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Note:    The following was transcribed from a digital log made by one Daniel Harht.  These records recount his change into a transformed individual.  It should be noted that Daniel is considered a she and will be referred to as such in the case of this file and any interviews.  This file is provided by the M.I.U. and is intended for use in spotting transforming individuals and preventing unwanted transformations.

Log Date: 3-12-14 / 1:12 AM

Shit, I think that chick at the art show spiked my drink last night or something.  Ugggh.

Log Date:  3-12-2014 / 11:23 AM

Holy shit, I just remembered what happened last night!  I was not drugged, but oh my god I was I was.  That green haired girl at the art show made me absorb her.  I think?  I remember her cornering me in the bathroom later in the night and ripping of my shirt.  She pushed against my skin, then she sort of ‘pushed’ herself into me.  Fuuuck that was weird.  I mean, how does a whole person fit into another?  Does it have to with that transformed stuff? Am I going to change?  I mean, why?  All I did was tell her I liked her ass while I was drunk!  I don’t think that merits changing a person, or melting into their body!

I think I’ll head to the doctors.

Log Date:  3-14-2014 / 4:11 PM

So apparently no one there has heard of people merging yet, although they couldn’t stress enough the ‘yet’ part.  I recited my story for them.  Got drunk at art show, told girl she had a hot butt, went to bathroom to piss, then had said girl go inside me, somehow.

The doctors couldn’t find anything with x-rays and stuff, and they didn’t find any irregularities in my blood.  They said I was a healthy twenty-six year old man.  Said the biggest possibility is I was imagining it from all of the alcohol.  I’d side with them if it didn’t seem so real, but what else am I going to say?  I can’t prove it anyways.

Guess I’ll just focus on my drawing and school.

Log Date:  3-16-2014 / 8:04 AM

Had this weird dream of that girl.  Dreamt I was in this void, naked, and completely erect.  The girl was there too, but not really.  See, only her butt was there, much larger and rounder than when I’d last seen it, but somehow I could tell it was hers.  Her clit was pierced with a small golden ring, and a tattoo of a black skull with hearts for eyes was on her right buttcheek.  Long story short the dream consisted of me screwing the ass.  The weirder part came just before I woke up, when the butt started to devour me with its pierced vagina.

I woke up with my pillow hugged close to my face.  Nearly had a heart attack!

Log Date:  3-16-2014 / 3:56 PM

My chest feels really sensitive.

Log Date:  3-16-2014 / 7:23 PM

Okay, there is definitely something happening to me.  My nipples are gone.  Like, as a man, I guess I don’t care, but still what the fuck?  There’s no trace of them!  None.  Not even an errant hair where they used to be.  Even weirder, there’s two little indentations about hallway down my chest, the lowest one being small and circular and the other one is a long line.  What does that mean?

Man, this is so weird. My chest feels so smooth without them.  Seriously, why are my nipples gone?

Log Date:  3-17-2014 / 8:32 AM

Got into the shower this morning and saw something even more horrifying than last night!  My penis is shrinking.  Like, not from the cold water in the shower or anything, but it was actually smaller than I remember.  Not saying I was hung before, but dammit it wasn’t smaller than my pinky!  I called the hospital and set up another checkup tomorrow.  Those guys were dead wrong.

Another thing I’ll have to ask them, probably unrelated, I haven’t uh… taken a shit in a while.  At all.  I don’t feel constipated, if anything I feel really hungry, but that’s not normal either.

Log Date:  3-17-2014 / 10:12 AM

These indents on my chest seem to be getting bigger, and I can’t be certain, but I think my chest is swelling up.  An infection?  Does it have to do with my nipples disappearing?  I have no idea.  I thought maybe I am turning into a girl, but shouldn’t I be growing breasts?

Log Date:  3-17-2014 / 11:52 PM

Penis is nearly gone completely.  My balls have been completely sucked into my body.  Now there’s this ring of puffy red flesh around the base of my cock.  I don’t know what that means.  Chest feels a little heavy too, and my skin is definitely softer.  I mean, it’s like the difference between Velcro and silk.  I couldn’t stop feeling my face for a while.  Another thing, that girl’s tattoo appeared on my chest, on the right side.  I don’t know what that means either.  Also, my lips are tender and sensitive, and my nose feels, uh, different?  Can’t explain the feeling, although it’s oddly familiar.  I am so confused.  Maybe I’m just really sick and I’m hallucinating?

