Topic: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

This is a tale I wrote, set in universe created by Espeon Master Espo on FA.

An STD is melding people to their male partners, permanently turning them into living cocks.
If the male partner is an animal, he becomes sentient. Somehow they know, and they're on the prowl, seeking human victims.
As cities are quarantined and society breaks down, one ordinary(*) girl bunkers down in her home, awaiting rescue.

*: Actually she's a repressed PREVERT, and she ends up doing PREVERSIONS with her faithful canine companion.

This may not be to everyone's taste, as CTF is the extent of the sexual transformation, and involves zoophillia (at least to begin with). It's rather fixated on the wrongness of her act. This is pure smut; plot is really not complicated, but I attempted to convey the transformation - both physical and mental - in detail.

* August 14: Somewhere in suburbia, in a typical two bedroom house. *

A lithe hand reaches for the doorknob to the guest bedroom, pauses in hesitation, and trembles as a profound sense of danger looms. The hand's owner is Lisa Bradenn, a petite young woman with straight, shoulder-length red hair, vivid green eyes, and nicely curved body. Her stark nakedness reveals she's a natural redhead, and hints of aroused interest in what lays beyond the door. Something incredibly exciting and forbidden...it has her shaking like a leaf. The events of the previous week play in her head...

* August 7: Lisa Bradenn's home. *

It had already hit the news when she arrived home from work. The *clank* of keys tossed into a basket woke the house's other resident; a pure-bred husky that's been Lisa's compansion since she was a high-school student prone to giving a puppy the most ironic name that came to mind. "Mutt..." Tired from an annoying day, and exasperated as he raced in circles around her, she nonetheless spread her arms and was promptly pounced. Hugging him brought a smile to her lips, even if she had to brace herself to not get knocked over. "Should've named you Spaz...ack no!" Mutt is usually good about *not* licking her face...

It was some time later when the news finally reached Lisa. She was on the couch browsing Twitter on her laptop, and Mutt was curled up at her feet, having calmed down...more or less. An exasperated "Stoppp!" did little to save her feet from his persistent licking, but Lisa was soon too distracted to notice, loading tab after tab with media feeds and news websites, all describing the "unexplainable outbreak" in her state.

Mutt's tongue was busy slicking up her shin, as she loaded a video from a local newscaster;

"What I am about to show and tell you will be disturbing and graphic so view discretion is advised. I might also add, none of this has been censored as to show you the true scale of what is happening.... It has come to the national attention, today, that a weird infection is spreading throughout the state. It has caused several females, to slowly change into the...cocks...of the male they are having sex with."

Of course Lisa didn't believe it, at first. She was unwilling to accept that something like *that* can happen in the real world, where physics and biology have rules...it seemed more like some perverted fiction from an erotic furry site...not that she would admit knowing anything about *that*.

But it became harder and harder to rationalize away the insanity as a fake news hoax, as she rapidly checked other newsfeeds, mainstream media websites, and finally deigned to turn on the TV. Lisa's eyes were round from her crumbling sense of reality as she watched the BBC report on the transformative plague, and little else.

The human desire for normalization is stubborn beast. Lisa dived back into Twitter, where less reported news can be found, as well as endless speculation. On some level, those convinced that the #CockPlague was a giant #FakeNews globalist psy-op seemed like the rational ones, as opposed to those speculating that mother nature had finally had enough with it's errant child: Homo Sapiens...

Lisa came close, then, to having that impossibility proven in a *very* personal way...Mutt was quite insistent in giving her legs a nice tongue bath despite their distracted, shifty attempts at avoiding that tongue... Someone posted a video while that tongue was inching it's way towards her thigh.

It seems the world *was* turning into the fever dream of a furry pervert...someone had caught a doberman and it's...once human lover...in the act. The...thing between the dog's legs was huge, obscene, for all intents and purposes a penis already. It's body was unrecognizible as anything but a bestial shaft visibly throbbing with need, but above what must have once been the victim's dwindling shoulders was clearly a woman's head in the midst of becoming a glans... She had just enough facial features left to convey an expression of utter bliss, as the dog licked her over and over..

That's when Mutt's tongue went further up Lisa's leg than it ever had. The slick warm caress on her inner tight ilicited goosebumps...and a mental click. The *shriek* that followed was enough to make the gentle-natured husky scramble away with his tail between his legs, but Lisa was too busy fleeing to her bedroom to notice. The door shut with a slam and stayed shut. Sleep came easy, considering it was 3 am.

* August 8: Lisa Bradenn's home. *

When the morning came, Lisa thought last night was a dream...her alarm was tuned into a radio station "bringing you the latest you need to keep you and your loved ones safe", so that didn't last.

Lisa didn't work that day, as by then the creaking gears of government had imposed a curfew, leaving her with nothing to do but keep updated with the news...and avoid her dog. Poor Mutt was more of an attention whore than usual, which didn't ease Lisa's worries, and so he was shooed into the guest bedroom. His whining became a constant reminder of the fate that could await her. The pitiful loneley sounds tugged at her heart... Lisa had moved in from out of state but a month earlier, and she isn't a social butterfly...Mutt is the only family or close friend around.

