Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples

Challenge Round 6

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Randy randoms and precocious perverts disastrously dismayed or dangerously delusional that this is almost over! Welcome back to Belial Idol: Couples: the game show where courageous Couples undergo rounds of tantalizing transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where YOU! The awesome audience votes for which contestant are changed by our panel of salty celebrity Judges!

Last Episode was our fifth Transformation Round where our remixed Team #1, Ambergris and Lacey, were transformed into a jolly jumbo curvy catgirl and a headless horse with double asses!

Tonight we will be playing our Sixth Challenge Round game to determine who wins a modest cash prize and earns immunity from the final Transformation Round!

Tonight’s game will also reveal which Contestants can be changed in the next Transformation Round!

This Challenge Round Episode our Couples will be playing in the Belial Idol Olympics, a competition designed to pit our pretty pairs against each other!

That’s right folks and freaks: it’s another twist episode!

Tonight we are going to split our Contestant into two teams: The Brides versus The Grooms. These two teams will compete in a series of events that include team-versus-team games and head-to-head challenges that will have our Couples competing directly against each other! Whichever team wins the most events wins the Challenge Round! How ravishingly riveting!

But wait there’s more!

The winning team will not only gain transformation immunity but will also get to collaborate with a fan-voted Judge to give their scintillating significant other a comely custom transformation!

Who’s the tip top team!? Will the boys cum out on top and shower themselves in... victory!? Will the girls be able to bear down and grind out a... win?

Tune in to find out!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Enjoy the show!”


“Hi! It’s me, your favorite transformed interviewer Cassia! I’m here to check in with our new teams to test their temperature before tonight’s Challenge!

Let’s start with Team Bride: Ambergris, Lacey, and Trix!

Hi ladies!”




“Are you gals feeling the girl power?”

“Totally! I’m super excited to team up with these ladies! It’s like we’re sisters!”

“Really, Amber? You were on a team with Lacey last challenge and things were... bumpy...”

*meows* “I let my negative attitude get in the way of having fun and working together! This time I’ll be a much better teammate! And besides, Lacey is so big and strong! Such an asset to our team.”

“Huh. You aren’t even going to make a joke about how ‘the cattle is twice the ass now’...”



“Truth be told, Ah’m right surprised by this mahself...”

“Lacey, how are you feeling? You’re um?”

“Twice the ass I used to be?” *whickers wetly*

*laughs* “I was going to say facing some new handicaps now that you don’t have hands or arms or a face...”

“Well as long as mah saddle ain’t bindin’ me, Ah can ‘hear’ and... not see exactly since Ah’m blind as a midnight pig, but Ah can sense what’s round mahself. Ah think Arch’d call it ‘extended proprioception’. And I can still speak with mah cunts. So Ah’m not totally helpless.”

“That’s good. What happens when your saddle ties you up?”

*whickers* “Than Ah’m totally helpless! Can’t see, hear, speak or move, waitin’ for some folk to convince mah saddle to untie me and silently beggin’ for y’all to fuck me!”

“Sounds sexy...”

“Ah’m droolin’ pussy juices just thinkin’ bout it!”

*laughs* “Speaking of drooling cunts, Beatrix, your mouth has really continued pussifying.”

“Yessh, itsh really gotten shwollen and pretty, hashn’t it?”

“I guess I should describe it for the audience at home. For one Beatrix doesn’t really have a nose anymore: the tip of it is mostly clitoris and the bridge is made of its hood. Her mouth-opening has sort of a cross-shape? It still has a horizontal part that I guess is her original mouth, but it’s narrower, and has a new vertical slit that goes from her nose to her chin. Her lips, or I guess I should say vulva, are puffy and very pink and cup the entire vaginal-mouth opening. It’s really more cunt than mouth at this point and it’s so pretty! I really want to kiss it… with my giraffe cock.”

“Thanksh. I’d rather shuck your pusshy though!”

*laughs* “Eager to push your transformation even further? Go full cunt-face?”

“We’re running out of epishodes!”

*laughs* That we are! Alright, running along to other Team….

Hello Team Groom: Josh, Archie, and Gabe!”



“Hey, how’s it going?”

*laughs* “That’s my line! How are you all feeling about this next contest? Feeling full of masculine energy?”

*giggles* “I’m like, totally ready to go bro down!”


“Like, I’m excited for the game?”

“I too am brimming with excitement! We’re an excellent fellowship of fearsome fellas!”

*laughs* “The 3Fs, I love it. We should’ve made jerseys or something!”

“But, like? We’re naked?”

*laughs* “Maybe some temporary tattoos! But too late now! The games are about to begin! Let’s check in with Cynthia for details about the first event!”


“Thanks cacophonously cute Cassia!

Our First Event will be Boob Ball!

A fan favourite from the first Belial Idol, the name of the game is to get beautiful breasts into buckets! This time all our Contestants will play the game 3-vs-3, Brides-vs-Grooms, trying to get one boob at a time into their opponents’ bucket. The game will follow the unsexy rules of basketball: the boob must be bounced while a player is moving and no fiendishly frowned-upon fouls!

But what’s a game of Boob Ball without some tits!

So please welcome back our three Volunteer Tits from the last Challenge!

Carlie Cantaloupe!

Debra Doubloon!

Gertrude Giante!

Our living breasts with faces have all been treated with additional alchemy so they are rubbery and bouncey when holding their breath!

And it looks like our Boob Balls and Contestants are all ready to play! So without adding additional ado, let’s go to the beautiful boisterous booth!”


“Howdy sports fans!”

“Don’t you mean transformation fans?”

“Not today! It’s contest time!”

*titters* “I thought we were on the wrong show for a minute! I’m Bobbi.”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And it’s time for the big Boob Ball Event!”

“The name of the game is dribbling, passing, shooting, and dunking Boobs into buckets!”

“Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!”

“The game is played on a short court that has two trash can sized buckets on either end, one pink and one blue.”

*titters* “These buckets are the buckets the boobs go into!”

“The court has a red line around the perimeter marking the boundary of the court, a centre line down the middle, and a just-the-tip off dot in the middle!”

“Our contestants are currently lined up behind the baselines at either end of the court.”

“Team Bride is lined up behind the pink bucket: Amber, Lacey, and Beatrix!”

“Directly opposite them behind the blue bucket is Team Groom: Josh, Archie, and Gabe!”

“There are also two cockwomen on the court, here to serve as referees!”

“It’s my ex-wife Urethrella and our newest cockwoman Tina! Hi ladies!”

*grumbles* “Urethrella *would* be a referee…”

“Doe, be civil.”

*sighs* “The cockwomen are sporting fresh black and white striped body paint on their cock-shaft bodies to look the part of zebras.”

“Zebras? Those stripes are way to straight and orderly for zebras… they look like referees!”

*roles eyes* “Of course, silly me.” *giggles*

“Urethrella is gently rolling our first Boob ball Carlie Cantaloupe to centre court with her feet.”

“Carlie, to remind viewers, was a veterinary student who became a melon sized tit with a nipple-nosed face and a cute little cunt. She is currently holding her breath and is unnaturally round and a bit inflated, rolling easily like a ball.”

“Urethrella has rolled the Carlie right on the tip off dot and left her sitting there, face kind of turned sideways.”

“Tina, who has a special tin dildo in her pussy, has bent over to point her her ass and pussy at the contestants and….”


*titters* “It’s a whistle dildo! Amazing!”

“And the game has begun!”

“Our contestants are all running to centre court to grab Carlie Cantaloupe!”

“Ambergris, who is a very tall catgirl wih ten huge breasts, a big cock, and a pussy-anus has leaped to all four limbs and is rapidly bouncing toward Carlie the boob ball!”

“On team Groom, Gabe, who is a muscular man above the waist and a hermathroditic latex minotaur below the waist, is also rabidly charging, his udder surging and hooves loudly cracking on the court floor!”

“Amber has pounced at the boob-ball, over judged the leap, clumsily pawed at it with her black-pawed hands, and sent the boob rolling towards Gabe!”



“Who accidentally kicked it with a big hoof and sent it rolling to Lacey, who to remind folks is two horses asses…”

*giggles* “Picture two horse, now cut off the head and front legs…”

“Ah!!! Why would you do that!”

*giggles* “Hypothetically! Then take the leftover hindquarters and fuse then together in the middle so that there is a four-legged creature with an ass on either end.”

“Slap two cow udders on it and a permanent saddle and it’s Lacey!”

“Who Carlie the boob has just rolled up to…”

“Lacey seems not to know what to do, and is just poking the boob-ball gently with a hoof…”

“What’m Ah supposed to…”

“And Josh has just darted in to scoop up Carlie!”

“Like, too slow!”

“Josh, to remind viewers, has the physical body of a very curvy woman, with big fake-looking round breasts with mouths instead of nipples!”

“He has no mouth on his feminine face and has a very big cock between his generous, yet toned thighs!”

“Josh has started expertly dribbling Carlie Cantaloupe, who is bouncing like a natural ball!”

*giggles* “Or like an unnatural tit!”

“Amber is bounding over to Josh, probably to try for a defensive play!”

“Oh Josie….”

“Josh has a sent a hard, fast pass to Archie who just barely managed to catch the ball in four of his six hands.’


“Archie doesn’t really have an ideal body for Boob Ball. He has eight limbs: two short legs, two hugely muscular arms that he uses to walk on like a gorilla, and two androgynous arms and two feminine arms tucked underneath. It looks hard for him to dribble effectively!”

“Archie also has a big lipped, drooling mouth on his face mostly for oral sex, a long flexible penis trunk for a nose, heavy chesticles, a crotch serpent with a speaking mouth, and a heavy udder… It’s a lot to haul around the court!”

“Which is why Archie is deferring to Gabe, sending Carlie the Boob Ball over to him with an awkward bounce pass!”

“Gabe has caught the ball and started to dribble down the court in an ungainly high and overly strong and heavy way...”

“Beatrix is moving to get in his way, her ten tentacles outstretched, creating a wide thicket of limbs for him to get around or through.”

“Beatrix, for the sightless, has ten tentacles instead of arms, two rows of breasts spread around her torso, and an increasingly pussified mouth!”

“Her tentacles kind of have a mind of their own, but right now they all seem focused on the game!”

“Gabe! Gabe! Like, I’m open?”

“Gabe has sent Carlie the boob on a high lob pass over to Josh who jumps and easily catches her. He has dribbled into position, but is being boxed out by Lacey and Amber.”

“Josh has set himself, jumped, and shot Carlie Cantaloupe at the basket!”


“And he has sunk the boob!”

“Like, swish!”

“Team Groom is on the board! 1-0 for the guys!”

“Bros! Bros! Bros!”

“Great job Josh!”

*giggles* “Aww! Thanks!” *blushes*

“Our teams are resetting with the Brides and Grooms lining up on their respective ends of the court and Urethrella rolling out the next Boob Ball!”

“This time we will playing with a ballified Debra Doubloon, a full-time breast who still works as a part-time teachers assistant and student!”

“Debbie Dee is a larger breast, inflated to the size of a large sports ball, which is appropriate enough.”

*titters* “If a large sports ball had a smiling face and slickly wet aroused cunt!”

*giggles* “DD does seem extra excited to be ball doesn’t she?”

“Everyone is ready and the court is good to go!”


“And Tina the cockwoman ref has blown her dildo whistle starting the round!”

“This time Gabe has won the race to the boob ball and has scoped up Debra Doubloon!”

“He has started awkwardly dribbling her and is making his way to the pink Bride Team bucket!”

“Except he’s paying attention to dribbling instead of where he’s going…”


“And run right into Lacey!”

“Which has knocked him down and made him drop the boob!”

“Bobbie, isn’t that a foul?”

“No, since Lacey is standing still that is technically a pick! And legal!”

“That’s a relief! Amber has picked up the stray Debbie and is now dribbling her way to the Blue Groom’s basket!”

“Josh is trying to get in her way, but she easily spins off of him, bouncing to the basket!”

“Amber is very agile!”

“As are her ten huge boobs and big balls, which are all flopping around wildly!”


“Archie has put himself between Amber and the bucket, sticking out his arms and trunk defensively!”

*titters* “But Amber has just bounced the ball past him and vaulted over him!”

“And caught the ball on the bounce! In midair!”


“And has slammed the boob into the bucket!”


“Cattgirl can dunk!”

*titters* “With authority!”

“The game is tied 1-1!”

“Which means that the next and final Round of Boob Ball well determine the winner of the first event!”

“Our teams are resetting and the horrid Urethrella is rolling out our final Ballified Boob!”

“It’s Gertrude Giante!”

“Who was an engineering grad student studying flyid mechanics who became a wobbly watermelon sized breast!”

“Except now, inflated by her held breath and alchemy she is almost the size of a beech ball!”

*giggles* “It looks like Gerty will barely fit into the buckets!”

*titters* “Who doesn’t love a tiiiiiiiight fit?”

“Everyone is in position! Tina is ready with her whistle dildo!”


“The final Round of Boob Ball has started!”

“This time Amber has won the race to the giant Giante boob ball!”

“She’s awkwardly dribbling it with both hand-paws, since it’s so big!”

“Amber is also getting double teamed by Gabe and Josh!”

*titters* “I think I had wet dream like that last night!”

*giggles* “I was wondering why our sheets were jizzy this morning…”

“Anyway! Amber has decided to pass Gerty to Beatrix, sending the big boob on a floating arc!”


“But Beatrix fumbled the boob with her tentacles, and Gertrude Giante has fallen out of bounds!”


“Urethrella has rolled Double G back to Archie who is inbounding the big boob ball Gabe….”


“Who relays it to Josh in a bouncing pass under the legs of Lacey!”


“Josh has found some space, but Amber is closing in on him and Beatrix has positioned herself between him and their bucket!”

“Mrow! Josie!”

“Josh has let out a deep breath and is taking another distance shot on the bucket!”

“Gertrude is floating, floating, over Beatrix, floating on bucket and….”

*rumble bounce bounce bounce*

“Oooooh! So close!”

“Gertrude Gainte has bounced off the rim of the bucket!”

*giggles* “She’s just too girthy!”

“Beatrix has managed to scoop up the boob ball in her tentacles and is trying to dribble with her tentacles…”

“Goodness that looks awkward!”

“I think we just figured out why squid don’t play Boob Ball….”

“Beatrix is making her way up the court…”

“And Gabe is moving to defend and, oh!”



“Demons, Trix, I’m sorry! Are you okay!”


“Gabe has just slid and crashed into Beatrix, taking her down in a heap!”

“Don’t worry folks, she’s okay!”

*giggles* “Her tentacles have even started to caress and probe Gabe who is helping her up!”

“No harm, no foul…”

*titters* “Actually, folks, definitely a foul!”

“A flagrant one!”

“Which means that Beatrix will have a chance at a free throw!”

“Precisely! Beatrix will be given the boob ball at centre court and given one chance to throw Gertrude into the bucket from that long distance!”

“It’s actually a very challenging shot, especially when you consider that Gerty Gee is nearly as wide as the bucket!”

