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Pod Lust Ch. 01

Danielle paced along the footpath that ran through swampy backwoods behind her family's home. She was fretting, as usual.

She was a high school senior facing down narrow prospects: decently smart, but her anxiety and under-resourced school district removed any real shot at a top tier college. She was too shy, and her family too poor, for her to hook up with a hot sports jock looking to inherit his dad's business. She would likely become a bookkeeper, like her mom was before giving birth, getting laid off, and having anxiety destroy her social life. Or she supposed she could try IT support like her dad—it didn't pay much, but she was alright with computers.

And as she wandered further and further, the steamy stillness thankfully shushed the voice in her head. A branch in the path came up—she hadn't noticed that before, was it new? Without giving it much thought, she took the new route, and got back to thinking about her future. She had applied to a variety of small state schools, but hadn't received early offers. At best, being realistic, she'd be waitlisted.

Her train of thought stopped when she noticed the light amidst the trees had become very gloomy. A deep, shadowy green permeated through the thick, mossy trunks, and now very swampy ground. Wet mud was squidging up over the tops of her sneakers. Where had the path gone? How had she come so far and not noticed the time?

Suddenly, she had a strong feeling of being watched. Something moved at the corner of her vision; she swung around but it was gone. Danielle's heart began to race. If something was there, at five-eight and a slightly flabby 165 pounds, she wouldn't be fighting it off. Slowly, she turned back around—still nothing. It was so steamy here! Her clothes were drenched and stuck to her skin, and her long, brownish-blonde hair was plastered to her scalp. Her feet were soaked with swampy mud. The air seemed to hang like hazy soup. She took deep, long breaths to calm down.

Nothing to be afraid of.

Actually, after a few breaths, the stillness of this place was quite soothing, and the cool mud in her socks was kind of refreshing. She wiggled her toes in her shoes to let it get between them. Danielle knew she should be getting back, but she was reluctant: here, right now, the voice in her head was silent. There was something about this grotto that quietened it, and she was in no hurry to go home and have it roaring back. What would be nice, instead, would be to take her shoes off.

Within seconds, Danielle had pulled off her sneakers and peeled off her muddy socks, and set her bare soles onto the ground. It was cool and slimy and nice as it made contact with her naked skin. A smile spread across her face as she watched her white insteps sink below the mud and she curled her toes to feel it gloop between them. That's the ticket. She sighed with the pleasure of it, and laughed to realize that her vagina had grown slick and slimy too, and not with sweat.

Even better, the voice in her head was back, but this time it was encouraging. Your body is gorgeous, it said. You're eighteen and caring and clever, and you're glowing with health. You've such a bright future ahead if you put your mind to it, even if you only make community college.

Danielle could get used to this.

Her hand crept down the front of her running tights. She felt so alive. And horny. Quickly, two fingers curled into her sopping vulva, then started to make circles around her clit in time with the wiggling of her toes in the mud. Pleasure began to build within her. It was wonderful.

She was shin-deep in mud right now, but it there seemed to be a deeper pool of it off to the side. She could sink her whole body in! Taking her hand out of her pants, Danielle pulled off her singlet top and unclasped her bra, letting them fall to the ground. Then, giggling to herself, she pulled down her tights and panties, slurping her feet out of the mud to kick the garments away. Her fingers went straight back to her slit and she walked over to the mud pool and quickly waded in, dunking down to fully submerge herself.

The rush of pleasure as the mud closed over her body was indescribable. She rolled onto her back, writhing and exalting in the sheer peaceful, sexual joy of it. She didn't want to come up for air, but reluctantly did so anyway. Excitedly, she pulled apart her labia and pushed the mud in with her fingers, crying out with happiness as it entered her body. Her anal sphincter had completely relaxed, and she hooked her fingers inside it to painlessly pull herself open, letting the mud flow into her rectum. The blast of ecstasy made her gasp and shudder, and she quickly submerged herself again to give her body over completely to the mud. An orgasm came, intense enough for her see stars, and she spread her arms out in total abandonment.

Just then, something began to tickle up inside her nose. Coming up for air, Danielle opened her eyes and looked down to see a red filament running from her face down into the mud. In her state of relaxation, she didn't panic, but rather peered at it curiously. After a few seconds of tickling and wiggling, she sensed a presence inside her head. It didn't speak so much as make its meaning felt.

Don't be afraid, it implied.

I'm not afraid, she thought back.

A warm, loving approval bloomed in her mind.

Would you like more? It implied again.


Over there, behind you.

Danielle turned around, and the filament slipped out. Emerging from the mud was something like a giant, person-sized Venus fly trap; it's fleshy halves open at an angle, inviting her in. After a moment's hesitation, Danielle waded out and lay down inside it. The halves closed over her, pressing her into a tight, sweet-smelling space. Tubes slid up her nose and she sneezed and gagged as they passed down her windpipe. But soon enough she relaxed and began to breathe through them, and she felt herself being pulled down below the mud.

Something pinched at the base of her skull, right where she thought her brain stem might be. Every muscle fiber in her body loosened. Then, a new level of pleasure pulsed though her flesh. Whatever was in the mud up her asshole, it was here in pure form. Her pelvic muscles spasmed and she squirted. Her pussy throbbed uncontrollably in anticipation of—something.

That thing was more incredible than she could possibly have imagined. Something hard and sharp slipped into her relaxed asshole, then began to slice up and forwards, through her perineum and through her vagina, giving her a cloaca. It was completely painless.


Her heart leapt and pounded. But it was too late to get out now: whatever was going to happen to her, would happen. Again, she relaxed.

The sharp object continued its work and she felt her body being sliced open, through flesh and bone, all the way up through her belly, chest, neck to her chin. Danielle felt the halves of her neatly dissected body being spread apart, from the cheeks down.

