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Haechida Nest
Story By Kora | Art by Big Brap


Ava stirred as consciousness slowly returned to her. Through weak, disoriented eyes, she scanned her environment. The surrounding area was dimly lit, damp, and the walls seemed to be pulsating as if they were alive. The last thing she could remember was being attacked by a large humanoid insect, being stung, and dragged off as her consciousness faded in and out. It was then that she realized where she was, her adrenaline kicking in, snapping her out of her haze. She had been studying a newly discovered parasite they called haechida with her colleagues. Their living samples must have lured haechida workers, who clearly dragged her to their nest.

Fortunately for Ava, she was one quarter calerian. Even though she sported no calerian traits, she was endowed with male genitals since birth, something extraordinarily rare in half breeds, and virtually unheard of in quarter breeds. Had she been fully female, the haechida would have likely infected her, turning her into a worker, or worse, eaten. Ava squirmed, struggling against gelatinous slime that kept her firmly adhered to the fleshy walls of the nest. The sudden sensation pinching of her crotch drew her gaze down to her nylon clad penis, where she witnessed an adolescent haechida parasite cutting through her garments.

Ava shrieked and squirmed in a futile attempt to dislodge the parasite. Having created a sufficient opening, the parasite crawled inside her nylons and gripped her cock with its legs.


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The parasite extended a tendril from its abdomen, seeking for and rubbing against Ava's urethra. Without warning, the parasite penetrated Ava's penis, slipping the tendril deeper and deeper inside. Ava could do little but watch in horror as the parasite's abdomen deflated, migrating its organs along the tendril. The travel of the bulbous mass came to a slow upon reaching Ava's urethra, gradually forcing more and more of it in. Meanwhile, the barbs of the parasite's legs penetrated the flesh of her hilt, injecting a mutagenic venom, making Ava's flesh permeable and allowing the parasite to slowly melt into her penis.

Ava cried as the parasite's organs fully penetrated her cock, distending her urethra as it traveled further inside her groin. Her penis burned as the parasite disfigured her genitals, causing it to swell, becoming fat and segmented. Her mutating cock slowly tore free from her nylons, the sounds of the fabric tearing being drowned out only by Ava's shrieks of horror. Meanwhile, the parasite's organs pushed through into her scrotum, bonding with her testicles to commandeer her reproductive organs. Her scrotum grew heavy as her testicles increased in size, pushing passed the torn nylon that once kept her privates contained.

Ava cried in terror as she bore witness to her penis, now resembling a large grub with pointed legs protruding from each segment, wiggle and slither on its own accord. The parasite's body was now completely absorbed by her penis, taking full control of her genitals. The large grub like appendage was as long as her forearm and thicker than her bicep, yet awkwardly soft and squishy. The sight of this creature her cock had become repulsed Ava, causing a sense of disbelief and denial over her reality.


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Ava's cries quelled to a soft whimper as her scrotum seemingly came to life. It had swollen moreso than earlier, except this time it was different. Her scrotum felt increasingly sloshy with dozens of growing masses crawling within. The sensation was revolting, yet somehow mind numbingly erogenous at the same time Ava fought the new intensely pleasurable sensations that had washed over her, but her struggle was all for naught. Her cock tensed and contracted, causing the segments to become more pronounced. The pointed tips wriggled with anticipation, throbbing heavier and harder. Despite the sensation being completely alien to her, Ava knew she had been experiencing orgasm, but the nature of which was more horrible than she could have ever anticipated.

Thick goo oozed from the tip of her cock and her urethra bulged as the masses in her scrotum gradually made their way down. Her cock gently extended and contracted as if to aid the traveling masses, and quivered as the first broke free. An audible slorch reached Ava's ears as a larvae, her larvae, the child of Ava and the parasite, was birthed into this world. Unable to protest, Ava simply moaned in agonizing pleasure as more of her offspring entered this world, the goo from her cock lubricating the larvae's birth.

Ava's birthing orgasm lasted for a couple minutes, and as the last larvae exited her cock, her orgasm softly dulled and faded. Once again able to focus, she brought her gaze between her legs, watching as the larvae crawled about. Her testicles were once again smooth, and her cock gently slithered about while her goo cum ceased oozing from her urethra. Ava hadn't even noticed a slimy tendril approaching her from behind.


