Topic: Revenge is Best Served Family Style

A beautiful story Palomajicka has written for me. Enjoy.
You can find more of his work on Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/palomajicka


First I would like to thank the illustrious Demon-Man for my first commission, and for showing me the ropes. You've been too kind. Of course I would also like to thank Demon-Man for creating this twisted universe that got me into writing.


If you are not of a legal age to view pornography in your state/country turn around and run away right now. Believe me when I say this is not for you. If you are in fact of a legal age to view pornography, you may yet want to turn around. This is yet another chapter in a downward spiral into degradation. It is not intended to represent any real persons or places or events. Any likeness to real people or events is entirely coincidental. Without further ado...

Part 1. Gerald

Gerald woke up to a throbbing headache. He remembered being on vacation with his family, going to get a soda from the hotel vending machine, a figure jumping from the shadows, and then darkness.

Now that his senses were returning he found that nothing actually made much sense. His head was pounding, his shoulders screaming, and his flabby arms and legs felt weak. He was hanging limply from his arms, tied to something above him.

His vision was blurry, but a quick glance downward revealed he was naked, and cuffed to metal rings in the floor and above. He tried to pull on his restraints, letting his body weight and his foot bindings aid him, but they wouldn't budge an inch. There would be no half-assed escape attempt. He would really need to pull it together to figure a way out of this.

He managed to stand on shaky legs with extreme effort, pulling the tension off his screaming shoulders and wrists. He shook his head to try and clear the heavy fog that had settled there and got a glimpse of his surroundings.

He first noticed the overhead bridge crane in the ceiling he was hooked to. That was sturdy. The wall in front of him was bare stone and mortar. It looked older than the rest of the room and was dimly lit from above. The place must have been renovated at some point. The feeling of age was reinforced by the slightly musty odor of the room. The floor was polished concrete slab. A warehouse? Maybe. There was a metal loading bay door to his left, a curtain obscuring the right wall, and he couldn't make out much behind him. There were muffled sounds coming from beyond the curtain but he couldn't make them out either.

With a loud clanking sound the loading bay doors began to open from the bottom. His pupils were stabbed by bright sunlight streaming in and he had to squint to see the silhouettes of three figures enter the room. One was a hulking figure that strode forward with purpose, probably male. The other two were much smaller, curvier. He heard the clicking of heels before the sound of the loading bay doors closing drowned them out. Definitely women. The three came to stand in a straight line in front of him and he blinked rapidly to get a good look at his captors.

"Gerald! Gerry! Can I call you Gerry? Of course I can, who am I kidding? Gerry, what am I going to do with you? Hmm?" Came a playful but authoritative female voice. She sighed. "Do you know who I am?"

His mouth went dry.

"You're her aren't you? Miss Nyx?"

"Very good! Somebody give the smart boy a treat. Let's try another one. Do you know why we're here?"

He could hazard a guess. You see, Gerald had been embezzling from a number of different departments within the company he worked for, which he had recently found out was a front for the Thrall Syndicate, a criminal organization spanning Assiah with their fingers in every lucrative enterprise you wouldn't want to imagine.

"I always knew if anyone found out, it'd be you that would come for me. Let's get on with it then. How do we do it? Hanging, drowning? You're not just going to be boring and shoot me are you?" Maybe if he taunted her, she'd just kill him and get it over with instead of dragging this out. His eyes had readjusted somewhat and he found himself looking at an absolute mountain of a man in black, a raven-haired woman in a form fitting black suit with a plunging neckline, heels and a string of pearls, and a Waoi woman in head-to-toe black leather.

"You can't be serious? You can't be that stupid can you? I expected more from someone that managed to steal… how much did he take again Darius?" asked Ava Nyx, the current leader of the Thrall Syndicate. She stood about 5'5" in the heels and barely came up to the monolith's elbow. Still, she was taller than her other female associate, but sported a suspicious bulge in her pants.

"Three million, two-hundred seventy-five thousand, six-hundred ninety-five dollars and…" began the gruff voice of the man with the blonde crew cut with disdain. He was easily a head taller than Gerald and looked as if his home away from home was a twenty-four hour gym. He wore dress shoes, straight legged slacks and a sleeveless black shirt that showed off his expansive chest and arms.

"Ninety-nine cents." Finished the little Waoi woman with a smirk. She was clad in knee-high boots, high waisted pants, and a long-sleeved shirt with breast pockets, all in black leather. She wore her hair in a tight bun, had large square glasses that contrasted her tiny face, and crisp red lipstick. She also seemed to be holding a tablet of some kind.

"Mm. Mm. Mm. What should we do about that Gerry? Write up a payment plan, garnish your wages? Hey, Dr. Kim, how long would it take him to pay that off at his current salary?"

"Lets see, after tax, 401-K, take out house payment, car payments, multiple insurances, college, private schools…" she tapped away on the tablet, looking through every little detail of Gerald's life. "About eighteen years, if we are being extremely generous."

Ava clicked her tongue. She turned her head to the giant. "Remind me Darius, are you generous? Extremely generous?" She fluttered her long fake eyelashes.

"No Boss. I am not." The big man kept his gaze drilling straight through Gerald and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Just one of his biceps was the size of Gerald's head. Any fanciful thoughts of breaking loose and fighting his way out were quickly evaporating.

"Didn't think so. Ain't that just the pits Gerry? They keep telling me you can't build a criminal empire by being extremely generous. Who knew? Tell you what though. I'm having a good day, I mean a really good day. I'll give you a single condition and If you can meet it, you can walk away right now. No harm, no foul. I won't even fire you, and we might even give you some pants for the road. Hahaha! How does that sound?"

"You'd let me go. Just like that?" He asked, thoroughly incredulous. What insane condition could satisfy this crazy bitch? There was no way she would be that forgiving.

"Just. Like. That." She smiled at him. Her eyes glinted in the light, and he was not filled with warm or fuzzy feelings.

"Well how could I pass that up? Name your terms." His voice quivered a bit.

"My terms for your release are simple: All debts must be paid in full immediately. These debts include everything you stole from me, as well as your own room and board for the last week…"

'A week? I've been here for a week? No wonder I feel so awful. They must have drugged me.' He thought.

"As well as travel and boarding costs for your extended family as well." She finished, still grinning in a predatory fashion.

"What?" That question cut through the haze in his mind. He instantly forgot about his own troubles. "What have you done with my family? They didn't do anything to you!" He began to struggle again, tugging at his bonds to no avail. He continued to thrash for about a minute before giving up.

"So... does that mean you're not going to give me my money right away?" She said with a false innocence that Gerald doubted she'd ever actually possessed in this life.

"Go fuck yourself!" He screamed and listened to the words echo in the room.

"Hahaha! Funny you should say that. I've just been so horny lately it's unreal! I wonder if I accidentally drank some bottled water from Jizza or something. I've just been completely unable to get the idea of fucking some tight little pussy out of my head. I've been stuck on it for weeks." She stated matter-of-factly while feeling herself up. Her two cronies didn't react. They didn't seem surprised by this revelation or behavior at all. She let her nipple go with a happy sigh. "Then you went on vacation and slipped up and gave me the perfect excuse to live out my fantasies. Can you imagine anything sweeter than getting yourself a nice, fat cock and breaking in a brand new pussy? Because right now I sure can't, and that's where you come in. Truth be told I don't care that much about the money anyway. Sure I'm pissed at you for stealing, but that's more a matter of principle. I tell you what though, I've done a lotta research into you and your little family and I gotta say, I think I could actually like you Gerry. I'll give you one last chance here. Whaddya say? Do you wanna be pals and help me live out my dreams?" She taunted the exhausted man.

"Your dreams? Leave my family alone you sick bitch! They're just women! They don't even know I worked for the Syndicate! Keep your filthy hands off them!" He practically barked at his captors.

"Oh my. So fiesty! I like. Haha! I should thank you, really. Karma help me, but you're making this too much fun and I think I know just how to show you my appreciation. I bet you're worried about your family right about now aren’t you? How about a little reunion?" She clapped her hands and the curtains on his right began to separate from the middle, revealing that they separated the long room like a banquet hall might.

On the other side of the room, a row of animal cages sat against the wall, each about the size for a large dog. Unsurprisingly, in each of the cages was a member of Gerald's family. It looked like they had kidnapped everyone on the trip with him.

All were naked and collared, on their hands and knees, bound at the wrist and ankles, with a large gag strapped in place around their heads. He guessed from their faces that they had been there for quite some time. They made small whimpers and twitches and sucking sounds as they drooled around the large phallus gags, straining to breathe. It looked like they were going to pop at any moment.

His wife was looking at him with hope and it broke his heart. She had no idea how royally her idiot husband had fucked them all over. She still thought of him as one of the smartest and hardest working men she knew, and trusted him completely. Sure, she secretly knew he had dealings with the Syndicate, but she had kept that hidden from everyone, including him. She knew she was a kept woman. She hadn't questioned it for a few years now at least. So why was this happening now?'

"Look! The gang's all here. Tell me Gerry, are you surprised? You don't seem as pleased as I'd hoped. I went to a great deal of expense and trouble for this little reunion you know! Since you provided me with the raw materials and an excuse to cut loose, I thought I'd give you one last gift. A going away party! If you ask me, you should be grateful you even get to see them again."

