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Angelic/ Demonic Sphinx

Changing out of their cheer uniform, the two conjoined sisters were once more naked, and covered in sweat from the orgy. After finishing a shower in the locker room, Jen and Claire decided to head home, taking the long way. During their journey Jen got used to walking on her hands, now finding it natural. Every few minutes the two sisters would cough out a pill, not always even bothering to see what it did.

They watched as a squirrel snatched up one of the pills and ran into a tree. A few minutes later, an anthro squirrel girl hung upside down from the branch fingering herself and massaging her new tits.

Two elementary twin girls on their way home from school found their own pills mistaking them for candy and both eating them. One of their back packs turned into a swirling brown shell, their legs fusing together into a slimy foot. The other ones skin turned white with red stripes her hands and feet become nubs, two buns formed at the back of her head fattening into disks. After their changes the snail and peppermint sisters went along their way giggling.

Jen and Claire found their way by the dog park. Looking inside they saw a familiar friend. Cergei and Usko where both sucking their respective dicks while Bernadette fingered her pussy in the middle. Once she spotted the girls, Bernadette waved at them with the paw she was using to masturbate liquid still dripping from it, after Claire waved a foot back, the Cerberus anthro stuck the fingers in her mouth licking them clean and moaning.

Finally it was dark and the twins were home.

“Welcome home girls, how was school?” Their draconian centaur moms greated them. They explained their day, making sure to mention their make out sessions, when they described the sauce they made Jen’s mom seamed interested in having some.

So Jen and Claire got to work making the meal from school, making sure to include the pill sauce.

Once it was done she layed out four plates for her parents to eat. Thanks to their giant draconian jaws they finished the meal in just a few bites licking their lips. Even Jen’s fathers dick face was given the meal, finishing it in seconds and letting out a burp.


“A fine job girls.”


They clutched their lower horse body and Jen heard gurgling coming from their stomach.

“Ohhh wow, I’m gonna lay down for a bit girls.” Jen’s mom said standing up from the table and making her way to the couch. Their mare hips swinging side to side with each step. As they walked Jen noticed something, she was shrinking! No, that wasn’t right, neither her or Claire had a pill, they weren’t shrinking, the entire house was expanding and so was their deacon centaur parents.

Everything grew to even larger than it was in Lucy’s giant dog house.

Their parents plopped their body down on the couch and turned on the TV. Unsurprisingly it was playing porn, more specifically of a dark elf woman plowing a blond haired blue eyed girl with her massive cock.

As they watched their horse body changed, the hooves split into claws that became a set of paws. Their fur became softer and blond, and their bones became more feline. Claire’s “Father’s” head was absorbed into their body at the same time. The dick tail became much scalyer turning green.

The scales spread to giant testicles Jen’s fathers face was swallowed by the growing horse cock as it lengthened and grew in diameter, eventually extending past the front of their new lion body. At the front a vertical slit opened along with a set of eyes, she knew that her dad had gone from being a dick behind the heighn legs, to a pussy in between the front. They still kept the horse cock though.

Meanwhile Claire’s “father’s” head re-emerge at the end of the scaly tail, once again human looking though with the editing of slit pupils and long fangs, the scales ending on her cheeks her skin was also much darker.

Their dragon anthro torso turned fleshy and human looking, their four breasts merging into two that were twice the size. Their four arms also merged into two that split at the elbow into two fore arms each.

Claire’s “Mother” and Jen’s mothers heads still rested on their shoulders becoming human, however Jen’s mothers head developed a set of short black horns and Claire’s “mother” gained a halo. Jen’s moms hair turned straight and black, ending at the point their wide hips met the lions body, the entire left side of the upper body also turned crimson, her finger nails growing long sharp and black. Meanwhile Claire’s “mom’s” skin became pale almost glowing. Her hair was the same length as the other heads and blond, her nails were manicured and white.

The last change to occur was a leathery black bat wing sprouting from the demonic side of the Sphinx’s lion body, and a fluffy white bird wing coming from the angelic side.

When all the changes were finally finished they established their parents new height was something like 250 feet, and at least twice as long.

The entire time these changes happened none of the 8 eyes left the screen. The demonic set of hands was fondling their massive tits while fingering the pussy mouth of her once husband. Meanwhile the angelic half controlled by Claire’s “mom” also fondled her boob and stroked the giant erect horse dong hanging infront of them.

As the porn reached its climax the angle and demon heads turned to eachother and began making out. Not wanting to be left out, the snake tail head joined in adding her forked tong. Eventually the foursome masturbation became too much for any of them, and a jet of seamen rocketed from the leathery horse cock towards the now movie theater sized screen. Their wings flapped and all four mouths moaned as one as they orgasmed together, Jen’s dad’s mouth letting out female discharge. The Sphinx ejaculates for a solid 5 minutes before passing out.

