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That night. Bovine dreams disturbed the sleep of three sisters.

One dreamt of a big hulking bull-minotaur, chasing her through a labyrinth. Though she ran and it chased, she was not frightened, rather excited. She giggled each time it huffed, snuck half glances back each time its shadow appeared and grinned every time a waft of the creature stirred over her. She ran heedless deeper and deeper into the maze. Deep rumbling steps shook the ground behind her as she scampered forward on bare feet.
Closer and closer he came. She could hear the rumbling right behind her now, almost in reaching distance. Her giggle turned to laughter as she continued her flight. She could smell him now, musty and strong. She could even feel the heat emanating from him. Another corner she turned. Then another. Until finally, with a smack, her pink naked form hit a wall.  Peeling herself from it she turned, now grinning manically. Looming over her stood her pursuer, at least 9 ft tall and almost as wide. A wall of bulging brown furred muscles. Large hands, fingers like branches reached for her as the bovine muzzle huffed and frothed at the mouth. Her eyes though, they were not on the hand, or the chest, or the muzzle. Instead they were on his large pulsing member; thick at the base and tapered at the top it was the length of a human arm.

A nervous giggle was released, to which the creature stamped a hoof, sending his pendulous, basketball sized scrotum swinging. She grinned again, excited, panting, back pressed to the wall. The minotaur stamped again, this time a jet of clear viscous pre-cum shooting from its tip. Her eyes and head turned and followed the arc of the voluminous shot, as I it peaked, hung, turned, fell, and with a muted *plop* the liquid landed in the dust before her.

She looked back at the minotaur to see its trunk like arm swing forward, corded muscles bulging, with an open 3 fingered hand. Chest heaving she smiled and peeled her sweaty back from the cold stone she was pressed against. The creatures rough hands slipped behind her and under her arms. Warm, rough, leathery skin enveloped her, and effortlessly lifted her up.

She locked eyes with the beast; dark pools of brown against the flikering light of burning braziers. They spoke of ancient wisdom and unchained lust.

She could not break contact as she felt herself be lifted high, turning her head to maintain contact.

She maintained eye contact as the tip of the beast probed her sodden nethers.
She maintained eye contact as he slowly slid into her, widening at the entrance and bottoming out.
She grinned at him as she let loose and felt her insides shift, change to allow passage.
She laughed as she felt her stomach and diaphragm be tickled by the invading member.
She panted as it reached base of her throat, rising and bubbling within her chest.
Her eyes widened as she felt it tickle her throat, and she coughed; then releasing a garbled moan at the building, stretching, pulling pressure at her entrance.
She gagged as the slimy tip climbed her throat, smiling wildly; tears of joy leaking from her face as she stroked the muzzle of the beast in front of her, still staring straight up, still maintaining eye contact.
A tickle in the back of her throat told her to open her mouth. She could taste it now; warm, salty, musty. A rumble at her base let her know it was time.
She felt the pulse all the way from base to tip as it rose; she could hear the rushing of fluid in her eardrums. She saw as it arced from her open mouth away from her; hanging for a moment, then rushing back to meet her. The warm splattering on her face was heaven. So viscous, it blocked her sight; so pungent her nostrils flared wildly; so tasty her throat worked overtime to swallow.

More and more pulses followed. Each splattering her face with more and more semen. Her vision grew cloudier as she could only make out the beasts outline, then just a smudge, then just white.
She woke with a choking gasp, a hammering chest, a sodden mattress and a slow creeping grin.


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The other sister was sitting in a sunny field, back to the rough bark of a tree. Across her bare legs was the head of a sleeping calf. Warm and furry, she could feel the beat of its heart through her skin. Smiling she rubbed its furry head as the little things eyes opened groggily to regard the woman above it. Slowly the calf raised its head, mouth opening and mewling. The woman giggled at the tickling sensation of its cold wet nose pressing against her breast. Taking its head in her hands she guided it to her breast; the little thing needed to feed. The warm lips of the calf suckling on her elicited a content sigh as she shut her eyes. On and on the calf fed, ever hungry.

A cry from her left led the sister to open her eyes, beside her stood another calf; brown, furry and hungry. Her heart melted at the sight of the poor thing. She knew there was plenty milk to spare, however. Gently she guided it to her other breast, making sure it had a good position to suckle. Now with two calves attached she closed her eyes again content.