Log Date:  3-18-2014 / 10:08 AM

Woke up feeling like crap.  I was incredibly hungry.  Ate what had to have been most of my breakfast supply.  A dozen eggs, four sausages, several pieces of toast, and I am pretty sure I ate both my boxes of Cheerios.  For some reason, my mouth tingled the entire time I ate.  My penis is completely gone now.  No trace whatsoever.  Just a red circle of skin with a crease in the middle.  I was actually really certain there would be a vagina replacing my cock.  Makes sense, right?  Guess not.  I mean, am I even a guy anymore? Do I even have a gender?  Hopefully the doctor will have some answers.

Side note:  it would seem all of my body hair is missing.  Beard’s gone, pits are bare, nothing on my crotch.  Everything’s gone except for my eyebrows and the hair on my scalp.  Thought it would be all over the bedsheets, but it apparently just went away.  I feel a lot smoother now too.

Log Date:  3-18-2014 / 2:17 PM

Went to the doctors.  Not much help again, but at least they cleared some things up.  The doctor I met with was a specialist in transformation studies.  She was also a transformed herself.  Guess that helps?  She was one of the GLD people, although she was changed voluntarily.  From what I could tell, her neck and head had separated, both ends becoming vaginas.  I know this because she used her second pair of arms to wave her detached head around me as her upper pair of arms scribbled something down on a notepad.  What was a more alarming were the bulges in her shirt.  She must not have been wearing a bra, because through her shirt I could clearly make out the outline of her huge dick-nipples.  She didn’t even seem to notice me staring at them as she waved them in my face while she examined me.  It made me feel a little odd to say the least, and made my butt feel a little wet.  I’ll get to that in a bit.

Ugh, this is gonna be a long entry, I can already tell.  Anyways, she poked and prodded me for a bit, then had me bend over the table and spread my legs.  She sort of around my butt before sticking a finger up there.  I gasped a little as I felt her inside me.  It felt kind of good.  It was certainly not the response I was expecting.  She merely checked something on her notepad and had me sit back up.

I was informed that I no longer had an anus.  From what she could tell, I had a fully formed vagina in place of my butthole.  As in, there is no trace of the thing.  Just a perfectly healthy female pussy right in between my butt-cheeks.  She told me this was most likely why I wasn’t going number two anymore, I couldn’t.  She ordered some emergency scan of my body and sent me to the tech lab.

They made me drink this disgusting bluish stuff, then had me lay down in this machine while they scanned my organs.  They said it would be a while so I went and got some food.  Had several burgers and fries and two milkshakes.  I’m pretty positive my appetite is linked to this changes.

I came back an hour later and the doctor with the vagina neck was waiting for me with the results.  She told me that my transformation was reforming my body to recycle waste into, wait for it, sexual fluids!  I would still pee out my regular waste, but the rest was either being used to run my body or being converted to basically cum.  I’m not sure what to make of that.  She actually asked me if I would be willing to donate some of my ‘fluids’ to the hospital, as they have a couple of patients who can only ingest sexual fluids.  I told her I’d think about it, but I probably won’t do that. Too much for me.

She also showed me this image of my insides.  She went to great lengths to explain how my organs were changing, that my ovaries were beneath my tailbone, and a bunch of other things.  I couldn’t get a grasp on all of the other jargon, but I was at least able to find out where my changes might end. They couldn’t identify all of my changes, but they saw the development of teeth forming in my crotch, so it was likely becoming a mouth, there was a second heart growing beneath my original, and there were two little growths underneath my arms that indicated additional arms.  She winked when she told me this, nodding to her own extra arms.  On a final note, she said that my lab results indicated I was becoming a woman hormonally too, about seventy-five percent female to twenty-five percent male.  I also had an accelerated metabolism because my body was growing again.  She suggested I get much bigger clothes for the foreseeable future.

That was pretty much it.  She said there will more than likely be more changes to come, and she still couldn’t say why my nipples had disappeared, but that I would likely be done changing in a week or two.  It wasn’t very reassuring, but at least I have an idea of what’s going on now.  As far as she’s concerned, the girl merged herself into me is the culprit behind the changes I was receiving and only she knew what the end result would be.   And I guess I AM a girl now, although I think my transformation got things a bit mixed up.  I can’t stop thinking about the pussy I have back there…

Log Date:  3-18-2014 / 9:07 PM

Caught myself in the mirror as I was brushing my teeth.  My hair is changing color.  It’s gone from dark brown to light brown.  I have almost no doubt it’s going to be the same light green as the girl’s soon.  Face is a lot rounder and… cute?  More feminine than last time I checked.  Ate a ton again tonight.