"Grateful? You expect me to be fucking grateful that you kidnapped my family to watch you torture and kill me? What kind of twisted sicko are you? How the fuck does someone like you end up in charge?"

"Choices." She said, letting the word hang in the air.


"You get where I am by making choices. You choose when to stand your ground, and when to make compromises. You choose when to be patient and when to strike. You choose to give up a normal life and make decisions others find… unfathomable. You chose to steal from me. That was a poor choice. Don't get me wrong, I've stolen my share of profits in my time. I can respect a small, efficient operation. But you. You got greedy and sloppy. You kept taking more and more thinking no one would notice or could prove it didn't you? Well guess what Gerry? We noticed, and I don't need proof to do a damn thing. You and your whole family belong to me now whether you like it or not."

"Please let them go. They didn’t do anything. I did this. Take me! I’m the one you really want!”

“Hahaha! Gerry you’re a hoot, a riot. I mean it. You stand there so vulnerable and open, you yell with passion, you plead for your family. You’re a class act, you know that? Sure you do, because I know it too. It’s all an act. Every bit of it. The indignation, the anger, and the pleading is all just a mask for how scared you are. I don’t blame you. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have a leg to stand on, so to speak. You have no power here but that which I give you. I already own you. You massively overestimate your importance. You don't have anything left to offer me except for entertainment. I will now give you choices. Make wise choices, and your family may end up happy. Make no mistake. I will take everything from you today.  I will mold you into my willing plaything and I promise, you’re going to like it. First, like any new pet you need to be broken though. Darius, Doctor, let’s begin." She snapped her fingers.

Part 2. Valerie

Gerald's wife Valerie had awakened first, bound and gagged in her cage, and slowly watched the rest of her family wake up to the same predicament. They each came to their senses and panicked, thrashing in their bonds until they were out of air, forcing them to calm down and focus on the difficult task of breathing, just as she had. She tried to reassure her daughters with grunts and looks but could tell she wasn't making any headway. She resigned herself to waiting to figure out what this was all about.

For hours she was left to struggle, balancing on her knees and forearms. By the time she heard muffled voices on the other side of the curtain her knees and elbows were screaming. Then the curtain was drawn back and she squinted through tears to see Gerald naked and tied to a crane above while some women and a giant taunted him. He pleaded for their release. The woman in the middle said something, too fast and not loud enough for her to make out. Then she snapped her fingers.

The big man strode over to her cage. She shrank back, but he just grabbed her cuffed wrists with a single hand and hauled her out. He hoisted her over his shoulder like a sack of flour. It dug into her ribs like a boulder while he carried her to the wall in front of Gerald. She squawked when he hoisted her off his shoulder and then secured her wrist cuffs to a metal bolt in the wall above her. She was left to stand balancing on her tip-toes with her arms outstretched, her back against the wall.

Dr. Kim walked behind Gerald, gathered several objects and arranged them on a cart. The Doctor rolled it over and stood beside Valerie, winked and blew a kiss at Gerald as she walked past him again. His wife locked eyes with him, pleading with him to do something! He broke her gaze and hung his head in shame. She knew then that they were surely done for. He had no tricks or leverage here to save them or he'd be using them.

"My, my, Gerry! How did you land such a sweet little piece of ass? Look at her! You're the reason she's here Gerry. I want her to know, this is your fault." Ava walked over to Valerie and reached out, cupped her breast and rolled the nipple gently. It hardened involuntarily and she jerked back at the touch, inhaling rapidly, eyes wide in fear.

"Shh, shh, shh, it's okay. I'm not mad at you, really." She gently caressed Valerie's cheek with the back of her hand. "Now your husband has fucked up royally. So badly in fact, that your lives as you know them over. Shh, shh, shh, I said it's going to be okay and I meant it. I'm not gonna kill you. I'm not even going to hurt you. I promise. Shh, shh, shh. Would I lie to you? Huh? You're gonna make me a fortune. You get to be my prototype for my sneakiest weapon!" She turned away from Valerie "Doctor! Is it ready?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"What do we need to do?"

"Take this vial of D-cum, insert it into the applicator and simply douse the previously infected subject. Once begun, do not touch the subject until the transformation is complete unless you wish to be permanently bonded with her, and in this case, the wall." stated the Waoi woman without passion as she prepared her tools.

'D-cum! Transformation! Permanently bonded? Weapon? What the fuck?'

"Mmm! Mm-mm! Mmmmph!" She mumbled around her gag.

The Doctor strapped on a pair of black nitrile gloves and then fit a pearlescent vial of fluid into a spray gun with a solid click. After checking the device over for a moment she announced that they were ready to begin.

"Try not to worry. You're going to love it. I just know it! They always seem to, in the end." Ava assured Valerie, then she stepped back, to grab Gerald's hair and force him to watch. He was pleading with the crime lord to spare their lives, but Ava just looked on, her eyes alight with excitement. Val's eyes went wide with fear, focusing on the nozzle.

"Do try not to panic." Was the only advice given by the doctor.

In slow motion Valerie watched the gloved hand depress a button in the front of the spray gun, and a stream of salty, musky fluid emerge from the tip in a fine mist. Val flinched and closed her eyes as the spray hit her face. The doctor held down the button, giving her head a thorough coating. She coughed and gagged through the mist, desperate for air. Surprisingly, she was rewarded. Her mouth tasted full of ash, but the gag in her mouth, as well as her cuffs and collar disintegrated as if by magic.

She blinked at her captors before being enveloped by an all over heat, like cooking yourself in a hot tub for too long. She cried out and made to stumble forward, but felt a strong tug on her hair. She recoiled back and bumped her head against the wall, relieving the tension. The pinching in her scalp subsided, but where her head and shoulders had bumped into the wall, she felt… stuck? She thrashed, desperate to break free of whatever was holding her. Her wild movements only made more of her skin adhere to the wall. Very quickly she was reduced to twitching like a fly in a web, completely glued to the wall.

Wherever her skin pressed into the stone wall, her skin began to crawl. She felt unnatural tendrils of herself begin to worm their way back into the cool, damp rock and mortar. She glanced down and saw her nose melt away in front of her eyes. With no more than an itch, a feature that had defined her face simply washed away, not even leaving her nostrils with which to breathe. Her screams lost cohesion as her vocal chords ceased to be. Her teeth receded into her gums before her tongue went numb to her. Her skull and jaw dissolved as her head sank further back into the wall.

She felt her toes and feet begin to itch, knowing that they would melt away as well. She felt them begin to deflate. As they got flatter, she felt more of herself sink into the porous stone wall behind her. She understood in a flash what the crazy woman had meant by 'permanent'. She was taking root! No! As her hands began to itch and dissolve, so did her shins. She already hated her inability to relieve it.

To make matters worse, with the original rush of heat, her labia had swollen and engorged beyond anything she had ever known. She was so hot and couldn't understand why or how she could be so horny right now, in this horrible moment. Her backside was pulled against the wall and stuck fast. She felt her asshole press flat against the cool stone for a moment before somehow anchoring itself to the spot it touched.

She was horrified! She was taking root, and all she could think of was her dribbling pussy! She was confused and scared, but definitely noticed when her breasts began to migrate down the wall. She had a decent C-Cup to start with, but they were aging and hadn't been full for almost eighteen years at this point. Despite this, she could swear she felt them swell with milk again! They sank to either side of her swollen pussy and pressed back together as they grew well into the F or G range of ludicrous proportions. She felt her flesh flow and merge together before the world began to sink downward. Her brown eyes were migrating down the wall, but they didn't stay perfectly aligned as they did so, making her nauseous one last time despite no longer having a mouth with which to evacuate the contents of her shrinking stomach. By the time her eyes had passed her disappearing navel, she could tell most of her body had flattened into the wall and gone rather numb, but she could still feel her swollen pussy and breasts alight with fire. Her eyes settled into the soft patch of pubic hair above her crotch but she still couldn't see properly. With a pressure that made her think they might pop, they pushed together until suddenly, after a very dizzying moment her vision cleared. Something was wrong though. Her depth perception was off, and she couldn't figure out why.

With her transformation nearly complete, she felt a great roiling sensation begin in her breasts. They felt so full, and they were… heaving on their own. The sensation moved up to her pussy and she watched, wide eyed, as the entire orifice began to push outward from underneath her field of view on a growing column of flesh. Her skin lit up as hundreds of new nerve endings began to form in the rising pillar. She watched a single vein snake it's way out, winding underneath the loose covering of flesh of this mighty rod she now knew deep in her roots was a penis. Her penis, and it was on fire. With a rush of hormones and endorphins she truly felt it connect with her core. Despite her horror, she could not ignore her desperate, growing desire. The giant pair of testicles that her breasts had merged together to become were actively churning with hot, liquid need. She was growing frantic. With her new phallus not yet completed, she was trapped in the sensation of her engorging prick and full balls with no means of release.

As if responding to her wishes, Val's labia began to peel backwards, forming a very familiar mushroom tipped shape. She was so close to… perfection. She was so close to… spewing her first fat load of cum! She wanted it so badly she thought she'd lose what was left of her mind. Her vaginal slit narrowed down to a small tapered opening, and then she felt it.

