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He was probably told but there is no meaning to the number. Most likely they had predicted that one or two girls would have to be made an example, so they probably took more than they needed to begin with.


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Katharina and Francis left the party not long after midnight. They had actually missed a large chunk of it, since they hadn't left the private chamber for hours. After their first sexual experience following Katharina's transformation, they had in fact fallen asleep while snuggling.

When they had gone back into the ballroom, they had been surprised by how much the party had changed, with transformees and men openly copulating all across the hall, the dance floor dominated by an odd living throne that they later found out was the new Lord Dornstein. Even more of a shock had been what their daughters had done in the meantime. Instead of the two young women they had left, they had been greeted by two squid-like creatures. On top of that they had happily announced their marriage.

Katharina had been about to rebuke them for their rash actions, but had quickly realized that she was in no position to criticize them. In hindsight they had probably ended up in the best situation possible under the circumstances. More importantly they were happy. Since the worst had been over and overall everything had turned out less horrible then anticipated, the family had decided to celebrate with drink and food. However, while Arienne and Veronike had been quite eager to join the ongoing orgy, their parents had been happy enough to just be intimate with each other. Thus they had excused themselves not long after, leaving their daughters to enjoy the rest of the night.

Now they were on the way back to their guest chambers not far from the ballroom. However, they were accompanied by a palace guard armed with a magi-staff. He had simply detached himself from a group of soldiers at the entrance and politely followed them. It was not uncommon for a palace servant to attend them but a guardsman was unusual and it left the couple feeling uneasy. Yet, they were both too tired to confront him. It probably would not make a difference anyway. Maybe it was just a security measure, because King Irek might fear retaliation from disgruntled guests that were less content with what tonight's declaration had done to them. It only took a few minutes for them to arrive at their chambers, anyway. Before they could enter, the guardsman finally revealed the reason for his presence.

“My lords. The king has given us orders to accompany his noble guests with offers of a parting gift,” he announced formally, standing straight, his weapon held to his chest. “I was sent with this weapon, in case you should wish to share the experience of the Lady's transformation with your servants. Just say so and I shall alter them. Master Haberich has adjusted the staff for a result that he deemed pleasing to the new Lord. Should you wish to keep your servants as they are, I shall leave.”

That was indeed a surprise. Francis wasn't sure how to react. He had no real desire to drag his  attendants into this. They had served him well and would probably not appreciate this offer. Yet, he could not deny that he was curious what they would look like after the guardsman was done with them. In addition they had quickly come around to see Katharina's new form as a benefit, rather than a curse. So maybe they would do their servants a favour. He was still debating the issue with himself, when his spouse replied for him.

“We would be delighted,” he said, his deep voice making the words sound sinister, instead of the sweet reply it was meant to be. “Just let us go in first.”

The guardsman nodded, allowing Katharina and a slightly dazzled Francis to enter the room. Mara was in the foyer, sitting on a chair and reading a book. She immediately stood up to greet them formally but froze when she saw the tall tentacle-faced creature next to Lord Ottrich. It took almost half an hour to calm her down again and relax. She was the youngest of the three servants that had come with them. Just 19 years old, she had grown up rather protected and had no experience with the transformed at all. Fortunately the two other maids, Judy and Adora, managed to keep their composure when they saw Katharina. The two nobles explained in detail what had occurred and why there now two Lord Ottrichs, one of them such a monstrous creature. None of the three women seemed particularly happy about it but knew that they were in no position to argue. In the end Mara apologized for her initial reaction and promised to serve the family as loyally as she had done before. Judy and Adora, too, proclaimed their willingness to serve them no matter what Lady Ottrich might look like now.

In this moment Katharina called for the guardsman to come in, who had dutifully waited outside. The three servants looked confused as they saw the armed soldier. They had no time to react, though, when he raised the staff and fired at them. There was no warning or announcement, he just did as he had been told. The three women shrieked and tried to step back but that just caused them to stumble into each other. Their clothes were burned away by the beam as if it was fire, revealing their nude forms. They all were pretty in their own right. Mara was maybe a bit plain and skinny but also youthful and possessed a cute face. Judy was not that much older and while being a little pudgy, had large breasts and a firm butt that Katharina had not expected. Adora was in her early forties and had probably been a true beauty in her youth, though her looks had barely diminished.

The moment their bodies touched, their skin started to blend into one another. Their forms merged together as if they were no longer solid. Within seconds their limbs were absorbed back into their fusing bodies until they were little more than a formless blob of twisting flesh, that bizarrely floated in mid-air. Their heads stayed separate and looked at each other in shock, eat least for the short moment until their skulls began to melt. Their features fused and vanished until in the end each one was left with only a single, giant eyeball on top of a thick, prehensile stalk. Meanwhile their shared body took on a spherical shape, while the few features left on it rearranged into a new symmetry. So far their breasts had stayed largely unchanged, even if they looked rather out of placed on their warped flesh. Now each pair squished together and fused into a single orb. After some additional growth, they sported three melon-sized breasts surrounding their spherical body at equal intervals not far beneath each eyestalk. Each was identical, round and firm despite the size and with a large brown areola surrounding an oversized nipple.

Similarly their vaginas had changed form and turned into identical looking parodies of what they used to be. They were easily twice the usual size and massively swollen, the labia so thick that it almost looked more like facial lips and the clitoris sticking out like miniature-penises. They had also moved into their final positions on the maid's shared body, just below the gaps between the breasts. From any one position it almost looked like a crude diagram of a woman's sexual attributes.
At last their three remaining sphincters travelled across their skin down towards the bottom of the sphere, where they merged together into a single orifice. The new sphincter seemed to swell at first but then suddenly surged downwards. It quickly stretched into what looked like a tail or tentacle and grew to a length of three feet. The new appendage was clearly prehensile, twisting and bending in a manner not unlike Katharina's new limbs. At its tip was still their brown pucker. At last the odd creature's skin turned bumpy and leathery, while taking on a grey colour.

