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Invasive Pet Pt. 1
by Tocixcog

“Is this TransX?” James said, lifting up the bottle that clearly said Trans X on the label.

Penny giggled, coly flicking out a curl through her black hair as she took another bite of her energy bar. “Yeah… are you worried?” Her bright green eyes had a spiral quality, staring unerringly at her boyfriend.

He looked it over and then set it back down on the table, shrugging. “No, I trust you.” She had clearly left it out on purpose for him to find. They weren’t very good at keeping secrets from each other, which was nice. Being honest about their feelings had gotten them this far at least. “Is it for you?” Of course, he already had a good guess it was, since she wasn’t the type to tell him to take a drug like this without asking ahead of time.

“Yeah. Hehe, suuuure that you’re not worried?” She held the bottle up to her face, running a finger along the line that said ‘Extreme change. Serious precautions advised:’ and then descended into a block of tiny text that James hadn’t bothered to read.

“I mean, do you want me to be worried? It’s your body, I love every choice you make for yourself.” He slid around the counter, running his fingers along her arms till they clasped hands together. The smooth skin felt good, even better knowing it was the body that Penny was happy with. They had been dating through a lot of ups and downs, so James wasn’t afraid of any body-warping drug. It would still be the woman he loved either way.

“Mmmm…” Penny murmured softly, touching their heads together. She loved the scratch of his short black hair on her forehead. He had on his nice grey slacks and the brown turtle neck sweater that she’d picked out for him. Their hands moved together at her guidance, cupping his palm over her chest. Her other hand reached for something else in her bag, setting a brown leather collar and leash onto the table. “Nnn, and this?”

It was clearly meant for humans, not dogs or cats. There was finally a decent reaction from James, bobbing his head in small nods as he raised his eyebrows. “Well… ok that’s something. Is that also… uh, for you?” Another small squeeze on her breast as he gulped, pulling away.

She nodded, spinning it on the countertop. “If you want it to be. I’ll be your pet for tonight. You said should do something fun for our three-year anniversary…”

James put a finger to his lips like he was considering what to order off a menu. “Hmmm, its pet play, right? Um, yeah, I think I can be comfortable with that. Yeah.” A first time for everything. Penny had shown him a lot of weird kinks but usually the experience turned out good in the end. This would be a little different if she was planning for him to be in the lead. Normally he was too relaxed with their roleplay to be the dominant role that Penny wanted. “And I didn’t forget either! I planned something nice for us too!” He stumbled back, remembering there were still a few preparations needed in the living room.

“Did you want to watch?” The TransX bottle clutched on top of her chest. Her spiral green eyes stared up again, pleading. James loved to get lost in her gaze but it usually meant trouble with a look like that.

“Haha, no you can enjoy it here and I’ll get my treat set up, sounds good?”

Penny looked away, a little at a loss but still with a smirk. “Oooooh, so you are worried.” James’ snorted with a laugh.

“OK. A tiiiny bit. But you’re not the one who worries me, I worry me!” Watching her transform, he might start freaking out about every little thing and getting over protective. No, she had a handle on it. Out of sight out of mind and there would be nothing to worry about.

“Awww ok.” She leaned up a little, giving James a peck on the cheek. “You can peek in any time.” One last wink before he retreated to the living room.

Penny started to strip off her clothes, pulling the tank top over her head and unhooking her bra. Her pants shuffled to the floor as she kicked them aside. Too bad the kitchen didn’t have any windows out of the apartment complex, she was really hoping at least someone would get to watch. “Oh right!” She peeped, entering something on her cell before she forgot, then setting her phone and wallet back in the bag. Entirely naked, the only thing in her hand was the bottle of TransX, and then soon an empty bottle as she flicked the tablet into her mouth.

All of the hesitation had taken place when she placed the order online. There was only determination left, along with plenty of excitement. “I just took the pill babe!” Penny yelled through the door, a little nervousness in her voice. She checked over her body like she was in line for airport security. Shaved arms, legs, hands cupped to her chest to confirm the presence of two lovely B-cup breasts. Her hair was dark green, fading into black as she’d forgotten to reapply the dye, clipped with a cute blue bow on one side. Two fingers reached down to her vagina, rubbing around the lips as she bit on her cheek.

“How’s it going?” A yell came back as James plugged in the old VCR.

Penny was bouncing on the balls of her feet with impatience. “Um, nothing yet!” A few seconds after she said that, a small warmth started to hit her waist. The sweat between her touching thighs became more than just sweat. Her flesh was fusing together, eagerly running her hands down her legs as they merged. The excitement was so much that she forgot her days of standing on two feet were past, falling over onto her chest with a thump.

“You ok?”

“Y-yeah I’m… nnnh J-james I’m changing! It’s amazing, it’s really happening!!” Breathing was becoming labored as she strained her neck to look over her shoulder. It was an wonderful sight, her legs pressing together into one long foot. Just watching it alone couldn’t capture how good it felt either, like her entire body was being liquefied and squeezed out of a toothpaste tube. The rest of her singular foot slapped onto the ground, toes giving one last wiggle before they sealed into a shaking tip.

“Mmmhmm.” James nodded from behind the door as he buttered up the popcorn. TranX was supposed to change people, so sounded like it was working as intended.

A guttural moan escaped from Penny as her breasts swelled out to meet the wood floor beneath her elongated body. Nipples puffed up, small dribbles of green slime starting to trickle down her chest as it filled with warm pleasurable ooze. Immediately her hands were cupped around her tits, squeezing and groping what now felt like swollen double D’s. As the slime flowed under her breasts, new nipples poked forward in rows, packing tight with the slime. Six new mounds in total, Penny’s hands rubbing up and down her chest in frantic waves. Each sensitive breast was pressing up against the others, crowding the front of her torso while her original pair reigned slightly supreme, sloped over the stack underneath.

“AhnnNhnn AAHHhhh!” She huffed emphatically, every stream of slime was a tributary to the goopy river over her torso, as green lubrication wet the floor where her pussy and lower body were pressed. The tingle in her arms told Penny that her groping was at an end, her hands moving back to her sides where they started to seal into her slippering form. Fingers fused with what used to be thighs, absorbed and spread until all that remained of her arms was a wavy thin teal fin running on each side, all the way down to her tail tip. It reached up to the smooth patch that used to be her shoulder, demarcating what would be her underside and what would be her backside. The skin-tone underside where she lay on the floor started to spread out, grabbing onto a wider area to stabilize her raised torso, though the fourth set of lactating breasts would stop her from laying totally flat anyways.

Her backside was turning a purpled tinged blue, hardening with a semi-soft shell. The firm membrane did wonders for her butt, preserving the remanent bumps of her ass cheeks before they could be lost and specking the cheeks with dark spots. Penny shuddered her torso, being unable to feel all her new features made her even more impatient for James to explore her body. The best part she’d planned for last. “Hnnnhnnn ooHhh OOoNNnNN mmm mm-my…” Her head was generating a steady forward pressure, forcing Penny to close her eyes and chatter her teeth. One after the other, her eyes popped out of their sockets, anchored safely by little fleshy stalks. She could feel them moving out, swaying independently, but she didn’t dare open her eyes until the stalks were fully grown. They extended further, curving straight up, a few inches above her head.

Penny opened her new eyes with a shocked gasp. It was so strange to have her vision placed higher then where she felt her head was. Each eye could rotate in almost 360 degrees, her spiral green pupils spinning around the room to take it all in. The stalks could move too, slightly dipping and raising to let her stretch her vision even further. Turning her eyes in separate directions like a chameleon started to give Penny a little headache, so she snapped her vision back together, bending the stalks backwards so that she could examine her body.

