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New Day, New Us
by Elizabeth8

Riko woke up, feeling a bit fuzzy.

She wasn’t sure when she went to sleep, but apparently, it was on the floor. The hardwood didn’t feel too great against her back, and a headache grinded against her brain. The stale air made its way across Riko’s bare skin, revealing she was naked too, apparently. She tried to rub at her eyes, but couldn’t feel her right arm, either. What the hell happened last night?

No, wait, now she was starting to remember. Her and Chika had gotten a little drunk, and then got back to her room somehow. And then… No, that part blanked out.

And then, she felt… something. An irregular feeling. It was as if she was waking up from being unconscious, even if she was already awake.

“Mmm…” Chika groaned at her side. “Riko?”

Riko tried blinking rapidly to restore herself, but wasn’t able to see any improvement. “Chika… What the hell happened?”

“Uggghhh… I dunno. Am I naked?” “I think I’m naked, too.”

“Mmmmmm,” Chika murmured, before stretching her arms, which caused Riko to feel a slight straining sensation in her arm. Which reminded her…

“Chika… are you laying on my arm?” Chika turned to face Riko. “Uh… no.”

“I can’t feel it. You’re laying on my arm. You made it go numb.”

“Riko, I’m not laying on your arm. Actually…” Riko could feel Chika slightly shuffle around on the floor. “I can’t feel my arm, either.”

“What? Why?”

“I dunno. Are you laying on it?” “No. I’m on the floor.”

“I’m on the floor, too.” “Wait, so…”

“Hang on.” Chika tried to push against the floor to raise herself, and got halfway. Strangely, Riko could feel the open air hit Chika’s exposed back as well, but she wasn’t sure why. In any case, the sight of Chika’s bare body seemed to cover up the right side of Riko’s vision. In other words, if her arm was there, she couldn’t see it. “Uh, Riko?”


“Why do you have two arms?”

“What are you talking about? Everyone has two arms.” “No, you have two left arms.”

“Are you still seeing double?” Riko lifted up her left arm to the sky, only to see two left arms come into her vision. “Ah!”

As if she was trying to knock something away, Riko slapped at the air, her arm - or arms, rather

- slammed the hardwood floor beneath her. She could feel the alien sensation of two of the same palms hitting the floor.

Riko raised her arms once more. Sure enough, they were both there. Two left arms, one that sprang from her shoulder and another directly beneath it. She flexed her fingers on both, just to make sure. Then flexed the fingers on her higher arm. Then the ones on her lower arm. Then all at once. Sure enough, they were all under her complete control.

Then, she raised her lower palm up, and clasped it against her higher hand, putting both of them in a weird lock, before lowering the both of them to her chest.

For a limb she just gained, she felt oddly used to it, she noticed. But then, another question raised itself.

“Chika… where’s my right arm?”

“I… I don’t know.” Chika’s voice indicated she’d gone from hangover-induced stupor to being relatively clearly headed. Riko actually felt pretty similar, but Chika’s tone had a small hint of panic to it. “I don’t know where my left arm is, either. I… I have two right arms, too!”

Riko could see another arm of Chika’s raise from below the one that held her above the ground. With their close proximity, Riko started to feel the beat of Chika’s heart. It was beating fast. “Okay, um, just calm down,” Riko started to lean on her lower left arm to raise herself, “We can figure this out.”

“Riko,” Chika started breathing heavily.

“Maybe this is just a dream. We had too much alcohol, or something. Maybe-” “Riko!”

Before she knew it, the panic had gotten to her, too. “What?” “We’re connected.”

Riko looked down.

She saw her body, of course. But it was off. And not just because it looked a little larger than usual. It was like she was viewing it from a slight angle, shifted to the left a bit. And then she moved her gaze to the right.

She saw the rest of her body, but perched atop her right shoulder, was another neck. When she followed it up, it connected to Chika’s head, who was looking right back at her.

Riko’s and Chika’s heads were on the same body. “Oh,” was all Riko managed.

Now in a sitting down position, Riko let her set of arms drag to the floor. Her mind sort of blanked. As she looked at Chika, she tried to run it back in her mind that she now shared the same body with her.

The same body.

