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Topic: Three is better than One

(Hey everyone, this is my first story on this forum, this is based off of PMDN's short sequence "One to Three", with some more context and some new kinky stuff, I plan to post this to my furaffinity page as well: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/weirdwriter/, after getting some feedback)

(The writing of this story is deliberately vague at times, so confusion may or may not be unintentional, or intentional smile )

This story contains:

  • Multibody

  • Demons

  • Magic

  • Body modification

  • Pussy mouth (with tongue)

Three is better than One

One of the most difficult parts was just... standing there.

Being in the middle of an ominously-shining red demonic circle was one of the most terrifying memories I'd probably ever have. I remembered all the ways that it could go wrong, the spell could backfire, the circle could swallow me, or worse, simply end me. Though even though I was shivering and reciting stabilization chants ive picked up from the grimoire, I still wanted to be anywhere but this right exact spot.

But I stood still, I wanted to make this worth it, after 4 months learning spellwork(!) from the ground up, I didn't put in all that effort just to have the spell destroy my flat, or it spawning a daemon of the more... ferocious kind.

So I wanted to summon a succubus.

I know, I know, while the obvious reasons are obvious, it was also the most safe choice to summon in-between the gallery of demonkind I could technically spawn now, according to the book. I simply had to try out this one spell, just this one, then fulfill the demon's lust in return for some of by body's "vigor" (with my stomach and weight, would most likely only make me less fat) and then dismiss the succubus.

What could go wrong?

Well, an awful lot, actually.

The spell did backfire, just not in a way I could have ever predicted.

The first signs something was wrong was my body getting more plump than normal. This took about 5 minutes to notice, until my arms were getting pushed up by the sudden mass around my belly button. For the next 3 or so minutes, I was basically internally panicking, and to be completely honest, paralyzed. I simply didn't know what to do, but instead of running out of the (now brighter-glowing) circle, I simply froze up. Fight-or-flight responses, I think it's called.

Well in my case, it definitely helped.

As quite frankly, just as the pain (as it started hurting after a second) became unbearable, my body... split open.

Now I know how that sounds, but along my entire spine on my back, a seam burst open, to reveal not one, but three daemonettes, each identical.

Each had long white hair, with a pair of triangle-looking ears on top of their heads, red eyes, and a slender long black tail that ended in a spear-tip.

How do I know this? Because at that point, my head was filled with the red-eyed perspectives of each of these new bodies, all staring at eachother, all bodies mimicking the same movements.

Now, at this point, I'll have to admit, I became quite distressed. This wasn't according to plan at all, this was new, unknown, no passage didn't even as much as allude to this sort of scenario happening, where the spawned daemon, or daemonette, would replace the summoner's body.

But yet, my body laid there, like a deflated pool toy, quietly disintegrating, while I was now staring at my other bodies' set of... boobs.

Or more accurately, I was getting a massive migraine while 3 fields of view were simultaneously filled with 3 different views of boobs, while I was also getting 3 times the feel of my cold stone apartment floor under my butts and legs, 3 times the feel of an entire body (and 3 appendages that seemed to have a life of their own), and 3 times a more sensitive hearing.

So when I inadvertently shouted W-T-F from all three bodies, in high pitch, harmonized, I immediately felt all of my bodies cringe, all ears flatten, my eyes close, as the sudden onslaught of new stimuli simply becoming too much for me.

I took a moment to calm down, to recollect, I still had my eyes closed, and probably my ears still flattened (which was weird, by the way, I'm still getting used to the sensation and ability to change the positioning of your ears) and my bodies stilled. I took a moment to "survey" each body individually, while it was hard making out each of them in the dark mentally, as each body felt the same, yet different, I eventually became able to "focus" on one of them.

I tried opening my eyes on just this body, it was a partial success, the eyes on just that one body opened wide, while the rest stayed half-shut. Well, for at least a second, anyway, before the harsh whites of my LED-lighting hit those eyes, and I quickly shut those again.

This process repeated a few times, I tried separating each body for myself, while that didn't work the way I intended it to be, I instead got a curious feeling; I could feel each body's relative positioning to eachother, without any sight!

This was a revelation, as it allowed me to perform my next step without being sensorially overloaded; moving each body individually.