She was a cute little slug, with body as long as she used to be tall, her backside a beautiful blue color tinged in green slime that flowed from a sensitive collection of pert breasts. Enough slime had collected under her tail to attempt to move, arching her back up in a crease and then sliding her front forward. “GHHnunGh!” A spurt of green drool fell of her tongue, jarred from the sensation of her slimy spread-out clit grinding on the ground.

“I’m all ready sweetie!” James popped the VHS tape into the player, checking that none of the scented candles were unlit, that Penny’s fuzzy blanket was right in the spot for her to sit.

“C-cccoming b bb… nnnbmmm I’mmnnn…” Another push forward was making her shudder with all the slime and friction congregating at her slit.

“Can I open the door?” His voice had moved to the doorframe since she was taking so long.

Penny’s eyestalks wobbled excitedly as she wiggled her neck. “Yyyyeah hhhhnn hhh I f-feel great h-honey!” Time for the big reveal and she was so nervous.

James pulled the door wide, sucking away all of the tension. His girlfriend was a giggle gastropod making a slime trail through their kitchen floor. The long eyelashes on her stalks fluttered, blushing while James could see all her exposed breasts and vag. “OH SHhhhh…” Initial reactions were hard to bypass but he managed to swallow the rest of that expletive with grace, crouching down to get level with her. “Penny! This is…aaaa, uh…”

He was so close, right in front of her eight heaving slime glands. She leaned forward as much as she could. “L-look, I’m your little slug p-pet.” Her chin tipped up while her eyes glanced to the table above. “Aaahhnnnn nnn a-are you going to p-put on my collar and take me f-for a loooong walk?”

James gritted his teeth behind a closed mouth. “Ok, can we take a time-out on the pet play. Serious time? Serious talk?” Penny’s giddy smile faded a little, but she nodded obediently. “Are you… ok with this?” She was right back to vigorously bobbing and grinning. “Penny, use words please!”

A gulp of slime flushed down her throat to ease away the stuttering edge. “Y-yeah, I want this.” He probably didn’t notice how she was slowly inching nearer to him. “I… always wanted to be your pet. Nnn, look at all my boobs James, they’re nice and soft. And my eye stalks are so cool, right? Hehe, I don’t have any arms anymore, s-so you’ll have to help me with everything…”

He scratched at his scalp, pushing up on the little border of black hair. “It… you’re cute, ok? I mean, of course your cute. I’m just uh… concerned, right?” Penny’s eyestalks tilted to the side like a confused puppy.

“W-why? I just said it feels good, and I promise you I’ll be a happy pet. Please don’t be sad James.” Her twisting green eyes were drawing him in again, reaching out to stroke under her jaw and causing Penny to give a happy squeak from getting her first chin scratches.

“Nnn I’m not sad. I just want to make sure that you’re not sad! But… ok ok, you say you’re happy and I’m glad. Can I ask if there’s a way to reverse this? Just asking…”

Her eyestalks bent back toward the countertop. “Welllll, there’s another pill to turn me back. B-but it’s still in the bottle and I can’t open it without arms… s-so I’ll just have to be your sluggirl forev- hey!”
James was already crouching back down in front of her with the reversal pill in her face. “S-stop, I don’t want to eat that!” His attempts to stuff it in her mouth were thwarted by her flexible and slippery neck dodging out of the way.

“Penny! Come on, I don’t know what to do with you like this!” The pill bounced against her pouted shut mouth as she shook her head in adamant refusal. “Fine, look I’ll put it back.” James relented and the bottle snapped shut again.

“Wah! Don’t be mean, I enjoy being like this a-and I don’t want to change back until I say so!” Amazing that even as a helpless sluggirl she still had to be the one giving orders. “N-now put on my leash, I want to go for a walk!” Eyestalks bounced up towards the counter, watching happily as James swapped the bottle for her collar.

He sighed. “Really? Going on a walk to where, the living room?” The living room was five steps away.

Penny squirmed, thrusting her neck forward. “Hehe, yes! Y-you have to lead me though.” The black metal link fit onto her with a click, James standing up to hold the leash slack. Scrunching up her back again, Penny started to moan and worm her way ahead in the direction of the leash.

“Uh… should I tug? Like, ‘come on?’” She was clearly sliding and grinding against the ground, but it was almost more like the illusion of movement and she wasn’t actually getting any closer. “Are you... are you sure you know how to do this?” If he didn't know any better, he would have guessed she was actually just happily rubbing her cunt on the floor without any real plan for forward momentum.

“I’m mMnNMmn…” Panting breaths. “Imnn I’m gettinnng… aha hhh aaahhh…” Ok that was enough. He reached back down and unlatched the collar.

“Yeah, I’m just gonna pick you up babe. Hold on.” Her rows of breast were scooped up under his shoulder, hoisting Penny over his back like a bag of rice. She was surprisingly light, though the slime that stuck to the ground took a good yank to pull lose. It was a little disappointing but being carried was nice too. Her underside hugged tightly into James' sweater as he brought her into the other room.

The living room was a sweet setup for any regular night, dimmed down light with Penny’s favorite cinnamon caramel scented candles. On the edges of the couch were a bowl of buttered popcorn and a plate of sliced fruit and cheese with little toothpicks and chocolate fudge dipping sauce. “Aww it’s all my favorite snacks!” Penny nuzzled her check against the side of his face as he plopped down on the couch.

“I figured we could just do a movie night and cuddle but…” She hugged his shoulders between her breasts, kind of using them as arms to inch herself up wards and onto his head. “Hey, don’t crawl up there!” James pulled her off, holding his girlfriend at arms-length loosely by the space under her shoulders.

“Nnnn b-but it’s fun to crawl on you. Don’t you like how all my boobs feel?” Her cheeks were hot red, slowly flipping her tail and flicking her eyelashes. The way she was held like a little doll was making the heat in her face even worse. It felt so good to be entirely at his mercy, a pet that he could use any way he wanted.

“They do feel good honey. But could you stay put on my lap for the movie?”

She did another wiggle again, stifling a little whimper to feel all her breasts rub against each other. “Mmmm motorboat on me first!” Penny grinned, knowing that he was just as helpless as her when it came to following her orders.

“Ok.” James lifted her closer, eyes closed as he stuffed his face in the middle of her chest. He figured he was going to get covered in slime some way or another tonight so might as well dive in. “Mmhmmhhmhmh!” His cheeks shook against her rack while Penny cooed above him, his face pulling away and covered in a slime coating. “Blugh!” Scrunching up his mouth to spit it off, the taste was actually surprisingly palatable, sort of a strong nothingness like melted butter. “Ok, movie time? Promise you’ll pay attention?”

Penny nodded with her eyestalks. “Hehe, only if I get some attention too.” She was set down facing away from him, chest resting on his knees while her tail tip was tucked between his backside and the couch. It felt very comfy and secure, even better once James began running his knuckles along her backside. “Ahhhnn nnnnn.” He stopped the petting abruptly.

“Petting, but no noises.” Her eyestalks turned around to look at him behind her.

“But I can’t help it when I’m so sensitive sweetie. And you always talk during movies anyway!” Absolutely slander, she was always the one to talk first!