Log Date:  3-19-2014 / 8:42 AM

Yep, my hair is lime green now.  Short, well cut, and lime green.  I think I’ll put on a beanie before I go out for groceries today.  Probably ear my sandals too.  My shoes aren’t fitting anymore.  Think I might be a size 12 now.  Clothes are a little tight too.  Trying my best to ignore my butt-pussy.  That’s what I’m calling it now.  It’s like, now that I know about it, I can’t stop thinking about touching it.  I mean, I guess it wouldn’t really be wrong.  It’s mine anyways, right?

Log Date:  3-19-2014 / 5:32 PM

Bought a bunch of food at the super market.  Mostly meat, fruit, and vegetables.  I’d rather not eat a ton of junk food while my body is growing.  Managed to do some normal stuff today.  I went to the gym and did some light exercise.  Did some work for the next art show.  Ended up drawing that woman twice without even realizing it.  Almost deleted the files, but decided against it.  They came out pretty good, although both pictures were pretty lewd.

My chest swelled even more, two identical lumps.  Pecs, maybe?  The indentations in the middle seems to be gaining shape too.  The line is becoming more pronounced, and a little pink in the middle.  The dimple one grew in size.  I can fit the tip of my pinky in it, but it feels odd.  Rubbing the longer one feels kind of nice.

The mouth on my crotch seems to be making some progress.  I can make out the outline of the lips.  It’s going to be huge, I can tell.  The thing takes up almost the entirety of my groin, from thigh to thigh.

Ended up exploring my buttpussy a bit.  It felt really good.  Without going into too much detail, it more than makes up for not having a penis, although I think I’d still rather have one than be changing into some transformed woman-thing.  Maybe.  I think that now, but I find myself excited to see my transformations finalize.  Morbid curiosity I guess.

Log Date:  3-20-2014 / 9:01 AM

From what I can tell, it would seem when I sleep, my body is able to grow faster than when I am up and running around.  I say this because my chest underwent quite a drastic change during the night.  Last night, I noticed that those indentations seem to have changed.  Well, now I know what they are.  They were an anus and a vagina.  I should have known.  They sit in the middle of my chest, which given the circumstances, is probably becoming a butt.  Even more likely, it’s that green haired girl’s butt.  No way that tattoo on me isn’t hers.  They work, too. The genitals, I mean.  I was able to get a couple of fingers my chest-pussy, and I even put a pinky in the chest-anus.  The mounds, or rather the butt-cheeks are much more pronounced.  I think I would be a C-cup right now if I actually had breasts.  Not really sure what to do now.

Log Date:  3-20-2014 / 8:12 PM

Note to self: please refrain from masturbating all day.  It accomplishes nothing.

Log Date:  3-21-2014 / 12:30 PM

My body grew a lot last night.  The butt on my chest is fully formed, I think.  It’s huge.  The girl’s butt was sexy and pear shaped. The one on my chest is too, except her butt was not the size of two basketballs squeezed together.  It’s ridiculous! I woke up this morning with my chest pussy shoved in my face!  Needless to say I was a little curious, and hence why I am writing this entry at 12 rather than when I woke up.

Currently I am wearing a baggy shirt, a size of XXL that I bought in preparation for my growth.  Got a whole set of extra-large clothing at the thrift store just in case.  It’s kind of hard to navigate with this, uh, ‘chest-butt’ in the way.  Knocked over my carton of milk while I was getting cereal, then I spilled my hot coffee on my shirt when arm struck my right buttcheek.  I have never quite felt pain like scalding hot coffee on my vagina.  Ugh, this ice pack helps though.  I am so glad I work from home.

Log Date: 3-21-2014 / 1:03 PM

Oh yeah, so those lower arms are starting to show through.  There’s these lumps about seven inches beneath my armpits.  Not sure how long they’ll take to grow.

