Zoey could reconvene, perhaps more. Thoughts of her friends had crept in amongst her fantasies lately, like her restraints were corroding, letting them seep out with her libido. Now it wasn’t only Rachel she lusted after. Mary’s tits, Ashley’s sublime ass, Zoey’s height and cock, Dakota’s… she hadn’t really done anything to her. Was that fair? Everyone else had something special, a ‘punishment’ to some extent.

“Now you’re getting it,” Ryuka said, pulling out some of Mary’s old clothes. They didn’t have a hope of fitting the Seikogami, even the monumental bra in her hands. Supposedly, the rashes hadn’t started until Mary was already huge. Carmen pinched her brow at the size of it; 34G. Mary mentioned that she hadn’t worn it since she was in middle school. She must’ve been ridiculed for it. Another bra was a H cup, with still more climbing higher - some were even too big for Carmen. Maybe Mary didn’t need the rashes anymore.

No, that might retroactively change things. Carmen groaned. Why did the book have to put time manipulation into effect? The past no longer mattered, she thought. Just focus on the present.

“Exactly,” Ryuka said and hugged her from behind, “Ooh, we’ll make a wonderful Seikogami of you yet.”

“Shut up,” Carmen snapped with a grin and rummaged through the box. There had to be something decent that’d fit.

There was, but it pushed her boundaries. If Ryuka hadn’t reminded her of the time, she might’ve chanced a trip to the mall, but she and Rachel had plans. Carmen was nothing if not punctual. She put the clothes away, not wanting Melody to find some of the lingerie Mary included, and rushed to the bus. Other passengers stared at her, one mother covered her child’s eyes. That was uncalled for.

Carmen showed far more skin than she cared for, but she didn’t look like a prostitute either. Her shirt cut low, cresting the line of her bra, which itself dipped low enough that her areolae could peek out any moment. It at least covered her navel, but ended where her hips bellowed out. With the sun bright and air humid, she didn’t want to wear jeans, and instead opted for Mary’s baggiest shorts. They just concealed her bulge, but otherwise hugged her thighs and ass tight. It was a strange combination, given her clear, milky complexion. Her clothes suited a tanned beachgoer.

“Adds some elegance if you ask me,” Ryuka said and added, upon receiving Carmen’s scowl, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave you two alone. But I think I know what you’ll be getting up to.”

Her cheeks burned at the implications. She gripped her bag, equipped with a change of clothes and the Futa Note. She shouldn’t have brought it. The temptation was always there anyway, but having it on her person, around the current object of her desires, was tempting fate. Worse, it was like laughing in its face. Carmen leaned against the window, using the rocking to ground her thoughts.

“This was a stupid idea.” Any number of things could go wrong. She suspected Rachel knew about her penis, but hadn’t confirmed anything, so this could expose her and turn Rachel away. Her urges might take over, the book might influence her mind, it could tempt her to do something horrible. Like steal Rachel’s will. She couldn’t lose her if Rachel didn’t have free thought.

“Maybe dump all those thoughts on someone else?” Ryuka offered, “You said it before right? That ‘it’s to get it out of your system’. And I know you think Dakota’s entry looks pretty barren next to everyone else’s.”

Carmen pulled out the book and looked at the first page, where Dakota’s name preceded all others. She didn’t stand out, but she was a good person at heart. Kind and supportive, like a mother. Something maternal might suit her, though she prided herself on being athletic. The futa slammed the book shut, blushing furiously as she stuffed it away. Indulging herself this past week had taken its toll. She glared at Ryuka, then took a breath and shut her eyes. In a little while, she’d be with Rachel.

Anxiety tainted anticipation. Traces of arousal dripped through as well, like a viscous sludge escaping through growing cracks. It slid through the body, leaving a slimy trail of heat in its wake, which fed more to that fire. A perpetual cycle of lust, unending without a release. Once it was free, however, what was to say carnage wouldn’t ensue. But it was worth the risk.

Rachel sat in the living room. It was approaching noon, the sun at its peak. She wore a loose shirt, one that let the air currents swirl around her torso, and a pair of shorts. No underwear, the heat made them all but unbearable, and she hoped they’d only get in the way later. It’d been a few days since she and Carmen went out for a picnic of all things. They were a sight, both pale as alabaster and porcelain respectively.

It solidified Rachel’s desire. They didn’t talk often, a phone call once or twice and some texts, and yet it was enough to draw her deeper into Carmen. Enigmas surrounded the honour student’s thoughts, sometimes hinting at feelings Rachel shared, but otherwise kept them shrouded. Those hints kept her diving, sinking toward what she wanted. Today, she would find and pull it out.

A series of raps on the door jolted her.

“I’ve got it!” Leah announced, waddling toward the door. She’d just finished her milkings, so her breasts weren’t door frame trouble, though still enough for her to graze the edges. The second and third pair didn’t give the same issues, but they held her top set high, almost obscuring her chin from a slightly low angle. It was that sight which greeted Carmen.

She couldn’t match Leah in curves. No one did, even Mary and Ashley, who suffered from macromastia, were like grade schoolers compared to her, but Carmen had a controlled beauty around her. Lust seemed to hover around her with elegance, or like a tiger stalking in its cage, waiting to strike. More so with her current outfit that pronounced her curvature like few others could. It juxtaposed her refined palor and looked closer to something Mary wore.

“Hi, Carmen! Oh, you look amazing,” Leah said. Her drawling voice gave way to excitement, rough with blatant desire, and oblivious to anything but the woman standing before her. Until Rachel cleared her throat.

“Hey,” she said and nudged her sister aside, letting Carmen enter.

“Hey,” Carmen said, blushing fiercely. Her eyes struggled to stay off Leah. Understandable, Rachel thought with a glance her way as well. No one else could keep their eyes focused with her around. Even gay men gawked at her package, which bulged a little despite her baggiest pants. A poncho couldn’t hide just how massive her tits were either. Nothing covered her right since Rachel was young.

“Hmm, you really look great in that,” Leah continued, raking her eyes across Carmen’s body.

“Don’t you have work,” Rachel reminded her.

Leah pouted, “Fine. I’ll leave you love birds alone. Just make sure you clean up after yourselves.” She left with a wink at Carmen, who breathed a sigh once the door shut. Rachel chuckled and gestured to the living room. From now, until that evening, they had the house to themselves.

“So, uh, what now?” Rachel asked and sat next to her girlfriend. She really was stunning, more so now than a couple days ago. Must’ve been a trick from not seeing her for a few days.

“You wanted to show me some things, if I recall,” Carmen said with an easy smile.

“Oh, yeah. Specifically, I want you to watch some anime. See if anything sticks. Common interests and all that.” Rachel grabbed the remote.

“Isn’t anime just weird, bombastic stuff? Like that Yu-Gi-Oh thing?”

“Yes and no. You’d be amazed at some of them. It’s really just animation with a distinct style. That’s all.”

Carmen shrugged and relaxed into the couch. The first show was Dragon Ball. Rachel intended to show her a little of everything, then continue with whatever caught her interest. Part of her dreaded showing this stuff, in case it turned Carmen away. She was an honour student, a serious mind honed to block out most forms of entertainment.

It went better than expected. Carmen laughed, sometimes just a giggle, but other times she gave a true laugh. Oh, it was a musical, husky sound, like a song made to arouse. Rachel almost didn’t notice herself leaning toward her, then her head was on Carmen’s shoulder, and an arm had draped over hers. This felt natural. Just a few dates and barely more than a week of time together, yet Rachel was comfortable. More than that, she wanted to take this much further.

“That was funnier than I expected,” Carmen said once the episode ended.

“It’s silly in all the right ways,” Rachel grinned and hunted down the next show, “I wish I could animate like that, but don’t have the time or talent.”

“Just takes practice,” Carmen rubbed her shoulder, fingers grazing a breast. The briefest touch, but it was nice.

“Yeah. This is No Game No Life. It’s fun,” Rachel said and nestled deeper into Carmen’s shoulder, until the bone got uncomfortable, then she tested the waters and slid lower. Her head laid upon the breast over Carmen’s heart, its palpitations reverberated in the soft mound, muffled in Rachel’s ear but audible nonetheless. Carmen didn’t move her or say anything, so she stayed there.

“I don’t know how I feel about that one,” Carmen noted after two episodes, “It was a bit… uh, it focused a little too much on the kid.”

“She’s cute,” Rachel said, “I like those characters. Makes me feel a little better with my height. And chest.” She chuckled, feeling her waifish breasts, then nuzzled against Carmen’s.

“You look great,” Carmen said and, with a chuckle, leaned down to her ear, “You’re cute.”

“Ugh,” Rachel rolled her eyes and moved on, “Death Note’s really good. For about the first half, second takes a dip.”

During the episodes, Rachel noticed her perch squirming. Was she uncomfortable the concept? No, she had a smile on her face, like it bemused her. Carmen shook her head at one point.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing, just… deja vu,” Carmen snickered. She left it alone and, once the episodes were done, got them some snacks.

“So, what’d you think?” Rachel asked around a cookie.

“It… was interesting,” Carmen glanced at her bag and pulled it around to sit between her legs.

“Cookie?” Rachel offered one. She’d baked them herself, needing a distraction from the constant, infuriating arousal. Every other thought was Carmen. Carmen. Carmen. Carmen. Her boobs. Her ass. The potential of her cock. Her thighs. Her feet. Her hands.

She snapped the thoughts with a bite. They reformed again, surging downward into her loins and bubbled over. Rachel lowered her eyes. Was this her body saying ‘it’s now or never’. She looked back to Carmen.

“I have to tell you something!” Carmen said.

Whatever lust befell Rachel blinded her to the trepidation in Carmen’s voice. She leaned over her, panting softly, and placed a hand on her thigh.

“I know,” Rachel breathed and kissed her. For a moment, Carmen was frozen, then her lips reciprocated and her tongue soon joined in. They separated for a moment, “I know you’ve got one. I don’t care. No. I love it.”

“What?” Carmen gasped as her crotch was grabbed, fingers squeezing her secret. Before she could speak, Rachel blanketed the words, lips pressing harder as she swung a leg over so she straddled Carmen’s voluptuous thighs. Their chests mashed together, smothering Rachel’s in that sublime softness, while her hips ground into a swelling mound.

“I’m serious… there’s something I have to talk to you about.”

“Later,” Rachel huffed and tugged on Carmen’s shirt, urging it over her head to reveal a lacy bra that struggled with its contents, “Fuck, you’re beautiful.” She unhooked the undergarment, pulling it away so its bounty dropped free, though they didn’t sag nearly as much as their size should. Just looking at them made her skin tingle. An undercurrent of heat rolled down her body like lava, dripping out from her crotch. Her panties were already damp.

She went back to kissing her girlfriend, smothering her hands in those gorgeous tits. Nipples shoved back against Rachel’s palms, digging in and teasing a soft moan from Carmen, whose own hands joined the fun. They slid down the petite girl’s body, finding her pert rear and pulling it closer. Saliva filled their mouths and dribbled down their chins, moans pouring out into the room.

It’d only been a couple hours. Rachel planned for this to happen later on, after she ‘accidentally’ put on some porn to set the mood, but this worked too. She didn’t know why she was so aroused already. Carmen just had that effect, she supposed. Before today, just holding her hand was enough to moisten her loins, readying her for another night of self-indulgence. Kisses offered a whole other level, and now they were making out like a pair of sluts. Rachel pulled away and stared at Carmen.

“It’s your turn,” Carmen said, reluctant but resolute as she hooked her fingers in Rachel’s shirt. She pulled it off, revealing the smaller girl’s chest. Rachel covered them with an arm, blushing as she compared their sizes. It was laughable. Her big titted girlfriend pulled the arm away and leaned down to kiss a mound. Fuck! That… did Carmen have some kind of superpower to turned people on?

“You’re lovely,” Carmen said and flicked a tit with her tongue, striking a nerve just right.

Rachel moaned and slouched down to the far larger counterparts, “I’m nothing compared to you though.” She kissed a breast, “You’re beautiful.” Another kiss, closer to the nipple, “You’ve got big boobs. And you’re kind.” Now Rachel latched onto a nipple, startling a yelp from Carmen.

“I’m not… I’m not that kind.”

Rachel ignored her, enamoured by the taste bombarding her. It wasn’t that Carmen used a special body wash, nor was she sweaty, yet her nipple felt and tasted incredible. The thing was the size of Rachel’s thumb, yet squished against her tongue and teeth as she nibbled, and elongated when she suckled, filling her maw. She swirled her muscle around it, using Carmen’s moans to better her moves. Her hands groped the other breast, needing both just for the one. Even then, there was so much she couldn’t handle.

Unlike her, Carmen had no trouble. Her fingers alone covered the expanse of Rachel’s breasts, massaging the small mounds and rolling her nipples. Moans rumbled in their chests, rising as if to outdo each other. Rachel moved onto the other tit, inhaling the areolae. When she finished with them both, her spit left a glossy sheen in her wake. She ground harder into the straining erection below.

“Carmen,” Rachel leaned against her neck, kissing down to her collarbone. One hand reached lower, groping Carmen’s crotch, “Can I see it? Please?”

“I… s-sure. Go ahead,” Carmen said, though she refused to meet Rachel’s eyes. The redhead giggled and sank to the floor, where she pulled the shorts away. A pair of boxers struggled to keep the cock in check, but it was a futile effort. Two quick tugs and her goal lurched into sight. Drool ran down her chin until she remembered to swallow, though more spit replaced it a second later.

“W-well?” Carmen was blushing a deeper red than Rachel’s hair. Despite her usual controlled demeanour, she could be adorable, a sharp juxtaposition to her womb wrecker. Not a giant member like Leah’s, however the fucking thing was stunning. From root to tip, gnarled veins crawled like spindly fingers, its girth exaggerated by them, and ending in a fat head that would drag on her pussy as it pulled out. Rachel shook her head. That might be too much for now. Later tonight, when Leah was asleep.

“It’s everything I dreamed of.”

“You dreamt of this?” Carmen asked, a small grin on her face.

“Almost every night,” Rachel admitted and neared the penis, breath halting as its smell assailed her nostrils, “And every time I masturbated.”

Carmen’s blush somehow deepened, spreading into her chest. She straightened her back, a flicker of pride in her face, that was replaced by shock as Rachel grabbed the shaft. Glistening pre-cum overflowed the tip, that scent burgeoning and pulling Rachel closer. Something compelled her nearer, so her head rested in Carmen’s lap, her nose all but pressed into the cock.

“What now?” Carmen asked.

“Just sit back, relax, and let me take care of you,” Rachel said, squeezing out more pre-cum. It cascaded down her shaft, over her fingers, and sent volts across her skin. She leaned in close and extended her tongue, lapping up the clear slime. A shudder ran through Carmen, however she stayed in place, watching and feeling Rachel’s attentions. She stared at the purple crown and kissed it with all the passion she had.