Anxiety set in as quarantine was announced. Usually she would cuddle Mutt as comfort, instead she sulked, kicking herself for not getting the hell out while she could. The news only added to it. Things continued going south...the infection was spreading, it seemed *any* sexual contact resulted in the...symptoms...and male animals in particular were on the prowl looking for women to...fuck and reduce into bestial phallic forms. Everything was closed down, but thankfully power...and the internet...remained in service. Scary news was better than no news.

By evening, more details had filtered in. In the government's initial rush at containment it had tried to round up as many "infectees" as possible. After..."bonding"...with females, it seemed infected animals became much, much more intelligent. The CDC found some that were willing to communicate...

...and to relay communication...

...All those women who were reduced to mere sexual organs were still *alive*. Fully aware as they swayed between furry legs, remembering that they were once more than mere lengths of sexualized flesh...

* August 9: Lisa Bradenn's home. *

Lisa hid from both her dog and the news the following day. She tried to distract herself with books, but a story she read long ago kept intruding on her mind, every time Mutt whined and called for her...

Years ago, before Lisa even fooled around with boys, she explored...stuff...on the net. She watched videos, she RP'ed, she delved curiously into fetish sites...and she came across a tale that vividly described the slow, magical transformation of a submissive man into his lover's cock. It was one of those tales that resonated enough to make Lisa frig herself silly...and ponder the question; 'Would I *really* do this if I could?' The answer was obvious; *of course not*. As a fantasy it was sexy as hell. But to really experience it? No..much to lose, and, to be honest, too nasty and gross.

Lisa might not have recalled that story for quite some time, had reality not broken, and the impossible became very, very real. "*Whine*!" And her cherished pet constantly reminded her that it would be so *very* easy to experience what had once struck her as the ultimate hedonistic ride...

* August 10-13: Lisa Bradenn's home. *

Days passed. The plague spread like wildfire. Society began to break down, as who knows how many met their perverse fate.

Mutt's every whine sank deep...so *lonely* and so *suggestive* to her. She was torn between affection for her companion, and worry about his demeanor. She had to feed him and let him into the yard, and during those fleeting encounters he was outright lecherous. Thankfully he still knew to back off after a firm "No!". Mutt hated angering his mistress...still a good dog, besides wanting her in the worst possible way, of course.

'Would I *really* do this if I could?' Once that silly adolescent fantasy slithered back into her head, it refused to leave... Because she *could*. At first, Lisa refused to allow herself to seriously consider the...choice...of becoming a part of her dog, as any normal person with a full life ahead of them would. She had faith things would get better. She knew it would be a good while before quarantine was lifted...but surely it would. She walk out of this unscathed and make a future for herself.

But with little to do and a kinky nature, Lisa began to succumb to temptation. What had once been a rare fetish exploded in popularity on all sorts of sordid websites, spawning stories, art...and - rare but not hard to find - amateur video. Freaks that were not only willing to live the rest their lives as sex organs, but were willing to show the world their choice. What would be the harm, if she just fantasized?

Lisa played with herself for hours on end, imagining how the transformation would feel, and the helpless pleasures that would follow when she was used. By Mutt.

Even when she was...calm...waiting for rescue started to seem less appealing. FEMA kept repeating an announcement about the local army base opening to evacuees...but she'd need to stay put in her house for another week. And what if that went south? She'd have to start venturing out for food, with the danger of ending up part of a beast (which she didn't even know...) The stores would eventually run out of food... Even if Lisa were rescued, she'd live with the heartbreak of being separeted from her beloved companion...

She knew she could grow so much closer, instead...

Lisa's descent from fantasy to temptation was a confused one...the isolated woman wondering if her yearning was a sign of infection, from Mutt licking her when it all began. She found the idea a turn-on...that could mean she was already transformed a tiny bit.

The simpler explanation was harder to accept, at first; Lisa's kinky streak...something she thought she 'grew out of'. She used to fantasize about all *sorts* of impossible and forbidden things... Like being ravished by horny wolves... There was something about knotty canine cocks that drew her like a moth to flame... She never acted out *that* fetish, in fact she avoided thinking about it, after getting Mutt.

Lisa kept thinking of how Mutt had tried to seduce her with his tongue. She yearned to feel it again...and imagined how good it would feel, when her skin was...different...and she would *always* be in reach. The promise of unimaginable pleasure called to her.

Barely a week since the plague began, and Lisa couldn't stop imagining herself throbbing under her pet. Yes, she felt like a freaky perv for wanting that...and it drove her wild. There was something that felt *right* about being a freaky perv, with embracing carefree sexuality as part of her nature, dignity be dammed.

And didn't a freak like her deserve a more fitting form?

* August 14: Lisa Bradenn's home. *

Lisa spent her final day in a horny daze, failing a last-ditch effort to calm down and think things over with a clear head. Her common sense nagged her to no avail. She knew what would happen, if she opened the door to feed Mutt again, and so the enormity of what awaited her made her hesitate.

She was fully naked, when she opened the front door a crack, uncaring of who may catch a glipse of her nude flesh...she wouldn't have a choice in the matter soon. The door to the guest room gave her more pause.


"I can't believe I'm doing this...", Lisa murmurs to herself. Everything she's throwing away flits through her mind...but even that just adds to the alluring depravity of her act. Something deep within her psyche urges her be as vulgar as possible. Lisa finally turns the knob with a trembling hand.