“What do we do now?” Chika asked, in a whispered tone.

That was a good question. What did they do now? Firstly, Riko wanted to panic, but that didn’t really seem like the best idea. And besides, it would probably be a bit rude to Chika. That didn’t leave many other options.

“I don’t really know,” Riko ended up responding. “I guess we should get up.”

“Ok.” Chika reached down to press against the floor, and Riko could feel the hardwood against her palm. So that’s what it was… they shared a body, so they must share sensation.

Riko pressed her left foot down, and their body rose up. Riko twitched. “Wait…”


“Did we just do that?” She asked.

Chika looked around at their shared body, as if she was trying to find something. “Yeah, why?” Strangely, a seed of doubt planted itself in Riko’s mind. She didn’t know what she was doubting, she just… felt it. Like it was a foreign thought from someone else that entered her mind at some point. “It just… felt too simple.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s like…” Riko flexed her hands, showing them off in front of Chika. “These two left arms are mine, right? So… wouldn’t this left leg - our left leg be mine, too?”

“I guess.”

“Then don’t you think it would be a bit harder to coordinate that?”

Chika paused for a second. “Yeah, actually. You’re right. But it kinda feels like-”

“We’re sharing thoughts,” Riko finished. “Do you think… our instincts are being transferred between our brains?”

Chika swallowed. Riko felt that, too. “Maybe. I don’t really know what that means… But I think I get what you’re trying to say. Should we try walking?”

Riko nodded in response, but she didn’t think Chika saw it. She probably didn’t need to, either - as they started walking, Riko moving her foot and Chika hers, they moved absolutely perfectly. Their legs glided across the floor, as easily as one of them doing it by themselves. They got to the end of the room before stopping.

“Where are we even going?” Riko asked. “Uh…”

“Actually… who’s house is this?”

“This… it’s You’s house. I remember now… She was with us last night. She probably drove us to her house.”

Riko took a second to look around the room, something she hadn’t done before now.

Gray walls, a bed, a nightstand next to it, and a set of curtains covering a window. It was pretty plain, and probably wasn’t You’s, if Riko had to guess. “Is this a guest room?”

“I think so.”

“Then… where’s You?”

“I have no idea,” Chika admitted. “Also… why are we naked?”

“Hmm…” Chika thought for a second, before responding, “Do you think we barfed all over our clothes, and You took them off for us?”

“... Well, I’m not sure about that, but-” “Hey, Riko.”


“Is it just me, or are we… bigger?”

Riko looked down. She had felt a slight bit more sizable earlier, but didn't stop to think about it, until now. She groped her left breast and pinched her butt, both at the same time. She noticed they seemed to gain some weight - Their boobs had grown. They were both even bigger than how Chika’s were originally. She jiggled it in her hand. Christ, what was it now, a G cup?

Her lower hand getting a grip on her ass, Riko squished it. Before, her entire hand could cover one of her butt cheeks easily. Now, she had to navigate it around just to get a feel for its size. It almost felt like it protruded straight out from her back. Her hand slid down to feel her upper leg, which surprised Riko with its girth. It almost felt like a pillar. The back of her thigh formed a fine arc, and as Riko went to her quad, she felt a defined muscle tone jutting from the front.

As a matter of fact - Riko pulled her arms back, and managed to snake her upper one across the lower. The entire arm was well-built. Perhaps not chiseled, per se - but the forearm certainly felt a healthy size, and her bicep wasn’t too different.

“No… we’re definitely bigger.” “It’s kinda hot, don’t you think?” “Huh?”

Riko felt another emotion string from Chika. This time, it was something close to lust. “I mean, it’s just, we’re so close, and we share such a hot body,” Chika started to run her hand smoothly down their hip, as if to accentuate her point, “And, whenever I wanted, I could just…” Chika moved her set of hands to her gigantic tit, and started to fondle it slowly. The way she fondled it started to make Riko weak.

“Ah, shit, now you’ve got me horny too.” “Is that also one of our shared emotions?” “I don’t even know anymore.”

