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Dragon Dicks

“In a minute Jen.” Claire said not even slowing her pace, “Let’s just enjoy this moment for a bit longer.”

Jen wasn’t in a position to protest and had no desire to. Claire’s scaly hands on their throbbing gecko cock felt amazing. By now both sisters had enough experience both with and as cocks of every type to know exactly where to touch and how to move to draw out the most pleasure.

The anthro gecko composite girl stared into the mirror infront of them, Jen absolutely powerless to her twin sisters hands. She let out a loud moan and arched her neck back, the sentement was followed by her sister, though her orgasm was punctuated by her spewing a geyser of sticky white cum so hard it hit the ceiling and rained down back on them.

The two girls panted, coated in seamen Jen using her forked tong to lick a few drops on her face.

“*pant *pant, Satisfied?*pant” Jen asked gasping for hair.

“Very.” Was all Claire was able to say.

Shakily Claire managed to get the two of them to chemistry class, their massive tail acting as a great stabilizer.

They arrived right as the bell rang and sat in their chair.

Their chemistry teacher Miss Taylor slithered to the front of the class. Her dog dick fingers rapping around the white board marker as she wrote the instructions for the chemical reaction they did the last time they were in class.

“Now classssss, I know we got somewhat disssstracted with the orgy last time, sssso we will recreate the reaction from last time and continue from their.” Miss Taylor hissed around her horse cock tong.

Claire got to work combining the chemicals in the exact amounts, making sure to remember what chemicals were used. Finally as the last step Jen spat a pill into the beaker and a billow of white sweet smelling smoke flooded the chem lab.

As the two sisters in hailed it they of course went through a transformation like everyone else in the room.

Their body leaned forward onto all fours, Jen felt her head swallowed up by the skin on her neck surrounding her lizard face like a sweater. Claire’s eyes moved down to now be located on her cock head along with her mouth. Jen’s head and neck soon joining her. A set of large wings sprouted from their back and their already large tail grew until it was as long as their body. Their leopard scales turned black and became much sharper.

Much to their disappointment the two girls had a much harder time seeing the classrooms changes as looking up all they saw was a powerful male feral dragons chest. They could still hear the changes though.

This was hardly the first and likely wouldn’t be the last time the two were made into cocks, however they couldn’t tell who was in control of their body from here…

* There is no head, instead it’s a massive dick and Jen and Claire are in control.


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Nobody's Passenger / Chemistry Changes

As Jen and Claire tried to see what was at the top of their body using their limited view, they continued to hear the sounds of classmates transforming mixed with various moans of pleasure. Stimulated by these sounds, they felt their cock-bodies becoming longer and harder while slightly improving their vantage point. They also felt a familiar pressure near the top of their dragon torso, and moments later their suspicions were confirmed when a splash of precum fell on Claire's head. Realizing she could control one of the dragon arms, Jen reached up to feel where their next should be and encountered a massive dick.

"Well, guess that answers that question," Jen remarked.

Due to a combination of where they were sitting and the inability to rotate their heads, the sisters could only see about a third of the classroom, the space in front of them. One of the girls at the front of the classroom changed such that she had a mass of octupus tentacles for hair, and parts of her skin looked similar to the exterior of a starfish. Additionally, she now had four large breasts and six arms with seashells for fingernails.

Next to her, a guy named Mark and a girl named Anya that Claire knew were dating each other started undergoing a change. Both of them started becoming rather pale as if they rarely went out in the sun, and Jen noticed that Mark was rapidly becoming more feminine. Mark's hair began to get longer and darker, soon reaching down to the small of his back, a changed mirrored by Anya. Mark's chest swelled out with ample breasts til they reached the same approximate H-cup size that Anya expanded to, and both of them grew a second pair of arms. Soon, the two of them were drawn closer together until their hips merged halfway, leaving them with four legs and two pussies. However, the change suddenly took a drastic turn as their shared rump began expanding outward behind them while their legs spreaded out and divided. As the bulbous shape took form with a shiny black hue and their legs became skinny and chitinous, it became clear that the couple became a conjoined arachne. To round out the change, both of them grew six more eyes on their foreheads and their arms became coated in chitin from the elbows downward.

Jen and Claire soon had their attention diverted when they heard the starfish-skinned girl shout a sharp "Ah!" Trying to see as best as they could, they saw a classmate with metallic skin apologizing profusely. When they looked at the starfish girl, they were shocked to see one of her arms had broken off. However, shock turned to curiosity as they saw her arm quickly growing back. Furthermore, they noticed the severed arm on the floor was also growing back a new body. Before long, there were two copies of the girl standing side-by-side.

Before they could try seeing what anyone else in the class turned into, Miss Taylor cleared her throat loudly to get everyone's attention. "Now class, I know many of you are fascinated by the unique smell of Jen and Claire's once again failed experiment, but I need you to pay attention. I won't have another repeat of the last class' distraction, am I clear?"

Looking at the teacher, the sisters saw she also was changed. No longer did she have lizard traits, she actually looked a lot more humanoid. However, they saw she now had 8 breasts, each of them looking like they were made of something between silicone and glass, and each housing a different colored liquid. Additionally, she now had four transparent cocks on her groin, with another set of liquid sacs beneath them.

Miss Taylor continued, "Now mix the next two chemicals in the manual as so..." She then pointed two of her nipples at the beaker in front of her, then squeezed them to shoot the liquids into it and caused a chemical reaction.

The rest of the class went on in a similar fashion. The sisters had a hard time doing the experiments with their clumsy dragon claws and poor field of view, but Miss Taylor seemed understanding of the problem. With class over, Jen and Claire saw they had time to kill before cheer practice because there wasn't a culinary class today, following the exam on the previous day. So, they decided to...

* Walk in on a curious scene in a nearby bathroom


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Familiar Faces, Less Familiar Bodies

As Jen and Claire thought about what they should do with their free time they wandered the halls aimlessly, thinking that something to do might jump out at them eventually. A short while after the bell for fourth period rang the sisters began to hear a strange noise coming around a corner. When they went to investigate they found the sound, which they could now clearly identify as several voices in the throes of passion, was coming from behind bathroom a door. This door, much like many of the other doors around the school, was designed in a way that it could be opened and used by both human students and mutants of both extremes of the size spectrum. The sign indicated this as a unisex bathroom, something that the sisters were sure the school didn't have originally. They figured that due to the wild and distinct shapes many mutants have the reality alterations made by the pills must have combined a pair of bathrooms into a single one to give larger mutants more space, and give mutants with strange body shapes and functions the accommodations they might need.

Figuring that the handle would be awkward with their clumsy dragon claws, Jen and Claire opted to press the door open button, the kind that many places had for people in wheelchairs. As it turns out it also helps people without opposable thumbs as well and the sisters found the door swinging open before them, causing the volume of the voices to significantly increase. The inside of the bathroom was essentially what the sisters expected it to be: a row of stalls of various sizes dominated half of the right wall with the rest filled in with similarly varied urinals. There were also sinks set up at multiple different elevations along the left. One thing they didn't expect was an open entrance to another room in the back, which just so happened to be where the voices were coming from. Still curious, the sisters walked across the bathroom and over to the entrance. When they looked into the room beyond they saw something that surprised even them.

The room beyond was filled with various tools and machine with one clear purpose: sexual relief. Glass cabinets with various sex toys, wide benches with plastic wrapped cushions, and pumps of both the breast and penis variety lined the walls. As Jen and Claire took in the spectral before them, their eyes were soon drawn to the source of the noise that had led them here to begin with. In the back corner was Josie, the girl who had pulled Claire out of the previous chemistry class orgy. In fact Claire quickly realized that this was the same bathroom she had been taken to back then, once again reshaped for the continually growing population of mutants attending the school.

