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Warning: There are scenes containing scat and waterworks. Do not read if you find poop and urine intolerable. You have been warned.

A story series from way back in the days of Yahoo groups.

I personally never cared for Max Von Crucial, but it is one of the earliest bodymod works of literature and served as an inspiration for many.

Book 1 (by JanetPlanet):

Book 2 (mostly by Pillas and Bobboled):

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The Mad Magician: The Cruel Max Von Crucial
Book 1

Episode 1
The 5:00 show

Jim and I been comped tickets to a magic act off the strip. Generally, we tried to stay in familiar territory among the main casino hotels but being Monday, most shows were dark and this was about the only thing sounding interesting…and besides it was our anniversary and they were free.

6 years, man it goes fast. It seems like yesterday we were standing in that church saying our vows. 6 years later, here we are, trying to rekindle the spark that started it all where it all started.

The doors opened and we all started taking our seats. The arena was small and intimate, we chose not to sit too close to the stage, but still were able to get good seats.

The lights dimmed and out came a woman who must be one of the magician’s assistants. She was dressed in a black mini with red knee high boots and a short jacket with sequins. Her hair looked red, but it could be the effect of the stage lighting.

Momentarily, some music begins to play and in a blinding flash and smoke, what looks to be the magician appears on stage. Pretty impressive entry, for what appears to be a very low budget show.

He introduces himself as Max Von Crucial, and he is here to amaze us. Yada yada I think and I start wondering if we are wasting our time.

He starts the show with a few slight of hand tricks but what is impressive is the preparation he must have put into this performance because his attention is always on the audience. Several times he made direct eye contact with me and I could tell he spent a lot of time focusing his attention on other members of the audience as well.

Later in the show, came the cliché where he asks for volunteers from the audience. Not surprising, only a few people actually raised their hands and out of that few, only a couple were selected. He then started hand picking some of us from the audience, and I was not surprised that he walked our table and extended his hand. I looked at my husband and he nodded approvingly and encouraged me to go on stage.

On stage there were now, 4 of us, 2 women, and 2 men. He lined us up and started in with a hypnotic rhyme that immediately calmed my nerves because I had stage fright. To my left was a red headed woman I recognized from our hotel and next to her was her male friend. She did not

have a ring on so I assume there were not married. To my right was a younger man who was clearly intoxicated.

Von Crucial then walked behind us and stood behind the young man to my left. I couldn’t see what he was doing but suddenly there was a flash and the smell of ozone in the air. I then heard the crowd clap loudly but for some reason I could not move, not even to turn my head. It was a very anxious feeling and I started breathing heavily as to not black out from anxiety. In through mouth, out through the nose I thought to myself just go with it, what could happen? It’s only a show, or so I thought.

I heard Von Crucial walk behind me and stop. The next feeling I had was of the air conditioned room air against my naked body because somehow, that scoundrel had removed my clothing. The PA system in the meantime had begun that rhythmic lullaby that seemed to have earlier calmed my fears. It must have worked on the audience as well because my husband did not seem bothered that his wife was standing stark naked on a public stage. The soothing lullaby continued.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity while Von Crucial went off stage. From my peripheral vision, I could see him talking to someone and based upon the gesturing that was going on, there seemed to be some disagreement.

In through mouth, out through the nose I continued to think as my legs began to grow tired from standing in one position for so long until I saw the two figures shake hands and Von Crucial came back on stage, stopping behind the red headed girl standing next to me. Again I saw a flash of white light and smelled the now familiar smell of ozone. What I saw next was incredible. Because of how we were lined up, I had a better view of what was going on to my right to my left and what I saw both amazed and frightened me. After the flash, the red headed girl, changed right before my eyes. Her head seemed to collapse into itself, deflating like a pink balloon with the red locks of hair slipping off and falling to the floor like a wig. Her head continued to deflate until it laid there upon her neck and slopped over onto her left shoulder. In the folds of the balloon head I could see one of her eyes frantically looking for help.

Von Crucial then grabbed the tip of the deflated head and pulled it upright, stretching it until it resembled an empty pink hot water bottle, complete with a eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth. Von Crucial stepped in front of her and placing his mouth over hers, he began to blow, which started the balloon head to inflate, well, like a balloon. He stopped when it reached the size of a standard basketball. He then pinched the lips shut and grabbing her by the nose, he and eventually tied her lips and nose into a knot thus keeping the balloon head inflated. flicked it with his middle finger and it sounded just like a rubber balloon and if it weren’t attached to a girl’s body and the two blinking eyes frantically darting about, you would think it was a clever ch1ld’s toy.

Suddenly, the girl was levitated and he positioned her so she was facing up. His stage assistant then pointed some kind of remote control at her and she started to shrink, until she was no more than about 18 inches in length. She then grabbed the girl out of the air and walked off stage with her.

All the while the audience sat there, guffawing and applauding as if this were the best show they had ever seen. Something about the music must be hypnotizing them because the illusion they think they are seeing I think is all too real.

Episode 2

Von Crucial then set his sites on the young male friend of the former redhead turned balloon head. He picked up the red hair that had been his girlfriends and placed it on her friends head. It seemed to fuse with his scalp, replacing his former black short hair with her luxurious set of read ringlets. The audience applauded and the applause continued as Von Crucial raised his right hand and light emitted from his palm and surrounded the man. Engulfed in the light, I could see his body start to ripple and shimmer as strange changes began to take hold of his body. First, his arms started to shrink and were drawn into his shoulders where they were now completely smooth. His chest was stripped of all of its hair and the small, undeveloped man nipples started to move outward and upward toward the smooth skin where his arms used to be. The nipples migrated and stopped dead center on the empty arm sockets. Von Crucial then raised his left arm and a pink light emitted from his palm and surrounded the young man. Suddenly, from the empty arm sockets two swellings started to develop beneath the small nipples. It was breasts, somehow Von Crucial was making two teardrop shaped female breasts with small male nipples grow in place of the young man's arms. If I wasn’t seeing it was wouldn’t believe it. Perhaps it’s all a hallucination?

After the two breasts grew to about a C cup, the swelling stopped. He then levitated the young man, and laying him horizontally, the assistant again zapped him with the remote control and shrunk him as she shrunk his girlfriend. She stopped when he was nearly 12 inches in length and placing him on a small gurney wheeled him off stage. I caught a look at his face and it was contorted, he was in obvious pain but no sound came from his silent lips even though I could tell if he could, he would be screaming his lungs out.

Was I next I wondered? I felt him walk behind me but I was relieved when he continued passed and stopped behind the man standing next to me on my right. I could not see too much of what was going on because he was actually too far behind me for my peripheral vision to catch what was going on so I stood there, nervous, scared and very uncertain was what was happening and what may happen. Was this all real? Or is it just an illusion. I caught the gaze of my husband as he too sat there. Judging by the expression on his face he was either drunk or had been slipped a drug of some sort. Heck, all of the audience I could see had the same, dumb, expression of a mixture of ecstasy and intoxication. Whatever was happening was not going to be stopped, not by anyone in that audience.

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden movement to my right. I glanced down to see the man next to me had been transformed. In horror I tried to process exactly what I was seeing because from what I could tell is that the man from the waist down was now sporting two large breasts the size of bean bags, complete with huge nipples where what should have been, feet? His penis and testicles were nestled in a patch of black pubic hair in his cleavage. The effect was that he was essentially balancing on the two large breasts, but not to well as he wobbled back and forth like a perverted blowup punching bag.

The assistant came out and did her duty but this time only shrinking the poor guy down to about 4 feet tall. She wheeled him off the stage on a utility cart. I saw his face wince in pain as one of his foot/nipples became caught in the wheels.

My god, I’m next I thought. I braced myself as he stopped behind me. In through the mouth, out through the nose I thought as I tried in vain to run, to save myself. I looked out at my husband, and pleaded with him with my eyes to do something. He just gave me a thumbs up sign and applauded. Oh God, help me I screamed mentally.

Suddenly a flash of red light engulfed me and when it cleared I had a tingly feeling on my face, just below my nose. I wanted to scratch it but I was totally paralyzed and could only suffer in silence. I could also feel the tingly feeling in my butt crack. What the heck happened to me I wondered, and as soon as it had started it stopped. I saw the assistant come to my side and point the remote device at me. Here it goes, I thought, what next, where are we going? Are we all restored off stage?

Without warning, there was a burst of noise and confusion as men in uniforms stormed the stage. screamed for everyone to get down and you know I would have it I could have!

The PA system was disabled and with the lights now on, the audience started coming out of their trances. They looked around disoriented, some looked at their watches.

I too suddenly found myself able to move. I heard gunshots followed by a brilliant flash of light and then silence.

A man, white in his mid to upper 40’s stepped into my field of view and asked if I could hear him and if I could move. I started to answer but was stopped when he yelled at another person in uniform to come and take me somewhere off stage.

I was wrapped in a blanket and we moved to stage left and found a couch to sit on. Sitting down is when I started to get the feeling that something was wrong, very wrong. First of all, I was still concentrating on breathing in through the mouth and out through the nose. When I sat down, I noticed that breathing through my mouth had become difficult, almost like someone had placed

a heavy cloth over my mouth. I reached up to move whatever was blocking my breathing and

….I heard muffled voices asking is she ok? I recognized one of them as my husband but I couldn’t recognize any of the others.

She’ll have to lie on her side for the time being, we’re just not sure to what extent the transformation has affected her respiration. We don’t want to run the risk of suffocation.

Suffocation? I wondered as I slowly opened my eyes. They fluttered open and I could tell I was lying on my side on the couch. On the couch, Oh my God I thought as it all started coming back. Something was wrapped around my face, I reached up to feel what seemed like a handkerchief tied around my neck and pulled up over my cheeks.

In through the mouth, out through the nose I repeated mentally but stopped when I realized that if I had a handkerchief over my mouth then why couldn’t I feel it on my lips? I stuck out my tongue and felt nothing, which confused me because I could feel the cloth against my cheeks. I licked my lips and immediately pulled my tongue back because beyond my lips, my tongue contacted more skin and…stubble? That doesn’t make sense, I was almost as if my cheeks were being squashed together and what was up with the stubble? I don’t have a facial hair problem. So I tried it again but this time I opened my mouth wide, or as wide as I could but found difficult and hard to part my lips much further than partway because of some sort of pressure being applied to my top and bottom lips. Sticking my tongue out as far as I could I let out a yelp as someone or something was touching my butt. I jumped up and in the process bit my tongue and bit it hard. I reached up to instinctively to cover my mouth and was surprised again when I felt someone touch my butt hole. I jerked my arm around to swat the offending jerk away and felt nothing. I spun around and saw no one, no one that is except for my husband and the man in the nice suit looking at me with concern.

Episode 3

What is going on I yelled…well tried to. I heard my voice but I wasn’t in my head. It was muffled, and my mouth didn’t seem to work right. I tried again, same result. The sound was coming from behind me. I couldn’t hear myself in my ears, the reverberations in my sinus, the vibration in my throat was simply not there but I noticed this time that I felt something in my butt crack. I tried again, what is going on??? My mouth felt fat, like my face had exploded. In through the mouth, out through the nose I reminded myself.

My husband was by my side now. He looked at me, he looked sad. We made eye contact, he looked away. What? I asked, what happened?

The man in the suit said we need to talk. I started to sit down and he stopped me. I think it’s better if we stand, he said.

I don’t know of any other way to say this but you have been assaulted and the suspects got away.

Assaulted? I asked, being more forceful, a task that caused unnerving feelings starting from my lower abdomen extending down and centering just below my sex.

He held up a mirror and I looked at my reflection. I looked the same, save for the red bandana covering my mouth. I reached up and jerked it down and stared. Dumbfounded, I looked at my reflection. My eyes were the same, as was my nose and cheeks. What I was failing to comprehend was centered between my nose and my chin was an anus. My anus. It was pink and puckered and healthy and on my face. Holy crap, on my face, my anus is on my face! It moved, it relaxed and puckered as I clenched and unclenched. I suddenly beginning to realize why my voice was so wrong and, oh my god, my mouth, my mouth is in my butt crack. I got woosey and sat down on the couch.

In through the mouth ...I tried to repeat but sitting on the couch I felt the rough fabric of the blanket wrapped around me press against my lips so I jumped right back up again, biting my tongue again in the process.

Miss, we need to have you see one of our specialists. We need to know to what lengths the transformation has gone so please come with me.

You will have to stay here, he said to my husband and we walked off.

Putting another blanket over my head, we walked outside. In walking I could feel my butt cheeks rub against my lips ...left…right…left ...right. Oh god I’m going insane I thought. Walking also made breathing difficult because as my thighs rubbed together, my lips would be forced closed so I tried as much as possible to breathe through my nose.

We were outside, I could tell because we left the air conditioned sanctuary of the concert hall but we stopped outside and heard him knock on a door.

Here she is he said, take care of her. She’s one valuable witness.

I was led up some stairs, the floor felt unstable so I believe I was in an RV and it was confirmed when a voice said I could remove my head cover now.

It’s ok, I’m a doctor, the male voice said.

I slowly pulled the towel from my head and looked down at my feet.

Here he said, handing me a surgical mask. You can wear this, and then no one will ever know.

I placed the mask over my nose and pulled the elastic over my head and looked up. The doctor was young but not too young. I was going to be damned if Doodie Houser was going to give me an examination in my humiliated state.

Come, sit here on the examination table. He said pointing to a standard examination table.

I sat down on the table and he said he needs to do a pelvic exam and motioned to the two stirrups on either side of the table. Great, all this and a gyno exam I thought.

It was actually nice to be in the stirrups because for the first time since the show, my mouth wasn’t feeling it was as being squished between my butt cheeks. I was not going to spend the rest of my life in stirrups however.

The doctor started by asking me questions. I told him how old I was and that we were at the show and I don’t recall much else except I ended up like this and pointed to my face.

I think he was surprised at how well I could speak. I felt him touch the area around my lips and he said it looks as if most of the facial muscles that control the mouth were transferred down there as well.

Say Ah he said. I opened my mouth and I felt him prod around in there with a tongue depressor. All your teeth are ok, your tongue seems healthy and over oral… health appears excellent.

He did a pelvic exam and proclaimed that my gynecological health was also normal but without x rays he couldn’t be totally sure about any other issues other than my physical alterations.

Do you want to see? He asked and grabbed a mirror. I shrugged and nodded and he placed a mirror down between my legs and I said up slightly. It had been years since had even looked at my vagina in a mirror, but it looked normal. It’s outer lips ringed with dark blonde pubic hair and down further past the peritoneum the corner of my mouth began with it’s lipstick covered lips. It was sideways, meaning my mouth ran vertical with my butt crack which explains the smooshed feeling I was having. I opened my mouth, and sure enough if it had been on my face it would look normal but looking at it now it was strange and wrong. I stuck my tongue out and licked my lips. Wow is all I could say and as I watched my lips mouth the word wow, I felt like laughing and crying. What am I going to do? How am I going to eat? Is this my existence for the rest of my life? I stuck my tongue out further, it felt normal. I ran it around my mouth and felt the stubble of my inner thigh and tiny hairs that were in my butt crack. I’m going to need a wax job I thought as it all became too much to handle.

I need to examine your face the doctor said, interrupting my moment. I reluctantly let him pull the mask from my face. I tried to look away, ashamed at what I must look like. I closed my eyes as he touched the area surrounding my anus. I felt his gloved hand probing my cheeks and chin.

Just relax he said right before he slipped a lubricated finger into my anus. The sensations were bizarre. I could feel his finger in the butt hole, probing but I could also feel the rest of his hand on my chin and nose. Other sensations were hitting me as well. When he inserted his finger I could hear the slurping sound as his lubricated finger slid into my anus. I could smell the latex of his glove mixing with the subtle odor of KY jelly. I wanted to vomit. I felt and heard his finger slide out of my anus. I instinctively clenched my butthole, marveling at the new sensations I had in my face as my cheeks were sucked in, almost like I was puckering up to kiss someone.

Here you go, as he handed me a handy wipe to remove the excess lubricant. For the moment I had been breathing through my mouth but I slipped and took a whiff, which was a big mistake.

The mixed odor of latex, KY and feces wafted into my nose and my stomach rebelled.

The Doctor, sensing I was going to vomit placed a garbage can between my legs, just in time.

Blahhhhhhhh the first wave hit, and I tasted lunch as it passed out my mouth and into the can. I took a breath and heaved again, this time straining.

the second wave emerged but this time my mouth was slightly closed so some of it sprayed against my inner thigh.

I strained again, a dry heave, which produced something I was not nor could not be ready for. Out of my anus came an explosion of gas and particulate made up of poop and residual KY jelly. Oh God, I saw it, I heard it, I felt it, I saw it and I smelt it. I farted and it was right under my nose.

I heaved again. Oh God I screamed aloud why me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 4

Agent Jon James had thought he had seen it all. After 12 years as a beat cop in one of the nation’s most violent cities, he had grown accustomed to murder, [censored] and other depravities, that is until about 5 years ago working a missing person’s case he stumbled across the works of Max Von Crucial.

A young woman, 28 and her boyfriend had hired Von Crucial out of the yellow pages to perform for a mutual friend at a birthday celebration. Nobody knows what happened to the other 12 guests at the party, their cases are still open, open but cold. The young man and woman, however, had managed to hide in a closet during the show.

We took their statements and initially, had considered them to be suspects. It was all too far fetched but they both had the same story, with too much detail to be have been contrived. Either these two were the world’s best liars, or they were telling the truth. They both we able to describe detail by detail how the guest of honor, a young woman named Debbie Fields had been hypnotized and then essentially dismantled during the magic act. They described in detail how instead of reconstructing the girl and ending the illusion, Von Crucial mixed her parts in ways that were impossible. Her hands and feet were switched, as was her hips replaced facing the wrong way, so that her buttocks faced forward along with her upper torso. They explained in detail how the assistant shot the girl with a beam of light and saw her shrink to the size of a small ch1ld’s doll and then put into a glass container and taken to another room. When they suspected something was very wrong with the show, the young man called 911 but when the police arrived, Von Crucial and his assistant used the beam of light to shrink the remaining people at the party to the size of dolls and herded them into crates. Peering through a crack in the door, the young man saw how they then sealed the crates and slipped through a large white disk, stopping only to make eye contact with the young man and winking.

We took the two into custody and after testimony by two officers who had arrived to see the suspect and his assistant disappear into the white disk we no longer suspected them, but we did place them into protective custody while we started re-examining some cold missing persons cases going back 5 years.

John and Cindy were a cute couple, we set them up with new ids and got them into one of our safe houses were in one of the better neighborhoods. The good news was they could id Von Crucial, the bad news, it turns out Von Crucial does not like to leave loose ends.

We had to go to the tape to get the full story of what happened and the sad and improbable ending.

After two months of being in the program, John felt confident that the monster had moved on and he and Cindy were safe, or as safe as they could be. They had new identities now, he now

goes by the name of James and Cindy, now goes by Sherry and oh yeah, they’re married now. John smiled as he thought about how this bizarre chain of events had resulted in their marriage. But still, he couldn’t get that cold icy stare out of his mind.

One day after returning from the gym, John heard a sound and felt a cool chill in the air of their suburban ranch home. Spinning, he came fact to face to the man who had been haunting his nightmares for the past two months. Von Crucial smiled as he pointed at John which surprisingly made him feel suddenly at ease.

“You didn’t think you would get away did you?"

John was frozen. He felt no fear but was fully aware of what was happening.

Suddenly, Cindy came the room from the garage with an armload of groceries.

Von Crucial pointed a finger at her and the groceries fell to the ground, an orange rolled across the floor and stopped at Von Crucial’s feet.

“Come, stand by your beloved” Von Crucial said.

Cindy obeyed, and stood at his side facing Von Crucial.