The beam had already ceased by that point and the soldier was standing at the ready, waiting for permission to leave now that his job was done. Francis just gave him a nod and waved him away, his eyes only leaving what their three maids had become for a second. He was mesmerized by the result. From all he had seen tonight, this was the most surreal transformation so far. Katharina seemed equally fascinated by the round creature that was peacefully floating in the room like a balloon. Its three eyes looked around as if confused but then, all at once, turned to look at the two nobles. The focus of the three eyes was eerie, as if one single entity was looking at them.

“Mara, Judy, Adora?” Katharina asked carefully, unsure how much of the three women was still left inside the creature.

“Yes, how may I serve you?” the thing replied with three voices, none of them that of the three women but instead all were the same deep, inhuman rumble. It seemed to speak from its vaginas, as their thick lips quivered visibly, as it spoke.

“Just tell me first. How many....people are you?” Francis asked. He could not suppress his curiosity.

“Only one,” the creature said after a moment's hesitation. “I assume you might want to pick a new name for me.”

“No worries, we will think about it tomorrow,” Katharina replied and stepped towards the fused maids. He was a lot more confident now that the creature seemed to be fine with its new condition.

“A very nice look. I especially like these,” he said and wrapped one of his leg-tentacles around one of the large tits, giving it a gentle squeeze. He was rewarded with a deep moan emanating from three swollen pussies.

“So firm. Francis you should give it a try,” Katharina said and flicked the nipple with the tip of his tentacle.

Lord Ottrich did not need to be told twice. He took hold of one of their servant's other breasts, surprised at how firm it was.

“I agree,” he said and then turned towards the creature's three eyestalks watching him. “I think I know how you can serve us for now.”

Then he pushed two fingers into the closest vagina, slipping in easily as it was already dripping.


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Love how they enjoy their new form.


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Arienne and Veronike were enjoying themselves in the meantime. They were squid-like little monsters now and in an odd way it gave them the freedom to just do whatever they liked. The etiquette they had been taught to be expected from a young lady of noble origin, had no meaning any more. No more fancy dresses, no more polite restraint, no more worries about getting engaged with the son of a good house. That life was over and so the two fully embraced what they had become. Luckily they were not the only ones letting loose the reins and just giving into their urges this night.

Over the course of the night both of them had sex with multiple partners, transformed and untransformed. While most were male in one form or another, Arienne actually had the rare luck of fucking a yet unchanged woman. Lady Morelle's daughter had apparently decided to enjoy her last moments as a human by getting her cherry popped. Arienne had no idea why he had been chosen but he didn't question it. Penetrating the young woman and pleasing her sexually gave him an odd feeling of masculine power and potency. Later on the girl was fused to a horse but Arienne didn't know how exactly, as he was not there to watch.

And so it went on. The two Ottrich daughters had their orifice's filled by cocks or managed to put their own diminutive penises into a willing hole. They also learned some useful tricks with their tentacles, especially when giving blowjobs. By the time the party was coming to an end and most guests were retiring to their rooms, the two were lying exhausted and satisfied in a corner beneath a chair, surrounded by empty glasses and covered in layers of cum, not just their own but from dozens of people.

“You know,” Veronike told his husband. “After all the initial worries, this was the best thing that ever happened to me. I do not regret anything.”

“Yeah,” Arienne replied. “This is a lot better than all that fancy, shmancy being the well-behaved daughter of a noble house.”

“That makes me think,” Veronike said. “I like being like this. Being able to just eat, drink and fuck whenever we like without any regards to etiquette. Almost like animals. I mean...look at us. We are nude, sitting on the floor beneath a bloody chair in the middle of this junk.”

Arienne agreed but unsure where his husband was going with this.

“I kind of like the idea to go a step further,” Veronike continued.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what if we gave up all this noble life and went for the opposite. In the streets, no money or titles. Not like beggars but more like animals. Sleeping in the dirt, drinking rain water and eating whatever we find in the garbage. I bet that Haberich guy would happily toughen us up a little, so we won't have to worry about survival.”

His husband blinked in surprise. That was not the suggestion he had expected. Arienne had always liked the wealth and status they had been born into. Who wouldn't. Yet there was a weird allure to the lifestyle Veronike proposed. It was the thrill of the adventure, of the unknown. He could not deny the joy in debasing himself either.

“Okay, let's do it,” he said after only a few minutes of deliberation.

And so the two discussed a rough outline of how to go about this, especially what physical updates they could need. They wrote a letter to their parents to inform them of their idea. There was a mild feeling of guilt for not telling them in person but they knew it was not a good bye for ever, either. There was no plan to dumb down their minds, so it would be easy enough to see them again at some point, one way or another. Next they approached the alchemist who was in the process of packing away his wares. Fortunately he had enough left to mix up a little concoction to prepare them for their new lifestyle.

The serum did not do any changes to their appearance. All the alterations were internal. It strengthened their skin and immune system, so they could even swim in raw sewage without ill effect. Similarly it modified their lungs and digestive system, not only making them able to live on very little oxygen and food but also capable to breath under water and digest even rotten food and dirt. The only drawback was that both of them lost their ability to speak. Veronike assumed that had not been an accidental side effect. More likely it was the alchemist's idea of emphasizing their bestial side. The two took the loss of their voices in stride. In fact it was kind of thrilling, for it was a taste of the reality of what they were about to do, the level they were about to reduce themselves to.

