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Lab Accident - Research

(Warning: this entry is a fair bit freakier than my regular stuff. Still, if you like my work, show your appreciation by buying a book!)

Olivia was the first to notice the changes, after the trio had picked themselves up out of the remnants of glassware and lab furniture.

An ill-advised foray into cold deuterium fusion had ended spectacularly, with the detonating reactor clearing out a large portion of the dusty old lab in which it was being constructed, along with bathing the immediate area in God-only-knew what sort of radiation from the wrong end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The 80s brickwork and solid foundation meant that at least the blast and the radiation were contained to the lab, but that meant nothing for the professor and his long-suffering graduate students in nothing more than university casual and lab coats.

Dr. Hill immediately leapt over to check over the twisted metallic corpse of 5 years painstaking research, while Olivia and Theresa were more concerned with their immediate health.

It was as Olivia brushed herself off that she felt an odd sensation, a small wave of heat passing through her body coupled with a brief moment of nausea. None of them seemed to be injured; Theresa was fixing up her clothes and her blonde hair, Dr. Hill nearly in tears over the gnarled slabs of metal that used to be his cold fusion reactor.

Olivia stepped backwards to a bench that had survived the carnage and sat down, mopping her brow as she broke out into a cold sweat. It was strange, she knew she’d been exposed to radiation, but cold sweats weren’t a part of any radiation exposure symptoms she’d ever heard of.

Heat suddenly blossomed through her chest and down the sides of her body. Fearing the worst, she looked down her blouse but was relieved to see no evidence of a burn on her pale skin. The heat grew stronger, and Olivia shuddered as she felt her body relax. It was the strangest feeling, like when taut muscles grow limp with heat or under a strong hand, but suffused through her entire torso.

She looked up to check the others weren’t looking, and gave her chest an experimental poke. It felt squishy and soft, like there wasn’t even bone underneath her finger. Her eyes went wide as a second poke saw her finger sink in down to the first joint.

The heat intensified and she suppressed a yelp. Pressure began to build behind the bizarre skin of her chest, like an overfull stomach in her tits. She saw them throb with a jiggle and bloat up. She forced herself to stay calm and put a hand on one, to confirm she wasn’t seeing things. She wasn’t.

Her mounds were burning hot, and even as she watched they swelled up more and more. She was not the most well-endowed of girls, with her scrawny body and A cups, but now her tiny tits were growing before her eyes.

She grabbed a hold of them as her cleavage ballooned up in her blouse, and nearly jumped as they tingled with pleasure. Nerves multiplied along with her titflesh, turning the feeling of growth from unpleasant to erotic.

Theresa felt the same sensations flood her body as she fixed up her hair. The same as Olivia, her body heated up, growing soft and spongy around her more generous chest and her hips. The same clammy sweat, then the same bloated feeling of pressure, and finally the growth.

Her Cs started to expand like rising bread dough until tit bulged over the lip of her tube top, and her ass swelled up underneath her pencil skirt a full two inches out with no sign of stopping.

She looked over at Olivia and realised her friend was also grappling with a pair of expanding breasts and made her way over, her tits shaking and wobbling until she cradled them in her arms.

“Olivia! What’s happening?!”

“I don’t know!” She groaned as she felt the heat spread down her legs. “We’re dealing with completely untested forms of radiation; it’s like some sort of hyper-accelerated mutation.”

Theresa moaned as her chest split her tube top right down the middle and flopped out, her bloated breasts hanging to the bottom of her ribcage with no signs of stopping.

Dr. Hill stumbled back over to the girls, nearly howling with pain. His formerly masculine face had shrunk and padded out until he looked like a young, pretty girl, his short-cropped black hair exploding out from his scalp and already cascading to his swelling hips.

The girls momentarily forgot their own condition as they saw the young researcher morph into a woman before their eyes. Breasts budded and swelled on his chest as his body shrank, but his pants were a different story.

Rather than shrinking away, his cock had exploded out of his lab slacks, shredding down the fly in nearly ten inches of thick, erect glory and continuing to grow. His balls followed suit, pushing down what was left of his pants to fit a grapefruit-sized scrotum.

“It must be feeding off the energy the reactor dumped into us! It-AHH!”

Stabs of pain issued from the sides of her ribs, a little below her armpits. She felt a few tugs at the shirt her breasts were already filling.

Feeling underneath, she gasped as she felt two soft nubs forcing their way out of the flesh. Her discovery was accompanied by a tingle from between her breasts and a feeling of movement. Looking down her shirt revealed a nipple slowly rising from the skin.

Theresa’s ass had stopped growing out, but its backwards growth had only gotten faster, and soon her cheeks burst out the back of her skirt, a little over a foot across but sticking out more than a foot and a half forming a firm, jiggly column.

Dr. Hill’s cock was still swelling, now over a foot long and as thick as a soda can. His overtaxed ballsack strained with the weight of the testicles it was being forced to hold.

Olivia screamed as suddenly the shafts growing from under her armpits erupted, tearing the shirt in half with a second pair of arms, leaving only her bulging lab coat to cover the three jostling breasts perched on her chest.

Theresa reared back as she saw the extra arms under her friend’s coat, backing up and jumping as she felt her ass bump into the wall several feet behind her.

Her cheeks wobbled and pain lanced down the swollen length of her cheeks. Two lumps of the strange squishy flesh swung down from her ass cheeks and quickly lengthened down until they formed a second pair of legs. It was like a second torso had bent over and melded with her buttocks.

Olivia clumsily plunged her lower right hand down into her pants, groping about with the unfamiliar limb. Underneath her pussy and her bloating clitoris the tops of her thighs were growing hot. She pressed them together, but when she went to pull them apart she felt resistance. A questing finger told her that her legs were starting to join together, like a closing zipper

She tried to take a step forward and screamed as her thighs refused to move apart, sending her tumbling forward. Turning over and sitting up let her see further down her legs as they closed together right down to the toes, which sank into her feet to form a single fleshy stalk.

Her four arms wheeled and desperately scrabbled as she pulled herself back along the floor, straining hard to try and pull her legs apart. All she succeeded in doing was thrashing what could only be described as her growing tail, and sending her three breasts bounding and jiggling.

Dr. Hill screamed as all of a sudden the pressure in his sack quadrupled and it blew up like a balloon as extra sets of balls filled the low-hanging swollen pouch. He felt his innards pulse and writhe, and watched in shock as his nipples, already distended and swollen, started to grow even faster, stretching and thickening until they hung six inches away from his giant tits.

He gasped as they started to harden. His insides were still squirming as they grew. He grabbed them out of shock, tugging them, surprised at how familiar the thickening shafts felt. He fell back onto his plush, curvy butt and started tugging them rhythmically.

As his small, smooth hands gripped them they kept swelling, changing shape, the end belling and forming a ridge with a pop until his hands were not tugging swollen nipples but the smooth skin of a pair of eight-inch penises that nearly buzzed with heat and erotic tension.

As the newly-minted woman tugged at the turgid cocks that graced her wobbling breasts, she made a small choking noise, opening her mouth as another growing cock forced its way out from behind her tiny perfect teeth.

She collapsed back against the shattered bench, jacking off the cocks that sprouted from her breasts even as the one between her legs swelled unchecked and her lips stretched around the final eight-incher protruding from her mouth.

Theresa struggled clumsily on her four legs. Her equilibrium was shattered, from her new form, the weight of her breasts still growing on her chest and in no small part from the sensations from both the swollen, drooling pussies between her two pairs of legs.

Even a single one of her mutated pussies would have been churning out an unbearable amount of sensation, and two was nearly sending her out of her mind with lust. Worse, she couldn’t even reach her rear pussy to try and relieve her lust.

Her breasts gurgled and a tremor passed through them, and suddenly their growth accelerated. It felt different, though; they felt heavier, more ponderous. She shook her chest from side to side and rather than jiggling the massive mounds... sloshed.

Her nipples and areolas expanded along with her breasts until the heavy mounds were easily bigger than basketballs, capped with nipples like salt shakers. She brought a hand up to squeeze one, and along with a rush of sensation that made both of her pussies juice, a stream of thick milk squirted from the end of her nipple.

Olivia had stopped trying to pull her legs apart as the thick tail grew out and tapered off at three times the length her legs had been. She was more concerned now with the two rigid shafts spreading out from above her pussy that pulsed with her panicked heartbeat.

Touching one made her gasp, and that made her tongue flick out of her mouth. It had thinned out slightly, but stretched out absurdly to make up for it, reaching down to the top curve of her centre breast and still growing.

Reflexively she twitched her muscles, and found the whole thing curling and flicking as it trailed down her body. The twin cocks sprouting from above her tail stayed relatively thin, no more than a man’s hand around but a full foot and a half long.

Her cocks stood in stark contrast to Dr. Hill, whose massive organ swelled a full three feet away from her crotch, thick enough around that her hands together couldn’t encircle it.

One of her hands was doing its best to jerk the titanic pole as the other stroked one of her nipple cocks, but it was so rigid and the skin so firm that her slim arm could barely move it.

Olivia shuddered as a wicked idea came over her. She pulled herself forward, testing her balance on her new tail. Her cocks bobbed and shook as she experimented with motion, and settled into a reflexive slither, her body bobbing from side to side as she crawled over to Dr. Hill.

Her big eyes looked up at Olivia as her tail curled around the base of the massive stalk, Olivia’s powerful muscles able to jerk it with ease as she sat back and grinned with pointed teeth at the tiny, over-endowed girl, a twinkle in her slitted eyes.

Dr. Hill’s hand left her main penis and focused on her neglected breast, jerking each of her nipples in a back and forth rhythm. Theresa stumbled over to the tangle of mutant flesh, eyes filled with desperation. To match her two milk-laden breasts, another set of four smaller tits had grown underneath the torso that linked her rear legs, each with four thick teats that dribbled milk.

Olivia smiled again, beckoning with a long pointed-nailed hand at the humantaur girl.
Theresa stepped over the two of them, facing Olivia. Her front pair of legs dropped down to plunge nearly to the hilt onto one of Olivia’s writhing cocks, while the back pair presented themselves for the meat in Dr. Hill’s mouth, his cock pushed down between her hanging udders as Olivia wrapped her tail around them instead, squishing the huge cock between them and pulling them back and forward.

An ecstatic moan rose up from the trio. Two of Olivia’s hands caressed Theresa’s gargantuan tits, placing her other cock between them and squishing them together as rivulets of milk dripped down her serpentine body. The other two hands reached behind the girl’s front legs and gripped a pair of her lower tits, squeezing out even more of her cow-slut milk.

Dr. Hill was the first to lose her control. Her body went rigid and her balls tightened painfully as, all at once, the cock in her mouth started to pump a heavy load into Theresa’s rear pussy and her other three started shooting thick, creamy loads all over the girls, particularly her main cock which pumped out gallons of the stuff.

Theresa came next, her pussies clamping up around their thick invaders and her breasts losing their entire load of milk, gushing out in a torrent over the floor and Olivia. Olivia’s orgasm arrived almost anticlimactically after the thorough and messy ones of her friends, but her tail uncurled and twitched as her twin cocks emptied their load into Theresa and all over her face

Olivia collapsed back, the full length of her body unfolding across the slimy milk and cum mixture that covered the lab floor. Dr. Hill fell back as well, her cocks finally going blessedly soft until her main cock rested across her sack onto the floor and she could finally breathe around the large dick into which her tongue had transformed. Theresa staggered back, the afterglow disorienting her until she sank to her knees, resting her still weighty breasts on a nearby fallen bench.

The bomb and hazmat squads found them this way, asleep, drained by their transformations.

Olivia and Theresa did their best to slip back into what they could cobble together of a normal life. Olivia took to using a wheelchair to hide the body of the three-breasted hermaphrodite snake goddess with which she’d been cursed, her arms and cocks hidden under baggy sweaters, wearing cosmetic contacts and smiling rarely.

Theresa had no choice but to bear the stares and shocked whispers as she walked her cumbersome humantaur body through the streets.

Even more debilitating than their appearances though were the demands of their mutated bodies. Both girls were shockingly sensitive – Olivia’s entire body had become an overactive erogenous zone, and while Theresa wasn’t as sensitive all over all six of her bloated breasts tingled with sensation and her pussies were on hair triggers.

Waking up usually involved an hour of sex for the pair before they could even think. They very quickly worked out a favoured position; Olivia would slide under the four-legged Theresa, pushing one cock up into her rear pussy, letting her udders droop around the other with a pair of arms to push them together for a creamy tit-fuck. Her serpentine tongue would then work away at Theresa’s front pussy while her other two arms rubbed and squeezed her larger main breasts.

Even more demanding was that every four hours, like clockwork, Theresa required milking or her breasts would swell up even more, becoming tight and hard with milk, and while with a bit of effort she could bring down her front breasts, the udders adorning her lower body were almost impossible to get to, requiring the tender care of Olivia’s four hands to drain them dry in an escapade that invariably ended in a sloppy, milky fuck.