He grumbled, reaching out to poke one of her eyeballs. The stalk slipped away reflexively, sucking her eye back into the socket with a ‘schloop’ that caused Penny to shudder slightly. She didn’t even know those were her instincts now. “Heh, cute. Can they both go all the way back in?” James wrapped his arm around her other stalk, watching it push back into her face like there was an invisible barrier against his hand. Penny giggled all the while until her eyes were set back, covered in darkness by her boyfriend’s palm resting over her face.

“H-hey!” She jiggled her head trying to throw his hand off. As soon as his fingers slipped away, her stalks started to rise back up again. It felt just as good as the first time, a little electric jolt rippling over her back as the eyestalks reached their full length again.

“Oh, sorry. Does that hurt to have them pushed in?” A hand stroked through her hair, giving her some apologetic scratches that Penny leaned into.

“N-no, it’s nice! I… hehe, I just feel more natural like this now.” The stalks spun around to look at him. “I can see you no matter where you are!”

“Mmm. Well turn around and see the movie. This is a classic, can’t believe you never saw it.” The pet sluggirl did as she was asked, settling her underside down across his legs to get comfortable.

There was a click on the remote and the black-white of the title screen returned to life. “Oooh, The Thing. Is this a scary one?” She enjoyed scary movies but it was James who had a deep penchant for them.

“Absolutely terrifying. But I’ll keep my slug pet safe.”

Penny let out a satisfied exhale, eyestalks dipping low as she felt James’s hand start to rub over her backside. “Oohhh yess, please keep calling me that.” A tense snowy landscape moved on the screen, slowly drawing away Penny’s attention from the satisfying rubbing and into the movie. “Why is the helicopter chasing the dog?” James answered with a snort and a gentle scratch behind her ears.

The screen faded to black as the shadow of a man’s head turns to look at a husky walking into his room.

“So is the dog evil?” More tiny scratches around the nape of her neck made Penny catch her breath with tiny peeps of joy. “Nnnn c-can you feed me some popcorn?”

“Sure babe.” James grabbed three pieces and brought them over to her mouth. Penny did a little ‘mwah’ to grab them in her mouth, then looked down with her eyes stalks to see she needed to bend her head closer. Another small lunge, this time James pulling the popcorn away. “NNnn, meenie!” He spat out a laugh though his teeth, setting the kernels right up to her lips where Penny sucked them up.

“Do you want a chocolate dipped strawberry?”

The sluggirl’s head bounced happily. “Oh, yes please!” Her personal fondue waiter over here. Eyestalks followed the strawberry as it was punctured with a toothpick and dragged through the fudge, then deposited into her mouth. The strawberry slid down her throat with a single gulp.

“Whoa… hey, can I feel your mouth?” Penny latched on to his fingers, slurping up the chocolate and butter residue while James felt around her cheeks. “You don’t have any teeth… it’s all smoothed out!”

“Mmmmhmmhgh.” She continued to gargle on his fingers, feeling his hands draw back into her throat. Her mouth was just a flexible tube and tongue with no gag reflex. Eventually his hand popped out, wiping the saliva on the slope of her breasts. “Is that weird?”

“I mean, is it weird for you to have to swallow things whole?”

Penny shook her head, eyestalks swaying. “No, it feels normal. I didn’t even notice I lost my teeth till you said. My voice sounds better though, don’t you think? Its more, smoooooooth.” Words could slip out as easily as food slipped in.

“Yeah, I was going to say, it’s like, subtle. Do you think you’ll have a larger range for work?” Penny made most of the money for the two of them though her successful career as a voice actress.

She hummed softly, licking her tongue over the flat interior around her lips. “Hmmm, shouldn’t you be more interested in what I can do to that dick?” He was stiff in the pants; she could feel it on her underside. More precious scratches dragged along her sides to return her to silence.

“After the movie. It picks up soon.” Their eyes turned back to the screen, watching as the ruined Norwegian base was scoured for clues.

The camera faded to darkness once more as it moved off of the snow pyre of burnt corpses. James clicked pause on the dark screen, feeling Penny shake on his legs. “You ok babe?”

“Mmm, roll me over, I want some tummy scratches.” He grasped around the patch at her shoulders again, really wishing her new shape had better places to hold on. With her twisting and his lifting, together they managed to flip Penny onto her backside, laying in a W over James’s spread legs.

“Does your back hurt?” Her underside was pleasantly soft, drenched in slime and tender. It felt like touching his gums, with a puffy red pussy right at the bottom of her fourth breasts. James ignored the temptation to play with her hole just yet, stroking his hands all along the remaining length, a little over three feet long in total.

Penny let her head fall back on the couch, looking at his strokes with her eyestalks. “I don’t have a spine anymore sweetie. I just wanted to try a different position. You can bend me any way you want. S-should I see if I can curl up into a ball for you? I bet I can!”

He smiled, happy to see her enthusiastic about everything. It was hard to feel bad when she sounded so joyful about her own body. “Haha, later. Can you grab around my hand like this?” He hovered his hand over the tip of her tail, watching as Penny tucked her tail up and around his palm. “Wow, you’re so flexible…” She blushed again.

“Are you enjoying playing with your pet? Will you t-teach me lots of tricks?”

“Pfff, pretty sure you know all my tricks.” He scrooped under her shoulders, switching her position again so that she was slumped upright and spooning against his backside. With no arms to hold on, she began to tip over until James crossed his arms between her second pair of breasts to hug her still. “Mmm, is this good?”

Penny sighed, his hands cupping around her lower pair of tits. “Y-yeah. I love it.” She straightened her back against him as best she could and James clicked the movie back on while slowly massaging each row of her chest.

The screen filled with the warm glow of a lit flair being pressed to a block of dynamite. “Babe can you pause?” James reached over and the image froze on the panicked red face of Kurt Russell.

“What’s the matter?” Her backside was squirming against him.

“Hnnnn it’s my nipples…” James had felt her breasts growing slowly tighter under his fondling, but assumed it was just the tension of the scene. Penny whimpered, pushing her chest against his hands. “It’s so tight, is it cause I’m not moving and not… nnhhn, if I don’t keep making more slime, they start to fill up…”

“Hmmmm.” He tentatively squeezed around her right nipple. Instead of just a dripple, there was a squirt of slime that jet forward onto his knees. Penny did a sharp inhale at the pressure release. “Does that help?”

She nodded furiously, eyestalks shaking. “Y-yeah… nnnn please c-can you milk me, hnnhgh…”

“Ok it’s not really ‘milk’ but… eh, whatever same concept, I get it. As long as it helps you.” Both his fingers clasped around her first pair of nipples, pumping out little spurts of goo with each tug. Penny panted, writhing in his arms and forcing James to jostle her in place with his shoulder to keep her from slipping off. When the first pair returned to just a trickle, he moved to the nest set, draining her three more times.

“Ahhh hnhhaahh ahh…” The steam from her breaths misted up her eyestalks.

“All better babe?” Penny moaned approvingly and leaned back against his neck. “Guess I should have taken you for that walk earlier.” They both giggled and cuddled tighter before James turned the movie on again.

Explosions ripped through the artic facility when the screen stopped once more, Penny’s eyestalks turning around to see what was the matter. “Isn’t it almost over?” James was tapping his hand on his thigh, pushing down on his belt.

“Yeah, there’s a little bit more… sorry, I really need to take off my pants.” Lifting her up, he set the sluggirl down on the empty end of the couch and stood up. His waist was gobbed in slime, soaking through his pants and underwear. The belt swung off as he stepped out of his pants, crumpling them to a soggy pile on the ground. The underwear splatted down next, Penny grinning as her eyestalks peered at her boyfriend’s great ass.