“Urethrella, ugh, has rolled the ball over to Beatrix, who has picked up Gertrude and bounced her a few times to try and get a feel for her weight…”

“Beatrix seems uncertain about how to throw the boob ball…”

“Now she’s inserted a tentacle into her cuntish mouth, pulled it out dripping in juices, and held it up to feel for any breezes or airflow…”

“Now she’s lifting Gertrude up to her face and is licking the boob balls pussy… I guess for good luck?”

“Gerty seems to be enjoying it! Now Beatrix is holding GG the boob ball in a group of tentacles like a swing?”

“It looks like she’s going to try the granny throw technique!”

“Here goesh nothing!”

“Annnnd Beatrix has thrown Gerty up into the air!”

“The boob ball is tracing a high arc, and looks to be off target! Gertude is going to overshoot the bucket!”

“Except… Gerty is blowing out her breath and deflating! Which is shortening her arc and making her fall faster!”

“And shrinking her down to better fit in the basket!”


“Phluck yessssh!”



“Gertude is in the bucket! Beatrix has done it! The Brides have won the first event 2-1!”

“But… The boob ball deflated herself? Isn’t that cheating?”

“Shhh… we don’t want to start some sort of deflategate…”

*titters* “Fine! Let’s go back to Cynthia to hear about our next event!”


*laughs* “Congratulations beautiful bountiful Brides on winning the Boob Ball Event!

This means the overall Contest Challenge score is 1-0 for the lovely ladies!

Next up we have the first of our incisive Individual Events which will pit Couple #1 against each other!

That’s right! It’s time to see the awesome Ambergris take on the jolly Josh!

Their 1-on-1 event will be another returning game, the Gladiator Battle Event!

Our two Contestants will face each other on a balance beam suspended over a tank of fluids! Each comely combatant will be given a glorious gladiator weapon which they will use to knock their opponent off the beam and into the tank! The last Contestant still on the beam wins!

Oh! And as an added twist: the fluid in the tank will contain alchemy!

How fundamentally and fiendishly fun!

Ambergris and Josh, goodluck!

And may the best combatant win!”


“Welcome back TF fans!”


*giggles* “The TF stands for transformation and fight!”

“And speaking of transforming and fighting… our Contestants have entered their arena!”

“That’s right, Amber and Josh have both carefully climbed onto a narrow balance beam positioned over a large splash tank!”

“A splash tank spiked with Alchemy!”

“Both Amber and Josh have been given gladiator jousting sticks to whack, bump, or poke each other off the balance beam and into the transformative tank!”

“The jousting sticks are long poles with big foam pads on either end, pink for Amber and blue for Josh!”

“Now that they’ve retracted the little gangway ramps, our contestants are surrounded on all sides by alchemy!”

“Which means our combatants can be knocked off either side of the balance beam, but can also be driven off the back ends of the beam and into the transformative drink!”

“Amber and Josh are facing each other, looking eager and ready!”

“Kitty, it’s like, time for your bath!”

*giggles* “But you know I hate getting wet!”

*giggles* “Like, I thought pussies loved being wet!”

*titters* “Oh! I was just about to say that!”


“The starting gong has sounded! The Gladiator Battle Event has begun!”

“Josh is carefully shuffling forward towards the middle of the beam and Amber is casually strutting over to meet him!”

“Josh has a taken a big swing with his jouster!”

“And Amber has nimbly jumped backwards!”

“Leaving Josh looking quite unbalanced…”

“Like, woah!”

“Meow! Careful!”

“Now Amber has launched a series of small jabs with her jouster, which is driving Josh back along the beam!”

“Josh has reached the end of the beam! And is teetering right at the edge”

“Annnnnnnd he’s caught himself! Barely!”


“Amber has just launched herself backwards and has done a series of backflips along the balance beam to end up standing gracefully back at her starting place!”

“You, like, big show off!”


“Josh and Amber are coming together again! Josh has winded up for a big charging wallop…”

“But Amber has leapt completely over him, spinning in the air, landing lightly on the other side, and giving Josh a bump in the butt with her jouster which has sent him stumbling forward!”

“Like, hey!”


“Doe, Amber is really good at this.”

“Yeah, Josh seems hugely outmatched…”

“Why doesn’t Amber just end it then?”

“I think, I think our kitty is toying with her dinner…”

“Josh has launched a series of jabbing attacks at Amber, which she is easily dogging or blocking…”

“Somehow she has wiggled inside Josh’s reach to kiss his mouthless face, and to give his cock a playful squeeze.”


*giggles* “I love you!”

“I like, love you too?”




“Amber has just used her tail to take out Josh’s legs!”

“Which has sent him falling into the tank!”

“Josie, you’re changing!”

“He sure is!”

“Josh is climbing out of the pool and his skin looks pinker and sort of plasticky?”

“Like he might be a doll or mannequin!”

“His two big fake looking breasts have gotten a bit bigger and have become stiffer and more molded, more like a mannequin’s chest than flesh and blood tits!”

“Like, what do you mean?”

“Josh has also grown long, cascading blonde hair that tumbles down his back!”

“And he has grown a new mouth on his face…”

“Except it isn’t moving… it’s held open in an O-shape like a sex doll…”

“Which I guess this new mouth is decorative? Meaning that his lipples are still his actual mouths!”

“Josh has climbed all of the way out of the tank and is touching his new doll mouth…”

*gasps* “Oh! Like, it’s so sensitive!”

“His cock, which has grown a bit longer has gotten erect!”


*titters* “And started vibrating!”

“Meow! Josie! Omigosh! You’re so pretty!”

“Well, folks, there you have it, Amber has won the Gladiator Battle Event for Team Bride…”

“And Josh seems to have gotten a sex doll makeover!”

“Let’s go over to Cynthia to get us ready for the next Event!”


*laughs* “I could just play with Josh now! Undress him in the clearly kinkiest clothes!

But on to business!

Congratulations Amber on winning our first 1-on-1 event!

This means the beautiful Brides have a commanding 2-0 led in the Contest Challenge!

Which means they only need to win one more Event to take victory! Better step it up Team Groom!

For our next event we have another instinctively Individual game which will pit Couple #2 against each other!

The luscious Lacey versus the ambi-ambi-ambidextrous Archibald!

They will playing in another returning fan fvourite game: The Rainbow Game Event!

A game where our contestants will have to suck, or I guess in Lacey’s case, fuck the most cocks!

But first let’s give warm welcome to Richard Hardman, the winner of the Ultimate Fan sweepstakes from our Sponsor: Lascivious Luxury Lipstick!

Dick! Cum on down!”


“Hi Dick!”

“Uh, hi… and, golly, sorry, but I prefer Rick?”

“Not for long!”

“I’m sorry?”

“Here, hippity hop right over here and drink this.”

“Okay?” *glug*

“Alright! Back to Bobbi and Doe in the booth!”


“Welcome back!”

“It looks like we have a transformation on our hands!”

“That’s right! A very horny and confused looking Richard Hardman has started to change!”

“Rick started out as a thoroughly average looking 20-something guy with sandy hair and terrible posture!”

*giggles* “But now he is standing totally erect!”

“His arms are melting into his torso and his upper body is becoming cylindrical and veiny!”

“Meanwhile his legs are ballooning out into huge testicles for him to balance on!”

“He has grown a loose turtle neck of foreskin but his face isn’t changing much. His head is becoming a glans-purple colour and his hair is falling out…”

“Which is for the best since that was just an awful haircut…”

“I’d say that he looks like a giant Dick Hardman now!”

“I’d say he looks like a nine foot tall penis!”


“And now Dick is sprouting what look like nipples all over his body…”

“Except those nipples are glans! Dick is growing a whole forest of tiny dicks all over his shaft, each with their own ballsack!”

“Dozens of little dicks on the big Dick!”

“And not just any cocks, these are special penises that will light up once they ejaculate, which is part of how we will keep track of the score!”

“What’s the other part?”

“Each of our contestants will be wearing a different colour of Lascivious Luxury Lipstick and will paint each cock with that colour. We just match the glowing cock to the makeup colour and tally it up.”

“But Doe, Lacey doesn’t have a mouth… or head…”

“It’s not a problem! Lascivious Luxury brand also makes the Promiscuous Pussy Paint for those other lips!”

“Oh demons, I’m so haaaaard….”

“It looks like Dick Hardman is ready for the game!”

“And so are our Contestants! Lacey has both her cunts painted bright pink and Archie has applied blue lipstick to the huge lips on his oral sex mouth and to his speaking mouth!”

“Archie looks especially excited, drool pouring from his oral sex mouth, splattering on the big rack of testicles on his chest.”

*pants* “What a completely sumptuous looking feast….”


“The Rainbow Party Event has begun!”

“Our Contestants will have until Dick Hardman blows his load from his main cock body to suck as many of his smaller cocks to completion as they can!”

*giggles* “The Cock is ticking!”

“Both of our contestants have rushed to Dick Hardman!”

“Archie has wasted no time, inhaling a cock to the hilt with his wet plush original mouth!”

“He is also sucking a second cock with his smaller speaking mouth which is at the end of his flexible crotch serpent!”

*slurp slurp slurp*

“Archie is also using all six of his hands to stroke and jerk off as many other cocks as he can reach!”

“I guess he is trying to prime them for faster sucking?”

“He better be careful not to make them cum though!”

*titters* “No points will be awarded for handies!”

“Although, Bobbi, if you think about it, jacking off cocks is actually a good defensive strategy since it stops Lacey from scoring points off those cocks.”

*titters* “I’m not sure Archie is worrying about that! I think he just likes sucking and stroking cocks!”

*giggles* “Lacey, meanwhile, has had to resort to fucking Dick’s dicks with her pussy since she currently lacks a mouth!”


“Seems like fun!”

“She is really going for it! Slamming into Dick, her udders shaking!”

“Ride’m cowgirl!”

“Oh Demons!”


“Looks like Lacey has just orgasmed and gotten off one of  Dick’s cocks, which is glowing and coated in pink paint!”

“She is on the board!”

“Unfortunately, Archie has already gotten off ten cocks, six of which have rings of blue lipstick!”

“Archie is a cocksucking machine!”

“And not slowing down!”

*suck suck suck*

“Lacey has turned herself around and is now fucking a new Dick’s dick with her opposite vagina!”

“Got to spread the love around!”

“Again she is really trying to speed hump Dick to try and catch to Archie!”

“Careful Lacey! One of her saddle-cocks is rubbing on a Dick penis and…”

“There it blows!”

“Triggering the saddles’ bondage tentacles which are tying Lacey up and muting her ability to ‘see’, ‘hear’, and speak!”

*silent writhing*

*titters* “Yep, Lacey is helplessly waiting to be fucked or freed!”

“Which I guess means Archie wins?”

“It certainly looks that way! Archie has ejaculated at least twenty-four glowing cocks, sixteen of which have blue lipstick on them…”

“In comparison to Lacey who has only managed to get off one cock and paint two pink!”

“I guess technically the Event is still ongoing since Dick Hardman hasn’t blown his main load yet…”

“Maybe Archie wants to run up the score?”

*gasps* “Oh! Oh demons! Oh I’m so close! Ahhhhhhh!!!”


“There he blows!”

“Dick has just erupted! Spewing cum through his big dick body and out of his mouth!”

*titters* “Coating himself, the self-bound Lacey, and the furiously sucking Archie in big ropes of cum!”

“Which means the Rainbow Party Event is over…”

“And yet Archie is still sucking and jerking Dick’s dicks!”

*slurp* *suck* *moan*

“I guess it’s just for fun now…”

“Well congratulations Archie! You’re clearly best at sucking dicks and the winner of the Rainbow Party Event!”

“Also congrats to Dick Hardman on his new form and his lifetime appointment in the lipstick testing department of Lascivious Luxury’s headquarters!”

“And now back to Cynthia to tell us about the next event!”


“How does a hoppy hostess get a job in the lipstick testing department? Asking for myself!

Congratulations to Archie on winning our second 1-on-1 event!

I’d say you were born for this game, but I was here when we remade you!

*laughs* This means Team Groom is on the board, although they’re still trailing the blushing Brides who have a 2-1 lead in the overall Challenge!

The groovy guy Grooms are still in danger of elimination!

Our next Event is our final 1-vs-1 game which will pit Couple #3 against each other!

The totally tentacular Trix versus the gargantuan Gabe!

Couple #3 will be playing yet another returning game: The Hangout Event!

Our two Contestants will have to hang by their hands … or tentacles… from a trapeze swing which will be suspended over a pool!

A pool which of course is filled with transformative Alchemy!

Whichever Contestant can hold on the longest is our winner!

And whoever drops first is going for a transformative swim!

Holy happy heck!

Be sure to get a super strong good grip!

Take it away ladies!”


“Welcome back!”

“Who’s ready to hangout!?”

“Hopefully Beatrix and Gabe!”

*titters* “Our two contestants are just grabbing ahold of their swings: a pink one for Beatrix to wrap her trntacles around and a blue on for Gabe to grab with his big meaty hands!”


“And the game has started! Our contestants are being winched up, up, up, and over the splash tank!”

“Which to remind viewers is laced with potent alchemy!”

“Whoever holds on longest wins the Event and gets a point for their Team!”

“And whoever falls into the tank gets transformed!”


“Doe, who do you think has an advantage here?”

“It’s tough to say. Gabe has alchemically boosted muscles but is heavier, while Lacey has ten tentacles to share the load… but how reliable are they?”

“Hmm… do you think Beatrix will use her tentacles to try and knock Gabe down?”

“Our horrifying Producers have already thought of that and positioned Beatrix and Gabe just far enough apart that she can’t reach him.”

“Too bad, that would have been hot!”

“Speaking of interference: they might not be able to touch, but that doesn’t mean they can’t smack talk.”

“Glabe why don’ you jush glib upf now and go flor a shwim?”

*laughs* “Why? Tired already?”

“Nod ad all. I’ve god ten tendaclesh to your meashly two armsh, a clear advandage flor me.”

“Oh I can do this all day!” *laughs*

*titters* “Gabe is doing chin ups to prove his point.”

*giggles* “Absolutely perfect form.”

“Say, Trix, how much do you think you can trust those limbs of yours? Do you think some of them might go rogue?”

“Quied… I’m hanging…”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if just one tentacle let go of the swing? Just to caress you a bit, maybe tease your nipples….”

“Oh! Look! One of Beatrix tentacles is unwinding itself from her swing and is starting to rub her twelve breasts!”

*giggles* “I guess it liked Gabe’s idea!”

“Now Trix, doesn’t that feel good? Think of how much better if two or three more tentacles were fondling you too? Kneading your tits? Squeezing. Constricting…”

“Shtoppp….” *dribble*

“And there go four more tentacles from the swing!”

“That’s right! Half of Beatrix’s tentacles are now squeezing, caressing, rubbing the twelve breasts arranged around her body instead of holding her up!”

“But that’s all just foreplay…. Don’t you want to feel tentacles inside you? Filling your pussy and anus? Feel them wriggle in, stretch you out, make you cum?”


*titters* “Three more tentacles have released the swing!”

“Two of which are squeezing into her cunt and the other wiggling into her anus.”