Haberich wished them good luck and watched them leave. The guards at the door didn't give them a second glance as they crawled away. They did not even say anything when they saw them go on in the direction of the main-gate instead of turning into the corridor towards their chambers. Most likely they were not the only couple that wanted to go on a bit of a stroll before going to bed. Unlike these couples, though, they had no intention of returning. The trip to the main gate reminded them how much they had changed, at least physically, for what should be a short walk, felt like a demanding journey to them. Their small size made the corridors and inner courtyards seem massive, while their tentacles only allowed for a slow, awkward crawl. The route to the central courtyard led them around along the outer limits of the palace premises. They had just reached a small garden between two wings, when Arienne stopped his husband. His confused stare was answered with a tentacle pointing towards a fence. Veronike understood. The dark iron bars marked the very border of the palace grounds, beyond them was the actual city. More importantly, the bars of the fence were too close for any human to fit through but not for their squishy, boneless bodies.

A shared glance was enough for the two to decide. However, they were confronted with a sheer drop beyond the fence. The little light from the palace revealed little more than the suggestion of a narrow alley maybe nine feet below, even though it was hard to judge. They hesitated. Was it too dangerous? Was their decision really that good an idea? It was Veronike who pulled herself together and made the step forward. He trusted in the alchemist's modifications to his body's resilience and let himself drop into the dark. Arienne followed immediately, he would not let his husband go alone.

As it turned out, the drop was probably closer to eleven feet. Yet master Haberich hadn't promised too much. The landing was painful but it did not leave any damage. The two squid-creatures simply bounced off the ground like they were made of rubber. As they had guessed, they found themselves in a dark alley between a building and the palace wall. It seemed rather forsaken and empty. It made it easy for them to decide to keep going, getting a bit further away from the palace.

Over the course of the night, the two moved across Ondora city, looking for a good place to stay. They kept to the shadows, preferring small side streets and alleys, only crossing major streets if given no other choice.  Fortunately the streets were almost entirely devoid of people at this time of the night, the few exceptions easy to avoid. Finally they found a spot they both liked. It was a small, hidden corner between two old houses and cliff wall separating the higher and lower parts of town. It could only be reached through a maze of small alleyways. What got their interest was the sewer entrance at the wall. It was a small, semi-circular hole, not large enough for a person to fit through and blocked by a rusted grate. A round basin was set in front of it, filled with sewer water. Small rivulets ran off from it down the various streets to collect and funnel rainwater down into the sewers.

It was perfect. Arienne pointed at the basin and his husband gave him a nod. They had found their new home, even though they would certainly never had thought so only a few hours ago. The water was brackish and a brown-green in colour. There was also a distinct smell of rotten eggs emanating from the sewer entrance. Yet it was what they had been looking for. A dank, wet place where they could finish their transition from noble daughters into wild beasts, vermin living in the hidden corners of the city.

Veronike was the first to enter the basin. A part of him recoiled at the sight of the dirty water but his new, monstrous side delighted at the depravity of it. He took a deep breath and dropped into the murky depth. Arienne jumped in a moment later. On an instinctual level they both immediately felt at home in the water. They knew it was their natural habitat now, the one they were perfectly adjusted for. The water was numbingly cold and the rotten smell of the sewers was even stronger inside the basin, but it didn't affect their bodies. In fact they welcomed it.

Arienne pushed himself to the edge of the basin and heaved the front of his body onto the stone, leaving his expansive butt inside the cold water and using his tentacles to stay in place. He took a good look at their surroundings, enjoying the feeling of having found his new place in life. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a tentacle wrapping itself around his flaccid penis. The cold water had caused it to shrink even further, but the gentle caress caused it stir nonetheless. Veronike's body pressed into his backside and a second later he felt a rigid object penetrate his rear. Arienne leaned into his spouse's cock. Without a voice, he could not express his arousal in any other way than by touch, using his remaining tentacles to reach round and squeeze his lover's soft butt. Over the course of the next hours the two former daughters of house Ottrich continued to fuck one another, until they finally fell asleep, resting gently at the bottom of their new watery home.


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I'm loving this epilogue, and I do like the further dehumanization of the two sisters (and the fact that they're enjoying it). Really looking forward to the last parts.


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As someone who isn't usually into mass ftm tf I have been loving this story so far, great stuff


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Taking back what I wrote in a PM long ago, I guess the Ottrichs are now a 'dead bloodline' perhaps?


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Eventually more and more people left the ballroom as the night went on. Some sought privacy to enjoy their new bodies with their partners but most simply grew tired. The first rays of sunlight were seeping in over the horizon by the time the last guests left. Only the new Lord Dornstein remained, unable to move by themselves. The former mother and daughter had fallen asleep by this point, exhausted to their bones by the almost constant intercourse since their fusion. Their heads were slumped onto their chest, snoring gently.

“Hello, my lovelies,” somebody said, the voice wasn't raised but still loud enough to tear the two from their slumber.

“Wha...hmm?” The left head said, while the right muttered: “...not asleep....cock?”

King Irek could not remember which head used to be who but he doubted that even the two former women really cared that much about it. He had watched the entire celebration from upstairs. Doris was already in their bedroom. He had worked himself up a little too much while watching the Dornsteins' transformation. The gallery had been full of cum by the time Irek had returned and his phallic lover already asleep. The little devil had orgasms so strong that they just sapped all energy from him. From Irek's point of view the party had been very entertaining.

By the end every single noblewoman had gotten transformed. Interestingly only four had ended up being merged into a bodypart for being unengaged. Two had undergone the transformation early, giving up on their chances, while the other two had instead enjoyed their last hours as humans before willingly submitting themselves to master Haberich for being fused with a horse. The wily alchemist had not turned them into the animals' cocks, as the girls had probably expected but instead fused them both with a single mare's udder, each girl becoming one mammary and teat. Otherwise the invited families had been very creative about saving their daughters and unengaged members from a similar fate.