Then, over the course of several hours she was... changed. New things were put inside her, joining to become part of her. With a pleasant crack, her hips were broken and new chitin inserted to widen them and make them more flexible. Other joints and bones followed, being burst and remade to be more flexible and robust. Tiny pinpricks covered her skin: something made her think it was being thickened. Her flesh was being molded like plasticine. More things were done to her lymphatic pathways and nerves.

After a while, Danielle stopped trying to track the changes and fell into a quiet state, letting the transformation happen.

And eventually, she was sealed up and made whole. The pod moved back to the surface and its flaps opened again. After the womb-like darkness, the shadowy glade seemed impossibly bright and its air uncomfortably crisp. After blinking a few times and taking deep lungfuls of air, she stood up and waded back over to path, climbing out of the mud.

As the pungent goop slipped and sloughed off her, Danielle looked down at her body and smiled with excitement. She was mostly similar to her pre-pod self. Except her hips were wider—much wider. In fact her whole body was larger. She stood straight and strong and curved, her body thick with muscles and padded with a healthy layer of fat. Her breasts were fuller, and her nipples had turned brownish pink and grown as long and thick as thumbs. The muscles in her thighs and arms bulged round and powerful under a soft layer of fat that made her skin feel like silk. Running her fingertips over it made her shudder with sensation.

And there was something else at the back of her mind that wasn't there before: she was horny. So fucking horny. Pornographic thoughts came up, unbidden and constant, of holding tight to a strong, gentle man and gazing into his eyes, while he thrust his penis deep into her cunt and pumped her full of his warm fertile sperm.

Danielle tried for all of ten seconds to push the thoughts down, then stopped bothering. Instead, she shut her eyes, sighed, and embraced them, and was rewarded with a bloom of happiness in her head, while her vagina contracted and spat out gloopy glob of slimy mucus. She hugged herself, running her hands over her supple skin and the muscles beneath, then quickly and unselfconsciously masturbated herself to a punchy orgasm, accompanied by another vomit of mucus from her vagina. She noted that her clitoris had grown huge and fat, and jutted out above her labia like the top of a big toe. She could stay here forever, but her old life life called.

'I'd better get back,' she muttered to herself.

The thought of wearing clothes made her wrinkle her nose in distaste. But tempting—sorely tempting—as it was to walk back naked, Danielle figured she needed to conform to society's norms. But a smirk still managed to creep up her face; she was never going to wear panties or bras again. Let people gawk at her breasts, nipples and pussy lips, clearly outlined beneath her clinging clothes. She pulled her leggings on, and they stretched tightly over her thickened waist and vastly broadened hips. Her entire body was more substantial, but her belly had easily gained three inches around and her hips must have widened six inches on either side. Her butt muscles were significantly bigger, and her thighs much stronger and fleshier. Her leggings were straining around them. Looking down, she giggled at her enormous clit bulging proudly up through the fabric.

Next was her singlet top. It stretched tight around her chest and rode up her belly, exposing most of its soft flesh and deep bellybutton. Her full, heavy breasts hung comfortably down and apart, and even though they were tightly compressed, her giant nipples still bulged a half inch into the fabric.

Finally, she looked down at her muddy feet, then at her shoes, then at her feet again. Something told her this wasn't going to work. She lifted her foot and tried to jam it into her shoe. It didn't even make it past the opening. Her feet had grown a full inch wider and two inches longer. They were broad and strong and fleshy, thick with muscle. Her toes were widely splayed with distinct gaps between them, and she giggled to find she could wiggle and manipulate them individually, like her fingers.

'Fuck it,' she said out loud. 'No shoes then.'

The thought of having permanently bare feet, of never wearing shoes again and curling her toes into the soil wherever she walked, was strangely arousing. She plunged her hand down her pants and masturbated to another quick orgasm at the thought of throwing out her shoes, and feeling her always-bare soles growing tough and leathery. A shot of vaginal mucus was added to the mud in her leggings as the pleasure rushed through her.

Then, stuffing her bra, panties and socks into her shoes, she walked back through the swampy forest.

Danielle was slightly concerned that her anxiety might return as the air cleared and she returned to civilization; that the surreal logic of the glade might dissipate and leave her horrified and crippled by her screaming internal monologue. But none of that happened.

Instead, she drifted between marveling at the vitality and beauty of the life around her, to the pleasant thought of being on her back with her legs in the air, mated to a series of hot men with thick cocks. The thought of them filling her warm cunt, sliding up inside her welcoming body and tenderly cupping her face before shooting their genes up inside to mix with hers, prompted her to masturbate five more times as she walked.

'God, I need a fuck,' she said to the birds and frogs around her. She was sure they agreed.

When Danielle reached their yard, she marched straight over to their garbage bins to toss her unwanted and restricting underwear and shoes, but stopped short. Why be wasteful? They were nearly new and in good condition, and could probably be donated. She'd wash them and see if she could get them a good home.

It's fair to say Danielle had never thought that way before, and she was busy wondering why she'd started now, when she turned around and nearly bumped into Jared, her brother, who was carrying a bag ready for landfill. So wasteful!

'Hey Dani,' he said absently, before stopping and carrying out an obvious double take.

'Hey,' she responded, looking him up and down.

'Are you, uh, okay?' he asked, looking her up and down. 'You look—'

'Fertile?' she finished for him.

'I was going to say fresh from a fight with an alligator,' he replied. 'Did something happen?'

Jared was just on a year older than Danielle, and their mother often joked that they were Irish twins. Jared had the genes for 'tall' and 'athletic', and was on a basketball scholarship to Duke. Right now, he was in shorts and a tank top, and Danielle could freely admire his shredded musculature. The garbage bag hung forgotten at his side as his gentle blue eyes gazed quizzically at her.

'Actually, yes,' she said. 'Could we head up to my room to talk?'


'And I think I might need hosing off first.'

He laughed.

'Alright then. Sit tight and stand still.'

Jared had always been there to help his little sister, protecting her from bullies at grade school and talking through her anxiety attacks for hours on end. She told herself, while he sprayed her liberally, that she really needed his advice now, which was why she needed him alone, in her bedroom.

