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This story is based on an old idea I worked on years ago. I could never think of a good overarching narrative or many more chapters to do with the characters. So I decided that it is maybe better suited to be an open ended story, akin to a CYOA format.

Thus everyone is welcome to add more chapters to this story and explore the exploits of Hagen the bandit. I got at least a few more ideas for chapters to add in the future.

The narrative is set in Belial's Middle Ages, the Era of the Mad Kings, when transformation-weapons, like the magi-staff, could also sometimes be found in other nations of the era.



It was deep night in Boertown, capital of Lagona. The small duchy had been conquered by the Ondorian Kingdom a few years ago and its duchess fused with the penis of her favourite pet dog. Ever since then the small country had struggled with unrest and crime. The Ondorian governor had little interest in investing much money or effort into the security of the region outside the mining industry, the only thing about Lagona that the conquerors really cared about.

As a result bandits and smugglers had been drawn to the deep forests there, knowing that nobody cared enough to look for them there. Hagen was one of them and if his current plan succeeded then he could become the king of the pack. However, he had to stay very careful or otherwise his career would end sooner than he wanted, for at the moment he was sneaking through the mansion of an Ondorian dignitary.

The man was an old army veteran, a colonel or major, who had retired to Boertown after the war. Hagen had heard rumours about a particular keepsake the man had in his possession. Luckily the mansion had only a small contingency of household guards that had proven easy to sneak around. At last he found his way into the old man’s study where he finally saw the fabled keepsake.

It was an Ondorian magi-staff. One of those miraculous weapons that they used to transform victims as if they were splashed with pure demon-cum. Hagen had seen a few soldiers carrying the devices. This one looked different, though. On the one hand it seemed more elaborate, sporting fine gold ornamentation around its casing and handgrip. At the same time it looked more primitive in a way. There was less casing around its mechanical components, leaving a lot of the cabling and clock-work mechanism exposed. There were a dozen switches, small dials and buttons. Hagen knew that they allowed to modify the complex system of rune-inscribed rings at the front of the weapon in order to influence the transformation of its victim. He was not entirely sure what switch was for what but he would figure it out.

Sneaking carefully through the corridor towards the window that would lead him safely outside, he saw something he had not noticed on the way in. One of doors was ajar, letting him see a small but richly furnished bedroom, maybe a guest room. On the bed lay a beautiful young woman. In the warm weather, she had eschewed the blanket, revealing her slender body covered by no more than a loose gown.  She could not have been older than 20, so maybe a granddaughter or nice staying as a guest. It did not matter, she made for a good test subject. While most of the weapon’s controls were still a riddle to Hagen, he understood enough to charge the mana-generator and keep the strength of the beam low, so as not to wake the entire house with a loud blast. He pointed the staff and fired. The beam itself was just a feint band of green glow but the effect was immediate. Although the woman’s flesh began to shift and change, she remained asleep, not noticing what was happening to her.

At such a low power-level, Hagen did not expect the changes to be overly radical but they were rather curious nonetheless. At first the girl began to shrink, her limbs getting seemingly swallowed by her gown. By the end, she was probably no more than four feet tall, her dress having essentially turned into a blanket and unfortunately obscuring most of the other changes. Hagen saw fur sprouting on what he could see of her body, as her face altered and took on a feline appearance. Her ears became huge triangles, while her luscious long hair fell away, replaced by just more fur. Despite the reduction in size, other parts of the girl’s body began to grow underneath the gown. Her chest inflated, two large mounds becoming visible. Stretching the fabric to its limits, each tit was probably nearly as big as her torso and crowned by a fist sized nipple.

There was also some odd movement where Hagen guessed the girl’s legs to be. At first he thought that she was growing somesort of tail, when he saw something fleshy peer out from underneath her gown. But it seemed too thick. At last the organ began to stir, pulling the gown back in the process and thus revealing its true nature. It was an enormous penis, human in shape but at least as long as the girl’s entire torso, if not longer, and almost as thick. There was no sign of a vagina underneath it but instead a flashy sack rapidly inflated with two enormous testicles. Once it stopped growing, the furless scrotum contained two balls that were bigger than watermelons. With such an equipment between her legs and those massive breasts on her chest, she would probably have some trouble moving around.