As for Dr. Hill, she retreated to her house, shutting herself off completely and living off delivered groceries. The bulk of her spare time was spent furiously masturbating, but it was like fighting the hydra; the erotic sensations from her cocks were not linked, and an orgasm from one did nothing for the other three.
She could jerk both nipple cocks, or one of those and her tongue, or use both hands to slowly but desperately tug at the tree trunk between her legs, but she couldn’t bring off all four at once, and had spent the week since the accident in a permanent state of arousal that threatened to drive her mad. She simply couldn’t bring herself off on her own, and even if she could find some way of covering her body to go outside unnoticed, the thought of losing herself to her arousal again outside, or worse, her tongue-cock becoming hard in public, terrified her.

She forced herself to overcome the sensations to spend brief ten minute periods examining her notes and pottering about in her garage before giving in to the urge to masturbate again. If the city was closed to her, and she couldn’t change back, maybe the city was what needed to change...


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Lab Accident 2 - Reproducible

(Warning: just like the first Lab Accident, here there be freakiness. Still, if you like my work, show your appreciation by buying a book!)

The iron gate creaked as Theresa swung it open, navigating Olivia's wheelchair up the steps to the front door of Dr. Hill's rowhouse. It was the middle of the day and civilian traffic was blessedly low, giving the girls a rare chance at a private moment outside.

Theresa did her best to ignore the stares, the mumbled comments and occasionally the screams, and generally just tried to go out as little as possible. She looked back at the massive, billowing skirt covering the second torso jutting out from where her buttocks should have been, curving down several feet behind her into a second pair of legs bent at the waist, like a human centaur.

She could feel the pendulous swaying of the four breasts on her lower torso as she walked, swinging like grotesque udders, and the gelatinous bobbing of the basketball-sized rack that adorned her chest. Olivia had drained them before the pair left, but in a few hours all six of her breasts would be tight, swollen and aching with milk.

Olivia had an easier time hiding her mutated form but found herself more restricted. The wheelchair hid the fact that she no longer had legs, but rather a long, fleshy, serpentine tail. Baggy shirts and sweaters hid three large breasts and a second pair of arms, which were often used simply to hold down the two long cocks which sprouted from above her pussy.

"So why do you think Dr. Hill messaged us?" Theresa was awkwardly trying to manoeuvre her arms around her jiggling bust, which bounced up and down AND left to right with each step, dragging her thick nipples against the front of her dress.

"Not sure, but it sounded important." Olivia was sweating, not from the heat, but from her libido. Theresa had problems with her erogenous zones, but there was literally no part of Olivia's body that wasn't almost painfully sensitive to stimulation, and she spent most of the day on a slow burn of arousal. "Maybe he- err, she, found a way to cure us?"

They rang the doorbell. There was a brief commotion of noise from inside, a pause, and then the door opened a crack. Theresa coughed. "Dr. Hill? It's us."

"Olivia? Theresa? Is that you? Come in, quickly."

The two girls were immediately taken back as they entered the front hallway by two things; the dishevelled, bizarre appearance of their former supervisor, and the thick gobs of drying and fresh cum that covered the house.

The explosion had transformed Dr. Thomas Hill from a late-twenties man into a tiny, adorable girl who, if not for her absurd figure, would not have looked more than sixteen. Enormous breasts curved from her slim chest, and her wasp waist curved out into a massive, heart-shaped ass. Her pretty face was slightly marred by deep bags under her eyes, but moreso than that the erotic effect of her figure was marred by her more bizarre mutations.

A foot of cock swung limply from her groin, slapping into an oddly-shaped scrotum that, on closer inspection, held eight grapefruit-sized testicles, impeding her walking as it hung nearly to her knees. The girls knew that erect, her penis stood a proud three feet long, and so thick two hands couldn't hope to encircle it.

Two more dicks, these ones erect, sprouted from her breasts where her nipples should be, bobbing eight inches away from the quivering mounds. Her hands were moving in slow, deliberate motions, jerking them off even as she led the girls into the lounge room. The furniture in there was caked in even more cum, and the girls very carefully navigated through. Dr. Hill plopped down into a puddle on the couch without a second thought, tugging at her tit-cocks shamelessly.

"Okay, I don't have a lot of time to talk, so first thing: It's Tammy now, for the moment. Please excuse the mess; I haven't had time to clean up." She lay back, jacking her tits off faster, moaning as her breastflesh jiggled. "I've-mmm-figured out a way that we'll aah!- be able to go back out in public again."

The girls perked up, the excitement of that news cutting through the fog of lust building in their brains watching the doctor pleasure herself. "You found a cure!?"

She sighed slightly, inbetween moans. "Noooh aah, nooo. We're ssstuck like this. But I had a'other idea..." She rolled her eyes as her speech started to slur. "Touh' I 'ad mo' tie' dan da'..."

The girls watched in rapt attention as Tammy's tongue poked out of her mouth, unmistakably a half-flaccid penis, and started to swell before their eyes until it was as long and thick as her tit-cocks, stretching out her tiny, pretty lips.

Olivia couldn't resist any more, slithering off the chair, a pair of arms peeling off her shirt to reveal the twin foot-and-a-half lengths of her cocks, jacking one with one hand and rubbing her juicing pussy with the other.

Reaching Tammy, she curled out her forked tongue and wrapped it around the doctor's tongue-cock, tugging it in strong, slow strokes. Her top pair of arms pressed her rack together as Tammy's tit-cocks nestled in her dual cleavage and her bottom pair stroked up and down the length of her twitching dicks.

"Thith feelth good, Doctor," she lisped, her slitted eyes twinkling as she grinned, "but Theretha ith going to go mad if all thee can do is watth..."

Theresa was panting and moaning, rubbing her front pussy desperately. She was utterly dependent on Olivia for all of her relief, as she could neither milk her hanging breasts nor reach her rear pussy. She responded to the offer with a delighted moan, Olivia slithering back to let Theresa straddle the doctor's lap.

Tammy's main cock started to swell as Theresa pressed the heat of her pussy against it, and she guided it between her titanic tits as it grew to its full height. "Give me a hand here, Tammy, squish them together..."

Tammy let a muffled moan out through the tight seal of her lips as she began to maul Theresa's bounteous breastflesh. Tammy's tits lay atop Theresa's, and she reached for the nipples and began to stroke them even as she ducked her head in to take Tammy's tongue-cock down her throat.

Olivia slithered underneath Theresa, sliding one cock into her rear pussy and the other between her swinging lower tits, grabbing them and squeezing them, giving a contented purr as hot milk dripped onto her body.

The trio rutted, groaning and sweaty, thrusting and rubbing and squeezing until Tammy started to whine, desperately trying to be heard through the obstruction in her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she started to cum from every single cock in her body, her ballsack tightening up and her muscles straining. Her tits jiggled and the back of her throat pulsed as those three cocks unleashed their payload, but her main cock just tightened, straining, her stomach muscles spasming until it finally erupted in a fountain of thick spunk.

It didn't take long for the other two to join her, and soon the girls lay panting in a pile of cum-covered, heaving flesh. Tammy rolled over, staring at the ceiling with wide eyes. "That was amazing. I haven't been able to satisfy myself since the accident."

Olivia giggled, turning over and propping herself up on her elbows to look at Tammy. "So, what did you want to tell us? If you haven't found a cure, what have you found?"

"An idea, I guess. I mean, we can't function properly because we're not normal. There's no way for us to change back, so if we change what's normal..."

The two girls stared at her for a moment. Olivia drew back on her tail. "Doct- Tammy, are you suggesting what I think? You want to do this to other people?"

Tammy immediately went on the defensive, stuttering. "Well I- I just, it's, you know, I mean, it's not all bad, right, it feels good, it's just-"

Tammy reached into a box on the table, drawing out what looked like two remote controls. "I managed to miniaturise the cold fusion tech from my reactor – fortunately bursts of energy are a lot easier to generate than a sustained reaction, even when you're designing it ten minutes at a time with an erection. Or four. One click of this and whoever's in front of it should get a burst of the same radiation that transformed us."

Olivia sniffed, scraping cum off of her tail and coiling back into the wheelchair. "Tammy, that's sick. You're sick. I know living like this sucks, but what you're proposing is- it's rape! I think we're done here."

"Think about it!" Tammy was almost screaming now, pleading. "A whole city like us! You wouldn't have to go outside and feel like a freak!"

Olivia set herself back up in the chair, but noticed that Theresa had sat down on the couch, her front legs kneeling. "Theresa? You're not coming? You think she's right?"

Theresa looked down sadly at her absurd chest, shifting her rear awkwardly as she tried to get comfortable. "I'm tired of being called a freak, and the screams and stuff. She is right – it feels good, most of the time, it just sucks not being normal."

Olivia looked back and forth between the two, and sniffed. "Fine. I'll make my own way home." Tammy sighed.

"I'll take you down the steps, if that's what you really want." Olivia didn't notice Tammy slip something into the bag on the back of her chair before she left.

Theresa walked dejectedly back into the house after watching her friend start to wheel herself home. Tammy was already on the phone.

"...and a large pepperoni, extra cheese. Yeah, we'll get a soda too, thanks. See you." She turned back around to Theresa. "Okay, so we should have a test subject in about fifteen."

Theresa sat herself down again, wincing as her lower breasts pressed into the floor – they were already starting to fill up again and become uncomfortable. "The pizza guy?"

Tammy nodded. "Or girl, I'm not picky and I'd like to get a sample of a couple of each, see what sort of transformations this burst of energy can cause." She sat down next to the humantaur's flank, rearranging her legs around her bloated scrotum and thick cock. "So what's the first thing you're going to do once you can walk around outside properly again? I'm going to go to a restaurant, I think."

Theresa sighed, hefting her breasts to check their weight, judging how long it would be until they needed milking. "I don't know about this, Tammy. It seems wrong to inflict this sort of inconvenience on someone else."

"It won't be inconvenient when everyone else feels the same way. Imagine – people will just be able to masturbate in public, because everyone's cool with the fact that our bodies need sex. Nobody will think we're freaks. Hell, people will be happier when we're more focused on fucking than fighting."

Theresa nodded, uneasily. The pair sat and made small talk for a little while, Tammy enjoying the reprieve from the needs of her body for a short while. Her main cock was just starting to rally back when the doorbell rang.

Elise sighed, shuffling her feet and staring at the porch roof holding the pizza bag. She hated driving duty but at least the tips made up for it. She heard the door open and dropped her head, putting on her best glassy smile, only to be greeted with a flash of blue light.

Her legs went weak, and she nearly dropped the pizza until it was taken from her hands, a blurry shape leading her into the hall and closing the door behind her. Her body was heating up, her wobbly legs on fire and her sizeable breasts almost as hot. She was sat down in a chair, blinking away the spirals in her vision until she could make out the two people above her.

She shrank back when they swam into focus. The small, cute girl in front of her was peering at her over what was unmistakeably a huge penis sticking out of her mouth, but before she could react further she felt a tight, squirming sensation from between her legs. Her shorts were feeling constrictive, the crotch pressing against her tightly and growing worse with every passing moment.

There was a sickening, sucking feeling, and ignoring where she was she pulled her shorts down, screaming at the sight that greeted her. Her legs had closed together at the tops of her thighs, and her pussy was nowhere to be seen. The join in her legs rapidly progressed down, pushing the now-loose shorts down as they fused together until all that was left of her legs and feet was a fleshy stalk.

It thickened up until it was the same width the whole way down, what had been her feet beginning to swell further, pressure building up, along with more pressure in her chest. She felt a gurgle through her breasts, watching them rise like bread dough under her shirt.

Screaming, she pitched forward, suddenly finding her legs not only fused together but unresponsive, landing on her stomach and watching as her cleavage spread out gelatinously underneath her as she swelled. Pangs of pain came from what had been her legs, along with a sickening creeping feeling down the length like something was pushing its way down.

She heaved herself over, swinging her breasts to get momentum, and moaned as the impact of the fleshy mounds against the carpet sent a buzz of pleasure all through her body. Another rocketed through her as she curled up, dragging her leg-trunk across the carpet until she could sit up, her back propped against the wall, finally able to see over her breasts which now spread across her lap, her shirt long having given up.

The sight made her jaw drop. From the waist down her legs had transformed into an enormous penis, the head starting to swell out of its foreskin, gripping her whole body with paralysing sensation as it rubbed and grinded against the carpet pile.

She panted, her head swimming as half her body tightened up, her legs now a rigid trunk of cock that pulsed and throbbed like a regular size one with her beach-ball sized breasts resting on top of the base like a bizarre scrotum, topped with tiny nipples that hadn't grown at all with her tits.

It was pulsing even harder now, pulling her around with each throb and making her steady herself, straining to hold up her bloated bulk with just her arms. It was on fire, new muscles up her back and stomach flexing with her impending orgasm. Theresa and Tammy looked on in shock as their new creation started to cum.

Olivia wheeled herself back into the front foyer of their apartment block, panting and red-faced both from the exertion and from biting down on the spasms of pleasure as she gripped her twin cocks close to her body.

Rich was down there, picking up his mail. Their next-door neighbour, Rich was a pleasant, attractive man in his early twenties with short blond hair and a slim build. Before her accident, Olivia had rather fancied him. Now, even just being around him embarrassed her.

"Olivia! How are you?" She mumbled something in return, trying to hide her pointed teeth. He pointed back toward the end of the foyer.