She reached a plateau, where all sensation ceased for a moment. She felt her very essence fuse completely with the stone wall. Her mind slipped into a haze as previous concerns like duty, responsibility, family, and pride all began to slip away. As she surrendered to the wave of simplicity, she both felt and saw her penis throb. Feeling returned in a rush and it twitched toward the sky and the urethra spasmed open in a wordless cry of exultation. Her new balls pulsed again and again. Her throbbing length flared, every cell straining and engorged, and Valerie's first male orgasm exploded with such high pressure that her first glob of cum spanned the distance between her and her husband, splattering his feet with her first warm, sticky mess.

The doctor swooped in to collect the rest of the ejaculate while Ava hopped back and laughed, letting go of Gerald's head. It didn't matter if she held him now. He'd seen everything. He'd watched in horror as his once beautiful wife was reduced to a flat, growing patch of skin that only vaguely resembled a person in shape. Her previously sagging breasts had flowed down her torso, around her pussy and then met again, creating a momentary expanse of cleavage that was heavenly, before the skin had darkened, and wrinkled, her nipples melted away, forgotten, leaving the featureless orbs to hang like the fat testicles they now were. He saw her beautiful eyes squish together to become one, slightly larger brown eye set just above her growing cock. He sobbed as she orgasmed, spraying her disgusting seed on his feet. Her eye clouded over, and her lid became heavy. Her nearly two-foot long cock dripped, and twitched, as blood left the massive organ and it drooped lower and lower, finally laying to rest on her gargantuan new set of balls hanging from the wall at waist height.

If she still had lungs, she was sure she'd be out of breath right now. She still felt 'winded' for lack of a better term. She began to drift off into post-orgasm bliss before a loud voice snapped her attention back to the present.

"Hahaha! Stick a fork in her, I think she's done. Wow! What a show right? Holy shit! That was one of the hottest things I think I've seen in a while." She pulled her glistening hand out of the front of her pants. Apparently she'd not been kidding. "What do you think? Do you think she likes it Gerry? I think she loooves it. Don't you honey?" Val had to strain her eyeball to look all the way up at her before Ava crouched down beside her new package, putting herself at Val's former crotch height, her new permanent vantage point.

"Hi honey." She cooed in a gentle voice. "How are you feeling? Good I hope. That was a big shot! Good girl, er...boy!"

Val wanted to answer, but didn't know how. She supposed she was in fact a boy now, or at least, male. She looked emphatically from Ava's happy yet concerned face, to Gerald's slack-jawed expression, to their terrified daughters, to the calm doctor and the muscle-bound Head of Security. Val reached out mentally and could feel all of himself, continuing to spread ever so slowly along the wall, but found he could move no more than his eye, and twitch his penis a bit. Speech seemed to be lost. He looked back to Ava.

"Aww sweetie. It's okay. I've seen this before. One blink for 'Yes', two for 'No'. Easy right? So tell me now, do you feel good?" She comforted the growth and gave him instruction.

Valerie looked from Ava to Gerald, and back before giving a single blink.

"No!" Gerald cried out at her answer, dumbstruck. Gone was his wife of twenty years, replaced by a slowly expanding growth on the wall with an over-sized cock and balls to match.

"Do you like your new cooock?" Ava asked in a sing-song voice as she reached out and wrapped her delicate fingers around it gently but firmly and stroked it from base to tip a few times. The monster began to respond and was levelled at Gerald again in no time, leaking fresh pre-cum. Val's eye rolled back in pleasure for a moment, before he found the focus to meet Ava's gaze. He gave one emphatic blink which caused Ava to squeal in delight and stroke a little faster. Val could feel that alien pressure building in his balls again, and knew he'd be allowed cum soon!

"Do you want me to keep playing with it?" Ava cooed.


"I just wanna check before we move forward, cause I wanna be real good friends, are you mad at me for doing this to you?"

Blink. Blink.

"Oh good. I was really worried you might be, but what would you say if I told you that you are very special? You my lovely, produce a new variety of infected cum." She slowed down the pace of her handjob and kissed the giant shaft gently. Then she turned to look Val right in the eye and kept talking, brushing the corner of her mouth over the sensitive new flesh as she spoke in a baby doll voice.

"I know, I'm touching all your tainted juices, and you already came on poor Gerry over there and he hasn't turned into the giant bag of dicks he really is yet has he? That's because your cum only works with a primer. I'm gonna use your cum to transform my rivals without them being any the wiser. I can let politicians and V.I.P.s fuck any of my prostitutes and leave completely unaware, building up trust as long as they cooperate with my agenda, never knowing they're already infected. All I need to do is give them the primer in a pill, drink, or aerosol, and BOOM! No more pesky politician. Hahaha! Now, Gerry was so rude when I asked earlier, but I bet you'll help me make my plans real, won't you?" She fake pleaded as she finished her speech, still gently pumping a few inches of the giant shaft over her shoulder.

Her sincerity not withstanding, watching a gorgeous, powerful crime boss pump her slick shaft and beg for help with her lips on Val's cock was too much stimulation for him. Any resistance he may have had left in regards to the situation at hand crumbled.


"Oh honey you just made me so happy! I have got such treats in store for you. Just you wait. Now I gotta let you go, cause I don't want you to cum again just yet." She stood up and let go of the huge phallus, keeping her eyes locked on Val's.

Blink. Blink.

"Aww. It's okay. Just keep thinking sexy thoughts and watch this. Think of what happens next like your own personal porno m'kay? Then you and I are gonna have fun real soon." She turned around, no longer watching her new tool's blinks, or seeing it's gaze roam over her pert ass as she walked away.


Re: Revenge is Best Served Family Style

Part 3. Gerry

"Gerry! What do you think? Pretty cool am I right? What do you think of her...I mean his new look?"

"What do I think? I think you're a monster! What have you done to her?"

"He" Dr. Kim corrected, "is now more like a slime, or a mold than a person. We'd probably have to demolish the building to get him off of that wall now."

"I needed something that would stay in one place and live off of ambient Mana. Tadaa! Aww, don't be so sore Gerry. He's happy with his new form! You saw! He loves it. I want us all to be happy here, even you. Now, decisions, decisions. Who should we transform next? Hmm?"

"What? I can't… you can't make me choose that!"

"Why not? You made so many difficult choices that led you here in the first place. What's a few more?"

"Please, Miss Nyx, don't do this. I pick me! Do whatever you want to me, and let them go." He pleaded with her.

"Oh, I'm touched Gerry!" She held her palm to her chest. "I didn't think you cared about anyone more than yourself. I really didn't. I'm almost moved enough to grant your request, but this is why we have advisors. Darius, should we let Gerry's three intelligent and able-bodied daughters go free? Probably straight to the authorities?"

"No Ma'am. We should not." He answered, cold as steel.

"Mmm. Tough break Gerry. No can do. I like your spirit though. Didn't I say he'd make a great choice guys?" No one answered. She continued anyway. "Now Gerry, last chance for you to choose. Who's it gonna be next?"

"I can't. I can't do it. That's my girls, my sister, my neice! How can I?" He hung his head in defeat and looked at the floor.

"Gerry, you're starting to disappoint me. Where's that conviction that earned you three million dollars of my hard earned money? Well, if you're really so conflicted about choosing one of them, maybe it is time we started work on you. You've got more than a little prep work needed before you're my perfect little cock slave."

'Cock slave?'

"No. Please! Wait..."

"Ah, Ah, Ah!" She interrupted, wagging a finger in the air. You had your chance, now be a good pet and stop begging while Mama's working. M'kay? Attaboy." She patted his cheek and spun around. "Darius, Doctor! Prep him!" She snapped her fingers again and walked back over to Val to stroke and watch the proceedings.

He whimpered but complied, afraid of the consequences of disobeying. Dr. Kim went back to her table and opened a baggy and poured some metal objects into her hand. She fitted one onto a gun and Gerry knew what was coming. He whimpered again. The little Waoi woman walked over and coldly lined up with his right nipple and pulled the trigger.

Fire shot through his chest. After the doctor finished fiddling with it, he looked down to find a silver ring inserted horizontally through his nipple.


"Oh, I prefer my sexpets be pierced. If we do this now, then your wife's infected cum can heal you right up when you transform. No lengthy recovery time so I get to play with you right away."

The Doctor had prepared another hoop and moved to his other nipple. He steeled himself for the blinding pain to come. She wasted no time at all, and he had a matching ring in place. At least it was over, or so he thought, but the doctor began fiddling with another ring.

"Wait… sniff… where are you going to put that one? I don't want any more!" He wailed in terror. The Doctor ignored him completely and reached down to grab hold of his manhood.

"No! Not there! Anywhere but there! Give me more nipples! Pierce those!

"Don't tempt me."

The doctor shot another ring right through the tip of his penis. It exited his urethra in the front and the dorsum of the head, in front of the flared ridge. He stared at it in shock. His cock had a ring in it! Then the wave of pain hit him and he passed out in his bonds again.

He awoke moments later, to a peculiar sensation working its way up his foot. It tingled almost like it had fallen asleep for a while. He looked down and saw his feet's bonds were gone, along with his toes, most of his feet and his ankles were beginning to ripple. He screamed as his legs shrank, leaving him hanging from his arms alone. They continued until he had nothing but rounded skin where his legs used to be. He knew with regret as he watched them melt away that he'd never walk again.

He was dangling in the air and the strain in his shoulders was immense. He was sure they would be dislocated at any moment and struggled to hold himself up.

"Aww. That looks pretty painful Gerry. I'm sorry. Do you want me to help?"

"Yes! Please help me!"

