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Closer To Nature (Odd Woman Series Part 1)
by pillas

Jazz settled her belt on her hips and took in the smell of the fresh pristine air of the forest, her lungs filled with the aroma of nature itself and thanked her for the pure toxin free oxygen. No smog, no cars, no hustle and bustle of the city, no crowds, noise and light pollution in the night sky. This was the perfect job for her she thought, adjusting her wide brimmed chocolate brown rangers cap. The tourists were all set to start rolling in soon, and she was always grateful to get a whiff of the mountain air before the sight-seers brought in the musk and odor of the city.

Doing a routine tour trail checklist before they let them in, she spotted a peculiar sight. A pile of discarded clothing littered the walkway leading to the lake trail, Jazz sighed. Sometimes a couple of rambunctious teens had the idea that skinny dipping in a natural spring lake would be fun, not understanding that it could be full of amoeba or extremely cold temperatures. She didn’t take this job to babysit a bunch of teens who got hypothermia because they couldn’t keep their pants on for five minutes.

Panties, boxer shorts, bras and shorts, a trail of undergarments. Begrudgingly Jazz picked up all the discarded clothing, muttering about careless jerks besmirching the majestic nature of the forest. By the time she made it towards the lake edge, her arms were struggling to hold on to her found bounty. At least three pairs of womens underwear and two male sets of underwear, she would bet they’d all be pretty cold about now.

Just as she had suspected there was another major violation besides being inside the park without a permit, an illegal fire pit, littering with all the beer bottles tossed around and the turned over cooler spilling dirty ice into the shore of the lake. Jazz cursed under her breath, setting the clothes on a nearby log as she scouted for the missing and most likely nudist older teens. As far as she could see, nothing was out of place. The shore was placid and calm like always, the clear waters were soothing and gentle.

Something ahead of her was crawling along the moist sand, rocking gently back and forth. Jazz softly approached, trying not to spook the creature. She grimaced internally, the poor turtle was pinned on it’s back. The big scaly firm tits on its front side made sure that it could never reach balance enough to flip itself over and gain it’s position right side up, gravity was working against its effort. Approaching the turtle it saw her, and quickly pulled in it’s floppy phallic limbs and head into its shell, she knew this species was very shy. However every species of animal had their unique traits and quirks, if she tweaked it’s moist leathery nipples for a bit she could coax it out of its shell.

Leaning down on her knees, she proceeded to do so. Using both of her warm palms to gently knead and tease the creature's nipples. She could feel them get harder under her ministrations and smiled, this species was a slut-tortoise and they were very friendly indeed once you pushed the right buttons. Jazz could tell her efforts were paying off when she saw some of the thick limbs start to appear from their enclosures, and rolled her eyes when instead of the head emerging yet another organ made an appearance. The Slut-tortoise’s infamous penis slowly grew from the hole in the backside where a tail would be on any other turtle, growing thicker and starting to throb as it became more erect. Some species had penises that stretched farther than

twice their own body, and others just had big and thick fat ones that they dragged along the ground behind them. This one was more of a grower than a shower, by the time it was done extending it had reached a good foot long. Covered in veins with plum sized glans, and throbbing as hard as a steel pole. The rest of the tortoise’s penile limbs emerged from their depths, it’s head throbbing as it’s arms and legs leaked copious amounts of pre-cum from their drooling slits. It drooled cum all over it’s scaly tits, the eyes situated on both sides of it’s glans blinking away some smegma from retreating into itself.

Turning the turtle over now that it was fully engorged was quite a chore considering it’s heavy thick butt shaped shell, but she managed to settle it onto its feet again. The rough scaly hide protected it’s full breasts from the gravel as it slowly dragged them along the ground, the friction bringing it pleasure from the slow and languid movements. A trail of pre-cum leaked from it’s tail end, limbs and head, Jazz smiled. She’s probably off to go find a mate now, they were more maneuverable in the water after all. Easily spottable from the silky white trails left in their wake in the water.