*titters* “Gabe’s plan is super effective!”

*gasps* “Oh Demonsh!”

“What about your poor mouth pussy? Isn’t it wet and hungry for a big, thick, hot tentacle too? Doesn’t it beg to be filled too?”

*squish* *muffled moaning sounds*

“One more of Beatrix’s tentacles has released the swing and is fucking her in her pussified mouth!”

“Which means Beatrix is dangling from a single tentacle!”

“Yeah, it looks precarious too! Beatrix is swaying more than a little as nine of tentacles stroke, rub, squeeze, and fuck her!”

“How long do you think she can hang from a single limb?”

“Tentacles are pretty strong…”

“Does it feel good? Are you almost ready to cum? Does your whole body feel like a sex star burning in the night?”

*muffled moaning*

“How much better would it feel if you transformed more? What if you just let go with that last tentacle? What if you jumped into the alchemical vat and changed? Became even sexier?”

*muffled moans*

“How much more pleasure could you feel?”

*muffled gasps*

“Do it Trix! Just let go! Do it!”

*muffled orgasm sounds*


“Beatrix has just let go of the swing!”

“And fallen into the alchemical vat!”

“Meaning that Gabe has won the Hangout Event and gotten another point for Team Groom!”

“But who cares because Beatrix is transforming!”

*titters* “What we are all here for!”


“It’s hard to see exactly what’s happening…”

“Yeah, I mostly see a lot of twisting limbs and splashing…”

“Oh! I see tentacles pushing over the side of the tank! Beatrix is climbing out!”

“Except… doesn’t that seem like a lot of tentacles?”

“Yes! Because it is!”

“Beatrix fell into the tank with a pussified mouth, twelve big breasts arranged in a two rings around her torso and ten tentacles for arms…”

“And is coming out with a bunch more tentacles!”

“Specifically her legs have been replaced by ten new tentacles which are skirted like an octopus and covered in suction cups on their bottom.”

“Each leg tentacle is as thick as a thigh where it emerges from her hips and tapers to a fine point by the end. I’d say they are each at least twelve feet long…”

“At least! Beatrix has also had her hair replaced by tentacles! Ten that are long enough to hang down to the small of her back and which are lined with suction cups…”

“And two longer ones that are long enough to brush the ground when she’s… standing? Resting on her tentacles at a standing height?”

“These two extra long tentacles are smooth, have obvious phallic heads, and are clearly cocks! And they look long enough to reach both of her pussies!”

“Beatrix has also gained some new colouration: her head tentacles are an inky almost black purple, and her other tentacles have dark purple spots on their non-suction cuppy sides!”

“Oh yesh!” *moans*

“Beatrix has collapsed into a knot of tentacles which are rubbing, squeezing, and penetrating her body!”

*titters* “It looks like she’s wasting no time to try out her new cock tentacles!”

*giggles* “Yep! She’s got one tentacock in her pussy and one tentacock in her mouth-pussy and is absolutely railing herself from both ends!”

“Gabe is rushing over to check on her… and… oh!”

*giggles* “And gotten himself snared and tangled in tentacles too!”

*titters* “Which are playing with his udder, cock, and fucking his bovine pussy!”

“Ohhhh Demons!”

“It looks like Beatrix has also managed to get ahold of two stage hands and an alchemical technician and is starting to fuck them too!”

*titters* “While Gabe may have gotten the points, I’d say Beatrix has won the Event!”

*giggles* “I don’t know about that: Gabe looks to be winning too!”

“Regardless, it’s time to go back to Cynthia to hear about our next and final Event!”


To be continued…


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples

Challenge Round 6

Part II

*laughs* “Who doesn’t love when a happy hoppy hangout ends in tremendous tentacles!

Congratulations to Gabe for winning our final 1-on-1 Event!

Also congratulations to Beatrix for her new lewdly long and lovely limbs!

This means our Teams are all tied up 2-2 going into the final event!

Anyone can win!

It’s almost like this is scripted or something! *laughs*

Our final Event is another 3-vs-3 game in which all of our Contestants will play!

Team Bride versus Team Groom!

This is a new Event we are calling Castle Battle!

Each Team will be given a fortress which will be hung with 5 totally tactical targets!

The object of the game is to use artful artillery to hit all 5 targets on the opposing Team’s castle before their own targets are knocked out!

Sexy siege superb!

But what will our Contestants use as advanced awesome artillery?

Why our beautiful Belial Idol Cockwomen of course!

Each Contestant will be paired with one of our giant-cocks-on-long-lovely-lady-legs and have to shoot their canon cum at the targets!

The first Team to ejaculate all over their opposing Team’s castle wins the Event and the Challenge!

It’s a winner take all bukkake battle ball!

But wait!

There are only 5 Freyan Cockwomen on staff and 6 Contestants?

This means we are going to need one last voluptuous volunteer!

Willow Black!





“Welcome back transformation fans!”

“We have one last event for you! Filled with giant cocks and cumshots!”

“And before that can happen, one last transformation!”

“Our volunteer Willow Black is making her way onto the small side stage where the transformation apparatus is prepared…”

“She is taking off her black, lacy clothing to reveal a very pale, tall, and angular body with small pointy breasts.”

“She has a small red hour glass tattoo on her back and spiderweb motifs on her arms and legs!”

*giggles* “I’d say we have a hot gothic lady on our hands Bobbi.”

“But not for long, since she is climbing into the modified Freyan cockification machine The Producers have procured for the episode!”

“Willow Black is seating herself in the saddle of the machine, her long pale legs resting on the ground.”


“Now they are closing the mold like steel cylinder of the machine, sealing Willow inside  and completely covering her except for those long legs!”

*hissing sounds*



“Our alchemical team is activating the machine and also releasing the alchemical spray from the tanks we’ve added to the machine!”

“Doe, doesn’t cockification work with Freyan runes and mana? I don’t remember Urethrella needing any alchemy when she changed….”

*giggles* “The Producers decided to spice things up by building a special hybrid device!”


“It looks like the process is finished!”

“Let’s see how Willow Black turned out!”

“Oh cool!”

“Yeah! Willow Black is definitely a Freyan cockwoman now: her head, torso, and arms have all been fused into a very elegant pale giant penis!”

“A dick the size of a her whole upper body! Yowza!”

“A penis so pale you can see the brilliant blue tracery of veins and a hint of spiderweb tattoos around where Willow’s phallic upper cock body meets her hips!”

“Which is where things get interesting!”

“Willow Black still has her original pale, tattooed legs and the slit of her original pussy between them, but she’s grown eight long, elegant spider legs which she is using to stand on.”

“Her original legs are dangling, more like decorative limbs than anything. Or those little spider arms…”

“Willow Black has also grown a huge black scrotum, but instead of hanging between her original thighs, as is traditional, her balls have become a smooth spider-like abdomen that hangs from the back of her body!”

“Her bug black nutsack has gotten her red hourglass tattoo which has expanded to better fit her arachnid bulge!”

*giggles* “Willow Black has become a phallic Black Willow!”

*titters* “She’s our Freyan Spider-Cockwoman!”

“Willow is scuttling to her place on Team Brides Castle to be part of their cock artillery!”

“I guess we should describe the battlefield?”

“Yes! In our main studio space we’ve constructed two small castles: a pink one for Team Bride and a blue one for Team Groom.”

“Each castle has a tall wall lined with a parapet along the top and three towers; a short one on either end and a taller central one!”

“There are three battle platforms on each castle: two on the parapet level in front of the small towers and an elevated platform on the central tower. These are where our Contestants and their cockwomen canons are positioned!”

“Each castle also has five targets: two attached to the main wall and one hung on each of the three towers!”

“The castles have been built facing each other, tower defense style, and are spaced about 30 feet apart!”

“Luckily all our cockwomen have taken an alchemical supplement to increase the range of their cum shots and have been no-nutting for over a week to load up their loads!”

“The Contestants must hit each target on the opposing Teams Castle using semen shot out of their cockwoman!”

“The first Team to hit all the targets on the opposing castle will win the Event!”

“And since the Challenge is currently tied 2-2, the winning Team will also win the entire Challenge Round, gaining immunity and the right to help design their partners’ last transformation!”

“It looks like Willow has climbed into position by scuttling straight up the wall like a spider!”

“We’re finally ready for the battle to begin!”


“And the battle has started!”

“All our Contestants have wasted no time and have started to fuck their cockwomen artillery!”

“Wow! They’re all very motivated to win!”

*giggles* “Or they just want to fuck!”

“On the Bride Castle, Ambergris, our multibreasted hermaphroditic catgirl, has been paired with Tina, our second-newest cockwoman!”

“Tina is a stock Freyan Cockwoman: entirely a huge cock above the waist, big balls spilling into her lap, long beautiful feminine legs and ass, and a cute little pussy.”

“Speaking of cute pussies! Amber is rubbing her newly gained large cock against Tina’s vulva, teasing her to wetness.”

“Tina seems nervous though…”

“Meow, are you okay? You seem kind of tense!”

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry! I’m just kind of nervous… I’ve never had sex as a cockwoman on television before…

“You’ve had sex on TV before!?”

*nervous laughter* “No… I was just a college student before this! Being a cockwoman model is so new!”

*purrrs* “Well I think you are doing a marvelous job! You’re so beautiful and elegant and big and hard!”


“Uh huh! You make me wet just looking at you, and your pussy makes me so hard.” *purrrrs* “Can’t you feel how hard I am?”


“Were you a music major? I see you have a musical tattoo… did you write this composition?”

*gasps* “Yes…”

*mrrrow* “It’s beautiful, the song and the tattoo!”

“Y-you can read it?” *pants*

*purrrrrrr* “I have a very expensive education! Want me to hum your song it into your pussy?”

*gasps* “Oh yes!”

*titters* “I give that seduction an 8/10, Doe!”

*giggles* “Amber has fallen to all fours and is eating out Tina’s pussy while humming a very nice sonata!”

“I find I like classical music best when it’s played on a vagina!”

*giggles* “Our other, more experienced standard cockwoman, your ex-wife Urethrella is paired with Archie on the Groom Castle.”

“Archie to remind folks has a cock trunk, oral sex mouth, six arms of various sizes, chesticles, an udder, and a mouth at the end of a prehensile serpent growing from his crotch!”

“While you’re ex-wife is a standard cockwoman with a torso sized penis body, lap-filling balls, and the body of a beautiful woman from the hips down.”

“Urethrella is very particular about what she likes and they seem to be negotiating…”

“I’d absolutely adore eating your pussy.” *drools*

“I appreciate that, but if you want the most bang for your fuck you’re going to need to nail me with that cock trunk of yours.”

“If you insist, but I must remark that I’m exquisitely gifted at oral and frankly a little disappointed that you will not give me an opportunity to demonstrate it for you.”

“Well you are welcome to eat my ass while you fuck me.”


“Eating Urethrella’s shit… why does that feel familiar?”

“Doe, be nice! And Archie, be sure to work the back of her knees! They’re very sensitive!”

“Lacey, meanwhile, has been paired with the cockwoman Scroti!”

“Scroti is our muscular howitzer of a cockwoman! Her cock-body is extra long, girthy, and veiny and she is a forceful and explosive ejaculator!”

“Her feminine legs, hips, and ass are extra bodybuilder musucular and she has a long hard macroclit.”

“Lacey, meanwhile, is basically the hindquarters two female draft horses fused together with bovine udders and a permanent saddle…”

“Since Lacey lacks hands, a mouth, or a cock of her own the Producers gave provided her a huge equine double dildo that she is gripping in one pussy and using to fuck Scroti!”

“Isn’t Lacey technically blind?”

“Yes! So who knows how she’s going to hit anything!”

“Beatrix, meanwhile has been paired with our brand new cockwoman: Black Willow!”

“Both our new Spider-Cockwoman and freshly transformed tentacle monster seem to be embracing their new forms!”

“By literally embracing each other’s forms!”

*giggles* “That’s right! Beatrix has really latched onto Willow, winding her many tentacles around the gothic Cockwoman.”

“Which is a lot of limbs! Eight plus two legs and sooooo many tentacles!”

“Hey Bobbi, what did the octopus say to the spider?”

“I dunno, what?”

“Nothing because Beatrix has opted to use her mouth-slash-pussy and long prehensile tongue to eat out Willow’s pussy!”

*titters* “Why isn’t she using her new cock-tentacles?”

“She is! One cock tentacle is buried in her own snatch and the other is fucking Willow in her asshole to simulate her giant prostate!”

“But Doe, isn’t sucking Willow’s cunt going change Beratrix’s mouth more into a pussy?”

“Yes! How exciting!”

“Speaking of exciting… Josh is paired with our puzzle-ified cockwoman Shafta!”

“Shafta resembles a standard cockwoman with the usual penis and balls torso and lady legs, but her skin is totally covered in a riot of beautiful tattoos!”

“Moreover she has a plasticky appearance since she was recently turned into a living 3D jigsaw puzzle!”

“Shafta is currently assembled and Josh is fucking her with his cock!”

“Which was recently transformed to vibrate when erect…”


“Ohhhhhh…. Josh, I’m too *gasps* sensitive… can you turn that thing down… *moans*”

*pants* “Like, sorry? I don’t, like, know how?”


“I’m….” *gasps* “I’m gonna….” *whimpers* “Fall to pieces…” *crumbles*

“Like, shit!”

*titters* “Shafta has just fallen apart into her jigsaw pieces!”

“It looks like Josh is going to have to reassemble Shafta is he wants to use her as artillery!”

“And we all know Josh sucks at puzzles!”

“Gabe, our muscular man who is a hermaphroditic latex minotaur below the waist is paired with bovine cockwoman on the Groom castle middle tower!”

“Glansilly, to remind folks, is a standard cockwoman turned cow, with a slightly bovine giant cock, huge udder balls, Holstein pattern skin, hooves, and a tail!”

“And a bovine pussy that Gabe is filling with his huge latex cock, his own udder balls slapping into hers!”

*Grunt Snort*


“There she blows!”

“Glansilly has ejaculated, launching a big wad of sperm at the Bride Castle!”


“Scoring a direct hit on one of the targets!”

“Which means Team Groom has taken the lead!”

“1 down, 4 more to go!”


“Make that 2 down and 3 to go since the Team Groom has just scored another hit! This time from Archie and Urethrella!”

“Archie has really mastered using his cock trunk, mouths, and many arms to pleasure Urethrella in a complete way to achieve a speedy orgasm!”

*hums and purrs and licks*

“Oh Demons! Oh my gosh!”

“Meow! You can do it! Cum for me!” *licks licks licks*



“Team Bride is on the board! Amber has made Tina fire her load right on target!”

*titters* “There she blows!”


“And now Willow has cum too! Scoring another direct target hit for Beatrix!”

“The Teams are tied 2-all!”

“Weird, Willow’s cum is just… sticking to the target in a big glob…”

*Titters* “You could say she shoots webs!”

*giggles* “Yeah, and some of her spunk has dribbled onto Beatrix, gluing a few of her tentacles together…”

“Ish shtho shticthy! Lhike shpfider…”

“Josh, meanwhile is still struggling to put Shafta back together, but Archie looks to almost have Urethrella ready to cut again!”