A tsunami of cum fills the entire living room, the gallons and gallons only being a puddle for the massive Sphinx, that stops before it reaches the giant table.

Jen and Claire were now incredibly horny again, watching this. The sisters to contemplate their next move.

Someone would need to clean up this mess, and they knew who that someone probably was going to be.

Going down the ladder on the side of the table, they find Lucy and Martha happily eating dog food from two separate bowls. Slipping them a pill should be incredibly easy…

*Jen, Claire, Martha, and Lucy all take pills.


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Rejoining with Lucy

Jen and Claire decide that they will each also take a pill alongside Martha and Lucy, with the hopes that they might grow to match their now insanely massive parents. Once they had slipped a pill into both Martha and Lucy's food the conjoined sisters coughed up and immediately swallowed pills of their own.

Upon eating their pills, Martha and Lucy pulled away from each other, becoming separate beings once again. Martha continued to change on her own but Lucy, as if she remembered her time fused with the girls, ran over and hugged them, causing all three to fall to the ground in a heap as they merged together.

When they went to right themselves they found that the way their body was now oriented, Claire was on top of Jen, their arms and legs having switched places so that they now matched where their hands and feet were, while Lucy was stuck behind Jen, her body still in an indistinct shape. The girls also noticed that they were growing, they were already almost ten feet tall in their crumpled position on the ground and their growth only seemed to be speeding up while their body continued to reshape itself

Claire watched as red scales covered their body down to just above their hips, with the ones on her front being a more pink shade, her pussy-face becoming a draconic muzzle not unlike the one three of their parents sported just a moment ago, with a long neck connecting it to her shoulders.

Jen meanwhile found her legs transforming into horse legs, complete with hooves while her behind stretched out into the chest of a horse. Once her behind had turned into the front half of a horse, it stopped and Lucy's form picking up where it left off. Their back hips and legs were those of a dog, a thick canine cock growing between them. As their back cock grew long enough to extend past their front legs it's head reshaped itself into the humanoid head of Lucy.

As their body passes the fifty foot mark, Claire feels pressure on several parts of her torso, five pairs of breasts growing in, alongside a second pair of arms that grows out above her hips. Her shoulders then widen slightly as two identical heads grow on either side of her original one, her vision going fuzzy for a moment before she gets used to seeing out of her new sets of eyes.

Their body now over one-hundred feet tall, Jen's cock-head began to grow proportionally larger, while her breasts-balls moved between her equine legs before swelling down to her knees. Her cock-head reformed itself into a cock-torso, Jen's upper body making up the last third of her now equine cock. Meanwhile, three tails grew out of Lucy's behind, the left one was canine, the fur colour matching Lucy's own, the right one was equine, and the middle one was a draconic tail the same length as their tauric lower body. Finally, a pair of pussies grew in between the centre tail and the others.

The girls growth had stopped once they were one-hundred-fifty feet to the upper shoulders and their lower body was three-hundred feet long. Jen's cock-body was long enough that her head was above their upper shoulders, held upright by their five sets of fifty-foot cleavage. They were still a long shot from being as large as their parents but at least they could reasonably use the gaint furniture.

Once they had taken stock of their own body, they began looking for Martha, whose transformation must have concluded by now. They found her busy cleaning up the flooded living room, but their wasn't just one of them: Martha had split into six separate bodies!

All of them were twenty-five foot tall fairies, each with a different wing colour, as well as different sexual mutations. The first had red wings as well as a twenty foot long horse-cock and a matching pair of horse balls that hung down as she flew over the lake pushing special mop that absorbed the cum easily. The next, whose wings were blue, had three pairs of arms and breasts; she was currently carrying fresh buckets of water to the other Martha's as they cleaned. The third Martha, wiping off the cum-plashed furniture, had green wings. She also had two pairs of legs, side-by-side, with an average sized cock in both crotches. Cleaning the TV screen was a Martha that had yellow-wings and three identical heads. A black winged Martha was busy washing the cum out of their employer's fur, her massive tit's and dick nipples making it a bit difficult. The final Martha, her wings so white they were almost transparent, had two fifteen foot cocks replacing her legs. Her task seemed to be cleaning the massive horsecock that had created the mass in the first place.

With the six of them working together, it seemed that the Marthas didn't need any help, so Jen, Clair and Lucy were free to do other things with their new giant body.

*While they're giant, walk to one of the neighboring towns and transform people there

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Bigger size means proportional sized pills

Jen, Clair, and Lucy departed from their cum flooded home, not wanting to get in the Marthas' ways. When they exited they saw that their now proportionally larger home had grown to not only fill their street but the entire suburban district of the town, the street it was on was the same size as always and at the edge of their property line their neighbor's houses resided like a lawn ornament more then an actual home.

With little to do in their new size besides stomp about and reek havoc. Something neither Jen or Clare wished to do, they set out to create more transformations on the unsuspecting.

