Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 60 - Alicia's Desires

Author's Note: This chapter involves a trans-woman who has yet to have SRS (sex reassignment surgery). I'm hoping I depicted her well, however I don't have much experience with trans people or the community, so please let me know if I wrote anything dangerously stereotypical or bigoted. Just know that it was unintentional and I will make every effort to avoid it in the future.

Life as an unemployed millionaire was surprisingly dull. Alicia didn’t complain, she much preferred a sedentary life to the idea of working a thankless job, though she did her best to stay active. While it was easy to afford one, she didn’t hire a maid for the house, preferring to clean it herself. After so many years doing so, it became automatic for her and was finished hours before either of her children came home. For that reason, and because she had immoral feelings simmering below the surface, she sought a friend. Samantha filled that role flawlessly.

She shouldn’t think of her like that. The neighbour was her friend through and through, not simply a substitute to help placate her reignited sex drive, though she suited that too. Samantha had a strong jaw to match her slightly broader frame, which blended well with her slight musculature. Handsome was a good description, though her femininity came through clear as day, if a little over the top at times.

That day, for instance, Samantha wore a blouse with a cute waist jacket on that looked a bit unusual for her shoulders, but she donned it with confidence. Her makeup, however, seemed to overcompensate. Too much lipstick for her, admittedly plump, lips that didn’t help the abundance of foundation and blush applied to her cheeks. That said, her radiant smile overshadowed it all as she greeted Alicia.

It was their now weekly lunch out together. The first time was just a coincidence, then they recognised each other as neighbours and got to talking, from there it was surprisingly easy for Alicia to relax around her. She didn’t have many friends from her younger days, most reached out for a shred of her new fortune, but Samantha was just as well off and didn’t flaunt it. Perhaps that was why Alicia felt comfortable in her thrift store jeans and decade-old shirt.

“Looking good,” Samantha said.

“Sorry, I didn’t have anything nicer.”

“Why? It’s just lunch, not like we’re business partners or something,” Samantha said. Her voice was wonderfully androgynous, deep and melodic with just a hint of airiness that some of Carmen’s friends had. The perfect tone for more private meetings.

Alicia busied herself with a menu to ignore such thoughts, “So, what do you recommend? I’m still getting used to this place.”

“Definitely the steak sandwich. It’s a big plate though, so we should share.”

“Sounds good. Do they have wine?”

“Only the cheap stuff.”

“That’s good too,” Alicia said and waved down a pretty waitress. While it was only one in the afternoon, she could have a glass or two of wine, plus she felt the alcohol was necessary to loosen up. And hopefully keep her less than noble thoughts at bay.

They’d only came up in the past couple weeks. Since her talk with Carmen, her proudly out polyamorous daughter, whose girlfriends defined the word ‘decadence’, she was left thinking of finding a partner more and more. Wrong as it was, she envied her daughter and her lovers, especially Stacy. Perhaps it was just a childish hope, but that was almost exactly how she’d imagined herself as a mother. So big and soft and inviting, like her mere presence could brighten even the darkest day. If she looked like her, would Carmen have…

“Here’s your sandwich. Let me know if you need anything else and please enjoy.”

“Thanks,” Samantha said and took a long breath, “Oh man, I never get tired of that smell.”

“You’re a regular?”

“I know the owner pretty well. Used to come here all the time when I was younger and things were… let’s say ‘difficult’. He even gave me my first job. Safe to say, I wouldn’t be owner of my own restaurant without him.”

“You’re not one of those places that’d get on Kitchen Nightmares are you?” Alicia asked.

“Hell no!” Samantha snorted, “If my people ever let it get that bad, I’d probably burn the whole place down myself.” Alicia joined in her husky laughter, basking in her friend’s smile.

They were just friends. It was comfortable like that, but Alicia’s thoughts wavered more everyday. Carmen was partly to blame, unconsciously flaunting her outrageous figure around the house, though she never found the will to make her stop. So many young people hated their appearance, the fact her daughter loved hers was something she could never take away. It still worried Alicia how much she thought of her oldest’s body, especially when sleep eluded her and the only cure was self-care.

She needed a partner. That was Alicia’s conclusion last week after the fifth time in as many nights, yet she wasn’t sure if a guy suited her anymore. A penis was ideal, she was still fairly sure of her heterosexuality, yet she wanted a woman’s body more every day. It didn’t help that any man would fall laughably short of her. At a least a woman wouldn’t have as much to worry over.

It’d be nice if she could be with one of her daughter’s friends. They were all so big and womanly and… endowed.

“Yo, Ali? Earth to Ali, you there?”

“Huh?! Oh, sorry. Lost in thought,” Alicia said and took her half of the sandwich. Samantha was right, almost four inches of filling separated the bread slices, nearly too much for her to handle on her own. She managed a bite, “Wow, that’s good!”

“What’s up with you? I noticed on the phone, but now I’m sure something’s got you worried,” Samantha said, taking a mouthful of her own.

“It’s nothing. Really.”

“I’m here for you. It’s not often I meet someone I can just relax with. Word of advice, do not go into business. Every other lunch I have is strictly professional,” Samantha groaned.

Alicia smiled, “Thanks, I’ll steer clear. Hey, can I… is it okay if I ask you something? Purely hypothetical.”

“Go for it.”

“So, uh, let’s say I’ve been straight my whole life, but now I’ve been thinking about women and worrying whether I’m gay, but I also don’t even know how to start dating again with all the new technology and stuff, plus it’s really weird for me and...”

“Take a breath,” Samantha said, reaching over to grab her hands, “You’re babbling. We’ve got plenty of time, so take it slow, okay?” She squeezed her hands.

“Okay,” Alicia took a long breath and organised her thoughts a little, “My daughter just came out to me and her girlfriends are really, really amazing. It’s got me thinking and I just don’t know if I’m straight anymore. It, uh, doesn’t help that I’ve been off the scene for over twenty years.”

“Alright,” Samantha exhaled slowly, mulling over the information, “Well, I know a few single lesbians if you want me to set you up with any. It also doesn’t hurt to look things up. You’d be surprised how many women are like you. And probably will like you.”

“So it’s not… odd?”

“Of course not!” Samantha squeezed again, firmer, but it was her eyes that held Alicia like a vice, “You’re a fantastic woman, Ali. Gay, straight, bi or otherwise. Don’t let anyone make you think different.”

“You think so?” Alicia didn’t mean to, but her voice dipped low, a tone she hadn’t used since her last night with her husband, “So, I should get myself out there?”

“Hell yeah, you should,” Samantha relaxed her grip and blinked, though her gaze went straight back to hers, “You’d be amazed who and what you’ll find.”

“Thanks. I really needed that.” Alicia leaned forward, letting her breasts droop in her shirt, pushing it down to create some cleavage. Her friend’s eyes darted to them, “Are you gay?”

“Yes,” Samantha said, no more than a whisper.

“I’m in good hands then, right?”


“How many women have you been with? Uh, sorry. That’s too blunt.”

“Only about five or six. The one’s I’m usually interested are… picky.”

“Is it… different? Than with a man?”

Samantha shrugged, “I wouldn’t know. Never been with a guy myself.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, want me to hook you up with some friends?” Samantha asked and pulled out her phone, “I think you and Lily would get on great.”

“No, that’s fine. I think I should, you know, take a little more time. Better make sure first, before I rush into anything, right?”

“Yeah, that’s fair. The offer’s always there.” Samantha dug back into her sandwich, inciting Alicia to do it too.

She’d suspected her friend of being somewhere under the rainbow flag, it was nice to have confirmation. , what’s more, that earlier look, like it was peering into her heart and mind, was it just a comforting look for a friend in their first sexuality crises, or something more? There were little glances too, now that she thought back on it. Last week, when she turned up in a halter top she wore on a whim, she’d thought Samantha was just focused on her food that day. Now it could’ve been something else entirely.

They had a good friendship. Probably closer than a lot of people given what just transpired. Alicia didn’t want to endanger that, yet her body craved to take that plunge and just try. Everything might be fine if she did, they could even take the friendship and evolve into something better. Was it worth it?

Every pro and con weighed on her mind as she ate. Samantha kept the conversation going, steered away from sexuality for the meantime, instead bringing up how her own daughter was doing at school, coaxing Alicia to bring up Melody too. They compared the two, each trying to outdo the other.

“Melody got a gold star in history yesterday.”

“Oh yeah? Nina got two for maths.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. Melody got four for that.”

“You lie,” Samantha accused, “Ms. Cullen only gives out three stars max.”

“That’s just how good Melody is,” Alicia said and sipped her wine triumphantly. It was a lie, but she enjoyed teasing her. All in good fun of course. She wasn’t degrading her friend’s child after all.

“Must be bribing the teacher,” Samantha muttered, “What is it? Apples? Pens? Drawings?”

“Drawings. Melody’s quite the artist,” Alicia said, “Think she wants to be one when she grows up, though all she draws is her sister.”

“Must be nice. I only ever fought with my sister,” Samantha sighed, “I really should make up with her someday.”

“Siblings must be tough,” Alicia, an only child, mused, “Either they worship the ground each other walks on, or spit on it.”

“Sometimes both. Chelsea was so smart, became a principal in her mid-twenties, but we just never saw eye to eye. Guess it’s a lottery like that.”

“Guess so.”

They finished eating. Despite only having half the sandwich, Alicia barely had room for the lemon sorbet afterwards. Empty bowl and wine glasses sat on the table, a gentle buzz in her veins from the alcohol, while she sank into her chair with a contented sigh. The only way to augment the experience was with a bath and a good audio book. Especially if Samantha joined her.

She didn’t realise she was inebriated enough to decay the border between thought and speech.

“Sure, let’s go,” Samantha said.

“Huh, oh, I said that out loud?”

“If you don’t want me over, that’s cool. I just like spending time with you.” There it was again! That look, as if she saw through everything Alicia thought she was, seeing her real desires.

“Yeah, sure. Come over.”

Alicia was proud of her home. It wasn’t a massive departure from the others in the suburban neighbourhood, but it was hers. Even when her husband was alive, they could only afford to rent a decent apartment. Not much of a place to bring up such a clever girl like Carmen, or a creative like Melody, now they had all the space they could ever want. Perhaps too much.

Neither her nor Melody had many friends to spend time with. Carmen usually had Stacy and Rachel with her, sometimes one or two others, but they were in and out like stray cats. There really was too much room in the house for a family of three. But if a fourth person frequented the space, then it’d feel much more homely. Was Samantha interested in that?

No, she had her own house to look after. A daughter too. It must be even lonelier there than in Alicia’s home, though Samantha had a business to keep her occupied. Maybe she should try finding a proper hobby?

“Wow, this is your oldest?” Samantha asked, peering at a recent family picture. It was front and centre in the foyer, Melody’s beaming face one of the first things to welcome guests, but Alicia knew most eyes would carry immediately to Carmen.


“She’s, uh… you don’t really look alike, if you don’t mind me saying that.”

“It’s fine, she’s something unique alright,” Alicia chuckled and looked at the picture too, “When she was younger, I was sure she’d be a flat-out copy of my husband, then she blossomed early and, well, they grow up and out so fast, don’t they?”

“Ali, please don’t take offence, but your daughter is fucking hot.”

“Is she? Hadn’t noticed,” Alicia said, playing it off with sarcasm, “Want a drink? We’re neighbours so it’s not like you need to drive.”

“Gladly, I almost feel inadequate just being the same house as her.”

“Well, she’s out for now. School and friends and all that. Melody’s joined a club too, so we’re all alone.”

“Alone? In this big house? Must get lonely,” Samantha said, sitting at the kitchen table while Alicia poured a glass of divine rosé.

“Sometimes, but it’s just nice having a place to call ours.” Alicia joined her. Maybe it was the conversation earlier, or the alcohol in her body, or both, but her eyes rolled across her friend’s figure in a new light. Yes, Samantha was broader than most women she knew, however her overall body was trim and her curves stood out where necessary. If Alicia were to go for any woman, it would be here.

Again, the divide between mind and mouth was looser than expected.

“I don’t think you’d want me for your first queer experience,” Samantha said, lowering the glass from her enticingly glossy lips. They seemed a bit round to be natural, though it wasn’t uncommon for suburban women to get some work done, less so when they made good money for themselves. Alicia touched hers on impulse, wondering if she could do with a little touch up. It wasn’t really any different to a bit of makeup, was it? Just more permanent.

“Why not?” Alicia asked, “I know we’re friends and I don’t want that to really change that, but… I don’t know, I like you, I guess. God, it feels like confessing back in high school.”

Samantha smiled, “I’ll come out and say it. I’m trans, Ali.”

“Well that doesn’t really matter to me.”

“That’s nice, but I’m still waiting on the next procedure.”

“I thought transitions were about hormones and all that now? Sorry, I genuinely don’t know much about it.”

“It’s fine. I kinda put off taking hormones. I was always pretty feminine, couldn’t even grow a half-decent moustache, so it didn’t seem worth it to me. I just learned makeup and got some surgeries to look the part more. I’ve just been waiting for the final step, you know? It’s a big leap.”

“So… you’ve still got a penis?”


“It works?”


“Would you say it’s… a good size?”


“What? I’m just curious.”

“Well, it’s… decent, yeah.”

Alicia hid a curious glance behind a steep gulp of wine. This was almost too perfect. Of course, no one could measure up to Carmen, that was an irrefutable part of life, however so was that she wanted to sleep with a girl. The only thing stopping her was the lack of a penis. It would be wholly new to her, beyond the sparse glances at sapphic materials in recent weeks. Samantha was familiar to her, both as a person and in her equipment.

“Hypothetically,” Alicia said and leaned against the table, covertly using a finger to pull on her neckline, “If, and it’s just an if, I wanted to sleep with you, what’d be your response?”

Drawn out silence told her all she needed. Disappointment pulled on her mood, but she pushed it aside. It wasn’t a direct ‘no’, which meant a chance later on, just not at that moment. Alicia refilled her wine and drained it again, veins flickering with its warmth, just enough that she should sober up when it came time to pick up Melody. A cup of coffee would help.

Then it’d be another night of ‘self-care’. All it did was take the edge off, hardly a solution. Maybe it was an addiction? Long as she didn’t give into her cravings, then eventually they’d go away. She dismissed the idea; with Carmen and her lovers around, going cold turkey would do nothing. Waiting it out seemed her only option.

That is, until she was suddenly pulled to her feet. Alicia wasn’t a short woman, though she only stood at five-six, however Samantha had a couple inches on her. Mixed with the trans-woman’s broader physique and general confidence, it gave her a far more dominating presence, almost a match for Carmen. Her green eyes had flecks of fire in them, like stubborn moss amidst an inferno just waiting to catch hold.

“I’d like that,” Samantha finally said and leaned in for a strong kiss. Her lips were firm and moist, coated in a vaguely strawberry gloss, with a gentle tongue that ran across her own. Alicia opened for it, groaning deep as she felt a body against hers for the first time in years, one that wasn’t a man’s or one of her daughters. Hands pulled her in tighter, until she felt the bulge in her neighbour’s pants. She wanted her just as badly.

Alicia broke the kiss first. Their lipstick had smeared, already giving them a sexed-up appearance, but she had more planned. She had no experience with another woman, however she knew her way around a penis.

“Come on,” Alicia said and led the way up to her room. It’d only been a few months since moving in, so she hadn’t taken the time to decorate it, though she tried not to spend much time in there anyway, hence all she had was her bed and nightstand. A walk-in wardrobe housed her clothes and she had a few items strewn about from her restless nights, but it was otherwise just a bland room with sky-blue walls. It wasn’t important though.

Samantha didn’t comment on the imagery as she pushed the woman of the house onto her bed. It creaked under their weight, not used to multiple occupants. Both groaned as the kiss picked up in desire, hands roaming across one another, memorising their bodies. Clothes were just in the way. Alicia flung her shirt and bra into a corner, as did Samantha, their naked chests pressing together. The taller woman pushed a knee between her legs, finding a muggy heat. It only made her moan deep in her chest.

Pants were next in line. Much as Alicia enjoyed foreplay, she had a need burning deep within, rapidly boiling to the surface. Masturbation kept it tame, but now, with the promise of true release so near, she was beholden to her lust. Like a caged beast pushed to its limit, it tore through frail bars of control, then it was out and in heat. Her hands fumbled with Samantha’s belt until it was loose, then pushed down with a pair of boxers.

“Oh yeah,” Alicia cooed, licking her lips as she felt a swelling shaft. Her first in so, so long, “You sit, let me get this started.”

Samantha just nodded and kicked her fallen garments aside. Alicia knelt on the ground between her legs, stroking the lengthening cock, studying its build, the veins, the colour, engraving them in her mind. All preconceptions of a trans dick shattered. She expected it to be a small thing, no more than average, yet it transcended the notion. Decently fat with the perfect length to match and covered in rugged veins, all darker toned than Samantha’s usual complexion.

She looked from it to her friend. The masculinity was clearer now that she knew Samantha was trans, but she was still a girl at a glance, a far cry from her member. Smooth flesh far as the eye could see, taut around her implants, with adorable nipples at their peaks. Yet she sported a cock of delicious magnitude.

“Beautiful,” Alicia said and gave her first full stroke. It felt bigger than her husband’s was, a fact her pussy delighted in. She didn’t wait a moment longer, lest uncertainty creep in, and kissed the tip. A smile encouraged her as she pushed her tongue out, used it to peel back the foreskin, then ran it along the glans with a soft moan. Sucking dick wasn’t her favourite act, yet she’d missed the flavour on her tongue.

And the sensation of something long and hard and alive sliding past her lips. Dildos just didn’t compare. They didn’t twitch in response to her suction, or have that salty, earthy taste that made a real cock. Much less the soft hands that weaved into her hair. She looked up at Samantha’s parted lips, smiled around the shaft, then pushed deeper. One thing her husband found endless delight in was her controlled gag reflex.

It made for perfect intimacy when both were tired from work. A leisurely deepthroat that gradually pulled an orgasm from the cock. But she had no intention of going slow with Samantha. She wanted to let this woman know just what she offered, and how bad she wanted a real dick inside her. It didn’t matter the hole.

“Oh my god,” Samantha groaned and rolled her hips, pressing her groin into Alicia’s nose. Every inch was down her throat, chin snug against a wrinkly sack, which she cupped in one hand. It was too thick for her tongue to stick out, though she wriggled it for Samantha’s pleasure, “No one’s done that before.”

Alicia peeled away, leaving globs of spit behind that her hand used for lube, “Really? But it’s such a yummy cock.”

“I never pegged you for a slut,” Samantha chuckled.

“Neither did I, but fuck me, I need this.”

“Then get up here. Let me give you what you need.”

Alicia climbed up, licking her lips. The taste of cock still remained, working like drops of gasoline on her flame. Her jeans were tossed aside. Both were naked at last, the air cool on her flesh, especially her pussy as she laid down with Samantha’s face between her thighs.

“Just making sure you’re ready,” she said and dove in. Alicia jerked at the contact, accustomed to hands and toys, not a mouth. Much less one with a nubile tongue and pinpoint precision that messed with her snatch, manipulating her folds at her whims, while dive bombing the clit.

“S-stop!” Alicia yelped, pushing her away, then tugged her up into a slobbering kiss. It was the first time she tasted her own juices so clearly, “Fuck me. Please.”

Hasty movements pushed her legs apart for Samantha as the cock hovered over her cunny. It angled down, both women staring in anticipation as their privates met for the first time. It wouldn’t be the last, Alicia vowed and raised her hips, taking the head inside. Her opening stretched flush around the glans, then welcomed more inside. Alicia bit her lip to keep from moaning too loud, then remembered the house was empty and let out a guttural groan of pleasure.

“It’s been so fucking long,” she keened as the length kept pushing in, until her cavity was filled from end-to-end and their bodies were flush together. Arms stood sentry on either side of her, supporting the visage bearing down on her, a powerful torso that hovered over her sleek figure. Samantha smiled at her and leaned down. Alicia expected a kiss, but guess was far off as her new lover dipped further down. Those plump lips caught a nipple and drew it in.

“Oh god,” Alicia said and cradled her head, rolling her hips in slow circles, trying to incite the cock to move. It worked. Heart pounding against it, inch after inch slipped back, doused in her natural lubricant, Samantha’s cock pulled back until just the head stretched her walls. Engorged folds clung onto the shaft, moving with it. A soft, yet explicitly lewd slurp filled the room as Samantha pushed back in.

Every tiny ridge in her pussy ground along its length. Alicia’s heartbeat raced to match her partner’s tempo, filling her own sex and nipples with lust, sensitivity coalescing within. Lightning arched out from her clit to shock the rest of her nerves, each becoming another conduit for pleasure until it sizzled in her mind. Comprehensive words fell to high pitched coos as another thrust emptied and filled her.

Samantha released the nipple with an exaggerated pop. The areolae puffed out from the suction, nipple twitching at its centre, then she moved onto the other, looking up at Alicia the whole time. Long, chestnut curls splayed out around the widow, a fine sheen of sweat wrapped around her skin as they continued.

“Come here,” Alicia said and pulled her up into a deep kiss, doing her utmost to taste her throat. Their bodies moved in unison. Her cunt squeezed tight, created a delicious friction as Samantha sped up, while their hips rose and fell with each other. Each thrust into her announced itself with an increasingly wet slap. Samantha’s balls flew into her body half a second later, adding still more to the experience.

“How is it?” Samantha panted, nipping at her neck. Her neatly cropped hair was dishevelled, spiked out in erratic patterns, or flattened by the burgeoning sweat. They couldn’t have been going for long, or did time just dilate from the pleasure?

“So good,” Alicia whispered, “But it could be better, right?”

“What’d you have in mind?” Samantha slowed down, giving her a chance to speak clearer.

“How about you let me handle it for a while?”

Only a fool refused such an offer. Samantha pulled out and laid on her back in Alicia’s place, who knelt over her, then sank down, pussy devouring her hardness in seconds. The head pushed on her cervix as her ass met Samantha’s thighs, sexes completely flat together. After years of picking up after her kids, she’d developed some muscle, which she put to good use by lifting herself. Gravity took the reins on her decent, bodies smacking into each other. Vibrations shot through Alicia’s crotch from the impact.

“You’re gorgeous,” Samantha said, hands resting on her hips even as they rose again.

“Oh yeah?” Alicia grunted with another drop, tits bouncing and smacking together, “Look who’s talking. You’re amazing, hmm… so strong and hot and long and…” She trailed into a moan as Samantha’s hips lurched up to meet her. They settled back down, with Alicia falling forward. Pussy and hips still rolling, she used her lover’s move and wrapped her lips around a taut nipple.

The breast was firm beneath her. Just enough give that her fingers could sink in, but it was like comparing stress balls to marshmallows, not bad by any means just different. Alicia almost envied their firmness, feeling her own pair squish into her partner’s belly. She wasn’t even forty yet, surely a little surgery wasn’t unreasonable. Not like she’d become one of those plastic models that were everywhere years ago.

Those thoughts could wait. She bit into Samantha’s nipple, pulled on it as her tongue lashed the sensitive nub, then released  as she raised her hips high. The primal clapping of their bodies filled the room, mixed into moans and fleeting words for more. Her thighs eventually begged for mercy, signalling a change in position with her chest pressed against the bed and ass raised high.

Samantha took full control like that. Her thrusts strengthened, using every ounce of momentum she could muster, while she dug her hands deep into Alicia’s soft rump. The filled woman shook her hips, worked her kegels to maximise the pleasure. It wasn’t surprising that the jiggling tempted Samantha into spanking one.

“Fuck! Hmm, again. I’m such a naughty mommy. I should be punished!”

“Yeah, you should,” Samantha grunted, hand coming down again.

“Fuck me harder. Give it to me. Everything! I want to feel like a fucking teenage slut again!”

Samantha gave one last slap, then grabbed her wrists and pulled them back. This arched Alicia’s chest and forced her muscles to clench, cunt bearing on the cock from all angles, bombarding her with a bliss from every inch that stabbed into her. A slight sting on her ass only made it better. Each thrust rocked her whole body, jiggled her tits and ass, yet she begged for more. Harder. Harder. Harder.

“Gonna cum,” Samantha grunted.

“Do it! Fill up my pussy with your cum. It’s been so fucking long,, I need it.”

“Gonna do it, gonna do it, gonna fuck my cum in your mommy cunt.”