“Yes but…”


“Scroti is ejaculating!”

“Dick for cover!”





“Scroti’s howitzer cum shot has gone wild! Missing the target but hitting Archie snd Urethrella dead center!”

“The force of her semen shot knocked them both over, ruining Urethrella’s cum shot, and covering the pair in spunk!”

*giggles* “Take that!”

“Doe…. Hmmm… Something about that bukkake blast has Beatrix’s interest!”

“Thash bfery inshreshing…”

“If I can translate from increasingly pussified mouth, I think Beatrix just had an idea…”



“Hold that thought since Gabe and Glansilly have just managed to blow another load on target!”

“The Grooms are back in the lead! 3-2!”

“It looks like Willow Black the spider-cockwoman is just about ready to cum again!”

*moans* “I don’t…” *gasp* “think we are aimed right for…” *whimper* “A target!”

“Jlussh shrush ble.”

“Oh…. Ahhh!”




*giggles* “Beatrix and Willow have just blasted Gabe and Glansilly with extremely sticky cum!”

“I think Beatrix did that on purpose!”

“Me too! Gabe and Glansilly are completely caught up in the spiderwebby spooge and are completely unable to move!”

“Yeah! I think Beatrix just knocked them out of the game!”

“Amber meanwhile is absolutely plowing Tina with her big hard cock!”

“While still humming the tune from Tina’s song!”

*humming a complex tune*

“Oh Demons! Dotnstopdontstopdontstopdontatop…ahhhh!”


“And Tina has ejaculated again, hitting another Groom target! We’re tied again! 3-all!”


*titters* “And there she blows! Archie has just made my ex-wife cum again! Hitting another target!”

“That was a very short lived tie! The Grooms have hit 4 targets and just need one more cum shit to take the win!”

“But watch out!”


“Beatrix and Willow have just shot webs all over Archie and Urethrella! They are also immobilized in spider-cum!”

“Eshchellenth shllloch!”

*pants* “What?”

*titters* “Beatrix’s mouth is almost entirely pussy!”

“Yeah all of this combat cunnilingus has really advanced her transformation: Beatrix just has a single vertical slit on her face running from a clit between her eyes to her chin, surrounded by wet labia!”

“And yet she’s going right back down on Willow!”

“Pussy to pussy!’

“It looks like Josh has finally managed to reassemble Shafta and isn’t so much fucking the living cockwoman puzzle as holding his vibrating cock against her pussy like a sex toy!”


“Oh I’m so close!”







“Scroti has just released another huge ejaculation!”

“But Lacey missed the target…”

“And hit Josh and Shafta! Dead centre!”

“Knocking over Josh and smashing Shafta back to pieces!”

*giggles* “Looks like Josh is going have to rebuild Shafta again!”

“Oh frick! Frick! Frick!”




*wet grunting sounds*

“Team Bride has just rapidly hit two targets!”

“One from a barrage from Amber and Tina!”

“And another from Beatrix and Willow Black!”

“Which means Team Bride has hit all five targets on the Groom Castle!”

“Which means they win the Castle Battle event!”

“Which means they also win the Challenge with a final score of 3-2!”



*inarticulate moaning*

“Doe… I don’t think Beatrix can talk?”

“Yeah it really looks like she just has an ordinary pussy on her face now instead of a mouth!”

“Fucking hot!”

“Speaking of fucking and hot, let’s check back in with Cassia!”


*laughs* “You ladies sure know how to flatter a hermaphrodite!”

Well folks, we’ve come to the end of the line with my last scheduled transformation! I’d shrug my arms and say that’s a relief, but I have cunts instead of arms and I don’t have any clue what tonight’s change will be.

But before we get into that I should describe myself one last time. Let’s see… overall I am a very tall humantaur who is something of a giraffe-elephant hybrid. On my head I have giraffe horns, big floppy elephant ears, short tusks and a giraffe’s trunk. I have a very long elongated neck like a giraffe and a giraffe-fur pattern on my skin. I have eight huge breasts, each with a vagina instead of a nipple which is constantly lactating milky pussy juices. I don’t have arms and instead have fleshy cunts in my shoulders. I have four legs, two in front and two behind a second horizontal torso. I have a giraffes hooked cock between my front legs and have a full sized elephants cock hanging from rear hips. I also have a giraffe udder and giraffe mare’s cunt. I have a short giraffe tail and my very long, angular legs end in wedgey elephant feet. It’s been a journey!

Overall I’m pretty happy with how I’ve turned out, despite all the life adjustments…

Tonight I guess I’m going to get my finishing touches and be transformed into the form I’ll have for the rest of my life…

I’m pretty nervous you guys! But also pretty excited!

You all got to vote for which Judge would get the honour of designing my last change…

And you guys picked…


Wow, umm, I guess I’m more excited and nervous at the same time?

Since this is potentially a big change I’ll be climibing into the oversized CHAMBER OF CHANGES for this one.

Which means we’ll be tossing the show back to Bobbi and Doe for the rest of this…

But before I go, I just wanted to say thank you all for your support and affection! It’s been super fun being here and I love you all!

*trumpets* See you all on the otherside!

…assuming I still have sight…


“Hello again Transformation Fans!”

“You just cannot get rid of us tonight!”

“Like an alchemically permanent boner…”

“We just won’t stay down!”

*giggles* “And speaking of things we cannot get rid of… Zoe has joined us here tonight!”

“Zoe is a giant naga creature with multiple breasts, multiple arms, a pussy mouth, and an extremely bad attention disorder…”

“And she’s terrifying!”

“She’s coiled at the judge desk with some sort of prop placed on the table next to her…”

“It looks like a decorative vase?”

“Except the vase has the head of a pretty woman with black hair sticking out of it…”

“The vase is also quite curvy in shape, almost like an hourglass carved from turquoise porcelain.”

“Zoe has turned the vase to face the cameras and I can see the face in the jar also has a pair of small breasts hanging out of an opening and a long cock poking free of the side like a spout!”

“Which Zoe is licking with her long, long tongue.”

*titters* “I guess this assistant didn’t even make it to airtime!”

*giggles* “A new record!”

“Zoe seems to be painting a design onto the vase…”

“It looks like a scene where the heroine, who looks a lot like the woman in the vase, is fucking a huge naga who looks a lot like Zoe…”

Cassia meanwhile has tromped her way into the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“And is being sealed in!”

“How are you doing Cass?”

“I’m okay ladies. It is a bit claustrophobic in here…”

“Don’t worry Cassia we’ll have you out of there in a giffy…”

“Doe, what if she gets even bigger?”

“Anyway…. Zoe has paused her painting and is looking intently at Cassia and licking her vaginal lips.”

“She’s written something on a paper in beautiful script using her paintbrush…”

“And held it up to her potgirl…”

“Zoe says: A songbird as beautiful as you should have plumage to match…”

“Cassia looks confused!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I guess we’re about to find out!”

“And now Zoe is activating the transformation trigger!”


“Soaking Cassia in alchemy!”

“Oh! It tingles!”

“Sounds like the transformation is starting!”

“My nose…. Oh demons!”


“Cassia has just smacked her elephant trunk against the window of the CHAMBER OF CHANGES where the end has stuck to the glass with a wet smack…”

“Because instead of nostrils, Cassia’s trunk now ends in vulva! It’s a vagina trunk! Complete with a huge clit!”

“I wonder what that will do to her grip… since armless Cassia has been using her nose for an arm!”

“A regular pussy-juice-fingers!”

*pants* “Ohhhhhhhh….”

“Cassia is frantically rubbing her trunk vagina against the window and all of her pussies are wet and cocks erect!”

“Oh! Her giraffe spots just changed color?”

“Are continuing to change color! Each formally black spot is flashing blue, pink, and purple!”

“And now the spots are moving around her skin! And becoming round like polka dots!”

“Now the dots are appearing and disappearing and reappearing!”

“Now they’ve become stripes of color racing across her skin!”

“And now random chaotic whirling patterns!”

*pants* *gasps* *trumpets!*

“There she blows!”

“Cassia has just orgasmed from all of her cunts and cocks at once!’

“Which seems to have triggered her final transformation!”

“Her hair has fallen out and has been replaced by an enormous cloud of bright iridescent feathers that cascade down her back and seem to change color to compliment her skin!”

“And her giraffe tail has exploded into a huge peacock tail that is spreading open in an enormous feathery display!”

“Which is also gloriously iridescent and color changing to match her hair feathers and body!”




“It looks like Cassia’s mouth has changed too… her remaining lower lips is bright red and swollen…”

“And she has like, a weird thing on her neck? Like a balloon on her throat?”

*cheep cheep cheep*

“She keeps making bird noises?”


“Did her vocal cords change?”


“Oh that’s gonna complicate the show…”

*complex sparrow song*

“I guess we should toss the show back to Cynthia to sort out?”



“Terribly troublesome transformation! Zoe what did you diddly-do! Our interviewer can’t communicate!”

“Umm… Zoe says: Actually, the colors on her skin are a projection of her needs. Blue indicates she wants cock, pink she wants pussy, purple she wants to have her push played with. If her skin is violet she wants to be dominated, and if it’s red she wants tenderness and intimacy. This is all basic communication, certainly, and her skin is capable of more nuance, but I’ll leave that for her owners to learn.”

“Owners? She’s our intrepid interviewer and all she can do is make bird noises!”

“Splendid isn’t it?”

“We still have shows to make? How is she supposed to interview Contestants when she can’t talk?”

“Some birds can talk.”

“No, they imitate speech and mimic like, five phrases!”

“Well then you perhaps should start teaching her.”

“Demons! *sigh* Alright folks, it’s time we ended the show…


The winners of our Contest Challenge were Team Bride! Constant considerable congratulations lovely ladies!

You have earned transformation immunity this round!

You have also won the right to help design your hunky handsome hubbies next change!

This means that all three members of Team Groom will be transformed!

Josh! Archibald! Gabriel! All will be changed!

Simply scintillating!

But what will you, our audaciously awesome audience, vote for!?

Why? Which Judges will assist in the transformations!

So please vote for your three fiendishly favourite judges to return for one wonderful luscious last tremendous transformation!

Your options are:

Our ravishing regulars!

The serpentine alchemist Zoe!

The semi-disgraced visionary film director Bree Kensingworth!

And the returning guest Judges!

The comedians Dickie and Phalice!

The Cuntry music sensation Johnny Cocks with his wife June!

The fashion magazine editor Erica!

You can pick up to three of these judges to return and help finish off the final changes for our glorious Grooms!

By the way… Evie Ova, aka Mum, is unavailable since she is busy launching a new knockoff show called Freyan Fusions: Relationship Edition and our Producers refuse to promote it…

But anyway! Only one Transformation Round left! Let’s work together to make it merry memorable mayhem!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the exciting final transformation round! And remember to VOTE!”


Notes from the Producers: You can vote for which 3 Judges should return for the Final Transformation Round here (please select 3): https://www.strawpoll.me/45458309

Also a special thanks to Ordos Tsceri for guest judging for Cassia this month.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Transformation Round 6

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Immobilized genitals with eyeballs that have been forced to watch this program from the start to it’s ravishingly ridiculous end! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endure rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the hopefully horny home audience votes for who is changed by our horribly horny celebrity judges!

Tonight is the sexy sumptuous Sixth Transformation Round! The finally final transformation round in our gargantuan game! Unlike a normal episode, we already know which of our coming-harder Contestants are gonna change since they were the lustrous losers of our last Challenge Round! Team Groom: Josh, Archibald, and Gabriel will all be transformed tonight!

What’s more, the wonderful winners of the last Challenge Round, Team Bride, has helped design the transformations for their gallant guys! Which means that we won’t need the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION tonight! Super sorry!

Instead what YOU! the hot-hot-hot home audience voted for was the return of your favourite Judges! The Judges YOU! Voted for will team up with Team Bride to change our Contestant Grooms!

I think we are in for an extra exciting night! And not just because The Producers are paying me to say so…

But first let’s check in with our chirping, fine feathered, lactating cunt-nippled and multiply busty, four-legged hermaphrodite giraffe-elephant with cunts instead of arms, friend Cassia to hopefully talk with tonight’s valiant victims: Josh, Archie, and Gabe!”


*whistles* “Hello!”

“Like, hi?”

*chirps* “How are you?!”

“Are you like, asking me?”

*sings sparrow birdsong*


“I think you should likely just answer as if she is.”

“Ok! I’m like a little excited and like, totally nervous! This is only like, my second change? Well actually my third I guess? But still like, Kitty is helping and she has like been acting kind of totally weird lately? Like she is being sooo nice, but like also calling me Josie? And like, dressing me in like pinker and girlier clothes? And….


Oh gosh! Sorry, that’s like my cock vibrating! I guess I just got excited thinking about Kitty and stuff. *giggles* What was I saying?”

*Rawk!* “Cassia loves cocks!”

“Like? I dunno?”

*chrips* “How are you!?”

“I gather it is now my turn to answer, that is of course fair Gabriel if you don’t mind?”

“Go for it, bud.”

“Much obliged! I too am somewhat anxious about my impending makeover. I’ve already been altered so much, and yet somehow less than my dearest Lacey. I expect that with so many boundaries already broken that she may delve into newer, stranger territory. I am worried but excited to learn the depths of her imagination.”

“Wow man, that’s deep.”

“Thanks. I believe it is now your turn.”

*squawks!* “Fuck pretty Cassia! Fuck Cassia! Fuck Cassia!”

*chuckles* “I guess I’m mostly excited. I’ve always loved transformation, so another chance to do it is pretty cool. But I think I’m more excited for Trix. She lives for this stuff. Maybe the only thing more exciting for Trix than changing herself is being directly in control of transforming me. Last night she just held me hostage in her tentacles, pressed her cunt mouth to my cheek, and moaned; I’m guessing about she wants to do to me. She must be so fucking wet right now. So yeah, curious to see what she does and happy to be here toy tonight.”

“Fuck Cassia!” *whistles* “Cassia loves cock! Show Cassia your cunt!” *birdsong* “Sex!”

“I think perhaps we should toss the broadcast back to Cynthia?”


“Thanks Archie! Well that was a double dipped disaster!

Although proper props to Archie! A wacky way with words and a mouth built for cocksucking! Maybe we found a reliable replacement interviewer?

But anyway!

The voracious votes are in! The Producers have totally tallied the count and YOU! the audacious audience have chosen for the return of!

Zoe, the terrifying alchemist!

Bree Kensingworth, the troubled visionary director!

And Erica, the fashion mogul!

Tonight each of these alchemists will pair up with one of the winning Brides to design a filthy, firm, and flirty final form for our Grooms!

Let’s go to our First Bride-turned-Judge, Ambergris, to hear about her comely collaboration and prurient plans!”


*Meow!* “Oh my gosh hi! I’m Amber and I’m just so excited! I’ve decided to work with Erica for my change! Say hi Erica!”

*chuckles* “Hello. It’s really quite lovely of you to want to collaborate with me.”