“Are you gonna take off your sweater too?”

He paused before turning around. “Hmm. Yeah, I guess I should. You’ve been naked this whole time so might as well.” His girlfriend snickered like a little goblin, watching his abs slip out of the damp cotton. “BUT… no getting frisky till it’s over. Only like ten more minutes I think.”

“Don’t worry, I want to see how it ends now too!” Penny curled up into a C on her side of the couch, one eyestalk leaning over to see if James was still hard, the other eye on the screen.

Fires surrounded by darkness flashed into the credit sequence. “Wait, we don’t get to find out if one of them is the monster?”

James chuckled. “With the position they’re in, does it really matter?”

Penny blinked, thinking it over. “Yeah…” Her eye whirred around towards James. “D-do you want to play with me now?”

“Wow, credits aren’t even over. You’re an eager little slug, huh?” She scooted closer to him while he slid around to lay flat on the couch to let Penny crawl up his legs.

“Hehe, I’m still hungry.” Her prize was right ahead, a big throbbing cock, stiff but not fully hard. Inching closer with each squirm, soon it was right under her eyestalks, mouth drooling and ready. James pulled her chest forward, stuffing his cock nicely between her breasts while Penny lowered her lips around the shaft.

“I’m sure cum is crucial to your new diet.” While her tongue was wrapping around the head, James moved one hand down to where her slit was.

“V-very!” Penny’s wide lips pulled forward to engulf his dick, stuffing as much into her mouth as she could fit, and she could fit it all. Her lips touched down around his public hairs, not a single retch as his member grew harder in her mouth, forcing down her throat. The air flowed in through the pores on her backside, leaving her mouth free to slurp away with relentless vigor. James clenched his abdomen as she took him all the way in, slipping his palm around her cunt.

What used to be a perfectly tight pussy was now a slimy wide gap, easily fitting in his entire hand up to the thumb. Rubbing strokes on her clit made Penny’s backside start to bounce in waves to thrust against his hand. Meanwhile at James waist, Penny tested the limits of her flexibility, gulping down his cock even further. Her nose was touching his stomach, leaving the head of his rock-hard shaft pressed against where her brain should have been. Without a bone in her body, she felt like sensual jelly, fitting and squeezing around any shape. The best part was that her eyestalks let her watch his face the whole time, capturing his every groan and murmur.

James gasped and wheezed against the force of her head while Penny grunted and twisted against the force of his hand. They sucked and rubbed faster. The tip of her tail twisted around his ankle. He grabbed the side of the couch with his free hand. “MmhhGhhGhGgH!”

“Ffuuck… nghhh ssh… aahhh ffuc… hahaaa aaah.” He could barely formulate words when she twisted the whole of her face around the shaft, pushing up and down by her neck. The breasts between his cock wobbled, a second pair right bellow tickling his balls. His thenar was shaking up and down on the hood of her vagina, wrist mashing into her as fast as he could.

P-ppp epennny you... ffuu haaaNnnn you’re s-such ahh g-good girl!” He came, pumping streams of warm cum down her neck while globs of white slime pushed against his hand, both of them rolling their eyes back and lost to extasy while they shared each other’s sticky climax.

Penny swallowed up as much as she could, only the smallest strand left dangling off her lips when she withdrew from James’s slumped cock. “HhhAaahh nhhhaaa.” His hand fell off the side of the couch while she laid her head down next to his flaccid penis, eyestalks still locked with his glazed over eyes.

“Hnnnn J-jame… I didn’t hehe… I didn’t tell you…”

Breathing in felt like he was pushing his body back to life after almost reaching heaven. “W-what…”

There was a distant ringing alarm on her phone from the other room. “If… haaah, if I don’t t-take the reversal p-pill before my phone goes off… hnnn, I’ll be like this permanently…”

His head rolled to the side. “I… I don’t believe you. Ha haha... though, well, I guess…"

Penny stretched herself out on top of him, smiling. “Mmm?”

“Does it really matter?”


Re: Invasive Pet - by Tocixcog

Invasive Pet Pt. 2
by Tocixcog

“Nice job Penny, I think that’s all the lines we need recorded today.” Leona opened the door to the sound booth. The star of the studio was more unusual than most, perched on the stool next to the mic with her small curvy slug body. Penny had no arms or legs, her lower half was an electric blue gastropod foot with a peach skin-colored underside. Looking down at the script in front of her, long eyestalks wobbled while she scanned the next lines with the headset still strapped over her black hair tinted green.

It was impressive how deep she got into character, the concentration of her spiraling emerald eyes broken when Leona reached over and lifted the headset off her. “Opps, can you hear me Penny?”

“Oh! Ahah, did you lose me hehe?” Penny giggled a little, her small body wigging, the faint outlines of eight breasts under the baggy cream color sweater that fit her upper length.

“Hah, almost. Sorry, I was just saying great job, we’re all done for the day.” Removing the headset, Leona started to put the equipment back where it belonged, already with a rag on her shoulder to clean off the stool that Penny was covering in slime.

“Waaht? Already done? But I just got here, aww!” Her eyestalks dipped together sadly, but mostly with a playful glace to Leona.

“Well, we only had to do a few retakes. We’ll get you back in the next time more members of the production team are here. Getting to the studio isn’t too hard for you?”

Penny shook her head. “Nope! I just have James drive and carry me. He’s never busy.”

“That sounds good, having a stay-at-home boyfriend at your beck and call.” Leona finished resetting the room, then turning back to Penny. “How is everything? Saying you changed is an understatement…”

Her eyelashes fluttered with rapid blinks. “It’s amazing, isn’t it? I love my new body! You wouldn’t believe how good the sex is!”

The assistant snorted, clasping a hand over her mouth. “Oh my… phhf, glad you’re happy. It’s pretty interesting, I have to say, but…”

“Oh I didn’t tell you yet, but we’re engaged!” She perked up with an euphotic smile whenever she got to tell anyone about the big news.

“Hey, that’s great! When’s the wedding? Also, want me to go get James?”

“Ohhh, this summer! We’re keeping it small; I haven’t made the invites yet! There’s so much to plan, hehe I can’t even think straight, everything about yesterday was a dream. The way he proposed at home, I was-“

Leona was still standing in front of her. “Penny. Should I get James? For carrying you?”

“OH! Heh, sorry! Yeah, he said he would be waiting in the lobby. I don’t want to get your shirt slimey Leona.” The sluggirl moved to wrap herself more loosely around the surface of the stool, curving her body for when James would lift her.

“Likewise.” Leona did a click from the side of her mouth and moved to the door. “I’ll be right back.”

“Hey sweetie!” James hopped into the room, bending down to kiss his slug fiancé on the nose, Leona watching him scoop her up. Penny wrapped her eyestalks around his neck and shivered with a delightful squeal when James’ arm fit against her cleavage. “Thanks for all the help Leona.” The studio assistant always makes sure things ran smoothly, nodding toward the pair.

“Not a problem. Penny told me the good news about you two.” James blushed with a smile. “Congrats!”

“Leona, we should do a lunch date!” Penny pipped up, squirming against James’ chest to fit into her preferred hold where she had her breasts nice and snug. “Mmhm, James can bring me along.”

“Sure, when we’re not too busy. I gotta hear more about… all the details.” She winked, leaving Penny with a growing smirk while she nuzzled on James’s chin.

James looked between the two of them, sighing. “What about just having Leona and her girlfriend over at our house babe?”