“Yes!” Alicia cried. It was like her body was scared of a real orgasm after feeling only basic release, yet it had no say in what came. Samantha’s thrusts forced her tightening walls apart time and again, more sensitive every second, until she hilted inside. Both grunted, then a final, jerky thrust unleashed the inferno.

“Fuck!” Alicia shrieked with her lover, then settled into quivering moans as the shaft pulsed within her, unloaded gush after gush of semen, and fought with her collapsed canal. The instant Samantha slipped out, Alicia crumbled onto the bed, unconcerned with the cum spilling from her throbbing snatch. Gentle waves of pleasure ebbed and flowed throughout her body.

Samantha laid down and pulled her on top, rubbing an arm as they just basked in post-coitus bliss. Everything reeked of sex, a heady mix of sweat, cock and her pussy. She looked down at her lover’s crotch, dick half-limp on her belly, covered in their mixed juices. No penis had ever looked so tantalising, irresistible even.

On her whim, she sank down until it was in reach. She licked it from ball to tip, groaning deep at their rich flavours mixed together. A trickle of semen leaked out, which she caught. Better than it had any right to be. Because it came from a trans-woman? Because she was just that horny? Alicia had no answer, while she swallowed the glob of seed.

“How about round 2?” Samantha asked, cock returning to hardness from the attention.

“Yes, please… wait, what time is it?” Alicia asked, finally taking note of her surroundings and the setting sunlight. Samantha fumbled around, then found a bedside clock.

“Um, four-thirty.”

“Oh shit, I’ve gotta pick up Melody.” Alicia hopped to her unsteady legs, but forced them to work as she got dressed, unconcerned with the cum still leaking out, “Another time?”

Samantha smirked, “Definitely.”


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 61 - Sharing the Blessings

Possibly the greatest thing to happen to Mary was Carmen and the Futa Note. Memories of a past life spent manipulating and bullying the meek soured her mind on occasion, but were quickly squashed underneath her ‘true’ history, that being as a futa born with six, prehensile ever-elongating cocks, four breasts and a figure old-fashioned porn stars envied. More than that, however, was the new outlook she possessed.

Punishing those less fortunate than herself was such a simple, outright moronic choice. Why would she make them feel worse for not being like her, when she could give them a sample? Those ‘less fortunate’ than her were the girls in Saint Puella, as of yet unchanged by Carmen’s grace. Everyone knew of her, the supposedly trans girl, top of the class, and hotter than Hell in the middle of a wildfire in a sea of magma. Perhaps, for that reason, Mary couldn’t help but think of her as a true goddess. The goddess.

Not hers. She’d never be so bold to presume something like that, not when Carmen spread such bliss to others and needed them to satisfy her own lusts. Even Rachel and Stacy, who suited the goddess’s proclivities almost perfectly, weren’t enough. For that reason, Mary did her duty in finding more potential vessels for Carmen’s boundless desires. They weren’t hard to come by.

Mary, herself, had plenty of admirers around the school. Both in the those blessed by Carmen, and those still waiting for their turn, even if they didn’t know it yet. Only those completely oblivious didn’t know what went on during lunch, while many idled away in the cafeteria, eating a cheap meal provided by the school, Mary indulged in otherworldly delights. Just a week after Carmen announced that more would be included in her blessing, over a dozen had joined them.

In that moment, Mary’s ass clapped down against the biggest balls in the school. A cock pushed her stomach up and out, then fell away as her legs pushed up, juices gushing out, all four tits smacking around the bulge. Her own members weren’t idle either, as they wound around her partner’s tits and shoved down her throat. Alternating bulges highlighted their progress down her neck and into her stomach.

“Come here,” Ashley said and pulled Mary’s head to the side. Her lips spread around a juicy, dick-nipple that gushed with semen right away. The futa’s tits were massive, engorged with gallons of cum after only a few hours of abstinence, in just the one breast, all of which was destined for the blonde’s starving belly. Of all the diets Mary tried in her previous life, she’d never thought a near cum-exclusive diet would be the best for her.

Maybe the Futa Note had something to do with it, but every day she felt better and stronger and sexier than ever. Her breasts kept growing, her stamina improved, she even believed her mind sharpened too. All the better so that she may serve the goddess. Mary bobbed her head on Ashley’s cock, then moaned and gargled deep as pair of hands parted her tremendous ass cheeks, only to spear her anus on another dick. In the meantime, she focused her hands on stroking Ashley’s huge, main cock.

“Your ass is so good,” someone moaned in her ear. It wasn’t Dakota, the canine-eared futa busy taking Carmen’s five cocks, all in her tender cunt, she bounced her rear on Rachel’s twin masts. Her own knotted-dick flopped and splashed the three in jizz.

The futa in Mary’s rear dug her fingers into the firm cheeks and pushed. How long was she? Mary sucked harder on her lover’s nipple, body trembling as her bowels were invaded. Deeper and deeper, until the cock squirmed into her belly and, triggering her orgasm, met Ashley’s own dick-nipple. Then, as if it could improve any further, it rapidly fattened. A distinct, winding bulge ran the entire length of her insides and framed the juicy shaft stretching out her womb.

“Oh fuck,” Ashley gasped, “Is that...? I’m in her cock.”

“This is so good. I love getting my urethra stretched by another person’s huge prick,” the futa said, “I’m so glad I came to this school. Your ass is fucking amazing.”

“It gets better,” Ashley said and pinched one of Mary’s nipples, “Go on, make her feel good.”

Mary’s tentacles lurched at the command. There was something about Ashley taking charge that she adored. Perhaps because of their original history together? Regardless of reason, she did as told and focused her muscles on squeezing the unknown futa’s entire length. At the same time, Mary stretched her extra tentacles to her own ass, shoving in and winding around her new lover.

“That’s so fucking hot!”

Yes, it was. As were the many other acts of debauchery taking place around the bathroom, though none of the stalls were in use. A couple linked arms around Laura’s second-torso, letting her fuck and be filled simultaneously. Three others were fisting someone’s cock, its opening much more reminiscent of a pussy, complete with a clit, while their heads were literally buried in her tits. Zoey, despite the many options available, only bounced a petite futa with the roundest tits and ass around up and down her lush cock. She seemed almost distracted.

All she needed was someone that suited her best. Mary had Dakota and Ashley, and their goddess had two others as well. Eventually, Carmen would grace the Amazonian futa with a partner just right for her. Or as right as one could become without being Carmen. It didn’t matter that Mary hadn’t thought of horse cocks as the hottest things in existence before, on the goddess they were perfect for her. Especially that middle one with the spines and lurid nubs sticking up along its top and bottom.

She used her own tentacles to replicate how it must feel. The futa in her ass gasped and held on for dear life as the tendrils flailed about, jerked up and down, pressing through the flimsy membrane between anus and pussy to stimulate her other partner too. Ashley pressed her tits together, reading the encroaching pleasure on everyone’s faces, then stuffed her second dick-nipple down Mary’s eager gullet. Both members stretched her throat taut.

Sounds of pleasure rose all around. Mary breathed deep through her nose, or as best she could, and caught Carmen’s scent. No matter whose dick was in her face, or how many there were, her musk always shone brightest on the precipice of release. Dakota’s stomach bulged further as Carmen and Rachel’s members swelled, pussy sloshing loudly as she helplessly squirted under their assault.

“Gonna cum, Mary,” Ashley said and grabbed two tufts of hair, “You better drink it all.”

“MMM!” Mary groaned and started gulping in preparation. The cocks fucking one another inside her jumped in intensity, both their emissions filled out her belly, pushed it out against the three-foot mast pumping her womb between her tits. Everyone climbed toward climax, yet all eyes moved to Carmen as she panted. It was faint, but Mary noticed a crimson-pink hue surrounded her.

As the divine futa shouted her climax, so too did the others. Mary gargled around Ashley, who jerked against her face and tugged on her hair, while the other two inside the blonde shrieked in ecstasy. Her eyes rolled as her belly filled with litres, then gallons of thick semen. Like normal, she blew past most fruit comparisons, then exceeded a beach ball and teetered on a yoga ball. It was only then that pressure won out and jets of cum erupted from her lower holes. A shame, if only they had knots like Dakota.

Clean up no longer worried them. None of the janitorial staff were paid enough to care either and none wanted to wash away the glorious stink. The musk hung around the second-floor bathroom like a salacious spectre, both alluring and terrifying to those not yet initiated. As Mary left that Monday, she noticed six girls skulking behind a corner, staring at all the futanari either sauntering or staggering away. She let Dakota and Ashley go on ahead and approached.

“How long have you been here?” Mary asked, smiling seductively as possible. She leaned on the wall, breasts following suit.

“Uh, um, just a few minutes? Right?” One girl, quite mousy with her large eyes behind even larger glasses and a mop of chestnut brown hair. She was sleek, not too short, but her arms had a bit of flab, which she tucked away upon noticing Mary’s gaze.

“Y-yeah. Nothing more.” They were all the typical nerd girls in the school, though not blatant enough to have warranted Gretchen’s attention. Mary flashed her teeth; they reminded her of the geeks in old high school movies. Only difference is their inner beauty would only shine after Carmen felt it suitable. She glanced at another’s pants, trained to detect the faint wetness she tried hiding.

“Sure, if you say so. But I bet you wanna know what goes on in there, right?”

“We’re good,” the tallest of the group squeaked, voice cracking. Still growing up, Mary thought and licked her lips. Once her voice settled, she’d have a great, husky voice just perfect for seducing a meeker girl.

“Oh, well, if you’re sure then I’ll leave you be. Unless you’d like a taste?” Mary cocked a hip to really exaggerate her bulge. It wasn’t hard. She’d always had a strong reaction to clothes on certain parts of her body - or in her preferred life, she had - which put over a foot of her top cleavage on display. Thanks to Carmen’s generosity, she’d even had shirts modified to show cleavage in her lower pair. All that girded her crotch were hot pants that audibly strained around her mass.

All eyes moved to it, even ignoring her tiered bosoms. None had the tact to conceal their desires, least of all the mousy girl, who only wiped the drool from her chin when someone nudged her side. Mary flipped some hair from her face, then bent over just enough to bring her cleavages back into view.

“Come to my house later. Some friends and I will show you some of what goes on.”


“Here’s the address. Show up whenever. My parents are out of town until tomorrow, so this is your only chance. My advice; don’t waste it. See ya!”

Mary strutted away with an even more exaggerated sway to her hips. While she didn’t hold any notions that she was the biggest in Carmen’s life, she still had more than a majority of girls or futanari. And more was only a request away. She bit her lip and wriggled in her chair as class resumed. A few inches more down below wouldn’t hurt. Or maybe more?

If there was any creed a futa under Carmen’s grace lived by, it was; bigger is better. Anything that made sex more pleasurable, like adding more clits to her pussy, or growing them elsewhere. Careful to avoid detection, Mary slid a hand into her pants, then pulled out her phone, texting Carmen the request. With any luck, she’d see fit to grant her sudden desire.

Doing so would make it even easier to indoctrinate those six. Once they saw the pleasure on offer, surely they would concede and lose themselves in the bliss as they should. Mary bit her lip and stroked her tendrils, keeping them docile for the moment. Tonight, they would be unleashed, each with their own female to sample.

It was just after she got home that Mary fell to her knees. Her cat wandered over to inspect, then sat and watched her moan and rip at her shorts in desperation as she was blessed once more. Mary groped her ass, almost cumming on the spot as more flesh squished between her fingers, then sang out as a sensitive ring pushed her cheeks apart. Feeling it, she had no doubt it was her pucker swollen like a doughnut and heightened to resemble a clit.

But it was far from over. She wrapped her tentacles around her breasts, feeling the mounds heat up and sensitise like her ass. The nipples sent sparks through her cunt, a jet of juices splashed into the ground and onto her fattening thighs. At the same time, the surface of her cocks bulged along the tops. She panted, staring through a deepening haze of bliss, and moaned as the surface rose up in random intervals to resemble, thin fleshy nubs over an inch long. They ground into each other and her world went white.

Her cat yowled as a splash almost coated it, then hissed and scampered away. Mary slumped onto her front, ass in the air, turning her face to see it in her peripheral. It didn’t measure up to Rachel’s, though she didn’t think anything did, but it resembled a pair of basketballs that flowed down into her equally rich thighs. Ashley and Dakota were bound to love watching it bounce as they rutted her from behind.

Even if they didn’t, she adored the reflection in her mirror. Carmen had gone above and beyond, not only amping her sensitivity, but bloating up her asshole and pumping more than a few inches into her curves. With her new thighs, she had to stretch them open to see her scrotum between them. Mary spanked her ass with a moan and giggle.

Ashley and Dakota turned up barely an hour later, dressed to impress. And more. The pair shrugged at Mary’s slack-jawed expression.

“Guess Carmen thought we were due an upgrade,” Dakota said, pulling at her pointless tank top, its neckline pulled so far down by her augmented bust that it hooked under her gorgeous, elongated nipples. It didn’t even cover her bottom-row, the nipples sticking straight out into the open. Of course, the biggest change came from down below, where her yoga pants were stretched over a pair of balls larger than all of Mary’s own merged together.

“Think she’s leaning a bit far into my chubbiness, though,” Ashley murmured. She was always a plump futa, plush all over, and that hadn’t changed, only where else it spread to; that being her pussy. By the looks of her distressed pants, she must’ve borrowed Dakota’s, seeing as Ashley mostly stuck to jeans or sweatpants. Tears led up to her crotch, where the usual bump of her cock and balls was present, beneath it, however, was a juicy mass that had Mary’s tentacles stiffening, “She also bumped up my production too, so I’ll be needing you guys’ help more often.”

“No complaints here,” Mary said and pulled her into a kiss, “Like the ass? I only wanted a couple inches more, but Carmen knew better.”

“It’s great, and… is that your butthole?” Ashley asked, feeling up the barely covered flesh. With Mary’s condition, she could no longer cover more than half her cheeks.

She sucked in a breath, “Yup. Can’t wait for you to break it in.”

“I think Dakota’s better for that now.”

Mary crouched down to their dog-eared lover’s crotch, “Oh? Hers don’t look much bigger.”

“I’m a grower now,” Dakota said, “Just you wait.”

“Looking forward to it. Well, the other girls should probably be here in a bit, let’s get ready.”

‘Get ready’ amounted to making out on the couch and half-stripping while Mary called the newcomers in. Only four girls turned up to her disappointment, however they’d come around sooner or later. The mousy girl was among them, to her relief, alongside the tall, husky voiced one. The other two weren’t much defined beyond one’s twin tails, and the other’s noted effort at a sexy outfit, with a pleated skirt and crop top. It was just a shame she didn’t have much going for her elsewhere.

Once Carmen got around to them, it’d all change.

“So, uh, what do we do?” The mousy girl asked.

“First of all,” Mary said, untangling herself from her lovers and standing to let them properly see her glory, “You can introduce yourselves.”

“I’m Sarah,” the mousy girl said instantly.

The taller one went next, introducing herself curtly as; “Blake.” Followed by twin tails, known as Megan, and the wannabe slut was Helen. With names exchanged and a very clear understanding of what take place - sex, of course - the real festivities were set to begin. That is, if not for the knock on Mary’s door.

Sarah answered for them, being the most eager and presentable, “Yes?” Her voice was barely audible, stunned into near silence.

“Here, feel free to drink as much as you like,” Carmen’s voice drifted through. It alone was enough to rouse all three futanari to a higher arousal, but the door shut a second later. Sarah returned carrying a huge, sloshing barrel.

“C-Carmen wanted you to have this.”

Popping the top off revealed a sea of creamy liquid. It wasn’t thick like cum, nor did it have the same punchy musk, rather the scent was intensely sweet. Mary slipped a finger in and licked it clean, cooing at the flavour. The others did the same, even their guests, all with the same reaction. Before she went back for more, her phone pinged at her.

For the girls. Don’t let Ashley drink too much unless you want her filling up twice as fast. - Carmen.

Tempting, but given the production jump, it might be too much. She didn’t understand just why Carmen would bring a barrel of delicious cream, however she knew her goddess worked in ways beyond her. It was sure to be good regardless. Interruption over, Mary reached out and pulled Sarah close.

“So, little mouse, what do you wanna do first?” As she spoke, Mary snaked her cocks out and wound them around Sarah’s slender legs.

“Um, I’m not sure. It’s my first time… with anyone… so, uh…”

“Then allow me.” Sarah wore a simple skirt and blouse, a pair of panties shielded her snatch, but it was easy to feel her desire through them. Mary licked along the subtle bump with a cock, humming her approval as Sarah’s breathing hitched up, then, with a firm tug from her tendrils, the girl’s panties were down, “Just relax and let me do my thing.”

Sarah nodded and leaned on the futa’s chest. Quivers ran up and down their bodies as Mary pressed the tall nodules on her cock against the girl’s heat, one sank deep into her, touching her virginity, then slid away as another flicked inside. Each time, the sound of her wetness increased, pussy sucking on each spine as they drifted away, then squelching as the next entered. Mary was methodical, breathing deep and using her hands to gradually disrobe the mousy girl.

Her focus on Sarah stripped away the others from her awareness, until a shocked gasp forced a glance. The rest were leaning over the barrel, slurping up its contents like a camel in a desert, but it was Ashley who stepped away first. Carmen’s text flitted through Mary’s thoughts just as her lover’s chest gurgled and swelled rapidly. Normally tear-drop shaped, the heavy globes rounded out into spheres with skin tighter than Gretchen’s egregious implants.

Her dick-nipples burst through her shirt. They didn’t grow, only twitched as their land expanded into planets all their own, pulling the others in with their gravity. Dakota was next to detach from the cream, arching her back to reveal her looser, but still massively improved busts. Streams of white leaked from their long teats, dripping onto the floor, while Helen, Blake and Megan reluctantly moved away. Once flat chests blossomed into daunting sizes rarely seen in porn.

Of course, milk accompanied the change.

Mary looked to Sarah, panting softly and looking longingly to the side. Even among her friends, she was small, more boyish, but lacking the tomboy aesthetic. Now, with the divine cream Carmen had personally delivered, she had a chance for something more.

“Fancy a drink?” Mary asked, still running her cock along the girl’s dripping snatch.

“I-I… should I?”

“That depends,” Mary cradled her head to her breast, making sure she could see the others as their lusts overcame them, the three girls and Dakota going down on Ashley’s pressurised tits, the tri-cocked futa moaning for release, all with tits larger than their heads, “Will accept my goddess’s gift?”

“Your goddess? You mean Carmen?”

“Yes. She’s unique from all of us, something far greater, and she’s granted mercy upon you, a chance to have boobs like you’ve only ever dreamed.”

Sarah blushed, “I don’t know, I’ve, um, dreamed of some pretty big ones.”

“Even better. Go on, have your fill, I’ll keep making you feel good the whole way,” Mary said and added two more tentacles to the one already pleasuring her new friend, using them to tease her thighs and clit. They stepped over to the barrel, still half full, and savoured its candy-like aroma, “Want a glass?”

Sarah didn’t answer for a moment, just looked into the white and licked her lips. She, then, shook her head and dove in, slurping up the cream with abandon, all while Mary crouched behind her and lifted the skirt. A gorgeous pussy greeted her, glistening wet and trimmed to perfection, yet that was also its only flaw. Too tidy, Mary thought and aimed one cock at the opening. Both sexes were drenched in Sarah’s juices, more than ready for the next step.

But first Mary had to sample her purity. The blonde buried her face in the virgin girl’s folds, slurping on them just as she did the milk, and groaned deep at the tart flavour. Satisfied, Mary aimed her dick and pushed against the opening, wriggling to gently nudge her way inside. Sarah clenched in response, but didn’t stop drinking, then relaxed as headway was made. Though a virgin, her hole stretched admirably to take Mary’s three-inch girth.

Sarah’s virginity caved just as the first nodule clashed with her clit, then slid in. It stiffened once inside and pushed on her walls, carving its presence in both mind and body. It only got better from there as Mary slid her other tentacles around the girl’s legs, up her belly, and spiralled around her flowering fun-bags. One looped around Sarah’s neck, feeling her swallow so greedily and moan like a slut. Always eager to improve an experience, Mary put her tongue to work on the girl’s anus.

A sexual stupor fell over them all. Time became a concept once more, abstract and only brought up once they had the wherewithal to question it. By then, all four girls were firmly inducted into Carmen’s grace, if not by the Futa Note, but Mary’s own ambition to spread the same joy she felt day after day. Of course, they weren’t unchanged.

Megan, Blake and Helen all woke from their sex-comas with tits the size of their heads and enough milk for several breakfasts. Everyone was covered in cum, some patches had dried overnight, but many remained warm and sticky. So preoccupied with their coverings, they didn’t quite notice the gigantic shapes that dominated much of Mary’s floor.

School proved interest that morning as Mary walked Sarah into its halls. Everyone made way for the former virgin, pressed tight into their lockers or any crevice they could find, lest they be knocked down by the yoga-balls on her chest. She currently wore a bed sheet tied into a knot just to hide her obscenely erotic majesty.

“Will you be joining us for lunch?” Mary asked the four girls. It only took a glance, then they all moaned as some leftover semen leaked between their thighs.

“Fuck yes!”

Once separated, Mary slung an arm over Ashley’s shoulders and kissed her hard, “You were amazing last night. So commanding. You should be like that more.”

“I don’t know,” the busty futa looked down, “I just can’t help it sometimes. It’s embarrassing when I remember some of the things I said.”

“Like when you told me to ‘fucking take every fucking drop even if you explode’?”


“Don’t worry,” Mary looked to the divine presence in her periphery, “I’m sure we can help you with that.”


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 62 - The Perfect Partner

Life was tedious. She woke up day after day, anticipating nothing but the brief happiness of seeing a friend, and crush, before it all became muddied in one girl’s venomous personality. Hate proved too strong a word for that life, but dislike was too soft. She wasn’t sure any emotion described it properly, she just went through the motions. A bit player in the background that wanted more, however no chance was provided.

Until one unique ‘girl’ came into the picture. They pulled her free of that toxic tedium and into a life she could never have imagined before. By their love, she found something more than being in the background, more than simply wanting more. She got it, maybe not under her own power, though that didn’t matter. Only a fool turned down what she received. And only a bigger moron would complain or let it fall into yet another malaise.

“And I’m no moron,” Rachel said to her reflection. Sure, her grades didn’t reflect that statement well, being solidly in the middle last exam, but she wasn’t concerned with academics. Higher education didn’t intrigue her, only being the best futa for Carmen, keeping her happy and healthy. She needed it after all, being under so much pressure to share all that wonderful lust she’d kept bottled up for so long, not to mention that intellect was a burden all its own. That’s why it fell to Rachel to be her supportive cum bucket and confidante whenever the need arose.

It was also why she may have overstepped her bounds. Though nothing happened as of yet, she was always aware of the third and fourth cocks hidden within her twin shafts, that being the only place she thought Carmen wouldn’t discover them. A scrap of crumbled paper in her trash was responsible, though all it read was; ‘grows two mini cocks inside current ones and will become Carmen Robin’s perfect partner’. Yes, she’d stolen a page from the Futa Note under Carmen’s nose, but she was secure in that decision. Her deception was all for her sake after all.

“I mean, I know I shouldn’t be worried as I am,” Rachel mused and stripped down. In her eyes, the body Carmen wrote for her already exemplified perfection. From its curves, the pout of her lips, her flawless, scarlet hair all but designed to be grabbed in the heat of sex, right down to her heavy genitalia that obscured her puffy snatch. All that on her petite frame just made it stand out beautifully.

“But I want to be perfect for you,” she whispered, exchanging her reflection for Carmen’s visage, “Everything you want in a person, a lover, a toy, a living condom… I want to be.” She extended a hand and touched the cool mirror, though it quickly heated under her skin as flame erupted beneath the surface.

Eyes wide, she followed the flow along her arm to her breast. A moan slipped out, followed by more as the already huge shape consumed her belly, but it didn’t reach her hips, pushed up by something else. Rachel bit her lips, shuddering at the fuller, softer sensation. A second pair of tits gracefully swelled into existence, just as pert and heavy and stunning as the original set. They grew to obscure her hips, but only temporarily as her lower-half expanded too.

Sunlight glimmered in her eyes, the heart rings sizzling as they forced her pupils into the same shape. Yet another symbol of Carmen’s power at work in and outside her. She thrust her hips forward, cocks leaping out to smack into her mirror, which stood taller by the second as her arousal burgeoned. With it, her figure blossomed further.