“Well of course! I’ve always adored fashion, maybe more in a wealthy showing off way before, but now I just love how pretty it all is!” *purrrr* “And I’ve always thought you have great taste!”

“Thank you, I do have exquisite taste…”

*giggles* “I also just love dressing Josie up and thought maybe here was a way to make her, I mean him, even prettier!”

“Or at least more cohesively stylish…”

*Mew!* “Or that! It was really obvious that you and I would have, to borrow a big horrible business school word, synergy!”

“I like the word ‘simpatico’ more. Much more elegant, don’t you think?”

*giggles* “Very tasteful!”

“You’re welcome.”

“And so we got to talking and I told you that….”

“Hush now Kitty, we don’t want to give away the reveal.”

*giggles* “Oh right!”


“Is there anything else to say then?”

“Just meee-owww!”


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bobbi!”

“And I’m Doe!”

“And tonight we are here to describe the Final Transformation Round!”


*titters* “Already bored of this show?”

*giggles* “Of course not! It just feels like it’s gone on for months!”


“Anyway, it’s time to play call this last Transformation Round starting with Amber’s custom transformation for Josh!”

“With the stylish help of the returning guest judge Erica!”

“Josh has already been locked inside the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and Amber is sitting with Erica at the Judge’s Desk.”

*titters* “More like sitting ON Erica!”

*giggles* “That’s right! Amber, who to remind folks is a very tall cream colored catgirl with huge curves, ten giant breasts, and a long cock and ass-pussy is sprawled across Erica’s lap purring!”

“More like sprawled across the desk and her lap since Amber is a very big kitty…”

“Erica to remind folks is like a living ball gown. She has tentacles for hair, a domino mask on her face made from the flesh of a penis glans, has five breasts and is armless, and has a couture gown made of her own flesh with skirts made of vulva.”

“She literally embodies fashion!”

*giggles* “Or a chair for catgirls…”

“A fashionable chair.”

“Josh meanwhile is standing looking kind of awkward in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES.”

“To remind folks, Josh is a curvaceous babe with big, fake looking tits with mouths instead of nipples, a false sexdoll mouth, plasticky skin, long blonde hair, and a big cock that vibrates when he gets excited!”

“Okay, the Producers have indicated that everything is ready, so here we go…”

*titters* “And yet Amber seems perfectly happy to just lay there and bask…”


“Kitty, it’s time to trigger the Change.”



*mrrrrrow* “Fiiiiiiine…”

“Aren’t you excited to change your doll?”

“Oh! Right! Meow!”

*giggles* “And Amber has pounced cat-like, two paw-like hands forward onto the alchemical trigger activating the CHAMBER!”


“Soaking Josh in alchemy!”

“Like, it tickles?”

“Away we go!”

“Ooooh, like my mouth feels totally good!”

“But which one is he talking about?”

“His lipples look normal but he is poking the false mouth on his face with a finger…”


*titters* “It looks more like he’s fnger banging it!”

“Can we get an isocam for a close up? Hmm, his mouth still looks like a mouth, well, a sex doll mouth held open in a dramatic O-shape…”

“But the inside of it looks very pink and wet… I think it might be a disguised cunt!”

“Oh gosh! Oh ffffuck! It’s so hot and wet!” *gasps*

“Yeah I would say so… which means that Josh has a sex doll mouth from the outside that’s a pussy on the inside!”

*titters* “That is an extra premium feature!”

“Josh seems to have stopped fucking his new vagina and is just looking at his awkwardly outstretched hands….”

“Like, I can’t move?”

“While pussy juices dribble out of Josh’s doll mouth, Josh is just holding his arms out…”

“Arms that look like they are changing! His hands are still normal looking and moving, but his wrists, elbows, and shoulders are changing…”

“Yeah! They are getting seams and kind of balls?”

“They look like the posable joints of a doll! That’s got to be it! Josh is becoming even more of a sex doll!”

“And a similar change is happening to his legs, which are also getting doll-like joints at the hip, knee, and ankle!”

“Like, I’m stuck! And sooooo totally horny!” *buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

*giggles* “At least he likes it!”

“Something is happening to his feet!”

“Josh’s toes are merging into something between a closed-toe pump and a hoof, and his feet are arching up like he is wearing high heels, but without the stiletto…”

“And now his feet are getting a hard, purple plastic-looking covering like he is wearing built in shoes!”

“Fortunately it seems Josh’s legs were positioned to keep his balance so he hasn’t toppled over…”

“But he is stuck there with his arms and legs seemingly immovable without help.”


“He is still able to twist his torso around….”

*titters* “It’s like he wants to topple over!”

“It seems like he is growing a new rib cage on the outside of his body, centered mostly around his waist….”

“Which is linking in the front and now cinching…. Tighter and tighter! It’s really squeezing down his waist!”

“It’s a built in corset! Josh is now held rigidly upright by his static limbs and a corset that is squeezing his torso upright and very much restricting his movement!”

“Oh demons! I need to cum so bad! Won’t some one like, come and play with me? I like, need help!”


*titters* “We’ll be happy to help once your done!”

“Which isn’t yet! Since Josh’s long blond hair is falling out of his head and is being replaced by… pink scales?”

“Those aren’t scales! Their nipples! Josh is growing nipples in a tight cap over his scalp!”

“Except for on the right side, at a kind of jaunty angle over his ear, where he is growing a stylized flower made of a labia with a prominent clitoris in the center like a rose!”

*frustrated moaning* *Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

“That doesn’t seem to be the last decorative clitoris Josh is growing, Doe.”

*giggles* “Josh seems to be growing additional clits on his right hip and left shoulder and some surrounding labia…”

“Labia which is swelling and spreading! Winding around his body and becoming a dress?”

“Sort of? Josh’s large, fake-looking mannequin tits and their lipless are fully out and on display, but below that he has a corset boddice of ribs with wet pink, labial flesh squeezed between it. On his left hip is a clit the size of a cantaloupe that rests in the heart of labia which form an asymmetrical skirt that cuts high across the front but hugs his immobile doll legs…”

“It looks a lot like Josh’s doll legs are sticking out of a vagina viewed from the front, but the vagina is a tight skirt made of flesh?”


*buzzzzzzzzz* *moans*

*titters* “A vagina that is a skirt that is hiding a built in vibrator cock that is sounds very turned on…”

“Fffffuck me! Oh totally fuck me! Ohhhhhh Demons!”

“Josh has also grown a kind of matching giant, dramatic collar made of labia that starts at his left shoulder-clitoris, arch’s up behind his head, and merges into his labial dress on his back, baring the right shoulder and back entirely.”

“Which makes it look like his head is resting in the cleft of second vagina sprouting from his shoulders!”

“As is his left arm, which has a clitoris above it and emerges entirely from a ring of labia!”

“I feel like we haven’t really described this well…”

“Big picture it looks like Josh has been made into a fashion sex doll and dressed in a fancy pink dress with a tight knee-length pencil skirt and a high, behind the head collar…”

“But the dress is made entirely out of wet, glistening, drippingly aroused labia!”

“As if he were a doll dress inside of a vagina…”


“A vagina he is pleasuring with his own vibrating cock!”


“Like, ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck oh FUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!”

“There he blows!”

*titters* “That’s my line!”

“And I think that makes it transformation compete!”

“Josh is still standing there posing, looking blissed out and stylish…”

“And Amber looks delighted!”

“Oh Josie! You are so pretty now! I can’t wait to play with you!” *Meow!*

“She is just vibrating with excitement!”

“Oh thank you Erica! She’s so perfect!”

“It was simply my pleasure.”

“And our pleasure too!”

“Time to check back in with Cynthia!”


“Thanks girls! I can’t wait to play with the new delightful dolly Josh either!

But before playtime we have more transformations to do!

How awesomely amazingly astonishingly, uh, cool I guess!

So let’s go to our Second Bride-Judge for the night to hear about her plans. So say howdy hello to the lovely Lacey!”


“Howdy folks! Ah’m Lacey and this here’s Bree Kensingworth who Ah decided to pardner up with for this round.”


“Ah picked Mister Kensingworth on account of his bridgin’ both mine and Arch’s worlds.”

“How so?”

“Well on the one hoof yer farm folk; grew up with the soil and the sweat and so I reckon ya have some perspective on mah life and my dreams and needs and such.”

“You could say I have some intimate knowledge of what a beautiful mare wants, yes.”

*Whickers* “I reckon so! I didn’t expect that last night was yer first rodeo there cowboy!”


“Nary much better than bein’ the horse meat in a cock sandwich if’n ya follow where Ah’m blowin’…”

*clears throat* “You paint a very vivid picture.”

“Speakin’ of paintin’! The other reason I done chose ya was that yer also a big showbiz type, and mah Arch is an aspirin’ musician so Ah gambled ya’d know about his creative drives and whatnot. Plus Arch is a fan a yer films.”

“I didn’t realize I was his favorite director. What a charming surprise.”

“Awww bless yer heart sweetie! Anyway, Ah reckon that’s all we gotta say, so it’s time to hit the old trail!”


“More like hit the activation button for the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

*giggles* “Welcome back folks!

“It’s us again! Here to describe the next transformation!”

“And what everyone involved looks like for the sightless at home!”

“Speaking of which… Lacey, to remind folks is basically two female horse hindquarters joined at the waist to make like a four legged creature with two pussies, tails, and bovine udders!”

“Which means Lacey is headless, armless, and generally not human anymore given that she’s a horse made of hindquarters. She can however sense what is around her and speak using her pussies for mouths despite not having a head or face.”

“Lacey also has a saddle made from a person fused to her spine!”

“When this saddle cums from it’s twin cocks it extends tentacles which truss Lacey up and make her blind and mute! The tentacles only release when the saddle orgasms through it’s vaginas!”

“Since Lacey is a big horse-sized quadruped, she is standing next to the Judge’s desk…”

“Where Bree Kensingworth has mounted her!”

*titters* “I think that was actually last night!”

*giggles* “I meant to say Bree is sitting in her saddle. The transformed genius director who has many of the features of farm animals…”

“Udder breasts, an equine cock, feather hair, and equine tail; but also taloned hands and scales…”

“Is sitting confidently in Lacey’s saddle, resplendent in a vintage duster jacket, cowboy hat, bolo tie, assless chaps, and cow skin codpiece. He’s clearly an experienced rider!”

*titters* “I hear he prefers bareback!”

“Meanwhile Archibald, our transformation subject of the moment is locked into the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!”

“Archie, for the folks at home, is extensively transformed…”

“His mouth has been altered to become a big sloppy organ for oral sex: he has giant wet lips, a big wide prehensile tongue, and is addicted to sucking cock and eating pussy! Above that his nose is now a cock trunk longer than his arms!”

“Speaking of arms, Archie has six! Two huge ape-like arms he uses to crawl on, his original slender male arms, and two dainty feminine arms. He also has big firm chesticles that feed sperm to his cock trunk!”

“Archie has short stubby legs, a big goat-like udder for testicles, and instead of a cock on his crotch he has a long snake-like serpent with a pretty feminine mouth at its tip!”

“But all of that is going to change!”

*giggles* “Or at least get more complicated!”

“Lacey is standing patiently and Bree is regarding Archie carefully with his blue slit reptilian eye and his red wide-pupil led goat eye, framing him for movie in his head…”

“Ah don’t suppose Ah could ask a favor of ya?”


“Could ya activate the button? It’s a bit out of mah current reach and I wouldn’t want to unsettle ya from yer perch.”

“It would be my *pleasure*.”

“Bree is reaching out with a clawed hand and, a look of naked hunger on his face, is activating the CHAMBER!”


“Soaking Archibald in transformative alchemy!”

“Oh my demons, away I go again!”

“Why is he going? I wish he would come instead!”

*titters* “Archie’s skin is changing colour from a sort of warm mocha brown to a dark inky blue!”

“Meanwhile the hair on his head is getting longer, blacker, and curlier!”

“It looks downright wooly!”

“And it’s growing in on his neck and shoulders too and then becoming a strip running down his spine like a horse mane on a neck…”

“This stripe of hair has reached his ass and his tail? Archie is starting to grow a tail?”

“Oh Demons! I feel so stretched!”

“That little blunt nub of a tail is growing longer, becoming wide like a thigh and the size of a gator tail!”

“And still growing!”

“Meanwhile Archie is growing big backswept goat horns and ears on his head and his stubby legs are growing longer and more muscular!”

“I’d say they look horse-like ending in big equine hooves, but they are also growing long iridescent black feathers like a wide pant leg…”

“On a horse those are called fetters. So feather fetters!”

“Fine fluffy feather fetters!”

“Archie is also growing some feathers on his biggest ape-like arms, especially in a cuff around the wrist. His one pair of hands are growing scales and becoming bird-like, and the arms are getting a little longer, somewhere between legs and arms!”

“Archie has fallen to all fours to hold up his tail which is still growing longer and longer! Now as large as his original torso!”

“And growing a a plume of red and black feathers at the tip!”

*titters* “Like a very fancy feather duster!”

“Archie’s tail is almost twenty feet long now and as wide as hips at the base! His torso has also lengthened, creating a long six foot separation from his hips to his shoulders, and his neck as lengthened to be about three feet long too!”

“He really looks like a naga with limbs! Who has a cock trunk, crotch serpent mouth, and some goat and chicken decorations!”

“Oh, I feel so full. Someone simply must come and take care of this! Immediately!”

“Archie is not done changing! His front side is swelling hugely!”

“We have tits folks!”

“Actually, I’d say more like breasts! Row after row of big round breasts with long teat-like nipples covered in pale pink creamy skin!”

“The breasts go from his chest, down his elongated torso, past his hips and along his tail, shrinking in size as they approach the end!”

“The changes seem to have affected his chesticles and udder which are now just another pair of ventral breasts!”

“Ahhhh. My breasts are so full, so completely engorged! I must be milked immediately! Or there will be dire punishments! Serv…” *gags*


“Something is happening to Archie’s crotch-serpent mouth! It’s bulging at its base! And pushing something big and round through it!”

“It looks like a snake swallowing in reverse!”


“His lips are stretching out and something round is pushing out of his mouth!”

“It’s an enormous egg! The size of a softball!”

*blaghhh!* *wirthes*

“Archie is laying an egg! His mouth must also be a cloaca now!”

“And based by the way he is clutching the chamber and writhing, the feeling must be orgasmic!”

“Glllllahhhh!” *Splurt!*

“Also based on the way Archie just wailed through his oral sex mouth and shot a big load through his cock trunk I agree!”

*titters* “There he blows!”

“And I think that makes for a complete transformation! To recap Archie is now some sort of naga-dragon, lined with lactating breasts, with six arms, a cock-trunk, an oral sex mouth on his head and a second oviparious speaking mouth growing from his crotch!”

“That description was almost as lengthy as he is!”

*giggles* “Lacey looks… well, like a double ended horse, but Bree looks very pleased.”

“What a fantastical beast you are now. I simply must cast you in my comeback film…”

“Oh! That’s right excitin’! Whatcha reckon it’ll be about?”