Mutt is waiting for her...sprawled on the bed on his side, flaunting his throbbing erect penis for her widening eyes...it's as if he knew, and was expecting her. He doesn't leap on her, he doesn't even move, but the way his gaze roves over Lisa's naked flesh, as if in lustful appraisal of an offering...

She trembles, acutely aware of how very, very vulnerable her body is to...it... Mutt's red, pulsating canine organ gives a good impression of what *Lisa* would end up looking like, as a consequence of her dirty actions. Enchanted by sheer power of that cock, Lisa can't resist slipping a hand between her legs...

A soft, gentle, and expectant bark; The dog is clearly waiting for his owner to climb into bed with him. Gleeful eagerness flares in Lisa's pretty eyes. She takes those last few steps with a wet trail of excitement rolling down her inner thigh.

On her back, Lisa spreads those thighs and moans, "Come here..." It's the last order she'll ever give. This relationship is no longer that of owner and pet, but that of lovers...for now... That warm, supple tongue returns to greet her sopping wet pussy in a long, slow lick. Lisa moans in a long drawn out way suggestive of a bitch in heat. "Make me yours, Mutt!" She's eager to be claimed as much more than simply a bitch... The thrill of quenching her long suppressed zoophillic craving is heart-racing, but it's second stage to her anticipation of the perverse transformation it shall bring. As the husky moves forward, she whimpers, "Make me y--yee!", yelping as that thick, slippery, infected shaft slides into her naughty sloppy cunt.

Common sense nags her of the *danger* she is in... If she doesn't get that *nasty* thing out, it will do something very *bad*. But that's why Lisa is doing this! She embraces her dog lovingly, soothing the fears playing at the back of her mind. Soon they're washed away by rising pleasure and excitement as a *very* happy Mutt starts humping into her. Canine pre-cum soaks into human flesh, tainting Lisa with the erotic plague... For the moment, the most noticible effects are the slimy *squicks* of rutting, and a mild but noticable tingly sensation.

The pounding of that hot hard length into her quivering, eager passage nudges her into a passionate craze, Lisa's acute awareness of how close she is to her fate making her utterly shameless. Uncaring of who may hear, she screams, "Turn me into---*hah!*--your hot d--*ahh!*--doggy cock!"

A hard, throbbing canine knot forces it's way into her defiled femininity. The sensation of being stretched out is intense enough to make her squeal...there isn't a hint of pain in that keening cry, only pleasure, joy...and surprise at an un-natural sensation; her infected flesh is elasticizing, yeilding like putty as to accomodate every last bit of the masculine organ that is to be a template for Lisa's new form.

Knotted...tied together...there is no pulling back from her fate, now, indeed nothing will ever seperate them. Lisa knows she's utterly fucked, and about to experience intimacy of such strength that it will utterly change her... "I L-LOVE YOU, MUTT, COCKIFY MEEEE!". She *wants* the world to hear that orgasmic proclaimation of adoration, Lisa a wild unchained pervert gleefully trying to shatter a reputation that no longer matters anymore.

A keening "Yeeess!" and a delighted *howl* heralds a mutual orgasm, and the permanent physical union of the perverse pairing. "Oh FUCK!" For all her time spent fantasizing and yearning for it, there's no small amount of stunned disbelief in Lisa's head when she feels her fate arrive in the form of hot, slimy jets of transformative cum.

The effect is immediate. Deep within, infected semen produces audible *splats* as it makes contact with Lisa's flesh... A strong, erotic tingling takes hold there and spreads, tainting and intensifying the pleasure of her peak.

The most intense female orgasm in Lisa's life is her last. It's also short-lived, washed away by the alien yet unmistakable sensations of her spazming inner walls sticking to that canine shaft and merging with it. Lisa and Mutt's sex organs begin to devolve into a conjoined mass.

She whimpers, part of her feeling cheated out of that peak, yet she's entranced by the erotic sensations of change that have replaced it. The feeling of flesh warping, mingling into a unified whole, and slithering to seek new form is incredibly sensual. The tingling of infection soaks in, spreading beyond this mutating flesh. Soon her entire pelvis is tingling, as every cell is seduced by sperm that implants new canine DNA, and RNA instructions for metamorphosis. Lisa gasps in delight as that tingly pleasure rapidly spreads down her legs with particular intensity...

Mutt, meanwhile, doesn't seem as confused as one would think he should be. He knows he and Lisa will be *very* close, soon. The panting canine showers her with affection, a big slobbery tongue lapping repeatedly over her face. Lisa turns her head a bit...she always avoided getting messy with doggy drool...

A moment later she turns her head back, moaning against that tongue, parting her lips to kiss it's slithery surface. Lisa embraces Mutt lovingly...her treasured pet...he's the closest she'll ever get to a husband, now. He'll grow much closer than that...so close she'll lose herself. Part of her is scared, but she made her choice; there's no saving her from a fate she wants so very much.

Happily distracted by a sloppy makeout session with her dog, Lisa obeys a sudden urge to fold up her legs, scarcely thinking of why. She doesn't notice fur sprouting on her thighs, on skin that she had devoted so much effort to shave smooth and sexy.

Scarcely a minute passes, before Lisa feels her metamorphosis truely take hold in a drastic way. The skin at the back of her shins and thighs begins to stick together. She slides a trembling hand down Mutt's side, towards the incredible sensations of her legs warping and mutating. In the grips of lusty excitement, Lisa sucks that long tongue into her mouth and lewdly nurses on it... The wet smacking and slurping noises are interspersed by muffled moans and gasps of shock. It's as if her legs were wet clay being sensually massaged and reworked by the hands of an invisible sculptor, who has decided to start anew.