Riko’s upper hand made its way over to the base of Chika’s neck, beckoning her to lean it. As Riko turned her head, she was met with Chika’s lips, their body sort of closing in on itself for them to reach. Chika continued to fondle their right tit, but as she did so, her other hand made its way down to their crotch, and eventually to their shared pussy.

Chika began to massage it. Slowly, at first, before her fingers sinked into its crevice.

Their entire body shuddered. Riko couldn’t help bring her lower arm around to grip around their waist, before engaging deeper with Chika’s mouth. As Chika started stroking their pussy, Riko pulled down her teeth into a slight lip bite, the two fingers entering as she did so.

The two of them simultaneously lowered their hips in time with Chika’s fingering. As they reached their pinnacle, it forced the two of them to stop their kiss, both moaning in pleasure. Chika slipped them out, Riko able to feel the sticky juices still on there.

“I didn’t expect that to feel so good…” Chika gasped between her words. “Me neither, jesus…”

“Since we’re connected, do we get double the pleasure?” Riko nodded. “It sure as hell feels that way.”

Breathing deeply, as if recoiling from the brief daze, Chika suddenly stopped. “Wait.” “What?”

“What happened to You?” “Huh?”

“Since we’re connected… What if the same thing happened to You?” “How would it happen?”

“I don’t know. Probably the same way we got connected.”

Riko thought about that for a second. Despite its vagueness, Chika’s assessment carried with it a fair amount of logic. If they became magically connected overnight, who’s to say the same thing - or at least, something similar - couldn’t happen to You? “Yeah, fair enough.”

“Should we look for her?” “We’re still naked.”

“I don’t think that’s our biggest concern.” “Good point.”

Just before the two girls even got to the door, however, a knock came from the other side. “Hey,” A familiar voice called, “Are you guys still in there?”

“You?” Riko and Chika looked at each other. “Uh, yeah…” Riko drifted off, hoping You wasn’t suspect of anything.

“Can you guys… urk… help me with something?”

You’s voice was notably troubled. It was close to the door, and if Riko had to guess, she was probably leaning on it for support. She wasn’t sure what the groaning was about, either, and wasn’t sure if she even wanted to know what she needed their help for.

“Um,” Chika looked at Riko, and lowering her breath, asked, “What should we do?”

Riko glanced at the door once more. “We’re, uh, a little preoccupied…” She called out to You, still unsure of what was going on behind that door.

“No, really,” You’s breath became more and more exasperated. Riko could clearly hear her gasping from over here. “It’s urgent.”

“WE’RE BOTH NAKED!” Chika yelled.

You seemed to groan in pain again. “I don’t care. I’m coming in.” Before Riko could object, the door handle twiddled, and You bursted through, stumbling onto the ground.

“You? What’s-” Riko stopped.

You had also changed. However, instead of another head, she seemed to have gained another body. Behind her legs, extending right out of where her butt would be, emerged a second torso, going down until it reached its corresponding pair of legs. In place of her crotch was simply another patch of skin, connecting the two hulls.

You moaned once again. “Aaaggghhh!” Her body started convulsing. “I can’t take it! Jerk me off!”

“Jerk you off?” Asked Chika.

“Yes!” You rolled over onto her back, her front legs contracting to make room for her cocks. All four of them.

Jiggling around on her second crotch was what looked like an udder, with four long, erect shafts sticking out in different directions from it. No testes, either - all of them were just connected to a rotund, rose-colored sack of flesh. As You groaned again, the cocks stiffened a bit more, causing goops of precum to emerge from all of their tips.

“I can’t take it anymore! Please!”

“That’s-” Riko started, but paused herself. She could feel it from Chika - They needed to help You, together. They lowered themselves down, and Riko brought her two arms to You’s leftmost cocks, Chika did the same with her right.

Their grip caused another spout of precum to spill out. You moaned once more.

Riko started to play with the heads with her two thumbs - rubbing up against them, first a bit slowly, then strengthening her grasp on the cocks, before stroking them both up and down. The jerking caused You’s udder to jiggle a little bit, sloshing around with each stroke.

She started stroking faster. The two dicks she held nearly spasmed with each thrust of her hand. She could feel it - she wasn’t sure if it was an innate sense, a good prediction, or something else, but she could tell You was on the verge of cumming. She pulled the dicks as far as the udder could expand, and You shot out two streams of gooey semen, landing it square on Riko’s half of her body.