“Hmmm… I’m imagining a noble woodland creature, harmless but strange, beautiful, pursued by ignorant hunters who seek only to destroy that which they do not understand.”

“Sounds real allegorical!”


“Speaking of allegorical… let’s check in with Cynthia!”

“That’s not at all what allegorical means, Bobbi…”

“Let’s check in with Cynthia anyway!”


“Thanks ladies!

Wow, the new Archie as a movie star! Wacky, wet, and wild times!

I always thought he would break into film after this…

But in powerfully penetrative pornography!

Hop-hop-hopping along we still have one more magnificently mischievous transformation to attempt!

So let’s visit our last Bride-Judge combo: Beatrix and Zoe!”














“Welcome back Transformation Fans!”

“Well that went poorly…”

“It’s almost like having a pussy-mouthed mute interview a pussy-mouthed mute was a terrible idea…”

“I think the plan was to have Zoe’s new assistant read out notes they wrote?”

*giggles* “But Zoe already got bored and turned her newest assistant into a fuck plant with no eyes!”

*titters* “That’s right! Zoe’s chubby little blonde assistant is now something like a… what’s it called?”


“Right! An orchid with a flesh coloured bulb-like flower with plush cocksucking lips, a long prehensile stalk, and two cute big flat green leaves!”

“Which means tasteful decoration, fellatio, and not much in the way of reading skills!”

*titters* “But anyway, Beatrix chose Zoe because she is a transformation fiend and Zoe is a notorious alchemist!”

“And it seems like Beatrix liked the first change she got from Zoe, so she’s put Gabe right into the huge serpent alchemists crosshairs!”


“Zoe, to remind folks, is a giant naga with six arms and a cunt for a mouth! Her tail is covered in black and purple scales and is more than twenty-feet long!”

“Her chest and the front of her tail is covered in large purple breasts and she has a huge cunt on the front of her crotch!”

“Beatrix meanwhile is a tentacle creature! She has ten tentacles instead of arms, ten tentacles instead of legs, and tentacles instead of hair; including two long ones that are also cocks!”

“She has a vagina on her crotch, a torso surrounded by breasts, and a cunt instead of a mouth!”

“Zoe is currently coiled in front of the judge desk, looming over it like a reared up snake!”

“While Beatrix is wrapped around her like a necklace, her tentacles squeezing the nagas breast and penetrating Zoe’s huge vagina. Beatrix even has her cock tentacles shoved into each of their mouth cunts!”

“They both are clearly into the whole transforming Gabe thing!”

*titters* “Who isn’t!?”

“Speaking of which, Gabe is in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES impatiently awaiting his fate!”

“To remind folks at home, Gabe is currently a latex herm minotaur!”

“He has a hugely muscular male upper body and black rubber bull horns growing from his head. Below the waist his body is a hyper muscular and made of latex, with hooved bullish legs, a huge rubber cock, big latex udder balls, a rubber cowtail, and a bovine cunt instead of an anus!”

“He also cums, lactates, and grools white latex! But that could all change!”

“Beatrix is reaching out with two of her tentacles and with a look of wild, horny delight she is activating the CHAMBER!”


“And away we go!”

“Gabe is stamping around awkwardly, pawing at the ground, and fidgeting…”

*Snorts* “I feel so full….”

“He really looks full, his muscular legs getting softer and rounder…. and merging?”

“The black latex over his lower body is ballooning outward, growing into a big featureless taught sack!”

“It keeps expanding, now as big as his torso, now even bigger than he is!”

*grunts* “So much pressure!”

“The latex bag is as big as a horse!”


*titters* “Or a cow!”

“The latex bag has ruptured revealing that Gabe is now a cowtaur! From the waist down he has an entire hyper muscular cow body made from shiny black latex!”

“Cow is right! I see a big black bovine pussy under his tail that is leaking white latex and a truly enormous udder, but no bull cock….”

*giggles* “I actually see four! His big black latex udder has four big black latex cocks instead of teats!”

*titters* “I guess that makes him well hung!”

“But Gabe’s transformation isn’t over! Now it’s moving up into his upper body where his muscular chest is becoming softer…”

“I sense tits!”

“Tits it is! Gabe is growing a pair of big soft breasts on his chest with prominent nipples!”

“Oh he seems to be growing a matching pair of tits on his back too…”

“And his arms are losing definition and becoming limp! And now swelling out!”

“Tits! Tits! Tits!”

“Six tits to be precise! Arranged all around his armless torso! Tits that are still expanding!”

“Head sized! Melon sized! Beach ball sized! With six inch long nipples!”

“Gabe is a latex cow below the waist and mostly huge tits above it!”

*mooooo* “Oh fuck… oh I feel so full and hot! Demons!”

“Did Gabe’s voice just get a little higher?”

“Looks like Gabe has just grown the vertical gash of a perfectly human looking, cute little pink vagina at his human waist, where his human upper body meets his bovine lower one!”

“Not just that but what’s left of Gabe’s upper body is feminizing too!”

*giggles* “Aside from the gigantic feminine breasts, Gabe’s body is becoming softer and curvier like a female bodybuilder and his face is softening into a female face….”

“A familiar looking one…”

“Oh Demons I feel so ravishing!” *mooos* “I wish someone would ravish me!”

“With a familiar voice….”

“Beatrix! Gabe now has a slightly beefier version of Beatrix’s face and voice!”


“Oh fuck! Oh I could just orgasm right now….” *mllllahhhh!!!* *splurt!*

*titters* “Gabe has just stuck out his tongue which is a big old human-looking ejaculating cock!”

*giggles* “There he blows!”

*bellows!* *moos!* *thrashes*


“Gabe has just gone into an orgasmic frenzy! Shooting white latex cum and milk everywhere!”

“And kicked open the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!!!”

“Releasing a cloud of still active alchemy!”

“Which is blanketing the nearest audience section!”

“Who are transforming!”

“They are all growing large breasts! Multiple ones! And losing their arms!”

“And gaining cow-like lower bodies! With Holstein spots, hooves, tails, and udders!”

“And all of the men in the audience are feminizing!”

“And they all look quite a bit like Beatrix!”

“It seems to be stopping and that most of the audience got a weaker dose!”

“The closest rows look like cow-satyr Beatrix clones with breast covered armless torsos while the back rows are just armless, busty, tailed Beatrix cousins.”

“With a mixture in between! All of them appear to be completely female though…”

“Hopefully they like their new bodies!”

“And if they don’t, tough luck! It’s why The Producers made y’all sign that waiver!”

“Speaking of waving… let’s wave goodbye and throw the broadcast back to Cynthia!”


“Thanks ladies!

What a tremendously titanic triple transformation episode!

Which is also our fast flowing FINAL TRANSFORMATION ROUND!

It’s all over folks! Except one last thing: Choosing the Winning Couple!

That’s right, now that all the CHALLENGES and TRANSFORMATIONS are finally finished it’s time for YOU! the audience to vote on who should win a Fabulous Cash Prize and a Lavish Wedding!

But in case you are sexually stuck on the fucking fence, we thought we’d send Cassia out for one last interview of our Contestants to let them tell you why they should win!”


“Rawk! *whistles* Cassia is horny! Cassia is horny!” *trills* “Say hullo Cassia! Hullo Cassia!”

“Ummm, like hi?”

*giggles* “Hi!”

*Squawks* “Tell me why you should win!” *Caws!*

“Well… I think I maybe joined this contest for the wrong reasons. I wanted the prize money so I could have Josie and also keep living like I’m rich. I can see that it was so selfish of me!” *meows* “Now I want to win because I want to be able to spoil Josie and dress herrrrrim up! Maybe not in clothes anymore, since sss-he has such a pretty dress, but I can still totally accessorize! It would also be really really exciting to get married, but we are going to do that anyway after this! I just love Josie so much!” *mrrrow*

“Awww, Kitty, like, I love you too!”

*purrs* “Why do you think we should win?”

“Like, because I can’t really move? I don’t know how I can like, hold down a job? So, like, extra money will help…”

“Awww, don’t worry about that dolly! I’d rather be poor and working and with you than anything else!”

*whistles* “Thank you moving on! Fuck Cassia! Fuck the pretty Cassia!”

“I suppose that would be us, or me, since poor Lacey is all tied up right now…”

*writhes in pleasure*

*Squawks* “Tell me why you should win!” *Caws!*

“I think it should be completely obvious why we should be victorious. We won two of the four normal team Challenges together, and then each of us won one of the remixed Challenge Rounds, giving us three victories apiece. That is more wins than any other Contestant.”

*writhes in pleasure*

“In addition, we have also been transformed three times each, by vote or happenstance, which is more than the other Couples. You could say we have paid the highest price and therefore deserve to win…”

*writhes in pleasure*

“There is also the simple matter that I desire to win, and I get what I want.”

*writhes in pleasure*

“If I do not, there will be consequences…”

*writhes in pleasure*

*whistles* “Thank you moving on! Suck my cock! Suck it!” *warbles*

“I guess that means we are up dear, so hello!”

*waves tentacles*

“Why do you think we should win?”


“Right, I guess I’ve got to do the talking for both of us. Well, it’s kind of a complicated question isn’t it? In some ways it feels like we’ve already won…”

*nods vigorously*

“We both got to experience transformations! Our fantasies made into reality! For free! Which in a way is perhaps a better prize than cash or a wedding.”


“And we got to a lot of really weird and interesting fucking!”

*dramatically inserts tentacle into pussy mouth while cartoonishly winking*

“But I guess we could still use the money: I still have student debts and Trix still wants to be a full time writer and that takes cash. So please vote for us?”

*distracted by masturbating*

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pile of tentacles to fuck!”

*Rawk!* “Fuck Cassia! Cock cock! Cunt! Fuck Cassia!” *Rawk*


“Oooookay! That went a little better, right folks?

So as I was simply saying before YOU! The audience need to pick which comely Contestant Couple will be our wonderful Winners!

Vote for whichever Couple you want: Ambergris and Joshua! Lacey and Archibald! Or Gabriel and Beatrix!

Vote for the Couple you like best! Or the one that won the most or changed the most! Vote for the couple that is sexiest or cutest or most deserving! Vote for the Coupe that fucked me, Cynthia Sparks the most times!

It is uppity-up to YOU!

I’m your happy hoppy hostess Cynthia Sparks! Remember to tune in next month for the Compelling Conclusion! And remember to VOTE!”


Notes from the Producers: Holy smokes friends, we have almost made it to the end! All that is left is to vote for the winners of Belial Idol: Couples! I want the final winners of the game to be a surprise, so unlike previous rounds, this will be a secret ballot. I don’t have a great single solution for this but the idea here is to send me a private message with your chosen Contestant Couple. You have some options to reach me:

1. Send an email to indigocarmine1 at gmail dot com
2. Send me a PM through the forum by clicking on the “PM” link at the top right of the page and sending “indigocarmine” a message.
3. Send a DM to me on discord at indigocarmine#0527
4. I guess you could also send indigocarmine a note through either fur affinity or deviant art as well

The final vote will be open for two weeks, so get those ballots in!

And then see you all next month for the winner announcement and the exciting Conclusion!



Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Note from the Producers: Only one week left to vote! If you have a stake in which couple should win the contest please send in your secret ballot.

Your choices are:
1. Amber and Josh
2. Lacey and Archie
3. Beatrix and Gabe

You can vote by:
1. Send an email to indigocarmine1 at gmail dot com
2. Send me a PM through the forum by clicking on the “PM” link at the top right of the page and sending “indigocarmine” a message.
3. Send a DM to me on discord at indigocarmine#0527
4. I guess you could also send indigocarmine a note through either fur affinity or deviant art as well


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Belial Idol: Couples
Series Finale

“Ladies! Gentlemen! Exhausted writers! Welllll-come to Belial Idol: Couples! The game show where Contestant Couples endured rounds of transformations for a lavish wedding and a fabulous cash prize! And where you the hopefully horny home audience voted for who is changed by our superbly sated celebrity judges!

Friends, fans, and fiends we have come at long last!… And also we’ve reached the fearsome final episode where we announce our Wondrous Winners!

To remind our Audience we had three Contestant Couples who have rapidly run our gargantuan gauntlet by competing in Challenges and experiencing Transformations!

Couple #1 is Ambergris and Josh!

Ambergris came into our game an especially elegant and entitled heiress and has finished the contest as a bubbly, lovey, oversized and curvy catgirl hermaphrodite! She has white grey and pink fur, feline features, a tail, eight bountiful breasts, a heavy hammer of a cock, and a vagina instead of an anus!

Josh, her jolly boyfriend and teammate, started our contest as a handsome himbo but now finds himself a fancy feminine fashion doll! He has a beautiful face with a sexdoll mouth hiding a vagina, long blonde hair, two big fake breasts with lipple mouths, a vibrator cock, and posable mannequin limbs! Growing from his body is also a daring dress made entirely of living labia, as if he was clothed in a cunning cunt!

The Couple came to play to get around a dangerously disproving daddy and keep Amber and Josh in their ravishingly rich lifestyle!

Couple #2 is Lacey and Archibald!

Lacey started Belial Idol: Couples as a farmer and rancher; a tall and rangy redhead! Now she’s more steed than rancher, more cattle than farmer! She stands on four legs and looks mostly like two half-a-horse hindquarters fused together! She has no head, no arms, and nothing of her human body left! She speaks through the mare cunts on either side of her body, has two enormous udders, and has a saddle permanently fused to her back. The saddle was formerly a pretty person and when it cums through its cocks it releases tentacles that bind up Lacey, leaving her helpless!

Archibald, her partner, came into the game as a manicured musician! Now he is some sort of sexy serpent dominatrix! Archie has a long cock trunk growing from his face and a puffy, drooling oral sex mouth on his head. Below that he has a long serpent like body with a long neck, elongated torso, and a thick lengthy tail which is all lined with large lactating tits! He has six arms, two of which are large and strong like legs, and a pair of hooved legs at his hips. Also has a mane and feathers!

This Couple came to find money to support their famished farm and to help fund Archie’s magnificent musical career!

Couple #3 is Beatrix and Gabriel!

Beatrix entered the contest as a lusty librarian and leaves it a horny tentacle monster! She has ten tentacles for legs, ten tentacles for arms, and tentacles for hair, two of which are longer and are also cocks! These tentacles are only partially under her control and will gladly grab genitals! Beatrix’s torso is dominated by two rings of breasts that cover her body from her shoulders to her horny hips! Beatrix also had her mouth slowly morph into a pretty pussy!

Gabe, her alchemical accomplice came into the game a good dude but leaves it a latex cowtaur Beatrix clone! He or she, as she told us off air, has a comely cloned head of Beatrix sporting two big latex horns and a tongue that turns into a cock! Her muscular, armless torso is covered in a big, heavy lactating breasts with an entirely normal human vagina on her crotch. Below the waist, Gabeatrix is a mega muscular life-sized latex cow! She has four cow legs, a cow body, a cow pussy, and a huge cow udder with cock-like teats all made of latex! Her milk, cum, and grool is all white latex!

This Couple joined our game to pay off stupid student debt and to help finally finance writing a book… but also to get transformed!