I made baby steps... literally, as I had to mentally "block out" each other body's "controls". I focused on one non-specific body, while I have 3 senses for each of the 3 bodies which smell, feel, and hear the world around me, but more specifically; me.

Those tails I mentioned? Yeah, those don't stand still, they curl around the floor, around my own body, and sometimes around the tail of another body. Curiously, when this latter one happens, I often enough get an all-body shiver, even on the one that did not have the tail touch in the event.

So first order of business was me standing up, and walking away from the circle, and doing this for all 3 bodies one-by-one.

The next step was to figure out sight, I have had my other eyes closed in the process this entire. Now I could control one of the individual bodies, I attempted to open the eyes of one. After adjusting to the lights for a moment, I realized I could my clearly and cleanly see other bodies a short distance away, exactly as I had felt, standing relatively stable on their feet, faces focused and eyebrows frowning in concentration.

Then, I opened the second pair of eyes, while letting the first one gain a thousand-yard stare, I slowed opening the second one to the harsh white lighting. I felt a pressure on the back of my mind, while I now had these 2 pairs of eyes open, and while it was no problem to "see" with one pair of eyes having a blurry focus, it did became a problem when both pair of eyes were focused upon an object (say, my tits, again), where both views "overlapped" with eachother.

I tried to resolve this mentally by trying a few different things, such as imagining the view as a side-by-side, like a one-console two-players TV view, where one viewpoint was "placed" right next to the other one. This seemed to work out, but I found myself mentally "switching" a lot between these different views, giving just one a focus, while ignoring the other.

I tried a categorization of "importance", to make my overall field of view a series of objects that could be deemed "interesting", being seen or observed by either one of these pair of eyes. This proved to be a problem, as often enough I could not get it to focus specifically on a thing I'd like it to look at (like a swaying tail) instead of what I subconsciously apparently deemed as important, such as 2 pairs of tits.

Meanwhile, however, I did notice I had no problem "keeping focus" with either set of eyes on any object at any time, being able to flick eyes between objects automatically, and keep focus and orientation on a moving one, it seemed as if I was slowly adjusting to the new situation, and thus, my collective subconscious with it.

Thus, I tried to enter my third set of eyes into the mix, but as soon as I opened those eyes, I felt my mental model being thrown in shambles, and the heavy migraine returning, so for now, I quickly closed a pair of eyes (from a body I was previously testing with, I noted, as one of the remaining sets of eyes slowly had to adjust to the light), and went to test out a new idea.

For this idea, I quickly closed the other set of eyes, and instead used my one remaining pair to monitor, as well as confirm, the relative positioning that I had almost mastered by now. I let my open set of eyes focus straight forward, and then stare in an almost-blurry focus.

After that, I tried something new, I tried to "pick control" of both of the other bodies at the same time, and let them move in sync, in opposite directions.

With my peripheral vision, I saw my other bodies move in unison, I was delighted, but quickly focused again, as I let both bodies rotate until the backs were against eachother, and then take tentative steps backwards, up until those same backs were almost touching eachother.

I suppressed another all-body shiver as I felt both 2 tails touch, and then again, I used the moment to quickly recollect myself, and mentally will those tails to be still. This seemed to work, and so I continued.

I closed my eyes, and then opened 2 others.

Each sets of visions I had now were facing 2 walls, and I saw my other body stand in the edges of both.

Then I tried to do something I hadn't done before, I let go.

You see, up until now, I have been keeping my focus onto my sets of eyes very, very intensively. But when I was figuring out how to categorize on interest, it seemed as if I could let each of my pairs of vision filter and alter information before "I" received it. And so I let go, and let my subconscious take the reign of two completely different visions.

And then the almost most marvelous thing happened, I could see.

Not like... see see, but I could "see" the world around me, every thing I now saw was in an almost 360 degree vision, almost, 2 two spots where things in the world I "saw" and/or "felt" were clearer to me, less blurry or undefined, these two spots were on opposite ends of eachother. Now, I could see (much in the same way I felt my bodies' relative positioning, I then realized) me, myself, and my bodies existing in the same virtual visual space, with the collective information of everything my eyes saw, in an almost intuitive sense of positioning and view.