More pre-cum gushed out, coating her lips, which she licked up with a hungry moan and made her way down the shaft. Carmen’s musk thickened the longer she stayed, it coiled around her senses like tendrils and pulled her in. One hand held the shaft upright, her fingers failed to even go halfway, while she fondled the sack. Each ball was heavy in her palm, as if packed full with semen. Her tongue soon found them, licking up any sweat she could find.

Rachel suctioned onto a swollen orb, inhaling all she could. It wouldn’t fit into her mouth though, so she settled for the delicious, taut skin. A new odour drew her attention. Lifting the sack, she spied Carmen’s pussy, engorged and sopping wet. The sight and smell shot to her own. She clenched her thighs at the sudden flood of desire, droplets escaping down her inner legs. Drool poured down her chin.

Before the thought formed, she was already there. Carmen’s folds seemed to stretch for her lips, meeting her in a lurid, sloppy kiss, sucking on her tongue as it dove inside. Juices poured into her mouth, more than she expected and almost choked her. Rachel pulled back and swallowed, shuddering at the heat rushing across her body. If she didn’t know better, she thought she might cum just from pleasuring Carmen.

Returning to the aromatic snatch, she realised it was possible. Every lash of her tongue, every pulse of Carmen’s heart through those lips, and every little moan she heard from above fed her ecstasy. She didn’t touch herself, her shorts were still in place too, yet her pussy was soaked. If not for the clothes, she’d be dripping. Was that even possible so quickly?

They only made out and now she was eating Carmen’s sodden cunt. She shouldn’t be this turned on, much less on the verge of orgasm, yet the telltale pressure in her abdomen said otherwise. And the more she licked, suckled and drank, the better everything became, as if the juices were responsible. No. Just Carmen’s presence, her touch, was enough. This was love? It had to be. She was only with a few other people like this, but none made her feel this way.

Rachel yanked herself away in a sudden, elated rush. She climbed back up and kissed Carmen hard, sucking on her tongue like a jacked up slut, riding her legs through a miniature orgasm.

“I just came…” Rachel panted once they parted, then she giggled and kissed her again.

“That seems unfair,” Carmen said, a smile on her face. Most times, even her smiles were composed, measured as if to avoid proper emotion. Not this time. It reached her dark eyes, gleaming with mischief for the first time Rachel had seen them. She tried imagining a sexier face, a porn star, model or just a random slut on the street. None even glimpsed the precipice Carmen stood upon. She was that beautiful.

Which hurt Rachel more than anything else. Guilt gnawed at her arousal, knowing that she was responsible for Carmen breaking up with her ex. They might’ve stayed together even if the shop was destroyed, but Rachel had to bring up the idea of cutting off contact, having noticed Carmen’s relief while she worked. It was that Stacy person’s doing. Without her, Carmen might’ve become miserable and Zoey would have come back to Rachel. Of course things didn’t play that way. Instead, Carmen helped Ashley to leave Gretchen’s abusive hand.

Rachel could’ve done anything else. She could’ve talked to her. She could’ve kept her mouth shut. But she didn’t. She was the worst.

“What’s wrong?” Carmen asked, that smile vanished and worry took its place.

“Nothing,” Rachel shook her head, latching onto the twinge of lust still remaining, but it eluded her. Her eyes stung, “Let me…”

“It’s okay,” Carmen didn’t let her move. She held her tight, breasts squeezing between them to create a comfort Rachel only vaguely remembered from being a child. This was like a parent’s embrace, warm and soft and protective. Rachel stiffened. She didn’t deserve it. Carmen’s hand combed through her hair, nails lightly running along the scalp just how she liked it.

“It’s not okay,” Rachel whispered. She didn’t want to say anything. If she did, then her happiness would crumble. This fragile bubble would implode on and crush her. Carmen was quiet, then she pushed Rachel off and to the side. She leaned into her bag and pulled out a notebook, the same fetish diary Rachel had peeked into.

“This, uh… this is gonna sound crazy, but… this book changes people,” Carmen said. At that, Rachel sputtered a laugh. Was she trying to make her feel better? Anything to delay the inevitable.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 33 - Coming Clean

“What?” Rachel snickered, skimming through the rules of the Futa Note. Their clothes were back on haphazardly, arousal tempered by a mixture of worry and intrigue.

“It’s exactly as I said. It changes people. I write their names, add details, and…” Carmen shrugged, “Don’t you think it’s weird that everyone’s name in the book has a penis? Your sister, Mary, Zoey?”

“They’ve always been like that,” Rachel said and handed it back, “I mean, it’s a weird coincidence that I know them all, but it’s not like you did it.”

“Got a pencil?” Carmen asked, she flipped to the rules page and her eyes shone, though she didn’t mention anything else.

“Why not a pen?”

“It’s permanent unless I can erase the words. I don’t know about paint or the like, but I don’t want to chance it,” Carmen explained. Rachel got up and found one, handing it over with a bemused smile as her girlfriend wrote her name. Pain lanced through Rachel’s head and brought her down. She was caught in Carmen’s arms, shaking as a lifetime of memories, of seeing her sister acting ‘normal’ as she was milked like a cow, were contrasted by an actually normal childhood. Same with Zoey, who she’d have sworn always had a dick. It was real.

“Oh my god.” Rachel extracted herself and looked at her girlfriend in a new light. Gorgeous, smart and controlled before, now she was powerful atop all that. If she could alter everyone’s memories, turn Leah into a walking, talking cow-girl, then nothing seemed beyond her. This was a power belonging to a goddess. And deities were vengeful. If she didn’t say anything there, it’d only get worse, and she didn’t want to imagine what could be done to her. Or how it would hurt Carmen down the line.

“I got that coffee shop burned down,” Rachel blurted.

Carmen’s face fell. She set the book down in her lap and stared ahead, “Soothe the Soul?”

Rachel nodded, “Yes. And… and I gave Gretchen the idea to… to, um, separate you and Stacy.” She curled up away from Carmen, waiting for the inevitable explosion of rage. She counted the ticking of each second, a countdown to destruction. It never came. Daring a glance over her arms, she checked on Carmen, who stared at the Futa Note, arms tense and face sharp. Anyone could see the gears turning over in her head, and the scales that weighed pros and cons. There was no doubt that Rachel would be a new entry.

“I’ve gotta go,” Carmen said as flat and cold as the Arctic. She gathered her belongings, cramming them back into her bag and smoothed out her clothes. All was methodical, like a machine at work, while Rachel just watched from the couch in a position of weakness. Once that glorious rear strode away and the door slammed, she crumbled. What she did was all to get Zoey back, and now she was alone. She picked up her phone. Maybe Zoey would help? Shaking, she hit call and waited. The tone started and rang out until she went to voice mail. Of course she wouldn’t want to talk. Rachel had nothing to do but wait.

Carmen filled line after line with furious scribbles. Her elegant script was dead to her fingers, which carried out her maelstrom of thoughts with unerring precision, slashing out each angry idea that surfaced. No names were added, she needed the right concept first. Something that summed up her and Stacy’s torment. Her family had faced separation, her mother would’ve done anything to keep her and Melody, and Stacy lost her business. They were broken up by that redheaded bitch.

But didn’t it work out for the best? The thought staggered her rage and forced her to look around, ears perked up to hear Melody giggling next door. Her mother was out working on investments for their fortune. It… would they’ve been better off if Rachel hadn’t forced her hand? No, obviously not.

Something dripped onto the notebook. Carmen wiped at her eyes and found tears. A different hand dealt with the other eye.

“Didn’t it all work out for the best?” Ryuka asked, repeating her prior thought. Carmen looked away and snapped the pencil in her hand, “Your sister is happy. Your mother is happy. You were happy. What’s done is done, Carmen. Nothing can change that.”

“I’m not so sure,” Carmen said and traced a finger over a page, her face mutating into a sneer, “This thing can alter memories, medical records, and people’s bodies. Why can’t it change the past too?”

“Don’t you dare!” Ryuka snapped, hand coming down like a hammer on the book, “That is Nature’s Law. It’s not something like toying with people, you’d be warping the universe. The consequences for such a thing are indescribable. You break Nature and it will extol a horrible price.”

“So it’s not all powerful,” Carmen scoffed.

“I don’t see why you’re so torn about this,” Ryuka said and rubbed at her hand, “Rachel clearly loves you. She wouldn’t tell you that otherwise.”

“It’s not just about me. She could’ve gotten Stacy killed,” Carmen cracked a knuckle in her sudden tense, remembering her former boss covered in soot, struggling to breathe on that night.

“You already got Ashley. She was the one responsible for the main part, wasn’t she? Why not target Gretchen? None of this would’ve happened if she was a mindless bimbo.”

Carmen went to her bed and flopped onto her back. Everyone was to blame, but no one was solely responsible. She couldn’t just write one name and be done with it all. No, she didn’t need to write any names. It was her problem. The past was set, but she could control her future. This reaction jeopardised that control. Didn’t she want to be happy anymore?

Then her phone blared at her. She checked it; Mary was calling. Time had trickled away into the afternoon without her noticing. Carmen sighed and accepted.


“Hey Carmen, so glad you got a new phone. I can actually understand you now,” Mary said, bubbly as always, if a little breathless.

“Hi Carmen!” Ashley’s voice shouted through the line.

“Ashley says ‘hi’.”

“Yeah, I heard her,” Carmen said.



“How are you feeling about it? I assume you two are gonna do the nasty tonight.”

“It… we’re not.”

“Aw, but you sounded pretty eager earlier,” Mary said, then took a second, “Did something happen?”

“She… Rachel gave Gretchen the idea about Soothe the Soul. To burn it down. And she’s the reason Stacy never contacted me,” Carmen explained, tasting hatred and bile on the words.

“Oh… oh, yeah, that’s… Sorry, that’s a lot to take in. It could’ve been worse though, right?”

“Worse? Mary, Stacy lost her business. I’m pretty sure she was blackmailed to stay away from me. I fucking loved her. Now every time I see her it’s like I don’t know what to do, and she just… it hurts.” Carmen seethed at her inability to identify just how she felt. Emotions should be easy. They weren’t advanced academics, or handing a business. Then why couldn’t she handle them when she needed to.

“Trust me, Gretchen’s a piece of shit,” Mary said, “Burning the place down is horrible, I’m not saying it isn’t, but she couldn’t gone a lot further. I never met Stacy, but she sounds nice. Gretchen would’ve broken her spirit and had her spinning on poles in days, then doing drugs, then working a corner just to survive. She’s way more dangerous than a fire.”

Carmen’s heart collapsed, her lungs tightened and her mouth went dry at the mere thought. She’d have saved Stacy, but the mere fact that Mary was certain it could have gone that bad terrified her. Even in this reality, where Gretchen didn’t have Ashley’s fortune, she was just as dangerous. Mary has to be exaggerating, Carmen thought, but she had her doubts.

“And Rachel was just trying to get you away from Zoey,” Mary said.


“I mean, I never said anything, but anyone with a brain knew she was into Zoey. Then Zoey starts trying to get into your pants and… you know. Jealousy is a stupid good motivator.”

Carmen sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. Rachel hadn’t mentioned anything like that, but it was obvious she was overprotective of Zoey. Jealousy and protection can blur together, feeding the other’s worst habits and taking it to extremes. She still went too far, even if she wasn’t directly involved.

“Just cut Rachel some slack, okay?”

“Maybe,” Carmen said.

“Well, think about it. Also, thanks for finally telling me who you’re dating.”

Carmen blinked and realised what she’d revealed, “Oh, fuck.”

“It’s cool. Just, you know, if you guys break up, let me know. I’d love a shot at you. Huh? And Ashley wants a go too. By the way, she might need some help soon, so when you get the chance…”

Carmen cracked a smile, “I will. You’re sure it’s fine? Me and Rachel?”

“Gretchen might throw a fit when she finds out, but yeah it’s-SHIT! Dammit, Ashley. Don’t just, ugh, it’s all in my hair. Sorry, Carmen, I need to teach someone a lesson about not fucking up my hair. See ya!”

With that, the line went dead and Carmen was left to stare at the ceiling. Ryuka floated in her periphery.

“So, the cats out of the bag, huh?”

“Mary has no filter,” Carmen sighed. The news would be spread around in a matter of days, but was it really a big deal. She didn’t need to keep it a secret in the first place. Something had to be wrong with her, that she didn’t trust anyone enough to share that. Even her mother hadn’t known she was gay until a short while ago.

She went back to her desk and the Futa Note. It had the power to change people, mind and body, even herself. Everything was the way it should be. Her life was on track, her family was together and happy. The only one holding out was herself. Carmen shook the thought loose. She didn’t need the book to improve herself. The past was done, it’s only job was to lay the paths forward. Her job was just to pick the right one.

Carmen grabbed her phone and texted Rachel ‘come over tomorrow. I’ll let you know when.’

‘OK’ was the short reply. Carmen sat back down and traced a hand over her body, reliving the sensations of Rachel touching, all but worshipping her. Perhaps it wasn’t love and just rampant lust, but she had to know for sure. If things went wrong, then maybe she would turn to the Futa Note. Until then, she needed to unwind after refusing her body it’s earlier release.

When did masturbation become a stress relief? After sleep eluded her all that night, she jerked off to try calming down, if anything it seemed to rile her anxiety the moment her last drops were expelled. Her production had leapt forward as well, which made cleaning up a nightmare of its own. By the time she fell asleep, it was too late for any useful rest and she woke up with bags under her eyes. A brilliant way to start a day that could make or break her current relationship.

Her mother and Melody were going out for a few hours. Turned out that getting Melody some truly nutritious meals, and more freedom to snack, took its tall and she had gained a small pot belly to match her new height. The plan was to hike every week and help her trim down a little. Cute as she was with some extra chub, Carmen didn’t want her sister to grow up into a slob. Or like Leah, satisfied with her lot in life.

Carmen told Rachel to start heading over and waited in the living room. Her exhaustion was clear enough for Melody to give her a little break, instead showing off some new clothes she got the other day, and the eerily adorable puppy backpack she carted around. They needed a dog or cat. Some kind of pet. It’d be nice to have a small companion for her studies… studies that she didn’t need to worry about anymore. Carmen groaned at the thought, one which crept up more than she’d like. She didn’t know what she wanted in life anymore, but her standards couldn’t be compromised because of that.

Until then, other less adult issues faced her. Timid knocks were greeted by an exuberant Melody, who called out to Carmen.

“Carmen, your girlfriend is here!” The emphasis on ‘girlfriend’ sounded jealous. Carmen snickered at her sister and went to see her face, which had a lovely pout on it.

“Is that a problem?” Carmen asked.

“Nope!” Melody pouted more, “Just don’t do anything gross.”

“Oh? Like what?”

“Like, you know, kissing and holding hands.”

“You mean like this?” Carmen mashed the girl into her chest and pecked at her cheeks, exaggerating each sound. Melody squealed and pushed on her, the sensation of which Carmen would never admit felt nice, until she was freed from her squishy prison.