Meanwhile, Riko could tell Chika was taking it a bit slower than Riko, surprisingly. Using her hands, Chika rubbed the cocks down from the top, spreading around the precum to use as lube. Then, she pressed her thumbs and pointer fingers together, and hooked it at the base of her shaft. Just the grip by itself caused You to shiver.

Chika then pulled her hands up, causing You to slowly suffer in pleasure. The ascent of her hands caused both of the cocks she held to weaken, as if they were being siphoned of their power. After just a few simple strokes, Chika brought her hands up one last time, and cum fountained from the two cocks she held.

You sighed in relief. Her entire body seemed to relax itself on the floor. Her arms fell to the ground, her legs sprawled themselves out, and her four cocks loosened up, flopping over among themselves. “Ahhhh… You have no idea how much that helps me. I almost thought I was gonna die for a second there.”

“Um…” Chika began, wiping a bit of cum off her face, “You?” “What’s up?”

“How’d you… get like that?”

“I don’t know. I took a few too many sleeping pills last night, and woke up in the bathroom with four legs and four dicks. Next thing I knew, they feel like they’re gonna burst, and I can’t even reach them.”

“Why aren’t you freaking out?” Riko asked.

“Well, I did in the bathroom. Then I realized how hard I was. I think it’s morning wood or something. Anyway, I guess you kind of got all that out of my system, so thanks.”

Riko could sense Chika looking at her, with a tinge of concern resting in her heart. “Do you think she realizes?” Chika whispered over.

“Realize what?” You picked her head up off the ground to glance at Chika, and gasped not a second later. With all four of her legs, she scrambled backwards, her huge body mass squeaking against the hardwood floor. “YOU HAVE TWO HEADS! OR- YOU’RE TWO HEADS CONNECTED TO ONE BODY!” You sputtered with her mouth, trying to pronounce the right words, before yelling, “YOU’RE CONJOINED!”

Riko sighed. “Yeah…” “B-BUT HOW?”

“We don’t know,” Chika interrupted, “But we thought the same thing might have happened to you.”


“We did,” Chika admitted.

Riko continued her thought, saying, “But like you said, it was when we woke up. And… we’re both already kind of used to it. It’s like Chika and I don't really need to talk to each other… We already have a feeling for each other.”

You breathed heavily, before swallowing, and pressing her hand to her heart, as if it was pounding rapidly. “You’re right,” She replied in a hushed tone, “Now that you mention it, it feels like I already knew how to walk with these legs.” Turning her body around - first from her shoulders, then her front pair of legs, and finally her buttocks, You rose from the floor, her second body perpendicular from her first, her four flaccid dicks dangling under it.

“Hey, You,” Chika perked up. “Did you get… buffer?” “Buffer? What do you mean?”

Riko’s head was too in-the-moment to notice it earlier, but now she realized. You had become buffer. Her back had a definite muscular curve to it, which led into two huge shoulder plates, both holding onto some powerful-looking biceps. Going down a bit, her thighs looked humongous. Their bulky build forced them to touch each other, but the fronts showed

lean-looking edges that had a clear separation. Her back legs looked to mirror the front ones too.

Not to mention her washboard abs. A clearly defined six pack rippled across her stomach, each separate plate looking to be as solid as metal. If Riko had to guess, You’s second torso probably had a similar package too.

Although Riko and Chika had also gained a bit of muscle, theirs seemed to weigh on the bulky side, while You was certainly much leaner. Riko wondered if it had something to do with their respective body types - Riko and Chika’s body provided for two people, while You’s dealt with one at peak performance. Hell, You probably had two hearts, for all they knew. Horses were muscular too, right?

Riko paused her train of thought. Were horses an odd point of comparison? They did have four legs, but they only had one torso. You was more like… a centaur, with human features as opposed to horse parts. So… she was bigger and stronger than the average human, and probably needed a lot more food, but Riko doubted she’d be as fast as a horse.