With her gown pulled back like this, Hagen could see her short, feline legs. Her paw-like feet reached barely past those swollen testicles. He also spotted a bushy tail trapped underneath them. When he spotted clear pre-cum dripping from her imposing erection, Hagen decided to make his exist, before the girl might wake up from her own arousal.

Unseen, he climbed out the window and got away from the property, his price in his hands and many ideas what to do with it.

Chapter 1

“Halt!” Hagen shouted aloud, a hand raised, palm open.

The coach stopped right in front of him. The street he had been observing was deep in the forest and rather remote. Yet it was the quickest route through this part of the woods. Hagen knew that his target always took this route. He had found out rather by accident but a few days of observation had confirmed it. In the end it was easy to find the perfect spot for an ambush.

It was a passenger coach of fine make. Not as fancy as what the nobility would ride in but whoever owned this vehicle was still wealthy enough, a merchant or bureaucrat. The latter in this case, or rather the wife of one, for Hagen knew who was inside. 

“What do you want? Get out of the way,” the driver, a middle aged man in the dress of a formal manservant, said, looking at the unwashed and unkempt form of Hagen with utter contempt.

Hagen just smiled in response and pulled the magi-staff from the strap on his back, he had made for it. The man's expression immediately turned into one of utter terror, seeing the weapon pointed at him.

“If you want to keep your legs, you stay quiet, get down and open the door for me,” Hagen said, still smiling and not the hint of a threat in his voice.

Without a word, just gulping and nodding, the other man climbed off the coach and walked carefully towards the door of the coach. Hagen could hear a feminine voice from inside demanding why they had stopped. Not letting the passengers wait, he motioned the driver to open the door. A surprised woman greeted him, her eyes immediately drawn to the magi-staff pointing at her.

“There has been a little interruption,” Hagen told her, talking in the same friendly manner as before. “Please be so kind and step outside.”

“How dare you, you dirty scoundrel?” she cried at him, fear overridden by sheer arrogance. She was still sensible enough to do as ordered and carefully got out of the coach with the help of her manservant. The woman seemed in her early forties and looked like someone with money to spare. She wore a long, blue silk-dress, together with expensive looking wristbands and necklaces. Her face was covered in heavy make-up, the latest fashion in this region, and her hair styled into a conical shape akin to a beehive. Even without all of this, she'd have been quite the beauty, Hagen thought, staring at her large bust and shapely hips, emphasized by the corset. Such a shame her personality was so ugly.

“My, my,” Hagen responded still smiling. “I was just about to ask for a little charity. Like all your jewellery and the money you carry with you.”

The woman glared at him with furious indignation. Apparently her feeling of superiority was so strong that not even the weapon pointed at her, could intimidate her. “You won’t get anything. If you so much as damage a hair on my head, my dear husband will send every bounty hunter in the country after you.”

It was a lie. Hagen knew that her husband was not only not as rich as they pretended to be and certainly not able to hire much in the way of professional bounty hunter, but it was questionable if he was even going to miss her that much, considering that he had two secret mistresses. Either way, he would get what he wanted.

“I am willing to take the risk,” he said and fired the staff.

The woman and manservant were close enough that the beam hit them both at once. Since Hagen had not yet figured out the weapon's controls in detail, he had just put it on a high power output. The two virtually exploded the moment they were hit. Their clothes blew apart in a cloud of dust and tiny shreds. Within two shapes quickly pulled into on another, like some liquid, merging and reforming into something new. A moment later the torn leftovers of their clothes hit the ground and revealed Hagen's handiwork. Where there had been two people before was only a single entity now, standing in the middle of torn fabric and discarded jewellery. Luckily the latter was still intact.

The thing was small, less than a metre tall. Its pear-shaped body sported wide feminine hips leading to a wide waist, with a round, firm belly. Its chest above tapered to a point, with no hint of shoulders or arms. There was barely enough space for a pair of breasts, maybe C-cups on a normal woman but rather impressive on the creature's smaller frame. They sagged slightly and had large, pink nipples. The small torso continued smoothly into a long, flexible neck which lead to no more than a single, fist sized eyeball. The thing looked at itself in a way that spoke of confusion.