"The elevators broke down while you were out. Don't worry, though, I'll give you a hand back upstairs."

Grateful for the assistance, even with her body screaming to fuck him, she gave him a small smile. The trip up the stairs was tedious and uneventful until the final stair, when the last bump jolted something that fell to the ground with a clatter.

"Whoops! Don't worry, Olivia, I'll grab it."

"Grab what?" She tried to turn around in the chair, her eyes going wide. "Wait, Rich, DON-"

The rest of her sentence was cut off by a blue flash, and Rich falling to the ground. Checking they were alone, she slithered out of her wheelchair and dragged him back into her apartment.

Rich slowly awoke on an unfamiliar couch, blinking sleep out of his eyes. He felt...  Odd. Heavy, sore, along with another sensation he didn't recognise that crept at the edge of his consciousness. He shifted his thighs and shuddered as it flared up in his groin. With that it was as if his body woke up, twinges of sensation firing from unfamiliar areas.

"Olifia? What ha-" He stopped, both at the feeling of his lips and strange pitch of his voice. Reaching up he realised his lips were swollen up, thick and slimy like he was wearing lip gloss. He then caught sight of his hand, slender and soft with long delicate nails, like a woman's.

Panicking, he went to sit up, and became aware of the heavy weight on his chest. A questing hand slammed into the underside of a soft, fleshy mound, setting jerking motion all throughout his chest. Bolting upright, he looked down and watched a massive wave of breast flesh rise up and come down against his chest and stomach with a resounding slap, sending tremors through his body and forcing a moan from his lips.

He hefted them; biting down a rush of pleasure as his slim hands sank into the pillowy flesh. Larger than he'd ever seen in his life, they had his incredibly pale skin and freckles, and also bore a tracing of blue veins. His nipples had expanded immensely, as wide as bottle caps, an inch long and bright pink.

Wiggling, he pulled them apart to stare down between them and almost choked. His waist cinched down impossibly, and at its narrowest had to scarcely be wider than his neck had been before he transformed. It flared out into gigantic curved hips with thick thighs that tapered down into slim legs that seemed almost too small to carry such curves.

Most shocking was his penis, now a distant memory. Spreading his pale thighs apart, he saw it had been replaced with a clitoris that bulged out of its hood obscenely, easily the size of a golf ball, his new pussy drooling underneath into a damp puddle on the couch, the bloated lips glistening. He pushed his thighs together again and nearly squealed as the sensitive folds grated against each other, lubricated by the slick juices that coated them. Hanging off the couch and collecting in a pile was a thick curtain of curly, bright red hair.

He was impossible, some sort of adolescent fuck-fantasy of what a woman looked like and, he realised laying there in a slowly spreading puddle of his own arousal, what a woman acted like. He was so impossibly horny it almost outweighed the terror.

Gathering up his tits in his arms he tried to get up, and found it more difficult than he'd first thought. His massive chest and tiny waist gave him a tenuous centre of balance counterbalanced only by the huge globes of his ass cheeks that jiggled out in a shelf behind him. Even worse was his first step forward, with his weighty legs pressing his pussy together and dragging the lips together, almost sending him tumbling to the ground as he jumped in shock and set his swollen body jiggling and bouncing.

"O-Olifia? Are you there?!" Bubbly and perky. The voice of a bimbo to go with the body of a bimbo, it combined with his barely-contained panting and the impediment of his giant lips to announce to the world how much he needed cock.

Olivia took a deep breath, and slithered out into the front room. Rich's new body came as no great shock; she'd watched with baited breath as he transformed in his sleep. He, on the other hand, nearly choked at the site of her reptilian body.

"Olifia! Wha' happened?"

She began to explain about the lab explosion, about how she and the others had changed, and about her visit to Tammy earlier in the day, while Rich carefully made his way into the bathroom.

"And she must have, I don't know, slipped one of the remotes into my bag, Rich, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean this to happen..."

He was inspecting his eyes in the mirror; his skin pigmentation had apparently changed to give him natural deep eyeliner and shadowed sockets, rouged cheeks and deep red stick on his cocksucking lips just as a final kick in the teeth from the cartoon slut's body he was trapped in now. He hadn't stopped dripping either, a new puddle forming on the tiles between his feet, and his mouth had decided to join the party as well, his lips and chin slick with drool.

"Well I' happened Olifia!" He turned on his heel, forgetting himself as his tits tried to keep going and his ass slammed into the vanity table behind him. "Wha' am I thuppothed to do now? And don' think I can' thee thothe!"

Olivia was ashamed to admit what Rich's new body was doing to her, and unfortunately with no clothing or blanket she was hard-pressed to do anything to disguise her arousal. Rich wiped his mouth, then gathered up his breasts from where they hung down to past his navel.

"Is this all I'm good fo'? You thinking of thticking them between thethe ridiculous fucking tit-th? Fucking me like a bimbo whoh'? Th-thhoving your cock inthide me... D-down my throa'..."

Olivia heard the pitter-pat as Rich started dripping even harder, flushed underneath his natural rouge, pawing at one of his breasts as his thighs rubbed together. He tried licking his lips to clear off the strings of drool but found his tongue too short and wet, only adding to the sheen of spit.

"O-Olifia... What'th wrong with me, I need it tho badly, I need to be f-fucked..."

Olivia slithered over to him, wrapping one pair of arms around his tiny waist and placing the others on his shoulders. "It's the mutation, Rich. Just be thankful it's so easy to get off for you – Theresa can't even reach one of her pussies."

"Tho it's all okay then?" He wailed. "I can' thtop thinking about your cockth, Olifia! I try to focuth," he stopped, wiping the drool from his mouth again, "but my puthy jutht keeps begging to be filled!"

His legs were shaking, and had it not been for his thick thighs his knees would be knocking together. Olivia bit her own lip with a pointed fang, her cocks straining to cum as she watched the new girl struggle with the demands of her body. Rich turned around, crushing his tits against her.

The pair collapsed out into the front room, locked in a desperate kiss, Olivia's four hands roaming all over Rich's mutated body, grasping at his wobbling ass, his impossibly thin waist, running through the curtain of hair that hung to the floor. Rich contented himself with grinding against her, then pushing her into the lounge chair and straddling her. Her first cock slid up into Rich's pussy with the barest hint of resistance, the overlubricated lips accepting it like a hand in a glove.

As soon as she was deep inside him he seemed to tighten up, clamping down on her pole and making her nearly scream. His breasts hung down around her second cock, inviting her to squeeze them together to create a cleft to fuck.

She barely had to thrust with Rich's insides writhing up and down the length of her cock, and was content to lie back, moaning, jacking her other cock off with his tits. He snapped forward with orgasm after orgasm, spit dripping from his gaping mouth under his dazed eyes. Olivia drew back and thrust once, the slickness of his vagina greasing her way, and was rewarded with Rich losing control, flailing and screaming with an even more powerful cum.

Rich came countless times before Olivia finally did, groaning as she shot hot cum up into his pussy and across his face and cleavage. He desperately scooped it up and slurped it into his mouth, falling back and screaming as a final, extra-powerful orgasm overtook him, leaving him unconscious for a few moments.

His eyelashes fluttered as he groaned back into consciousness. The worst of the need had been sated, but his pussy still dripped and his skin tingled with pleasure. He still felt empty inside. Olivia stretched, drawing him in close with her four arms.

"Olifia, I-I thtill need it... It wathn' enough. I need a bigger cock!"

Olivia knew exactly what he needed.

Theresa crouched over Elise's cock-body, pressing her hanging boobs either side of the massive shaft using her legs, rocking back and forward. Their massive breasts rubbed together, Theresa leaking milk over Elise's tiny nipples. Elise suddenly screamed, her body tightening up, her boobs wobbling as she shook, preparing to cum. She gripped her boobs tight and squeezed them as a gout of cum burst from her cock, the eye distending to pump out a gallon of spunk with just her first shot.

Tammy raised her legs, letting the flood spread under her chair, fiddling with a remote her lap that rest on the base of her flaccid cock before snapping it back together with an exultant yell.

"Fantastic! This thing should be all ready now." She looked over at Theresa's rear as it flexed, her powerful legs squeezing more cum out of Elise. "How is she?"

Theresa turned around, wiping her hair out of her eyes. "Insatiable! This is the fourth time she's cum and she's still hard!" Her breasts were tight with milk and both pussies were dripping wet.

Tammy threw on her large coat, checking that it covered her body. "Leave her be, then. Come on, I want to test out the modifications to the remote."

Theresa looked down sadly at the girl. She was practically immobile and incapable of pleasuring her mutated body – she couldn't reach her nipples, and her cock was too huge for any sort of stimulation she could do to work. Elise whimpered every time her body throbbed.

"P-please... I need to cum..."

"We can't leave her like this, Tammy. You go. I'll try and calm her down."

Tammy shrugged and headed out. She didn't have time to argue. Just in front of her house were a happy couple taking an afternoon walk, from who, Tammy gleefully hid behind the hedge, pointing her remote at them as they passed and sending a thin beam of light at each of them in turn.

The man was the first to stop, a pleasant-looking slim blonde who grabbed the fence as his legs wobbled. His girlfriend rushed to hold him but he fell forward out of her arms, bracing himself up from the sidewalk, trembling on useless legs.

She bent over to help him and gasped as her pants stretched tight over her ass. The fabric creaked, even when she bent back up, her hands flying to her swelling rump. On the ground, the man flipped over, the front of his shirt starting to bulge out with a pair of breasts, his hair growing out and flowing down his shoulders in long blond locks.

Tammy crouched down further to ensure they couldn't see her, feeling the pulse against the back of her teeth as her tongue started to grow erect watching the scene. The man's pants bulged and swelled as he grabbed his new breasts, starting to split along some of the side seams, pale flesh bulging from the tears.

He screamed as they shredded apart, his legs tumbling apart into masses of fleshy tendrils that whipped about until they settled in a heap on the ground in front of him. Each one was wrist-thick and tipped with a swollen, bulbous glans, giving him two dozen writhing cocks all dripping with precum.

His girlfriend had staggered back, still grabbing her ass. The seat of her pants had given way and now her panties were struggling to stretch over two enormous cheeks. She squealed as they suddenly surged out, two lumps growing out from the bottom of the cheeks that quickly formed into feet. They stretched down until a second pair of legs sat just behind her first ones. They stumbled back as the new torso started to lengthen until she had a humantaur body like Theresa.

Unlike Theresa her breasts stayed the same size. Instead, both of her clitorises began to grow out and thicken, changing shape before her eyes. Her rear pussy lips swelled up at the same time to become a hanging pair of testicles for the massive cock still swelling from between her rear legs. The front one just grew up above its drooling pussy.

Losing control of her rear legs she fell back onto the asphalt, huge cock bobbing up and down as it grew beyond her front waist, wider around than her thigh, with a pair of melon-sized balls lay heavily on the ground below it. Her other cock reached up to just below her breasts, and only as thick as her wrist.

The octopus creature that had been her boyfriend moaned, pulling herself along by her arms as her cock-tentacles flailed uselessly. Gradually she began to push herself using them as she gained greater control over her new limbs until she sat in front of her girlfriend, grinning and raising a few of them up to coil around the enormous trunk of the humantaur's penis.

A small crowd was gathering as the mutated couple started to fuck with abandon. Tammy grinned, and twisted a dial on the remote.

Olivia and Rich carefully made their way back to Tammy's house. Rich had draped himself in a makeshift toga made out of a bed sheet, wrapped up between his thighs to soak up his juices and hopefully take a little pressure off his pussy lips. Walking was still a struggle, and he had to frequently stop to try and recover his composure. By the time they rounded the corner to Tammy's street he was flushed and trembling, the sheet around his pussy soaked through, strings of drool dripping from his mouth and chin.

The scene before them on the sheet left them speechless. A tangle of orgiastic flesh writhed on the asphalt, easily a dozen people, all women, all in various states of mutation. A girl whose forearms had morphed into giant cocks dragged one between one of the sets of cleavage of a girl whose body was ringed with massive breasts, while the other was tugged and pleasured by the enormous tongue of a third girl.

Six of the eight arms of a woman whose body had morphed into a sort of human spider were busy rubbing the half-dozen penises sprouting from another woman's crotch, one working away at her own pussy and the other rubbing the soccer-ball sized clit spreading apart the thighs of a third woman. She groaned, tugging away at her enormous nipples, kissing the face of another girl whose mouth had been replaced by a vagina, her nose a bloated clitoris.

One girl who appeared to be about twelve feet tall lay back against the sidewalk cradling breasts too big even for her massive height, her nipples being sucked by a girl with two heads, four arms, four breasts and four legs. Another girl was locked in a threesome, apparently built for the activity as her back had become a copy of her front, giving her a second face and set of breasts on the back of her head and torso, and double-jointed arms and legs. Her partners were a dickgirl with testicles the size of a beanbag chair, and a girl whose massive breasts and udder burst with milk.

Olivia had to practically drag Rich past the scene, staring open-mouthed and rubbing himself. He whined and moaned the whole way until Olivia was able to bring him inside the house, slamming the door shut. He collapsed against the door, panting.