Bones soften as the transformation reduces her legs into soft, shapeless lumps. Lisa's whimpered "oh g-god" is hardly recognizible around a mouthful of tongue. Her former legs, on the other hand, soon start to assume a new form that's quite recognizible under a male dog... Inside those two shifting lumps, formless flesh shrinks and contracts, coalescing into firm orbs. Outside, skin grows loose and saggy, hardly shrinking at all as it's repurposed as a softly furred canine scrotum.

She pulls back from that kiss...the intensely weird way her "legs" feel demanding a look down. What she finds is hard to believe; it's not what Lisa expected her legs to become...and nothing the human psyche is prepared for. A startled yelp flits from her glistening lips as she tries to unfold limbs that were there but minutes ago; That makes Mutt's new fuzzy balls twitch, then sag from the weight of the massive testicles within. "Ohmygod..."

Lisa knew full well she wouldn't be walking away from her fateful act of bestiality, yet helplessness and sense of ruination hits the primal part of her psyche like a brick... Attempts to unfold or kick legs she depended on all her life continue, driven by a desperation that's more instinctual than heartfelt...and utterly in vain. Every attempt merely makes that drooping sac contract and relax, hefting it's contents with slight jerking motions.

This seems to excite Mutt... Lisa hears the pace of his panting pick up. And she knows why... "It feels so..." Good...erotic...sexual... Soon both of Lisa's dainty little hands are fondling this drastically altered part of her anatomy, while Mutt is lapping over her face, clearly happy with his new - and very oversized - assets. Lisa softly moans, the way being pet down there feels is so *pleasing* that she's repeatedly curling... "M-my toes?"

But Lisa toes are gone; they've become a part of two glands that only do one thing, really... Lisa's reaction came as natural as flexing toes, but she soon realizes what she's actually *doing* is nothing like that, or anything she is familiar with. "I'm...*moan*...churning...", she exclaims in delighted awe.

Mutt's *huff* sounds rather pleased, and almost like an acknowledgement. Lisa looks into his eyes, and catches hints of a clever awareness she's never seen from him... And all sorts of feelings and meanings seem to flow from his gaze...love with a hint of possessive ownership...horny anticipation...and a glint of amusement, as if he thought her statement silly. That *is* part of her job, after all...

"Yes master..." Lisa embraces her dog's dominance with all her racing heart, the roles of this relationship shifting with flesh. Their nervous systems are melding, the bottom of her spinal cord connecting to nerve pathways in his groin. Her body is well on it's way to being an appendage of his, and already sharing every tactile sensation with it's true owner. And still the connection deepens...

Lisa doesn't realize that what she's reading in those eyes are hints of mental communication. She's quite distracted by tactile sensation, as she caresses that fuzzy example of male virility that she had walked with, as a human being. The rest of Lisa still qualifies as human. Up until this point, she looks unchanged above the lips of the furry sheath that now hugs her hips...but those hips are *really* tingly, now.

Lisa's metamorphosis is starting to advance in an upwards direction, the process of remodeling her body taking on a slower, more leisurely pace. The changes are markedly different, now; the rest of Lisa's lucious body won't be growing fur. Pubic hair begins to fall out... Her smooth, fair skin begins to rise in sinuous purple bulges, as thick, visibly pulsating veins form underneath. From her crotch they slowly creep up towards her navel.

"Ohh...ohgod..." Obeying curiousity and the undeniable urge to *touch*, Lisa runs her fingers upwards, moving from the fluffy bunched up skin of a canine sheath, to the bare flesh of her mons. "*Gasp!*" 'Flesh' is becoming a rather fitting word, there; her skin begins to glisten as if breaking out into a sweat, and redden as if blushing intensely. It's changing...pleasure nerves are blossoming, amidst sweat glands that mutate to constantly secrete a glistening, slippery lubricant. "Oohhh..." Fingers spread to caress a crotch area that grows more slick, red, and sensitive by the moment.

Amidst Lisa's moans and coos, Mutt lets out a shuddered exhale. His tail wags in delight from the sensations of a new erogenous zone coming into being, while being stroked by someone intimately aware of what brings the most pleasure. Lisa is very eager to do this while she has the chance. She knows she won't be able to, soon, and knows she should be more frightened of that...but the pleasure...oh this new pleasure is so good...

Inch by inch, in a slow, creeping advance, Lisa's feminine beauty gives way to an ugly visage of bestial male sexuality. Soon, every inch of skin below her ribs looks and feels quite appropriate for something that belongs between a dog's legs... veiny, slimy and completely red. At first, the change seems to be just skin deep...but not for long.

"*Ohfuck-ohfuck-my---" She can feel herself start to lose her very shape, her pelvis becoming soft and boneless, everything underneath the surface mutating into spongy erectile tissue. The softness only lasts for a heartbeat, however...Lisa and Mutt are both *very* horny. "--holy s-shit!" For Lisa, lust itself starts to become incredibly physical, intertwined with an erotic, rhythmic sensation that marches to the beat of Mutt's heart... The *throbbing* feeling of being erect begins to dominate her lower regions. It's not merely intense, it's warping her curves... Her hips swell and expand into a stiff canine knot that's a suggestive mockery of their flared feminine origins, while her waist and flat trim tummy inflate into a simpler, cylindrical shape that's utterly lacking femininity or humanity.