“Carmen wants more,” Rachel said, unsure just how she knew, only that she did. It was like her love’s desires pumped through her mind in tandem with the beating of her heart, each throb ignited more growth, her body more than willing. A hiss left her mouth as her nipples pressed into the cool glass.

Pre-cum spilled down its bottom-half and pooled on the floor. Carmen was approaching, she could practically smell the futa’s inescapable musk already. She needed to be ready for her arrival. Rachel fell to her hands and arched her ass high, moaning huskily at magnificent scale of it. Even with breasts massive enough to cover her groin, her hips expanded well beyond that with a rear like none other. This was always her greatest feature, now more so. She could hug Carmen between the cheeks as they fucked.

“Oh god!” Rachel whined as the swelling pooled in her holes. A droning grunt rumbled in her throat as she strained, a sensation like pushing with her kegels enveloping her being, then suddenly braking with a splat against her bed. She reached back and felt at her pussy and anus, finding both hugely puffed out with enough sensitivity to spark a micro-orgasm in her cunt. On quivering legs, she pushed up, the flame receding. Droplets of milk rolled down her four breasts to join a mess of pre and fem-cum on the floor.


At a mere four-feet in height, her breasts were wider than she was tall. Broader than those, were her hips and ass, so erotically immense they spilled over the edges of her small double bed. She stroked her enlarged cocks, fingers no more than a blip on their size, while she kicked her legs, bouncing her balls and tits. None of her desire waned as she awaited Carmen’s arrival.

She truly was the perfect lover for such a person. More than enough breast flesh to tit-fuck even her biggest cock, an asshole and cunt designed to milk and stretch however necessary, and the will to become anything more. What did Carmen want anyway? To fuck of course, but in what way. Rachel licked at her twin behemoths, trying to envision how best to please her. Then the bell rang.

It couldn’t be helped that Leah was the one to answer the door. While the cow didn’t quite measure up to her anymore, Rachel had only just grown into her enormity. Standing up almost toppled the mountain she’d become, though she found her balance before that by steadying herself on the bed. The Futa Note’s power kept her from immobility, otherwise she’d have no chance of moving such weight on her own. She hefted a breast with both hands and cooed at its immensity.

She’d weigh them later. For now, she had to go downstairs and etch Carmen’s reaction into her memory.

“Come on, just a couple loads? Please?” Leah asked.

“Sorry, Leah. I’m saving up for something special,” Carmen said. Saving up? Rachel stumbled for a second, pussy clenching hard, walls grinding against one another. A thick dollop fell from her exposed folds with a splat. Both futanari looked upstairs at her, “There she is.”

That fucking smile. Rachel hadn’t exactly met Carmen prior the Futa Note’s presence, though she had no memories of the futa being anything but black-haired, gorgeous goddess of a human, but she was sure that look would have swayed her from Zoey anyway. So bright, disarming, blinding even, and ripe with the promise of love, and sex to shame the entirety of Pornhub. Not to mention a pregnancy to make litters seem pathetic.

Her eyes thinned as the smile widened. A heat welled up in Rachel’s abdomen. She tried touching it, but was completely shut out by her breasts, though she didn’t need to feel it to know where the heat came from; her womb. Undoubtedly, she, and many others, were already pregnant. A single drop of Carmen’s seed in them sufficed, which didn’t mean that was the end of things. Rachel had read more than a few pregnant fetish stories where nothing stopped further impregnation.

And that warmth in her belly told her she could easily star in one such story. Her eyes zeroed in on Carmen’s crotch, noting the three cocks, prevalent as ever, and how she drooled just at the sight of them. Even clothed, she was desperate for her lover. Was that how it felt to go into heat for an animal?

Maybe, maybe not. All she knew was how badly she wanted Carmen to mount and rut her until they were both exhausted. Though she doubted Carmen would give out just from being with her, which meant Leah would get her turn.

“Later then?” Leah asked.

“We’ll see, it depends on your sister,” Carmen slowly licked her lips, glossy and enticing, like rich desserts glazed in pure desire. They filled Rachel’s vision as the far taller futa took the stairs three at a time, until she was several steps away, yet their eyes were level, “Speaking of which… you look amazing.”

“You think so?” Rachel stroked along her top breasts and, unable to reach their front, gave a firm smack. Jiggles ran throughout, echoing in the bottom set and rubbing into her rigid shafts, “You sure I couldn’t be better for you?”

“Oh, you will be,” Carmen leaned in, breath on her ear and scent everywhere, “Let’s go to your room. I want to make sure it smells of us.”


So entranced in Carmen’s ass, Rachel forgot about hers as she attempted squeezing through the door, “Fuck! One second… just gotta… there!” While it should only be an issue when turned on, she’d still have to make a habit of taking doors sideways on, lest she get lodged somewhere and everyone starts taking advantage. The larger futa giggled and led her to the bed.

“I made a few changes,” she said, “I know you’re happy to indulge in my fantasies, but I don’t want you to change just for me. It has to be for you too. So, now you’re going to grow exactly as you wish. In proportion to how much of my cum and milk you ingest, that is.”

“Whoa,” Rachel whispered, “I mean, that’s so sweet of you, but it’s kinda pointless.”

Carmen frowned, “Why?”

“I, uh, might’ve stolen a page from the book and made it so I’d be your perfect partner,” Rachel admitted, avoiding her gaze. Though she feared the reaction, her body still thrummed with arousal, muscles quivering as if prepared to present herself in apology. A hand pulled on her hair. Here it comes, she thought and opened her mouth for what no doubt be a brutal face fucking. Instead, she gasped against the softest lips she knew.

“You’re not mad?”

“How can I? You did it for me, right? Long as you’re happy with it, then I am too.”

“I am,” Rachel said, never surer of herself, “I’d do anything, be anything for you.”

“Good to know,” Carmen said and abruptly fell back, taking the redhead with her. Giggles rocked both their chests, before Rachel was pulled atop the seven-foot futa, “Because I’m pretty sure if I fill you up, you’ll grow some more.”

“Isn’t this enough for you?” Rachel asked and smacked her ass cheeks, so huge they even eclipsed Carmen’s. A twitch from below told her it wasn’t.

“Funny thing is, I pictured this for a while, wondering if I should just make you this fucking big, but I held off. Now, with it all in front of me, I can’t help but want more. Your ass is bigger than you are tall, your tits could be your own bed, you have cocks the size of mine, and all of it on a tiny body that just makes me want to impale you on my dicks like a human condom.”

“Fuck me,” Rachel groaned. In her nudity, there was no hiding how utterly soaked her pussy was, much less the fact her dicks were like steel reinforced with tungsten, “Oh god, Carmen, put your dicks in me and make me so fucking huge.”

“You sure?” Carmen teased and pulled a pair of boobs to her lips, licking around the dripping lengths, “If I do, you might really get stuck. You’d be nothing but a mountain of tits and ass with arms and legs, unable to do anything but wait for me to breed you.”

“I want it! Oh fuck, please Carmen, I need to be perfect for you! Turn me into a sleeve for your cocks, carry me around like I’m just a cock-sock, leave me to soak in your cum when you go to school, then knock me up when you get back. Just… please…”


Clothes were a flimsy prison. As would be iron in face of Carmen’s lust. Three cocks tore the highly altered shorts to shreds, bursting up to slap against Rachel’s four-foot-wide ass, waves of ripples streamed across the cheeks, then she was lifted and her fat cunt met the ring-leader. All dicks held together by sheer will power, not even budging when Rachel sank onto the black head. It stretched her engorged folds to their brink, but she had room for more. She had to as the second and third cock heads collided with her.

A cry attempted escape as they entered her, however Carmen gagged it by shoving a nipple into the redhead’s mouth. Milk flowed instantly and caught her off-guard. Thick rivulets spilled down her chin, an offence she quickly rectified by gulping it down loud as possible. Rachel’s cocks squished between their tits, each a pillar that framed Carmen’s flawless face. For that moment at least.

The taller futa shoved her lover down, nipple still in her mouth, and angled a cock. Pulling her up, Carmen stretched her own lips to inhuman levels. A lurid bulge worked down her neck in a facsimile of Rachel’s abdomen, which rose between her breasts and their faces. Things didn’t seem like they could improve any further. She was full of Carmen’s mare-breaking-fuck-sticks and drinking milk by the cupful. What a simple mind she had, completely forgetting what came with a proper fucking.

Rachel’s huge cunt squished into place at Carmen’s crotch. Her ass rested upon the balls, vibrating from the constant throbbing and churning within, then was pushed up by a sharp thrust. Two feet high, gravity finally pushed on her egregiously curvy figure. She plummeted back to the base with the loudest smack of her life.

The sting on her ass tightened her walls and womb around Carmen’s shafts. As she was pushed up again, she felt and inscribed every little texture into her memory, even while her own cock bathed in heavenly spit. Another thrust sent her even higher, glans yanked on her pumped-up pussy, then she fell and lost herself in an instant of creamy flesh that was Carmen’s tits. The clap of their bodies was deafening, yet Rachel picked out Carmen’s moans amidst it.

Her lover seemed everywhere. Each touch of fingers, whether just a graze along her hip or thigh, or a powerful smack on the vast plain of her ass, she felt Carmen all over herself. Perhaps it was just how deep her cocks were. The two, smaller members slipped in and out from her womb, punching through her cervix each time. Any normal woman would be in agony or worse, but with Carmen’s power, she only moaned for more. One vicious thrust dislodged the shorter cocks from her cunt, but the middle remained.

In truth, it was all she needed. Rachel’s instincts commanded that she clamp down on it, and she did, etching the beastly shape into her heart, mind and sole. Spines dug deep into her walls, all but piercing into her and injecting untold bliss directly to the veins, while fat bumps ground along the same path. The head did most of the work, being so wide that, were it not for her enormous tits, she’d see a literal shelf through her body. Pre-cum pulsed through its length and pooled against her cervix.

Carmen kicked both legs up to keep the bottom-heavy redhead aloft, then pushed her higher. Rachel whined as the nipple was taken from her lips, then whimpered as her pussy stretched once more around the fattest crown, before it slipped out. A rush of her juices and pre-cum splashed against Carmen’s crotch and abdomen.

“Tell me how you want it,” Carmen said, keeping the two sexes separated, “Want me to fuck both holes with my three huge dicks, or want me to fuck up your cunt with my single, massive, inhuman cock?”

“Hmm…” Rachel crooned and rolled her hips, desperate just to be full again. The head kissed her oversized pussy, then slid away, but she felt the pull of a pre-cum bridge between them, “My pussy! Please, completely ruin my cunt, I want it to gape so bad that you can just slip back in whenever you want! Give my womb all your cum. Breed it. Inflate my ovaries! AHHH FUUUUUCK!”

A single cock rammed against her. For a second, Rachel feared it was too big, easily covering the whole of her thick, sensitive pussy lips, but her body craved it just as much as it wanted her. Carmen’s legs relaxed, gravity pushed on the redhead, her cunt spilling juices by the bottle, while her snatch opened little by little. The tip forced its way inside until her walls were clasped tight around it, yet progress remained slow.

“One sec,” Carmen said and, before Rachel could form even a sound, flipped the redhead around. Ass in her face, the much taller futa clapped both hands down on it, pulled the cheeks apart and dove in. At the same time a cock bigger than she was tall entered her, Rachel also experienced the bliss of her lover’s tongue against her asshole. She leaned back, giving Carmen unfettered access to her sour orifice. It wriggled into her as another inch stretched out her once taut belly.

She felt it rise between her lower breasts. Heat poured off her stomach, each throb of Carmen’s heart echoed her own pulse, rippling through her enormous mounds and tingling in her leaking nipples. What a waste, she thought. Rachel moaned highly as she sank further, more of that massive, inhuman dick slipping in, and wrestled with her upper tits. They overflowed her arms, but she managed to corral their teats into line and crammed them between her lips. Milk gushed instantly and poured down her chin, across her chest, then over the shelf of Carmen’s cock.

Hums reverberated in her ass from the lips and tongue tasting her. Rachel wanted to arch into the pleasure, but it was impossible to locate just one instant of bliss, when Carmen’s mere presence radiated it. There was more truth to that than mere romance or infatuation. She moaned into her tits, guzzling milk while her womb filled with warm pre-cum, and inhaled through her nose. Her lover’s scent assaulted her sinuses and shoved her off a cliff into a whirlpool of ecstasy.

It could be metaphorical or a hallucination in her mind, but Rachel felt Carmen everywhere in that moment. Like the immense futa stretched out to encompass her entire being, caressing her from head to toe, fingers to shoulders, breasts to balls, inside and out, and it embodied bliss. Every inch down its length added another layer, each nodule that popped into her cunt and every spine flaring out against the walls were waves crashing down on her, drowning her in pleasure. She clenched down with every muscle, trusting the act to convey just how much she adored Carmen.

But it couldn’t. No single act would ever say just how she worshipped the very air her lover breathed, the ground she walked, the cum she spilled, even the people she chose to share it all with. Rachel almost wished Stacy were there, just so her partner could be filled as well. Panting and moaning, she seized up at the sudden inflammation in her groin. Shoved tight against her balls, her clit shifted and swelled. Inch after inch extended and writhed in her ecstasy.

The sinuous cluster of nerves snaked under her balls, twitching in time with Carmen’s dick, and grew to wave before Rachel’s half-lidded eyes. It was thin, no broader than her finger, though for a clit that was enormous. As she stared, it moved side to side with hypnotic rhythm, waiting for something. Carmen gave a sudden thrust, forcing half a foot of titanic fuck-meat inside at once. A scream tore through Rachel and parted her lips wide, nipples dropping and splashing milk everywhere; the clit lunged for the opportunity.

A tangy flavour joined the sweetness of her milk, then rapidly spread as her clit thrashed about. It poked everywhere in her mouth, tangled with her tongue, before eventually finding her throat and rushing down. Rachel gagged when it pushed on her uvula, however the perpetually growing length persisted, a rapid onset that soon found her stomach. Milk sloshed about within, then stopped as her clit coiled up within. Soon a stringy bulge appeared on either side of the cock still moving through her. It was at her clavicle. Not much more and it’d be eye-level.

Rachel whimpered as her clit made a lasso for the cock bulge to move through, like it sensed her attention on it. Beneath her, Carmen kept up her anilingus, unaware or unconcerned with the change taking place in Rachel, snaking the muscle in deep as it would go. Which, as the redhead was very aware of, proved very deep. Thankfully, everything the Futa Note did to her kept that place clean.

The cock moved up and into her squirming neck. Her clit tightened around it, earning a subdued moan from between her cheeks, while Rachel tried squealing around the always moving clit-tendril, still piling up in her pliant belly. That is, until it found a tiny exit and forced its way through. Rachel’s eyes bulged at the sensation of something ploughing through her guts on a single minded mission. For what? She couldn’t guess with all the sensations burying her.

All her awareness was consumed in them. Every inch, no, each millimetre was like a pump of Carmen’s hips in the middle of a orgasm. It forced her to tighten, muscles screaming for relief at that point, so taut around her love’s cock that she wondered if her pussy would ever close again. Not that it’d be bad; easy access for Carmen.

Rachel quivered when the cock-bulge moved into sight. She didn’t know how much further she had before their bodies were flush together, certain that Carmen had grown since last time. Three feet already stuffed her and, though her ass already sat upon Carmen’s chest, it didn’t mean anything when it was so huge. Another three, even four feet could await her.

And she needed it all. Rachel used all her willpower to relax, then squatted low. With all their fluids combined the process was smooth, if slow, a constant slide of an inch every few seconds, but it was enough. Nub after nub pulsed against her insides, all while her clit snaked deeper into her, still searching for something. Her answer finally came as Carmen’s tongue stopped and a finger-thick tendril pushed through her ass from within. The sensation of her tongue on the clit was heavenly, but feeling Carmen lick at its peak was nirvana.

Yet she still found a plane above even that. Her clit hadn’t finished its journey, sliding along her love’s tongue and past her lips, down her throat, then deeper still. How many feet had it reached? To reach her lips alone required three or four, then pooling in her stomach and bulging through needed several more, then almost twice that to reach her anus. Even after everything, it still quested onward, like it wanted to do the same to Carmen.

As the cock rose past eye-level, its many spines and bumps and veins lulling Rachel deeper into her bliss, so too did the clit descend into Carmen’s stomach. Now it had experience and quickly found the passage. Her love just moaned and continued frenching her asshole, tongue always moving, yet it never found the sweet spot. That was where her clit came into play.

Rachel arched her chest, back bending almost in half, as her cocks leapt up and rained thick cream. Messes weren’t common in her room, usually kept to the school or Carmen’s home, though some were unavoidable, but this was the first with her new equipment. Rope after rope impacted the ceiling and splashed back to coat them. Several globs fell on her lips and dripped into her mouth, adding its flavouring to her tangy clit-tentacle. Drops flowed into her nostrils, which she happily snorted up.

Another eruption shook her core as air met the wet length of her clit. It flailed in the open, snaking out from Carmen’s own ass, before it slapped into her balls, which it must have recognised as it calmed down. The next touches were curious, like a sneaky dog searching for an escape, before it found the underside. Rachel’s orgasm settled, her balls half-emptied, but rapidly filling again, then turned into a typhoon in the midst of an atomic explosion clashing against the heat-death of her universe. Or rather, it could be summarised as the ultimate climax.

What caused it?

Her clit made contact with Carmen’s pussy and instantly rammed in, faster than any other hole. Dozens of feet surged through their bodies, hundreds of thousands, millions perhaps, of nerves grinding into her other sensitive areas. More than that, however, it seemed to realise how undersized it was for Carmen’s pussy and pulsed thicker with every heartbeat. Before long, her jaw strained and the sinuous bulge in her stomach was just as present as the cock stretching out her womb.

Carmen gave a brutal thrust at the same time her snatch was penetrated. It wasn’t a jerk made brutal by her sheer size, but a hands on hips, shoving down on Rachel while thrusting up, bringing the redhead flush with her crotch and sending the bulge skyrocketing. A facet of her consciousness counted its length inch by inch, using her pussy and womb for measure.

But that wasn’t the only cause. More was responsible for Rachel’s thought-melting ecstasy. In a sudden burst of intelligence and size, her clit formed another noose around her four tits, squeezing tight and holding them around Carmen’s shaft, while undulating across its entire length. Squirts of milk shot forth as she was milked. The hands on her hips sank away and moved between her cheeks, then found her stretched out asshole. Carmen chuckled around the fat clit plugging her from mouth to ass to womb, before she shoved both hands inside Rachel.

One remained near the entrance and shoved on the thin membrane to feel her own shaft. The other rammed deeper, then stopped at the fat bump of Rachel’s prostate, grabbing it in her vice-like grip. That sent her spiralling.

Gallons of semen gushed from her twin heads and pooled on the floor. Milk joined it, yet regardless of how powerful the sensation in her tits, they couldn’t squirt enough, instead the amount built up and swelled them into even greater grandeur. The pressure gathered until she finally couldn’t hold anymore. Her nipples fattened to the size of two-litre bottles, ducts opening all over, then unleashed a white flood to join the rest on her floor.

All the while, her clit kept moving. It had burrowed deep into Carmen’s womb, where it coiled in on itself, yet wasn’t satisfied. The taller futa was nowhere near as debilitated by the experience and, with a simple grunt of pleasure and exertion, set to fucking Rachel’s near-comatose form. With gravity and Rachel’s sensuous weight, her descents were punctuated by brutal smacks of wet flesh. Juices spilled from her cunt by the litre every thrust.

There was no frame for time in her consciousness anymore. Darkness could fall and she’d still see nothing but white ecstasy, lost in her own world of sensation, feeling each spurt of jizz from her cocks like a train ramming her, only everything was good. Swords could impale her and she’d moan in delirious joy.

“Oh my, you’re being so wasteful.”

Rachel recognised her sister’s voice, though sight was far from her reach at that moment. It wasn’t until she felt something warm, tight and wet around her cocks and nipples that she even realised Leah was so close. More pleasure flattened her ego, leaving only her id to move in primal lust and fuck whatever offered itself. At that moment, it just so happened to be her sister’s tits.

“Hmm, that it’s, fill my boobies up. I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow, so make sure I can’t move an inch, okay?” Leah said, “Hey, you’re not really looking after Carmen’s balls are you? Let me.”

Leah’s nipples clamped down as she moved, laying between Carmen’s legs to bury her face in the futa’s heavy testicles. A mixture of sweat and fem-cum streamed down the massive orbs, covering the older sister’s face and saturating her tongue in salty ambrosia. Another brick-breaking thrust answered the new sensation, Carmen’s ferocity coming out in droves. She unknowingly smothered the thicker sibling in her scrotum, while leaving Rachel effectively brain-dead from pure, uncut bliss.

It would take a massive event to wake her from such a state.

Feet pushing down on Leah’s ever-blossoming titties did nothing. Feeling the clit writhe and swell was just another drop in the a planet-sized ocean. Even the thrusts might as well be pebbles. It wasn’t until Carmen’s rhythm faltered and her cock fattened that Rachel’s consciousness returned, knowing the signs all too well. Though her throat was completely plugged with her clit, Rachel still moaned and whined, pleading for the oncoming flood.

This would guarantee a pregnancy. More than that, it’d be legendary. One that no human could possibly contend with, one that matched Carmen’s deepest fetishes. Her belly needed to be insurmountable, a testament of her fertility and Carmen’s insane virility. Heat bloomed at two key zones on either side the cock, pulsing hotter until she feared they’d burn, then her worries washed away. A deep, visceral grunt echoed from Carmen’s chest and into her own.

Then she was full. Dozens of feet of clit-tendril thicker than a normal person’s thigh, a cock nearly twice her height, and two arms inside her ass just didn’t complete her. For that, she needed a biblical deluge of cum so thick it could be mistaken for a loose, wet dough that oozed out in a continuous log, which seeped down to pool at her cervix, before letting loose the true flood. In the first instant, Rachel’s taut belly exploded into rotundity as gallons poured in.

Her breasts pushed up and to the sides as it expanded. Rachel reached over her tits to feel at her inflating self, basking in the magma pouring in, and watching as the luscious frame of her sister quickly vanished beneath her womb. Each pulse of jizz rippled through her pussy on its way to the head, still heavily pronounced as it erupted, pushing her skin out further, before it gathered with the rest. While faint against the other pleasures, Rachel still moaned as she felt a constant pricking inside her. More babies to adore, she thought and shivered in a pure feminine climax.

Leah’s thighs disappeared from view. Rachel briefly regretted not wearing any clothes, wishing she could see her belly stretch out a button-up, testing its limits until the buttons just exploded off the fabric and into god knew where. Her abdomen surpassed her sister’s knees, already making headway along the shins. That was far from her limit.

She recalled that first time Carmen fucked both her and Stacy. How wonderfully huge they got, to the point neither could move without draining entire lakes worth of semen, but that was when they shared the futa’s prolificacy. Now it was all her own.

Soon the bed was swallowed underneath her expanse and still she inflated. Unable to speak, Rachel used every trick to beg for more, milking the cock with her pussy, squirming on Carmen’s groin and even urging her clit to fuck them both harder. The enormous cock shrank down, though she wasn’t being raised, nor was Carmen moving away. Rachel stared in fascination, both at her ever growing belly, and at the suddenly stouter phallus, before moaning as it split into two. They jutted out in either direction and maintained that stance as Carmen shoved her up.

When she fell, Rachel lost herself in white once more. That came from the deepest penetration yet; her ovaries. Her body was designed for Carmen’s pleasure, it was merely a bonus that she came just as hard, meaning she would do whatever the larger futa desired. Whether that meant growing a clit-tentacle longer and thicker than an anaconda, or taking two fat horse cocks into her fallopian tubes so their viscous, impregnating seed could flood her egg-chambers. It quickly overflowed back into her womb and inflated her further.

That was just a single orgasm, though. More still awaited. This amount could barely count as relief for Carmen, not after the many orgies Rachel had witnessed and participated in, which meant her room might be too small. Oh fuck, please let her belly fill the room was her final coherent thought.

When she finally registered light once more, it was strangely normal. She laid on her side, a massive frame behind her, its feel and scent instantly recognised as Carmen, while a warm glow bathed the rest of the room. Thick globs of white coated everything, from drawers to her desk, not that she used it often anymore. Soft wisps of air moved along her sticky flesh and teased her gaping cunt. It also brought her attention to a pressing, if basic need; the bathroom.