“I hope you enjoyed the night,” he said and gently caressed the Dornsteins' balls. It was enough to cause their cock to stir, even though King Irek had no intention of getting more intimate with them.

“Yes, it was wonderful”, the right head answered, followed by the left saying: “Thanks so much for this. I never though being transformed could feel so great.”

“You are welcome,” he replied. “I am glad I was able to help you out. Just so you know, I've already arranged for your return to your family manor. Someone should arrive here soon to pick you up and get you on a wagon. I wish you a good journey and all the best for the future.”

What used to be Gwendolyn and her mother heard footsteps moving away into the distance and then disappear after the sound of a closing door. They assumed that they were utterly alone now.

“I cannot express how happy I am that we've come hear,” the former daughter said. “But what do we do until we get picked up?”

“Oh, I can think of something,” his mother replied.

He then pressed his swollen lips onto the other's. The two engaged in a sloppy but passionate kiss as they shoved their tongues into each other's mouth. They just wished their necks were long enough to reach their throbbing cock. Maybe one of the men sent to pick them up might be willing to help.


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It's been awhile. Any more parts coming along?  No pressure, just wondering tongue .


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There is more in progress but had no time lately to finish it.


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Ah, alright. That's understandable.


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Managed to finally edit most of the epilogue.

Two years later.


The anus that used to be Tabatha Dornstein wasn't sure how long it had been since its transformation. It had given up on counting days very early in its new life and while it assumed that two winters had gone by since then, it didn't trust its memory. For all it knew it could have been three winters or more. It had become a being of the present, not caring much for the future and losing interest in the past. In fact many memories were rather blurry by now, more like a distant dream than an actual part of its life.

Even its name had been discarded after a while. Tabatha had tried hard to cling to her identity, not willing to give fully into her new existence. Yet eventually her resolve faded. A few weeks after King Irek's birthday party she finally decided to let go of it. She was the anus of a feral beast. Nobody would address her ever again, anyway, while her former identity had little meaning for her new life. And so she fully embraced what she had become. There was no longer Tabatha but only the nameless wyvern's anus. And this anus loved what it was.

The alchemist's words had been true. The wyvern had been released back into the royal hunting grounds the day after. There it had easily found its place, despite its upbringing by human hand. Careful raising and naturally strong instincts allowed it to adjust with no issues. In fact this particular specimen had quickly established itself as one of the most dominant males in the forest. The fusion most likely played a part in it, having made the animal tougher and fiercer than was usual. Its anus was very proud of its contribution.

Like most wyvern, the beast was a solitary hunter, gliding between trees to hunt for large prey like boars and deer. Only rarely did it meet with others of its kind, either another male competing for its territory or a wandering female in heat. Its anus did not really witness much of either confrontation, due to its disadvantageous viewpoint. Since it was not connected to the beast's genitals, mating was pretty meaningless to it, too, aside from feeling a certain pride in its host.

Nonetheless it was glad to be part of the wyvern. Whenever the beast glided between the tress or over the top of the forest, it provided the former woman with a view that made it all worth it, even though it still suffered from motion sickness.

What it truly lived for however was the performance of its duty. The moment it felt a lump of faeces work its way up what felt like its throat, it rejoiced. The taste never improved. It was as horrible as ever, most likely due to the beast's diet. Yet its anus had become addicted to it in a fashion that reminded it faintly of its first coffee as a human. More importantly, though, its senses were overwhelmed by incredible, almost sexual pleasure, every time the wyvern shat, and as a final reward, it would feel an incredible sense of satisfaction afterwards.

The former daughter of house Dornstein was sure, if King Irek himself came to look for it and offered it to be turned back into an ordinary, young woman, the anus would refuse. It loved its new existence and was glad it could never return to its old life.


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Only two months after their return from the capital, Lord Ottrich had retired from ruling his small province and handed over his position to his monstrous husband, the former Lady Ottrich. There had been rumours of foul play or some political manipulations reaching back to Ondora City but the truth was a lot more simple. Lord Ottrich had never enjoyed the duties and expectations that came with his position, whereas Katharina had discovered a surprisingly dominant part of his personality and was eager to perform a more active role in ruling their province. Thus it had been an easy decision for the two to essentially swap places.

Since then their subjects had adjusted to the change in leadership surprisingly well. Despite Katharina's transformation being common knowledge, most people preferred to view him as an entirely new entity, though, unable to align the memory of Lady Ottrich with the terrifying tentacle-creature on the throne. Most referred to him as the “new Lord” or, if they felt out of earshot, the “scary Lord”. The last title was not entirely unfitting. His appearance alone demanded a different kind of respect, than one solely based on class and power. His politics hadn't changed as drastically as his looks, with one exception. There was one thing he had clearly adopted from the court in Ondora.

A handful of people were present in the audience chamber, while the new Lord rested comfortably in his throne. He had been rather busy since he had taken over his husband's position, residing over many meetings such as this every day. Most of the time it were simple administrative issues, involving representatives from other provinces or the royal court, local traders and minor nobility or common folk in need of help or advice. This was one of the exceptions, though, it was the type of meeting Katharina enjoyed the most. Francis had rarely gotten involved in the prosecution of crime. Usually it had been left to appointed judges or village elders. Only the gravest of crimes, like murder or treason, had required Lord Ottrich to judge the accused.

For the most part this was still true, however the new Lord had requested that every convict fitting his specific description be sent to him in order to hand out the punishment in person. The young woman standing in front of him now was one of those. She was barely twenty years old, tall and slender. What stood out the most was her face, large eyes, small nose and beautiful lips, an image of innocent, humble beauty. She was exactly the kind of person the new Lord had asked for, the young and beautiful. He knew it was a selfish indulgence but he was a Lord after all.