You started to try and get a good look at her body - she flexed her biceps effortlessly, a few veins popping as she did so. Moving her hand to her abdomen, she felt the grooves that just out of it, slowly rubbing it down in an almost erotic fashion. In fact, the way her entire body looked was erotic. Her sturdy build paired with her feminine exterior was more enticing than candy. The way her tits dangled off her huge shoulder muscles was oogling, were they always that big? And those legs, oh, those legs…

“Riko…” Chika muttered. “Yeah?” Riko whispered back. “Are you getting horny?”

Riko stopped. She glanced at Chika, before looking back at You, who was currently trying to turn around to look at her second torso. “Um… no,” Riko replied.

“I’m starting to feel really hot all of the sudden!” Chika’s accusations grew louder in volume, causing You to perk up.

“What are you guys whispering about?” She asked.

Chika glared at Riko. “Um… I think your muscles are really nice,” Riko admitted.

“Yeah,” She replied, flexing once more. “I work out sometimes, but my muscles have never been this big… Wonder what caused that.”

“Could I…” Riko almost cut herself off, but she was in too deep at this point to abandon ship. “Could I touch them?”

You started to blush, but still tried her best to wear a smile. “Uh… yeah. Go ahead.”

Riko walked forward, laser-focused on You’s biceps. She brought her upper arm to her neck area, with her lower grasping at You’s sides. They were so shredded… It was like grabbing onto a moving pile of rocks. Very muscular rocks.

Riko mentally pinched herself. What kind of metaphor was that? She needed to think straight. As she tried to do so, a similar sense came from the other side of her body. Riko glanced over to see Chika also feeling up You’s beefy bod.


“W-well, you got me wanting to feel them, too…”

You started to make a cute moan in between the two. “You?” They asked simultaneously.

“This is kind of embarrassing,” She turned away, trying to avoid their looks. “You made me hard again…”

Riko felt Chika’s grip soften. “Shit, now I’m horny, too…”

“W-well, if it’s not too much trouble…” Riko pushed past her embarrassment and took initiative, slipping open their shared vagina, giving You an invitation.

“Do you… have a preference?” “Huh?”

“Which of my cocks do you want, I mean.” “Uh… It doesn’t really matter.”

“Alright,” You brang her arms around the pair,, before lifting herself up on her hind legs, and resting her front two thighs on their shoulders. You now cast a shadow over the two as they gripped around her for balance. Angling her top left cock up, she slowly slid it forwards, sinking it deep in Riko and Chika.

It felt amazing. Holy shit.

You’s pre-applied precum doubled as lube, which allowed it to glide easily through their hole. Riko was pretty sure that if it wasn’t there, You might not have been able to get it in in the first place. The cock felt plenty broad - not just long enough to pierce through them like a sword through printer paper, but wide enough to skid against their insides while it did so.

It was also warm. Jacking it off, Riko could feel heat emanating from deep within it, but now that it was actually in her, it felt like a fireplace in the winter cold. It enlightened her, emblazoned her, and left her itching for more. Every single thrust was another shock of pleasure. It let loose every single ounce of pain she was holding onto. In fact, Riko nearly lost herself in it, too. The constant stream of rapture forced her to make a constant moan.

Not to mention those feelings were doubled! Every thrust, every slide, and every mind-numbing moment of bliss was being repeated from Chika and right back through to Riko. She didn’t even know feeling this good was possible.

“A-ah!” You wailed from above them. “I think I’m gonna cum!” Riko couldn't even process that. Could this get even better? “Do it!” Chika demanded.

It could.

You’s cum jetted inside them, and the steamy hot sensation flooded their body. From Riko’s two heads to her toes, not a single square inch could be considered aching.

Their legs wobbled as You pulled out.

“Oh my god…” Riko mumbled, as You set her front legs down on the ground, now in a standing position in front of them.

“This body is insane… Chika said, echoing Riko’s thought.

“Are you two… okay?” You asked. She approached them both from the front, trying to gauge their expressions. Which, Riko guessed, was probably impossible, due to them both recoiling from experiencing miniature nirvana.

“Yeah… yeah, I’m just-” Riko stopped herself. Another emotion was springing from Chika. Though this time, not a horny one. It was more… triumphant. The kind of emotion one would get after an intense ‘ah-ha!’ moment. “Chika?”