Upon standing, she realised a ‘small’ obstacle; her belly.

“Whoa,” Rachel said and cradled the fertile monument that had become her body. While her legs took the weight well, she felt it all the same, dozens of kilos all on her small frame. It jut out further than it was wide, though its girth still made for a perfect platform to support her huge tits. They were pushed so far up as to obscure her vision, though she was fine leaning around. Despite her massive size, not a drop leaked from her pussy.

“Is it cum, or am I really just this pregnant?” She mused and waddled out the room. Hips like hers were designed for such an arduous task, as were the unassuming layers of muscles beneath all her voluptuousness. Each swing of her hips shifted the burden of her belly, sloshing heavily within, confirming that it was primarily semen. Outside her room, after a troublesome navigation with the door, she found the carpet buried under cum. She must’ve been draining for a while.

“Look at you,” Rachel cooed once she got into the bathroom. Being so short, her parents had invested in a six-foot mirror so everyone could see themselves, though it wasn’t nearly wide enough, still it gave her a much appreciated view of her gorgeous tummy. She wasn’t aroused anymore, so her curves had returned to a semi-normal level. Inexperienced, she couldn’t say for sure how pregnant she looked, but with a gut bigger than all her tits combined, she had to look bigger than the octo-mom did, “And it’ll only get bigger.”

She was already so impossibly fertile in shape. Her figure screamed that fact to every creature across the universe, yet when the pregnancy began in force, the hormones would come into effect. Nature and magic would connive to make her so huge that she couldn’t possibly move.

A shudder ran up spine and into her belly. Rachel groaned deep and squatted, pussy squelching as it spread wider, while she braced a hand on the wall. Visible ripples passed through her belly, then she gasped in pleasure as a congealed roll of white stretched out her already gaped cunt. Foot after foot hung from her, then collected on the floor. After several minutes, it finally stopped and left her womb flat…er. Flatter. It still stuck out a good six inches from her waist.

“That was all this?” Rachel crouched low to study the coiled up pile of opaque goo. Sniffing it, she was bombarded with the irresistible aroma of Carmen’s seed, though much fainter than she expected from such a thick mass. Did that mean most of the sperm were elsewhere? That meant only one thing. She forced a hand between her rows of tits and rubbed at her plump gut. A subtle motion greeted her, “They’re still looking for eggs in there. Just how pregnant am I gonna be?”

Looking at her reflection again, she imagined just a popped out belly button surrounded taut, shiny flesh covered in bumps from kicking young filling it. In just a few months time, she’d be immobile.

“Carmen wants that,” Rachel murmured and felt her womb heating up again, “She wants to breed so much. An egg for every sperm. I need to be her perfect broodmare. I am her cumdump. Her baby-maker. Oh fuck, she needs so much more than this!”

Across her gut, balls appeared. Thin tubes pushed out and connected them to something deeper within, then the spheres grew. Rachel rubbed at them, instantly aroused as she underwent yet another change, all to better serve Carmen’s breed-lusts. Her cocks leapt to attention and, in tandem with her juicy nipples, shot off all over the mirror. She watched her heart-shaped pupils vanish under the creamy dick-sludge.

“More,” Rachel groaned and looked to Carmen’s semen she’d pushed out. Riddled with maddening lust, she grabbed hold and shoved it toward her cunt, unreachable with her arms and the abundance of size on her figure. Fortunately, she didn’t need to as the log came alive and finished the journey, pushing back into her pussy to once more fill her womb. Unlike before, however, she didn’t swell up massively. Instead, her abdomen rounded out until the balls around her womb vanished. Even so, she still looked full term with a single child.

The thought made her giggle, “One child with Carmen? That’s fucking dumb.”

She headed back for her bedroom and saw her love still asleep on her side. At least, most of her slept. Carmen’s shafts stood vertical to her body. Rachel didn’t leap at them, content for the moment after her latest change, instead she sat down and watched her sleep. Beauty came in so many forms; a jewel, stars, a sunset, a field of flowers… yet nothing made her smile like Carmen’s peacefully wanton face. Even at rest, there was something lustful about her.

Unique eyes peered at her after a few more minutes and a smile played at those plush lips, “Glad to see you recovered.”

“I blacked out. What happened?”

“See for yourself,” Carmen gestured behind the redhead, who looked and finally registered just what had become of her room.

“Oh…” Everything was broken, seemingly crushed by some immovable force, “Wait… I remember Leah showing up, what happened to her?”

“Wow, you really need your eyes checked. Look at the bed.”

“Maybe I just need to sleep more. Can’t think why I wouldn’t be resting properly,” Rachel said, but checked what she thought was just her bed. It was, in fact, her sister’s breasts covered by a sheet. Some remnants of a bed frame reached out from the sides, thoroughly ruined, “Leah? You okay?”

“Can you grab my phone? I need to call in sick.”

“She’s fine.”

“So,” Carmen sat up, graceful despite the buoyant land she’d reclined upon, “Anything new?”

“I’m totally fucking knocked up with a city’s worth of your babies,” Rachel said and stood for her view, parting the breasts and revealing just how heavy her stomach had become already, “Not even a week in and this is what you’ve done to me.”

Carmen drank in the view, eyes shining an even greater pink and red. It could’ve been her imagination, but Rachel swore the womb-shaped pupils pulsed at the sight. Elegant hands cradled her fertile gut, unerringly finding each of the balls. Rachel cooed softly at the touch.

“Is this what you want?” Carmen whispered.

Rachel’s answer was an instant, “Yes.”

Eyes closed, Carmen leaned in and rested a cheek on the front. She took several moments of quiet breathing, then nodded to herself and pulled away. After a second longer, Carmen stood at her full, glorious height. Had she grown taller? Perhaps in answer, the towering futa hunched down and caught her lips in a gentle kiss. Lust was a gentle river as their tongues met, rather than the torrent both were used to.

“Thanks,” Carmen said against her cheek, “I love you.”

“I love you too. More than you know.”

“I think I have a pretty good idea.”

“Want me to prove otherwise?”

Carmen just grinned and took her hand, “Maybe later. I honestly just want to relax for now. We can always watch some anime together.”

“If that’s what you want. There’s this great one that just came out.” Rachel led the way, eager to show off just how stunning her ass had become. And it’d only get better, she thought with a pat on her belly.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 63 - A Normal Night Out

Excitement and arousal had such a fine line. One so easily related to the other, more so than ever after Carmen’s incredible gift, though Stacy was confident she’d be just as happy to see her wonderful girlfriend… girlfriends, she reminded herself, with or without the impossibly erotic augmentations to their bodies. They just made everything better for everyone involved. Carmen most of all.

A blurry set of memories told Stacy just what her ex-employee had been through. Losing a father, living in poverty, studying day and night while working just to eat… she would gladly suffocate whatever god decided to put her through all that. But now, Carmen had both her and Rachel, and a book to make sure nothing so horrible happened to her or her family ever again. Not that she should need it for that purpose when her life was so glamorous.

Stacy pulled up into the driveway of a wonderful suburban home. It wasn’t hers, though she hoped to have one someday with Carmen, their kids, a couple dogs and maybe a cat. She rubbed circles over her belly and chuckled; it’d need to be bigger than this house. One or two, even as low as four children with Carmen didn’t seem possible. Not that she wanted it to be. The thought of swelling so beautifully fecund all from her love’s seed made her want more.

That could wait. Tonight was a simple date, just the three of them at dinner, talking and enjoying one another’s company. Sex would happen, an inevitability when Carmen was involved, but later, when they were all romanced by the atmosphere and each other. Stacy tapped the steering wheel to distract her from the yearning in her loins, then made the journey from her car to the door.

Difficult as it was with breasts larger than beach balls, a similar ass, and hips that spilled over into the passenger seat - luckily she didn’t drive stick - she enjoyed every moment. This was all Carmen’s doing, her desired form for her, and she’d be a fool to deny how much it suited her. Even back in college, people claimed she looked motherly, now her figure screamed that to the world. Her curves settled down as she knocked on the door.

“No! You’re staying here!” A shrill voice shouted through the barrier.

“It’s only for the night,” Carmen said.

“We’ll have her back before you go to bed,” Rachel added.


The door opened and there stood beauty in all its excessive glory. Along with a blonde girl latched onto a leg and looking up with the most adorably outraged pout Stacy had seen. Her eyes were accusing, unnervingly so, like a hardened detective staring right through every lie. In that situation, Melody looked beyond the obstructing mountains Stacy sported.

“She’s mine!” The little girl yelled.

“Melody,” Alicia groaned, coming up from behind, “Hi, Stacy. Sorry about this.”

“No, it’s alright,” Stacy crouched down, biting back the groan from her knees squishing deep into her breasts, “I’m not taking her from you, Melody. Promise, it’s only dinner.”

“But she won’t play with me if you go out.”

“She will, just later. Your sister works really hard at school and takes really good care of you and us. Doesn’t she deserve to be pampered every now and then?”

“I guess. Can’t I come with you?” Melody’s grip relaxed, though she remained locked around Carmen’s leg.

“It’ll be so boring,” Carmen interjected, dropping down to be level with her. Like with Stacy, her breasts squished up against her thighs, but it also made her ass stand out all the more, “Plus it’s a French restaurant, they only serve snails.”

“Eww,” Melody’s expression soured.

“And besides,” Carmen leaned in close, “Who’s gonna watch the house and mom if we’re both out? I’m relying on you to keep everything spick and span, Supergirl.”

“Okay,” Melody finally let go and stood up, backing away. Even crouched low, Carmen was eye level with the girl. Being so close to her only exaggerated just how tall the futa was as she stood up. None of them were anyway close to her chin, not Alicia, not Stacy. Certainly not Rachel, who appeared to have changed dramatically since their last meeting. She wouldn’t bring it up there, since neither Melody nor Alicia would know.

That was part of the true beauty behind Carmen’s power; no one but a select few knew when its power was at work. Anyone transformed had a life that reflected their new self, sometimes that meant a supportive relationship, or far more physical alterations in extreme cases, from clothes to houses. Because of it, despite her enormous curves, Stacy’s co-workers and acquaintances behaved as if she’d always been so voluptuous. Even though she still often bumped into them and spilled milk thanks to her much improved production.

Mel certainly didn’t seem to mind. Things weren’t even awkward between them, like her brief lover was content to have spent even a fraction of her life with Stacy and, though it sounded bad even in her head, she more than understood. If given the chance, she’d happily fuck a copy of herself. Unless it was a choice between the clone and Carmen, then the latter always took precipice.

“I’ll go get ready,” Carmen said and gestured for her to come in. When Stacy was in range, she whispered, “Thanks for helping. Melody can be a handful sometimes.”

“It’s nothing. Good practice for the future.” Again, a hand strayed to her belly, knowing full well several embryos developed day by day. They wouldn’t know just how many until much later, though she could wait. Just the sensation and knowledge that she was steadily becoming a true mom was enough for her.

“I like your thinking,” Carmen kissed her cheek, then quickly sauntered upstairs. Her two lovers moved into the living room, taking the couch. Hips squished together, Stacy finally took in the redhead’s latest alterations, a twinge of desire smouldering as she did. It was like her own body squished into a far shorter form, with double the breasts.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t stare,” Alicia said, joining them in a loveseat. She seemed to unconsciously make room for another, but after so many years as a widow, she must’ve gotten used to sitting normally. Did that mean a new partner was in the mix?

“It’s okay,” Rachel chuckled, “It’s hard not to, right?” She referred to her double cleavage, on full display in her unbelievably stretched shirt, the fabric taut around her front, cut perfectly to end just at her waist. Her ensemble changed into a mini-skirt at that point, or perhaps it was designed to reach ankles, pushed up and out to the point that it became miniature. The only thing keeping her cocks decent were the glossy tights, which kept them pinned to either thigh. And knees, Stacy noted upon looking further down.

“I’ve heard of people born with extra nipples, but I never thought someone had four breasts. Nevermind ones so big.” Alicia struggled to keep her eyes away from the redhead’s chest and fidgeted in her seat a bit more than someone merely uncomfortable would, “They must really hurt your back.”

“Not really. I’ve got very strong muscles beneath all this,” Rachel said and slapped a thigh, the flesh jiggling for several full seconds.

“Still… how don’t you fall over with them?”

“It’s easier than you think,” Stacy said, “When you’ve been so big for so long, it just kinda becomes instinct. Not to say I haven’t stepped on a couple feet by accident.”

“Especially when we’ve got great counterweights,” Rachel added, wriggling deeper into the cushions, which didn’t hold a candle to her rear. While Stacy didn’t have the same attachment to her as they did with Carmen, she couldn’t deny how bad she wanted to see those cheeks bouncing on her dick.

“Are you interrogating them again?” Carmen asked. All eyes went to her and widened, gawking like a supermodel had just stepped in, stripped down, did a strip dance, then offered them her body. Except Carmen remained clothed and stationary, doing nothing more than leaning on the doorway, hip cocked to the side with arms folded under her bust. A single piece dress sheathed her glory and left little to the imagination. That little bit, however, was enough to have Stacy’s fingers grasping at air in hopes of uncovering it all. A glance at Rachel found the redhead openly drooling.

“Nothing so nefarious,” Alicia said, a bit higher than she probably intended, since she cleared her throat, “You look… great, sweetheart. It won’t get cold?”

“I’m like a walking heater, it’ll be fine.”

Alicia’s concern was valid, given the backless design which, combined with her chest, allowed more than a little boob to be seen from behind. Not that many would linger that high up, eager to look at her ass. Up front, Carmen’s members were mostly loose, restrained by a series of string made to fit her attire. A long slit down her right let all bask in the beauty of a single, alabaster leg and glimpse the black splendour of her cocks.

Better to go before Stacy started something that, in all likeliness, would result in a mess in her car, “We’d better go, don’t wanna be late.”

“I’m starving,” Rachel cooed, patting her belly, only visible thanks to her specialised bras keeping her tits aloft. It, like the rest of her, had grown rounder but, unlike the others, it appeared much firmer. Almost pregnant. Alicia must’ve thought the same thing, because she suddenly refused to look anywhere near her daughter or the redhead, even as she saw them out.

“Mom! Come on, I need a princess to rescue!” Melody shouted from within the house.

“Coming! Alright, I’ll see you later, I guess.”

“I’ll let you know if I’m staying late,” Carmen said, glancing at her lovers, “I probably will now that I think about it.”

“Alright, stay safe.”

“I’ll look after them,” Stacy said as the oldest among them, though she certainly wasn’t the strongest. While Carmen didn’t look it, she could likely bench anything a bodybuilder did with less effort.

Their reservations at La Riviera took them to a booth at the furthest corner of the restaurant. The lighting was low, neighbours few and far between, and Carmen sat between the two curviest people in the establishment. Even a very obvious trophy wife with obnoxious implants had no option but to gawk as they passed. She wasn’t alone, of course, as all eyes turned on them. A waitress teetered as she swivelled around to keep looking too.

It didn’t matter that they sat down. People continued staring until they realised how rude they were being and finally returned to their meals, however all conversations, the few Stacy overheard anyway, were focused on them and the validity of their bodies. ‘Surely they were wearing bodysuits or something’ was the gist of most, earning a soft giggle from Stacy. If only they knew.

But she wasn’t there for them. Stacy made these reservations for two people, whom she sat beside in quiet happiness. Just feeling Carmen against her hip, innocent as could be, was enough for now. They’d get up to much naughtier touches in the night. Their server came, stammering throughout her introduction, and dropped menus, telling them, practically begging really, to call her if they needed anything. Carmen’s eyes lit up at the conspicuous offer.

“Thanks,” Carmen said and focused on her menu, softly glowing eyes dimmed a bit, “What’re you guys getting?”

“Dunno, I don’t know any French foods. Aside from French fries, but that doesn’t really count,” Rachel shrugged, “I’ll just get whatever she recommends.”

“And you?” Carmen turned her gaze on Stacy, a soft grin on her plump lips, “Anything catch your eye?”

“You, of course,” the buxom woman said, then chuckled, “Sorry, can’t help myself.”

“It’s alright. Don’t think anyone can really,” the triple-dicked highschooler nodded to the other tables ahead of them, heads turning away when they were noticed, “We should go out more often, it’s kinda fun knowing everyone appreciates you two the way I do.”

“They’re looking at you,” Rachel said, “I mean, we’ve got bigger tits and asses, sure, but you’ve got presence. Just you being here is totally intoxicating to them.”

“It’s not to you?”

“Oh it is, I’m just used to it is all.”

She had a point. Stacy hadn’t considered it much herself, but it really did seem like Carmen compelled all the attention, regardless of whether someone ‘outmatched’ her. And why wouldn’t they? She was stunning in every way possible.

They eventually settled on what to get and called their waitress over. A fluster had come over her since last time, like she was hot, or embarrassed by something. The latter seemed likely as the heat in her cheeks flared up when she came to take their order. Naturally, her eyes flitted between her device and Carmen, and she asked more than once for her to repeat their orders, as if she couldn’t get enough of that sultry voice. When the girl finally left, her steps weren’t confident. Like something was impeding her.

“You didn’t write her name did you?” Stacy asked.

“No, but I see why you’d think that. Maybe she’s trans?” Carmen mused, “How would it affect someone like her?”

“Only one way to find out,” Rachel said.

“Maybe another time, huh? We’re having dinner,” Stacy said, wanting to avoid this outing turning into another sexual affair.

“She’s right,” Carmen sighed and took a hand from both in hers, “I just want to spend time with my favourite futanari. And Rachel.” They chuckled with her, but Stacy noticed how the brightness of Carmen’s eyes flickered, her thoughts at war with herself.

Appetisers arrived not long after, surprisingly fast even. Their waitress appeared more flustered and kept shifting her weight from leg to leg, tugging at her shirt to pull it over her tight pants. She lingered longer than necessary, making sure they enjoyed the food, like she’d prepared it especially for them. Was she wearing a bra, Stacy wondered, glancing at the noticeable bumps on her chest.

“She really wants me,” Carmen sighed once they were left alone, idly picking at her scallops, “I can feel her lust. If it weren’t for you two, she’d probably have tried going down on me by now.”

“I’d appreciate some extra service,” Rachel said and ran a hand across the centre futa’s thigh, “Of course, that depends on Stacy.”

“I, uh, I think we should leave her be. She’s working, you know?”

“Fair, but what about you, Carmen? She clearly wants you, so what’ll be?”

She was silent for several seconds, then shook her head, “This is our night. I’m not about to fuck a stranger. That said,” her gaze turned to Stacy, “We could have some fun.”

Stacy had no rebuttal when the hand slipped from hers and moved across her huge, heavy breast. Unerring precision located her nipple even through her custom-ordered maternity bra, those being the only things capable of stretching and containing her huge, soon-to-be mommy milkers. She looked around, certain someone would be watching them, then realised that of course they were. It didn’t matter what they did, people stared. This just gave them a show.

And she’d be lying if she didn’t want Carmen’s attention after seeing her in that dress. The touch sealed in that desire, spread it throughout her body, like a billion little fingers teasing her nerves and compelling her nipples forward. Carmen’s palm flattened against one, yet even with her digits splayed out she didn’t cover the full areolae. That didn’t stop her sinking in and sloshing the milk.

No matter how much she emptied, she just refilled so quickly. The gallon jugs back home were all filled up in her preparation for that evening, yet now she felt ready to fill so many more. Hardly a surprise, Carmen made sure she had milk enough for everyone’s bottomless appetites. Stacy leaned back, meal forgotten and took to groping her other breast. Pleasure naturally turned to blood flowing into her own heavy pecker.

“I think I’m due an upgrade,” Carmen murmured softly, “You two make so much delicious milk. I feel a bit left out.”

“H-here? But everyone can see,” Stacy stopped her ministrations, though didn’t halt Carmen’s, “We’ll get thrown out.”

“I think it’ll be fine,” Rachel giggled, leaning over to squeeze their lover’s chest too, “Besides, an audience just makes it hotter.”

“I don’t know…”

“I won’t do it if you tell me not to,” Carmen said, though her hand kept moving, expertly picking out where to dig her fingers in and how to encourage the nipples to full hardness, like a pair of milky dicks just aching to enter someone, “But I’d bet your milk’s better than this food.”

She was probably right too. Magic had a propensity to make anything it touched amazing. Carmen’s semen, for example, surpassed nearly all culinary delights Stacy had made in her life, and though she’d spent most of her career cooking with it, her own breast milk never tasted so good. Who could even think to deny her that enjoyment?

“Go for it. Just please be discreet.”

“Always am,” Carmen said and shuffled over, Rachel following, then leaned down while a hand unbuttoned the blouse keeping her glorious chest trapped. Without anything holding them back, Stacy’s breasts exploded into the open with a firm slap against her ripe belly. Pieces of cutlery clattered against plates and some conversations died down, eyes turned toward them with greater attention than before, but Carmen paid them no mind as she raised a huge, buoyant tit for her lips to capture. Before it vanished into her mouth, a splash of cream invited gasps from the onlookers.

Then she was drinking. Stacy cooed at the sensation, cradling her girlfriend’s head like a newborn, while also reaching down to fondle herself. Except that proved unnecessary as small fingers replaced hers. She looked past Carmen to find a sea of red locks over her groin, which was revealed as her zipper sank. Rosy flesh appeared from her turquoise pants in the form of a veiny log of meat.

The tip appeared then, with a slurp, it was gone. Rachel moaned around it, tongue pushing around the soft rod, before it slipped past the hood and swirled around the sensitive crown. A slight grin looked up at her, then she glanced at Carmen, as if telling Stacy to focus on her instead. Stacy just leaned back and settled for groping her unoccupied breast, though leaving all that creamy milk to wait for its turn didn’t seem fair. Though if she drank too much, it’d amp up her production too.

Then again, she thought and moaned as Carmen suckled harder, draining her breast for all it had, maybe a bit extra was necessary. And she had to keep up with the other two, since Rachel’s must’ve increased with the rest of her. Can’t let the youngster be the better mommy. Stacy pushed her breast up, stared into the tempting nub at its centre, surrounded by puffy pink flesh, and licked her lips. It pushed into her mouth, across her tongue and into her throat. With just a quick inhale, the cream flowed.

Oh god, what a time to be alive. Running Soothe the Soul, her first time with Carmen in either reality, when she first changed and felt the full brunt of her lover’s abilities, were all themselves incredible. She’d never thought of being in public with not one, but two gorgeously over-endowed futanari pleasuring her. On top of their attentions, she got to enjoy the sensation of her own milk filling her belly and then warming her tits up. A faint gurgling rang in her ears.

Carmen gulped faster. Even as they both drank, however, Stacy’s chest ballooned, her cream rapidly taking effect to keep itself flowing ever faster down both their gullets. It wasn’t long before she felt Carmen’s chest expand into her belly, then the dampness of her lactation overflowing. All that paired brilliantly with the pleasure of Rachel’s lips, tongue and throat working over her length.

And everything was in view of the other diners. One couple, a man and woman, were openly gawking at them from just a few metres away. The man didn’t seem pleased at the sight beneath the table, even with Rachel in the way, Stacy’s size was obvious, while his partner openly drooled, fork halfway to her mouth. She only closed it when Carmen’s own gaze settled on her. The hand resting on the table vanished beneath it. At the same time, her cheeks turned a searing crimson.

Like that stranger’s not-so-subtle masturbation ignited something in her, Carmen sucked harder. The swell of her breasts increased, each burgeoning in time with her gulps, while Stacy’s grew faster than either futa could drain them. Down below, Rachel’s gob tightened around her shaft, massaging it from all directions. A familiar face came into view, timid, but always looking.

“Um, uh… you can’t…”

It was the waitress. Carmen’s hunch about her being trans proved true, as a slight bulge pushed out the crotch of her uniform. By design, it wasn’t much, though her chest really needed some help. She’d heard trans-girls struggled without augmentation to show results. But she could help this girl.

Stacy let her nipple fall free, licked the cream from her lips, and said, “Come here, quench your thirst.”

“I… I shouldn’t, it’s, um, I’m on the clock and Michelle will yell at me and…”

“Just come here,” Carmen groaned, pulling away for an instant.