Behind her stood two guardsmen, relaxed but still ready to act if necessary. There was also the judge who had presided over her trial and her accuser, a finely clad trader. They were present as witnesses.

“And thus Mrs Valbart has been deemed guilty of major theft. Since she fits your request, we brought her here for you to choose the appropriate punishment” the judge said, finishing his long winded description of the girl's misdeeds.

Katharina would have smiled if he still could, amused at the formality. After all they all knew, that in the end they were only here for his own amusement. He shifted in his throne, leaning forward and bending up two of his lower tentacles to lean his head on. It was a surprisingly human gesture which contrasted brutally with his bizarre anatomy.

“Is there anything you'd like to say in response?” he said, looking intensely at the girl. He enjoyed the way she shifted under his gaze. He was fully aware of how intimidating he looked and had learned to make good use of it.

“Its...I....I am really sorry,” she said, tears forming in her eyes. “It was...it was so easy to fake the bills. It was dumb, I know. I abused his trust. I am so sorry. I will not do it again.”

Her tone was pleading.

“No you wont,” the new Lord replied, his tone flat. “You will pay for your crime by serving the community.”

The girl shivered, knowing what was about to happen. The new Lord had a reputation for fairness but his punishments were strict.

“Prepare yourself,” he said. Two guardsmen stepped into position to stop her, should she try to run. Luckily she seemed to be aware how futile that would be and instead stayed in position, apparently trying to pull herself together and face her fate. The guards made no attempt to undress her, leaving her in a simple skirt and long sleeved blouse. They already knew that it made little difference to their lord.

Meanwhile Katharina unfurled his penis from between his lower tentacles, three of them wrapping around the organ and started to move along it rhythmically in a way that spoke of a lot of practice. The fourth appendage reached for a little table near the throne and picked up a small glass-bottle. The new Lord emptied the glowing content in one gulp and then shuddered with a satisfied grunt.

The potion had been prepared by master Haberich. A month after King Irek's celebration, Katharina had offered the man a job in their house, as their province's chief alchemist. With the king giving his permission, he had accepted happily. The potion she had just ingested, had been his idea, a method to make the act of transformation more entertaining for Katharina without affecting himself. The serum would transfer its properties to his cum but dissipate after ejaculation, leaving his semen safe again after one use.

It didn't take long for him to reach climax. On the one hand he always wanted to extend the experience, yet he didn't want to give the culprit time to panic after all. With a satisfied grunt he shot his load. Thick ropes of cum flew through the air, landing on the young woman who flinched and covered her face on instinct.

It was a pointless reaction. Katharina's cum was absorbed into her skin immediately and showed its effect. The girl's head began to inflate rapidly, stretching like a balloon. Her skull lost all definition, while her hair fell off in clumps. She was grasping at her head in panic, terrified by what was happening to her, however her arms quickly receded back into her sleeves. Katharina could see them wriggle like snakes underneath the fabric until they disappeared into the girl's shoulders.

At the same time her head continued to change. By now it was a swollen sphere of at least two feet in diameter but at least it had stopped growing. The fear stricken face of the girl was squished together by the swollen flesh. She looked like she was about to say something but then her features twisted into an expression of confusion and then nausea. For a moment it almost seemed as if she was about to vomit. Instead a swollen tongue erupted from her lips. It rushed out and grew at an amazing speed. Within seconds the appendage elongated to a length of easily three feet. It also started to look less like a tongue. It turned tube-like, rather than flat, and thick veins popped out all along its length. At last the typical mushroom shape of a male glans sprouted from its tip, pre-cum already leaking from it. Her lips fused with the base of of the newly formed penis-tentacle, disappearing completely, while her nose suddenly began to elongate, too. Like her tongue it grew to a length of three feet and took on the shape of a penis, her nostrils sealing shut in the process. The two tentacles began to shift on the girl's increasingly inhuman face, the former tongue moving to the right and the former nose down towards the spot to the left of the other appendage, until they were in perfect symmetry,

Meanwhile the girl's eyes had taken on a glassy look, the sexual sensation from her new penises taking effect. The amounts of pre-cum dropping from them was a clear sign of how aroused she was. Her expression didn't change, even when her eyes popped out from what was left of her skull and moved outwards on freshly formed stalks, each almost a foot long. While that was happening, her body continued to change, too. Katharina could not see how exactly, since her long dress obscured all of it, but the unnatural motions underneath spoke of very intense alterations.

While the young woman seemed to calm down and accept her fate, her head underwent the last stages of its transformation. Black curls sprouted around her two cock-tentacles, forming a dense bush that spread up between her eyestalks. Furthermore the back of her bloated skull split in the middle, forming a deep crack and essentially turning into the replica of a soft, bubble butt. Katharina couldn't see it from this angle, but was sure that there was a sweet little asshole between those cheeks. She knew Haberich and his preferences well enough at this point.

The bizarre movements underneath the girl's clothes had also stopped, leaving her dress to hang loosely from her oddly wrinkled neck, as if there was no more body left to fill it out. The new creature looked at its clothes as if mildly confused and used its two tentacles to pull them down. As it turned out, her neck had turned into a wrinkly scrotum. After a  moment's struggle the former girl managed to pull two orange sized testicles through her blouse's neckhole. The clothes dropped to the floor and the creature presented its new, reduced body in all its glory, as it floated in the air at head height, not unlike what had once been Katharina's three handmaids, its loose hanging balls swinging gently.