“You two have caused me some frustration,” he said. “This young detective you are working with, he is let’s say causing me some financial troubles.”

Cindy, like John felt no fear but being fully conscious of the situation had a growing sense of concern.

“Sorry if I’m not much for chit chat, but in my business, time is money” Von Crucial said. “What am I going to do with you two? Your friends brought me a pretty penny and you do come from the same lot, albeit a few weeks delayed.”

“The problem I have is because of the delay I had one order canceled so, for one of you, this is your lucky day or as lucky as it can get anyway!” and he laughed.

Cindy was trying to understand what he was talking about. It was almost as if he considered them to be a commodity, was the whole story behind this some sort of human trafficking scam?

“Sort of” Von Crucial said.

Cindy looked surprised.

“What you didn’t think I could read minds too?” Von Crucial said and laughed again.

“Enough of the niceties” he said, his mood changing.

He pointed at John and John felt his clothes disappear, the cool air conditioned air hitting his bare chest and backside.

Von Crucial then pointed at Cindy and she too felt her clothes disappear. He stood there for a moment and then began a soft chant. John felt his face go numb and momentarily he had feeling of vertigo as his point of view shifted slightly. He felt the same numb feeling in his groin as he felt without pain the sense of skin being pulled and stretched.

Pausing, Von Crucial then focused on Cindy. She too felt her face go numb but not before she felt a tingling in her mouth and the same numbness in her crotch and groin. Von Crucial stopped his soft chanting and smiling he commanded the two to turn and face each other.

Episode 5

Von Crucial stopped his soft chanting and smiling he commanded the two to turn and face each other.

“like I said, I think for either of you this as lucky as you can get.” He said and started laughing louder.

Cindy felt whatever invisible bonds loosen somewhat as she looked at her husband. She was horrified to see that his face had been altered. His nose and eyes had been shifted up on his face slightly and there was now what looked like an anus just below his nose. Equally as impossible there was now a vagina, with its plump outer lips pulsing in and out as John appeared to struggle to breath. Below the vagina was blonde pubic hair on his chin, neatly trimmed into an inverted V, and if it were not for the altered anatomy on his face it would appear to be a regular goatee. Cindy tried to scream as she looked closer to the area just under his chin at what looked to be a tattoo on the pale, smooth skin just below where the pubic hair ended just above his Adam’s apple. She looked again, and again she was shocked to recognize the quarter dollar sized tattoo, it was of a red heart and it had Cindy Lou written below it. She screamed a garbled scream as she realized it was her vagina, right down to the blonde pubic hair and tattoo she got when she was 16 on her boyfriends face. She screamed again when she also realized that if it was her vagina it was also probable that her anus was also on his face.

She tried to find words to protest but in doing so, she found it was hard to talk. It was as if her tongue was swollen and it was hard to control. She opened her mouth to speak and was again horrified to feel what protruded out from her lips as she closed her mouth around what should have been her tongue. She quickly pulled it back into her mouth and as it slid in between her lips she noticed how it felt as it did so. It was almost as if the tip was swollen, but it was also very sensitive a feeling that was somehow familiar but definitely foreign.

John was watching this all in horror, he could see Cindy was reacting to something, something that was upsetting her immensely. He too felt the invisible bonds release a little and the numbness slowly dissipated from his face. The feeling wasn’t right though, the way the air felt on his face just didn’t feel right. For one thing, breathing in and out of his mouth was sending strange sensations through his face as air escaped through his lips which felt swollen. Exploring his mouth with his tongue he realized whatever this guy did to him he took his teeth for one thing. His tongue poked around his toothless cavity, it was all soft, no palate no gums, just soft warm skin and very strange sensations, almost pleasant…almost like….

He looked at Cindy and he felt his knees go weak as she opened her mouth and out came a penis, with it’s round bulbous head from between her red lipstick colored lips.

“Go ahead” Von Crucial said reach for it

John didn’t know how but he instinctively reached for his crotch, only find smooth skin where his penis should have been. Below that, he was somewhat relieved to feel his familiar hairy ball sack, but it was a bitter sweet relief.

“What did you do?” he said, or tried to say. “Ungahha hghha hahh ha” is what Von Crucial and Cindy heard.

John reached up to his throat. “ Uhgnna “ he again tried to speak. His hands slid up his throat and he stopped when he came to a patch of pubic hair making up his “goatee”. It had been years since he had had any facial hair, but even then it had felt different than what was currently on his face. Where his beard had been course, this was lighter feeling, almost whispy in nature, even the skin on his face through the hair felt softer to the touch. His hand slid up and over his chin, making contact with the plump outer lips of Cindy’s vagina. His jerked his hand away in shock. He made eye contact with Cindy, her eyes were almost full of tears. He slowly put his hand back to his mouth, or atleast to where his mouth should have been. No wonder his tongue was sending back mixed signals. He had a God Damn vagina for a mouth now. It’s vertical slit taking up the lower part of his face. He felt around, he felt the outer lips and how if he tried real hard he could use his facial muscles to open it slightly, just enough to get his tongue out.

Keeping his hand over it, he let his tongue explore the alien lips. He pulled his tongue back into his “mouth” and marveled at the strange sensations as he felt it slide across both the plump outer lips and the thinner but more sensitive second set that resided just inside of his new mouth. He looked at Cindy and she was looking at him. He tried to ignore the strange sensations emitting from his mouth as he slowly slid his hand further up his face. He felt at the top of the vagina as the vaginal lips gave way to smooth skin, and was shocked again when his finger slid over another opening, this time it was small and tight and round and as he gently poked it with a finger tip, the sensation that was returned confirmed to him that he not only had a vagina on his face, he also had an anus just below his nose. A subtle sniff of his finger confirmed what his mind was still unable to comprehend. The musky mix of female scent and butthole was the last thing he remembered as he slipped into unconsciousness.

The tape caught the rest. On it we could see Von Crucial use his magic beam to shrink John and his assistant then appeared to take him away. He motioned to Cindy and she became rigid and her body began to shimmer. Slowly she shrank, smaller and smaller until she was about 6 inches tall. He then placed a small disk on her head and then like some kind of special effects her mouth opened and kept of opening. Wider and wider her mouth opened until the penis that was her tongue stuck out, almost erect. Her body molded itself into a formless cylinder and her teeth dissolved into nothing. After a few moments where the former Cindy stood, now was a 6 inch penis. Von Crucial bent down and placed a card underneath it, almost as if it was a paperweight and then he looked at the surveillance camera that had been recording the events and smiled. Suddenly a bright light caused the film to become overexposed and the recording stopped.

Agent Smith was the first on the scene and after nobody answered the door and with both vehicles in the driveway he became suspicious and forced his way in and called for backup. Nothing was out of the ordinary that is except for groceries on the kitchen floor that is.

Detective James arrived as soon as he could. The two witnesses were nowhere to be found.

“Let’s check the tape” he said, maybe there is something on there to go on. Agent Smith went into the laundry room to playback the day’s recording while Detective James looked closely at the fallen groceries. There among the paper towels was something out of the ordinary. Putting on his latex gloves he carefully moved one of the rolls and stepped back. There on the floor was what at first glance looked to be a sex toy, a dildo. What caused him to step back was that it moved. Using a pair of salad tongs, he carefully picked it up, to his shock it moved again, and fell to the floor making soft slap against the hardwood floor. This time, using the tongs and a dustpan, he carefully picked it up again and laid it on the kitchen counter. Looking closely, it moved, almost as if it were breathing??? Rolling it over, he could see what looked like two very small holes on the underside of the “head” of the penis and below those, what could almost be a mouth. In fact it was mouth with lips and everything. Rolling it over again, he stepped back, were those eyes? Looking again in shock, he could see two blue human looking eyes staring up at him from just behind the head of the penis.

“Can you hear me?” he said No answer.

“Blink if you understand”

The eyes blinked frantically darting back and forth.

“Detective, you need to see this it’s unbelievable” agent Smith said coming into the kitchen. “Try me” Detective James said.

Episode 6

A soft knock on the plastic lid awoke Cindy from her nap. Life for her had pretty much had been reduced periods of alertness when she fed and surfed the internet interrupted by periods of rest lasting 4 to 8 hours. For the first few months, the claustrophobia was maddening after all, imagine for yourself how you would feel if your arms and legs were removed, neck fused in one position with only your mouth, tongue and eyes able to move in a limited range. She often asked herself was this life worth living? She survived on a liquid diet fed from an eye dropper, and relied on a nurse to change her diaper when it was soiled and more often when her monthly period came. Was it worth living like this? Was it worth focusing on the hope that this all could be resolved and she would be restored and reunited with her husband? What was the life of a disembodied penis worth anyway?

"Cindy, it's time for breakfast." the voice from above said softly.

She opened her eyes and squinted as the fluorescent light from above illuminates the interior of the incubator.

"Would you like me to change you first?" the nurse asked leaning down closer. Cindy could feel and smell her warm breath against what would pass as her face.

"Yes please" she replied. Her squeaky voice amplified through speakers hanging off the side of the plastic incubator chamber.

VonCrucial's magic had reduced her to the form of a near six inch penis. Her biology however was not altered drastically. She still ate with her mouth, and breathed air with her mouth and nostril openings which were just below her eyes located below the ridge of the "head" of her penis torso. If you looked close enough you could see a navel and just above it, two dark specs that were nipples, in the center of the shaft of the veined mass of flesh that made up her entire torso. The skin around the bottom of the flesh tube was smooth and rounded with only two small openings on the pink landscape, one being her vagina and the other her anus.

She felt two large and cold fingers of a giant hand gently pinch her on each side of her torso and lift her slightly off of the soft cotton mattress. The makeshift diaper was slid off of the end of her and she felt a cool breeze against the sensitive skin interrupted by the crisp swipe of an alcohol pad across her privates. A warm dry diaper was slid over her bottom end and she was laid gently back down onto the mattress.

"We've got eggs for breakfast today, would you like water or juice?

"Water" Cindy said meekly, she hated to hear her voice, to her it was just a reminder of what she had become.

Two droppers, that's all it took to fill her up. The taste was horrible, but how good could someone make pureed eggs taste? At least the water was good.

The nurse reached down and gently wiped around her mouth. The sensation of the nurses soft fingers sending strange tingles throughout her body.

She choked back a sob as her body began to stiffen up without her control, her squeaky voice letting out a sharp gasp through the speakers as her facial features began to warp as the wrinkled skin they were stretched. Her limp body slowly hardening and lengthening into a larger erect shape.

Cindy cried as she was filled with utter embarrassment, unable to control her own body's reaction to the nurses gentle touch. She had now hardened into her full eight inch erect form. Her eyes nose and mouth stretched out obscenely beneath the large engorged penile glans that had replaced the top of her head.

Cindy moaned at the sensations, helpless to relieve the pressure she felt throughout her body and unable to even do so as her body lacked testicles to fulfill the process. The nurse looked down sadly at cindy, she must look a perverse pitiful sight. Cindy would just have to wait out her erection until her body softened up on it's own, no amount of friction would sate her body's new state since she lacked testes to do so.

Her sobbing had quickened the process of making her body go flaccid and she slowly rocked her body back and forth into position to resume her readings once more. She was interrupted when a doctor in a lab coat peered over her container.

"Cindy good afternoon...how are you doing?" The man asked smiling. "..." Cindy didn't respond right away. how did he think she was doing?

"I see...well...I have a proposal for you Cindy...I think we may have a way to restore you-" He was cut off by a screech of the speakers.

"DO IT!" She squeaked out harshly.

"Well Cindy the procedure is very unorthodox and highly experimental, in fact there is at least an 80 percent chance at failure or...worse so It's not-" Again he was cut off by the high pitched scream.

NOW!" She screeched, her body rolling around in her case frantically.

"Very well...Just know the risks involved, but also know you'll be doing the world a great service in agreeing to be the first volunteer for this procedure...if this succeeds we'll be able to engineer a way to reverse those who had been tortured by that evil monster" The Doctor said.

"I don't care...I want to be human again!" Cindy yelled.

"Okay...well...it will take a while for everything to be prepared and I'll alert you shortly of the procedure date" The doctor said while writing frantically on a notepad, took one long glance at Cindy's miniscule form and walked away.

Cindy smiled for the first time in a long while, she felt a surge of hope that she hadn't felt in a long time. The feelings of hope and happiness she felt were transmitted throughout her entire body and soon she was as rigid and erect as she had ever been. Cindy didn't care however and she relished the feeling of being erect, she let herself go to the pleasure as she smiled for once knowing that her nightmare might soon be over.

Episode 7

“Where did you take my wife?” Jim Tome asked

He stood there feeling helpless among the activities going on around him. He had just finished giving a statement to Detective Jon James and now he wanted to see his wife. It had been an hour since the detective hustled her away for a medical examination.

“I already told you, we took her to see our specialist. You see, your wife is very lucky to have survived this assault, normally we don’t catch up to Crucial in time and it’s typical that his victims either vanish completely or in other cases, they perish due to the severity of the transformation. On very few occasions someone like your wife survives this attack, your wife is a vital witness and her safety and well being is a top priority to us.”

“I just need to know that she is ok,” Jim said. “I need to see her”.

“All in time” the detective said, “but for now, please be patient and understand that we are doing this in hers as well as your best interest. Please excuse me, I have to interview a few more witnesses. Make yourself comfortable and someone will call on you when we know more.”

And with that he turned on his heel and walked back toward the stage area.

“Janice? Hello?” She heard a man’s voice say. Squinting, she slowly opened her eyes to see a concerned, unfamiliar but not strange face looking at her with concerned eyes.

The taste of vomit stung her tongue and she fought off nausea as she came more and more alert.

“Where is my husband?” she asked. For a moment she had forgotten what had happened, blocked it out as some kind of nightmare but the strange vibrations in her lower abdomen as she spoke reminded her of the current situation. She looked down at her body, thankfully covered

with a cotton blanket. She shuddered to think what was down there, and what her face had been altered as.

“He is waiting outside” the male voice responded. “Would you like me show him in?” he asked

Janice paused before answering. She felt humiliated and on the one hand was mortified to have her husband see her like this. She reached up and felt the bands of the surgical mask that covered her lower face below her nose but stopped there. She didn’t want to touch what was beneath it as if touching it suddenly made it all real.

“Go ahead” she said, softly as if not to cause the unnerving vibrations in her lower belly, certainly caused by the reconfiguration of her larynx and throat. She could even feel the breath warm against her inner thigh as she spoke. “Oh God” she thought and started to hyperventilate.

“Easy” the doctor said “Take it slow, your diaphragm is working double time to bring air into and out of your lungs. When you feel anxious you should focus on breathing only from one or the other, be it your nose or your mouth until you get better coordinated with your new anatomy.” He continued as he moved to the door and whispering to one of the nurses “Go find Mr. Tome” and she walked out of the trailer.

Jim wasn’t sure what to expect as he stepped into the trailer. Even though it had only been a few short hours since the assault and he had seen first had already what Von Crucial had done, he still wasn’t prepared for what was going to encounter when he walked into that trailer.

Nervously he stepped into the doorway and he saw an older gentleman standing beside an examination table that was facing away from the doorway. He recognized the woman as his wife.

“Jim come over here” the doctor said

He walked over to the examination table and he saw his wife. She was wearing a surgical mask that covered her face below the nose and her body was covered with a baby blue blanket.

“Hi Sweetie” he said sheepishly and grabbed her hand to hold it.

She squeezed his hand but said nothing. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Are ...are you ok?” he asked
She nodded her head and then started shaking it side to side and began sobbing. Her eyes welled up with tears and her nose began to run. She sniffed

Jim thought he could hear a sobbing sound come from further down the table and beneath the blanket. He remembered the horror as he awoke from the trance when the police busted the show and saw clearly what Von Crucial had done to his bride on stage. “Surely it had been an illusion” he first thought as he looked closely at her face on stage and how where her mouth had been was what looked to be a puckered, pink anus. Later, it wasn’t until she had passed out on the couch that he was able to see the full extent of the transformation. Lying on the couch naked and the fetal position, he could see protruding out of her butt crack the red lips of a mouth…her mouth.

Glancing down to where her crotch would be he thought again of what lies under the blanket. Looking back at her face, he thought again of what lies under the surgical mask. He felt sick. His wife had been horribly disfigured. “Is this a life worth living?” he asked himself and then immediately felt ashamed and the thought. This was his wife, loved her and she needs him more than ever.

“I’ll do whatever is necessary” he said looking at her and then leaning over to embrace her. He kissed her softly on the forehead.

The doctor began to explain what physical changes had been made to her anatomy. He explained that through x-ray he has been able to determine that the magic had inverted her upper and lower GI so that the lower intestine and colon now ran up thought her chest and neck connecting to the rectum and anus that now consisted of lower portion of her face above the chin and below the nostril. The upper GI on the other hand now consisted of the mouth, tongue and throat complex, complete with bronchial and larynx complex ran inverted from below the pelvis, connecting to the stomach below the diaphragm which had by his best guess been divided into two halves. The top half controlled respiration through the nose and the bottom half controlled respiration from the mouth/throat.

“In all, barring unforeseen injury or illness I think you should live a normal life expectancy for a woman of your age and overall health profile.” He said

This relieved both Jim and Janice but once again they were faced with the fact that their lives had now been greatly altered, especially Janice’s.

She looked at Jim and finding the courage to speak, softly she said “what are we going to do?” “I don’t know if he said, we can move, we can move anywhere and start over.”
“I wouldn’t if I were you.” A voice said

Turning, Jim saw detective James come into the small room.

“You see, Von Crucial knows who you are, and he won’t stop at nothing until he gets his merchandise”

“Merchandise?” Jim asked

Handing Jim a business card he said “Von Crucial is in the human trafficking business”

Jim looked at the business card. It was a strange purplish iridescent color. In bold letters it read Crucial Wholesale…the #1 source for bio art in the galaxy. Below that, was some markings that looked Arabic but Jim didn’t know for sure.

Episode 8

Recounting the case involving John and Cindy Prince and how Von Crucial had found them in their safe house he let Jim and Janice know that they both, as well as all of the people in the audience that afternoon were in grave danger.

“Well where is she?” Janice asked “Where is Cindy now?”

“We have her well protected” the doctor said, “We have discovered, the hard way unfortunately that Von Crucial maintains a psychic link to his victims. That is how it was so easy for him to find the Princes, even after we gave them new identities.

“We think we can mask the link however” Detective James said. “After we raided a show similar to the one today we found a box containing some pendants. One of our specialists in the occult says they are ancient charms thought by the Inca to bring good luck. How or why Von Crucial had them we don’t know but we can guess that he has a private collection antiquities, these just happened to be lost but we just don’t know. Mrs. Prince has one that we keep with her at all times.”

“But…she’s a…?” Jim asked

“Yes, she is quite limited in her movement but with some effort she can roll onto her side if she needs to. Mostly she just lies in her quarters reading.


“Oh yes, she can read quite well. One of her requests has been for books on the occult. She is quite alert and can communicate with a special microphone we have in her quarters that amplifies and modulates sound. Her vocal cords were so transformed that without the special amplification, her voice to us was only faint squeaks. She uses a small sensor that she can manipulate her tongue to surf the web or read digital books.”

“Would you like to meet her?”

“Oh, I don’t know” Jim said not sure if he was up to visiting with a disembodied penis, not right now anyway. He looked as Janice and the both nodded in agreement that now was not the time. Janice did stop to think that it could be worse. Perhaps all in all that what happened to her isn’t quite so bad. She couldn’t imagine what that poor woman was going through, but then again before today she couldn’t have imagined what it would be like to have her mouth and anus reversed!

“Very well then, I think we should get you two to the campus. Von Crucial will certainly be out to recoup this loss. He is the worst possible combination of perversion and greed.

