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Maria walked across the hot concrete, dodging rowdy kids and sunbathers alike as she made her way towards the shimmering water. The public pool was especially crowded today, probably due to the record heat lambasting the region for the tenth consecutive day. She was relieved to have finally made it here though, regardless of the crowd. Work in the call center today had been a real bitch.

Thankfully the line to the upper diving board was short and within several minutes she was next. After one more *thbwanng*, she gripped the chrome-covered posts and began her assent.

Maria loved the view from the high-board almost as much as the jump itself. She gazed out over the small metro area, once famous for it's groundbreaking nuclear reactor. But that was over 70 years ago and the reactor had been decommissioned and condemned long ago. She looked around once more, taking in the reflections of the afternoon Florida sun off the glittering buildings. Everything seemed so peaceful up here.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then began her dash towards the boards edge. As she vaulted into the air the sound of distant lifeguard whistles reached her ears, but instead of trying to locate them, she simply closed her eyes. This was her time to relax! She wasn't about to let some snot-nosed kid probably trying to sneak an ice-cream cone into the pool ruin her time to unwind!

Maria tensed as the cold water hit her fingers, then relaxed as it engulfed her body. It's cool touch was incredibly welcome on a day like today! She let it swirl around her body, tugging at her bikini as he neared a circulation jet. She lingered by its vibrating pulse, letting the forceful stream massage her sore hands and feet. Then she noticed an unfamiliar tingling spreading over her body.

Her eyes popped open to find the jet spewing clouds of green viscous liquid at her!

Panicking, she flailed her limbs, desperate to reach the surface and escape the strange green plume! But why were her arms and legs being so difficult? She had spent years as a lifeguard and a competitive diver, she should have been up by now!

Resorting to an emphatic doggie paddle, she finally made it to the top, breaking the surface with a loud gasp of air.

She looked around... Where was everybody? The once busy pool was now devoid of any other life, the abandoned towels and umbrellas giving the appearance of a rapture of some sort. Then she noticed the water...

It wasn't just the stream she had been near, but all the jets were spewing clouds of vibrant green goop! The water around her was quickly darkening, stinging her skin as it obscured the rest of her body. Whatever this stuff was, it was making her limbs act strangely and was causing an odd tingling down her front. She had to get out of here, and fast!

Paddling awkwardly to the nearest ladder, she reached up and grabbed it.

Then grabbed it again.

And again.

And again!

Maria's mouth dropped open in horror at the brown-skinned tentacles erupting from the water around her, four of them wrapping around ladder's aluminum tubes! Heaving her disobedient legs out of the water only made things worse as more wet tentacles slapped onto the hot concrete. What the hell was happening to her?!

Long sinuous tentacles had replaced her arms and legs and were multiplying across her body. Besides the two sprouting from each of her shoulders, another four had supplanted had legs and thighs.Two more sprouted from her temples as well, reaching up into the air before falling back down into her long black hair. The limbs all curled, swayed and slithered around her, working semi-independantly but still under the master control of her currently frazzled mind.

But that wasn't all that had multiplied...

Remembering the discomfort down her front, Maria looked down to find more fleshy mounds had appeared on her torso. Pulling away her bra she could see her breasts had multiplied as well! Two more perky pairs of boobs had appeared below her first, the bottom pair just peeking out over her waistband. She poked at them with a tentacle, surprised to find the sensations identical to her original breasts. They were her's all right!

She stood by the poolside for several minutes, still in shock as she explored her massively changed body. Then, from somewhere behind her, she heard the sound of a single camera flash.

Turning around slowly, she was greeted by the sight of all the other pool patrons, corralled by the lifeguards into a nearby parking lot, staring at her. Speechless.

Someone dropped a snow cone onto the asphalt while a boy at the front scrambled to turn the camera sounds off in his phone.

