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“Hm, yes my lord, fill me with your girth,” a female voice echoed across the audience chamber of House Dornstein's family home.

At the back end of the large hall was a circular curtain, closed at the moment and hiding a space of about six feet in diameter. Inside the curtain stood the throne that the former Lady Dornstein and her daughter had been fused to, at the exact position were the old Lord Dornstein's chair had once been. They were not alone, though. On top of them sat a naked woman, riding their throbbing penis.

“Keep going, Mona, don't stop,” the right head of Lord Dornstein said.

Since their return to their home, the new Lord Dornstein had become quite popular among their female staff. Despite the initial shock, they had developed a surprising interest in their masters' shared penis, giving it special attention when washing the two. The former mother and daughter took immediate advantage of it and made it clear from the start that their servants were allowed to play with their body as much as they liked. In fact they had begged to be touched the first time they had been cleaned.

They had also become quite popular among the populace, once they had gotten used to the sight of what had once been mother and daughter. Due to their limitations, the two did not do much in the way of administrative work. That role had been handed to their new chief advisor, Lady Dornstein's brother and Gwendolyn's uncle. That did not mean that they could not be there for their people in other ways, though. Their audience hall was always open during the day. Even the lowliest commoner was allowed to approach them. Once people had just come to asks for advice or voice their concerns. Now they essentially served as a prostitute to their entire province. Lord Dornstein embraced their new role, though, no matter how demeaning it could seem to outsiders. In fact they encouraged their subjects to be intimate with them. Thus it was not unusual nowadays for a simple farmer to enter the hall and approach their lord, just because they really wanted a blowjob.

Even though the two could not complain about having regular sex, their chief advisor had hired four young women over the course of the last year, specifically to satisfy Lord Dornstein's sexual needs. After all their hall was closed after sunset and even during the day it could take hours for someone to ask them for a special audience. Mona was the most recent of these women. They also served as personal attendants, for example feeding them or cleaning them. Their primary role was to serve their Lord sexually, though. That was because the four maids had also been chosen to carry on the Dornstein's legacy. While neither the head that used to be Gwendolyn, nor the one that used to be her mother, cared much who else they might impregnate with their seed, Mona and the others were to carry their official heirs. Uelsa had already given birth to a healthy boy three months ago and Carmina was in her fifth month. Lord Dornstein could not be more happy. They genuinely cared for their maids and had sworn to be as good a father as they physically could to their children.

“Fill me with your seed,” the most recent hire screamed, close to reaching orgasm.

The creature under her was already there, though. Both heads moaned in unison as their balls tensed and released their content. Buried deep inside the maid, their cock filled her birth canal with their seed.

Once Mona had come down from her own climax, she let herself slump back onto the Lord. It was surprisingly comfortable, like lounging in very soft armchair. The former mother and daughter enjoyed snuggling as much as the sex itself and enjoyed their maid lying on them, their softening cock still buried in her vagina. Each head bent down and kissed each of the woman's cheeks.

“Welcome to the family”, the left head said.

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That was worth the wait big_smile . Thanks Demon-Man, this is awesome!

It's always nice to see characters being satisfied with their twisted transformations. I do really like the ones where they drop their past identities for something more perverted or inhuman.


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I always thought I had uploaded the last chapter. Sorry for the delay.

The initial impact of King Irek's birthday celebration was wider reaching than had been seen in decades. After all the majority female nobles had not only been turned male but into sex-hungry monsters of varying shape and size. The kingdom was left in shock, it was called a scandal and even the people of the central regions, the ones used to seeing the most extreme transformations performed even in public spaces, were unsure how to react to what their King had done. For a short while the kingdom was on the brink of open rebellion.

The uprising never happened, though. After the first shock had gone by, things calmed down surprisingly quickly. It did not take long for life to return to normal for most people, when they realized that the events of the King's birthday party had no immediate effects on their lives, that it had not been the opening act of some sinister conspiracy or insane plan to transform the entire population. With the public's attention span as short as it was, the majority of people had almost forgotten about it after just a month.

The majority of noble families simple got used to the new situation and worked around any problem coming with it, one way or another. Some noblemen were perfectly happy with their wives' new looks, others simply chose to take mistresses. A few couples just divorced. Only very few marriages among Ondora's nobility were based on romance anyway. Those couples that had no children yet also found solutions. They adopted orphans or  employed surrogate mothers.

The few families that had problems adjusting to what had happened, showed their discontent in subtle manners, positioning politically against the King but without directly challenging him. It did not worry the monarch, though, as it made little difference to the political landscape he was already used to.

In exchange, a few remote and conservative families began to encourage sexual transformations in their regions of influence, similar to their counterparts in the central regions. Some even started using transformations as a form of punishment or reward.

Overall the kingdom seemed almost the same, two years after the celebration. The fact that the majority of the nobility was entirely male in one form or another, had become little more than a cosmetic curiosity, no more.

Erica was not aware of any of this, though. She had spent the last two years in a basement room, having sex with a wide variety of partners. After the celebration, her and the other dakini-spawn had been sold off, their role in the party fulfilled. There had been an auction, most of the spawn had been sold to traders, military leaders and even some of the higher ranking palace staff. Erica's host had been bought by a businessman who had turned out to be the owner of a local brothel. Apparently there had been need for some more lower priced options in his establishment.

Erica didn't mind that her customers were not the rich and refined guests visiting the upper levels of the brothels but the lower classes, including the drunk and dirty who just wanted a quick fuck to release stress. So long she got some attention, she was happy. Most of the male customers seemed rather reluctant touching her but, thanks to her host's prostate, she could still enjoy anal sex. There was nothing better than a female or gay customer, though, someone who eagerly interacted with her directly. She loved the sensation of a hand stroking her hard, phallic body, or lips wrapped around her, not to mention the mind breaking experience of being shoved into a person's waiting vagina or anus.

On a calm day, she would sometimes grow bored and start becoming more keenly aware of how helpless she had become. These were the times when she almost regretted what had been done to her, when she almost missed the things she had been able to do as a human. However, the moment her host got aroused and her body began to stiffen, any hint of regret evaporated. This was, what she lived for now, getting hard, getting shoved into some orifice and ejaculating. Nothing was more exhilarating than being used and no matter how often she ejaculated in a day, it never lost its blissful edge.

Her host was lying on its bed at the moment, recuperating after an especially lustful customer. Erica had just gone soft, cum still leaking from her mouth. She savoured the salty flavour, while her mind dreamed of past customers and events, slowly drifting into a well earned slumber.


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I envy the kitchen maid girls a lot, I would give anything to become a Dakini spawn myself. For me there is nothing more beautiful than being a Dakini Spawn, for me the perfect life in absolute happiness.