“Put these on. We need to get you two to the campus ASAP.” Detective James as he handed them each a necklace that had green pendants on them.

“I need some clothes” Janice suddenly realized

“Put these on” the detective said handing her some nurses scrubs. She pulled the top over her head, careful not to knock the surgical mask off. “umm can I get a little help here?” she asked pointing to her legs locked into the cuffs of the stirrups. Jim grabbed her ankle and helped her out of the right stirrup and walked around the end of the table to help with the other leg. He stole a glance at her crotch as he walked by. In the shadow he could barely make out her mouth, with it’s thin upper or right lip and slightly more thicker left or what was the bottom lip. He took a deep breath and looking up he saw that Janice had caught him looking. He smiled, careful not to cause her any more distress. Her eyes squinted slightly and he thought he saw her mouth in the shadow of her inner thighs curve and form somewhat of a smile.

After her other leg was down, Janice noticed how with her legs together her mouth once again felt smooshed, like when someone grabs and pinches your cheeks together. Sadly, she now knows that that feeling was caused by a whole different set of cheeks.

“Ok a little privacy please” she said. It was muffled but the guys understood and made way back into the staging area. Totally removing the blanked she drew her knees up toward her chest and started to pull on the bottoms that the doctor had given her.

“I’ll have to worry about underwear later” she thought and for a moment began to ponder what exactly she would do in that department.

Thrusting her hips up, she pulled the pants all the way and stood up. Her mouth was pressed against the plastic of the seat as she sat up and pivoted off of the table. It kind of hurt as she made a move to rub her lip with her hand, stopping as it made contact with the surgical mask.

Phantom pains are how the doctor described it. Her mind still associates her mouth, lips and tongue with her face so by reflex, when she wanted to touch her lips, she instinctively searched for them where her mind said they should be. Reaching down the front of her trousers, she found that she needed to spread her legs slightly in order to touch her lips in their new location just behind her vagina from the front. Trying a different approach, she placed one leg up on the step stool and reached back and under her thigh until she made contact with her mouth. This proved easier and with her right hand she traced around the fatter lower or right lip now and pinched it. It felt the same both to the touch and to be touched. She stuck her tongue out and licked her thumb. It was salty and by all intents and purposes it felt and tasted normal. She didn’t want to do any more exploration with her tongue however as she remembered the shock of feeling the tiny hairs and stubble that now surrounded her mouth.

Pulling her hand out from inside her pants she slid on some sandals the doctor had provided and adjusting the straps on the surgical mask and taking a deep breath through her nose she stepped out of the trailer.

She felt self conscious as she walked toward where her husband was standing talking to the detective and the doctor. It felt as if everyone was seeing right through the mask and was staring at her anus on her face. She felt mortified. “They know” she thought.

“The van will take you to a safer place” the detective said as he motioned to a white limo van parked outside the main doors.

The doctor accompanied them to the van. Jim entered and then turned to help Janice into the seat.

Episode 9

“I’m not a cripple” she said and sat down but let out a yelp as she stood right back up. Looking down at the seat the shiny metal of the seatbelt reflected the summer sun. She reached down into her pants and touched her lip. Bringing her hand up to her face she saw a smudge of blood on her finger.

“I cut my lip” I heard her say

“Be careful sweetie” I said and moved the seat belt out of her. She sat down and she immediately squirmed a bit and then parted her legs slightly.

“It’s hard to breath” she said but with her mouth smashed up against the car seat all Jim heard was a muffled “Iffs jhar oo hreafff.”

“What?” he said

“Iffs jhar ooo hreafff” she said again but a little louder.

“ohh fjuh ieh” he heard her say as she crossed her arms and looked sadly out the window. He reached over to hold her hand and she pulled it away.
She had all but given up on trying to breath out of her mouth about 10 minutes into the trip. The plastic seat proved to be an indomitable obstacle in getting air in and out of her mouth and the harder she tried the more she should sounds coming from that part of her body. “God, he thinks I’m farting” she thought as one particular obnoxious noise caused by her breath breaking the seal between her lips and the plastic seat made a squeak. That thought made consider again her predicament. What if she has to pass gas and oh God, what if she has to poop? It’s going to happen sooner or later. How will she do this? Her thoughts go back to college when her friends would help each other by holding their hair back and out of the toilet when either of them had had too much to drink. She thought of herself now, kneeling in front of a toilet so she could relieve herself one way but having to sit down as usual to relieve herself when she had to pee.

These thoughts made her start to cry. What kind of life is she going to live and how will her husband deal with this? What is going to happen to their sex life when a simple kiss is now not such a simple kiss? Oral sex had never been something she was fond of because of insecurities about her body.

She thought back to the trailer how he had kissed her on the forehead. Was he so disgusted at what was on her face that he would not ever kiss her on the cheek for fear of being too close to her anus? She did have to admit that through their entire life together; anal anything was a no go for him. Was this going to drive them apart?

The van pulled into a courtyard surrounded on 3 sides by a small wall and the other a bank of glass doors.

“We’re here” the doctor said as the driver opened the door and offered Janice a hand out of the van.

Standing out in the warm desert air, Janice noticed how having your mouth in your butt crack was not a good thing in a hot van on plastic seats as she felt how her lips were wet with sweat. Perhaps having underwear would help somewhat but that all remains to be seen. For now, she just swallowed hard and then licked the salty wetness from her lips. She spread her legs slightly and felt the breeze that passed through the cotton scrubs evaporate some of the icky wetness. It was kind of refreshing in a very weird sort of way.

They walked through the glass doors and were led to what they called a dorm room but it had all the amenities of a luxury condo.

As the driver brought some supplies in she decided it was time to use the bathroom. For the last 20 minutes she had been trying to put it out of her mind but nature was definitely calling and she couldn’t take it anymore. The last thing she wanted was for someone to know that she was using the toilet so when nobody was looking she snuck into the bathroom.

Staring at the toilet she stood there for a few moments building up courage to do what needed to be done and also to gauge what had to be done. She didn’t really feel that she needed to poop so she was confident that all she needed to do was sit down and pee.

Finally, after not being able to put it off any longer she pulled down her scrubs and sat down. Almost immediately her bladder let loose with a spray of urine. She focused on keeping her mouth shut tight and stared up at the ceiling, not wanting to imagine what is going on down there. How disgusting is it to think that just a few inches from where the urine was coming out was her mouth. A couple of times she felt as if she needed to pass gas but based upon her experience with the doctor, she tried very hard not to let that happen. Luckily, she got by for now.

Finally it was over and she used almost an entire roll of toilet paper wiping every square inch of skin she could reach and if that wasn’t enough, she used a face cloth with soapy water to wipe around her mouth even more before she pulled up her pants.

Looking in the mirror she stared into her own eyes. Blocking the surgical mask with the palm of her hand she imagined that nothing had happened and all was normal.

Getting brave, she pulled the mask down. Slowly it slid down off of her chin, she closed her eyes as she felt it pass over her anus and off her face. She placed her hand over it and opened her eyes. That was better, with the mask gone it was easier to pretend nothing had happened. She stared and tried to will her self back to normal, thinking if she believed that nothing was wrong then everything would have to be ok.

She removed her hand and it was still there. She leaned closer to the mirror and noticed how her skin closest to the anus was slightly darker that the skin on her face and looking yet closer she could see little hairs in the darker area. She reached up and touched the skin around the anus. Again, phantom feelings conflicted with what her eyes and fingers were telling her and what her brain knew or thought it knew. If she closed her eyes, she would have sworn she was reaching around and touching her butt, but in opening her eyes, she still struggled to register that those feelings were coming not from her butt but from her face.

Suddenly she pulled the mask back up over her chin. She washed her hands for what seemed like an eternity and walked out to meet her husband.


Re: The Mad Magician: Max Von Crucial - by JanetPlanet

Episode 10

A noise outside the bathroom door caused her to stop. “Jim?” she asked
No answer. She wrapped a towel around her waist and walked out into the bedroom and froze.

Von Crucial smiled as he looked at his prey. “I see you have landed on your feet Janice.” And with a wave of his hand her expression went blank and she stood rigid, transfixed completely naked.

He walked over to where she stood, and examined her top to bottom as if admiring his work. Reaching up he probed around her anus. If she could, she would have screamed but his magic had practically paralyzed her.

“Anjiea, tell our friend in Tucson that it looks like we’ll have her order delivered shortly. I have one more custom modification to Work Order 42225-4 before it’s ready to ship” he said telepathically

“Yes, Sir. Are you ready to transport?”

“Give me 5 minutes… and can you give me the specs for Work Order 42225-8?”

“One moment while I query the database…ok…it’s the standard TX4RM-A. Will you be transporting that as well?”


With is hand he brushed Janice’s breasts and they began to shrink. Like deflating balloons they lost their shape and hung as empty sacks against her chest and upper stomach, nipples erect in the cool air pointing to the floor.

“Initiating portal”

A bright light flashed and in the middle of the room a large oval two-dimensional disk appeared standing nearly 6 ft tall and 4 ft wide.

Janice’s body was levitated and adjusted into a horizontal position, and almost as if it were on a gurney, her empty breasts hanging off the side of her torso, it moved feet first into the portal and disappeared.

Jim had been concerned about Janice, and even though he didn’t want to think about what was happening in there, she was still his wife, and he had genuine concerns about her health and state of mind. However the who anus/face thing was starting to creep him out.

He walked to the door and knocked softly before turning the knob and walking in.

Von Crucial turned to face the door as it opened and smiled “It looks like we have a TX4RM-A in inventory after all” “Should I contact our customer?” Anjiea said
“Not yet, our friend in Cairo may also be interested as well…let him know we just received shipment” he replied as he contemplated a bidding war between the two.

Jim entered and at first it didn’t register what he was seeing but before he could react Von Crucial already had him. With a wave, Jim froze, his face locked into a wide eyed, open mouthed expressions of surprise and fear.

Von Crucial waved his hand again and Jim’s clothes vanished, leaving him stark naked in the doorway except for the talisman Detective James had given him. Zombie like, he then took a few steps forward to where Von Crucial was standing.

Von Crucial reached up and jerked the talisman from Jim’s neck and smiled, as he knew now who this new stranger was as their psychic link was once again reinstated.

“Did you enjoy the show Mr. Tome?” Max said in a bemusing tone.

Jim could not answer, but if he could have he would have a few choice words for the man who did such monstrous things to his wife.

“She’ll be just fine Mr. Tome. My collectors are very serious about their artwork. You can be assured that she'll be well taken care of. As for you, after a few modifications I should be able to have you prepared and delivered promptly, to the highest bidder of course.”

“Anjiea, tell our friends bidding starts at 50,000.”

The first thing he did was wave his hand and all of Jim’s bodily hair disappeared so that he was as fresh and smooth as a newborn…except for the hair on his head which was left untouched.

Stepping behind Jim, Von Crucial then started murmuring in a foreign language and Jim felt his body begin to tingle and vibrate.

Von Crucial placed his hand on Jim’s head and pushed down with gentle but firm pressure. Jim was helpless as he saw the room grow around him and when his point of view stopped, he felt ch1ld like as the dresser and doorways now towered above him. He felt two hands grab each side of his head and suddenly twist clockwise and in a quick moment Jim was now looking directly at Max Von Crucial’s belt buckle.

Max stepped back for a better look at his work. The alterations had resulted in a very odd site. Jim’s entire torso had either been removed or compressed so that all his body was comprised of was a head and shoulders resting directly atop a set of hips and legs. The final alteration and most visually shocking was that his head had been turned 180 so that he faced backward, over his buttocks.

Von Crucial frowned as he looked at he dimpled, pale flesh. “This won’t do at all” he thought and with a wave, Jim’s body shimmered and was transformed again. What was left of his body changed shape and his skin softened and darkened slightly. The hips and buttocks became more rounder, firmer and definitely feminine, as did the legs and around the front, his male genitals now were replaced with the naked bald cleft of female genitals.

“There, much better.” Von Crucial said aloud. “Anjiea, do we have any bids?”
"Looks like communications are breaking up, something is interfering with the feed" Anijea responded

'this won't do at all" Max said looking pitifully down at the miniscule form of the former jim. Suddenly, alarms sounded followed by voices outside the doorway.
Detective Jon James had just arrived back in the compound from the failed attempt to apprehend Von Crucial at the old warehouse. The mission had been a failure and he even lost two men.

“Sir, sensors are picking up irregular continuum modulation in building 2” Officer Joy Peal said as he entered the checkpoint.

“That’s where the Tome’s are staying.” He said with concern. “Let’s go” he said “I’m not losing another witness to this bastard send everything you’ve got, initiate Code 9.”

“Code 9 Code 9” she said into her radio “This is not a drill, report to your staging areas, I repeat Code 9.”

“Get your gear, meet me at staging area 2” he said the pretty young redhead.

Episode 11

Staging area 2 as soon filled with uniformed officers armed with lethal and non lethal weapons. The uniforms bearing the NSOPS (Nevada Special Operations) insignia but without any rank or name indication, it was clear this unit was not your typical law enforcement organization.
NSOPS worked directly for the Governor and has been business partnered with the Dept. of Homeland Security, INTERPOL and the FBI since 2001. Originally formed to counter terrorism, NSOPS has evolved to new threats, including the threat posed by one Max Von Crucial.

“We’ve tried to contact room 101 but nobody responds, the continuum modulation signature looks like it’s Von Crucial” Officer Peal reported

“Ok, I need a team of 6 to line up 3x3, we’ve got to get in there. Detective James said. “The rest of you stand by in Bravo formation in teams of 4. Officer Stack, your team is the primary backup, Jones, your team is rear support.”

Detective James lead his team of 3 men and 3 women into the building and down the hall to room 101. In standard formation, they stopped outside the door and just before it was kicked down. Encountering Von Crucial himself and and unidentified woman who seemed to be kneeling down. The tomes were nowhere to be seen.

“Looking for someone?”

“Von Crucial!” Detective James shouted, “Give up, you are outgunned and outmanned this time.”

Von Crucial laughed “what guns?” and with a wave detective James looked down to see he the weapon he was holding had turned into a giant black vibrator.

“Stack, we need backup” he shouted into his radio but was again shocked to see the handset had melted into a black goo and was running down his shirt.

“Detective, too bad I don’t have time to stop and chat but I have business to attend to.” And waved his hand, freezing everyone in the hall. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you but I do need to slow you down some, you are starting to interfere and it could be bad for business. I’ll let you deal with some changes, so to speak, that should slow you down a bit.” And with a flick of a wrist the six were engulfed in a shimmering light.

“Ta ta for now.” Von Crucial said and stepped into a portal and disappeared.

Jon James stood for a moment and then blacked out, falling unconscious to the floor with the others.

Light flashed in the distance he could hear someone calling his name.

“Jon” more light
“Jon, can you hear me,” a voice said

Opening his eyes, it took a few moments to realize where he was. Staring up, he could tell he was lying on his back, looking up at the ceiling of the ER room on compound.

He sat up with a start. “Shit! Von Crucial…the Tomes.” He said remembering what had happened a short while ago.

He felt two hands gently push him back down on the gurney. “Go easy man” a familiar voice said. It was Dr. Jackson looking at him with concern.

“My team” he asked “are they ok?” “Yes, they’re fine, considering…”
“Considering what?” he said, growing worried. After all he had witnessed what Von Crucial could do first hand.

“We need to talk” Dr. Jackson said

“About what? What happened to my people?”

Looking around the room, he could see his team, each on separate beds, some appeared to be sleeping, others were awake and appeared to be ok, if not shaken up. Across from him was officer Joy Peal, 22, just out of school and his newest member. She was sitting upright, her read hair down on her shoulders and she seemed to be staring blankly down at her legs that were covered beneath a white sheet.

At first, she seemed un touched by whatever dubious action Von Crucial had performed on them but a closer look started to reveal what had been done to them. The form under the sheet seems to be out of proportion. She was an average height woman, standing about 5’6, but according to what he was seeing, her legs seemed to extend down the bed, almost to the end of the mattress ending in what seemed to be two large feet…too large for a woman.

Instinctively he looked down at his own legs, covered with a white sheet and gasped. Throwing the sheet aside, he stared in awe and horror at what he was seeing.

“My legs, what happened?” he said staring down at his lower body with the two shortened appendages and small, almost ch1ld like black boots on the feet. Following his legs up, he also saw how the pants seemed to hug his form and were snug against his hips and waist… and crotch. Trying to remain calm he reached down and patted his stomach, down the front of the pants

“We need to talk” Dr. Jackson said.

Episode 12

“Tell me about it” Jon said. It was surreal, he was looking at the small right foot, and wiggling his toes he could feel them move in the boot. He wiggled his left foot and the small left foot moved to his command.

Dr. Jackson put a firm hand on his shoulder and tried to be reassuring. “We’ll find a way out of this mess, the sick bastard switched bodies around between all six members. Fortunately, preliminary tests are all positive and so far there are no other physical abnormalities but until we do complete physicals, we can’t give you a clean bill of health and certainly until psychological tests are complete I cannot release any of you back to duty.

A woman’s scream shattered the room. Jon looked to his left and two beds down agent Jill Skaggs was pounding her legs with her fists. “Nooo!” she yelled and began crying.

“Poor Kid” Dr. Jackson said “She’s engaged to be married next Saturday.”

Jon stopped to think a moment and glanced back down to his lap. The fatigues were form fitting and judging by what he was seeing he now had quite some form. He chuckled as he thought about his ex wife and how she would be loving this right now. She would really be enjoying this and he hoped she would never find out.

He placed his hand flat against the zipper and found himself shocked at the realization that not only did he now had Joy Peal’s legs and feet but essentially also everything from the beltline down, including her hips, butt and genitals. He could feel his hand against his” abdomen and he slid his hand up and under his tee shirt. The skin about two inches above the belt was very soft and smooth, it was also very sensitive to his rough calloused palm but a distinct line was felt where the smooth skin gave way to his normal mildly hairy stomach which felt rather coarse in direct contrast with Joy’s smooth and soft skin.

“Protocol says you need to put this on” Dr Jackson said as he handed him a necklace with an iridescent pendant on it. Jon recognized it as the Inca protection jewel that the victims of Von

Crucial must wear in order to remain hidden from his telepathic link. He grabbed it and put it on over his head.

“So does Joy have…mine?” he asked “Afraid so”

“So what now? Have we contacted HQ?”

“Benson has been contacted, he’s requesting support from a team from A.G.E.N.T . Their experience with the paranormal is unmatched.

“Well check me out doc. I’m not going to sit on the sidelines for this. I can still operate…”

“Slow down Jon, you’ve just been through a major transformation and lived to tell us about it. Let’s not put the cart before the horse on this and first thing tomorrow we’ll start a battery of physical and mental tests. NSOPS needs bodies, yes, but we cannot afford a detriment…you understand that. We’re moving you and your team onto campus, someone has already on the way with extra uniforms and other necessities.

“I’ve got all of that in my locker, my field bag is packed with 7 days worth of supplies and equipment.”

“Jon, look at yourself.” Dr. Jackson said, pointing to his legs. “Do you really think your uniforms and boots will fit you now?”

Jon paused, and considered the obvious fact that nothing he owned, save for his shirts would fit him now.

“I have work to do,” John said softly and started to stand up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

“Easy does it Jon, here let me help you. Nurse, bring that wheelchair over here please.”

Bracing against Dr Jackson’s shoulder, Jon slid down off of the gurney. It took longer than expected for his feet to touch the tile of the floor, but they eventually made contact and his knees buckled slightly. His back ached a little and his stomach felt like it had a Charlie horse but he stood up straight and looked up at Dr. Jackson…and looked down…and looked up again. He felt like he was standing in a hole, or the Dr. was standing on a step or something because being 6’1 and the Dr. also being close to his height they always looked eye to eye. Now, however, he was looking up to make eye contact with his long time friend. Looking down, again he remembered he wasn’t the same as before and the switch with Joy has left him short about 3 inches. He looked at he small black boots, marveling at how small they were and rocking slightly back and forth he noticed too that it was harder to balance on them and he staggered slightly.