“You have turned out wonderful my dear,” Katharina exclaimed, the joy in his voice turning it somehow even more menacing. “Your new name shall be Dickface and from now on you will spend your life serving this community.”

It was hard to read the creature's expression, considering how little was left of the woman's face, but for all the people present it seemed qualm and attentive.

“So for the time being you shall attend to Mr. Uvrim and do whatever he wishes of you,” the new Lord declared. “Shall he release you, then you come back here and be given to someone else to serve. I hope that is alright with you Mr. Uvrim.”

The trader nodded, surprise and shock still written on his face. Like most people in the region, they had heard of their former Lady's change in attitude towards sexual transformations, especially as a form of punishment, but were unprepared to witness it in person. After the first shock, most seemed to get used to the idea rather quickly, though.

After another look at his new servant, the trader smiled wryly.

“Well then,...uhm... Dickface, follow me,” he said and left the hall, the floating tentacle-creature close behind.

Afterwards Katharina retired for the day. The punishment had left him quite aroused, so he wanted to spend some private time with his husband.


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

Meanwhile the monstrous couple that used to be the daughters of house Ottrich were content and happy in their wet, stinking home. They still lived in the same sewer-entrance they had discovered two years ago. While many people in the neighbourhood were quite aware of their presence, nobody seemed to care much. After all creatures such as them were a common sight in the dark and forsaken places of the city. In fact they had seen quite a few themselves during their nightly trips through the empty streets or their journeys deeper into the sewers. So long they did not go out of the way to cause trouble for the locals, Arienne and Veronike were sure they'd continue to be left alone.

Over the course of the last two years the two had adjusted rather well to their new lifestyle. Usually they slept during the day, at the bottom of their basin, while at night they went out to roam the streets of their neighbourhood in search for food. Anything that looked kind of edible was good enough. It was hard to believe that what used to be daughters of a noble house, born and raised in wealth and power, now rummaged through bins and piles of garbage, eating whatever left-overs they found, no matter how rotten or spoiled. Whatever master Haberich had done to their brains, even the most horrendous taste had something pleasant to it, the same way they could still smell the stench of their sewer-home but did not experience any form of disgust. The only thing they did not touch were dead animals. It was the one thing even too gross for them.

Thanks to this, they never went hungry. In addition they enjoyed their nightly exploits. After a life of relying on servants for everything, it felt empowering to rely on themselves. When they did not search for food, the two husbands spent most of their time with sex. Their sexual appetite had not lessened since the day of their transformation. They never managed to leave their tentacles off one another for long. In fact Arienne had developed a habit poking his spouse's sphincter with the tip of his cock, until he woke and allowed him to penetrate.

While they were happy enough just with each other's company, they did interact with others from time to time. The few humans they came across, were usually some random drunk who had fallen asleep in an alley, or a beggar who had decided to camp over the night near their home. Always hungry for cock, they would try to seduce them one way or another. Not surprisingly, it did not work most of the time, but there was always a good chance they came across someone who was not picky, like themselves, in which case they would be rewarded by riding a cock larger than either of them possessed. 

Most of their interactions were with other transformees, however. While most of the creatures living in the sewers and other hidden corners of Ondora City were little more than dumb animals, those that were still of clear mind had formed a loose community underneath the city. There were a few meeting places in the sewers used as a form of trading post or just to rest and have sex. While Arienne and Veronike had little interest in trading, for they had no more use for any personal possessions, they liked to meet other former humans as twisted as themselves and more importantly fuck them.

So far their parents had only visited once. They had managed to find enough resources to write a letter and have it send to their family's home, so they knew about their exact whereabouts. One morning a few months ago, they had been surprised by their mother and father standing over the their basin. Their father had excused himself soon after, unable to bear the stench. Their mother had been a lot less affected, though and had actually entered the murky water himself. Over the course of the day he had told them of how things had been going on at home, while jerking both of them off with his far longer tentacles. In the end he had even decided to sample their diminutive penises for himself and allowed his daughters to fuck him one after the other.

A part of them missed their parents and that one visit had reminded them how much they meant to them. Yet they enjoyed their new lives too much to give it up and return to their home province. At least their parents would surely come to visit them again at some point, and they could surely manage to go on vacation themselves.

Veronike was just thinking about that when he was torn from his thoughts by a stream of water hitting his head. Looking up, he realized that it was not water at all. His husband sat at the edge of the basin and was happily pissing onto him. It had become a habit of them, a playful but loving gesture, the same way other couples might poke one another. Considering the water they lived in, their own bodyfluids were of little consequence.

It was time for their nightly scavenging trip. With little effort Veronike heaved himself out of the water and crawled towards his lover. His little stomach was already rumbling but first he wanted to get the taste of something other than food. With two tentacles he pushed a surprised Arienne onto his side. Wasting no time, he secured him with his tentacles and engulfed his little cock with his mouth. If his husband was so willing to share his pee, he could also share his semen. The small shaft got hard in no time. Veronike knew how to milk his husband and was rewarded by some hot and sticky flowing down his throat in no time.

The two of them were fully aware how much they had become little more than dirty, debased beasts but they loved every moment of it.


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

“Thank you Steph,” Casper said as the maid handed him a letter.

She was not able to reply, for she had neither mouth nor even a head. After their return from Ondora City two years ago, Casper had gotten together his staff and chosen four volunteers to be transformed. It was not so much for his own amusement, although he greatly enjoyed their new forms, but primarily for Red's sake. He needed someone to take care of his pet and his immense sexual appetite.

All four of what were now the Varhaun's personal attendants used to be women. Stephany, Olga, Eluis and Hemy, the youngest had just been nineteen and with them for less than a year, while the oldest had served the family since Casper's early childhood. Now they looked nearly identical.