Her peace was broken by the cry of another hungry calf. It’s big brown eyes pleading with her. “How would she feed the poor thing!?” she thought. Looking down at the two attached to her breasts she contemplated if one of should move. Instead she noticed, that underneath the two, an udder bulged, ready to feed.
Of course she had room, she thought, as she kneeled up on her haunches, the first two calves straining to reach up as the third went low to suckle her udder.

She wasn’t in the least surprised when she saw four more calves amble her way. Three attached themselves to her remaining udder teats; the fourth paced impatiently.

If she could feed more, she happily would; and she knew how. Looking over her shoulder she could see her butt, proudly sticking out. Only now it sported two pink puffy teats. “Perfect” she thought as the next calf attached itself, drawing liquid from her full cheeks. “If only there were more” she thought. Thoroughly enjoying the full body milking she was receiving.

No sooner had she thought it, breasts began growing from her back. Four heavy, veined breasts sat in two pairs. Engorged teats waiting. Looking around she saw a multitude more calves ascending the hill. Five took the empty spots as she released a ragged moan.

More, she needed more. Two calves stood behind some on her left and right. Her hands shot out, fingers fusing into a floppy, teat laden hand, as the young ones attached themselves.

“Finally” she thought. All were satisfied. Her and her herd. All hers. All her babies.

But… there was one more. There had to be… no sooner did she think it, did her abdomen feel like it was filling. Looking down she saw her stomach expand. Excited, she grinned. He was coming. Another little one to suckle. Pressure built. Wave by wave, until she felt him push on the inside of her pussy trying to get out. The pressure was heavenly. It built and built until…

She woke with a scream, a hammering chest, and a sodden mattress.


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Well well well, we have a literary turn of events!  The dream sequence was inspired, sir.  Nice and refreshing break from the norm!


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Waaaaay overdue but here is some DPR fanart: a kind of sequence of recent changes:



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Would I be alone in wanting more?  *prays for inspiration to strike for Max*


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You are not alone big_smile


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The third sister dreamt of a job she once held for only two months; a temp waitress in a 50’s style diner. A job that she abandoned after the physical strain of working on a farm along with a job became too much. A job she had enjoyed nonetheless
The sister stood behind the counter, hair sprayed into a bouffant, hands held behind the back of her pale blue and white swing dress; all the while regarding the customers. She knew her boss was busy in the back, giving her the run of the place.

“Miss! Excuse me Miss!”

The sister turned to regard one of the patrons. A middle aged man, burly, hairy, wearing a trucker cap over a bearded head. He sat a few paces down the bar counter. Smiling, he waggled an empty coffee mug at her, crow’s feet wrinkling the corners of his kindly face.

Smiling, the sister, spun gracefully and swooped down the counter, filling his mug with a steaming cup of filter coffee from her jug.

“There you go!” she beamed at him. He picked up the mug, looking at the dark liquid, then looked back at the young woman.

“Milk?” he asked quizzically.

The sister giggled, “Of course. Here.”

With a scrape she pulled up a stool to her side of the counter, then raising her leg up on the stool she heaved herself up, and stepped onto the counter to tower over the man. He calmly placed his mug on the counter.

The sister reached for the hem of her skirt, she hoisted it up and bit it to hold it in place. Her heavy saggy pink udder now dangled freely in front of her, threatening to pull her down.

The sister grabbed one teat with two hands, palms wrapped around its girth and began tugging. Each yank produced a jet of milk. The first few missed the mark, splattering on the counter. The man waited patiently, saying nothing. Finally she hit the mark, milk shooting into the mug, splattering now milky coffee all over the counter. Another jet hit the mark as the man nodded and smiled.

“That’s plenty thank you!”. With gratitude he lifted the mug, milk dripping from the side, and brought it too his lips. He gave it a quick blow before he took a sip.

The sister watched as the man’s face began squaring off. Nose and mouth jutting forward with the crunching of bone. He grunted.

“Nnnfff…. Goooood.”

She dropped the hem of her dress, now covering her udder again.

“Glad to help hun! Excuse me for a moment, I think that couple is ready to order.”

She gracefully stepped off the counter, landing on bent knees and strode over to a booth. In it sat a young couple, no more than 20. They looked nervous, like they were on a first date.

“Hi there! What can I get you guys today.” She was as bubbly as she could be.