Through Clair's multiple eyes she relayed to Jen that their efforts in school had produced a fair bit of transformees in their small town, leaving little for them to change short of going door to door. And now that they were as tall and long as a cruse ship, that might prove difficult.

"Hey! Why don't we go to Sheffield then?" Jen suggested from between their rows of breasts. "There is a cultural fair there this week! I'm sure plenty of people will be out of their homes."

"Great thinking Jen!" "Yeah we can just walk there like this!" "And its a straight line through the woods!" Clair's different heads all said

In only 5 min of stomping through the woods in their massive body, pulverizing boulders underfoot and snapping centuries old trees with Jen and Lucy's gargantuan cock like twigs they crossed the county line into Sheffield, the neighboring town and home to their rival high school Maryweather Academy.

In their fairgrounds to the west they could see the glow of lights and in another minutes travel, aided by Clair's multiple eyes as to not harm anyone or their property they entered the festival below. The fair was nearly four times as big as they were wide, and though it wasn't filled to the brim with people it was sparsely packed enough that the conjoined monster could find foot holds and arch their heads down to take part in their fair's happenings.

"Ill go first," said one of Clair's dragon heads, it then coughed up a pill into one hand and stammered. "Uh, Jen. Slight problem..."

She held her hand down to Jen's cock body to see. Inside the palm of her hand rested a pill same as always. Except by comparison to the stalls and stands below them it was now the size of a small car...

"How is anyone suppose to eat that?" One of Clair's heads cried out in frustration.

"No worries sis, I've got an idea. Cough up a few more pills and set them over there." She said pointed to a concrete cross roads in the fairgrounds walking paths. Clair produced three more pills and stakes them on the spot like link-n-logs and Jen started to move her horse legs into position. All the while Clair's 3 heads arched down to the pedestrians politely saying "excuse us, pardon us, coming through, make way, excuse us, watch out sir..." And so on as they maneuvered.

Once in place Jen stomped one of her horse hooves down on the pills with a clap like thunder and exploded the pills into a fine dust that swept out from the square like a smoke ring. Dozens upon dozens of attendees were washed over by the fine white haze breathing it in and eating on any exposed food. Jen and Clair's heads all rested above the crowd as they watched those caught in it transform.

One large man eating a corn dog shrunk half his size into a woman her mouth morphing into a pussy around said corn dog as her breasts became so large she was lifted off the ground by them. Her legs ballooned into fat jiggling orbs as her feet turned into nipples. Her ass cheeks then also sprouted nipples and grew to match her leg-breasts and original breasts as they came to rest on the ground beneath her. The nipples then became extremely erect, propped her up on them and then she began to shuffle on her way atop the thick nipples like a caterpillar.

Another woman standing outside a food truck handing out flyers had her forehead extend upward as two more sets of eyes appeared above the first. Her butt kicked out into another pair of legs along with a torso making her a human-taur an from between her legs grew a long tube of flesh that Clair first though was an obvious cock but when the shaft was smooth and lacking in the telltale sign of veins and its tip swelled into full feminine lips, that preconception was lost. The tube was as thick as an oil drum, perfectly filling the gap between the two legs and grew to ten feet long hanging out before the woman's body. The mouth began spewing the same sales pitch the woman had before becoming a functional dick sucking sleeve.

A teen couple sitting on a bench next to the food truck eating also changed. The boys cloths ripped off his body as he grew twice his size in with his flat pecs and abs softening into hefty breasts and a soft curvy paunch stomach his arms grew with flabby fat laden muscle and black hair sprouted across his body as his hands grew to the size of garbage can lids with thick rough fingers. His legs did the same as they became thick with soft muscle and his shoes erupted with identical hands in place of his feet. He then became a she as his penis retracted into his crotch to be replaced with a huge pussy big enough to fit a medicine ball.

The gorilla woman's girlfriend's head was sucked into her expanding neck as skin coiled up around it, her lips standing straight up and eyes moving to the sides of her head coming to a rest at the corners of her mouth set on the sides of her shoulders. Her breasts exploded out of her blouse as they quickly took on the shape of testicles the size of beach balls and the former woman's tongue emerged from her sheath mouth as a horse cock as thick as her torso and growing to be 12 feet long. As the rest of her body remained in changes it was uncertain how she was able to support such a large cock on her half sized body.

The gorilla woman overtaken by the pills horny side effects quickly bent the horse cock down and shoved it into her massive pussy taking in six feet of it and forming a huge bulge in her belly! With the last six feet she wrapped her hand feet around it and used them to thrust herself down on the shaft while her upper arms pushed down! The cock woman was powerless and flailed on the ground, gripping at grass to brace herself until she came and ballooned the gorilla woman's belly to twice its size with cum before being yanked out and cream-pieing across the front of the food truck!

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