Chika only stared at her upper hand. “I knew it.”

“Knew what?” You asked.

Chika stuck her hand out. “Look at my hand,” She said. “Uh, it’s- Did you always have six fingers?”

Riko looked over. “Huh?”

No, You wasn’t kidding. On her upper hand that Chika splayed out, she had six fingers, as if one had spawned in between her pinky and her ring finger.

“No. At least, I didn’t think so,” Continued Chika, “I only noticed it after I wiped some of your cum off of my face. A little bit of it stayed on my finger after I did that. I thought, ‘maybe this body always had six fingers,’ but Riko didn’t have any more than five. So then I had a theory.

Maybe… maybe your cum could give someone more body parts.” You raised her eyebrow. “You had a theory?”

“Look.” Chika brought her lower hand down to meet their crotch. Spreading their legs a little, the sight became clear to see.

Riko and Chika had two vaginas.

They were both off center - one was slightly shifted left, and one shifted right, with a patch of skin in between. But they both looked identical.

“What the fuck?” Said You.

“What the fuck!?” Copied Riko, who moved her lower hand down to their crotch as well. Spreading the pussy on the left wide open, Riko used the fingers on her other hand to slip a finger in. It felt the same as her normal pussy - although stickier and wetter than usual, of course.

“Ah~” Chika moaned from the unexpected motion.

Ignoring her other half, Riko screamed, “What are we gonna do about this?!” “Do… Do you think it works on me, too?” You asked timidly.

Before Riko had time to think, Chika dropped them both to the floor, and scooped up a wad of cum. “Let’s find out!” Chika then slapped You across the chest, causing cum to spread all over her titties. Suddenly, her chest seemed to glow, absorbing the cum, and causing a whole new pair of tits to droop out from beneath the first two.

You gasped. “Holy shit…”

You now had four tits. They all looked equal in size, sort of like how Riko and Chika’s vaginas were. She brought her arms beneath them, jiggled them around, and sized them up from under, causing them to bounce. Letting go, they dangled loosely off You’s chest.

Riko was dumbfounded, while Chika was busy smiling like a maniac. Riko could feel the deviousness emit from her. “Imagine the possibilities…” She stated wistfully.

“What should we do next?!” You jumped excitedly. “Maybe… more arms!”

“Oooh, yes!” Replied Chika, before You leaped up to their shared shoulders. Chika began jacking off You’s two leftmost cocks, shaking the udder rapidly. Riko could feel You shuddering at the sheer speed of Chika’s stroke game, her cock udder sloshing around violently. A splash of cum squirted at their conjoined body. Chika spooned it up with her two hands, reached up, and creamed You’s arms with puddles of her own semen.

“It’s so warm!” You moaned.

“Riko, aren’t you going to get in on this?” Chika called out suddenly, looking at her. Riko mumbled incoherently in response. “Come on, don’t you want more arms or something?” “I-,” Was all Riko managed to get out before feeling a small tingle at her thighs.

“Oops, I got a little on our leg.”

Their body quickly shifted its state of balance, as a third leg popped out next to the other ones. It planted itself firmly on the ground beneath them, Riko being able to feel it all - The floor underneath it, the air against its fresh skin, its use carrying the two girls, what have you.

“What was that?” You asked. “Just a third leg,” Chika replied.

“Oh, that’s- oh!” You was interrupted with a small bout of inactivity, as a whole new set of arms appeared under her first two. Riko saw her hold them both in the air. Both pairs hovered tentatively parallel to each other, before you brought her first set down to feel the second. She patted them down, her hands gliding across their skin, shuddering at the feeling. She let her new arms fall at her sides, dangling from what seemed to be their own set of shoulders. Then, she raised them once more, looking at her new hands as she did so. Flexing them, they clearly had some muscle - about as much as the original ones. “They’re really here…”

Chika looked up, still gripping around You’s waist. “How does it feel?”

“It’s amazing! This… It's absolutely awesome!” You brought all of her arms to her tits, now having one for each. She cupped her nipples. They seemed to be more sensitive than ever… Just mere caressing forced a squeal out of her. Then, she started rubbing them up. The wind in her slowly fell out of her breath as she moaned. Chika had to hold onto You’s waist even harder, because her hind legs started to wobble.