Sticking his arms out he regained his balance and looking back up to Dr. Jackson he smiled and said “See, just like riding a bike”

“Sit” Dr. Jackson said motioning to the wheelchair. “Nurse Gable will take you to your room. I’ll send a wake up call for you at 0600, get some rest and for God's sake, don’t take that pendant off.”

He sat down slowly and marveled at how his butt seemed to take up much more of the seat than it used to and Nurse Gable pushed him out of the triage area and down the hall.

“Here we are,” she said and stopped outside the doorway of room 108. Stepping around the front of the chair, she extended her arm. Jon grabbed her arm with one hand and with the other pushed off on the arm rest and stood up shakily. She opened the door and walked him in slowly.

The mechanics were the same. Walking no matter who you are is simply one foot in front of the other. Doing so day after day for 35 some odd years becomes second nature but to suddenly have the equipment replaced does cause some issues. Nurse Gable said the brain remembers, but the signals from the brain to the new muscles, tendons and nerve groups have been rerouted. The brain remembers yes, but the muscle memory and the brain need to be in sync otherwise the movements are less fluid and it is going to take some time before full coordination can be reestablished, if ever.

I was walking, yes but it was slow and my new feet tingled as if there were waking up from being asleep. On the kitchen counter was a standard issue duffle bag.

“You can find uniforms and supplied in there. Here is my pager number, please call if you need any help. I’ll be on duty until 0800.” She said and smiled. I didn’t realize it but she was also making herself available for any “Female” questions I may have.

“I mean, you know…if you have any questions about stuff…” and she glanced down at my lower half.

Jon felt himself blush, “ yeah sure, umm I’ll be sure to call” trying to sound confident but was again suddenly hit with the reality of it all because in honesty what would he know about such things.

“If you like, I can speak with Joy and see if there is anything special you need to know about.” “Special?”
“Yes. Like STD’s, PMS, or even pregnancy. You have inherited a whole new way of life Detective.”

Jon doubted that STD’s would be a problem. Peal seemed like a good kid but the thought of the other things made him wonder what exactly are the cards he’s been dealt.

Jon yawned

“Get some rest, the Dr. prescribed a mild sedative. The bedroom is the second door on the left.” She said as she turned to walk out the door.

The door closed and Jon was left to his own thoughts. The sedative was starting to kick in, so he decided to make way to the bedroom.

Standing by the bed, he noticed how the bed seemed higher, probably a result of his lost 3 inches. Turning to sit down, the bed didn’t hit him right at the knees anymore and he found he had to hop slightly to get his butt up on the mattress. Joy’s shorter legs were going to take some time to get used to and sitting on the bed with his feet not touching the floor was another reminder.

Pivoting on this butt, he swung his legs up and started to lie down. He winced as it felt like a pubic hair was caught and pulled in the elastic of his underwear somewhere “down there”. Up until now he was blocking from though about the strange sensations he was getting from the lower regions of his new body parts. The sharp sting of a hair being pulled however was not something he could just block out.

“I better take these off,” he said and sat up to remove the boots from his feet. He untied the laces and slid the small boot off. He was somewhat relieved that he now only had standard issue white socks where he was half expecting pink.

The foot seemed impossibly small, and taking a breath he reached down and slid the sock off. The small bare foot was tipped with red nail polish. He wiggled the tiny toes and stared shocked at what he was seeing.

He removed the boot and sock from his left foot and lay back on the pillow. Reaching over to grab the phone, he dialed HQ.

“Benson here” a voice answered “Tom, its Jon”

“Jon ...I heard. How are you?”

“I feel fine, in fact, that's why I’m calling. I can’t sit on the sideline for this…you know that.” “Yes, I know but we’re over our head.”

“When is the AGENT team arriving?”

“I have a meeting at 0900 tomorrow, if Dr. Jackson will sign off, I’ll reinstate you to this case but it’s up to the Dr.”

“Don’t worry Tom, I’ll be there.”

“Get some rest Jon, that’s an order. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” Tom Benson said and hung up.

Episode 13

The early morning light was peeking through the window shade.

Walking gingerly toward the bathroom door, he stooped slightly as standing full upright increased the need to express his bladder, not to mention a slight twinge in his lower back caused him to slouch slightly to quell the small, sharp pain.

He reached for the doorknob and missed, fumbling he redirected his aim a little higher and turned the knob and walked in. He ran a hand blindly along the wall reaching for a light switch, again finding one a little higher than his first flailing attempt. Sensing relief, he grasped the belt buckle and fumbled with it until he felt it release and the belt loosen slightly. He tried to pull the pants down but they stopped, wedged against his hips and he realized he would have to undo the button and zipper to get them all the way down. The sense of urgency increased with each passing heartbeat as he fumbled clumsily with button, finally ripping it off out of frustration and panic sending it shooting across the room, hitting the closet door and bouncing onto the vanity with a click. He jerked the pants down, along with a handful of underwear down and out of habit, made a grab for his penis, only to feel his fingers bury themselves in a patch of soft pubic hair. He groaned and turned to sit, jumping up with a yelp as cold plastic met warm flesh because in his haste, he had forgot to lift the lid. Cursing, he turned and flung the thin plastic up and turned to sit again, this time hitting his mark. He paused, as if to ponder what to do next. Relaxing and spreading his legs slightly, a sudden burst of fluid half streamed and half sprayed from between his legs, down into the toilet bowl. The relief was instant, and as quickly as it had started, it stopped. Arching his back he looked up and sighed, “That was close…” he thought.

Reaching over to grab a handful of toilet paper, he felt cooling drops of moisture collect and drip into the water below. Taking a deep breath he reached straight down between Joy’s legs to dry, gingerly he dabbed at the area. Unable to see what he was aiming at, he just pressed the wad of paper against the entire area. The feeling was so strange as the paper pressed against Joy’s anatomy, sensations his brain struggled to register were being created by the pressure of the tissue in his hand against his borrowed equipment and he must have used a half of a roll of paper before he felt he was satisfactorily dry. Before he stood to pull his pants up, he stole a glance at the two, pale and hairless thighs that extended out before him as he sat on the toilet. He touched the right one carefully, his hand felt warm on the cool, soft flesh. It, like it’s counterpart on the left side looked thinner than “his” thighs.

While the skin appeared to be completely smooth, there was a distinct presence of stubble, indicating Joy had not shaved her legs, or upper portion at least, for a couple of days. He remembered how his ex wife would alternate between shaving the entire leg or just the bottoms depending upon need. Sliding his hand down over the soft, round knee, he felt the shin area and how it was considerable smoother than the thigh and concluded that Joy had followed the same practice of only shaving the entire leg when necessary. He couldn’t believe that these two smooth and feminine legs were attached to his body as he paused to think about how running his hand over the smooth legs would under normal circumstances cause some arousal, but at this point he felt nothing.

Looking down, he saw how just below his chest, about 6 inches there was a distinct line where his mildly hairy chest and upper stomach stopped and completely smooth and paler skin started. A slight paunch of a belly was interrupted only with a few dimples of cellulite and an oval shaped navel that Jon gingerly stuck a finger into. Below that, the pale skin was completely bare except for a small patch of strawberry blonde pubic hair resting at the conjunction of the slightly parted creamy thighs.

Holding the waist of the pants closed with one hand, he started to walk carefully out into the bedroom. As he passed the bathroom mirror, he caught a glimpse of the side view of his body. His tee shirt hung below his waist, but the profile was not that of which he was used to seeing and he swallowed hard when his focus fell upon the swell of Joy’s rounded butt from underneath the tee shirt. Putting the vision out of his mind he walked out into the bedroom trying to ignore strange sensations emitting from his crotch as his thighs gently rubbed together with each step. He tried hard also to not focus on the way his butt cheeks jiggling slightly with each step he took. The underwear Joy had been wearing yesterday fit snuggly but for some reason it felt as if half of each butt cheek was hanging out, rubbing against the more coarse cotton blended material of the uniform bottoms and moving uncontrollably with each step on the hard floor. To quell the feelings, he started taking shorter strides that seemed to help somewhat and even made walking a little more comfortable.

Deciding to use the phone in the kitchenette, he walked out the bedroom door and down the hall, getting more and more confident with each small step. Looking down, he still couldn’t believe that the small feet were now his and he swayed a little bit as he lost concentration and lost his balance for a moment. He thought it was best just to keep his eyes up and focus on getting from A to B before he fell and broke his neck. An object near the front door caught his eye so he walked over to it and bent over carefully to pick it up. Bending at the waist he groaned slightly as the slight pain in his lower back returned causing him to step forward slightly and kneel to finally grasp the yellow envelope. Using the door knob for leverage, he stood back upright and made is way to the kitchen counter. Detective Jon James was hand written on the outside.

A note was inside, it was telling him that there was a change of clothes in a duffle bag on the kitchen table and to pick what he needed and return the rest to Dr. Jackson’s office when he came for his examination at 7:00. Walking to the kitchen table, he opened the bag and dumped it onto the counter top. He found a pair of blue sweat pants that fit a little snug in the butt but otherwise were a good fit if not a little too long in the legs. Joy obviously had a shorter than normal in-seem which would explain some of his loss of height. The only foot gear provided was a pair of what looked to be one size fit’s all medical slippers, that were slightly too large but functional and there was not a change of underwear provided.


Re: The Mad Magician: Max Von Crucial - by JanetPlanet

Book 2

Episode 1

He could smell the brewing coffee as it wafted into their bedroom, Janice was making breakfast and the aroma of sizzling bacon greeted him as he awoke from what he could only describe as a bizarre nightmare.

He stretched and yawned loudly to announce to Janice he was awake. "Breakfast is almost ready Jim!" she gently yelled to him.
Jumping out of bed and stretching out all of his limbs, clad in only his boxers he glided casually down the hallway towards the kitchen. He could see Janice hovering over the stove, her beautiful long legs stretching out far beneath her little lime green negligee, her perky little butt bouncing around to a tune she had in her head. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to be married to wife as wonderful as Janice.

He slowed his steps in order to creep up behind her sashaying backside, her head bobbing up and down as she hummed a sweet tune and made her famous apple bacon and chorizo scramble.

"I know you're there Jim, I could hear you stomping down the hallway like every morning, sit down and I'll serve you in a minute" she called without even turning around and missing a beat while cooking.

He chuckled softly and drifted over to the kitchen table, and fluttered through a music magazine.

engrossed in an article about an interview with him and Janice's favorite band going on tour, he was distracted by plate of hot bacon, and eggs being centered on the magazine top, the smell assaulting and engrossing him.

"Looks great Jan" he looked up towards her only to find her on the other side of the table, her back to him pouring coffee from the machine for them. He shrugged it off and decided to dig into his food.

engrossed in his food, he didn't notice when Jan dropped off his cup of coffee and sat down opposite him.

"I always said you make the best eggs hone    " his voice trailed off into a startled gasp as he
sat slack jawed at the sight in front of him.

"what's the matter Jim? You feeling okay" Her voice now coming out muffled from between the two large plump soft cheeks that dominated where his wife's face used to be, her entire head was now nothing more than a feminine backside, at the very top cascaded her hair with her

trademark curls falling down on both sides with one or two strands that occasionally strayed forward and got caught in what was now the crevice of her face.

He couldn't tell if she was staring at him, or if she could even see him, the only sign that what he was looking at was his wife were the curls of her hair and the muffled voice that reverberated out of the creatures tanned wrinkled hole, no eyes to speak of. She continued to act as if nothing was wrong and he watched with curious horrified eyes as she lifted up her cup of coffee and as well in her other hand and long hard plastic straw.

He recoiled visibly when she inserted the straw into her anus mouth and proceeded to sip her coffee as if it were the most normal thing in the world, her "mouth" had a little tendril of smoke emitting from it as she withdrew the straw.

"Oooh, i think it's a little too hot!, What do you think Jim?" He had no words, he could not believe what he was seeing, his wife had been disfigured beyond human thought and she acted as if this was her normal form, he was confused and scared and it seemed like the world around him was getting bigger and he was falling backwards.

"Oh Jim I'm so sorry I forgot about your condition, let me help you" She got up from the table and went over to him, her hair obstructing the crack of her face for the briefest moment, her cheeks wobbling to and fro with every movement of her neck, she still retained her perky little butt, however it was not where it should be.

He wanted to back away and get as far away from her, he tried to rise up from his chair but his legs wouldn't respond correctly and he ended up falling face first into the floor of the kitchen, he scrambled to get up as fast as he could but it's as if he was trying to walk in reverse, he felt like a tadpole, he couldn't feel his arms and all he managed to was flail about his legs wildly without direction.

"Jimmy please calm down, I'm sorry I forgot, let me help" She came over to him, and flipped him over, it felt strange and unreal his body felt like a mess and everything was twice as tall as it should be. Janice loomed over him, her "face" peering down at him smooth curving flesh that wobbled like jello while making cooing noises of comfort, sounding muffled and disturbing and more like little farts.

She picked him up like he was nothing, and carried him towards the other side of the table, cradling him beneath his head like a baby, all he could do was stare stunned at her 'face" as she carried him, all the while making those farting noises with her mouth.

"here we go jimmy, your feeding chair!" she announced with her cheeks moving side to side excitedly. He looked to where she pointed his head and saw a strange device that looked like someone didn't follow the instructions correctly when putting together a toddlers feeding chair, the table was facing the back side of the seat and leg holes of the bucket seat were on the side

near the padded headboard. The whole chair was covered in pink and covered in a care bear motif.

He was even more confused, Janice and him were newlyweds, they didn't have kids and never really talked about it after their marriage, she continued to carry him over to the chair and soon found himself being inserted inside of it, and somehow the strange poorly constructed device fitted him perfectly. He was shocked, he should have been cramped and uncomfortable and yet he felt his head hit the back of the padded headboard as well as his legs swing freely from the leg holes in the bucket seat. This shouldn't have been possible, physically it didn't make sense and here he was.

"Open wide for the choo choo train!" his wife came at him, her butt face seeming to be giggling as she advanced on him with a glittery pink spoon filled with what looked like baby food. And shoved it into his mouth without warning. He just let it drool out of his mouth.

"Awww, my poor girl doesn't like her food? let me kiss you and make you feel better"

Little girl? what was she talking about, what was going on here, why couldn't he move his arms, he was trapped with his insane disfigured wife, bound to a baby feeding chair, the world was spinning out of control and then he remembered. The magic show, the freakish transformations, that horrible cackling man and his twisted grin. The pain, the torture his wife went through, the struggle of trying to deal with her deformity. And then he came back and his wife was being sent into some black hole, he cried out for her and then that horrible twisting and sinking feeling, and then it got worse as if his entire body was twisted inside out and back again. The horrible blinding light and incoherent screams.

He looked down.

beneath his head snuggled comfortably in the bucket seat were two larger than normal, wide feminine hips, the slopes of the top of his buttcheeks spilling outward towards the bottom of his neck, he gaped. A high pitched female voice, something that sounded more like it belonged to a ten year old little girl escaped from the plump juicy lips that adorned his innocent female face.

He screamed, and screamed all the while his wife and her butt face advancing on him, wanting to give him that comforting kiss that he desperately needed. Her facial butt cheeks undulating too and fro while puckering her already puckered mouth hole. Her ass obstructing all view of everything else as she smothered him in it. The feel of her soft downy skin flowing over his face was the last thing he remembered as everything turned black.


"Dr. Shall, I think she's waking up"

"Thank you Nurse Simms, please see to it that she gets the attention she needs, adjust her to her condition"

"Yes sir, poor thing...Is she the one that was with the capture team? is she a member?

"No as far as I can tell, she was just there when they went to extract the Tomes, It's not Janice thats for sure, she was already modified by the mage. and the Tomes were already gone before the team got there"

"So she's a Jane doe?"

"seems likely, however we wont truly know who she is until she's awake, look at her...poor thing looks like she's having a nightmare"

"I've already set up accommodations at Mrs. Spears manor for her, there is someone with a similar modification she can room with"

"Thank you Nurse Simms, she'll need all the help she can get to adjust"

Episode 2

He awoke gasping and sputtering, from somewhere far off he heard the soft mewling of a kitten in distress.

He struggled to get up but he couldn't move properly, the mewling got louder and more panicked as he couldn't seem to find his arms, his throat felt sore and he was annoyed by that damned cat that wouldn't shut the hell up. He saw a curtain above him, and towards the side...was he in a hospital? He tried calling for help and the mewling got louder and more hoarse, turning into a high pitched whine that nearly hurt his ears.

He closed his mouth, and the noise stopped. That noise....it was coming from...him?
The dream came rushing back to him, than his memories slowly. He couldn't move his body properly because he had been...been, oh god Janice! what did he do to her! do to him!?

Scared and anxious he tried to move his body as if he was walking backwards and he saw underneath white hospital sheets a long slender female leg rising from them, the back of its calf, towards a delicate ankle and petite heel connected to a small foot curved like a womens, with cute little toes.

Terrified of the sight of it, he needed to test if it really belonged to him, he closed his eyes and calmed his breathing. He opened his eyes.

And saw the backwards leg wiggle its petite little toes.

Screaming and cursing as best he could his voice came out sounding tinny and small like someone had kicked a puppy, he thrashed on his bed and struggled to move.

"Hold on dear, I'm coming to help" a female voice announced. He froze, someone was here, someone would see him like this, he was petrified, and embarrassed beyond belief and most of all scared of who was out there and where he was. In his condition he was nothing more than a helpless little disfigured...thing.

The curtains were pulled aside and a woman came into view, she was dressed in nurses scrubs and looked to be no more than twenty five or younger, she was cute with an upturned little button nose, a dusky complexion with sparkling emerald gray eyes and brunette hair with two bangs falling down on either side of her face. He looked into her eyes and for a moment pictured Janice on their wedding day, her smile and that loving look she gave him when they sealed their vows. He felt a slight sting at the corners of his eyes.

She looked down on him, a sad smile on her lips and clutching her left arm towards her heart.

"I'm here honey, please stay calm and I'll help you, You don't need to be afraid anymore you're in a safe place now, HE cant touch you here" she cooed to him and patted him gently on the cheek, and she came back with moist fingertips.

At some point he realized he was crying, silently, but the tears were dripping from his face. That was all it took for the dam to burst, he was so caught up with it all he didn't realize the girlish sobbing was coming from him, the nurse leaned over, grabbed him by his head and leaned him over her shoulder and gently rubbing the back of his head and distinctly feeling the oddness of his ass coming into contact with her bosom, his knees bending the wrong way and his "front" sitting on his calves.

The nurse whispered soothing words in his ears and hair, and he gave up trying to hold back tears, he could feel the moisture on his cheeks that weren't coming from his eyes. The nurse was crying with him.

For a while they stayed like that and his tears and sobbing gently ebbed away, till he was just barely sniffling anymore. She pulled back and softly leaned his head down towards the pillows and cleaned his face with the back of her hand. He looked up at her, momentary disappointed at the lack of continued comfort he got when she stopped hugging him.

"There honey, it's good to have a cry now and again, I'm here to help and I'll always be your shoulder to cry on if you need it" she wiped away her own tears and beamed a hundred watt smile at him.

He honestly did feel alot better than he woke up in.

"I'm Nurse Simms and I'm your personal Liaison!" She said proudly and saluted him cutely.


"Err..right sorry, I'm not really used to this yet, I've only been her 6 months myself and I'm still learning the ropes, I'm just so nervous right now, and you must be too I...err" she looked lost, and she seemed to be embarrassed. I was amused and confused.

she must have seen the blank look on my face when she cleared her throat and tried again.