Maria stared back, then quickly wrapped her tentacles around herself, blushing as she covered her naked breasts from the prying eyes. Taking advantage of the crowd's obvious impairment, she spun around and marched awkwardly out the rear gate, scooping her towel and keys with a tentacle as she passed. Looking back at the still stunned crowd, she smiled and quietly opened the door to her car and slipped inside. The sedan grumbled to life, then lurched its way awkwardly into the empty street before shuddering around a corner and out of sight.

Why had she been so insistent on buying a stick shift?

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New follow-up pic:


After the event at the pool Maria hid in her apartment for several days, trying her best to avoid attention as news vans scurried across the city looking for her. She had been hoping her changes were temporary and that her body would revert back to normal, but eventually she realized the tentacles and extra breasts were here to stay.

Deciding to make the best of it, she knew she would need a new wardrobe if she wanted to be comfortable in her altered form.

Maria donned the baggiest skirt she owned and the only shirt she could find that would cover her rows of breasts before heading to a nearby strip mall.

If she just played it cool maybe no one would recognize her as the tentacled girl from the news... right?


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Pic 3: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32002602/


A couple months had passed since the incident at the pool and Maria had adjusted to her life with tentacles. Thankfully she had been able to convince her boss at the call center to let her work from home to help maintain her "work/life balance".

She spent her afternoons and evenings engrossed in research, trying to figure out what the hell had happened fo her. It took a little while, but as she became more adept with her tentacles she actually found them to be quite helpful. Something must have changed with her brain as well, extra synapses or something, because she found herself able to multitask like never before too!

She sipped her warm chamomile as she poured over a book that had arrived in the mail that morning. She continued her online search with several tentacles while taking notes with another and using several more to corroborate her findings in other historical references.

Apparently this city had been little more than a blip on the map before a billionaire moved in and built the now defunct nuclear power plant all those years ago. There had been complaints from some of the locals near the plant about strange numbness and tinglings in their limbs, but their lawsuits always ended abruptly in sealed private settlements. What had been going on here?

The only lawsuit that didn't end in a settlement was eventually dropped as the plaintiff inexplicably stopped showing up for the proceedings. The billionaire got off, but Maria knew something was fishy. What had happened to that woman?

Maria knew if she was able to track down that woman's story, it coild hold the key to her mutation. But she had to figure it out soon.

Her girlfriend was gone for the summer, off to visit family in the far east and attend her cousin's wedding, but she'd be back by the start of the fall semester. That meant she only had a couple more weeks until...

Maria suddenly froze as she heard the familiar creak of their studio apartment door.

"SURPRISE! I'm home early! How was yourrrrrrrr...."


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Tentapool 3.5



As the initial shock of Maria's new form wore off, Lin dropped her bags and made a bee-line for the bathroom. Turning on the cold water, she jumped into the shower for a quick rinse, washing off the travel grime and getting a grip on what she had just come home to.

Donning a fresh pair of pajamas, she took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. Maria had moved over to the bed, trying to distract herself with some mindless television, but Lin could tell she was upset. Walking across the carpet, she flopped onto the pillows next to Maria and snuggled in close.

"Lin, I..." Maria began, but Lin cut her off, leaning in and planting a firm kiss on her lips. Maria relaxed, closing her eyes and giving in to the tender embrace. After several blissful moments Lin broke away, resting her head on her girlfriend's shoulder.

"Sorry about that, hun." she apologized, "I was just a bit taken aback. I mean, you can't blame me for being a little shocked when I come home and find my girlfriend's turned into an Eldritch Horror!"

Maria chuckled, knowing Lin's affinity for the Cthulhu mythos.

"But honestly," she continued, "Tentacles or no tentacles, you're still the woman I love."

Maria blushed, smiling and hugging her girlfriend close. Lin laughed as she felt the tentacles wrap affectionately around her. She returned the hug, only then noticing Maria's other additions.

"What's going on down here, hmmmm?" she pried, pulling Maria's top down with a finger.

Maria swatted her hand away with a tentacle, rolling her eyes. "It's a long story..."


The girls talked late into the night, snuggled on their bed with the TV on.