"P-pleathe, Olifia, I need it tho badly..."

He turned around and went slack again. Theresa was stepping off Elise's cock. Her breasts were painfully taut, bobbing against each other as they swung heavily with milk packed in so tightly it dripped from her nipples. Elise was still writhing, red in the face and looking up pleadingly at Theresa to cum, but the humantaur was too gripped by her own needs to continue.

A moan escaped Rich's mouth as his hands started rubbing even faster. A string of drool dripped from his bloated lips as the massive shaft throbbed, sending Elise's upper body bouncing, her boobs jiggling atop the base of the trunk coming down on the rigid meat with a fleshy slap.

Rich didn't even realise he was stripping off the toga, revealing his bimbo body in all its hourglass glory. Small phut sounds rose from the floorboards as the steady stream of juice from his pussy started hitting the ground, dripping even harder as he watched the massive, pulsing cock on the floor.

Olivia watched as Rich planted his plush ass right at the tip, already belching precum as Elise watched Rich's rack wobble back and forth. She considered pulling Rich back for a moment, too far gone to realise there was no way he could fit the huge cock inside himself, but the sight of what happened next left her stunned.

Rich rammed his pussy at the tip, and howled as rather than simply hit the tip, his pussy opened up as soon as they touched together. It started to expand as Rich wiggled his way down the head, his pussy actually swelling to cope with the meat he was stuffing inside it.

His hips widened as his legs spread apart to accept the monster. It wasn't long of course before the tip reached beyond his hips, but his body seemed to be prepared for that, too. It travelled through his tiny waist with just the barest hint of swelling, like his entire torso was nothing but a fuck-hole.

No longer wiggling, Rich practically foamed at the mouth with pleasure. Olivia noticed that he was still somehow working his way further down Elise's cock without actually moving, quickly realising that his torso was actually stretching, growing down the length of the cock until his waist formed a three-foot long cock sheath.

Olivia was broken out of staring at the absurd sight by Theresa staggering over to her, whining, desperately babbling to be milked. She took her spot underneath the girl and started working at her four lower tits while Theresa handled her top two, and the other mutant women fucked like they were made for one another. Milk splashed out onto the floorboards as Theresa groaned in ecstasy, massaging her aching breasts and shuddering, nearly losing footing.

"Where did Tammy go?"

"Ooh... I don't know... She saaaah-said she'd fixed up the remote to give it more range..."

The two stopped dead as they both turned their heads, watching the blue flash outside that engulfed the city.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Lab Accident 3 - Rebirth

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Brooke groaned, staggering through the door of her bedroom, sweating and clutching her churning stomach. She'd come back home after church instead of heading over to her grandparents place with the rest of the family, protesting the sudden wave of heat and nausea that had passed over her in church.

Her room was the same as it had been since she was thirteen, with the pale pink walls, fuzzy carpet and the white and pink throw pillows on a floral bedspread, along with the requisite crucifix on the wall. She was nineteen now, but her parents didn't deal well with change.

She sat down on the edge of her bed, flipping on the small TV on her dresser as she nursed her tender stomach. The feeling of heat was building; her tiny breasts felt like they were on fire, as did her other parts she tried not to give too much thought. She shifted her skinny thighs in discomfort.

A news bulletin flashed up on the TV. "Good morning Hazelton, I'm Sandra Caraway,"
"and I'm Bruce Shearer,"
"and we're ZZPT News Five with a breaking update."

Brooke's brow wrinkled. "We're seeing updates from scientific organisations around the US about a burst of energy that was picked up roughly twenty minutes ago, unlike anything they'd ever encountered. It appears to have propagated throughout the ionosphere, disrupting radio transmission and burning out some sensitive, high-precision electronics."

The male anchor looked vaguely uncomfortable as his counterpart spoke. He stretched his neck back and forth, adjusting his tie, until he seemed to miss his cue and jumped slightly. "Uh, yes. Authorities are saying there seems to be no chance of direct harm to people, but to contact your doctor if you begin to feel, uh..."

He trailed off, looking dazed. At the same time, Brooke felt the heat in her body dissipate, replaced by a sensation of relaxation that spread throughout her chest and between her thighs. She touched one of her breasts and yelped as heat suddenly flared through them one more time, followed by a feeling of pressure and bloat.

She spread her thighs apart as the same tender, bloated feeling blossomed through her pubic mound, her breath coming faster and more frantic. She heard a shriek from the television and looked up to see the male anchor sliding back from the desk, his hands running through his hair which, astoundingly, seemed to be growing before their eyes.

Brooke yelped as the pressure in her breasts surged, making her jump. Her hands flew to her modest mounds as the pressure hit again, when she realised that she could feel movement against her palms. A cold chill of fear passed through her as, at the same time, she saw the suit of the news anchor on the screen grow loose around him.

Was she... changing? Was that possible? She stood up, groaning at the sensation of her tender pussy being pressed together, and wandered across the hall into the bathroom as the television switched to a technical difficulties splash screen.

She pulled off her top and gasped as she saw breastflesh overflowing the cups of her plain white bra in the mirror. Before her eyes, she felt another sickening surge of pressure, like her stomach after a too-large meal, and her breasts swelled even more against the bra, her straps creaking.

She felt panic flood her mind, grabbing her breasts and trying to push them back, feeling the burning heat in her clammy palms as they swelled outwards against the protestations of her bra, which began to cut into the tender skin.

Transfixed on her breasts, it wasn't until she stepped back that she realised things didn't feel right between her legs, either. She pulled up her skirt and gasped as she revealed the swollen mound filling her panties to breaking point. She watched in shock as whatever was inside her panties continued to expand until her shocked reverie was broken by the sight of her tits entering her field of vision, her bra quivering as it struggled to hold together.

She took a deep breath and it snapped, flying off her boobs and hitting the mirror, leaving angry red marks across the tops of her tits which fell down against her chest with a slap. She cupped one with her right hand and moaned as that feeling flooded through her again, her legs shaking and prompting another burst of growth in her pelvis. She pulled her bloating boobs aside and looked down to find it had changed form, a smaller growth expanding outwards while a second, larger one filled downwards.

The fire had died away by now, leaving only intense pleasure as her breasts and pubis slowly grew and she staggered back to the bed in shock. The TV was back, sans the male reporter, the female reporter visibly shaken.

"Um, viewers, I don't know what to say. We are receiving reports of what can only be called transformations, happening across the city. There appears to be no pattern to where they occur... If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, oh God, Bruce..."

There was a moan from off camera. "The transformations appear to be exclusively obscenely sexual in nature. We cannot describe them, nor can we show any video, and we also certainly suggest you take small children away from the vicinity of anyone afflicted by the changes..."

Her eyes kept darting back to the side. There was a yell and the sound of struggle, and a called-out "He's loose!" before a hail of thick, pearly goo sprayed out over the reporter and the feed was cut again.

Brooke was sweating again, laying back on her bed, but now for an entirely different reason. She trembled with the sensations from her breasts, though they were rapidly starting to be outpaced by the feelings from between her legs. The feeling of tightness was compounded by the pressure of her panties until they finally gave way, shredding with the passage of a huge, thick cock that swung downwards from the ruined waistband and thumped heavily on the bed before it began to throb, slowly climbing to erection.

By the time she was done screaming, it had reached full hardness, standing up proudly from her body and bobbing with her frantic heartbeat. Her legs lay spread apart to make room for it, as well as for the continued growth of the far larger mound beneath it. Her now bountiful breasts lay hanging to either side of her chest.

She closed her eyes, praying desperately, trying to shut out the sensations and the fear. The vision of the throbbing prick kept invading her thoughts, each muttered prayer spoiled by the mental image of the shaft climbing from between her legs.

Some time back, her mother had caught her looking at the men in a dirty magazine a friend at school had given her. She'd watched awkwardly as her mother tore up the pages and threw them into the trash. She'd sat beet-red as her mother lectured her on filth, perversion and sin, and how pornography and nudity were conduits for the devil to enter her body.

Was that what this was? Had the devil filled her soul? Was he the one pushing those images into her mind, no matter how hard she prayed? She opened her eyes, greeted again with the sight of the penis bobbing gently. She gingerly reached out, her forearm brushing one of her breasts, and touched it. It reacted angrily, bobbing towards her and sending a pleasurable shiver through her body which made her abdominals flex. She blinked, and touched it again, more gently, exhaling lightly as her fingers brushed against the thick meat.

It didn't feel evil, but that was the problem. Sin was tempting. Sin felt good. Beneath her dick, her scrotum was swelling, its insides having now divided into two enormous, still-growing testicles that showed no sign of slowing down. She grabbed them, groaning as the smooth orbs bloated against her hands. They felt soft and warm, the flesh giving way under her probing fingers. She shuddered, falling back with her eyes closed, desperately wishing away what was happening to her.

She needed to get it out of her sight. She rolled over to her left, feeling the weight of her boob as it rolled across the side of her body and cascaded over onto her other one with a slap, before she rolled all the way onto her stomach. Her breasts piled between her arms, her testicles laying on the bed between her spread thighs. She groaned at the sensations of all the warm flesh between her and the bed, burying her face in the pillow.

Her hands drifted to her breasts subconsciously, her hips slowly moving back and forth and grinding her cock against the soft cotton sheets. She gasped, flinging herself back over, her boobs colliding again and her cock swinging back to point at the ceiling. She threw her hands to either side of the bed, taking shallow, desperate breaths.

It lurched, straining the muscles in her groin. The more she tried to ignore it, the more painfully hard it became. It wasn't going to go away on its own. She remembered hearing her mother talking about cold showers for her brother as a way of keeping the devil away; could that work?

She rolled to the side, her balls falling heavily against the sheets and dragging along in front of her thighs as she swung her legs off the bed. She hoisted herself up against the weight of her new breasts, feeling them slap against her chest, and came face to face with the gently bobbing head of her own erection.

It came up to about her chin, blushing red and glistening. Another tug on her overworked muscles and it bumped gently against her face, withdrawing a rattling breath from her. It felt good. The touch of her skin against it reverberated down the shaft and through her body, making it throb and beg for more as her mouth grew moist.

All thoughts of cold showers dissolved instantly. She reached up, letting her fingers drift down the bottom side of the bulbous head, shivering as her fingers curled around underneath the flared ridge. She moved her hand down and pressed the tips into the soft underside, rubbing them in a small circle and moaning as the pleasure flowed straight into her spine.

She shifted forward to sit at the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and letting her hefty sack fall down between them and bump into the side of the mattress. Standing, her testicles would have hung down to above her knees, the size of large, elongated honeydew melons and astoundingly heavy. They ached, as well, although that may have just been from impact. Her cock bumped against her chin as she shifted.

She tried to push it away, but instead her hand began tugging softly up and down. Her cock was too long for her hand to make it all the way down to the base, leaving her rubbing just the top half. Her other hand wrapped down near the middle and started tugging in a parallel rhythm.

She knew this was a dreadful sin, but she couldn't stop herself. Tugging at her cock made her eyes roll with sensation, her hips bucking it into her hands. The skin was thick and heavy and difficult to move, but her shaft was so sensitive that even small motions brought huge pleasure.

She grunted and whined, tugging as much sensation out of her dick as she could manage. With both her hands, she was able to cover the whole length of her cock in slow, deliberate pumps. She began keening moans, the likes of which she'd never heard come out of her mouth, her hair slicked to her face with sweat.

Something was happening. She could feel a sensation building along the shaft, a delicious combination of pressure and emptiness that started just below the tip and throbbed all the way down the central vein. Her breathing quickened, her heartbeat racing. Spikes of sensation started bursting down from the tip, making her body jerk forward with each one as her abs crunched. They came harder, more frequent, until her muscles strained with the effort of pulling her towards her cock, and finally...

She shrieked. Her body jerked back, stretching out as a lance of fire slashed up the tip of her cock and her pelvic muscles contracted hard enough to snap. Her hips bucked up as a voluminous rope of thick, pearly fluid jetted from the tip. It shot out with such force that she could actually hear it squirt, the whole viscous string flying to collide with the ceiling halfway across the room. the single sensation of shooting went on for what had to have been two or three seconds.

Her hips bucked again with another flare of sensation and a second jet of spunk blasted from her cock and splattered against the ceiling above her, her muscles clamping for another few seconds to propel it. She sat rolling her hips forward for a third, a fourth, a fifth shot, each time crippling her with sensation as her balls unloaded their bounty.

It was at the tenth painfully powerful shot that she began to sob, pleading with her cock to stop cumming. It barely even flagged, though, twenty seconds of constant orgasm only allowing it to hit its stride. She cried in between moans as her orgasm went on, thirty seconds, a minute, two minutes.

"Ggghh-s-sttooop, plleaa-aaaAAAHH!"

She staggered up, dimly realising that maybe a cold shower would stop it. Her balls slammed into the back of her legs, forcing an extra-hard shot that made her knees quiver, unbalancing her with the weight of her new tits and carrying her straight over onto the carpet, ready for her cock to shoot another load of cum straight up between her cleavage. She staggered to her knees, crawling forward across the creamy puddle and dragging her dangling nipples through it until the sensation brought another extra-hard shot from her cock that send her tumbling face-first into the glistening spunk.