I let one of my bodies step to the left. Then I corrected my error and let one of my open-eyed  body step to the left, my vision changed, some parts of my world were now blurred, but my instinctual vision about the world around me did not displace itself, but simply changed its reach, I saw other things now, my dishwasher was clearer to see, my poster had disappeared from my view.

I tried sticking out an arm in front of the other's eyes, about half a meter away, and that arm appeared and moved in my visual world, but the wall behind it disappeared. It was enlightening.

Up until one of the tails brushed against one of my vaginas.

An all-body shiver occurred again, only now more powerful, sending each body down to their knees. I did not mention it outright before, but I was indeed a three-bodied female daemonette, technically freshly spawned, and ultra-sensitive.

Did I mention that what I smelled was me, myself, my own pheromones?

I was horny as fuck, and I now had enough control over myself to do something about it.

The body that had the vagina touched was laying spread out over the floor, a small delicate hand slowly inching towards the now-aching vaginal lips. It almost didn't happen consciously, but three seconds later, I had pushed 3 fingers inside my own sopping, hungry, cunt.

I moaned, I think, as the two other bodies now watched me slowly explore my own new sex, noting my pristine white hair spread out all across the floor from my head, something I could not feel, but now I could see from two sides, adding up to a visual - almost 3D - sense of how I looked like, making me both the actor, and the watcher, of my own hot tendencies.

Adding another actor to the play, I moved my body (that had the most direct vision of my bright-red vaginal lips) closer to the body laying on the back, guiding away my own hands from those vibrant lips (with a pout and a slight whine of disappointment from myself), before tasting the snack myself.

I probably screamed, I can't remember, all I remember is the hot and flexible (and long!) tongue tongue entering my vagina, trashing it, treasuring it, penetrating it.

All I remember is the overwhelming sweet taste of my own self, the strong muscular walls tugging, squeezing, flexing, as my tongue snaked deeper and deeper.

I trashed for a good minute, but my strong hands kept my legs in place as I savoured the waves of tastes being thrown at me every other second, while my tongue snaked further down my hot channel.

Having more control over the body on the floor, now, I moved it to receive myself more eagerly, locking my legs behind the other's back, making no escape for myself even if I wanted to.

My tail has not kept still, and somewhere in between my make-out session, and eventually slowing it down to what could be called "romantic", it had somewhere gained a deliberately interest on my own vagina, and so it's spade tip slowly entered it.

My legs involuntarily widened, and I stopped licking for a second to moan, while my tail properly penetrated the aching vagina of the body that, by now, has already explored the depths of my own vagina.

And while I eventually came back to exploring more, I noticed a shadow from the light above me, the sudden shade falling on the eyes of the body spread out across the floor; it was me.

And so I opened those eyes, and saw my grinning and eager face staring back at me, as I slowly squatted another pair of red-ringed lips onto my own, locking my head to the floor, red eyes barely peeking out from my stomach, as I began charting another abyss, and the only available mouth I had moaned low and hard, almost losing the composure of my legs while I not-quite face-sat my body on the floor.

I have to note here, though, that as although I did not realise it, I was now seeing with three visions at the same time. Albeit limited in use at that moment (one was obscured by my own crotch-flesh, another was looking up between a pair of tits at the shaded face of my own, and another only was looking down at a nondescript floor, with a pair of eyes and 2 twitching and turning ears peeking out from the horizon of my (flat) stomach, with a halo of (messy) white hair spread out).

All in all, I was having a fun time.

I began experimenting, shoving my body down or forward to myself at "unforeseen" moments, penetrating myself further for just a moment more than before, I teased myself, licking the red-hot lips of myself until my knees almost buckled. I could not find any clitoris, but any touch with those aforementioned lips already gave enough electrifying jolts through my bodies to fit as a candidate.

I was edging myself.

I was losing myself in pleasure, wanting it to never end, wanting to play with myself more, wanting to give myself more of an enthralling experience.

And that, to some degree, is exactly what happened.

I was lost in the sensation, at some point, my tails started to rub against eachother, coil in unison, writhe with an seeming aggression, that was in actuality an elaborate, unconscious, loving, dance.