Roughly humanoid in shape, each of them was extremely tall and slender, six foot tall despite the lack of a head, and unnaturally narrow in shoulders and limbs. On top of their bodies were heads, only a little knob of flesh that at closer inspection turned out to be a male gland, just missing a shaft.

In a similar way their arms had been replaced by long, whip-like penises, which were prehensile like tentacles and essentially served the same function. Their legs on the other hand were almost normal but instead of feet, they ended in round stumps where their ankles should be. In combination with how long and thin their limbs were, it made it appear as if they were walking on stilts. Though the four maids appeared as if they were severely handicapped, they moved surprisingly graceful and used their tentacles more efficiently than others used their hands.

Despite their otherwise narrow frame, the maids' hips seemed overly wide, while their bellies were noticeably swollen, making it look as if they were heavily pregnant. There was a good reason for that, as each of the changed women sported a massively blown up vagina. The foot-long slit was framed by labia so big and fleshy, that they reminded Casper of massive beef steaks. Even though the clitoris was almost in scale, it still meant that it was nearly the size of an average man's penis and stuck out visibly. They were constantly wet, always dripping fluid, even when the maids were not aroused. They had been specifically designed this way to fit Red's massive penis-tail. The creature greatly enjoyed mating with females, even more so than being mounted himself. Casper didn't mind his former wife's shift in sexual preferences.

The only part of Red's special maids that had not been changed yet, their breasts, each still their original size and shape, even if they seemed out of place on their stretched bodies, especially Eluis' bouncy f-cups. Olga had recently given Casper a note, explaining that the four would also like their breasts to be modified in some way but have not yet decided in what way.

Casper looked over to Red. The creature was lying on his favourite sofa, sucking on one of Eluis' tits. Not long and the maid would probably be riding the pet.

“Who is the letter from?” a gentle, feminine voice asked. It belonged to Casper's new wife Josephine.

With Farah officially declared a pet, he had ended up in an odd legal realm that gave him a status between being divorced and a widower. Either way their marriage did technically no longer exist. Casper knew that to most other noblemen in such a situation, it made little difference. They either stayed loyal to their former wife as if nothing had changed, or had already so many mistresses that it did not matter.

Casper on the other hand had always been loyal to his wife, at least when she had still been human. However, while he still greatly enjoyed interacting with the transformed and seeing others being changed, King's Irek's fateful celebration had made him realize that he still preferred a normal human at his side. Even more so since Red was not much of a conversationalist any more.

A year ago he had met Josephine at a local theatre and after a short phase of indecision, decided to court her. She was the daughter of an Ondorian trader. While still belonging to the higher echelons of the citizenry, she was technically still a commoner. He did not care though, what his fellow nobility might say about it. He was no longer the inexperienced son at the mercy of his family but the head of his house. If he wanted to marry out of love, he could do so. Red did not seem to mind either. In fact the creature had taken a liking to Josephine. By now he actually approached her first if he wanted to be cuddled or if he was in need of a hand-job.

Luckily the woman liked the creature as much as Casper did. Although Josephine had no interest in getting transformed, she shared his interest in those that have been. He was very happy about how things had turned out.

“It is from Simmona”, Casper replied to his wife's question.

Of course she had not written it herself. After all his daughter was no more than a generously filled ballsack. The former Lady Bhelbrecht hired a professional telepath every few months to communicate with her scrotum and write a letter in her stead. They usually read the same but Casper enjoyed reading them nonetheless. He was always glad to know that his girl was doing well.

Dear Father,

life as a scrotum is good as ever. I fear there is not really much I can tell you. Matilda and Lord Bhelbrecht are still as madly in love as they have been since the transformation. In fact the old man has undergone some rejuvenation treatment to increase his stamina. While certainly a good idea, I doubt it will be enough to fill Matilda's appetite. He has hired two more courtesans. One is yet untransformed. The other is a bipedal cat-morph with quite an impressive penis.

In a way I am glad for his libido. My body tends to fill up rather quickly and becomes uncomfortable. So I won't complain that Matilda drains me at least half a dozen times per day.

The only thing I still have issues with is the vertigo caused by my dangling body. It hasn't changed at all. By now I have given up that I will ever get used to the experience of my insides swinging around inside a loose bag of skin every time Matilda so much as moves a muscle.

If anything that is my only complaint. Otherwise life is great. There is no moment, I am not thankful for your decision to have me fused this way. You should see the generous covering of hairs I've grown. They itch sometimes but in a weird way I enjoy them. They make me feel rather masculine.

Kiss mother from me.

In love,


Casper smiled. He was kind of surprised how well things had turned out after all. His daughter was happy, his former wife was happy and he was very satisfied with his pet and new wife, too.


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

“Hm, yes my lord, fill me with your girth,” a female voice echoed across the audience chamber of House Dornstein's family home.

At the back end of the large hall was a circular curtain, closed at the moment and hiding a space of about six feet in diameter. Inside the curtain stood the throne that the former Lady Dornstein and her daughter had been fused to, at the exact position were the old Lord Dornstein's chair had once been. They were not alone, though. On top of them sat a naked woman, riding their throbbing penis.

“Keep going, Mona, don't stop,” the right head of Lord Dornstein said.

Since their return to their home, the new Lord Dornstein had become quite popular among their female staff. Despite the initial shock, they had developed a surprising interest in their masters' shared penis, giving it special attention when washing the two. The former mother and daughter took immediate advantage of it and made it clear from the start that their servants were allowed to play with their body as much as they liked. In fact they had begged to be touched the first time they had been cleaned.