The man looked to the girl, motioning for her to go first. His date blushed.

“Emmm, Please I… Excuse me, I’ll have the milkshake please.” His date stuttered. She was cute, pale skinned, pixie cut, raven hair, petite, very doll like.

“An excellent choice”, the sister beamed and motioned with her finger for the girl to turn. The girl complied, turning to face the sister.

The sister wasted no time; she reached behind her back, finding one tail of the bow holding her dress up. Pulling it the fabric came loose. She then slipped her arms from the sleeves and let the front drop; revealing her heaving furred breasts. She scooped up each drooping breast with her cupped hands. Flesh spilling over each side she offered both jugs to the young woman. Eagerly she latched on and began suckling.

First a heavy slap of flesh on fabric announced her new udder. Then a stretching sound forced her to slide off her chair and stand as the udder grew and grew.

She “mmm’d” contently as her face stretched into a muzzle, ears stretching and fur spreading quickly to take over her now half bovine head. The sister felt the girl’s mouth shift to change her top teeth for a hard palate.
The sound of tearing fabric pulled the girl from the sister’s hairy breast. The sister saw now two heaving, black furry breasts hanging pendulously from the girl’s bare chest. A large furry belly parted both breasts as they rested east and west of the taut round mass. A perfectly pink saggy bag with dripping teats hung underneath her belly.

“Mmmmoooo!!!” The girl let out a low. The sister could see in the girl’s now brown eyes that she was far more confident; and she should be, she was better now.

The girl looked around and began stomping past the sister, who turned to see the girl’s target. The trucker, now finished with his coffee was standing over a broken stool. The stool had buckled under the man’s growing bulk. Bare threads connected the torn bits of his flannel shirt and jeans. A broad, muscular flat chest dominated most of his bulk, but not most of the view. That was taken up by an arm length tapered shaft jutting directly up from its sheath.
The girls moved to the side of the man and leaned forward over the counter, exposing herself to him. He didn’t wait to loom over her and sink his girth into her nethers, eliciting bestial roars from both.

“That’s nice”. Said the sister, turning to regard the young man. He continued to check his menu nonplussed. After a few more moments he looked up at the sister and pointed to the menu.

“Beef for me please”. The sister nodded and reached forward to his belt. One hand undid his buckle while the other fished in his pants.

Tutting she brought forth his hardening member. It was length for a man, but not for a bull. She dropped to her knees, udder making contact with the cold floor and got to work.

At first the sister took the whole length into her mouth, head bobbing from tip to base with each stroke. After a few movements, however, the shaft jabbed the back of her throat too hard for her to bottom out. ‘Good’ the sister thought.

With each bob now her head was coming further and further back from the boy’s bulging pale pink furry balls.

Once the sister was able to get both fists holding the length of the shaft with full entry, she stopped. With a  *Pop* she pulled free. The boy looked better now. Bulging thighs and a washboard abs. She didn’t need to look higher.

Both hands pumped furiously as she worked the shaft and sucked the tip.

A bellow left the boy’s bovine maw as his salty seed coated the inside of the sister’s mouth. Her cheeks bulged at the volume, but she held it in until he finished.

She stood up, leaving the boy to try and turn over on all fours from his sitting position, and walked to the counter beside the rutting pair.

Gingerly she picked up the still steaming coffee jug and deposited all of her collected semen into it. Spitting a few times to get the last bit out. She swirled the jug a few times and then looked up and exclaimed.

“Refill anyone?”

A woman in her mid-thirties reading a newspaper a few seats down looked up to regard the sister over her spectacles. She nodded and pointed at her empty mug.

The sister smiled, she loved the work she was doing. She knew in the long run she was making people happy.


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I took some liberties with it, but DPR dreamscape fanart: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29067257/


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Rachel woke in a pool of sweat. Her dreams had been intense. Very intense. For a moment she didn’t know where she was, her unfamiliar surroundings didn’t look like her bedroom and for a moment she believed she was back in her dreamscape.

A rising panic took her, as reality crashed and she looked around. She was still in her living room, blanket half thrown over her. She looked down at the mattress under her, it looked damp with sweat.