From there it didn’t take long for her to give in and take the long tit down her throat. She choked at first, though she recovered quickly and took the flow, moaning at the sensation that peculated in her chest. Stacy caressed both their heads, moans deepening as her pleasure built. Rachel heard it and bobbed her head, acting the part of a cum bucket with flawless skill, like every little flux in her oesophagus was designed to milk Stacy of her semen. All that and the publicity of it all finally got to her.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Stacy pulled the two closer, all but smothering them in her bosom, as she undulated her expansive hips, balls churning up a thick batter all for Rachel’s tummy. Dinner had been served, just not by the restaurant. She chuckled at the thought, then bit back a high moan as the bliss struck her. Carmen’s hands went down to grip her balls and felt like bolts of lightning striking her.

“Cumming!” Stacy cried. Milk erupted from her teats and overwhelmed even Carmen, who let it spill out and over the breast she rested against.

“Sorry I got us kicked out,” Stacy said after they were clothed.

“It’s fine, we weren’t gonna last the entire time anyway,” Rachel said.

“And I doubt I’d have enjoyed their dessert anywhere near as much,” Carmen added, “Though I did put on a few pounds. Or kilos.” She patted her expanded chest. It got hard to discern at that stage if she only grew a little, however she’d gained more than a few cup sizes in sheer milk production. They made it to Stacy’s car and were about to climb in, when a voice stopped them.

“Hey!” It was the waitress, now vastly improved from their first meeting, though her top struggled with her new, abundant chest. Not that she held a candle to the others, “Um, I don’t know how the fuck it happened, but you made me bigger right? Up top, I mean.”

“That was all Stacy,” Carmen said, smirking at her ever more buxom love.

“Can, uh, that is if it’d be cool with you, um, could I get bigger? I still feel kinda small.”

“Sure,” Carmen pulled a door in the back open for her, “Hop in and we’ll make sure you never feel small again.” She looked to Stacy, who just nodded, breasts still full. Besides, she loved helping someone love themselves.

By that night’s end, the waitress left with perky, beach ball tits, enough milk to cater for the entire restaurant, and multiple other changes thanks to the Futa Note. She didn’t need to use it. The girl only wanted bigger breasts, though she did seem happy upon leaving, and it made sense to change her reality so her much improved chest was normal to her. Still, it seemed like Carmen just wanted the excuse.

Maybe they needed to talk about the book more.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 64 - Home Improvements

Early morning bathed the grass in its warm glow, at least the part not shaded by the wonderfully conformed house. Carmen looked upon it from Stacy’s car, unsure why she didn’t get the same smile she did back when they first moved there. Perhaps the sight had become so rote for her, no longer a vision worth grinning like a child over anymore, or maybe it was the fact she’d be saying goodbye to her lovers for the day. She wouldn’t be much of a sister if she spent all her time away from Melody.

She climbed out to a slight creak from the vehicle. Even for a marvel of engineering, carrying three women with dozens of kilos of curves between them couldn’t be easy, though even if broke down, Carmen had plenty of funds to repair it. Or just buy a newer, improved model. Before turning her back on the gorgeous woman in the driver’s seat, she leaned down and in for a quick peck on the lips. Remnants of milk and cum lingered on Stacy’s lips.

“I’ll see you soon,” Stacy said.

“I miss you already,” Carmen sighed, earning that smile she swore could end wars with the kindness it radiated.

“Me too, but I’m sure you have plenty to keep you busy.”

“If Melody gets her way, I’ll be a damsel in distress, or a guest for her tea parties for the whole day.”

“Sounds nice,” Stacy said and meant it. Yeah, she was right. Carmen’s world had become subsumed in sex ever since the strip club, with brief stints of placid normalcy dotted throughout. A day of being her sister’s plaything would do her good, help reset her priorities a little. Or at least make her appreciate the constant bombardment of pleasure she was becoming accustomed to.

“Bye,” Carmen waved her girlfriends off, though Rachel remained passed out in the back. Their early morning ‘quickie’ had taken its toll. In more ways than that. The not quite human sniffed at herself, “Definitely need a shower.”

While she didn’t mind the musk of sweat and sex that clung to her body like an invisible cloak bellowing in phantom wind, her mother and sister would take umbrage with it. Maybe not Melody, since the girl rarely cared how Carmen looked or smelled. Alicia certainly would. Better to avoid making her worry over silly things.

The door was unlocked to her surprise. While she’d squandered some time at Stacy’s, it was still early enough that she doubted her mother had left the house, and the car was still there. No signs of a break in either, but one couldn’t be too careful. If Gretchen had tried something while she as gone… Carmen nudged the door open, in case an intruder remained, only to catch the scent of bacon and eggs. Mom must be in the kitchen, she thought and relaxed.

“Morning,” Carmen greeted as she stepped into the kitchen, only to freeze in the door at the sight of a complete stranger, who whirled around in fright.

“Oh! Uh, you scared me.” It was a woman. No, a futa? Carmen frowned, noticing the bulge in the stranger’s underwear. Had she written their name and just didn’t recognise them? “Hi, I’m Samantha Stevens. Your neighbour.” No, there weren’t any ‘Sam’s’ in the book. Though Sam Evans did have a shadow last time she saw her.

Carmen forced her focus back on the apparently invited person, “Carmen. What’re you doing here?”

“Well, um… wow, you’re… even more impressive than in the pictures. Sorry. I’m Alicia’s… friend. She invited me in.”

The teen’s brow furrowed, then a grin lifted her cheeks. Time with her family had been fleeting in recent weeks, however she’d heard about a ‘friend’ her mother made, one that she talked about with obvious fondness. So, she finally made a move, and on a trans-woman no less. One with a surprising endowment.

Carmen took a seat at the table and looked her over with a critical eye. Perhaps too intense, she noted as the woman nervously toyed with a spatula, “The bacon’s burning.”


For every stereotype Carmen knew of, Samantha didn’t fit them quite right. A bit of an inverted triangle in shape, however she still had decent hips and a pert ass shaped by genetics and uncountable squats. She liked to be proven wrong about her own assumptions. However, despite Samantha’s obvious femininity, there was self-doubt. Her voice, low with a slight croak to it, had a hint of acting to it. Like she’d yet to fully settle into herself.

“When did you transition? If you don’t mind.” She chose to be direct, rather than play around the subject.

“Huh? No, I don’t mind,” Samantha chuckled, “Sorry, didn’t expect you to notice so, well I guess it was pretty obvious, huh? Um, it’ll be twelve years in Spring.”

“Twelve years… So you transitioned later in life.”

“Do I look that old?”

“Just a guess. Unless my mom’s a cougar?”

Samantha laughed again, “No, you’re right. I was almost thirty when I finally got the nerve to start. Always been effeminate, but things never clicked until I started therapy. Just wish I’d known earlier. Maybe then I’d have been brave enough to try hormones.” That’s where it came from, that sense of putting on airs. Even after a decade, this woman still felt inadequate for who she really was inside.

The faintest hint of movement caught Carmen’s eye. A shadow, basic compared to what her various classmates possessed, beckoned to her, running its hands along its curves. Looking to Samantha’s face, she caught her gaze flickering to her chest more than once every few seconds, always jumping back to the stove. Or her own breasts.

Carmen’s whole purpose in using the Futa Note as she had been was to help people realise what they truly wanted, and bring that desired-self to reality. The fact she hadn’t considered using it for transgender people almost irked her. Now was her chance to start righting that wrong.

“So, no hormones? I thought that was like a prerequisite?”

“Well, I mean… Like I said, I was always feminine and I’ve always been squeamish about things like that. Maybe I should start, but then my, uh, well, it might stop working.” Samantha slumped her shoulders, trying to make them appear slimmer, more in line with her lower-half.

“To be honest, if I didn’t walk in on you in your panties, I probably wouldn’t have guessed,” Carmen said and meant it. Just imagine if this woman had gone on oestrogen, combined with the somewhat blatant surgeries and naturally femme appearance, she’d be a literal bombshell. Samantha turned and just smiled, then refocused on the breakfast.

“Thank you. That means a lot, really.”

“One more question.” Carmen asked, trying to pick out just what Samantha’s shadow was trying to tell her, but it was too faint, like a shade on an overcast day.

“Ask away, miss interrogator.”

“What’re your intentions for my mother?”

That got a snort, “Nothing nefarious. Promise. We’re just testing the waters right now, but I really enjoy being with her.” The smallest hint of desire crept into her voice there.

Since her husband passed, Alicia had been so busy looking after her children in the dourest circumstances, barely able to look after herself on the most primal level. Much as Carmen shouldn’t consider her own mother in that way, she truly did deserve a loving partner. One that satisfied her perfectly.

“Thanks. By the way, Melody prefers scrambled eggs. The creamier the better.”

“Guess I passed,” Samantha sighed in relief, “Thanks for the info. Do you want anything?”

“No, I’m good. Had a big breakfast,” Carmen said, smirking to herself in memory of the delicious mix of cum and milk she’d ingested from Rachel.

“Okay, mind seeing if your mom’s awake… she might be, uh, a little… you know?”

Carmen grinned, “Yeah, I know.”

With that, she left Samantha to continue cooking. A shower could wait just a few minutes longer, first she had a very important note write down. Her mother had finally put herself out there, found someone that, at present, seemed to genuinely care for her, and vice versa. For that, and everything Alicia had done for them since her father’s death, she deserved the best. Which Carmen would give her.

It was the sweetest bonus that Samantha also wanted to change. She’d get her wish and Alicia would get someone that would love and satisfy her forever. The only issue giving her pause was Samantha’s shadow. Too vague for a solid transcription, which left so much of it open to her. She could do almost anything, so long as she fulfilled the woman’s base desires. What did that entail?

Unquestionable femininity. She didn’t seem bothered to have a penis, or perhaps she was just frightened of the final surgery, however working on the former meant she could have something bigger. Some people enjoyed the contradictory look, especially in Carmen’s ever expanding circle of lovers. Her mother should be with someone huge, a flawless specimen that made her scream in joy every night. One that intimidated her, but thrilled her every time she saw it. Not like Carmen’s members, something human at least.

She’d love whatever was written. Carmen pressed lead to paper and started writing in her quick, practised script, keeping plenty of room for future expansions should they be desired. Several pauses stalled her work, followed by a quick erasure. Last thing she wanted was to go overboard, much as she would prefer another woman with tits the size of yoga balls in her life, this was for her mother. She doubted Alicia shared her own proclivities toward such massive chests. However, she made sure Samantha had more than enough bust to satisfy them both.

“What am I doing?” Carmen groaned and pinched the brow of her nose. All she had to write was; ‘Alicia’s ideal partner’, there was no need for everything she wrote. No, that could backfire. She doubted it, however her mother seemed to light up whenever Stacy was present. Not just her, but Ashley too. There was a small, nigh infinitesimal chance that Samantha would turn into one of them.

“Body changes to suit one of Alicia Robins’ fetishes,” Carmen murmured, “That works better.” Everything else seemed extravagant, but within reason. Samantha would get a gorgeous body of such womanly charm that any female would envy, along with the pussy she wanted, just with a sizeable cock and balls. If it wasn’t to her satisfaction, then it could always be changed.

She signed the newcomer’s name and set it down. That subtle trill of pleasure vibrated through her body, confirming that she had altered someone else’s life, and that her own would further change. In this new history, where her mother chose to date a futa of grand proportions, she couldn’t say what else might’ve changed. Did they get together sooner? Did Samantha’s augmented body and libido result in a pregnancy? She’d know in under a minute. For now, she needed to shower.

Carmen grinned at her reflection as she pulled her - mostly - clean dress off. A little pride slipped in at the fact she’d kept it from being ruined, despite everything done the night before, though also a hint of dismay. If destroyed, that meant one less piece of clothing to bind her gorgeous figure. She sighed and kicked it aside to be washed later.

At least she could be naked for a short time. Looking at herself always brought a pleasant calm. She hadn’t disliked her original body, though it was hard to remember it after so long, it had been a bit dour, not just in clothes but overall shape, such as her pudgy gut and flat chest. Nothing quite matched. Now she’d gone to an opposite extreme with a lightly toned gut so trim it almost looked like she wore an invisible corset, juxtaposed by the foot-deep cleavage on her chest. She cupped the perky shapes and let them drop.

No matter how huge or heavy they were, her breasts never lost their supple perfection. They gently sloped into a teardrop shape, retaining just enough heft to jut far from her sternum. Bras were pointless when gravity had no power, nor did she feel any strain on her back.

Of course, they weren’t the main attraction of her unique physiology. That was her cocks. She defaulted to three at a time, luxuriating in the sensation of her six watermelon testicles bouncing against her legs as she walked, while also adoring the dichotomy of their black, leathery sheaths bulging with veins against her unscathed, pallid glory. Being framed by her breeder hips didn’t hurt either.

“I wonder if anything else will change?” Carmen pondered, expecting Ryuka to answer her, but the Seikogami was nowhere to be seen or heard. Perhaps she was watching Samantha’s change downstairs? She shrugged and flipped some hair over her shoulder, enjoying it settling against her shapely rump. A single pink strip ran down its length, almost glowing like her eyes. It looked a bit wider than yesterday, though that could be a trick of the light.

“Shower, Carmen. Come on,” she told her mirror image and reluctantly left to wash away the scents of last night.

Steam already saturated the bathroom when she entered. There, stood in front of several mirrors, fretting over her chest, was her mother. Neither reacted for a moment, both preoccupied by the older woman’s figure. She’d rarely considered her parent in such a way before, however Alicia certainly had an attractive body. The months since moving into suburbia had done wonders for her, losing all that stress and free fast food allowing her body to recover. A soft belly suited her well, given the plump chest and butt she sported. Alicia turned and Carmen quickly averted her eyes.

Not because she was discovered, but because her cocks throbbed in response. No way. Carmen had indulged in fetishes few people admitted to having, with more creeping in seemingly every day, but she wasn’t about to get turned on by her own mother. Everyone had a line they wouldn’t cross and, though she’d crossed several of hers since getting the Futa Note, family was her only remaining one. Besides, her mother had a gorgeous futa waiting for her downstairs anyway.

They just stared in silence for a second that stretched into eternity, before Alicia had the sense to wrap herself in a towel. Doing so both improved and worsened the state of things, as her breasts were squeezed into the cloth.

“Sorry, thought you were still out.”

“It’s okay. Um, Samantha wanted to know if you were awake. She’s making breakfast.”

“Oh? So you two met.”

“She seems nice.”

“She is. In so many ways,” Alicia said, then blushed at the implication of her words, “I should go get dressed.” As she walked out, she lingered, not even for a second, but perceptible when her hips brushed against Carmen’s protrusive genitals. The teen shut the door behind her and exhaled in relief. With any luck, her gift to her mother would cull whatever lust was simmering deep within. Unfortunately, she had to handle her own issues in far less enjoyable ways.

When was the last time she masturbated? Carmen looked upon her body and pictured her girlfriends, memory so strong it almost felt real, like she could smell them, taste them, feel their softness squished against her flaccid lengths. Unsurprisingly, her shafts swelled into dark monoliths, representatives of what her life had steadily become. Pre-cum bubbled out from their tips as she followed the veins.

Just one orgasm, then she’d play with Melody. Just a shame, she had to use her hands. Unless…

“Gosh, I’m so hard and Rachel and Stacy are so far away,” Carmen said in mock distress, “If only someone could show up from nowhere and suck my big, throbbing horse-dicks for me. Especially the middle one. It’s so fucking thick, I can’t even fit my hands around it. Hmm, the veins are pulsating so hard, like they could shatter any cock ring. They just wanna cum so bad.”

Ten beats of her heart passed before a welcome shape appeared through the door, “You rang?” Ryuka asked.

“Oh no, a Seikogami?! Please don’t suck all my gooey cum out!”

“I appreciate the acting,” Ryuka said and lowered herself to kneel on the floor, her imposing height put her at just the right position to support the human’s numerous balls with her breasts, “But you’re no pornstar. Stick to what you’re good at.”

“But I’m being honest,” Carmen said, voice husky as she reached down to weave her fingers through her eternal roommate’s hair, “I’m so fucking hard, Ryuka. There’s no way I could masturbate all on my own anymore. Even my smallest dicks are too big for me to hold properly.”

“So you only wanted me to get you off?”

“You’re welcome to do more if you want,” Carmen licked her lips and pressed her main dick against the deity’s face, while squeezing her tits to unleash a milky spigot, “What about a sixty-nine? You get something and so do I.”

“No, that’s… fine,” Ryuka said and licked along the futa’s cum vein, “You have delicious cocks, so this is hardly a chore. Just relax and let me work my magic.” As she spoke, Ryuka waved her fingers, flashes of purple sparking between them. Where her tongue touched Carmen’s skin burned like a solar flare, pulling a deep moan from her.

“Then why don’t you get some breakfast?” Carmen chuckled and urged the goddess to start.

Ryuka rolled her eyes, “So cheesy.” With that said, she opened wide, proving just what made her a deity as her lips wrapped tight around Carmen’s tip, smothering it in sublime softness, then taking more. The fact it was broader than a watermelon didn’t matter to her, gulping it down with ease, heedless of the fact her throat was stretched thin, like a condom, around Carmen’s girth. She reached up to jerk the other two at the same time, taking pre-cum and slathering it all over their lengths. A warm bath of spit filled her mouth and overflowed down Carmen’s central cock.

“That’s the stuff.” Carmen massaged her scalp, gently encouraging the lurid goddess deeper, even as her shafts pulsed stronger with her rising pleasure. Ryuka’s technique stepped up, tongue coiling around the shaft, while her lips and throat milked it of pre-cum. The other two spilled onto the Seikogami’s skin, occasional splashes even landed on her breasts. Leaving them alone was such a waste.

Carmen backed up with Ryuka still attached to sit on the tub’s edge. That way, Ryuka had the perfect chance to rear up and slap her bombastically huge tits onto her friend’s tight sack. It also enabled another source of pleasure as she bounced her tits up and down. Satisfying smacks echoed in bathroom, the descent came so fast and strong that leftover steam flew away. Pre-cum added a constant slurp and squelch as it poured into Ryuka’s cleavage.

“Fuck, I love this feeling,” Carmen cooed. There really was nothing quite like getting sucked and tit-fucked by a Seikogami. Lips like pillows slid all over the top half of her cock, stretching out as she pulled away and vacuum sealing around her. The Touch and Aura had some impact on it all of course, but even without them, she’d be nearing orgasm. It didn’t seem fair that she be the only on the verge.

Heat flared along her cocks as the pleasure rose. Ryuka stumbled in her graceful throat-fuck, then picked up the pace, moaning as her own impressive cock hardened. Foot after foot of divine dick lifted until they were nestled against Carmen’s scrotum. It pushed beyond them to grind into her pussy.

Both human and deity moved in tandem. Carmen’s juices flowed over the goddess’s cock, which spilled its own pre. A dense aura enveloped their bodies, purple for the Seikogami and a vivid pink with flecks of crimson within it for Carmen, each swelling to saturate the room. However, Ryuka’s faded as the pleasure built toward ecstasy. Crimson pink ate into it, slowly forcing the aura into submission, before shrouding Ryuka in its glow. A muffled, guttural scream vibrated through all nine-feet of the deity and into Carmen. The human grabbed her side cocks and crammed into her own mouth just when her balls clenched.

Everyone that sucked her to completion always jerked in surprise at her production. Carmen was no exception even for herself, gagging when the tidal wave gushed against the back of her throat, but she held it. Ecstasy took hold of her body and compelled it to swallow like her life depended on it, just as Ryuka did with the main shaft. Both their guts bloated in seconds as cum inundated their bodies.

Carmen quivered with every spurt. It wasn’t just her cocks shooting like a fire hose; her pussy squirted in rhythm with them, splashing off Ryuka’s dick and onto the floor. The pink of her aura shone brighter, more colours blended into it, like a miniature Aurora Borealis. All the while, semen flooded the floor, so thick it couldn’t leak under the doorway as Ryuka also came violently. For every cup of cum that piled up an ounce of pussy juice gushed out.

The pink aura receded back into Carmen, who slumped back and almost into the tub. She just caught herself, breathing heavily as her softening cocks slipped out, “That was great.”

Ryuka pulled away with a viscous slurp, then rose up. Her mouth practically overflowed with jizz, which she couriered to Carmen, pressing their lips together and sharing the deliciously thick creamy bounty. Lips smacking together, tongues tangling, and a rope of cum oozing out, they moaned against the other as the final drops disappeared down their gullets. Carmen licked the stream from Ryuka’s chin.

“Delicious,” she whispered into her ear.

“Yes. It was. I’ve… gotta go,” Ryuka said and pulled away.

“Wait, what about the mess?”

The Seikogami snapped her fingers and everything but Carmen was spick and span. Then she was gone. Without the afterglow, Carmen might’ve questioned her abrupt departure, but in that moment she basked in the dual radiance of her powerful orgasms. A shower seemed too much effort, so set the tub to fill with hot, soapy water. While she waited for it fill and clean the fresh and caked on grime of her activities, her mind flashed an image of cum filling it instead.

“With all the crazy things I’m capable of, why wouldn’t it surprise me if my cum is good for the skin?” She sighed and sank into the warmth. Once she was clean, she’d find Melody, make sure she’d eaten breakfast, then play for the entire day. So long as she didn’t have any distractions.

Sounds of giggles and moans breeched the walls. The bathroom was against her mother’s room, so it wasn’t inconceivable. Carmen tried ignoring the sounds, reminding herself that part of those sensual noises was made from her mom, however her ears refused to obey. Worse, her hearing seemed to improve as very clearly lewd smacks began. Reaching down, she found her cocks hardening once more. Well… it had been a long time she allowed herself to just bask in a proper bath.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 65 - Just An Average Morning

There really was something wrong with her. Alicia scowled at her reflection, specifically the damp stop on her panties that, while easily hidden by a pair of shorts, was always prevalent in her mind. Just the slightest shift of her legs brought it back to the forefront.

“You’re repulsive,” Alicia said to her mirror. It wasn’t true of course, she knew her face wasn’t exactly supermodel material, nor was her body, unless they started hiring suburban moms, but far from revolting. The reason behind her arousal disgusted her. Or didn’t, which only made it more worrisome. Her eighteen-year-old daughter, unique in every way, had turned her on just by standing in the same room as her. Who the fuck did that? She wished it could be brushed aside as a moment of her pent-up lusts overflowing, but she and Sam were very active.

Not that she could be blamed for getting turned on, could she? Carmen, daughter or not, was perhaps the single hottest person in all of creation. The only thing keeping it from being absolute was that Alicia hadn’t seen all eight billion people on Earth, though she doubted it’d make a difference. Even someone as abundantly plush as Stacy, or impossibly stacked like Rachel weren’t quite a match. Those cocks didn’t hurt the image either.

“Ugh, stop thinking about her,” Alicia snapped and yanked her tank top on. Today had no outings planned, nor was she worried about impressing Sam anymore, having been completely naked in her presence a few times already. She just wanted to go downstairs, eat breakfast, and cuddle up with her girlfriend. That thought banished her scowl, replaced by a smile. After applying her moisturiser and drying her hair, she headed down.

There she was. Cast against the windows with sunlight streaming in, that unforgettable silhouette of a woman whose cock she’d not soon relinquish, stood at the stove in nothing but an apron over her ill-suited panties. The fabric sank between her ass cheeks, reduced to a thong by her sheer thickness. Alicia wondered why her lover didn’t put on better fitting clothes, but also wouldn’t complain at the view it gave her. Particularly the way its front bulged down low with the weight of a stunning dick.

“Hey, food’s about ready,” Samantha said, half-turning so she wasn’t caught off guard by the stove. It was sufficient, giving Alicia a view of her breasts, not shackled by a bra, squeezed tight into her apron, with enough cleavage to make any budding lesbian swoon. Glancing down, Alicia found the woman’s snapped bra on the floor. She picked it up.

“How come you don’t wear things that fit?”

“Huh?” Sam studied the undergarment for a second, almost like she didn’t recognise it, then something clicked and she shrugged, “Guess I like bursting out of them. Don’t pretend that you don’t enjoy it.”

Alicia wouldn’t. It was such a thrill to see her lover flex a little too hard and snap the hooks of nearly any bra she owned. Hardly a surprise when her breasts were the size of her head. Sometimes she struggled to imagine just why Sam hadn’t found a partner earlier on, however the reason became very clear when she fully turned; her cock was… substantial.