"HHnnngghhh!" It's all so very overwhelming, now...the enormity of being reduced to a sex organ...the pleasure flooding into her brain as her tactile sensitivity grows and grows...the lust that increases with every *throb* that literally defines more and more of her very shape. She takes a good long look at herself... Everything below her bust now looks like a giant, red, pulsating doggy cock. Part of her reels at the wrongness of what is happening, yet even this is consumed by the lusting fire of her perverse elation... The sight of her brutish ugliness enraptures and entices her, as her feminine vanity crumbles.

As her hands rove over herself, she's moaning in delight at both the sensations of her new form, and the waves of guilt brought from simply touching what she's becoming. Nice girls shouldn't touch *that*. Dog penis is *nasty*. Lisa is becoming an obscene thing, relishing in how *dirty* she feels.

With round eyes, she drinks in the sight of her growing vulgarity, watching veins crawl up the curves of her breasts, toward nipples that are stiffened with excitement...firmer than they've ever been, but that is nothing, now. She's *hard*, so very hard, from her core to her sensitive new skin that stretches so readily around her turgid, maddening need...

Or rather, *their* need. Lisa's libido is no longer personal to her, it's growing ever more entangled with and beholden to Mutt, who makes long groaning sound that expresses their need so *very* well. Lisa's own moans and grunts seem out of place...her voice is so pretty and feminine, for one being subsumed into her lover's new malehood.

The next sound to eminate from her lips isn't very lady-like, however. Her digestive tract has been devolving into a much simpler tube...Mutt's new urethra...and Lisa's stomach now begins to rapidly shrink, forcing out a long, drawn-out belch. Mutt curls to give Lisa's nipple a hot, slimy lick. "Guuhhh....aahhhnnn...." Her delerious cry of pleasure hints at lingering embarassment for making such a crude noise, and ends in shocked surprise, for something happens that she's never experienced in her life, as a separate individual.

She feels her dog's mind embrace hers, and communicate in a way that feels incredibly intimate and invasive. Mutt slides his love and adoration for Lisa right into her consciousness, sharing both his feelings for her and his concept of her. Lisa's heart surges with joy, while a submissive whimper slips from her lips; in his eyes she's no longer the mistress he looked up to, she's a sexy, amusing mixture of soul-mate, fucktoy, and scatterbrained puppy... This erotic spanking of her dignity just adds to the bubbling morass of horniness that's turning her mind into a steamy erogenous swamp.

Lisa is quickly distracted by the feel of that hot wet tongue slithering down to lap at her remade flesh. Being coated with doggy drool makes her feel even more delightfully dirty. Lisa is struck by sudden yearning to be wet and slimy all over...a new desire born of her increasingly phallic nature, and one that she finds herself heeding.

"Ahhh..." At first, what she does seems so familiar to her feverish mind. At first, she doesn't realize she isn't clenching her pussy in desire. It used to be right there, after all; down at the knotted base of her shaft, where she now flexes her new inner passage around a warm wet presense. "Mmm..." In thrall to the urges of her new anatomy, she works her central tunnel around that mysterious warmth, drawing it in, coaxing it upwards. "Ahhh?" Of course that familiar feminine passage never extended all the way up her throat.. Now the sensations elicit confusion, it feels more like she's gagging something up, but it's far from unpleasent...it's oh so very pleasurable. Old human instincts rebel, demanding she stop, but she couldn't even if she wanted to.

"*Ulp!*" Lisa slaps a hand to cover her mouth as a pulse of warm salty pre-cum oozes up from her throat. Her eyes alight as she realizes she just did something undeniably *phallic*, but it also feels like she's salivating at an insane rate. "Mmmf!" Her cheeks bulge somewhat, before human reflex sets in, and she swallows with an audible "*Gulp!*"

There's nowhere for it to go, however. As her lips part to let out a moaning, "Oh m-my g--", Lisa's gullet turned urethra squeezes that glob of liquified excitement right back up into her mouth. "*Gluk!*" Indecisiveness takes hold, a tenacious human hang-up about drooling like an idiot at odds with a sex organ's desire to be slimy and wet.

Mutt would be trying to stifle laughter were he not a dog...a very horny, dommy, and intelligent dog that knows his former mistress's future existance will be full of all sorts of demeaning things. He knows it's in her best interest to let go of her pride. A stream of pure concepts flows into Lisa's consciousness, a gentle, taunting praise that she's drooling pre already, and how he suspects she'll become a *very* drippy penis that will need lots of cleaning, in the form of tongue-bathing...

"*Muurrgggblleee..*" With a gurgling moan, the pre pours from Lisa's lips to flow down along her neck. Some of it forms ropes that dangle from her chin, dripping with audible *spats* onto the rest, which pools at the nape of her neck. It doesn't take long for this to overflow and run down towards her cleavage...