“Ack-” Riko and Chika started to crumble under You’s roughness. Chika spoke up, “I’m letting you down,” But You didn’t seem to hear over her mind-numbing self-fondle.

Riko and Chika had to adjust their stance to let You down - which was much easier to do with three legs, apparently - and as they did so, You’s knees gave way, her sizable body stumbling to the ground.

Chika only looked at her in disbelief. A girl with four arms, pleasuring herself by groping her own four boobs. It was quite the sight. She turned to Riko to gauge her reaction, but Riko seemed to be laser-focused on something.

“Riko?” She asked. “You haven’t really said anything for a little bit…”

As those words left Chika’s mouth, Riko’s tongue escaped to lick around her lips seductively. Their somewhat-shared mind took a while to catch up, but before Chika knew it, they had bounded on the ground, now leaning over in front of You’s cock udder, using both of their bottom hands for support.

“I want to try something out~” Riko said, before lapping up a drip of cum that had seeped from the top of You’s leftmost cock. She then stroked up the one beneath it, causing You to squirm, and another shot of cum to jet out from it, which Riko quickly grabbed, and slapped across You’s face.

“Riko?!” “What are you-”

You’s voice seemed to come out from two separate places now. As a matter of fact, it had. You’s head split into another, identical head, claiming a place right next to the other, on top of You’s shoulders. If anything, the hair on top was slightly different - instead of a curly, washed-out beige, it was straighter, and a bit lighter in color.

“Wait, do I-” “Have two heads?!”

The two heads held the same voice from both ends. Both of which were You’s voice, and both of which seemed to finish each other’s sentences.

Riko brought her hands to You’s right head - the one on Riko’s left - and brought her face right up to it. “You’re all mine~”

Bringing her lips right up close to it, they pressed together, Riko wasting no time in sleuthing her tongue in. That is to say, both of her tongues. They seemed to have multiplied. You had no choice but to submit to Riko’s firm greediness. Riko’s tongues caught a firm grip on You’s, sandwiching it in a slimy mess of pleasure.

“Ahh, Riko…” You’s other head moaned.

Riko didn’t let up, however. She kept pressing her head forward, bouquet of tongues in tow, locking herself to You by way of mouth. Even if she tried to retract her tongue, You couldn’t. Riko had them practically locked together. Riko felt an arm- No, four arms slide alongside her and Chika’s back. They were all of You’s. Four separate hands searched for a place to grasp, eventually settling to sprawl themselves out across its entirety, as You pressed them towards her. Their bodies pinned against each other, a palpable heat forming in between them.

This brought Chika closer to You’s head. Specifically, her new head. It looked exactly like You, down to every matching pore, and right now, it looked desperate. Yearning. Begging.

Chika closed her eyes and brought her lips down to meet You’s. You reciprocated the kiss, letting herself be swallowed in Chika’s slower, more gentle smooch.

Chika let her tongue slip out slightly, reaching down onto You’s lower lip, before licking it and pulling it into a soft bite. You let Chika sneak deeper into her maw, their tongues meeting together softly. She felt it snake deeper within. Soon enough, both of You’s mouths were blocked off completely, leaving her completely pinned.

Both having the same idea at once, Chika and Riko slowly took the two-headed You, and leaned her back over her front, shifting her upward and getting her in sit-up position. Slogging backwards themselves, You’s hands still on their back, they made their way to You’s udder.

Using their outer two legs, with their middle curled to the right so as to not clash with You, they lowered their pussies down onto You, one cock slipping into one vagina each.

Balancing herself with her front pair of legs, You bucked her hips, and flattened her two lowest feet onto the ground. Then, she pressed against the ground, and pumped.


Riko and Chika both lost their grip on You immediately. The sudden drive of four dicks up four separate pussies shocked them out of their minds. Chika resorted to letting her breath fall out of her throat weakly, while Riko’s two tongues hung out of her mouth, causing her to pant like a dog.

You pumped again.

The two conjoined girls jolted like a shock had been sent through their body. Their hands fell loosely to the floor, and even their legs seemed to turn weak. Both heads spilled drool from their mouths.