My body is completely feminine now.  Forgot to add that in, but y’know, butt fused to chest beats out feminization, yeah?  I don’t know. Point is, I look like some kind of model. Some weird, giant fetish model.  I have these curvy hips, a toned stomach, my skin is almost glowing with health.  My legs are nice, my original butt is rivaling the one on my chest, my face is fucking adorable; shit, if this wasn’t me, I would probably try to get my number.  Maybe I can get someone else’s number though.  I keep thinking of women, sex with women, sex with my body with women.  Pretty sure I’ve gone full lesbian, not that I mind since I was a guy first anyways.

Spat out a couple of teeth after eating lunch.  I was royally freaked out for a bit, but again it’s probably me transforming.  Now what worries me is what is going to happen to my mouth?

Log Date:  3-21-2014 / 7:05 PM

Nose is clogged up.  Not, like, my sinuses.  I mean my nostrils are completely gone.  Nothing.  Nose is a lot longer too.  I can easily see it in my periphery.  Maybe it’ll be a trunk?  A finger?  No clue.  Spat out some more teeth tonight.  Lips are swollen and sensitive to the touch.  The mouth in my crotch looks almost complete. I can clearly see the lips now.  They’re really pretty and I find myself rubbing them when I am absentminded. There’s a ring piercing the lower lip.  No idea how it got there, but the lips are definitely the girl’s. I wonder how much of me is in her, and her in me?

Whatever, too tired to do anything right now.  Ate a bunch of food again.  I’ve grown nearly seven inches since my doctor’s visit.   I would consider that insane, but at this point it’s the most mundane thing that’s happened.  Buying that larger wardrobe was a good idea.  Think I’ll eat myself out before I go to bed.

Log Date: 3-22-2014 / 6:27 AM

Woke up to someone talking in my room.  A very specific someone, who I am sort of angry with right now.  I have to keep swatting away her arms as I write this.

I woke with my face in my huge chest butt, again, only this time was a little different.  The penis on my face was stuck in my chest pussy.  I mean, my nose, which turned into a eight inch dick with balls, was piercing the pussy in the butt on my chest.  There, that doesn’t sound odd a tall.  Totally.

Thankfully I pulled out before I came.  I ignored the woman’s voice for a bit as I felt my face.  He was a bit muffled so I sort of thought I had maybe left the TV on or something.  Sure enough, I felt a thick old dick in place of my nose, testicles and all.  Crazier, although not really unexpected, was the third goddam pussy I found, resting underneath my newly cockified nose.  Apparently, I can speak out of my facial vagina, because I screamed holy hell until the voice told me to quiet down.

My immediate thought was that the mouth in my groin was going to be a second mouth for me, but this is not the case. No, you see the girl who merged with me was still very much conscious.  Her name is Lauren, she controls the mouth in my crotch and my new lower set of arms, and she will not stop trying to type on the fucking tablet!  Seriously, this is too much.

Log Date: 3-22-2014 / 8:23 AM

Had a long talk with my crotch.  Lauren, the girl who merged with me, thankfully has little control over my body.  I have complete control over everything else, especially walking.  She can see, but only from above her mouth, somehow.  I don’t see any eyes down there, but at least I can have some privacy. The arms are sort a nuisance and more than once I have had to swat away her prying hands while I type, or pull an errant hand away as she tries to jack of the cock on my face.

Anyways, apparently she planned all this very carefully.  She said I was the best choice for her little merger thing, and she chose me after scouting out the club for a while.  Said I would be the most receptive.  Huh.

She says that she wanted to make something sexy and beautiful, her own version of living art.  She figured the butt on my chest would be a nice little gift since I told her how much I loved it.  She wasn’t exactly wrong, I’ve already ‘played’ with it several times since starting this entry.

Apparently, even though I can still use my pussy-mouth to talk, Lauren says that all nutrients will have to be fed to her mouth instead.  I am sort of dreading this, seeing as how Lauren made sure her mouth would be as sensitive as any vagina, perhaps even more so.  Just her talking and moving her tongue around made me cum a little, although I will never admit that to her.  Eating will challenge unto itself.

However, I am super hungry, so I guess I’ll see what happens.

Log Date:  3-22-2014 / 12:10 PM

I am still cleaning my cum off of the kitchen table.  Lauren’s eating was so stimulating I didn’t even have time to react.  I just came as she ate a bowl of mac and cheese.  Mac n Cheese!  She says the effect will normalize after a bit, but fuck that was way too much!  I am dreading eating sweets.