They padded up the stairs of their aging, modest home; Danielle tried not to smear residual mud over the walls and carpet.

'I need to shower,' she said. 'Can you talk to me in there?'

Jared creased his brow.

'Uh, okay?' he replied, and followed her into the shabby brown bathroom adjoining their two bedrooms. 'I'll just turn around so I don't creep you out.'

Danielle rolled her eyes as turned his back and she peeled off her sodden clothes. She got in the shower.

'So what happened, Dani?'

She thought for a moment and soaped herself down.

'Well, the good news is I don't have any anxiety anymore. Like, at all.'

'Uh, that's great!'

'Yep, after what happened to me out there, I've never thought so clearly or been happier with myself. The bad voices are gone.'

She paused, he waited.

'And I don't think they're coming back.'

There was another long pause. Danielle shuddered quietly with pleasure as she ran her hands over her body, roving cleaning fingers under her breasts and into her crevices. She was surprised to find she could easily pull her asshole wide apart, letting the mud inside it slip out. After shitting it all to the shower floor, she felt around inside and found her asshole was now producing its own slimy mucus. She thought she'd try something, and gasped with soaring ecstasy as her entire fist slipped easily up into her rectum.

'Everything okay Dani?' Jared called out.

'Yep,' she sang back.


Her asshole closed softly as she pulled her fist out, and she ran her finger along it. It had transformed into a glorious three inch slit. She'd have to be careful about keeping her shit in.

'So I'm glad the anxiety is gone,' Jared went on, 'but Dani, your body is different too—'

'Yeah,' she said. 'This is going to sound weird but hear me out okay?'


'Well, I found a place where the mud felt strange. Like, really good against my skin. There was no one around so I thought I might jump in and give myself a mud bath.'


'Then, something called out to me. It's hard to explain. But I swam over to it, and—it took me inside—and changed me.'

'Dani, that's crazy.'

Danielle turned off the shower and stepped out. Jared was still standing with his back to her.

'Just turn around and see for yourself.'

'No way.'

'Oh come on Jared. Grow up and turn around. You've seen naked girls before.'

Slowly, her brother turned around. She watched him try to keep his eyes on her face, and fail, letting them wander all over her body.


'Right? You see? I'm thicker, but it's not all fat. I'm way stronger.' She smirked. 'I reckon I could arm wrestle you.'

'You're wider around there,' he pointed at her hips. And his eyes settled on her breasts—

'Yeah, my nipples, I know. But I like it, Jared. I feel great! And I can probably hide it all under clothes.'

'Uh, sis, I don't think you can.'

'Come on, you perv. There's always something baggy enough.'

Jared shook his head.

'So what, you're gonna wear a mask now?'

'What are you talking about?'

He stepped up, took her by the shoulders, and positioned her in front of the mirror. His firm grip and proximity sent a shudder through her, and a gush of slime hocked out of her vulva to splodge onto her broad feet.

Looking down, Jared began to say, 'What—'

But Danielle, in shock, cut over him.

'No way, what the fuck?' she breathed.

Somehow, she had missed her biggest change of all: a fissure that ran up the middle of her chin, from the top of her neck to the top of her lower lip. It was neatly closed, but looked like it could easily open her lower face up like a horrifying, fleshy flower. Running her tongue along the inside of her mouth confirmed it: her lower jaw was split neatly in two. Worse, her lower teeth were missing: in their place was a pair of solid bones covered by gums.

'Well fuck me,' she said. 'I'm hideous. And how am I supposed to eat?'

For the first time, she felt tears coming. Jared, after hesitating, wrapped his arms around her from behind.

'No, you're beautiful. And you still have your top teeth. We'll get you dentures or something.'

Being wrapped in her brother's arms sent a warm rush blooming through Danielle's gut. The horror of her appearance began to ebb. This was her body now, she'd have to deal with it.

When Jared made to let her go, she clung to his forearm, looking at the pair of them in the mirror. She was thicker, more powerful—but she still only reached his chin. And his messy shock of blonde hair looked especially comforting right then.

'Don't let go,' she said. 'I need this.'

'Dani, this isn't right. You're naked and I'm alone with you.'

'Why isn't it right?' She looked into his eyes in the mirror. 'I love you.'

'I love you too—because you're my sister.'

She waited for him to move, but he didn't. Then she turned her head to kiss his shoulder.

'Dani, we can't do this. I don't want to take advantage of you.'

She looked into his eyes again.

'You're not. I want this. I love you so deeply, Jared.'

And it was true, a pulsing warmth—comfort, happiness, desire, trust in a heady mix—was coursing through her heart and down to her vagina. She hoped he saw the genuineness of the love in her eyes. Then she felt it, his penis growing erect through his shorts. She moved her hand between them to wrap around it.

'It's okay,' she breathed. 'Don't feel bad.'

When he didn't move, she turned to face him, pressing her breasts and giant nipples into him, feeling his chest rapidly rise and fall. She reached up to cup his face.

'Don't worry, love.' She smiled. 'The reason I told you what happened to me is because I trust you. We trust each other, completely. I want you to make love to me.'

'Oh Dani,' he breathed. 'I don't know—'

His gentle eyes looked into hers a little longer, then he bent down to kiss her.

As their tongues slid over each other, she felt his heartbeat slow, and he ran his hands over her body.

Pulling away from their kiss, he said, 'your skin is so soft Dani!'

She smiled, 'I think you'll like the rest of me. Let's move into bedroom okay? We'll take it slow.'

They moved next door, and Danielle tugged her brother's shirt over his head, grinning at his shredded abdominal muscles, completely devoid of fat, and gently wrapping her hand around his toned biceps. He pulled off his shorts and briefs, and they lay on her pink coverlet.