My world was only tongues, twisting and coiling, then pushing and twisting again, I began to focus on my tongues, strong, sensitive, and lengthy, I focused on their details, how its muscle twisted and flexed against myself, how I took my own breath away by perfectly licking the edges of my hole, dripping with desire, before plunging in again.

I reached out and twisted my hand, and something shifted.

A rune circle (much the same as the one I used to summon myself, but now my own) manifested on each on the palms of my hands.

The two hands that still held two powerful, yet obedient, legs.

The two hands that was rooting the base of a tail it couldn't see directly.

The one hand that cupped a breast.

And the one hand that motioned it so.

I almost froze, or paused, my own indulgence, to stare at these new runes, 6 sets of eyes observing six sets of circles, each rotating, each mirroring eachother, as components detached and clicked into place.

After the last component "clunk"-ed into its spot, I was suddenly french-kissing myself.

Correction, I was double french-kissing myself.

Another correction, I was also sending myself all-body shivers, as I coiled a tail... from my vagina.

Now finally freezing in place, I vaguely noticed that the runes in my hands had faded, and new appendages within each of my red-lipped holes slowly emerged.

Then they began to twist around my tongues, then they began to coil around them, then I pushed those tongues into their mouths and twisted again.

Strong, sensitive, and lengthy, it's muscles twisted and flexed against myself, and I pulled back, uncoiling.

Then I took my breath away, by licking all three red lips at once.

I took a moment to recollect myself, and relish in this new revelation.

Blinking a few times, I slowly gained a smile again, which slowly turned into a grin, and then a look of pure lust.

I lifted my crotch straight from my face, and then teased myself by providing a full view of the red lips, with a tongue suddenly bursting through and suspending in the air, lust dripping off of it, it slowly writhing around in the air, promising long and deep engagements, as a red set of eyes watched hungrily from above.

I pulled another red-toned tongue, illuminated with a bright white from the lights overhead, back into my vagina, leaving their red lips sealed and closed.

Upon me investigating this closer, those red lips suddenly moved open on their own, it's sudden dark, deep chasm ominous with desire, as fluids dripped deep into the red-hot canal.

Then, a movement from within, as a tongue slowly slithered out, giving a long, cleaning lick around those same red-hot edges. The tongue, now dripping with that sweet smell, made a beckoning gesture, curling and waving towards the depths twice, before it slipped deep within.

Needless to say, I then moved ahead, and made out with myself, twice.

The red tongues did an excellent job, just as well as I did with my other ones, I noticed the red tips were more sensitive than anything else, I used that to my advantage to weaken my knees, and push me back.

However, I had a trick up my sleeve; my red tongues were lengthier, and while those tips were indeed a weakpoint, it can't really be exploited when that tip is buried deep within the coils of tongues writhing around.

Me - Me; 0-2

A third one, the one that's now deliberately making me send shivers up my spine to help me win my side, was attempting to introduce the spear end of my tail into the deepest passage of my canal.

It wasn't a uterus, however though, its walls were extremely sensitive, I had to slowly proceed when proving my theory of it not being a (normal) womb, finding nothing but just a holding sack, or space, for my own deeply crimson tongue.

Having lost the battle, with all red tongues dominating their flesh-colored counterparts, deeply coiled up, I opted to win the war, and coiled a red tongue around my tail, and pulled.

To say I was orgasming wouldn't be doing it justice.

I was exhilarating myself, giving a full-body shiver that didn't stop, as my knees crashed against the floor, and my legs came to life, locking me close to my own crotch.

My only mouth moaned hard, as my tongues slowly slithered apart, every wave of pleasure paralyzing myself, as my tail trashed around unrestrained, where once was the chaining presence of another tongue. The betrayer to the war, now setting free an unknown agent in a sacred space, compromising their fellows to the doom of retreating.

After a while, and after a few long minutes of heavy breathing, I picked myself up, and sat down around myself, the body that still had a tail stuck in my vagina paralyzed on the floor, sometimes twitching a bit.

My body was aching, aching to rest, aching to recharge, aching to do this again, I decided to give into my intuition, and grabbed myself around the waist onto the warm floor, becoming the big and the little spoon, while also doing the same for myself.

I laid, and breathed a sweet smell, before finally giving into my urges, and slept.


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I just also posted this story on furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38525727/