Maria told Lin about everything that happened since she had left. Her incident at the pool and the initial transformation; the awkward escape from the pool crowd; the excursion for new clothes; and the research that continued to hit dead ends. All the way up to when Lin walked through their door unexpectedly.

Lin had a story of her own too. As it turned out, her trip to Hong Kong wasn't as innocent as her parents had made her believe. On their way to her cousin's wedding, they took an unexpected detour to one of her parent's friend's houses. When Lin asked what was going on, her parents told her they were picking up "a nice Chinese boy" to escort her to the wedding. Things blew up at that point, and although she was able to stick it out through the wedding for the sake of her cousin, she left abruptly thereafter.

"But enough about me and my narrow-minded parents." Lin continued, tracing a finger down Maria's shirt. "Your story sounded much more exciting!"

"Yeah, I don't know if 'exciting' is really the right word..." Maria replied, lifting a pair of tentacles into the air. "More like 'annoying' or 'inconvenient'. You know how hard it is just to put on pants like this?"

"No. But I bet it's a lot easier to take them off." Lin trailed her finger down to the front of Maria's shorts.

"Lin!" Maria squirmed, swatting at her girlfriend's roving hand. "I don't think we're ready yet!"

"Maybe you're not ready, but I sure as hell am. It's been weeks since I've seen you and I'm dying for a good fuck!"

Maria couldn't deny it. Ever since Lin had come home she had been unbearably horny. Even the smell of her soft, pale skin was intoxicating!

"I know, and I've missed you to. I just... a lot has changed. I've changed. I mean, c'mon, look at me. I'm a freak!" Maria's limbs roiled around them, displaying her agitation. "I'm a freak and I don't want to risk scaring you off!"

Lin got up from where she had been laying and jumped onto Maria's lap, straddling her hips and gazing intently into her dark eyes.

"Maria," She said calmly, stroking her girlfriend's hair and running a finger down the tentacle there. "I love you. You could never scare me off. You may have given me a bit of a shock earlier," she laughed, "but you could never scare me off."

Maria calmed down and took a few deep breaths, listening to the soft, dulcet tones of her girlfriend's voice. She really had missed this girl desperately!

"The tentacles aren't the only thing though..." she sighed.

"Well, I can see that." Lin smiled, grabbing the base of Maria's shirt and pulling it up slowly. Maria's rows of perky, tan breasts popped into view, sending a thrill through Lin's body. They were beautiful! She couldn't help but wonder what they must feel like...

Lin's smile was infectious and Maria smiled back as she felt her shirt drag across her sensitive nipples, exposing her six soft orbs to the cool apartment air. She slid a tentacle around her lover, instinctively slipping it beneath Lin's soft pajama shirt and pulling it up, oblivious to the exposed burgeoning mounds as she held Lin's sultry gaze.

Lin leaned in and gave Maria a soft peck on the cheek, then put her lips next to Maria's ear hole and whispered softly...

"Now, be a good tentacle monster and FUCK ME!!"


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Tentapool 4



"Now, be a good tentacle monster and FUCK ME!"

Maria grinned.

With a flick if her limbs she had Lin pinned onto the mattress, her tentacles swarming up her arms and legs as they coiled around her body. Maria leaned forward and hovered over her lover as her tentacles slithered their way further into Lin's clothing, easily finding her bare pussy. They locked lips in a passionate kiss for a moment, then Maria pushed a tentacle deep into Lin's eager slit.

"Ooooh- oh my god!" Lin moaned, breaking their kiss. "Ohhhhh my god, YES!"

Maria felt her girlfriend's tunnel squeeze and ripple around her thick limb, sending currents of pleasure back into her body. Leaning in closer, Maria filled Lin's pajamas with more and more of her squirming tentacles until the thin fabric struggled to contain them. Her shorts were the first to give way, ripping down her thighs as Maria grabbed the ruined material and tossed it aside. Lin gasped as her shirt soon followed, exploding in a frenzy of smooth, powerful tentacles.

