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A sequel to last year's Midwinter story.
Two demons from Freya's Realm cross over to the Empire and randomly "bless" those that they come across.


Chapter 1

One year has passed already, as if it had never happened. It was the night of Midwinter and like the year before, Vanadis had crossed into imperial territory to share the joy of Freya’s blessings. As one of the Great Demoness’ avatars, she considered it her duty to spread the same form of happiness and sexual spice that is so common in her homeland. After all the only demons these poor people usually encounter are Karma’s filthy brood.

This night was made even more special, for Vanadis was not alone. One of her fellow demons had joined her. A close friend and regular bed fellow who went by the name of Urd. To Vanadis she was akin to a little sister, for the other demon was two hundred years younger than her. Although visually one would not have been able to tell the difference.

The pair flew over the country side, looking for a quiet neighbourhood or a town full of people to bless. Vanadis flew confidently, she knew the sort of thing she was looking for. Urd however seemed to lag behind. Meandering around, sight seeing. Like Vanadis the year before, Urd had never been in imperial territory. In fact she had only been elevated a short while ago, at least short in demon years.

Vanadis preferred a more human appearance, minus the bat wings and large breasts. Urd however, a Freyan cockwoman in mortality, retained much of her previous form. Her body was a large phallus, with a beautiful woman's face for a glans. Large lips parted to reveal her smiling face as her hair blew in the wind. Each time she flew down, to gather speed she'd squeal out in joy and excitement before rebounding higher. But was careful not to exclaim too loudly, lest the mortals grow afraid. Her testicles remained, but on top of them were two large breasts, swollen and full of potent milk. Occasionally they would dribble, while a moderate sized penis waved between them. Something she would often use to tit fuck herself. Lastly, her dainty human feet still remained, and led up to a feminine rear which would clench with adrenaline with each dip.

The sight of Urd’s ungainly flight always amused Vanadis and made her giggle. She could watch her friend’s balls bounce around like this for ages. However once they reached a decently sized coastal town, she snapped back to attention. There was a reason they were here. The sun had gone down a long time ago and a full moon shone upon the world below. Many people were still celebrating at this point, either in large parties or quietly with their families. Neither Vanadis, nor Urd were worried that they could be seen and cause an unwanted panic, being confused for Karma’s lot. Even without so drastic a method as invisibility, a demon could stay unnoticed when they wanted to.

Finally within the town’s boundaries. The two approached a large house at the edge of town, in a row of many similar houses. Light was shining within. A careful glance through the window revealed a happy family of four, just having finished their dinner. The parents seemed in their mid thirties, good looking even if a little plain. Their two children were a problem. Both were less than a decade old. Even in such a free and sexual realm as the demons’ home, the transformation of youngsters was a great taboo, for they lacked the maturity to truly embrace Freya’s gifts.

Urd knew so, too, and her older friend was just about to suggest for them to move to the next door, when both children left upstairs, followed by their mother. She helped them to get ready for bed and sang them a song until they were fully asleep. At last she came back downstairs to share a glass of whine with her husband on the sofa. Vanadis grinned. It was the perfect opportunity.

As the pair watched the family, Urd continued to snake her phallic 'neck' around, trying to get a better angle. When the mother came downstairs Urd looked over to the more experienced mentor, who was smiling. Vanadis shot the junior a look, and motioned for her to take action. Urd breathed deeply. She was excited and eager to show off her creative side. Inside a subtle influence began to wash over the married couple. The two had been sitting there on the sofa, the man's arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders as they each drank wine. At first it was small acts of intimacy. In him blood rushed to a certain location, while his hands started to explore her front. In her, giggles and blush erupted as she arched her chest forward. The two eagerly finished their glasses, before Urd turned up the heat. The couple began to kiss. Then their curious hands quickened as they groped and explored each other's familiar flesh. They stayed like this for a time until the husband took the first action. He pulled up her shirt, exposing her slightly flabby tummy. In response she hurriedly took it off. Next with trained, practised hands he undid her bra, and she once more lifted it off completely, letting her breasts flop out. He placed his mouth around each erect nub. Flicking his tongue over them and eliciting hums of approval. It was her turn to undress him now. With gentle hands she lifted up his shirt, exposing his toned back, and broad shoulders. He only ceased his suckling to lift the shirt over his head.

Next the man grabbed her pants, and shimmed them down. She smiled and gasped as he did, eager to have them off, as well as her panties. Fully nude save for her socks she looked up at her husband with doe like eyes. With a stud like pride he unbuckled his pants, took them off and threw them aside as the two began to make love in earnest. The wife's voice echoed through the house, and in a flash of panic Urd quickly deepened the children's sleep with her magic. Now it was time to change them. The woman's hips began to expand. Doubling in width as her buttocks ballooned outwards as well, turning into one humongous ball of flesh. Her legs and feet seemed to split into pairs. Within moments she sported two sets of legs, each one identical to her former pair. Next, her legs moved up, and finished sitting right where her large hips began, while her torso started to shorten. Growing more compact her upper body also took on a spherical shape. As her hands massaged her breasts, they began to change, too. Her digits grew dull and inflexible as she groaned out in frustration. Soon, feet replaced her hands. Regardless, she continued trying to rub her nipples with her new toes. Her breasts expanded slightly, removing the sag and growing taut. Her head was then forced looking upward, as her neck shortened rapidly, until her face was sticking out from her torso. The pair quickly adjusted to something of a doggy style, revealing the final change. At the bottom of her massive spherical lower half a crack had formed, housing the woman's monstrously sized pussy and anus. Proudly, Urd admired her creation. The woman now resembled an insect or spider. A large posterior, with a stubby front. Human enough to interact with her children in a non-sexual way, and close enough to her original form to comfort them still. As a hidden bonus, her vaginal juices would quickly solidify, forming a silky, webbing like texture. Urd looked for Vanadis's approval. "I didn't want to totally erase the woman." Urd admitted.

Now it was the husband's turn. Because of their magic the two humans were left unaware of the woman's transformation into that of a spider like being. Currently she was laying on her stomach over the arm of the sofa, her many legs sprawled out around her while her husband continued to pound her from behind. But it was rapidly apparent she was unsatisfied. How could she be? She had a gaping cunt, easily 2 feet in diameter alone. Not that he wasn't trying. His hands massaged her bulbous clit, and his face kissed her clean, and swollen butthole. Urd needed to fix this. She deserved to feel the delight of climax, especially because she imaged she was now unable to reach her own nethers. The man shuddered as his flesh warped. His thrusting grew difficult as his legs seemed to wither and shrink. Too consumed by lust, and affected by Urd's spell the woman only complained via a frustrated grunt as her husband fell out of her, landing on his back. Propping himself up using his arms he looked down as his erection. With fascination he saw his cock quickly increase in size. Each throb of his heart making his dick grow more and more. This continued until it was as long as his arm while retaining its original proportions,  the perfect size for his wife now. But he had no way to reach it in his current state. His arms were next to change. Feeling them tingle he looked at them with a curious, confused glance. His arms grew thin and wide, wider and thinner, until they were more like insect wings than arms. Catching on, he began to use his new found locomotion to lift himself up. They were too big to truly 'buzz' like a fly or bee, but enough to keep him airborne.

With his new found mobility, he didn't keep his frustrated and clearly desperate wife waiting any longer. As she lay there she continued to thrust herself against the couch in a vain attempt at stimulation. Aiming his prick at his wife's cunt, he dived forward and missed, instead ending up rubbing his cock along the curves on his wife's new buttocks. Urd smiled as she shook her heard. Clearly he needed something to stabilize him. And so Urd gave him one last gift. A set of fragile arms grew from his old shoulders. Thin, and dainty, but they would suffice. Another matching pair also grew from his old hips. Positioning himself with his arms, and using his wings to keep him up, he finally drove home, ramming his new cock deep into his wife's hungry snatch. They both howled in the pleasure that only the transformed can experience. She worked her new found muscles to massage and milk her husband's new equipment. While he humped with all his might. He reached places even his human arms couldn't have, as he stretched her out. With one last touch, the man began to feminize. His torso becoming more hourglass like, and his body hair falling off. Finally, his face took on a more androgynous shape. Vanadis looked at Urd for a moment. "Personal choice." Urd smiled

Now, finished transforming the two physically Urd undid her mental dampening spell. Letting their lusts unleash themselves. With animal like ferocity the former husband, now dwarfed in size by his wife rammed his penis, which was practically as big as the rest of him, into his dear wife's love tunnel. In turn the woman flexed every muscle she could to better stroke her wonderful husband. Their voices howled and spoke of their pleasure by both the volume and lust filled pitch. Closer and closer the two came to their blessed climax, and with one final scream, the man's cock erupted inside his wife. There was little sign at first besides their tensed bodies, but soon enough a small trail of milky white began to ooze from the super-sized snatch. Pulling out with an audible 'pop' the man flew up to his wife's face and began to kiss her. Surely, it was the first of many, many love making sessions

Urd stood tall and proud. Undoubtedly half because her penis-torso had become erect due to her own arousal and gently throbbed. A small trickle of white fluid that dribbled out of her mouth being a clear give away. Not to mention her other equipment was also erect, throbbing and leaking. Vanadis smiled seeing her trainee's work. The pair took off, looking for another household to bless.


Re: Midwinter Night 2

Chapter 2

As they flew once more Urd swooped low, sometimes being daring and flying between some houses. It was during one of these manoeuvrers Urd overheard a rather surprising set of sounds during this wonderful, festive night. It was the sound of crying. It was soft, and hushed. The source clearly attempting, but failing to keep quiet. In fact Urd was only able to hear it due to her unnatural senses. Hovering in the air for a moment she zeroed in on the cause. Flying low, and still not perceivable to mortals she saw a woman dressed in rags sitting outside a large, manor. Vanadis flew over, before she too heard the sound. The demons exchanged a sympathetic glance before investigating further. Peering into the manor they saw a clearly upper class family. An older woman, dressed in some of the finest clothes the duo of demons had ever seen a human wear, and a slightly younger woman siting adjacent to her. They were chatting about the incompetence of the 'help', stating how they housed, fed and practically raised 'her' and 'that' was the thanks she gave. Furthermore, the younger woman addressed the older one as mother, stating that breeding was all that mattered. And their utter disgust and shock that they let the 'offspring' of one of those 'decadent heathens' into their house. Nearby another woman dressed in a maids outfit stood nervously. Stiff as a board, and with red, swollen eyes she starred at the ground, unwilling to meet the eyes of the two women.

The pair quickly pieced together what had happened. The woman crying had clearly worked as a maid in the manor until earlier that evening. Where she seemed to have been fired for the sole fact that her mother was transformed, and serving as a twisted example to the remaining maid. Urd turned towards her senior, who was clearly thinking. Urd considered saying something, but ultimately remained silent. Vanadis continued to stare at the family. Content to let her superior think of a plan Urd excused herself for the moment as she explored the area. the house had a magnificent garden. Filled with all manor of strange and beautiful vegetation. The grounds were meticulously kept. Grass cut to specified lengths in rows so straight it seemed impossible. Inside the house, as Urd saw through the windows, was a collection of various, bizarre statues, paintings and other knick knacks. All from an era before even Urd's time. Most likely antiques. Urd even rolled her eyes as she saw a life sized chess board. Looking closer at some of the photos Urd saw the well of women riding various horses, and several riding trophies stationed in a cabinet. Curiosity sated momentarily Urd returned to Vanadis. Who was clearly focusing on something. Whether it was casting a spell, or thinking of a suitable fate Urd didn't know.