They had also become quite popular among the populace, once they had gotten used to the sight of what had once been mother and daughter. Due to their limitations, the two did not do much in the way of administrative work. That role had been handed to their new chief advisor, Lady Dornstein's brother and Gwendolyn's uncle. That did not mean that they could not be there for their people in other ways, though. Their audience hall was always open during the day. Even the lowliest commoner was allowed to approach them. Once people had just come to asks for advice or voice their concerns. Now they essentially served as a prostitute to their entire province. Lord Dornstein embraced their new role, though, no matter how demeaning it could seem to outsiders. In fact they encouraged their subjects to be intimate with them. Thus it was not unusual nowadays for a simple farmer to enter the hall and approach their lord, just because they really wanted a blowjob.

Even though the two could not complain about having regular sex, their chief advisor had hired four young women over the course of the last year, specifically to satisfy Lord Dornstein's sexual needs. After all their hall was closed after sunset and even during the day it could take hours for someone to ask them for a special audience. Mona was the most recent of these women. They also served as personal attendants, for example feeding them or cleaning them. Their primary role was to serve their Lord sexually, though. That was because the four maids had also been chosen to carry on the Dornstein's legacy. While neither the head that used to be Gwendolyn, nor the one that used to be her mother, cared much who else they might impregnate with their seed, Mona and the others were to carry their official heirs. Uelsa had already given birth to a healthy boy three months ago and Carmina was in her fifth month. Lord Dornstein could not be more happy. They genuinely cared for their maids and had sworn to be as good a father as they physically could to their children.

“Fill me with your seed,” the most recent hire screamed, close to reaching orgasm.

The creature under her was already there, though. Both heads moaned in unison as their balls tensed and released their content. Buried deep inside the maid, their cock filled her birth canal with their seed.

Once Mona had come down from her own climax, she let herself slump back onto the Lord. It was surprisingly comfortable, like lounging in very soft armchair. The former mother and daughter enjoyed snuggling as much as the sex itself and enjoyed their maid lying on them, their softening cock still buried in her vagina. Each head bent down and kissed each of the woman's cheeks.

“Welcome to the family”, the left head said.

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Re: The Royal Sausage Party

That was worth the wait big_smile . Thanks Demon-Man, this is awesome!

It's always nice to see characters being satisfied with their twisted transformations. I do really like the ones where they drop their past identities for something more perverted or inhuman.


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

I always thought I had uploaded the last chapter. Sorry for the delay.

The initial impact of King Irek's birthday celebration was wider reaching than had been seen in decades. After all the majority female nobles had not only been turned male but into sex-hungry monsters of varying shape and size. The kingdom was left in shock, it was called a scandal and even the people of the central regions, the ones used to seeing the most extreme transformations performed even in public spaces, were unsure how to react to what their King had done. For a short while the kingdom was on the brink of open rebellion.

The uprising never happened, though. After the first shock had gone by, things calmed down surprisingly quickly. It did not take long for life to return to normal for most people, when they realized that the events of the King's birthday party had no immediate effects on their lives, that it had not been the opening act of some sinister conspiracy or insane plan to transform the entire population. With the public's attention span as short as it was, the majority of people had almost forgotten about it after just a month.

The majority of noble families simple got used to the new situation and worked around any problem coming with it, one way or another. Some noblemen were perfectly happy with their wives' new looks, others simply chose to take mistresses. A few couples just divorced. Only very few marriages among Ondora's nobility were based on romance anyway. Those couples that had no children yet also found solutions. They adopted orphans or  employed surrogate mothers.

The few families that had problems adjusting to what had happened, showed their discontent in subtle manners, positioning politically against the King but without directly challenging him. It did not worry the monarch, though, as it made little difference to the political landscape he was already used to.

In exchange, a few remote and conservative families began to encourage sexual transformations in their regions of influence, similar to their counterparts in the central regions. Some even started using transformations as a form of punishment or reward.

Overall the kingdom seemed almost the same, two years after the celebration. The fact that the majority of the nobility was entirely male in one form or another, had become little more than a cosmetic curiosity, no more.

Erica was not aware of any of this, though. She had spent the last two years in a basement room, having sex with a wide variety of partners. After the celebration, her and the other dakini-spawn had been sold off, their role in the party fulfilled. There had been an auction, most of the spawn had been sold to traders, military leaders and even some of the higher ranking palace staff. Erica's host had been bought by a businessman who had turned out to be the owner of a local brothel. Apparently there had been need for some more lower priced options in his establishment.

Erica didn't mind that her customers were not the rich and refined guests visiting the upper levels of the brothels but the lower classes, including the drunk and dirty who just wanted a quick fuck to release stress. So long she got some attention, she was happy. Most of the male customers seemed rather reluctant touching her but, thanks to her host's prostate, she could still enjoy anal sex. There was nothing better than a female or gay customer, though, someone who eagerly interacted with her directly. She loved the sensation of a hand stroking her hard, phallic body, or lips wrapped around her, not to mention the mind breaking experience of being shoved into a person's waiting vagina or anus.

On a calm day, she would sometimes grow bored and start becoming more keenly aware of how helpless she had become. These were the times when she almost regretted what had been done to her, when she almost missed the things she had been able to do as a human. However, the moment her host got aroused and her body began to stiffen, any hint of regret evaporated. This was, what she lived for now, getting hard, getting shoved into some orifice and ejaculating. Nothing was more exhilarating than being used and no matter how often she ejaculated in a day, it never lost its blissful edge.

Her host was lying on its bed at the moment, recuperating after an especially lustful customer. Erica had just gone soft, cum still leaking from her mouth. She savoured the salty flavour, while her mind dreamed of past customers and events, slowly drifting into a well earned slumber.


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

I envy the kitchen maid girls a lot, I would give anything to become a Dakini spawn myself. For me there is nothing more beautiful than being a Dakini Spawn, for me the perfect life in absolute happiness.