With her own libido pounding incessantly, Maria fell back into their pillows, tearing off her shirt and fondling her rows of breasts. She slipped a tentacle into her own shorts, sliding it through the elastic material and stroking her aching labia.

Distracted, Maria's grip on her partner loosened allowing Lin to wiggle free and get a closer view of something odd. Nuzzling her way into familiar territory between Maria's thighs Lin watched the tentacle tip dance around four smaller mounds outlined by her spandex shorts. Was that... a double camel-toe? She grabbed the edges of Maria's shorts and yanked them down, revealing the pair of glistening pussies hidden within!

Maria's eyes popped open. "LIN!"

She quickly wrapped her tentacles around her girlfriend, hoisting her into the air as she blushed uncontrollably.

"What? I think they're adorable!" Lin confessed, hanging upside down.

Maria stared down at her altered nethers, then back up at her girlfriend. "Seriously?"

"Of course! They just make you twice the woman."

As strange as she thought they looked, Maria couldn't ignore the pure lust pounding through her twin vaginas. She had found them not long after her initial change at the pool, and although she hadn't fully accepted them yet, their amplified pleasure was undeniable.

Unable to resist, she slipped a pair of tentacles into their warm embrace, shivering with pleasure from the dual penetration.

Lin felt a tentacle press against her own slick tunnel once more, slipping inside with an audible "slurp". She leaned into the tentacle as best she could, enjoying the sensations as it drove deeper and deeper. She shuddered and groaned with pleasure. Getting fucked by an actual tentacle was even better than any of her fantasies!

Maria looked up as Lin moaned openly, noticing something strange about Lin's hand. It looked... longer? There was something going on with her foot too. Then she noticed the soft, weighty orbs dotting Lin's front...

"Uh, Lin?" she called up, hesitantly. "I think my mutation is contagious..."

"Holy fuck!" Lin moaned, lost in her pleasure. "I- I don't care! Just keep Fucking Me!"


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Tentapool 5



The studio apartment air became thick with pheromones as the girls' hormones surged to exhilarating new heights. The world around them faded into obscurity as all that came to matter was each other, and the incredible pleasure they shared.

Their bodies devolved further to match their unyielding libidos, twisting and forming into shapes meant to give and receive pleasure. To fuck and be fucked. To love, and be loved in return.

Lin's arms and legs reshaped themselves into smooth, powerful tentacles like Maria's, allowing her to return the affectionate embrace of her mutated girlfriend. Her limbs wandered over Maria's smooth, glistening body, curling around her numerous breasts and dipping down to her crotch. She shooed away Maria's tentacles there, filling the quivering holes with her own tapered limbs as she felt Maria slip another tentacle into her own second pussy.

Maria could feel her body changing further in response to the overwhelming pleasure brought on by her lover. More soft, sensitive globes emerged from her torso, filling the spaces of her cleavage. Her multiplying breasts jostled for space, rubbing enticingly against Lin's rows of tits as they pressed their bodies together. A new point of pleasure between her thighs made her squirm and she felt another of Lin's tentacles penetrate the overly-sensitive slit. As the sensation returned, Maria gasped as she felt Lin enter her again, and then once more as the sensation returned for a third time. She moaned in deep satisfaction as Lin's eager tentacles pumped in and out of her five greedy pussies simultaneously!

From deep inside her body, Maria could feel an unknown warmth growing within her. It began deep in her chest and spread out to her limbs, focusing into points of heat at the tips of the tentacles she had buried deep inside Lin. She could feel Lin's appendages grow warm as well, heating her innards where the Lin's tentacle tips converged inside her belly.

Thrusting her limbs vigorously, Maria could feel Lin's tentacles do the same, twisting and curling as they neared some foreign apex of unimaginable pleasure. Lin grabbed Maria's head and pulled her close, Maria returning the passionate kiss as their limbs suddenly clenched, then surged with incredible force, shooting something deep within their bodies!

They held each other close as they came over and over again, filling each other's belly with some unknown fluid as their pussies fired off in repeated climax. Their tentacles curled and wriggled around their sweaty bodies, looking for anything to stroke and caress as they rode their mind-blowing orgasms out together.