You pumped once more.

They couldn’t handle it. They screamed in a fit of absolute pleasure. You had to keep her grip on them to prevent them from keeling over backwards.

And now, finally, You felt it. A flame had been lit in her, a red hot one that put her on the tip of bursting. Her entire body felt stiff compared to the warm inner workings of Riko and Chika’s shared cunts. She bucked her hips one last time, and drove her cocks forwards, causing cum to erupt out from all of them.

Riko and Chika lost their collective minds. Their limbs juddered from the piercing stream, sending them into an absolute frenzy of pleasure. Riko started foaming at the mouth. Chika’s eyes rolled back into her head. For a second, they saw white.

And then it was over.

Their heads slumped over, and they regained consciousness as You brought her cocks out from inside the two of them.

“Haaaah…” Chika groaned.

Riko tried to nod, but it looked more like a weak head raise. “That was really something…” She managed to say.

“Are you guys-” “Okay?” You’s two heads still seemed like they talked together on instinct, forming complete sentences from both sources. At least, It wasn’t as weird as Riko thought it might sound.

“Yeah…” Chika replied. “Just a little… zonked out…” Riko and Chika fell backwards, passing out right on the floor.


As it turns out, a meteor from some far-off planet had set to crash into the earth the night before, and would have destroyed it, if it wasn’t for a satellite that coincidentally collided into it just seconds before the fact. This ended up slowing its course, and it fell into the pacific ocean, with a chunk of it cut out, exposing a new, chemically advanced mineral out from inside of it.

Neither Riko, Chika, nor You knew this at the time, however. Riko and Chika had decided to go out drinking, and in fact, got very drunk, before deciding they wanted to check out You’s house that she just recently bought. You drove them down, and revealed a stash of drinks she bought recently, deciding now was a good night to spend drinking it up like madmen. Riko and Chika, already having been dangerously drunk, agreed that drinking any more would absolutely kill them in the morning, and of course, ended up drinking more. In a drunken stupor, they made their way to the guest room for some hot, dubiously-consensual sex, and got all the way to taking their clothes off before completely blacking out on the floor.

You, meanwhile, determined somewhat early on that she was having a little too much, and opted instead to sleep. Luckily, she had a bottle of sleeping pills in her cabinet to help her do so. Downing more than what was recommended on the package label, You fell asleep on the couch, because her room was still a work in progress.

Overnight, the aforementioned meteor landed in the pacific ocean. In fact, it was very close to the country of Japan, causing the new mineral it held to be exposed right in front of said country. Now, this wasn’t just any mineral. This mineral held specific properties that caused mutations in certain animals. Namely, humans. But these mutations weren’t typical mutations, such as cancer. No, these mutations edited the DNA of animals to rapidly sprout new and odd features. Features such as additional limbs, and in certain cases, combining of bodies.

Riko and Chika, of course, were one of these certain cases. Their bodies mutated into one overnight, and had they not passed out, they would have felt their bodily functions combine into one, creating the first post-birth conjoined twins.

You was something of a different case. As a result of some medication she had been taking, her testosterone levels were higher than normal. The meteor caused this to absolutely spike, however, causing You to mutate not only a multitude of cocks, but DNA-altering semen, with a pouch containing it that resembled a cow’s udder.

At least, that’s how Riko understood it. True, she wasn’t super clear on how it went down - she was very hungover at the time, after all - but her and her bodymate, Chika, were prime candidates for study of the incident, along with You. Another person with two heads, but this time, they seemed to be completely linked, as if it was one person with two brains, instead of two heads on one body.

Doctors, scientists, the most advanced chemists couldn’t really understand it - and a chunk of southwestern Japan had been quarantined to avoid continuation of the issue - but frankly, Riko didn’t care. She didn’t care about any of that. Her, Chika, and You had started spending much more time together, and though it wasn’t exactly by choice, Riko found herself enjoying it a lot. As a matter of fact, Riko would go far enough to say the three of them were dating! So, Riko didn’t really care about the meteor, or the mineral, or the scientists. What Riko cared more about was the answer to the question, ‘Is it really polyamory if two out of the three people are connected at the neck?’