...Along a landscape that's drastically altered below the neck. Save for her unchanged, trembling arms, Lisa's roving gaze can't find a hint of human skin anywhere. At this point it's hard to look down her body and even recognize it as human...so much of what she sees now reminds her of the naughty canine erection she saw when she entered the room. Her chest and breasts have not yet lost their shape to this slow, creeping change, but they look sculpted out of cockflesh... "G-god yesss!" Her hands eagerly dart upwards to rub and slather the oozing precum over her boobs. "Mmmm..." The delight of greasing herself up is even better than she had anticipated, titilating her expanding sense of touch, and resonating with new instincts and shifting priorites.

Her form is becoming so simple, yet she feels so much more of it, even deep beneath it's slick sensitive surface. Lisa is becoming acutely aware of every inch of that urethra at the core of her being. "Ohyes m-more!" She finds herself squeezing up another pulse of pre, part of her in awe at all those tiny rippling waves she's making inside. And yet, she can't tell for sure if this is actually voluntary on her part. "S-so w-weird..." The lines between voluntary motor control, simple reflex action, and willpower are becoming blurred...

Mutt mentally praises her for being a good cock and letting her urges take over...and tells her to not worry that horny little mind about being in control of things. She whimpers at such a condescending message, yet the flow of thoughts and feelings are coming so pure she knows there's no malice in them. Her doggy owner *loves* her, he just doesn't see anything wrong with her becoming the simple-minded one, now.

Lisa should be worried about that... She knows what's happening is terribly unfair; The changes she finds so sexy and rewarding are utterly crippling, while her beloved dog ascends... But surrounded in this warm mental embrace of being loved as a precious, personal possession and intimate mental companion...it doesn't seem scary... And Mutt helps her understand. Her mind is transforming, too. She's starting to think like a sentient penis. She wanted to be a doggy cock so much, she will become one body, mind, and soul. Even now, her biggest regret is not knowing this earlier, as it's such a turn-on.

Mutt knows all sorts of things, now. This mental connection that feels so wonderful is also quite unfair; it's a bond of cock to owner, after all. The cock shares *everything*. Lisa feels it now; Mutt exploring every nook and cranny of her mind. She realizes her knowledge and memories have nurtured her dog's expanding sentience.... Lisa has never felt more vulnerable in her life... Her complete lack of privacy should worry her, right? But there's little room for worry in her head. She's so unbelievably *horny* now, it's hard to think. She's grateful Mutt is becoming so smart; he can do the thinking, while she does her thing; wallow in pleasure and sex. She's turning into his pleasure conduit, after all.

She can feel the skin of her neck rise, new veins thrumming to the beat of their horniness. "Yesss..." she moans. Pre rises up her neck as a visible lump. There's no denying her altered throat is getting comfortable with it's new function; it feels weird and surreal, yet moving things the opposite way is starting to come as naturally as swallowing once did, and it's so much more *rewarding*. As that nice salty pre oozes into Lisa's mouth once more, she feels no urge to swallow. Her tongue wiggles delightedly in the stuff, as her mouth fills right up to her quivering lips. She keeps them parted, wanting to let everything flow out naturally.

An eager canine tongue has other ideas. It slithers between her lips and dips into the rising pool, curling to scoop some of it up, then slipping back out. A very wet and messy lick follows, slathering pre up the bridge of Lisa's nose while she dribbles out the rest in a gurgling moan of delight. Her nostrils flare, taking in the muskiness of her secretions.

Her new scent is pure masculinity and sex. With wet slick noises, her hands work urgently to rub it all over her phallic form, while inside she's busy kneading up more of it towards her trembling lips. Lisa *really* wants to make a huge, sloppy mess, now. Especially on her soft, pulsating, and slowly shrinking boobs. Mutt lets out a very horny whine, both of them excited by the idea of leaving their mark on those distinctly female assets, while they're still around.

And Lisa wasn't into girls, before... For the first time she feels the male sexual desire; to find a nice tight hole and..."Nnnghhh..." Penetrate it...fuck it...and spew her overwhelming lust deep inside, leaving it a gooey, sticky *mess*. Her eyes widen at the strangness of these new urges...It feels like her sexuality is being subverted. It is. There's no denying her new place in the world.

"H-hah-hhh..." She gazes at Mutt's face, realizing her quick, excited breaths are in perfect sync with the pace of his panting. Wanting to be a little more like her dog, Lisa lets her tongue loll from her mouth. Even with trains of thought derailing from sheer excitement, lust, and pleasure, she's in awe at how close they're becoming. Soon, she'll be part of him. Her identity will be forever linked to that face. To the world she won't be Lisa, she'll simply be Mutt's cock. Lips and tongues press together in a strange sort of kiss, Lisa drooling copiously while Mutt laps it up, then moves his lips in a very human-like way, to give her a tender smooch... He learned this from her, too.

When he pulls back, pre-cum is gurgling into her mouth and oozing out like a runny volcano... Lisa's eyes suddenly go round, as she finds herself exhaling forcefully, spraying pre into the air with a gasping splutter. Her last breath, squeezed from lungs that are quickly devolving into erectile tissue. What little air is left comes out in a weak, pitiful attempt at a gasp. "*Guuuhhh*".

She finds she can't inhale anymore; her chest is contracting, growing stiff and erect as breasts and ribs melt into an increasingly tubular shape. Breathing, however, is simply no longer a need or even a concern now...the panting dog she's conjoined to will handle all of that. She can't feel her heart excitedly pounding in her chest anymore, but can feel quickened beat of Mutt's heart practically everywhere. Everything she'll need to live will be provided by the canine blood that thrums within her so delightfully.