She coughed, spitting, and made another effort to try and get back on her feet that was again stymied as her muscles locked up to fire another rope of cum. Her balls bounced off the backs of her thin calves as she shrieked and scrabbled forward as far as she could until she fell out into the hallway, sobbing as a rope of cum fired up across the drywall when she fell against the doorframe. She managed to get to her feet and stagger into the nearby bathroom, slicked with cum and leaving a slimy trail of destruction, before she greeted the crisp white tiles with another torrent of cum.

She'd been cumming continuously for over five minutes now, and she was still shooting as hard as ever. She pulled herself up on the bathtub with a wracking sob and tumbled over into it, howling as she accidentally trapped her pendulous balls below her legs as she turned over and her tits hit her in the face with a moist slap. Grimacing, she spread her legs to allow her testicles passage and groaned as another three-second spasm forced more cum out and into the bath.

She pulled herself up on weak arms to reach out and try to turn on the shower knobs, her own cockhead greeting her as she did with a blast of spunk straight to the face.

She fell back, coughing, too drained of energy to do any more. She simply laid back in the bath and let whatever was happening to her work through, allowing her cock to jet cum all over her body. She couldn't stop the involuntary roll of her hips, though, bucking her ass off the bottom of the bath every time she shot off, again and again and again.

Each one blurred together, leaving her unable to tell when each spasm of her overworked muscles stopped and the next began. She was beyond pleasure or pain at this point, able to do nothing but sit and squeal through the assault on her body and mind.

Her shots were finally dropping in force, though, now just launching ropes of cum up her body, across her gigantic tits and over her face. They were still heavy and thick, though. She dimly noticed that her scrotum seemed to have shrunk in the time since she started cumming, still perched atop her thighs and by now glistening under a sheen of sperm like the rest of her body.

It barely even came as a relief when she finally stopped, the last few ounces of spunk dribbling softly from the end of her dick as the spasms died down. She pulled herself up with a groan and felt a thick layer slide off her body, dripping down onto the bottom of the bath. Her legs trembled as she tried to stand back up, sending her back down into the sticky layer with a squelch, her boobs bouncing. Her balls, however, had shrunk down to only the size of eggs.

She couldn't move. Any effort to get back on her feet would only result in another fall. She panted, resolving to get up as soon as she could and clean up some of the gallons of jizz in the tub. Her eyes went wide, though, as she heard the crunch of tires on the outside driveway.

The glow of the laptop illuminated Brooke's face as she tapped away at the keyboard. It cast its glow over a white antique-style desk that was cluttered with papers and pamphlets, along with a large stack of open letters. Her hand brushed the corner of one of the letters.

"Your daughter is an abomination and a sin against God. For the sake of your own souls, she must be cast out or destroyed."

She sighed, leaning back in the chair. A message popped up on her screen from her friend Katrina. "Seriously, reading those letters isn't good for you."

She sighed again, typing back. "I know. I can't seem to stop, though. I had another argument with my parents. A really bad one. It's getting worse every day."

She groaned, spreading her legs apart a little more. She was going to have to do something about that soon, but as usual, she'd resolved to wait until she was sure that everybody was asleep. She didn't need another lecture about her sinful desires.

"I keep telling you, Brooke. You need to come across to Houghton, meet up with me and come to Rebirth with us. There's nothing left for you there."

Brooke groaned, burying her face in her hands, her elbows squeezing around her bosom. The tears were coming again, but she fought them off. What Katrina was saying was absolutely true, and she just didn't want to admit it. She had no future here any more. Not after the storm.

Since the day her parents had discovered in in the bathroom, barely-conscious in a pool of her own jizz, she'd been struggling with the demands of her body and the admonishments of her family. She realised very quickly that her testicles were swelling back up after her first cum. Within an hour, barely after she'd managed to clean up her mess, they'd more than doubled in size.

She'd asked to go to the doctor, but her parents shut the idea down instantly. They'd heard on the news that the radiation storm pulled its effects from people's subconscious minds, that it only affected those who were deep down thinking impure thoughts. There was no cure for impurity besides penance, and if she prayed and denied herself Satan's desires that God would cleanse her.

She took the lecture to heart. For three days she tried desperately to deny her need to touch herself again. She took cold showers, exercised, anything she could think of to distract her from the insistent throbbing of her dick. It didn't get any easier, though. Along with the pain, as her balls bloated, she became more excitable, the lust building up inside her until even the sight of her own breasts got her hard. By day three, her erections were on a hair-trigger and her testicles were the size of beach balls. Already banned from leaving the house, lest someone in their neighbourhood realise what happened to her, she stopped leaving her room entirely. She could barely even walk on account of the massive weight that collided with her knees on every step.

When she finally gave up, she came for over three and a half hours. She was sure she passed out partway through, but her body didn't care, still insistently draining her buildup one agonising cumshot at a time. She realised from that point on that no matter what her parents said, she had to masturbate. She had to cum. Fortunately her parents thought her self-control was purging the devil.

She tapped a quick "brb" to Katrina, pushing back from the chair and standing up, bow-legged to avoid crushing her bloated testicles before she could step back, letting them swing in front of her legs. It had been over six hours since she came, and they were each easily nearly four inches across by now and starting to ache. She stared at the things for a moment, and then wandered into the bathroom, grabbing a sock and a plastic bag as she went. She grabbed her penis, slowly tugging it, stifling the moan as she felt it begin to bloat and thicken in her hand.

She was ashamed to admit it, but she'd begun trying to research the behaviour of her new body on the Internet. A lot of resources existed for the new mutants springing up across the country, and along with emotional support was, of course, personal advice. A lot of personal advice, in tremendous detail. It seemed mutants thought about sex all the time, and were more than happy to advise other mutants on how they could best use their bodies for pleasure, or simply deal with their conditions as well as possible.

She sat on the edge of the toilet, slowly pumping her cock to full erection, before pulling it up, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them around it. Her head darted forward, sinking down onto the tip as she took several inches into her mouth.

The first time she did this, at the prompting of her mutant forum, she'd barely been able to keep her hands on her tits after the explosion of pleasure from the sensation of her mouth on her cock. By now, though, she was a practised hand at it, and skilfully tugged her mounds up and down against the thick shaft as she took her cock to the back of her throat. She'd discovered that she was unusually flexible after her transformation, and with some effort (and as long as she wasn't TOO hard) she could get halfway down the length of her cock, but that precluded being able to titfuck herself, and by now she adored the feeling of the pillowy softness against her manhood. A more reasonable blowjob and room for a tit-fuck was far better.

She grunted, feeling the now-familiar building sensation of an orgasm, and popped her dick out of her mouth to point it at the tub and start pumping with her hands. She'd made the mistake of trying to swallow before, and while it felt good and deliciously naughty, she came far too hard to be able to focus on swallowing her entire load without making a mess that she would then have to desperately clean to hide the evidence of her lapse in self-control.

By now, six hours on, her balls were packed with roughly six heavy quarts of cum so thick it looked like shampoo. In the experiments she ran to keep herself sane, she'd worked out it took her about 3 minutes of constant orgasm to squeeze out each quart. It made the idea of draining down a little daunting, especially when she was so limited in the time she had available to masturbate, but she knew that if she did nothing it would only get worse. The longer she left it to drain, the more cripplingly hard she'd shoot when she finally came.

She knelt down on the bathmat at the edge of the tub, stuffing the sock in her mouth to stifle the moans and gasps as her cock lurched, her hips straining forward as it began to shoot off. Muffling her sexual noises was probably the hardest part of dealing with her hyper-extended orgasms, since by five or ten minutes in she could barely stay upright, let alone focus on silence. The beautiful few hours she occasionally got when her family were all out were the best, when she was able to fully enjoy the pleasures of her body without worrying about being discovered.

She spent the next twenty or so minutes unloading the contents of her balls into the tub as they slowly shrank back to their normal size. She gripped her cock, pressing her fingers into the middle of the shaft and squeezing up a few more large globs of spunk. She'd found if she left any in it would irritate and stimulate her and make her build up far faster, so she was careful to milk as much cum out as possible.

She got up with a sigh, grabbing the plastic bag and scooping as much cum into it as she could. She'd gotten warnings from her boards that too much cum could block up pipes. Before the bags she'd used a plastic waste basket.

She wandered back into her bedroom, sitting back down at the computer and staring at Katrina's messages. Rebirth. The mutant city. Could she do it? The idea of running away was terrifying, she'd never known anything else, any other life. As bad as it was here, was it worth the unknown?

She jumped as she heard a thump on her door. "Brooke! You'd better not be defiling yourself in there, girl! You still haven't purged that devil's taint from your sinful body!"

Brooke went beet-red as her mother stomped away. She started typing furiously to Katrina.

"I'm leaving tonight."

It was definitely worth it.

Kyle had been home alone when the storm hit. Watching lesbian porn, though he wouldn't admit it to anyone. The first symptom he noticed was a stiffness in his neck and through his shoulders and pain and heat down his ribs. He noticed that the pain went away if he tilted his head to the right. After a little while of holding his head cocked, he realised that he actually struggled to move it back.

He could feel a prickling sensation all through his face and body, as well, and it finally got irritating enough for him to go to his mirror and see if something was wrong with his skin. The sight that hit him was nothing short of shocking.

Kyle had always been fairly thin, but his face had perceptibly changed shape. His lips were plumper, his cheeks rounder and his jaw softened. His blond hair had grown longer, straightening out from its usual shag. He gasped as he realised that his head had also migrated right on his body, his neck no longer in the centre of his shoulders.

He leaned in, wide-eyed, realising that his hair was still growing. There was a twinge from the left side of his shoulders, and as he raised a hand to rub it he felt a strange pressure from just below his shoulder joint. He also felt the same heat and pressure spreading across his chest.

He pulled off his t-shirt, grimacing as he felt his sides twitch, and stared blankly at the second set of nipples that had appeared on his lower chest. It took him a moment to realise that the flesh underneath all four was swollen, and then another moment before the realisation hit him. Long hair, soft features, swollen chest and, he realised, growing hips.

"Am I... turning into a girl? What the fuck is going on?"

His hair had lengthened down to past his neck now, straight and blond. The tilt in his neck had eased, but his head still looked as though it had moved; in fact, his shoulders actually looked wider.

He shrieked as a bump suddenly appeared on the left side of his shoulders, not realising how feminine it sounded. At the same time the swelling under his nipples surged forward, now unmistakeably a pair of B-cup breasts. It was joined by a pressure in his groin, right between his legs. He struggled for a moment to get his pants down over his expanded hips and let out a moan of shock as he saw his penis shrink away, disappearing into a patch of smooth skin. His balls were already gone.

He groaned as the pressure under his arms doubled, a pair of fleshy bumps swelling out from under his armpits. His face no longer bore any evidence of masculinity, instead having shifted to an astoundingly pretty girl with a small button nose, wide eyes, full lips and long, luscious blond hair. His four breasts were still growing, now clearing hand-filling D-cups with no sign of slowing. He looked back down between his legs, half expecting to see the line of a new vagina, but instead there was only another large swelling bump.

He ran his hands across his sweating forehead and through his hair, and stopped as he saw the growing bumps under his arms twitch as he moved. He touched them, gasping as he realised they were twitching with the movement of his arms. They kept swelling, until they could hardly be called bumps any more. He tensed his muscles, and the stumps flexed and moved.

He was starting to hyperventilate. The lump on his neck and the one between his legs were swelling rapidly, his breasts were still growing and the stumps of flesh sprouting from the sides of his body lengthened by the second.

His stomach growled and twisted as he saw his navel begin to split in half like a dividing cell, taking his now-trim abdominals with it and dividing them until he had two sets of abs travelling up from each side of     his wide hips to the bottom of his chest, where they joined. The lengths growing from his sides reached the length of his arms, slowly reshaping, until he watched in shock as a set of fingers grew out of the end.

Four arms. He had four arms. He didn't even have to guess what was happening between his legs, watching in resigned horror as it formed into a third leg. He could feel slashes of pain inbetween the legs, groaning at the idea of what he knew was happening.

Suddenly, he blacked out. He lost all sense of sight, sound, taste and smell, left only with what he could feel with the rest of his body. A white-hot pain lanced through his mind where his senses had been, and then an explosion of colours before his vision, followed shortly by a cacophony of sound. He blinked until the colours cleared and his vision swam back into focus, then stopped, trying to work out what was wrong.

He blinked again. He waved a hand in front of his eyes. And in front of his other eyes.

He turned to the mirror again and screamed a stereo scream. There on the left side of his shoulders was a second head, blinking in the new light. It was bald and pink-skinned but otherwise looked a lot like his first head, and as he watched he could see and feel little fuzzy strands of hair starting to form on its scalp.

He felt around, trying to work out how his double-headed vision operated. His heads processed independently, and with a little effort he realised he could look in two directions at once. He could feel new connections burning in his brains as he independently moved each of his four arms. By the time he felt somewhat comfortable, his new head had long, flowing pitch-black locks that reached down nearly to his ass, the same length as his first head's blond hair.