Audrey watched her two mistresses mock and complain about poor Desiree. Why did she have to attend to these horrible people on Midwinter Night out of all days in the year? The entire staff had been given leave, except for her and Desiree. The latter who was probably somewhere nearby, crying her eyes out. Nothing more than a little bit of spilled wine had been all it had taken for the older woman, Lady Bellmot, to tear into Desiree, showering her with passive aggressive remarks more cruel and hurtful than any crude insult could ever hope to be. Even though the girl should have been family by now, having lived in the house since her early childhood. Yet the two mistresses treated her like a slave, forcing her to do more work than any staff and only giving her disdain in return. Audrey got the impression the two got some form of sick enjoyment from this.

Her daughter was no better. Cindy Bellmot was as rotten to the core as her mother. She even looked like a younger version of her. She had the same long, brown hair, the same high cheekbones and skinny frame.

Audrey was contemplating to pretend she was sick and leave for the rest of the night, when something odd happened. Cindy suddenly stood up, her face pale and sweat forming on her forehead. She was fanning her face with the flat of her hand as if suddenly feeling hot.

“I feel like I am burning up,” she said.

“Me, too, my dear,” her mother replied, as she, too, got up, already covered in sweat. “What is going on?”

The older woman seemed weak on her legs. She stumbled and tried to get hold of her daughter’s shoulder to steady herself. However instead of getting a hold, her hand just sank into Cindy’s flesh, as if it was clay. Eyes went wide and Audrey nearly screamed but was too paralysed with fear.

Right in front of her, the two women’s clothes just dissipated as if burned by invisible fire, which left the two unharmed. Their naked bodies continued to sink into each other. Accompanied by soft moans their flesh became one, reshaping and twisting like putty. At last even their heads stuck together and merged into a featureless mass which quickly elongated. Thick veins inflated along the length and at the end a bulb formed with a little hole at one end. Skin thickened and inflated, forming a pair of comically exaggerated lips. They were even bright red, as if wearing lip stick. However, when they opened, they revealed the glans of a penis. Those lips were nothing more than a perverted form of foreskin.

Audrey could not believe her eyes. In less than a minute her two employers had been merged into an unrecognizable monster. It was massive. Its body almost resembled that of a horse and was almost the same size. Its torso, wide hips, kind of flappy belly and big, round butt, were human in shape, despite their size. The legs and arms, however, had been elongated and twisted to resemble the limbs of a horse, only that they ended in three fat digits, instead of actual hooves. In place of a head, a thick shaft sprouted from between its shoulders, covered in pulsing veins. It ended in the obvious bulge of a large glans, larger than a human head, and concealed by that bizarre foreskin which looked like an oversized mouth. Dark and coarse pubic hair covered the space between the creature’s shoulders like a perverse mane.

In addition the creature possessed a huge pair of testicles beneath its “neck”, which rested on an equally huge pair of breasts. There were even more pairs of those along the creature’s underside, eight tits in total. All were the size of pumpkins and sagging slightly, topped by nipples the size of door knobs. Between its hind legs hung another set of male genitalia, a lot smaller than the frontal one but still large, with the penis being at least a foot long. Audrey could see that there was no vagina behind it. Instead the only other thing on the creature’s rear was a large, brown asshole, squished between its swollen butt cheeks.

“Oh my….what….what have we done….poor Desiree, we’ve been so unkind”, the creature muttered. To the stunned maid, the sight alone was surreal. The heavy lips of foreskin moved as if they were talking, although the voice seemed to come from the urethra they were hiding, which itself was twitching in tune with the sound. There was an odd echo to the monster’s voice, like the two women’s voices talking in unison.

To the maid’s shock, the creature’s rear penis grew erect, while a thick, whitish fluids dripped from its frontal dick. She could tell that it was aroused.

“Oh, Audrey,” the monster said, as it turned towards the stunned girl. Its voice gurgled over pre-cum flowing from its face. “We are so sorry...please….forgive us….you no longer have to work….no longer.”

Audrey was ready to run away and get to safety. However in that very moment a comfortable warmth began to take hold of her body, growing hotter between her loins.


Meanwhile Desiree sat outside the manor, crying her eyes out. No matter how often her mistresses degraded her, it still hurt every time and today had been especially bad. She did not know how much more she could take. Yet she could not leave. It was not even for financial reasons or such, although she as not sure where she could go or what she could do. It was more that she felt like she owed those to horrible women. Despite it all, they had given her a roof to sleep under.

She was so lost in her sorrows, that the young woman did not notice how her body began to heat up until her hands became wet with sweat. She did not understand how that was possible, it had been freezing outside just a moment ago. Did she catch a cold?

Quickly the heat began to intensify between her legs. It did not hurt, rather the opposite. The poor girl had never felt so aroused in her life before. The sensation was so sudden and intense, that she did not wonder what was happening to her or why. Instead she began to slide a hand into her pants and rub her engorged clitoris, while her other hand took hold of one of her modest breasts. She moaned softly, as the motions of her hands became frantic. No longer content with just touching her clit, she pushed three of her finger deep into her dripping slit.

Desiree was so lost in the moment, that she took no notice of her clothes burning away as if touched by fire. She did not even notice when her skin began to shift and her flesh to change form. She only became barely aware of what was happing when her fingers were mysteriously pushed out from her womanhood by growing flesh and then retreat further away, before she could investigate the odd growth. At the same time her hand departed from her breast all on its own. Bizarrely any attempt to move it back into place failed. Bereft of her hands she was left unable to do anything about the unnatural lust that had taken hold of her.

At last she forced herself back to her senses to solve this unbearable problem. Desiree opened her eyes, only that it did not feel like they were opening at all. There was no sensation of eyelids or such, only an odd sense of her sight coming back into focus. Looking down at herself, she realized that her body had been drastically altered somehow.

Instead of her slender waist and hips, she saw a pudgy tummy, seamlessly transitioning into wide, round hips. She also realized that she must have shrunk. Desiree guessed that she was no taller than four feet and only thanks to the length of her new legs. They were no longer human in shape. Thick thighs gave away to double bent, equine looking leg. The narrow, lower half not ending in hooves but three fat toes instead. More surprising than these inhumanly shaped limbs was the huge penis between them. It was fully erect and at least a foot long. Desiree had only ever seen such a specimen once and that had been on her own mother, who had been taken to a care facility after the demon attack. This pulsing monstrosity did not frighten her. Instead she felt an odd connection to her estranged parent. Beneath the organ was a hairy scrotum, containing a set of testicles, as big as oranges. A clear liquid ran down her throbbing shaft.

Desiree wanted to touch it so badly but she quickly realized that her arms were gone. Her narrow chest lacked even shoulders, giving her body an almost onion like appearance. This was only broken up by the huge pair of breasts hanging ungainly from her front. Each looked larger than a human’s head and would probably reach past her belly button if she was standing. Each tit was crowned by a dark, puffy areola and a fat erect nipple, as long as her thumbs used to be. The former girl noticed something on top of her chest. It looked like another pair of balls, as large as the ones between her legs and as hairy, hanging from where her collarbone should be. She turned around and saw a reflection of herself in a nearby window. Somehow she was not surprised that her head and face were gone. Instead a large, prehensile penis had replaced it, the shaft almost as thick as her thighs and more than a foot long. The glans was almost the size of her old head. It was hidden beneath a thick foreskin which ended in what looked like a swollen pair of red lips. She opened this “mouth” and saw the pink glans and slit of the urethra. Desiree had no idea how she could see without eyes but somehow she did.

The former woman did not care why or how. She did not worry about this bizarre turn of events or the impact on her life. All that mattered was the needy cock in front of her. She was enthralled by it. There was a primeval urge to touch it and make it cum. Before she could try out a way to make that happen, she heard an odd, overlaid voice calling for her name.

“Oh Desiree, there you are,” it said as it came closer, accompanied by the tip tap of feet. “We are so sorry how we have treated you….we have been so horrible….can you ever forgive us.”

Desiree thought she recognized the voices but when she turned around she was greeted by a monster. A four-legged, horse-like creature which shared many features with her own twisted anatomy, especially that mouth-like foreskin covering their penis-head. Somehow she knew on an instinctive level that she was looking at the combined form of Lady Bellmot and her daughter. Perhaps it was due to the voice.

For once the former girl was aware of how her mind had been affected by the transformation. She was not shocked or horrified by the creature that her mistresses had become, the same way she did not lament or even question her own fate. She liked her new body and she liked the beast in front of her. Whether this attitude was natural or not, she did not care. Instead she listened to what the fused women had to say.

In a sorrowful tone, they expressed their intense regret for how they had mistreated Desiree and spewed nothing but spite at her and the rest of the world. They wanted to change, to be better. They wanted to make up for their horrible behaviour. Thus they offered Desiree all their riches. She deserved to be the master and in turn they would be her loyal pet and servant. That’s what they wanted to be. Desiree in turn did not care for riches or power but how could she refuse the creature if that was its wish.

“Then if I am your master now,” she intoned at last, once they were back in the manor, and thrust her hips forward, “help take care of this.”

“Of course, my love,” the monster replied and got down on its belly, folding its legs like a horse wood. Desiree immediately understood what it meant. Its fat rear was in the perfect position for her to reach now.

There was one last surprise when she got closer to that puffy, brown sphincter. Above the throbbing ring of flesh sat a single bulge, she had not noticed at first. However, now it opened up and revealed a bright blue eye. She could tell immediately that it did not belong to her former mistresses.

“Please, don’t mind little Audrey,” the creature said, as it noticed the other’s reaction. “She deserves some fun, too.”


Audrey had now idea how this had happened. One moment she was paralysed by fear when her employers had merged into a weird penis-horse monster, then she had grown hot and terrible aroused and then, before she had known what was going on, she had been turned into the monster’s anus. It was not that she minded, though. It felt nice. On some level she knew that her reaction was not what it should be but she did not care.

She had no access to the creature’s body. Her entire world had been reduced to her remaining eye and the fat sphincter that used to be her mouth. While she could control the former, she had none over the latter. She could feel it but not even cause a single twitch. It did not matter. She was free of responsibilities now. One could argue she still served her mistresses but that service was in doing nothing but being there for the ride.

She was still terribly aroused but luckily Desiree’s massive penis was right in front of her now. The former servant looked even more beautiful now and Audrey could not wait to have her man meat inside of her. A moment later her wish came true.

The thick shaft was thrust deep into what had once been her mouth. The sensation was orgasmic. Not what her vagina used to feel like, different but somehow even more intensive. She was in heaven and the others apparently, too, guessing by their moans which quickly turned into gurgling noises, as their mouths filled with pre-cum.

What had started as the worst Midwinter celebration of Audrey’s life had turned into the best one ever.


“Well done, I did not expect that,” Urd complimented her fellow demon. Vanadis grinned in turn before the two flew off to bless even more people.


