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Getting a Head in Life
by Cyudani

It all started as another unremarkable day at the office.

You looked away from the monitor of your computer and up toward the white ceiling tiles above; even counting the tiny dents on the ceiling had lost its appeal after your first week at work. You had to admit to yourself that your job was simply... Boring. If you had to be honest with yourself, you weren’t surprised that things turned out that way. You spent much of your time at work crunching statistics, updating spreadsheets, and attending office meetings with coworkers you couldn't see yourself mingling with after the day was done.

You slowly spun around in the seat of your chair as you wondered what to do next. For example, the spreadsheet that was displayed on your desktop needed to be updated; but you always did that. You considered surfing the internet as well, but you weren’t entirely sure that you wanted to risk your job going on the sites you regularly visited at home.

…Well, there was some dryness in your throat as well. Maybe it was time to stop by the water cooler and get something to drink?

As you pulled yourself out of your seat and began to head out of your cubicle, you felt something brush underneath your leather shoes. Unsure of what you stepped on, you looked down and saw that your foot stepped on a long path of pinkish-blonde hair. Your eyes trailed along the primarily-blonde path only to see that there was more hair that came to a rounded stop.

Is this some sort of prank? It looked like someone left a wig near the floor of your cubicle. You weren’t entirely sure why though; April Fools was months ago, yet it was still too early for anyone to celebrate Halloween.

Just to be sure though, you decided to pick it up. As you tried to feel for the cap of what you thought was a wig, your hand rubbed up against the side of someone’s head instead. An embarrassed squeak came out of it as you lifted it off of the ground and saw the face that was attached to it.

You recognized who it was.

It was the head of your co-worker, Calanthe Lampela. Her violet eyes refused to make contact with yours as the pink blush on her face grew more intense. Considering that you had just found a decapitated head on the floor, you were relieved that she was alive and capable of reacting back to you. As you looked down from Calanthe’s face to where her neck was, however, you were greeted with the reason that it was possible in the first place.

All you could bring yourself to think about it was that her neck was well-endowed. The girth of her neck felt thick as your hand stroke against it. The skin that surrounded it was a darker tone than the skin that surrounded the rest of her face. As your eyes trailed down the rest of her shaft, you noticed her foreskin was rolled back enough that you could easily see the exposed glans at the end of her neck. It was a lively shade of dark pink.

Calanthe struggled to express her embarrassment to you as her eyes shut themselves tight and her blush grew more intense, “P-please bring me back to my cubicle. I don’t want anyone else to see me like this...”

You held Calanthe’s head against your chest as you carefully walked over to her cubicle. Luckily for her, she happened to be in the one that was right next to her own. While you would have liked to admire the calendar with flowers on it or the candy dish that was next to her own computer, your eyes instead focused on the body that laid limply in her chair.

If there was one other thing about work that you had to admit you liked, it was that you always found Calanthe’s body to be beautiful. The way the black blazer of her suit brought out her large breasts and the way her skirt showed off the slim curves of her waist always caught your eye. Plus, you had to admit that she always managed to make the scarf that she’d wear around her neck look attractive in it’s own, uniquely-Calanthe way.

What you didn’t expect to see, however, was the shining, wet pussy that was located where the base of Calanthe’s neck should have been. Clear fluid already began to seep down her vagina and down her collarbone, and her pussy silently called out for her head to be returned to it’s usual spot. You walked over it and raised Calanthe’s head to it’s position. As the glans of her neck made it’s first contact with the hole in her neck, a small moan escaped her lips as her pupils shrunk nervously.

While you weren’t the most sexually-savvy guy on Earth, you had to admit that the cubicle wasn’t the place to be doing that.

You quickly pulled Calanthe’s head away from her body and wrapped it around one of your arms. As she gave you a look of “what the hell was that for”, you grabbed her body’s right arm and dragged her out of her chair. Her own legs walked alongside yours as you both left her cubicle and stormed out into the hallways of the building you two worked in. Luckily, it didn’t take long to get there; nobody even realized that you two had left since both of your cubicles were so close to the exit.

As you two walked across the vast hallway, you guys were relieved to see how empty is was. Everyone else had to be hard at work, because the only thing you two were able to notice was how much room it had when no one was in it. It made it easy for you to find a secluded area where you could reattach Calanthe’s to the rest of her body; your eyes spotted across a staircase at the corner of the room nobody was currently using!

Calanthe carefully adjusted her own body to sit on the carpeted stairs below her. You were relieved to see that, even without her head, she still had control over her body’s movements. Her legs tried to cross over themselves at first, but slowly spread out once she realized how difficult it would have been to reattach her head. You wanted to look under her skirt to see if the pussy she had under there was as wet as the one on her neck, but a stern glare from Calanthe’s head was enough to put an end to that idea.

“...J-just put my head back on my neck for now,” Calanthe glanced awkwardly to the side, almost as if she knew that you wanted to ask her more questions about how her body worked. Although Calanthe was always one of the nicest, demure and somewhat reserved coworkers you encountered at work, you didn’t want to jeopardize any chance of friendship you could have with her.