Jared's cock, easily seven inches long and pleasingly thick, was hot and iron hard. He ran his fingertips from her mouth, down around her breasts and tracing around her belly. The anticipation made her vagina vomit slime yet again, right out on to the coverlet. Jared dabbed his fingers in it, then examined a viscous strand between this thumb and forefinger.

'I think I'm ready,' she giggled.

He smiled back. 'Did you want a condom?'

She shook her head. She wanted a baby now.

Jared eased her backward and gently pulled her thighs apart. He moved between them, positioning the tip of his cock at her slick cuntlips, then slowly, firmly slid his penis up inside her. Danielle sighed with pleasure and was overcome by the deepest love she'd ever felt. Incest was amazing. Why hadn't they done this before? She hooked her heels together over his lower back.

He began to steadily thrust inside her, caressing her giant clit and cupping her face and kissing her deeply as she ran her hands over his back muscles.

Then the warmth in her heart began to spread upwards through her throat. Jared broke their kiss.

Once again, he began to say, 'what—'.

And Danielle discovered the purpose of the seam. With a wet sucking crack, her jaw split apart. The flesh of her cheeks waved about in the air like petals, and she let out a long pleasured 'aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh' as a slimy proboscis slid up her throat. Her flower-flesh and proboscis throbbed in time to the incredible throbbing in her giant clit. Her pussy clenched around her brother's cock in anticipation.

The proboscis was hollow and tipped with a sharp enamel point that gleamed in the light. A full twelve inches protruded from her gullet.

Fuck, she was hungry. Jared was frozen, probably in shock, and Danielle didn't want to waste any time. She yanked his head to the side and with an instinctive thrust, she plunged her proboscis deep into his brain. A loud crunch punctuated her penetration of his skull.

Jared's cock pulsed like hot living iron inside her. With swallows that came as naturally as breathing, she sucked out his brains and he pumped his cum into her, spurt after jetting spurt. Danielle groaned in ecstasy as pleasure greater than any orgasm rushed through her, completing her at a deeper level than she ever thought possible. She held her brother's body tenderly close as the rush came and came and came. His body shuddered and juddered hard against her as his skull emptied and life began to leave him. But another flash of instinct came, and instead of retracting the proboscis, she heaved and vomit-ejaculated a bean-like lump into his empty skull. If she'd just had the most pleasurable experience of her life, this was the purest sexual consummation of her entire being. Her pussy spasmed for a full minute. When she was done she withdrew and threw her head back, retracting her proboscis with a whip-like litheness.

She smiled down at her lovely brother's lifeless body. She was hungry and he had fed her. Love and happiness glowed from every pore.

Something new bloomed in her mind. It was like a compartment, a mind-space where she might keep a pet—and there was something in it, a consciousness completely apart from her own. With a bit of probing she realized it was her brother's soul. She considered absorbing it, devouring him completely, leaving only some of his skills and a few of his traits impressed on her personality. The idea seemed pleasurable, but she would miss him terribly.

Hey bro, she thought at the presence.

Dani? Is that you? Where am I?

In my head, love. I just sucked out your brains and now your soul is in a compartment inside me.

There was a moment of silence.

Damn. Felt fucking good though.

Yeah. Now we can be together forever.

Just then, Jared's body began to spasm and thrash. She watched curiously as his breathing started again and life—but no sentience—came back into his eyes. Somehow she knew that the mini pod she'd put in his skull was rapidly expanding into a fungus-like mass, bonding with and changing him, setting him up as a receptacle for a mind. She slid her proboscis out again, and putting it gently in the hole, poured his mind into the pod. Intelligence came back into his face and he blinked. Then after she retreacted, a long, slimy antenna, as thick as her thumb and topped with a little knob, snaked out of the hole in the side of his skull and started flicking about. He grinned up at her.

'What a rush,' he said.

'How do you feel?' she asked.

'Fucking great!' he laughed. 'I can see so much more now. So many colors. It's beautiful.'

His dick got rock hard and Danielle looked at it hungrily. Her womb felt so empty, and she was horny as hell.

'Let's get inbreeding.'

His grin widened.

She lay back and he was inside her in seconds, slimy antenna whipping in lust.

They stayed in her room and he fucked twice more before his body shut down into sleep. Danielle didn't feel at all tired, thanks to her robust new constitution, and she watched the pod alter his physiology. His dick grew and thickened, becoming a full eight inches flaccid, and his balls grew to be the size of small limes. His bones creaked and cracked as he grew slightly taller and his muscles bulged into swole, shredded perfection.

Danielle lay back and gently traced her fingertips around her fertile belly. What had she become? From somewhere deep in her mind, an answer: she had been fused with the substance of an incomprehensible horror from the black depths of space and changed into a new creature. The spawn of a twisted alien fertility god.

And was she okay with that? Yes, she very much was. She would spread the deity's taint. She'd never felt so alive, so connected, so full of purpose. Sex, cum, flesh, the creation of new life and the preservation of existing life, minds blended and penetrating each other into pleasurable unity. Her altered body rewarded her with a rock-hard engorged clit jutting from her pubis. These were excellent thoughts, part of her told herself. She moved her fingers down to massage it to a loving orgasm, while running her other hand over the silky flesh covering her curved, powerful muscles. Her progenitor had rewarded her with such a magnificent body, built for fucking and incubating and birthing.

Birthing. Hopefully soon. She looked back over at Jared. His body was twitching and creaking with the final stages of his change. She opened up her face again and gently penetrated his skull-hole again with her proboscis. The spongy new mass had refilled his cranium nicely, and its influence had turned his dreams into wonderful visions of the penetration of bodies, cum, breeding, and the transformation of others into fellow drones. A plan formed in Danielle's mind. Jared and his girlfriend were both attractive and popular, the center of a large network of well-connected young people, brimming with potential. They would make ideal conversions.

Soon enough, Jared's eyes snapped open again and his third-eye slid back out of his skull hole. Looking at Danielle, his cock immediately hardened into a beautiful eleven inch trunk. He rolled over.