Mutt starts giving the top of head a steamy tongue bath, *panting* against her scalp as it sheds hair and grows *very* sensitive...she tries to moan encouragingly, but the only sound she makes is that of her pre-slickened palms, frantically rubbing and masturbating the giant shaft that is her body. The throbbing feeling is getting inside her head, now. The pleasure and primal need is becoming so overwhelming. She feels like she's on a scary rollercoaster ride, but she doesn't want to get off. Every caress from that tongue or her tiring hands leave her desperate for more.

Her newfound voicelessness is maddening at first...Every time she tries to cry out in pleasure, the only thing that leaves her silenced mouth is another spurt of pre... Lacking the ability to make even the quietest of moans, yet desperately needing to express her unimaginable urgency, she finds that becoming her outlet. It begins to feel more natural to have a silent, liquid voice. Just like a cock.

The sense of looming fate grows as she feels her teeth soften and shrink away. The dog she's attached to seems to grow too. She's still lucid enough to know that's because she's shrinking. She wonders if she's churning up her excess mass into the *huge* load of jizz she's been eagerly building all this time.

Mutt showers her with teasing approval and how *slimy* and *messy* she is, while his ever larger tongue laps over her face and down her eager length. Even now, part of her is still grossed out at doggy slobber. But now there's no avoiding it, no escaping a future of sticky doggy drool. Even without pre-cum and saliva, her new form is wet like a tongue. Lisa will never feel *dry* again. Her psyche reels at the strange existance awaiting her...

The rest of her mind *melts* in rapture of that glorious tongue. It's so big, now, that salivating flesh practically covering her face... curling up under her chin to tilt her head back. She feels her neck stiffen and swell, Lisa now permanently facing forward. Mutt pulls his head back, making eye contact... She can tell she's being teased and toyed with; he's waiting for her to surrender her humanity, he wants her to be a good horny cock and show him how much she wants to *cum*.

And oh, how she wants it. All those dreams and ambitions she had before can't compare to her new, wonderous and sexy goal of ejaculating lots of spooge. Without hesitation, she presses her weakening arms against her sides. They soon begin to meld and flow into her turgid flesh, her ability to manipulate things adding a nice bit of thickness to her new body. Now, with no ability to gratify herself, she's utterly helpless and does what comes naturally... She begs for her owner to make her *cum*; a constant flow of pre oozes from lips that silently plead.

The horny dog rolls to his side, taking the helpless embodiment of that horniness along. For a moment, their lips rub together tenderly. Then, that massive muzzle parts, revealing an expanse of drool and warm flesh. Lisa's form makes little excited twitches as she's eased into that hot, steamy wet maw.

Lisa finds heaven there, as lips seals her in darkness and hot, quivery wet flesh embraces her. Her *favorite* fellow body part slithers and undulates around her, tasting her, working it's magic over her primed, pulsating form.

The last expression on Lisa's lovely face is enraptured bliss, but nobody will ever see it. Mutt gets a good feel of it with his tongue, as it runs along and explores every fading feature. Lisa makes out with that tongue in utter abandon and desperation, knowing this is her last opportunity to do so. She can feel the soft fleshy pocket of her mouth shrink and narrow, becoming an indistinct part of the long interior tube that's twitching in excited readiness.

Within her head, neurons being repurposed into pleasure receptors, most of her brain taking on the same spongy quality that defines the bulk of her phallic body. This doesn't seem to affect Lisa's mind, save that there is little room for thought that doesn't involve cumming, as her sensitivity and need grows by leaps and bounds. She feels the smooth surface where she once had a face grow taut, her new head swelling into a pointed, pulsating glans. Lisa's humanity is just lips at the very tip of a canine cockhead, now...they tingle and tremble in anticipation of squirting out the release she feels boiling in her glands. In mid-kiss, they warp and stretch into a vertical slit. Lisa no longer has the ability to hold anything back...

Her sensitive cum-slit twitches and spazms with excitement of knowing what she has become, and what is mere seconds away. Her owner knows too...she feels her rock-hard boner of a body lurch forward, sliding along that wonderful tongue until lips are spreading her throbbing knot, and her sensitive tip nuzzles into a fleshy, undulating embrace.

*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* Tight, so wonderfully tight and snug! This is where she belongs! With that canine gullet swallowing her up in such a blissfully demanding way, she's driven over a cliff. "Release" doesn't begin to describe what follows.

Lisa's first male orgasm is only enhanced by her female origins. Her first jet of cum feels thick and penetrating as it enters her shaft, spreads that part of her urethra located right where her pussy was, and forcefully squeezes through. The spazmic pleasure is much more intense than anything she thought possible. Were she a person, she'd fear for her life. As a living sex organ, the overwhelming bliss simply turns her into a willing slave to the process of squeezing out Mutt's load.

That first glob of cum blasts through the bestial fleshy knob of her head, setting off an explosion of esctacy that's so powerful, it literally rends her mind. She can part of it leave with the spooge squirting out of her cum-slit of a mouth. And it felt so unimaginably rewarding, she has no second thoughts about cumming herself dumb. Not that she has a choice; Mutt audibly swallows around her, his throat coaxing, massaging, and milking her of useless clutter.