"Okay, but for my help, you gotta give me something. If I help you, will you willingly give up your manhood for me Gerry? Can I give you some big fat titties and a cute little pussy? Would that be alright with you?" She purred.

"Would that be alright? No! That's not alright! But… this hurts! Please! Do something!"

"I gave you my condition for helping you. If you want me to do something else… I guess we could go ahead and transform your sister. Seems like a fine next step to me. What about you Gerry?"

His legs were gone and his cock throbbed. His nipples hurt, and his shoulders screamed. It was so hard to think. He was out of strength. It took only moments for him to crumble.

"Okay! Do it! Make me a girl! Just leave my sister alone and let me down!"

"You promise not to do anything if we let you down? You'll be a good little pet for me?"

"Yes! I promise! I'll be good. Let me down! Please, it hurts so much..."

"You want me to take the pain away? You want me to make it better?"

"Yes! I want it! Make me feel good! Make me your plaything! Just make it stop!"

Ava gestured to Darius and he un-cuffed Gerry, holding him up with ease in a giant gloved hand. He set him down on the floor before his boss.

"T-thank you…" Gerry sobbed as he rubbed his wrists and rocked back and forth on the floor, looking up into Ava's eyes.

"Don't thank me yet. Phase two!"

Dr. Kim doused Gerry with a new liquid. His skin began to crawl and his nipples burned. He looked down and saw the silver rings moving away from his body as his chest began to inflate. It was impossible to mistake what was happening. He was growing breasts. No, boobs! Huge boobs! Before his eyes they swelled from modest, to a handful, to big, into real whoppers in no time at all. They were soft and pillowy, and the weight felt odd on his chest, but to his relief, the throbbing in his nipples finally subsided.

His ribs dissolved and he collapsed in on himself. The floor dragged across his shifting back as he shrank even further. His body lost definition and became pear shaped, while his ass inflated leaving him laying at a slight incline and decidedly bottom heavy. His tits flopped toward his face, obscuring the moment he had feared most. There was a pinch, and then he felt his meager cock begin to shrink. New alien sensations from his nethers became intense. He couldn't see over his tits, but his penis had been replaced by a tight little furred mound. He cried out in despair at the loss of his manhood, and relief as the ache in his recently abused cock abated, replaced by a generally pleasant feeling in his pierced clit.

He watched the burning muscles in his arms melt away, leaving him with slender, feminine limbs. Then his neck locked up and he found he could no longer turn his head to look at his family in their cages. He was stuck looking at the rafters until he locked his fearful eyes on Ava's gaze above him. His head sunk into his shrinking chest and shoulders, leaving a smooth mound of flesh across the top. His lips plumped up and his mouth came to rest just at the top of his new cleavage and just like his wife, his nose wasted away without a trace, and his eyes began to press together until to his great relief, they flowed into each other and became one slightly enlarged eyeball with his original steely-blue coloring. His scalp tingled for a moment, and then he felt tufts of dirty-blonde hair begin to tumble off of his head leaving him bald. His hearing faded for a moment as his ears smoothed over without a trace. It returned a moment later, but sounds were different now. It was like he was hearing the individual vibrations in the air and could separate them better than ever before. He correctly reasoned that he must be hearing with some form of mana-sense, also just like his wife. Husband? He didn't know anymore...

Gerry closed his eyes and lay there on the floor, feeling, and listening. His breaths were coming too fast. He tried to take deeper breaths to slow his breathing, and realized his lungs must have shrunk as well. He had to breathe rapidly to keep going now just like any other small mammal. The floor was cold on his back and arms, but it felt odd because it seemed to him like there wasn't enough flesh touching.

"Well? How's my new girl?"

'New girl? That's right! Oh no! That is me. Oh gods, no! I know I said I'd become one but… no one said it would feel so good... this is so wrong. My boobs are huge! How am I going to drag myself around with these things? And my dick! My dick is gone! Ah! This pussy is so weird! It… it…'

"I… I want… I need… something to fill my pussy! Please Miss Nyx! It's so hot and wet! I can feel it! How do you even…? How do I...? Oh gods!" Her writhing had caused one of her nipple piercings to flip over. The sensation caused by this made her feel weak in the knees, despite the obvious lack thereof. As a man, something flicking his nipple had only ever been an annoyance at best. As a woman, his newly pierced teats felt almost as good as his dick used to. She grabbed a nipple with one hand and wasted no time in plunging a pair of fingers into her freshly minted pussy. Her palm brushed against her clit, and the piercing that ran through it. Her world exploded in pleasure and she was catapulted into her first body-wracking female orgasm.

It was far beyond any meager squirt he'd ever shot out with his pathetic cock. Her new pussy quivered and contracted rhythmically, sucking on her fingers and gushing a bit. As she came down from her high, she brought her sticky fingers up to her face and smelled her own scent. Gone was her old musky male odor, replaced by something softer, sweeter, almost floral. She licked it off her fingers and actually enjoyed the taste! She'd never even enjoyed going down on Val all that much, but this was amazing! Why didn't everyone try this?

She looked back up at Ava's evil grin beaming down at her. Then she remembered that they were not here for fun, but it was so confusing. She was here to be… punished? Why would Miss Nyx make her feel so good? To punish her?

"Welcome to being a woman Gerry. Fuck that was hot. Be honest, how do you like your new jewelry?"

"I love them Miss Nyx! They tug on everything in such a deliciously evil way. They don't hurt any more, but I am so very aware of exactly where they are on my body at all times. I would have gotten pierced as a man if I'd known it would be half this good." She blurted out without thinking. Apparently she had no real inhibition or filter any more. That could be a problem. She pushed against the floor and awkwardly rolled her pear shaped body to a 'sitting' position. She still needed to keep her arms on the floor for balance.

She looked up at Miss Nyx and said, "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry I stole from you! Thank you for making me into this. I feel so alive! I promise I'll be good. I don't want to be a bad girl. Please tell me what can I do to make it up to you?"

"Aww! Gerry! Hmm, I guess we can still call you 'Geri', with an, "I" now... I really appreciate that... That means a lot. I was really hoping you'd come around to this whole thing. Will you really be my good little fuck puppet?"

"I will! I want to. I… I feel so good. But… I'm so empty! I've never wanted something inside me before. It's so weird… but I know I really do want it. You said… you said you wanted a cock slave. I… I want to be yours!
I want to be used! Please! Fuck me!" She stared hungrily at the bulge in Ava's pants.

"Geri. You are just fucking adorable right now. Oh my yes! I think you're going to make the perfect little pet. Now, no offense, but I need to test you, and I know just how to do it." She turned and snapped her fingers again. The loading bay doors opened and a powerful chestnut colored horse was brought in, a stallion by the look of the heavy black nutsack and thick sheath hanging between its haunches. It was also past its prime, judging by the flecks of grey around his droopy muzzle and eyes though.

"Now who am I?"

She didn't understand. "You're Ava Nyx, head of the Thrall Syndicate!"

"I am your new Master from now on and you will address me as such. Is that in any way unclear?"

"No… Master."

"Good girl. Now, I need some volunteers for this next transformation. So tell me, which of these ladies just loves horses? Hmm? Any of them?"

"Eleanor wanted to be a veterinarian when we were kids, Rebecca wanted to be a jockey. They both love horses!"

"Oh my, aren't you an eager one now? So free with your thoughts... Tell me, what do you think? Should we do them both at the same time?"

"Yes Master! It feels so good! I know they'll want it. They just don't know yet."

"Hahaha, excellent. I know that everyone says transforming is the ultimate pleasure, but I never expected you to turn on your family so quickly. You're sure this is what you want? Even if you never see them again?"

"Yes Master! Just make them feel good! Show them what they are missing! Make them like me!"

'Did I really just say that?'

She did, and it scared her how much she knew she meant it.

"Well, you heard the girl. Bring on the sister and her daughter!" Ava snapped and stepped next to Geri to watch the proceedings. Darius removed Eleanor and Rebecca from their cages with no more difficulty than grabbing a handful of popcorn from a bowl. Despite their struggles, they were dragged into place in no time.

The handler soothed the horse while Darius hooked Rebecca to another crane and left her. He took her mother over to position her on her knees behind the horse. Rebecca watched in horror as the doctor walked over with her spray gun.

"We call this a vitality primer. With this…" Ava paused as the doctor gave Eleanor's head a thorough fogging. "We can ensure not only a successful merge, but that the recipient gains all of the victim's, I mean, donor's remaining life force. Star Catcher here was one of our winningest race horses and made us even more profit when we put him out to stud. As you can see, he's getting on in years. That's where your dear little sister comes in. Watch."

Ava retrieved the beaker of Val's cum and walked over to Eleanor, admiring the innocent looking blonde woman. She was pretty. It was almost a shame to do this. Almost. She gestured to the handler and the man reached back, raising the horse's tail to expose its large black pucker to the air.

"Say goodbye to your sister Geri."

"Bye Ellie! Just wait! Whatever she does, you're going to love it!"

