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Topic: Didi and Frank - modulokss

it is in reality a spin off from Peter and Sandra Story, as it happens in the same context, but happens with two different characters.

This is very beginning of the story, where the background is set up, so all the next parts will take sense.

This story includes weird transformations, multiple limbs, sexual organs, growing, etc... if you enjoy this, just keep reading, hope you enjoy as much as I writing and drawing this.

Lot of Thanks to youhaveitinspades for translation!!
Lot of Thanks to Heileejoe for drawing help!!

Here you have the link to the gallery where all the chapters are:
https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/mod … -and-Frank

(Note: day 6 to 9 doesn't exist, as there is a time jump, there is no mistake wink )


Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

1. Day -1:
"I've already told you a thousand times that it isn’'t around here," Didi said exasperatedly. It was the fifth time they had to ask how they got to their uncle Brand's town.
"If you had brought the map as you said you would, maybe we wouldn't be going around like idiots" Frank replied.
"I have to justify myself again? I didn't bring it because you said you knew where to go.” Didi argued.
“I will not have this conversation with you again,” Frank said.
Frank was athletic, attractive, socially successful, and captain of the high school soccer team, but no girl seemed to be interested. He was not interested in school and he never really did well, but it was not a priority for him right now. He felt happy with his life; he was grateful because he thought very highly of himself, and behaved as such around others, especially with his cousin Didi.
Conversely, Didi was the complete opposite. She had an unimpressive body, not at all thin, with glasses, hair in a ponytail, and hardly any feminine attributes worth mentioning. She devoted all her effort to her studies. She only had 3 friends and almost no social life. She went through school unnoticed, which he had gotten used to, but she really appreciated the quietness. However, she did feel lonely, and  many nights she went to sleep crying thinking about what things would be like if they were different. In private, she always yearned for the popularity and social success of other girls her age.
Their relationship was strained. They saw each other more often than they would have liked. Didi despised her cousin’s focus on aesthetics and thought Frank was “basic”. She thought he was too dedicated to his social life and didn’t worry enough about school. He had a very simple personality, and seemed indistinguishable from every other guy at school. His attractiveness compensated for his shallow personality. Didi hated this type of people, unable to appreciate anything more than themselves. 
For his part, Frank always saw Didi as his unique cousin who was more interested in books than people. He thought she was a social misfit and moody, and he would get annoyed when they were seen together, worried that his reputation would be hurt by association. 
Now they were in a car, almost lost on the way to a small town in the middle of the mountains without completely knowing how to get there. Their uncle’s grandfather was turning 100 years old and his children had invited the entire extended family to celebrate in style. Frank's parents had gone on a trip, as they often did, and Frank didn’t mind as he enjoyed his independence. His parents would meet them there, and Frank would make his own way with his brand new car.
Didi's father had passed away 10 years previous, and her mother recently caught pneumonia for the third time in a year. The doctor recommended that her mother remain at home. Her mother was very close to Didi's great-uncle, and since he really wanted as much of his family to attend that could, she encouraged Didi to go in her stead. She did not have a driver’s licence and with limited other options, she turned to Frank, who reluctantly agreed to take her with him.
And so began a somewhat strange journey.
The problem was that Frank could not admit to an unattractive girl like Didi that he was wrong. He was too proud, and if word got around he would lose some of the social prestige he worked so hard to gain. But she was right, and Didi always wound up being right.
It was 9:00 p.m. and they still were not sure where they were going. Didi, analyzing the situation, proposed that the best thing would be to spend the night in a roadside motel, and reach their destination town tomorrow. They still had more than 4 hours of driving to go, and the two were tired, not only of the trip, but of being cramped together in such a small space.
Frank agreed, since he was quite tired, and the idea of being away from Didi for a few hours seemed very attractive.
So, in the middle of a very long and lonely road, surrounded by pastures, they found a motel with a gas station located basically in the middle of nowhere. As they had no idea when they would come across another place to stay, the two agreed not to miss the opportunity, and stop here to rest. The site was really lonely. A couple of old vehicles were in the parking lot, the gas station was empty and the lights were off. The motel itself was open, based on the half-lit sign. They parked, picked up their bags and entered the motel. A small counter in the middle of a corridor was the only thing present to receive guests, and a very old man was there as if he had not moved from his place for decades. Frank asked for two rooms for the night, and the man silently completed the booking and gave Frank the keys. Without asking any more questions they went to find their rooms.
Since they had been eating snacks and other junk food during the trip, they were not hungry for dinner, and fighting their fatigue would be a losing battle. Frank told Didi they would be leaving at 8 am sharp, and joked that if she was late she would have to walk home on her own..
It was getting late, so each went to their respective rooms, where they changed and went to sleep.


Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 0:
It wasn’t yet 5 in the morning when Didi suddenly woke up to a very bright light shining through the window. She thought someone had turned on the light in her room, but as soon as she opened her eyes, the light was followed by a huge rumble, like thunder following lightning. It was so loud that the windows rattled as if an explosion had occurred right in front of the motel. She heard glass breaking all over the motel, and suddenly the windows in her room exploded into a thousand pieces, throwing her out of bed to the floor. It was the last thing she felt. 
She was out for what could have been hours, days, or even weeks. In the state of unconsciousness in which she was submerged, time was a variable that made no sense. Didi began to be aware of herself, and started to wake up like she did every morning. The first thing she felt was extreme fatigue. The last thing she wanted right then was to have to move a single muscle. Her mind was beginning to restart, trying first to fulfill her vital functions. "Who am I? Am I sleeping? Is there class today? No... I don't have to get up early. Am Ihome? No... I wasn't at home, I was with Frank. We were traveling.. we got lost, right? We stopped to spend the night in a motel... and... shit, what time is it? At 8 am I had to be outside or that idiot would leave me here…” Her body was beginning to show signs of life. Feeling was beginning to return. First a generalized discomfort, as if he were sleeping on a pile of stones. “Why does everything hurt? And what is this pressure on my chest?” Suddenly she remembered. "Was there an explosion last night?" Vague memories began to surface, scattered as if from a strange dream, but the pain she felt every time she tried to move bothered her more. Her back was killing her. She focused on drawing enough strength to allow her to open her eyes. 
The room, as she remembered it, no longer existed. The wall facing the road was gone. Instead he could see the horizon, the fields, the road, and rubble upon rubble all throughout the room. The bed was in a corner, and she was leaning against the wall, on a pile of rubble. “There was an explosion then? It was not a dream?" 
She tried to move her neck, which hurt a lot, because, as it turns out, she had been using a brick as a pillow for the entire time she was unconscious. She also had a new pressure on her chest that she was increasingly aware of. She tried to move her hands, to get up, and lift her back, and suddenly she felt a very strange sensation. The pressure on her chest shifted, and she noticed something fall on her thighs as she sat up. 
She was too stunned to understand what was happening. Too many things had happened for the feelings to make sense. She was in a motel in the middle of nowhere, there was an explosion, and now she was lying on a pile of rubble in the ruins of a room? She looked down and thought that her mind was playing tricks on her. Her nightgown seemed to be hiding a giant lump underneath, a lump that now rested on her thighs. The nightgown, dirty and ripped in several places, came apart in her hands as soon as she tried to open the buttons, leaving her torso exposed. Then she discovered something that made no sense. Two huge bags of meat were resting right now on her thighs. Two bags of meat that grew from her chest. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "What is this?" 
She couldn’t move for more than 5 seconds. She stood there, frozen,  trying to get her mind to come up with an explanation for why she now had breasts the size of basketballs. She reached out a hand to touch them and felt them as her own. She stroked her right breast, and tried to cup it and lift it. She put her hand under her, just above her thigh, and tried to lift it. "God, this weighs a lot!" was the first thing she thought. Indeed, they must have been around 7 or 8 kilograms each. She had never seen such large breasts, not in person, in magazines, or on television. She had not known that it was humanly possible to have breasts of this size. And she would never have imagined it was her who had them! She had always been self conscious of her flat chest, and overnight,she had the biggest breasts she had ever seen!
“How could this be happening? How is it physically possible?” She had no answers to these questions, what she did know was that what she was seeing and feeling was real. They were there, right now, and she had in her hands the reliable proof that they were real. The reality and implications of what was happening suddenly began to frighten her. She released her chest suddenly, which fell on her thighs again making a funny noise. She tried to get up. It was more difficult than she expected at first, because when trying to bring her leg out from under her, her breasts swung up into rubble, which caused her some pain. She sat up as much as she could, realizing how stiff her muscles and joints were. It was as if he had been sleeping on that mountain of rubble for days.
Now, once standing, he could see herself fully. It was as if they had always been there. Her two breasts, previously, did not even sag. They had merely been two small lumps; in fact she had only worn bras to complement her clothes, because she didn’t really need them. Even her nipples had been very soft, almost invisible. Quite the opposite of what she was seeing now. Two huge breasts, full, hanging beyond her navel, almost covering the decorative bow on her panties. Her big nipples occupied almost half of the spherical masses of meat. She estimated that her areola were about 20cm in diameter, and in the center was a nipple rather reminiscent of a cow's nipple. It was a lump of meat, dark, 3 cm in diameter, and almost hanging 5 cm by its own weight.
Gradually a multitude of thoughts came to her mind. “What am I going to do now? What will my relatives say, my mother, my friends? This is not natural, people will think I’m a monster! And at school?” She had always gone unnoticed, for better or worse, but now she knew it was going to be impossible even to arrive at school without everyone staring at her and gossiping. She knew everyone would think she was a freak! She began to hyperventilate. She was losing control of the situation. She imagined a future of eternal misfortune.
Her mind came back to the present. She needed to be practical. She was in a grave situation, and it was not time to be weak. She was still alive after all, but her thoughts inevitablely continued racing.
Suddenly, she heard a noise outside. She walked to what had been the wall before and looked out as the noise of something collapsing could be heard outside. At each step, her breasts danced from side to side, pounding in her belly, and inside her arms. She had to hold them so that the shifting weight did not make her lose her balance. She looked out and saw that indeed, a wall of what had been the parking lot had collapsed. The dust cloud was still visible. She kept watching until she suddenly remembered, “Frank?”
“My God, could he be alright?” She ran towards his room, but her breasts reminded her of their presence again, and she realized that running made the balance situation worse, so she held both breasts with both hands and walked as fast as he could to Frank's room.
The door was half open, and inside the situation was very similar to her room. The entire wall of the building had fallen leaving the room open to air. Frank's bed was standing against the wall opposite the hole, and there was rubble on the floor. In one of the corners, she saw Frank. Still unconscious, or sleeping, because Didi heard him snore. At a quick glance, she noticed something strange about him. He was lying on the floor, but his legs were in a very strange position. They curled unnaturally. She wondered if he had broken bones.
Didi approached, and tried to wake him up. 
“Frank! Are you ok?" She shook him by the shoulder. It took time for him to react, but he finally moved a little, enough to instinctively push Didi away from him, as if he didn't want her to wake him up. "She’s an idiot,” he thought.
“Frank! Wake up, are you alright?” She asked.
"Leave me alone, I had a horrible night," was the first thing he said.
“He must be better off than me,” Didi thought. Then Didi pushed him again, and this time Frank reacted quickly.
“Didi! We were supposed to meet at 8, what time is it?” Frank said, opening his eyes and shutting up suddenly as he noticed the state of the room. It took a few seconds for him to react, as his mind suddenly had to get used to a totally new situation. "The explosion… I didn't dream it?" He said quietly. Then he looked at Didi and almost jumped. "My God, Didi?"
Didi suddenly blushed, and tried to cover herself as best she could, but the more she pressed her breasts against herself, the more they overflowed between her arms. It was impossible to hide such a large amount of meat. She hadn't realized she was naked from the waist up. 
“Didi? What happened to you? Are those… are they yours? ” Frank asked.
"I... I... I don't know what happened," She said, totally ashamed trying to cover them with her hands, an impossible task. She wasn't even able to hide her huge areola.
“But… What happened here? I remember the explosion, but you... oh my god, I have never seen such big breasts... are you alright?" Frank asked.
"Yes, well, everything hurts, but given the situation I think I'm fine..." Didi replied, staring at his legs.
"My whole body hurts as well..."
"Frank, your legs..." Didi said timidly.
"What?" Frank asked.
Then he looked at his body. Frank was lying between the floor and the wall, and tried to roll a bit to get a better look. Indeed, his legs looked very strange. They seemed to bend very unnaturally.
“What the hell happened to me? My legs!" Shouted Frank.
"Does it hurt?" Didi asked.
"No, not really... but I think... I think I can't move them," said Frank. He ineffectively tried to move his legs without success. Just pulling his hips to the side, he saw that they moved as if dragged along by the rest of his body. As much as he tried, he couldn't move them. 
"My God, Didi, have I been paralyzed?" Frank started saying. His tone was already beginning to change to despair.
"I... I don't know, Frank," Didi said with some compassion.
"Shit, Didi... I can't move them... I've become a cripple! Help me, I have been hurt by the explosion… take off my pants!” Frank said almost desperately.
Didi had no desire to take off her cousin's pants, but the situation was quite exceptional. She hoped he was wearing underwear. She approached the end of his limbs, knelt, and still not getting used to what was on her front, her breasts ended up touching Frank's feet. Realizing, Didi backed up in shame, in disbelief of the huge size of her breasts now. They were able to touch the ground even while kneeling. However, Frank's face suggested that Didi's big breasts were not where his attention was focused. Frank's life had been radically changed. He could no longer play football, he could no longer be the successful guy he had been. He felt his life was going to end, he would be a social outcast.
Ignoring the interference of her breasts in whatever she did, Didi pulled the edge of his pants until both legs were in the air. It seemed that there was no superficial damage, but indeed, something strange had happened. The first thing that drew their attention was that his knees were simply no longer there. And both legs were swollen. Didi touched them. "Do you feel anything?" She asked.
"Yes, I can feel them, but I can't move them..." Frank replied.
Then Didi tried to move his leg by bending where his knee should be, but something very strange happened. She could fold it, but it bent over right where he had grabbed it. And it wasn't exactly where the knee should have been. Above, it was very soft to the touch and did not have the normal stiffness of a leg, and was bending around halfway through where the tibia should be. 
Didi was very impressed. "Really it doesn’t hurt?" She asked, shocked.
"No, not at all, I don't notice any pain..." he said as intrigued as his cousin.
Then Didi tried to force the situation, began to bend his leg, until it bent over on itself, and he was touching his own thigh with his foot.
“My God Frank, you have no bones. Your legs don't have bones! ” Didi said.
“How do I have no bones? That's impossible!" Frank said in dismay.
But it was obvious. No one could have folded their legs like that. In fact, Frank tried to reach his own leg. Didi helped him by bringing his foot closer. He took it and pulled it, and indeed, Frank got the impression that it was a lot of muscle without any rigidity. He could get his foot close to his face, twist it, and bend it over himself. It was a really chilling and disconcerting sight.
"What happened to us Didi?" Frank began to sob.
"I don't know, but the explosion had something to do with it..." Didi was also baffled.
"My God, Didi, we have to seek help..." Frank said, almost crying.
"You're right. Perhaps there are more survivors, we have to get to a hospital quickly,” Didi said.
Didi got up, and the sudden weight forced her to grab her breasts again with both hands. She walked down the hall of the motel in search of a survivor, but found no one. She went down to the ground floor, and she didn't find anyone there, either. Frank’s car was in the same place where it was left, but it was under the wall that had collapsed. It was totally destroyed. Didi was increasingly desperate. There were some other cars, but they looked like they hadn't moved in some time. In the hotel lobby, where the old man had been, there was no one.
She picked up the phone from the reception and tried to call, but there was no dial tone. The phones did not work, the explosion must have damaged the repeater. “Great…” She thought.
She went around the motel three times looking for survivors, but she found no one. It was as if they had all evaporated. Didi was already close to despair, but she had to be strong. Her own personality made her familiar with desperate situations, and this was one of the worst she had faced. In addition, Frank had been affected worse, and as little sympathy she had for him, “Hell,” she thought, “He is family.” Frank was also in a desperate situation, he would not walk again, and that for him was going to be a very hard blow.
She tried to gather her thoughts and plan what they were going to do now. So she returned to see Frank to explain what they were going to do next.
On the way Didi passed her own room, and from her suitcase, under some rubble, she took out some clothes and tried to put them on in an unorganized way. Her shirts did not come down below her armpits, it was impossible to get inside her clothes with such a large pair of breasts. So what occurred to her was to take a bathrobe, and tie it with her belt, trying to hold her bumps as best as possible. 
When she entered the room, Frank had practically not moved as if he was in shock.
"Frank... Frank!" Didi said, to get Frank's attention, which seemed completely absent.
“Didi, it's over, this is hopeless. I don't want to continue living like this. I will be a cripple all my life..." Frank said through tears.
"Frank, I don't know what happened to us, but we can't stay here. We have to seek help and there is no one left here. We have to leave here now. ” Didi said.
“But how am I going to move from here? I can’t walk!" Frank shouted.
“I will help you. Our car is under a collapsed wall, but there are other cars out there…” Didi said.
"My car is under a wall?" Frank interrupted, “What else could happen to me? This is the end!"
“Calm down, and try to relax, please. There are other cars parked and they seem to be in good condition. This is what we are going to do. I will try to find the keys of a car, and try to start it. Then I will get out and help you out of here, we get in the car, and we return to the town we passed on the way here, I think it is the closest urban center. There we will call a hospital and our parents,” Didi said.
Frank nodded wiping his tears.
Didi toured the hotel and the rooms again. All rooms except for one more were empty. The night of the explosion there was only the two of them and another person staying there. But there was nothing left of that person. She searched through their suitcases and found no key. She went down to the hall, and looked on the counter and through the shelves at the reception, and finally found a key to a vehicle. It was from the GM brand, so it wouldn't be hard to find.
She ran to the parking lot, next to the gas station, and saw a parked pickup. She opened the door with the key, "Luckily, this is the key," Didi thought. She got in, turned the key, and nothing happened. The car did absolutely nothing. As if the battery was dead. This did not help. They were trapped, the nearest town was more than 30km in any direction, the phones didn't work, and the only vehicle she found didn't work. Now the situation seemed much more despirate. 
She almost screamed, but she could contain herself. She was an adult, and she had to cope with the situation. She remembered telling her family that they were going to spend the night in a motel, so if they didn't show up, her family would look for them. In addition, the explosion was very large, so the authorities will investigate and look for survivors. It's just a matter of waiting for help to come. 
What to do with Frank? He needs moral support and being stuck here is not going to help, but he will have to accept it. 
“It’s getting dark already?” Didi thought, “They had woken up just an hour ago, how long had they been sleeping?” It occurred to her to look at her watch for the first time since she woke up, it said 4:45 am. ”It can't be... it must have been the time of the explosion? Has the clock stopped? Are there no phones or vehicles working?” An idea began to go through her head: an electromagnetic pulse. “All the electronics are blacked out... the blinding light, the destruction… Has there been a nuclear attack?”
“My God, if so, soon there will be a radioactive fallout!” Didi was beginning to think quickly. They had to take cover, or they would be in real danger.
She ran inside, as fast as her new attributes allowed. Halfway, with her wobble, one of her breasts slipped out of the bathrobe ... he had to stop to put it back in. "God, this is going to be very complicated..." she thought.
As soon as I got to the room, Frank asked, "Have you got anything?"
“I'm afraid I have bad news. Everything electronic has stopped working. The phones, the cars, even the light doesn't work.” Didi started explaining.
“Wait, wait, what are you saying, what cars don't work?” Frank interrupted. "Let me explain," Didi tried to gather patience. "You see, a consequence of a nuclear explosion is an electromagnetic pulse, it is radiation that burns all electronic circuits..."
"You mean the explosion has been an atomic bomb?" Frank was horrified.
“It's just a theory. Everything seems to indicate that, but it could be something else. If I'm right, after a nuclear explosion, the next thing that happens is a radioactive fallout. So it is best that we do not go out for a week at least,” said Didi.
“A week? I wasn’t even planning to stay here for a day. They have to come to rescue us anyway..." Frank was already tired of the situation.
"Frank. I understand your situation, and I will help as I can, but we have to be realistic. We will wait for them to come to help us, but I don't know how long it will take. So I would get comfortable, just in case they take time to arrive.” Didi thought as he spoke, as if a survival instinct emerged at the right time.
"Ok, I think you're right, but I'm not going to be able to do anything..." Frank said, totally defeated by the situation.
“I will help you, don't worry. I will try to make you as comfortable as possible,” Didi said. Deep down, she felt some grief and compassion, as well as some guilt for Frank having taken the worse part.
Didi tried to move Frank to a room that was intact. He was now a 85kg deadweight, which made things quite complicated. She moved him to a blanket and tried to drag it down the hall to one of the rooms facing the other part of the building. These rooms had not suffered structural damage, only the windows were broken, but the walls were whole, as was the furniture.
Once in the room, Frank crawled as he could to the bed and quickly settled down. Didi then went to the motel kitchen to find supplies.
Frank, already calmer, was beginning to accept the situation. His legs didn't work anymore, but if Didi was right, the situation was much more complicated. “A nuclear attack? Really? And his parents? His friends, the town, would everything have disappeared? Would there be more survivors?” 
Now that he was more comfortable, he began to examine himself more closely. What had happened to him was really strange. He still had the usual sensation in the legs, but lacked any mobility, from the hip down. And even more, the muscle had no stiffness. He took his right foot and brought it closer, as Didi did before. It reminded him for some reason of an elephant's trunk, as it bent over itself, easily. The sensations were very strange, he could compress the muscle and fold it as he pleased. He spent a while experimenting with his legs.
Meanwhile, Didi arrived at the kitchen. What he saw reassured her a lot, the pantry was quite full, with many cans of pasta, rice, juice, and water. Also, at the gas station there was plenty of food, mostly snacks and chocolates, but it was still food. She did not intend to stay here for a long time, for help should soon come, but it was reassuring in case things got ugly.
It began to get dark, and Didi went to see Frank with some food. 
"How are you?" Didi asked.
“Well, a little better. I've been... well, trying to adjust to all this,” Frank said. "And you, how are you? What happened to you was also quite significant, wasn't it?”
Didi instinctively covered up a little more.
"Yes, I still don't understand any of it. Scientifically, what has happened to us is practically impossible. And less so in such a short time,” Didi said.
"But... god, they are huge aren't they?" Frank asked. "In fact they are by far the biggest I've ever seen.”
"Thanks for the information, that puts me in fine company. I’m sure your biggest breasts record is huge," Didi said, annoyed with the comment.
"Surely you will now have the attention of all the boys at school," Frank teased.
"Very funny. I'm going to my room. If you need anything, tell me," Didi said. She then left the room.
When she got to her room, a new one next door from Frank's, she had time to think about herself with a little privacy and, above all, to assess what her options were. She took off her bathrobe to put on a new nightgown, and looked down. Frank was right, they were really huge. As much as she stared at them, she still didn't believe it, and she couldn't see her feet anymore. There were her breasts, giant and defiant. She went to  the bathroom and stared in the mirror for a while. She looked so strange, so grotesque, so... erotic, she realized, but he had other things to worry about. She went to bed to bed, as tiredness overcame her.




Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 1:
Didi woke up with the feeling that it was really late, in fact, it was her stomach that really woke her up. She tried to roll onto her side when her breasts shifted down beside her, almost pushing her. Instantly she came back to reality. Yes, those two big breasts were still there. But now there was something else that was weird. When she rolled onto her back again, it seemed as if she had been lying on a pillow. "What is this?" She thought.
Sitting up, she felt something on her back, resulting in a strange sensation. She had something there, a part of her, like a lump. But what she felt made no sense. “What has happened to me?” She got up and went into the bathroom, took off her nightgown, and turned to the mirror.
"This can't really be happening..." Didi said, totally stunned. It is not often that a girl grows two breasts on her back overnight. She could not believe what her eyes saw: two breasts, not very large, at the same height as her originals, but normal size. They were B cups, with normal sized nipples. She tried to touch them, with some difficulty, but she felt they were very real. 

Her mind, accustomed to thinking logically, was now totally baffled. She stayed for a long time examining herself and looking for a rational explanation of what was happening to her. “An ingestion? Exposure to a toxic agent? Did it have something to do with the explosion? Some kind of radiation?” In any case, it was a fact that she now had 4 breasts, her front two enormous, and another two on her back, fully functional. 
"Didi!" She heard Frank yell from the other room. 
Then she dressed again, wearing a T-shirt and tried to hide her two new bumps well. There was no need to alarm Frank more.
"Didi, come quickly, things are still happening here!" Frank said, more alarmed.
As soon as she entered his room, she saw Frank lying down, dressed only in briefs and a shirt. But there was something different with his body. 
His legs, which were resting in a totally unnatural position, had somehow swollen. They were fatter, and had lost part of their original form. You could hardly distinguish the knees, for example. In addition, his feet had also been rounded, becoming a little smaller. More signficantly than his legs, Didi noticed that his torso had also become shorter. It should be impossible that something like this was happening, but it was a reality.

"My God, Frank, are you alright?" Didi asked, not believing what he was seeing.
“Yes, I don't feel pain or anything, but I don't know what's happening to me! Have I changed again overnight?” Frank asked, as baffled as Didi.
"Yes, it seems your legs have gained weight, and your torso... You look smaller, I can’t describe it" Didi said, unable to further explain.
"Damn it, Didi, do I have to always be the one affected?" Frank said, tired of the situation. 
“Well, Frank, it's clear that we don't know what's happening to us, but we have to get over it. It seems that the change we have suffered is not over yet," Didi said.
"You mean I am going to change even more? Why is all the bad stuff happening to me? I'm already paraplegic, what else is going to happen?” exclaimed Frank, visibly angry.
“Frank, I have no idea, but you're not the only one having a bad time, you know? Also, the situation we are in is more complicated than what is happening to us. In case you haven’t realized, we have no idea what is going on, we haven’t seen anyone else, it seems everything has gone to hell. We can't communicate, we can't move, we still have to endure weeks here... So man up, and do your part to help.” Didi said, annoyed by Frank's defeatist attitude.
Frank remained silent, he wanted to argue with his cousin's wisdom, but the reality was she was right. 
Didi left the room, and went to dress. She decided that she was going to look for supplies, just in case, near the motel, like water and other useful things. If she was right, and it had really been a nuclear explosion, the situation would become much more complicated.
After a while she got some food and went to bring lunch to Frank.
"I would like to leave this room, can you help me?" Frank said.
"Yes, I suppose so," Didi said, still upset with Frank's attitude.
Didi grabbed Frank under his arms from behind his back and tried to drag him. But her big breasts didn't help. Frank was bumped in the face with every movement.
Frank said nothing, he was secretly enjoying the situation, but for Didi it was quite painful. She wasn't going to leave him lying in bed all day, she had to lend him a hand. After all, he couldn't walk. They went down to the kitchen, and there Didi served some food. Sitting in a chair, Frank's legs hung like flabby flesh, it was a really strange sight. 
“Didi, so what have you found out there? You said cars didn't work, right?” Frank asked.
"Indeed, I think everything electronic is burned out: the TVs, the phones, the electronics of the cars..." Didi said.
"But, you said there were more cars parked, and they seemed old and hadn’t been started in a while?" Frank asked
"Yes, why do you say that?" 
"Well, if there is an old enough car, it may work without electronics, so we could start it if we find a battery with enough charge," Frank explained.
"Well... that could be possible, it's true," Didi said. She was surprised at Frank's change in attitude. He seemed more collaborative now.
As soon as they finished eating, Didi got down to work, looking for keys, food, batteries, and other helpful items. In a shed next to the gas station, she found tools and mechanical equipment. She was about to get Frank to take him to the shed, but the clouds that had accumulated suddenly began to pour a violent rain.
Didi ran inside the motel, if she was right, it was radioactive rain and she didn't want to risk making the situation worse. They would work later, when it stopped raining. 
Inside, she explained the situation to Frank. 
"It's raining hard but in the shed I think there are two cars that we could try to start, but one has no alternator and the other has a dismantled transmission. It looks like it was being restored," Didi said.
"Well, when it stops raining, you take me there. If it's as you say, it shouldn't be too complicated to start one of those cars. If you help me get there, I can try to fix them. I may be a slacker at school, but I'm good at mechanics,” Frank said jokingly, “But until it stops raining, what do we do now?” Frank asked.
“Well, we can wait for help to arrive, we can’t do much more than that. Maybe we could see how much food there is here. I don't know how long we will have to be here, but it doesn't hurt to be farsighted, right?" Didi said.
"Well, yes, I haven’t seen a single car all day." Frank said worriedly.
"Someone will come, despite the explosion, someone must have survived. And our parents have to be missing us."
"Yes, and if they find us, what are we going to do like this?" Frank said, asking rhetorically.
Didi looked at her breasts, and remained silent. Frank also shut up while thinking about what would happen when they returned home with their new bodies.
After a while, Frank said, "Can you help me get dressed? I don't want to go in my underwear all day."
"Sure," Didi replied.
Didi left and came back with some pants and a sweater. Frank got up on his arms, letting his legs hang. Didi took his left leg and put it in in the pants, and then the other leg. It was not easy to force the flesh into the pants, but finally she did. The two realized that Frank's legs had grown both in diameter and length, almost outgrowing his pants. They still fit inside, but they protruded out the end of the pants. 
Frank got off the chair, and tried to walk with his hands, dragging his legs across the floor.
"Where are you going?" Didi asked.
"I want to try to move by myself," Frank replied.
"Very well, I'm going to gather some more food, and tidy up our rooms a bit. There is still broken glass in mine..." Didi said.
They both had a lot of things to digest and reflect on, going to their own spaces was just what they needed. 
Frank walked around the motel, finding a rhythm crawling on the ground. He checked the building’s damage, and saw the state of things following the explosion. Learning to walk like that was not easy, but he had a good physical build, so did not find it too difficult.
For Didi, everything she did reminded her of her new “attributes.” She could always feel them moving regardless of what she did. She simply tidied up the rooms, trying not to think about what they were going through, but her breasts they didn't let her think about anything else.
Each lost in their own thoughts, the hours went by until it was time for dinner. Didi prepared some food, and shortly after they went to bed.



Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 2:
Didi woke up, and again she had a strange feeling. She was lying on her side, but felt a familiar pressure on her back. As soon as she was fully awake, she tried to get up, but an extra weight threw her forward then back. "Oh my god, it can’t be true..." Didi tried to get up, and noticed how he had to drag her two front breasts, with tremendous weight, and her two rear breasts, now with a similar weight. Then she fully realized what had happened. Her two extra breasts, growing directly from her shoulder blades, had grown in size to match her two front breasts. She felt them hanging on her back, almost touching the top of her ass. 

She went into the bathroom to fully examine herself in the mirror, and could not believe what she was seeing. Two breasts of the same size as her original pair were hanging off her back! She tried to reach one, but it wasn’t easy. Like her two front breasts, they had the same huge nipples, with a areola of 20 cm in diameter. Now she couldn't hide from Frank.

"Didi!" Frank shouted again from his room. 
"Shit, not now..." Didi thought. She still hadn't adjusted to what had happened to her, and Frank was already calling her.
"I'm coming, Frank..." Didi said. She quickly put on a shirt, which didn’t fit her at all. The lower half of her four breasts were exposed.
“Didi! Come quickly!" Frank said, impatiently.
“Damn it, Frank will also have changed again, this is serious!” Didi ran to Frank's room, noticing how her now 4 breasts bounced out of control. It was very difficult for her to run like that. 
As soon as she entered the room, she understood Frank's urgency. 
Frank no longer had a torso. It was as simple as that. Frank's shoulders now emerged directly over his waist. He had no chest, no stomach, and his head was now where his chest used to be. His legs no longer looked like legs, but kind of like fleshy cylinders. His feet were no longer recognizable, the end of legs were rounded. Their length had grown even longer. His genitals were still there, covered by briefs, which comically went up to Frank's neck.

"And now this?" Frank said, clearly alarmed.
Didi put her hand to her face, and turned around, so that Frank could see what had happened to her.
“My God, are those yours too? Now you have 4 giant tits!” Frank did not comprehend the reality of what was happening.
“Yes, four tits. As you can see, I also have my originals... ”She said trying to pull down her shirt, but it was useless. She couldn't cover up those big fleshy masses. “What is clear, is that since the explosion, we wake up every morning with something new. And you, I can't believe what's happening to you, are you sure you're okay?”
"Yes, I mean, nothing hurts, but it's a strange feeling." Frank said. Trying to get up, using his hands, he managed to untangle what was left of his torso, leaving the rest of his legs hanging. 
"Wow, Frank, you look very strange... it seems like you split in half..." Didi said watching the scene.
Frank raised up on his hands, while his legs hung on the bed. He looked astonished at the scene his legs made, quite baffled.
"And what are we going to do? Are we going to change every morning?" Frank said. "What will be next?"
"I don't know, Frank, I'm as puzzled as you... " Didi said. "I'm going to try to figure it out, although I don't know how..."
She left Frank's room and went to hers. She took off the shirt, and began to look for something to wear as clothes that could cover all four breasts, but there weren't many options.
Frank tried to go to the bathroom alone, he crawled to the toilet and took off his underpants. His genitals seemed unchanged, which he was thankful for. He could see his penis was now just 10 cm from his chin. He climbed up as best he could, and approached the edge of the toilet, so he could urinate. 
After, he cleaned himself and turned to the bathroom mirror. As he looked at himself, he began to have an erection. His penis rose, the tip ending just at the height of his nose. Having no torso, his head was just above his groin, and his penis was in front of his face. He blushed, and with his significant arousal, and with a simple movement of his neck he was able to reach the head of his penis with his own mouth. 

"My God..." He thought, "I'm sucking my own dick! It’s amazing!” He flexed his arms sitting on his legs, which were bent over themselves. What was left of his torso resting on top of them as if they were pillows. With his arms released from supporting his weight, he grabbed his penis and began to masturbate as he licked the head with each stroke, his excitement increasing.
It didn't take long for him to come, almost unexpectedly, staining his face. It was undoubtedly the best blow job he had ever had, of course.
Meanwhile, Didi was already dressed, and went downstairs to prepare some breakfast.
A while later, Frank appeared dressed, crawling down the hall. "Breakfast is ready?" He asked with some joy on his face.
"Yes, it's almost ready" Didi replied. She was a little surprised by his change in attitude, but she didn't ask questions, as she felt a high morale was necessary right now.
After breakfast, Frank asked Didi to take him to the shed. "It would be nice to have a car or something, it's a little hard to crawl around all day. Does it sound like you saw something that could work? Something with wheels," Frank said, suspecting it would be difficult to reach the shed through dirt and gravel. "Well, I think I saw a shopping card lying around, wait here, I'm going to see if I can find it," answered Didi. There was indeed one, and Didi helped Frank get inside. His legs pooled like soft flesh inside, taking the shape of the cart, and his "torso" rested on top of his legs, as if resting on a pillow.
Now she could push Frank to either side of the motel complex and the gas station. Once in the shed, Didi took Frank out of the cart and went to work on the cars.
He spent the whole day there, while Didi helped him or went to prepare things inside the motel. The whole day went by with no one passing on the road, and no sign of life around. There were not even animals, which they thought was very strange.
When it began to get dark, they returned to the motel, and Frank went to shower. He had gotten pretty dirty, so it was much needed. He spread his legs out in the shower, and washed as well as he could. But he couldn't help but become aroused again, and much less avoid masturbating again. “God, sucking my dick is amazing…”
As soon as he got out of the shower he went with Didi to the dining room for dinner. Didi had already prepared something to eat. When they finished, Didi said, "Well Frank, I'm going to bed, I'm tired." 
"Yes, me too, but one last thing, do you think we'll change again tomorrow morning?" Frank asked, a little worried.
"Well, I don’t know for sure, but I hope not. With these changes I already have more than enough," Didi replied. 
So the two went to bed visibly worried about what the next day would hold.





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Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 3:
Their concerns were not unwarranted. Sure enough, Didi woke up with new sensations. This time on her ass. When she opened her eyes she was lying on her side. While still too sleepy to move, she mentally reviewed her sensations. She noticed her two big front breasts, one on top of the other, and both on her left arm, while her right arm rested on her breasts. She noticed her two big breasts on her back, also one lying on the other, scattered on the bed, but she also noticed an extra weight, lower. Specifically, on her butt. 
She tried to get up and sat on the bed. Her four breasts hung down, the front ones resting on her thighs, and the rear ones almost touching the bed, but she felt like she was sitting on two pillows.
As soon as she stood up she understood. She looked back and saw how her buttocks hung lower than before. She touched her butt and felt the soft and fluffy touch, which reminded her of one of her four breasts. "Seriously...?" Didi was beginning to think that this was a big joke. She went to the bathroom to get a better look. Only after the quick walk across the room she realized that her buttocks did indeed have an obvious change, since they swayed from side to side. As soon as she looked in the mirror, she thought she was hallucinating. Two womanly nipples had come out in the center of the fleshy mounds that were now her buttocks.
"Tits on my ass... What will be next?" Didi was already beginning to accept her changes with resignation. It was obvious that the explosion was causing this. They had been contaminated in some way, invisibly, and there was nothing they could do to avoid it.
Then she realized Frank would have changed too. She dressed in a bathrobe, and pants that barely fit. They were so tight around her new butt that it was uncomfortable. “Oh my god, I have too much flesh hanging loosely on this body.” She entered Frank's room, and he was still asleep. Dressed only in underpants as it didn't make sense to wear t-shirts anymore, he had also changed. His legs, or rather flesh cylinders, were still there, twisted on themselves without any concrete form, in fact, one lay across other loosely. They looked fatter than before, and a little longer. The end of his legs now had nothing to do with what his feet used to be, now having a rounded end. 
But the most radical change was in his "waist," or where the remainder of his torso and legs met. His waist had taken a 90 degree turn. Before, his two legs came out both sides of his waist, but now, one leg came out in front and the other in rear. His butt was then on his right, and his genitals were on his left.
Didi tried to wake Frank.
"Good morning..." Didi said.
"What? Ha.. Good morning. What happened? Have we changed again?" Asked Frank, already resigned to the situation.
"Well, yes... both of us from what I can see," Said Didi.
Frank looked at himself and immediately realized, when just his penis was no longer just below his head, instead it was his leg, or whatever it was now, as it was no longer a leg. He looked to his left, and was relieved that his genitals were still there. 
"Are my legs longer than before?" Frank asked.
"Yes, and I think they are fatter, and look at the end, they have lost any resemblance to your feet," Didi said, stroking one.
Frank tried to grab the end of his other leg to examine it closely. He took the skin and stretched it until the muscle started to move and come closer to him. He caressed the rounded end, feeling that it was soft and fleshy, and very pleasant to the touch. Without saying anything, Frank began to get a little red, as if he were becoming aroused, but said nothing. 
However, his penis betrayed him, and Frank noticed something was pushing at his armpit. Without realizing it, his penis had come out of his underwear, hitting him on the arm. As soon as he realized, he was taken aback, because he had not considered the sensations from penis would now be in a different place. Didi realized what was happening and blushed when he saw his penis "Frank, please hide that..." 
Frank was a little embarrassed, and tried to put his penis back in his underpants, but the bulge was still visible. "I don't know what happened to me... it's very strange, I suddenly felt... very hot, but almost instantly."
"Yes, well, do whatever you want, I’ll just leave you to get dressed. I’ll wait for you in the dining room, can you get there on your own? " Didi asked, seeing that he might need a moment alone. "How simple can guys be, not even being around other people can prevent them from getting horny…” She thought. “I have always despised how sexist men could be. And now, even with everything that’s going on, it doesn’t seem to get in the way. Anyway…”
Frank was now alone in his room, and could not contain himself. He flicked the ends of his legs again. Facing them and rubbing them against each other. His penis emerged from his underwear again, harder than he had ever been. He was extremely aroused. This time he couldn’t easily put his penis in his mouth, but he did what he could, and finally, he managed to come, having an orgasm like he never had. "God, what's happening to me? That was amazing!" 
Later, after relaxing a little, he dressed. He put on his underpants and pants, as well as a t-shirt out of pure habit, since it hung up to where his knees had been. He got out of bed as best he could, dragging his legs which fell hitting the ground, although it didn't hurt. 
And he just crawled to the motel's dining room. There Didi was preparing breakfast, with suspicion on her face.
"Are you done?" She cynically asked
"I... Yes, it took me a while to get dressed because I couldn't find this shirt" Frank lied.
"Yes, of course, the shirt," Didi said, making it clear that she knew he was lying to her. "With the problems we have... you don’t seem to be too bothered by it." Didi was visibly upset, she didn't understand how he could masturbate in these circumstances. 
"What's wrong with you now? I haven't done anything to you, right?" Protested Frank.
Didi said nothing.
"I’m old enough to do what I want, and I don't need your approval, right?" Frank protested again.
"I think you can do whatever you want," said Didi, more annoyed.
"Besides, what are you waiting for? You go around displaying your 4 giant tits, and... wait a moment. What happened to your ass?" Frank said, realizing Didi's noticeable change.
"Nothing!" She said quickly, turning around.
"Your ass has grown! And what are those lumps?" He said, referring to the nipples that were visible through her pants.
Didi sat in a chair trying to hide her new additions. "Yes, I have also changed. And it is quite hard for me too. So I would appreciate it if you didn't make things more difficult than they already are." Didi was really upset with Frank.
They had breakfast in silence until finally Didi got up to remove the dishes. Frank could then see her ass quite clearly. It was quite obvious, with the wobble of the flesh and the position of the lumps that her buttocks had transformed into tits, with nipples and everything. Frank could not believe what he was seeing.
"They are tits!" Frank said almost incredulously "You have tits on your back, and tits on your ass!" His tone was becoming quite dirty.
"Well yes, look, they are boobs, instead of buttocks I have boobs! And with these there are now six! Are you happy?" Didi said, visibly upset, and about to cry.
"But what about you? Have you seen yourself? With sausages instead of legs, no torso... crawling around like a... no, like two worms... and then jerking off at any time... you are one to talk! " Didi said, almost screaming, as he left the room slamming the door.
Didi was very affected by the situation, and Frank would not take it seriously.
She went to her room, where she stayed for a while, with her head lost in her thoughts. He couldn't do anything that didn't remind her of the trauma she was going through. Every step, and sitting down made her feel the changes. She then took off her pants to have a better look. Indeed, her ass had become two very big tits. She touched a nipple, it felt exactly the same as those of her original breasts, but in the wrong place, a sensation that puzzled her a lot, like with the breasts on her back. 
Then it occurred to her that she no longer wanted to provoke Frank, so she searched through all the clothes she had in her suitcase to find some way to make her own clothes, which she could adapt to her new self.
She found shirts, t-shirts, and some cloth. With a small sewing case he always carried she could improvise a bra that held her four breasts, in front and back.
A couple of hours later, Frank knocked on the door.
"Didi, open up, I come to apologize... Forgive me, please," Frank said.
"I'm so sorry to have offended you. If you let me in, I'll explain my behavior to you..." 
Didi opened the door, seeing Frank on the floor on his gummy legs with arms crossed, waiting for her.
"Go on," said Didi.
Frank climbed onto the bed as best he could, but still had trouble, so Didi had to help him. Frank began to explain. "Yes, I masturbated as soon as you left the room. You were examining my leg, and I noticed a very... exciting heat. That's why I took the other one, and did the same. I got very hot, it turned me on. It was faster and more intense than I have ever experienced... that's why I... Well, it came out of my underpants, and my arousal was so great, I really couldn't help it! It was like when something itches a lot and you can’t resist. It bothers me that you implied that I could not do what I wanted with my body, but I did not take into account that you have also undergone very drastic changes. I guess I am not coping well with this strange situation. I apologize." Frank said, clearly ashamed.
"For that and because, without me, you can do almost nothing..." Didi said, very sharply.
"Well, that too," and Frank started chuckling and cracked a smile. 
"Well, I guess you're right. We are both very affected by the situation and the uncertainty. But now, more than ever, I think we should put aside our differences. I think what is yet to come will be even more complicated. It has been 3 days and still no one has appeared."
"Do you think we should go to the shed to continue working on the car?"
That is what they did. Frank got into the car, and spent the rest of the day trying to fix it, while Didi lent him a hand. 
At the end of the day, when the sun went down, and without electricity to light their work, they decided that it was time to return to the hotel and end the day. They did not speak of it, but the two were convinced that the next day something else will change. Their concern was evident, but they tried not to talk about it.
And so they fell asleep, each with their own thoughts and concerns.




Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 4:
Frank was the first to wake up. Specifically, something that caressed his face woke him up, and moved to the rhythm of his own breathing, and tickled him. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw his own penis stroking his cheek. “God, my erection is huge... But, something is different…”
He looked down, and removed the sheet to observe his legs. Indeed, something had changed. His “legs”, no longer the right word for them, had changed at the ends. The rounded tip had swollen, taking on a characteristic mushroom shape. Below this shape, the skin accumulated, forming small wrinkles. “If it was not impossible, I would say that it kind of looks like a foreskin, but that can’t be.” He took one of the ends, and just by touching it noticed that the sensations were unfamiliar. He got excited just by feeling it! 
“What has happened to my legs?” They were becoming somewhat bizarre, and highly sexual. What was clear was that he could not leave his room like this, with his arousal Didi would notice and she would be angry again. Deciding to take advantage of the situation while she was still sleeping, he took his penis and began to masturbate. He then noticed that the two ends of his legs began to swell, and become increasingly hot, while his arousal increased. With each movement in his own penis he was clearer that his legs were mutating into penises too. The shape, the feelings, “God, I have never been so hot!”
He sucked his penis, and quickly reached orgasm, shooting a large stream of sperm through the air. Gradually, his legs lost their swelling, and everything returned to "normal", “But not for long...” he thought.
For her part, Didi was aware that she had slept longer than normal. Before she even opened her eyes, she felt trapped, as if something was wrapping her, slightly. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a large mass of flesh that hadn't been there last night. She was lying on her side, and her whole body was covered by it. It took her 5 seconds to understand what was happening, but in the end her brain figured out her situation.
Her breasts had grown enormously! It was totally inhuman. A brutal mass of flesh. She tried to get up, but they were very heavy! It took a lot of effort, but she could sit on the bed. Her breasts now settled on her thighs, overflowing her knees, and forming a practically horizontal surface at the height of her chin. The breasts on her back had suffered the same fate, but these rested on the breasts formed in her buttocks. That is, she now had 6 breasts the size of beach balls. But there was something else. 
She tried to stand up. Her breasts then hung to her knees, falling naturally. They did not look artificial. They were real. She went to the bathroom, and realized how difficult it is to walk with such a weight allowed to swing freely. As soon as she peered into the mirror, her own outlandish image stunned her. She was no longer human, but there was something else. She looked taller and bigger. She had grown at least 10cm in height, and something had changed in her groin.
She had to part his breasts to see her vagina. “My vagina... is also changing! It’s bigger?” Now her vagina extended up at least twice as far as before, and her outer lips were more fleshy and swollen. “And my clitoris? God, it’s huge, about the size of a ping pong ball…”
“This can’t be happening... It only mutates sexual organs? This is a nightmare... And when was help coming?” All these thoughts were interrupted when Frank knocked on the door.
"Didi, are you okay? Have you also changed again?"
Didi thought about covering up, but given the huge size of her breasts, it was going to be impossible. “My intimate parts... well, they are hidden behind the masses of flesh.” She opened the door resignedly. "Yes, I have changed again. Things are not better."
"Oh my God! Didi, you are huge!" Frank didn’t believe his eyes. He remained speechless for a while at the door, while Didi went to find something to use as clothes. Despite having masturbated just 10 minutes ago, another intense erection made his penis rise out of his pants. And his legs also began to swell again.
Didi did not realize Frank's situation, and kept looking for things to wear, trying on t-shirts, pants, underwear, which were all useless in her current state, but with every attempt she manipulated her big breasts, both in front and back, which was leaving Frank terribly excited. As soon as she realized she said: "Frank... my God, can’t you not contain yourself? Don't you realize how serious this situation is? I can barely get dressed! And I can hardly move!"
"Didi, I'm sorry, I swear it's involuntary. This feeling is unbearable. I'm super excited, and that I just masturbated ten minutes ago..." Frank said, already missing the sensations. 
"Frank! Don't tell me those things, please!" Didi said, annoyed.
"Excuse me! Is that... you have seen yourself? You are the most erotic thing I've ever seen!" Frank said.
He wasn’t lying. Her breasts were giant, with her huge nipples, and because he hadn't seen her vagina, she realised they were going through the same ordeal. She uselessly tried to cover herself a bit.
"Well, excuse me, I'm going... to my room. See you in a little while..." Frank said. There was some frustration in his voice. He was very conflicted about his sexual outbursts, the uncontrolled libido, having someone as erotic as Didi was right now there with him, and not being able to do anything with her.
Didi didn't need any description of what he was going to do in his room, it was pretty clear. But she couldn’t do anything about it, so she let him do it. What options did they have? Was there anything else that could be done? Still no one came to rescue them, and there was no sign of anything else outside.
She began to think how to dress. And the only way she could think of, was to throw a blanket over herself. It was the only thing that could cover her. She could not even wear panties, since her new buttocks prevented them. And even if she could wear them, her extra large vagina would protrude above. It was impressive, reaching just 3cm from her belly button.
She had an impulse to more closely observe her changes, a mixture of horror and curiosity. But her common sense and decency prevented her from acting on it. “That isn’t right, besides, this body is no longer mine, and it would be counterproductive,” she tried to convince herself. 
She went down to prepare breakfast, and Frank arrived half an hour later dressed, as much as he could be, in sweatpants, which were comically too tight. From the end of the pants, the mushroom heads of what remained of his legs stood out. The pants were too short, because more than 30cm of flesh stood out in the air. He also put on a shirt, which, having no torso, hung up where his knees had been. At least he could crawl on the ground without hurting his new members.
They had breakfast, and Didi took him back to the shed, helping him try to fix the vehicle. 
After a few hours, Frank came to a sad conclusion. The car without an alternator, after a new one from another car was installed, was found to have more electrical problems. The entire starting system was burned, and all the wiring had to be changed. They found that the car without a transmission had been waiting on custom parts to be able to replace it, because it would not fit with the parts currently installed. And without machine tools with which to work the metal, it would be impossible to mount it. And still, once the transmission was fixed, there were other things that had failed and needed repairs. The conclusions were not very encouraging. 
"But something has to be done, we've been working on this for more than 3 days," Didi said desperately.
"It is what it is, but I am more screwed than you, believe me. I have reached a point that I can not continue. I don’t think I could start any car. Those which have electronics can not start, because the whole system depends on them functioning. And these two with carburetors have more problems that need fixing than the rest. It's a real mess." Frank said wiping his hands. "Please take me inside, I'm very tired" 
Frank, besides being tired, was also fed up. Tired of being trapped at the motel, tired of having no signs of life outside, and above all, tired of having to suppress his own libido, especially with having a girl with 6 giant tits right next to him. 
Didi wasn’t stupid and knew that Frank's spirits were getting worse. In addition to the complicated situation they had, She also knew that his libido was killing him. And she was partly at fault. Well, not her, it was her damn breasts, which caused her nothing but disgust. 
They returned to the motel, and in silence each one went to his own room. Frank went to take a shower, and Didi went to prepare dinner.
They also dined in silence, and each went to his bed.
Frank was almost asleep, when Didi knocked on the door. "May I come in?" she asked.
"Yes, of course, go ahead, are you all right?" Frank asked.
Didi entered with a candle, which dimly lit the room. She was dressed with a simple blanket on top, but he could see her curves underneath, in any case. Frank thought, "Great, here she comes to turn me on and then leave me lying here..." 
"Yes, of course, I just wanted to talk," Didi said, "I’m very worried we will not be able to repair a vehicle. And because we have seen no movement here, it seems to me that we will have to be here longer than we would have liked. Your movement is limited, and my changes get worse every time, if I keep mutating at this rate. I've been thinking about it all afternoon, and I think we have to start adjusting to the idea that if we want to survive, we're going to have to prepare to be here for a long time," Didi said solemnly.
"You mean rationing the food, and other supplies?" Frank asked.
"Yes, and not only that. We need to get water and try to grow food. Come on, we have to be self-sufficient with what we have here. I think we have everything we need, but we will need to work very hard."
"Yes, I hope you're wrong, but I think you're right. I think near here, a couple of kilometers away, there is a well for the fields to the north. And we have tools to assemble things, and we can disassemble an engine to make a water pump…” Frank started to think out loud.
"Yes, yes, exactly, but all of that we can plan tomorrow. I think we will have time. If I have not miscalculated, we have supplies for more than three months, if we ration them well. By then, we should already be able to get our own food. " Didi said. "But there is another important thing we have to talk about," Didi said, pausing.
"What's up?" Frank asked, without really understanding what she was trying to say.
"Well, how important it is for our livelihood to get food, we need to maintain a positive outlook. We are both here alone, if we do not each do our part, and maintain a high morale, it will be very easy to let things go until everything fails," Didi said, as if changing the subject.
"I don't know where you’re going with this," answered Frank.
“Well, I see you getting more and more discouraged, not only with the car problem, I'm not stupid, I see how you look at me, and every little while your penis comes out of your pants, and I think you're feeling frustrated, which could eventually deteriorate our relationship, and if we don't get along, we won't survive,“ argued Didi.
Frank said nothing, just blushed, while moving slightly trying to hide another erection.
"So, I think we’re both going to have to make a sacrifice, for the common good, if you agree," Didi said, also turning red as a tomato.
"What do you mean?" Frank asked. He could hardly believe where the conversation was going.
Didi got up and slowly dropped the blanket that enveloped her to the floor, showing her two huge breasts. The sight made Frank's penis slip out of his pants again, and he noticed how almost instantly his two legs swelled, increasing his temperature. 
Didi was taller than before, practically 1.9 metres, but still, her breasts hung almost to her knees. Her nipples, in the geometric center of each tit, was as big as a clenched fist, and the dark areola covered almost half the volume. In her silhouette, in the light of the candle, Frank could see the shape of the breasts on her back, as big as her front two. And from her butt hung two others of the same size, almost touching the ground. Frank was speechless before the sight.
Didi approached the bed, her breasts wobbling from side to side, bouncing against each other. She tried to sit next to him, but after a brief struggle ending in failure, took her left breast with both hands, and with some effort, offered it to Frank.
"Can you help me? I just can't climb up on my own," Didi said. She felt embarassed.
Frank took her breast with both hands, and held it over him, while Didi took the other and tried to get on the bed, struggling with such a weight. She succeeded, but with the size of the bed, Frank was totally surrounded by flesh. Her two front breasts were on top of him, specifically on his legs, while the two nipples pointed straight at his face. Frank had no words.
"Well, this is what you wanted, right?" Didi said.
"I... I..." Frank couldn't articulate anything. He was too excited. His penis was going to burst. His hands, almost of their own accord, went directly to the breasts in front of him and started caressing. When Didi said nothing, he understood that as permission, so he stroked his hand across her breast until he reached the nipple. He started stroking it slowly. Didi closed her eyes, throwing her head back. She was clearly enjoying it.
In fact, Didi was also secretly excited. And deep down she had gone to Frank's room for this purpose, because her libido was not going to let her sleep all night. And she already had too many erogenous points to manage them alone. 
Frank began to tighten his grip on her nipples with increasing force, massaging the fleshh, and making Didi enjoy as she had never enjoyed. “My nipples are so sensitive! I have never felt like this. And Frank is manipulating them so well... but wait, I have 4 more…”
As best she could, she grabbed a breast from her back. It was large enough to bend over itself and orient the nipple so that she could grab it herself. It was a glorious feeling. Having three nipples all being played with at the same time was very exciting.
The situation became increasingly wild. Their taboos, and their rational thoughts were overshadowed by excitement. They were past the point of no return, they could not stop this new pleasurable element to their relationship even if they wanted. 
Frank then took his penis and began to lick it as best he could, because with Didi's breasts everywhere he found it difficult to move. Beside him, Didi tried to get up and pull her breasts apart, which fell on both sides of the bed, bringing her face close to Frank's penis, and without a word began to go down on him. Frank was seeing stars. It was an incredible feeling. In addition he could see Didi's back, with her 4 breasts facing the ceiling. Frank came right away, it was impossible to endure much more.
Didi was a little surprised, and a little disappointed to be done so soon. She tried to withdraw, but Frank prevented her.
"This isn’t over," said Frank. Then he pulled on his right leg, trying to pull it out from under Didi's breasts. When it emerged, it was already swollen and about to burst, and the appearance of foreskin was increasingly recognizable. Didi was surprised, it was the first time she had seen him in that state.
"Frank, your leg... it seems... it seems..." Didi said, almost speechless.
"I think it's becoming that. The feelings are the same," said Frank, starting to stroke the skin up and down. Then Didi sat up, leaving her rear breasts resting on the bed, and the front ones right in front of Frank. His right leg was caught between the two tits, while Didi stroked him, kissing him first, and then licking him. Frank then confirmed to Didi that indeed, his legs, while not yet completely, felt as if they were giant penises.
They went on like this for a while, until Frank gave a shout of pleasure. He had reached the greatest orgasm he had ever had. 
Didi stepped back, letting Frank enjoy the sensation, but when she tried to get up, Frank stopped her again. "I have another one here, remember?" Frank said, pointing to his left leg.
Then Didi, horny as she was, saw a lightbulb come on and it occurred to her what to do with this second course. She got to her knees, and tried to move Frank's leg towards her vagina. This time she got to enjoy him. 
"But what are you doing? That won't fit you..." Frank couldn't even finish the sentence, when Didi introduced what 4 days ago was his left leg, into her enlarged new vagina. 
"God!" Frank’s vision swam, and Didi’s too. Her vagina had grown enormously, as if to accommodate such a mass of flesh. This feeling surpassed by far all the sensations they had had up to that point. Didi then started moving up and down. Frank was holding his leg with his hands, trying to move it along with Didi's hip movements. Breasts hung above Frank. Occasionally the nipple lined up with his mouth he tried to bite it. This caused Didi more impulses of pleasure. This continued for almost 10 minutes, moving with each other, until in the end the two arrived at orgasm at almost the same time. And what an orgasm. If the previous ones had seemed unbeatable, this was even better.
They fell to the bed, Didi occupying virtually all of it, so that Frank had to settle for lying on top of Didi, using her huge breasts as pillows. His legs coiled along her body, justifiably resting.
But a few minutes later, his original penis hardened into an erection again.
"This time you're going to have to wait..." Didi said, and after a while he fell asleep. 





Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 5:
A new day began, and his mind immediately remembered what happened last night. He had no choice, because they had both fallen asleep in Frank's bed, totally exhausted. Frank woke up on Didi, more specifically in the space between her breasts. It felt so good! His head and shoulders were on her left breast, and had room to spare, as his legs extended to his right breast. Her breasts were no longer like pillows, but more like mattresses. As soon as he began to remember last night, pleasant memories came to his mind. “God, it’s impossible to overcome these feelings. In the end, being crippled had to have some benefits, right?” But more strange sensations came to his head, to which he was already more than accustomed. Didi was still sound asleep, and he was paying attention to his legs, checking that indeed, as every morning, more changes had happened. His legs could no longer be called that. The mushroom-like end had continued to change overnight, and now, it was exactly like a foreskin. He could already say that his legs had become penises, but penises more than a meter and a half in length, and about 30 cm in diameter. Totally huge. “And I have two! Perfectly formed.” He put them both in line, and he squashed them, seeing that they were like his original penis, but 20 times larger. “My original penis... what’s happened? It’s smaller!” That scared him a lot. He worried it would disappear. He examined it, and nothing else had changed except its size. But the sensations were no longer as strong as before, he was numbed. 
The last thing he noticed was that his arms had gotten bigger. It was as if he was getting fat only in his arms. Of course, these mutations were as random as they were strange. “What will be next?”
Due to the involuntary movements of Frank examining himself, Didi woke up slowly. She felt Frank's weight on her huge chest. When she saw it, the memories of the previous night came suddenly, with the image of Frank's leg penetrating her large vagina as the main image. This memory began to excite her, which brought her back to full consciousness, and to what she had really done. “I fucked my cousin! This shouldn’t happen. It was wrong! How could he have fallen into such obscenity?” But then she saw him there, on top of her, looking at her tenderly, and as his legs rested on her, “One second, his legs, they are no longer legs... they are clearly penises! Gigantic penises! And two on top!” Didi rose suddenly, letting Frank fall to the floor on his back, making his two flesh tubes fall on top of him, covering his face. 
“Didi! You hurt me!” Frank complained.
"I'm sorry… I shouldn't, we shouldn't… this is wrong Frank!" Didi said, without finishing her statement.
"What is wrong is that you threw me like that," said Frank, crawling out from under a penis.
"We are cousins, for the love of God, and last night... God, it was my fault, I lost control, I could not help it, and now... we have fucked. Frank, do you not understand?" Didi said, more and more worked up.
“I understand, we both had a need and we helped each other. You said it yourself, for God's sake, if we are becoming sexual organs with legs... what do you expect?" Frank said. 
"Alright, but... we are still human, right?" Didi said, appealing to what little was left of his humanity, "What are we going to do, keep fucking like crazy for the rest of our lives?" 
“No, fuck, but… well, it doesn't matter, I have changed again, as I see with my legs… they are not legs anymore. It is more than clear what they are now, and I assure you that they feel as such…” Frank said, making it clear what that implied. “And you? You look more… tall.”
Didi looked at herself and indeed, as she thought, she was at least another 10 cm taller. Her breasts, still the same gigantic size, now hung above her knees. Her six nipples had also increased in size, hanging around 15 cm long by themselves. But she noticed something else in her crotch. She was so absorbed in her changes that she forgot Frank was still in the room, also looking curiously at Didi's changes. She parted her two front breasts to be able to observe her intimate area, and she could see now that her vagina reached almost to the top of her breasts. A slit, lined with two large, full lips, crowned by a clitoris the size of a soda can, swollen and protruding. The opening extended down below her crotch, resulting in a huge vagina about 40cm in length.
Didi suddenly dropped her breasts, realising her shame, causing her breast flesh to hit her swollen clit, and giving her a jolt of pleasure that made her bite her lips.
"God... Frank! What are you doing there watching!” She said, pulling her tits to cover herself as best she could.
Frank was so surprised by her change that he looked away immediately, crawling out of the room.
Didi had to make a strong effort of concentration to reduce the excitement caused by her breasts constantly rubbing her clitoris, so she took some sheets and some clothes and tried to craft some makeshift panties to cover herself. Also to hold her big breasts better, but the truth was, that was going to be impossible. To leave her rooms she had to pass almost sideways, and it was difficult. 
A good while later, the two met in the motel's dining room, Frank sitting in a chair, with his penises (as he now had to call them) rolled up on themselves to create a mattress to support what was left of his torso, and Didi preparing food, moving with difficulty. 
Since working vehicles were not going to be possible, they would have to carefully plan what they were going to do, and use the resources they had in the most efficient way. 
So all morning they worked on their plan.
First: organize, classify, and ration all the food found in the complex. For water, in principle they had enough in a water tower, but it was fed by a pump from an aquifer half a kilometer away. The problem was that the pump to extract the water did not work, probably due to the explosion, so they would have to repair the motor to continue having water. It was not a priority, since there was enough for the near future. For fuel, the gas station tanks were still quite full. 
As soon as they finished their food stocks, they should be able to grow their own food. They were surrounded by wheat fields, so they will have at least some food, although they will take advantage of the fruits and vegetables they still had to start a small garden near the motel. 
Of course, they will continue trying to repair the cars, if necessary dismantling other cars and mixing parts. It was an immense task, but time was not a problem.
And so they created at least a general plan, but of course, there were things that they could not plan for. Would their bodies be the same in the coming weeks? Would they change in more strange ways? Would someone find them who could help them? These questions and more floated in their minds, unspoken, as neither dared to ask them because there was no answer.
At least they had a plan with an objective, survival, and now with some general idea of how to do so. They now had a reason to get up every morning. Didi was the scientific one, and she acted as engineer, organizing resources, and ordering priorities. Frank let her take over, because it was quite clear who had organizational skills and who did not. In this case, it was not hard for him to accept that Didi was much better at organizing his own survival. At least the mechanical part was left to him, and he felt useful in something at least.



Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Days 6 to 9 was just a routine, so i didn't consider interesting to describe in the story, as they keep evoluting as you will see:

Day 10:
Five days have passed since they organized their new “survival plan,” as Didi liked to call it. Five days in which they had worked very hard, taking into account the limitations that their new bodies presented. No one had appeared in the 10 days since the explosion, and there were no signs that anyone could be expected in the near future. 
As Didi and Frank suspected, their bodies continued to change. As usual, they mutated only at night, as if the changes required control of their bodies to progress. In fact, they tried to stay awake to see the changes as they happened, but found that it was impossible. They fell into a deep sleep and stayed unconscious until late in the morning. Their current changes are not as drastic as in the early days, but day by day their bodies continued to become more and more strange.   
By now, they were barely recognisable as the people who initially emerged from after the explosion. Such had been the extent of the changes. And over the last 5 days, the changes had continued to be dramatic.
The survival plan was progressing quite well. While they were unable to get a vehicle working, using spare parts they were able to repair the diesel engine that ran the water pump and get it working again. Frank managed to fix it, although Didi had thought he wouldn’t be able to. He had needed to salvage the engine parts from three cars to find the right parts, which was a lot of work, especially given the condition of his body. Alos, the engine was a mile away from the motel, and Didi had to push him in his cart there every time. But they finally fixed it, and now they have a reliable water supply. That was one of the most important goals in the plan.
Didi, on the other hand, primarily organized the food, and through tight rationing, she was able to budget food for three months, in addition to designating some fruits to use as seeds.
The next goal was electricity. This was quite complicated, as it was not very efficient to use diesel fuel to power a generator for long term use. With the reserves they had, that would last about 2 and a half months. And they needed to prioritize it for the water pump, and reserve some in case they got a vehicle working. 
There were alternatives, and Didi was considering wind turbines using car alternators. They would figure something out.
"Very well, Didi, now that we have our water source secured, shall we make it official and release the valves?"
Frank had proposed to activate sprinklers that they found in the fields near their water supply in order to cool off the hot air outside. Despite it being autumn, the days were still very hot for the time of year and this particular area. He considered that the explosion might be connected in some way.
Didi accepted, removing the little clothes she was wearing. Basically blankets and some shirts, to contain the huge amounts of flesh bulging from her form. These days, due to the mutations, the concept of modesty markedly diminished. Didi no longer felt ashamed of her body, she did consider it as something distinct from her original body, but it was also physically impossible to cover it enough to be considered “decent”, since sexual organs made up the majority of her body. She simply tried to wear clothes for practical purposes such as protectection. She was no longer ashamed when Frank saw her body. She had concluded it would be way too cumbersome and complicated to stay covered, so she simply didn’t try, and Frank had no objection. Even Frank's multiple erections did not bother Didi, who understood after long discussions that since Frank was 80% penis, it would be impossible to hide. Besides, she thought, it wasn’t hurting anyone.
Didi began by taking off the two shirts she was wearing, one on each of her new torsos. On either side of her head, her arms had mutated into twin torsos, one one each side, and her ribcage had greatly expanded to accommodate them. After five days of changes, they were full female human torsos, with two arms, two generous C-cup breasts, but only a small bulge at the neck instead of a head. If not for this detail, and were they an appropriate height, they would be indistinguishable from normal human torsos. 

Didi had lost her original arms, but now she had four in total. The change, despite occurring slowly over the last 5 days, had not been too fast for her to get used to so many new limbs. When she woke up and noticed the new, fully formed arms, her brain had been wired to control them, but she had not yet learned coordination. She tried to move the arm of one of her torsos, and the other three moved in tandem. It was quite disconcerting to have her limb sensations multiplied, and trying to control so many limbs that she didn't have before. 
However, with each passing hour, and focusing on the details, she was learning to move each of her four arms independently little by little. 
With some effort, she finally managed to remove her right torso’s shirt, revealing the attractive breasts on it, followed by the left’s shirt. 
Her head was now situated between these two torsos, a little squished, but somehow her neck had "lowered" into her sternum, ending up between her new torsos. As for her original chest, it had grown considerably, both in width and length. It would be appropriate for a two and a half metre tall giant, and needed to be, for the simple reason that it supports what were originally A cup breasts.
During these past few days her breasts had not stopped their continuous growth, not speeding up but not slowing down, they didn't seem like they would stop anytime soon. 
Didi used her four arms to free the blankets she used as a bra, which wrapped around both her front and back breasts. Once she released the knot, her breasts fell into their natural position, slapping her in the stomach. The cloth fell to the floor, revealing her nipples, which had also continued to change. Now they were fleshy cylinders of just over fifty centimetres in length and about six inches in diameter, which hung off her breasts with gravity. Her areola had expanded as well, and small lumps were growing from the base of her original nipple. More were appearing every day..
What took the most effort for Didi was to release the fabric she wore as a skirt, which was tied around her waist. She had to press her two torsos together in order to reach the knot holding together the skirt that covered her crotch, or now, more accurately, chotches. Her legs had also mutated, splitting into three large legs on each side, proportional to her huge torso. They were in a row on each side, one in front of the other, and between the front two sets of legs was the most enormous human vagina that anyone could imagine. With a clitoris the size of a soccer ball, on both sides the skin hung like curtains, hiding the tremendous hole that was her vagina, surrounded by large and full lips.
Practically, now Didi had to always squat, since the breasts that once were her buttocks had also grown, even faster than her upper breasts. Their weight was so great that she dragged them along behind her. This is why her now removed skirt was necessary. Once all her clothes were removed, Didi asked Frank to activate the sprinklers.
"Whenever you want, Frank," Didi said.
Frank then crawled to the crank, and using his two gigantic prehensile penises, brought the ends together to rotate the tap, opening it, and releasing the water to spray onto Didi's large body.
Compared to Didi, Frank had also continued to change, but not as drastically and in so many ways. 
His body was now simply a 3 or 4 meter long cylinder, each end with a foreskin and penis head. It was as iif two penises had been joined together at the bases. In the area of the union, at the top side of the cylinder, was his head, flanked on both sides with what had previously been his arms and were now two huge bags of flesh, which would not have looked out of place on a woman’s chest, for each had their own nipple and areola, although the nipple was long and thick, and it seemed that Frank could somehow control it.
Frank also discovered that his penises were prehensile. They were weak, but it allowed him to move like a snake or worm would. He was also able to use them to manipulate things roughly and clumsily, but it gave him some "independence." It was clear that he still needed Didi to do most things, however.   
"God, the water feels great! Frank, come here," Didi said, visibly animated by the water spray.
Frank moved as best he could, and seeing him struggling, Didi approached him and used her two front legs to grab Frank and raise him to her two front breasts, while supported herself with her remaining four legs. She cupped her front breasts with her legs, making a kind of "bed" where she kept Frank. They had already practiced this configuration, because it was a comfortable and practical way to move around. Frank supported her breasts, and his two penises curved around her back, so that he was held and in a horizontal position, leaving his head at the height of Didi's. She used her arms to catch him if necessary. In this position Didi returned to the sprinklers, allowing Frank to enjoy the refreshing sensation.

"I really wanted to cool off this way..." Frank said.
After a good soak, the two went to a grassy area, and lay down to dry in the sun. 
"Well, you can cross this one off your survival plan, right?" Frank asked.
“That’s a good point. But we still have lots of work left," Didi said.
“I know, but I’m feeling useless. There isn’t much I can do anymore,” Frank said, as he moved his front penis, pointing it at Didi.
“This is all I have now, and I can't manipulate things or pick up tools.” Since his arms became breasts, Frank's mood had plummeted. Didi had noticed, and tried to cheer him up in the best way could encourage two connected penises.
“We've already discussed this, Frank. You don’t have arms, but I have more. I can do the work and you tell me what screw I have to tighten. Besides, we’re playing tonight?” Didi said.
Though she recalled the sexual taboos from before the explosion, her rational mind understood that the situation had changed dramatically, and to maintain their mental health they had needs that had to be fulfilled. Frank was aroused almost all day, although in most cases he could control his erections. He certainly needed sex more often than Didi. She also experienced an uncontrolled libido, although she also made serious efforts not to get irreversibly carried away. She compromised, because if they let their instincts take control they knew there was a chance they would not be able to stop, and jeopardize their survival plan. So she decided to have a wild night every two days. They both needed it, and it maintained some sanity. 
"Yes, I know, believe me, I'm counting down the hours," said Frank, despair in his voice. 
“Well, it’s getting dark. Do you think we’re dry enough and I can start making dinner?” Didi asked.
"Sure, carry me inside, I'm tired of crawling on the ground," Frank said.
Every hour it seemed Didi gained more skill with her new arms, she was now able to do two things at once, which Frank saw with amazement. Despite having seen the changes over time, he still couldn’t get used to her incredible body. It fascinated him, and he felt a little envy. She had so many limbs, and he had none. All he had left was to manipulate his penises, and this skill was slow to improve.
He could no longer climb up to the table, and was now more comfortable on the floor, on a carpet that Didi had prepared for this purpose. He used his two masses of flesh as a support. He still had a little control, could orient them more or less, because they were still wired in his brain as arms. At this point they couldn’t decide if they were breasts, because of their shape or appearance, or testicles, because of their position and theoretical function. It had been the subject of some joking between the two.
So using these breasts as a base, he was able to bend his rear penis around, passing it next to his face, and by retracting both foreskins by dragging them along the ground he had the limited ability to pick up objects. The food that Didi prepared  was usually sandwiches or pieces of fruit that he could hold. Frank preferred to be able to eat on his own, but there were some meals she made that required Didi to lend him a hand. 

Didi didn't mind helping Frank with all his daily needs. She still saw him as someone less fortunate, and she continued to feel guilty having mutations that gave her more freedom and abilities, while Frank became increasingly limited and dependent. Despite her initial hesitations about sex, Didi no longer had any issues with physical contact. She didn't care that Frank's two penises rubbed all over her body while she transported him from one place to another. In fact, from her logical point of view it was much more practical than continuing to use the shopping cart. After all, she had limbs to spare, and Frank was very well restrained. 
Over time their cooperation increased, mostly because they had no choice, with Frank guiding Didi with his knowledge of mechanics and Didi carrying out the physical labour. 
That night, they had sex. 
But Didi considered it not an act of love, but a physiological necessity. She would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it just as much or even more than Frank did, but she was hesitant to acknowledge it. Didi no longer fit down the hallways, so they converted one of the rooms on the ground floor as her new bedroom, with large doors. She didn't need a bed, just a carpet in one of the corners, since her rear breasts made perfect pillows for all her weight. So, lying down, she took advantage of her new legs, using them as extra arms, all six of them, for heavy tasks, and she still had four on her two extra torsos for more delicate things. 
Also, in this position, her gigantic vagina was perfectly exposed. It didn't take much for her to turn Frank on, just exposing her lips, and rubbing her gigantic clitoris was more than enough to give him an erection.
So, that night would be a night of relief for them both, but something was different. Didi, lying on her huge rear breasts, and using 6 powerful limbs, grasped the helpless Frank as if he were a large sausage, as he wasn’t fully hard yet. With her two hind legs, she separated her two large front breasts, and put Frank's front penis in between them, then squeezing them around him. Didi's breasts left Frank hanging upside down. Frank, feeling like he was in heaven, couldn’t say a word. 80% of his body was sexual organs, so the sensations were wonderful. As his erection grew, the glans emerged from Didi's breasts, peeking out and arriving directly in front of Didi's face. She took the opportunity to use her two torsos and four arms to caress it, and bring it closer to her face. 
Although Didi would never admit it, the sight of such a large penis greatly excited her. She fantasized about sucking and licking him, playing with him, and being penetrated by him. She was excited to see how he would feel with his current changes, because such a large sexual organ should be very pleasurable. 
As soon as Didi began to lick the glans, Frank's other penis, which hung between the lips of Didi's vagina, also began to get erect. Then Didi used her four front legs, which were holding Frank, to grasp him as if he was a firm rod, and move him between her breasts up and down. Frank's head and breasts were jiggling right where Didi wanted, bouncing over her breasts, rubbing up and down, almost out of control, but she wasn’t worried it was hurting him. 
Didi also took advantage of the three meter long phallus that was stroking between her legs to rub it against her clitoris, becoming more and more aroused. “God, if we let our sexual impulses take over we could be having perfect sex 12 hours a day, but that would mean the end of our surivial.”
Didi noticed that every time she saw Frank's face he was close to reaching his limit and losing control. She stopped, so as not to end the fun early, although she knew he could come twice, since Frank was able to ejaculate his two penises separately.
"Are you alright, Frank?" Didi said.
"Yes... yes, almost, ugh... it's amazing... I wish I could do something for you too..." Frank said, with some resignation. Erect as he was, he could not move any part of his body, except his head.
"There is something you can do..." Didi said. She guided his head close to one of her long nipples. Frank immediately understood her intentions, and tried to suck Didi's long appendage into his mouth. Surprisingly, Frank was able to fit in his mouth in its entirety, and slowly swallowed it little by little. He was shocked at how much length he could fit in his throat. Of course, his anatomy had completely changed. Didi felt great pleasure as Frank swallowed her huge nipple, and Frank massaged it with his mouth and played with it with his tongue. Didi reached a mini orgasm, which turned her face completely red.
“Frank, I didn't know you could do that!” Didi said, pleasantly surprised. "But it's time to get serious."

She moved Frank, and guided him so that he could slowly enter her vagina. Her front two legs grasped Frank, the two central ones opened her lips revealing her gaping vagina, while the back two parted her breasts to give her a front row view of the action. 
Slowly she inserted Frank into her huge vagina, and the sensations for both were incredible. Didi slid him in up to his breasts, placing his head in intimate contact with her clitoris, which Frank immediately took advantage of, treating it just as he had just done with her nipple.
Didi thrust Frank in and out repeatedly with an increasingly forceful rhythm. Frank licked her clitoris every time he came in contact, so Didi building towards a double orgasm. On an increasingly chaotic quest for pleasure, Didi and Frank were about to reach orgasm almost simultaneously. 
Finally, Frank was the first to unload, and then Didi, in a furious climax. They had felt pleasure like this before, but it was impossible to get used to such sensations. But Frank still had another penis, and Didi still gas in her tank, and the second round lasted longer than the first. The night was still young. 
Once Frank reached orgasm, and ejaculated inside Didi, they were so tired, and the experience left them both so relaxed, that they easily fell into a deep sleep.






Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 11:
The next morning, Didi woke up first, and as always, new sensations made their way to her brain. The first realization was they were in the position as they were the previous evening . “What a night! I think it was the most pleasurable thus far…” Still, they were in exactly the same position, and most significantly, Frank was still inside her. She had noticed without opening her eyes. “He’s in there, warm, juicy… sweet? Hold on, I’m sensing something that I shouldn’t be... Frank... does he taste sweet? Do I have taste buds in my vagina?” Didi was able to move some muscles inside her vagina, making swallowing motions. She felt wads of Frank's semen, and she was able to swallow them deeper inside her vagina, which she sensed had a sweet taste. “Can I taste things in my vagina? I would never have imagined it.” 
“And it tastes good... very good…” She kept squeezing her vagina, trying to squeeze every last drop of Frank's semen, which made the penis inside her begin to swell. She abruptly stopped, she was causing an erection, but she knew now was not the time to have sex again. “If we can’t control ourselves, we will enter a downward spiral... but it’s so good... the flavour of Frank’s semen in my vagina, it is... addictive... But we can’t continue now. I can still control my urges,” Didi repeated to herself.
Then she tried to focus on her body, which she felt was different in ways other than her vagina. "How have I mutated today?" She said, resignedly.
She opened her eyes and looked down. There was her body, her two giant breasts leaning to each side of her vast chest, they were so large that she could barely see her nipples. Below was her vagina, and she could see Frank still inside her. She poked his head, which rested on her large clitoris, using it as a pillow, while her large inner lips cradled him. "He must be very comfortable in there," she thought. Frank's breasts protruded to the sides, hanging along her vagina. She could also feel them. Her body was lying on her two back breasts, which were like two giant mattresses. “They must have grown a little more, and their nipples… I can see them even from here… they are huge, for God's sake… But so far… nothing else has changed… How strange…” She thought, until she looked up.
More specifically, up to her right. She tried to lift her two torsos, raising them vertically, and she noticed masses of flesh falling over her head, covering it almost completely and preventing her from seeing anything. The hands on her torsos began to grope blindly, tracing the masses, until she could grab them, and lift them. They were her breasts. The right torso had developed large breasts, an M cup at least, with fat and protruding nipples, but the left torso had developed extra breasts, as large as the upper ones. And all in one night. But there was something else, her arms felt something that hadn’t been there previously. She tried to move the torsos to get a better view, and he saw that two new stumps were growing behind her arms on each torso. 
It didn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to guess that new limbs were growing. “More limbs! This body is going to be crazy, if I can barely control six legs and four arms... and more are growing...“ But that wasn’t all. Resting in the cleavage of her breasts on both torsos, she noticed new appendages. She couldn’t see them well, but she touched them with her hands, and she recognised them as fleshy tubes, and following it she found that they grew from the neck of each torso. They were about 30 centimetres long, and five or six inches in diameter. Each was like a tube of flabby meat, and she couldn’t see anything beyond that. "Am I missing anything else?" She thought. 
She bent a torso more, and it twisted enough that she could see what she really had there, and indeed, it was a fleshy tube, it’s position causing it to hang along with its breasts, down the torso’s front. 
Resigned to her new changes, and still tired, she dropped her torsos back to a horizontal position on her “mattresses”, as she considered her back breasts, and she remained there, lost in thought. “If Frank is still asleep, I'm not going to wake him up, besides, he feels really good in there…”
"It's amazing what has happened to us, and what I've become" she thought. Despite the weirdness, her body felt great, and everything she did generated pleasure. Her big and multiple breasts, her huge vagina, “not to mention my nipples... these long nipples…” She could barely see them now, for they hung away from her on both sides. She was curious, and used her two front legs to move her breasts and bring them together in front of her face. 
"My goodness, they are so huge..." She thought. Even so, her nipples, which seemed to have grown even more in length and diameter, were still hidden on both sides of her breasts, but as she had more legs, she used the the two middle ones to grab the nipples. Without needing to move her breasts, she was able to bring them right in front of her face. 
“Hold on... they look very strange.” Indeed, at the tip of each, there was a pile of wrinkled flesh, forming a small hole. This instantly caught her attention. “Now I have a hole in my nipples? Is it to produce milk? It will be in industrial quantities if so. This requires a closer look.” So he maneuvered her right torso, and used her hands to touch the ends of her nipples. The wrinkled flesh looked more like skin, which he could grab and stretch. It was quite elastic. And it seemed that there was something inside the hole. “It can't be. I recognise what this is,” she said, as she began to get nervous. 
With care, she started to retract the skin from the end of her nipple backwards and could begin to see how a smooth, pink, fleshy dome appeared, which felt tremendously good as she removed the skin. She continued to lower the skin, and the pink dome began to define itself more, immediately confirming her suspicions when the glans was revealed as the entire skin was retracted. Her hands pulled back at the sight. "It can't be... This is too much!" She said out loud. 
Her two front legs held her breasts together, her middle legs held her nipples near her face, and her right torso’s arms slowly approached her new discovery: her nipples had become very big and long penises. “But I am a woman! Why do I have a male organ?” She couldn’t understand. But there it was, right in front of her face, defying logic. Then she realized, "Will I be the first person to feel both sexes at the same time?" That caused her to be extremely curious.
Throughout her life, she had never felt the passion for sex that boys felt, she had always been shy, and had seen penises as ugly and grotesque. They didn't attract her attention too much, except for how good she felt when she was penetrated. But since her first transformation, and now seeing what Frank was becoming, her perceptions had begun to change. If she had been repusled before, she now considered Frank's large whole-body penises erotic, and one big erognous zone. She began to wonder how he felt, since Frank was aroused and horny practically all day long. “Well, now I have one... no... kidding, I have two!” They were much larger than a man’s average penis.