He reached down between one set of his legs and met his new moist pussy. His fingers dragged up and encountered his dual clitorises. Another of his hands palmed one of his four hefty G-cups. He looked back in the mirror, both of his heads biting their lip with anticipation.

Brooke trudged to the bus stop, dragging her suitcase along behind her. Even though it was late, she still felt conspicuous and out of place. Her parents hadn't allowed her to buy new clothes since her transformation, claiming that she wouldn't need them once she properly repented, and that her ill-fitting clothes would serve to remind her. That meant she had breasts larger than her head stuffed into a shirt made for a skinny waif with A-cups, and no bra. She could already tell the stitching under the arms wasn't long for this world. Fortunately she had a skirt long and modest enough to mostly cover her bulge, although the idea of getting a boner was terrifying, especially since she had no underwear large enough to hold her mutant package and certainly not large enough to cope with even an hour of swelling cum.

She certainly wished she had some underwear by the end of the twenty-minute walk to the stop. After roughly an hour packing clothes, her laptop and some important memories of her old life, her balls were large and heavy enough to swing back and forth and rebound off her thighs as she walked. She'd changed her gait to cope, but it was still a large amount of tender flesh to have swinging every which possible way.

She got onto the bus, mercifully with a driver she didn't know. His eyes bugged out at the sight of her enormous breasts jiggling back and forth in her t-shirt, but that meant he wasn't looking for the bulge in her skirt. The bus ride was fitful and anxious, as she had to sit with her legs spread further and further apart to make room for her swelling sack over the two-hour journey.

With little to do besides wallow in the company of her own thoughts, her mind went where it tended to of late: sex, and then guilt. While she wasn't at the period in her expansion where her libido became increasingly erratic and she became prone to spontaneous erections, without anything else to distract her she couldn't help but start to grow hard.

She held down her swelling cock with her hands and took a deep breath to try and calm down-


-and her breasts tore right out of her shirt. Her hands flew up to cover her nipples, letting her erection swing up pulling her skirt with it until it nearly slid off the tip. She tried to corral her boobs with one arm across the nipples and push down her cock as she could feel every eye on her. She heard footsteps, and a cold chill ran down her neck.

Someone's going to complain and I'll get kicked off and oh God...

A hand appeared in front of her vision, holding a wool blanket. Brooke looked at the small, serious-faced old lady holding the blanket, and accepted it sheepishly. The lady leaned in.

"My granddaughter's like you. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean. I'd hope someone would do this for her as well."

Brooke took the blanket, wrapping it around herself and, as the old lady moved back to her seat near the back of the bus, began to sob.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic


Brooke stepped off the bus at Houghton station, still wrapped in the blanket. Her erection had finally gone down, but that just meant her balls had grown even faster.

She spied a figure standing at the corner of the station, outside the lights, wearing a large trenchcoat. It turned to the side, revealing a second head that made Brooke gasp.


The girl turned both heads towards her, breaking into double smiles. "Brooke! You-"
"-finally came! It's-"
"-so great to meet you!"

She ran forward, pulling Brooke into a deep hug. Brooke leaned in for a kiss on the cheek to the blond head. Katrina poked the cheek of her brunette head.

"And now-"
"-this one."

Instead of a peck on the cheek, though, Katrina moved her mouth to catch Brooke in a deep tongue kiss. Brooke shuddered, feeling her cock pulse almost instantly and start to throb before she pulled away.

"What are you doing?!"

Katrina's brunette head grinned. "Saying hello, cutie. It's how we-"
"-muties do it. Come on, we're only a block-"
"-from here. You can meet-"
"the others."

The final line was spoken in unison. Katrina seemed to not have great control of which head was speaking, with sentences jumping back and forth between the two or coming from both.

It was only as she began to walk away that Brooke noticed her three-legged gait. Her legs moved forward in a back-and-forth order, middle, left, middle, right, middle. Brooke had to practically jog to keep up with her, holding her boobs tightly under the blanket. "Did that take much getting used to?"

"Yeah, it took-"
"-me a while. For the first-"
"-couple of weeks I kept tripping over."

She giggled a stereo giggle. "I got used to two cunts right away, though!"

Brooke was uncomfortably aware of her reaction to Katrina talking like that, feeling the lurch in her groin muscles. "How do you deal with... you know, the urges? How do you stop yourself from just touching yourself all the time?"

Katrina's brows wrinkled. "I don't understand? Why-"
"-would you stop touching yourself?"

Brooke huffed, her balls bouncing off her legs as she tried to keep pace. "I mean, can't it- doesn't it go away? If you stop?"

The doublegirl laughed, a crystal-clear stereo mirth. "Oh, baby, no. It never-"
"-goes away. There's no "cure." We're-"
"-stuck like this."

She winked with her blond head. "Not that I mind."

That stopped Brooke dead, her nuts swinging forward with her momentum and her boobs bouncing. "You- you LIKE this?"

"Honey, you never realised?"
"I mean it was a shock, yeah, but-"
"-after I got used to it, I started-"
"-loving it."

The idea that her friend enjoyed her condition had never occurred to Brooke. She knew Katrina had come to terms with it, and certainly enjoyed the sex, but just enjoying what she was? That was possible?

"How could you enjoy this? What's happened to us?"

"How could I not? I'm-"
"-hot, my body feels great. All the, like-"
"-questions you normally have about what you-"
"-should be doing and why just disappear."

She sighed, almost happily, speaking in unison. "I feel... free."

"Don't you miss your family? Your friends? Your life?!"

She shrugged. "This life is better. I'm-"
"-interesting. I'm a freak. I'm-"

Brooke couldn't deny that. She was still nursing a semi-hardon from Katrina's kiss earlier. Katrina pointed over toward a run-down building.

"Over there. We're squatting."
"There's power, and we get municipal wi-fi."
"Come on, I want you to meet the others."

Brooke climbed a few stairs and ladders behind Katrina, trying and failing not to look at the girl's triple-cheeked ass. She was fully hard by the time they got to the right room.

As abandoned as the rest of the building, it had been made cozy with blankets, pillows and light, carving out a large comfortable corner. Several laptops and a smartphone were plugged into a power strip that led out the door.

Two girls were on the cushion pile, one of them waving to Katrina as she walked back in. The other pouted sullenly.

The pouting one sat with her arms folded underneath her immense bust. It was even bigger than Brooke's, but appeared to be somehow  perkier, standing out in almost perfect teardrops. They were so perky that they somehow only curved down to just the top of her stomach, where Brooke's enormous, more natural-looking mounds hung to her navel.

She was nude, but wreathed in a waterfall of wavy hair so blond it was nearly yellow, that cascaded on the cushions around her and would have hung nearly to the floor when she stood up, extending a foot out either side of her body.

Her face was perfectly, if thickly, made up, with dark eyeliner that made her eyes look huge and vapid and bright pink lipstick on her thick, plush lips. Brooke could just see behind the mass of her boobs that she had a tiny, pinched-in wasp waist.

The other girl was actually clothed, though her top appeared overstuffed and her skirt revealed a large tent and attempted to wrap around wide, curvaceous hips. Brooke realised her shirt was overstuffed because of the third breast nestled in it, and though her breasts weren't close to Brooke's own, let alone the other girl, they would have been called large on any conventional woman.

"Brooke, this is Soleil-" Katrina waved a hand at the clothed mutant, "-and this is Alex."

Soleil wandered into the bathroom, sweating. She'd been all ready that morning to head into the office and put the finishing touches on the Pandesky case, but she'd suddenly come down with a case of nausea.

By the time she'd reached the bathroom, though, the sickness had faded, but had been replaced with a burning heat all through her chest, focused on her (rather large, she was proud to say) breasts, as well as a similar heat in her groin.

She stripped off her suit jacket and her button-down shirt, revealing a utilitarian white bra. She could feel a strange tingling on her ribcage, right between her breasts. She poked there and gasped as her finger sank right down to the first knuckle in what should have been bone.

When she withdrew her finger, a small bump popped up along with it. As she looked on in shock, it swelled further, changing shape and spreading out until she could only describe it as an erect nipple.

She groaned as pressure built up in her breasts and behind her new nipple, along with a similar pressure through her hips and her pubic mound. She felt the pressure flare, and her boobs surged against the cups of her bra, the fabric of the straps creeping as titflesh swelled against the cups. At the same time, her tight pencil skirt tore down the sides as her hips suddenly widened several inches.

The pressure was especially bad in the centre of her chest, and even as her boobs expanded she could see the bump between them playing rapid catch-up until it wobbled and jostled for space in her already overstuffed bra. She reached back and unhooked it, letting out an involuntary moan as her heavy breasts fell free and slapped against her chest, including what could now only be described as her third tit. She touched its nipple and pitched forward, knees shaking as pleasure rocketed through her body. Her clit lurched hard, the pressure in her groin doubling behind it as she cupped and palmed her swelling, hypersensitive breasts.

Her clit suddenly tightened even more, her muscles straining hard. There was a slash of blinding pain through it and a sickening organic noise, and a large, misshapen bump began to rise up in the front of her skirt. Trembling, she reached a hand down and touched it, gasping as it throbbed.

It swelled further, straining at the already-ruined shreds of her skirt until they tore completely, allowing two thick thirteen-inch cocks to fall down and throb to full erection, holding up the remaining flap of her skirt.

Transfixed, she pushed the flap of fabric aside, peering over her expanded triple-bust to watch them throb. Still cupping one of her breasts with her left hand, she reached down and wrapped her right hand around the top shaft, taking in a sharp intake of breath as the pleasure flooded into her body.

She began to rub her hand around it, teasing into the ridge under the head with her fingers and stroking her nails lightly down the underside, making her shiver and gasp. Within minutes she was slowly stroking it, exulting in the sensation all the way up the lengthy shaft. It was the biggest cock she'd ever seen and she had two of them. She knew she should have been upset, even freaked out, but the sensations were too good.

She looked around, realising someone could walk into the bathroom at any moment, and ducked into a stall, her cocks bouncing as she moved. She felt underneath them, finding a swelling bump at the top of her pussy, just below her lower shaft. Her pussy suddenly felt full, like there was something inside her. Her muscles spasmed and, with her brow crinkling in confusion, she pushed.

An egg-sized mass popped out from under the lump, filling and stretching the skin around it and drawing a yelp from her  The sensation grew again, and within minutes she'd pushed a second fleshy egg into the rapidly-swelling sac.

She went back to stroking herself, periodically groaning and pushing another mass out. After the first one, her cocks had begun leaking, pearly precum beading at the tips and dripping down the length of her shafts. She'd gripped and tugged her hand from the base to the top of her upper dick and been rewarded with a weighty glob of the stuff that dripped down over her hand, lubing the passage of her fingers.

She was a throbbing, hot, sloppy mess. The flow of precum didn't stop, and if anything only increased as she jerked her dick, ignoring the protesting throbs and the petulant dripping of her other shaft. I'll deal with you later!

Later, however, didn't seem forthcoming. She sat and tugged for what felt like ages, and though several times she felt it get tantalisingly close, each time the feelings receded, leaving only a belch of precum in its wake. She stopped, panting, realising that whatever she was doing wasn't working. In the interim, she grunted and squeezed out another testicle into her overstuffed scrotum, both shafts heralding the event by dripping more goo.

This isn't working. Maybe if I... She pulled her left hand from her tender breast and reached down to her lower dick, starting to pump it amateurishly as her right hand went back to work. The sensation from double-masturbation was nearly too much to bear, her hips bucking as moist gasps died in her throat.

Keeping up a rhythm on even a single cock with her dominant hand was hard enough under the onslaught, let alone jerking off two at once. She did her best but her efforts were fruitless, both cocks stuck in a cycle of coming close to orgasm and then fading, leaving nothing but a horrifying tease and another voluminous string of precum in its wake. It seemed that unless she got both cocks on the edge at the same time, she couldn't cum. She started to sob, her hands soaked in her pre, gliding up and down the slick shafts of her dicks in trembling staccato motions as she tried her hardest to finally bring herself off...

Katrina sprawled out on a pile of cushions, kicking off her shoes and stretching back, curling her toes. She motioned to Brooke.

"Sit down, make yourself at home, babe. We're here for one more night. I organised a Rebirth Bus to pick us up."

Brooke took a seat near Soleil, spreading her legs apart to allow her sack space between them. The action caught the girl's eye, and she winked. "Space issues, hey?"

Brooke flushed. "Uh, yeah."

Soleil gave her a friendly punch to the shoulder. "Don't be embarrassed. We're all freaks here. How many do you have to fit down there?"

Brooke's brow crinkled. "Uh, two?"

Soleil sighed. "Lucky." She lifted up her skirt, spreading her legs a little further. Brooke gasped at the sight of her twin cocks and bulbous, misshapen scrotum. She girl reached down, palming her sack, and it was plainly obvious that the shape was because it contained a multitude of egg-sized testicles. Her cocks throbbed, and a fat wad of precum belched from each of the tips, rolling down the shafts.

"I've got twelve of them, I think. I don't know for certain. They're, like, always working overtime as well, so I pretty much constantly leak."

She sighed again. "The worst part? I'm leaking and horny all the time but unless both my dicks get off at once, I can never cum. That makes it really hard to masturbate."