“Yes! Don’t do that!” Melody said.

“Come on, time to go,” Alicia said, her own backpack filled with their supplies. Carmen doubted her sister had packed anything but a few stuffed toys, maybe a spare shirt if she got too sweaty. In the doorway, Alicia stopped and glanced back at Rachel, then at Carmen, “Whatever happens, just keep the house clean.”

The door shut before Carmen’s blush could surface. She looked to Rachel and noticed the same thing, vastly more pronounced on her paler cheeks, though her face was obscured by her hair. Her usually punkish clothes were missing, instead she resembled a demure housewife more than the spunky girl Carmen knew. She glanced up and back down in the same instant, as if afraid to look at Carmen.

“You’d already know if I wrote your name,” Carmen said and walked back to the living room. They sat on different chairs.

“So, what’s up?” Rachel asked with fragile pep to her voice. Getting a look at her, she hadn’t slept any better than Carmen, perhaps worse.

“I’m not going to write your name either,” Carmen said and leaned back with a dramatic sigh, “I thought about it. A lot. I wrote whole pages of…  anyway, you’re not in trouble.”

“But I… don’t I deserve it? Mary did a lot less to you and you wrote her name, right?”

“She was a repeat offender.” Carmen grinned.

“What about Zoey? And Dakota?”

“Dakota was a test. I didn’t know it was permanent then. And I wanted to help Zoey.”

“By making her a super-tall, super-endowed, super fucking hot Amazon?” Rachel asked, incredulous.

Carmen’s face boiled and she hung her head, “It, uh… I, um…”

“It’s cool! Really, I mean it. She deserves to be awesome in other ways. And, well, I might of done the same thing.” Rachel frowned, “What about my sister? The worst thing she might’ve done is get your order wrong.”

“Uh, that was… I got turned on and wasn’t thinking clearly,” Carmen said, careful to omit Ryuka’s involvement, and that the resemblance to Rachel had been a partial factor, “She reminded me of Stacy as well.”

“Okay,” Rachel said.

“Okay? You’re not mad I turned your sister into what she is?”

“Not really. She’s the same as ever, actually she’s happier now I’d say. Just wish she wasn’t so horny all the time. Everyday, it’s always a new guy or girl, sometimes multiple and it gets pretty loud. Good thing our parents are away. So what about you? Why did you write your own name?”

“I haven’t,” Carmen cast a look over her own body, increasingly curvaceous and decadent with every passing day. If the book hadn’t altered her wardrobe at first, she might’ve been in serious trouble, though that power seemed to be fading. Or was it focusing on something else?

“So you were born like that?” Rachel asked, leaning forward suddenly with eyes wide and sparking.

“U-um, no. The book did this. It’s been changing me ever since I found it.”

“Wait. I touched it. Am I gonna become like you?” Rachel asked, that excitement building further.

“No, she won’t. There’d be changes by now,” Ryuka said, popping into the conversation, then floated away before Carmen glared at her.

“No. I think you need to have it for a while.” At her words, Rachel’s face fell and she folded her arms in a huff.

“Just my luck, everyone gets to be stupid curvy with big dicks and then there’s me. Flat as a board and short to boot. Life’s so unfair,” Rachel said. She didn’t know what she had, Carmen thought. As she was, Rachel was cuter than almost any other girl out there. Not to mention that her height and figure made her seem younger. Although, a nice pair of tits and an ass to match might pair well, and give something to hold while they…

Carmen rolled her eyes at herself. Was she over what Rachel did already? Resentment still lingered, but desire warred against it, and something else was there too. She expected to feel cold upon seeing her again, perhaps gradually warm up and they could restart, instead there was relief and a measure of excitement. They were alone, after all, where no one would bother them for the next few hours. Her mind flashed to yesterday and how close they came to going all the way.

Her fingers tingled at the memory of how close they’d been to Rachel’s sex. Her cock swelled in longing for Rachel’s lips and hands, and her pussy wept for its lost orgasm. She shouldn’t after what happened. Rachel should be made to atone in some way, not made to cum by Carmen’s overwhelming lust. But that was atonement to some capacity.

They shouldn’t. Carmen didn’t know what sex with her cock would be like, but if it was as intense as she feared, then she might lose herself to it. Even with Stacy, before she grew the damn penis, she had struggled to maintain her focus on school. Everyday, she had longed for those sensations, and even now their phantoms teased her. She handled it before, she’d do it again. It was just sex. People had it all the time and got on with their lives. And she had spent most of her life in discipline. What was one more temptation?

“Come on,” Carmen said and stood. She headed up the stairs, followed close by Rachel, who she was certain gawked at her ass. It filled her pants to their comfortable limits, and left no illusion as to how shapely it was. Her cock swelled down a leg, escaping her underwear, its shape bulged through clearer by the second as blood flowed through the veins, and turned her strides into awkward steps. Once in her room, she turned and saw Rachel hesitate in the doorway.

She fidgeted in place, her eyes darted left to right without a second to linger. An errant bead of sweat rolled down her cheek. Her throat tightened, lips moved and her feet shuffled awkwardly. Carmen grinned and sauntered up to her, finally giving something for Rachel to focus on. In this case, it was her bulge.

“I… can I ask you something?” Rachel asked once she was face-to-breast with Carmen. Standing so close, and from Carmen’s higher perch, the petite girl’s head seemed a match, if not smaller than the breasts straining to get her.

“Yes?” Carmen brought a hand up and ran it through her hair. Red like a luxurious wine, and smooth as silk, it ran through her pale fingers, which sizzled with the urge to grab hold. Lust pounded in her every vein, half fuelled by fondness for Rachel, and half by the leftover rage still in her head.

“Would you write my name? In that book?”

Many things had confused Carmen since she got the book. How such a thing existed, the fact she harboured strange, outright depraved urges, and now Rachel added to that disorder by wanting to be turned into a freakish amalgam of genders. It spoke volumes about Carmen, that her cock spat pre-cum at the prospect. She glanced to the book on her desk, unopened, yet it called to her, even the organised pens and pencils nearby leered at her. If Rachel wanted it, then Carmen had no right to refuse. She wasn’t asking for anything special either. Carmen had all the power to do as she wished without repercussion.

“You can’t be serious?” Carmen asked, but she was already backing up toward her desk. Temptation oozed from her subconscious, fantastical ideas she’d only indulged in when she masturbated. So many possibilities. Aside from her hair and cute face, Rachel had so many options, any of which would leave her unrecognisable. She could become an Amazon like Zoey, or a cum-cow like Ashley, or perhaps something new. A giant cock with a human body attached? Carmen stifled a giggle.

“I am,” Rachel said and followed her, large eyes peering up through lashes, glimmering with possibility and lust, “Write my name. Make me a futa.”

“It’s permanent.”

“So what?” Rachel forced her back to the desk, suddenly in command as she pressed closer, “I know you’re gay, but don’t deny that girls with cocks turns you on. The moment I mentioned it, you got harder. So come on, give me something you find hot. Make me your little fuck toy if you want.”

Carmen cracked a nervous smile, “I thought you didn’t like being small?”

“I don’t like being this height and so skinny. If I’m gonna be flat, then I should’ve been shorter. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind being your personal loli.”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“I’m eighteen. It’s just appearances for us. Or are you into a little roleplay?” Rachel prodded, eyes thinning seductively, then she turned and pressed her back against Carmen, taking her hands and pulling them around herself, “I’m the reason something awful happened to you and Stacy. Let me satisfy you.”

“It wasn’t your fault. Gretchen would’ve found out and done something worse,” Carmen said, trying to keep control, but she waged a losing battle. She felt Rachel’s heat against her crotch, the hairs on her head rubbing her chest through clothes, and her hands found Rachel’s own nipples had hardened. This wasn’t just a bid for atonement, but a genuine desire.

“Maybe, but I want this. You want it too,” Rachel said, breath coming heavier as Carmen’s arousal swelled further.

“I thought about using it on you,” Carmen admitted, leaning lower and putting her lips against Rachel’s ear. The petite girl shuddered from her breath, “I wondered about making you into a brainless puppet, or some uncontrollable monster. Even a human-sized dick.”

Rachel chuckled and cooed as Carmen nipped her earlobe, “What about tentacles? You almost went full hentai, just missing those.”

“You’re such a pervert,” Carmen said and teased the girl’s nipples. Her tongue rolled traced a tendon on Rachel’s neck, coming around like a serpent entrapping its prey.

“Yes, I am,” Rachel sighed and tilted her head, gasping as bruising kisses rained down, “So, what’re you waiting for? Hurry up and use those things on me. I’m giving you full consent, and I’m not drunk.”

“I don’t know,” Carmen moved her mouth over Rachel’s cheeks toward her lips, “Let me taste just to make sure.” She devoured Rachel, tongue rushing in and sampling every square inch in its reach. The smaller muscle went to combat it, but was dominated just as fast. Hot breaths rushed from their noses. Rachel reached up, then moaned as her wrists were held tight, captive in Carmen’s power. Her legs were pushed apart by Carmen’s knee, which pressed into the crotch of her pants and rubbed at the spreading dampness.

When they separated, Rachel was flushed and left gasping for air. Carmen remained composed, her eyes alight, but she breathed evenly as she reached back for the book. Grazing its cover, a tingle spread from her fingers, down into her loins and pushed her cock against Rachel’s back. The redhead sank to her knees and turned around, hands climbing for the futa’s waistband.

“You write. I’ll start apologising,” Rachel said and pulled. A smile crept along her face as, inch by inch, Carmen’s prick was unleashed. The head snapped up and smacked her chin, foreskin peeling back as more blood flooded in. She raised it like a divine idol and licked from the base, tongue nestled deep into the nook of skin between cock and scrotum, all the way up. Carmen leaned on her desk and grabbed the book, obscuring Rachel as the redhead opened wide.

Opening the page, Carmen moaned as a dank heat enshrouded her glans. She held pencil to paper and started writing, her lust whispered sweet nothings, shaped her words, and Rachel by extension, until she was ready to write the name. In that short time, over half her dick was warmed and coated, the other half throbbed in envy. Then, as the final ‘s’ was written in Rachel’s name, the redhead lurched forward with a retch and moan. Glistening eyes met Carmen as she put the book away.

Rachel held her place. All that moved was her mouth and throat, both working over the slab of meat buried inside. Her tongue undulated along the belly, her spit overflowed down her chin, while she swallowed, gullet tightening in rhythmic undulations. Pre-cum spilled and coated her oesophagus, strings of it formed as she pulled back. She pushed her lips out, trying to keep every inch that she could and formed a lewd vacuum with her face. It came free with a wet pop and stood, hard as stone.

“It’s bigger,” Rachel said and gathered the viscous strings hanging from her lips, a mixture of pre-cum and her own spit, then shovelled the load back in. She made a big show of it, moaning at the flavours, before a gasp and shudder rocked her body.

“Oh god. What the fuck?” She crammed a hand down her pants, muscles working as she pleasured herself. A moan rumbled deep in her chest and vibrated through her mouth, into Carmen’s prick that she took back inside. The transformation had its way with her as she sucked, her body slowly morphing into what Carmen desired and, through it all, Rachel moaned, slurped and panted. She bobbed to and fro, throat opening for the cock as she crammed it into herself. Her own grew in the meantime.

“Stop,” Carmen said and pushed her away, then motioned for the bed, “I want to watch this.”

Rachel nodded and walked over. Every step launched another shard of pleasure in her body. She pulled at her clothes, became baggier on her frame until they all but slid off, except her underwear that struggled more every second. Glancing down, Rachel gasped and pulled at her training bra. She’d never needed anything more for her tiny bosom, yet now mounds were blooming where a flat plain once sat. They weighed on her and jiggled as she walked. As did her ass. So preoccupied, she didn’t notice its change until she sat down.

“Oh my god!” Rachel gasped and fell to her back, new breasts heaving as they tried rolling over the sides. She arched her lower back, thighs parting as meat packed on, and her pussy drooled like a starving beast. The clit engorged into a ping pong ball, while the skin above morphed into foreskin and filled with new veins and tubes.

Carmen stood just a foot away. She stroked her drool slathered cock to the sight, grinning as she waited for Rachel to notice the other surprise. Second after second, Rachel’s breasts swelled into a natural set of bowling balls, made even larger given her shorter body, while her ass outshone them as it bellowed out in all directions. A sack of loose skin crept over her fattened cunt, gradually filling with testicles that surpassed tennis balls and still grew. They had to match the looming shaft. It fell under its own weight and slapped Rachel’s chest.

It was excessive. Unnecessary. A behemoth that didn’t belong on her body. On Zoey, such a size made a modicum of sense given her stature, but for Rachel it might as well be a third leg. Still it grew and bumped her chin. As it passed her eye-level, she finally noticed another change. Her legs no longer draped as far off the bed.

“Stand up,” Carmen said and helped her up. The cock plummeted and slapped against Carmen’s chest, the head level to her breasts, but that changed as Rachel’s final change took hold.

“You bitch,” Rachel laughed and cradled her humongous shaft with tiny hands. At its end, Rachel was forced to tilt her head far back just to look past her girlfriend’s immense rack. Despite her new height of 4’2’’, she sported curves porn stars spent thousands on, most to disappointing results. Not under the Futa Note’s power.

Carmen sat down and hefted her tiny friend onto her lap. Plush ass cheeks swallowed her thighs and squeezed her cock, which nestled between the pert mountains. It dribbled pre-cum over them, which she rubbed in, cooing at the soft yet resilient flesh. She sank down and moved her hands to Rachel’s breasts, inspecting the book’s handiwork. Buoyant and smooth, capped by plump areolae and nipples, and so deliciously soft, Carmen sank her fingers in. She opened them wide and, as if responding to her thoughts, the cock leapt up. It was snatched between them.

“Oh! Fuck, that’s… it feels so good,” Rachel gasped and stroked the base.

“Of course it does,” Carmen said as she massaged the tits around Rachel’s cock, “At this size, your nerves are compacted. Everything that felt good normally, will feel several times better. Hold them for me. But I suppose I should’ve added some caveats.” As she spoke, Carmen lifted the balls aside and inspected the altered pussy, which had also swollen. She’d only written that Rachel’s decreased mass would go to her genitalia. At least most of it went where intended.

“So, hmm, what now?” Rachel asked, rubbing her tits all over her shaft and using the pre-cum to go faster.

“Why don’t you finish what you started? We’ll go from there,” Carmen said with a parting stroke along the plump vulva. Perhaps it was the Futa Note’s influence, but she would claim that hole long before the day was out. It wasn’t a question of if she should anymore. Rachel wanted this. She wanted it. There was no reason to refuse her urges here.

Rachel climbed off. She might’ve lost a foot of height, and her curves were exaggerated masterpieces, but otherwise her proportions were the same. She fell to her knees and opened wide for Carmen’s cock, then frowned as she struggled to fit it in.