Her hands on her right torso returned to the newly discovered organ, and held it up a little. It was very hot, and heavier than she expected. The surface was very smooth, and as she stroked it, she shivered. "God... it is super sensitive!" She thought. She kept stroking it more softly, until she reached the frenulum. "Oh... it feels great here!" She continued to caress it, noticing how she was getting hotter, and more horny, almost without realizing it. She was more curious than sensible. 
"Now to cover it..." She said, then he slid the skin over the glans again, covering it completely. “Wow, this is very practical. And to expose it I only have to...” And she retracted the skin again revealing the glans. This caused her pleasure to grow "Wow... I'm getting..." Without realizing it, her other nipple was growing in size and becoming stiff, and it hit her in the face, almost entering her mouth.
"What the hell?" She said, when she realized that the other penis was almost fully erect. "My God, this feels... I'm super horny!" She said to himself. She lifted her other torso, and with her hands he took the unruly nipple. “It’s so hard! But the skin... keep moving... " She said as she unconsciously moved it back and forth, covering and uncovering the head. "My god! Now I see why boys are always horny!” She thought. But her other penis, also wanting in on the action, now stiffened and inadvertently hit her in the eye and knocked away her glasses. "Wow, I have to be careful..." Her two torsos had each nipple in their hands, with her head right between the two heads. The hands were rubbing the skin, stroking up and down on each nipple. Her excitement was growing. They were stiff as wooden stakes, but the base of each nipple was in a large mass of soft flesh, so they were very maneuverable. I could even push them more into her breasts, and move them anywhere. She helped herself with her legs so she could hold her nipples while she masturbated them.
She was able to clearly see how the glans, a few inches from her face, was swelling and growing, as if ready to explode. Then she realized. "What if… How would it feel if...” She thought. She stopped her movements, and brought the right penis to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue, and hesitantly licked the top of the glans. She squeezed her eyes shut from pleasure, and was overwhelmed by the sensation. “I have to put it in my mouth! It feels great!” She continued masturbating with both nipples, alternating sucking one and then the other, each time with more intensity.
There seemed to be no end to the increasing pleasure, but unfortunately she heard something from below.
“Didi! Is everything alright up there?” Frank asked, already awake. Scared, Didi stopped suddenly, and used her legs to separate her huge breasts, holding the new penises and trying to hide them from Frank. But as she looked down, she realized that hiding them would not be possible.

Didi's clitoris, too, had become aroused, and immensely grown. Additionally, it was shaped like a huge penis too! The only difference was that her inner labia hung from the frenulum like curtains. And there was Frank, still tucked into her vagina, his head cast aside to make room for Didi's new clitoris, while her labia almost covered Frank's head.
“God, Frank, sorry! I have mutated again, as you can see..." Didi said.
"Well, from here I can’t see more than this part of your clitoris... my goodness... it’s almost as big as one of my penises.'' Frank said.
"Ha, of course, the main changes are up here..." Didi said, a little embarrassed.
"Can you... show them to me?" Frank said, after a few seconds of silence.
"I... it’s that... well... what does it matter..." Didi said, realizing that hiding them would be silly. 
With her front legs, she released her large breasts, dropping them, raising her central torso, and with her other legs she took the nipples and directed them, still erect, towards where she sensed Frank was.
“This is what has happened to my nipples, in addition to the fact that more arms are growing on my torsos, and their breasts have also changed.” Didi said with some resignation. “In addition, I have also noticed that… Hey! What are you doing?" Didi said suddenly, when Frank took a glans into his mouth.
“Sorry! You have these penises here... next to my face... I couldn't help it! What does it feel like to have male organs?” He said laughing.
"Don't do it again, unless I ask you to, of course..." Didi said, a little annoyed. "Well, they feel... they feel great, obviously... now I understand why you're always horny!" 
“Hey, and why… why don't you finish what you were doing? I've been awake for a while, with this clit here constantly bumping me, and your vagina massaging me... Can you do two things at once?” Frank said.
"We shouldn't... we can tomorrow, not to... Frank!" Didi said, when Frank sucked on the glans closest to him again. Didi suddenly raised her large breasts, causing her nipples to swing and hit her, one in the chest and the other in the face, making a slap sound. With her nipples back in her torsos’ hands, she felt excited again. And could not suppress it. "What the hell..." She thought. 
So she went back to work. She lay back on her giant rear breasts, those on her ass and. She also reclined her head back. Her front legs grasped Frank, and began to move him gently in and out of her vagina. Her middle legs masturbated Frank's outside penis, and her rear legs held her breasts close to her face, so that her torsos could manipulate both nipples. Sucking, masturbating, penetrating, she was being pleasured in three places at the same time. There were too many sensations at once... She had to pause playing with her penises to focus on Frank and her clitoris... then stop to switch back to her penises… she was getting overwhelmed! 
Then, after focusing more on the penises, she finally managed to ejaculate with the two, shooting jets of sperm onto her face and torsos. The two orgasms persisted, prolonged by continued impulses of pleasure. One before the other. For more than half a minute she kept ejaculating, shooting semen, causing a temporary paralysis while having as much enjoyment as she had ever had.
A few seconds later, she noticed more sensations from her clitoris, while Frank licked it greedily. Then, she focused on this other pleasure point. And she kept thrusting Frank inside with more and more intensity. She masturbated her large clitoris, coordinating it with penetration, compounding her pleasure. Finally, after several long minutes, and some clitoral orgasms, Frank came. 
Didi felt the spray of sperm hit inside her, and could taste it again. This time it was much sweeter, and very nice. Once finished, Frank was in ecstasy, totally motionless, enjoying the moment. Didi noticed new muscles moving inside her vagina. It was like massaging Frank, but with her vagina. But she noticed something more strange. It felt like something was moving inside her. And interestingly, she could control it. She could touch and feel Frank's glans, move across it, and caress it. “Is it like a tongue? Or a tentacle? What kind of body is this? What is happening to me?" But sShe couldn't stop experimenting with the new sensations. Her "thing" found Frank's urethral opening, and almost instinctively slipped inside. 
“Hey! What is that? What is going on in there?” Frank said, scared.
"I... I don't know, sorry. I noticed something in there, and I don't know what it is... did I hurt you?" Didi said, scared too.
"No... no harm... but... It feels very strange..." Frank said.
"Do you want me to stop?" Didi asked
"No... no... really, it doesn’t hurt... it feels... pleasant?" Said Frank.
Didi then continued. While her vaginal muscles were still "massaging" Frank, her vagina swallowed the semen, resulting in a feeling of fullness, and her "thing" in there explored inside of Frank. Then she began to notice some stiffness in the muscle.
"Oh, Frank... I noticed something... I can't move whatever it is... in there..." Didi said.
"How? What are you doing? Don’t hurt me!" Frank said, a little scared. Although she didn’t feel any pain, she noted the stiffness of the "tentacle" he had inside his urethra.
Then, involuntarily, Didi felt a ball of fluid passing through the tentacle, releasing it inside Frank. It was as if she hadn’t urinated for a long time, and suddenly she couldn’t hold it in, she couldn’t stop it, and all the liquid ended up inside Frank.
Frank noticed the release of liquid, and at first he was scared.
"Didi... What are you doing? Are you... pissing in me or something like that?” He said.
But then, he started absorbing the liquid deposited inside his penis. Frank was able to “taste” the liquid with his penis, and the flavour gave him a very pleasant sensation. The liquid must have entered an internal gland of his new and mysterious body, which resulted in a very strange sensation. Suddenly, it was as if he had been thirsty for a long time, and this liquid was filling his stomach, quenching his thirst. Frank didn’t know how long the exchange of fluids lasted, but when it was over, he felt full all throughout his body. He felt like he had been eating for three days straight. It was a very pleasant feeling. He became totally relaxed, still inside Didi. His breasts, surely the reservoir for the fluid, had visibly increased in size, and they felt heavier and more turgid.
"Frank... I… are you ok?” Didi said, worried.
“I… yes… that was very strange. I don't know what you've done, but it's like... I don't know, like you fed me! What the hell happened in there?” He said, very confused.
“I don't know, I don't know what's happening either, but I also thought it was… very pleasant? Besides, I can... this will sound very strange, but I can taste your semen with my vagina... and it's really delicious!” Didi said, as confused as Frank.
"Then... I give you semen... and you fill my breasts with a fluid... nice exchange... this... is very strange, now I feel full... like as if I had always been hungry until now. The truth is that I feel very good..." Frank said.
"Well... I think... it can’t be bad, right? " Didi said without yet understanding how their bodies worked.
"Man, I haven’t felt… unwell. Actually, quite the opposite... also, I felt like I have been eating for three whole days... I couldn’t eat another bite," said Frank, laughing.
Didi gripped Frank with four of her legs and extracted him little by little. Frank was already limp, and the penis inside her vagina emerged covered in an oily liquid, and slid down the lips of her vagina. 
"I think we should have a shower, right?" Didi said, seeing how it was all full of semen and vaginal fluids.
"Yes, I agree, I feel... very slippery..." As Frank said this, as if caused by his words, Frank’s penis slipped from Didi’s feet and fell to the ground.
“Frank! Sorry! You're ok?" Didi said, worried.
"Yes... wait..." said Frank, whose rear penis remained over his head, buried between one breast and his two penises. But he managed to move the penis and realign himself thanks to its prehensility. 
“It was nothing, I am quite soft, do not worry. Are we going to take that shower? ” Frank said.
Didi again picked up Frank and carried him as usual on her breasts, using her front legs as a bra, making a stable base for him. He, on the other hand, held his penises around her breasts, so as not to fall. 
After the shower, they returned to their chores. Didi had already prepared a plan for the day, so they continued with the routine. Working in the fields to the north, start the engine to provide water, work on vehicles, and prepare meals.

The sun was fading, and they were already preparing for dinner. But Frank heard a strange noise through the food storage area. 
"Did you hear that?" Frank said
"No, what?” Didi asked.
"It sounded like a pan fell... it was very strange," Frank said, visibly nervous.
"Do you think there someone around?" Didi said, worriedly.
"We should check... but... carefully, if it's someone, maybe we don’t want their attention, maybe it's dangerous." Frank said.
"You're right..." Didi said, while picking up a wooden stake with her powerful front legs.
Another blow was heard at the end of the hall. The two froze. It wasn’t his imagination, there was someone there.
Didi moved down the main hall in the dark, as stealthy as her large body allowed her, since dragging her huge rear breasts was neither easy nor quiet. She was very scared, because if it finally was another survivor, they wouldn't be hiding, and would have said something. After all, it was easy to see someone was living here.
Frank was following behind her at his own pace, he could do little in an emergency, but he wasn't going to stay there alone. Didi arrived at the food storage room, where they first heard a noise, and no one was there, but the door to the outside was open, which obviously was not the case previously. She grasped the wooden stake tightly, ready for anything. She approached the door, and out on the street, close to the gas station, she saw a very strange shadow heading there. Didi didn't know what to think, it didn't seem human in any case, but it moved very strangely. 
"Hey... hello?" Shoulded Didi, very scared.
The shadow stopped dead. It began to turn around and move towards Didi. She froze, it didn't say anything, just headed towards her. She still couldn't see anything, as it was night, and despite the moonlight it was in the shadow of the gas station. It got a little closer, and just when it came out of the shade she could see the odd way it approached her. She was horrified to see that of course it was not human, in fact it was nothing she had ever seen. Although Didi wasn't either...
It had a humanoid shape, at least the torso was human, but it had 4 arms. Instead of a head, a penis of about 30 centimetres stood where its neck would be, and four disproportionately huge testicles hung from its chest.
At its waist is where any resemblance to a human ended, except for the two legs arranged on each side. From the front crotch, and almost as large as its torso, grew a gigantic penis, with a size similar to Frank’s. It hung upright and in a horizontal position, swaying with every step. But the strangest were the eyes at the end of the glans. Large staring eyes looking very scared. Hanging from the bottom of the penis were two huge testicles, almost touching the ground, wobbling with every movement, violently bumping into the four legs. 
It said nothing, it was only moving faster and faster towards Didi, who was frozen at the sight, barely able to react when she saw that one of its left arms was raised, wielding a rather large, threatening machete. Its steps were faster and faster, until it was within reach of Didi, who was still paralyzed by the sight.
The bizarre being tried to jump as much as it could, leaning on its hind legs, raising its hand and gaining momentum to swing the machete, clearly trying to attack Didi. This time she reacted instinctively and raised her leg holding the stake to parry the attack, but the machete deflected it hit her left breast, causing a rather deep cut that Didi painfully felt. 
The being leaped back, repositioning itself and returned to attack on the opposite side. Didi, despite her wound, blocked it again with the stake. It tried again, but this time, Didi raised up, and while stopping another blow with the stake, two of her right legs threw a punch to the side of its torso with such force that the attacker flew back two metres. 
The being spent a few seconds in shock, and Didi did too, because she could not believe what she had done. “God, I have superhuman strength.” The being rose again, again wielding the machete, and headed towards Didi, this time more aggressively. She was very pissed off. Didi rose up. Despite how scared she was, an internal fury grew within her, and as the being launched its attack again, it was stopped by a blow with the stake so strong that the machete flew away. The being was hit in the hand, and writhed in pain to see that the bones in its hand were shattered. 
Just then, Didi did not hesitate. It wanted to kill her, and she was not going to allow it, so she took advantage and with the stake held with both front legs he dealt a blow to its torso, spliting the wood, and leaving the being lying on the ground writhing in pain. it was not defeated yet, and despite the tremendous blow and surely having a broken shoulder, and serious internal damage, it tried to get up and go back for her. But she was faster.
She grabbed the machete with her rear leg, and as it approached, she took his penis with both front legs, trying to stop it, and without thinking she struck so hard at the base of the glans that she cut it off, separating it from the rest of its body while keeping hold of it, while the rest of the body collapsed to the ground, totally motionless. Blood spurted from the severed penis, staining Didi, who was totally shocked.
She dropped the glans at once, and it fell to the ground in a pool of blood, then threw the machete to the side. She was terrified, and was too shocked to understand what had just happened.
“Didi! Are you okay?" Frank said from afar. He had just arrived, and was also horrified by the grisly scene. Didi was in shock, she stood there, seeing what she had done, watching as the pool of blood expanded, as the bizarre being quickly bled out. 
Frank came to her side, and touched her with his penis. “Didi! Are you ok? Did he hurt you?” 
Didi responded "I, I did not want... he attacked me..." she had trouble getting the words out. I was visibly terrified.
“It's okay, Didi, you did what you had to. He attacked you!” Frank said, trying to comfort her.
"I... I have... I killed it..." She said, traumatized.
“Didi, look! He was going to kill you! You acted in defense! Incredibly well! You cut it in half! It wasn’t going to listen to reason, it seemed possessed... you did what you should!” Frank said, trying to comfort her.
"Yes... I know... but... I killed it, I never wanted to kill anyone!" Didi said, starting to cry inconsolably.
Frank tried to climb up Didi to hug her, but he couldn't, and could only raise his penis until he reached her left breast.
“Quiet, it’s over. That horrible being won't attack us again, we can go back inside, I think we should treat that cut, right?” Frank said, referring to her breast.
"Yes... you're right," Didi said, wiping her tears. She took Frank, and carried him over again, entering the motel. 
This time, Didi made sure that all the doors were closed and locked, so that nothing could easily enter.
After thoroughly cleaning the blood and healing the wound, Didi was physically and mentally exhausted. Frank tried to support her, helping as much as he could. But finally they each went to sleep in their room. There was going to be no sex tonight, obviously.
But as Frank went to his room, Didi stopped him.
"Frank, wait."
"Yes, what's up?" Frank asked
"I... do you mind if... we sleep together? But just sleep, okay? Nothing more. I don't feel like spending the night alone.” Didi said.
"Yes, of course, no problem," said Frank.
So Didi took Frank, and brought him to her room. She adjusted her rear breasts, and lay on top of them, like every night. Didi lay on her side, and placed Frank between her two breasts, so that the entire front penis was covered by them, while his head was resting on the stomach of the left torso, at the height of her head. The arms of that torso hugged the rest of Frank's rear penis, and Didi took advantage of Frank's breast to use as a pillow. 
"Thank you very much Frank, good night." Said Didi.
Frank, who was in heaven, replied "Good Night Didi..." 
And they fell asleep soundly.





Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

Day 12:

The sun fell square on Didi's face, waking her up and forcing her to squeeze her eyes shut. "Ugh, why am I sleeping so deeply lately... it's like I'm unconscious. What time is it? It has to be after noon.” It was likely an effect of the mutations, ensuring so deep a sleep that they were unaware of any changes happening. And every morning they woke up with more. It’s clear the mutations only happened while their bodies were in deep sleep..
Again, Didi found new changes. As was now routine, she scrutinized herself to discover what was different. She was lying on her back, both on her back breasts as well as the breasts that were once her buttocks, which were large enough now to be a mattress that easily accommodated the rest of her body. Frank was no longer between her breasts, clearly he must have slipped down during the night and was now at the base of her breasts, but she couldn’t see him clearly from this angle. Lazily, she rotated her central torso, feeling the familiar sensation of all her breasts hanging and slipping over each other.
The first thing she noticed was that the stumps she had yesterday on her two side torsos had already developed into full arms. Her brain was not yet used to them, so when she tried to move them, all four arms of each side's torso moved at once, moving in tandem with the originals. The changes did not end there. The breasts on her right torso had grown more, now hanging down level with her face. They would be huge on a normal human’s chest, although for Didi's body, there were not too out of proportion. Of course, now that the nipples were right in front of her mouth, if she wanted to suck them she just had to turn her head. In fact, when she raised her torsos up, half of those breasts were right above her head, pressing on it. On her other side, the same thing happened, the four breasts of her left torso had also grown significantly, leaving her head pressed between two breasts.
The strangest thing was the tube of flesh that grew from where the necks of her torsos should have been. They had grown in thickness and length, but were currently hidden between her breasts. She separated her breasts with her arms and took the tubes out from between them, and stared in amazement as the long cylinders had developed into... "more penises?" Didi was shocked. "But I am a woman! Why do I have so many penises?” She was shocked. She was becoming a grotesque creature, but deep down, having experienced the pleasure of having a penis (well, having two actually, she thought), maybe having two more wouldn’t be that bad. At this point, she noticed something strange hanging from her breasts, where her nipples were...
Using her front legs, she shifted her huge breasts, exposing the nipples. What she saw surprised her even more. The small lumps that had grown yesterday from the base of her areola, which she had previously ignored, had also mutated. Lots of penises grew from the base of her areola, around the huge central penis. And while they were small compared to her previous penises, compared to the average normal size they would have been above average.
"Now this has to be it," She said to herself. She brought her left breast closer, so as to study the strange set of penises in detail. She used the arms of her left torso to feel them one by one. She confirmed they felt like what her nipples had felt like the day before, after she first found them turning into penises. She took one of the smaller penises, and pulled back the foreskin, revealing the glans and resulting in a pleasant sensation, although not as much sensation as with her nipple penis, as the feelings seemed to be relative to size. Still curious, she used her four arms to stroke four penises at once. Doing so, a shiver ran through her whole body. "Wow, this feels great, and I’m only playing with four of them. How many do I have?” She began to count them, at least the ones that were fully formed, since there were still lumps that still hadn’t fully become penises yet. It was clear that this was only the beginning, in a matter of days she would certainly have a forest of penises around each nipple penis. "I have grown 23 penises?" She thought as she finished counting. She began to get aroused by the thought, and each of the 23 penises began to stiffen.
"Oh no… not now... I have too much work to do," she said, and quickly released her breasts, letting them fall and slap her stomach. All the penises bounced into each other, only increasing the sensations. "Concentrate Didi, you can overcome it..." Even though they were all erect, she managed to resist touching her penises. She tried to get up off her breasts and move to wake up Frank, but another new sensation made her stop, noticing that something was rolling over the top of her two giant rear breasts. She fully stood up, lowered her side torsos, and tried to stretch her head around to see behind her. It was quite difficult, since she was so big, but he could see that two bumps had grown just at the root of her two giant breasts.
"I can't believe it... I'm sure they will end up being more penises..." She said to herself. "Well, I will have to accept it, I am a girl, but I have more dicks than a soccer team..."
When she was fully up, she went to see Frank, who was still sleeping on the floor. He had barely changed, and Didi at first though his mutation was complete at last, except for one thing.
"Frank! Wake up! You gotta see this!" Didi said, nudging him awake.
Frank's eyes shot open as if he'd been awake all night. He was lying on the floor, his two penises stretched out their entire length, leaning slightly to his side, so that his head rested on his right breast using it as a pillow.
"What's up Didi? Have you mutated again?” He said, then looked to his left. "What is that?" Frank said, very surprised.
Next to his head was an arm, a human arm. He was completely baffled, because Didi was too far for it to be hers, and could not comprehend what it was doing there. He tried to move his head away from it, and the arm moved, hitting his face gently. This puzzled him even more, and he turned his head to follow the arm, discovering the arm originated from himself. He could not believe it. "This arm... is.. it’s mine?" He said, visibly excited.
"I... Frank, I think so," Didi said happily at the change in events. "Can you move it?"
Frank concentrated, and it did move, but with very small, clumsy movements, and virtually no precision. He could barely open and close his hand, much less move his fingers independently, perhaps, he considered, his brain had not yet adjusted. “This is quite a breakthrough!” he thought.
“With one arm I can do many things, and I will no longer feel so useless! Finally, some good luck,” he thought. He focused on the arm and kept moving it, but realized it was going to take a lot of work to master it.
"Don’t worry, Frank, sooner than you think you will be using it as if you had it your whole life," Didi said encouragingly. She thought it was indeed great news. Frank was going to be able to manipulate things, giving him much more freedom, and help Didi with some of her work.
For a few minutes Frank continued to "play" with his new addition, but then stopped and turned to Didi.
“By the way, Didi, I was thinking about what happened last night. It’s clear that that thing was a survivor who was suffering the same fate as us, only in a more violent and dramatic way. Based on his reaction, I think his mind was gone, and he was completely insane, probably because of the radical nature of his mutation. But this means that the explosion has been more serious than we imagined.. "
"Yeah, you’re right,” Didi said."I’ve also reached the same conclusion. If it has taken this long for our first outside contact, and considering his state, the effects of the explosion must have been very serious, and affected an area many kilometers around. We do not know who is out there, if there are other survivors, and what has happened to the rest of the world. We know two things, people are mutating in horrible ways, and resources are scarce. That person came looking for food. We have to start thinking about protecting ourselves.”
"I agree, although honestly a lone assailant is relatively easy to fight, if they are as mutated as much as he was, but what if they organize and come to attack us in a group?" Frank was beginning to imagine the worst case scenario.
“Well, I don't know, but for now we have to continue our plan, and now include a way to protect ourselves. It’s clear that those out there share our condition. It will depend on what kind of mutations they have suffered. But I am convinced they have neither vehicles nor electronics,” Didi said.
"Agreed. We will have to make weapons... or at least something to defend us. I think I have some ideas.” Didi and Frank were silent for a while with their own thoughts. Clearly, the incident the night before had been shocking enough to change how they saw their situation. They couldn't keep waiting for help, at this point it was clear they were on their own and had to fend for themselves. Perhaps there were other sane survivors, and possibly some newly organized communities, or maybe there were only gangs of raiders fighting for what few resources remained in the face of widespread famine. The situation was certainly bleak.
"By the way Didi, I see you have mutated again too!" Frank said, changing the subject. "Can you show me?"
Didi, now accustomed to Frank’s curiosity, explained everything she had discovered that morning on her large and changing body. The sight of her new, penis-covered nipples made Frank hard, which happened quite easily. But Didi's appearance was getting more and more alluring. He found her body fascinating, and in a certain way, he was envious because he had gotten the worst of it, but deep down, and thanks to Didi's care, he was doing well.
Then he realised that he had a sensation of being empty. Like hunger, but not for food. Then he remembered the liquid transfer that took place when he was inside Didi.
"Hey, Didi... do you think we could... repeat the other day again? I have a feeling that my body… well, I’m not sure, but I feel like my body needs you. I have an empty feeling that I'm sure will be satiated if you repeat what you did to me…” Frank said pleadingly
"Well... Frank, I don’t think now is a good time, we just woke up, and we have many things to do and worry about before having sex again, don't you think?” Didi said flatly. Of course, she wanted to too, but she couldn't let herself be carried away by her instincts. They had to prepare for the worst, and couldn’t know when the next assailant would come. No, there were definitely more important things to do.
Frank didn't want to insist, he knew she was right, but he really felt “hungry”. "Well, I guess I can hold out," He thought.
The rest of the day passed like the one before the attack, boring and monotonous, with only the maintenance Didi had scheduled. The only interesting part was using their changing bodies, and they were both more nervous and vigilant of any sign someone was coming. Frank was still learning to move his new arm, and Didi was still getting used to all of hers.
It began to get dark, and fearing what might appear, they began to block the entrances to the motel, making sure everything was at least significantly closed, so that even if nowhere near impregnable, their barriers would at least delay an assault, and alert them to someone's presence.
Later that evening, Didi began to feel sick. She felt dizzy, and nauseous, and didn't know where it was coming from. Frank, for his part, was not much better. He still had the feeling of emptiness, and not only was normal food not satisfying him, he was not tolerating it. He didn't know what was going on, but everything he ate he vomited back up.
"Didi, I think we have had significant internal changes," Frank said, feeling unwell.
"Yeah, I know… I don't know what's happening to us, and I’m getting weaker… Maybe we should sleep, hopefully resting will help us feel better, don't you think?” Didi said.
And so they did, worried, because if they were afflicted with disease, they had no means or knowledge to treat it. "That’s just what we need," Didi thought, sarcastically. She was getting quite concerned, because they had adapted well to the changes to the outside of their bodies as they could see what was going on, but what about inside? How did their digestive and respiratory systems work? Everything had been altered, and they had no way to know how. Were they doing something wrong? The feelings of discomfort did not diminish. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a new day, she thought.




Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

(Sorry. Next chapters are in spanish, i had no time to translate them, but google translator works very good in order to understand it. Please, try it)

Al día siguiente, a Didi le despertó el malestar que se le había incrementado. Notaba como si le
doliera la tripa, con más mareos y nauseas. Le costó una barbaridad abrir los ojos, y ya mover
sus múltiples miembros y el peso de sus carnes fue toda una odisea, pero una vez arriba, pudo
aprovechar la inercia y pasar a ver a Peter. Durante el camino, comprobó como los pezones de
sus pechos gigantes seguían evolucionando de noche en noche. Si bien no llevaba la cuenta, si
que notaba como los penes que aun eran pequeños, habían crecido y otros empezaban a asomar
en forma de pequeños glandes creciendo en los alrededores. Había 6 o 7 penes ya erectos, y
ofreciendo a Didi sensaciones eróticas, pero intento hacer caso omiso. Al ser relativamente
pocos y de poco tamaño, podían pasar desapercibidos.
En cuanto llego a la habitación de Peter, se lo encontró todavía durmiendo peo doblemente
erecto. Su cuerpo, estaba rígido totalmente, y su brazo extra apoyado en su pecho izquierdo,
acariciando dormido el pezón.
“Madre mía, ni en sueño es capaz de controlarse” Pensó Didi... que se quedó un rato viéndolo
ahí dormido, acariciándose con su único brazo. Se preguntaba porque lo veía atractivo, hasta
apetecible.... Venga, Didi, sigue siendo Frank. Está bien hacerlo de vez en cuando, pero tampoco
puedo permitirme caer en la lujuria... si no pongo un poco de cordura en esta situación, ¿qué
será de nosotros?
Pero solo una mirada hacia abajo, y vio como en cuestión de segundos más y más penes de sus
pechos se ponían erectos... incluso sus dos falos principales... a lo que le siguió su clítoris,
levantando la cortina de carne de sus labios interiores de su gigantesca vagina...
“Oh, vamos. ahora? ¿Tiene que ser ahora...?” A Didi no le gustaba que su cuerpo tomara el
control de la situación, pero realmente lo que estaba sintiendo era superior a su voluntad.
Además, Peter seguro que no pondría objeción. A pesar de la sensación de malestar, tenía
realmente ganas de introducirse a Peter... y empezar a chuparse sus múltiples penes... así que
decidió acabar con esto pronto, y centrarse en los problemas reales...
Se acerco al borde de la cama, y se posiciono de forma que sus gigantescos pechos en su trasero
quedaran debajo de ella, sentándose encima y quedando su vagina perfectamente enfrentada
al borde de la cama. Sus seis piernas ahora no tenían que sujetar su gran cuerpo, y podían
manipular su gran y complejo cuerpo. Había cogido muchísima práctica, y era muy diestra
moviendo sus 6 grandes extremidades. Con sus dos piernas traseras, sujetaba sus dos pechos
traseros, acariciando sus pezones. Con las dos centrales, levantaba sus grandes pechos
delanteros, dejando libre su vagina, y dejando el bosque de penes a la altura de su cabeza, y al
alcance de sus 8 brazos en sus dos torsos gemelos. Estos empezaron a coger y masturbar penes
aleatoriamente, acercando de dos en dos algunos a su propia boca empezando a chuparlos
suavemente, como si de una rutina se tratara. Sus dos piernas delanteras, abrieron bien los
labios vaginales, y desplegaron la “cortina” de carne, estirándola y descapullando su clítoris
gigantesco, abriéndola después para dejar su vagina expuesta, que ya empezaba a estar muy
Entonces cogió el glande de Frank, y se lo fue acercando, arrastrándolo entero por la cama, hasta
tocar su carne. En ese momento Frank se despertó un poco sobresaltado
“He? Que.. que esta pasando...? Didi...? ¿Que haces...?” Pregunto Frank un poco

“Tú que crees...? ¿Quieres que pare acaso?” Contesto Didi medio en broma
“He... no... da igual... puedes usarme como quieras... ya lo sabes...” Dijo Frank complacido y
cerrando los ojos mientras su cuerpo era introducido en la cálida vagina de Didi. Frank todavía
se encontraba muy débil, con una incómoda sensación de vacío, pero como a Didi, el hecho de
poder tener sexo parecía que le hacía olvidar su malestar, era como tomarse un ibuprofeno de
acción rápida.
La cabeza de Didi apenas podía ver lo que estaba pasando más abajo, pero tampoco le hacía
falta. Sentía perfectamente todo. El glande de enorme de Frank forzando su carne mientras se
abría paso a través de su orificio vaginal, arrastrando los flujos, lubricándolo todo, y penetrando
dentro de Didi hasta el final.
Las sensaciones para ambos eran tan gloriosas como habían sido antes... Didi empezó a meter y
a sacar el cuerpo de Frank... masturbándolo y masturbándose, follando cada vez con mas
pasión... Frank noto el incremento de placer, y como se iba construyendo otro mega orgasmo...
En cuestión de un par de minutos, Frank logro finalmente correrse, expulsando una gran
cantidad de semen dentro de Didi. Ella lo noto perfectamente, y de nuevo, empezó a notar como
el interior de su vagina saboreaba el dulce néctar, tragándoselo todo. Las paredes de su vagina
apretaron el cuerpo de Frank, empezó a notar como de nuevo, algo parecido a un tentáculo
palpaba dentro de su vagina hasta encontrar la uretra del pene de Frank. Ella notaba como tenía
el control sobre el, pero de alguna forma se veía obligada a encontrarlo e introducirse dentro de
Frank. Por su parte, como ya lo había probado con anterioridad, y fue una experiencia bastante
placentera, sencillamente se dejo hacer sin mostrar ninguna objeción
El tentáculo de Didi se introdujo por completo, y Frank pudo también saborear como Didi
intercambiaba con él fluidos que lo fueron saciando poco a poco.
10 minutos después, Frank ya había bebido todo lo que el tentáculo de Didi podía ofrecer, y sus
sensaciones fueron muy placenteras...
Todavía dentro de ella, de forma que su cabeza apoyaba directamente en la base de su clítoris,
entre sus dos cortinas de carne, dijo:
“Didi... no se tu, pero... me siento muchísimo mejor. Mi... mi sensación de vacío se ha ido...me
siento... fantástico!”
Didi por su parte, seguía masturbando algunos penes que todavía tenía en sus pechos, pero era
plenamente consciente de las sensaciones más abajo.
“Yo... creo que cada vez que lo hacemos... ese... llamémoslo intercambio, nos hace bien... porque
la debilidad y los mareos han desaparecido... ¡siento fenomenal también!”
“entonces... crees que... esta es la nueva forma de alimentarme? Yo no puedo comer por mi
boca... lo he intentado, pero acabo rechazándolo... y cuando “bebo” de ti.. aguanto casi todo el
día perfectamente sin comer nada...” confeso Frank
“Si... y... yo.. con mi vagina, puedo saborear tu... semen... dios que asco... no sé como puedo decir
esto, pero es.. adictivo, es como si lo necesitara. Y como si el no tenerlo, me hiciera sufrir algún
tipo de carencia.” Contesto Didi

“Si... eso parece, estarás contento entonces, necesitaremos hacer esto prácticamente todos los
días...” Dijo Didi
“Vaya... menudo fastidio, ¿no?” Contesto Frank en tono de broma
De repente, oyeron un ruido, como un intento de forzar una puerta
“has oído eso??” Dijo Didi parando de masturbarse de repente.
“no... que has oído?”
“una puerta forzándose... tenemos que ver que ha pasado!” Dijo Didi visiblemente nerviosa.
Rápidamente, y con una vitalidad recuperada por completo, Didi se levanto, y comenzó a
caminar hacia la puerta en cuestión.
“Oye, te acuerdas que aun estoy aquí?” Dijo Frank, que todavía estaba dentro de Didi, y con el
movimiento, su otro pene colgaba de Didi, como si fuera su propio pene.
“Ha, si... tranquilo, creo que ahí estarás seguro, no?” Dijo Didi, mientras con una de sus 6 piernas
cogía el resto del cuerpo de Frank y lo sujetaba para que no rozara el suelo.
Didi se acercó en el primer piso a la puerta que había hecho el ruido, y se asomó a una ventana
que daba al patio. No vio nada raro, pero entonces oyó el mismo ruido justo al otro lado del
edificio, en la puerta que daba a la gasolinera.
Fue para allá a toda prisa, y con un bate en las manos de uno de sus torsos, se asomó por la
ventana, esta vez para descubrir una silueta andando por la sombra del patio.
Se movía de una forma muy característica, estaba a la sombra y casi no se veía bien, pero siguió
moviéndose, y salió de la sombra, solo para dejar a Didi alucinada
“Que pasa? Didi, cuéntame, no veo nada... hay alguien ahí?” Pregunto Frank con preocupación
“Si.... Hay alguien ahí, pero no lo veo bien... ¡espera! Si... ahora se le ve es ... ¿¿qué demonios es
eso??” Dijo Didi
“Que pasa?? ¡Cuéntame! ¿Es peligroso?” Pregunto Frank
“pues... no sabría decirte, parece que anda herido... pero ...es también un mutante como
“Como nosotros? ¿¿Han mutado como nosotros?? Son más de uno?”

“No... es... es solo uno, pero... es muy extraño... parece un.. tauro... ósea, es un torso horizontal,
tiene 6 piernas... y el torso vertical, no está delante, esta detrás... y tiene dos pechos
enormes...pero... no tiene cabeza! O si? Si tiene.. tiene dos cabezas! ¡Son dos seres! Pero.. que
extraño, cada cabeza crece de un cuello superlargo, como un tentáculo... que parece que nace
de entre las piernas traseras... pero entre las otras... parece que cuelgan... como no, más
pechos... que manía con los pechos, por dios...”
“me estas tomando el pelo, no?” Dijo Frank incrédulo
“No, de verdad... y parecen desorientadas, y puede que heridas...”

Las criaturas seguían deambulando por el patio del motel, y empezaron a gritar
“Hay alguien aquí...? necesito ayuda! ¿¿Hola??” Dijo la criatura
“Parece que necesitan ayuda” Dijo Didi en voz baja
“¿Entonces, es otro superviviente? ¿Crees que sean peligrosos?” Pregunto Frank
“Pues... no lo parece... están desnudos, salvo por las botas y zapatos que lleva puestos. Creo que
podríamos hablar con ella...”
“¿Estas segura? ¿No es peligrosa?”
“No lo parece, de verdad, tienen pinta de estar muy débiles, y necesitar ayuda... quizá tenga
noticias de lo que ha pasado, ¿no?”
“bueno... es tu decisión, yo no puedo ayudarte mucho”
“Ok, entonces, vamos a ver que intenciones tiene...” Dijo Didi, empezando a moverse. Estaba
tan nerviosa como emocionada... después de tantos días, podría ser un contacto con un
verdadero superviviente... quizá tenía noticias de lo que había pasado... Claro que también
podría ser alguien como el asaltante que le ataco apenas hace un par de días... En cualquier caso,
de camino al patio cogió un bate con los brazos de uno de sus torsos, y otro palo con una de sus
6 piernas.

En cuando Didi llego, todavía con Frank en su interior, al patio, vio que el extraño ser se había
desmayado. Estaba tumbado inconsciente en el suelo, donde pudieron los dos, Didi y sobre todo

Frank, observar como lo que les había mutado a ellos, había hecho lo propio con estas personas,
de una forma totalmente aleatoria y extraña.

Efectivamente era una especie de Humano tauro, pero invertido, seis piernas, y cinco pechos
entre ellas. De entre las piernas traseras, crecían una especie de cuellos, o tentáculos, donde
estaban las cabezas, idénticas, como si fueran gemelos. Los pechos eran enormes también, y
pesados. Estaba en bastante mal estado, con arañazos, suciedad, y signos de agotamiento y
hambre. Didi miro a Frank, y la mirada lo dijo todo. Decidieron que los socorrerían.
Didi uso dos de sus grandes piernas, y cogió al ser en volandas, apoyándoselo en sus propios
pechos. Una vez dentro de casa, lo dejo cuidadosamente en una cama, y empezó a limpiarlo.
Frank, ya fuera de Didi, estaba encima de la cama, ayudando a Didi con su único brazo. Era cada
vez más diestro con el, hasta el punto de parecer increíble que pudiera realizar ciertas tareas.
De hecho, se ayudaba a veces de alguno de sus glandes, con lo que se sentía cada vez más
autónomo. Era verdaderamente una bendición. Ojala me crezcan más.. pensó.
Le quitaron al ser todos los ropajes viejos y hechos polvo, hasta dejarlos desnudos del todo. Con
esponjas húmedas limpiaron la carne, comprobando el peso de los pechos, que parecían además
llenos de leche, pues a poco de oprimirlos, gotas de un líquido blanco rezumaban por los
Media hora después, una de las cabezas empezó a moverse, apretando fuerte los ojos, como
tratando de despertar de un día de resaca. En cuanto abrió los ojos, lo primero que vio fue el
pecho izquierdo de Didi, lleno de penes, justo encima de ella... La cabeza se asustó, pero la que

reacciono fue la otra, curiosamente, al lado de Peter, que abrió los ojos de repente, y al ver el
glande gigante de Peter también se asustó.
Ambas cabezas se elevaron y se pegaron a la pared, y todo el ser se trató de arrinconar en un
gesto instintivo de protección...
“que... que ha pasado... quienes sois?? ¿¿¿Que hago aquí???” Dijo la cabeza izquierda
visiblemente asustada
“Tranquila! no te preocupes. no vamos a hacerte daño.... De verdad... “ Dijo Frank
“Has caído inconsciente... te hemos traído aquí para curarte...” Dijo Didi
“Curarme? Inconsciente? Pero... pero quienes sois?? Y que sois?? Dios mio!! Sois.. ” Dijo la otra
“Si.. lo se, créeme que ni yo acabo de creérmelo...” Empezó diciendo Didi “Yo me llamo Didi, y
el es Frank. Nosotros... bueno, nos quedamos atrapados aquí en este motel, y.. algo sucedió,
una explosión, supongo que lo mismo que te ha afectado a ti, nos afecto a nosotros... aunque
por lo que veo de formas diferentes... Te vimos llegar muy agotada, y te desmayaste. Así que te
hemos traído aquí... No queremos ni hacerte daño ni problemas. Te advierto que puedo y se
defenderme, así que espero que no hagas nada extraño”
Dijo Didi, todavía recordando el ataque que acababan de sufrir.
“Yo... yo...” Empezó diciendo la cabeza derecha, para continuar con la izquierda “... Yo... me llamo
Rose... y... espera... ¿¿habéis estado aquí solos todo el tiempo??”
Didi y Frank, que todavía esperaban que la otra cabeza dijera su nombre, se quedaron un poco
desconcertados, pero era más interesante saber que demonios había pasado. Frank Dijo:
“Si... exacto. Los coches no funcionaban, y el pueblo mas cercano esta demasiado lejos para ir
andando, y nuestra condición no ayudó”
“Si... lo se, exactamente a 43km dirección noroeste. Vengo andando de allí... ¿Así que no sabéis
Didi estaba ya visiblemente nerviosa “No, por el amor de dios, ¿que demonios ha pasado??”
Las dos cabezas miraban a Didi y a Frank desconcertadas. Una de las mayores catástrofes de la
humanidad, y ellos dos no sabían nada. “Pues... “empezó diciendo la cabeza izquierda “supongo
que la explosión si la habéis notado... efectivamente hubo una explosión, casi como una bomba
atómica, todavía no se sabe con exactitud, pero a unos 120km de aquí. En el pueblo, donde yo
vivía, lo vivimos como si hubiera sido justo al lado. La explosión provocó un temblor de tierra, y
una fuerte onda expansiva que derrumbo la mayor parte de los edificios. Creo que murió más
de 3⁄4 partes de la población, al menos en el pueblo. El resto... bueno, despertamos del shock
todos con alguna mutación, más pequeña o grande, pero extrañas todas. El caos se adueñó de
todos. No funcionaba nada electrónico, ni radios, televisiones, ordenador, vehículos, nada que
fuera con la electricidad funcionaba. Los supervivientes de los equipos de emergencia
organizaron un refugio donde a todos los supervivientes se nos juntó. Todos habían mutado. La
organización funciono mas o menos bien. Conseguimos víveres y recursos, agua, medicinas,
había muchos heridos por los derrumbamientos.