Leona was already kneeling down to start cleaning Penny’s slime off the stool. “Trying to save yourself some heavy lifting James?”

Eyestalks whirled around James’ neck. “Hey, I’m not heavy!”

He tapped his forehead against her. “It’s true, you’re lighter than ever.” A nice heft from his shoulders showed how easy she was to carry. “But let’s not leave slime in a public place when we don’t have to.”

Penny maintained her fake pout while rubbing against his face. “Aww, but making slime is just how I show you I’m happy honeybun.”

His finger booped on her eyestalks, watching them ‘shloop’ back into her eye sockets. “You have other ways.” They both shared a smile, lingering with another kiss between their lips before a polite ‘ahem?’ from Leona caught them in the act. “Ahha, ah, sorry Leona, we’ll get out of your hair.”

“It would be fun to have you over though! James is a great cook!”

She nodded. “We’ll make it happen, I’m sure. See you in the studio next time Penny!” James waved and Penny jiggled her sides as the pair left.

James fumbled with his pocket to fish out the apartment keys, Penny wrapped over his shoulders like a slime coated neck rest. "You got it babe?"

"Yeah hold on." She sighed at the strokes on her back while James opened the door, stumbling inside and falling face first onto the couch.

More slime spread under the collar of his shirt. "Hehe, do I tire you out that much?"

A gurgling snort broke free from where Penny was crawling off his head. "I never get tired of you sweetie. But I am tired." He rolled over slightly to catch Penny smiling, her eyestalks pressed against his head before she gave him a kiss.

"Really tired or James tired?" They both laughed while he lifted her off his side.

"You caught me, just James tired." There was a certain way she was wiggling in his hold, a new kind of body language that James was starting to get ahold of after her transformation a less then month ago. The way she would hug his skin with her tail, speeding up her slime lactation, spreading her eye stalks apart a little wider. "You want to fuck?"

"Yes!" Penny blurted out unabashedly, spiraling eyes and cheeks that were no brighter red than usual.

His thumb smoothed over the blank patch of skin where her arms used to be, emphasizing her helplessness in the way that Penny adored. Her tongue peeped out, a smile that pulsed with ready and warm breaths. Just as suddenly as he had posed the question, James' hand slipped away when he stood up, drawing Penny's attention back to reality. "Huh?" She squirmed towards him, trying to lift her upper body off the couch and latch onto his leg. "H-hey, come back!"

"I thought of a way to get you more active honey. Let's make it a game." Her eyestalks perked up again.

"Oh, roleplaying? Can I be a clumsy slug maid again?" It was her favorite role. She would carry a feather duster in her mouth and James would be her well-meaning but horny supervisor.

James couldn't stop another snort. "Phf, cute... God you're so cute. No, a chase. If you can catch me, we'll do it." Her mouth was hanging half open, processing the challenge. "Come on. It's too cold for a walk and you've been either getting carried or sitting still all day."

"Hmmh... ok fine! But I just have to touch you?" He was already standing a few feet back from where she was leaning off the couch.

"Sure, any touch counts."

Penny lifted her neck up, wiggling her chest. "Ok! Take my sweater off first, it slows me down."

"I don't think that's the sweater but sure." He reached down, helping her pull off the knitted clothes so that her eight breasts could spread onto the sofa.

"Hah! You touched me!"

"Doesn't count, only once I say Go." He rolled his eyes and backed up a few more paces, folding up the slimy garment over his wrists. "Go!"

Penny let out a cute 'ghrr' of frustration. "Cheater." In just a few steps, James was already in the kitchen, looking over at Penny through the doorway while he washed his hands. "Aww, get back here!"

With a prepared gulp, she dropped onto her chest, clinging to the ground and beginning to drag herself forward. The lower sets of breasts helped give her a better grip, lifting up her butt into a curve and then snaking closer to James. "Hhgnnh..." The process was still incredibly stimulating; the soft pumping of slime from her tits would waterfall over her chest, gathering around her midsection slit. The same sensitive region was also the fulcrum of her body’s weight, starting each crawling slide with the pressure of her slug pussy against the ground. "Mmhhgg!"

"Almost there." James chimed in unhelpfully from the kitchen when Penny neared the doorway.

"Snnhhup, I'm gonnnaaahh..." Her eyestalks pulled back, stifling another moan. Every so often she had to pause, planting her chin on the ground to catch her breath. Even with the slow progress, at least he always looked within reach. It was a workout for her whole body, flexing her ass each curl and then stretching her back muscles to inch onwards.

Her fiancée was keeping his hands busy with meal prep for the weekend, occasionally glancing down when the sounds of Penny moans got closer. She was still rounding the corner of the countertop when James placed two wrapped bowls of pizza dough into the refrigerator.

Penny tried to lunge at him, flopping her top breasts over and shooting her tongue out in desperation. It still fell short, James carefully jumping back on his toes. "Close one!"

More tired grumbles and longing murmurs pushed from her lips while Penny retracted her tongue. "Waaaah, plelaseee..."

He smiled, stepping around the kitchen easily till he was behind Penny again. "You can do it babe. You'll get me. It's good, keeps you active." Moving back into the living room to fold their laundry, he closed the door behind him.

"Nnh, no fair!" He knew she still had trouble opening doors. After more sighs and groans, Penny crawled back to the door. She paused in her progress, eyestalks looking up at the imposing wooden barrier between her and James with the round handle. It would be a lot easier if James had added the flippy door handles like she'd asked.

A moving shadow from under the door told her that James was still in the living room. "Hmm..." Penny brought her eyestalks to the floor, peering through the crack. She could see his feet standing over the couch, wiping off the slime before kicking off his shoes to lay down. The faint clack of knitting needles told her that he was working on another stitch, hopefully her next scarf.

When she tried to push her eyes closer to get a better look, Penny felt her vision squish under the door and the pop out the other side. Blinking, her eyestalks lifted, catching sight of where James was laying. He must have been waiting for the noise of her trying to open the door handle, but maybe this space would be big enough to squeeze through. Lacking any bones, it wasn't an impossible fit, though doing so silently was another matter. She didn't have any teeth to bite on her tongue, starting by forcing her head against the ground and pushing it downwards.

"Ggn..." It felt like her thoughts were being flattened along with her brain before popping out. All her breasts would be the hardest part, but if she could just get the first two pairs through, she could maybe stretch her tongue far enough to touch the back of his head. Penny's puffed mouth caught her whines while her chest fit under the door, nipples pressing flat on the ground. With her neck straightened out, she lashed her tongue out as far as it would reach, just scratching James' scalp while he was mid stitch. "Gghg gootchha!"

“Wha-" Whipping around and tapping his head for the wetness of her lick, James pulled his neck back in visible shook seeing Penny cut in half by the door, also midway through a gasp as her second pair of breasts plopped free. “Oh shit are you ok!?” He scrambled to his feet, dropping the knitting project to hold onto Penny’s sides.

“He… he, I got… you…” She was breathing fast, her vagina caught tightly against the ground while she tried to pull the rest of herself through, but the fatty mass of her butt was proving to difficult to slip under without as much of force behind it to push off the ground. “Ah… hah… help…”

James grabbed firmly around what used to be her hips, throwing his full weight into yanking her forward. Penny’s third and fourth boobs slipped out with a successive ‘fhwip fhwip’ the rest of her tail sliding out easily and causing James to fall onto his back as she fell atop him. “Wow, gave me a scare but, I didn’t even know you could do that.”

