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Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana, A Game! Interactive Fiction


You play Diana, an Adventurer for hire when she gets kidnapped by a group of unknown assailants, and then wakes up on an underground street surrounded by old buildings.

It's pure text adventure, combat is purely having combat initiated by the story and reading the outcome. The game design was to give me a tight, focused game to make while I learned more about Inform.

The zip includes the source code for the game, and hints for what my be some "Guide Dang It" bits.

If you see what might make a good weapon, make sure you character takes good notice of it. You need to look at, or muse the scissors, for example.

If you're having trouble wearing the amulet, you just need to use the commands at your disposal. Just try a few more times. With the amulet on, you are immune to some of the bad endings.

Link to discussion thread for anyone having more difficulties with the game:
http://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewt … amp;t=4957

I have also uploaded a complete retelling of the worst bad end route:
https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/view … hp?id=3337


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Belial Adventure 1

The original LoB flash game.

Alternatively, both v1.1 and v1.3 can be found here:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/legends_o … /Programs/

Exiled (Belial Adventure 2)

All of the transformations are potion based and are reminiscent of LoB. Unfortunately the creator has canceled the project, but the game's last build is still up.

All credit goes to mute007 on Futanari Palace.

https://www.futanaripalace.com/showthre … ost1154385

For those who want to jump into the action as quickly as possible, here are a few tips. For gold, defensive fights in the arena are the easiest to win as you can just spam the Fight option with little fear of losing. For the real sexual transformation material, you will want to get Kaos Malificus potions. Leave and revisit the alchemist to refresh the list of potions.


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Family Infestation - by Pizznazz

Source: http://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php?mo … amp;id=975

Although this is still early in development, it is off to a rock solid start. It's basically a very comprehensive CYOA as opposed to typical CYOAs that are really just linear storylines. Be sure to check out all the choices per usual.

You can go navigate backwards with the usual keys (backspace, back button, side mouse buttons, etc.). It is also zoom friendly.

Family Infestation is an interactive novel all about parasites, mind control and transformation.

You play from the perspective of Etta, an eighteen year old college student who gradually becomes infested with extraterrestrial parasites which force her to do their bidding, namely the infestation of her immediate family, neighbours and pets. Throughout the course of the novel, the player(reader) gets to make a number of choices which dramatically affect the progression of novel.

I love text based sex-games but often find my favourite games run a little short on content. With this game I plan on making as many different paths, scene alterations and plot variations as my brain can handle, meaning plenty of replayability.

Developed game will include: BE, Grow, Preg, Corr & SheM.


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You start out as a succubus or incubi and seduce humans into becoming your underlings. There is a large variety of transformations you can perform on them and on yourself. More transformations and associated abilities are unlocked the further you progress. Later on you can merge minions into new forms, and merge THOSE minions into even greater forms.

Unfortunately the last update was on Sept. 16, 2014, and a lot of the transformations are flavor text that don't seem to do anything in-game. Still, support the creator if you liked it!

Donating a certain amount nets you unlimited turns and save slots.


Fleshcult is a sex-themed RPG where the player takes the role of a succubus or incubus. You can seduce mortals into your service and give them bizarre transformations.

It’s a web game and is largely text-based (for the foreseeable future at least). It’s turn-based, but I’m trying to ensure the player gets to interact frequently rather than the more Japanese-styled HRPGs and visual novels you typically see. It’s structured so that I can support a wide range of fetishes, but the player isn’t forced into any given kink.

Some stories based on Fleshcult:
http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewt … p?pid=6106


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Corruption of Champions


Trials in Tainted Space

Play it here:

Fenoxo's FurAffinity Gallery:

Corruption of Champions Fanart:


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Carnal Cacophony

http://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewt … amp;t=4955

Inspired by stories like "A Game of Change" and "Spell's R Us: The Boardgame."


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Originally posted by esunalily

The God's Lewd Labyrinth - A Fan Text-Game

"From the creator of Nimin comes The God's Lewd Labyrinth, a choose your own adventure style game. This game has a lot of really kinky transformations. It does have quite a bit of furry TF but it does have more Belial style TFs like dick nipples and multiple breasts. It should be made clear though there is a water sports and AR warning for those who don't like those things, but they are few and far between."



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If anyone is still interested in transformation games I have two titles I'd like to recommend (beware, they are both full of furries).

Lilith's Throne

A text-based erotic RPG with heavy emphasis on being able to transform anyone however you like. You can come up to a random thug and make them drink a potion that'll make them grow wings,horns, tits, cock etc. and the same can happen to you. You can have slaves and such and it has really fun interactive sex mechanic.
There's a story but as of now it's really short and it's the least interesting aspect of the game.

Portals of Phereon

An 18+ monstergirl breeding game with a strategic combat system and RPG mechanics. Out of 3 main characters there's one with an ability to transform herself however she likes, you can change into any monstergirl you fucked and even become a hybrid of many different species. You can also transform the monstergirls wia merging them together or giving them potions.
The game itself is really fun and the combat is addictive.
Also it has a build in dating sim.


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There seems to be overlap between Belial fans and inanimate TF fans, so how about a doll TF game? No sex, sorry: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1286 … ng_Tyrant/


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There's "The Merging" a great CTF game in development ATM: https://xey.itch.io/