Re: Midwinter Night 2

Chapter 3

They crossed over multiple settlements as the night progressed. Only ever staying for a few moments as they blessed someone here or there. They moved further inland and eventually came across another large city which to them appeared as a sea of tiny lights dominated by a brightly lit city centre.

Even the overlapping street lights there did not bother them. No one would notice them, even if they stood in the middle of the brightly lit streets. The first place they stopped at turned out to be some sort of bar. A small, compact establishment on a street corner, with just enough space for the bar and a row of tables. Activity was slowly dying down in this part of town, parties were coming to an end. This place, too, was almost empty. There was the bartender, a middle aged but well built man, and a rough but good-looking woman who seemed to be in her late thirties. Guessing by her athletic build and faint scars on her bare arms, she might once have been a soldier, beasthunter or adventurer.

The other occupants were what looked like a young couple sitting at one of the tables. Both of them around twenty years of age, as far as Vanadis would guess. They were in good shape, beautiful even and wearing gaudy clothes. The demon had no idea if this was in fashion right now or not. They were in good spirits and clearly drunk. The two demons could hear the bartender telling them, in a friendly tone, to leave soon, as he was getting ready to close the place.

“Don’t you think its too early for the party to stop,” Vanadis asked her companion playfully.

“Entirely too early.” Urd smiled. She walked fully into the bar, leaving a small trail of various fluids behind. She took count of everyone. The barkeep and the solider were busy talking, while the couple in the far corner seemed preoccupied with their own little gathering. The empty beer bottles explained their woozy and drunken stare. “It’s cozy in here, quaint. But it’s missing something…” Urd thought aloud, unheard by the humans still. Patrick was just about ready to close. He just had to corral the drunken kids out. The woman, Jade was an old adventuring companion of his. Technically she was the legal co-owner of the place, but she had never settled down. They had bought the bar after their last mission as a group. Patrick and Jade had retired after it, as the other 3 members weren’t fit for the life anymore. Instead they lived in various transformed shelters. Once the kids had left, him and Jade would wait for them and they would celebrate the holidays like the good old days. “Hey guys, it’s getting time to close.” He called to the two. They didn’t seem to hear him. The woman was leaning so close to him that she was practically laying across the table. He, was so drunk he could hardly sit up right. Drunken giggles kept escaping the pair as they made lovey dovey eyes at each other. Each one slurring about how much they loved each other. “Jade watch the bar would you?” He asked. Jade shot him a thumbs up as he walked towards the lucky couple.

“No… I love you mossht.” The woman giggled, as she drunkenly reached a hand out to ‘boop’ his nose. It took a couple tries but eventually she hit her mark. “Excuse me you two, it’s closing time. You’ve already paid, but it’s time to leave.” The bar owner said. Janelle looked over at the man. “This placsh closes at like, 3 in the morning. It aint no where near that.” She argued. “I know, I’m sorry but we’re closing early tonight. It is the holidays after all.” She was about to protest but Zack grabbed her hand and gave her a reassuring look. It made her heart melt. “We’ll go in a second. Just gonna visit the restroom real quick.” He staggered to his feet. “I gotta pee too.” Janelle added “That door there. Only one at a time.” Patrick sighed, wiping his face with a free hand. He watched the two drunken fools stumbled towards the bathroom. The man went in first, before she immediately followed. “Hey I said-” “Let them have their fun.” Jade spoke up, leaning back in her chair. “They’re only young once.” Patrick exhaled deeply before walking towards the bar once more. “ ‘sides, you really think hearing the two of them go at it wouldn’t liven the group up?” Jade winked. Jade walked behind the bar and sat on the counter, moving some glasses and mugs out of the way. She shimmied down for a second, getting comfortable and leaning against the wall.

Finally, Urd began to interfere. Jade laid her hands against the wall, not noticing when they began to stick. Patrick wandered over and grabbed a broom, not noticing how his features began to feminize, growing waifish as he swept the floor. The two continued on talking as if nothing was wrong, as if their flesh wasn’t changing before their very eyes. Jade’s entire back was fused to the wall at this point, and her clothes in tatters. Urd flicked her pre-covered chin up, and the woman’s clothes burnt up in blue fire. Of course neither of them noticed. Jade simply wiggled what was left of her shoulders. By now even her legs and buttocks have fused. The bar was rapidly growing a fleshy carpeting around the area that Jade sat on. Meanwhile Patrick was having his own issues. Grunting in a now feminine voice as growing breasts started to get into the way of his usual sweeping motion. Urd giggled at the casualness of the two changing people, accidentally spiting up some precum on the floor. Neither of them seemed to react. Fully merged with the bar now, Jade’s head seemingly stuck out of the wall, as her fleshy breasts were all that was left of her body, the rest of it just a flesh coating on the bar – except for her womanly butt and pussy. They stuck out crudely from the bar, seemingly inviting anyone and everyone to impale her twitching holes. Jade inhaled sharply however as the next phase began. Her breasts began to inflate, rapidly. Jade tried to shift herself, as she groaned out in a mix of sexual pleasure and discomfort. The skin felt tight, and… full. Her tits finished growing around the size of large watermelons, her nipples quickly hardened as beads of amber coloured liquid dribbled out of them onto the floor below.

Patrick, or more fittingly Patricia had continued to change as well. The former man now resembled a picturesque woman, with wide hips and large breasts which still grew, reaching their final size just short of Jade’s. His (her?) clothes also began to reshape themselves, as her barkeep’s outfit quickly became that of a motherly apron, except for holes in her shirt which left her nipples uncovered, as well as a spot on her abdomen. The final changes took place for both of them. Several more nipples appeared on Jade’s flesh, each one blossoming into a full breast of equal size to her original pair. Each one leaked a fizzy, bubbly liquid which dribbled on the floor. Meanwhile Patricia’s hair grew long and wavy, as a pink bulge appeared in the exposed area of her stomach. Quickly a decent sized udder took shape, sloshing around as she continued to work. Which at this point mostly consisted of mopping up after Jade, who in turn struggled fruitlessly. She was suddenly aware of just how much she had changed, and how immobile she was now. For some reason it didn’t bother her. She knew each of her many, many breasts were filled with different alcoholic drinks, although she had no idea how she managed to do that. She could feel how full they all were instead. And then there was her pussy. Just within her sight, but forever out of reach. It was wet, and glistened in the air. She was hot, intensely so. And wished to rub it, or at least reduce the pressure in her boobs.

“Patricia! Lend me a hand? I’m gonna explode over here!” She whined. The fog over Patricia’s mind was similarly lifted. Rubbing her forehead with a now dainty hand she realized she was surprisingly okay with everything. Jade had never settled down, much to Patricia’s chagrin, now she had no choice. And Patricia had no intention of ever selling the bar or changing jobs. So she’d get to work with her best friend forever. Hearing her friend’s cries Patricia responded. “Jade, you know that stuff doesn’t keep. With the band coming tonight we want all your brew fresh as can be!” She teased. “At least give my cunny some attention then!” She groaned. Patricia smirked as she walked towards her living bar, getting on her hands and knees, she began to lick at the glistening flower in front of her. While her own hands dove into her pants, as apparent by her motions Patricia was now truly female.

A sudden high-pitched hollering from the bathroom that the two lovers had gone in, echoed in the room. But the bar maiden and her bar were too enraptured to notice. Making herself visible if only for a moment, Urd wandered over the door and nudged it open with a hip. Out came the couple, changed as well. They were small creatures, about 2 feet tall each. Mostly ovoid bodies with small heads which housed only large lips. They had no arms, simply possessing a solid smooth unblemished curve all the way to their rears. Two huge feet attached to the hips. More akin to paddles, the soles alone were practically the size of the rest of their bodies. Between their feet each one had a tiny penis, but full and swollen looking balls. Their cocks were perhaps an inch or two when erect, but their testicles were the size of soccer balls, each one squishing slightly as they hopped along. The entire rear of their bodies were giant butts, and in the centre of each one a large anus twitched and puckered. Neither Zack nor Janelle really understood what had happened. One second they were in the dingy bathroom, undressing each other, about to have sex for the first time and the next second they were rolling on the floor trying to right themselves. It was confusing, but not worrying strangely. Janelle couldn’t seem to manoeuvrer her arms right, and her legs felt all weird and short. She had even tried to call out to Zack, but her voice wasn’t working right either. It sounded high pitched, squeaky, more like a cartoon than her usual tone. After a frustrating few minutes she was able to get her two feet on the ground, and lift herself up. Looking up she saw a massive ass, and the puckered doughnut of an anus staring back at her, gently pulsing. Something drove her forward, kissing and licking at the engorged sphincter.

The action rewarded her in multiple ways. Another high pitch voice which she recognized as Zack’s somehow, filled the room as he pushed back against her face. And the second was a delightful throbbing between her legs. Somehow, in some strange way, she knew she had a penis now. She had seen the back of Zack’s massive testicles. She could only wonder how hung they were. A second source of erotic tingling worked it’s way into her psyche. Her butt. Her asshole felt empty. At first she considered mounting her boyfriend, but she realized she wanted him inside of her rear more. Needing to utilized a surprising amount of mental willpower Janelle pried herself away from the wonderful asshole she had spent the better part of 10 minutes licking. “It’s time.” She said in the most sultry voice she could. “Give it to me, hard!” She turned around with difficulty, still very unused to her body, although her heavy balls provided a nice counter balance. She felt Zack mount her, he didn’t have any arms to stabilize himself anymore. Instead he had to use his large feet to ready himself. She felt the heat radiating from his body, and his loins. Her heart raced with anticipation and lust as she felt him shimmy closer. She felt the weight of his testicles touch the back of her own. She breathed in excitedly as she felt him wind back. “Ah!” She cried out in glee as he rammed forth. His hips colliding against her fatty butt, pushing her forward slightly. But to her confusion, she felt only the tip of something tickle her butthole. Zack pulled back and slammed forth again, yet still only that tip which barely parted her needing ‘lips’. “Zack stop teasing me!” She whined. She felt her boyfriend pause.

“I… I can’t reach.” He muttered out in his new high tone. He sounded defeated, ashamed. Janelle began the process of turning around again, only to see what he meant, and her jaw went slack. Between her boyfriend’s legs a pathetic micro cock twitched and leaked thin strands of cum. “Your’s is no bigger!” He shouted, defensively. Janelle thought for a moment, before relenting. She stepped close and the two exchanged a kiss. A long, passionate make out session that served to only add to the burning flame of their lust. Breaking the kiss Janelle smiled. “It’s still my turn.” She said, while sucking on Zack’s tongue, before turning around again. Zack got the hint, and instead used his face. Diving into the sphincter he kissed and licked at the wrinkled bud. Janelle gasped and moaned. It felt, good, really good. Almost like her old vagina. And then she felt that warm, wet tongue slithered into her pulsating sphincter. Her world exploded into pleasure, as her tiny cock twitched and flexed, spurting some precum. She leaned back on her boyfriend’s tongue. Thankfully, they seemed to possess tongues much longer than normal, able to reach their large prostates.