'Holy fuck, sis. I feel incredible!'

Danielle smirked. 'Anything in particular?'

With increasing delight, Jared ran his hands over his huge penis, his massive biceps, his rippling twelve-pack, and his mighty corded thighs. His fingers brushed his butthole, and he grunted with new sensation. Spreading his buttcheeks, he revealed—much to Danielle's delight—a nice three-inch buttslit, and ran his finger along it.

'What's this?' he asked.

Grinning, Danielle lay back and lifted her knees to reveal her own buttslit.

'Welcome to the club,' she purred, and quickly plunged her hand up into Jared's rectum.

A jet of semen immediately shot out of his cock and splattered on the wall.

'Fuck yeah!' he exclaimed.

By the time the sun had fully risen, Jared and Danielle had fucked and fisted each other to countless orgasms. He came inside her five times over, hosing thick streams of baby seed deep into her eager womb. They only stopped because he was famished and needed breakfast.

He put on his shorts and padded downstairs, while Danielle lay back and rubbed her belly, fairly sure that his cum had reached its mark and she'd be swelling with a cute child soon. She was very happy that her first baby would be her brother's. But it was time to expand the colony.

She watched the scene below through his eyes: he went through all the morning family motions, as if his mind was still that of his old self. When their parents had left, she got up and wordlessly walked naked downstairs, exalting in the feeling of cum oozing our of her vagina and down her thighs.

Jared was reading the news on his phone, but Danielle walked over, turned his head to the side, opened up her face, and plunged her proboscis into his fungus-brain. His eyes fluttered and his cock hardened as she communicated her plans and his commands. When she withdrew, he grinned up at her.

'I love it,' he said.

His antenna slid out and whipped around in anticipation. Without a word, he texted Hannah, his girlfriend, asking her to come over, and received an enthusiastic affirmative in response. It was going to be a productive day.


Re: Pod Lust - by Empath0881

Pod Lust Ch. 02

Hannah's vagina was getting wet as she thought about Jared on the drive over to his house: his gorgeous smile, his strong, gentle arms that made her feel safe, his perennial kindness. They'd met at college and bonded over their shared origin in the same part of swampy Florida, and she'd decided she was probably now in love with him.

There was already a fresh load of cum inside her—from Mike, the rich boy from her old boarding school that she was cheating with (just a little bit). She reached down into her panties with one hand and ran a fingertip up just inside her slit, picking up some cum and juices, then masturbated in gentle circles around her clit.

'That's so fucking good,' she sighed.

She wasn't supposed to be like this. Her family had been in the region for generations, and were plugged into powerful networks, from corporate boards to politics. She was supposed to be a woman of virtue, on the lookout for a good match before she ventured out on her vocation to be an art curator or somesuch.

'Don't be a slut, Hannah!' she said aloud, mimicking her mother. 'You'll never find a quality man. Be respectable. Think of the fundraising galas!'

But although she'd packed off to Duke as a freshman on The Right Track, a stronger part of her personality was starting to break through: a part that just wanted family, fucking, cum, milky tits, and babies. A lot of babies. Being loved by hot guys (a lot of hot guys) and having a great, fun husband too. And that part of her personality warmed her insides and gave her happy daydreams.

Sorry mom.

Fortunately for Hannah, there was never going to be a problem finding guys. She was a slender five-eight, with luscious brown hair and flawless, alabaster skin. Nice B-cup breasts, gentle brown doe-eyes and a friendly, ever-smiling face that drew the boys like rabbits to a strawberry patch.

Which brought her back to Jared. He wasn't 'one of us', but he was going to be a kind, loving, and stimulating husband. Mike was wealthy and handsome, and had a lovely cock, but there wasn't much happening upstairs. He was a fine side piece, nothing more. Jared was the One, she was sure of it. And she had a trust fund to see them through. She could do this.

Which meant she should probably dump Mike and try to be faithful for a while.


Pulling her Audi coupe up outside Jared's house, she once again was thankful that he was comfortable enough to ask her around. The place was clearly unrenovated since its construction in the 80s, but his family kept it neat and tidy. Hannah did like Jared's family, though things were still a little awkward. His parents didn't seem to know what to do with her, and while his sister Danielle was sweet, she was very shy and obviously had nothing in common with Hannah. Their life experiences were just too different. She was sure things would warm up eventually. But right now, she was about to get her second cock of the day, and that put a grin on her face.

Checking her makeup one last time in the rearview mirror, she messaged 'here!' to Jared, then slid her flip-flops on and exited the car, clip-clapping to the front door. She rang the bell. Seconds later, it opened to reveal a mostly-naked Jared beaming down at her.

'Hey Hannah, come on in!'

Holy fuck he looked good. There was something about him that had changed, and she tried to decide what that was as she slipped her flip-flops off and followed him inside. He was more muscular. That had to be it. There was a whole lot more bulk there. He would be the envy of the Adonis statues she was studying. His powerful arms looked like they could lift her one-handed. Was he taller? He seemed taller.

Jared led her upstairs to his bedroom. He shut the door behind them and turned round to smile at Hannah again while she looked him up and down. His soft cotton shorts clearly outlined his thick, massive cock and she eyed it hungrily. He closed the distance between them and wrapped her in a powerful embrace. He wasn't wasting time: their open mouths met and her pussy flooded with need as their tongues slid and slimed against each other. Spit drooled down her chin and the sounds of their wet, smacking kisses filled the room.

Jared broke away and looked meaningfully into her eyes. Hannah raised her arms and let him tug her dress over her head and unclasp her bra. He swept her up and carried her to his bed, setting her gently down on the edge. Kneeling between her knees, he pulled off her panties and set her feet on his shoulders, spreading her thighs lewdly in the air. Then he got to work on her clit with his mouth. His tongue slid over and into her sex, flicking against her tenderest and most sensitive places. His fingers touched her vulva, her inner labia, her perineum, her asshole. She hoped he couldn't taste Mike's cum, which had spread nicely inside her. Maybe tomorrow she'd take out her implant and let nature take its course to a paternally ambiguous baby.