She scooted a little closer on his chest, spreading drool and slime up to his chin. “Me neither, hhaha, but I feel fine. And I got you!” Not with any plans to let go, she threw her top breasts around James’ neck, pinning him to the floor with her deadweight. “Plllease, I want to fuck so bad…” He could feel the rhythmic grinding of her midsection on his hips already, unable to stop the hardening in his own pants from her sliding motions.

“Yeah, let’s do it. Can I get you off to get the condoms?” The way she looked at him said ‘right now’ but protection was important too.

Penny swayed her eyestalks, rubbing her breasts of the tops of his collarbones. “Nnnh, nooo, we’re gonna get married, I want you to cum inside me! Please, James…”

His hand froze while gliding over her back. “So… you want to try for…” She nodded, working up a smile again and pressing on where she could feel the stiffness around his waist. James stared up at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts. Even her tongue curving around his mouth didn’t break the hold of her words. “I guess lets… yeah… I want to… you’re sure?”

“Mmhgh, yyems maahk me amoom.” Penny licked outside and inside his cheeks, twisting in circles around his own tongue when James locked their lips to kiss with her.

Without protection, there was nothing else for him to think about. One hand reached to his crotch and shoved his pants down, his other hand feeing tight into the crack of her ass with slime lubed fingers. If felt so hot to not hold back, and now she had a body that didn’t need a soft touch either. “Yyesss!”

James squeezed her forcefully from behind like she was a rubber doll. Even with her full weight on top of his chest, she was still easy to flip over, eyestalks twisting around to stare at him while her back slid against the floor. The butter-like slime kept her whole figure permanently slippery, useful for moving on the floor and fucking at a moment’s notice. Penny’s eight breasts streamed the green goop even faster once James started rolling his palm onto her top breasts.

Two fingers found her slit in the midsection of her body, digging into Penny’s hole like her pussy was a puppet’s opening. “HhGhhGhhN!” The boneless structure of her vaginal canal let him easily spread and flex his digits back and forth on her clit. She was a gasping mess, her tail writhing in pleasure until James straddled over her, the base of his cock meeting cold slime on her tender underbelly. Propping an elbow against the crest of his hip gave him the leverage to tense his wrist and begin fingering her rapidly, spit dribbling down the sides of Penny’s mouth while she convulsed. Her eyestalks rolled on the floor with her head, the long tongue spilling between her splayed breasts once James started to ride her against the ground.

“Mmmhn.” There was a giddy smile on his face too, loving the way she was so supple and glossy. James let his grip slide down her sides to reach under her and lift her neck onto a fortuitously fallen couch pillow. Arcing his back forced the head of his shaft on a trail along her abdomen, fitting between her lower breasts. He leaned down, still using his free hand to hold onto her should, gently rubbing inside her pussy while his waist pulled back for the next push. “Hng I love you sweetie.”

Separate from the intense waves of lust that were firing through her, those words sent a small tingle over Penny’s backside, regaining some control of her eyestalks to look up at James. “Ghna ahha, I wannmnt mmmhm sooo many kid witth you!” A kiss touched down on the side of her face, neck crumpling at the same time with a sudden gurgle as James slowly fed his cock inside of her. The hand at her waist shifted to cup her butt, lifting Penny onto his shaft as the same time he drove upwards with his waist.

Underneath his legs, her tail slapped over his backside as she curled herself onto James, hugging him even tighter while the thrusting motion forced their bodies together. His chest fell onto her bed of tits, smushing her against the ground with each driving pump. “MMnnhhNNnb!” Penny sputtered, eyes rolling back while she was forcibly plowed against the ground. Motions that would have broken bones just flattered her soft tissue body, always keeping her cunt open no mater how James twisted his posture. “Ahhnnhhg, I mmuhnnnst feeell soo good foor you…” Her words slurred with spit bubbles, eyestalks spasming and unable to focus.

“Ffunnk, it’s amazing… hhhnana aahh, you’re amazing…” James felt himself slipping too, so close to filling her full. Even without any arms to hold him, the way she pressed him closer with the tip of her tail, how she clung to him with her slime, it all screamed with desire. He couldn’t take it anymore. “I’mmmhnn…” A swallow caught in his throat as the orgasm cut off his words, lines of warm cum mingling with the cold slime that his cock forced out of her womb. She smiled euphorically, chin tipped back, tightening her midsection with ever muscle to hold onto him and retain that delicious flow of warmth. When their embrace concluded, both of them rolled over, panting while James slipped out of her.

“Nnmh… I’ll never get tired of thhhis…” He slightly smeared his palm along her middle, wiping up some of the white fluid that was leaking out of her hole.

Penny struggled to raise her head or bend her eyestalks, content to just watch James groan where he lay on his shoulder beside her. “MMmmm, I’ll aallways be your slug…”

“Hmm, imagine you with a big belly.” James pictured how she would look while patting her lower breasts. A tired pinch on her nipple dribbled out a puff of slime and a ‘eap’ from Penny. “At least he or she won’t go hungry.”

She giggled. “Don’t you mean they?”

“Oh right, shouldn’t overly gender.” Their faces closed the distance on the ground, Penny holding back her tongue to tenderly kiss him.

“That, and… didn’t you hear mmm, what the doctor was saying?” James just softly ‘hmmm?’ed while exchanging the smooch. “I lay eggs now… it’ll be a lot more than one… even up to thirty…”

He shot back, as if punched in the gut and scrambling to stand. “THIRTY? KIDS? THIRTY KIDS?”


Re: Invasive Pet - by Tocixcog

Invasive Pet Pt. 3
by Tocixcog

James sipped the hot coco while he watched his wife slurp up her liquid chocolate with a straw. She was certainly an odd one, more slug than woman after her transformation into his self-declared pet. “Penny…” He looked past her, staring between her eyestalks. “Are you happy?”

Penny smiled, shaking the soft patches where her arms used to be as she wiggled her small slime coated body. “Mmhm, yes!” Her eight breasts flopped against each other; the squirming motion slightly diminished by her pregnant belly the size of a beach ball that weighed her down. James had to take care of her even more now that she was getting so round and couldn’t move as well on her own. “I have a sexy body, a sweet hubby, lots of kids on the way, and I’m about to have lunch with my best friend. What would I have to be sad about?”

“Hmm.” Polishing off his drink, James twisted the cup by the rim. Her smile was so genuine that he couldn’t help but to mirror it. The sigh turned into a laugh as he tapped his spoon in the empty mug. “I’m glad to hear it. But what about some more marshmallows?”

“I knew I was missing something in life!” Penny giggled, loosing a wide toothless grin before making hungry mouth motions towards him. The spoonful of tiny marshmallow went directly from the bag right between her lips. “Mmhg, thank you babe!” Bending her head forward even more, Penny stretched out her tongue and spread a happy lick over her husband’s cheek. “You’re the best.”

“God you’re cute.” He leaned back and watched her eyestalks sway with the subtle motions of her breathing. “But I did want to get a little serious with you.”

“Oh?” Penny tilted her head, guiding James gaze by making her eyestalks droop to the side. “Is this about the kids? I thought we went over everything with doctor Morlen on Monday. We could call her together if it’s another question.”

“No, no.” That was another bag of slugs, and it wasn’t like he was the one giving birth anyway. “About Leona.”

“Oooooh…” Penny sagged her head the other one, eyes curious to see where James wanted to take this.

“Uhm… how do I put this…” Teeth bit to his lower lip, taping around the scruff of his chin. “Well to start, I know you’re going to try and make her take the same transformation drug.”