There you have it my adorably audacious audience: our three teams!

Tonight we will learn which one of these comely Couples YOU! Voted for to win Belial Idol: Couples and win a Lavish Wedding and Fabulous Cash Prize!

But wait! I have one more incredibly important bit of business before we move on!

Our Wonderful Winning Couple will be given some Supremely Special Gifts!

Let’s hippity-hop-hop-hop on over to stage 1 so I can introduce them!

From our tremendous (and terrifying) giant sepresnt Alchemist Judge Zoe we have two wacky wedding presents for the winning Couple!

Regular viewers might remember them since they are two of her former assistants turned decorations!

First up is the potgirl assistant from Transformation Round 5! Hi potgirl!”

“My name is Patricia.”

“More like Potricia! *laughs* Potrica here is mostly a pretty head sticking out of a ceramic pot! She has short blonde hair, green eyes, cute freckles, and a heartshaped face that’s sticking out of a pot! The pot is an hourglass and is made of turquoise porcelain that has been hand painted with a mythic scene of a happy heroine fucking a huge horny naga that looks a lot like Zoe!”

“The heroine is supposed to look like me…”

“And it does Potty! Potricia’s pot also has cutouts for her small breasts to flop free and for her cock to stick out like a spout! She makes a great conversation piece and shows exquisite craftsmanship!”

“Thanks! Did you know that Zoe sculpted my pot too?”

“Neat and nifty! How do you feel about becoming out winners property?”

“Okay I guess? It’s not like I have too many other prospects.”

“Any special requests?”

“Well I like a regular dusting and sponge bath. I’d also like to be displayed somewhere with flattering lighting and lots of foot traffic.”

“You like to be looked and leered at?”

*blushes* “Well yes… but also for more chances to get my dick sucked!”

*laughs* “The other gift from Zoe is her fuckplant from Transformation Round 6! Hi fuckplant!”

“It can’t talk…”

*laughs* “Right! The fuckplant for fine folks who can’t see, was another one of Zoe’s assistants who was randomly remade into a kind of curious cocksucking flower! Overall it looks like an extraordinary orchid, with a bulb-like flower of flesh with cushiony cocksucking lips on a long bendy stalk with two big flat leaf-arms! It’s planted in a turquoise ceramic pot that matches Potty’s pot perfectly and is hand painted with luscious labial flowers!”

“I think some of them might just actually be vaginas…”

“Potty and… fuckplant here are meant to be a matched set of gifts for our winners!”

“Um, Zoe told me to say: Fuckplant prefers indirect sunlight, weekly waterings, and needs to suck dick at least once a day for best results.”

“Sounds like my kind of horny home decor… Oh! Fuckplant is moving?”

“It looks like it’s hungry. *blushes* Can you turn my pot so my cock is closer to it?”


“Hey there little fuckplant….”


“Ohhhh… ahhhh…. Yesssss….”

*laughs* “There you have it! A very thoughtful gift set from Zoe!

But wait! We still have one more glorious gift for our Winning Couple! This time it is from the comely Cassia and The Producers! Cassia cum on down!”

*trills musically*

“Hi Cassia!”

*hawk screech!*

“Cassia was a pleasantly pretty popstar who joined the Belial Idol crew to take over as our intrepid interviewer! She started the show as a superbly sexy woman with perfect tits, a tautly toned body, and a blissfully beautiful face. Then she went through a series of tremendous transformations as voted for by our audience! Six changes voted on by YOU!”

*Squawk!* “Fuck Cassia!” *Rawk!*

“Now Cassia is a tremendously tall giraffe-elephant-bird-hybrid humantaur! She has long iridescent feathers for hair, cute giraffe horns, big floppy elephant ears, tusks, and an elephant’s trunk that ends with a cunt instead of nostrils! She has a very long giraffe-like neck and eight big bountiful breast, each with a vagina instead of a nipple that leak a milky fluid! She has fleshy cunts on her shoulders instead of arms and four lusciously long legs arranged in a taur style! Cassia has a hooked giraffe cock between her front legs and a full-sized elephants cock and balls hanging under taur torso! She also has a little giraffe udder and a giraffe’s cunt between her hind legs, right below her enormous peacock feathered tail! Cassia’s skin is a crazy chromatic kaleidoscope that changes colour according to her many moods! She is currently a randy riot of blue, pink, and purple which means she is down to get fuuuucked!”


*laughs* “Cassia has also lost the ability to speak, and can now only make birdie sounds and mimic certain phrases!”

“Suck my dick!” *whistles*

“We aren’t sure if Cassia has lost the ability to think in human-style language and concepts, if her last transformation has reduced her intellect, or if she just can’t talk and is acting feral for funsies, but we all think her days of music and modeling are behind her. Together Cassia, her agents, and The Producers have decided the best thing to do is for Cassia to embrace life as a sensational sex pet! And so Cassia will be another wedding gift to the Winning Couple!”

*warbles and trills*

“That’s right! Once I attach this permanent collar, Cassia’s will become the property and playful pet of whichever Couple wins our contest!”


“And there we have it! Cassia the petgirl is ready for her new owners to take her home!”

*Happy canary song!*

“Which means I can hippity-hop-hop-hop back over to the main part of the stage to announce our Winning Couple!

So my Awesome Audience, the time has cum at last to reveal which Couple YOU! Voted for to win Belial Idol: Couples!

To divulge the winning Couple who will get a Lavish Wedding and Fabulous Cash Prize!

Who will it be!? Amber and Josh? Lacey and Archie? Beatrix and Gabeatrix? The sexual suspense!

But enough of this exhausting edging!

The winner of Belial Idol: Couples…

As voted on by YOU!…





Amber and Josh!”


“Like ohmigosh! We won!?”

*Meow!* “I’m so excited!”

“This is like, so totally awesome!”

*hugs* *purrrrrrrsss*

“I love you Kitty.”

“I love you too, Josie!”

“On behalf of Trix and I, congratulations.”

“Darn tootin’! A mighty big congratulations on this here felicitous occasion!”

*hmmph* “This displeases me. I feel as though someone must be punished…”

*whickers* “Ah reckon Ah might know a volunteer for that..”

*laughs* “Congratulations Ambergris and Josh!

But wait, there’s more yet, fucking folks! The Lavish Wedding we promised the Winners… it’s going to happen right now!

That’s right: Amber and Josh are going to get hella hitched tonight! On this Finale Episode of Belial Idol!”


“Like,” *Eeeeeeee!*

*laughs* “They sound excited! So without further ado, let’s get this ceremony started!”


“Howdy Wedding Fans!”

*snifff* “It’s me Bobbi”

“And Doe.”


“Bobbi, why are you crying?”

“I always cry at weddings…”

“Funny, I always cum at them!”

*blows nose* “Well, I do that too…”

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to watch our Winners tie the knot!”

“I don’t think either of them has a canine penis…”

*giggles* “I meant to say be joined in marriage.”

“Speaking of joining… the wedding is going to be a star studded affair of returning guests!”

“That’s right! We’ve set up our main studio space as a spectacular wedding chapel!”

“We have an altar at the front with a raised dais for our special wedding officiant, our hoppy host Cynthia Sparks!”

“For those that don’t remember what Cynthia looks like, she is a petite little two-and-a-half feet tall of transformed cuteness!”

“She has a big lips on a short muzzle-faced head on the end of a long flexible neck, an armless little torso with six small little breasts with tentacle nipples, and powerful digitigrade legs for hopping! And to cap it all off she has a butthole-cloaca and a very large and usually erect penis!”

“Cynthia is currently perched on on the dais wearing a little official cape and a big miter-like hat on her little head!”

“Along one wall of our chapel we have the wedding gift pile! There is Cassia clipped by a leash to the table, fucking her giraffe cock with her cunt-trunk and singing sweetly! And there’s the potgirl and fuckplant, with Potty generously feeding fuckplant another load of semen!”

*giggles* “So generous! There are also gifts from all of our sponsors! There’s a cheese basket from the cowgirls of Cleanly Farms, a selection of sex toys for Cassia from SexyPet, a washing machine and drier from Sparkle Shine to get those pesky cum stains out, and a years supply of Spooge!”

*shudders* “I think that much Spooge will last a whole lifetime…”

“It’s a good thing Spooge never goes bad!”

“Does it ever go good…?”

“There is a very pretty young maid wearing a very tight latex uniform from La Chatte Serree Maid Service, on offer to help our Winning Couple clean up for their first year of marriage! I see A collection of fur care products from Percival's Patented Pelt Product; a selection of buttplug animal tails form Kinky Tails; the disassembled Al Dation, the Dalmatian-girl living puzzle, from Vials Against Humanity; feminizing Shampoo from Gooch; and some complimentary very slutty makeup from Lascivious Luxury Lipstick!”

*titters* “What a pile of random crap!”

*giggles* “Bobbi, don’t you mean what a treasure trove of absolutely perfect wedding gifts and products that you or I would be delighted and lucky to have!?”

“I mean, yes of course!”

“In attendance tonight we have a who’s-who of participants from throughout Belial Idol: Couples! Seated in the back rows we have our friends from the Barnyard Race Challenge! There are the four Cleanly Farms cowgirls, Chick Ken our egg laying chickengirl, and the Belial Idol piggies!”

“Peggy looks plump and happy, Wilbur looks big and handsome and is wearing a little bowtie, Sarah looks very comfortable in her herm-pig glory, and Bo looks very very pregnant!”

“In another section we have a contingent from the Trust Maze! There’s the slimegirl Angelica Jamry, now able to mold herself into a very curvy purple woman-shaped blob! And there is Dolly Smash, the disassembled woman! Her various body parts have been piled on a chair so her head can see the altar.”

*titters* “And her hands have been placed so they can reach her cunt!”

“I also see Bessy Buttercup, the cowified torso with huge milky breasts; Lieutenant Elizabeth Silvers, the well-hung armless police centauress; and Delvin Lick, the unfortunate tongue-skinned man.

“Eww that guy is so nasssssty.”

“Cindi Derry-Gibbles, the airheaded hot air inflatable-balloon-tits woman, is also in attendance. She’s mored to a weighted chair and hovering over the gathering.”

“Since her transformation The Producers have given her a travel show where she floats over places and films them. She has her little camera strapped on and is shooting a version of this for her program!”

*giggles* “It’s nice to see someone land on their feet… or float away on their tits?”

*titters* “What about the rest of our A-mazing friends?”

“They were all deemed too disruptive or structural to attend!  But do you know who is in attendance?”


“The Belial Idol: Couples boobs! Our favourite tits with faces and cunts! It’s Carlie Cantaloupe, Debra Doubloon, and Gertrude Giante! Sitting in a row from big to biggest!”

“Hi girls! I can’t wait to motorboat you all on the dancefloor!”

“Sitting closer to the front we have our Belial Idol cockwomen! There is Scroti, our hyper-muscular canon cockwoman; Tina, our college-grad turned stock cockwoman; and Urethrella, your horrid ex-wife!”

“Be civil! It’s a wedding! Across the aisle from them we have Shafta, our heavily tattooed cockwoman turned living 3D puzzle; Glansilly the cowified-cockwoman; and Willow, our newest spider-ized cockwoman, all seated in a row!”

“Closer still to the front we have our Celebrity Judges! I see The Cocky Couple: Dickie and Phalice seated next to each other, wearing a flouncy gown and a tuxedo with tails!”

*titters* “Except Dickie’s top hatted head is on Phalice’s femme body and Phalice’s femme head is on Dickie’s body!”

*giggles* “Now they are trading heads to match the body!”

*titters* “Except now they’re switching hats and tentacle-hairstyles so they still look mismatched!”

*giggles* “I love those guys!”

“Standing next to them is Cuntry Singer Johnny Cocks, who is to remind folks a powerful hermaphrodite centaur! For the occasion he is wearing a rhinestone cowboy hat and his best bolo tie!”

“And below his horse body is his plus one: his wife-turned-horsecock, June! She’s all cock below the waist and a woman made of mottled penis-flesh above it!”

“Looks like she cries at weddings too!”

*giggles* “I think that’s actually precum!”

“Seated next to Johnny is Evie Ova, that traitor from Freyan Fusions: Relationships!”

“Mum looks as multibreasted and hyper pregnant as ever and is wearing a promotional sarong from our rival show!”

“Traitor! Boo!”

“Sitting across the aisle from Mum are our three returning Guest Judges from the first Belial Idol! There is the artist Saiya, sitting beautifully upright, dressed in a perfectly tailored evening gown  constructed from abstract brightly coloured panels of fabric stitched together like a mosaic!”

“Next to her is The Mysterious Stranger!”

“The Mysterious Stranger sits, if it can be said that he sits, still wearing his trademark hat, duster jacket, and mask!”

“Why did we invite him?”

“It’s a mystery!”

“Does he even like weddings?”

“Also a mystery!”

“Seated next to them is The Cult Leader of Gooch, Gigi!”

“The hyper curvaceous and well-hung CEO of Gooch is dressed in a brilliantly white gown that emphasizes the wingspan of her hips and chest! And the huge bulge of her penis.”

“Wearing white to a wedding…so tacky…”

“Have to keep that branding strong!”

“Seated in the front row is the fashion mogul Erica! Her body is a fancy ballgown made out of labia, so she’s just wearing her own skin to the wedding.”

*giggles* “Which makes her probably the most stylish person here since she is herself designer fashion!”

“She’s also wearing the living feather boa that Zoe gave her and has brought her thylacine-purse girl to carry her belongings!”

“Seated next to her is Bree Kennsingworth looking very dapper! The visionary director is wearing a smart black bowtie and formal tuxedo jacket, opened to reveal his four huge bovine-like breasts and equine udder, as well as a long tight black skirt, slit all the way up the front to show off his stallion cock and his bare equine balls!”

“Bree has brought a plus one to the Wedding! It’s… Beatrix?”

*giggles* “She’s actually one of the Beatrix armless cowgirl clones! She looks and sounds like Beatrix, but with a cow-satyr lower body and udder, a torso ringed by a dozen huge lactating breasts, and no arms!”

“Oh! So she was one of the audience members that were dosed with Gabe’s last transformation. Why would Bree bring her as his date?”

*giggles* “Because she’s his lawyer! Backstage scuttle-butt is that Bree got his lawyer front row seats as a favour and then the lawyer got a huge dose of the alchemical spill! He turned into our cute little Beatrix clone, but is still Bree’s lawyer. They were working on Master Kensingworth’s Avatar filming fiasco case and lawyer-Beatrix needed milking. Bree was happy to oblige and one thing led to another….”

*titters* “And now their working together Pro Bono?”

*giggles* “I hear their new defence angle is that transformation accidents could happen to anyone!”

*titters* “Let me guess, the Beatrix-lawyer is exhibit A!”

*giggles* “Exactly!”

“Coiled up next to Bree is our last Judge, Zoe! Who has also brought a date!”

“It’s billionaire playboy adventurer Max Goldvault!”

“Max Goldvault? Isn’t he the heir to the Goldvault fortune?”