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Slime dripped on Ava's shoulder, snapping her attention to the tendril that was nearly upon her. Startled, Ava once again resumed her struggling. Thanks to her earlier struggles, the fabric of her clothes severely weakened. If it has not been for that, let alone the fact her attire contained so many layers, Ava could not have ripped herself free. Ava stumbled forward from the built up momentum, barely dodging the tendril. Gusts of air and hints of light guided the otherwise blind woman down the corridors of the nest. Her cock slapped against her thighs as she hastily made her escape, not stopping until reaching a large room which had also been covered in a fleshy mass.

Ava froze for a moment, surveying the area. Something was different from this chamber, and it wasn't until she witnessed a phallic appendage not unlike hers birthing larvae did she realize her surroundings. Merged with the fleshy walls were the victims of the haechida. Disturbingly, only vague vestiges of their torsos remained. Their legs, arms, and even heads had clearly been absorbed with the fleshy mass that lined the caverns. It then dawned on Ava that these must have been the remains of her male colleagues, now reduced to birthing outlets for the hive.

A commotion between Ava's legs snapped her from her sense of shock. Her heavy scrotum had once again started to quiver, signaling another batch of larvae was ready to be birthed.


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Ava's knees weakened and her legs quivered. She clutched the creature between her legs, gripping her former cock in hopes of denying the birth of the larvae. Her cock squirmed violently in her hands, and its pointed legs wriggled adamantly. Unable to retain her balance, Ava braced herself against the fleshy wall. Little did she know, the pheromones from the birthing process called to the nest, prompting the squishy tendrils within to erupt and bind her arm.

Ava whimpered as another tendril bound her free arm, and hollered as she was lifted off the ground and pulled tight against the fleshy wall. Yet another slimy tendril emerged, pushing deep in her anus, filling her entrails and burying itself to the hilt. Fully restrained and unable to gain traction, Ava could do little more than holler in defiance.


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Ava had been found by her coworker, Jill, mere seconds after her restraint. Jill froze for a moment, her eyes locked on Ava being stuck against the fleshy substance. Thanks to Jill's attire being not unlike Ava's, she too managed to escape her confines at the cost of her clothes being torn to shreads.

Jill was much like Ava, being only one quarter calerian and born with male genitals. Being quarter calerains, they retained a sense of smell that helps to identify the sex of others via pheromones. The two bonded over the profound improbability that they would even meet, and even engaged in a physical relationship during their time together. Even though Jill worked under Ava, she was still personally considered to be her equal.

Ava's pleas for help snapped Jill from her shock. Tightly gripping Ava's arms, Jill pulled with all her strength and all her weight, struggling to tear Ava free from her confines. The fleshy walls had already started to adhere to Ava's skin, but the more Jill separated her from the substance, the more the substance thinned.

Being in close proximity to each other, both Ava and Jill's possessed insectoid cocks curled and slithered together, eager to come in contact with one of their own kind. The sensation of their cocks rubbing together distracted Jill long enough for her larvae to be ready for birthing. The commotion within her scrotum and sudden increase in hormones sent Jill into an orgasmic haze. Realizing Ava's life was literally hanging in the balance, Jill struggled against her new organ, clutching the squirming mass of her scrotum and tightly squeezing her penis as it eagerly wiggled, hoping to give birth to the larvae filling her urethra.

Jill's legs weakened, collapsing beneath her. No longer able to fend off the impending orgasm and birthing process, she braced herself and gave into the pleasure of her cock bringing more larvae into the world.


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The moment Jill released Ava, the fleshy mass assaulting her pulled her tight once more. Without warning, another tendril emerged from the wall, shoving itself deep down Ava's throat.

Ava audibly moaned as her violation continued. Her genitals proved uninterested in Ava's plight and started birthing more larvae into the world. Tears streamed from Ava's eyes as she helplessly watched the malleable flesh cascade over her face. The tendrils penetrating both her mouth and anus continued to fill her body. The mass mingled and mixed with her organs, gently dissolving them while her form started to break down and become one with the nest. The fleshy walls slowly claimed more and more of Ava's body as its own, sealing her within.

Ava's arms and legs slowly turned to mush, her bones dissolved, and her organs melted away. Her mind seemed to reach out, eventually touching the minds of the nest's prior victims. Thoughts proved increasingly difficult for Avan to form. Not only did the intensity of her pleasure continue to rise, so did the loudening moans of the hive mind. Ava's consciousness slowly faded into a haze of wanton ecstasy while the last of her physique slowly melted away forever. Finally, as Ava's birthing reached its finale, so did the the squirming of her remains. All that was left of Ava's form was a feminine torso with mounds of flesh where her breasts had been, one of a kind among the midst of a half dozen male torsos. The only indication as to the victim's identity being a discarded pile of clothes and identification badge that had been soiled in birthing fluids and infested with larvae crawling throughout.