“I can’t wait to feel your throat now,” Carmen said and, bidding farewell to rational thought, pushed Rachel down.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 34 - Let The Sex Begin

Whatever expectations she had were shattered. Pleasure was no stranger to Carmen anymore since masturbating daily, nor was oral from her time with Stacy, and the infrequent blowjobs Ryuka snuck upon her, but this shocked her to the core. Moans trickled from her mouth like sweet nothings. She stared at the ceiling, hoping to reconcile reality with the sensations, yet it still felt like she was being sucked into a whirlpool and flying on a hurricane at the same time. All thanks to the bobbing mane of red in her lap.

Rachel gagged and slurped on every inch that her little throat could handle. Her hands stroked as she pulled away, then fondled the balls when she choked herself on the shaft, heedless of the mess drooling from her lips. When she looked up through smeared eyes, it was love and adoration that radiated from her, not discomfort or playful anger. Even as she retched and strained her jaw and throat.

Those pouty lips clung to Carmen like tiny pillows. Rachel gulped on instinct, her tongue squirmed and spit foamed out. A mess formed and spread on the bed, though most was caught on Carmen’s balls and massaged by the fresh futa’s hands. Self-preservation won out a moment later and Rachel wretched herself free to take huge gulps of air. Even so, she laid her head in Carmen’s lap, huffing the musk of her girl-meat.

“I’m dripping right now,” Rachel gasped and looked up, hand between her legs. She stroked her cock, gathered a glob of pre-cum and reached around her balls to fondle her pussy, “Fuck, it’s so fat down there. Why is it so big? Are you into big, puffy cunts?”

“Yeah,” Carmen said, nose flared to catch a whiff, “I guess so.” She didn’t know that before, but pre-cum oozed at the thought, which Rachel lapped up greedily. It wasn’t planned to end up that way, nor was Rachel’s transformation, but the book knew her better it seemed.

“How do you want me?” Rachel asked and turned around to show off her gorgeous new ass, “Fuck, this thing is huge. I love it.”

“What ‘thing’ exactly?” Carmen’s hand followed the mounds, which dwarfed it even with her fingers spread apart.

“Hmm, my ass,” Rachel cooed and lowered her head to a pillow, arching her rear high as possible, “But…”


“It could be bigger, right?” Rachel giggled.

“Don’t tempt me,” Carmen said and kissed one cheek, trailing down until her eyes were graced by a set of thick folds, dripping wet and a mouthwatering pink colour, “Hmm, first let me return the favour.”

“Oh god!” Rachel bucked against her lips and tongue, covering and entering her respectively. Carmen moaned into her snatch, throat burning from the zesty fluids, while she guzzled down more by the second. The folds succumbed to her muscle, moving with its lustfully languid motions. In seconds, the walls clamped down and tried pulling Carmen’s head in, before releasing her and a spray of fem-cum. Thick droplets went up her nose, covered her cheeks and blinded her, while saturating her tongue in the flavour. She pulled back and caught the remaining droplets on her face.

The redhead collapsed into a gasping heap. One orgasm did that to her, and Carmen planned for many, many more. For now, however, she deserved some rest. Maybe not complete rest, Carmen thought and rolled the epitome of short-stacks onto her back, then straddled her, trapped her cock between their chests and pressed her knee into the sack. Rachel shone with the afterglow and sweat.

“I didn’t think I could cum that fast,” she said and her cock spat indignantly.

“Well, something else still needs a shot,” Carmen said and slid her body higher, dragging her own prick along the much larger counterpart. How long would that last? She wondered and thought about Ryuka, or the Futa Note. With all the changes she’d already gone through, they seemed the most likely outcome. The height wouldn’t be unwelcome, and she might even enjoy being ludicrously curvy, more than she already was, but a cock of that size just… could she live with that and still make a respectable career?

Would that matter? Her cock already gave such pleasure, if it grew to that size she might not be herself anymore.

“Hey, don’t think about things that aren’t me,” Rachel chastised her, bringing her mind back to find a pouting face, with a pair of head-sized tits swallowing the chin.

“Sorry,” Carmen grinned and pushed the thoughts away, storing them to worry over later, then smothered her lover in her lips. Rachel tried reciprocating that same ferocity, but she lacked the power Carmen now held, all but helpless beneath the futa. And she only moaned for more. Pre-cum gushed from Rachel, slicking up their bodies so they glided over each other, lips fastened as their tongues swirled, spit passed between them, and lust burning hotter by the second. Carmen growled in her chest and pressed harder.

She clasped her hand onto an ass cheek and another on a breast. A nipple was snagged between her fingers, which she squeezed together and pulled, forcing a keening moan from Rachel. It was a tough match between sizes. Carmen massaged both curves, fingers vanishing into the thickness, and decided Rachel’s ass took the win. She didn’t know if luck or Rachel’s desires influenced it, but the cheeks were massive and firm, springing back when her fingers move on. It would be a perfect cushion for later.

“We doing this?” Rachel asked once she had a breather, panting into Carmen’s face. Her cheeks were flushed a brilliant red, blending into the messy locks of hair, while she spread her legs.

“I don’t think I could stop myself,” Carmen said and meant it as she gawked over the petite, massively endowed futa spread beneath her. For that time, whatever fuelled her libido, whether it was something as normal as affection for Rachel, or if she was falling deeper into the Futa Note, did not matter. She straightened her back and trailed her fingers across Rachel’s body, basking in how the futa moaned at her light touch.

“How do you want me?” Rachel repeated. Carmen didn’t have an answer. Her dreams and fantasies collided in their zeal to be realised, leaving her blank on just what she wanted. Part of her longed to feel that ass squash against her pelvis as she pounded Rachel from behind, another wanted to see those eyes submerged in ecstasy, and more desired depravity. Could she fuck that cock with hers?

“Just like this,” Carmen said, almost shivering from the effort of holding herself back, and pushed Rachel’s legs up, so her ass was raised. Her sack fell to cover her chubby cunt, like a bride’s veil. Carmen pushed it up, needing both hands to manage the size, and her dick lurched at the sight of swollen folds, drooling murky fem-cum. It pulsed at her, seeming to reach out for the prick just inches away and pulled it closer. She ran her tip along the vulva and repeated it until she was covered in juices.

Rachel took hold of her legs and held them in place. Her tits were squeezed around her cock, which extended past her lips, forcing her to guzzle an endless stream of pre. Hearing the gulps, seeing the tiny futa’s eyes pleading, and feeling the heat of her pussy stole Carmen’s body. Before she conjured the thought, her hips moved and sank inside. The sudden molten walls that formed around her destroyed every ounce of control. Carmen jammed the rest inside and froze.

Minutes crawled by, each like a condensed eternity spent in the arms of bliss. Yet something more waited beyond even that seemingly complete pleasure. Carmen folded over and caught a nipple in her mouth. The flavour set everything back into motion and her hips jerked back, yanking a spray of cum from Rachel, before they slammed down to a wet clap. Rachel arched and cried out around her dick. Her legs clamped around Carmen as her hands clawed at her head.

Their cocks and moans harmonised. Carmen inhaled as much flesh her mouth could fit, like a suction cup trying to engorge the already fat nipple. Her tongue poked at the nub, manipulating it to her whims and tearing rougher moans from Rachel, who stifled them in her own cock. Pre-cum gushed from the thing, such was her arousal and pleasure, while her pussy undulated.

The walls pulled on Carmen as she reared back. Her voluptuous ass rose high and plummeted to smash into Rachel, an obscured bulge detailing her passage, though she felt it through the redhead’s prick as it rose and fell. It wasn’t a large cock when faced with Rachel’s, but the tightness of her walls made it feel massive. Wet squelches punctuated each stab of her cock past the swollen lips and straight to the cervix, which arched around the head.

“Gonna cum…” Rachel mumbled around her cock, eyes rolling back even as they tried focusing on Carmen. Viscous drool ran down her chin. Her face was yanked up, cock slapping her cheek in freedom, before it was replaced by Carmen’s lips and tongue. Sweat and Rachel’s body wash flavoured her spit, then was replaced by cock-juice as they swapped it back and forth. Heavier moans signalled Rachel’s burgeoning climax. Her pulse thudded angrily in her dick and pre splashed everywhere until it just stopped. Rachel arched her hips and her cunt became a vice around Carmen.

Then a shriek tore its way from her throat. Every limb clamped around the honour student, refusing even an inch of give, while her pussy milked her like a starved beast. Their groins pressed flush, yet still Carmen pushed. Her cock crammed against the cervix, a stubborn barrier between her and true intimacy. That thought held firm as she pulled back against Rachel’s grip, then used it and stabbed through.

Everything crushed her in that moment. All the pleasure, the emotions, and every second she spent restraining her lust, nothing was left out as ecstasy flooded her mind and body. Carmen matched her lover’s scream, their chests mashed together and squeezed out the sudden jets of white from Rachel, like heaving globes of dough and filling. For thirty seconds, rivulets and random spurts escaped.

Then, as Rachel prepared the follow-up, Carmen unleashed hers. Not even halfway up her shaft, Rachel yelled in another orgasm, brought on by the abrupt distension. Both their cocks released in tandem, one further coating them both, while the other baptised Rachel’s womb in gelatinous seed. It bathed Carmen’s prick and tried leaking out, but the exit squeezed water tight around her.

“... cum in me… cum in me… cum in me…” Rachel slurred between sloppy, tongue-filled kisses. Her cock was pushed higher as her shrunken womb bloated, Carmen’s balls still heavy with jizz even as it sprayed out. Likewise, Rachel’s weren’t done by far, each the size of a grapefruit and barely diminished. Bliss deprived them both of higher thought. Carmen forgot everything but her pleasure, mindless thrusts and the feel of Rachel’s tongue on hers, heedless to the mess of semen and drool that rubbed off onto her own face. Even the prospect of unprotected sex didn’t register.

For endless seconds, it was a cycle of ecstasy. Reality darted to and from her consciousness. One moment, she was locked to Rachel’s face, the next her teeth were grinding over a cum-slathered nipple. Her hips were their own mindless machine. Thrust after thrust, spurt after thick, sticky spurt, and still her climax persisted. A final, brutal shot ended it.

She recovered with her face buried in Rachel’s neck. That didn’t stop her from kissing the tenderised flesh, soothing the bruises she’d left behind, and lapped up errant beads of sweat. When she pulled back, Rachel stopped her.

“Don’t… just… stay here for a bit. Please?”

“Okay,” Carmen said and brought her face up to meet the redhead, who panted in exhaustion, however her kegels kept milking her like a machine. Her face scrunched up in stabs of pleasure, echoes of an orgasm that left them and the bed filthy, “Was it everything you hoped for?”

“Y-yeah,” Rachel said and moaned as Carmen shifted her hips, “Fuck! Don’t… move! I’m super sensitive right now.”

“It couldn’t have been that good. You’re still pulling on me after all,” Carmen teased, hips swaying and her cock swimming in its progeny.

“It was!” Rachel groaned, “Ah, I feel so full.”

“Hmm, I’m not so sure,” Carmen walked a set of fingers to Rachel’s rounded gut, compliments of the taller futa’s cock, “I think you need a little more work.”

“Don’t…” Despite her word, Rachel’s cunt squeezed and flushed hotter, a fresh wave of juices gushing forth.

“Wait here,” Carmen said and extracted herself with ease. The redhead squeaked as her pussy was vacated, the path freed for a deluge of girl-jizz. Rachel shifted onto her side, a wet squelch bellowed from her pussy as semen was squeezed from her womb, and watched Carmen. Despite the orgasm, she looked calm as ever and, like an unmovable rock, her dick stood erect while it flopped side to side with each sway of her delicious cheeks. Desire shone through the smile on her face.

“What’re you up to?” Rachel asked, then glanced at the desk, “Oh.”

Carmen giggled the most carefree laugh since her childhood. When was the last time she let herself just enjoy something? Even with Stacy, her mind was lost halfway between ecstasy and concern over the future, no matter how good it was together. It couldn’t last forever, nothing did, but she was happy to let her cock and pussy think for her.

She paused in the middle and just breathed it in. The freedom of being naked, the satisfaction of having fucked someone, the temptation of going over the cliff into an ocean of depravity that stretched before her. All manner of things swirled in her mind. Carmen half-turned to her lover, overlaying everything she wanted, or ever could want onto the newly changed futa. Her arousal hadn’t faded either, cock still hard and eyes glazed over in dream-like wander. She was helpless to Carmen’s whims.

“Just a little something,” Carmen said, pushing aside the baser urges. She bent over her desk, notebook and pencil waiting. The words jumbled together, each clamouring to get free, but she’d dealt with worse. A quick snap in her mind and they were chained back up, leaving the minor wish alone to be realised.

Her hand jerked away at the touch of lips and tongue on her pussy. Carmen braced herself and moaned, rolling her hips to grind her slobbering cunt over her face. The redhead buried her chin in the wrinkly scrotum, eyes consumed in ass flesh, while her mouth guzzled juices. A hand wrapped around Carmen’s cock, stroking in tandem to each lick, from clit to taint. Moans rumbled from chest to tongue and into her snatch.

Oh, she wanted to smother Rachel in it. Just a few lines and she’d have a pussy big enough to swallow the redhead. If tongues and fingers felt so good, then imagine stretching around something like that. Carmen moaned and pushed back, grinding on her lover’s mouth, then glanced down to find Rachel’s cock throbbing between her legs. It was so swollen that it maintained a hard angle by itself. So many desires bounced against the confines of her body and mind.

She wanted to fuck. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to write her own name. She wanted pleasure. She wanted control. She wanted…

One at a time. Carmen clenched her eyes shut and focused, first on the sensation of her girlfriend’s tongue fluttering inside her, then on her breathing, and moved onto the Futa Note. God, Rachel was good at cunnilingus. Or was it that Carmen’s sensitivity had gone haywire?

“Anything special?” Carmen asked as she erased the last word of Rachel’s entry, already rewriting it. Rachel shook her head, moving her tongue in a deliciously simple way, “Alright then.” Good thing she hadn’t written in pen, though she was curious what might happen if she wrote someone’s name twice. A second cock seemed possible, and arousing. Her eyes drifted back to Rachel’s member and imagined a duplicate beside it, bulging with veins and unspent cum.

“I want to feel this,” Carmen said as she finished and whirled on Rachel. She picked her up like a sack of feathers, cocks grinding together, and laid down on the bed with Rachel on top. A short breath to savour her aroma was all the prep she got, as Carmen slurped up all the juice she could. She clapped her hands on the cheeks and pressed her mouth flush to the plump lips, before copying the earlier moves on her own cunt. Droplets of fem-cum were guzzled while she nibbled on the clit and folds.

Then Rachel moaned as if she were being fucked again. In the seconds that followed, Carmen joined her chorus of pleasure, hands roaming every square inch of an ass that she couldn’t get enough of just yet. It swallowed her fingers and threatened to do the same to her palms, were it not for the added bounce she gave it. More flesh piled on until it covered her face and a decent portion of the pillow.