"Sorry, I tend to ramble. Let me explain better, right now you're in the PRC, that stands for the Paranormal Rehabilitation Center, a governmental clinic set up to help citizens that have been affected by abnormal, paranormal incidents such as possessions, poltergeists, mythological entities, alternate dimensions, Alchemy, dark Magic and unicorns" She stated as if reading from a teleprompter.

"    Unicorns?" His voice shocked him, it was small and soft like a little girls.

She suddenly had a grave, serious look on her face.

"Yes, unicorns    they are extremely deadly and malicious creatures, capable of unspeakable

"Surely you can't be serious" he gasped in awe. "I am serious, and don't call me shirley"
Did she just...

She puffed up her cheeks and snorted, giggling wildly.

"Sorry, sorry sorry, I know this is odd for you but I couldn't help myself and frankly humor really is the best medicine, some patients react differently hopefully I didn't offend you, I'm so nervous I get kind of giddy and silly...and    I'm rambling again" She blushed heavily and looked down at
her feet.

"Its okay, I...I actually do feel better, please thank    thank you" He still couldn't understand how
that girlish child's voice was coming from him, but he looked at her blushing still and gave her a warm smile.

"Oh whew, I'm glad the last patient I tried to help didn't go over so well, He was very angry and hostile towards me I'm glad you and I could get along" she seemed relieved, and started rambling again.

"Okay, sorry now that we've gotten all that out of the way, let's get down to business, I am to be your personal Liaison, I am hired by the PRC to accompany and rehabilitate select patients who have recently been victims of the Rogue Mage known as Max Von Crucial, I am to assist you in your daily activities and day to day needs. I will be your guide to functioning as best of a normal life as possible while being in a therapeutic environment with similarly affected individuals, this includes, physical and mental therapy sessions as well as possible medical and technological tests that you can opt for or out of, this includes plastic surgery, limb transplant or selective experimental procedures. All of your needs and amenities are provided for with the help of the Government, and the spears family foundation for crucial victims." She blew out her breath having said it one long sentence without break.

"I'm sure now that you have many questions, and I'm happy to answer any that you have, please ask away" She tittered cheerily.

This was a lot of information to take in, and through it all the most important of questions was floating through his head, he gathered up his cute girly voice and asked in the most pleading and cute way.

"Where    where Is my wife?"

Nurse Simms, horrified gave a startled gasp and pushed a button on the side of his bed. She started yelling down the door of the hospital room.


she turned back towards him, hand over her mouth, tears at her eyes again.

He shuddered in fear, his panic overtaking him again at her reaction, he was hyperventilating she rushed over and tried to calm him while crying uncontrollably, it made everything worse, he was convulsing now and taking deep breaths that were choking him.

The nurse pushed a button near his head and slowly the blackness consumed him once again.

Episode 3

Once again, he felt the tired groggy feeling returning and the cotton in the back of his throat was more persistent than it was before. He was conscious again, but refused to open his eyes.

He could make out two voices whispering nearby, one he could make out to be the stammering of Nurse Simms, rapidly talking in hushed worried tones. The other was a male voice, he could make out some words, he was trying to calm down the nurse who had a bad reaction to...

"Where is she" his voice was small and worried, like a little girl that had her candy stolen.

The voices stopped and the curtains parted, stepping through was a somewhat short older man, with wild gray hair and even wilder bushy gray eyebrows that looked like wooly caterpillars on his face. He was comical looking, it seemed fitting that his Doctors coat seemed two sizes too big for his frame, a stethoscope hanging from his neck in a way that made it seem as if he were a child playing dress up.

He was momentarily stunned as a nasty thought entered his mind. Fear.
Fear, because of what he was at the moment, his form twisted into some sort of bizarre feminine plaything at the whims of some sort of mystical madman. He felt vulnerable and weak. As a man, it was rare he felt this way but now he was gripped by a paralyzing terror that he could be taken advantage of at any moment and there would be physically nothing he could do about it, he doubts his new form had any sort of physical strength, and he couldn't fathom how he would coordinate his few remaining limbs into anything that would protect him.

He was at the mercy of complete strangers.

he was interrupted from his thoughts by the doctor waving his hand in front of his face, apparently having frozen in his internal dialogue. His eyes snapped towards the doctor.

"Hello, are you...aware of where you are now?" he asked uncertainty.

"I'm...in the RPC    I was" he trailed off, not sure where he was headed with that last part.

"Don't worry, you seem to be up to date with your surroundings now, I assume Nurse Simms informed you of your situation"

he nods silently

"Before I begin with your, umm    diagnosis so to speak, I want to ask you one question"

He looks at you worryingly.

"Please, tell me    What is your name?"

"Jim, Jim Alex Tomes"

The doctor sighed heavily, and shook his head as if he already knew the answer but just didn't want to acknowledge it.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news"

He tuned out the rest as he was described in detail what had happened to his wife.

Episode 4


Sold to the highest bidder, custom made to fit their decadent bizarre fetishes. Nothing but a piece of living art tortured into horrendous parodies of what a human body used to be. He could feel the bile and anger rise in his throat. He wanted to scream and cry all at the same time.

"I need to update you on your condition Mr...umm...Mrs    errr"

his anger got the better of him.

"My name is Jim!" he mustered with all the grace of a little girl throwing a tantrum. The doctor gave an exaggerated sigh.
"Considering the circumstances Mr. Tomes, you're going to have to consider a name more fitting of your form, all transgendered transformees have had to alter their names at some point, the sooner you alter yours the less trouble and stress you will recieve"

His answer was nothing more than an angry glare.

"Very well Mrs. Tomes, I need to brief on your current status, since you are now being released from the clinic" he made of point of emphasizing the femmine suffix.

"You are currently a victim of the Rogue Mage, AKA the Mad Mage, AKA The Wizard AKA Max von Crucial as his name has appeared through history and the other aliases he has appeared. You are hereby placed in the care of a governmental program to rehabilitate you of your condition"

another canned speech, like the one the nurse described to him about the hospital. He shuffles to the front of your bed and pulls out a clipboard with two folders in between.

"Now, let's get to discussing your changes" he seems excited and has a little giddy glint in his eyes as he shuffles from one page in the folder to another. This scares him.

"Your changes are similar to one other patient of ours, whereas your torso has been reduced and your spinal column rotated in an extreme manner. Most of your internal organs are intact with others having been reduced to suit your form, while others have simply vanished to make room" he extracts a photo of an X ray from the folder with several notes and arrows

"Most of your internal organs, such as heart, stomach and intestines have now been located behind your left buttock, your lungs now composed of thirty percent of your internal cavity, however have been deformed to suit the curvature of your body. they have been altered so that each "cheek" holds a small lung that is encased within stretchy pliable cartilage like your lungs resemble something of a fleshy webbing surrounded by large firm deposits of fatty tissue created to protect them."

"Additional changes seems to be your digestive system, you no longer have a stomach and you do not contain womb like a female should, you also do not possess a large intestine any longer, instead you have a large bladder, and an additional vagina complete with labia and clitoris where your anus once was, it seems you are no longer capable of solid food. since your changes are somewhat similar to another patient of ours you will be entered on her liquid diet regimen starting today, you wont need to eat much but you must have proper dosages of protein and vitamins"

Jim just nodded his head in silence stunned beyond words, what kind of life is this.

"It's all very fascinating really, well sorry but it's just me being a doctor, I get the chance to study and figure out all the subtleties and wonder of the transformees bodies, some of it is astounding in its intricacy, some of it is rather mundane like yours for example it seems like you were given a body system similar to an amphibian. Not that interesting like some of the others but you seem to fall under one of the three basic categories for a transformed"

"I'm happy you're excited that I'm nothing more than a human frog" ...He answered bitterly

"Wait you said there was someone like me?...and my voice.." he looked down with embarrassment.

" Ah yes Gina, yes she has a similar modification, although hers is a little more complex, but very similar. and dont worry about your voice, we've noticed that in the full body transgender transformees, it takes a while for the new hormones, bodily functions and your vocal chords to

catch up, sort of a mini puberty. Your voice should be adjusting to a normal tone with more use and time."

At least he won't sound like a child, a small ounce of hope perhaps, but what good is that if he was nothing more than a freak, but wait.

"You said something about a ...a foundation"

"Yes the Spears foundation, You'll meet them soon enough, you will be taken to the foundation for rehabilitation purposes and then given options and deciding what you would like to accomplish to alter or enhance your condition. Luckily for you, you fall into the Physical transformee category, much easier to deal with."


"Yes, you see most transformees fall under three certain categories. Physical transformations such as yours include body modifications such as you have and internal transformation, such as you have. They rework the body into something that is physically possible and able to exist without "Magical" assurance" He gestured while air quoting the "magical" part.

"Then there are the Dimensional transformees, these are transformed until the body is something beyond what is considered normal. We call it dimensional because physically it's not possible to exist and be alive yet there remains a conscious living being within, these are the most tragic of all of them, imagine trapped in something that was once your own body and nothing you can do or say, just some object, with a will and a brain"

" The Third is the Merger transformees, these are individuals that have been    combined into
one another, sometimes it's resembles something like one body absorbing another, there are still traits of the other left behind, although in all cases we've had both retain a separate consciousness. In other cases it's something like a siamese conjoinment, two heads or two bodies etc, depending on the circumstances these could be the most difficult to treat"

"Now not to say that Max is a three trick pony, these are only the most common of transformees, however there are other differing cases, but it would be best if you weren't aware of those, some things simply arent decent." He let that warning linger in the air cryptically.

"I'm afraid I'm needed at the Ops base, so if you'll excuse me I'll send in Nurse Simms to prep you for your departure to Mrs. Spears foundation, have a good day Mrs. Tomes, I will be seeing within the week to perform a follow up physical exam."

And with that he pushed the call button on the side of the bed and was out the door.

All he could do was sit there in the silence of the hospital room numbly digest all the information he was given.

A few minutes later he heard a soft rapping outside his bed.

Nurse Simms arrived looking somewhat agitated, she was fidgeting with her hands and she looked unsure of herself, in her hands she held a bundle of clothing, what looked to be a pair of black pants and various pairs of different women's underwear.

"I...I need to help you get dressed" she announced sadly.

Episode 5

He tuned out as soon as the nurse approached, she could dress him without his input, it wasn't like he was capable of doing it himself anymore

The nurse took the silence with a frown, but approached anyway. She brought multiple pairs of underwear hoping she would decide what she would like to wear, but her eyes seemed to drift off into space.

She decided on a simple pair of blue and white striped pair of cotton panties, they were the most conservative of the pairs she found, and a pair of black leggings with some tennis flats.

The rest was a daze to him, all he could do was to detach himself from the moment, he felt like a baby in a crib being clothed and pampered. The feelings it produced disturbed him greatly however, the underwear were tight and snug against his large feminine rear and rode up a little on his crotch, he could feel the sides digging into his "back" and the odd wrong feeling it produced, his back still felt like his front and his front felt like his back, but when he moved or looked down everything was all wrong. It also wasn't very comfortable laying down in his current position, his neck had no support and the bundle of pillows the placed there slipped when the nurse started changing him, however if he were to be moved to a sitting position he would only eat a facefull of pillow.

By the time he fell out of his daze the nurse had already hauled him out of bed and into a wheelchair, it was an odd orthopedic adjustable wheelchair so the legs, arm rests, and back could be removed and fitted however they like, it seemed custom made and worn, it wasn't new.

He was able to face forwards in this chair and have a comfortable posture sitting as his new body allowed, it was the strangest feeling as if he was sitting on his chest, but his chest was very soft and cushioned, he could feel every breath he took as his butt cheeks expanded and contracted with every breath making him feel like he was slowly rocking in his seat up and down.

He couldn't take it, call it the new hormones, the wrongness of his body, whatever you call it, he broke down and cried.

The nurse noticed a few trickles of moisture fall down her patients face, it was better that she not be involved, sometimes it was best to leave some to their own emotions

The rest of the trip down to the transport van was in utter silence.

He didn't know how he could handle all the strangeness, it still felt all surreal to him, the van looked like a normal delivery van, but like his wheelchair the inside seemed to be just as adjustable, and worn.

The seats could be removed, added and multiple arm rests, straps, and other inserts were laying on sideways in the garage, the van wasn't new and neither were these add-ons.

The nurse finished setting up his seat and picked him up from his chair, he was cradled as if he was a baby, her hands on his butt and the back of his head resting on her bosom. She set him down on the seat with no head rest and facing the opposite way, and buckled him up with a belt across his waist.

The nurse looked at her with a half smile on her face, "You're going to a place where they can take care of you, you won't have to worry about the way you look, everyone there has dealt with the same problems as you, you know you're one of the luckier ones...I know it's hard to say that when you look at it now, but trust me...of all of the....the...others, what he's done to them, you...well, when we get there you'll see for yourself" she turned to close the door, but hesitated.

"We...we never stop pursuing him you know...sometimes we get lucky and we find one of his warehouses where he stores his victims, you're wife could be in the next one we find...I heard they found one just this morning, don't give up hope" she came forward and gave her a comforting hug

He couldn't help himself, he cried into her shoulders and thanked her while she made cooing sounds to calm him down, after awhile she separated herself and smiled down at her.

"Well, you're in for a rather interesting field trip, let's get going!" she said while cleaning up her face and closing the van door.

He...well she, kind of drifted off in a more melancholy state afterward, the sites of the city were a welcome distraction from what lay beneath her head, and soon the city gave way into highways, and the highways got more rural, and then long stretches of countryside as far as she could see. pretty soon the roads were long behind them and gave way into a secluded dirt path which she saw no end to.

"Where is this place? how far away into the remote are we going" she asked nervously

"Oh no, no , no don't be worried, this is merely for your protection, Ya'see von crucial is more than a psychotic wizard. He's a businessman that deals in "exotic" arts, his pieces however just happen to be actual people he twists into his designs, so whenever one of his "pieces" goes missing or runs away he's relentless in his search to re-obtain them"

The road they were on gained gravel again, and pretty soon what looked like a modern road appeared in the middle of the forest, eerily it also stretched as far as she could see into the blackness of the forest.

"Ya'see von crucial ain't the only one with magic, however he's on a whole nother level than what the government is used to dealing with, some have theories that he's and ancient Djinn that escaped his imprisonment, but anyway, we've figured out some methods to deter him, the compound for one is heavily fortified with enchantments that create a sort of supernatural blind spot, it's easy to know it's there once you see it however the magic forces you to slightly ignore it, another thing it does is sever the psychic connection he has with his victims, that way he won't be able to interfere with our rehabilitation processes"

ahead in the distance she could barely make out something in front of them, but there were too many trees in the way, it was probably just her mind playing tricks on her

"were here!" she announced cheerfully, and the van came to a stop.

She must have lost her mind, all around them was nothing but thick forest, large trees and overgrowth drowning out nearly all the sunlight, even the road behind them seemed to have been swallowed up by the forest it ended right at the back window of the van

"what...where are we? we're lost!" she screamed at the nurse.

The nurse just giggled a little before stepping out of the van, when the door slammed shut her heart started racing, stuck out here in the wilderness with a crazy nurse, she was helpless, she probably worked for the magician and was just toying with him, brought her out here to finish her off or sell her in one his twisted auctions. She couldn't breathe. she was hyperventilating again.

Episode 6

Suddenly the van door opened and he was nearly blinded by the sunlight, he stopped his breathing started out at the smiling face of the nurse, behind her she could see the beginning of a great lush garden, flowers of all kinds, exotic and rare birds flew by and in the middle of it all lay a gigantic rustic Victorian mansion, it looked as if were four stories high with who knows how many rooms, the outside of the house and it's garden were well maintained it seemed, in fact

there seemed to be an army of gardeners and maintenance workers, male and female cleaning the walkways, watering the plants and tending to a vast produce garden that began at the main entrance and seemed to stretch for at least a mile or two.

His awe was such that he barely noticed that the nurse had unbuckled him from his seat and was leisurely pushing him along in his wheelchair towards the front entrance.

she must of looked like some sort of freak to these workers all around her, one of the male workers stopped nurse Simms and waved hello to her, she froze up in fear and shame, the man seemed to notice this and directed his attention towards her.

"I'm sorry mamm, didn't mean no disrespect, but...you're in good hands here, nobody is here to judge ya" she stared at him dumbfoundedly, here she was a man in a woman's body, a woman's body twisted into something freakish and he acted as if it was normal.

"what kind of place is this?" she seemed to ask herself out loud The man just smiled at her, then the nurse, "A safe place"
The nurse thanked the man and continued down the walkway, "You'll make all kinds of friends here, don't worry about being lonely...especially with your new roommate" she rambled on.

They reached a door that seemed twenty feet tall and half as wide, doors made of solid red wood and gold trim, framed by large romanesque columns that stretched even farther, to her it seemed like a giant lived there...but now at her stature, she guessed that included a lot of people.

The nurse was to the side talking through an intercom, "We're here Mrs Spears, a new patient, are you available?    Hmm oh yes we'll wait, thank you see you soon"

"She should be down any minute, it takes her a bit to get ready to greet new patients, unless we have a large amount of patients, she loves to meet all the new guests personally"


"well, Guests is her term really, it is her home and property after all, she was kind enough to let us use it for rehabilitation purposes"

"How could she possibly be willing to house all of these people...these things    that that monster
turned us into" she screamed irritably, not noticing the giant red doors opening, revealing a woman who could possibly be described as a playboy centerfold come to life.

also that besides a scarf worn around her neck she was completely and utterly naked, her large round firm breasts topped with cute perky nipples, and the perfect amount of aureola with a few little goosebumps imbedded, led down to a svelte and toned stomach with not even the smallest hint of a belly, just a graceful curve into wide bountiful hips framing her bare and smooth vagina, her legs were perfectly toned, thighs without a trace of cellulite or veins curved into sensual calves and her pointy feet which seemed to curve naturally as if wearing an invisible pair of six inch high heels, her body was fit and radiant, glowing with a natural light tan and smooth hairless skin that looked as if she never grew a single follicle of body hair in her life.

Jim tomes had never come close to what a goddess would look like but if anything came close she was it, her body was truly amazing, in fact she could feel funny sensations in her back and chest while staring in dumbfounded amazement at the nude woman in the doorway. He didn't even notice while staring at her body, that her face seemed a little off compared to her body, it was worn and wrinkled, not ugly just...older, way too old for the body she had.

The goddess before her noticed her stare, smiled sadly and said "well honey, to put it simply...it's because even though we are one of those "things" you were talking about" she seemed to nod to herself and make a twisting motion with her neck, she brought one of her perfectly manicured hands to the back of her head and pulled, her eyes became half lidded and she moaned a little as he twisted her head around...and around.....around.....and around...until with a wet squelch...her head came completely off!

she cradled her head between her bosom and turned it upside down, showing the truth behind her transformation, she no longer had a neck...her head was attached to a large erect penis, glistening with moisture, below her head seemed to transition into a wide neck with what appeared to be an adams apple, and then gradually turned into veiny darkly tanned flesh leading into a large erect cock.

She turned her head around and cradled her "neck" in between her bountiful cleavage, and moaned "Ohhh honey, please we have company, excuse me I forgot to introduce you" she motioned with her eyes towards her body.

"I'd like you to meet my husband, Mr Daniel Spears...or if you haven't noticed yet...the gorgeous body holding me" while hugging her bosom with his left hand and her head, her body bent down towards me and brought it's breasts into my vision...and for a second I could have sworn...that the left nipple winked at me, as blackness overtook my vision once again.

