Topic: Search story about sister who becomes dakini spawn.

I'm looking for an older story. I don't remember the name though.
It was about two sisters one of whom was jealous of the other, to get rid of her she bought a Dakini worm and put it in her room while she was sleeping, but the worm had no interest in the sister and went to the jealous sister's bedroom girl crawled while the girl was masturbating excited about her revenge. The worm understood it so that the girl stimulated herself out of anticipation about the coming union to form the Dakini spawn, the worm then fused with her as well.


Re: Search story about sister who becomes dakini spawn.

Hmm, I was sure I had found the right story. Every plot point went exactly as mentioned  up until the end, where the sisters don't actually merge with each other. 
So idk, perhaps its still worth checking.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A687g3 … sp=sharing