“The same! He’s also known for death defying stunts like BASE jumping off cliffs in flying suits, going for safari in Avatar infested jungles, and piloting a phallic shaped rocket car!”

*titters* “Going on a date with Zoe might be his most dangerous stunt yet!”

*giggles* “Zoe is currently wrapped all around the handsome muscular billionaire, her six arms caressing his bare chest, rubbing his shoulders, rubbing inside of his pants, and seemingly pulling something as if by magic from behind his ear…”

“It’s a syringe!”

“Which the giant serpent alchemist has jammed into Max Goldvault’s shoulder!”

*titters* “Of course!”

“Max is obviously transforming, and Zoe has produced shears and is cutting off his suit to reveal his body!”

“Max is turning into a woman, obviously, growing eight large breasts that are each massively expanding!”

“Max is also growing a cat tail, and his arms and legs are becoming feline legs!”

“His hands and feet are both becoming ordinary paws, while his head and face are becoming that of a beautiful woman with a kitty cat nose and ears!”

“Oh! I just heard a crunch! It looks like Max has just had his spine readjusted to so that he’s comfortably and permanently on all fours!”

*titters* “Which is a problem since his tits have grown so much they almost touch the ground and get in the way of his four legs!”

“He’s growing a pretty floof of light and dark grey fur on his limbs and back!”

*titters* “He is like a wild Boob-cat!”

*giggles* “Based on the way his penis just inverted into a cute little vagina, I’d say she was more of a regular pussy cat!”

*titters* “Is it me or is that new cunt dribbling, inflamed, and begging to be filled?”

“In my expert opinion, that billionaire big-titty catgirl is definitely in heat!”

“Zoe has produced a collar and locked it around Max’s neck…. It has a name tag…”

“I guess Maxipadicus Fauntleroy Goldvault III is now named Mitsy!”

“Zoe has arranged her coils into a lap, scooped up Mitsy, and is now stroking her huge breasts and fingering her cunt, making Mitsy purr.”

“Show spin-off pitch! Who wants to *own* a billionaire!”

*titters* “Producers, call us!”

*Music Starts*

“It looks like the ceremony is finally starting!”

“Here comes The Groom and his Team!”

“Josh is seated regally upright in a wheelchair, one arm artfully arranged so he can wave at the crowd with his hand! Archie is pushing the chair slowly down the aisle and towards the Altar!”

“Gabeatrix is high-stepping behind them, her huge breast and udder swaying festively!”

“They have reached the Altar!  Archie has lifted Josh out of his chair and is standing him up, arranging his mannequin limbs to pose him elegantly on the Altar in front of the officiant Cynthia Sparks!”

“Archie has taken a moment to smooth out Josh’s labial dress and has him angled him so that he can look across the Altar and crane his neck to see down the aisle!”

‘“Archie has also collapsed the wheelchair and stashed it, and he and Gabeatrix have stood off to the side of Josh, taking the position of his Best Men!”

*Bridal March Music*

“And here! Comes! The Bride!”

*giggles* “That’s right folks! Ambergris the happy herm is eagerly prancing down the aisle to the Altar and her waiting Groom!”

“Behind her slithers Beatrix and trots Lacey, her Maids of Honour for the ceremony!”

“Can we really call them maids with all the fucking?”

*titters* “Well, what about Made’s of honour?”

*giggles* “I like it! Amber and her Mades have positioned themselves on the Altar, Amber standing across from Josh and Lacey and Beatrix off to the side…”

“It looks like everyone is ready. Hey Doe, do you think we should get married?”

“Oh Bobbi, I love you but I don’t think I could live with you!”

*titters* “Cynthia Sparks is waving for attention! Looks like the action is about to begin!”


“Perversely beloved,  We are gathered here to join Ambergris and Josh in marriage! This kooky contract is not to be entered into lightly, but sensuously and seriously with a deep realization of its obligations and permanence. Please remember that love, loyalty, and lust are the foundations of a happy partnership!

I now invite the couple to share their vows.”

“Oh Josie! I love you so much!” *Meow* “I’m so excited to look after you and dress you up and show off how pretty you are for the rest of our lives! I love you and I want to be with you forever!”

“Aw Kitty, that’s like so sweet! I like, totally love you too! I like, always kinda thought I would be like, looking after you and stuff, but like, I trust you take care of me. I wouldn’t wanna be like, stuck with anyone else! I wanna be with you like, forever too!”

*laughs* “I’m glad you both feel that way…

Do you, Ambergris, take this bodacious mannequin man to be your mate, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, in sexy times and trouble, for richer or poorer, staying together with him for as long as you both shall live?”

*Meow* “I do!”

“Do you, Josh, take this fine feline catgirl to be your mate, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, in sexy times and trouble, for richer or poorer, staying together with her for as long as you both shall live?”

“Like, totally!”

*laughs* “Say I do.”

“Oops!” *giggles* “I do!”

“Absolutely auspicious! Now it’s time to exchange the rings!’

Ambergris please take this cockring and place it on Josh’s penis. As you do so repeat after me:”

“Josie, I give you this cockring, as a symbol of my love. I ask you to wear it as a symbol that you are my wife. With this ring, I thee wed!”

*buzzzzzzzzzz* “Like sorry, I got excited!”

*laughs* “Now Josh, please take this cockring and place it on Amber’s penis. As you do so repeat after me:”

“Like, Kitty, I give you this cockring, as like, a symbol of my love. I like, ask you to wear it as a symbol you are my wife. With this ring, I thee wed.”

“Picturesquely perfect! Now that’s done, by the authority vested in me by The Producers, I now pronounce you mates! You may Kiss the bride while you still can!”

“Meow!” *mwah*

*mwah* “Like, wait? What do you mean still can?”



“Howdy Transformation Fans!”

“We’re back, because there’s been a twist!”

*giggles* “That’s right folks! Three airtight cages have just deployed capturing our newly married couple and each of their wedding parties!”

“Amber and Josh are in one chamber, Gabeatrix and Archie are in another, and Lacey and Beatrix are in the last!”

“The chambers are a modified design based on the CHAMBER OF CHANGES but are built for rapid deployment and surprises!”

“And there will be no escape! Mwahahaha!”


“The Producers have wasted no time flooding each chamber with a transformative mist!”

“I can’t see anything Doe…”

“Neither can I. The alchemical fog is far too thick!”


“The Producers are venting the first Chamber, the one containing our newly weds Amber and Josh!”

“I can almost see… only one silhouette?”

*giggles* “Looks like our Winning Couple has been *CON* joined in matrimony!”

*titters “That’s right folks! Amber and Josh have been fused into one body!”

“A body that looks mostly like Ambergris wearing Josh’s labial dress…”

“I can see Amber’s catgirl head with its black furred kitty cat face, ash blond fur, and long pink streaked hair but no sign of Josh’s head!”

“The body is overall Amber’s I’d say. Still a very tall amazonian catgirl with exaggerated hips and thighs, a big bubble butt, and ten huge vaguely plastic looking breasts!”

*titters* “Except those tits all have mouths instead of lipples! And they are all wearing the same expression of confusion!”

“Kitty, like, what’s happening? I feel so weird…”

*Meow* “I… I think you are in my tits now?”

“Josh sure is! Josh is also present in the labial dress Amber’s body is clothed in: a skirt of pink glistening flesh that hugs her thighs and hips, and a dramatic labial collar that starts at her left shoulder and merges into her skirt on her back. Except the dress on Amber lacks the corset or front, since it’s completely open to expose her ten huge lippled tits and her 14-inch pink feline cock!”

“The dress also has a cute little hole in the back for Amber’s big tail to grow out of! And her feet have become encased in hard plastic permanent high heeled shoes!”


“Mrrrow! Demons! What’s that….”  *moans*

“Like, sorry? I got excited and like, my cock started to vibrate? It feels like it’s totally in your pussy…”


*gasps* “That’s because it is!”

*giggles* “It seems that Josh’s sex doll vibrating penis has been permanently inserted into Amber’s vagina, which to remind folks is located where her anus used to be!”

“So to recap: Amber and Josh are conjoined so that Amber is mostly wearing Josh as her labia dress and tits and has him jammed in her pussy like a sex toy?”

“And since Amber’s pussy sealed over when Josh’s sex penis fused into it, the pair are externally anatomically male!”

*titters* “So who will wear the pants in this marriage?”

*giggles* “Neither of them, since one of them is furry and permanently wearing a dress, and the other one of them is the dress!”

“Amber has reached down and is jacking of her cock while Josh buzzes away in her cunt…”

“She is also squeezing their labial dress and playing with her ten big tits, Josh licking and sucking at her fingers, moaning with several of his mouths!”




“Oh fuck! Oh demons! Oh Josie!” *YOWL!*


“Oh frick! Ahhhhhhhnnn!”

*titters* “And there they blow!”

“The conjoined marriage has been consummated!”

*multiply pants* “Oh Kitty I totally love you!”

*purrrrrrs* “I love you too Josie.”

*sniff* “Weddings are so beautiful.”


“Dry those teary eyes Bobbi, The Producers are venting another Chamber!”

“This time it’s the Chamber containing Lacey and Beatrix!”

“I can just see them… and would you believe it? They are conjoined too!”


“What’n tarnation happened? Beatrix are ya there pardner?”


“The Lacey half of our blended bridesmaids is basically unchanged. She’s still a very large pair of horse asses fused together at their waist with no head, face, or human body left.”

“She does have a pair of large bovine udders and can apparently still talk through her two equine cunts!”

“Still can’t talk can ya? To add to our predicament Ah ain’t able to ‘see’ anymore…”


“Beatrix meanwhile has apparently merged with Lacey’s saddle! She still looks mostly the same from the waist up: tentacle hair with two longer, penis-tentacles; a pussy mouth on her otherwise human face, a torso lined with a dozen breasts arranged in a ring, and ten tentacle arms….”

“Except her skin is bow made from a luxurious and buttery brown leather covered in decorative inlays!”

“From the waist down her body melds into the saddle and Lacey’s equine backs. Her ten leg tentacles hang out from under the saddle like the previous bondage tentacles.”

“There are also two large saddle-horn-like cocks jutting from either side of Beatrix’s symmetrical saddle body so that anyone riding Lacey could be fucked sittting up and makeout with Beatrix’s pussy-mouth!”

“I’m guessing those two cocks are all thats left of Zoe’s assistant who was the original living saddle of Lacey?”

“I guess so?”

“Trix, pardner, can ya give me any sign yer alright?”

“Beatrix has just inserted one of her tentacle cocks into one of Lacey’s cunts!”

*neighs* “Ohhhh… there ya are…”

“And pushed her other cock-tentacle into Lacey's other cunt gagging her!”


*giggles* “Beatrix is using all of her other tentacles to tie Lacey up, milk her udder, fuck her own pussy-mouth, and jack off the saddle’s cock-horns!”

“It’s like Lacey’s dream of being a filthy bondage pony have come true!”


“Speaking of dreams, the final Chamber is venting!”

“This is the Chamber containing Archie and Gabeatrix!”

“Who are, unsurprisingly, also conjoined!”

“Overall they kind of have a centaur thing going on, but like a stretched out tit naga centaur?”

“Lthpthhhh” *slurps*


“Starting at the top is Archie’s head, I think. It still has his goat horns, mane of hair, large cock trunk, and giant-lipped dribbling oral sex mouth and inky blue skin. But otherwise his face looks a lot more like Beatrix.”

*titters* “Bearchie!”

“Below that is the rest of Bearchie’s torso: elongated neck, six arms going from big and monstrous to slim and feminine, and a long five foot flexible torso covered in a dozen pairs of heavy long-nippled breasts!”

“From the hips up he is basically a breast naga with an oral fixation!”

“Archie’s hips blend into Gabe’s latex cow lower body! She has a fullsized, hyper-muscular bovine body with four hooves, a cow pussy, and a big udder with cock teats that leaks white latex!”

“Gabeatrix’s face, meanwhile is fused to the front of the latex cow body, about where Bearchie’s crotch would be!”

“Gabeatrix’s face looks still looks like Beatrix’s but made entirely of shiny black latex and with a huge black latex penis sticking out of her mouth, stretching her lips in a big O!”

*titters* “Totally gagging her!”



“Bearchie seems to have lost his speaking mouth in the fusion and is muted by his puffy slurpy mouth!”

“The rest of their fused body is Bearchie’s huge tail which sticks ten more feet behind the latex cow and is wide as a torso!”

“It is lined by huge latex coated breasts with latex dick shaped nipples, like minature udders! Easily twenty pairs!”

“Finally the tail ends in a cute puff of feathers!”



“Bearchie has swung around his long serpentine torso to bring his face level with his crotch to give Gabeatrix a deep and passionate kiss!”

*titters* “And is totally deep throating their shared long latex cock in the process!”

*giggles* “Of course! So there you have it folks! Our Winning Couple was married and turned into a catgirl in a living dress, while the runners up are now a headless horse with a living tentacle saddle and a tit naga latex cow centaur!”

*titters* “I love it when we can bring people together!”

“Let’s go back to Cynthia for a final goodbye message!”


*laughs* “Thanks lovely ladies!

Well there you have it folks! The Amazing Ambergris and Jolly Josh are our Belial Idol: Couples Winners! And are also now married! And conjoined! Congratulations! May you have a happy life together!

We also coupled our other Couples! Hopefully they can sort out their new arrangement! *laughs*

And Cassia, our pretty popstar interviewer is now the perverted pet and property of Amber-Josh! Take carnal care of her!

Wasn’t that a fuckably fine finale!?

*laughs* Well that’s all folks! On behalf of The Producers thanks for watching!

Until the next illicit iteration of Belial Idol, goodbye!”



Notes from The Producers: And so ends another season of Belial Idol. Hopefully at least some of you enjoyed it!

Like all collaborative writing projects there are a bunch of people to thank.

First of all I’d like to thank our full time Judges, Ordos Tsceri (Zoe) and The_Wanderer (Bree Kensingworth), for the changes they designed, the awesome characters, and for editorial and story help. You both were immensely helpful and great to collaborate with.

I’d also like to thank the guest judges for their participation and the changes and characters they designed. In order of appearance thank you PssyMouthDckNeck (Dickie and Phalice), Redstar00 (Johnny Cocks and June), Twisted Infinity (Mum), Gigi (Esunalily), and Demon-Man (The Mysterious Stranger).

Additional thanks to Phil Ein Blank for creating Saiya. Hopefully you’re doing well.

Also thank you to Nihya for story help and brainstorming.

Thank you everyone who voted in any of the rounds! Belial Idol is supposed to be an interactive story, so your participation helped make the whole thing work. It was also cool to see folks playing along!

And finally thank you to everyone who read the thing, either as it was coming out or afterward. I write weird smut because it’s fun, but it’s super gratifying to see other people enjoy it. So yeah, thanks.

I’m not sure if there will ever be another Belial Idol after this, but I didn’t think there would be one last time either. So never say never!


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

This was an amazing story you've written over the past year and a bit and I'm glad I got to read it. The transformations were amazing and were very well described. This is definitely one of the best stories on the site. Congratulations on completing this.


Re: Belial Idol: Couples

Thanks ^^