Jazz grimaced in distaste, more litter. Most of it was covered in the slut-tortoise cum trails, no doubt curious as to what the strange objects were. No doubt because they were notorious for rubbing their faces into anything, or sometimes anyone they could get their cocks on. The phone was caked in drying tortoise cum, and was practically useless now with a cracked screen letting all the cum seep into the insides. The discarded clothes, underwear, hat and glasses looked to be all brand new. If you discounted the fact that the glasses seemed to be completely coated in the tortoises drying emissions. Jazz was getting more upset by the minute, getting irritated that these damn tourists were interfering with the natural wildlife’s ecosystem. The last thing she needed was for a bunch of horny tortoises going after the tourists for food or pleasure. They could find that in nature.

Spotting a figure along the dock, she almost missed stepping in the way of a northern double ended cock snake. They were harmless of course, but very amorous. She gave it a wide berth, the venom of this species had some very interesting properties and she didn't want to provoke it. However being female, it locked it’s sights on her nonetheless. Cock-snakes were notorious for being a nuisance and seeking out any female orifice within “sight”, which was more a scent thing to be honest. They lacked eyes, however they made up for it in lightning fast reflexes, speed and well...they were very talented in making sure their victims had a good time. Their venom was renowned for its aphrodisiac properties, and sought out by poachers. They were a protected species however, so it was safe for them to be out in the open here in the park at least.

Jazz was prepared for such an encounter, unzipping her fanny pack and withdrawing a silver packet. The glans of the snake perked up from both ends, it’s body pulsing with need and anticipation as it was about to strike. She ripped off the package and tossed the condom at a good distance to distract it, cherry flavored and ribbed. Jazz sighed with relief as the cock snake took the bait, slithering over and blindly inserting one of it’s ends into the latex sheath.

There were two people at the end of the dock, overlooking the lake. Jazz knew these were her troublemakers, and sped up her approach. They were perched over the docks, legs dangling as a blonde haired girl chatted to an older looking woman in circular mirrored sunglasses. They were giggling at the novelty rafts donated by a sponsor to entertain tourists, they were quite popular. However, Jazz just thought they were perverse and tacky looking.

She didn’t understand the appeal, who wants to float around on a pair of inflatable rafts that look like two women in short skirts with their asses pointed up into their air. It was lewd and disgusting, but dammit were they popular. Most tourists liked to use them as bouncing platforms, using it’s ginormous ass cheeks to jump from the dock and into the lake. As fun as it was, it was also distasteful. But the park superiors made the rules, and the perverted inflatable rafts were here to stay. They bobbed silently along the calm waters of the lake, their glazed ever happy faces staring off into oblivion. She could see why the two women were laughing, one of them was naked while the one with the glasses was dressed in a skimpy two piece bikini.

Jazz cleared her throat to get their attention, the one with the mirrored shades looked over her shoulder and smiled. Jazz blinked her eyes as the sun swept across her vision, looking around the dock and remembering that she was only here to confront the only other person around beside herself. She was drinking from a water bottle casually ignoring her. A bottle of Brandi Springs. A popular brand around these parts since it was bottled nearby. The bottle was shaped like a rather voluptuous female figure, the head coming off as the cap. She loved the sparkling water line herself, the bubbly liquid always made her feel tingly in her brain. Shaking off those random thoughts Jazz took a step forward.

“Miss, this area is off limits unless you have a permit” She spoke with authority, signaling for the woman to leave. The woman stared at her, or...through her it seemed. Her own reflection peered back at her through the womens glasses, unnerving her and making her feel small and insignificant. Jazz shuddered, and regained her composure. The woman simply took another swig from her water bottle, not saying anything. Jazz was getting impatient, she’d yet to finish her morning checklist with all these distractions. She didn't want to deal with an annoying guest, “Miss if you would please follow me, I can let you out of the park without a citation” She offered, not wanting to be bothered with the follow up paperwork of filing a report. The woman finished off the last of her water, screwed the cap back on with the head facing backwards and was about to toss it over her shoulder into the water when Jazz spoke up to stop her.

“Littering is an offense punishable for up to a $700 fine you know…” She warned, the woman looked directly at Jazz and frowned. The frown turned into a catlike grin, as she twirled around and tossed the empty bottle in her direction. Jazz caught it deftly, and crunched it’s hollow plastic shell into her fist. “I’ll ignore this if you follow me to the entrance” She said through clenched teeth, already fed up with this crazy chick. The woman nodded and bowed theatrically for some reason. Jazz shook her head, whatever.