Penny smiled, slightly relived that James found out her devious plot. It always hurt to keep secrets from him, even innocent things. “Maaayyyybbeeeeeee.”

He pushed out a little half- snort while Penny wagged her tail tip. “Come on, I was there with you when you picked up that special order at the clinic. And it wasn’t a medicine that Dr. Morlen mentioned. Plus just listening to the way you arranged things with Leona. I’m not dense.”

“Hehe, I know babe. You caught me! But I’m not going to trick her, I promise!”

“Ah, that wasn’t what I was worried about.” Obviously Penny wasn’t that sort of person to spring unwelcome surprises without fair warning. Whatever Leona wanted to do was up to her. However, his wife often took her harmless fun a little too far, especially when he was out of the room. “More like, you weren’t going to offer me up for…”

“A threesome?!” Her eyestalks lit up and James was glad he’s already swallowed the coco as he gulped painfully.

“Y-yeah… you know th-“

“Oh honey I know she’s happy with her girlfriend, of course.” Penny slowly tugged herself closer across the table towards James. “But what if she did ask…”

“She won’t.”

“Mmhm, but what if she does?”

“Ahhh, I don’t think so.”

“But what if?” Penny was only a few inches closer before James helped pull her into his arms, gently kissing her on the cheek with another kiss on each eyestalk that made Penny suck them back into her head and giggle.

“Then can I just say I don’t want to? Slug, woman, you’re the only one for me sweetie.”

“Aww…” She kissed him back, sucking red dots over James’s neck. “Of course, honeypie. I don’t want to do force you into something you don’t want.”

“Thanks.” Her spiral green eyes were still drilling into him. “And between you and her?”

Penny batted her eyelashes. “Do you mind? It would just be a little play…”

“Oh, no yeah please, I don’t mind at all. Whatever slug fun you want to drag her into, go ahead babe.”

“Yay! I saw a video about sluggirl wrestling and it looks so fun!”

He kept petting through her hair as she curled closer around his shoulders. “I know babe. You showed me that video at least five times now.”

“Opps, eheh. Think I can win?” Their cheeks rubbed together while James set her on her back to stroke over Penny’s belly.

“Tough to say. You’re at a maternal disadvantage, but then again, this your home court. I can’t be a referee for you though.”

“Mmh.” Penny nuzzled up to his chin, pushing her lower pair of breasts into James’s hand who began to roll his palm over the slimy surface of her tits. “Too biased?”

“Exactly.” Before he could start to pet her chest any further, the knock at the door signaled arrival of the expected guest. “Hold on, I’ll bring her in.” Setting Penny back on her stomach at her side of the table and moving the third untouched mug of hot chocolate into the empty seat, James dipped towards the entrance to go get Leona.

“Hey James.” Leona waved to him in the entranceway. The audio tech was a few years younger than Penny and him, looking as fresh as a spring day. Her wavy hair and butter smooth black skin wore a cute yellow and white halter dress with a dandelion pattern.

“Hey! Come on in.” She was already stepping past him, looking towards Penny on the table. “Where is Gwen?” James was under the impression that Leona’s girlfriend was supposed to come with. He had a fun time looking through his VHS collection with the fellow cinephile the last time they’d done a meetup at Penny’s place.

“Penny!” Taking of her shoes besides the doorway, she waved to the slug-like voice actress on the table who could only wiggle back. “Oh, Gwen said she’d be over later, separate car, so I walked.”

“Hmm.” James looked at his wife blankly then back to Leona. “Well! Uh, I set you out some hot coco… I’ll just be doing some organizing in the other room then… leave you two to it.” He kept eyes on the both of them while moving to the door. “I guess let me know when Gwen gets here, maybe we could all watch a movie or something.”

“Sure, that could be fun.” Leona sat down, watching James move out of sight into the living room. Her eyes swept back to Penny’s wavering stalks, both sharing a giggle at her husband’s expense. “Come on, a little conversation wouldn’t hurt him.”

“Shh, he’s letting us have our privacy!” Penny struck back, still smiling as she started to crawl closer to Leona. “This is so fun though! I never get to see you outside of work anymore!” They were regular partners in the sound studio so it was nice to finally have time with her friend when they didn’t have to pretend to be professionals. Penny’s pregnancy had kept her out of the work for the last couple weeks as well.

“Mmhm, it is.” Leona sipped at the chocolate that was left out for her. “So tell me what’s going on with you.”

She laid on her side to let her belly rest more comfortably against the table. “Hehe, not much, I’m just here waiting for the big day.” This was the first time Leona was seeing her nude too, though the sweaters James made here didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“When are you due?”

“Any day now!” It seemed like it had come up so quickly, only a months ago when they’d first seen Dr. Morlen and now after last meeting she’d said the pregnancy was progressing faster than normal.

“That is crazy!” She tossed a few marshmallows into the drink. “And you said it was six kids?”

Penny batted her eyelashes bashfully. “Too few?”

Leona just shook her head. “Well you always said you wanted a big family but even one would be much for much for me. Hope you know what you’re getting into with that.” At least she had the perfect body for it with those eight slime leaking breasts.

“Mmmhm, don’t you think James is going to be such a great dad?” She looked up at Leona from where she had rolled to her side like an excited slimy puppy. The audio tech arched her eyes while taking another sip; James wasn’t the one she was worried about here. “Do you want to see what I got you?”

“Sure.” Leona set down her mug and stood up to follow Penny’s swaying eyestalks that nudged in the direction of a kitchen messy drawer. Inside was a curled white paper bag that made Penny squeal when Leona wrapped her hands over it. “This?”

“Yes! Open it up!” The bag unfolded as Leona shook loose a small orange pill bottle with the TransX label into her hand.

“Oh boy…” She’d expected this somewhat. Penny’s custom-made transformation had started to become more common as her unique body helped skyrocket her career, with a huge sponsorship from TransX’s parent company. Most people used it for a night of kinky fun before changing back while Penny was the only one who’d chosen to make her change permanent.

The idea had been wandering through Leona’s head for a while and now that the pills were in her hands, taking the plunge felt inevitable. “Well, Gewn is going to happy.” Her girlfriend was a big fan of TransX changes and liked to cuddle Penny when they were together. As if it would make Leona jealous to see her partner get covered in slime. However, if she was the one hugging onto Gwen while naked and sensitive… the idea got more appealing the more she let it linger.

“Are you? Do you want to do it?” Penny dragged closer, lifting herself up to put her eyestalks at eyelevel with Leona. “Plllleaseeee, I want to play with another sluggirl!”

“Haha, hold on Penny, I’m thinking it over.” She looked back to the sluggirl before her, trying to picture herself looking like that. “Hmm, do you have phantom limb, without any arms?”

“I was never an amputee so I don’t know what it would feel like, but no, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.” A squirm from her smooth sides rippled down to the tip of Penny’s tail.

“But what does it feel like, when you try to move your arms?” The pills would be the fastest way to find out. Watching Penny’s body brought new worries and new temptations. A few more questions could quell that doubt, just asking to buy time for her thoughts to settle down and agree to the idea. It wasn’t easy for a normal person to imagine feeling totally alien, sensual and helpless. In the end, she knew she wanted it, sheer burning curiosity at the very core that was about to push away any reasoning. It had always been there, asking questions in the dark and waiting for an opportunity to fall into her hands so that she had an excuse act on impulse.

“It doesn’t feel like anything.” Penny closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it would be like with clunky limbs spouting from her shoulders, but the idea was too foreign for her to picture it. Her body said this was right, this was natural.