More and more her pleasure built, surpassing her old vagina by leagues. Until finally, she blew. Letting forth a cataclysmic scream her diminutive wiener spurted across the tiled floor. Her orgasm washed over for an uncountable amount of time, for several minutes she was lost in pleasure, delirious even. When the stream finally relented she was woozy. At last she regained her balance. Turning around Zack kissed her again, which she eagerly returned. He spun around expectedly, flexing his own rear at her. “Ah ah ah, we need to find some real cock.” Janelle stated, as she hopped out the room. Neither had hands or anyway to open the door, so they were reduced to shouting for someone to open it for them. Thankfully, someone did. A woman looking like an offshoot of the Freyan cock women and with an enticing looking rod between her legs. “Thanks miss.” Janelle said. “Could you help us?” Zack asked, exposing his rear to Urd. She couldn’t help it, a mouthful of precum forcefully shot out of her mouth. Gently it splattered across the ground, only narrowly missing the couple, making them giggle. Her arousal had been growing all night. It was becoming a problem. She wanted to fuck the couple, her cocks were both rigid, and wanting, begging to be touched. For a moment she faltered, before she felt Vanadis’ watchful gaze upon her. Urd knew they were here to give presents to the mortals, not indulge themselves. With a heavy heart Urd declined, and watched the couple hop out. It was hard to see those succulent holes bounce away. And with the sounds of Patricia eating out the living bar, coupled with Jade’s appreciative mewls it was a difficult prospect to leave. Plus knowing that there would soon, inevitably be an orgy in the establishment. She wanted to stay, but she knew her duty. She re-cloaked herself and flew, joining her senior in the sky.


Re: Midwinter Night 2

Chapter 4

They flew for sometime, as Urd was getting an uncomfortable case of blue balls. The inexperienced demon left a trail of cum and milk wherever they flew. Eventually they found an apartment with the lights on. Curious, the pair investigated. Inside sat a lone woman, swaddled in pyjamas and blankets, and hugging a teddy bear. She was watching a holiday movie. The apartment was tiny, and she seemed the be the only one living in it. She was a mousy girl with frizzy brown hair and large glasses. Her pyjamas were overly fuzzy, as was everything else in the room. The exception was a small collection of dildos and other toys she kept near the bed. Hopefully she lived alone, or else it would be awkward. Urd felt a sudden wave of magic emanate from her mentor, as she prepared to change the girl.


Hilda was not sure if the movie was improving her mood or worsening it. It was the first Midwinter Night she was forced to spent by herself. Her family always spend the holidays up north in Empyres with her uncle and aunt. However this year the college student had not been able to join them due to a lack of funds for the journey. Of course her parents had not made an offer to help out. They considered it an experience for her to grow up, enjoy some independence and take the chance to spend the day with friends. Unfortunately she did not have any friend to spend the holidays with.

It could not be helped. So she had tried to have a nice evening the way she liked them best – in her bed, watching some romantic movie while cuddling with her favourite teddy. Suddenly she felt a surge of heat in her nethers. That was odd. It was not unusual for Hilda to get aroused when there was an attractive hunk of a man on the screen. In fact she had a small collection of romance movies for the purpose of masturbating to. However there was nothing of such sort on television right now. Right now she watched a scene of a harmonious family get together.

Did it matter though. Rather than question the sudden arousal, she just gave into it and started to fondle her pussy lips as they got increasingly wet. It was not as if she had anything better to do than masturbate, anyway. Hilda moaned softly and pushed two fingers into her slit. Or at least she tried. For some reason she could not reach inside. She tried again but instead her hand moved further away from her crotch. The paradoxical experience became more clear when she saw her arm visibly shrink, seeing her hand disappear into the sleeve of her pyjama. Hilda was stunned, not really shocked but surprised. Eyes wide, she watched as her arm wriggled its way up until nothing was left but empty fabric dangling from her shoulder. Turning her head, she saw that the same had happened to her other arm.

An annoyed grunt escaped her lips. In a weird way she was not really terrified by the loss of her arms but the sudden inability to do something about the growing heat between her legs. It was that moment that she realized her lower limbs began to shrink, too. Within seconds they left nothing behind but empty trousers. Losing her balance, Hilda fell back onto her pillow. She pouted. This was getting annoying.

For a moment she contemplated to call for help. However even in this odd state of mind, she was perfectly aware that it would be very awkward if the help she wanted was for someone to push a dildo into her pussy. Before she could make a decision her pyjama top was suddenly pulled over her head. At least that was her initial impression. A second later she realized that instead she had shrunk into it. More bizarre sensations followed, of her flesh moving in weird directions, her face being pushed back while her eyes almost seemed to pop out. More importantly her vagina felt even weirder, the heat deep inside seemed to be pushed out accompanied by a feeling of hardness. For some reason she did not want to be filled anymore but fill something else. It made no sense.

At last Hilda’s body stopped shifting, although she was entirely lost inside her clothes. It took some struggling to get of them, no surprise, considering her lack of arms. Free from her pyjama, she took a curious look at her new self and was baffled. Again, it did not so much shock her but surprise her, but her body was unrecognizable. Luckily she could see herself in the reflection on the nearby window, giving her a better look at what she had become. Her body was shaped like a tear-drop, hips, belly and chest all fused into one seamless form, no bigger than a watermelon. Her backside was broken up by the crack of her butt and the roundness of her cheeks. She could glimpse what, at first, looked like a doughnut caught in there but she then realized was her obscenely swollen anus.

The shoulder-less top of her small body was utterly flat. Her breasts had never been very big, at the lower end of B-cup size, but now they were gone for good. At least her nipples were still there, sticking out from her body prominently and larger than they had been before. She realized that the loss of her breasts complemented the loss of her vagina. Her womanhood had been replaced by a small penis and set of balls. It was rock hard and yet it was no longer than three inches, while her tight little scrotum contained testicles no bigger than grapes. Hilda thought that it looked somehow cute. Looking at it, she realized that this actually made her male. He was a boy now. Strangely that seemed right and Hilda embraced his new gender happily. A second later he discarded his name. He had to think of something more suitable later.

He was so overjoyed with this turn of events that he almost forgot to really acknowledge the most bizarre alteration. His head was gone. The only thing growing from the top of his body were two eye stalks. They were long, more than a foot each, and they seemed very prehensile. A little testing revealed that the former girl could even move them independently from each other. He had no idea how he was able to breath or supposed to eat without a mouth but, right now, he did not care. He was horny and he already knew how to take care of it.

Carefully he bounced towards the table next to the bed. The creature had no idea how he knew how to move like this but it came to him naturally. Like a space hopper, he easily jumped to the edge the mattress. From there he wrapped one of his eyestalks around his favourite dildo, a six inch long, blue silicone penis with a large base shaped like a pair of balls. Meanwhile the other appendage grabbed a bottle of lube. The experience was a little disorientating but he managed well enough and he bounced back into the middle of the bed.

He leaned forwards as much as he could, surprised at how much his small body could actually move. Carefully he used both eyestalks like tentacles to squeezed some lube onto the toy and rub it all over it. Then he gently pushed the dildo into his swollen anus. When it was halfway in, he leaned back to push it all the way in with the weight of his body. He almost came right then and there. Why had he never done anal before? It felt amazing. Slowly he began to bounce up and down. The former woman was lost in bliss.

Overwhelmed by all these new sensations, he did not last long. Just a minute after he had inserted the dildo, he already reached his first climax as a male. To an observer it would have looked a little disappointing. The small dick squeezed out a miniscule amount of cum that left barely a stain on the sheet. For the small creature, however it was a mind blowing experience of a far greater magnitude. He even blacked out for a moment, unable to handle the pleasure.

A few seconds later he came back to his senses. The dildo was still buried in his ass. However in this moment he wished it was a real penis.

“I’ve become a man and yet I am still such a cockslut,” he thought. That was it. That was his new name. Cockslut. He loved it. Cockslut made a mental note to visit the local registration office and request an official name change, after the holidays.

He wished for a real penis to ride but for now the dildo was good enough. As he leaned back to cuddle with his teddy, he decided to leave the toy inside his butt. He would use it again soon enough, anyway.


Vanadis looked at her handywork with pride. She had not expected the little creature to go straight for the toys and make use of them. It had been a very enjoyable show. In fact it had taken no little amount of willpower for her to not just jerk off right then and there.

Urd had apparently been affected the same way. There was a constant stream of pre-cum running down the shaft of her body. The poor thing would be unable to talk like a mortal would with so much liquid filling her mouth.

However there was no time for a break. There was more work to do. Thus the two demons continued onwards, flying over the city, blessing more people.


Re: Midwinter Night 2

Chapter 5

Eventually they left the town and reached a small village nearby. A little farm at its very edge caught their attention. Rather than just lights inside the building, there was one outside, too. Apparently the family was still celebrating the holiday outside. Two women were sharing a drink, sitting at a table outside, despite the cold. Vanadis guessed it was a mother and her daughter. The girl looked like she had just come of age. Coming closer, it became more obvious that the two were indeed related. They had the same wavy, red hair and freckles, large green eyes and both shared a similar voluptuous anatomy. Urd also sensed the presence of another human inside the house and pointed it out to her fellow. Indeed there was another woman in the kitchen, preparing something. She was clearly another daughter, looking very similar to the other two and almost the same age of her sister. They could be no more than a year apart.

The demons noticed that there was no father around. The only other lifeforms they sensed where a donkey stallion in a small barn and a dozen chicken sleeping in a hen house. Urd took a moment to fly around the property. A few small fields littered the area which seemed barren for the winter months. Flying around Urd checked out the barn and found the typical equipment you would expect on a farm, but also some strange machinery and several heaps of grain, as well as several barrels. She had never been a farmer, so she didn’t know exactly what they were, but she imagined the crops were wheat. Things seemed wrong, however. The barn seemed in dire need of repair, much of the equipment was covered in rust. Getting close to the larger pieces, she read the labels and realized they were fermenters and distillers. Suddenly everything clicked; the family grew ingredients and refined them into alcohol. However by the look of things, the farm wasn’t doing very well. Urd began to smile, as pre continued to drool down her chin, as well as dribbling out of the penis sticking out of her groin. It’s head was barely peeking out from between her massive breasts, she had to be careful, if she bent a certain way she would accidentally rub the dick along her boobs, giving herself a crude tit job. Considering how aroused she’d gotten during the night, each time her pre-soaked cock rubbed against the slick tit flesh she would gasp out and resist an encroaching orgasm. She had to fight it, though. She wasn’t allowed to partake in such things just yet. She couldn’t be selfish right now. After all, Midwinter was the time of giving.


Addison shivered. It was cold outside, and the brisk night air bite at her skin. It gave her goosebumps. She exhaled as she rubbed her arms, her breath visible in the air. She grabbed her cup and took another swig of her family’s liquor. She felt the liquid travel down her gullet, warming her up, as it went down. She sighed internally as her mother filled her glass up again.

“Mom, we’ve already gone through a barrel this week. We can’t go through another.” She complained. “Addison Davis, it’s the holidays. Live a little!” Carolyn proclaimed, leaning back in her chair. “Abilene’s gonna come out with a big ol’ bowl of chili. We’ll celebrate like the old days!” The older woman tried to reassure her daughter. Giving her an optimistic smile. “Mom, ever since Dad…” Addison was about to continue but stopped. Looking at the ground ahead of her. “We haven’t turned a profit in years.” Addison looked back at her mother with tear filled eyes. Her mother sighed. “Addison, you worry too much. Everything will be fine.”