Jazz looked down at the crumpled plastic water bottle, the zaftig shape of the people being a key feature of the brand. It was like a more lewd version of an aunt jemima bottle. Every sip was

guaranteed to make you feel ditzy and happy, just like the bimbo mascot on the bottles banner shaped like a bikini. Despite its effects, it was all just water bottled from down stream. There was a sponsorship by the company, so you could find the popular brand all over the visitor center and rest stops along the way. Of course the vending machines were all shaped just as perversely as their bottles. With a sigh, she set it down near a pile of discarded clothes.

She’d send her coworker Stella back here later to help her gather the rest of discarded clothing and trash. With the odd woman in the shades following close behind her, she made it back to the main trail. Grunting as each step was more laborious than the last, her khaki shorts were riding up on her something fierce. All those hikes and long hours of walking should have given her quite the sturdy physique, but could never really shake off her hefty ass.

She mistepped, her balance shifting and nearly tripping. Feeling slightly nauseous, something didn't feel right.

Jazz felt nervous all of a sudden, feeling like she was being eyed up like a piece of meat. Turning around she was met with the odd woman openly ogling her body, licking her lips as she did so. And honestly she couldn’t really blame her, these ridiculous standard issue park ranger uniforms left barely anything to the imagination. She supposed it helped attract tourists in a way, but it still felt a bit demeaning at times to be wearing such tight and revealing clothes. Jazz breathed a little harder as her uniform shirt shrank up her torso, constricting her waist into an impossibly thin width that was only possible on a cartoonish caricature. Her hips and thighs were squeezed to the point where they popped out comically from the seams. She adjusted her cameltoe, riding up on her barely there ranger issued booty shorts. The belt cinching ever tighter across her nearly nonexistent and pencil thin waist. From the neck down she was all curves, highlighted by the skin tight rangers top with miles of bouncing cleavage. To her standard issue bright red sparkling hiking heels with the eight inch heel, all the better to traverse the rough terrain with of course. Squeezing into the uniform every morning was a bit of a hassle, as the fabric was impossibly tiny but amazingly stretchy. At least all the other rangers had to endure the same torture.

The odd woman nodded her head silently and smiled, like she saw something she liked. It gave Jazz the willies. She pursed her pouty glossy red lips, and gave a dramatic sigh. Of course everybody liked to ogle the park rangers, it was encouraged by the management even.
Something about public engagement or some PR bullshit. Jazz adjusted her silk white gloves, hoping they weren't too dirty. She always questioned why silk gloves that went all the way up to the elbows were part of a park uniform, but chalked it up to one of the higher ups being a fan of old fifties pinup girls. Sure she had the body of one, as did all the rest of her fellow rangers and jiggled around like some cartoon character. But she could wear normal clothes, despite how they either hung straight off her giant perky breasts like a clothes rack or exploded at the seams from trying to contain her ass.

They came to a midpoint in the hiking trail, “Cummings Point”. A small natural rest area near a stream that trickled down from the overlooking mountains. The sign post pointed in the various

trails with it’s wooden limbs, one delicate arm outstretched pointing to the trail start while it’s left arm signaled the start of the “Advanced trail”. Like most things in the park, there was a definite theme assigned to nearly every bit of the architecture. The trail post was designed to look like a flattened curvaceous woman made entirely out of wood. On it’s torso where the breasts would be were two spherical speakers side by side, large and round. Below it’s speaker breasts embedded in the abdomen was an area map, depicting the surroundings and a comical cartoon depiction of the “cummings” trail post mid orgasm as the “you are here” location. Below where it’s thighs met was a rubber bulge in it’s crotch, a large red button and a microphone. This was installed to help hikers in case they were ever in an emergency, a call box for the trail. Though that didn’t stop the occasional practical joker from pushing the call button on occasions to play jokes. She hated how the static always sounded like a woman moaning, and was always irritated by it when she picked up the radio only for a false report.

Jazz noticed a discarded rangers hat sitting propped up below the sign post, and picked it up in confusion. Noticing the etching in the hat as owned by “Amanda”. Jazz scrunched up her face in confusion, she knew all the rangers in the park. Never once had she met any “Amanda”. The odd woman had her arms crossed behind her, smiling in a disturbing manner at the sign post before moving past her. Jazz shook her head, she’d bring it up to Stella.