Josie, having been in the classroom when their smoke cloud went off, had once again transformed. Her body still retained its overall shape and size (a twenty foot to the shoulder taur with a normal sized upper torso) but the details had been altered significantly. Her upper body now sported a third breast per row, giving her nine in total. The centre breast as well as the four outer corners now sported twin vaginas in place of their nipples while the remaining four still sported regular nipples. Her lower body, previously that of a griffon, had also been altered. The front half of her tauric body was now distinctly bat-like in appearance: her front legs and wings now joined into a pair of wing-arms covered in thin, dark brown fur. Her back half meanwhile was the rounded hindquarters of a spotted hyena, which now sported a sizable canine penis. Said cock was presently being used to fuck a massive fleshlight-esque device propped up on four sturdy legs, allowing it to be easily mounted by tauric mutants.

Alongside Josie was another pair of familiar faces: Baph and Maggie. The pair were still a conjoined angel and devil but instead of sharing one body evenly split down the middle they separated at the hips, giving them separate upper bodies with two breast each, one wholly angelic and the other wholly demonic. They were also much smaller, having shrunk down to a measly foot tall, with only two parts of their body not having shrunk in relation to their height: their wings, which were now positioned at their hips, and their cocks, which had only shrunk down to half their previous size. The conjoined pair were busy fucking Josie's centre pair of nipple-pussies as they used their mismatched wings to hover at the proper height.

Jen and Claire assumed that the trio had come here to blow off some steam after Miss Taylor prevented the class from descending into an orgy again. The sisters had also been denied a chance to relieve themselves and considered joining in on the fun, or even simply making use of the facilities themselves as they spotted a similar device to the one Josie was using that looked like it was the appropriate size for them nearby.

* Join the trio in their fun, after transforming themselves first


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Ultimate pussy

Jen and Claire both produced pills then swallowed them.

Claire’s body separated from Jen, first starting off as a scaly dragon cock then gradually growing larger. A set of front and back paws developed and her scales were replaced with fur. Her muscles and bones became more cat like and a tail grew from above her butt. Nipples emerged on her chest all inflating to B cups. Patters emerged on her fur, from the waist down was a lean cheetah. Her front legs and chest that of a muscular tiger, and her head was now a lion, sporting a luxurious red mane. Her face went from a cock to that of a still very human like cat. Instead of a but hole she now had a pussy that stretched from the base of her tail to just below her bottom pair of boobs. Given her new size it was more than enough to swallow an ordinary human whole.

Meanwhile Jen’s body also expected, though unlike Claire she kept her lower placement remained the same. The black dragon scales replaced with pure white course hair. The claws fusing together into black hooves. The dragon body became that of a white horse, her tail turning into hair. The neck of the dragon grew until a very muscular male torso torso emerged. Complete with six pack, bulging by biceps, and covered in white hair. The cock head became more leathery and developed a black sheath. Despite her head still being located in between the back legs she could still sense what was going on around her upper horse cock head.

Josie, Baph & Maggie finally seamed to notice them and stopped fucking eachother.

“Well if it isn’t my two favorite sisters.” Josie said with a grin pulling her cock front the flesh light. The thing was way bigger than the sisters originally thought.

“Wanna join in for a bit before English class?”

* Jen and Claire give Josie, Maggie and Baph a pill explaining the effect.


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Seeing is believing

"Sorry girl." Clair answered to the cat call (pun intended) "me n Jen have been saving up. But well give you these!"

Jen produced 3 pills from her lower cock body and launched them to Clair who with a bit of slight of paw, made them appear to be under her paw pushing them forward like someone slipping cards across a poker table, so as not to revel where they came from.

"Me n Jen cooked them up, there aphrodisiacs that cause people to transform into mutants, and if your already a mutant you change into something else entirely, maybe even a regular human, though those are pretty rare."

"No way is that real" said Baph.
"Yeah that's pretty outrages if you think we're going to believe you 2 are some science wizz-kid-duo!" Agreed Maggie.

"Ill try one, sounds like fun! I've always wondered what it be like to be normal." Said Josie. One of her bat wings snapped out and raked a pill to her across the floor. Using two nails like chopsticks she popped the pill into her mouth and swallow.

Her changes were perceptible as they took different stages across her body. Her 9 breasts sealed their various openings and like raindrops on a windshield merged together into two enormous breasts that dominate her torso. The bat wings of her taur body were absorbed into her taur chest encasing it in the velvety brown fur as it bulged obscenely at its midsection. Her canine hyena cock sucked out of the toy it had been lodged as it shrank into nonexistence. Her hind legs did the same as the spotted fur was sucked into pulsing red flesh. Her hind section then tapered as her ropey dog tail engorged ad swelled into the tip of a gigantic red canine rocket, the bulge of her taur body revealing itself to be its titanic knot. The base now swallowed up the joint of her upper torso to her lower tour one. Her breasts and arms were soon enveloped in the spotted hyena fur she once wore on her opposite side, her breasts now the huge balls of her hulking cock. Finally her hands grew bulky and shifted into a set of dogs paws, and a mane of shaggy hair encased her neck, not unlike Clair's as two cute folded dog ears popped out of her hair. "Ohhhhh shit!" She cried as a long dog tongue lulled out her mouth" here comes the aphrodisiac!" She dug her paws into the cushioned floor as her breast-balls pulsates and cock body throbbed. A fire hydrant of cum erupted out of her rear spattering violently against the various toys. If not for all the drains meant for exactly this occasion the room would have been flooded with hot jizz.

Baph and Maggie swooped down and snatched up the proven pills before they could get washed away and quickly ate them both.

While Josie had been transforming Jen and Clair had positioned their new bodies to enjoy the show. Jen mounted her giant pussy-cat sister, shoving her primary cock body into the person sized pussy at Clair's rear. Finding her sisters body hollow she'd easily penetrated her whole length through Clair, her head emerging from Clair's mouth. Clair's body stretching to fit her sisters cock and her powerful cat paws anchoring her to the floor. Jen bobbed back and forth fucking her sister as the two watched Baph and Maggie transform.

The two first hit the floor as their bodies split in two. Each taking one wing with them and gaining an entire lower body. Baph lost their angelic features save for the wing, which quickly split into two and mirrored itself on their other side. They lost her cock, trading it for a pristine set of pussy lips. Their chest heaved as they developed more pronounced breasts with thick nipples and thicc thighs as and absolute dump truck ass swelled one their behind. Despite these changes they stayed about a foot in height, through their new curves nearly matched that in width. Baph still wasn't done however as her lips shot out from her face nearly 2 feet long. They sat there stiff as a board strength before them. Baphs eye then ballooned and took on the hexagonal shape of and insects compound eye and two extra arms unfolded beneath the originals. "Fuck Josie your right! That stuff its hards!" Baph spoke from her outstretched mouth before falling to the floor and shoving her protruding lips into a puddle of cum, sucking it up like a straw. As they did so they could see Beph's ass and tits swelling in size, along with their stomach that quickly became a round pregnant globe on the cum-squito

Maggie unlike her counterpart grew to human size and then some. Reaching around 7 feet tall. She'd lost her wing in the growth and her large cock now looked at home on her longer legs. More changes overtook her as hair erupted across her body. White fur coated her forelegs and forearms like stockings and gloves up to the knees and elbows. Her fingers swelled into fluffy orbs becoming useless as hands and dotted with pink pads. Her feet tripled in size as they too became paws, the toes becoming thick and cartoony. Then without warning her legs fell forward hunched on her knees and bracing with her front hands . Her toned ass perked up as a Pom-Pom sized rabbit tail fluffed up above her rear. More white fur trailed up her back from her crotch where a plump pink pussy now bloomed behind her white furred balls. The coat hugged her sides framing her belly and breasts and leaving a diamond of skin on her back just below her shoulders. A fluffy white mane of fur encased her neck like a scarf and two long floppy white ears exploded from her head to dangle to the ground just as six whiskers sprouted from her nose and two buck teeth from her lips compleat the bunny ensemble that was now her body. She tried to stand but found it difficult and when she moved she lept slightly, just as a bunny might hop. Whatever the pill had done, bunny hop was now her default stance. To make maters worse, it forced her pussy to be spread wide open at all times and her cock brushing against her paws and belly. As the pill took its final push she came across the ground from her womanhood and also into her lap from her male organ!