Addison’s face suddenly hardened for a moment. “I’m gonna go check up on the chickens.” She said, standing up and marching towards the hen house, leaving her mother alone on the deck. The older woman had a look of surprise on her face; it was cherry red from a mix of the cold and alcohol. Shrugging her shoulders she took another, long swig from her cup. It was then that Carolyn, the mother, got up. She had an odd feeling; she had the sudden desire to check on their stud donkey. The drunken woman stumbled to the barn. It took her a while, and more than once she almost fell. But regardless, she opened the rusty gate and saw their donkey, Sid. He was the last reminder the girls had of their father. Carolyn walked up to the beast. Sid watched her, as she undid the gate to his stall. She gently petted and stroked his nose. The animal leaned into it, enjoying the attention, as Carolyn progressed to scratching his neck.

A strange desire began to infiltrate her consciousness. At first she immediately disregarded it. But every time she tried to push the thought out of her mind, it came back stronger and stronger. Until eventually she submitted to it. “This is crazy.” She thought aloud as she wandered to the rear of the donkey. With a firm, yet tender movements she fondled the animal’s buttocks. She took more steps until she was directly behind Sid. Then she lifted his tail, exposing his blackened anus. The scent was pungent, and earthy. She could hardly stand it, it was disgusting. But something kept pushing her further and further. She leaned over as she got closer to the wrinkled bud. “Why am I doing this?” She continued to wonder. But staring at the pulsing ring she leaned forward and gave it a kiss. The swollen ring felt hot against her lips, as the aroma reached critical mass. She wanted to gag, when suddenly Carolyn’s world spun. She couldn’t react as she felt her whole body shift and change. The sensation was so bizarre and alien to the poor woman that her consciousness faltered until things finally settled down. Even then, she was still dazed.

“Oh…Oh my.” She muttered. Her body felt wrong. Almost non-existent besides her mouth and lips. And there was a disgusting, foul taste which covered each and every inch of her taste buds. The poor woman was a mess, trying to comprehend what had happened. She wasn’t worried necessarily, just confused. She kept trying to figure out what was going on. She looked around, seeing the back of Sid’s stall. In front of her, a hairy, course tentacle swayed. A tail! Sid’s tail! Sid’s tail? Carolyn realized she was staring at the underside of Sid’s tail. In her peripherals she saw two grey mounds taking up a large portion of her vision. She felt a sudden pressure deep within her, like she was about to burp.

Phhhrrt A sudden blast of rancid smelling air erupted from her mouth. The sound was unmistakable, a fart. Now she really was retching “Uugh! Disgusting!” She complained. But the taste and smell left absolutely no doubt. Carolyn had somehow turned into her donkey’s asshole. She was surprisingly unbothered with her disgusting new body. Instead she realized how sensitive her new mouth was. She began flexing her ring-like body as much as she could. She was enjoying the feeling, only wishing that she had a moveable appendage to masturbate with.

Meanwhile, Sid himself was changing. The mass that Carolyn added to the animal was being repurposed, making Sid bulk up and grow large. His legs and torso thickened, as his mass grew exponentially. In the end, Sid had easily doubled in weight. With uneasy motions Sid bucked on his hind legs. He fell back down to all fours a few times, but as his weight continued to be redistributed to his gargantuan rear and lower belly he finally managed to balance on his hind legs. Yet despite all the extra mass added to Sid, the lengths of his limbs did not change, only the width. It made him much thicker. The hooves on his forelimbs altered, breaking into three, stubby digits. They weren’t near as dexterous as human hands, but still more than hooves. With a curious mind Sid looked down at his new hands. Making them open and clench. Yet there was one last change for the animal. An unmistakable keenness filled his eyes as he began to see the world as intelligent creatures do, for the first time. He began to fiddle with the gate, using his new found smarts to repeat the gestures he had seen a hundred times. His member was distended and wetly smacked upwards against the underside of his bulging gut. A hand reached down and idly stroked it as he considered what to do next. His former owner was now behind his cavernous cheeks. He could feel her twitching back there. He delighted in knowing her new form and enjoyed the knowledge of the power he had over her now. Meanwhile Carolyn was impatiently hoping that one her daughters would come and indulge her newfound desires.

Over at the chicken coop, Addison was going through changes of her own. A sudden heat had overtaken her, and she stripped off all her clothes. This heat took on a different meaning, a moment later, as she began to furiously touch her soaking womanhood. She exhaled through gritted teeth as pleasure echoed through her body. Just as she was approaching her peak, the pleasure ceased. Outraged, she opened her eyes and groaned as she saw her arms rapidly shrinking into her shoulders. “No!” She cried out, trying to fight her changing flesh somehow. Of course it was useless. Once her arms had vanished, and her shoulders smoothed over, her hips and buttocks widened and thickened noticeably. Doubling in size as her upper body began to narrow. Her neck elongated, while most of her facial features vanished, all save for her mouth and lips which puffed up looking preposterous especially on her reduced ‘skull’. Her head and neck had simply become one long tube, at the end of which her tongue was exploring her bulging lips curiously. Her posture shifted, forcing her body into an ‘S’ shape, resembling a strange ostrich.

Even her feet changed, her toes merging until each foot only had three, thick, sausage like digits. Addison shivered as her pussy and anus shifted further behind, between her boulder like ass cheeks. She was horny, intensely so. Her head turned towards the house as a she licked at the air, smelling the familiar, wonderful fragrance of her sister’s cooking. “Abilene! She’ll help me!” The changed woman proclaimed! Wandering towards the patio on her new feet, her expansive rear swayed all the way. She didn’t know how she was able to see, not possessing eyes anymore, but she could which was all that mattered. “Abilene!” She called, staggering about the property towards the house. Turning around a corner Addison saw her sister, or what she assumed was her sister. The massive, bloated pink sack of an udder sat in the grass. Two eye stalks extended from the top of it, drooping and unfocused for an obvious reason. Instead of teats the udder had long prehensile penis tentacles. One of which was buried in a vagina positioned just in front of her sister’s eye stalks. There was a sizeable trail of cum oozing from her vaginal mouth, suggesting that she had spent the last several minutes face fucking herself. “Addison?” Her sister called out, momentarily ceasing her fellatio. The sack creature crawled towards her more mobile sister. “Addison what’s happening?” She asked.

“I don’t know, but by the gods I’m horny.” Addison complained. “Me too.” The sack creature gestured towards her ‘drool’. “At least you can touch yourself!” Addison pointed out and emphasized her lack of arms. “Where’s Mom?” Abilene asked. Addison looked around, confused. “You haven’t seen her?” Addison asked, shocked. For a moment their overwhelming lust was forgotten. The sisters exchanged a look of concern before the familiar sound of Sid’s braying echoed throughout the property. The sound of the rusty gate opening heralded the new Sid walking towards the group. His eyes focused, unlike the beast of burden he once was; instead he was now a thinking independent being. The girls were shocked seeing how their pet donkey walked upright, resembling a human. “Girls! Is that you?” Their mother’s voice called from an unseen location. “Mom?” The two hollered as they looked around. Sid approached the family and looked at them. “Mom is that… you?” Abilene asked. Sid shook his head not before Carolyn spoke up. “No, I’m back here!” Carolyn called. “Under the… tail.” The girls looked at each other as Sid began to turn around. They watched the lumbering beast about face, as he showed the girls his new expanded rump. His tail however covered his unmentionables. “Sid. Come on! Get your stupid tail out of my face!” Carolyn’s voice called out, sounding annoyed. Her daughters watched as the donkey looked back at them, a mischievous look in his eyes. In slow, deliberate motions Sid bent over, and lifted  his tail. But his ass was simply so fat that his anus was still hidden from sight. With his new found hands he reached back, spreading his cheeks and revealing the former women turned into his muscled pucker, looking larger than before. “Girls!” Carolyn called out as Sid’s anus twitched and flexed, just before another fart blarted into the chilly night, the steaming vapour was clearly visible. “Uuuuguh bleeh! Siiid!” Carolyn complained, while Sid let out an unmistakable chuckle in return, his fat stomach bouncing as he did. “Mom?” The girls asked between giggles. Of course it’s me loves. Why? Do I look different?” The anus seemed to bulge out slightly.

Addison walked to the deck table where the pot of chili had been sitting, Abilene had already portioned out three bowls for the family, although Carolyn most likely wouldn’t be eating anymore. Sid sauntered over and shoved his face into Carolyn’s portion and began munching, the other girls either didn’t seem to notice or care. Addison grabbed a phone with her free ‘foot’ and walked to Sid’s backside. Sid lifted his tail as Addison turned on the front facing camera, showing her mother her new face. Of the previous attractive but aging woman, nothing remained. No eyes, ears, nose or any trace of Carolyn existed anymore. Unless she spoke, she looked no different than any other donkey’s asshole, albeit slightly puffier. As Carolyn looked at herself she noticed some brown residue in the various folds and wrinkles, an indication of her future duties. “There’s nothing left of me.” Carolyn said in shock. Although she had expected it, not feeling anything besides her ‘mouth’ or being able to move anything, it was still a shock to actually see it first hand. But what shocked her more was that she was totally okay with it. In fact, in a weird way she loved it. She had noticed her aging body had lost some of it’s luster, now she was a pert, puckered bud. There was something crass and craven about it which drove her crazy with lust. Watching her own muscled rim flex and twitch as she spoke just made her mouth burn with red hot desire.

“Oh Mom your breath is rancid.” Addison had to walk away for a moment, placing the phone on the table. Meanwhile Abilene moved over and without much warning, she shoved one of her four tentacle cocks up Addison’s pussy. The bipedal sister shrieked out in surprise and joy. Having forgotten about her lust momentarily, it came back with vengeance and that wonderful dick was exactly what she wanted. Another cock slithered into her rear, doubling the pleasure. Throwing her head back Addison moaned aloud in an inhuman voice, lost to indescribable pleasure.  A third cock forced it’s way into her mouth, something which shut her up for the time being. Only muffled moans escaped her, as the various cocks pushed in and out of her many holes. Her knees almost gave out from sheer pleasure, while the cocks grew sloppy and wet. The final cock, Abilene shoved it into her own pussy maw, her own voice joining her sister’s in ecstasy. Carolyn watched her daughters indulge their new bodies as she grew even hotter. She couldn’t stand it! She was desperate to pleasure herself. She flexed her new mouth several times as much as she could, hoping to get some sort of stimulation. It was a fool’s errand. Just as she was about to speak up, the girls screamed. Abilene’s serpentine dicks began to pulsate and spurts of cum filled Addison’s many holes and her own cunt mouth. So much cum that much of it squirted from around the embedded shafts, spraying the ground around them, while the udder girl gave herself another coating of her own jizz. All the while Sid helped himself to another bowl of chili. When the sister’s finally came down for the climatic high Carolyn screamed at them.