Pressing the intercom button elicited a whorish moaning, followed by heavy panting. At least the speaker was still working. She’d need to contact Stella and let her know about all the random litter and clothes she’d found along with the strange trespasser.

“Stella? Come in this is Jazz” She spoke directly into the sign posts’s crotch while holding down the big rubber clit buzzer. Letting go of the button Jazz had to cringe as the loud crackling of the speakers screaming out like a woman in the throes of sex echoed out around them, a few birds got startled in the trees by the sound. Crossing her arms under tits in impatience she waited for a reply, looking at the odd woman behind her to see if she was still there. Noticing that she was making a weird pinching motion while staring down at Jazz’s ass. Pinching her fingers together like she was playing with an invisible cell phone trying to make a picture zoom in on the screen. Jazz ignored her, trying to drown out the sounds of her booty shorts expanding against her growing flesh. Her ass cheeks inflating beyond human proportions inch by inch, her already stressed shorts creaking as threads popped and buttons flew off like bullets.

The shorts below her waist had evaporated as her flesh grew more and more, the only decency save for her red sparkling “Hiking heels”. Jazz reached down, idly scratching at her bared pussy. Her mound and labia swelling in tandem with her growing ass, jiggling down below her thighs like her breasts and ass did.

Growing impatient Jazz smacked the intercom button again, causing the speakers to give a howling scream of climax. “This is Ranger 27810, I encountered a vagrant wandering the woods and am leading them out of the park. If anyone hears this, meet me at the reception area in the east parking lot. There’s a lot of trash out here. We’ll need a crew of cleaners most likely” She spoke angrily, having grown weary with trudging out here so early in the morning to deal with

these issues. Was it so hard to ask to just have a nice day walking around nature, ass and pussy bared to the world as she took in the splendor of nature. Motioning for the Odd woman to move on, she grunted with effort. Hauling her expansive backside uphill was murder on her thick meaty thighs, especially since they rubbed against one another with her plush pussy squished in between.

She sniffed the air, smelling the tell tale maple sweetness of her own dripping cunt. Tentatively reaching a finger down into her gaping cavernous hole and bringing up a long sticky tendril of fresh maple sap. Great, that was just what she needed at this time of day. She’d need to head back to the rangers station to drain her pussy, lest the damn bears and mountain lions catch her scent again.

The odd woman languidly paced ahead of her, looking over her shoulder with a smug grin plastered upon her lips. Jazz tried her best to ignore her. That was another reason she liked this job, being alone in the wilderness helped her get away from all the prying eyes and curious onlookers questioning her about her unique traits.

She could feel her breasts warming up with fresh honey to compete with the deluge of maple sap dripping from between her legs. The two sticky substances build up within her body and put even more strain on her already struggling feet, knowing she’d have to milk her honey-making breasts along with her maple sap cunt as well. Unlike milk however, honey was thick and heavy. It wasn't an easy task to suck out all the amber goo from her nipples, it was a long and laborious process. Thankfully the ministrations as she milked her nipples of fresh honey, was good enough to help her maple sap flow more easily. The hotter her pussy got, the thinner it became as it drained out of her.

Nevertheless she persevered, pushing further up the hill even as she struggled to keep her bulging tits from breaking out of her already too tight ranger's top.

She began to sweat, feeling her stomach rumble and her ass jiggling uncontrollably with a small surge of growth and pained grunt from her part as-


“Ughh…” she groaned, embarrassed about her stupid condition. Looking over her shoulder and blushing profusely, hoping that the odd woman hadn’t noticed as she dumped out a large juicy red apple from her ass. Despite her embarrassment she couldn’t stop the sudden and immediate release of another apple slipping from between her donut-like sphincter. Effortlessly passing through her anus as a new green apple joined it on the ground between her legs. Jazz was always self conscious about her rather strange digestive system, and due to it’s odd nature was always completely bottomless in public just for comfort. Trying to wear pants when you got apples, cherries, strawberries, oranges, bananas, watermelon, and…ugh, she shivered, pine cones and all other manners of tree nuts, fruits and vegetables expelling out of your butt at random intervals was a lesson in futility.