Episode 7

Rotten eggs and sulfur assaulted his senses as he was rudely awakened from one of his fainting spells, it was becoming increasingly common for him to lose his composure in the face of such oddness of late, maybe it had something to do with his new female hormones or if he

was still in shock. The smelling salts were being waved under his nose with a slender womanly hand. He wanted to grab the hand and move it away, but when he attempted this motion all he served to do was kick weakly at the air with one of his small feet and wobble in his wheelchair.

"Oh right, I forgot...I'm a fucking freak" Jim spat bitterly.

"Enough of that!" Jim was startled as a voice to his left shouted at him, his eyes widened in surprise as he encountered an the bizarre sight of Mrs Spears disembodied head sitting atop a table beside him. Her head was perched atop a small custom made stand lined with some form of silk choker cradling her "Neck" that led to a silky sock that contained the other half of her ...

"It's rude to stare honey" Mrs Spears chuckled at the young woman's shocked eyes.

"I I I'm S..sorry" Jim stuttered as he blushed and turned his head away, annoyed as his longer hair covered his vision.

"Don't worry about it honey, I would be concerned if you didn't stare, at least you're mind isn't as damaged as some other poor souls" Mrs Spears spoke sadly, but perked up quickly.

"I'm afraid I didnt catch your name honey, I know I come off a bit strong but It's best to get used to your new situation sooner than later"

"I'm....My name....is..Jim, Jim tomes....I...eh" He couldn't finish his sentence, hearing his own voice was painful to his ears, it made his situation all the more real.

"Oh your a TeeGee, well as you can see me and my husband happen to be experts in dealing with those who experienced a shift in gender" She explained as she motioned to below her chin, the long serpentine sock covered appendage attached to her neck, and looked to the right.

Jim almost forgot about Mrs Spears second half, literally in this case. Her decapitated body idly standing to his other side, still clad in nothing but it's birthday suit. Her body was the epitome of feminine sexuality. Even in his situation and the oddity of where he was couldn't completely eradicate his most base male instincts, feeling a warmth and tingling in his "chest" and "back" as he admired the bizarre sight of Mrs Spears headless body. He shook out of his bad thoughts and studied Mrs Spears body more closely, it bent down a bit and waved at him. Nestled in the place where a normal neck would have been was a slightly up raised mound rising from between the shoulders, a mound that wouldn't have looked odd if it was between a woman's legs. Her body seemed to notice as Jim stared at it's "neck" and waved it's finger at him, it reached behind Mrs Spears head to a piece of fabric hanging off a hook attached to her head's holster. It daintily raised the this garment above it's shoulders and behind it's arms as if putting on a shirt. Jim nearly choked back a cough when the body was done, having applied a silky pair of red frilly panties over it's shoulders to cover up it's bare vaginal mound above her collarbone.

Jim was silent, this nude "headless" body having dressed itself in a single pair of panties it wore over it's shoulders to cover up.

"Don't mind Daniel, He likes to lay around" Mrs Spear chuckled. Jim looked over to her. "He?" Jim intoned.
"Well of course, you're not the first to change sex...Daniel is my husband." She said proudly. While the body moved her side and struck a pose.

"Er...umm can...He see us?" Jim asked, he could not find any trace of a face or eyes while he examined the headless pantie clad shouldered body posing comically behind Mrs Spears head.

"Sure he can, He can see, and hear us...the only thing he's incapable of is speech, which is rather difficult to do when you no longer have a head...or mouth...or anything resembling vocal chords..He's fully versed in sign language however, which is very helpful as other changed guests this is the only way of communication they have left." Mrs Spears body...well "Daniel" made motions with her hands in subtle ways to express it's speech, his limited knowledge of sign language allowing him to piece together the motions as "Nice to meet you". Jim gave a small weary smile, as Daniel gave a fist pump and gave a thumbs up at being acknowledged.

"You'll have to excuse his enthusiasm, he's very grateful when people treat him as a person rather than just an extension of myself, don't take it the wrong way but he's become extremely vain over the years" She said the last part in a whisper, however Daniel overheard and did her best way of expressing a pout, cocking her shoulders and putting both hands on her wide hips.

"How" Jim said.

"What was that dear?" Mrs Spears was distracted as Daniel continued to pout silently. "How can he see...there...he has no eyes?" Jim asked in confusion.
"Well...that's on odd question" Mrs Spears said dumbfoundedly.

"Why? How? I don't mean to sound insensitive to you...Daniel, but you being alive is in impossibility. and you Mrs Spears...how can you even survive in such a state...it's scientifically impossible" Jim shouted, causing Daniels shoulders to droop. Jim was suddenly filled with a bit of guilt at his sudden outburst, these two ...people were here to help him and he was doing nothing but whining. Mrs Spears face was overcome with a look of intense exhaustion, her older features having become more defined as weariness crossed over it. When she spoke it was in low tone filled with sadness.

"twenty five years" She said.

"who..." Jim was confused and concerned.

"Twenty five years since I last heard Daniels voice, Twenty five years since we last held hands    twenty five years since we last kissed" Mrs spears was staring down, her eyes drooping
with the memories of her past.

"Twenty five years since I last saw any of my friends and family...twenty five years of    " Her
words were silenced by the touch of Daniels fingers to her lips, her body bending downwards and lifting Mrs Spears head to her bosom, cradling it like a newborn baby and caressing her hair.

"I'm    I'm sorry" Jim said sadly. She felt a strong wave a guilt wash over him. He gazed down at
his form in the wheelchair, he didn't think he could ever get used to what he now was, and he guessed that the feeling was very common amongst the victims of The Magician.

"Don't be" a muffled response came from Daniels bosom, Mrs Spears should her head and Daniel placed her head back on the pedestal.

"Don't be sorry, what that mad man did to us is inhumane and cruel. You are new to this world and it's understandable to be angry, In fact, it's a sign of a healthy mind. No one deserves this. I used to be like you actually    I hated what I had become, I felt trapped and scared and
helpless...I didn't know what was to become of me    everything felt unreal, like a nightmare you
couldn't wake from. The more I lingered on these thoughts the more I loathed myself, I felt into a darkness and I admit that on occasion I've tried to    end it" She paused abruptly, her face
becoming serious and stern.

"I don't want that to happen to you" She smiled sincerely.

"    " Jim was silent, taking in her words, did he even want to live if he was like this? a twisted
freak? He looked over at Mrs Spears eyes, and looked back down unable to meet her gaze.

"I'm not gonna lie, it's    painful and it will be extremely hard and difficult to come to terms with
your situation but    You're Not alone, We are all here for you. If it wasn't for Daniel, I don't know
what I would have done    he cared for me, and helped me sort through my darkness when no
one else could. I may be the "Head" of the foundation but Daniel has been the heart and soul of this facility since day zero" She smiled at Daniel, her body folding it's arms over it's chest in embarrassment, a slight tinge of redness developed under the collarbone.

Seeing this emotional scene between Mrs Spears and Daniel no matter how odd evoked something within Jim that caused fresh tears to fall from his eyes, his thoughts were filled with nothing but visions of his wife. Would he ever see her again? Would she even still love him as he was?

"Oh honey what's wrong?" Mrs Spears said while Daniel bent forward and gently laid a hand along the smooth curve of his ass below his chin.

"That monster, He took my wife...I...I miss her dearly" He said lowly, his girlish voice sounding broken and tired.

"Oh god honey...I'm sorry, I didn't know" Mrs Spears gasped. She looked down at Jim. Her legs curled underneath his thighs. Her young beautiful female face showed nothing but despair.
Daniel gently wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes.

"I'm very sorry Jim. But...You should have hope...don't give up..the PRT (Paranormal Recon and Tactical team) has a very high success rate at finding some of Max's warehouse, I'm sure there is a good chance your wife will be in the next one" Mrs Spears declared.

"Do you think she'll still love me?" He asked in a childish voice.

"I'm sure of it honey...You'll probably find yourself closer than ever...we have many couples rehabilitating here together, they've become nearly inseparable and many were rescues as well...just have patience and you'll see your wife once again" Mrs Spears spoke hopefully. For once this caused a smile to grace his elfin features.

"Thank you Mrs Spears...I'll do my best to    adjust" Jim smiled.

"I'm glad you feel that way, let's go meet your roommate and get you settled in" She gestured with her chin as Daniel gave Jim a playful punch in the chin and picked up Mrs Spears head underneath it's arm and grabbed Jims wheelchair in the other.

"It's time to meet Gina"


Re: The Mad Magician: Max Von Crucial - by JanetPlanet

Episode 8

"Starting sequencing ..on my mark ..now." The technician said. The mood in the command trailer was tense. Through the glass window, a gurney stood in the white room alone except for the large reflective mirror angled downward. At first glance the gurney looked empty but another look shows a small object lying in the center under the mirror.

"Begin the fill, load sequencing algorithms and turn on the auxiliary battery." Dr. Craig Jackson said.

"Cindy, can you hear me?" he said into the microphone.

"Yes, it's getting hot in here" the high pitched almost Mickey Mouse like voice responded.

"I know, we're close to making a final run, we just need to increase the power. The binders that hold you in your current state require tremendous amounts of energy. In the lab tests, we have been able to break the binders in about 75% of the test cases."

"I am aware of the risks" The squeaky voice replied. "I need this."

"I know Cindy, we'll see you on the other side." He said and turned off the microphone. "Testing on humans are we Dr.?" A voice said.
Dr. Jackson turned. "She knows the risks, and hell could you blame her? She would have committed suicide had she the means." This whole thing made him uneasy, but without real data outside of a controlled experiment they may never find a way to undo Von Crucial's transformations.

Agent 00 smiled. "Yes, we all have our burdens to bear don't we." She said.

"Dr., the auxiliary unit is powered up and we are ready to begin." The technician said. Dr. Jackson took a deep breath. "Execute on my order ..Execute." he said.
Though the window, the light grew to an intense brightness.

"Readings are normal, fill temperature at an acceptable level. Starting de-sequencing in 3 2 1
.Mark" The tech said and flicked a switch. Suddenly an alarm sounded on the control panel.
"Dr .the core temperature is exceeding safety limits."

"How far along are we, can we buy more time?" Dr. Jackson asked

"We need to shut it down now or risk destroying the auxiliary fill system. It took us months to grow the crystals necessary to amplify the energy from the main system. A total loss would set us back months, maybe a year."

A spark shot out of the control panel, and inside the chamber smoke began to pour in setting off more alarms.

"Ok Ok shut it down. Abort." Dr. Jackson said "Ventilate that room and get me the status on Cindy. Do we have the emergency ventilator?"

A door opened and the gurney was wheeled out and into a makeshift emergency room. "I have to get in there," he said. "It's my entire fault."
The emergency ventilator had remove most of the smoke from the building by the time Dr. Jackson made it to the emergency room.

"Is she ok?" he asked a nurse

"Well I think you need to see this Dr."

Dr. Jackson stepped inside a curtain and gasped. The process had worked sort of. Lying on the gurney was what amounted to be a 3 and a half foot long penis with normal human arms and legs and from the angle he was at, female genitalia complete with blonde pubic hair. Facial features where barely recognizable in the wrinkled skin but there were two closed eyelids, a small nose and a mouth located in the center of the torso above arms length but below the "head". There was no neck to speak of, nor shoulders or breasts and the nipples and belly button appeared to be hidden in the folds of wrinkled skin

He took a deep breath and regained his composure. "How are her vitals?"

"Dr., respiration is normal as is blood pressure and heart rate. We'll take a look at brain activity as soon as we figure out um where it is. I mean we need to run an x-ray to see where to place the sensors."

"Well for God sakes, put a blanket over her. Give her some dignity for crying out loud." Dr. Jackson snapped.

He walked over and grabbed her hand. It was soft and he leaned down and whispered "Cindy can you hear me?"

He felt her hand squeezed his and she stirred.

"I can feel you." She said quietly and brought her other hand up in front of her eyes. "It worked or am I dead?" She said.

"You are not out of the woods yet but it looks better." He felt like he was lying but in truthfulness, she did have arms and legs now and she wouldn't be living in and incubator anymore.

"The process isn't complete, Cindy. We were only able to get you back to a certain point. The important thing is we made progress and these results will assure that we have good data to use so we can someday have a true cure."

"Can I see " She said loving the sound of her voice. It sounded deep and she felt it vibrate in her chest.

Dr. Jackson held a mirror for her as she started in a combined state of shock, elation, horror and disgust at her reflection. With her hands she felt her "face", well the skin around her eyes, nose and mouth anyway. Without proper bone structure, there were no cheekbones or anything underlying to give it personality. She couldn't smile, but she could open her mouth. The skin itself was dark and wrinkled with large blue veins the size of snakes visible under the translucent thin skin. Above her eyes the ridge of the "head" marked the end of her humanity.
Not wanting to see further she guided the mirror back to her eye level. Staring back at her, were her tear filled eyes, the window to her soul. She wiggled her toes and using the mirror looked down at the rest of her. The wrinkled skin and vein work extended down until a patch of blond pubic hair sat nestled at the junction of her two legs. How ironic she thought that here she was, basically just a big dick with a vagina. "What's that all about?" she thought and laughed out loud.

"Sit me up" she said.

"I don't think that's a good idea Cindy, we don't ."

"God Dammit, help me sit up" she said sternly mustering most of the strength she could.

Dr. Jackson nodded and motioned to two nurses. One of each side, they held her arms as they gently and slowly pulled her into an upright sitting position.

"Let go." She said

The two nurses looked at the Dr. and he nodded.

Joy filled Cindy as she felt gravity pulling on her in something other than a prone position for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.

The reality is that as her thighs began rushing toward her face, she realized what Dr. Jackson was trying to tell her, that apparently she still lacked bone structure in her upper torso and the soft limp flesh was no match for the weight of the upper half of her body. She essentially folded in half with her face buried between her own thighs.

She cried, sobbing as she was forced to look at her crotch unable to move. Her tears however were not tears of sadness but of joy. From her vantage point she could see her feet, her regular normal human feet. Just watching her wiggle her own toes was the greatest gift that had been given to her. Her sobbing stopped and she asked the doctor, her voice muffled by her own thighs.

"When can we do this again?" She asked, loving the sound of her own voice echoing between her legs. The doctor bent down and gently lifted her torso, being careful to avoid her...'head"

"It's going to be some time before we can continue...It will take months for us to repair some vital systems...but rest assured we'll continue where we left off immediately," the doctor said.

Cindy smiled gratefully at the doctor, and dragged one of her boneless arms slowly to squeeze at his.

"Thank you" She said, the nurses had gently lifted her onto a larger gurney and she blushed as her penile body began to grow erect as a reaction to her feelings of happiness.

Episode 9

Max was giddy, all the chaos he could cause and mayhem just made him swill with excitement.

He was drunk off his own power like he usually was, and now he had a chance to recreate that exhilarating spark of causing havoc with an assistant in a place that was untainted by is wonderful gifts.

"Let's take a day off of order for today, and have fun, what do you say?" "I'm always ready for whatever you have in mind max"
"Oh really!?" He asked with a sinister gleam in his eyes Anjeia looked startled, and scared at this.
"Oh relax darling, I wouldn't dare harm the only woman who share my enlightened view of the world!" laughing heartily.
Anjeia relaxed and gave him a playful tap on his back. "Hmm, first we could do with some drinks"
he spotted a bar, more of a dive really, and pointing towards it with Anjeia wandered over.

It really was a dive, the place was clean but save from the cute twenty something bartender herself and the middle aged guy unsuccessfully trying to chat her up it was empty. Max was disappointed, he enjoyed an audience, the crowd and their reactions were like a drug to him.

'C'mon maureen!, just give me one chance! I swear I won't let you down again!"

"Fat chance jack, every time I agree to go out with you all you do is get into my pants, We never even got kissing before I had you pawing at me and groping me like a horny little kid"

"I'm just lonely and I got needs, I don't really have a lot of self control!, I promise I'll stop drinking"

"pfft you stop drinking and I lose my best customer, but maybe I'll consider it, there's more to this bar than booze"
"Aww mar, but your cooking is lousy!, why do you think we all get drunk when we come here" "Your a real flattered you know that jack, whatever    OH! I'm so sorry I didn't see you two come
in!, welcome to Maureen's Watering Hole, I'm Maureen and I'll get you anything you need,
...don't mind jack, he's almost a fixture" she greeted Max and Anejeia.

"Someones gottta sit in this chair! might get loose or something" he mumbled to himself. "Don't worry, Mind if we sit at the bar with you jack?" Anejeia asked
Jack studied this woman who came in with this older man, he was judging her, and liking what he saw, but he was wary as he saw maureen from the corner of his eye scorning him with her own eyes.

"Sure sure, Me and Maureen, we run this place make yourself at home!" he replied nervously, hoping he wouldn't ruin his chances with Maureen. She nodded approvingly and went to fetch some glasses, he sighed and wiped his brow.

Max studied the two and from their conversation with each other already knew how he could help enlighten their lives! Well he couldn't wait to begin. So he didn't!

"So jack, I couldn't help but overhear, seems your having trouble trying to catch the sweet girl in the bar"

"yeah, well    We've always been good friends since she started college, and we had classes
together. We both took english classes and I was always fascinated by how she was a sci fi geek like me, we got along real well and went out a couple times"

"Buuut    " Anemia interrupted.

"Sigh    I was always too eager, and she didn't want any of it, we had more dates but it ended the
same...I would get nervous and try to    well you know" he gestured embarrassingly towards
below the waist.

Max smiled.

"What if I could help you with your problem friend, you and her could be together and There would be no problem for you to get into her pants any time you wanted?"

'id say your crazy, but at this point I'll give anything a shot" jack sighed in defeat, not taking what Max say seriously.

At that moment maureen returned from the back with freshly cleaned glasses.

Max gave Jack a cheshire grin and turned to maureen "Alright fellas, whaddya like?' she asked cheerfully.
Max gave maureen a lecherous grin and maureen seemed to stiffen up, that jack didn't like at all one bit, but he let it go, Maureen wouldn't be caught dead flirting with a jerk like this.

"Well sweetie pie, I was hoping you would let my friend jack over there see what kind of panties you wear"

Jack spit out his beer and stared at the man, he couldn't believe how arrogant this fool was. "Sure thing!" Maureen announced cheerfully.
Jack just stared at her, thinking she was going to show this guy how she dealt with jerks like him, she kept a small revolver behind the bar, filled with blanks but it was enough to persuade the average drunken joe to scram.

She reached down.

and pulled her blue jeans right off her legs, and kicked them off to the side.

Jack stared dumbfounded, he was transfixed by the sight of a half naked maureen, the girl he yearned for and lusted after for quite some time, as she pulled off her pants and revealed to him, that she wasn't even wearing any panties, she went commando! his maureen never wore underwear to work!? his cheeks burned and more blood was pumping elsewhere rather than his brain.

"Ooh, naughty little girl you even shave too!" Max grinned.

It was true, she was shaved but the hair she did have was trimmed into a cute little pattern, the curly hairs forming a little arrow shaped goatee.

"Now jack, lets help you with your little problem"

"Whu" Jack tried to say as it felt as if he were being sucked into a whirlwind the world getting blurry and everything feeling cramped and mushy, almost as if he was melting like hot wax.

Episode 10

Maureen was scared, she had tunnel vision, she couldn't move her body and this man was commanding her to do things against her will, for god sakes she just flashed jack!, she was mortified, she couldn't believe what was going on. Why wasnt jack doing anything!.

She screamed, inside of her only since to the outside observer all they saw was a half naked girl smiling like a dope behind the bar.

Jack was melting! Oh god, it was like his flesh was turned into butter and he melted. It was disgusting. Maureen was crying. She had grown to like Jack as a friend, and really enjoyed her time with him but she never had the heart to tell him she was really a lesbian. She went out with him those few times out of pity, but couldn't get over the fact that it felt more like going out with her brother rather than a lover. Besides, she was already in a relationship with a girl she met in the english class as well, but she would never tell Jack that.