“Girls don’t forget about dear old mum back here! I need dick too!” The girls laughed as Abilene withdrew the prick from Addison’s mouth and parted Sid’s puckered anus. Carolyn groaned in appreciation, as the slick appendage slide right in. Carolyn’s world went bright, as she climaxed practically as soon it entered her ‘mouth’. Perhaps it was because she had tasted Sid’s waste for the last several minutes, but she found the dick she was forced to suck delicious, the cum caked on it was like ambrosia to the former woman. Delighted that it seemed neither her host, nor her daughter had cum, her own orgasm continued, seemingly indefinitely until the probing organ ceased. Even Sid enjoyed it, gasping out and stopping his gluttony, at least for the moment. As his own hands wandered down and started jacking off his equine member. His new found sentience and anthropomorphic body truly were the best gifts he could ever have received.


“Uuhh Uhhhh” Urd grunted out. Her hips absent-mindedly bucked as several wads of precum shot out. Even Vanadis was idly stroking herself with a hand. “I think that’s enough gifts for this family.” Vanadis said, as she flew up. Urd quickly followed her, trying to take her mind of the orgy developing below, lest she lose control of herself.


Re: Midwinter Night 2

Chapter 6

The pair continued their journey until a new scene caught the duo’s attention. Inside a cosy home they saw familiar sight. A Freyan cock woman was speaking to several other young women, all around 20. The pair hadn’t realized it, but they had stumbled upon a dormitory for a local school.


Floe was glad that she did not have to spent Midwinter Night all by herself after all. She was not the only student who stayed behind at the dormitory for the holidays, for one reason or another. In her case it was simply because she was an orphan. She had been raised by her grandparents, who unfortunately had passed away a few years ago.

So far the evening had been rather cheerful. Out of the students living here, eight girls, including Floe, had remained and they had decided to just celebrate together with self-made food, alcohol and music. It was also a great opportunity to get to know some of the newcomers that Floe was not familiar with yet. Especially Brigitte who stood out the most from the small group. No surprise, she was the only transformee living here. Originally from Freya’s Realm, she had decided to undergo the transformation into a cock-woman, like her mother. Apparently that had been only two months ago, three weeks before she moved to this university. Even though Freyans were not an uncommon sight so close to the border it was almost impossible to really get used to it. Their choice of body was just so bizarre. Floe knew that Brigitte represented the standard type of cockwoman. That meant she was more or less a normal, shapely woman below the hips, but above she was nothing more than a gigantic, erect penis, as big as her upper body would have been and devoid of any facial features. Between her legs was a pair of testicles as large as beach balls. Unlike any of the other girls, the Freyan preferred to go about completely naked except for a pair of socks. Floe involuntarily blushed when she saw Brigite push a rolled up slice of pizza into her vagina. Actually it looked more like the slice flew into her waiting slit by itself but Floe knew that Freyan’s possessed telekinetic abilities and that their vaginas also functioned as their mouths. She could not imagine what life had to be like with such an upside-down anatomy.

Right now the girls were sitting in a circle in the communal room, chatting and nibbling on the remaining snacks. It was a nice and cosy atmosphere with low light and some holiday music playing in the background. The novelty of Brigitte’s unique form and homeland had worn off and now the primary topic was favourite movies and actors, or more precisely which ones were the hottest.

“I need a refill. Anybody wants something from the kitchen?” Floe said, as she stood up. A girl called Belba took her up on the offer and asked for another can of beer.

When Floe reached the door’s threshold she suddenly felt an odd tug on her shoulders. At first she thought it was one of the others but then realized that there was nobody behind her. At the same time the pull became stronger. She tried to fight it but whatever force was holding her did not let go. Despite all efforts, she felt herself slowly being dragged back into the room. A part of Floe wanted to panic but instead of fear, an odd drowsiness overcame her.

Nonetheless she was not yet ready to just give up yet. A half-hearted attempt at jumped towards the door let to a rather unpleasant fall to the ground. Uncaring of her fall, the invisible force kept dragging her into the room. At least she managed to roll onto her back and finally saw what was happening to the other girls. The sight left her stunned. The table in the middle of their little circle had been thrown to the side. In its place was a pulsing, round mass of pink flesh from which the naked, upper bodies of the other girl were sticking out. In case of Brigitte, the result looked as if this...thing sported a person sized erection. The other girls were moaning as if in the grip of incomprehensible arousal. Heedless of what was happening to their bodies, they were playing with themselves. They massaged their breasts, toyed with their nipples or, in case of those girls that had not yet sunk too deep into the pink mass, pushed their fingers deep into wet pussies. Brigitte meanwhile was releasing a torrent of pre-cum from her top slit.

Floe’s feet were almost touching the thing by now and getting steadily closer. It was obvious that she was about to join the other girls. She did not really want to but did not feel like resisting any more. Her own emotional state made no sense but neither did the situation as a whole. As if things could not get any weirder she saw the girls’ bodies losing definition, limbs and other features merging into a smooth sausage-shape. Their bodies were bending in ways as if their bones had dissolved into nothing. She noticed Belba’s face turn pink and inflate but then her feet finally touched the bloated body in their midst. Almost at once her clothes vanished into blue smoke, a moment before her entire world was thrown into a turmoil of contractionary sensations, the strongest of which was an intense arousal that took hold of her immediately.

When Floe came back to her senses, everything felt kind of weird. She could not feel her limbs but in exchange her spine felt unusually bendy. A feeling of calmness overcame her, as she observed her surroundings. There was still that large pink blob in the middle of the room. However apparently it had grown a set of seven breasts, each the size of a honey melon and strangely firm. They were almost spherical in shape and stood out form the main body in a ring of six with the seventh in the centre. Each breast was tipped by a puffy areola with a thick, sensitive nipple. Floe could feel the breeze in the room with all seven of them.

She tried to figure out what had happened to the other girls but all she saw were a bunch of tentacles surrounding the central body. Each was maybe three foot long and as thick as her forearm used to be. All of them ended in a pink knob. They were not tentacles at all, Floe realized, but penises. Long, prehensile penises, leaking pre-cum. Only now did she notice the pairs of orange-sized testicles hanging underneath each dick.

Strangely these penis-tentacles were slowly turning their heads around, as if observing their big shared body….just like she was doing. Finally the truth became clear. The girls had been turned into nothing but tentacle-like penises, even Brigitte, although it was probably less of a transition for her. However, this also meant that Floe probably shared the same fate. Looking down confirmed her suspicion. She was nothing more than a serpentine cock herself. How she could see without eyes, she did not know, maybe it was like how Brigitte was able to see.

“In the name of the four demons, I am so horny,” one of the penises suddenly exclaimed, the voice coming from its urethra. Floe did not recognize it, it was too distorted, high-pitched and gurgling with pre-cum.

“Me, too,” another dick said. “Somebody, please help, me.”

Suddenly the penis next to it wrapped itself around it and began to gently stroke the other’s length. The same scene began to repeat itself across the eight of them. Even Floe could not resist and rubbed her sensitive body against the form of her neighbour. She had no idea which of the girls this penis used to be and she couldn’t care less. She needed to be touched. She needed to cum. Intertwining with the other cock just felt so natural and right. Sweat and pre-cum made for an ideal lubricant, helping with their task. A part of her noticed that, while she was able to feel their shared body in the middle, she felt no sensations from any of the other penises, only her own soft skin. However that was good enough.

A short while later Floe finally felt an unfamiliar pressure building up at the base of her body. It dominated her mind and she intensified her efforts. The sensation became stronger and stronger, until, at last, her mind exploded into pure pleasure. The orgasm was of such an overwhelming magnitude, that the former girl barely noticed the stream of cum erupting from her new mouth. She was vaguely aware that it went on for longer than seemed right, although she had no real point of reference for that. Their central body seemed to contract slightly but she could not focus.

Eventually this stream of pleasure came to an end. The flow of cum stopped and Floe slowly rose from a post-coital fugue. She found her new head flying in a sticky puddle of her own semen. Looking around, she saw that the entire room was covered in patches of the white goo. When she turned her head she saw that the other girls were in a similar state. Their bodies lying limply on the floor or upturned furniture. To her surprised their body had changed one more time. It still looked roughly the same but was a lot smaller. What used to be a gigantic pink blob, was now about as large as a beach ball. Their spherical tits looked ridiculously large now and struggled for space on top of their reduced body. Their penis-bodies were luckily still the same size, too.

“I am still horny,” Floe said without thinking. It was true however. She was still weak from her orgasm but not really satisfied. There was an emptiness underneath their shared body that wanted to be filled.

“Me, too,” another penis replied.

“Me, too,” a third said, “I want to fuck our asshole.”

“We have an asshole?”

“Yes, I can see it from here.”

Floe wondered how they could reach it but then had an idea.

“Alright, we need to get onto our back, ladies,” she said, “So listen up.”

Coordinating their movements took less time than expected. It was as if they had a natural understanding of moving their shared form together. Floe could see them crawling across the floor with ease. Like a perverted starfish or octopus. For now they had a more important task, though. At last they managed to turn around onto the top side of their body. The carpet felt rather nice on their many nipples, which were still hard.

Floe had a good look at their shared anus. A brown, throbbing sphincter as big and thick as your average doughnut. The more she looked at it, the more she felt the irresistible urge to shove her head into it. Unfortunately the other girls felt obviously the same.

“Alright, how do we decide who gets the first round?” Floe asked.


“I think they are going to be busy for the rest of the night,” Vanadis said happily and looked at her companion. What she saw caused an involuntary “Oh, my” escape her lips.


Re: Midwinter Night 2

Chapter 7

Poor Urd struggled with her own arousal. There was already so much pre-cum oozing from her mouth that she was unable to speak. She looked like she was going to erupt any moment.

“We better take care of this before we continue,” the older demon said and began to fly towards the edge of the city. Her companion was going to cum, one way or another but Vanadis would rather it happened on uninhabited land. Their plan was to bless a few hand picked chosen with deliberate forms, not leave it to mere chance.

The two of them moved as quickly as they could. It was getting late and the streets were almost devoid of life by now. In fact the number of lights in the city was growing smaller, as more people went to bed. Nonetheless Vanadis was less sure if her companion would be able to hold it until they were over safe ground.

Vanadis hurriedly led the younger demon away to a less populated area. Unluckily they had been in the centre of a decently sized municipality. Urd flew as fast as she could, and used all of her willpower to try to quell the approaching climax. She was losing the battle though. As she flew Urd couldn’t help but leak small spurts of precum, from her urethral mouth, or her groin. Coupled with her erect nipples leaking fat droplets of milk to the ground below. This was a dangerous prospect. Being a creature of pure mana like she was, Urd’s bodily fluids possessed immense transformative powers. Demon cum was the most potent transformative substance known, and much of alchemy was based around adding reagents or processes in an attempt to shape or control the magic liquid. But raw unrefined D-cum such as the kind Urd was spitting up was completely random. Flesh would warp and change in infinite possible ways.