"Aww, Ellie, aren't you a cutie. Sorry your brother is such a horse's ass. Hahaha!" She laughed at her own joke, and quickly poured a large dollop of cum right on top of Eleanor's head, then pushed her backwards with a single finger. Eleanor rocked back and bumped her head on the stallion's exposed anus. Her head contacted the rubbery black flesh, then her mind and skull imploded. In seconds her bonds had disintegrated just like Val's, and her head sank backward into warm flesh. Her ash-laden scream was strangled and cut off almost immediately as her mouth connected to the beast’s rectum from the inside and severed its connection to her lungs and stomach. The last thing she ever smelled was equine sweat and musk with a hint of manure as her nose melted away forever and her lips turned rubbery black before plumping up with new muscle. Her ears vanished and her curls fell out, leaving golden ringlets on the floor.

She felt a tug, as if someone had picked her up under the arms, and her torso sucked into the horse's rear with an audible 'schloomp', leaving just her hands pinned at her sides and her crotch and legs thrashing from the animal's taint. The horse shifted its stance, but the handler held firm.

"Don't fight it Ellie! Give in! It's almost over!" Her brother-turned-sister encouraged her from the sideline, balancing on one hand and toying with a nipple ring with the other.

Her blue manicured fingers disappeared, followed shortly thereafter by her legs and matching blue toes, and it was over. All that remained of poor Eleanor was a pair of pretty blue eyes set together just above the swollen black donut of the stallion's anus.

Eleanor couldn't believe it. Had she really just been fused with a lowly herd animal's asshole? She wanted to protest, but couldn't muster even a fart from her new lips, much less speech. She couldn't move her new mouth at all! She suddenly felt very small and vulnerable. She could still hear, and see, and feel, and oh Gods, taste. Her 'mouth' tasted of ash and something foul. Her sense of hearing was strange, but she was already getting used to it, and worried about the gurgling sounds in the beast behind her. The handler dropped the horse's tail and her vision was partially obscured, but she could hear Darius positioning her daughter already. Her daughter was resisting getting underneath the beast on her hands and knees, but was no match for the giant's strength.

Ava came around and Ellie watched her gently caress her host's heavy ballsack, and was disappointed to find that she could not feel the caress. It seemed she truly was nothing more than the beast's stinking anus! Rebecca watched over her shoulder in horror as the stud's blunt-tipped, brown and pink mottled horsecock made its appearance. She saw what had happened to her mother and knew that she was going to become that fearsome cock momentarily. She wailed behind her gag and shook as the doctor spread her legs and sprayed her vagina with a liberal coating of the primer. She grabbed the horse's penis with a gloved hand and guided it toward Rebecca's trembling pussy. She poured a good sized drop of infected seed on the tip of the horsecock for lube and shoved it in with no ceremony.

Much like her mother, the transformation was rapid. Her vagina sealed around the invader and her lower body was rapidly pulled off the ground, her ass fusing with the horse's crotch. Her gag vanished and she coughed, choking on the ashes. Her chest spasmed hard and she coughed up a clear, viscous fluid. Rebecca was no virgin or idiot, she knew exactly what it was. As her body shrank, her legs curled up underneath her and her arms were pinned to her sides. Her face dragged across the ground until she hung suspended from the animal's crotch. A creeping bulge in her stomach and chest pushed her breasts apart and forced her head back and her jaw permanently open. Her blonde hair fell out, and her neck swelled to massive proportions. She looked cross-eyed in shock as she attempted to scream and out grew a large, silent bubble of fluid. Her breasts disappeared and her skin took on a familiar mottled pattern, as expected. Her head quickly lost the rest of its definition, and her eyes fused together, and she was completed. Her forced perspective pointed her at the floor, at the sticky piles of hair and pre-cum, the only real evidence she and her mother ever existed. She drooled uncontrollably, and felt her whole body stiffen from her core. The pressure was immense!

'Oh gods! I'm a giant, floppy, horsecock and Mother is our filthy anus! What will we do?'

She didn't have to wonder for long. Her mind was slammed with a rush of animal instincts and testosterone. They said she wanted to FUCK! They said she wanted to slam some silly mare until she blew her creamy load inside and covered herself in her own mess, but there were none around! There was nowhere for her new owner to put her! How could she find release if she didn't have somewhere to go? She couldn't even jerk herself off! She was totally at the mercy of this creature, and it was completely at the mercy of its handlers. She pouted internally about her loss of control and softened, shrinking back inside her sheath. At least it was warm, wet, and comfortable in there… like snuggling under a good blanket. She grew fuzzy, and tired, and found herself unable to focus while tucked securely underneath her new owner's groin. She drifted off to a blissful, horny slumber.

The assembled group then heard an ominous rumble from deep within the stallion's belly. The horse raised its tail, giving everyone a good look at Ellie again. The doctor spoke quickly.

"Step back. I believe he's about to expel the excess mass he just absorbed from the women."

'Excess mass?'

Ellie heard the doctor, and regretfully realized that she would be the conduit of release for all that remained of her once beautiful daughter, and her own body. When the hot mass reached her pucker, the animal's nervous system took control. Completely unbidden, she felt her anal ring open and a clump of steaming shit fall out. Her eyes rolled back as she experienced something akin to an earth shattering orgasm. It wasn't the same, but the more her rectum continued to pass clump after foul clump, the more her mind simplified.

The taste bothered her less, and she could feel the sensations more. It felt good as it stretched her lips and gravity took it from her. She began to look forward to the sensation of each clump passing through her, heightening her pleasure. She had just gotten into a comfortable orgasmic rhythm when the pleasure reached a crescendo and the stream of crap suddenly ceased.

'No!' She wailed mentally, for she knew deep down that she already wanted the horse to go outside to graze and build up another steaming dump. She had been completely defeated by her first usage. She wasn’t ready for it to stop. She was deeply ashamed, and everyone watching knew it.

"Holy shit that's disgusting." Ava stated flatly in the quiet room.

"Oh GODS!" Geri broke the silence and fell over as she fingered herself to another perspective shifting orgasm, palming her clit ring and gently twisting a nipple while watching her baby sister and her niece disappear forever, nothing more than an eyeball in the tip of a horsecock (currently sleeping in its sheath) and a pair of eyes over the beast’s surprisingly clean anus.

"Get that fucking thing out of here before I sell it for glue! And call someone to clean this shit up PRONTO!" She wheeled on Geri "You! Who told you you could cum?" She growled menacingly.

"Uh… no one. Master." She looked up in fear from the floor.

"Doctor. Get me a ring."

The bay doors opened, and the rejuvenated Star Catcher was led from the room. Gone were his grey hairs and his eyes were alight. He had a brand new spring in his step and apparently, a little more heft to block and tackle. The smooth balls and shaft had grown slightly with Rebecca's absorption. Geri was pleased his sister and niece had been able to restore the horse back to the prime of his life. She was sure they would both come to love their new functions. Later she would be happy to find out that Star Catcher had not been sold. He was incredibly popular again and Dr. Kim estimated that the horse and his new bodypets would likely live happily to frolic and mate for another hundred years or so.

Three uniformed women arrived with an array of cleaning supplies. They cleaned the mess in record time, and left in a hurry, wanting to be as far away from this fucked up scene as possible. Meanwhile Dr. Kim retrieved a large metal ring and brought it back to her boss.

Ava and the doctor stood on either side of her. Ava held out the ring for Geri.

"Grab hold." Ava commanded.

"Yes Master." She said with apprehension.

She reached up and got a solid grasp of the ring with both hands. Ava pulled her upright and then the doctor doused her hands with another primer spray.

"My hands Master?"

"Yes. I can't have a pet that cums itself silly, embarrassing me in front of my associates now can I? You're going to learn to behave the hard way." She dumped a blob of corruptive semen across Geri's fingers and quickly Geri felt the skin between her fingers merge. Her arms flowed together above her head. The bones in her shoulder dissolved and the skin sagged to give her more of a teardrop shape as her center of gravity shifted. Her face and tits tilted forward and down while her ass pulled back and up, leaving both her mouth and anus running roughly parallel to the floor and her boobs underneath her.

With her reduced weight and size, even Ava could hoist her off the ground, letting her pierced tits hang free. She hooked the ring back onto the crane from before and let go.
Geri spun slowly in a circle, suspended from a single point.

"Doctor. Give me the Love Doll primer. I think her mouth can be put to better uses than talking. Don't you?"

"Yes indeed."

The doctor clicked another life changing vial into the gun and handed it over to Ava.

"Geri, say 'AH'."

"Please don't…"

"Close enough. " The nozzle hissed, and Ava expertly flicked a large drop of weaponized cum right onto Geri's lips. She opened her mouth to scream...

"SQUEAK! Squeak? Squesqueak!"

'NO! What? My voice!'

She could no longer form words! Her vocal chords had tightened so far that she couldn't make anything more or less than a high pitched squeak, not unlike a common chew toy. First her legs, then her cock, then her head, her arms, now her voice… she shuddered to think what she still had to lose. Her lips felt strange so she licked them, or… tried to. Her tongue didn't respond. She could definitely feel that it was still there. Upon further inspection, she noticed that her mouth was very dry, and her lips hard to close. They seemed to be defaulting to a rather familiar 'O' shape.

'No! She turned my mouth into a living fleshlight!'

"There. I think that suits you much better. Don't you?"

Geri could only think of one way to respond.

"Squeak, squeak!"

"Well that's a shame. I was rather hoping you'd be looking forward to sucking my big, juicy cock. You seemed so eager for it just a minute ago. Do you mean to tell me you don't want me to plow you until you're a drooling mess?"

"S-squeak, squeak."

"Much better. Now how about I transform those lovely daughters of yours, hmm?


"Really? You approve?"