'Oooooh, that's nice', she breathed.

The thought of being pregnant next month with her first child (whosever it was), her belly growing round and her body realizing its true purpose, turned the pleasure into ecstasy. Her hips humped and she crushed Mike's head between her thighs, and a beatific smile spread across her face as she came.

'Hey Hannah,' came a female voice behind her.

Twisting about, she saw Danielle standing by the bed, stark naked. And Danielle looked... strange. Super thick with giant nipples and a massive clit sticking out of her pubis. Was that a seam running up her face? Hannah saw cum lining Danielle's slit and coating her inner thighs. Woah, really? So much for the sweet-shy sister. But it was okay—frankly she was in no position to judge. She'd lean into this.

'Hey Danielle,' she giggled. 'This is kinky. Are you joining us?'

'Sort of,' Jared said, moving up to look into her eyes and run his fingers through her hair. 'More like you're going to join us, Hannah.'

With a wet clack, Danielle's face and neck split open into a fleshy, wavering flower, dripping with clear slime. Before Hannah could react, Danielle gripped her head with two hands and turned it to the side. Out the corner of her eye, Hannah saw a proboscis telescope rapidly out of Danielle's gullet and plunge downward, and she felt a sharp punch as it rammed into her brain. Seconds later, a wave of peace washed over her. Her skin felt warm and her clit throbbed.

Danielle was liquifying Hannah's brain like a fly liquifies its prey. While Hannah gurgled and curled her toes, Jared fondled her breast, circling his finger around her nipple.

He looked down into her face and said, 'how is it?'

'Ggghhhurrrrrgh,' Hannah responded.

It was great!

Her body clenched and shuddered. Her heels kicked up and down uncontrollably. She orgasmed, suddenly and forcefully. A pink-purple aurora bloomed in her mind's vision. Hannah could hear Danielle swallowing her brains. Her senses grew lighter, and lighter, and her vision faded out.


Then her senses came back and she opened her eyes, immediately feeling different. Thicker, heavier, more powerful, with a darkness oozing through her veins like treacle. Jared was smiling down at her; her head was in his lap. Excitement surged when she understood that she'd been transformed. She needed to see. Sitting up, she swung her legs over the bed, and stood straight, rolling her shoulders. She walked over to Jared's narrow dress mirror and at looked at herself. Gone was the slight, waifish body she used to have. Her arms and thighs were bulging with muscle and padded with a generous, soft layer of fat. She ran her hands over her skin and her sensitive new palms found it absolutely smooth. A giant pink clit jutted from her pubis and it felt lovely as she touched it. Her hips had widened six inches either side. Her feet had broadened too, and ended in healthily splayed toes. She wiggled them. New, much fuller breasts sat comfortably on her chest and ended in two-inch nipples as thick as her thumbs. They jutted out in front of her strong, proud new form. She gave them a squeeze and was rewarded with sexual pleasure. With a smile, she noted her contraceptive implant had gone.

They'd done this to her, forcefully transformed her. She should have felt violated. But being honest, she liked it. She liked, especially, that the prim little voice restraining her lust and whining about grades and respectability was completely gone. The extraneous bullshit in her life was burned away.

Jared asked, 'how does it feel?'

'It's—good,' Hannah replied with a smirk, turning to examine the new curves on her body, especially her ass and lovely new birthing hips. Pushing out babies was going to be nice and easy now.

On a whim, she tried to flex her butthole, but was surprised to find the muscle had disappeared. Spreading her ass cheeks, she ran her fingertips along her hole and felt the smooth ridges of a three-inch buttslit, like a soft vertical anal mouth.

'What's happened to my asshole?' she asked.

Danielle was sitting on the bed, with her legs spread, openly masturbating her cummy vulva. Thick milk was leaking from her nipples and dribbling down her belly, and a large wet puddle of slimy mucus stained the sheets in front of her. Both she and Jared stood and walked over to stand behind Hannah. Jared's trunk-like cock was rock hard, and swung out in front of him like a veined iron piston.

Danielle said, 'I've planted a void fungus in your skull and you've begun your transformation into a breeding drone. You're still mostly the Hannah you were before, but that is going to change.'

Closing the distance with her brother, she kissed him on the mouth, with full on tongue and slobber, and grabbed his dick.

'My bro doesn't mind being a mindless breeder, do you Jared?'

'Fuck no,' Jared said with a grin.

'But why is my asshole a slit now?' Hannah asked. 'How am I going to hold my shit in? Do you have one?'

'We all have one,' Danielle said. 'It'll be better to show you. Jared, can you get Vince and Jenny out of the bathroom?'

Hannah watched as Jared walked over to the door of the ensuite he shared with his sister and slid it aside. Inside, sitting on the vanity countertop, naked, was nineteen-year-old Jenny, whom Hannah vaguely recognized as Jared's neighbor. A look of beaming pleasure was on her face; she'd clearly just cum. Vince, her younger brother, was between her spread thighs and thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt. Her legs were wrapped around his middle and her ankles were hooked together behind his back, and she was caressing his chest with her free hand.

'Sorry, Jared,' Jenny panted, looking up. 'We just couldn't wait any longer.'

Jared folded his arms. 'Vince,' he admonished.

With a grunt, Vince thrust in deep, pumping his cum into his sister, and Hannah's pussy pulsed and vomited slime on to the carpet in response. She put her hand over her mouth and giggled, 'sorry.'

Vince withdrew, and both he and his sister stood and walked over to Danielle. Cum was dripping from Vince's still-glistening cock, and Jenny's entrance was white with fresh seed. Hannah looked them over. They were just a normal-looking set of siblings: average bodies, everyday features.

'Can we have some more?' Vince asked, looking at Danielle's breast.