It was a minor miracle that it was late at night so most of the spilled cum and milk would fall on the ground harmlessly, where it would quickly lose its potency and evaporate shortly after. Of course, not all the droplets landed on empty ground… Kayla and her fiancé Bryan were just getting ready for bed. The young pair had only become engaged a short while ago. Kayla was a plumper woman, not fat by any means – but certainly not skinny. Bryan however was tall and lanky. Kayla had walked to the open window to shut it for the night when a warm, sticky substance smacked her in the face. She stumbled back as she tried to wipe her face with her hands. Blinded and panicking she tripped backwards, landing on her rear. “Kayla?” Her fiancé called seeing his wife-to-be fall back. She was clutching her face and writhing on the ground. “Mmm! Mmmmm!” Kayla really was panicking now. Whatever this hot goo was that had fallen on her, was making her face tingle strangely, and she couldn’t pull her hands off her face anymore. She was afraid as she wiggled on the ground, desperate to try to somehow get this gunk off of her. Bryan watched dumbfounded, as Kayla’s arms slowly sank into her face. The tingling increased, as it reached her legs, to almost painful levels. Like the pins and needles when one’s legs fall asleep. Kayla was too busy squirming and wondering why she couldn’t feel her arms anymore to really notice, but Bryan saw how her legs became tapered at the ends. Their bones seemed to vanish as her limbs became floppy, before each split apart, leaving the girl with four tentacles sticking from her hips. The waving appendages shrunk slightly, ending around half their original lengths.

Finally the changes ended and Kayla stopped her squirming for a moment. Thus her fiancé got a decent look at her new body. Dragging herself along the floor with four stubby tentacles, her abdomen and torso were surprisingly unchanged, her large breasts looked slightly bigger than before but no different otherwise. The largest alteration was her face and head, replaced by a copy of her shapely feminine rear. Somehow, Kayla could see. Knowing she didn’t posses eyes anymore, she looked around the room nonetheless, seeing the shocked face of Bryan. Looking at Kayla, Bryan saw that his ass-faced fiancé did not seem to possess an anus between her swollen cheeks. Instead only the flowering lips of her pussy glistened in the dim light. They would later find out that Kayla’s original anus had shifted slightly underneath her, right between her four tentacles while her original vagina had disappeared forever. Kayla crawled over to her fiancé. She was so horny, her mouth ached, and Bryan smelled amazing – particularly his cock. With no words Bryan watched as Kayla crawled towards him, and pressed her ‘face’ against his groin. “Maybe this isn’t so bad…” Bryan smirked as he pulled down his trousers, letting his cock hang out. Kayla immediately engulfed it in her pussy maw. Bryan grunted in satisfaction as his fiancé expertly squeezed his shaft, before starting to rock back and forth.

As they flew Urd coughed up sizeable batches of precum over and over again. She was starting to tremble as the ooze from her mouth became a solid stream. She was close to losing control, and nowhere near an empty area. A few more people were accidentally ‘blessed’ as Urd and Vanadis headed towards a park. A woman walking her dog became closer to her pet than she had ever expected, hanging between the dog’s legs as a throbbing canine cock. Two small eyes near the shaft looked around confused and horny as he wandered off looking for a bitch to fuck.
Another group of young adults laughing and having fun during the holidays got splashed by the faux carpet bombing. They howled as their bodies merged together. Their fused form rooted into the ground, while turning into a massive column of flesh, several feet tall. Sticking out randomly from the column was a feminine ass with fat cheeks, the brown sphincter clenched idly as a single eye looked dazed out from above it. The rest of the party was turned into moderately sized penises complete with balls and a single eye above the shaft. All of these eyes looked around, before the various cocks grew hard. They were all still individuals, but could feel each other’s arousal. Each of them desperately wanted to be touched. Their new bodies felt amazingly sensitive, but with no moveable appendages it was impossible to stimulate themselves, forced to simply wait until someone came along to help them out.

Another lone man sitting on his porch smoking a cigarette was splashed by some breast milk. He gasped out and watched in shock as his body rapidly feminized. His lips puffed out to ludicrous proportions, while all of his body hair, save his head hair simply fell away. His frame thinned out, all of his excess mass going straight to his ass. Next his chest ballooned out into huge pillowy mounds. He could barely reach his nipples by the time his, or rather her new breasts finished growing. As she would soon discover, her penis was no more, replaced by a feminine slit. Hesitating only for a moment, she drove her hands down into her pants to play with her snatch, while all she wanted was for someone to toy with her new boobs.

As the pair approached what looked like an open park, Urd began to descend. Her entire body was shaking and shivering, and her balls had pulled up tight against her groin. “I’m not gonna make it” she realized, the park was too far away. She had to land somewhere else. If she could get close to the ground, it would not spread as much, or at least that was the idea. She aimed for the emptiest spot of land she could see – the backyard of a house. Hopefully they could clean up the mess afterwards and stop anyone from getting changed by accident. Just as she set her feet upon the ground, the inevitable orgasm overwhelmed Urd.

Gallons upon gallons of pearly, sticky cum erupted from her mouth like a geyser. A much smaller, but no less bombastic river blasted from the cock between her legs. Even her huge milk bags joined in, spraying creamy milk from her erect nipples. Pleasure overloaded the demon, as practically every inch of her body was in some way erogenous. It was so much that she tuned out the rest of the world, her consciousness too occupied with physical stimulation. Her climax continued for minutes, as was usual. There was a reason why Urd wanted to keep a similar form to what she had in mortality. The pleasure was unimaginable. Finally, when the deluge of cum dwindled and her orgasm subsided, Urd, who was somewhat shaky on her legs, knelt down. Her penis torso was finally flaccid. Sighing with relief, she leaned back against a tree.
After a moment to catch her breath, she prepared to deal with the giant puddle of her sexual fluids, neutralizing the potent magic it held. “Oh shit…” She said. Looking up she realized a small group of people had gathered under a large pine tree in the yard, she had landed in. The flow of cum and milk had practically drenched them. Urd watched in horror as these people, presumably a family – a middle aged couple, two girls and a boy in their early twenties – all shrieked while their clothes dissolved and they all began to shrink. Fearing that they would drown, Urd quickly flew over and picked up their changing forms, placing them in a safe place, away from the river of bodily fluids she had created. After finding the last one, Urd looked over at the family and watched them change.

All of them were seemingly turning into a similar form, as each person was rapidly shrinking, their limbs pulling in and leaving them as little more than head sized spheres of flesh. Urd watched each little ball continue to pulsate and shift. The unmistakable curves of fatty buttcheeks formed on each one, with a wrinkled anus buried in each deep crack. The process continued until half of each little ball was nothing but a butt. Next, near the top of each ball a single lump formed, with a line opening up near the middle to reveal an eyeball. Each person looked around, confused at what was happening. On the ‘front’ of each ball, opposite of the butt, a large penis rapidly formed as well as a suitable pair of balls. Each cock rapidly grew hard and throbbed gently. The demon watched the five little balls starring at the erections in front of them, yet unable to do anything about it. Urd immediately stepped towards them, afraid that the family would be forever immobile, small, and helpless. As she got closer, she felt that the magic within these small beings was not done yet, however. Near the bottom of each one, four little nubs began to form. In seconds each one grew into a human finger. One by one the family stood up, trying out their new finger legs. With uneasy steps they scurried around, looking at each other, and themselves. A smile crept across Urd’s face as almost immediately one of the family members – the only one with a green eye, mounted another. Urd vaguely recalled the father being the only one with green eyes. The former man mounted the other creature – unknowingly his former wife. Pumping his cock into her tight anus.

Sheila, the wife, couldn’t believe how it felt to have her asshole filled. After the confusing whirlpool of bizarre sensations had stopped, she felt someone get onto her back. Internally she grimaced slightly, when she felt the unmistaken head of a cock press against her asshole. The former woman had never tried anal before, something her husband had requested on numerous occasions but she had never seriously considered. Now she was so horny that she didn’t care what happened and let the organ penetrate her sphincter. A moment later, she deeply regretted that she had never indulged her husband. The sensation rivalled her former pussy in sheer sensitivity and pleasure. Something was rapidly building up pressure within her. The little legs began to shake, while her eye rolled around in ecstasy. Reaching critical mass her cock spewed it’s load over the grass in front of her, and it didn’t seem to stop for over a minute. Her husband hadn’t finished yet, and continued to pump her anus. Not that Sheila minded, she could feel another orgasm approaching.

Three times. Three times Sheila climaxed from having her ass fucked before her husband did. Each time the ass ramming she received just felt better and better. Her husband noticed it, too. After each time the wonderfully warm and tight sphincter, his cock was buried in, spasmed and clenched around him, seemingly getting tighter, softer, more pleasurable. In reality, only Urd noticed what had happened. After each climax Sheila’s cock had shrunk. Once satisfied, her husband dismounted and Sheila turned around, her cock was perhaps half it’s original length, yet her butt seemed twice as fat, and her anus had easily doubled in size. The inverse had happened to her husband, his cock was now far longer, and more masculine. Urd knew what was going on. When these little creatures fucked each other, their bodies would shift according to what ‘role’ they had. The submissive ones would experience penile shrinkage, but anal enlargement (and prostate enlargement), and increased anal sensitivity, but reduced penile sensitivity. Urd smiled as she saw the rest of the family scrambling to fuck each other, as Sheila presented herself to another, her fat doughnut like sphincter clenching and winking. Content that the family had absorbed the vast majority of the mana, Urd turned around, looking to see where Vanadis had gone…


It did not take her long to find her companion. A moment after returning to the scene of her “crime” she sensed a familiar presence land behind her.

“A fine mess, you’ve made”, Vanadis said with an exasperated expression, “I counted at least a dozen people that got accidentally transformed.”

“I am sorry,” was the only thing Urd could think of as a reply, while bending her penile body down, as much as she could, as a way to lower her head in shame. The emotion was genuine. Urd had allowed her sexual urges to overpower her. As a result lots of people were left with some random transformation instead of the purposeful blessing they had intended to give. It was shameful indeed.

To her surprise Vanadis did not berate her. In fact she did not even seem angry. Instead there was a gentle smile on her face.

“Don’t look so glum,” the older demon said. “At least everyone seems to be happy with the alterations they got, even if none of it was intended.”

That were good news. So it was not just the family of five that seemed content with their fates. Nonetheless she had to do better from now on, Urd thought. Another accident and Vanadis might get angry with her after all. She was just about to ask where the two should go next when her companion emitted a deep sigh.

“However, I think we have blessed enough people for tonight,” she said, unable to hide the disappointment in her voice.

There was no need to explain why this was. Urd knew that the people of the Empire were usually not keen on demonic blessings or sexual transformations. Of course there were those who longed to transcend the limitations of the ordinary, human form, but they were a small minority and most often already transformed anyway. Thus Vanadis had a set a limit of how many they could bless this night. Any more and it could cause a panic among imperial authorities, something they would rather avoid.

It did not make it any less disappointing. Urd felt deflated but accepted. They had enough fun already. Next Midwinter would come soon enough. However before they went back home, Vanadis wanted to take care of her own needs first. She knew how to keep her composure but that did not mean that she was not as aroused as Urd had been.

“There is a little trick to avoid an incident like earlier,” the older demon explained.

Together they left the city and flew a few kilometres across the countryside until they hovered over a small lake. From there Vanadis lead the way further up until the two broke through the clouds. Urd understood why they had moved to the middle of nowhere but had no idea why they had risen to this altitude.

“Easy,” her companion began to explain. “From this height any bodyfluids will disperse to a point that they will no longer have any effect. Nothing short of a load as you can produce, my dear, will come down as little more than harmless mist.”