“Yeah I… I have to at least try it once, right?” Leona looked to Penny for just a little more approval, though she was already uncapping the bottle. Her palms slipped on the cap, sweaty with the sudden spurt of anticipation.

“Yesss, oh you’re going to love it. You feel so good, so different, mmhhgh!” A shudder spiked through Penny’s eyestalks as she remembered what it was like to change. Maybe one small regret was that she couldn’t experience the transformation over and over, like getting yourself cold to make the returning to the warmth feel better. This way she got to be warm and slimy forever.

“Oh I’m excited enough. I bet it feels like nothing else…” The pill box lid clattered to the ground, her hands trembling as she picked out of pill and stuck it onto her tongue. She chugged back the rest of the warm coco to push it down her throat before there could be second thoughts, grinning wide like an idiot. “Oh my god… oh my god I just did that…”

“Aaaahhhh, quick, get on the table!” It was better than falling to the floor and having to climb up the table leg. Penny pushed her belly to the corner so that Leona had room to crawl onto the wood with her hands and knees.

Her head swayed forward a little when a twisting feeling started to grow inside her stomach. “Fuck… fuck Penny it’s starting…” She reached up to her collarbones in a rush to push off the straps of her dress as pressure built her chest. “Mmmhaa ahhhh.” Her breath raced, slipping a hand into her cleavage and rubbing on the tender breasts that were welling up with slime. The little brown nipples puffed turgid under her twitching fingers before the first driblets of green begun to leak out.

Leona kept groaning while rubbing her thighs together, the skin around her pelvis feeling like meting chocolate with her legs slipping into a singular pseudopod. Strength left her arms just as she managed to remove the rest of her dress, the yellow dandelion color now spreading in a shiny streak on her behind. There was a squish of her tits against the wood when her spine suddenly lost rigidity and caused her to slip forward. New sensitive welts were growing under her breasts as warm receptacles for the slime. She could feel it pushing at the back of her throat and also squeezing out of her pussy, pulsing though her body in rhythm with the changes.

“Ooo, you have such a pretty color!” Penny bent over her eyestalks to admire the banana yellow sheen creeping over Leona’s ass. The bright color flowed like lava over the backside of her legs as they fused together, hardening into a semi-solid coating slug skin that glistened with moisture.

Leona was too focused on her sides to notice. “MmHnnGhhhoo ooohh my arms!” It was just like Penny said; one second her arms were there, and in the next they had sealed against her torso. What Penny hadn’t said was how amazing it all felt, the sucking and compacting forces that pushed her body into a tight new slug shape, so mushy and smooth. She tried to wiggle her limbs and instead found the focus being put into her lengthening tail. Her feet turned soft and melded into a yellow tip that Leona wiggled as her fingers. It was like her tail was all her arms and legs as one, a long boneless foot that twisted from her hips. “Hhgnnnnhn…”

The tingling bumps below her chest started to push into fully formed new breasts with the slime inside each mammary pugging up to create a new nipple to drip from. “Ahh ahh, fuck it feels so good Peenneyyy!”

She was dragging her new boobs on the wood surface to lather her underside in slime. The hot and gratifying pressure of her eight breasts against the table made Leona roll her eyes up, though it felt like her vision kept lifting higher and higher. There was a clatter as the red glassed pushed off of her face from Leona’s extending eyestalks curving around her hair. “MmmhhGh, I love it aah…”

The changes had finished but it was only the beginning of her exploration to enjoy all the new sensations this slug body had to offer. Just as Leona was able to control her wavering eyestalks and look at over her body, a heavy weight fell onto her enlarged yellow butt. “Let’s play!” Penny heaved her second pair of breasts over Leona’s rear, stretching her back to try and hoist up her belly onto of her friend.

“Mmmhg, ppllay?” Leona slurred with a mouth full of slime. She sucked her spine inwards, curving up her backside into a C-shape to withdraw her tail before Penny could crawl on top.

Penny landed with a ‘oof’ onto her upper breasts as the surprise submission attempt was thwarted. “Yeah! Sluggirl wrestling!” Of course Leona was freshly transformed and still learning to control her tail, so now was the time to strike. “First one to pin the other for ten seconds wins!”

“MmHnmm…” Sounded like fun, and she didn’t have much room to refuse while trapped on the table with Penny. Both of the sluggirls gradually curved around to reposition, Penny slowed by her dragging her belly and Leona moving slowly for the novelty of her new anatomy. Facing each other again, they slid closer and then lifted up to clash in the center of the table.

Their top four breasts interlocked, both trying to lift higher and gain the advantage in a squirming contest for narrow dominance. Penny aimed to push Leona over with her pregnancy weight, forcing Leona to pull up higher. Having less of her tail against the ground made her waver unsteadily, curving to the side and wrapping Penny’s head between her top breasts to secure a hold.

“MmmHhGh!” Penny leaned her smooth shoulder against Leona’s sternum area, still intent to topple them over. “H-hey, aannhh nn-noo fiaiiir…” Leona smiled, drool leaking out of her open mouth as she felt her pussy cup over Penny’s nipple, grinding her hungry cunt against her friend’s slick areola. Both their bodies were completely lubricated in a sheen of green slime. With Penny held by Leona’s upper and lower tits, she tried to push her tail around to regain the critical leverage. But Leona was already a step ahead, drawing her own tail closer in to keep their mass centered and wobbly. It was a risky gambit laced with a secondary strategy when her tail tip reached up to press against Penny’s puffy vagina. “NHhNgh!”

She wanted to lean into the teasing tail but that would push her off balance. The split-second hesitation between pleasure and victory was all Leona needed, acting quickly to push all her strength into one shoulder patch and send them both down onto the table surface, with her landing on top. Penny flipped over before Leona could crawl onto the back of her head, though it was a futile struggle with Leona still maintaining her superior position and pushing her chest overtop of Penny’s cleavages. “Oooone. Twooo…”

“Nooo!” The pregnant sluggirl whined and wiggled while helplessly pinned under her own belly and her friend’s sliding breasts.

It was futile. “Eight…” There was a knock on the door and Penny’s eyestalks pulled towards a possible distraction, though Leona was not so deterred. “Nine, ten, I win!”

“No fair!” The victor rubbed her breasts against Penny’s bloated belly while they both purred in the slimy aftermath. “I mmNmm, I wwaant a rematchhhaa aah ahhhh!” A twist of Leona’s lips over her nipple was a satisfactory second place prize, Penny arching her back in pleasure while Leona gulped down waves of slime.

“Oh? Nice job Leona.” James chimed in from the living room door, hurrying over to the front entrance, then immediately glancing back, his mouth getting ahead of his brain. “Oh shit! You’re a sluggirl already!”

She lifted her head off Penny’s teat, the two of them slowly sliding apart. “Mmmmmhm, it’s the best James, I love it!” Her long tongue wiped away the green goop off her lips. “Mmh, is that Gwen?”

James checked the peephole. “Yep. Should I let her in or…” Did they want to put on clothes first? The giddy smile between Penny and Leona told him that they were fine with presenting in the nude.

Leona shuddered with her breasts held onto the table while imagining twisting her body around her girlfriend, licking over their boobs and wrapping their eyestalks together in sticky bliss. “Penny, was there another pill in that bag?”

“Hehe, it was just a present for you…” Penny began crawling up Leona’s backside. “But I do have an extra dose… wrestle you for it? Best two out of three?”