Who was she kidding? It was enormous. Not like Carmen’s, but enough that anyone, no matter how great a size queen, would stumble in awe at its stature. Alicia’s eyes followed its bulge as her lover served up their basic breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, only tracking away when Sam removed the apron and pulled on a nearby shirt. Naturally, it was at least two or three sizes too small for her.

“Melody! Breakfast’s ready!” Sam called up.

Like a blur of blonde locks, the youngest Robins girl rushed down and grabbed her plate. She lingered to glance between the two, then darted away. It couldn’t be helped. Carmen had finally come home and, by the sounds of it, finished with her bath. Only a miracle would pull Melody from her playtime.

That left the middle-aged couple alone to eat.

“She doesn’t like me,” Sam groaned as she sat down.

“Who doesn’t?”


Alicia chuckled and swallowed her mouthful of slightly rubbery scrambled eggs, “It’s not that. She’d be bombarding you with questions right now if Carmen wasn’t here. They haven’t had a chance to play in… oh, ages.”

“Oh thank the goddess,” Sam leaned back with a deep sigh.

“Goddess?” Alicia arched a brow, certain she’d only heard the typical ‘god’ from her girlfriend before.

“Hmm? Um, it just felt right to say that. Huh, guess I’ve never done that before.”

“Which one were you thanking?”

“Dunno. I never paid attention to mythology in school,” Sam frowned slightly and looked up, chewing pensively. The general direction was Melody’s room, where muffled sounds of her directing Carmen were heard. She shook her head and returned to eating properly, leaning over and giving such a daring look at her bust.

Though subtle, Alicia heard Carmen’s voice. Even while playing with Melody, it had such a husky edge, an inherent promiscuity that the younger girl hopefully didn’t pick up on. For their mother, she only heard the sexuality in its tones. Naturally, it pulled Carmen’s naked visage to her thoughts. Gravity defying breasts sat proud on her chest, nipples lusciously plump, with rich thighs juxtaposed by a set of inhumanly dark penises no sane person should be attracted to. Yet Alicia couldn’t help imagining one or all of them stretching her folds.

A groan left her lips just as she finished the last strip of bacon.

“Was it that good?” Sam asked. Alicia blinked for a second, thinking she’d blacked out and done something unspeakable, then rationalised the question.

“Uh, yeah. It was great,” she quickly lied. That got a smile. Sam wasn’t on her daughter’s level, and never would be, but she was stunning. A futa to die for. Fuck, Alicia silently cursed. Please, please, please don’t let that be the reason she was so attractive to her.

Carmen was a futa too. As were her lovers and friends. All of them were so gorgeous. Did she have a fetish for them now?

What did that matter? Sure, Alicia might’ve been turned on when she found out Samantha’s true gender - the futa did an expert job of hiding her member in public - however that had no baring on the relationship. They’d done it several times, so surely the novelty had diminished. She liked Sam for who she was, not her body. Even if that was spectacular.

Sam pulled her shirt down a bit, revealing a nipple, “Looks like you want some desert.”

“I didn’t mean to stare,” Alicia said, though her gaze remained locked, only intensifying when the top started lifting and revealing inch after inch of her lover’s pristine flesh.

“Yes you did,” Sam said and moved the plates to a counter, then climbed onto the table, crawling toward her, “I think I didn’t do enough to satisfy you.”

“It was plenty.”

“What about last night? You mean you couldn’t have gone another couple rounds. I could have.”

“Well, maybe. Yeah.”

“You said Melody will be playing with Carmen all day. It’s the weekend. We’ve got nowhere to be,” Sam rose onto her knees and sank back onto her haunches, thighs spread to give the mesmerised mother an eyeful of her barely covered cock and balls. With so much flesh packed in, the underwear was turned into no more than a thong, pulled so tight it dug deep into the top of her hips, only exasperating how curvy they were. No matter how often she stared in quiet awe at this futa, Alicia still felt like she was seeing it all for the first time.

Her throat went dry as Sam removed her shirt completely. Perhaps not even a year ago and Alicia would’ve easily placed her in the top five of breasts, however meeting Carmen’s friends in that time had redefined huge tits. Some of them looked as if they’d stuffed an entire dairy into their chests. She recalled drinking Stacy’s lactation infused coffee and bit her lip.

Fuck… she wanted to drink more. Alicia palmed her own chest, meagre in comparison, and looked pleadingly into her lover’s eyes, before glancing down in confusion. Were Sam’s breasts growing? She stared in fascination, however every time she blinked, the impossible phenomenon just seemed normal. Even as the staggering tits filled out enough to cover Samantha’s hips. Her nipples remained at the precipice, fat and dark and dotted with cream. They just begged to get sucked.

Who was she to refuse? Alicia leaned up just as the nipple closed the gap. That was right, her lover had always been so unfathomably huge, almost a match for Stacy, but she didn’t need to equal her. Something about Sam’s milk just resonated with Alicia, like finding that flawless position that scraped along all her most sensitive areas. She latched on and suckled, hands coming up to milk the other teat.

“Come on up here. You can’t be satisfied with just that can you?”

Alicia shook her head, still drinking and joined her lover on the table. The futa laid back, pulling her along too, until the mother straddled her, their sexes throbbing against one another as milk flowed down Alicia’s wanton gullet. Pristine sweetness tingled across her tongue and washed down her throat. Ducts opened all across the chubby nub, saturating her maw in its flavour, so big it squished between her teeth at the slightest chew. Doing so invited an even greater flow.

She rocked her whole body into Sam’s as she gnawed and suckled on her tit. The other was far from dry, milk gushed at the gentlest squeeze of her hands, sometimes even fountaining into the sky and raining upon them. Her pussy wept through her shorts over the spilt milk, the fabric pressed flush against her snatch, barely separating her from Sam’s thickening cock. A far better position came to mind.

Words lost meaning to her as she grunted and manoeuvred around until they were set up just right. The plan was a simple but difficult one; stop wasting all that creamy goodness. To accomplish that, Alicia did the only thing her lust-addled mind could muster and angled her hips and Sam’s breasts, removed her shorts, then sank down to grind her naked, soppy folds along the overflowing teat. It dipped past her lips and completed her.

“You’re crazy,” Sam moaned, getting no response as her partner curled her body like a prize-winning acrobat to snatch up the other nipple. Both her upper and lower mouths suckled on the nubs, drinking up the delectable milk, thick like a double heavy cream. She felt it pouring down her insides. Each drop filled in the crevices, teased her velvet passage, while washing it away with her own juices and spilling onto Sam’s breast. At the same time, she slobbered over the other one like it was a cock itself.

She stabled herself by holding her lover’s cock to complete the whole experience. Fuck, this made her feel young, stupid and slutty again. Even with her husband had she performed so admirably. The wildest they ever got was buying some bondage gear and dipping their toes into some anal. She’d flirted with everyone back in school, gotten in over her head more than a few times, but nothing quite levelled against this moment. On the table, in her kitchen, she was perched atop a futa, riding a nipple cowgirl style and sucking milk from another, all while jerking her off. Alicia moaned at the thought and clenched her kegels.

“Don’t tell me this is all you want,” Sam panted, harder than steel and palming at the older woman’s ass, fingers dipping into the crack to tease her tight pucker. Sometimes they fell a little further and came up doused in juices, which only helped her torture Alicia’s resistant knot, “Come on, we’ve got downstairs all to ourselves. Let’s go wild.”

“This isn’t wild?” Alicia questioned, taking a rare breath. Milk dripped off her chin and onto her own chest. If only it wasn’t so average. She’d been fine with her D cups for so much of her adult life, even after Carmen outgrew her in middle school, but after meeting so many girls younger than her with chests several leagues beyond her own she just wasn’t sure her chest measured up anymore. The wonderful time she’d spent with Sam only compounded the feeling.

Her incredible lover deserved a similarly incredible woman. One that had curves to spare and didn’t resemble a mother that got unbelievably lucky to have met someone like Sam, whose nipple kept erupting milk into her pussy. Alicia climbed off and straddled her love, the cock nestled between her ass, while she beheld the bountiful beauty. There really was no denying it anymore.

Without a doubt, Alicia had a fetish for unreasonably huge tits.

That had to be the explanation for what she felt with Carmen earlier. And also why she was so enamoured by her daughter’s friends and lovers. She didn’t need them for herself anymore though, as Sam more than filled that role. The mother of two pushed her hands into Sam’s tits, sucking on her lip at how deep she sank before she bottomed out. Milk squirted between her fingers. The cock jerked and poured a handful of pre onto her backside.

Both were in dire need of satisfaction. It didn’t matter that they were in the kitchen, Alicia thought and raised her hips up, Sam aiming her eighteen-inch prick to her milky hole. The fact someone could walk by the window and see them doing this didn’t even cross her mind. Well, it didn’t linger, pushed out by Sam’s cock pushing between her folds and stretching her deliciously wide. Alicia whimpered at the strain.

After fucking several times, she’d have thought her pussy would be used to it. Yet she felt as though this was her first time all over again. Every square inch of her tunnel clung onto her lover’s shaft, its movement smooth thanks to the abundance of pre, milk and fem-cum, though still required force. Alicia let her full weight slide her down, then squeaked in shock as she suddenly dropped. A bulge rose up her belly and poked between her tits. She gawked at it, somehow forgetting the most staggering aspect of their fun.

That being Sam entering her womb and stretching it all the way up to her chest. Her ass settled against the futa’s engorged scrotum, big enough to provide ample seating for the mother, and both just stared at the union of their sexes. Part of Alicia wondered if she could even move anymore, it was so intense. They’d done this multiple times just last night, to say nothing of the past week, and still she was blown away. It felt like Sam’s cock was everywhere inside her.

A finger twitched and Alicia gasped. She slowly raised her arms, moaning the whole time, and cupped her tits with a sharp inhale. On instinct, her hips rolled and nearly sent her careening over the edge. Sam waited for her to adjust, hands resting against the frozen hips.

“You gonna cum? We haven’t even done anything yet,” Sam teased.

“Sh-shut up,” Alicia said and squeezed her boobs around the bulge, jerking in response, “Oh fuck, that’s… really… oh fuck…”

“Want me to kick things off?” Sam asked, lightly raking her nails along Alicia’s thigh, inching toward her splayed out pussy. God, her insides felt so tightly stretched, like any movement would tear her asunder. Yet she was sure it wouldn’t physically harm her. Mentally, however, was another matter.

Still, Alicia nodded and yelped when she was pulled forward. Her cry lowered into a depraved moan as their lips met, then crescendoed as Sam slid her hips up and away. The build-up reached a fever pitch just a moment later when her ass was slammed down. Alicia orgasmed in a way she never had; every cell in her body vibrated in bliss, the momentum of one feeding another like a domino effect until it reached her brain. All thought rattled loose and fell into a mess, yet her consciousness did nothing to organise as it was caught up in the maelstrom.

Not that Sam would let it end. The flawlessly endowed futa held her tight and set to fucking the mindless woman, using the force of her thrusts to lift her high, descend with a clap against the table, then lurch up to meet her. No more than eight or nine inches escaped at a time, however it was more than enough to keep Alicia in a realm of pure bliss from which there was no escape. Only when Sam had enough would she be released.

And the futa had no intention of cumming soon. The meeting with Carmen had ignited something, much as it worried her that it was due to her girlfriend’s daughter, and she channelled all that rampant lust into Alicia. Not only that, but this all seemed so novel to her. Sex had been tricky for Sam since high school, given her almost comically oversized member, but she’d just about managed it with a few others. It shouldn’t be so intense with Alicia, yet it was. Like she’d only just grown this huge dick and was using it for the first time.

Whatever the case, she utilised that virgin sensation and pounded away at the MILF. The table creaked under their weight and the force of Sam’s thrusts, some leftover pieces of cutlery rattled, then clattered to the floor. Every second that passed only made it more intense, her thrusts like a hot knife through butter as Alicia doused her in entire ounces of fem-cum. She’d need a break soon, otherwise she’d dehydrate and probably cum herself into a coma.

That in mind, Sam focused on the pleasure, the smack of her balls against hard wood. They flew up and slammed into soft cheeks, now a ruddy crimson from the constant punishment, while her cock squished through tight walls. Her tip felt every little ridge and crevice, the folds conforming beneath her glans as she speared the cervix over and over. Sam cracked a hand down on Alicia’s cheeks and grunted at the sudden tightness. Even with the extreme lubrication, she was forced to a crawl, until her lover broke from her embrace and pulled her hips up all the way. An unbroken jet of pussy juice, not squirt, but pure fem-cum erupted from her gaped hole and doused Sam. The futa gawked in shock, then yelped when her cock was taken back in.

Mind-numbed, body thrumming with an energy almost alien to it, and womb hungry for seed, Alicia bounced atop her lover. Grunts filled the air and matched the viscerally wet slaps of flesh, the noises animalistic in their ferocity. Concerns of being seen or heard meant nothing to either of them, only the feel of one another’s sex mattered.

Alicia panted harder by the second. Her body wasn’t made for endurance, leaving her taking huge gulps of air that tasted of sex and the residual flavours of their breakfast. She stabled herself by leaning on Sam’s chest, who reciprocated and pinched her nipples hard. Their grunts lowered into growls, then rose and reached a precipice as they howled in harmony. At the same time, Sam’s balls clenched tight and unleashed the first load of the day.

Even among everything that bombarded her, Sam’s orgasm was a nuclear explosion in Alicia’s frazzled psyche. Thick semen gushed against her womb hard enough to distend it further, before the viscous fluid settled and pooled at her cervix. More gushes poured out and filled her until she had a smooth, pot-belly of jizz, which only grew as Sam shot over and over. Her balls trembled with every release, telling her subconscious just what was coming.

And cumming and cumming and cumming. Alicia rolled her hips in tandem to the release, milking each and every drop for all that the cock was worth, basking in the heat of the cum painting her uterus. Uncountable sperm swam within her, hunting for something to impregnate, but the thought never crossed her mind. She just wanted more.

Which she received in spades. Sam just kept pumping her fuller, until she was a miniature blimp, or at least felt like one, with her belly sticking out far enough to flatten the futa’s abundance of titty-flesh. Milk leaked out beneath her. Every breath Sam took rubbed her nipples over the fecund belly, like squishy fingers massaging a layer of fragrant cream into her taut skin. When the last spurt spilled into her, Alicia fell back to rest on her palms.

“So full…”

Sam snorted at that, her laughter rippling through her lover’s tummy like an earthquake through jelly. Alicia settled it with a firm hand, giggling as well. So much was inside her. Enough for a thousand prolific men. Her husband had seemed abundant, yet this put him to shame. She smiled at her middle and stroked it in slow circles, recalling the warmth of those nights that gave her Carmen and Melody. Maybe she hadn’t cum like a pressurised hose with him, and maybe he hadn’t fulfilled her unknown fetish the way Sam did, but she still loved the man. His memory wouldn’t be replaced.

However, she was happy to make new ones with the young brunette whose cock still twitched inside her depths.

“Melody’s still playing,” Alicia said, listening to her youngest, “Wanna christen the couch? Or maybe bang me against the door?”

Sam chuckled and gnawed on her bottom lip, “I’ll follow your lead. I’m too hard to think of anything else right now.”

“Well then,” Alicia said and climbed off with an embarrassingly lurid slurp as her pussy released its hold. Dense ropes of semen leaked from her lips, but only a bit as she clenched shut, then climbed off the table. She pulled Sam to the edge, then swallowed the first several inches of her cock, intending to throat it as she had before. Instead, Alicia gagged not even halfway down.

Why? She had vivid memories of swallowing the whole thing with only a little difficulty. It must’ve been the screams, she thought. Regardless, she didn’t want it in her mouth, not for long anyway, and guided her lover to her feet, leading her into the living room.

By noon, the couch was sullied in her juices, Sam’s milk and more than a few ounces of cum. Alicia’s belly hadn’t grown at all, already at its limit from the first orgasm, however it hadn’t shrunk either. Every drop lost got replaced right away. They absconded to the bedroom to avoid being seen as lunchtime neared, where the fun only continued. She even swallowed half a full load before she couldn’t take anymore.

“We’re such a mess,” Alicia sighed, resting her head on Sam’s breast, legs entwined and more than a little milk and cum dripping down her skin. Naturally, she had plenty of the stuff in her hair.

“My bad,” Sam said, “Don’t know what came over me. I just… couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m not complaining,” Alicia snickered, caressing a giant breast. She looked down at the mostly flaccid member, reddened and slightly engorged from the abuse. Even for a licentious futa, fifteen times in just a couple hours was a bit much, “But you better do your share of cleaning.”

“A small price to pay for fucking such a beautiful woman.”

“Hmm,” Alicia palmed at her own chest. It was fine, perfectly fine. She didn’t need bigger boobs. Or a bigger ass. She was sure they’d come out gaudy, make her resemble those trophy wives she sometimes saw in the neighbourhood, and it’d cost a small fortune. The last point wasn’t really an issue anymore. She’d found plenty of investment tips online that Carmen vetted for her, so money was coming in.

And she wasn’t getting any younger.

“Hey, can we talk about something?” Alicia asked, hoping for another voice of reason, though her mind was already convincing itself otherwise. A tiny smile teased her lips as Sam looked at her, “How’d you feel if I got some work done?”


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 66 - A Day At Home

“And you’re the princess, trapped in the castle - that’s my bed - by the evil dragon witch Gretalda,” Melody explained, lining her bed and surrounding Carmen with toys ranging from an adorable plushy dragon, to a hook-nosed, wart covered witch that most little girls would shy away from. Not Melody. If it suited her narrative, she embraced any and everything. Of all her precious traits, that might’ve been the best.

“Okay,” Carmen said with her most serious expression. She wanted to be invested, and she was on some level, however the sounds coming from downstairs were… distracting. Each very clear slap of flesh made her own members ache in longing, despite cumming in the bath more than a few times. And the quickie with Rachel and Stacy. On top of her fantastic blowjob from Ryuka. Couldn’t she just go one day without craving sex? “Am I a warrior princess?”

“No, princesses don’t gotta fight,” Melody quipped and wrapped a sheet around her neck, then pulled a decent cardboard rendition of a longsword from under her bed, “Because I’ll be around to do the fighting!”

Carmen giggled and faked-swoon, “Oh, my hero. But aren’t you a bit small to save a giant like me?”

“Of course not, silly. You’re a gentle giant. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. You just love everyone around you, even that mean old witch, Gretalda. So you need someone small and quick and…”


“Yeah, that! You need me to do the fighting for you, that way you stay pure and beautiful and can marry the other princesses.”

“Other princesses?” Carmen arched a brow. This was a new development. Usually Melody played the common knight pining for the love of a royal.

“Yep, Stacia and Raquel,” Melody revealed a pair of drawings with a strong resemblance to, who else but Stacy and Rachel. They weren’t quite as good as when she drew Carmen, though no less impressive for an eight-year-old. Of course, the futa might’ve been biased since she loved the two, and her sister had paid extra attention to their curves. Carmen pushed that point aside and listened to her sibling.

“They were s’posed to be captured instead, but you saved them at the last second. You could’ve beaten up Gretalda right there, but you’re too nice for that, so you offered to be taken instead. Now they love you even more. That’s why they sent me, the strongest, littlest knight in the land. I’ll have you home in time for the wedding.”

“The wedding, huh,” Carmen mused and couldn’t resist a warm smile at the idea. Maybe it’d be nice to have one someday. Big and extravagant, an expression of just how much she adored each of her partners. No, it didn’t need to be like that. Just standing at the alter as both Stacy and Rachel sauntered down the aisle, stunning dresses trailing behind them, barely managing to hold their jiggling physiques in check, all while their loved ones looked on in tearful pride. Then the nuptials would conclude with a massive orgy the likes of which history had yet to witness.

With the Futa Note working its magic.

“Carmen?” Melody asked, snapping her from thoughts of the future and bringing attention to her pants straining a little harder.

“Sorry,” Carmen said and focused on taming her arousal, chaining it back like a dangerous beast. It could come out later, when she was alone, or wait until tomorrow when she could be with Rachel or someone else. Her own hands just didn’t satisfy her the way a mouth, ass, or pussy could, “You were saying?”

Melody gave her a slight pout. So cute, Carmen thought and swooned again, chest jiggling when she impacted the bed. That assuaged her sister’s worry and she launched back into play. The legendary knight slashed her way through hordes of monsters only she could see, darted behind giant pillow creatures and hacked at their ankles, toppling them and paving her way to the castle. Within that domicile, laid the princess, held prisoner by the wicked witch. All she could do was encourage her cute saviour.

But that only did so much. Melody’s sword faltered against Gretalda’s magic, leaving her bound alongside Carmen.

“Hahahaha, foolish warrior,” ‘Gretalda’ said with a startlingly convincing cackle. The figure was pointed towards them, tiny yet imposing in its disfigurement, “Now you are mine.”

“What’re you gonna do to us?” Carmen asked, nursing her incapacitated rescuer.

“Oh, you’ll see! Hehehehehe!”

Melody ‘roused’ back to consciousness and glared at their captor until she wandered out of the dungeon, then turned to her princess, “Now’s our chance!” With a mighty squeak, that was meant to be a roar, she ripped through her ‘restraints’ and stood tall.

“My, how mighty,” Carmen said in awe. She’d never been one for imagination, even at Melody’s age, back when their father was around, her time was spent on learning about the world rather than making her own. For that reason, she genuinely awed at her sister’s creativity.

“Come Princess,” Melody extended a hand to help Carmen up, though she only went to her knees for fear of smacking her head on the ceiling, “We need your strength to get out.”

“But I… I can’t.”

“Yes you can. This cell is just brick and metal. You could break it down with ease.”

“No, it isn’t proper,” Carmen said, “My strength isn’t for breaking things.”

“Princess, if you don’t, then others will suffer. Gretalda is cooking up a mind control potion as we speak. What if she gets control of you?”

Carmen stammered for a response. This was her life since attaining the Futa Note, always adhering to some moronic pride, refusing to use the power fate had brought her. That stubbornness would harm others. Just as it had when Gretchen stole the book.

And that was just a mean-spirited high school girl with big fake tits. This was a witch of unlimited potential malice. She had to use that power to keep her from ruining everyone else’s lives.

Faint tingles ran up her spine as she pantomimed breaking through a dungeon. Melody hopped onto her back and yelled ‘CHARGE’ as Carmen ran around like a wild boar. They stopped when the witch appeared in their path once more, shouting something about her power being maximum. Carmen looked to Melody, who just nodded and the seven-foot futa kicked the evil witch into oblivion, which so happened to be a one-way trip out the open window. Carmen promised she’d retrieve it later.

For now, she had to play the role of a princess reunited with her brides. That involved a paper crown being handed to her, which she wore with pride, and a flurry of confetti tossed all around. Rachel and Stacy’s portraits were on either side of her, smiling like they could see the joy on Melody’s face as she pranced around. Thankfully, the room was large enough for the young girl to run and dance with Carmen at the centre.

Then Melody’s smile plummeted and she stopped. She didn’t look at Carmen, focused only on the ground, even as her shoulders began shaking. The older sibling instantly fell from her role and checked on her.

“Hey? What’s wrong?” Carmen asked, trying desperately to get her little sister to look up. What caused it? Just a random mood swing? Please no, the futa prayed. She still had a few more years of a pre-teen sister, only a bit longer before thing inevitably had to change between them.

“I can’t allow it!” Melody shouted and drew her sword, adopting her stance as if she intended to fight another evil witch, “I won’t!”

“Allow what?” Carmen honestly had no idea what she meant.

“They cannot have you, Princess. I… I love you more!” Melody declared, “And I’ll prove it too. By beating you in combat.”

Carmen sighed in relief; it was still part of the act. She kept the smile off her face and rose to her full height, almost double her sister’s, and pondered the knight, “Is that really necessary? I am royalty, it simply wouldn’t be right.”

“Just because I don’t have big boobies or a big butt,” Melody said, almost breaking Carmen’s control. Did her imagined world use curves as a metric for social standing?, “Doesn’t mean I can’t make you happy. Now fight, Princess! And don’t hold back.”

Naturally, the futa held back substantially. Even minus her supernaturally augmented body, it’d be simple to pin Melody and claim victory. That wasn’t her intention. She wanted Melody to exhaust herself, admit defeat, only for Carmen to invite her to also become her wife. In ten years, the prospect would’ve been ludicrous, at present she was just adorable. No matter how things went in the future, Melody would never lose her sister. Carmen would make absolutely sure of that.