Jen also took this moment to reach her own orgasim, her shaft body gripped by the constricting body of her feline sister turned living giant one hole. The hot spunk spurted out her mouth as her cock head was thrusted in and out of her sisters mouth with vigor, the male torso flexed its arms as it guided the centaur's lower body back and forth with wild abandon until it pulled out allowing Clair to collapse to the floor.

* Jen and Clair leave early and use the three-pill transformation in the gym


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Preparing for cheer practice with an unexpected side effect

Although Baph, Maggie and Josie would have been more than willing to keep indulging in their transformations with Jen and Claire, the two sisters recalled that they wanted to do another transformation in the spacious gym before cheer practice. As such, they took their leave and headed to the gym early. When they arrived there, they found the place empty aside from the water cooler and other supplies.

Jen spoke first. "Well, at least it's early enough that no one's here yet. I feel like these forms would be kinda inconvenient for cheer practice, but don't want to risk something worse. Want to try taking three pills at once so we can go back to being a hydra?" she asked.

"Sounds good to me," Claire replied. "How is that going to work though? Our bodies are separated right now," she added with a bit of concern.

"That's a pretty good question. I'm game to experiment and find out if you are."

"Sure, I doubt things could get that much weirder anyway."

"Alright, I'll go first then," Jen stated.

Spitting out three pills, Jen scooped them up and tossed them into her mouth before swallowing. As expected, her current transformation began to undo itself, and she soon was looking like a lamia. Once again she grew arms until she had four pairs of arms and two extra pairs of G-cup breasts grew on her chest, and all six breasts had their nipples turned into lipples. Down by her genitals, her pussy split into three, and the clits inside them split into four, while sixteen 8-foot long prehensile dicks grew out above her pussies.

Logically speaking, the next step of the change should have been for her to grow a second head, and here is where the uncertainty was. Jen and Claire watched in anticipation as Jen's head moved over to make room as a lump began growing next to it on her shoulders. To their surprise, the new head took on Claire's features as it finished growing. Opening its eyes, Claire was suddenly hit with a torrent of sensory information as she realized she could see out of the new head and feel everything on Jen's body while still feeling her own body. The rest of the transformation continued as Jen's (and now Claire's too) body split and regrew repeatedly until she finished with 8 torsos connected to the same lamia tail.

"Wow, that was... something," Jen said while out of breath.

"It's so weird being in two places at once... and it feels wrong having two such different bodies. Mind if I try taking three pills now with my own body?" Claire asked.

"Go for it," Jen responded while fondling several of her breasts.

No longer hesitating, Claire quickly popped three pills and waited for the change. Much like Jen, she shifted back to being a hydra lamia, and soon Jen became her bodymate again on this second body. After the transformation finished, Jen and Claire found themselves in the unexpected situation of sharing not one, but two hydra-lamia bodies, and could feel everything in both bodies at once.

The sheer pleasure of the echoing sensation of transformation that ping-ponged between both bodies caused them to cum shortly after the transformations finished, leading to the hydra part of the change kicking in. Jen and Claire moaned in pleasure as their torsos began to divide, causing them to have 16 branches on both bodies. Following the previous pattern, a fifth clit grew in each of their pussies, and since their dicks were prevented from multiplying, they instead grew two feet longer, and now had two urethras in each, effectively doubling the cum output of each.

Still incredibly horny and more numerous than ever, Jen and Claire decide to...

* Jen and Claire have more sex with each other, causing their bodies to split even more


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Orgy of Two

Jen and Claire nearly threw their bodies at each other as the sensations continued to build on each other with the now doubling of their twin bodies. Each torso was entangled with another, the torsos using their respective four arms to first pull each other into an embrace to both kiss their counterpart and mash their breasts against each other. Some arms would soon move to fondling breasts, some to pushing the back of the making out heads to make the kisses deeper, and some groped at the tails below.

Of course, these pairs were not just between torsos of Jen and Claire, but also of Jen and Jen and Claire and Claire. Yet, this only made it hotter to the two sisters, as a momentary break would give them all kinds of things to see.

Yet, this was rare, as they both enjoyed the sheer pleasure that was wrought in their kisses, their gropings, and the squeezing of their breasts. And of course, what was going on down below.

Their tails coiled around each other, leaving the two hydra lamia rocking on the floor in entwined ecstasy. Their prehensile dicks did the same, snaking around each other in a new kind of frotting, as the tightening of their coils pushed both their bodies close enough that their triple-pussies were scissored against others. Open moans and those suppressed by kisses sounded off a chorus across the already thirty-two torsos of the women.

They thrust against each other as the feedback loop grew greater and greater, their rocking growing greater and greater, sending them across the gym. Precum began to coat the floor, and especially their bodies, soon reaching a point it nearly covered them more than sweat. And soon, they were thrown over the brink of pleasure, the two hydras letting out a combined roar of pleasure as they came.

The intensity was so great that their bodies split, not just doubling, but quadrupling the number of Jens and Claires there were, with each body now having sixty-four branches. Their pussies gain not just a fifth and a sixth clitoris, but a seventh and eighth as well, as their cocks grow thicker to have third and fourth urethras.

* Due to all the cum making it "unsafe", cheerleading practice is replaced with an orgy.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Becoming the Entire Cheer Squad

"Come on you two!" The sharp voice of Maya rung out from the Gym entrance, "I get that having that much going on can make it hard to resist, I can barely keep it under control myself sometimes, but how are we supposed to practise with the floor covered in your cum?”

The vice-captain's tone was more playful than legitimately angry, and as the other cheerleaders as they slowly trickled in behind Maya they shared similar sentiments. Another thing that the cheerleaders shared was their growing arousal as they wadded through the marsh of Jen and Claire's cum. By the time the entire cheer team was standing in front of the slowly untangling form of the sister's many branches they were all flushed with arousal, cocks erect and pussies dripping.

“Well,” began Aurora, “If we can't practise today that means we have a free hour, don't we?” before pouncing at one of Jen and Claire's torsos with her feral body. She wrapped her fore-paws around their shoulders and used the leverage to, with a bit of help from her fuckbuddy, impale herself on one of that body's cocks. She then manoeuvred her twin cock-tails into the right and centre vaginas below her while pressing her face into the body's threefold cleavage. Aurora's pounce was the trigger for all the other honey cheerleaders to doff their uniforms and jump in as well, all of them grabbing at least one of Jen and Claire's numerous bodies to join them.

Luna had one Jen and Claire filling the pussy between her nine foot tall lower bodies shoulders with two cocks with one body while another used all eight to stuff the one between her lower bodies legs. The remaining six cocks not inside her upper body were squeezed between her and the sister's tits.

Arya, who had been carried in by Luna due to her lack of limbs, had been placed on the ground nearby and was currently having all five of her hyper cocks worshipped by one of Jen and Claire's bodies each. Mouths, breasts, and hands ran over her immobilizing endowments, each one being pleasured in its own unique way.

Emilia was pounding the centre pussy of one of Jen and Claire's bodies with her lower horsecock with a second body giving a double blowjob to her upper cock. While this was happening she was making out with one of the lower lipples on the body attending to her upper cock, pulling the tit into her stomach so her strangely placed face could properly kiss.

Charlotte was being milked from behind by one of Jen and Claire's bodies, thick streams of honey running down her torso from her eight A-cup breasts. Down below, her pussy was being eaten out by another body, both heads taking turns as the honey from above dripped onto them.

Abigail and her two body-mates had one of Jen and Claire's body's tail wrapped around their torso, the body's heads planting kisses on the space between the centre and outer heads while their lipples pleased the matching rows of breasts below. Maeve meanwhile was forced to watch as sensations flooded in from her cock, the torso less head unable to do anything but writhe in pleasure.

Both of Rebecca's bodies had found one of Jen and Claire's, with each one enjoying her partner in different ways. One was simply pounding its partner's pussies, alternating which one it was penetrating every few thrusts, while the other was having its cock sucked by her partner's centre-left lipple while a pair of cocks fucked her in the ass.