"Should I start with your oldest?"

"Squeak, squeak."

"The twins, really? Do you think I should merge them together?"

"Squeak, squeak."

"Separate huh? Should I keep them identical as well?"


"Well, I have to say, I've had my eye on your oldest for some time now, and I don't think I can wait any longer. I have just the thing! Doctor, prep me a Splitter and a Monstrosity primer. Then follow Darius and install the twins in the servant's wing. Darius, you remember the idea I told you about? You got it?"

"Yes Boss. I remember."

Doctor, Darius will instruct you, but I also want you to leave him an Ever-Flowing potion as well. Take them and go.

The doctor and Darius did as bidden and left Ava alone with Geri and what was left of her family. Ava loaded another vial into the spray applicator and took it over to Deanna's cage. She opened the cage and pulled a crane block down, attached it to her cuffs and pulled the girl right out of the cage with the crane. She wriggled in the air like a worm on a hook. She was actually quite beautiful, with long dirty blonde hair like her fathers and wide hips, but a narrow waist, like her mother.

"Geri! By God maybe I should have just kept you and your wife to breed me new cocksleeves. Holy shit! You two made some good looking girls. Did you two ever think about having more children?"

There was a single audible squeak along with an unseen blink.

"Today's your lucky day then!"

She aimed the spray gun and unleashed its contents on the helpless girl dangling before her. Her transformation was more violent than any before. The bonds incinerated and she dropped instantly. When she struck the floor, her body fell in two. She had the most peculiar expression as her face split cleanly down the middle, but it was short lived. Her mind halved at that moment, split between herselves. The two one-eyed heads shed their long hair and their facial features washed away without a trace, leaving them appeared rather worm-like when finished. Their remaining boobs each split and they swelled to about a D in size, but on her newly reduced frame they were truly massive.

Their one remaining arm swung down below their tits and lost dexterity as they shrunk to a modest seven inch penis with a matching set of balls. Their torsos collapsed, leaving their tits directly on top of their legs. These began to bulk up, forcing them to hop and twist to maintain balance. That didn't last long, as they morphed into a widespread, three-toed configuration for better balance. Their calves shortened and bulked, pulling their heels off the floor, leaving them in a technically digitigrade stance. After a final feeling of warmth coming from their rounded posteriors, the changes finished. The creatures looked up at Ava and blinked a few times.

"Congratulations! It's twins! Now you've got two sets Geri! How lucky can you get?"


"Girl, are you still in there?" She asked the things.

The two creatures blinked a few more times with no sign of recognition.

"Believe me that now is not the time to play dumb. Blink once for 'yes' or twice for 'no'.

The one that used to be her right side turned to look at her other half and spotted something the rest of the room had not yet. At the top of her thigh, beneath her singular ass cheek, was a glistening wet vagina. The creature could feel that it possessed one as well, but all of its attention was focused on its dripping, rock-hard cock. It hopped behind its other half and lined up, then bound forward to roughly shove its way into its counterpart. The bottom didn't seem to mind at all and was soon humping back against the huge cock in its tiny new pussy. They were so energetic that they even fell over and continued to fuck, spooning one another on the floor. With no mouths left to moan, the only sound that could be heard was the frantic sound of bodies being slammed together.

Part 4. Onyxia

"Hmm. Geri! I think we lost em! Pretty sure they don't mind though. Look at them go. Damn."

Ava left the new sexpets to screw each other by the cages, trusting their new forms to keep them entertained.

Val watched from the corner of his eye. He bemoaned the loss of their daughter, but he was happy for the new creatures but couldn't deny, they looked genuinely happy as they rutted. In fact, he found himself slightly jealous of their freedom to screw each other.

Geri was in hell. Her oldest daughter had been so bright, and had such great potential. Now she couldn't communicate and didn't even seem to understand basic speech. Her mind was fragmented and somehow clearly less intelligent than she had been. She had been gorgeous, and now she verged on the grotesque. Deanna was gone and Geri had never been hornier in her entire life than when she saw one of her new daughters turn and mount the other one. She was mortified at her own reaction, but it was undeniable. She wanted to finger herself so badly! She'd only gotten to try it twice before her hands were taken away. She needed… her Master! Only her Master could bring relief now! She looked to Ava and let out a long pitiful squeak."Aww Geri, did you like that? Did you like seeing your pretty little girl turned into a couple dumb, horny sexpets?"

"Squeak!" She gushed a bit and more juices puddled on the floor beneath her.

"Good. I bet you wanna cum again right now don't you?"

"Squeak!" She wanted it more than anything. Her pierced nipples ached to be touched, her pussy was on fire!

"Too bad. It's not your turn."

"Squeak?" She was dismayed. If it wasn't Geri's turn, whose was it?

"I'm so glad you asked. It's finally my turn!"


"Oh! That's right! I almost forgot."

She walked over to Val and stared him right in the eye. She actually had a look of regret on her face that seemed sincere.

"Honey, it brings me no pleasure to do this, but now that the kids have all gone, so to speak," she glanced at the pair of leg creatures humping on the other side of the room "I have to be the bearer of bad news. I'm afraid on top of all of this trouble that your husband brought on you and your family, the bastard couldn't even keep it in his pants. He was cheating on you with his secretary. Can you believe it?"

Val's eye went wide and looked to Geri in shock. Geri squeaked in fear and looked at the floor. He couldn't meet his former wife's gaze.

'Why did she have to bring that up? What purpose did that serve?'

"Geri. I mean really. Your secretary? Did honestly think no one would figure that out? Answer me."

"Squeak, squeak."

"Demons! You're lucky I like my pets dumb. Kinda like this one as a matter of fact."

Geri and Val were confused as Ava began removing her clothes. She removed her panties last, and as she did so, Geri could see that she didn't have a cock at all, as was expected, but she did have a pair of balls, a vagina, and an eyeball.

'What the fuck?' Geri wondered.

Ava grabbed the balls with one hand and began to pull. As she did, a shaft began to exit her moist slit. At this point Geri realized that she'd had a dildo stuffed inside her the entire time they'd been torturing him, and not just any dildo either. Ava held it up to Geri by the shaft, and he got a clear look at the singular female eye set into the base of the shaft, right above a small but attractive set of pussy lips, leading down to a hairless ballsack. There was no mistake. Geri recognized the eye that blinked at him in surprise.

'Chloe? Oh my gods what have they done to you? Are you still in there?' Geri tried to ask, but all that emitted from her were more squeaks.

"Oh! I guess you recognize your old secretary Chloe do you? She's been my playmate for the last few days. After she discovered your embezzling and came to your boss to rat you out I asked for her to be brought to me. She spilled all the details about you and your operation with almost no convincing at all. Wasn't that sweet of her? Still, I can't just leave someone trying to play for both sides, or gives up her boss that easily, now can I?"

She dropped the living dildo/fleshlight combo on the cart and fit a purple vial into the applicator gun. To Geri and Val's complete shock, she doused herself with it before tossing the applicator aside and turning to Val.

"You should feel honored. This is the first and only time I do this because I truly want to."

With that she got on her knees, took Val's impressive length in her mouth, and began a sloppy deepthroating session the likes of which neither Geri or Val had ever seen. She slobbered and choked once or twice, but she blew Val with an unholy conviction that Val herself had never possessed when female. He didn't hold on for long. Ava saw the first spasm of the great cock within her begin and drove herself forward till her tongue tickled Val's heaving ballsack. Val exploded deep in Ava's throat, bypassing her mouth completely.

The rush of corruptive jizz burned like good liquor deep in her gullet. A growth at the base of her spine heralded the arrival of a tail, or so she thought. As it grew and gained mass, so did her legs. They became rounded and tapered like… tentacles! Her hips rearranged themselves and with a gasping breath, Ava pulled herself off of Val and sat unsteadily on her three new tentacles. Unseen, her anus puffed up into an exaggerated donut shape and relocated directly underneath her. Her belly began to bloat, almost as if she were pregnant with multiples. Her arms shrivelled away and her breasts inflated dramatically to rest on her gravid belly. She felt an itching sensation on her back. She couldn't see a second pair of nipples heralding the arrival of another hefty pair of breasts on her back. She didn't miss the fifth breast sprouting on her front, pushing her originals aside to quickly swell to the size of the other four. Nor did she miss her raven hair falling out, or her nose melting away. Her lips flowed together to form a puffy ring not unlike her new asshole and her jawbone dissolved completely, leaving just her eyes, ear holes and reformed mouth on a smooth, slightly tapered, worm-like head.

Then she felt the moment she'd been waiting for. Her pussy inflamed like never before and she hissed in anticipation. Her clit swelled up and darkened, taking on a familiar cylindrical shape. It flared out to a little over one and a half feet in length, about as big around as a soda can. Surprisingly, it didn't form the mushroom tip that Ava expected, but grew a medial ring and ended in the instantly recognizable blunted tip of a horsecock! Her outer labia sealed together, forming a seam. Then they extended downward and filled themselves, becoming a smooth, black nutsack the size of Darius' fist. It sagged onto the cool stone floor and her whole body shivered on contact. As it did, her skin darkened from cream, to mocha, to chocolate, to inky blue-black in seconds.

The power of change left her body and she giggled at the sight of her onyx skin and massive new addition. Instinctively she reached out to grasp its length but her smooth shoulders moved not an inch. Instead, her left tentacle wrapped around the head, and she shuddered in delight. Already dripping pre-cum, she stroked herself to full hardness and turned away from Val, having no further use for him for the time being. He would always be there when needed.