Rachel topped forward, belly cushioned by Carmen’s gorgeous tits, and swallowed her cock. It was covered in her juices, not even dry yet, but she gagged on it with fervour. Her butt kept filling with fat and muscle and all manner of good things that made asses amazing, a point Carmen eagerly made by massaging it all over. Rachel’s cock twitched and throbbed between their bodies, oozing more murky-white pre-cum by the second. Eventually, Rachel hilted the cock in her throat and cried out.

Fresh pussy juice mixed with her own seed rushed into and overflowed Carmen’s mouth. Lines of the stuff ran down her cheeks, over her neck and onto the bed. There might’ve been a chance of salvaging it before, but not now. The mattress was soaked through, tiny movements made lurid squelching sounds, and they weren’t done by a long shot.

“You’re gonna kill me,” Rachel gasped as she rolled over, then felt at her new ass, finding it several inches larger, “But what a way to go.”

Carmen sat up and licked her lips clean. Her face was still a mess, as it would be until she took a shower. That wouldn’t be for a while either, with an unflagging erection and hormones raging like wildfires throughout her nervous system. Everything was filthy, inside and out. Much as she hated losing control, a voice screamed in jubilation. She straddled Rachel’s thighs - made larger to compensate for her rear - and stared down at her, cock somehow bullying the larger one for a better view. Rachel gawked at her.

“I’m all yours, Carmen,” she said, though her lips didn’t move. It was all in her eyes, half-glazed yet burning bright, “Use me anyway you like. Make me a freak, make me your cum bucket, or I’ll be your hose. Use me until you’re satisfied.”

“Rachel… I can’t really forget that you fucked up Stacy’s life, but it’s not really your fault either. She’s too good a person to want revenge. I’m not. I’m so petty I wrote Mary’s name because she rubbed me the wrong way, and the same with Dakota. I even wrote your sister’s name because she looked like you and you were getting on my nerves. The point is I’m not a good person. At least I don’t think I am. Even though you just hung out with Gretchen, it still makes me want to fucking ruin you.”

“It’s fine,” Rachel laughed, “Don’t make a big deal of it. You’re a good person, Carmen, really. God, do you have any idea what other people would’ve done with that thing? The fact you’re not commanding half the world by now is more than enough.”

Carmen smiled, “Thank you.”

“Now,” Rachel reached out and groped the taller futa’s breasts, “Fuck me, these are great.”

“You’ve got your own,” Carmen said and returned the favour.

“But these things are fucking ace. So big and bouncy and, ugh! I could fucking cum just touching them.”

“Hmm, I think I know a better way,” Carmen chuckled as she stood up and gestured for Rachel to roll onto her front.

“Um, just so you know, I’m not ready for anal,” Rachel said, though she didn’t stop and arched her glorious butt to the heavens. At that size - and probably in her normal state - Rachel’s hips surpassed her shoulders by entire inches to either side.

“I could change that,” Carmen said and pulled the cheeks apart, then snagged her cock between them, “Oh, they’re so soft. They might be better than your tits.” She rolled her hips, a dollop of pre-cum oozed out to lubricate her way.

“Hmm, feels good here too,” Rachel moaned. She moved her arms around her chest. Naughty girl, Carmen thought and gave her a playful spank, to a shrill cry, “Did you make my ass more sensitive or something? Because that almost made me jizz myself.”

“Maybe. The Futa Note just makes things better, I guess.”

“What’re you waiting for?” Rachel asked and wriggled her hips, “I’ve got my cock all cosy between my boobs, my butt is more cushion than ass now, and you’re gushing pre all down my crack.”

“Just savouring the moment,” Carmen folded over and hugged her girlfriend, breathing in the smell of sex and cum and her shampoo, “I don’t know if what we have will last.”

“But?” Rachel sighed like she was enveloped in the comfiest blanket mixed with a luxury bubble bath.

“But I’ll enjoy every second it does,” Carmen said and adjusted her hips, cock sliding down over the slight pucker, then along the slavering folds below. Her prior load splashed out, as if vacating the space for her. The opening stretched for her with ease, but she took her time anyway, slowly feeding her shaft and teased the back. Like an overeager friend, it opened and embraced her without warning.

Carmen forced herself to hilt inside the magnitude of ass before her. The cheeks eclipsed her own hips in size, squishing against her. She held the position for a few seconds, then slid out and rammed back in. Rachel’s ass tried resisting her, the flesh bouncing back the moment she relaxed, which made her thrust harder.

All sounds from the outside world were drowned out. Rachel moaned and grunted with the heavy thrusts, which echoed around the room from the brutal clap of Carmen’s hips on the redhead’s decadent ass. Lewd splashes of pussy juice rained on the bed, with squirts launching on random jabs, which caused rapid wet squelches. Beneath the lurid orchestra, Carmen’s seed sloshed about within the womb it invaded.

Rachel’s juices were mixed into a froth from the vicious rhythm. Sweat formed and was flung off her skin, the flesh of her ass rippling like two massive bowls of gelatin. Droplets also flew from Carmen’s breasts, which leapt high from the force of her thrusts, and ran down the rest of her to cast a glorious sheen. Sticky ropes clung to her balls as she pulled back, and were crushed in short order, splashing back onto their thighs.

“Harder, harder, harder,” Rachel grunted on each thrust, voice deepening as she neared another climax, “Fucking spank my ass!”

Carmen arched a brow at the demand, but licked her lips at the thought of watching those cheeks bounce even more. Almost before the thought finished, her hand cracked upon Rachel’s rear, sending a wave along the flesh that made it jiggle for an entire minute while Carmen stared in fascination. When the ripples ended, she restarted them with another smack, moaning at how Rachel clenched around her. One cheek went red, so she worked the other and went back and forth. Every time made Rachel squeeze a little harder, like she was trying to choke Carmen’s dick.

“Oh, fuck! Gonna cum… ooh, make me cum, baby. My dick’s about to blow… my pussy’s on fire… AH! Yeah, yeah, yeah, mm-MM--mmmm ffffffuck!” Rachel screamed into a pillow and squirted around Carmen. The pressure was enough to knock her back an inch, though she rectified it just as strongly, prolonging the redhead’s cries, which turned to gurgles as she swallowed her fresh seed.

Courteous, Carmen took a moment to let her recover. Only a moment, however, and one that passed faster than most as she resumed the second Rachel’s grip relaxed.

“Oh GGGOOD!” Rachel moaned, voice rocking to the deafening rhythm. A neighbour started mowing their lawn, another’s Great Danes were barking, and none of it reached Carmen or Rachel’s ears. The bed creaked, the mattress slid across the base and dipped under Carmen’s might, and the redhead was made to bear the brunt of that force. Not a seconds pause, even to breathe. She kept hammering her diminutive lover, leaving her ass crimson and her cunt swollen.

“I-I-I-I’m cumming… again…” Rachel gasped and went lax, leaving Carmen to hold her up. She kept fucking her, the walls of her cunt so loose and soaked that there was little friction left.

“Bit more than you could handle, I suppose?” Carmen panted into her ear, “Don’t worry, we’re not done yet.” She lifted Rachel and turned her over, then carried her as she stood, letting the redhead’s weight drive her cock deep as possible. Rachel hooked her feet under Carmen’s ass and clasped her arms over her neck, but that was all she could handle. As she bounced, drool flung from her gaping maw and flapping tongue, her eyes rolled back, and her cock kept spewing cum.

“Dirty girl,” Carmen chided and gave a sharp smack to the incredible ass she’d made, “Now my floor’s all messed up.”

“Sorry,” Rachel slurred.

“You’ll just have to make it up to me,” Carmen said with a giggle, exercising her strength as best she could. The Futa Note had done a lot to her just by being in her possession. Bigger tits and ass, a cock, a ridiculous libido, height and strength to match it, and she doubted the effects would stop at those. For once, she was excited to see what might become of her.

Her cock would grow, then she could fuck Rachel even deeper. Her strength would increase, then she could really pound Rachel. Her libido would burgeon, then she could go all day and night.

Carmen shook the thoughts loose. She’d cross that bridge when the time came, and she hoped Rachel would be there when she did. With a grunt of effort, cock flexing with her arms, she picked the futa up. Standing and fucking was both easier and harder. She didn’t need to move her hips anymore, though it strained her arms to keep lifting and dropping the curvaceous futa. Finally, Carmen opted for a break and simply held her lover.

“Thanks,” Rachel said and moaned into the mouth that captured hers, then her back was shoved against a wall, her ass supported by the softest hands she knew.

“Don’t thank me yet. Just catching my breath.” Carmen gave her a final, ferocious kiss and kick-started her tempo. Now the clap of flesh on flesh was replaced by Rachel banging against the wall, echoing throughout the house. If anyone were home, they’d know exactly what Carmen was doing, though she didn’t care. Melody could be in the other room, their mother downstairs, both listening to their family member give into her basest desires, and Carmen wouldn’t stop. The fact Ryuka was probably doing just that didn’t even cross her mind.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Carmen panted and moved back to the bed, collapsing atop Rachel and hugging her tight, still thrusting, “Fuck, fuck… I’m gonna fill your womb again. My balls are so full. They’re gonna explode if I don’t cum in you.”

“Do it…” Rachel wrapped every limb around her, “Deep inside. Flood me. Make me your cum dumpster!”

Carmen’s balls churned between her legs and Rachel’s ass. The veins across her cock throbbed to a silent drum, sounding the warpath for her seed. Her mind diluted into mist, turning her words to jumbled messes with only lust to guide them. Rachel wasn’t any better off. Whatever noises she made were nonsense.

“I. Am. CUM-MING!” Carmen roared and held onto Rachel tight enough to leave bruises. She impaled her cock to the absolute limit, her balls pulled tight and stretched her sack, and came. Ounces shot out instantly. Both futa cried out, each feeling Rachel’s womb inflate from different sides of the spectrum. One bathed in the sperm-infested lava, while another was filled to the brink and beyond. Not a drop escaped, even as the walls convulsed and tried expelling cum and cock alike.

Her thrusts wouldn’t stop. They were short jabs, her head trapped by Rachel’s cervix, but each pull unleashed a streak of fresh cock and pussy juice, and the push created a filthy squelch. The bump on Rachel’s gut from before expanded by the heartbeat, rounding out into a faux-pregnancy. It rose and pushed into her cock, moulding around it.

Both panted into the other’s ear as the afterglow set in, though neither released their hold.

“You done?” Rachel asked and finally let go. Her knuckles had turned white and her nails left scratches along Carmen’s back, and vice versa.

“For now,” Carmen cautioned as she rolled off the futa, who shuffled over to lay her head down on a breast.

“Breast pillow ever,” Rachel giggled, then groaned as the effects of her transformation wore off. Her body stretched out, breasts and rear returning most of their mass, though a percentage remained, and her ass kept the additional inches Carmen gave her, “Well, at least the curves are still there. And a lot of ass.”

“I figured life would be easier for you this way, instead of walking around at four feet all the time,” Carmen said.

“Yeah, guess so. But, damn! You really gave me a nice butt.”

“What’s wrong? You sound upset about it. I thought you wanted one?”

“I do!” Rachel shook her head, “But what do you get out of it? I mean, this is like plastic surgery for free. Makes me feel guilty.”

Carmen smiled and stroked her hair, “Don’t worry about that. It’s not often I get to let loose.”

“Judging by today, you never really have,” Rachel said.

“I have… a bit. With Stacy. But not like this. It was awesome with her, though… I didn’t have a penis back then. Maybe that’s it?” Carmen mused and ran a finger over one breast, breathing deep to hide the pleasure it caused.

“Hmm,” Rachel pushed her way up and kissed her, “Or maybe, you like having someone you can just use.”


“Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking of something a little more… extreme.”

“You have no idea. The things I threw away…” Carmen looked at her bin, where several crumpled pieces of paper were.


“It’s nothing.”

“No, no. You can’t just hint at shit like that and keep it secret.”

“Well,” Carmen chuckled, “How does being my cock for a day sound? Or turning into a human condom? Or being trapped inside a giant testicle? Or turning six inches tall? Or being a dildo? What about a dozen cocks for hair, fingers and toes?”

“Fuck me like that again, and I’ll do whatever, or be whatever you want.”

Carmen blinked and stared at her for a second. Then the laughter started, building into a fit as they marvelled at the other.

From the corner, Ryuka watched them as she stroked her cock, the dregs of an orgasm oozing out. How exciting! Finally, someone got Carmen to let loose, and even had potential to go further. If Rachel was sincere, then the future would be interesting indeed. She glanced at the Futa Note and saw the pages flutter, despite a lack of wind. Ryuka licked her lips and beamed. Carmen was far from done changing people, or being changed.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 35 - The Coming Misery

Carmen pulled on her shirt, the latest in a long line of new articles that she hadn’t wanted to buy. In fact, such purchases comprised most of her wardrobe, and it seemed that she would be getting more. The hem didn’t cover her waist anymore, and her pants were tighter than they were last week, a fact her girlfriend and fashion adviser enjoyed.

“I never get tired of this,” Rachel said from the bed, eyeing every detail. She was dressed in a punk lolita style, with a pleated skirt and a thin, black jacket studded with silver. The neckline hung low over her chest, revealing ample cleavage. Every inch an unnatural product of the Futa Note, yet she loved it all the same.

“Well, I do,” Carmen groaned and chucked the shirt away, rummaging around for something that didn’t make her feel half-naked. In the past weeks, Rachel had made it point for her not to wear anything baggy.

“It’s fine. Come on, last day of summer and you’re gonna worry about this?” Rachel grabbed a random top and chucked it at her, “No one cares what you’re in, they’ll still be looking at you. And maybe me. I dunno, you have made my ass pretty huge.”

That was an understatement. Rachel’s skirt, which should reach past her knees, fluttered around midway down her thighs. At a convenient breeze, they revealed a pair of tight shorts that kept her cute dick from bulging out. They’d shred once she got hard, but for now it was fine. If she got aroused though, her shirt wouldn’t hold either. Admittedly, both enjoyed watching her rip through the cheaper clothes.

“Don’t remind me,” Carmen said and pulled on a tank top. In recent weeks, her skin had turned a splendid pale as if to spite the summer sun, no matter how revealing her clothes were. She could sunbathe for hours and remain unchanged. The shirt rode up from her chest, teasing a view of her hips and, with the right breeze, flashed the bottom of her breasts. She didn’t wear any bras, as her nipples behaved most of the time, nor did she need the support. Despite being so endowed, her back didn’t ache and they only jiggled the appropriate amount. Or that’s what Rachel claimed.

“Oh? Unsatisfied with it?” Rachel asked and sauntered over, accentuating the already salacious sway of her sides, “You could always bump it up a few inches. Or feet?”

Carmen snorted at the suggestion and pulled her in, “Don’t tempt me. You’re already struggling with doors.”

“No I don’t,” Rachel pouted and stomped out the door, not thinking to angle herself just a little. She got wedged in the frame, “Fuck.”