Finally Maya had three of Jen and Claire's body's at her disposal, one making out with her and fondling her two rows of breast-balls while the other two gave her twin cock-tails full body hand jobs. Two more bodies made their way over however and began fucking her cock-tail's urethras, each one able to fit three cocks in before reaching the vice-captain's limits.

Of course the bodies used by the cheerleaders didn't even account for a quarter of Jen and Claire's one-hundred-and-twenty-eight total branches, so the remaining ones simply resumed what they were doing before: fucking themselves silly. As their orgasms built, the sister's lust drunk minds came up with a devious idea. As they reached climax any cheerleader not already making out with the sister's was immediately pulled into a kiss with one of their hundreds of mouths. Then, every one of those mouths sent half a pill into the mouths of their fellow cheerleaders, with the other half being swallowed by the sister's themselves. Additionally, just for good measure, any of their mouths making out with each other swapped pills between them. All of this caused the sister's orgasm to explode beyond anything they had felt before as they felt their bodies splitting, condensing, transforming, and merging all at once. The minds of the sister's, and the rest of the cheerleaders, were overwhelmed, all of them falling unconscious one by one.

The first person to awaken was Jen, who struggled to pull herself out of the now dried cum coating the floor and her body. She initially thought that the gym had grown even more massive than it already was, but she soon came to the conclusion that she had simply shrunk down, as she could see the indistinct forms of the rest of the cheer squad around her. One of said forms she recognized as Claire's disembodied head, its neck replaced by a cock that was, assuming Claire's head was still proportional to an average person, about a foot long. Once Jen was close enough to properly compare she realized that, based on her prior assumption, she would only be about two inches tall. As she came to this shocking conclusion, Claire's eyes fluttered open.

"Jen? What happened?" Asked the still not fully lucid Claire.

"It seems like I'm now tiny and you're just a head with a dick-neck."

"Huh? That can't be right, I definitely feel a body, let me try getting up."

Jen noticed one of the forms begin to move. As it got up however Jen began to feel a strange jostling, wholly disconnected from her tiny form, before another perspective opened before her. From this set of eyes she saw both Claire's head and what must have been her other self, barely more than a speck. From the eyes of tiny self she was able to see that this body, that she must share with Claire as her sister was currently controlling it, was vaguely that of a human woman but with proportions that would normally be confined to that of fetish art. This body had breasts that were large enough that they covered its entire waist, hips twice as wide as its shoulders, a cock that would reach a generous distance over its shoulders erect, and balls that rivalled its breasts in sheer volume, all while still being able to move as easily as if these features weighed nothing.

From the perspective of the massive bodies head Jen could tell that her head was offset slightly to the right and noticed that beside her on their shoulders was a vagina; one that, once Claire had walked their shared body over, was filled by the dick-neck attached to Claire's head. They then proceeded to pick up Jen's tiny body, a quick glance from which confirmed that Jen's head was also attached to their body in the same way as Claire's, and held it in front of them to get a proper look at it. It was mostly just a tiny version of Jen's original body, but it had pointed ears and a pair of butterfly wings that had been stuck to its back with dried cum. After a quick cleaning with the large body's hands, Jen's fairy- like body was fluttering around the larger body, testing out her manoeuvrability. When another of the resting cheerleaders began to stir however, all three heads turned to watch. Both sisters were shocked however, when they opened not just one, but two more pairs of eyes.

The person getting up was Maya, who stretched her arms as she stood herself up on her cock-tails; except those weren't her arms, but actually two arm-thick cock shafts that attached to the base of the necks of another set Jen and Claire's heads. The head at the end of Maya's left arm was Claire, and Jen was attached to the right. Not only that, but the heads of Maya's cock-tails had also been replaced by another set of Jen and Claire's heads. The visions of the heads attached to Maya's arms were suddenly dominated by the vice captain's upper torso, which now sported two more rows of breast-balls, as she pointed them towards her.

"Wow today's 'practice' was intense, are we the first ones up?" Asked Maya as she surveyed the room, "oh, it looks like two of the yous already awake." She added once she spotted the sisters' shared body and Jen's fairy body.

As Maya slithered over to their other bodies it became abundantly clear that Jen's original estimations of their sizes was off, as the vice captain barely came up to the knee of their hyper sized body. This meant that their shared body was at least twenty feet tall and Jen's fairy body was closer to eight inches rather than two. As Maya approached more and more of the other cheerleaders were beginning to wake up, causing Jen and Claire to realize that it wasn't just Maya that they had been fused with.

Rebecca, the next to awaken, now had four bodies, her two original bodies as well as one that was Jen's and one that was Claire's. These bodies were still connected by a fleshy cord but they now attached to the bellybuttons of the mirrored front ends of each body. Well, not quite mirrored as Rebecca's bodies had Jen on one of their backs and Claire on the other, while Jen's body had Claire on her back and vice versa for Claire's body. Each body, on both front and back, had thirteen inch cocks in their crotches.

Charlotte's forehead now had two additional pairs of eyes above it, the top set was Jen's while the middle set was Claire's. Her bee abdomen had also doubled, with the stingers on both replaced by Jen's head on the right abdomen and Claire's on the left one.

Arya was now capable of standing as the heads of the cocks that had replaced her legs and arms had been replaced by the hips and legs of the sisters with two sets of Jen's legs emerging from the foreskin from her arm-cocks and Claire's emerging from her leg-cocks. Her shoulders, hips, and neck had shifted to accommodate standing on her four pairs of legs comfortably. Additionally, all five of her ballsacks now had Jen and Claire's mouth and eyes on the front of them side-by-side.

Emilia meanwhile had grown a third breast between her original two. This new breast had a mouth in place of its nipple and the outer two breasts now had a single eye, one Jen's and one Claire's, replacing their nipples. The cock between her shoulders had also changed; its tip now a face split perfectly down the middle between Jen and Claire's.

Maeve now had a set of Jen and Claire's heads beside her on her torso-less hips and legs, which had grown proportionally so that she was six feet tall at the hips. From her enhanced behind grew a pair of snake tails that ended in torsos similar to the ones the sisters had in their previous form: with three rows of breasts with lipples, three arms, and one of each of the sisters heads on them. Abigail and her two body-mates, still Maeve’s living cock-torso, now had Jen and Claire’s heads between them, giving their body five total heads. Their torso also had two more rows of breasts and two more pairs of arms.

Aurora’s feral behind had extended backwards, an entire second torso and pair of hind legs now between her original front and back end. From the sides of the hips of her middle pair of legs another pair of tails, also tipped with feline cocks, had grown. The breasts on the front of her feral body now had Jen and Claire’s faces on the right and left breast respectively and, on the back of her lengthened body, her pussy had split into two pussies-mouths with the sister’s eyes above them.

Finally, Luna had grown two extra upper bodies on the now wider shoulders of her giantess lower body, Jen on the right and Claire on the left. Her lower body also now had four breasts all in one row and a second pair of arms.

Jen and Claire, now disoriented from rapidly awakening to twenty-one additional separate perspective spread across the eleven other cheerleaders, which was only broken when Charlotte let out an important announcement:

“Oh my god it’s been almost two hours!”

Suddenly all the cheerleaders were scrambling to put away their discarded uniforms and put back on whatever clothes they still wore at this point before running out to do their various after school plans. This left Jen’s fairy body and the sister's giantess body alone in the gym as their other perspectives diverged. As their disorientation faded, Claire came to an surprising realization:

“Hey! I think I have one more body!”

Claire then walked the sisters' shared body over to a corner of the gym and pulled a large wadded cloth from the dried cum. When she unfurled it she was shocked as yet another set of eyes were opened, these ones attached to a massive pair of panties. These panties were frilly and coloured a solid red. Printed on the front side of them was a two dimensional copy of Claire’s face, which shifted smoothly as she changed its expression. Any reflection on this additional body Claire now had was immediately shelved when Jen’s fairy body suddenly shouted:

“We’re supposed to go to Diana’s shop with the pills today!”