"Geri!" Her deep new voice reverberated across the room. It seemed her mouth instinctively knew how to make the words despite its alterations. Ava was pleased. This wonderful new body responded well enough to her intentions alone. Well, his intentions now. He was quite the imposing figure. Despite sitting directly on the floor he found he was now taller than Ava had been standing. Combined with his new bulk he was an imposing figure.

"What do you think of the new me Geri? Hahaha! I feel so alive! And this is already everything I hoped it would be." She caressed her wonderful cock. "I finally feel like I can do something with all this pent up frustration I've had." She clicked her tongue. "But not yet. We still need to check on those twins of yours don't we?"

'The girls! I forgot! Holy shit!'


"Are you excited to see how they turned out?"


"Alright, say goodbye to… what was his name?" He looked at Val. "Mmm. Guess you can't tell me huh? Oh well. It doesn't matter. He won't need it anymore." The crime lord undulated over to Geri and took her down from her hook with a tentacle. She was strong. Geri weighed almost nothing now.

Right on queue, the bay doors opened and Darius returned. For the first time since Geri had seen him, Darius looked surprised. To his credit, he recovered quickly.

"Boss, is that you?" He inquired calmly.

"Yes indeed. What do you think of my new form? Do I look as powerful as I feel?"

"Most intimidating Boss."

"Why thank you. You always know just what to say. I've done a little thinking though. My old name feels wrong now. I've decided on a new one, 'Onyxia'. What do you think?"

"I like it Boss."

"Good. Now, let's go see Geri's original set of twins. You kept them identical right?"

"Yes Boss."

"Good. As a reward, you may have what's left of Geri's secretary. Think you can show her how we feel about snitches in our organization?"

"My pleasure, Boss." He retrieved his terrified reward.

"Geri, say goodbye to your...husband, I guess now. You won't ever be back here to see him again." She handed Geri off and turned to Val. "Don't you fret. I'm gonna take this lying, stealing, cheating, waste of a spouse and turn him into the best living sex toy that ever existed. And as for you," she reached out and stroked Val's twitching cock with a tentacle, "we'll be setting up a schedule to have that wonderful new cum of yours milked so we don't waste a drop. You're going to be in heaven being serviced like the rare and valuable creature that you are for the rest of your life. All you need to do is think horny little thoughts and churn up lots and lots of that cum for me, m'kay?"


Val was more than pleased with this news. He already had another load brimming. He hoped they wouldn't make him wait long. Geri squeaked a goodbye that scaled from high to low, before seeing what was left of Deanna humping herself in the back of the room. Geri began squeaking emphatically to gain attention. Onyxia stopped and looked back. Seeing the new twins still going at it, Onyxia laughed, a deep reverberating sound now.

"Don't worry about them too much. When we put them up for auction, we'll try to keep them together."

They left through the bay door together and Darius seamlessly adjusted his pace to match his Boss's slower undulations. They walked and slithered across a manicured lawn toward a beautiful mansion. Geri had never been much for architecture, but she knew it was old. Maybe a couple hundred years? They went round the back and through the servant's entrance. Geri looked on with child-like curiosity at the shocked faces of the servants as Darius and Onyxia walked past.

She found herself being walked to… a bathroom?

'Why would they bring me here? And what's that sound? What's happening in there?'

Onyxia told Darius to wait, opened the door to the men's room and went inside. Everyone in the vicinity then heard the roar of a belly laugh followed by,

"Ahahahaha okay, okay. Oh, demons! It's even better than I hoped. Bring her in."

Darius pushed open the door and walked through. Geri couldn't see anything properly as she was jostled through the doorway. She heard the door close and caught a glimpse of sinks and urinals as she was swung around to face the two open stalls. If her mouth wasn't already in a permanent, perfect-for-dick-sucking 'O' it would have just dropped to the same position in pure shock.

Two ovoid creatures no larger than turkeys hung from long fleshy appendages rooted to the ceiling. A brief glance revealed them to be identical in every way. They almost looked like Geri, but their bodies seemed to be oriented vertically with their faces pointing straight down. She knew at once that they must be Charity and Serenity, but which was which? They both sported small penises now,
maybe four or five inches in length, which hung upside down from the base of their bodies and the seemingly retractable appendages they were rooted to the ceiling with. They still seemed to retain their original anuses. Gone completely were their virgin pussies, their beautiful legs and arms, as well as any body hair they may have possessed aside from eyelashes. Their tits remained and seemed to have gained a few cup sizes, hanging with their sizeable nipples sagging toward the floor. Their faces, which had recently reminded Geri so much of Valerie at their age, had been obliterated. The only original feature left untouched were their eyes. They now sported huge, puffy, rings of muscle in place of their original thin-lipped mouths. Nothing remained of any other facial features, but the girls retained all of their senses. They still possessed tongues for tasting while mana senses replaced their smell and hearing.

In their natural resting states, they would now dangle and gaze down at the toilets below. However, they were not currently at rest whatsoever. Geri was aghast to see that one of his daughters (the one on the right, whichever that was) had swung her hanging testicle-like body over to the other to suck her sister's cock. The one receiving the acrobatic fellatio shuddered and moaned. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure and Geri watched her little balls clench as she spewed streams of cum into her sister.

After a few moments they separated with a 'pop' and the daughter on the right swung free. It seemed she had a great deal of control over her base, and could raise and lower herself as well. She lowered herself to just above the toilet and opened her 'mouth' wide to let out the load of spunk she had just received followed by a substantial turd.

To Geri's surprise, her daughter screamed in obvious pleasure. Her whole body convulsed and thrashed around on her base. Her turgid cock shot tiny ropes of cum onto the floor. Geri didn't understand what was going on, but she knew very clearly that her daughter had just orgasmed, hard.

"What do you think, Geri? Hahaha! I think they're nearly perfect. Don't you?"

'Yes, but, what just happened?'


"You sound confused darling. Your daughters, well, sons now, are permanently rooted to these spots. They will live here, in this dingy servants' bathroom for the rest of their lives occasionally shitting, cumming and generally existing as playthings for the staff, thanks to you."

"Squeak, squeak!"

"Oh yes! Never forget, you brought this on your family. You did this! Now let's see how they're doing? Shall we? Oh boys!"

She waved a tentacle to get their attention. They twisted so that they could face her by looking 'up'.

"Wonderful, I assume you can hear me. Can you still speak?"

"Yes." They answered in unison. Their voices had been slightly different when they were human. They were deeper now, but sounded exactly the same as one another. Geri still couldn't tell them apart.

"How do you feel?"

"Good." Said the one on the left.

"Very good." Said the one on the right.

"Are you upset at me?"

"No, we love it!" Said the one on the left.

"Are you upset at your daddy?"

"No! Thank you Daddy! We feel so good!" Said the one on the right.

"You don't mind shitting from your faces?"

"We love it! It feels so good to let it build up and then release it all in a rush!" Said the one on the left.

"We've never cum so hard as we do when that happens! Not even when we used to experiment with each other at home!" Said the one on the right.

Geri reeled back at the revelation that her twins had been fooling around with each other, having an incestuous relationship right under her nose. She had never suspected a thing.

"It's so gross, and it tastes so bad, but you've never felt anything like this, I swear! It feels so good to let it out and feel it just rush through your whole body!" Said the one on the left.

"Do you want to feel even better? Do you want to have more orgasms like that?"

"Yes!" They answered instantly.

"It'll come at a cost. You won't be able to speak. Never, ever again. You won't be able to tell anyone your names. No one will ever be able to tell you apart ever again after this. Your last connection to humanity will be severed. You won't even be able to ask for it to stop. Do you still want it?"

"YES! PLEASE!" They practically screamed.

"We think it's hot that no one can tell us apart, not even Daddy." Confessed the one on the right.

"Darius, where's that Ever-Flowing potion?

He held out a tentacle and received the potion loaded in a spray applicator like the others. He doused the creatures' faces with glee and slithered back to watch. Geri looked on with anticipation, and surprised herself by finding herself eager to see her daughters warped and twisted again.

'What's happened to me? So what if I'm a sex toy, pet, whatever… those are my girls… my boys… I shouldn't want to see them transformed, should I? But it feels so good! And they want it! It's okay. This is okay. This is good! They are happy."

For a moment, nothing happened. The room was still as a crypt. Then they all heard the twins stomachs gurgle and groan loudly. The one on the right lowered herself to the porcelain bowl below and let out an awful reverberating fart. He made a choked sound, and his little penis grew hard as diamonds. With a strangled cry, he began to expel a solid mass of waste, much bigger than the last. He cried out in wordless ecstasy and his cock shot another rope of cum onto the floor. Only a moment later his brother followed suit.

The one on the right's flow of shit and cum abated and it was clear from his eyes that he was lost in post orgasmic bliss, for only a moment. His eyes bugged out and he lowered himself to the bowl again as another unnatural wave of excrement forced its way through his sensitive facial anus. He howled and came again. His brother repeated the process.

After the third repetition Geri understood. The Ever-Flowing potion made them constantly full of waste to expel, likely pulled from the surrounding mana in the air. They would continually work themselves up and in turn feed the other more sexual energy in a feedback loop. It was so elegant, and disgusting at the same time. Geri found herself genuinely in awe of Onyxia for the first time.