You reached over to Calanthe’s neck and hovered her head above it. As her cock slowly slid into her vagina, she glanced at you uncertainly; while it was clear that she appreciated your help already, you both had to admit that this situation was awkward. A small moan escaped her lips as her neck slid back into position. However, the blush on her face returned stronger than ever as each of her breaths became increasingly harder.

“I’m sorry you have to see me like this…” Calanthe’s physical arousal did not match up with the shame of having to expose the sexual nature of her own body, “I-it doesn’t always get along with my own body.”

“H-how?” You weren’t entirely sure how to ask the questions that were on your mind either.

“I need to... Release myself daily,” as you lifted Calanthe's cock out of her neck-pussy, it’s erection twitched nervously, “You’re a guy, I’m sure you could relate… But if I don’t find a way to cum, I tend to lose my head in the most embarrassing ways. I usually pleasure myself before work to prevent that from occurring.”

You had to wonder how Calanthe performed that task on a daily basis. Lewd thoughts of your own rushed through your head as you tried to imagine all of the ways Calanthe could pleasure herself; she had one more hole to use than most girls, after all. Before you could get lost in your own thoughts, however, you were brought back to reality by the sound of your coworker’s own voice.

“The only reason I even ended up like this today was because I slept in too late this morning. I didn’t have time to do anything else and had to rush over to work, and well… Just look at it,” Calanthe glanced down at her neck-like penis disgracefully, “Please. I need your help. This isn’t something I can easily do on my own right now…”

You began to blush yourself as you slowly slid Calanthe’s neck back into her own vagina. A moan of pleasure escaped her mouth as a wavering smile grew across her face. As you slid her cock in and out of her body, the fluids that covered it glimmered beautifully and caught your attention. You had to admit her cock looked attractive when in was sliding through the fluids from her own neck, and the pleased expression on her face managed to win you over even more so.

You didn’t even realize until today that people could have penises in the place of their own necks, let alone find it so… Hot.

Your desire to explore Calanthe’s body further grew more and more as you rocked her head up and down. Your grip on her blonde and pink hair tightened furiously as you didn’t want to let her go. Your own cock grew more erect as it wished that it could explore Calanthe’s own body with her. Her moans grew more intense as she locked eyes with yours. It was almost like hearts grew in her pupils as your bodies worked together to make her body reach its own climax. Both of you wanted to see her release herself, but the time you spent sliding her cock into her neck-pussy became slower and slow.

It was like you two didn’t want it to end.

You wanted to kiss Calanthe’s head at that very moment. You pressed yourself up against her body and brought your lips up against her own. As your mouths rubbed up against each-other with a warm embrace, the slowest, sweetest moan came out of Calanthe’s mouth. It was almost like she was thankful you felt the same way. Once your lips finally broke apart, she moaned out your name as her gaze finally closed.

Her cock slowly slid out of her neck one last time. Although it’s lengthy size didn’t shrink much, her foreskin slumped over to the top half of her glans and laid limply against her chest. Her shirt and exposed cleavage were both soaked with her own pussy juice as white semen dripped down her vagina’s opening. Calanthe’s violet eyes opened halfway and looked at you lovingly, “Thank you… So much…”

You lifted her head up one last time as her hand carried a cloth handkerchief to her neck’s vulva. The cloth was slowly wiped across her opening as her the lips of her labia gently shifted underneath it. After she slid the used handkerchief into the pocket of her blazer, she wrapped her hands around her own head and slid her flaccid cock back into her neck.

“…Did you remember to grab my scarf?” Calanthe asked.

“Right here,” You pulled a silky purple scarf out of the pocket of your pants and handed it to her her.

“Thanks. I’m glad you remembered that part,” Calanthe wrapped the scarf around her neck and tied a knot around it to the left of her collarbone, “You’ve been really helpful today. I don’t know what I would have done if anyone else found me…”

You had admit that you felt the same way; you didn’t trust your coworkers enough to handle Calanthe’s dilemma. It was hard enough to persuade them not to draw dicks on the whiteboards of the meeting room as it were, let alone not panic or laugh once they saw Calanthe’s dick-neck.

“Usually when this happened before, people would scream or run away in fear…” Calanthe glanced off to side one last time. Even though you two had become comfortable with her body, it was clear that society as whole wouldn’t know how to handle it.

“If I told you that I found your… Uh… Dick-neck? Neck-pussy?” You stumbled on your words as you weren’t sure what to refer to her genitals as, “…Let’s just say your attachments. If I found them attractive, would you believe me?”

A look of sincerity grew in Calanthe’s eyes as her mouth opened slightly in awe, “…I was always unsure about dating people because of them. If you truly loved me with them, then-- I--”

Calanthe blushed one last time. You weren’t sure about whether you two should start dating solely because of it; if anything, you thought it would be worth it to test the waters before you two went any further, “Well, we’ll have to talk about it over a nice dinner sometime.”

“W-we’re going on a date?”

“If you’d like me to,” you winked at Calanthe.

I guess that sounds like a plan.”