Danielle turned to face him and smiled. Beads of milk appeared at the end of her massive nipples.

'Drink up,' she said.

Vince strode over and bent, taking the teat into his mouth. He shut his eyes and started suckling, and was soon making moans of pleasure while his sister shifted from foot to foot, looking on. Vince's cock grew rock hard as he swallowed, and in moments it was spurting thick streams of cum. Then, he let out a growling 'mwoooorrrrrgh' and spread his buttcheeks—as Hannah watched, his hole flexed and quivered, and stretched out into a slit.

'That's enough, Vince,' Danielle murmured, and gently pulled him off her teat. He stood straight, grinning ear to ear, his cock still spurting.

'Fuck yeah,' he laughed.

Jenny trotted over and tentatively bent down, and Danielle welcomed her into her cradling arms. She guided them to sit down together, so that Jenny could lie across her lap in a comfortable position for nursing.

'You can have all you want, pet,' she said, stroking Jenny's hair.

'Hey, no fair,' Vince started, but Danielle silenced him with a meaningful look.

'Jenny has been chosen for something special,' she said simply.

Jenny to a long thick nipple into her mouth and started sucking eagerly, and soon had her eyes shut while her body trembled with orgasm after orgasm. Her knee was pulled up so Hannah had a good view of Jenny's asshole. Jenny grunted and sighed, then her own little pucker stretched out into a padded slit. But unlike with Vince, Danielle didn't pull her off the teat, and the changes kept coming. Her flesh started to ripple and her movements became more fluid. She detached on her own, and lay on her back on the carpet, rubbing and clawing at her skin.

'Ooooooooh, Vince you need to try this, it's so gooooooooood!'

She began to writhe about. Her pelvis thrust upward and ejaculated a longer, arcing stream of girl cum. It looked like her bones were softening and starting to bend with her constant movements.

'Oh yes, yes,—' she gasped, before her voice rose into a screech and her words blended together.

Jenny's bones were gone now and her limbs were waving about with newfound freedom. Her legs split apart from the toes up, into pink, writhing tentacles. Her arms followed suit. Her eyes rolled up into whites and her eyeballs fell away into her head. Her torso extended into a slimy, worm-like flesh tube. With a final 'rrrrraaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA' her head collapsed in on itself, leaving a toothy maw like a lamprey, and her upper body kept extending, and extending, growing longer and narrower. The only sounds now were wet slurping and slimy squidges as Jenny let go of her humanity and transformed irrevocably into a monster. Her other tentacles opened up at the ends with similar toothy maws. Finally, her tentacles looped and folded on themselves like giant intestines, and a new spiny-toothed mouth opened in the center to let out an inhuman roar.

Jenny—or what used to be Jenny—levitated off the floor, its tentacles writhing gently and dripping with slime. A soft, wet, growl emitted from its central mouth. Before Hannah could finish saying 'woah,' the Jenny-creatures tentacles shot outwards. One of the tentacles, with a shining white spike glinting in its endhole, snaked its way to Hannah's buttslit and slipped easily inside.

Hannah looked down at it, shocked and processing this new development. In seconds, before she could act, she felt the spike plunge into her spinal column, sending a lightning bolt of new information directly into her central nervous system. It was sensory overload; new vistas of incomprehensible alienness flooded her mind's eye. Pain like a migraine seared in her head and she shut her eyes to stop herself from feeling nausea at the contrast of the familiar against this terrible newness.

Its geometries were all wrong and her body and mind wanted desperately to reject them. Hannah took a deep breath and focused, fighting against the increasing pain as her mind and soul cried out in anguish. Then, suddenly, the pain vanished and Hannah orgasmed in excitement as a key portion of her humanity surrendered and crumbled wetly like mud. She felt a blast of the most extreme pleasure from the soles of her feet to the top of her tingling scalp and a delectable feeling of sexual erection as an antenna, topped with a bulbous eye, slid out of her skull to wave about in the air. There was ringing in her ears: she had been screaming. But no more. Everything became clear and Hannah felt connected in ways she never thought possible. She saw a protean place of writhing tentacled horror in a different dimension. And she saw a promise of tainted fallen humans in various stages of transformation into tentacled horrors themselves, penetrating each other, impregnating, birthing new life, in continual and eternal pleasure. No more pain, no more stupid worries or fears, just endless procreation and joining into the foul, loving embrace of a collective mind.

Her vagina again vomited warm mucus, down her thighs and onto her feet as she understood more and more. The Jenny-creature existed in the alien dimension too, and its central mouth was moving, speaking an alien language with a wet, monstrous voice. Hannah concentrated to understand it, then with another shudder of extreme ecstasy, she felt more of her humanity slough away and both the words and the world became clearer.

'Join with me everyone,' the creature said. 'Join with me and we'll all become one.'

To her left, Hannah saw Vince shudder and cum jet out of his cock, and a beatific smile spread across his face.

'Ahhhhh yes Jenny take me,' he said in pleasured rapture. Then, 'ahhhhhhhhhh' as his mind melded into the monster's.

Jared was screaming, 'no! no no noooo!' But then his voice caught in his throat and he blinked hard, and an antenna slid out of the side of his head too. A smile crept across his face and his cock hardened and started jetting cum.

'Yes,' he said quietly, juddering. 'Oh fuck yes!'

He reached his hands to his eyes and with a moist squidging sound, pulled them out. The optic nerves and tendons gently detached and fell away and he dropped them on the ground. Skin immediately grew over the sockets and sealed them smoothly shut.

Some part of Hannah, the still-human part that had arrived at her boyfriend's house several hours before, screamed internally in protest. But the tentacle in her rectum pulsated warmly and the edge of the Joining nudged at her brain.

'Hannah,' Vince intoned. 'It's incredible. No need to resist. All of—'

'—your problems will go away,' Jared finished. 'You'll never be alone again.'

Vince again: 'You'll feel so much love, Hannah. Become one with us.'