Nadie sabía lo que había pasado, no funcionaban los medios de comunicación. Peor si hubo
gente que vino de otros pueblos cercanos y poblaciones, y todos habían sufrido mas o menos lo
mismo. Conforme pasaban los días, las mutaciones seguían evolucionando. Cada vez de forma
mas grotesca, y con un marcado carácter sexual, como veo que ya habréis comprobado. Los
expertos dijeron que la explosión debe de haber generado algún tipo de radiación que altera
nuestro ADN, y nos hace mutar de formas aleatorias. Aunque el carácter sexual parece ser el
común denominador de todo.”
Didi interrumpió “Entonces... quieres decir que todos han sufrido lo mismo?? ¿¿Estas diciendo
que esto es un apocalipsis?? ¿¿Que el mundo como lo conocemos ha sido destruido?? ¿¿¿¿Y
que nos vamos a quedar así????” Didi empezaba a hiperventilar. Demasiada información de
golpe. Tenía la esperanza de que cuando contactaran con el exterior, todo se solucionaría y
volverían a sus vidas, pero eso estaba muy lejos de ser verdad. Parecía que iban a tener que vivir
así el resto de sus vidas.
“Yo... siento ser portadora de tan malas noticias, pero si, todo se ha venido abajo.” Siguió la otra
cabeza “como decía, todo fue bien al principio. Los supervivientes nos organizamos, durante los
primeros días hubo cierta concordia, acopio de suministros, e incluso iniciativas de restaurar el
suministro de agua, y adecuar las casas que no hubieran sido dañadas para intentar
acomodarnos. Pero empezaron los problemas. La carestía de comida y de algunos bienes hizo
que algunos recurrieran a la violencia. Las fuerzas de orden, claramente mermadas, en número
y físicamente, nada podían hacer frente a las mutaciones mas favorecidas. Así que se empezaron
a crear grupos, y se empezaron a aislar para proteger sus propios recursos. Yo misma estaba en
uno alojado en un bajo de un centro comercial sin derruir, pero sufrimos un ataque. Varias
decenas de mutantes irrumpieron y empezaron a golpear a todos, matando incluso a algunos.
Yo pude escapar, pero recorriendo el resto de la ciudad buscando refugio vi que todos se habían
vuelto como locos, el pánico corría a sus anchas... el miedo y la desesperación hizo que nos
enfrentáramos todos contra todos. Así que trate de escapar de allí... y como conocía esta ruta,
y gracias a mi propia mutación, pude escapar de algunos que me iban persiguiendo... mi
intención era llegar a Tomersville, creo que está en esta dirección, pero unos 30 km más al
sur...tengo la esperanza de que allí, al ser una población más pequeña el caos no se haya
adueñado de la situación. Pero de camino me tope con vosotros...”
Didi y Frank escuchaban atónitos el relato de las dos cabezas... tratando de asimilar que el
mundo que conocían ya no existía... y que no solo eso, sino que tendrán que luchar por
sobrevivir. Y que sus cuerpos nunca volverán a ser como antes... demasiada información de
Durante un rato se quedaron en silencio, mirando al vacío, tratando de imaginar lo que habría
sido de sus propios familiares, sus padres, hermanos, amigos... su vida entera.
Rose era consciente del impacto de la información “Siento... ser portadora de tan malas noticias,
imagino que esperabais que todo hubiera sido diferente...”
Frank salió de su ensimismamiento “bueno... yo... tengo que... aceptarlo todavía.... Va a ser muy
duro... mis padres...”
“puede que aun estén vivos... “Dijo la cabeza más cercana a Frank, para continuar con la otra “...
ha habido bastantes supervivientes.”

Frank se la quedo mirando. “He.... tu eres Rose... pero... como te llamas tu?” Dijo dirigiéndose a
la otra cabeza”
“Yo...?” Dijo esa cabeza... “ya te lo he dicho... yo soy Rose” Dijo como no entendiendo la
“nono.. espera. no te digo a ti, si no a ti...” Dijo Frank señalando la cabeza en cuestión
“pero... te refieres a ... vale...” Entonces ambas cabezas dijeron al unísono “Yo soy ROSE” para a
continuación soltar una pequeña risa
Frank apenas podía dar crédito... “estáis diciendo que sois la misma persona??”
“Claro! ¿Que pensabas? ¿Que éramos dos hermanas o algo así? Soy solo Rose, pero.. si, tengo
dos cabezas... igual que tu tienes... bueno, dos.... ¿Gigantescos... pe... penes? ¿¿O ella tiene... seis
piernas... y... no se, mil penes también?? Pues yo tengo dos cabezas...”
“sí, bueno... pero... cabezas... eso ya es... demasiado” Dijo Didi, todavía no había asimilado las
terribles noticias, como para asimilar que una mutación pudiera incluir tener dos cabezas
“bueno... yo he visto mutaciones de todo tipo... aunque debo reconocer que no tan extremas
como la tuya” Dijo Rose dirigiéndose a Didi. “debe ser... abrumador, ¿no?”
“créeme, es mas que es Tampoco...” Dijo Didi con un poco de vergüenza. Se hecho un poco hacia
atrás, dejando que sus enormes pechos cayeran de encima de la cama, quedando los bosques
de penes fuera de la visión de Rose, de los cuales algunos seguían todavía erectos.
“bueno... “ dijo Rose mirando como se retiraban las masas de carne con curiosidad “...y como
habéis sobrevivido por aquí?”
Didi contesto contando todas sus peripecias, explicando los avances que habían hecho, el
proyecto de hacer funcionar uno de los vehículos... todo eso le animo mucho a Rose
“vaya, pues os habéis apañado muy bien, y habéis hecho bastantes progresos, este sitio, bueno,
tiene algunas carestías, cuando se os acaben las provisiones, empezareis a tener problemas...
Pero mientras tanto, es el mejor sitio donde podríais haber estado, por descontado...”
“Pero entonces... que opciones tenemos nosotros? ¿Que deberíamos hacer? ¿Quedarnos aquí?
¿Tratar de contactar con nuestras familias?” Pregunto Didi bastante indecisa
“Pues... yo en vuestro lugar, no intentaría caminar hasta el siguiente pueblo. Yo tengo una
mutación que me permite andar grandes distancias, y creo que ... bueno, en estas cosas puedo
almacenar mucho líquido, con lo que he podido estar casi 3 días sin beber nada de agua. Pero,
aun así, ya me visteis en qué estado acabe. Vosotros... yo no os recomendaría salir de aquí a no
ser que seáis capaces de reparar un vehículo. Y para ir a algún sitio, yo iría a Tomersville. Sigo
con la esperanza de que los supervivientes sean más civilizados.”
Didi y Frank tenían la sensación de que Rose conocía bien la situación actual y como tratarla,
además de que su mutación parecía si bien extraña y grotesca, mas beneficiosa que las suyas.
“Y que vas a hacer tu ahora?” Pregunto Frank

“pues... yo... la verdad es que os agradezco mucho que me hayáis ayudado. Y si no os importa,
os pediría si pudiera quedarme aquí un poco más, para recuperarme, y seguir mi camino. No
quiero causaros problemas, o importunaros, o gastar vuestros recursos...”
“No! No.. tranquila... no sería ningún problema. Quédate el tiempo que quieras. La verdad es
que nos vendría muy bien alguien... bueno, alguien nuevo por aquí. Aquí hay mucho trabajo, y
algo de ayuda nos vendría muy bien, y los recursos, nos podremos apañar, donde comen dos
comen tres, no?” Dijo Didi dejando sorprendido a Frank, aunque el pensaba realmente lo mismo
“yo.. he.. estáis seguros? Bueno... podría quedarme unos días y echaros una mano, pero cuando
vea el momento, deberé seguir mi camino. Acepto.” Dijo Rose con una gran sonrisa.
El resto del dia Didi y Frank enseñaron las instalaciones a Rose y como habían trabajado en
adecuarlas. El aerogenerador, las baterías, la bomba de agua, el motel, el taller, los avances en
el coche, hasta le asignaron una habitación bastante bien adecuada. Le contaron las rutinas que
tenían, en que estaban trabajando, y Rose se animó enseguida a ayudar a Frank en el taller,
donde Didi cada vez lo tenía mas complicado de maniobrar debido a su tamaño.
Rose intento no hacer mucha mención a lo obvio, pues ya le había pasado muchas veces, que la
gente se avergonzaba de sus propias mutaciones. Y más si eran tan extremas. Pero ellos parecía
no avergonzarse en extremo, si bien porque era bastante ridículo tratar de taparse. Didi solo
llevaba una especie de falda por encima de la cintura tapando su enorme vagina, y Frank iba
completamente desnudo, pues iba encima de Didi.
Ya en la cena, se pasaron un buen rato preguntando a Rose detalles sobre lo que había pasado
y cuales podrían haber sido las causas... “Se rumoreaba que había una base secreta al norte de
la provincia, en la que podrían haber estado realizando experimentos extraños. Pues la
explosión, y el hongo vino precisamente de esa dirección, pero nadie puede confirmar nada. No
hay nadie que sepa exactamente lo que ha pasado y porque, solo las consecuencias, y es que
por ahora, la civilización como la conocíamos ha desaparecido.”
Rose fue contando como fue su día a día desde la explosión, como su cuerpo fue mutando, como
fue la relación con la gente, y como poco a poco la situación se deterioró. La conversación cada
vez se movía mas hacia los detalles de los cuerpos... Rose no escatimaba detalles cuando Didi y
Frank preguntaban sobre una u otra mutación, parecían incluso interesados....
Rose comento que las relaciones sexuales también empezaron a ser cada vez más frecuentes.
La libido estaba desatada y había actos sexuales casi a diario, dependiendo de cada mutación.
El instinto sexual estaba desmedido, y se veía como mas una necesidad fisiológica que como un
acto de amor. No obstante, esto fue precisamente una de las razones por las que todo empezó
a deteriorarse. Muchos, por pura necesidad, acababan violando a otras personas solo para
apaciguar sus instintos sexuales.
Pero Rose, al comprobar el interés, también pregunto para saciar su propia curiosidad
“Y vosotros... como os habéis apañado con...bueno, vuestra libido... Porque seréis compatibles,
imagino, no?”
“Pues...” Dijo Didi bastante avergonzada “Si.. podría decirse que somos más que compatibles,
Frank acabo la frase “somos simbióticos... nos necesitamos el uno al otro”

“Frank!” Protesto Didi “Bueno, si, es algo así... no se explicarlo bien, pero cuando lo hacemos, es
como si nos saciáramos, y si no lo hacemos... nos sentimos muy enfermos...”
Se notaba que Didi estaba incomoda con la conversación, así que Rose no quiso insistir mucho
en ello “ya, entiendo... bueno, estoy realmente cansada. ¿Os parece si me retiro a dormir?
Mañana os ayudare con todo lo que me habéis dicho. Buenas noches.”
Didi y Frank también se fueron a acostar, con una sensación de desamparo muy grande. Todo
se había ido a la mierda, realmente... esa noche apenas pegaron ojo pensando en las




Re: Didi and Frank - modulokss

A la mañana siguiente, la primera en levantarse fue precisamente Rose. Ya que al despertar tuvo
la familiar sensación de que había algo nuevo en su cuerpo. Ya acostumbrada a nuevas
sensaciones, solo rezo para que no fuera una mutación desventajosa... y al abrir los cuatro ojos,
y mirarse a su propio torso desde cierta distancia, comprobó que efectivamente, había cambios.
Sus brazos, se habían desdoblado, ¡ahora tenia cuatro! Esto sí que era una ventaja, pensó Rose,
pero el que sus pechos hubieran aumentado de tamaño tanto, no lo era tanto...
¡Pero 4 brazos! Tenia ya seis piernas, ahora dos miembros mas... ¿seria capaz de usarlos con
tanta destreza como los originales? Ahora mismo realmente apenas podían copiar burdamente
los movimientos de los originales, pero al igual que le paso con las piernas conforme le fueron
creciendo mas, con el tiempo ganaría habilidad. Estaba emocionada... así que se levanto y fue a
ver a Peter.. Sentía que el, al contrario que Didi, si que entendería la ventaja de tener dos brazos
extra. La sensación que tuvo al conocerlos, fue que el podría ser más afín que Didi, ya que le
parecía mas desanimada, o pesimista frente a la situación. En cambio, Peter se fijo en que no le
quitaba ojo de sus múltiples pechos... ¿Estaría interesado en ella? No... no es momento de
pensar en eso...
En cuanto entro en el cuarto sin avisar, vio a Peter ya despierto, pero en una forma que no había
visto todavía. Con su pene trasero totalmente erecto. Peter se percató de la invasión de Rose, y
rápidamente como pudo tiro una manta por encima de su gigantesco pene, y movió su pene
frontal de forma que el glande, que ya estaba descapullado, se ocultara debajo de uno de sus

“ho... hola... no, no pretendía molestar.. lo siento...” Dijo Rose avergonzada, usando sus dos
manos diestras para tapar los ojos de sus dos cabezas.
“Oh.. no, no, por favor, no te oí entrar... yo.. no es lo que parece... yo...” Peter movió mejor la
sabana para tapar toda la longitud de su pene con su único brazo, lo que le costo bastante.

“Ya... me imagino lo que... bueno, lo que estarías haciendo, y no te preocupes. De donde vengo
es lo más normal del mundo. No tienes que avergonzarte, y menos con... semejante tamaño...”
Dijo Rose todavía con los ojos tapados
“Ya, me imagino que si no he sido el único en mutar, habrá más con cosas como estas, no? Pero
no estaba... ya sabes... es solo que por las mañanas me despierto directamente asi... ya sabes, el
clásico “morning wood”, no iba a ... ya sabes...” Dijo Peter concentrándose en bajar la erección
“Por cierto... has mutado! Tienes 4 brazos ahora!”
“si!! Has visto? Estoy emocionada, esto me da muchas ventajas, desde luego” Dijo Rose
destapándose los ojos y moviendo los brazos en cruz para verlos mucho mejor, incluso dando
una vuelta por la habitación. “aunque en contraprestación me han crecido mas los pechos...
justo lo que me faltaba, la verdad es que estoy un poco harta de tener tantas cosas colgando,
“Me lo puedo imaginar, aunque no son tan grandes, me refiero a tus pechos originales, claro...”
Dijo Peter “a mi me parece que están muy bien... y también te ha cambiado... ahí detrás, no?”
“ahí detrás? Como??” Dijo Rose extrañada sin saber bien a que se refería
“Pues... en tu trasero... creo que eso no lo tenías antes, no?”

Rose movió sus cabezas hacia su trasero, y allí mismo comprobó que entre los cachetes de su
trasero, había algo que efectivamente no estaba ahí. En cuanto los separo, las sensaciones que
tuvo le hicieron comprender de golpe
“¡Mi vagina! ¡Ahora esta aquí detrás! Y es... dios mío.. es enorme.. y carnosa.. y...” Rose acerco
sus brazos originales, pero los extra se pusieron por en medio dificultándole la exploración. Aun
así pudo llegar y comprobar que era plenamente funcional, ¡y muy sensible! El clítoris estaba
siempre al aire, era tan grande que sobresalía de entre los labios exteriores.. era muy grande!
Pero entonces se percató de que Frank estaba observando con detalle lo que acababa de
descubrir, y se movió para taparse como pudo
“Oh... yo.. perdona, jeje...” Dijo Rose roja de vergüenza
“Bueno... no sé, enhorabuena, no? Parece que tus cambios no han estado tan mal después de
“Ya... yo.. estoy aun desconcertada con tantas novedades... creo que... creo que me iré a... “
Casi se le escapa que hacia un rato que notaba sus pechos colgantes llenos y doloridos, aun le
daba vergüenza reconocer que necesitaba ordeñarse casi cada dos días...
“.... A asearme un poco”
“Si, tranquila, yo en cuanto se me baje... bueno, eso... también iré a desayunar. Te espero abajo

Cuando Peter llego al comedor del motel, allí ya estaba Didi, tomándose un café... La escena, a
pesar de que Frank ya estaba bastante acostumbrado a ver a Didi, le seguía impresionando. Didi
estaba literalmente sentada sobre sus pechos traseros, usándolos a modo de cojines. Lo que
Frank pensó es que no solo el se levantaba por las mañanas con alguno de sus dos penes
erectos... Se ve que a Didi también le pasaba, y mas teniendo número tan grande de penes. Su
expresión era casi de resignación frente a cierta “rutina”. Todos los penes de su pecho izquierdo
estaban erectos, no como los de su pecho derecho, que reposaban todos flácidos y colgando. Su
torso izquierdo daba buena cuenta de ellos, masturbándolos a cuatro manos. Dos de sus piernas
izquierdas sujetaban el pecho en alto, para dejar el torso en una posición cómoda.
Pero parecía que esa no era la acción principal de Didi. Debía ser algo automatizado, ya que ella
estaba centrada en su taza de café, sujeta por dos de sus brazos del torso derecho, mientras las
otras dos ordeñaban uno de sus grandes pechos de dicho torso. La mano restante apartaba el
pene que crecia donde debería haber estado su cuello, para que no se metiera por en medio.
“Buenos días... Veo que al final si que produces leche, no...?” Dijo Frank disfrutando de la escena
“Hola, buenos días... si... era lógico, no? La verdad es que es bastante dulce. Al principio me daba
reparo, pero en cuanto la probé, vi que no estaba tan mal. Total, al final me la tengo que sacar,
o acaba doliéndome.” Dijo Didi con total naturalidad, mientras su cara hacia pequeñas muecas
de placer cuando uno de sus penes eyaculaba. “Bueno... y que tal Rose? ¿Se ha levantado ya?”
“Oh, si, ha venido a verme, estaba bastante emocionada, le han crecido dos brazos extra, le han
crecido los pechos... y su vagina, ahora es mas grande...” Dijo Peter también impresionado

“Ya veo...” Dijo Didi con cierta expresión de indiferencia
“Que te parece? A mi me da la impresión de que encajaría muy bien aquí, Creo que puede
ayudarnos mucho... No solo por su físico, si no por su conocimiento de la situación ahí afuera. Al
final va a resultar que somos hasta afortunados de habernos quedado aquí atrapados”
“Si... tienes razón, siempre y cuando sea cierto lo que dice...” Dijo Didi pensativa “A ver, yo la
creo, solo hay que mirarnos, desde luego es la explicación más plausible, lamentablemente, de
todas formas, yo seguiría siendo cauta, no está de más vigilarla por lo que pudiera pasar.”
“Bueno... yo creo que es de fiar, de todas formas, puede que tengas razón... Pero veras como te
equivocas.” Dijo Frank
Mas penes eyaculaban mientras Didi bebía café, y en cuanto se lo acabo, se recostó un poco
mas sobre sus pechos traseros, y sus dos piernas delanteras retiraron la falda que le cubría por
debajo de la cintura, mostrando su gigantesca y monstruosa vagina. Después desplego sus labios
internos y los estiro sacando el clítoris de su escondite, que en cuestión de segundos se puso
erecto. Frank, seguía sin acostumbrarse a semejante vista... se quedo allí parado...

“bueno, que...? ¿Te vas a quedar ahí? ¿No tienes hambre?” Didi sabía que ya tocaba, incluso ella
notaba que necesitaba la “medicina” de Frank, por lo que Frank también estaría hambriento”
Pocos segundos tardo Frank en conseguir que su pene frontal, que Didi congio con sus piernas
centrales, para poco a poco írselo introduciendo en su colosal vagina. Mientras, su torso
izquierdo seguía a lo suyo como si tuviera vida propia. Didi había conseguido independizar los
movimientos y realizar multitareas de una forma muy eficiente.