Lisa eagerly pumps out wad after wad of hot, sticky goo, ever more carefree and elated with every satisfying *splat* against the kneading walls of Mutt's ravenous gullet. She isn't gushing out anything important, only silly things a cock doesn't need... Knowledge on how to drive, how to walk, math comprehension, the names of days in the week, all transformed into gooey bolts of pleasure.

Her capacity for pleasure expands, those empty places in her mind filling with it. Lisa never imagined it would be like this. Lisa knows she was born to do this amazing, wonderful thing, and doesn't care about doing anything else. The pleasure grows so strong, her enraptured mind is overwhelmed and melts into a primitive state. Now there is only euphoria and cock thoughts, consisting of the spazming, clenching motions of pumping out cum. Lisa is one with the bliss, a living orgasm. It lasts much longer than any male orgasm, but there's no ability to tell how long that is, no perception of time.

*flex* *squeeze* *spurt*

Eventually the bliss begins to wind down into satisfied contentment, and mindlessness gives way to simple, happy sentience.

Calmness returns...but 'calm' is a relative thing. The true enormity of what just happened sinks in. The metamorphosis is complete, and there is no going back. In stunned disbelief and perverse excitement at what she has become, the new 'Lisa' is revealed to the world. Her once pretty and independent body slips out of that sticky muzzle and *plops* onto the cum-soaked bed as a softening, slimy doggy cock. An oozing, leaking cum-slit twitches in an attempt to moan. A perfectly natural post-coital spazm of pleasure. There's really no difference anymore.

Mutt's new cock wouldn't know how to moan, even with the physical ability to do so. Lisa's squirted so much of her humanity away, and the mentality of a sentient sex organ has taken hold, molding her personality. Everything is erotic and sexual, now. Her priorities have shifted, Lisa's concerns a lot simpler, suiting her new role. Blindness and the inability to move save the odd *twitch* are limitations she finds all too easy to accept. Fresh memories of a life where she was able to *do* *things* make her feel so totally helpless, and it's simply an erotic thrill. A human would panic.

So soon after that drastic transformation into a throbbing hard shaft, a sense of change returns. She can feel herself losing more and more of that rigid shape. She's so relaxed...satisified...spent... With the urgency to copulate not dominating every thought at the moment, Lisa soaks in the strange erotic wonders of her new life and nature. It's hard to think of herself as a 'her', or even a person.

Vision returns, for a moment, but not from eyes that won't be missed; Mutt is sharing what he sees as he gazes upon the form of his lifelong companion. With the stiffness of erection fading, the former woman now resembles a glistening fleshy snake. The only hint of Lisa are wisps of red hair glued to messy cum-splatters.

In Mutt's mental embrace, Lisa is given a more fitting name; Cock. A title for the naughty vulgar thing Lisa eagerly sought to become. She...it...accepts, with a pleasured *twitch* of glee and erotic shame, feeling like the biggest deviant on the planet. This amuses Mutt greatly. He can almost feel his cock blush! That lingering pride from Cock's life as a human will be a fun toy they'll both enjoy in the future. They'll enjoy a very active libido, too; the constant air of excitement from the kinky hedonist's transformation won't be going away soon.

Cock's owner begins tenderly cleaning all that stickiness from it's *very* relaxed form. The flaccid, happily spent organ is now a big fan of slobbery attention. Thoughts flit between body part and owner, musings of their future...

Still in stunned awe at it's fate, Cock is somehow getting sleepy. As it shrinks and shortens, leftover cum oozes out and dangles as a string from it's lips, and there's no removing that. The moist embrace of a warm sheath slips up Cock's new, decadent form...it's more comfy than any bed. Even the jerking motions of Mutt rolling to his feet and leaping to the floor fail to disturb this gentle descent into slumber. Cock feels so cozy and warm in it's sheath. It's safe in there, hidden away, titilated with knowing it's too lewd and indecent to be seen in public, now. The former woman has become a very private part of her pet, after all.

A tummyfull of cum sloshing right above, a constant swaying motion...Mutt is walking somewhere ...where? The sentient dog coyly avoids answering his curious cock, so sleep comes with the knowledge that a surprise awaits, when it's time to be used.


Re: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

I read it on Furaffinity. Awesomely hot, I'd love to see more smile .


Re: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

BrotherOriginal wrote:

I read it on Furaffinity. Awesomely hot, I'd love to see more smile .

It seems well received there too. I'm more motivated to write =^.^=


Re: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

I'm curious - where was it on Furaffinity, please?


Re: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

Any plans of a follow up?  This story is so very thrilling and I would love to see more incidents in this universe ... smile


Re: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

This is seriously great.  You're a pretty gifted writer big_smile

I hope you write more! Send me a message on fur affinity if you'd like me to proofread or give notes on any drafts!


Re: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

Thanks! I just posted my other story here too. It's also CTF, and rather similar to this, but it's 2nd person and skimpy on plot >.>

I have other stories in limbo that aren't CTF. One is a scifi about a tentacled mollusc-like alien, and the earth girl it captures, and transforms into a slimy hybrid hive-queen. It seems like it would fit here, as the process is meant to be seductive, so her new body is quite sexualized.

No idea when I'll finish this, but may take you up on the proofreading offer :>


Re: Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge

This is one of the hottest stories on the site. I cum back to it again and again. Indeed, a sequel would be a wet dream cum true. Please pardon the puns and accept this as the wonderful compliment I mean it to be.