As she said this Jen unceremoniously slipped Claire’s panty body onto their giant form, finding the underwear a perfect fit even with their massive cock and balls, before they rushed off to retrieve the can of pills they had stored earlier

* Follow Maya's body


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Following the Squad: Maya's POV

The other cheerleader's lives continued on, uninterrupted by the addition of their new bodymates. Jen and Claire were just flies on the walls of their squad-mates lives. That was very literal in some cases. The all-mutant cheer squad went their separate ways. Most of the squad headed straight for home. Although, a few of the team had jobs or previous arrangements.


Maya was scheduled to be picked-up by her mother after practice. Maya shuffled and slid on her two, cock-naga tails to the school's parking lot where her mother was waiting. Jen and Claire gained a newfound appreciation for Maya's self-control. They felt the pressure already beginning to rebuild inside of Maya's 8 breast-balls as she slithered along.

"There you are," Maya's mother called once they got outside. "What took you so long?"

"I... had to release some extra pressure," Maya guiltily responded.

Maya's mother frowned at her daughters. "Next time, could you please wait until you get home to take the pressure off? We bought that special milker just for you. It would be a shame for it to got to waste."

"Sorry," Maya mumbled back to her mother and slithered to her truck.

Although, Mom wasn't driving an average truck. Her was a truck specifically designed for mutants like Maya. The truck's bed was huge! It was easily 24 feet long and had a roof. It was long enough to fit Maya and Co.'s serpentine form. Although it was still a little cramped, they had plenty of head space. The interior of the truck bed was padded like a car seat would be. It had windows facing the side and the back so that passengers wouldn't be shut in darkness.

Maya hoisted herself into back of the truck. She placed her dick-arms on the edge of the bed and pushed. Jen and Claire grumbled as their cock-head faces ate the carpet. She pulled the rest of herself inside. Her mother shut the door her daughter and her mates. Maya rotated herself around so that her front was face the back of the truck with her two cock-tail outstretched in front of her. Then, the engine burst into life as Maya's mother turned it over. The truck's frame yawned as it slowly left the parking lot.

Maya, Claire, and Jen's car ride was uneventful. Being trapped inside of a back of a truck left Jen and Claire with zero opportunities to transform anyone other than themselves. The three of them were content to stare out of the window and watch the world pass by. Besides, Jen and Claire could focus on their other bodies that were doing more interesting things.

Eventually, they arrived at Maya's house. Maya slithered out of the bed and entered her home through the garage. Jen had been to Maya's house before. But, that was before Kyle had started all of this. Maya's house was completely different. The ceilings were higher. The doors were wider. Furniture was moved against the walls. All the floors were either tile of laminate wood so it would be easier to clean stains.

Maya entered her new bedroom on the bottom floor. Jen marveled at Maya's bedroom. It would make for a big bedroom for any normal person. But, for Maya; the Mutant Cock-Naga, the room was actually a little bit cramped. 25' by 20' was just big enough for Maya to stretch-out along the diagonal. Then, their was the milking machine to consider.

Jen and Claire saw the milking machine the Maya's mother had alluded to earlier. Its center was a massive, floor-to-ceiling tank inside a room with already elevated ceilings. Attached to the tank came four, long, and wide tubes. Each tube was capped by a latex onahole. There was a secondary cylinder attached to main tank. It was an air-compressor designed to provide suction to what ever was being milked..

However, Maya ignored the milking machine for the moment. Instead, she slithered over to her desk and got out her homework. Due to their new positions as Maya appointed hands, Jen and Claire were required to grab whatever Maya required of them. The subservient bodymates complied without a fuss. They didn't have much of a choice. Maya had complete control over the rest of the body. The only joints that Claire and Jen had control over were their jaws.

Maya was right-handed. So, it was Jen's duty the hold the pencil. Maya got halfway through her math homework before the pushed away from her desk. "I'm hungry," she announced to her bodymates.

Maya slid into the kitchen. She reached up with her left arm-cock to a spot above the pantry. Claire bit down on a family-size bag of cheddar-flavored potato chips. There was a commotion coming from the kitchen.

"Maya!" It was her mother's voice. "Can you hold off on eating those chips? I'm making you dinner."

Maya pretended to not hear her mother and she slipped away back to her room. The faces of Jen and Claire on Maya's cock-tail shared a knowing glance. They both knew exactly what dinner her mother was cooking up.

Maya placed the open bag of chips on the table beside her. She placed Claire's head inside the bag. Claire chewed and swallowed the chip inside her reach. The cheddar-y goodness travel down the length of her esophagus and into Maya's stomach. More time passed and the aromas of suppertime passed through Maya's bedroom.

"Dinner's ready," her mom called to the rest of the family.

Maya left her bedroom and joined her mother, father, and younger brother for dinner. Maya's mother had made them all a hardy helping of macaroni 'n' cheese. The family served themselves. Maya took a big serving for herself. While the rest of her family took a much more modest amount. Meanwhile, Jen and Claire did their best to covertly deposit pills onto the family's plates. Soon enough, Maya's family was eating a nice family dinner. Then, the transformations began.

Maya's mom and dad stood up without warning. They walked backwards into each other. When their backs collided, their clothing vanished. May's parents were merging together. Their four legs were absorbed into their body. Their genitals disappeared, too. Their torsos grew longer and less defined. Their bones dissolved as their shared body became thick and tubular like a fatty, oil drum.

Identical changes occurred the the parents heads. Their hair receded and disappeared. Their arms merged with their cylindrical torso. Their shoulders lost any definition as their neck fattened like the rest of their body had. Their noses vanished. Their eyes shifted to the side of their worm-like body. Then, the parents transformation diverged.

The mother's mouth shriveled up. The skin bunched up around the tip. Then, the rough skin was pulled back to reveal a raging-red cock-head. As similar transformation occurred the the father's head. His mouth grew more and more deformed. It has transformed into a vertical slip with many fatty folds lining the interior.

The merger between mother and father was so seamless. It was impossible to tell were Maya's father ended and her mother began. The parents' transformation was finished when a massive pair of exercise-ball-sized breast-balls appeared at the midpoint of their shared, wormy, 40-foot-long body.

"Maya, sweetie?" her cunt-mouthed father spoke to her daughter with deep- yet feminine sounding voice. 'When your done eating, your mother and I would like to use the milker in your room. We're feeling very pent up and I don't know why."

"Sure thing, mom," Maya responded.

It was Maya's brother turn to transform. His body quickly became feminized. Then, puberty hit her like a truck. Her breasts swelled inside her V-neck shirt. But, her clothing didn't rip or vanish. Much to Jen and Claire's dismay. Maya's former brother's hair bursted with a new amber-brown color. Her ears migrated to the top of her head and morphed into fox ears. Another pair of fox ears appeared where her ear had been. Then, a fifth fox ear grew out of the top of her head. Her brow collapsed as a second set of eye appeared above her first set. Three, fox tails grew out her backside. Each tail was 8-feet-long and was supernaturally fluffy.

Her legs grew a thick layer of fluffy, amber-brown fur. Her feet twisted and morphed into digitigrade paws. Her arms were covered with a similar colored fur. Her arms started growing longer and longer. Her finger grew out white fur instead of amber. Her elbow joints had vanished. Finally, each of her arms unraveled into a trio of long, fluffy fox tails. Maya's brother had transformed into a kitsune of a much different shape.

Jen and Claire loved watching Maya's family transform into mutants. However, their attention was drawn elsewhere.