Log Date: 3-22-2014 / 12:47 PM

Not sure if I should report Lauren to the police.  I mean, what am I going to do, tell them to arrest half of me?  I can’t really say I hate her either.  I’ve talked to her for a while now and she actually seems like a nice girl.  She definitely has a VERY perverted side, but other than that she a sweet person.  If only she would quit rolling her tongue in her mouth so I could concentration typing.  It’s like she’s tongue the depths of my pussies.

I can’t tell if it’s the hormones or just me, but I am starting to sort of like this.  I’m like some sort of sex machine, and I am continually finding my hands rubbing and touching myself when I am not paying attention.  Maybe I’m becoming perverted too.

Log Date: 3-22-2014 / 9:10 PM

Decided not to report Lauren.  I’ll register her and I in the transformee directory and all that, but I won’t press charges.  I sort of ‘made out’ with myself on the bed for several hours and came to this conclusion.  My face cock is pretty tired, and so am I.  Gonna try to go to bed…

Log Date:  3-23-2014 / 10:35 AM

Woke up to Lauren rubbing the butt on my chest.  She said it felt better than before she was changed.  I didn’t stop her.

Log Date: 3-23-2014 / 1:38 PM

We need to set some boundaries for snu-snu time or I am never going to get anything done.

Log Date: 3-23-2014 / 2:20 PM

Fed Lauren a Caesar salad.  I came again, but I was at least a little prepared for it this time.  Finally noticed how tall I had become when I went to take a shower this morning and bonked my face penis on the shower curtain in the bathroom.  The curtain bar is over eight feet up, which makes me somewhere around eight and a half feet tall.  Holy crap!  All those clothes from before are form fitting now, by the way. I haven’t bothered getting a bra seeing as my chest butt it pretty firm and doesn’t have any nipples to poke through clothing with.  Lauren says this is the end of my growth period, but she also said, in no uncertain terms, that there was more to do.  Said I’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.  I don’t have a good feeling about this, but she couldn’t be doing anything to bad, I think.

Log Date:  3-24-14 / 6:17 PM

I need to write all of this down before I forget.  Today was amazing!

Woke up this morning to my doorbell ringing.  Lauren was actually asleep this time, her arms still wrapped around a pillow as her mouth snored lightly.  I went to the door, naked, and peered through the peephole to get a glimpse of the person on the other side.  It was a woman who looked like she could have been friends with Lauren.  Long purple hair, a couple of eyebrow piercings, edgy looking clothes that showed off her midriff and bellybutton.  She called herself Luna and said she was here to check out Lauren’s progress.  I told her to wait while I got some clothes on, but she insisted she see me naked.  Who was I to say no to a pretty girl?

So she came in and took a good long look at me and my sexualized body.  She was smiling the entire time and it sort of freaked me out.  Then she whipped out a smart phone and dialed up two more of Lauren’s friends to come over.  While we waited, she woke up Lauren, who immediately dropped the pillow and pulled Luna’s face in for a big kiss.  Boy was I surprised when she let go of Luna.  Her friend’s face was gone.  There was something there to replace it though.  A massive pussy took up almost her entire face, from her forehead to a couple of inches above her chin.  Below this, where her mouth should have been, was a wrinkled little sphincter.

Luna seemed okay though, because just as soon as they had stopped kissing, she pulled off her skirt to reveal that her face was in her groin now.  From behind her, this long penis…tail…thing (that’s the best I can describe it), whipped out from above her butt and playfully wrapped around her stomach.  They locked lips again, kissing energetically and causing me to writhe in pleasure, although this time when they released, Luna remained the same.  I was a bit shocked to say the least.

Lauren calmed me down and explained as Luna explored her morphed body.  As Lauren puts it, she didn’t want to stop with just our transformation, she wanted to facilitate others.  So, whoever helped her out with the change, and I still don’t know who it was because she won’t tell me, made Lauren’s saliva a highly potent transformative substance that was easily produced and very fast acting.  Thankfully, Lauren was smart enough to include that her spit would stop working once it left our body, meaning she would have to kiss, lick, or suck the person who wanted to be change, something I imagine she thought of as a positive.

Long story short, her plan after our transformation was done was to help her friends change too.  I didn’t put up much fight when she said this.  I was becoming increasingly turned on from the idea of having several transformed and very horny women in my apartment.  My body seconded this as my penis hardened and my trio of pussies became aroused.  It feels odd to write out stuff like this, like some sort of raunchy sex story, but I don’t care. I mean, what is there to embarrassed about now anyways?  Fuck it, I’ll embrace this!