And now this man was smiling at her, while Jack was dying and I couldn't even move a muscle. And then Jack vanished.
Where did he go? did they finally kill him.

She fell to the floor gasping, out of breath and with tears streaming down her face. She remembered jack and got up to look over the bar.

His clothes empty, as he just fell out of them lay in a heap at the bottom of the stool.

She reached for the revolver hidden at the bar and turned it at the man the woman smiling evilly at her.

Crying and shaking she aimed it at them, and they laughed at her.

She pulled the trigger, trying to scare them and gun started to vibrate loudly. confused she looked at her hands and dropped it on the floor, her gun had been transformed into some sort of sex toy, it resembled a gun however the barrel was now long rubber dildo, and the handle now an electric vibrator for it.

"What...why....jack....why..." She cried hysterically towards them. Max just chuckled and he and Anejia strolled towards the door. "I like it very subtle and fitting" Anemia chimed
"Well Maureen I've got a long night ahead of me and as for jack, well you'll find he's exactly where he always wanted to be" and with that they casually walked out the door.

Maureen was hysterical, they said that Jack was okay, but where was he? she had stopped crying and looked down towards her "Gun" and kicked it away in disgust at with her bare feet. She should probably get some pants on, she looked around and spotted her pants towards where he kicked the "Gun"

She bent forward to retrieve her pants and looked towards her legs and stopped suddenly. She was staring at a pair of eyes nestled above her trimmed pubic hair. She thought they were a tattoo, but then they blinked rapidly at her and started moving around as if panicked.

She noticed the color of the eyes, light green with specks in them, Jack's Eyes.

She fell down backwards on her butt still looking at her crotch and they winced as she fell down hard on the brick floor.

She was mostly in shock from everything else that happened so she wasn't really thinking when she brought one of her hands towards her crotch and fingered at the eyes above her pussy.
They looked annoyed and winced again as she prodded them clumsily. They felt real to her, she couldn't see out of them so that means they could only be...

"Jack?..." She whispered carefully. The eyes seemed to nod and light up.

She was unprepared as her lower lips seemed to slide together and open up on their own, her labia flapping wildly and her clit wiggling enticingly. She gave a sharp gasp and put her hands behind her as the sensations of her own living pussy expressed itself.

"Jack stop!" and Immediately he did as told, she came down from her surprise and took a few breaths before looking back between her legs, she reached her hand down again and the eyes went cross eyed as she inserted her finger into her folds and felt around.

The eyes on her crotch seemed to go half lidded as she probed jacks mouth, and felt around. Exploring her new genitals until she confirmed what she could feel inside, and pulled it out. Her pussy had a tongue as well.

She let go of it, and ran towards the front door, locked it shut, sat down on one of the stools and cried.

Episode 11

"There's nothing more satisfying than helping lost souls find their place" Max laughed as they walked excitedly away from the couple and the bar, a new kick in his step and strange hungry smile adorning Anejeia's face.

"Oh let me do the next one, I want to practice for the show" Anemia pleaded.

"Sure thing, just make sure its something creative, I was a little too lenient on those last two but I couldn't help but do the obvious"

"I can't wait, I wont dissapoint" she shook eagerly.

Max studied his apprentice proudly, she was turning into quite the little deviant. He could only smile approvingly that she would be a worthy successor to his magicks.

"Look, I see some new victims now" she pointed out to a three young men loitering behind a liquor store, smoking, drinking and harassing any passerbys.

The first one she saw was young, fit and tall easily the leader of the bunch he carried himself much more straighter than the others, filled with Alcohol, tobacco and adrenaline if anybody dared to threaten him, always eager for a fight.

The second one was shorter, but older looking, more shaggy and haggard in appearance as well. A born loser if she ever saw one, never really fit in with other crowds and too meek to assert himself, spending most of his time getting drunk, high or whatever else would occupy his time in the most non productive way.

The third was younger the other two, but he obviously looked up to these other two as role models, smaller, shyer but easily coerced into being the others little errand boy. Anemia felt sorry for this one, he was just a young impressionable boy, and these two were just trouble.

Well, it was only up to her to help them out.

"Wait here Max, for what I have in mind, I need to go in solo" She smiled seductively, looked down at her chest and ripped a few buttons off of her blouse and tore a slit in her skirt. strutting towards the trio while giving max a sly wink from over her shoulder.

Max looked at her stunned, shook his head and cleaned the tear from his head and grinned toothily.

"I'm so proud of my girl!" he cried to himself maniacally.

Episode 12 (contribution by Bobboled)

Angela walks up to the youngest of the three men. The first two try to hit on her, but she easily brushes them off. She gets right next to the young man, her impressive bosom mere inches from his face.

"Hello there cutie, what is it you and your friends are up to?" she says seductively. He sputters, "Um, well we were-
"We came to this bar to pick up some chicks, and you look lick my top pick," the stud interject

The loser chimed in, "Yeah, come on and hang with us, we now an awesome place just around the corner!" Anjeia waved them away with a swish of her hand, motioning for them to hush.
Their mouths sank into their faces until nothing was left but a blank area. They panicked, hands searching their faces for their lost mouths. "Be still!" she hissed. Both of them froze, their eyes the only parts moving, erratically searching for escape.

She turned back to the young man. His face was frozen in fear, but that only made Anjeia all the more excited. She caressed his face, cooing to him, telling him it would be all right. Of course, it would not, and he would know soon enough. His facial features softened, becoming more feminine while his skin became smooth and shed all of his body hair except for his head. His chest puffed up and out, becoming an enticing pair of A-cup breasts that were perky and soft.
The young man clutched his groin as his penis shrank away until it was absorbed by his body, only to be replaced by a plush new pussy. His transformation was nearing completion, his body filling out the new curves and his face becoming more and more beautiful. However, Anjeia decided to leave his short haircut, she thought it looked fairly interesting anyways. When it was done, there stood in his place a buxom beauty wearing a polo shirt and beige shorts with a look of utter bewilderment. She put a finger to the new female's lips, indicating that she was not to speak yet. She obeyed for fear of worse repercussions.

Anjeia motioned for the two men to come to her, and they obeyed. She violently took their heads in her hands and pushed their faces onto the young wo(man's) tits. Their bodies shimmered and began to melt into the girls bosom. As hey did, her breasts grew in size. the more the men melted into her the bigger they got. By the time that both men were absorbed up to their wastes, her breasts had become massive F-cups. Their legs were being absorbed, but their dicks and anuses were not. Near the end of the transformation, the only thing left of the men were their dicks which faced upward on the girl's tits,and their assholes under their sacks. Anjeia giggled, as their cocks became a bit bigger, reaching a foot long, but all of their pubic hair disappeared and their dicks became a little more feminine looking. As a final touch, she decided to give their mouths back. The asshole holes plumped up and took on the sharp of very

feminine lips which were large and supple. One began to speak, but it's new seductive voice was muffled by eh huge hairless ball-sack in front of it.

Pleased with her work, she excused the new she-monster with her nipples mumbling curses at her. the girl ran out of the bar to who knows where. Anjeia didn't care, as she had obviously pleased Max greatly. She could see him from across the bar, absolutely beaming with joy.

Episode 13

Not satisfied with transforming the three men, and leaving behind one scared beautiful girl with a few little ornaments, she soon set her sights on her next targets

She headed inside the drug store, inside she found an assortment of people to play with, four customers waiting in line and a balding middle-aged hispanic man minding the cash register.

The first customer, was your typical wannabe gangster type, a thin white teenage boy wearing oversized sports clothes and large flashy jewelry, it looked like he could barely hold up his pants, arguing with the cashier over the validity of his age and ID card.

Behind him was your run of the mill lady of the night, dressed up in only her tightest clothing, wearing shorts that seemed as if they used to be yoga pants she had tailored cut off just before they past her groin, giving her just enough decency to look as if she was wearing more than just her underwear...of which she had none.

The third customer was a young teenage girl, oblivious to the world around her while all her attention was focused intently on texting messages into her phone

The fourth customer, a young man, a high schooler, your typical jock if judging by his high school football jacket was anything to go by.

waving gingerly to Max outside she headed inside.

The first thing she did was freeze everyone in the store, leaving them helpless but aware.

The man behind the register was frozen with an angry glare upon his face while pointing to the fake ID on the counter, and the young man in the oversized clothes trying to intimidate the cashier. She ignored the other two for a moment and focused on the young man.

curling her body around his, she caressed his arms and legs through his baggy clothing, and very daintily started licking his cheek and pecking at his face, his eyes showed fear as well as a spark of lust build within, very soon she sensed a bit of movement while she fondled his body.

"seems not every part of you is frozen there homie" she giggled, she dropped down low and began lower his pants, and then his basketball shorts,...and then another pair of shorts, and some boxers...and finally another pair of boxers.

"for all that trouble it sure wasn't worth it to unwrap" she chided while pointing towards his diminutive member, his erection dwindled and his face turned bright red from embarrassment or anger. She laughed at his reaction and reached down to fondle his testicles, her warm hands working wonders to re-invigorate his hardon, as soon as she got it erect again, she backed off and pulled up his largest pair of pants, while discarding the others, and forced his hand down to hold them in place.

His eyes showed much confusion, until she moved forward to undress his upper body, making sure to smother him with her breasts when she did so, removing three layers of basketball jerseys and his chains, she soon had him bare chested, and just as before she was unimpressed with what she saw, a gangly pale torso that you could even see his hip bones jutting out.

"how would like to fill out these clothes more?" she teased while bending down and licking his navel, where he soon felt a warmth build up and spread throughout his entire body. He felt tension building and building, his muscles cramping over one another as if he just had a major workout and the tension got stronger and warmer and more intense.

His skin soon started rippling in waves like water, each motion his skin became firmer, more defined and taut with muscle and definition, his skin tone was even changing becoming more tan and shinier the more his muscles developed. His arms inflated like balloons, becoming massive hulking shoulders that were thicker than his entire waist used to be, ending in large meaty fists with veins that pulsed with strength.

meanwhile his body developed further down below the belt, his thighs and calves pumping up with vein bursting muscle, until his entire body was nearly straining against his once oversized clothes, his body was built with enough muscle to put a champion bodybuilder to shame, complete with the full body tan.

"vogue for me baby" she cheered him, and soon he found himself in control of his own body once more.

filled with testosterone, adrenaline and fear, he chose to obey her words and soon enough he was posing in various muscle man stances, his rational mind having taken a back seat to the amount of hormones racing through his body, he became overcome with raw lust for the woman admiring his muscles and soon tore off his pants and advance toward her, at which point she started pointing and bending over laughing harder, the over muscled young man stopped in his tracks and followed where her finger was pointing.

While his entire body had changed to the point of being unrecognizable as his original pale scrawny one, his tiny penis remained intact, looking even more pathetic attached to his herculean body, overcome with rage and embarrassment he charged at her

"SHUT UP CUNT!" he roared fists raised high, she stood in front of him and charged back, confused by this he was unprepared as she caught his fists like he was nothing and leaned in for a gentle kiss, which left his lips tingling with pleasure.

"Don't worry big boy, I'll make it much much bigger if you like" she breathed in his face "You    you can?" he asked his mouth drooling to her face so close to his
"Sure thing...but    It's gonna cost you" she whispered while licking his ear and making him

"Doo iiiit, I don't share!" he asked nearly numb with anticipation and pleasure at her touch.

She smiled cruelly, went down on her knees and started kneading his member, each palm gently caressing it like a piece of dough, with each roll of her hands his manhood grew longer and thicker, more veins and it's skin changing hues to better match his new body

soon his member was twice the length it was, the larger his cock grew the more changes were occurring to other parts of his body, as if his own penis was eating up all his masculinity, unnoticed by him his thighs and calves swollen with deposits of fatty tissue, his ass inflating and his hips widening with each inch his cock grew longer and thicker, so was his body gaining small traits of femininity. His muscles remained but his body gained a shape more fit to that of a female bodybuilder.

Larger and larger his cock grew till it passed his belly button that now curved downward attached to his much wider and rounder hips, his cock continued to crawl up his body and reaching the bottom of his breasts and inched their way past his expanding cleavage, the feelings of his own cock nestled between his own breasts sending shivers throughout his entire body....breasts, his breasts....

"Whuh dduhh fuugh!?" he shouted, looking down at his chest in a panic, and gasped as droplets of drool escaped his mouth.

staring back at him was a pair of tits that could put a porn star to shame, huge globes topped with erect nipples the size of a grown man's thumb, and areola that puffed up around them, easily each as big as an official NBA basketball, they stood firm against his frame his upper body muscles being put to use to naturally and proudly display his assets, and nestled tightly between them poking through his shiney tan new cleavage his own meaty prick still growing ever longer up to meet his face.

His body became stiff again as he stared down at his own huge cock crawling through his giant tits, his fear growing every second it inched closer and closer to his face, trying desperately to move his head to no avail as it neared his lips    and passed right through with no resistance
whatsoever. beyond disturbed, he tried to pull back and close his mouth but found his lips were not responding, he swirled his tongue in his mouth to find his teeth and found only meaty walls of flesh and a slightly salty and sour taste. further probing only found his ever growing cock forced deeper down his throat and he could do nothing but lash at it futility with his tongue, which only proved to stimulate himself to the point where he gave up trying to fight back and happily accepted his own cock further down his gullet.

Anjeia stepped back as she finished with her latest experiment, and watched as the bewildered musclebound she'male she created began to slowly and steadily fuck the meaty pussy that replaced her mouth, the large clit that replaced her nose growing large and erect between her eyes while sucking down her own penis that would never grow flaccid and balls that would never empty, never once had she tampered with the young mans mind, leaving him a slave to his own pleasures, the only movements she made other than bobbing her head up and down on her own shaft were to mash and tweak her breast against her massive cock every now and then.

She directed the face fucking muscle bound shemale to the door and out to meet max, it walked slowly, every step forcing her to hump her own face more and more, while Anjeia turned back to the rest of the victims who watched everything unfold.

Episode 14(contributed by Bobboled)

Anjeia walked over to the young man, seizing him up as she closed in. He was muscular and handsome, the generic school jock if there ever was one. Anjeia saddled up to him, one leg around his waist and her hand in his pants. His girth wasn't anything to be ashamed of either, and was the exact opposite of the previous victim's. It grew erect under her touch, and Anjeia was fairly impressed with the youth's endowment. However, she was here to impress, not be impressed. Her fingers firmly gripped his cock at the base, balls and all, and she tugged it upward. It came loose with an almost inaudible pop, and soon she was holding the jock's cock before his eyes.

Anjeia idli rubbed it with her hands, admiring it. IT was obvious that the jock could still feel her touch, if his eyes were any indication. Even as she toyed with it, it grew harder and a drop of pre formed at the tip. There was a loud 'slap' as Anjeia whacked the jock in the face with his own prick.

"Nuhuh bad boy, not until I am ready!"

She then left the jock and headed towards the young woman. Tears were streaming down here face in abject fear as Anjeia slowly approached her. She wiped them away with the head of the cock, cooking sweet nothings to the girl and teasing her with the dick as she made up her mind about what to do. As she drew the cock across the girls lips, an idea struck her. She opened the girls mouth and removed her tongue with her free hand. Then she stuck the penis into the girl's mouth, base first and fused it with the bottom of her mouth. The girl's eyes stared down at her deformed face, her lips unable to close now due to the cock stuck in her mouth The dick itself pushed her upper lip almost to her nose, while the balls, unable to fit inside, hung over her lower lip. And yet, Anjeia still was not finished. She tugged on the head of the penis, making it look like she might pull it out, however the cock instead began to stretch and stretch until it reached all the way down to her breasts. She then gripped the girl under the chin and pulled her head clean off of her body, but something trailed her head as it was yanked out. From the boys view he could see the girl, already doomed with one cock on her head, had now grown a humongous cock from the underside of her head now too. This one was almost equal in length to her torso, but was about a foot longer and almost as think as her neck had been. Satisfied with the result, Anjeia tossed the head aside, which caused the girl to become entangled in both of her cocks, and walked back over to the boy. She caressed his chin with her free hand, the other still holding on to the tongue. She then squeezed his face hard causing his mouth to open wide, and she dropped the tongue in. She then closed his mouth, and watched the magic work. His cheeks bulged out in odd angles, and it became apparent that the tongue she had placed in there was violently thrashing about. While this was going on, the jocks body was changing. His shirt bulged out as breasts began to grow upon his chest, and his pants and underwear fell down, revealing his blank crotch and new slim waist. His face, with the tongue still worming around in it, became much more feminine, and in fact, it came to look exactly like the girl that had just been transformed.

In moments he, now she, was an exact copy of what the girl had looked like before, sans vagina. Anjeia quickly fixed that, as a hole appeared in the center of his crotch, which grew into a new pussy almost immediately. Then, just like the girl before him, Anjeia took his/her head of her body and another long dick neck was attached to it. She threw his head into the pile of cock that was the earlier girl and set to work. She placed both hands on the headless jock's shoulders and pushed down, hard. The top portion of her body sank into her waist except for her breasts and arms. Anjeia detached the arms as well and placed them on the previous girls body, just below her original arms. She then turned her attention back to the reduced girl. She was now nothing more then tits ass and legs, and that was exactly what she had wanted. She picked the the jock up and carried the reduced girl over to the other girl. Then, she spun the legs upside down so that she her legs were aimed at the ceiling. She made sure that their vaginas were facing the same way and then she firmly planted the jock's torso onto the other girl's blank shoulders. Where the jock's form ended, that being the tits right above her navel, the other girl's clavicle fused, filling in the blank area left by the absence of her head. It looked as though the

body had a second pair of legs and breasts for a head. With a wicked grin, Anjeia went and picked up the two dick neck women. She grabbed them by the tip of their new dick necks, and dragged them to their new shared body. She Shoved the jock into the upper vagina, sliding her thick neck penis into the their body until it's head came out of their lower pussy and rubbed against their thighs. Likewise, she took the girl with a dick for a tongue, and inserted her into their shared anus, pressing hard until her cock jutted out from between their lower butt-cheeks. Pleased with her latest demented creation, she lifted their frozen state and order them to walk out to Max. The girl tried to scream at her as their body made its way outside, but her lips were too tightly wrapped around the penis attached to her mouth. Speaking of which, the jock attempted to yell at her too, but all that came out was a garbled "spluh". When the jock opened his mouth, several long tongues spilled out of it, each covered in saliva and rubbing against each other.

Angelica blew them a kiss as they made their way out the door and to their new owner(s).

Episode 15

Anjeia silently appraised the young woman slutty clothes. "Tell me girl, do you enjoy your job?"
The young woman suddenly found herself in control of her own body again, and tried desperately to make for the exit when her vision started suddenly spinning and falling. Two soft female hands smothered her face and she was looking directly into the eyes of the perverted witch woman.

"I asked you a question girl, I've relieved your head of its shoulders, and if you continue to disobey me or start screaming, I'll just have to make sure you won't have anything to scream with" Anjeia spoke dangerously, spinning her head around to show her her headless body frozen in mid run, the young woman's head began to sob into Anjeias hands.

"Aww, there there, baby girl, everything I do is for pleasure, yours and mine...it's nothing to be afraid of, you...of all people should appreciate that" she cooed, cradling the woman's head, slowly her tears abated. The young woman continued to sniffle quietly into anjeias bosom.

"see, now...lets see if we can continue this conversation with some level headedness" bringing the womans head to face her own, surprisingly eliciting a giggle from her. This surprised Anemia, most of the people she changed were cowering in fear or pleading for mercy.

"Hmm..." she looked over at the woman's body, and noticed for the first time the hard little points that capped off each side of her sheer tube top.