Brooke flushed hard, turning her head away. She'd found herself becoming transfixed by the sight of Soleil's mutant genitalia, feeling the stirrings in her own cock. She heard the girl giggle. "Oh, it's nothing you haven't seen befo- uh, okay, maybe it is, but don't worry. We're all friends here."

Katrina chimed in. "In Rebirth, people walk around naked all the time. They-"
"-say hello with kissing and sex is, like, just something you do as friends."

"Gross." That was Alex. "There are probably penises everywhere."

"I hope so!" Both of Katrina's heads smiled. "I like dicks."

The bimbo girl sneered, or at least tried; her vapid expression made it look more like she'd accidentally stepped in a puddle. "Weren't you a fuckin' guy before?"

"So? Doesn't really matter after-"
"-you mutate. It fucks with everything, your-"
"-sexual preferences included. It was weird-"
"-at first but at some point you just have to-"
"-accept that you're into penis."

Alex sniffed. "Fuck that. Nope. The mutation hasn't changed my head, no matter what else it's done to me."

Soleil looked thoughtful, laid back with her skirt still hiked up and her cocks periodically disgorging a glob of precum into a puddle under her ass. "Do guy and girl even mean anything any more to us? I've got two cocks and a vagina. Katrina's got two pussies. Brooke's got-"

She looked over meaningfully, and Brooke flushed even harder. Katrina chimed in. "Just the cock."

"Okay. And she started out a girl, even. So, what does it all mean? Is she a guy now? What if she had a pussy? Does that change it? Aren't we all just basically mutants now?"

"I'm a woman, and I like other women. Simple as that. I'm not weak enough to have that dictated to me by some disease."

Katrina laughed. "Except for the part where you're a walking bimbo fuckhole gagging for dick twenty-four-seven."

Alex growled, rolling forward on her enormous shelf of an ass. Brooke could see thick strands of pussy lube following her. She'd been stewing in her own juices. "You fucking cunt! How dare yo-"

She stopped, wide-eyed. Katrina, grinning evilly, had turned her heads inwards and locked lips, drawing herself into a deep, passionate kiss. Her hands crossed her body, her lower-left hand dropping to her right pussy and her upper-left cupping her lower-right breast. Her right hands both moved to a breast.

The three remaining girls sat in stunned silence as Katrina engaged in a one-woman lesbian makeout session. Her hand rubbed in rapid circles around her pussy, Brooke realising that each of her mounds came equipped with two clitorises side-by-side. She moaned, one of her faces breaking off the kiss to start panting as the other side of her body went on the offensive, rubbing its pussy hard and practically mauling its bountiful breasts. Brooke wasn't sure if Katrina even realised what was happening, but she seemed to be falling into a dom-sub relationship with her own body, the blond head taking the initiative as the dark-haired head whined in pleasure.

Brooke heard a choking noise and looked to the side as Alex pitched forward onto her hands and knees, her hips gyrating. Alex looked at her with teary eyes, making another choking noise. Her mouth opened and Brooke gasped as a large penis slowly pushed out from behind her plump, pink lips, and then pulled back in. She let out a deep, muffled moan and there was a slick noise, her legs spreading apart. She heard it again and again, each one accompanied by a thrust of the pneumatic mutant's hips, and Brooke realised she was being fucked from the inside out.

Soleil stepped forward, slowly tugging on both of her cocks, spraying a small spurt of precum in front of her. "That's the other part of her mutation. She waits too long or gets too horny without sticking something inside her? Her body basically rapes itself. Her mouth and both of her pussies."

Brooke's quizzical look made her go on. "She's got a second pussy between her ass cheeks. Surprised she got away without one instead of her mouth, as well."

The cocks had picked up speed, leaving the writhing girl being savagely, mercilessly fucked by rapid, pounding thrusts. Brooke knew she was in distress, but on the other hand watching Alex's massive tits swing back and forth, watching her round ass gyrate as each pair of thrusts ravaged her pussies, had Brooke at full mast.

Soleil knelt down behind Alex, biting her lip, positioning the tips of her cocks at both of Alex's holes. She thrust forward, groaning deeply.

"You- uhhh- see, if someone's-ugh- filling a hole, she doesn't fuck it herself."

She began to thrust slowly, her hands running across the the curve of the girl's ass, her three tits heaving with each roll of her hips. Alex squealed around the dick in her mouth, her eyes rolling as a massive orgasm wracked her body. Brooke's cock lurched hard, making her gasp in pleasure. Her balls were tight and aching, and she could tell she was going to have to drain soon. Despite the fact that two of the mutants were fucking in front of her, though, she still didn't want to reveal herself, blushing furiously and trying to push down her erection.

Transfixed by the sight of copulation in front of her, she didn't notice Katrina walking over to her until she felt her skirt sliding up her legs. She squealed, kicking her legs lightly, but Katrina grabbed her ankles with her lower arms, still lifting the skirt up.

"Oh come on, Brooke, you don't meet three new mutants-"
"-and slink off to masturbate. Besides, what am I supposed to do?"

She flipped the skirt over, unveiling the fat, pulsing shaft. She licked both sets of lips, moving her hands to the bottom of the shaft and starting to tug.

"You've such a big, sexy fucking cock."
"It's not the biggest I've ever seen but-"
"-it's just right. I don't need you to have-"
"-a dick bigger than your body. This is perfect."

She shifted forward, letting go of Brooke's legs as she stopped struggling. Katrina pushed her upper boobs together, wrapping them around the upper half of Brooke's dick, her lower arms still slowly pumping the shaft. She licked her lips and leaned forward, her boobs sliding down Brooke's cock to allow the rest of it to project up between her heads.

They turned inwards again, showing off her amazing flexibility, and started to lick and plant sucking kisses up either side of Brooke's cock. Her right head, the blonde, stretched her mouth wide to fit the tip in, staring straight into Brooke's eyes as she sucked, while the brunette kept licking up the underside and mewling in pleasure.

Brooke nearly blacked out. The sensations shuddering from every inch of her oversized dick were like nothing she'd ever felt before. Katrina's mutant body and her own immense size created the possibility of a full-body experience unimaginable by regular people. The heads began switching off, the blonde moving off to start licking the underside while the brunette teased the tip with her tongue. One of Katrina's lower hands slid down and began to gently cup and caress Brooke's balls.

"These must be so full. How long has it been for you?"

Stuffed full of cock, the other head stopped trading off speaking. Katrina grinned at the writhing dickgirl, still gently fondling her nuts while one hand rubbed up and down the bottom of her cock and the top hands kept pressing her upper set of breasts against the shaft.

Brooke moaned, and Katrina took the opportunity to pop her mouth off the end and push forward, levering Brooke's cock into her own mouth. Brooke's eyes went wide in sudden surprise, and Katrina lifted her arms up to press all four breasts around the shaft and slide them down so her heads were level with Brooke's breasts, taking a nipple into each mouth.

The combined sensation of a triple titfuck, sucking herself off and having both her nipples sucked on at once was too much, and within a couple of minutes she moaned into her cockhead, her abdominals tensing, and then her eyes going wide as a load of cum forced its way up the length of her shaft and exploded into her mouth.

She choked on the first and second loads, her cock finally leaving her mouth at the third shot taking an overstuffed mouthful of jizz with it. Katrina laughed, milking more hard shots out of Brooke's cock with her breasts, until she sat back and just slowly pumped with each crippling spasm through Brooke's body.

While Brooke was cumming, Soleil finally grunted, grabbing hard onto Alex's ass cheeks and bucking as she deposited a hard double load into the girl's twin pussies, falling back and sighing with strings of cum trailing to her dicks. Alex slumped forward, dazed in the afterglow of dozens of rapid-fire orgasms.

Soleil looked over at Brooke, writhing on the bed of cushions as she shot off again and again, and purred, watching the sight with interest.

"Wow. When does she stop?"

Katrina smiled, giving Brooke's cock a hard pump with her next shot, making the girl shriek and cum extra-hard. "Like ten or fifteen minutes. She-"
"-doesn't stop until her balls are drained."

"Wow." Soleil grimaced, her cocks lurching back to erection, two more huge globs of precum oozing from them to slide down the shafts. "I wish I could drain all my balls at once."

"Even if it-"
"-took you hours?"

The pair watched Brooke scream and sob for a moment, clutching the cushions and humping her hips into the air, the lengthy pole of her dick shaking strands of cum across the room.

"Uh, yeah? I'd trade with any of you in a heartbeat." She looked over at Alex, slumped forward on the pillowy mass of her tits, still shivering with residual orgasms. "Well, uh, maybe not her. At least she can still satisfy herself, though."

Katrina smirked, gently rubbing a few of her nipples. "Yeah I think I got the best deal-"
"-out of this. I don't know if you're better off-"
"-than Brooke, though." The girl was crying now, wracking sobs that coincided with each burst of spunk from the end of her gigantic dick. "How would you ever-"
"-get used to that?"

Soleil shrugged, running her hand up one of her cocks to clean off a layer of pre, flicking it off onto the floor with a wet slap and shuddering with the sensation as both her cocks lurched. "Am I ever going to get used to this?"

"Heh, probably not. We're-"
"all fucked, aren't we?"

"Amen, sister." Soleil looked across Katrina's body, her four erect nipples and the flush of her cheeks, and particularly the moisture across her twin pussies. "Speaking of fucked, uh, are you up for it?"

"Thought you were never-"
"-going to ask."

She crawled over, swinging one set of legs over Soleil and sinking down onto a cock with a groan of relief. Soleil gasped, shaking her head.

"No, no, not just one-"

Katrina placed a finger on the girl's lips. "Shh. Let me-ugh-"
"-sort it out."

She wrapped one hand around Soleil's upper cock. Another snaked behind her, under her wide ass, to lift up Soleil's overstuffed scrotum and sink a finger or two into her pussy. She bit her lip in concentration, moving another hand up to Soleil's triple bust, and finally positioned the last one down at her empty pussy. She began a complicated dance of stimulation, lifting and grinding her hips, jerking, fingering and rubbing, while her lover writhed underneath her.

Alex stirred as her stomach churned in pain, blinking the sleep out of her eyes, smacking her lips at the taste of stale booze and cigarettes. The lithe little blonde with the undershave in the bed next to her turned over, but didn't wake up.

What a night. It was always fun breaking in a new dyke. She'd been beginning to despair of finding anyone, especially after the first person she'd sidled up to at the bar had turned out to be a fucking tranny.

She pulled on an old, loose tank top and a pair of jeans, and stepped over a pile of newsletters, emblazoned with a large fist atop a circle and cross. She had to remember to bring the rest to the meeting tonight so they could go postering around the campus. It was hard, getting a radfem group started up a small-town college, but somehow the difficulty improved the fun.

She stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her buzz cut was beginning to grow out a little. She might get it coloured this time. As she got a glass of water from the sink, her stomach churned with another sudden bout of nausea. Jesus, what a fucker of a hangover. I didn't drink THAT much, did I?

She flopped down on the sharehouse couch, fighting down the urge to throw up. She felt clammy and shivery, but with a strange heat flooding through her core and out to her chest and hips, and also through her face. She wiped cold sweat off her forehead and ran her fingers down her face, and stopped as she felt a burst of sensitivity from her lips.

Are they... She touched her upper lip gently. Are they swollen? Am I having an allergic reaction or something?

She ran her tongue across them and shivered lightly. She soon realised that her nipples were erect, the tips of her tiny tits showing up through her tank top. As she lifted an arm to brush over one, she felt a prickle all throughout her armpit, soon realising a bunch of her flourishing armpit hair had fallen out. She also felt a twinge in her clit, and a hot, sticky sensation of arousal.

What the fuck is going on? There was a flood of pressure behind her breasts, and she could swear she saw them swell behind her top, the nipples pressing even more heavily into her shirt. She stepped back and groaned at the tightness of her jeans around her ass.

She stumbled back in to the bedroom, gritting her teeth at the pull of the fabric across her skinny butt. Her playmate from last night was awake by now. "Hey, uhh-"

She looked at Alex levelly for a moment. "Cody."

"Right, Cody. Uh, do I look different to you this morning?"

She shrugged. "I dunno, I was fucking wasted. Uh... Are you wearing makeup?"

"What?!" She sprinted back in to the mirror, uncomfortably aware of her chest bouncing. Her eyes had formed a dark outline, her skin clearing of its pockmarks. Her lips were truly pouty now, and seemed to be slowly turning a brighter shade of pink.

"What the FUCK?!" Her hair had joined in, easily an inch long now. Where before it was a mousy auburn, the new growth was a spun-gold blond. Her new tits surged forward with a swell of pressure, soon joined by her ass, straining so hard against her jeans that they creaked when she moved. They also sported a tremendous wet patch at the front.

Back in the bedroom, Cody was browsing her phone, and looked up when Alex stumbled back in. "Are you trying a new look? It's really femme, but, uh, I'm not sure how into it I am? Honestly I kind of only got into it last night because of how much you looked like a guy..."

"No, uh, Cody! Something's happening to me! Look at these!" She thrust out her chest, uncomfortably aware of them actively swaying and jiggling to a stop. "I'm growing fucking tits! This isn't just a new look!"