While it lacked arms, the fused duo sported two short legs, humanoid in shape but short and chubby, ending in massive feet, twice the size of an ordinary humans and with only three fat toes each. Between those legs was an impressive set of male genitalia. The fat penis was easily eight inches flaccid and the heavily wrinkled scrotum reached to the ground, the pair of enlarged testicles actually resting in the dust. Its crotch was covered by a dense bush of dark curls and similar hair was sprouting all across its balls. While the thing inspected its new body, Hagen was surprised to see its penis actually growing stiff. Within a few moments it was fully erect, a bead of pre-cum already forming at the glans. The creature noticed, too. Just from its body language, Hagen could tell that shock and confusion were being replaced by arousal. Weirdly enough, he could not deny a stirring in his own trousers. He had never really cared much for the transformed before but something about this excited him. Why not take advantage of the situation?

“Hey, you need some help?” He said. The thing turned around to look at him as if it had only noticed him now. “You seem in need of some...relief.”

The creature stared at Hagen for a moment, looked down at its throbbing erection, looked back at him and nodded. Its single eye had a pleading look to it.

“Then follow me,” he told it, a reassuring smile on his face.

With the creature waddling after him, he went back into the forest to where he had left his horse, hidden in a nearby clearing. He gave his mount a pat, before taking his blanket off its back and spreading it out on the grass. There was no romance in this and Hagen had little interest in foreplay. So he just pulled down his trousers and lay down. His manhood was only half-erect but a few strokes were enough to get it fully hard. Meanwhile the creature, that used to be a man and a woman, was standing nearby, looking at him with unhidden lust. Hagen just motioned it to come closer.

The creature did as told and waddled towards him, taking position between his legs facing his crotch. Apparently a bit unsure how to continue, it stepped closer and poked his balls with the tip of its cock, trying to get at his ass hole.

“Oh no, no, no,” he said, followed by a chuckle. “I am the one doing the fucking. You get onto this.”

Now that his intention was clear, the thing carefully tried to climb onto his body. After a few awkward attempts, Hagen gave it a hand and lifted the small creature onto his crotch. With his help, it managed to gently position its swollen anus over Hagen's manhood. Only now did he notice that it did not possess any female genitals but did not really care, either. Once in place he allowed the little freak to bend down and penetrate itself on his dick.

The whole affair was rather clumsy and rough but Hagen enjoyed it nonetheless. It had been ages since he had had a good fuck and, freak or not, this thing's asshole felt really good. The creature seemed to enjoy itself, too. Its single eye was clenched shut, as it awkwardly rode his cock with as much force as it could muster. Its own cock was bobbing up and down, slamming against Hagen's belly and leaving a trail of pre.

It did not take long for it to reach its limits. Unable to moan or scream, it shot its load in silence. Thick ropes of semen splattered all across Hagen's body, while he let go himself and shot his own semen into the creature's bowls. Unlike his partner he let out an involuntary moan. After all this time, he had forgotten how good it felt to cum inside someone else. Despite everything, this had actually been the most erotic and fulfilling experience he had in a long while.

Meanwhile the creature's penis had stopped ejaculating and was growing soft again, while its eye was half open and swayed drunkenly. Exhausted and content, it let itself fall forward, pulling Hagen's cock from its sphincter in the process.

The two lay there in the grass for a while, enjoying the post-coital peace while regaining their strength. It did not matter that they were both covered in semen, Hagen could wash it off later. Eventually he looked up at the creature. It was asleep, its chest rising gently, even though it did not seem to breath. Hagen had the unshakable impression that it was content and satisfied. Now he only had to think of what to do with it.


During the journey he had gotten more intimate with his creation. Some yes and no questions had revealed that the pudgy creature was indeed a single entity, the two humans' minds blended into something new. While retaining memories of both, it identified as neither. It had not even been able decide on a name, so Hagen had come to call it “Jiggly” for its bouncing boobs and jiggling ass. The creature seemed to like the nickname.

Jiggly's sexual appetite was quite demanding but Hagen had been happy to oblige. After all these years he had been unable to resist indulging himself and take advantage of the constantly horny companion. Nonetheless he had no qualms dropping Jiggly at Bolzedge. The creature was fun to have around but ill suited as the companion of a wandering bandit. The little thing probably realized that, too. While apparently a little saddened to see Hagen depart, it confessed to be happy with its new home. After all the place did not only offer a soft bed and solid roof but frequent sex with a variety of partners.

They had sex one last time in Jiggly's assigned room. The creature was asleep already, still covered in cum, when he left. He decided he'd check in on the creature at some point and left.


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