* Follow Arya's body


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Following the Squad: Arya's PoV

Arya also went home after practice, now able to walk on her strange new cock-limbs. It seemed to Jen and Claire that despite the cock's heads being sets of hips and legs they were still quite sensitive, so much so that even walking around kept the three girls constantly aroused. It seems that the vaginas on each set of legs were now their cocks urethral slit, as precum flowed generously from them as Arya walked. Jen and Claire, their faces placed on Arya's five ballsacks, had trouble seeing exactly where they were going as four of their perspectives were mostly filled with their bodymates cock-limbs while the set on her smaller main cock had most of their upper view blocked by her torso and breasts. What had a perfect view of however was whatever was underneath Arya. Since her cocks were so large she was nearly ten feet to her shoulders, allowing other pedestrians to simply walk under her as her form took up the entire sidewalk. It was one of these moments where the pleasure from walking on their cocks became two much for the trio and they came hard. The cum from Arya's main cock hosed down the people currently walking under her, a pregnant woman and her husband, while her cock-limbs coated the sidewalk, most of it entering the storm drains. The couple however had a reaction to being coated in cum that surprised Jen and Claire.

The husband and wife were pulled together, their clothes fading away as their torsos merged into a single, wider, torso with both of the wife's arms on one side and both of the husband's on the other. The husband's hips shifted directly behind his wife's and fused with them, putting both of their legs right behind each other. His cock grew erect, its size increasing until it was two feet long and three inches thick; his balls also had grown until they were both the size of watermelons. Two breasts formed on the husband's side of their torso, growing to match the size of his wife's before all four expanded to the size of medicine balls, with nipples the size of soda cans constantly dripping milk. The husband's head, legs, and arms then transformed into nearly identical copies of his wife's, the only difference being that he retained his hair and eye colour: blonde and brown compared to his wife's red and green. Finally their now shared baby bump expanded until it was larger than the entire rest of their body.

Once their transformation had finished a short skirt that did little to hide their cock and balls and an extra wide tube top that was instantly soaked in milk formed on the couple, who continued on their way down the sidewalk. Jen and Claire were momentarily left confused as to why the couple transformed, until Jen remembered something.

"Remember when we were on the beach and I became your balls for a while? Our cum was able to transform people then. So since we're Arya's balls right now her cum can transform people as well!" Jens mouth on Arya main ballsack explained

"That's incredible, Arya cums so much that if we play our cards right we could transform tons more people than normal!" Replied the Claire mouth beside her.

"Are you two saying something?" Asked Arya, "it's hard to hear you from my position. If it's about that couple who passed under us a moment ago then I agree that they were hot. Do you think they knocked themselves up? Or maybe they have another partner who did it. Or even maybe both!"

Knowing that once Arya, a notorious chatterbox, got going she wouldn't stop anytime soon the sisters decided to indulge her as they kept an eye out for more targets.

Arya's family was incredibly wealthy, her late grandfather having been the CEO of a massive company before his passing, and as such they lived in a gated community a relatively short walk from school. Once they passed through the gate leading into her neighbourhood it was clear to Jen and Claire that the presence of a mutant, especially one as extreme as Arya, was barely tolerated here. Unlike earlier people didn't walk under them but would cross the road while either giving them a nasty glare or looking away from them. Arya had gone silent, clearly upset by how her neighbours were treating her, and the sister silently agreed to transform the whole neighbourhood into mutants when they got the chance. Unfortunately their next orgasm came while there was no one around to hit with their cum. Deciding that they might as well shoot their load on someone's lawn, the sister used what little control they had over Arya's body to point her main cock over towards the nearest yard.

Unbeknownst to Jen and Claire however, Arya's cum seeped underground and into a forming ant colony, flooding it and triggering transformations in all the ants it touched. With hundreds of ants being transformed almost simultaneously a massive shift in reality was created as the power of the pills made sense of these ants' new existences. This shift manifested through a massive mansion, impressive looking even among the neighbouring high class houses, appearing between the two nearest houses, dozens of mutants milling about the huge yard with even more inside. The mutants came in all different forms, no two looking the same, the only trait all of them shared was some form of ant feature. Whether it was a pair of antennae on their heads, a large insectoid abdomen, or six chitinous limbs, every single one of them showed some sign of their origins as simple ants. Many of them were also conjoined together as well, with extra heads or torsos attached to shared bodies; a few even sporting body mates transformed into living body parts. The queen of the colony had become a gorgeous woman with three, identical, ten feet long upper bodies, each having antennae on their heads and six arms coming from a single set of shoulders. Below her hips her body became a single massive abdomen, thirty feet long and ten feet around, that constantly laid egg after egg as her three upper bodies drained the cocks of her subjects dry and used their sperm to sustain her gargantuan body.

Jen and Claire were surprised as the end of the block in front of them suddenly moved farther away; the house they were beside now dozens of feet forwards. Unfortunately, none of the sister's perspectives allowed them to see what had just appeared but as Arya was left unaware of any changes they decided to attempt to get some information from her.

“It's kinda insane that even in a high class neighbourhood like this there still manages to be houses that much bigger than those around them.” Commented Claire, successfully prompting Arya into talking about the massive mansion.

“Well that what happens when someone makes their fortune exclusively off of scamming other rich people out of their money. It's honestly impressive how Queen Anaxandra and her colony have maintained the rumours that her unfertilized eggs have anti-aging properties for as long as they have. Remember when she told us about how she actually donates most of her output to food banks while charging an arm and a leg to all the wealthy jackasses who think it'll actually extend their life?”

Arya's mocking tone suggested to Jen and Claire that despite being from a wealthy family herself, she had little respect for others of her economic class. This fact made sense when they considered the way people in Arya's neighbourhood treated her, though it seems the presence of a powerful mutant like Anaxandra had made those around her less obvious with their disdain.

The trio soon arrived back at Arya's house, outwardly similar to the neighbouring houses despite the fact that one of its occupants was a giant mutant. A huge door, hidden around back, that opened with a foot pedal was the only thing that stuck out as unusual and it led directly into Arya's room. Said room appeared to have been hastily renovated to fit her size and the door leading into the rest of the house was of a standard size, rendering it completely unusable by the trio. All of the furniture in the room was still normal sized, the only item that seemed to be sized for Arya's body was a massive air mattress shoved into one corner. Shortly after arriving home Arya's mother opened the door and entered the room, the look of disappointment on her face immediately informing Jen and Claire as to her opinion of her daughter.

“Your back really late, you get busy fucking your slutty cheerleader friends? Well while you and those two parasites were busy getting your rocks off your father went to pick up my mother from the hospital since she's recovered from her surgery. They'll be back any minute now so try to get yourself as presentable as possible.”

The hostile and disgusted attitude Arya's mother took with her daughter set Jen and Claire off and they quickly mustered what power they had as sentient ballsacks to launch a spray of precum directly into her mouth. Arya's mother recoiled as her mouth was filled with her daughter's ejaculate, a look of fury flashing on her face before immediately being replaced with one of lust as her transformation began. Her greying brown hair turned a vibrant lime green as it grew down to her expanding hips and ass; the same shade of green soon overtook her irises. Her shirt tore apart and vanished as her breasts, including a third one that had grown between her original pair, inflated to perky orbs over a foot in diameter with plate-sized areola and long, thick teats. A similar situation occurred with her pants as a trio of cocks exploded from her crotch, each one a foot and a half long and thick enough that she would need two hands to encircle one of them. Between the base of her cocks and her vagina a trio of ballsacks with a pair of melon-sized nuts inside each of them. Finally her entire body grew down from five-foot-six to an even seven feet tall, making her large assets look slightly more reasonable while retaining her exaggerated, MILF-y proportions.

As her mother's transformation concluded, Arya's room also changed drastically. Once undersized furniture not only grew to match her size but also transformed to better allow her to use them. The Air mattress was replaced with a much more comfortable looking bed that was the perfect height for Arya to climb in easily. The door out of her room had grown to grant her access to the rest of the house.

“Honey, go get ready for dinner. ” Began Arya's mother, “I just need to jerk off quickly before your dad and grandmother get back, I suddenly got really horny for some reason.” She then turned to leave the room, showing off her gigantic ass and hips wider than her shoulders, before stopping in the doorway for one last remark, “Afterwards maybe you three could let me in on the spicy details of what kept you at school so long...”