Cody's brow wrinkled as her thumb swiped down her phone. "What? That's ridiculous. You're probably bloated or something from last night. Maybe you should go to the doct- haha, a friend of mine on Facebook is saying he's turning into a girl. And, um, there's a related news article..."

Alex snatched the phone from Cody, tapping it to open the news article. She realised her normally short, chewed-down fingernails were half an inch long now as one of them tapped the screen before her fingertip. She fanned out her fingers, open-mouthed, before looking back at the article.

"Unbelievable stories of bizarre transformations are flooding international news networks... No scientific explanation... Disturbing and sexual..."

She subconsciously pushed a lock of sweat-streaked golden hair from her face, then stopped, realising her hair was already long enough to reach her eyes. The pressure had redoubled in her tits and ass. Itching need was building rapidly in her pussy.

"Fuck! Look at my tits, they're, like, C-cups!" She dropped the phone to the bed, hefting her new mounds, easily filling her hands.

"C-cups? Have you ever bought a bra that wasn't a training bra? They're at least double-Ds, maybe even Es."

"Fuck!" Her loose tank top was no longer even coming close to hiding the bulk of her new tits, and when she turned around to head back into the bathroom she squealed as her jeans, now impossibly tight, shredded down the sides to make room for her globular rump. Worse still was the feeling of the fabric tight along her pussy, like that had swollen as well.

"Cody! Call a fucking doctor or something! Jesus!" She could feel her lips smack together, each contact sending a bolt of pleasure to her overworked snatch, along with every motion of her bloated boobs.

"What's a doctor going to do?" Cody was browsing her phone again, looking up what she could about the condition. "It says they can't do anything about it, so just make yourself comfortable and wait it out?"

Alex groaned, falling back on the bed and lifting her ass so she could try and struggle out of what was left of her jeans. Her boobs slid down her chest with a hefty weight, and, after she managed to pull the sides of her jeans together long enough to unhook the fly, she managed to slide them down across her hips and kick them off onto the floor, revealing the vast expanse of her new hips and thighs.

Her pussy was soaked through, juices leaking out onto the sheets, and was completely bald as well. Most horribly, her clitoris seemed to have disappeared, leaving nothing but smooth lips. It still practically ached to be played with, and before long Alex had a hand working away inside her pussy, the other reaching up to cup and pinch the enormous nipple tipping one of her still-growing breasts.

"Yeah. uh, it also says that an overcharged libido is a common side effect."

Alex drew in a rattling gasp as her body continued to swell out of control. Her hair was past her shoulders by now, her lips felt slick and glossy. She felt a bizarre writing sensation from between her ass cheeks, and when she clenched her muscles felt another sudden burst of pleasure. The rubbing felt good, but at the same time, she couldn't feel herself really getting any closer to climax.

"You look completely different. It's really freaky."

Alex moaned in response. She spread her legs, feeling sticky strands of juice separating both her thighs... and her ass cheeks? The confusion overpowered her lust for a moment, letting her dip her hand down from her pussy. It felt warm and wet, full of fleshy folds. It almost felt like another vagina had replaced her asshole.

She sobbed. Her boobs were truly massive now, but somehow still perfectly perky, with huge throbbing nipples that begged to be sucked. Her waist had pulled in, thinner than her already-skinny midriff had been before. Each of her hips and ass cheeks were practically the size of a basketball, wide and round. Her hair had fanned out as it grew, now reaching past the small of her back.

She looked over at Cody with thick, dark eyelashes, tears rolling down perfectly-rouged cheeks. "I can't even cum! How could this get any fucking wor-guk?!"

She choked. She tried to swallow, but she seemed to involuntarily choke again. She shifted her thighs, feeling something writhing inside her body. Her eyes unfocused for a moment, and Cody gasped as she saw Alex's throat ripple. Another brief moment of discomfort, another choking noise, and Alex's mouth flew open. Cody screamed as she realised the fat tip of a thick dick had pushed its way out, Alex's lips sealing around it subconsciously before it pulled itself back in.

Alex spread her legs, her screams muffled by the cock in her mouth as two more pushed their way out from the inside of her pussies, extending out about an inch past her lips and then sliding back in. They started out slowly at first, but within less than a minute were pistoning in and out of her body with savage force, her hips actually shaking back and forth with the motion, while the one in her mouth mercilessly throatfucked her.

She flailed over on the bed, looking Cody in the eyes with cold fear. Her tits sloshed back and forth gelatinously as her body writhed, reaching out for the girl who pulled herself back up against the wall, quivering.

"I can't deal with this, Alex. I signed up for a one-night stand, not this shit."

Alex sobbed, too wracked by the cocks reaming her to even soundlessly beg, just collapsing onto the bed until the penises finally gave up, countless unwanted orgasms later. Her hair fanned out across the bed in golden waves. Her boobs quivered with the slightest motion, twinging her pussy. She didn't even need to look in the mirror to know her face had completed its transition to a pouty, overstuffed parody of femininity with thick cocksucking lips and whorish makeup. She could already feel the heat building in her pussies again...

Sunlight filtered through the dirty windows of the building. The four mutants were sprawled out in varying states of dishevelment. Soleil snored, spooning with Alex, their juices pooling between them as Soleil's erect cocks disgorged their load and Alex leaked from both of her vaginas. Brooke lay where she had passed out at the end of her orgasm. Katrina slept fitfully, occasionally wrapping her arms around herself and subconsciously playing with the opposite side of her body.

Brooke was the first to wake up, groaning at the ache in her balls and the pulse of her steel-hard erection under a soft blanket. Her morning wood was the worst, carrying the entirety of her pent-up bounty from the night. She was unusually sore today, and realised that she must have slept for far longer than usual.

She shifted forward, realising how far she'd spread her legs, feeling her balls jostle and bump against each other and her thighs. She didn't want to drain; after passing out in the middle of an orgasm, she felt like she'd only just finished the torturous process of cumming, but she knew it was only going to get worse if she left it alone.

Her mind immediately went to planning; to listening out for sounds and evaluating when she could find uninterrupted time in the bathroom. She had a brief moment of panic over the fact that she overslept and wouldn't be able to find private time until far later that night, swelling the whole time, until she remembered that she wasn't at home any more. None of her current roommates were going to scream at her or call her a devil whore for doing what she needed to do to stay sane and healthy.

It was very liberating. All she needed to do was convince herself it was liberating. The hairs on the back of her neck prickled and her face flushed with shame, and all she wanted to do was roll over and hide it until she could find somewhere private. Under the blanket, she pulled her dick down against her body, stifling a moan as it bucked against her grip. Of course, that just brought it down level with her mouth, the thick head bumping against her chin, her mouth involuntarily watering.

She pulled deeper under the blanket, closing her eyes and stretching her mouth out around the head, suckling lightly as one of her hands left the shaft to sink down, cupping and caressing her swollen testicles. She moaned into it, swirling her tongue around the head, her remaining hand on the shaft pumping as well as it was able. The apprehension was always the worst, and distracted her from bringing herself off as effectively; intellectually she knew she had to cum, but the thought of another of her torturous cumshots made her trigger-shy as she felt herself begin to approach it.

Her private struggle was suddenly interrupted when the blanket was thrown off her, Katrina's grinning faces filling her vision. "Hey! I told you, no playing with yourself! Get that out of your mouth, I've got somewhere you need to put it."

She looked over, and realised Soleil was fucking Alex again. Katrina pulled her up, her cock falling out of her mouth with a pop, and shepherded her over in front of Alex, predictably bent over on all fours so Soleil had full access to both of her holes. Katrina grabbed Brooke's dick, giving it a quick kiss on the end, and lined it up with Alex's mouth.

"Katrina, i-it won't fit!"

"Yes it will. Trust me." Alex moaned as the tip brushed her plump lips, smacking them together around the cock thrusting out from her own throat. It retreated, leaving her mouth empty and watering. Katrina giggled and pulled Brooke forward, shoving several inches of the girl's dick into Alex's mouth.

Katrina moved around behind Brooke, wrapping a pair of her arms around to sink into Brooke's pillowy breasts, the other taking place on either hip. She walked forward, shoving Brooke slowly into Alex, inch after inch gradually disappearing down her throat. Brooke whined, her body flooding with pleasure, her cock lurching hard against its warm prison and her nipples pulsing with need as Katrina's hands mauled her soft flesh.

Before too long, though, she was thrusting without Katrina's encouragement, letting Katrina move her hands down to play with her twin pussies. Alex had cum many times over, squealing with each thrust of Brooke's gargantuan dick and Soleil's twin shafts.

Soleil was the next to cum, her hips shaking and her face falling into a slack rictus as she shoved up against Alex's ass, twitching with each load of cum she dumped into the girl. Brooke came soon after, her orgasm taking her by surprise in the middle of her single-minded focus on stretching out Alex's lips.

To her shock, Alex didn't move away, purring madly as Brooke shot load after load deep into her stomach. Eventually, though, she started to choke, and was forced to pull away, a flood of thick cum falling from her mouth as Brooke continued to shoot. Alex writhed in the hot shower, feeling it run down her face and across her outsized breasts.

Katrina moved away and let Brooke fall back on her ass, her balls bouncing painfully off the floor as she screamed with more crippling cumshots. Katrina moved over to Soleil, panting on a pile of cushions, her dicks having rallied back to full precum-belching erection. She turned sideways, planting her middle leg between the two shafts, spreading her other legs to make passage for them. With a rattling moan, she sank down onto them, grabbing her breasts and beginning to bounce.

Brooke was still shooting by the time Katrina brought herself off, humping on Soleil until she came as well. The remaining three girls began packing up around Brooke, pulling all their things together into bags and sacks as she humped and writhed. They didn't bother cleaning up any of the mess, electing to leave the tremendous piles of cooling cum and other juices for someone else to worry about.

Brooke finally came down from her orgasmic high, her dick weakly squeezing out the last few loads of cum to roll gently down the length of the shaft. Katrina leaned down to help her milk the remnants out, gleefully slurping it up as she did.

By the time they had finished, a loud horn sounded from outside. Katrina hurried Brooke along, pulling her up and smoothing her down, then getting behind her and shoving her out of the room with the rest of the mutants, down to the street below.

A small bus sat idling outside. Gleaming white, the side emblazoned with a corporate logo and the word REBIRTH. Katrina threw Brooke's bag into the luggage compartment underneath, motioning for the girl to step on. Brooke took one last look back in the direction of her hometown. Almost to remind her why she left, her cock slapped gently against her thighs. She sighed, stepping on the bus to greet her new life.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Thanks for posting this, and indirectly letting me know this forum exists! I hope everyone enjoyed it.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

I stumbled across your Tumblr about a month ago and really enjoyed this series. I actually just completed a photomorph based on one of the characters from part 3: http://extramorphs.com/view/1866


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Very goood stories KSG



Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Thanks for the great story. And welcome,  The Light Fantastic!


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

KSG wrote:

I stumbled across your Tumblr about a month ago and really enjoyed this series. I actually just completed a photomorph based on one of the characters from part 3: http://extramorphs.com/view/1866

Damn, it's perfect!


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic wrote:
KSG wrote:

I stumbled across your Tumblr about a month ago and really enjoyed this series. I actually just completed a photomorph based on one of the characters from part 3: http://extramorphs.com/view/1866

Damn, it's perfect!

Thanks! I'm thinking of doing morphs of Theresa and Olivia next.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Loved it. Definitely all up my alley.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Here's Theresa: http://extramorphs.com/view/1870


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic wrote:

Thanks for posting this, and indirectly letting me know this forum exists! I hope everyone enjoyed it.

I am a huge fan of all your stories. I was wondering if there was any plans of continuing this series. I know the story has a nice little cap on it. But I would love to know what Rebirth is like and how mutants live in this new sosiity.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

KSG wrote:

Here's Theresa: http://extramorphs.com/view/1870

You are a deadset legend.

esunalily wrote:

I am a huge fan of all your stories. I was wondering if there was any plans of continuing this series. I know the story has a nice little cap on it. But I would love to know what Rebirth is like and how mutants live in this new sosiity.

I certainly have ideas for future Lab Accident universe stories. I don't have a particular story planned at the moment, though.


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

For me, Alex's transformation was pretty original. I haven't really seen that kind of in to out type of self-sex before. I like the idea of certain body postures/angles triggering the cock movement, along with a reflex built in to break out of that posture so that they recede. I'll have to play around with that idea more in my head.

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Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

My attempt at a photomorph of Olivia: http://extramorphs.com/view/1884


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

KSG wrote:

My attempt at a photomorph of Olivia: http://extramorphs.com/view/1884

Not to sound like a broken record, but amazing work!

http://lightfantasticstories.blogspot.c … twork.html


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

Ey! Great story!! I really enjoyed it. It remembers me a lot my Peter & Sandra comic, as I also use a mutant radiation. I also create a post-apocaliptic world, as I think it give us the possibility to introduce several characters and infinite transformation stories. And I really love it. You have describe it perfectly the context, and how things are happening, this is something I have no skills. So, congratulations for that!!

Please, continue this story, as I think it could be neverending and always interesting!


Re: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

The original story link is dead. Try this: https://twistedinfinitystories.blogspot … earch.html