However that didn’t happen. The young girl caught Carmen by surprise, forcing an instinctive reaction of forcing her down and climbing on top, breasts pinning her down. Melody was so small they covered her from feet to head, which only peeked out when Carmen moved a bit lower.

“Sorry,” she said and moved away, but Melody just pulled her back into an awkward embrace.

“Don’t leave me, Princess.”

“I won’t,” Carmen said and relaxed slightly, not enough for her boobs to smother the girl, but enough that she knew she wouldn’t just leave at first chance, “My dear knight, this was all so unnecessary.”

“It was?” Melody asked, not loosening her hold one bit.

“Yes. Three princesses living together? Imagine the people that’ll be after us. We’ll need a mighty knight to protect and love us.”

“That’s true. Hmm,” Melody nestled closer to Carmen, “You smell so good, Princess. And you’re all soft and squishy. I like it.”

“Then here, let me make it more comfortable for you.” The futa took her sister and rolled over, placing Melody on top, with most of her body enveloped in giant boobs. It allowed her to lay her head next to Carmen’s. Soft pants caressed her neck as the girl’s energy reserves dwindled, lulled to a restful state by the comfort all around her.

“So warm,” Melody murmured and nuzzled against Carmen’s neck, “I miss doing this. Especially when I was smaller. You used to hide me in your boobies all the time.”

“I did,” Carmen just about kept the questioning tone from her voice. Admittedly, if she’d been this curvy from a younger age, she might’ve done that for Melody anyway. It did seem fun, with the potential for something more if she found the right girl for the Futa Note.

No! She shut the thought down, feeling the beginnings of arousal in her loins, but the image of it lingered like a particularly sweet, moreish aftertaste. All she needed was the right girl, someone that didn’t want to be curvy and huge, but tiny, conveniently concealable. With that, she could slide all her cocks inside them, then strap the girl to her chest, wear the right clothes and no one would be any wiser. Every step would fuck her, each stride another pace toward orgasm. Not only that, but if she made them masochistic, then they’d get off on being suffocated in her tits. She could squeeze and suffocate them until they were on the verge.

“I gotta go,” Carmen said, but got not response. She moved Melody and sighed when she found her fast asleep, then made her escape as her cocks attempted the same from her pants. Out in the hall, she leaned against a wall and hoped to get a handle of herself, rather than masturbate and have to clean all that mess up. Her sister wouldn’t sleep for long.

Then she noticed black feathers peeking through a wall. Carmen bit her lip, cocks throbbing in their prison, anticipating their next orgasm from the mouth of a Seikogami.

“Hey Ryuka,” Carmen said. All her senses rose, augmented by her burgeoning arousal, bringing the squeak of springs and keening moans to her attention. Despicable as it was, she wanted to join in. Those noises would raise several magnitudes if she helped them. Her mother on one cock, Samantha on the other, while Ryuka slobbered all over the middle.

No, no, no, “Come on, Miss Goddess,” Carmen taunted and palmed her balls, “Don’t want another go with me? Another load fresh from my fat cum tanks?” To her astonishment, the feathers vanished. She waited, but Ryuka didn’t appear. Was something wrong?

“Ugh,” she pulled on her rapidly tightening pants. They were highly elastic, made to withstand far more punishment than most, but even they had a limit, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

A certain excitement brightened her resignation to handling her own fat logs of fuck-meat. Having a partner choke on them was preferable, yet the rarity of masturbation enticed her, especially with what she had planned. Carmen went back to her room, comfortable and aroused in the dense musk of past trysts, and peeled off her clothes. Milk splashed from her juicy nipples like tears of freedom after their long imprisonment.

She bit her lip when her cocks leapt upright. Pre-cum already gushed down all their lengths, following the conspicuous path laid out by her cum-pipe, and their scent saturated her sinuses. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time for all three. A moment of concentration was all it took for the extra dicks to meld into their progenitor, which took their mass and made full use of it. Inch after inch stretched it out until the thing was longer than her legs and fatter than her thighs.

Barbs flared all across its length. The broad crown sheltered a series of blunt protrusions that more resembled overripe grades, which themselves reminded her of an oversized clit. The latter proved a far more appropriate comparison when a wisp of air darted across them, each lump seeming to engorge in response, only raising her pleasure and anticipation. Time wasn’t on her side.

Carmen would use this behemoth on her lovers another time, perhaps even have Rachel worship it all night someday. She couldn’t when Melody might wake up any time, at which point she’d come looking to keep playing and her sister had no intention of disappointing her. That reason was paramount, above even the lure of pleasure, hence why she sank to the floor and angled her hips up toward her face. It easily stretched well beyond her lips.

That was fine. She’d capture it shortly, but first she wanted to tease it. Holding her breasts apart, Carmen grunted and flexed her crotch, then captured her monstrous shaft between them. Curses left her mouth at the heat as it spread through her tits, almost pouring into her nipples to encourage a greater flow of milk. Not thick like Stacy’s, but perfect for lubricant when mixed with her abundance of pre-cum as it drooled all over her breasts.

She angled her nipples together, using them to embrace her girth, and doused her meat in titty-cream. Subtle moans left her when she ground them into her dick, then rolled her hips, sliding the cock up higher and teasing her senses with a pantomime of a delicious pussy. It didn’t take long for her to find a strong rhythm, a luxuriously hasty tempo, which only got better as she licked and kissed along her length. Milk and pre flavoured it, yet she got the full force of what could only be her naturally salacious flavour. No wonder her girls were so enamoured by it.

Yet she still needed a more direct taste. Biceps holding the cock in place, Carmen grasped her shaft and bent it. Surprise briefly registered when it worked, then she recalled just what her body had become over the last several months. It was designed for pleasure, even if that meant her turgid shaft bending almost in half so she could stuff into her open mouth and slide down her gullet. Pre-cum gushed out and flooded her maw.

Simply divine. Her tongue went into overdrive, writhing against the bumps under the head, the nubile muscle conformed to every ridge and shocked her nerves over and over again. They weren’t stubborn, moving at the smallest urging, and rubbed against one another. Sadly, her tongue lost contact as Carmen pushed it down, curving it down her gob until it pushed out through her chest against the rest of its form, which nestled into her cleavage once more. Milk streamed out and pooled in the crevice where scrotum met cock.

With her arms still keeping her boobs together, she massaged the massive spheres with her hands. So much semen churned around inside them, sperm by the millions being created, her prostate throbbing strong enough to reverberate throughout the rest of her body. The constant additions pushed huge globs of pre-cum down her gullet and into her belly.

Just a few attempts at bobbing her head and her abdomen was bulging. She moved to her knees, hovering just over her mammoth testes, and slumped down with a lurid slap as her pussy squished into her sack. Each ball, having absorbed the others, was more than sufficient for her to sit upon. A throne befitting a lecherous goddess.

Palpitations rolled through the cock at every movement of her mouth. It thrust in time with her, hips rolling to exasperate the pleasure, snatch sliding all over the expanse. Veins throbbed into stark relief against the rest of her inhuman, black dick. Aside from its location and the fact it was a penis, her member had no relation to a human counterpart. Hers was enormous, tar-black, riddled in so many veins it was like a bodybuilder’s arm, spiralled in spines that pulled on her gums and throat whenever she moved it back, all capped by broad glans that mushroomed out through her skin as it slid to and fro inside her body. Few parts of the shaft were flat, always providing new, exciting discoveries.

And yet it wasn’t nearly at Ryuka’s level. What was she missing? The spit? The ferocity?

Carmen had no time to ponder what she’d prefer. Who knew how long had passed since she started? She took a deep breath through her nose, flesh pimpling in anticipation, then dove in. Everything she remembered of Ryuka blowing her went into her new fervour, summoning swathes of saliva to stream down her shaft and mix with her titty-cream. When she pushed down, she doubled over and forced her breasts to the base, and held it. She forced her gag reflex to activate, choking on herself, then slid up and away as she bounced her tits around it.

Still not as good. It didn’t matter that she was making every effort to wreck her throat-pussy on several feet of fat cock, the sensations weren’t as good. She needed more. More. More. More.

Fire engulfed her vision for a second. When it faded, her balls shrank within her grip. Carmen frowned, but didn’t stop, even as they diminished to nothing more than soccer balls and below. After just a moment longer, they vanished entirely. Before she question it, her cock lurched free of her mouth to stand upright. She stared at it, panting in anticipation of yet another insane change to her body. Before her eyes, it split in two, yet neither lost a single centimetre of their enormity. Then they just grew.

Once again, her eyes burned. Between blinks, her cocks had changed even further. Not in size, but consistency as both writhed about like cat tails as they contemplated their next prey. Part of her feared the new, sudden transformation, yet didn’t question it as her absent balls made it simple for one to snap toward her cunt and stretch it wide. Carmen would have yelled if the other cock didn’t plug her face too.

She still wanted more, however now she had more options. Taking one fat nipple, she shoved it toward her face and crammed it between her lips and cock. Milk gushed instantly and flooded her. Swallowing was difficult with so much meat down her throat, though she didn’t make an effort when she was happy to just bask in the pleasure of it all. A pleasure she augmented by pinching the spare nipple and lowering an arm to her backside.

Not much attention went to her ass. However, with everything else occupied and practically dripping in pleasure, it deserved a little love too. For Carmen’s body, that ‘little love’ meant slathering her hand in her juices, then pushing all her fingers in one after the other. That gentle burn in along her insides welcomed each digit until her knuckles were devoured, then her wrist. Her cheeks jiggled as she pushed and pulled, hot-dogging her forearm too.

All the while, her cocks writhed in search of every possible shred of pleasure. The one in her pussy arched up and into her g-spot, using its excess length on the outside to mash against her clit. Its twin pumping down her throat had pooled itself into her stomach, seeking a path deeper. She focused on it, taking control, then guided it to what she believed was an exit. Moans vibrated around it as her deformed belly morphed as her snake-like dick wound through her guts, though it only went so far. Her whole body clenched when she felt it thin out and slither even deeper.

She fell to her side in bliss when her fingers touched it within her anus. If she pulled out, it’d slide clean out having gone all the way through from her mouth to ass. She didn’t give it that opening, instead she made a fist around it and focused on thrusting the cock. The one in her pussy reacted too and fucked her harder, piling up inside her womb.

Nothing really prepared her for the sensation of a cock sliding through her throat, belly, guts and ass while her second member repeatedly slammed her womb. Combined with the milk gushing from her nipples, she was bathed in pleasure across every inch of her erogenous zones.

Yet it could be better. Her body always yearned for more. Something as minor as an extra wet mouth to drink from her teat, a pair of tongues and hands worshipping her feet, having a set of enormous, squishy titties massaging her back, even something little as someone kissing along her belly. Oh, especially when the time came that she got pregnant too.

There it was again, that desire to breed. She’d long since accepted the desire to knock up Stacy and Rachel, along with anyone else that wanted her seed - which was everyone listed in the Futa Note - but what of herself? Carmen curled in tighter, cocks ramping toward orgasm. If she came in herself, what then? With her balls gone, did she even produce sperm anymore?

Whatever the case, her body was intent on finding out the only logical way in that instant; orgasm. Her belly bulged as the cock pounding her womb tried copying a boxer, jabbing her with enough power to shatter bone, yet against her body it was just pleasure. Her bowels were hollowed out with similarly brutal strokes that put her on the edge. Every drop of milk pushed her a little further over.


Her eyes burned and her body convulsed yet again, this time refusing to move as her tits gurgled. While they didn’t swell, her nipples did, burgeoning into supple poles covered in openings for geysers of milk, yet it wasn’t enough. Streams of milk erupted from every exit with all the pressure of a broken fire hydrant. Unable to release fast enough, her breasts filled up. They pushed into her legs, devoured her deformed stomach and squished out the sides. When she squeezed one in hopes of reprieve, the floodgates were opened.

All the tiny holes along her teats were no more than leaks. Her tips opened wide and unleashed a tsunami into her mouth and all over her room. The cock reaming her insides pulled back to coil up inside her stomach, its sibling did the same within her uterus, then both called on unnatural resources of cum and unleashed it. Carmen’s muffled screams reverberated throughout her form as she rode waves upon waves.

Each beat of her heart was another pulse of ecstasy, like it no longer pumped blood through her veins, but milk and semen. All to supply her mind-shattering orgasm with a proportionate load for her always famished belly and womb. Her tits shrank to make room for her inflating abdomen, pushing the stunning mounds high into Carmen’s chin. The influx forced her legs to spread wide, tightening her kegels as well and upping the pleasure even higher.

Of course her body was designed to enjoy it all. That meant her throat and pussy clenching like vices to let her experience the surges of cum from within and out. Her womb boiled at every pump, encouraging the next to be just as prolific, if not greater. She did her best to prolong it by punching into her ass. There she found the prostate and shoved on it.

Her lovers would have passed out. An orgasm amidst another usually did so, regardless of their transformations or experience with her, yet she remained conscious of every little detail. Right down the sounds of her mother still enjoying the changes to Samantha.

And the subtle noises of Melody rousing from her slumber.

Fortunately, Carmen’s body understood and led her to the end. When the pumps ended, mere drops leaking into her packed insides, her cocks slid out and melded back together. Her eyes stung a little, as did her scalp, but that quickly passed and she sighed at the welcomed weight of massive testes growing back. They separated into six as her cocks triplicated.

Her tits were back to normal too. They rested heavily on her egregiously stuffed tummy, but that also rapidly reverted to a flat expanse of subtle abs until she was no different than when she entered. Almost anyway. She swiped a curtain of pink hair behind her ear and stood, checking the rest of herself for any potential changes, but aside from the additional pink colouring in her cuticles, she was fine. Carmen sighed as she crammed her barely satisfied members back into her pants.

“Cum a dozen times every morning, got it,” Carmen groaned, unsure if even that much would be satisfactory.

“Maybe I could help?”

She turned and saw Ryuka lounging in the air like usual, as if she hadn’t noticed anything.

Looking away, Carmen said, “You already missed the chance,”

“Hmm? I thought you wanted to spend the day with your sister. Not like I was about to hang out and watch you two play with Barbies. Unless you turned some people into them, then maybe…”

“So you were watching my mom and Sam?” Carmen asked, barely hiding her grimace at hiding her magnificent chest in a shirt. It was tight, leaving next to nothing to the imagination, yet it still irked her.

“More or less.”

“Well, you can go back now. Melody should be waking up soon,” Carmen said, leaving her room and the Seikogami, who looked to the mess of fluids all around, then snapped her fingers to raise it all in the air. She made a sucking motion and they flew into her mouth.

“Fuck, what am I becoming?” Ryuka asked as she stroked her spontaneous erection to the thought of sucking Carmen again, rather than taking her chance earlier to do it for real. For a Seikogami, that was the equivalent of a starved person denying a king’s banquet. More so when she knew just how gooey and yummy and lively Carmen’s jizz was. It made whatever her kind had that passed for a stomach rumble in desire.

She wouldn’t miss out again. For now though, she’d go back to watching Carmen in silence. Like a pathetic stalker.


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 67 - Considerations of the Future

Living with dual memories was interesting to put it mildly. Every morning, Dakota expected to wake up to something different, altering depending on the dreams she just had. She woke that day anticipating normalcy, back to a simple girl with a single pair of breasts, plain ears and no tail. Honestly, however, she hoped that it wouldn’t be true. And it wasn’t.

She cupped her bottom row of breasts and sighed as they pressed into their higher-up siblings. Each set was almost the same size, just a cup size in favour of the bottom, though she usually couldn’t tell. Much as she was disappointed that Carmen reversed the changes made to her, Mary and Ashley, she did appreciate having the chance to feel more of her chest with a single hand.

Dakota rose up, groaning happily with a powerful stretch. Her ears twitched, catching the hiss of bacon from downstairs. Dad was cooking breakfast. That’s… odd. A giggle almost escaped at the notion, her life having long since leapt miles beyond ‘odd’.

Pyjamas were pointless for her. She just left some out for her to pull on in the mornings, though not before she attended to her very insistent members. Each throbbed with her steps, tail swishing over her plump behind, and leaked pre-cum down their length, over her balls and down her thighs. In her bathroom, Dakota slung her morning attire over the radiator, then gripped both shafts. A strong trill rolled up her spine in response.

“I don’t know what your secret is,” she said as she pumped once, squeezing a healthy dollop of pre out, “But I never get tired of you two.”

Carmen hadn’t simply given her the ears and tail of a dog, she also granted her cocks a similar honour. They weren’t quite direct copies of a canine phallus, but her skin was tight all across their length, juicy veins pulsating all over, with a tapered head and the fattest bulb near her base. Even with how she and her girlfriends could stretch, her knots swelled enough to lock them together anyway. She chose a recent night with Ashley and Mary to relive as her hands settled into a hasty tempo.

It was only a couple days ago. They stayed over with Ashley, whose parents were all too happy for their daughter to be with not one, but two similar girls who wholeheartedly accepted her. And who either had excellent soundproofing in their home, or were kind enough to ignore the uproarious noise of sex in Ashley’s room. Not helped of course by Dakota knotting them both as they sucked each other’s cocks and Mary fucked all their asses. Those tentacles were crazy.

Dakota still got phantom sensations of them sliding up her throat and pulling in to plant her lips against their plump lover’s stunning ass. That whole time, she kept pounding both members into Mary’s pussy, while Ashley suffocated the blonde with her dick-nipples. So much cum flew that day with still more pumping into them all.

Like the masturbation, it just never got old for her. The things those futanari did to her were fantastical, like things from a wet dream made reality. Dakota’s tail wagged uncontrollably, unfortunately outside of her power, but its constant whipping struck her ass just hard enough to augment it all. She pumped her hips in time with her strokes, moans rising as she jerked faster, harder. Pre-cum lubricated her hands.

She relaxed her grip and opened the fingers, biting her lip at the sight of her sticky fluid webbing the digits together. After squishing them into a fist, she reapplied the hand back to her cock and focused on all the pleasures of her soft fingers on the turgid, thin-skinned shaft. She squeezed around the base as her knots inflated, happily mistaking her hands for pussies, then did the same at the sensitive heads. Pulling one up against her torso, the head sat between her lower breasts, which she squeezed together with her biceps.

More slimy pre gushed from her length to coat the new stimulus. A powerful throb sent a spurt flying against her chin. Dakota angled her head down to catch the next in her mouth, only to let it dribble out onto her upper row and enjoy the sensations of it sliding onto the bottom set, then over her belly. Smooth thrusts became jerks as the pleasure rose, tits squeezing her pointed-glans tight while she focused both hands on the other member. Each pump of her hips sent her balls flying only to fall with a lurid clap against her thighs.

“Dakota! Breakfast!” Her dad shouted up.

“Just a, ooh, little longer!” Dakota called back, losing all speech to a rich moan as her pleasure crested that addictive plateau and sent her flying to the stratosphere of her own psyche. Then she was pulled back as if on a bungee cord, slammed into a river of cum.

In truth, she was splashed in the face by her own cock. Dakota sputtered for a second, before catching up and actively swallowing the abundant ejaculate. It just kept cumming, but she had experience, years of it thanks to her dual memories, allowing her to keep pace. Barely. She recalled a time when she tried measuring her production, resulting in completely overflowing a two gallon bucket. By her estimate, each cock could shoot at least ten litres.

“That’s… enough,” Dakota panted and whipped herself around, shooting the rest into the bathtub, using a trained foot to turn on the shower. Without constant water flow her seed would stick fast, even to the otherwise smooth surface. She heaved a great sigh and leaned against the tub, sucking in a breath when her balls touched it.

No better way to start the day, she thought and squeezed the last drops out. They fell with a satisfying plop in the rest as it drained away.

Everything was cleaned and she got dressed like most mornings. The smell of bacon and eggs, toast and… baked beans? Her dad must’ve tried a Full English. Regardless, her tail swayed in leisurely joy on her way down. Part of her was glad she never met her mother, unsure how any woman would’ve reacted to having an eighteen-year-old daughter with curves straight from a work of art that took some ‘liberties’. At the base of the stairs, her ears perked at an unfamiliar chuckle.

That sounded like a woman. Dakota rounded the corner and frowned at the sight of a stranger, which also stopped her tail in its tracks. Looking between them, it didn’t seem like they had any relationship, both adults keeping a distinctly platonic distance.

“Oh good, you’re here,” her father said. He had a slight German accent, courtesy of spending several years of his childhood in his home country.

His family moved over in his early teens and met Dakota’s mother not long after, though the relationship didn’t really last after she gave birth. Among all the memories of her new life, that was the worst. Her own mother saw her ‘differences’ and decided to just leave. That just made her appreciate her dad all the more. At least he had the decency to stick with her despite all the trials of her body.

Dakota took a cautious seat. There were plenty of instances of producers approaching them about using her for a reality show or just wanting her to come onto a talk show, but they were better than the doctors that kept trying to make a name for themselves. Too bad they were late to that party, since Carmen’s birth overshadowed anything else.

“Hello, Dakota. I’m Lucy.” Lucy extended a hand, not hesitant at all. Nothing about her body language seemed restrained either. She was relaxed in her chair, a partially eaten Full English Breakfast in front of her, and was dressed just as casually. A wintry blouse and cardigan donned her top, while a pair of slim jeans lead into her short heels. She did have a decent, unnecessary amount of cleavage on display though.

Dakota withheld her own hand, instead offering a curt, “Hi.”

“Hmm, well, I’m part of small organisation for people such as yourself.”

“Oh?” Dakota arched a brow. That meant someone had set up a group after so many people were born with such ‘unique’ bodies, even if it was only a relatively small number.

“Yes. We’re aware that a lot of people aren’t exactly welcoming, which could make careers or even colleges difficult. To summarise our goal, we aim to help you succeed.”

“Despite being a freak, you mean?”

“No, no!” Lucy genuinely looked hurt by her words, “If you think we’re here for money, far from it. I’m working a second job just to keep food on the table, and I’m the CEO. A lot of those working there are volunteers.”

“I’m waiting for a ‘but’ here.”

“No ‘buts’, we’re just people that want to help. I promise.”

“What’s the name, then?”


Dakota snorted. They seriously used the name of a semi-popular porn site?

“You laugh, but I think it’s apt enough.”

“Please tell me you’re not planning to bring in an age of a futanari utopian society.”

“Well, maybe… I’d be lying if I said it didn’t tantalise me. But that’d take centuries.”

Dakota exhaled through her nose. If Carmen wanted to, the entire nation, the world even, could be made into futanari. Instead, she kept that gift close, reserved for those that longed for, or deserved it. She noticed many of the unchanged girls looking at their unknowingly altered classmates in uncertain longing, like they didn’t quite know how to process everything, despite it being fairly standard. Maybe they needed a guiding hand for that?

“What do you want to do, Dakota?” Lucy asked.

“I think being a therapist sounds good,” she said. A spur of the moment decision, however one that felt right. In both memories, there were plenty of times people had assaulted and harassed her, yet she came out loving her life. Perhaps she could take that same joy and bring it to others? Or convince them of what they truly wanted, then relay that information to Carmen. They’d both get what they wanted in helping others realise their truths.

“That’s quite an undertaking,” Lucy said.

“I know, but I’ve got a good feeling about it. Helping people sounds… good, you know?”

Lucy smiled, “I think we’ll get along then. Here’s our contact info, shoot us an email, text or whatever really and we’ll do our utmost to help you along that journey. In fact, we could use a therapist as we expand if you’d be interested.”

Could she be anymore obvious? The lust was dripping from her lips, though not without good reason. Dakota hadn’t exactly thought of herself as a bombshell, confident in her sexiness, but never quite that audacious, however she was more than aware of how attractive she could be to someone. Especially one with a clear fetish for her particular figure.

“I’ll think about it,” Dakota said and dug into her breakfast.

That was a couple weeks ago. Following that meeting, she thought longer on going into therapy and the more she contemplated it, the more it appealed to her. She posited it to Carmen, who expressed her approval in droves - with a massive load in the womb too - and that made up her mind. While the Futa Note could change her mind to include all the necessary knowledge, she chose to avoid that and study. If everything was handed to her, then the achievement would feel hollow.

Though she’d have all the memories of doing the work, so she wouldn’t know any different. Dakota ignored that fact, certain there’d always be a nagging sense that she hadn’t actually worked for it. That did mean her studies had to take priority, above sex even. Masturbation still remained a frequent ritual, though it lost some of its lustre as she took whatever shortcuts possible to cum fast and hard. Orgasms still felt amazing, but they weren’t her goal every day.