Once her mother had left, Arya made her way through the (now much expanded) hallway and splayed her cock-limbs out across the open floor next to the dining table. Unfortunately this position left Jen and Claire's faces pressed against the floor, stimulating them to the point where pre began flowing from all five of Arya's cocks. It seems that this was accounted for however as the floor had several drains to prevent the room flooding. While Arya's mother was still off masturbating, her father and grandmother returned and she got up to greet them at the front door. Arya's father was a well-groomed and fit man whose navy blue shirt and pants contrasted his pale skin and blonde hair. Walking beside him was an elderly woman whose blue eyes shone with joy when she saw Arya.

“There's my beautiful granddaughter!” Arya's grandmother exclaimed, approaching Arya and embracing her when she bent down to eye level with her much shorter grandmother. Arya's grandmother gave Arya a quick kiss on the cheek before pulling away from the hug. She then stepped under Arya and addressed Jen and Claire “And don't think I would forget about you two!”

She then gave a kiss on the side of each of Arya's front-most ballsacks, which were the closest thing Jen and Claire had to cheeks on this body. This ended up being the final bit of stimulation to push Arya over the edge, all five of her cocks suddenly erupting in climax. Arya's grandmother was immediately coated in cum, Arya's father also getting splattered as he jumped in to shield her from his daughter's release. After the two previous orgasms during the walk home, Jen and Claire didn't have much more to give and the streams of cum quickly petered out and left Arya's father and grandmother standing coated in ejaculate.

“Arya! You almost knocked your grandmother over! She just got out of the hospital and you could have just sent her right back.” scolded her father, his transformation already starting as his voice rose several octaves while speaking.

“Oh come off it Vick,” Reprimanded the woman beside him, her wrinkles vanishing rapidly and her hair turning golden-blonde as she continued, “Do you think I raised Trina without getting splashed with a bit of cum every once in a while?”

Vick, Arya's father, let out a sigh at his mother-in-law's attitude towards a potentially serious fall before turning back to his daughter, “Speaking of my wife, where is she right now? She said she would have dinner ready by the time we got home.” As he said this the hair on his arms and legs thickened into a coat of blonde fur while the rest of his body hair vanished.

“She said she had to jerk off before you got home, but it's been almost half an hour since then.” Arya casually commented, wholly unaware of the transformations occurring before her. This comment caused her grandmother to burst out laughing, her voice having the youthful timber that she must have had when she was younger.

“You hear that Vick? Your wife needs to spend the day jerking off because your tiny dick can't satisfy her!” As she teased her son-in-law her spine began to straighten out while simultaneously shortening. This left her with the same four foot stature she had before while continuing to restore her youth.

“Ha, Ha, Edna, very funny. Glad to know that despite being in your nineties you still act just as old as you look.” Vick's transformation continued as his fit body filled out with chub, with flabby limbs, love-handles, and massive, jiggly, thighs. His face had similarly gained chubby, pinch-able cheeks while also becoming unmistakably feminine. A pair of blonde cat ears grew from his head alongside a tail sprouting from his backside. His socks vanished as his feet transformed into a pair of feline paws and his legs shifted to a digitigrade stance. His chest swelled into a pair of massive G-cup breasts that rested on top of his chubby belly.

“Your just jealous that I've retained my youthful vigour well into my old age” Edna tossed her hair over her shoulder, lifting it off of her now three-inch long pointed ears, “Though perhaps my comment about your cock was out of line. It's hard to have a proper frame of reference when you posses one as incredible as mine.” While she bragged she patted her crotch as her pants filled out with a massive bulge. Just before they burst open from the pressure, Edna's pants morphed into a long, loose skirt that hung down to her ankles, with her newly grown cock nearly touching the floor. The part of her cock that hung past her skirt was covered by a white silk covering that was tight enough to highlight its distinctly equine head. From behind it would almost look like she had two sets of butt-cheeks as the massive ballsack that had replaced her vagina left a distinct bulge in her skirt.

“Oh will you two just fuck already!” snarked Trina, who had just entered the room. All three of her now flaccid cocks were stuffed into a pair of boxers and she had a loose white T-shirt draped over her trio of breasts, “but first sit down since the roast is probably overcooked by now.”

With Trina's comment everyone took their seats, but not before Edna snuck in one last comment

“I'm not sure you would want me to fuck your wife dear, unless you want me to put a little sister in her.”

Dinner then proceeded as one might expect, the only notable thing being that Trina made sure that her daughter's meal was cut into bite-sized pieces so that she could comfortably eat it without hands. This window of peace gave Jen and Claire a chance to fully reflect on what all eleven of their bodies had been up to.

* Follow Aurora's body


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Follow the Squad: Aurora’s POV

One thing that was apparent to the sisters was that Aurora (the six legged cat girl with cock tails) very much seamed to enjoy leaning into her cat side. To the point that instead of eating dinner from the table her parents gave it to her in a bowl on the floor. The food was still very delicious from what Jen and Claire could taist. And given how the parents reacted it seamed to be a conscious decision on Aurora’s part rather than her parents abusing her. Unfortunately due to their low status their weren’t any opportunities to slip pills to their family. So the sisters focused their consciousness on their other bodies for a time.

Finally Aurora let out a yawn stretching her feline body and making her way to bed. Which was a cat bed on the floor, as she napped Claire suddenly felt something licking her pussy lips. It was a real cat, and he seamed to be in heat. Given Aurora’s lackadaisical reaction to this, this probably wasn’t anything new. In fact Aurora actually widened her hind legs a bit to let the house hat continue to eat her out. The cat took this invitation and dove right in. While that happened the feline cheerleader snuck one of her back tails around and stuck it into the cats anus. The male cat also seamed used to this. Claire took this chance to slip him a pill while he was “kissing” her.

The sisters watched as its orange fur took on a pink shade turning into latex. It’s face also becoming more human like. As it ate them out, they felt themselves getting hornier, so Aurora stuck two more of her tails up it’s ass. The cat let out a very human squeak. All three of them felt the smooth latex squeezing their cock. He was so tight. His front paws became hands, his back paws were still paws, but they were now much more feet like and could support standing on them. Clothes made of the same pink latex as his body appeared on him, the outfit was that of a Japanese sailor school girl uniform with mini skirt and exposed midriff making him look like a cat femboy.

The changes done, Aurora grabbed him with her middle set of paws bringing his head right in between Claire and Jen’s breast faces. Aurora then jammed all of her cocks into his tight butt moaning as they were all finally brought to climax.

Cum filled the latex cat femboy so much his belly bulged like he was 9 months pregnant. Then cum overflew from his moth and he vomited it up. All of them panted snuggling close together into a spoon while they drifted off to sleep….

* Follow Jen and Clair's "main" bodies as they deliver the pills to Diana


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Open for business!

Clair's giant body stomped through the school grounds until it reached the end of the building they'd stashed the can of pills. (An abandoned room if I remember correctly, so much keeps going on its hard to keep track) Clair unable to enter the building with her large busty body. (It was likely that the pills had accommodated this issue but not at this particular entrance to the school), Jenn however was able to zip into the room and unlatch a window, allowing Clair and her giant body to easily reach in and grab the can like a cup (last chapter said she was giant, I'm presuming that was in all dimensions, not just proportions)

Their pills in hand Clair's body waddled away from school and into town. Her huge ass cheeks clapping with each step, balls dragging in the ground behind her, massive truck sized tits flopping on her belly and hips while her tree sized cock grew erect over her head, higher then the power lines and wedged in her cleavage. Twice she stopped at small bridges that ran over creeks in the heart of town to jerk off and relive some tention, gushing hundreds of gallons of cum into the water source. All the while fairy Jenn zipped through gaps in Clair's body brimming with energy. When Clair stopped to jerk off Jenn tested her skills flying through the ribbons of jizz her sister would launch off. Coming all the while from the shared experience. When she eventually burned up her reserve she rested in the panties that were also Clair, hanging inside its waist band like it was the edge of a pool.

When the finally arrived at Diana's sex toy store they split up. Clair went to the back at the loading door, knowing full well it'd be her only way in, and Jenn zipped to the front. When she did she was shocked to see a line formed at the front of the closed door stretching half way down the block. It's customers a mix of normal humans and mutants.