"Tell me girl...did seeing what I did to those people arouse you?" The head in her hands gasped, and tried to turn away while she flushed red, Anjeia chuckled.

"I see..." The young woman tried futility to look away, useless as it was she returned her eyes to face anjeias and began to plead.

"Please...I don't want to be a freak....just..let me go and I'll never tell anyone about what I saw...I promise" she begged, anjeia began to gently smooth away her tears

"I'm sorry baby, I have to change you" The girl lowered her vision in defeat.

"however....I like you, I'm feeling a bit generous    you tell me what you want done to your
body...and I'll change it at your discretion...and...and    i'll let you go afterwards" Anemia looked
nervously towards the entrance, she hoped Max would understand. The womans head looked up at her in surprise and tried to nod excitedly.

"Be creative now" Anjeia said as she angled the womans head to face her frozen headless body.

Anjeia wondered what the girl would come up with, it was very rare that she and max let anyone willingly change their own bodies, half the fun of their magic was watching their victims squirm in helplessness. Their terror and pathetic forms gave her such a high no drug could simulate.

"Can you make me shorter...not to short though    I've always been self conscious of being to
tall" Anjeias was interrupted from her thoughts by the woman's request, disappointed although with how mundane it was.

"is that all you can think of girl, I'm doing you a favor here, I said be creative or I'll just come up with my own ideas" Anjeia said impatiently. This caused the head to in her hands to began panicking, biting her lip and staring back at her body...

"can you...make me shorter, by a foot...but    turn my feet into high heels?" Anjeia considered
her request and smiled, it was just kinky enough.

"watch closely" She said as held the womans head to her breasts and waved her hands up and down the headless body. The young woman gasped as she watched her body dwindle in size her once former five foot eight inches shrinking. Her proportions keeping their overall shape, until she reached a height of four foot eight inches just as she asked. She marveled at the sight of her miniature body    almost doll like in appearance with none of that unnecessary pudgy
distorted look you would find on most people of similar height.

circling around Anjelica bent down behind the body and pointed the woman's head at the back of her heels, as the shoes she was wearing seemed to melt off her skin and and the red hue spreading out permanently tattooing her feet a vibrant crimson.

"I like the way you think about the heels, it's subtle enough...so I'm going to add my own flare...but this is my final warning, the next set of changes have to be more exotic or I WILL do as I please with you" Anjeia warned, causing the girl in her hands to flinch. Rolling her head over she gave her lips a quick little peck causing the girl to gasp as she suddenly regained feeling and movement of her detached body.

"This...this..this is    incredible." The girls head stuttered, she was interrupted as she felt the
next set of changes begin, her heels having completely absorbed into her feet, leaving her with a shiny bright red foot that tapered into a sharp point the shape of an open toed sandals, the stiletto having fallen away. Her heels were forced off the ground until she was balance on the tips of her feet. A seam was inching its way up from her "toes" down the middle until it reached the end of her heels, she gasped as the seam suddenly blossomed from within. The soles of her feet having become a pair of sturdy sensitive labia, as she shuddered at the sensation of the bones in her legs become hollow or dissolve completely. Her breath became ragged as the tips of her heels started to bulge, a fleshy hole burrowing outwards as the large pair of clits extended downwards towards to the floor. Each heel clit was structured specially, she would be able to extend them at will and would be able to balance on them with no discomfort, having being made sturdy and capable of resisting the elements. Making even walking a sexual experience from now on.

"That's how it's done honey, I'll even make you a special pair of shoes to go along with those new built in fuck me pumps" Anjeia giggled, laughing at the sight of the headless body stumbling around on it's new feet, trembling at each step. The womans head moaning within her hands.
She snapped her fingers in front of her face.

"Come back to me honey    The next set of changes, I don't have all day" It took a little bit before
the young woman's head could focus again, and she flushed deeply.

"Gasp...huff...uhh...oooh....give me....Large breasts    huuu" she huffed out, Anjeia was about to
give up on the girl and her mundane changes when the headless body shuddered and fell to the floor groping itself madly, and her head letting out a long moan, she started screaming out.

"Oooooooh, Large breasts...mmmmw with mouths instead of nipples,...and....tongues    and
sensitive tongues    and my ass, please, ooooh some breasts from ass, UuuUUUhhh with large
teats....UGH!   and...and...my   asshole,   huff...huff   into   ..aaaahhhh cunt    oooooooooooohhhgoawd" her body writhed on the ground, alternating rubbing at it's
heels and using the lubricant leaking from her soles to rub in between it's legs.

"I'm so proud of you girl, you're free now" Anjeia smiled bringing the woman's head in for a kiss, stuffing as much as her tongue down her throat as possible. The woman couldn't see but felt her body changing, her breasts swelling with an unnatural warmth, Her breasts grew into a size far larger than would be normal for a woman her stature. Her nipples grew large and thick, the tips inflating and then growing flat against the areola as they split sideways becoming a pair of luscious bee stung lips, each with a natural glossy red tint. The lips parted as a pair of tongues slipped between them and slathered against the sides of her breasts, each lick feeling as sensitive as her own pussy.

Her ass became bloated with tissue, rounding out and becoming firm. They sagged very little, with fat filling in all the right places. Each cheek developed largish nipple within the center, she moaned harder as each of the areola soon inflated becoming another pair of luscious lips, instead of tongues the inside of each mouth sucked upon the sensitive nipple within. The warmth soon spread between her new pair of breasts, her wrinkled anus began to flower outwards, fleshy lips developing. The pussy that replaced her ass was larger than normal, it reached all the way up to her tailbone, where now a large golf ball sized clitoris wiggled back and forth from. She reached back to tweak at this new growth as a heat surged throughout her arms, which spasmed with pleasure. The palms began to split and soon another pair of vaginal lips adorned each palm, each of her middle fingers having been converted into a flexible clitoris as well. Anjeia could no longer keep up with the girl as she was soon caught within the throes of multiple coalescing orgasms.

"It's time to go home honey" Anjeia coed, as she commanded her body to stand, trembling through it's orgasms. Bringing the woman's head over it's shoulders, she kneaded between them until she worked her fingers in past her knuckle in the newly grown cunt at her collar bone. The final gift she gave to the woman unnoticed all this time, her neck tapered down into a large feminine penis. Anjeia made sure her shoulder pussy was tight enough and her dick neck thick enough for her neck to balance properly. With a final kiss to the moaning girls head, she gently lowered her neck into its new home, eliciting a long groan from all five of her mouths.

"You'll need these...now hurry, and go out the back door so mac doesn't see you" She laid down a pair of odd strap on sandals at her feet and instructed her to put them on, when she did so her pussy soles were soon impaled upon a pair of medium sized gently vibrating dildos, shielding her sensitive lips from the dirty ground. Anjiea quickly conjured up a large trench coat and scarf, throwing it over her shoulders and fastening tightly while trying to keep her from fondling herself. Wrapping the scarf around her now sticky neck, she ushered the woman towards the back door. Anjeia smiled a rare gentle smile as she watched the woman wobble pleasurably into the darkness, pleased with the outcome.

One more to go.

Episode 16

The store was nearly vacant now, only faint scents of sex, the store clerk and Anjeia herself remained.

"Sorry sugar, don't take it personal...It's just business" Anjeia was sure that Max was getting impatient, she got carried away with the last change...one that wouldn't even be making them any profit.

"I would love to stay and watch you squirm, but time is money honey" She tittered to the frozen store clerks face, her hands began to move in strange sensual gestures.

Anjeia didn't spend as much time on his transformation as the others, she had clients to please. The best sellers of their catalogue was by and far transformed young women, of course this doesn't mean they're all born that way.

With a swipe of her hand the store clerk was left in the nude, leaving him wearing nothing more than the thick amount of curly hair that carpeted his chest, arms and legs. The next swipe of her hands literally blew every single hair off his body not on his head. A couple more gestures had his skin smoothing over and becoming tan, his chest widening and his waist shrinking. His height diminished with each inch his pecs inflated with soft fatty tissue. Hips widening into firm cushions, and his groin curving inwards has his manhood was slurped into his body like a limp spaghetti noodles.

When she was satisfied, in place of the store clerk now slim beautiful bare naked woman topped off with the head of a slightly balding older man. The clerk felt every sensation as his body shifted underneath his frozen face, panic flooding his eyes. Anjeia smiled.

"You're going to make such a fun toy" gripping the clerks head she brought her lips in for a kiss, while massaging his head. Each second the kiss lasted, years seemed to slip off his wrinkled features, softening and becoming feminine. Patches of shiny brown hair filled in the missing spots of his balding head, reaching down to his now petite shoulders. His eyes fluttered as they changed from dull brown to a now vibrant green with large plucked eyelashes.

Anjeia pulled back and admired the face of the new woman, which just oozed sex and sensuality. Large innocent doe eyes, petite button nose stop full blood red lips pursed in a permanent pout.

"Now for the fun part" Ajeia cracked her knuckles as she pulled back and grabbed at the woman's shoulders, forcing her above the store countertop. The clerk felt a bizarre sense of vertigo and pressure in her abdomen as she was manhandled by the woman, as she was pulled further over the countertop. Her vision came back into focus as she stared up at the witch woman from a lower point of view, however she could still see the edge of the counter in the distance.

Anjeia stared down at the distorted womans form, as she seemed to become aware of the latest change. A truly bizarre sight. The former clerk now only stood two and a half feet tall at most, her body was literally squashed down into itself. Her breasts took up most of her torso and forced her chin directly into her cleavage, her large breasts looking outrageous compared to the rest of her body. The bottom her breasts completely obscured her groin, of which now housed large plump labia with a bloated clit. she no longer had any legs to speak of, her feet connected directly into her upper thighs, making her ass seem huge. She pitifully tried to waddle away while her hands attached only at her shoulders now flapped useless against her breasts, sending the flesh at her chest and backside to jiggle enticingly.

"and now for the finishing touches" Anjeia reached down and palmed at the waddling womans face and pushed her over onto her back. Anjeia kept her palm over the womans face as she struggled to bend her body forward, like a turtle unable to get off it's own back.

Anjeia pulled her hand back and helped the poor thing stand up straight atop the counter, pleased with the changes she made. The woman's face looked no different before until Anjeia reach forward and started gently kneading at the womans large pouty lips and pinched them shut. With a wicked smile into the panicking woman's eyes she pulled at her lips and felt them give way. Her lips attached to a thick fleshy stalk that slipped free from the small hairless moist slit beneath her nose. Anjeia set the lips attached to the underside of a small thick penis aside and reached towards the woman's nose this time, pulling until it gave way revealing it to have been attached to a large dick as well, however behind it was only a small puckered anus. She continued this until all that remained on the poor girls face was a cluster of three small pussies surrounding a tight little sphincter. Her eyes, mouth and nose each attached to the base of a small thick penis, her eyes were situated to look upon her somewhat featureless face. Anjeia proceeded to remove the woman's ears in the same manner, leaving behind moist cunts on each side of her head.

"You'll make such a cute little fuck toy, Mr's fuck head!" Anjeia giggled as she repeated the motions of removing each of her hands and feet in the same way, now completely helpless. The woman's eyes teared up at the end of each of her eye shafts, however the tears obscured her vision as they were now a thick milky white. the former store clerk resembled an obscene version of a mrs potato head doll, all of her parts being interchangeable with each other. anjeia freed her nipples from the pussies on her chest and stuck them in the cunts where eyes once were, the disembodied lips moaned as the penis it was attached to rippled in pleasure.

She completely rearranged the face of the poor girl, her eyes replaced the nipples on her breasts while her feet and hands were switched around. Anjeia finished her off by inserting her mouth penis into the waddling womans asscrack, her pouty red lips smothered by the large firm cheeks. She spent a little time teasing each of it's bare orifices while muffled moans escaped the creatures behind as it steadied on its hands.

"Oh you'll fetch a high price indeed" Anjeia grinned. She bent forward to retrieve her bounty when the front entrance chimed, and three men ran in wearing ski masks brandishing weapons.

"ON THE GROUND!" the middle one demanded to anjeia, her body obscuring the transformed store clerk. Max must have let them in on purpose knowing full well that Anjeia could handle herself.

"Oh this is gonna be fun" she smiled enticingly and strutted towards the men.

Episode 16

Anjeia grinned, she quickly made a portal underneath the transformed clerks feet that led to outside near max and gently pushed the waddling new sex toy towards it, the eyes on it's breasts gaping comically as it fell through it and closed up.

Looking over her shoulder she grinned, turned around fully and put up her hands and pouted at the three masked robbers.

"Oh no, what am I going to do!" she mocked them.

The three robbers were in the process of casing the store when she interrupted them, they all wore matching ski masks so it was impossible to make out their features not that Anjeia card. Each was carrying a gun in their hand and pointing it in every direction to anybody that might pop out unexpectedly from the aisles.

"Hey man, what is this...there's only this bitch here" The masked man on the left said. He pointed the gun in her direction while the other two did the same.

"Where is the store clerk cunt!" The middle one barked.

"Man...this doesn't feel right, somethings wrong here" the one on the right side.

"I'm afraid the clerk stepped out, but I'm sure I could help you three" Anjeia stated as she dropped her arms and folded them to her chest.

"What the fuck man, You said this was going to be cut and dry...what is with this crazy bitch" The left one shouted.

"Relax, we only have her to deal with now right? she's just some stupid slut, forget about her and get the cash from the register" The middle one said, waving the gun around.

"Hey, but what about the safe, without the clerk we ain't got no safe...this whole thing is going to be a bust" the right one stated, lowering his gun.

This started a heated argument involving all three, as they quickly escalated into a loud shouting match. Anjeia became irritated at being ignored so suddenly, these three couldn't seem to work well together and they did a horrible job at coordinating a robbery.

She cleared her throat loudly and ceased their arguing.

"It's rude to keep a lady waiting gentlemen" Anjeia said impatiently. The masked robber on the left quickly became enraged, pointing his gun back at her and advancing slowly.

"Hey shut you mouth you stupid bitch, Or I'll shove more than just this gun down your throat you fucken cunt...now be a good little girl and get on the fucken --" He was suddenly cut off as voice cut off abruptly.

"Shut up, You're such an asshole" Anjeia mocked as she snapped her fingers and silenced him.

The masked robber that was approaching her had stopped in his tracks, he seemed to struggle a bit, his head moving wildly as he began to silently panic, his eyes widened in fear.

"Hey man...the fuck is your problem" the middle robber asked, watching his partner thrash wildly around, not saying a word even though he was the most talkative of the group. He dropped his gun in his panic landing at the other two robbers feet as he reached towards his collar and began to peel the mask from his face.

"Hey what are you doing you idiot dont take off your mask you'll blow your    JESUS FUCK!"
The robber on the right yelled in disgust at the sight that greeted him when his partner unveiled his face. A large pink sphincter had replaced his mouth and nose, the only facial features left were his helpless panicked eyes above it. He began to claw at his face, being careful not to touch the wrinkled pink hole that he believed now replaced his mouth and nose. His panic caused him to hyperventilate which caused small obscene sounds to escape his face. He trembled and staggered over to the other two robbers.

shouted while pointing his gun towards his asshole faced partner. Quickly forgetting Anjeia standing calmly smiling like a cheshire cat.

"Oh mister tough guy afraid of your own friend now" Anjeia giggled. The Robber shouted at her now.


"Oh wow, stop being such a pussy...actually you know what...start being one!" She snapped her fingers once again, and suddenly the scared robber had suddenly disappeared like a pop soap bubble. His clothes fell to the ground, his gun clattering loudly on the linoleum floor. The last unchanged robber was stunned at the chaos around him, all of sudden his simple liquor store theft had turned into some bizarre otherworldly nightmare, he saw his partner struggling to breath and come to terms with his new changed state, his chest puffing up and down while he could hear small flatulent sounds emanating from his "mouth". The sudden disappearance of his other partner just served to further his shock. He looked towards the grinning woman in the store and did the only thing he could think of.

"I..I give up" The robber said, and dropped his gun and put up his hands.

"Oh...so easily? that's it? not going to scream and run away or try and shoot me" She asked amused.

"I don't know how you did what you did, but I don't care...please let me go" He stated calmly like a robot, he was in an intense state of shock.

"I'm sorry honey but I can't do that, I have to complete the set after all" She grinned

The robber was confused, what was she talking about, complete the set? She gestured oddly as she pursed her lips and blew him a kiss. He groaned as he suddenly felt very light headed, the ski mask on his face suddenly felt very tight and confining but oddly comforting, his head felt heavy and odd. He glanced towards his anus face partner, his eyes above his wrinkled hole were pointing at him with fear in his eyes. He reached up to his pull the mask from his face and felt something weird beneath it. As he touched his face, his fingers encounter the cotton of the mask and felt the odd firm yet squishy flesh beneath it. Fear engulfed him and he yanked the mask from his head, struggling as it seemed to stretch and bend his vision in odd ways, and catch on his nose causing an intense feeling of wrongness.

Anjeia chuckled as the last robber discovered his change, his head having become truly large and fat womanly breast, the only features being a large thumb sized nipple perched cutely below his panicked eyes. He wobbled it to and fro causing him to become dizzy fast. She sighed, she could relish in their fear all day long and never tire of it, but she had more to do tonight and dealing with these bozos was just a bit of fun on the side.

"You've already bored me, let's just finish this up shall we?" She gestured as she waved her hands and watched with some amusement as the two remaining robbers vanished as well leaving beneath nothing but a pile of clothing. Anjeia perched down to the pile of clothes that once belonged to the man with the anus on his face, and rummaged through them until she let out a coo and said "found you", pulling forth a strange fleshy lump. She petted the lump gently for a while as she admired it's form. A large pair of disembodied feminine buttocks, along with two swiveling eyes situated above its tailbone blinking in confusion. She cradled it under her

arm and went to root through the next pile of clothing, belonging to the the boob headed robber. Repeating the same motions and pulling forth another fleshy lump. This one in the form of a large Q cup sized breast topped by humongous erect nipple nearly two inches long and an inch thick. Anjeie flicked the nipple idly watching as the eyes above it flinched in pain and then widened as small beads of milk dribbled from it's nipples tip. Situating the large breast underneath her other arm she approached the last pair of discarded clothing.

Anjeia placed the ass and the boob on the floor facing the clothes and proceeded to pull every piece of fabric away until the floor was bare, the only thing left was a pair of boxers covering and odd lump that moved very slightly. Anjeia quickly snatched up the boxers and unveiled the new form of the robbers partner, the ass and the breast were considering their new situation as they looked upon their friends form. He now resembled some sort of perverted slug, a quivering lump of flesh about ten inches long and four inches wide that flared out at its midsection and tapered to a point. It's front was nothing more than a wet dripping vagina, a large eyeball situated at the point where you would find a womans clit. It crawled pitifully on it's own "face" using it's cunt to grasp the floor and undulate it's inner and outer lips to move itself, leaving a slimey mess wherever it moved.

"Well gals, I think it's time to meet max" She laughed and picked up the pussy slug, along with the ass and boobs. She wondered what to do with the pussy slug when she came up with a wonderfully delicious idea.

"You better start sucking honey or I'll leave you where you fall" She said into the eye clit of the pussy slug, it blinked as Anjeia picked it up and placed it's pussy directly on the turgid nipple of the sentient breast, it automatically began to suction itself to the breasts surface completely engulfing the nipple and covering the areola. Smiling in satisfaction, she gathered up the ass and breast, it's eyes rolling back in pleasure as the pussy slug sucked and sucked at it's nipple. Anjeia wondered if the ass felt left out and idly jammed her thumb up it's hole, eyes widening in shock as it could do nothing but pucker and grasp at the intruding appendage.

"Aww, I'm going to have to get you a pacifier    and maybe some diapers" Anjeia jokes. As she
strutted towards the convenience store exit to greet max once again.