“Oh, did someone get stuck?”

“Just get me out, please?”

“I don’t know,” Carmen said and came over, hand cupping one cheek, trailing under the skirt to feel the bountiful flesh through the shorts, “Maybe it’s better you’re stuck like this.”

“I’d love to,” Rachel sighed, wriggling as best she could against her lover’s hand, which squeezed deep into her. It’d take a giant to cup the whole cheek properly, but that’s what made it a joy for Carmen. To feel something soft as Rachel’s ass all but oozing between her fingers, and know that the redhead enjoyed it just as much, stirred her lusts like few others could.

“But everyone’s gonna be waiting. Besides, your mom and sister are home,” Rachel said, though the slight bulge of her cock twitched at the idea. Sighing, Carmen grabbed her bag, in which she kept the Futa Note. She kept it there more often, always on her person. It soothed her somehow, though she worried over why that was. At that point, she just pushed it from her mind.

“Another day,” Carmen said and gave her ass a firm spank, pushing the redhead free. Since their first time, it was rare a day went by that they didn’t have sex, given their nature as futanari. Insatiable didn’t cover it. Any normal couple might’ve slowed down, taken a week to breathe, but they couldn’t help it. Even Carmen, for all her self-control, crumbled at Rachel’s teasing. The girl knew how to hit all her buttons.

Despite that, Carmen found time for driving lessons. Once she passed, her mother insisted on buying a car, something new and exciting. Thus, Carmen ended up with a sleek car that wasn’t the most suitable for her height, curves or when she had a throbbing hard-on because Rachel’s ass almost overflowed the seat. Carmen sighed, again changing the seat around to suit her ever growing form.

“You really can’t say no to your mom can you?” Rachel said once they were in, chuckling at how awkward Carmen was. She slouched to see properly, tits squeezed tight against her legs, which was better than getting in the way of the steering wheel.

“Melody also liked it,” the taller futa said in defence and gave up on finding the right position, “But I really do need something bigger.” She leaned forward to turn the key, breasts mashing deep into the steering wheel. Even relaxed, her chest occupied half the space between her and the dashboard.

“Oh, get a pick-up truck!”


“Then we can park somewhere, roll out some blankets and fuck in public.”

“Jesus,” Carmen rolled her eyes, “You’re gonna get us in trouble someday.”

“I was kidding. Mostly. It’s a hot idea,” Rachel said.

“Yeah. Gonna be a ‘no’ though. For now at least.”

They were headed for the arcade, where Zoey and the others waited. It was the last day of summer before that ridiculous year of school started, though Carmen no longer cared about the lost time. She had everything already, more than most people had or would ever possess. Friends, family, wealth, a lover and incredible figure. What else did want or even deserve?

“Oh, I forgot to mention it. I applied for college,” Rachel said on the drive.

“Really? I thought you didn’t like education.”

“Still don’t. But I figured it’s worth a shot.”

“What’s the plan then? Art?”

“Yep. What about you? I know this whole extra year thing messed your plans up, but you’ve gotta be interested in something,” Rachel said and leaned back, pronouncing her chest, “That isn’t my butt, of course.”

Carmen chuckled, “I really don’t know. Before, it was just whatever made me rich fastest, but now…”

“Ever thought about porn?”


“Yeah, you’d be great. Though what would your name be?”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Totally am,” Rachel said, “Come on, brainstorm with me. There’s gotta be something good. Carmen Sandiego?”

“Pretty sure that’s copyrighted.”

“Maybe if you go on with me, it could be Robin’ the Cradle?”

“That’s just wrong,” Carmen chuckled and shook her head.

Rachel went on, “Hmm, something to do with being futanari. Futa Fiesta? No, that’s more Latina. Although, you could use the book to look Latina, right?”

“I’m not using it on myself,” Carmen said, though she couldn’t deny having considered it several times. The temptation was greater now, worse every day that she saw just how much larger Rachel’s cock was. Carmen had dealt with jealousy for almost a decade, envying what others had and wishing she could trade lives, but it was never so petty. It shouldn’t matter that she was smaller than Rachel, since she wrote it that way. Though the book was always changing her to resemble Ryuka.

“Although, I don’t even know if it could. Honestly, I don’t know much about what it’s capable of.”

“Hey, maybe that’s something. You could look into it, right? There’s gotta be some stuff hidden around.”

“Yeah. Oh!” Carmen’s eyes brightened. Her work ethic was something she prided herself on, that and the fact she spent years learning all she could, it might actually make sense to just keep going with that. Seikogami and the Futa Note have been around for millennia, since before time existed if Ryuka was correct. There must be evidence of that throughout time, perhaps artefacts or creations centred around them, even whole civilisations.

“I love that look,” Rachel said.

“What look?”

“That look you get when you figure something out. I love it,” Rachel said and leaned over at a red light to kiss her. They smiled against each other, eyes telling the other just what they wanted to do. But, alas, they were expected.

They arrived in time to catch Zoey ducking under the door. Rachel’s face brightened at the sight and she hopped over to her towering friend. Against the Amazon, she stood no higher than her waist, almost pushed away by Zoey’s bust. The outline of a conspicuous bulge ran down Zoey’s thigh, halfway to her knee, despite the incredible length of her legs. Unlike the others, she was known for it. A ‘trans’ athlete that also challenged for tallest human alive made it hard to hide.

“You look taller every time I see you,” Rachel said, using her hands to try gauging just how Zoey had grown. The redhead had taken on a curious habit of measurements, insistent on herself and Carmen keeping track. Thus far, Rachel’s numbers were; 24G-22-70. Looking at her was ridiculous enough, but hearing the huge change from waist to hip was oddly enticing. Carmen embodied an hourglass with 32K-26-42 with decimals aplenty.

It was embarrassing at first, though she adjusted. Then Rachel wanted to measure their cocks, which Carmen went along with, but it made her feel… inadequate to know her girlfriend - when aroused - had over a foot on her. Things smoothed out quickly enough with sex, but the thought nagged at her from time to time. It might’ve been why she turned Rachel into her personal cock for a while. Oh that was fun. Stop thinking about it, Carmen thought and focused on her company as they looked around for the others.

“Feels like it,” Zoey said, grinning down at the tiny girl, then at Carmen.

“Hey,” Carmen said, “Sorry we didn’t make the race. We got distracted.” She glanced at Rachel, who studied Zoey’s figure with rapt interest, mumbling numbers under her breath.

“No, it’s fine. I mean, I won pretty hands down. And my sister was there,” Zoey shrugged, glancing away for a second. The others were already inside, having taken a table at the small fast food restaurant built inside. A bar ran along a nearby wall, lined with soda and juice for the children running around. Carmen and Zoey looked comical as they sat down, each towering over the others.

Dakota, Ashley and Mary were sharing a plate of fries when they arrived. The blonde had grown spectacularly over the summer and showed it off well, though partly against her will, with cleavage spilling over her halter top. It pulled tight around her chest and defined her nipples. As she leaned over to get a fry, they mashed into the table and even stole looks away from Zoey.

That had been the greatest change for the Amazon. Carmen hadn’t known her for long, but she’d heard and seen enough to know Zoey didn’t care to show off, or be spotlighted, at least a couple months ago. Now, she looked relaxed as people gawked at her or blatantly snapped pictures from across the room. Alone, she drew a crowd, with the group in tow it was a miracle anyone could ignore them. Dakota might’ve helped with that.

Next to anyone there, she was average. Or as close as they got. Carmen both pitied and envied her for that, wishing she could blend in, but Dakota’s glances made clear how jealous she was of everyone. The girl had been nothing but a friend. Carmen wondered if she deserved something more as well, like the others, but always talked herself away from it. Using the book didn’t feel as taboo with Rachel, however she had her consent for that. That didn’t change how Carmen wanted to change the plain girl.

A creeping hand distracted her. She followed its path to Rachel, the minx acted nonchalant, like her fingers weren’t inches from Carmen’s groin.

“Keep it in your pants,” Carmen whispered.

“I see you two are still going strong,” Mary said, looking between the couple.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, it’s going… good,” Carmen said, blushing when Rachel didn’t move her hand away.

“No need to be modest. What about you, Zoey? Got anyone?” Mary asked, attention on the Amazon. It might’ve been Rachel’s influence, or Carmen’s burgeoning libido, but she saw lust in the stacked futa’s eyes.

“Nothing,” Zoey said, a bit too fast, “I mean, it’s hard to find someone that’s into all of this.” She gestured to herself. Most guys and girls, or anyone in between, would salivate over her  tits, but the slab of meat on bulging through her pants might be a deal breaker.

“Don’t be silly,” Mary chuckled and pulled Dakota in, the brunette’s head contesting with her boobs for size, “Dakota’s been staring at you for weeks.”

“Mary,” Dakota whined, trying hard not to stare, but her options were limited and her will even more so.

“Besides,” Mary ignored her, “Ashley and I are always up for fun.”

The blush her offer brought on was enough to blaze through Zoey’s tan. While Mary had always been a slut, a fact she freely admitted, it was amazing for her to be so open, and for Ashley to nod in agreement as well. Although, everyone there knew about each other’s secret. Everyone’s, except Carmen’s, though she expected they had suspicions.

“I’ll think about it,” Zoey said, to which Dakota’s face sank. Carmen spent years focused on her studies, but she had also watched those around her, in case recognising body language would be useful. Even without all that time, she could read all the insecurities on Dakota’s face.

As could Rachel. The redhead gave a slight tug on her arm, pulling down to whisper in her ear, “I think she should get a little something extra, you know? Something to help her stand out.”

“Yeah, but… isn’t it wrong? I’d be doing it without her knowing.”

“That’s the beauty of it. No one else will know. Just you and me.”

“I guess you’re right,” Carmen sighed, “Can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“I barely said anything.”

“Fine, I admit it. I’ve been thinking about it too,” Carmen said.

“Do you always crumble this fast? Or is it just me?” Rachel teased.

“It’s just you.” Carmen exhaled and grabbed her bag, excusing herself. In the restroom, she leaned her head against a wall and bit her lip, pants strained by her erection. Ryuka hovered nearby, cackling in a creepily erotic way. It wasn’t her fault, but what Carmen had written. She couldn’t help herself. The second lead touched paper, her subconscious took hold.

She rummaged around for an eraser, but came up empty. Then it appeared before her in Ryuka’s hand, snatching it away when she made a grab for it. The Seikogami tutted at her, seductive grin in place as she toyed with the rubber.

“Now, hear me out. This could be good for her. And you. Rachel is a wonderful futa, and you’ve been doing wonderful things with her, but others deserve that fun too. Don’t they?” Ryuka said.

“Yes, but with something not so conspicuous. I don’t want her labelled a monster.”

“Give it a chance. You can always change it later.” Ryuka tossed the eraser back and floated away, leaving just her scent and echoes of her voice behind. It took a minute for Carmen to decide, and another for her erection to settle. She’d almost considered texting Rachel about it, but stopped the thought before it could make things worse. When she came back, the others had moved to an air hockey set and Dakota’s shirt was fuller.

Rachel bounced at the sight of her, winning before she accosted Carmen in a giant hug. Her head was all but submerged in the taller futa’s breasts. It was just a cover, of course, “Come on, come on. Tell me what you did to her.”

“You’ll see. It, uh… it’s a bit more than I planned on.”

“Oh, sounds spicy.”

They watched her as time passed. Dakota acted no different, as Carmen had written it, even as her shirt rode up with her tits. The bra snapped not long after, giving up on handling the now melon-sized breasts, their underbellies swallowed up her shirt and revealed a second pair. Rachel’s eyes widened, though she said nothing.

“Hey, Dakota, you’re showing there,” Mary said, pointing to her friend’s swelling pair of tits.

“Shit! Ugh, this always happens,” Dakota muttered, freed her top and hooked it under the bottom pair. That worked for covering them up, but not to conceal her burgeoning nipples. They kept pace with her growing breasts, adamant not to be left behind.

“That is spicy,” Rachel said, to which Carmen groaned.

“It’s not over.” On cue, her girlfriend spotted the two distinct bulges in Dakota’s pants, and the curious third shape wrapped around her pert rear. The Futa Note rarely changed the immediate past, far as Carmen knew, but this time a hat appeared just to fall from Dakota’s head. There, blending in with her brunette waves, were a pair of fluffy dog ears.

“Wow,” Rachel said with a whistle. The ears reacted and Dakota looked at them, the pair turned around, suddenly engrossed with the prizes on offer, “What brought that on?”

“I don’t know,” Carmen groaned and rubbed at her eyes. She wasn’t tired, nor was she pent up - perhaps a little from the bathroom - and she hadn’t even considered giving someone animal traits before. Much less a second penis and pair of breasts. Leah was an exception, but even she didn’t have cow parts like horns or a tail. Although they might complete the look. Perhaps an udder?

“You know, she should have a third and fourth set of boobs if she’s supposed to be a dog,” Rachel said, shocking her from the reverie.

“You’re into it?” Carmen asked.

“Babe, we’ve only been dipping into my fetishes,” Rachel giggled and kissed her cheek, “Next time we’re having fun with the book, just go nuts.”

“You’re a bad influence on me, you know that?” Carmen said and pulled her in for a proper kiss.

Back with the group, Dakota’s changes had finished. She wore a cap over her ears and, when she got excited, her pants would wriggle with her tail. No one in the group was bothered by her abundance of breasts, or the bulges of twin cocks in her pants. Carmen wasn’t sure if anyone else knew about the ears and tail, but they didn’t bring it up so neither did she. At least Dakota seemed more comfortable around them, like she belonged.

Other people, however, weren’t so accepting. Kids mocked her, or asked unreasonable questions, adults thought she was obscene until they spotted Zoey, whose own cock stood out even more. Mary was quick to snap at them, faster than Carmen might’ve expected, until she noticed how she and Ashley treated the multi-breasted futa. They were in a three-way relationship, made obvious as they kissed to celebrate even the smallest victory.

“Huh, so it turned them poly?” Rachel asked.

“Seems like it. They’ve probably been together for a while,” Carmen shrugged.

“Kind of expected her and Zoey to hook up, honestly,” Rachel said, noticing that her oldest friend was the only one without a partner now.

“It’s alright if you want her to join in.”

“Hmm? What?” Rachel did a double take between her girlfriend and the Amazon, gulping as the wheels turned in her mind. A twitch in her pants made the nature of her fantasies clear.

“You love Zoey. Don’t you?” Carmen frowned, certain she’d read all the signals correctly.

“I-I mean, yeah! But, that’s… I don’t know what she’d say about it.”

“The offers there,” Carmen said and pulled her into a side-armed hug, gigging at the slight dip in her girlfriend’s height as arousal seeped in.

“To be honest, I never expected you’d say that.”

“I want you to be happy. Zoey’s part of that. It only makes sense,” Carmen explained with a shrug, not telling just how much her loins burned at the thought. Maybe someday, but for now she let such concerns drip away.