That said, Vanadis finally took care of her own needs. Like all Freyan demons she did not mind her companion watching her do it. One hand began to stroke her impressive equine shaft, while the other sneaked beneath her throbbing balls and slid two fingers into her dripping slit. The demon knew exactly how to hit all the right spots and work herself to a climax in no time. Despite her calm exterior, she had been in desperate need of some relief herself. Urd’s accident had just given her the perfect excuse to indulge herself a little. A soft moan escaped her soft lips, just a moment before thick ropes of cum erupted from the blunt end of her horse cock. At the same time more liquids sprayed from her cunt and many breasts. Of course this was nothing compared to the gallons of cum and milk Urd had released not long ago, but it did not need to be. When it came to demonic anatomy, everything was relative. To Vanadis this orgasm was just as powerful and long lasting as it had been for her younger companion.

A few moments later the last of her cum disappeared into the clouds below, while satisfied sigh escaped the demon’s lips. A last shake of her still erect cock and she was ready to go. It had been fun while it lasted but it was time to return home for this year. It was long past midnight anyway. At least both of them had had a lot of fun and left many people happy, looking forward to new, exciting lives. And so the two demons quickly headed back towards their homeland, but in doing so they missed the true Midwinter Miracle that was about to happen.


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Chapter 8

Unbeknownst to Vanadis, her bodyfluids had triggered a chain-reaction so random and dependent on a rare set of circumstances that no one could ever have foreseen it. The clouds the two had passed through above the lake, had been charged with mana. This was a rare but natural phenomenon which usually resulted in very colourful and impressive, but otherwise harmless thunderstorms. Both demons had been so occupied with the events of the evening and Vanadis’ need to masturbate, that they had not taken notice of this fact. But even if they had, they would not have cared because it presented no danger to them or anyone on the ground.

Yet something about the nature of this particular charge and the night’s weather conditions, led to a unique reaction between the clouds and Vanadis’ bodyfluids. Instead of just dispersing into nothing, her cum and milk imprinted their particular properties upon the mana held within the clouds, multiplying the effect in turn. For all intends and purposes these clouds became a floating equivalent of unrefined demon-cum.

Of course it would not have been a miracle if it had ended here. Instead the altered conditions within these clouds caused them to literally fall from the sky as they floated over a small village called Bentheim, turning into a thick, purple-hued fog. A fog that crept through any available crack and opening. Even closed windows could not stop it from getting within homes and change the lives of the roughly one hundred villagers forever.


Something was wrong with Dyna’s body when she woke up.  Some parts felt completely numb, while others were uncomfortably stiff and some felt out of place. This was no mere stiff back or numb arm. How was this even possible? Had she really slept in so awkward a position?

She opened her eyes and realized that it was still very early. The sun was just about to rise and so very little light fell through the bedroom window, just enough to get her bearings. Usually she’d have preferred to stay in bed longer, it was Midwinter morning after all but some movement would help to straighten out her body. Even getting up was no easy task. It was as if her arms were not even there, while her legs felt as if they were far too short. However, despite her body’s lack of cooperation and an onslaught of contractionary sensations, she managed sit up and get off the bed.

It was when she finally stood on the ground that Dyna realized that there was more going on than just some stiff muscles and pinched nerves. Even in this feint morning light, she could see that her body had changed significantly. She had no idea how this was even possible but something had transformed her over night. Fascinated she took a good look at her new self, not even aware of the bizarre lack of fear, disgust or despair that one might except at such a drastic and unexpected turn of events.

The first thing she noticed was why her arms were so numb. It was because they were no longer there, leaving here with rounded off shoulders. Otherwise her torso looked mostly unchanged, except for the deep red colour of her skin and the fact that she had clearly shrunk. It was hard to tell but looking at her surroundings, she guessed that she was no taller than four feet now. Dyna had the impression that her breasts were still the same d-cup size they used to be but on her new frame they looked a lot more massive. The same was true for her hips and butt which also looked a lot wider now compared to the rest of her body.

Her legs had also shrunk but appeared slightly longer than they should be in relation to the rest of her body. What looked like still very feminine thighs transitioned into the bent legs of an animal. Guessing by the shape of the hooves at the end of them, she had gained the lower legs of a goat or similar animal. It was not the only animal trait. Looking over her empty shoulder, Dyna noticed a thin, long tail swaying behind her, which ended in a small spade, shaped almost like a heart. Something about it felt odd. Almost on instinct, she flexed muscles she did not have before and saw the tail curl around. A few more attempts and she realized that her new appendage was surprisingly prehensile.

All these alterations to her body had caused her to almost miss the most dramatic addition. Between her red thighs rested an impressive penis. Even flaccid it was at least eight or nine inches long and as thick as her wrists used to be, when she still had wrists. There was no scrotum beneath it, though. Surprised, she spread her legs and bent forwards as much as she could to get a better look. Even though the fat length of her new dick obscured most of it, she could still see what she assumed to be her original vagina. The outer labia were very swollen but even that was not enough to hide the dramatically enlarged inner labia. Fat, pink folds poked out from her slit. Gazing at her modified genitals a little longer, she realized that the penis had replaced her clitoris.

However, her head and face felt off, too. So she turned towards the mirror on her dressing table. Despite the twilight she could still see what had happened to her features well enough. Sat on top of a thin and slightly longer than normal neck, was a bald head with a broad and road face. It was dominated by a large, singular eye at its centre, human in shape but with a yellow iris. There was no nose below, but at least her mouth was still in place. It was noticeably larger than before, while her lips had turned pure black and swollen up into a more pronounced feminine shape. As if to emphasize this devilish look, she had grown two small horns on her forehead, little more than bony nubs and her ears had become massive triangles, so large that they drooped slightly.

“This is so bizarre”, she thought. And yet she was not horrified, only surprised and rather accepting of her new form.

Dyna turned back towards the bed, curious if she had been the only one affected by whatever had to have happened during the night. It became immediately apparent that her husband had been transformed, too. Sam had thrown the blanket off his body and was slowly waking up. He looked nothing like the man that Dyna had married, instead there was a perfect copy of her own new self on the bed, getting into a sitting position.

“What is so bizarre?” the copy asked. Even Sam’s voice had changed. It was high-pitched and feminine. Just like Dyna’s own modified voice, as she’d later find out.

Still unaware of what had happened to him, the husband yawned and finally opened his eye. The first thing he saw was his wife’s new form, standing there naked in the middle of the room. Their eyes met and a strong sensation overcame both of them. Almost immediately Sam’s penis began to swell and rise, while in response Dyna’s new cock became erect. A moment later she she felt a familiar wetness underneath her cock, just as her mind became dizzy with arousal. She had never felt so horny before.

“Honey?” Sam asked, his voice weak.

“Shut up,” his wife snapped and stepped towards him. “Turn around….I want to fuck you.”

Dyna had never been the dominant type before but her need to fuck was overtaking all other concerns. All she knew was that her throbbing manhood ached to be buried into somewhere warm, moist and tight. Her husband looked at her in slack jawed confusion but then his own urges got the better of him. Without questioning her he awkwardly rolled onto his belly and lifted his butt, revealing his own, glistening pussy.

Without another word his wife jumped onto the bed and immediately plunged her cock into that inciting, pink and swollen new orifice of her spouse. There was no foreplay. No slow, erotic exploration of each other’s bodies. No, their arousal was far beyond that. Dyna’s involuntary moan was answered by a lustful gasp from Sam. He still did not know what exactly had happened to his body but at this point he did not care, the pleasure was enough.

The former woman increased her pace and humped her lover with wild abandoned, like an animal in heat. She kept her footing on the bed with ease, as if she had always possessed hooves. Meanwhile Sam was overwhelmed by a cascade of new and bizarre sensations. His cock felt slightly bigger and more sensitive than ever before, while his vagina, for that was the only thing this could be, was flooding his brain with more pleasure than he had ever experienced before. Then there were these large tits. Without arms to prop himself up, his fat nipples were rubbing against the bed sheet relentlessly and it felt wonderful.

Alas, like so many transformees entirely new to their over-sexual bodies, the couple did not last long. A short while after she had jumped onto the bed, Dyna felt a pressure building in her crotch. Before she could wonder what it meant, her mind was blown by the most intense orgasm of her life, as both sets of genitals came at the same time. Her cock ejaculated hot spurts of cum into her lover’s cunt, while her own pussy clenched and squirted clear liquid onto the bed. Guessing by Sam’s sudden screams of joy, he was cumming, too.  Eventually it stopped and an exhausted Dyna just fell onto her equally tired husband. They quickly twisted around into a more comfortable position for cuddling.

“No idea what happened but I like it,” Sam whispered, his head turning so he looked into the singular eye of his wife.

“Happy Midwinter,” she replied and kissed his black, luscious lips.

Their moment of rest did not last long, though. They heard voices and the sound of movement downstairs. Their kids had woken up. Topi and Juna, seven and eight years old. Of course they would go first for their presents waiting under the Midwinter tree. Soon they would probably call for their parents, so that they could make breakfast.

“You think they were affected, too, by whatever this is?” Dyna asked, unsure how she would react if her children had also been transformed like them.

“Either way, I do not want to go down naked,” her husband replied.

It was a good point. It was not that felt ashamed of what they had become but they still had to be good role models for their kids. It became clear very quickly, that Sam would have a harder time to get dressed.

“This feels weird,” he said, as Dyna helped him to put on one of her bras. Luckily he had exactly the same cup size as her.

“You’ll get used to it, I am speaking from experience. Now help me,” she replied before Sam helped her to put one on. It was tricky but with their tails and mouths, they manage to get it done.

It was easier to wriggle into some pants. Since there was no way that their swollen vaginas and fat cocks would fit into Dyna’s delicate panties, they had decided to go for Sam’s shorts instead. At last they each put on one of Dyna’s morning robes. They had to pull the belts as tight as possible, so they would not just fall off their armless shoulders and the ends dragged across the floor, but for now they would do.

“You are ready?” Dyna asked, getting more anxious how their kids might react to their altered forms.

“Whenever you are,” Sam replied, still calm and relaxed. “You know, this feels a lot nicer than I would have thought. I might try out some other feminine stuff later.”

That said, the couple opened the door and went downstairs to greet their children. Fortunately the two had not been affected by whatever had transformed their parents. They were still their normal selves. On top of that they reacted surprisingly well to their parent’s new looks. Of course they were surprised and a little confused but in the end they did not mind that they had horns, hooves or only a single eye each. The only problem, as they later found out, was that they struggled to tell Sam and Dyna apart.

And so the family enjoyed a wonderful Midwinter Fest. Later they found out that it was not only Sam and Dyna that had been transformed. Every single adult in Bentheim had been turned into an armless, little devil almost identical to them and every single one of them was happy with their new forms. Only the children had remained normal and for their sake the adults made an effort to keep life as normal as possible. Eventually Bentheim became known as the “village of imps” for their unusual inhabitants. When asked what had happened, they would only tell of the Midwinter Miracle.


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Fantastic work, really. Absolutely love people receiving unexpected transformations! The variety was great.

I had to put the story down several times to keep my self from just blowing through it.

Spank material for years to come you guys.


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To be honest it sounds like it's almost nigh impossible to stay human in Belial/Assiah which makes it a very "dangerous" place to live.