"Have you ever seen something so disgusting?" Onyxia asked the room.

"No Boss, I have not."

"Squeak, squeak."

"Well dears, I hope it's everything you dreamed of and more. If you'll excuse us, I have to go break-in your father. Enjoy the next hundred years or so!"

The trio left the bathroom then, listening to the intensified moans the twins let out upon hearing their fates fade away behind them.

"Darius, have Dr. Kim measure their output and create a timer system for the toilets before that situation grows out of hand."

"Right away Boss."

"Now, to my suite."


Re: Revenge is Best Served Family Style

Part. 5 Cocksleeve

Her family was now gone and she would never see them again. The gravity of that realization weighed on her for a second. On the other hand, they all did seem incredibly happy with their new lives, those that could still communicate. Geri suddenly found herself getting apprehensive. She was swinging in Darius' implacable grip, on the way to her fate as a living sex toy. She'd already come to realize she was no pet. She couldn't move, couldn't play, she could barely even communicate.

'I'm just a sexy hanging sack. A mobile glory hole to be passed around!' Her pussy quivered at the thought.

As they wound through countless opulent hallways Geri saw several other heavily transformed individuals like herself suspended or on pedestals in alcoves along the way, displayed like depraved living works of art. Their eyes followed the trio as they passed, eager for attention. Onyxia and Darius paid them none at all. They were merely decorations unless someone found a temporary use for one. She was so wet.

Onyxia was picking up his pace as they approached a large door at the end of yet another long hallway. Darius opened the door for him and stepped aside, barely allowing his rotund belly to fit through the door.

An opulent bedroom was revealed inside. Darius moved without instruction to hang Geri on yet another hook over the bed, apparently put there just for this purpose.

"Thank you Darius, you may take the rest of the evening off. Instruct the staff not to interrupt until tomorrow, unless they'd like to become Geri's asshole. Am I made clear?"

"As crystal, Boss."

"Good. See yourself out."

He did as bidden and Geri saw the door shut behind her via use of a strategically placed mirror. Looking around, she could see several more. She couldn't turn herself around anymore, but guessed that whoever was on the bed would be able to see them from all angles. She got a good look at her pendulous breasts, hanging underneath her in a way that very much reminded her of the way Valerie used to hang hers over Gerald's face to tease him. Like her new sons, her face was obliterated, but the ring of her new mouth was so sexy she wished she had her old dick back to try it out. She could almost see inside and it looked soooo inviting.

Apparently Onyxia thought so too. He had slithered onto the bed and worked herself to the top to turn and face Geri. She watched the monster phallus slide out of its sheath with apprehension.

"This is it Geri, this is what you were made for, literally. Are you scared?"


"Are you scared of what I'm going to do to you with this thick, juicy cock?"

Geri looked over the monster penis jutting from the huge creature's crotch. She could see every bump and vein along its length and it did terrify her.


"Are you scared you're going to like it?"

A pregnant pause followed before,


"Did watching me rip your family tree out by the roots turn you on?"

"Squeak!" Came the defeated wail.

"Good. Now let's see if you're really worth all this time and effort."

Onyxia pulled Geri off of her hook and set her down on the bedspread. He then sat his throbbing horsecock just on the edge of Geri's lips. As soon as the turgid meat rod contacted her lips, she salivated uncontrollably. More than that, she felt an unfamiliar sensation in her throat. It was squeezing itself together, convulsing on its own. She was sure she'd be panicking if she still needed to breathe. Onyxia wasted no more time and sunk her length slowly into Geri's perpetually ready maw with a low growl. 

Geri's modified throat muscles actually pulled him in further, slowly but surely. Onyxia revelled in the undulations her new toy made with her throat. Geri could taste his musk and his salty pre-cum. Geri moaned deep inside. She knew this feeling, from the other side of things. It was completely alien to feel the unyielding pillar of flesh cleave through her sensitive new mouth. Inch after inch slowly disappeared, filling Geri more than anything ever had before. She felt she should choke, but could not find the actual urge. As Onyxia shoved her medial ring past Geri's lips, she was thrown into her first orgasm as a sex toy. Her throat and pussy spasmed, and she thrashed her tongue wildly. As soon as she began cumming, Onyxia threw his weight into it and speared Geri with her entire length. He reared back and slammed home again, and again, picking up a steady rhythm. Geri was catapulted into her first multi-orgasm as the sensations intensified. She wanted to rest a moment, to come back down, but she felt her new Master's cock throb even harder.

"Yesss! This is exactly what I wanted! This feels so good! Ooh, I love the way you suck my cock! I think it's ready for the main event, little cocksleeve. Cocksleeve! I think we just found your new name!"

'Cocksleeve! Oh yes! I AM! I'm your big fat floppy horse-dong loving sex toy! Fuck me Master! Fuck!'

Onyxia pulled the articulated onahole that was her mouth off the tip of his cock with a satisfying * Pop *. Cocksleeve was lifted and spun 180°. She felt the tips of Onyxia's tentacles trace her soft nether lips. She felt them spread open to the air, and then a hot, rigid presence at her entrance. Her heart fluttered. It was already different than when she had fingered herself before. That had been frantic. This was calculated.

The blunted tip oozed a slick blob of pre-cum in a slow circle around her eager slit. She was so hot and… wet. Thankfully, Onyxia didn't make her wait to explore her body's new responses. Cocksleeve felt a gentle push and the massive head popped in. She squeaked in surprise. There was no pain, only pleasure. Inch by inch, Onyxia sunk his length into Cocksleeve until she felt his bulk pressing her down into the mattress. Feeling that warm rod fill her up for the first time nearly broke her. She had been apprehensive, but now she couldn't wait to feel more. It was like he was molding her new pussy to his cock. She swore she could feel every inch of it burning inside her.

Her head felt light and giddy. Onyxia pulled back, nearly pulling her entire length out, and then flopped forward, roughly shoving it back in. Cocksleeve felt a tentacle probe her sensitive mouth, and instinctively began to suckle it. Being enveloped felt right.

"Oh my gods! This feels so good! I knew this was what I needed!" Onyxia exclaimed as she pounded his new pet with wild abandon. His thrusts became erratic and Cocksleeve knew what was about to happen. She felt the pillar of flesh swell and pulsate. It blasted ropes of thick cum directly into her brand new, hyper-sexed pussy.

"Yes! UNHH!"

'Yes! Master!"

Cocksleeve's miniscule world exploded in a cacophony of sensation. She orgasmed harder than she had in her entire life. She was swept away by the all-encompassing  feeling of cumming with her entire body. Onyxia continued to slowly pump his spurting member in and out of her broken-in pussy, milking the last bit of cum trapped within.

Cocksleeve felt something inside herself click as her perspective changed again. She was a well-fucked toy, and proud of it. She had served her purpose! She had made her new Master cum buckets into her and she relished every sticky drop.
Gerald would have been appalled, but Cocksleeve just wanted to know how long it would be until her new Master was ready to go again. Her asshole hadn't seen any attention yet…

As she pouted internally, Onyxia withdrew his huge schlong with a deliberately slow motion, teasing both of their over-sensitive organs. It came out with an audible pop and a gush of fresh cum. Cocksleeve felt so helpless to lay there and let it leak out, but there was nothing she could do but tremble. Forever more, all she needed to do was wait for her Master's cock. The one thing in this world that gave her new life purpose. She briefly wondered if her Master's cock was the only one that would satisfy her now. She thought of Val's new phallus and Darius. That man must have a spectacular shaft to match the rest of him, right?

'What am I thinking? Oh no. She did it. She actually made me a cock slave! I need more! Wait, what?'


Onyxia winced at the intensity of Cocksleeve's scream when he penetrated her virgin ass. His impressive cock was impossibly hard again and still slick with their juices from moments ago. Thanks to her recent transformation, her ass began to self lubricate, and the intense fucking became thoroughly pleasurable. Onyxia pounded away, sawing her ass in two. Cocksleeve began a slow and steady chorus of squeaks as her mind melted. All of her cares in the world reduced to just three things.

Her Master. She would do anything, give anything for her Master now.

Cock. She craved nothing greater in life than being filled to the brim with cock and cum.

Pleasure. She didn't care how she got it, only that it continued.

She thought of her former wife and children, her sister and niece, and it just made her feel so… hot.

"Squeak!" She cried out as she came again, feeling Onyxia's second white-hot load pour impossibly deep inside her asshole. She was dazed, but didn't miss when Onyxia unceremoniously pushed her off his horsecock to lie facedown on the ruined bedspread.

"I just knew you were made to be a toy wrapped around my fat cock. Something in the back of my mind told me this was going to be the right choice. I think we both know this is where you truly belong, draining every ounce of cum from my balls. Don't you agree?"

Cocksleeve could hear nothing but the pounding of her own heart, much louder than it had ever been, and her Master's ragged breathing. She thought of her family and secretary and felt… pride? Yes, she was proud that she had served her Mater so well. She had provided her Master with raw materials to do so many sexy things she had never thought of before! She was proud that she'd shed her unnecessary trappings and become a sexpet. No. A sex toy. She was proud that she'd taken such a huge cock in all her holes on her first night as a living onahole. She was proud of her Master's satisfied chuckles and labored breathing. She was a good toy…




Re: Revenge is Best Served Family Style