She couldn't tell you how mortified it is to sit down after a long day, only to end up crushing another bundle of bananas or watermelon with her gigantic ass cheeks. She sighed, her face grimacing as a long branch covered in grapes pushed itself from between her ass, pushing it out with effort. She didn’t like reaching down to pull it out, and rather let nature take its course instead. At least it was organic, and left food for the local wildlife.

Jazz reached down and picked up one of the green apples she expelled earlier, dusting it off on her khaki shirt and looked down at it oddly. Contemplating her decision, her stomach rumbled in reaction. Not because she was currently dropping a couple lemons, oranges, and pears from her ass at the moment. But because she forgot to have breakfast this morning, and Green apples were her favorite. She was always a bit squeamish when others ate her fruits, let alone ingest them herself. But…

To hell with it, *crunch!*. She bit into it, breathing heavily in embarrassment. Jazz had to admit, she really did make the juicist produce. She dragged the bitten apple along her bare cunt, making sure to gather a good amount of her maple sap and took another bite. She savored the sweet candied apple, and devoured it to the core. Occasionally dipping it back into her crotch now and then for more of her own delicious maple sap. Idly digging her fingers into her now completely ruined top, heavy with honey to bring a couple mouthfuls of her own honey to her tongue.

Jazz struggled up the path, determined to reach the park entrance and escort the unwanted visitor out. It wasn't an easy task however, given as her butt dragged along the ground behind her even when she was standing. She waddled slowly, every step getting heavier and heavier than the one before it. She blushed leaving a trail of random fruits and tree nuts in the clearing her ass was making, the feeling of her cunt dragging along the forest's coarse ground was always stimulating. But she loved her job and was determined to see it through even if she lacked the slim and toned body type that was typical for a park ranger, that last step produced a loud rip as she crumpled to the ground. She fell back, supported upright on her own inflated ass cheeks. Trying to keep her pussy cleft at mid chest level, it was hard to peer over. The woman that followed her slowly as she rolled and dragged her gargantuan body parts across the forest floor tapped her feet impatiently, Jazz’s voice caught in her throat as her perspective shifted upwards and over the horizon suddenly.

She felt lightheaded and congested all at once, her arms reaching above her head and stretching out longer than she thought was possible. Jazz grew anxious, everything looked tiny all of a sudden. The woman was not barely the size of one of her toes, that were elongating and turning a dark brown and twisting into the ground like crawling vines. She could feel the earth beneath her feet, cool and inviting as they spread further into its depths. A shiver went up her spine, feeling a strange spike of energy traveling from her toes through her core and up to the treetops of her outstretched fingers. Jazz had trouble turning her head as ner neck became stiff, feeling like her natural position was to stare forward and straight ahead. Her breathing stilled, slowed and finally stopped altogether. Heartbeat slowly fading entirely, although replaced with a

hollow echo she could feel reverberate through her head and chest. Cognizant of her changes for once, Jazz's stony expression was etched into her face permanently. Twitches and shudders as muscle and bone was replaced by wood and bark, the creaking and groaning of wood stretching and splintering as she grew to tremendous heights.

Jazz tried her best to wriggle her fingers, only succeeding in shaking the leaves of the branches they had turned into, her frizzy hair turning into a thick lush moss underneath her now massive rangers cap. Her ass billowed out behind her, shaped like huge lumpy “burls” curved and feminine, a hollowed out cavern deep in the crack of her ass stretching through her former bowels. Her pussy grew in front, a carved formation of her own cunt stretched like a gaping passageway massive beyond her own comprehension. The inner walls, dripping with fresh heaps of maple sap. Her entrance was more than twice as tall when she was human, you could practically drive a jeep straight through her. Jazz groaned internally for the last time, feeling her pussy fill out with another fuzzy slope of moss above the top of her mound. The sound of the forest was silence once more, the previous trail she had been walking on now passing straight through her and out of her. The sign carved into her ranger's cap is known as the popular national monument of the “Two bit whore” , the official mascot of “Iwanna Fukya inna butte” National park.

Jazz could only stare straight ahead, directly into the clouds and the cresting treetops. She could see the very curve of the earth on the horizon. Feel the birds perching themselves on her shoulders, the insects crawling along her bark, the bees in their hives in her chest and the earth's soil nourishing her from the roots of her toes. Her expression was locked in a moment of anxiety, however she was far from anxious at all. She was a perverse monument to the natural splendor of the park she loved so much now and forever more.