It was their last day before Saint Puella forced them back, no reason to dwell on morality or repercussions of what she did with the Futa Note. Carmen and Rachel joined forces for a shooter against Mary and Dakota, winning easily, though Rachel carried her to victory.

Zoey dominated when they played basketball. The only one capable of pressuring her was Carmen, despite never working out a day in her life, but that didn’t go far. Driving games were impossible for Zoey, her height and endowments too much for the seat. Likewise, Mary’s breasts mashed into the wheel and Dakota’s bottom row kept her legs from raising too high. They still laughed at everyone’s attempts to fit in, especially Rachel. The redhead fit well enough, though her hips overflowed the seat.

In hindsight, the arcade might not have been the best place for a group of extraordinarily sexual women. They settled back at the restaurant portion after exhausting their options. Carmen looked around, ignoring the families rushing around, at her friends and lover. In a year, once the ridiculous business at Saint Puella was taken care of, she’d take steps to a fulfilling career. Maybe with Rachel or someone else down the line, she didn’t know. But Carmen was, for possibly the first time of her life, happy.

The mood at Saint Puella the next day was as expected; frustrated. No freshmen for senior students to mess with, and those senior students were themselves trapped in the school again, while the teachers trudged along in their own misery. It was expected that they’d only be there for a little longer, now Principal Blake had laid plans to extend their underpaid positions. To make it all worse, Gretchen was still around.

Despite all that, Carmen was optimistic. She had friends to enjoy the year with, before she or they moved on, and most evenings were passed quickly with a visit to or from Rachel. Going to Rachel’s proved interesting. She never altered Leah’s entry, so the older Adams futa kept growing and growing, day by day. It didn’t help that Rachel used her to tease Carmen relentlessly.

“Oh god, here she comes,” Mary said, grimacing toward the queen bitch, whose heels echoed over the conversations throughout the halls. Not much had changed about Gretchen in the Summer. Without Ashley’s wealth, she couldn’t afford anything extravagant like more augmentations, or new designer clothes. That didn’t stop her from throwing her clout around with a platoon of sycophants desperate to get in good with the principal.

“Let’s just go,” Carmen said a second too late.

“Oh look at the freak show,” Gretchen’s sneering voice said, wrapping around their ankles like a slimy tendril, “Would’ve thought you’d be carted off by now. Or at least made it so no one else has to look at you. Ugh, especially you.” She spoke at Dakota.

“Back off,” Mary growled, and, with Ashley at her side, stepped forward. At the same time, Zoey tensed, ready to step in as well. That got Gretchen nervous, having been punched by her once before.

“See you around, Mary. By the way, maybe stop mooching off the rich, or at least spring for a better surgeon. The boob job is pretty obvious.” With that, Gretchen sauntered away and exaggerated the motion of her fake ass.

“Well,” Carmen said and shut her locker, “That was tame.”

Classes resumed with a spiel about the new curriculum. The wording emphasised how it was supposed to reflect a college environment, so students were expected to uphold higher standards or decorum, and so on. Gretchen heard none of that. She’d walked through all the years past and this was no different, her mother wouldn’t risk reputation over her child’s misdemeanours. It was more important that she find something on those freaks. Carmen, in particular.

It didn’t make sense. The bitch had always been quiet, an eyesore but one that she could ignore, then, from nowhere, she starts ‘befriending’ Gretchen’s inner circle. There had to be something else. Wait… Gretchen frowned at her reflection; why were they her inner circle? Dakota was hideous, Mary made sense until she went overboard on the enlargements, or her macromastia kicked in - whatever it was - and Zoey was muscle, despite her fucked up body. Rachel was… she made Gretchen feel tall. That explained most of them.

She groaned and rubbed at her head to ease the headache she felt coming on. They were increasingly more annoying, often getting in the way of a good time, and she didn’t know why. Not like some doctor would tell her without taking a chunk of cash, and she wouldn’t risk being some junkie because of headaches. They’d go away once she figured out what the fuck was with Carmen Robins.

“Done,” Gretchen chuckled as the locker clicked open. Staff at the school might not get paid well, but they wanted their jobs, so all records were at Gretchen’s disposal, including locker combinations that were forcibly registered to the school. It was stupid, but she wouldn’t bring it up. She rifled through Carmen’s crap until a black notebook fell out.

“Futa Note? What crap is this?” She flipped through and almost giggled at the ridiculousness, “Well, someone’s kinky. But this is just them. Weird.” Flipping through to the back, she found a list of ‘rules’, then stopped at the sight of Carmen and Rachel’s names.

“Only those whose names are written here will know what happens? Might as well,” Gretchen shrugged and found a pen in the locker, because of course a nerd like Carmen would have a spare one. She added her name. It was probably some weird fetish diary. Not like anything would come of this, other than messing with Carmen when she noticed Gretchen had written in it.

As she went to put it back, agony stabbed through her head. She collapsed mind spiralling in a torrent of information from two different lifetimes it felt like. Memories of a normal, spineless Dakota, and a meek Zoey, and Ashley with all the money anyone could want, all pierced her skull. Once the maelstrom had calmed and she could breathe, Gretchen stared at the blank page beneath her… It was real.

And it was hers.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 36 - Beneath the Slut

Class was uninteresting as always. Though the faculty were told to behave like a college classroom, they were disinterested, more invested in spilling their woes to students of how they had new jobs waiting, but were pulled back to this ‘shit-hole’. Principal Blake had at least put some effort into the rebranding, with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and second-hand desks in far better condition than the prior ones. That didn’t excuse the poor technology, outdated by over a decade, and the abysmal student body. Like all the years before, they ignored anything going on and talked amongst themselves.

Carmen was silent. None of her new friends were in the same room, as such she busied herself with a book on archaeology she’d bought yesterday, researching the necessary majors and what it might entail. It could take some time for her to get any clout, but with her resources she’d manage something. Her foot bounced at the prospect of what her future might hold.

Seikogami existed since the dawn of man, perhaps longer, and must’ve left their touches across history. Professionals would look at her like a mental patient, but she’d prove herself beyond a doubt. While Ryuka’s people were top priority, Earth and its creatures still held their own wealth of secrets. Carmen leaned back, idly recounting the book’s contents in her mind, when heat raced across her flesh. Not excitement or embarrassment, but arousal.

Ryuka, she thought and looked for the Seikogami. It had to be her, pulling some trick out of her inane boredom, yet the goddess was nowhere in sight. Carmen’s cock hardened, sliding from her underwear to graze her thigh. The dress code of a skirt remained in place at Saint Puella, leaving her secret vulnerable if anyone looked under her desk, however that hardly registered. Her cock should’ve been fully hard and still concealed by her skirt, at least while sitting, but it was swelling toward her knee. It couldn’t have grown that much overnight.

Worry flashed through her mind as she sifted through her bag. Nothing. Just her plain notebooks, no sign of the familiar black cover. Had Rachel taken it? Were the past months just a ploy to help Gretchen? No, couldn’t be. After everything… Carmen didn’t pack anything away, or even grab her bag as she rushed from the classroom. The teacher offered a token threat of detention, but that didn’t matter. She needed to find the book, or at least whoever had found it.

Her locker was locked shut. Even the insides, at a glance, looked untouched.

“Where is it?” Carmen panted, her body burning from arousal and fear. Then she heard the clicking of heels and the heat froze into icy shards digging into her flesh, though her cock stayed rigid. She kept her body to the locker, refusing to let Gretchen see her state.

“Must be hard living with that thing, huh?” Gretchen said and came to lean against the lockers, fake tits pronounced obnoxiously as always.

“It’s none of your business,” Carmen grunted, hiding the strange pleasure she got from eyeing the whore’s chest.

“But it is. Everything about you is my business, slave.”

“What did you call me?” Carmen wanted desperately to ignore the damn woman, but something about her made it impossible, more so than ever before. She whirled on Gretchen and stopped, realising her error with her cock pointing straight at the blonde, but that wasn’t the reason her every muscle locked into place. In Gretchen’s grotesquely manicured hands was the Futa Note. Shock passed in seconds and she snatched at it.

“Stop!” Gretchen shouted, darting back just in time. Carmen froze, still in mid-motion. Nothing responded to her thoughts.

“I can’t believe it actually worked,” Gretchen said and walked around her, hands leaving shuddering trails across Carmen’s body, “I mean, I know the thing is real, but seeing it in action is something else.”

How? Carmen wanted to speak, but even her lips refused to move. The question was obvious enough for even Gretchen to pick up on it.

“I found it in your locker. Thought it was some gross diary or something at first, then I found those rules and added my name to yours and Rachel’s. Let me tell you something,” Gretchen said and looked Carmen in the eye, a manic light radiating from her eyes and smile, “I’m looking forward to making you repay me for all the shit you’ve done. Oh, you want to speak? Alright then. Talk.”

“You deserved it,” Carmen spat, a glob of spit struck Gretchen’s cheek, which she gathered up and licked from her fingers.

“What? You thought that’d get to me? I’m a slut. I’ve done everything imaginable with a smile on my face. And besides, you’re the slave of a slut. How low do you think that makes you now?”

“Just get it over with,” Carmen said.

“I will, but that’ll take some time. You see, I don’t want the money you have, or even to reverse what you did, because now you’re like all the girls rolled into one. Plus, you’ve got a huge dick that I plan on abusing later. Long as I have you in my grasp, I’ll have everything I could ever want,” Gretchen elucidated and giggled, “Now, about paying me back. I think you eating me out is a good start.”

As she said it, Gretchen pulled up her mini-skirt. It was barely enough to cover her ass implants, but now it revealed her lack of underwear and expert cunt. The difference between it and Rachel’s was night and day, a testament to Gretchen’s disgusting soul.

“On your knees,” Gretchen said and Carmen’s body obeyed, forcing her to kneel before the effigy of false beauty. The only thing natural was her pussy, and that had been abused to hell and back, “Get to work, dyke.”

Carmen growled in her chest, even as her mouth moved in. Hatred swirled in chaotic spirals, lashing against the chains the Futa Note put around it, yet pleasure tainted the feeling. Each lap of her tongue on Gretchen’s folds echoed in her cock, like it would when she pleasured Rachel, but it felt dirtier. Dredged in the tar of Gretchen’s very existence. Her stomach turned, but she pressed deeper. Her hands screamed to punch and scratch, yet they held onto the bitch’s thighs.

“Oh, I should’ve known you’d be good at this,” Gretchen sighed, “It’s about all a lesbian’s good for. Though I guess you’ve got a dick too, so you’re not entirely useless. Yet.”

Carmen kept licking. She suckled on the clit, tongue fluttering around the bundle of nerves, before she jammed the muscle into Gretchen, letting her juices drool down her chin. No one was in the halls to Carmen’s gratitude, but it was only a matter of time before someone wandered around a corner and saw them. Summoned by her thoughts, the echoes of feet drew closer.

“Better hurry, someone’s coming,” Gretchen teased. The complete slut didn’t care if someone saw her like that, none of the teachers would say anything about her, but Carmen on the hand would be reprimanded. Doing so would mar the records she’d worked so meticulously to perfect. It’d be an absolute failure on her part. One that’d never go away.

With desperation fuelling her, Carmen forced Rachel’s visage over Gretchen and ate her pussy like the world would end in seconds. She might have preferred it did. The sudden onslaught was enough to push Gretchen over the edge, her whorish voice moaning as fem-cum spilled from her folds.

“Hmm, I needed that,” Gretchen said and then pulled Carmen’s collar, using it to wipe up all the moisture, “Now follow me and keep your head down. I don’t want people thinking we’re dating or anything. Ugh, that’d be the fucking worst. And no talking until I say otherwise, got it?”

Carmen nodded, throat suddenly clogged up. No matter how her mind protested, or how she cursed Gretchen in the name of every god she knew of, Carmen walked after her like a heedless duckling that had imprinted on her. Her cock all but led the way, bobbing in time with Gretchen’s ass. The book was still in the blonde’s hand.

All she needed was to get it back. Carmen reached into her custom skirt’s pocket for her phone, silently praising Rachel for convincing her to get one. The moment it opened, however, Gretchen stopped and turned. Carmen wasn’t fast enough.

“Give it to me,” Gretchen said and was handed the phone without delay, “Trying to get help, were you? Not gonna happen. From now on, you’re forbidden from talking to any of those freaks. You won’t even look at them, got it? Good. Oh, and if you somehow find a loophole in that, just remember, if they cross me because of you, I’ll just write their names again. Wonder what happens when someone has two entries. Maybe I’ll try that with you.”

I hate you! Carmen screamed the words in her mind, hoping the mantra might give her the push needed to break the Futa Note’s power, but it held. Gretchen led her to a janitor’s closet, though she’d never seen anyone go into it since the janitor was fired a year ago, and produced a key. Inside was a cramped space, empty but for a single chair.

“Get in and sit down.”

Carmen did so and was shut in the darkness with Gretchen, until a dim light illuminated them both. Before her eyes, the plastic slut stripped down to her underwear, or lack there of. The worst part was, if it were anyone else, Carmen would’ve been attracted to her. For all the surgeries Gretchen had, her actual body was fit and svelte, exaggerating her augmented curves even further. Her breasts stuck out too far and sagged just the slightest amount. Likewise, her ass was too round and pert to be real.

“Don’t speak. You can moan, but nothing else,” Gretchen said as she freed Carmen’s cock from her skirt, then straddled the enslaved futa, sliding the now fourteen inch length into her snatch with ease. Despite the hatred bubbling within, Carmen moaned at the sensations around her length as every inch was devoured. That should be impossible. The Futa Note changes people so they can handle that amount of penetration, but Gretchen didn’t have a cock that Carmen could see.

“Impressed?” Gretchen sighed, insides moving with expert precision, “I’ve always been super deep. Made finding a fitting cock hard, but I settled for girth. Now I have both. You better not cum until I’m through. If you do, I’ll make Rachel my slave as well. You don’t want to know the shit I’d do to that shrimp.”

Incapable of speech, Carmen just nodded and moaned as the muscles squeezed around her. Gretchen’s pussy might look a mess, but the experience shone through. Every inch of her depths worked in concert under a masterful conductor, massaging all Carmen had and turning her senses against herself. Every slap of Gretchen’s ass against her thighs was a disgustingly delicious pleasure. The closet kept every sound inside, thumping in Carmen’s brain without rest.

If she closed her eyes, she could almost imagine Rachel in her place.

“Fuck yeah, get it in me, you bitch,” Gretchen grunted, breaking the image, “You’re mine now.” Every word was punctuated with another slap of flesh on flesh, increasingly wet as Gretchen’s pleasure deepened, never seeming to end.

“This dick is mine. Your money is mine. Your life is mine.”

Carmen hadn’t been told to stay still. Before she could question her choice, she reached up and clapped a hand over Gretchen’s mouth, muffling her shock, and shoved her off. Carmen looked all over for the book, scanning the dimly lit space for the answer to her problems. There! She made to grab it, but Gretchen’s hand flew from the aether and slapped across her cheek, knocking her down. The blonde grabbed it before Carmen could recover.