With a grimace she propped her hooves on the carpet floor and pushed up. Her legs and feet scrambled to right herself; as she did the blanket slid from her lower half. The smell of pussy assaulted her changed nostrils and improved sense of smell. She gagged, it was potent, she needed to clean herself. The bathroom was upstairs, a daunting journey. Stepping off the mattress she winced as her heaving dangling breasts swung forward. They were tenderer that the worst period, they needed relief, but nowhere near as badly as she needed to relieve herself. One way or another she’d have to brave the stair and make her way to the upstairs bathroom.

She bumbled her way through the kitchen taking no heed of her surroundings, on reaching the hall her blood ran cold, however. She could hear singing, her sister’s singing, that and running water. Charlotte’s showers were epic, she took an age, it was something that the sisters had all fought about for years. Bathroom time of upwards of 40 minutes was the norm.

Rachel did a quick mental evaluation, it was possible that her sister was near the end of the shower. Maybe she could wait it out. So for what felt like an age, but in reality couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes, Rachel stood on all fours in the hallway. All the while she danced with her legs, trying to hold in. The dancing didn’t help her poor swollen breasts, now with beading milk at the tips with every jiggle, but the girl couldn’t help herself.

Seconds ticked by as Rachel shivered in need; the proximity to running water wasn’t helping, it was getting to crunch time. She was going to piss herself at this rate, and still no movement from her sister.

She shook her head. She had no choice. With a scrambling burst she scrambled around on all fours, breasts swinging wildly. She shivered and panicked, she could feel the release beginning. Moments only.

Scrambling she burst her way through the kitchen and to the back door. She tried a hoof on the handle. Locked…
A tear of anger and desperation beaded at the corner of her eye. This was infuriating. She tried pawing at the key in the lock. No joy. Her hooves couldn’t manipulate it.

She looked herself over. Curse this form and everything with it, if only she had digits…

A light went off. She did have digits, on her other end.

Wasting no time she flipped around on her back, modified hips causing her legs to hang awkwardly in the air. Straining she reached out and caught the key between her big toe and index toe. She twisted, grunting till she heard a click. Success.

She was turned and up in less than two heartbeats. Bulling through the door she charged into the back yard just as her strength gave out. She didn’t even have time to squat as her muscles released. She heard a hiss and shuddered a release. She winced then, expecting to soak her feet. A several heartbeats passed and she felt no wetness at her feet. Puzzled she looked back to see the arc of urine shooting straight back from her hindquarters. Of course, she reasoned, her vagina was pointing back now, not down. Handy, she thought.

No, not handy, decidedly not good… she admonished herself. Though annoyed, the relief was palpable, and as the stream turned to a trickle, and the ceased, she sighed a sigh of someone pleased and relieved.

The loud sound of mooing caught her attention and she wheeled. Not ten feet from her, at the edge of the bull’s enclosure, strained their resident bull. His shaggy head pressed between the wire fence, straining. As his bulk swung from side to side she saw something that made her eyes grow wide as saucers. Hanging pink and plump from his underbelly was his impressive member. Another moan from him as his nostrils flared and his penis jumped, slapping his furry underbelly.

Rachel’s mouth went dry. He was enormous. Sure she had seen it before. But never had she felt the target of it before. Now that she was, her stomach roiled. This animal wanted her, badly. He strained at his enclosure to get into the yard and she was exposed, so very exposed. Not wanting to turn her back to him she began awkwardly backing up, back towards the back door of the house. Each step crunched her bare feet over pebbles strewn on the path; for a moment she wished her feet had hooves like her once hands to protect against each jabbing sting.

She was about halfway back when her widened nostrils flared. Something smelled good. Really good. Musty. Heavy. Grassy. Earthy. Sweaty. All rolled up together as it clung to the back of her throat and tickled her brain. She whimpered in horror, she was smart enough to know exactly what the smell was. Terrified she turned and scampered back inside, frantic to flee the bull, hear hammering in her chest.

Once inside a swift kick from her foot closed the back door of the house and left her shivering in the kitchen.

She really needed some clothes…


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And so her lust begins hehehe


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New fanart: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29232659/

Happy Hal-moo-ween!


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Christmas is coming...will Max be giving us presents?


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Hmm...no Christmas presents it seems.  But perhaps a Valentine's Day gift?


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Maybe a new chapter in time for spring?


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Well it's officially been over a year since I posted.  Just want you to know Madmax, we miss you!


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Two and a half years later, and the fans are all waiting for more.  Again Madmax, we miss you!