Mientras tanto, Rose estaba en el baño, cerca de la bañera. Acostumbraba a ordeñarse una vez
cada dos días, pero esta vez había esperado demasiado, estaban pesados, y doloridos. Así que
cuando empezó a ordeñarse sintió un profundo alivio. Sus brazos extra ayudaban a presionar la
masa de carne, mientras los originales pellizcaban el gran pezón de cada pecho. Sus cabezas
vigilaban la operación desde cualquier ángulo, pero noto que sus pechos originales, ahora tres
veces mas grandes que antes, eran un problema. Apenas alcanzaba a llegar a su pecho frontal..
“Mierda, ahora necesitare ayuda...” Dijo dejándolo para después, mientras seguía ordeñando
los otros cuatro pechos. Litros y litros de leche chorreaban dentro de la bañera. Nunca la había
probado, beberse el liquido que producía su propio cuerpo le parecía algo grotesco y
desagradable. Pero muchas veces se preguntaba si a alguien le aprovecharía semejante líquido,
mas sabiendo que era capaz de producir del orden de 10 a 20 litros cada sesión.
En cuanto termino, lo limpio todo y se secó bien, vistiéndose de alguna manera con la ropa que
encontró en su habitación. En cuanto entro en el comedor, se quedó boquiabierta al ver la
Peter entrando y saliendo de la colosal vagina de Didi, siendo usado como un consolador por la
propia Didi, mientras su torso izquierdo seguía masturbando penes, y los de su pecho derecho
empezaban a ponerse erectos. Didi se percató de la irrupción, y quizá en otra ocasión se habría
avergonzado, o se habría sentido profundamente incomoda ante la situación, pero su mente
había cambiado, y la necesidad de la medicina de Frank la desinhibía totalmente.
“Buenos días Rose... ¿que tal has dormido? ¿Has descansado bien?” Dijo Didi disminuyendo el
ritmo de las penetraciones. Frank también giro la cabeza y miro a Rose, un poco avergonzado
de la propia situación
“ho... hola...” Dijo Rose, sin poder apenas articular palabra.
“No te preocupes, esto es normal... como te dijo Frank, somos simbióticos, y esta es la forma en
que, bueno, intercambiamos proteínas y alimento. Se que debe sonar asqueroso, pero créeme,
no hacerlo es muchísimo peor.” Dijo Didi
“Así que.. es.. claro... yo... no había visto tu gran.. tu.. dios mío... estoy francamente
impresionada, he visto mutantes de todos los tipos, pero nunca nadie como tu.. ni de lejos!”
Dijo Rose visiblemente impresionada “Y... perdona que te pregunte, pero... claro, estáis... estáis
follando, no? ¿Es así como intercambiáis...fluidos?”
“Bueno, para que yo pueda darle a Didi su medicina, tengo que eyacular... asi que...”Dijo Frank
haciendo el gesto de levantar los hombros, solo que fueron sus pechos los que se movieron.
“Entonces... estáis... obligados a tener sexo.. cada cuánto? Debe ser impresionante el placer,
no?” Dijo Rose con cada vez mas interés

Didi volvió a iniciar el movimiento de Frank, pero con cierta lentitud mientras hablaba “si.. cada
uno o dos días, mas o menos. Con eso podemos pasar. Y si.. es... bueno, brutal... el tamaño de
mi vagina hace que el placer sea proporcional. Aunque tu ya lo comprobaras, ya me ha dicho
Frank que la tuya también ha cambiado, no?”
“he... si...” dijo Rose algo avergonzada y molesta por la indiscreción de Frank “Si, supongo que
lo.. comprobare. Pero... tu torso... ¿es necesario lo que hace?”
“Te refieres a este?” Dijo Didi, al tiempo que su torso izquierdo soltaba los penes de dos de sus
brazos para auto señalarse. “Pues.. realmente si...para conseguir un buen orgasmo necesito
incrementar mi libido todo lo que pueda... eso favorece el intercambio de líquidos. Cuanto mas
grande es el orgasmo, parece que mas alimento transfiero a Frank.” Didi parecía que disfrutaba
con todas las explicaciones que estaba dando, ya que Rose estaba tan receptiva e impresionada,
que le daba la sensación de ser importante frente a una persona nueva, y eso la hacia sentir
bien. O al menos orgullosa del monstruo en el que se había convertido.
“Entonces, cuantos mas orgasmos tengas a la vez, ¿mas comida para Frank?” Pregunto Rose
“Si, y mas placer para mi, claro.” Dijo Didi, al tiempo que su torso izquierdo volvió a su faena
“Pero claro, a pesar de todos mis miembros, nunca podría dar abasto con todos mis penes...”
Rose abrió bien los ojos... y se fue acercando poco a poco “Quieres... que te eche una mano...?”
Dijo de forma tímida y casi sin voz.
Didi se extraño al principio, deteniendo a Frank en su movimiento, pero su libido la tenia ya
totalmente desinhibida, y la búsqueda de mas placer obvio el hecho de que la iba a masturbar
una persona relativamente desconocida. “Bien... claro.. porque no?” Entonces sus dos piernas
centrales maniobraron para coger el pecho derecho, que tenía ya mas de la mitad de penes
erectos, incluyendo el gran pene central que un dia fue su propio pezón, y lo movió orientándolo
hacia ella. “Ven, acércate, te lo sujetare. ¿Asi está bien?”

Rose se acerco y se fijo por primera vez en detalle en la cantidad ingente de penes y en que no
había dos iguales. Todos eran diferentes, tamaño, forma, longitud, espesor, incluso los había
deformes, alguno se bifurcaba en dos, o estaban unidos. “Guau...” Alcanzo a decir. “Es
impresionante... y estos?” Dijo cogiendo el pene doble y mostrándoselo a Didi”
“Oh, si. Frank y yo lo llamamos el 11...” Dijo Didi
Rose intento concentrarse para usar sus brazos extra, pero apenas repetían el movimiento de
sus brazos originales, así que los uso para forzarlos a coger un pene con cada mano extra,
aferrándolos, y con sus brazos originales cogiendo dos penes mas. Y asi empezó a masturbarlos.
Sus dos cabezas flotaban por alrededor de la escena, teniendo una visión espacial ideal.
Didi sintió por primera vez que otras manos que no eran las suyas aferraban cuatro de sus penes,
y la sensación fue nueva y placentera para ella. Y mas cuando empezó a masturbarlos. “mm...
oye, lo haces muy bien...” Dijo
“bueno, sinceramente, no es la primera vez que lo hago, aunque si es mi primera vez con cuatro
brazos, una vez, estuve con un vecino que todo el inferior de su cuerpo eran penes, incluso sus
piernas que se convirtieron en penes también grandes. Estuvimos casi toda la noche y apenas
conseguí que...” Dijo Rose, hasta que Didi la corto.
“Mmmm eso esta muy bien, pero tienes dos cabezas, con sus bocas, no? ¿Te tengo que hacer
un esquema...?” Los ojos de Didi ya estaban cerrados de placer, ya que su torso izquierdo no
paraba de eyacular penes, y Frank cada vez entraba y salía con mas violencia. Rose capto la
indirecta, y mientras sus cuatro brazos masturbaban cuatro penes, sus dos bocas se pusieron a
chupar otros dos. Seis penes en total eran masturbados por Rose, mientras el torso derecho de
Didi empezó a masturbar los penes-cuellos de sus dos torsos, llevándolos hasta su propia boca
para chuparlos con lujuria.
Apenas 3 minutos después, Rose comprobó la fuerza de la eyaculación de uno de los penes de
Didi, que se la oyó gemir al otro lado del cuerpo enorme. Las Piernas que sujetaban el gran pecho
lo apretaban y lo movían, presas del placer, lo que dificultaba a Rose hacer su trabajo. Ella misma
estaba cada vez mas cachonda, y quería tener todos esos penes a su alcance...
“Didi!.. deja el pecho apoyado aquí, sino no voy a poder...” Dijo Rose señalando su propio lomo.
Así lo hizo y descanso el pecho, el cual comprobó Rose que efectivamente pesaba mas de lo que
había supuesto, pero aun así podía hacerse cargo. Ahora tenia todos los penes a su alcance
incluso chocando contra su propio pecho. Sus cabezas podían seguir llegando a todos los penes,
y ahora si que sintió que tenia la situación controlada. Pene a pene empezaron a eyacular, y asi
fue durante casi 10 minutos, en los que Didi y Frank siguieron a lo suyo.
De forma casi inevitable tuvo que probar el líquido que brotaba de cada pene, para comprobar
para su asombro, que no era semen... ¡era leche! Pero una leche densa, muy dulce, y viscosa,
tenia la textura del semen, pero el sabor de la leche condensada... Le gusto, y aprovecho para
que cada pene que estuviera a punto de eyacular colocar su cabeza para beber y relamer todo
lo que saldría de el. ¿Seria el pecho el almacén de semejante néctar?
Cada vez los movimientos eran mas violentos, y parecía que no se iba a acabar nunca, mas aun
cuando vio que uno de los primeros penes en eyacular, volvía a estar otra vez erecto y listo para
otra descarga... dios mio, pensó, si todo el pecho esta lleno de esta leche, ¡esto puede no acabar

Pero finalmente llego el clímax, cuando Didi apretó fuerte sus piernas, todo su cuerpo se tenso
y Frank a la vez, eyaculo dentro de Didi, y Didi sintió uno de los mayores orgasmos hasta la fecha.
Casi 3 minutos de orgasmo, por cierto. Rose estaba alucinada de la capacidad sexual de Didi y
Frank, y de como se complementaban. Durante esos 3 minutos, Didi y Frank estaban casi en
trance, disfrutando de un placer que ella solo podía imaginar. Finalmente, volvieron en si, con
la voz entrecortada y la respiración violenta... como si hubieran corrido un maratón.
“Uf... Rose... lo has... hecho muy... muy bien....” Dijo Didi visiblemente agotada.
“Guau.. chicos, sois impresionantes...Me alegro de haber ayudado...” Dijo Rose visiblemente
“Por cierto, en el momento que necesites... bueno, autosatisfacción, solo dimelo, te lo has
ganado” Dijo Didi guiñándole un ojo. “ te dejo elegir el que mas te guste”
A Rose se le ilumino la cara “Guau... es.. bueno, muchas gracias, lo tendre en cuenta... mas tarde
sin duda te aviso”
“Si, ahora estoy... un poco agotada...” Didi y Frank se quedaron asi durante un rato mas, ya uqe
había empezado el intercambio de fluidos, una sensación placentera, pero diferente de un
Rose los dejo tranquilos para que hiciera su intercambio en paz, y se fue a limpiarse un poco, y
arreglarse, para dar una vuelta por el terreno del motel. Realmente la habían puesto muy
cachonda, pero no era el momento. Además, el ofrecimiento de Didi la tranquilizaba, por lo
menos sabia que iba a tener desahogo a su libido, ya que había conocido a gente que a pesar de
sus necesidades fisiológicas, se negaban a intercambiar sexo, aun lo veían como un acto de amor
entre solo dos personas, pero eso ya había pasado a otro plano, puramente físico. No obstante,
se alegraba de que Didi se mostrara tan abierta desde el principio. De todas formas, seguía
viendo a Frank como también alguien a tener en cuenta, pero sus penes eran muy grandes para
ella. Era una lástima... No obstante, recordó que su vagina había aumentado... ¿podría...? No...
olvídalo, pensó. Tengo todos los penes que quiera en Didi...
Al rato se dio cuenta cuales eran los pensamientos que abordaban su mente ahora... cuales eran
sus preocupaciones... habían cambiado tanto las cosas...
El resto del día Frank y Didi siguieron haciendo sus rutinas, Frank centrado en el taller y Didi
haciendo el trabajo de campo, cuidar del huerto, acondicionar el lugar, etc... Rose ayudo a Didi
y a Frank al menos aprendiendo como habían montado las cosas.
“... y así es como lleno el deposito de agua, como ves, gracias a la bomba me ahorro un buen
paseo hasta el pozo todos los días” Dijo Didi
“Si, la verdad es que es una gran idea lo del generador. Pero el depósito que usáis es pequeño,
así tenéis que encender la bomba muy a menudo. Si usarais un depósito mas grande seria mas
eficiente, no?” Dijo Rose
“Si, claro, ya lo pensé, ¿pero que usar como deposito?”
“has visto los bidones de aceite vacíos que hay a la entrada? Si los forras de plástico, podrías
tener unos 100 litros acumulados, podrías tener agua por 3 o 4 días, incluyendo una ducha de
agua potable...”

“oye, eso es una gran idea” Dijo Didi, muy satisfecha. “por cierto, aparte de los zapatos y la
camiseta, no quieres llevar nada mas de ropa?”
“No.. lo que encontré en mi cuarto la verdad es que no me sirve. No me hace mucha ilusión ir
con todo esto colgando, pero no creo que haya ninguna prenda que pueda ponerme, ¿sabes?”
Contesto Rose con resignación.
“Bueno, las ropas que llevo yo, a ver si crees que las encontré en un armario. Me las hice yo, Si
quieres puedo hacerte algo.. para sujetar toda esa carne, te parece?”
“Eso seria genial! Supongo que te imaginas lo molesto que es tener todo esto rebotando entre
todas mis piernas. Una buena sujeción me vendría genial”
“No hay problema, cuenta con ello. Tenemos bastante material para coser.”
“Muchas gracias, sois muy amables conmigo, os estoy muy agradecida. A ti y a Frank, Claro...”
Rose se puso un poco dubitativa al hablar de Frank. “He... por cierto, ¿que relación hay entre...
Frank y tu? Aparte de la simbiosis, claro”
“oh... bueno, solo somos primos. Aunque como has dicho, ahora estamos mas unidos que antes,
por una razón puramente biológica.”
“Así que primos? Vaya, bueno, no pienses mal, solo lo pregunto por curiosidad...no quiero
meterme donde no me llaman y eso...”
Didi se quedo un poco desconcertada ante la pregunta “Oh.. eso.. no.. ósea... no pasa nada. Es..
es Frank.. es mi primo, y siempre ha sido un incordio. Aunque bueno, desde la explosión nuestra
relación ha cambiado... ahora somos como... ¿como diría? Como si fuéramos hermanos.”
“Oh, vaya, yo.. no me malinterpretes... no es que quiera.. ya sabes, tirarle los tejos ni nada de
eso, es solo que no quería meterme en medio de... ya sabes, una relación especial... ya sabes lo
que dicen, dos son compañía, tres multitud...”
“Tranquila... Frank y yo no somos pareja, no hay ningún tipo de tensión respecto a eso.” Dijo
Didi con cierta tensión por lo intima que se estaba poniendo la conversación.
Rose realmente se sentía atraída por el físico de Frank. No sabía porque, ya que era básicamente
dos penes con una cabeza, pero por algún motivo le gustaba. Y Didi, bueno, si que era cierto que
su sentimiento hacia Frank era mas maternal que otra cosa. Y el sexo... se había convertido en
una necesidad, eso no influía en desarrollar sentimientos mas o menos románticos. De todas
formas sentía que hablar de esto tan pronto con Rose era algo precipitado.
Rose dejo a Didi seguir haciendo su trabajo y fue a ver si podía echarle una mano a Frank.
Estuvieron el resto de la tarde trabajando, hasta que se hizo la hora de cenar.
“Bueno, como ves todavía queda mucho que hacer, ¿te parece que nos vayamos a cenar?
Aunque yo no voy a comer nada seguro que tu estarás hambrienta, no?” Dijo Frank
“Oh, si, puedes jurarlo. ¿Y no se te hace extraño no necesitar comer o beber mas?” Dijo Rose
“Pues... casi no lo hecho en falta, la verdad, si que añoro el sabor de algunas cosas, pero en
realidad estoy saciado, hasta que empiezo a tener “hambre” me siento genial”

“Ya veo...” Dijo Rose saliendo del taller, y parando para esperar a Frank que llegara reptando con
sus penes prensiles. “Y haces tu solo el recorrido hasta el motel? ¿Atravesando la gravilla y todo
así? ¿No te haces daño?”
“Bueno, no es muy cómodo, pero me acostumbro, al fin y al cabo, no puedo depender de Didi
para absolutamente todo. Me gusta poder valerme por mi mismo en todo lo que pueda.” Dijo
“Ya veo, pero este viaje te voy a llevar yo” Dijo Rose palmeando su lomo. “Venga, sube”
Frank la miro con curiosidad, y negándose primero con la cabeza, al final acepto. Se acerco a
Rose y empezó a levantar su pene frontal para pasarlo por encima del lomo de Rose. Ella lo
ayudo cogiéndolo con sus cuatro brazos (cada vez mas diestros). Una vez su cabeza estuvo
apoyada en la parte superior del lomo de Rose, replegó sus penes para que los glandes quedaran
también apoyados. Sus dos pechos, colgaban a ambos lados. Parecía un poco inestable, pero
Rose lo sujetaba con sus brazos. Sus dos cabezas se pusieron entonces a ambos lados de Frank
a la altura de su cabeza, y comenzó a caminar.

“Debe haber sido traumática tu mutación, no? Perder miembros debe ser horrible” Dijo Rose

“Pues.. fue duro, la verdad. Yo antes era capitán del equipo de futbol, y tenia un físico envidiable,
la verdad. Verme reducido a algo sin brazos ni piernas... te lo podrás imaginar. Aunque si te soy
sincero, ahora esa sensación ha desaparecido, de alguna manera, me siento bien con mi cuerpo.
Y cuando me creció el brazo, albergue incluso ciertas esperanzas.”
Cuando llegaron al comedor, Didi ya tenia la cena preparada. Así que dieron buena cuenta de
ella. Se pasaron el resto de la velada comentando como eran sus vidas antes de la explosión... a
que se dedicaban... Rose, por su parte, conto que ella era una estudiante de ingeniería, en su
tercer año. Estaba de vacaciones en su pueblo, y la explosión la sorprendió de noche,
durmiendo. Sus padres precisamente habían salido esa noche, y no los volvió a encontrar, de
forma que se vio sola y medio mutada, con dos piernas extra creciendo de su propio vientre.
Pero se quiso centrar en como era su vida antes de la explosión. Curiosamente ella estudiaba en
la universidad donde Didi quería entrar, asi que se pasaron bastante rato hablando sobre eso.
Fue como un oasis en mitad del desierto, rememorar como eran las cosas antes de que todo
Poco a poco, Didi empezó a ver a Rose de otra forma. Los recelos que tenía al principio
empezaban a cambiar, al ver que efectivamente era una chica de fiar. Aunque no tenía claro que
es lo que sentía hacia Frank. Pero se le notaba cierta atracción, siempre intentaba estar cerca
de el. Pero... eso no tiene nada de malo, no? No.. trato de no pensar en eso. Hablando de Frank...
Se había quedado dormido, con su cabeza apoyada en su pecho derecho.
“Bueno, creo que es hora de que nos vayamos a dormir, ¿no?” Dijo Didi, levantándose y
cargando con Frank a cuestas.
“Si... la verdad es que ha sido un dia intenso. Buenas noches!”
Didi llevo a Frank a su propia habitación, y se acostó dejándolo dormir en su regazo. No quería
despertarlo. El también debería estar muy cansado. Total, ¿donde va a dormir mejor que encima

Después de desnudarse, Didi tampoco tardo mucho en dormirse, al fin y al cabo, su propio
cuerpo era tan mullido en tantos sitios, que estaba cómoda en multitud de posturas. Y con Frank
encima, estaba hasta calentita.
Rose por su parte, ya en la cama, empezó a pensar en Frank. Se imaginaba su gran pene rígido,
intentando entrar en su vagina... su vagina... Aún no había tenido la excusa para explorarse bien.
Así que aprovechando la nocturnidad y la intimidad, se arrodillo en la cama, medio sentada
sobre sus propias ubres, y dirigió sus dos cabezas a su trasero. Ahora la podía ver con detalle. Lo
malo era que para poder tocarla con sus manos tenia que girarlas hacia su espalda, en una
posición no muy cómoda. Como pudo con sus brazos inferiores cogió los dos cachetes del trasero
y los abrió, separando los labios externos y mostrando su vagina... era realmente grande. No
tanto como la de Didi, pero para el espacio que tenía ella, era enorme. Su clítoris, ahora parecía
un pene pequeño. No pudo aguantarse mucho, y con su cabeza derecha se acerco para pegarle
un lametón. Un escalofrío recorrió todo su cuerpo como una descarga de electricidad...
“Dios mío... ha sido brutal!” Dijo para si misma. Sus brazos originales intentaron llegar para
acariciarlo, pero llegaba con mucha dificultad. De hecho apenas podía llegar a su propio orificio
principal... Se conformo entonces con excitar el clítoris con sus manos, masturbándolo como si
fuera un pene. Su boca llegaba perfectamente, así que la uso con habilidad, tal y como ella sabia
que había que hacerlo, mientras su otra cabeza controlaba toda la situación. Poco a poco fue
creciendo la excitación hasta que finalmente tuvo un gran orgasmo clitoriano... sin lugar a dudas
el mayor que había tenido nunca. Didi tenia razón sobre la proporcionalidad del placer con el
tamaño del órgano. “si yo lo siento así.. como lo debe sentir Didi!!”
Se quedo tan satisfecha que acabo acostada con sus dos cabezas ocupadas en un largo beso
consigo misma, algo que no tardo mucho en probar en cuanto le creció su segunda cabeza. Le
encantaba hacerlo...

De esta forma, finalmente quedo profundamente dormida.