As the last of the fireworks slowly died down, a glow of comforting warmth spread through their bodies. Their tentacles relaxed and they withdrew them from each other's sensitive tunnels, eliciting a pleasant shudder or two in the process. Something slick and viscous coated their tentacles and oozed from their overfilled slits, but they were too exhausted to care.

Wrapping their limbs around one another, the lovers slowly drifted off to sleep, instinctively cradling their slightly distended bellies.


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Tentapool 6 & 7


Maria slowly awoke to the rays of soft morning light filtering through their curtains and dancing across the bed. She turned to gaze at Lin, still asleep on the pillow beside her. She smiled and ran a tentacle through her smooth black and purple hair. It was a new style she must've picked up while away on her trip. It looked good on her.

Last night had been epic. Sure, Lin had become a tentacled freak like her, but the sex had been absolutely mind-blowing! If being stuck as a tentacle monster meant having sex like that, then maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

But something about last night still nagged at the back of her mind. When they climaxed, something had come out of their tentacles. She could remember the feeling of Lin's tentacles filling her belly with the stuff, and of it coursing through her own limbs to return the favor. It had felt incredible at the time, but what the hell was it?

Maria felt a gurgle in her stomach. They had skipped dinner last night, distracted by other things, and her prior lunch had been a simple PB&J. But it wasn't really hunger she was feeling now. Why did her belly feel so weird?

Another wave of strange sensations rippled through her and she knew something wasn't right. She had spent enough time as tentacle-girl now to know what was and wasn't normal, and this definitely wasn't normal. She tried looking down at her stomach, but their bodies had become so entangled with each other that she couldn't distinguish anything amidst the pile of tits and tentacles.

She began extracting her limbs from around Lin's body, careful not to wake her sleeping girlfriend. As she freed the last of her tentacles, another wave of sensations surged through her and she slipped off the bed into a pile of sinuous limbs. Cursing, she regained her bearings and stood up, finally discovering the root of her weird sensations.

Beneath the field of breasts scattered down her torso, her belly had become obscenely distended. It looked as if she were 9 months pregnant, with twins! It was oddly lumpy too, with round, stiff shapes poking out all over.

Maria looked over at Lin as she rolled onto her back, still blissfully asleep. Beneath her own rows of breasts, Lin's belly looked nearly as big as her's. Had they somehow... gotten each other pregnant?!

Another wave of sensations passed through her body and she finally recognized it for what it was: muscle spasms rippling through her abdomen! She didn't know what was happening, but she knew she had to get to the bathroom ASAP. Something was about to come out of her!

She hurried around the bed as best she could, struggling with her large belly as it shifted her center of balance. Another wave of spasms hit and she stumbled, falling to the floor as she felt something drop into her pelvis. She dragged herself along the floor with her tentacles, but only made it a few more feet before a new wave hit and she grimaced as something wedged itself into one of her pussies. Another wave quickly followed and the foreign object pushed its way out, hitting the carpet with a heavy bump. Maria turned to find an oblong shape around the size of a softball sitting on the rug behind her. It was black as midnight and covered in slime with an alien purple glow flickering from within.

Maria stared at the thing in shock. What the hell was it? Did it really just... come out of her?

In response to her disbelief, her stomach muscles seized up again. As she clenched her theeth another firm, slimy object popped out from another of her pussies, rolling to join the first one.

She couldn't deny what was happening. She was... she was laying eggs!!

Maria flipped onto her back, splaying her tentacle legs wide to accomodate the smooth, alien objects jostling for space inside her. They began squeezing through a few of her pussies at once, coming 2 or 3 at a time with every push. Before long she had nearly two dozen eggs scattered across the floor, and they were still coming!

While her body settled into an egg-laying rhythm, Maria propped herself up on her arms and began scootching backwards. Her target was the couch along the wall behind her. Maybe sitting there she'd be able to get into a more comfortable position while the eggs made their way out of her. Pushing with her legs, she noticed a peculiar thing. She was digging her heels into the carpet. Heels she hadn't had for months!