“Bad move, cunt,” Gretchen snarled and pulled Carmen by her hair, forcing her to sit once more, “Don’t move a fucking muscle. Try that again, and I’ll write your family’s names.”

For an indeterminable time, Carmen was slave to Gretchen’s wrath. The bitch’s nails scratched along every inch of flesh within their reach, even drawing blood, while she slapped and pinched and bit into Carmen’s breasts. Bruises and welts lined her skin before long. And through it all, she was stoic, capable of only moaning and silently detesting the woman riding her.

“One more thing,” Gretchen said, her energy finally dwindling, “You’re not allowed to cum without permission. Ever.” She stood up, legs shaking, and ripped off Carmen’s shirt to wipe up all the sweat and fem-cum. She grabbed the Futa Note after dressing.

“Feel free to go back to class or whatever. I’ll text you when I need something. Have fun with those blue balls.” With that, Gretchen left the futa alone, mostly naked and battered, and reeling from the experience. Every iota of her existence begged for her to get back at Gretchen. If she had the book at that moment, she couldn’t fathom what she’d do. For now, however, she needed to leave and think of how to get the Futa Note back.

It’d been three hours since Gretchen wrote her name. Lunch period was over and students were filing back to class. Carmen shambled amongst them, her legs weak from the abuse. She could still smell Gretchen on her clothes, no matter how much soap she’d used when washing them in the restroom. Her stomach growled like a caged beast, filled only with Gretchen’s sickening taste and odour. She hoped she wouldn’t vomit.

“Carmen?! Hey, wait up!” Rachel called over the throngs of people. Carmen didn’t look for her, only sped up, pushing past people in her haste to get away. It was partly Gretchen’s command, but more to keep Rachel away. How could she face her now, with Gretchen’s stench and threats lingering everywhere? The bell rang for classes, but Carmen kept walking, not concerned where she ended up. She stopped inside the library, now derelict. The shelves were covered in sheets and dust.

It was here that it all started. She should’ve just taken the book and ignored it, then things wouldn’t have gone so fucking messed up. Carmen wiped at her eyes, clearing the moisture there and snarled at the sight of it on her fingers. To give into temptation after it wore at her for months at a time was acceptable to some degree, but for Gretchen to be in control all because of a stupid mistake she should’ve avoided was like a dagger lodged in her ribs. Now she couldn’t even look for comfort in her friends or lover or her  family. Even Ryuka was nowhere to be seen.

She was alone.

Gretchen hummed to her own music as she strutted down the halls of Saint Puella. Behind her, the schools bustiest - for now - bookworm, Carmen, trailed, feet moving and face red from rage and embarrassment. Exactly as she wanted. Since finding the book, Gretchen hadn’t spared any second in taking over Carmen’s miserable life. From her walk, to her wardrobe, right down to the slutty makeup, she controlled it all with mere words. But that wasn’t the best part.

That would be Carmen’s misery. Unable to say a word about it to her friends, the look of hatred and despair in her eyes deepened every day, sweetening the whole ordeal for Gretchen. It almost overshadowed the fact Carmen paid for her entire new wardrobe. Of course, the renewed queen bee wasn’t without small mercies.

She couldn’t be seen with someone better looking, nor could she be around someone so dull in style. That was fixed yesterday, after she dragged Carmen to a salon and the sluttiest clothe shop around, dolling her up to her whims like she once did to her toys as a child. Now, the honour student once ignored for her bland clothes and lack of highlights to her face and hair, was the talk of the school. As was Gretchen.

“Smile more. You’ll make me depressed otherwise,” Gretchen said as she rummaged through her locker, handing Carmen stuff to hold. The futa did as commanded, teeth showing through an unending smile, “Ew, that’s creepy. Tone it back.”

“What did you do?”

Gretchen’s hair bristled at the voice beside her and she looked to see the pint-sized redhead, “Hello, Rachel. Didn’t you see under my boobs for a second.”

“Cram it. What did you do?” Rachel repeated, trying to look directly at Carmen, but she avoided her gaze.

“Nothing. Carmen just started following me around, carrying my stuff, dressing like me, you get the idea. Guess she got tired of hanging out with freaks like you,” Gretchen said, “Was that it, Carmen?” She leaned aside, giving the two full view of each other. Rachel’s shock at the blonde highlights in Carmen’s hair, mixed with her low-cut shirt and the skirt that barely concealed her cock from view.

“N…” the syllable died on Carmen’s lips at a deathly glare, “Yes.” Her cheeks bloomed hotter under the foundation, like two suns mired in a creamy sheen.

“I’m not buying it. Tell me what’s up, or I’ll get Zoey to pay you a visit,” Rachel warned.

“Good luck with that,” Gretchen said, her voice dripping with the purest venom she could muster, “Try it and see what happens.” As she spoke, she pulled the supernatural black notebook from her locker. Rachel’s eyes threatened to pop as she caught the title.


“I have my ways. Now fuck off, before I turn you into a walking-talking cock.”

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said, looking at Carmen before she turned tail and all but ran, stumpy legs struggling with the package between them.

“Anyway,” Gretchen said and handed the book to Carmen, “You’ll be going out with me tonight. There’s a party at this frat-house I want to go to, and some of the guys get really touchy. You’re going to keep them off me, got it?”

“Yes.” Carmen nodded, deadpan. She’d been that way for a couple days. Though the fire in her eyes hadn’t dimmed, none of it showed in her expression or tone unless Gretchen ordered it, which wasn’t much fun. She wanted this bitch to suffer for everything that happened. The others would get their turn, but Carmen had been the force behind them all leaving her. All those resources gone, and she’d thought Mary might’ve been a genuine friend as well.

Tonight offered the perfect opportunity too.

The fraternity shared its street with a sorority of notoriously cruel girls. The kind that broke a person’s spirit and body. After the frat party wound down a little, Gretchen would send Carmen over and record the whole thing. It’d would be something to remember for sure. Just thinking about it had her dripping. Good thing she had the biggest cock as her slave.

“We’re skipping class. Follow me,” Gretchen said. Part of her wanted to go back to the janitor’s closet, but that was too comfortable for Carmen, better to put her in a more compromising place. There was fifteen minutes before next period, meaning most classrooms were free. Gretchen marched past each door, looking for an empty one. She wasn’t concerned with getting caught by faculty, but vindictive students with phones were potential land mines.

“Perfect,” Gretchen snickered and led Carmen into the English Literature classroom, vacant for the time being. The desk at the front had a large enough gap for someone to fit, though Carmen might be too big to be comfortable, not it matter. Gretchen claimed the chair and ordered Carmen into the gap, which she crawled into without fuss. About ten minutes remained before classes resumed.

Gretchen spread her legs, “You know what to do. Better make it fast, otherwise someone will see.”

Carmen just nodded and went to work. She pulled the panties aside and crammed her head between her slaver’s legs, Frenching the folds like they were a dear lover, and guzzling the juices with unwanted fervour. It was no wonder why Rachel cared for her so much. That redheaded bitch probably got eaten out like that everyday, not to mention getting pounded by Carmen’s dick. Gretchen’s eyes drifted shut as she moaned her pleasure.

There was something spectacular about getting worshipped by another woman. Not a lesbian by any means, though she wasn’t against some girl fun when dick was involved, Gretchen marvelled at the softness of the lips on her cunt. The scratchy feel of a guy just didn’t compare, though she hadn’t thought anything of it before. Well Carmen was a nerd, it made sense that she studied how to do it right, she thought.

In fact, she did it so well, Gretchen almost missed the sight of a camera flash from the ajar door. Whoever was behind it noticed her as well, as they retreated a second later. Gretchen was on her feet in the next.

“Fucking get her!” She shrieked at Carmen, who ran after their voyeur despite not knowing who it was, and heedless of the pussy juice on her face. She returned a minute later with a struggling Rachel in her arms, face an emotionless mask.

“Of course it was you,” Gretchen sneered, grabbing the phone still in Rachel’s hand to see the picture, “What to do, what to do? I could make you a slave like Carmen, but that’s no fun. We still have five minutes, that should be enough for a quickie.”

“What?” Rachel asked, then grunted as she was forced onto the desk and her shirt ripped open by Carmen, at Gretchen’s whispered orders that is.

“Now fuck her. I’ll even let you cum this time.”

“You think that’s a punishment?” Rachel asked and chuckled, happily parting her legs for her lover.

“Let me rephrase that. Rape her,” Gretchen said and slapped Carmen’s ass, sending her forward. The futa was hard, commanded to be that way and her face was a twisted shell of its usual calm, like all the hate she held for Gretchen was now forced upon Rachel.

“Carmen?” Rachel said, legs drifting shut until they were shoved painfully far and her pussy was invaded before she was ready, “Carmen!”

Rachel’s transformation was designed such that when she was turned on, she’d shrink in stature and grow elsewhere. That didn’t happen. Every thrust from Carmen was violent, like a soldier impaling their lifelong enemy, and her expression only made it worse. Beyond the hideous snarl on her face, and the drool foaming at her lips, she was in agony. Through it all, Rachel stayed quiet with her eyes clenched shut. Regardless, tears streaked down her cheeks. Her flaccid member and balls flopped about depressingly.

Back in the chair, Gretchen rubbed out her denied climax to the act before her.

“Yeah, fuck that stupid cunt!” She murmured, biting her lip to keep from shouting the words. Two minutes left. She abused her own snatch, timing her fingers to Carmen’s ferocious tempo, until the walls clamped down and cum gushed out. Time ceased all meaning in the afterglow, until she heard the bell ring for the next class. Good thing they fixed it over summer.

“Go ahead and cum now,” Gretchen said, flattening her clothes. The enslaved honour student grunted, jaw clenched hard, veins throbbing in her temples like she might explode. How cute, she’s trying not to cum, Gretchen thought and strolled over, “Do it, or I make this a daily thing.”

“I’m sorry,” Carmen grunted and impaled the petite redhead one last time, chest heaving with unwanted moans as she spilled her load for the first time in days. No matter how she felt about it, the relief must’ve been awesome. Stood by the door and called for Carmen, whose erection vanished the instant she was finished.

“See you later, Rachel. Try this again and it’ll be a lot worse,” Gretchen said, beaming like a kid on Christmas. Not long after they left, shouts and screams echoed down the hall. Carmen looked on the verge of tears, probably thinking of killing Gretchen, but the blonde queen smiled as powerfully as ever.

Later that day, after the sun began its descent, Gretchen waited outside her home for Carmen. The honour student, unsurprisingly, had earned her license and bought a car over the summer. It wasn’t even a bad choice, sleeker than Gretchen might’ve expected. Regardless, she appreciated having someone to drive her around at her whims, many as they were.

“So, how did it feel to rape your ex-girlfriend?” Gretchen asked. The original giddiness and lack of time had kept her from inquiring before.

“I’m going to kill you,” Carmen snarled. She was allowed to speak on occasion, but only in a subdued voice away from others, lest Gretchen tell her otherwise. They pulled up outside the frat-house, where party goers were already ramping it up. Even from the car, Gretchen smelled the acrid scent of marijuana.

“Sure you will. Now, remember your job? Keep the gross and touchy guys away from me, and maybe try to steer the hotter ones my way.”

“Yes,” Carmen groaned and pulled at her clothes. It was a dress from Gretchen’s own wardrobe, as such it was too small on the freakish girl. The neck cut low and dug deep into her shoulders and breasts, almost forcing them to overflow the fabric. And the hem just grazed her knees, above which her cock swayed freely. If the worst came to pass, Gretchen would rely on that easy access to vent her lusts.

“Then lets fucking go,” Gretchen cheered and forced her way into the frat-house. It was late, almost 11PM, the sun had set and most people were at home, either sleeping or unwinding from a long day. Instead, the college students partied with beer flowing like rivers and the stench of weed thick in the air. If Gretchen listened close enough, she heard the creaking of upstairs beds. She’d already missed out on some of the party and planned on making up for it.

With Carmen in tow, she made her way around. She gathered drinks and joints, stealing if she needed to, and soon Gretchen was well and truly buzzed. It didn’t matter that she was intoxicated, the bitch flirted with almost everyone around, even Carmen.

“You know something?” Gretchen asked. They sat on a couch, Carmen stiff like a steel rod, uncomfortable in her revealing attire and around the disgusting odours, yet held there by the book’s power, “I fucking hate you. Everything just comes so easily to you, doesn’t it? Not only were you smart as fuck, but you also got that stupid book. What gives you the fucking right, you know?”

“But fuck me, you’re sexy,” Gretchen giggled and groped at her bodyguard, who took it without any hint of reaction. Fuck, they’re soft, she thought, then noticed Carmen hadn’t reacted at all, “Hey! I’m talking to you.”

“I know,” Carmen said, not giving so much as a glance.

“Then pay attention to me.”

“Do I have to?”

“Fine!” Gretchen grunted and straddled the only other girl around bustier than herself. She reached between their bodies and fished out Carmen’s cock. The futa reached up to stop her, “Get hard and stay still. I was planning on getting laid tonight, but why bother when you’re here.”

“Whoa, whoa! Check it out!” Someone, also clearly drunk, shouted and called attention to Gretchen’s ass, now bouncing on Carmen and revealing several inches of her cock at a time.

“Holy shit, that chick’s hung.”

“Can’t be that big.”

“Oh, it is,” Gretchen said and pushed to her knees, showing off nearly every centimetre of Carmen’s fourteen-inch cock, glistening with her juices. Even so, the head remained lodged in her snatch, “Shame you’ve only got the one. My ass is empty.”

“I’ll help with that,” someone volunteered and, without missing a beat, Gretchen was filled in both holes as she resumed her bounces. All around, people had their phones out, recording the trio and laughing at Carmen’s placid, yet mortified face. The guy reached around to grope at Gretchen, but went too far and touched Carmen instead. Her response was instantaneous. With a sharp grunt, she kicked the guy behind Gretchen and knocked him away, hands on his crotch.

“What the fuck was that for?!” Gretchen shouted, fury evaporation her intoxication for a second, until she saw Carmen’s face.

“You said to keep any touchy guys away,” Carmen said, cocky smirk on her face. For a second, Gretchen faltered. Was it the booze? The weed? The atmosphere and sensation of being filled like never before? It could be anything, but in that moment, she was more attracted to Carmen than any of the jocks around her. The thought jolted her back to reality.

She climbed off and looked around, seeing that everyone was waiting to see her response. If she didn’t think fast, they’d all think Carmen was actually in control. Gretchen suddenly remembered the sorority and beamed at Carmen, malice refreshed in her features.

“Why don’t we take a little trip? Keep recording, you’ll love this!” With a few short words, she had Carmen and her erection lead the way, party goers and their phones trailing not far behind. This would show her, Gretchen thought as the sorority house loomed overhead.