It did also take her away from all the orgies Carmen hosted. Every lunch, she’d wander toward the second floor restrooms, repurposed exclusively for the growing futanari population at the school. Just a couple months after Carmen returned and at least half the student body were futanari of various shapes and sizes. None were quite like her friends, though. Like Carmen wanted them to remain more unique from the rest.

That said, Dakota found herself lingering outside that room for minutes at a time. She’d see people go in clean and leave dishevelled and sticky, members throbbing to join them, yet her conscience always won out, leading her away to work through various books Carmen supplied for her. Of course, her cocks strained and stained her shorts the entire time. She’d have to take a break soon, otherwise her libido would go ballistic and she didn’t want to find out what that entailed.

“Come over to my place,” Ashley said when they left school that day. Carmen and Rachel lingered somewhere in the building, likely fucking one another, or doubling up on one of the recently changed girls. Zoey had run home almost right away, leaving the three girlfriends to stroll down the unkempt path.

“I’d love to, but I really need to study.”

“You sound like Carmen used to,” Mary rolled her eyes, “That’s why you should come over. Breaks are super important, and it’s not like we can’t help you here and there.”

Dakota barely restrained a snicker, “No offence, babe, but you’re not exactly top of the class.”

“No, but we have our methods,” Mary said and winked at their shared, plump lover, who just smiled. Curiosity got the better of Dakota. Even if they ended up just fucking the night away, Mary was right in that she needed a break. She sighed.

“Okay. But I really do need to study. I’ve got, like, a few months before we can actually go to a college and I don’t have good grades right now.”

“Don’t worry,” Ashley said and pulled her into a hug. Something had changed about her since Carmen revealed the Futa Note to them all, a confidence that didn’t usually shine so bright, “We’ll take care of you.” Looking down, Dakota noticed her breasts were incredibly full, practically bursting through her clothes with backed up milk and cum. Her promise was definitely sexual.

Ashley’s home was so fucking comfortable. They weren’t much better off than Dakota in that timeline, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t spring for quality, like Ashley’s bed that seemed just hug every little bump and crevice of her body. Despite her mind working over time, it manifested in her body. Part of her just wanted to fall asleep then and there.

But her girlfriends had other ideas.

“So, we talked to Carmen,” Mary said and climbed on with her. Ashley was out of sight, doing something with the lights, setting them to a low, warm tone, almost like candlelight. Subtle aromas of citrus wafted along the air, obscuring the omnipresent scent of semen that pervaded the room, “And she did a little change touch up for you.”

“I don’t wanna cheat this,” Dakota said, too comfy to even raise her voice.

“We know, so we brainstormed a bit. You’ll still be working for it, but now you’ve got a little helping hand,” Mary cooed and swung a leg over Dakota’s, sliding her knee up to touch the dog-girl’s damp groin, “And a much bigger incentive.”


“So, you know how in most games you get an experience bar?” Ashley asked, finished with her preparation and appearing, clad only in lingerie that emphasised her plushness and the tight skin of her overfull breasts. The tips bulged far out, cocks just begging to emerge.


“And that we’re all in agreement that bigger is always better?” Ashley joined them on the bed, creeping along like a playful cat. Dakota nodded, then groaned when a hand cupped a set of her balls, “Care to put two and two together?”

“My… my cocks are my XP bar?” Dakota asked and received a nod. Following right after, her cocks flushed hotter than ever, but only for an instant. Though slight, she felt that extra tightness in her shorts.

“Whenever you learn something, whatever part of you that’s stimulated grows in response,” Mary explained, “It could be your dicks, your ass, your pussy, even your brain.”


“That one’s not literal,” Ashley quickly added.

“But the point stands, the more you learn, the better you’ll get it and the bigger you’ll become,” Mary said and pulled down the tan futa’s shorts, giggling when, one by one, her cocks leapt out and slapped into her belly.

“So wait, what if everything’s getting stimulated?” Both her lovers smirked in response, Mary going the extra mile to kiss a member at its veiny base.

“Don’t worry about that. Now, get to work. We’ll be hard at it too,” Ashley said and shoved a book in her face, “No peeking.”

Dakota bit her lip as she opened to her last chapter. It was all about recognising signs of distress, things she thought she had a good grasp on, given how long she spent on the sidelines in her previous life suffering under Mary, yet only some of the signs were familiar to her. Each line of new information she read reverberated in her mind, locking in and triggering the latest changes to her body. Just in time for Ashley to push her shirt up and snap onto a nipple.

All four teats lit up like sparklers, while her cocks thumped against Mary’s teasing lips. She couldn’t see anything of course, the book obscuring everything from the neck down, however that didn’t prevent her memories from catching her up on everything. Such as the fact she’d had twelve-inch cocks since her growth spurt three months ago, and that her nipples turned the size of thumb-tips around the same time. She kept reading, rolling her hips up as Mary went from kissing to sucking her tips, switching between them like a doting slut would.

Ashley maintained her attentions on the breasts and pushed her own scarcely contained boobs into them. The weight and heat of her cock and balls pressed into Dakota’s stomach, warming her all over. Or was that the extra line of knowledge she gained. It only added half an inch to her members, but it was enough to get Mary sucking on the heads. She moved her hands down to squeeze at the dog-futa’s ass flesh in time for the next boost.

“Ooh, your balls are looking a bit small,” Mary said and traced a vein with her lips, then wrapped them around a juicy testicle, suckling on it as her tongue lapped up every molecule of flavour available. One hand slipped away from Dakota’s ass to trace along her moistening folds, which twitched as more information triggered her growth. To Dakota, this was always how her body behaved when she learned stuff, it just wasn’t until she got a pair of promiscuous girlfriends that her sexual parts saw the benefits.

This happened fairly often in her memories. Her two lovers using the chance for foreplay and to help her improve mentally and physically, hence why she kept reading, her impulse to touch growing self restrained by the desire for more. Ashley lowered her stance to grind their cocks together, while she groped and suckled on each of Dakota’s breasts. New dimensions replaced her old ones every minute as she kept reading and absorbing information. By the time she reached the end of a chapter, she was certain her breasts had always been the size of basketballs with nipples like small fists at their peaks.

Which said nothing of her sexes. With thighs like hers, barely changed as Mary infrequently paid attention to them, every step squished her pussy just enough to leave her ready and willing. Her ass had similarly blossomed and lifted her a good six inches off the bed. Mary hadn’t left her cocks just for her balls either, switching between them to keep their sizes somewhat proportionate. As she set the book aside, she witnessed Mary slide down an eighteen-inch knotted cock.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Dakota panted. While she’d finished the chapter, the effects hammered at her willpower and had thoroughly razed it. Now all she wanted was to use her ‘new’ sizes to their full potential. Ashley beamed down at her and tapped Mary’s head, urging the blonde to pull away with a skin-pimpling slurp, before returning with a phone in hand.

“Just because we’re fucking, doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning,” Ashley said and set it beside Dakota, who just stared up at her in desire so powerful it gushed from her pricks. The plump futa finished with the phone, then gave a final tap and an audio book version of Dakota’s book played, “Now we can begin.”


Re: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 68 - The Future Looks Bright... and Big

Dakota panted on the bed. Both her cocks stood at attention, veins throbbing so hard she worried the skin might split open, and steadily growing as a pair of hands for each member stroked them all over. With her foreskin so thinly stretched, every little touch, so matter how delicate, was like a silk vice. Especially against her half-inflated knots.

The two responsible for that stimulation was Ashley and Mary. Each were so distinct that she could barely choose which to focus on. The dark blonde waves of Ashley’s head poured across Dakota’s legs as she dipped in to kiss at the canine dick, strands mixing with the nearly platinum locks of Mary, who took it a step further and simply dove onto her chosen cock. All twenty-inches vanished down her gullet, trained from throating other, far larger members. When it came back, it was already half an inch bigger.

Globs of spit ran down its length like a slimy river. Ashley noticed and took hers too, holding it down her gullet until she gagged, then came back up with a similar flow. The futanari looked at their growing lover and moved up, dragging their own lengths along her legs until they each straddled a thigh. Dakota nursed on her bottom lip, waiting for them to penetrate her as they so often did.

It wasn’t that she was submissive or dominant. She just happily fell into whatever role someone wanted from her, which happened to usually be taking a bunch of massive dicks up her holes. While her girlfriends’ cocks hovered over her face, Mary’s swaying like a bunch of tails from a mischievous cat, they didn’t force her to suck or even jerk them. Instead, both raised their hips in harmony and aimed her shafts.

Dakota gasped when her fine tips were wrapped in delicate lips, then surrounded by a dank tightness straight from heaven. The slight knots popped in not a minute later, all three of them moaning so loud, yet her keen ears picked out the audio book and continued drilling its knowledge into her brain. Bumps rose in her lovers’ abdomens and grew with every word she took in. Ashley and Mary angled themselves towards each other, eyes still on the dog-eared futa, then kissed like military lovers after years apart. But that wasn’t what captured Dakota’s attention.

That went to the blonde’s tentacles as they wound away from her face. Ashley angled her cock down and rolled her hips, grinding her fat cock between Dakota’s briefly unattended tits. The next growth swept through them too. Wet smacks of lips mingled with their moans, before getting drowned out as unseen tendrils found Dakota’s orifices. Her cunt and ass were taken simultaneously with no time wasted in fucking her deep.

“Oh god,” Dakota said, then gasped as everything from her breasts to her anus swelled. Not her cheeks, but her actual asshole filled out more space inside her body and squeezed harder around the set of cocks pounding away at her. A whimper preceded a shrill cry when Mary’s tendrils entered her womb.

With ears like hers, no sound was missed. The squelching of her girlfriends’ pussies around her now twenty-two inch lengths, the fainter swipes of tongues on one another, and, of course, she heard the audio playing by her head that kept her growing in ways she never expected. Mary’s cocks dug further into her ass, then stopped and focused on her prostate. She clenched in response, eyes widening and finally losing track of the book as the organ grew.

What the fuck did that feel like? Dakota tried working through the sensation, desperate to organise and understand it to some extent, however she just couldn’t. There was just no way to describe that even to herself. It was a learning experience. Every second a new micron of knowledge that fed into another. She opened her mouth to try and tell her lovers, but Ashley shoved forward to silence her.

Mary fucked her cocks deeper into her. The lengths kept up the pressure on her prostate, which just kept growing, imparting her new information on how it felt. Carmen must’ve taken the feedback loop into account when it came to new memories, however this had slipped under her nose it seemed. She no longer even heard the audio book, its presence unnecessary to keep her growing. Of course, it wasn’t just her prostate that kept swelling, but her boobs, her cocks, her pussy… her womb.

Foot after foot of tentacle dick wound its way through her innards. Fortunately, those didn’t grow. Everything, however, continued surging forward within the feedback loop. All those memories were impossible to organise. One second, she had a prostate three times the average size, the next it was even bigger. Likewise, her womb, pussy, cocks and balls, tits and nipples, just kept building on already extravagant foundations. Dakota finally just couldn’t help it as she clapped both hands onto Ashley’s generous hips.

That was all the signal they all needed to ramp things up. She leapt high, core tightening to lift her lovers which brought into stark relief the winding, writhing tubes of Mary’s tentacles as they thrashed about inside her, and slammed home in the pair. Of course, she was just beginning. Dakota put her stamina to full effect as she hammered into them both, each thrust stronger than ever as she kept growing. Constant, increasingly wet slaps saturated the room and echoed off the walls.

Amidst all that pleasure and growth, she got to luxuriate in her partners’ cunts. It became so easy to just fuck and lose herself in it, taking the core parts for granted. But Ashley and Mary’s pussies demanded her complete focus, all but hypnotised by the asynchronous undulations of them both, the little bumps and crevices that fit themselves to her veins, and above it all was the velvety feel of their bodies on her thin-skinned, turgid lengths. And that was just the insides.

Dakota tasted nothing but dick. Her mouth was stuffed, jaw stretched to its limit, and every little breath through her nose was saturated in that astute musk of Ashley’s. Heavy balls rested on her belly, gurgling as the plumper futa kept producing more in preparation for the big climax. They weren’t the main event of course, that distinction went to Ashley’s chest.

Pleasure ramped her production up. When they started, she couldn’t have been bigger than watermelons, yet now they jiggled only an inch above Dakota’s abdomen. Rather, they didn’t jiggle, but swayed pendulously with each thrust from the canine-futa. The flimsy top she wore, barely qualifying as a bikini, finally pushed down and eventually snapped as Ashley’s stunning dick-nipples exploded into view. She fell forward with their appearance and angled Dakota just right. Now all three huge cocks were in her face.

Looking up, she caught a wanton expression that demanded more pleasure. So Dakota provided. She leaned away from the main shaft, just managing to pop her lips free, then moved side to side and suckled on the others. The heat of her growth reached her face and she felt more of Ashley’s cocks by the second. Dakota simply moaned and enjoyed the sensations of becoming a living, breathing fetish.

Mary hung back and kept bouncing and thrusting her tentacles. Because of them, Dakota’s insides kept swelling to newer, more fantastical levels that she hadn’t even considered. When Carmen made her grow for that brief time, she’d thought that was her peak, yet now she experienced growths like none before. Her belly bulged out not just with her blonde lover’s tendrils, but with her own insides, especially her womb. Memories flooded her of thinking she was pregnant, then finding that her womb was just growing abnormally.

The prehensile cocks piled into her uterus and pushed hard on its walls to push her ever closer to that climax. It also meant they pushed through the thin organ to feel the other tentacles winding through her tightening guts and mashed against her rapidly inflating prostate. Even among so much delirious wonders, that organ outpaced them all. It became an constant pressure in her lower body that built until it, too, pushed out through her once trim stomach.

All those changes just urged Mary to fuck her harder. For every crash of their bodies from Dakota’s thrusts, Mary’s cocks reciprocated it several times over, slamming her hyper sensitive insides, while their plump girlfriend gagged her with one cock at a time. Naturally, the two also basked in being stretched out more and more by the now thirty-inch, knotted behemoths belching pre into their wombs.

“Ooh, I love this,” Mary said and stroked the bulge through her belly, “Nothing like having my itsy-witsy womb turned into a condom for a huge doggy dick.”

“But it should be bigger,” Ashley groaned and flexed her kegels as her words took effect, the shaft plying her cervix open several inches jerking a bit larger, “Keep growing, babe. Keep gaining knowledge. Make Carmen proud.”

“Grow so huge she gets jealous,” Mary added.

“Show her how awesome a pair of mammoth dicks are.”

“Make our cunts shaped like your cocks.”

As they spoke, each futa rolled their hips harder and sought still more pleasure. Not that it was far away. Dakota’s burgeoning body kept feeding them more, whether that was by her cocks swelling, or her holes puffing up around tentacles, or her lips filling out like slutty pillows for a trio of over-productive members. She shoved on her tits to make a better passage for Ashley to fuck, only then realising just how heavy they’d become. Each of her four boobs easily matched their former combined mass when she woke up that day.

Between them and everything else, she doubted she’d be moving before long. Oh, but she wouldn’t give a shit, long as people came by to fuck her like this. The world could implode and, if her room remained in tact with Mary and Ashley - and Carmen - around to destroy her holes or cocks, she’d ignore it. She lifted her head to push more of her tri-cocked partner’s shaft past her lips, before sliding back and doing the same for another dick. Abandoning her own chest, Dakota reached down and heaved on Ashley’s luscious ass to pull her closer.

That made it possible to find a whorish rhythm. As she thrust up, Ashley slid forward, pussy clenching and womb distorting, which pushed one of her own cocks down Dakota’s throat. Wonderful, salty earthiness saturated her tongue, so powerful it overtook even her sense of smell, dousing it in nothing but cock. The change in position also gave the plump futa a chance to cram two nipples in her mouth, while Mary took the ass pushing toward her as a clear invite. Bright blonde locks fell around fat ass cheeks that engulfed a stunning face.

All her tentacles stepped up when the sour taste of ass hit Mary’s tongue. Six fat tendrils slammed Dakota like a heavyweight boxer attached to a train, winding all the way through her bloated guts and into her stomach, then up her throat. She felt them squirming against her tits wrapped around Ashley’s centre cock, tracking each of the three as they strained her gullet to explode from her lips, pushing their lover’s dick out.

But they found a flawless tempo. The kind most musicians strived all their lives for. As one moved, so did the others. Mary’s tentacles receded to bundle up inside Dakota’s belly, signalling her to thrust up and force Ashley to thrust down her gob. Similarly, her womb was filled by three cocks measuring twenty feet each, all piling on each other to fit in her transforming orifice. Dakota just kept growing through it all.

As she did, Ashley kept moving up inch by inch. Despite that, her pudgy gut remained taut around at least two feet of doggy-cock, even as she buried over half her own shaft down Dakota’s throat. When Mary’s tentacles pushed her back, she just slid across the dog-futa’s belly, slicked up from the abundance of pussy juice streaming from her. The angle pushed Dakota’s prick even further out and strained her skin like an opaque condom.

“Fuck, your ass is so good,” Mary huffed in a brief rest from eating Ashley’s ass. Neither of the two answered, too preoccupied with pleasuring one another.

By then, Dakota had exceeded everyone that they knew. Her tits didn’t need any help to squeeze the cock from all sides, resting like four enormous pools of doughy pudding on the bed, with nipples more than enough to fill anyone’s maw. The constant swelling of her womb left her resembling a full-term woman with octuplets and only growing, with almost half of that mass from her prostate. It’s growth meant more cum, which gushed from both her cocks like a broken hydrant.

There was finally an end in sight when her balls rumbled. Each of her four testes were huge enough to cover her leg down past the knee, their vibrations powerful enough to echo throughout the rest of her body. Or that came from Mary’s continued womb-crushing thrusts. Regardless of origin, her entire being was ramping toward its climax. One that promised to be incomparable to anything thus far.

Ashley and Mary felt it too. How couldn’t they when nearly four feet of cock twitched like a virgin on their first time. Dakota’s thrusts turned into jerks, breaking tempo, not that anyone cared as they all worked toward a simple goal of cumming like the oversized, over-endowed futanari they were. Ashley reared back, keeping her main penis plugged inside the dog-futa, and rolled her hips like a porn star. Meanwhile, Mary took both her dick-nipples and swallowed them.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!” Dakota squealed, though with her mouth stuffed by such a fat cock, it was incomprehensible mumbles. Not that anyone misunderstood as her knots inflated and locked her with her two lovers, then unleashed a veritable flood of cum. A pair of bellies quickly eclipsed hers and swelled over the bed, until both Ashley and Mary came too.

The two fell back, still knotted tight, as Dakota’s womb and belly exploded in size. Normal pregnancies, even those on the fringe of hyperism, quickly became nothing more than bumps against her mountain. Simultaneously, she kept pumping her own orgasm into the others, who blew through the months and looked ready to drop a dozen kids any second. Then they just got bigger. Based on the weight of her balls and audible grumbling of he prostate, she wasn’t anywhere near done.

Miles away, Carmen reclined in her bed and studied herself. She didn’t use a mirror, instead just taking in the enormity of her frame from her own perspective, and occasionally contemplated the Futa Note. If she was right, then Dakota and the others had stumbled on that feedback loop, which she herself only noticed after finishing the alteration. Given how easy it was to rectify something like that, she left it in, eager to see just what might come of it.

Of course, that got her thinking of her own growth. Among her friends and lovers and myriads of fuck toys, she was still immense, yet many had left her behind, Rachel and Stacy being some in terms of curves. Very few were taller than her, Zoey still holding the record, yet she doubted it’d last for long as her own fetishes developed. Pinning someone two or three feet taller than her was an enticing idea.

“Get a grip,” Carmen mumbled to herself and forced the thoughts from her mind. She still had a future to consider. Mind breaking sex was incredible, no denying that, however that couldn’t be all she did with her life. Archaeology remained in the back of her mind, curious as to just how deep Seikogami influence ran through humanity. Ancient Greeks were known for their debauchery, perhaps one of Ryuka’s ilk was responsible. Concepts like that kept her coming back to the prospect.

To that end, she needed to get into college. Or acquire an even vaster fortune to hire others in pursuit of what might be nothing. For all she knew, there was nothing about them that wasn’t just based on succubi or other slutty demonic mythos. Maybe Ryuka was just her mind conjuring something to explain all that happened? Or perhaps it was a coma and she was just living out an insane fantasy while her body slowly decomposed and she made her mother’s debt worse and worse. Carmen wiped at her face as if to peel away such a painful idea.

Right on time, her phone vibrated in distraction. She half expected it to be Rachel, but was pleasantly surprised to find Dakota calling her.


“Hi, Carmen. Um, so, thanks for the new growth.”

Carmen leaned into her pillows and smiled, “Sounds like you enjoyed it.”

“I did,” Dakota said, breathless, “But, uh, I’m kinda… stuck.”

“Stuck?” Just how much did she grow?

“Hold on, I’ll send a pic. Oh, well, I’ll get as much in frame as I can.”

Just a few seconds later and Carmen was greeted with an image of multiple, flesh coloured mountains. Another pic arrived, this time showing a pair of angry, red cocks covered in furious veins and standing well over the mountains. A third shot revealed that said cocks included their own boulders.

“I see what you mean,” Carmen said, though her own members shot upright. It wasn’t even her intention to make Dakota that big, that came from the futa herself. Sure, the feedback loop might’ve been responsible, but surely she’d have found a way to stop it if she didn’t want to keep growing like that.

“Want me to turn you back?”

“Yes… no… I dunno,” Dakota groaned, “I love it. I don’t really even mind not being able to move right now, but then I can’t do anything but fuck like this.”

“Well,” Carmen bit her lip and picked up the notebook, “How does a full body erection sound?”

“I… what… wait, you mean… what?” Dakota’s confusion was amusing, the clanking gears in her head almost audible over the phone, “So, I’d shrink down and grow when I’m super horny?”

“That’s what I was thinking. Of course, I can just put you back to-”

Dakota cut her off, “Lets do it!”

“Mind if I add a little something too? Just to make up for being a tease before?” Carmen asked, pencil already moving.

“Yeah, go ahead. Fuck, I can’t wait to try this out. Oooh man, think of all the clothes I’m gonna rip.”

“Think Mary and Ashley will be jealous?” She really was just looking for an excuse. After making them grow just a couple weeks ago, then going back on that, it didn’t sit well. The excuse was how important it was to take it slow, make sure any changes were at their request, however that left her wanting. Part of Carmen wanted nothing more than to make everyone in her life so huge they took up an entire room by themselves. Luckily, that part was balanced by reason.

“No… but then again, they might feel a bit left out. What with me doing all the growing between us. Hey, girls, if you’re awake, raise your hand if you wanna grow!” Distant, familiar groans got through the receiver, earning a small chuckle.

“Consider it done.”

“Oh, and Carmen?”


“Thanks for this. Helping me study, I mean. The side effects are insane, but I really needed this tonight, and it’s only gonna get better. I’m so glad you changed me. I don’t think I’d ever have found something to be so passionate about if you hadn’t.”

Carmen fumbled for words. This started with turning Dakota as nothing more than an experiment, and while things had escalated well beyond that first entry, she could barely fathom that it’d turn out like this. All the people who became genuine walking fetishes loved it. Not only loved it, but they embraced it. While she hadn’t paid much attention to those around her before the book, what little she remembered of her schoolmates was how… vacant they seemed. Lost even.

Now they had purpose. Albeit that purpose was almost entirely centred around indulging in their erotically malformed bodies, however it was better than meandering until something collapsed around them. But Dakota had found something worthwhile. Had the others? She’d talk with them at some point, unnerved by the prospect that some might do nothing more than lust after her for the rest of their lives. Or look after their children.

So many children…

“Sorry, I know it’s kinda out of nowhere.”

“No, it’s… you’re welcome,” Carmen said and finished with the new changes, “I’m glad I could help.”

“Ooh, feels like you’re doing that again,” Ashley said.

“I thought I was big already,” Mary added, lisping as her new changes took effect.

“Enjoy,” Carmen said and hung up, knowing they’d get busy before long, then climbed into her desk chair. It’d been a long time since she actively studied anything, but now seemed the right time. While she was at it, she’d check on some flights. There should be some vacation days coming up and what kind of rich girlfriend would she be if she didn’t take her lovers around the globe?