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Jill recoiled in horror as she exited the bliss of her birthing orgasm. She processed the sight of Ava's torso mounted to the fleshy walls while her parasitic cock oozed the last of its contents. She had failed to save her friend, her lover, from what was surely a horrible fate. Remorse and guilt had started to sink in, and if not for more tendrils suddenly reaching for Jill, her emotions would have left her debilitated had they festered much longer. She somehow survived Ava's fate, likely because the nest had been occupied with her former girlfriend. It's possible the nest didn't even realize Jill had been near Ava during her assimilation. But now that Ava was gone and with Jill continuing to produce pheromones signaling the nest for assimilation, there was nothing to stop its attempt at assimilating her as well.

Jill made haste down the corridors, dodging the tendrils that had sought to assimilate her. Her legs felt like mush and the pinching of her testicles between her thighs sent shocks of discomfort up along her spine, but this did not break her resolve. Her cock audibly slapped against her thighs with each strut she made. After one final corner, the exit finally revealed itself.

Jill stumbled out the opening, nearly falling off the precipice just outside. She doubled over, panting heavily, safe for now. Her cock wiggled between her thighs, seemingly uninhibited by Jill's exhaustion. Her plight was not yet over, but the worst of it seemed to have passed. Once she regained her stamina, Jill was sure to seek help with regard to her condition. As long as she could avoid the worker drones that was surely still about, then salvation would once again be in her grasp.


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Appendix: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42424771/

Haechida are a type of insect known for abducting and infesting animals which have testicles with the intent of propagating. This is accomplished by drones, usually transformed humans, immobilizing their victims and dragging them inside their nest, which is in fact their queen's abdomen. While the queens themselves are rarely larger than a human, they will burrow into caves with nutrient rich soil and draw on the nutrients so that their abdomen may grow. After some time, their abdomen will intertwine with their cave, forming the fleshy innards of their nest.

Once inside, the victim is adhered to the fleshy walls by the natural secretions of sticky slime. While the victim is unconscious, a haechida ant will merge itself with the victim's penis and fusing its egg sack with the victim's testicles. This results in the victim's penis growing exponentially and transforming into something that resembles a large segmented grub. They lose the ability to become fully erect, since the transformation causes their penis to become soft and squishy. Despite this, their penis gains the ability to wiggle and writhe, albeit at the behest of the merged haechida ant. The new autonomy of the victim's penis aids in the birthing of haechida larvae, which are conceived within the victim's scrotum and birthed from their urethra. The black barbs at the bottom of the victim's altered penis serves to assist in stimulating their genitals, which aids in the birthing process.

During the birthing process, the victim is met with intense orgasm that often renders them immobile and unable to think clearly. Rather than sperm, the victim's ejaculation is that of a thick and heavy slime designed to lubricate the larvae's birth. Despite the larvae being insect in nature, they are in fact the offspring of the haechida ant and the infected individual, as their sperm was used to create said larvae within their scrotum. Eventually, the larvae mature into haechida ants, and seek to merge with another victim's genitals.

Once an individual is capable of reproducing haechida larvae, pheromones are secreted from the victim, signaling the function of the queen's abdomen to begin absorbing them into her body. Once fully absorbed, their organs begin a mutation process and their minds become connected with the hive while their genitals continue to produce more larvae. Their assimilated genitals will continue to produce haechida larvae until the haechida ant's supply of eggs are exhausted, at which time their remains are fully processed into the queen's abdominal structure.

There have been instances where victims are able to escape from the nest prior to being absorbed. Unfortunately for these individuals, it is impossible for their genitals to revert to normal. Augmentations that could revert their physique only work on fully human DNA, of which their genitals are not. Also, the removal of the merged haechida ant is nearly impossible without amputating the penis. In the instances where the removal was successful, the victim is still left with a grub like penis, albeit fully under their control rather than partially. Despite this, the victims are still able to live normal lives so long as they are castrated to prevent the conception of future haechida larvae. Even after castration, the victims are still able to experience orgasm and will still ejaculate slime during climax. However, their day to day lives are often met with new challenges, as the autonomy of their penis often results in their penis wiggling around even while clothed, stimulating the barbs and often causing unwanted sexual pleasure.

Pictured above, we see a captured individual with a haechida ant fully merged with her genitals, undergoing the early stages of the absorption process into the queen's nest.