Maria gasped when she realized what was going on. Her leg tentacles had become much shorter and her feet had begun to reappear from the tubular shapes as they coalesced into singular limbs once more. Her heart lept into her throat. She was turning back to normal!

Reinvigorated, she continued on to the couch, leaving a trail of slimy, pulsing eggs in her wake. Hoisting herself up onto the cushions, she felt a sudden twinge in her nethers. The eggs, which had previously been appearing at a consistent rate, had suddenly stopped! Her stomach muscles continued pushing, trying to pump them out, but something was holding them back.

With her belly now much smaller than before, she was able to crane her neck around to look between her legs. Smooth black shells poked out from all five of her vaginas to various degrees, but as her stomach muscles surged, the eggs merely pulsed and refused to come out. She ran a tentacle over their firm, slimy surfaces, trying to coax them out, but they refused to budge.

As her efforts to entice them failed, something else caught her eye. One of the eggs was actually receding back into her body! She grimaced as she felt the egg wedging its way back into her overloaded cervix, pushing other eggs already queued up behind her four other vaginas.

As it fought its way back inside her, the labia it had been nestled in began to seal up. The skin flattened and smoothed out as the slit disappeared until there was nothing left but a patch of amber skin. She ran a tentacle over where the genitalia had been, only to receive normal tactile sensations in return.

Maria wasn't sure if she was more disappointed or relieved to see the pussy go. It was bizarre having so many, but the amplified pleasure had been undeniable! And it had been facilitating the expulsion of her eggs.

The gridlock at her crotch still had yet to resolve itself. She propped her now normal feet up onto the couch, splaying her knees out in attempt to relieve the congestion. She massaged her remaining pussies with her tentacles, but that did little to help. Then a feeling of even more pressure inside her body grabbed her attention, and she found another of her vaginas was closing up, forcing the egg it housed back inside her as well!

She groaned as this one too wedged it's way back into her overcrowded tunnel. She had been doing her best to get these damn eggs OUT of her, but they seemed intent on doing the exact opposite! She continued massaging her gravid belly with her tentacles, trying to encourage the jammed eggs inside into some sort of order so they would start making their way back out again. But instead, she was rewarded with sensations of another large egg backing up into the blockade as a third vagina sealed itself off. She groaned openly as the sensations became too much. She could feel the solid orbs all cramming together in the limited space, impacting her pelvis and making things very uncomfortable!

"Mmmmmm... what's going on over there?" Lin rubbed her eyes with a groggy tentacle. "Some of us are still trying to sleep here."

Maria could only groan in reply, preoccupied by her own problems.

"What're you even doing over there?" Lin asked sleepily, scratching her own belly. As her tentacle grazed a few breasts, her eyes popped open and she looked down to find her massively altered body. Memories of the previous night came flooding back. It hadn't been just a dream. Everything was real! She had feally turned into a tentacled, multi-breasted monster-girl!

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed, raising a pair of tentacles into the air and hovering them over her face. "This is so cool!!"

She continued inspecting the rest of her body with a fascinated curiosity. Her arms and legs were split into two long, sinuous tentacles each and she had another pair protruding from the sides of her head. She had three pairs of breasts down her front that framed a distended, lumpy belly.

"Hey, uh, Maria? What's up with the big belly? Did you get a belly when you first-"

"HHUHNNNNNG!!" Maria let out a massive groan as the eggs inside her finally realigned themselves and came cascading out from her two remaining pussies. Within moments another dozen eggs had escaped her body, collecting on the couch beside her and rolling down onto the floor. She leaned back as a wave of relief finally passed over her. Whatever had been blocking her eggs before had released and they were free to evacuate her body once more!

"What the fuck-" Lin stared speechless at the spectacle she just witnessed. Her girlfriend just laid a bunch of weird looking eggs! And there were more glowing eggs all over their apartment floor too. How long had Maria been at this?