So anyways, I waited for her other friends to arrive.  I was tempted to get make a move on Luna and I could tell she was too, but Lauren was adamant about waiting for Josie and Susan.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long and they came a couple of minutes later.  Josie is, or was this smart dressed girl, sort of nerdy looking, tight blonde hair and glasses and all that.  Susan was this tall, though not nearly as tall as me, very fit woman, with long red hair and had the biggest breasts I had ever seen, measuring nearly to Lauren’s enlarged rump affixed to my chest.

The two of them greeted us and came in.  I still hadn’t bothered to put on any clothes, I could see where this was going.  Luna had already torn her clothes off long ago and swishing her cock tail back and forth in anticipation.

Susan was first.  Lauren, instead of kissing, actually engulfed Susan’s entire head, hair and all.  I could feel her licking the woman’s head all over, felt it melt away in her mouth as the red head changed.  When she let go, Susan’s head was gone.  Her body ended at her shoulders, sort of.  She still had something between her shoulders, a wet vagina with a little tuft of neatly shaven red hair above the hood.  Susan stood up, her headless body still very mobile, and took off her spandex shorts and workout shirt to expose her toned body to us all.  I gasped as I watched her nipples extend at an alarming rate, transforming into almost foot long penises, and my jaw would have dropped had I still had a mouth when her dick nipples sprouted two sacks of large nuts below each penis.  She wasn’t done, however, and we all watched with rapt attention as above her vagina a long tentacle penis grew out, much like Luna’s, only this one was different.  It quickly grew past three feet, and went well into almost six feet long.  It was almost as thick as Susan’s arms, but what was really crazy were the feminine lips that encapsulated the cock-head of the cock tentacle.  Two apple size testicles dropped at its base, hiding her vagina from view.  The lips smiled, then peeled back like a foreskin to reveal her glans.  I almost lost it there, but I managed to wait for Lauren to get to Josie.

Josie’s was by far the most extreme if you ask me.  If I didn’t know she had desperately wanted this beforehand, I would have thought we were doing something horrible, but Josie implicitly stated she wanted it.  Would be unhappy, even, if Lauren didn’t change her the way she wanted to.  Lauren smacked her lips, and told me to lay on my back.  I complied, and watched as Josie, now naked, straddled my groin with the Lauren lips engulfing her crotch.  I could feel Lauren pushing her tongue in, deeper, further than I thought could be humanely possible.  Just when I thought she couldn’t go any further, I felt a cool breeze on her tongue and saw it coming out of Josie’s mouth.  A smile was all I got before she split into three pieces.  She separated at the hips and just below her breasts.  Each piece of her had a vagina where Lauren’s tongue entered and a another where it exited and went into another piece of Josie.  Her body sections quickly reshaped, and I could tell what was happening.  Each piece of her was very quickly turning into a pair of hips, not much more than a butt, vagina and some very short leg stumps.  Atop each the Josie hips was another vagina, allowing Lauren to pierce her the way she was.  Lauren retracted and let the hips waddle around.  They seemed happy to me.

At the time of writing this, I actually don’t remember to much after that.  I just woke up a little while ago, and it’s dark out.  Luna and Susan are gone, but one of the Josie hips is nestled against my stomach.  I guess we each get to keep one now.  Josie’s kind of adorable like this.

Whatever happened, I don’t really feel like moving right now.  Way too fucking tired.  Gonna catch some more sleep while I snuggle Josie’s butt next to mine.


End of log provided by Daniel to the M.I.U.

Final Note:  Daniel, Lauren and the other transformed women are all currently registered in the database, with Daniel/Lauren’s ability being of special concern to the Unit.  No charges were pressed after extensive interview with all parties and all are allowed to be in public with a minor exception.  All transformations performed by Daniel/Lauren are recorded with the M.I.U. no later than a week after changing and must be validated as consensual.  So far no cases have come forth of any wrongdoing, and in fact Daniel/Lauren work with their local tranformee rehabilitation center to help others, and on some cases change victims to better suit them, although the duo can only enhance or add changes, and are unable to reverse any prior transformations.  They also run a fairly successful transformation clinic in the hospital in which Daniel was first treated and is partially funded by the M.I.U. in order to further transformative research.


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