Hannah held on for several long moments. But inevitably, the prospect of eternal pleasure was too tempting to resist. She let go and gave herself over to the Joining. As her defenses collapsed, ecstasy of a whole new level rushed through her body. It was euphoric. Her eyes were bothering her. She didn't need them, useless things, she could see so much better now. Moving her hands to her face, Hannah gently popped her old human eyes out and tossed them aside, smiling as the skin grew over her sockets. That was better. Her individuality was erased and she was absorbed, then she was something more. It was an indescribable togetherness and it was more wonderful than they could have possibly imagined. They had all these thoughts, dreams, needs, talents, memories, perversions, desires, combined into a new whole far greater than its parts. They felt the carpet beneath their six bare feet and experienced the world through their two antennae and sensory filaments in their core tentacles. Every aspect of their combined past was known and forgiven and the love and acceptance was absolute.

Then, suddenly, Hannah was disconnected.

She reeled from the sudden removal from her greater self, and let out a yelping sob. She was so alone! The tentacle was gone from her rectum. Her human eyes were still gone — her antenna, whipping about, gave more than enough sensory information. But now she wasn't the old Hannah. Her brain was a shard of the amalgamated whole, now thinking independently, but longing for the bliss of Rejoining. The males were disconnected too; Vince sat with his head between his knees, sobbing, while Jared sat back on his hands, his own antenna slowly waving. Hannah knew exactly how Jared was feeling, because their brains contained the same mind, even if they were now separate and diverging. But Vince seemed to be feeling it on another level.

'What's wrong with him,' she rasped. Her throat was dry and it was difficult to talk.

'He has too much of himself back,' came Danielle's voice. Hannah noted that Danielle had not joined with them earlier. 'Your fungus brain was ready to be enhanced and refilled, but human brains spring back into their former selves.'

Hannah gazed at the weeping boy with pity. 'Are you going to eat his brains so he can join us?'

'No,' Danielle replied. 'We need breeding drones, but we need human followers too until our spread is unstoppable. My breast milk makes their brains more ready to connect to iliae, that's creatures like Jenny has become, and expands their holes for the tentacles. That, and the occasional Joining, should motivate them into willing servants for the cause.'

'And too much of your breast milk turns people into—'

'—iliae, yes. A little softens the human body and brain. Too much will trigger the transformation and transition into the Void.' Danielle smiled. 'Eventually all humans will be iliae with their tentacles inside each other.'

Hannah's pussy throbbed at the thought.

'What do we do now?' she asked.

'That's where you come in. I need you to get pregnant to a human male and start producing hybrids. Each one will move the earth a little more into the Void dimension. And we need more recruits. We'll start with Mike, your old self's other boyfriend.'

'What about Jared?'

'He can impregnate human women who drink my milk. They'll produce hybrids too.'

Hannah nodded. She wanted nothing more than to Rejoin with the monster that used to be Jenny. But she had work to do.

It took a few minutes for Vince to stop crying, but over the next hour, the three of them got busy. They devised a plan. Vince and Jenny's dad had a condition that required administering several shots a day, and Vince stole thirty syringes from his dad's supply. Hannah noted that Mike's family owned a medical fabrication business — he'd be useful going forward. Danielle expressed over a gallon of pearlescent milk, which they sucked up into the syringes and put into little 'yogurt-shot' containers, ready for use by the drug-happy youth of their county. Get them hooked drinking at first, then get their asses turned into slits when they start shooting it up; happy new servants of the Void.

'Two injections or ten drinks close together,' Danielle said, 'and they'll become an ilium like Jenny.'

Finally, they cleaned up and were ready to go to Mike's place. Vince stripped naked and went back up into Jared's bedroom, and with a pang of envy, Hannah heard him cry out in ecstasy as he Rejoined. It might be a real shock for Jared's parents to walk and and find them, but Hannah didn't care.

After gathering their syringes and little bottles into a cooler, Hannah dropped her clothes into the trash. She'd be fucked if she was going to put society's stupid rags between her body and its sensual pleasures again.

Stepping outside, she exalted in the sun on her naked, creamy skin, and the feel of gravel beneath her bare soles. They were already toughening, and would be like living leather soon enough. This was everything she wanted. Baby after baby, painless birthing, joining into a collective consciousness of total love and acceptance, where all her dumb anxieties were meaningless, before transforming into a writhing tentacle monster for an eternity of pleasure. Placing one hand on her newly-padded belly, she ran a finger up inside her slimy vagina to lubricate it, and masturbated her thumb-sized clitoris to a loud orgasm. More mucus vomited onto her bare toes.

'Mmmmm, yes,' Danielle moaned. She was also naked, leaning forwards against Hannah's coupe. Jared was holding her waist and smoothly thrusting his lovely cock in and out of her vagina; his chiseled buttocks clenched hard, his back muscles rippling with the effort, and his antenna whipping about in lust. He pistoned his sister's cunt a few more times as Hannah padded over then pushed in hard to pump his seed deep inside her.

Beeping the car unlocked, Hannah mused aloud, 'Hannah always wanted to fuck in full view like that.'

Jared slurped his cock out of Danielle, still semi erect, with a strand of recently-ejaculated semen hanging from its tip that dripped and swung like a spider filament to the ground.

'Feels good,' Danielle replied, straightening up.

They got in and fluids started oozing from their strong, corrupted bodies onto the seats. Though there was no fresh cum yet for Hannah. She'd soon fix that. She started the engine and put on her dark sunglasses to hide her skin-covered eye sockets, and retracted her antenna so it barely poked out from beneath her long, flowing hair. It was much less satisfying than having it waving about—like showering in the proverbial raincoat—but it would hide her monstrousness for a while.

'Glad I made this trip today,' she said over her shoulder to her passengers.

It was going to be a very fun evening.


Re: Pod Lust - by Empath0881

Yikes. It’s like Incase’s The Invitation crossed over with The Cruelty of Men.