Lin looked back at her own swollen tummy. Did that mean that she...?

"What the fuck is going on, Maria?"

Maria picked up her head with a grunt, "Hell if I know. This is the first time there's ever been eggs involved." She winced as another pair pushed out from her pussies. At least her regression back to humanity had continued. The tentacles on her head had disappeared by now and all her extra breasts were mostly gone. Maybe her reversion was somehow tied to the oviposition?

"You mean you never laid eggs before? Why now?"

"Nope." Maria paused to grunt as a few more of her eggs passed through. "Maybe it has something to do with last night?"

"I wouldn't know, I was just a normal human before last night! I mean... I love the tentacles and boobs and all," Lin gazed at her body again, "but I'm not sure how I feel about squeezing out a litter of eggs."

"Well, I don't think it matters how you feel about it." Maria paused, smiling coyly. "It looks like you're about to be joining me."

"What-" Lin stammered, following Maria's gaze between her thighs. So distracted by the rest of her body, Lin hadn't noticed the sensation of smooth objects dropping into her pelvis. A pair of glossy black peaks were now peaking through her twin vaginas.

"No- no way! I- I can't... HUHNNNG!" Lin groaned as a wave of muscle spasms dominated her front, pushing the smooth, dark cones out a bit further.

"Holy shit." Lin huffed, "What the fuck is happening?"

She tried to jump out of the bed, but her tangle of inexperienced leg tentacles were ill prepared to catch her, and she fell to the floor with a thump. Irritated, she crawled to where Maria sat on the couch, flipping onto her back and resting against it. She felt another surge, and the slimy objects protruding from her slits pushed out another inch. She rubbed her belly with a pair of tentacles, feeling numerous objects shift around within.

"Oh, shit-" was all she could get out before another wave coursed through her, clenching her abdominal muscles and forcing the eggs free from her body. The pair rolled across the floor before bumping into a few off Maria's eggs. Both girls stared at the newest additions. They were identical to Maria's, slimy ebony shells containing some alien purple glow within.

"Oh my god. That felt... weird?"

"Yeah, tell me about it." Maria grunted as another egg slid from one of her own pussies, rolling across the couch cushions to where Lin was resting.

"Hey, watch it!" Lin chided, dodging the rolling egg. She grimaced as another pair of her own settled into the void in her pelvis, wedging into her tunnels. With another groan and involuntary surge, they popped free and joined the others.

"At least it seems to be changing us back." Maria commented, admiring her now fully restored arm.

Lin realized for the first time that Maria was reverting back to her human body. So distracted by her own predicament, she hadn't noticed Maria was almost entirely human again!

Lin squirmed as she felt another egg squeeze though one of her pussies. Looking back at her own body, Lin could tell Maria was right. She was reverting back too! One of her legs was almost completely back to normal now, and her other was close behind. Meanwhile, her arms had begun joining back together into singular limbs.


Apparently her first day as a tentacle-girl was going to be a short one.

The girls spend the remainder of the morning together on the couch, helping each other through the process of oviposition as best they could.

Maria was done first, unsurprisingly given her head start. By the time her last egg finally popped free, her body had reverted entirely back to normal, with one exception. Down between her thighs her pair of plump twin pussies remained, nestled cozily side by side. Her hips and thighs seemed wider than she remembered too, resulting in a gap wide enough to accomodate the double genitalia. Lin finished laying her own clutch about an hour later, and they noticed her dual vaginas had remained as well.

Although awkward, and a little uncomfortable, they agreed it was an alteration they could handle. And maybe even enjoy! At least it was something they could cover up.

With their eggs scattered around them, the girls snuggled together on the couch. Lin curled in close to Maria's naked chest, reclaiming her usual spot as Maria kissed her head. They closed their eyes and rested, matching each others' relaxed breathing as they recovered from the exhausting ordeal.

Who knew what the future held, but as long as they were together, they knew they could take on anything!


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The old link is dead, so have a fresh one: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34763520