Jenn zipped to the door and began to pound on it frantically, catching Diana's attention. The six armed, six breasted, four boddied, hydra-naga extended one of her bodies to get the door. Jenn quickly told her that Clair was in the back with the goods, and another body snaked back to the rear of the store while the other two joined it, carrying cardboard boxes.

Once they were all inside the back of the shop Diana's bodies made swift work of placing 2 pills in small bags, and sticking a label on it, with a description of its effects before placing it in a bin that the final body rushed out to the counter.

The counter Diana gave a thumbs up as 2 of her bodies kept up production, the last tending to the back room. Jenn zipped to the door and flipped over the closed sign to open, ushing customers in.

"Welcome everyone welcome!" Greeted Diana in her showmanship voice. "We're ssssorry about the wait, disssssstribution wassss a little tied up, but I'm fully sssssstocked now! But firsssst I need a couple to prove thisss product worksss ass advertissssed, for free of courssses"

Immidiatlly a twenty someing couple holding hands came up to the counter. the man was 5'6" and on the bulky size, his partner a tall woman at 5'10" with a pear shaped figure. "We'd like to volunteer."
Said the man eagerly, the woman looking slightly hesitant.

Diana took one pack and popped it open, taking out a pill and snapping it in half handing it to the couple. The Diana body tending to the back of the shop gestured then into the 'sample area' she asked them to undress as the clothes would likely be destroyed otherwise.

The man did so quickly and the woman only stripped down to her underware before they both took their split pill.

As always the aphrodisiac kicked in first, the mans cock going ridged quickly and pulsing with need. The same went for the woman as she began to play with her breasts through her bra, bitting her lip and releasing as soft moan ocassinally. Withouth warning her patit breasts surged out of her bra reaching the size of medicin balls with so much force she fell forward to her knees, breasts on the floor and ass in the air. Her partner erection in hand, waisted no time pulling down her panties and crouching to enter her pussy needally!

As he began to rock back and forth spectators in the shop watched as each thrust collided more of her legs into his own, a noticeable buldge forming in her stomach and thicc thighs forming on the man.

More and more mass added to the girthy man as his semi flat chest bulaged out into a pair of breasts. His legs were noticeably bulky and his feet morphed into cloven hoove.

The woman's stomach was now consumed into her lovers crotch and though he was crouched he was now noticeably taller. Horns sprouted from his head, curling backwards around his ears as they flicked upwards in and over shape. Currly gray hairs rapidly sprouted on his back, shoulders, legs and arms, his body still thrusting into his moaning spouses upper torso.

The moaning started to become muffled and wheezing as her arms began to bloat obscenely, losing definition save one finger that pertuted from the tier drop shaped mass they'd swelled into. Once the arms resembled her breasts her gagging sounds went silent. From her mouth a three inch thick cock now rocked back and forth from. Each thrust from her male counterpart added inch after inch until the thick log hung stiffly forward at a foot and a half. During this growth his hands had been placed on her head, pushing it further into his groin until it was smoothly stationed at his waist, her arms and breasts become his udder-ballsack. His thick wooly rams fur surrounding his body and his mouth becoming a muzzle as he let out a cheerful bleat and came from his thick cock.

After a minute of cumming and panting the goat herm stood up, now seven feet tall with shaply thicc hips like his female counterpart previously. Thick DD breasts on his clearly male upper body. His fat cock slowly shrinking down into the female face set in his crotch. He bleated unintelligently down at her face. "Your right hun, that was a rush, she then made an expression that seemed to hint that she was in control of the legs and took shaky steps back to the Diana body. "We'll take 2 dozen packs of those pills, that was the best sex we've ever had!

"There you have it folkssss" announced Diana again to the crowd. "Ssstraight from the crotch'ssss mouth. If you can't wait to try it yourssself, your welcome to ussse the back room asss a further demonssstration, one at a time pleassse!" People began to rush the counter, and line up with their purchase at the back of the store, basically giving Jenn and Clair front row seats to a continues transformation show.

The next customer to enter is...

* Their parents


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Third times the charm

"Girls! Girls!" Jen and Clair heard a familiar voice cry out from the front desk. The two Clair turned her huge body, " knocking over a pile of boxes with her huge breasts. One of witch almost falling ontop of fairy Jen who joined her sister to see her own mother leading Clair's father by hand. Right behind them was Clair's mother doing the same to Jenn's father.

"Oh girls! We're so excited to see you on the big day!" Congratulated Jenn's mother. "We've quite enjoyed being 'normal' for the last day or so, but we were ready to join back again. So we've been waiting in line since dawn!" Said Clair's mother.

The parents looked very out of place before the sisters. Their mothers clearly hadn't been wearing underwear given how their bodies jiggled beneath their messy unorganized cloths. Belts missed pant loops and rather then being buckled were tied at their waists like rope, miss-matched socks and shoes, buttons there were off by one to three wholes. They also dragged their fathers around by the hand like they were small children. As the mothers rambled to the girls about their 'odd' experience as 'humans' (their mothers actually making air quotes each time they accentuated the words) Jenn m Clair realized that since history had always made their parents the conjoined demon/angel sphinx that they never had to were clothes or walk in human society, and their fathers most terrifying of all were alway a set of sphinx legs, its likely the pills may have reduced their minds to that of toddlers, hence their dragging them around as such.

"Well I'm ready to get back to my beautyful mutent self, how bout you three?" Jenn's mother suggested to the group. Jenn and Clair finally tuned back into reality as Jenn's mother broke a pill and fed half of it to Clair's father and herself. Clair's mother and Jenn's father did the same, sharing their own pill!

Clair and Jenn did their best to remain attentive to their parents new transformation, but the sight alone had then stroking their respective organs as the changes overtook them.

Jenn's mother started by flopping to the floor as her legs burst from the oversized pants she wore, the bloated mass of limbs that were her legs fused into a long 20ft legth of green scales that was oddly tipped with what looked like a fat rubbery whales flipped at its end. Clair's father who'd shared her pill then stood overtop of her as his legs merged into her back, all their mass sinking into her breasts as they reached yoga ball proportions, looking just as fake too. As the father sank in his arms bowed out and rached up to connect with his head mass filling in the gap as his face took on a serpentine muzzle, his arms becoming a cobra's hood for his new snake body as Jenn's mother's head sank into what was once his crotch. Her as to yet unchanged arms now as the middle point of their body grew stiff and the palms of her hands ballooned out into the obvious bell shape of a human penis, the fingers being gobbled up and a slit forming in its tip as her arms became massive three foot long dicks projecting slightly fr thei side of their rounding out snake body. Her mouth tuned upward into a vagina maintaining its comparably small size. Her nose however inverted, each nostril extending out into a reptilian penis 11 inch long, on par with the rest of her body. Lastly her human eyes began to drag and shift up her snake belly until they came to the cobra hood, where they then split around the father's round body to sit inside the folds of the hood where intricate markings gave the illusion of beautiful makeup.

All the while the other pairs transformation was also underway. Clair's mother outstretched her arms as the grew outward reaching five feet in legth as her hands became flipper like in shape and were quickly covered in fine quills that uncoiled into feathers. Jen's father approached behind her, lifting her into the air and shoving his errect cock into her pussy, fucking her from behind. With each thrust their bodies merged more and more. Jenn's fathers mass filling out the curves of Clair's mother. Her breasts became DDs as his own arms melded into her torso sitting just under her newly formed wings. Their croches fused togther consuming the male organ and leaving a pulsing engorged pissy between their shared legs. Legs that now connected at the waist with tow in front and two directly behind them. The legs in the back inverted leaving two facing forward and two facing back. Their feet then became covered in yellow scales up to their knees as their toes turned into the three taloned claws of an eagle. Atop their shoulders their heads began to change; Clair's mother's nose turned yellow and pointed rapidly taking on the shape of a beak. Jenn's father's nose did the same with the exception of a bright pink chicken crest bringing his nose up into his head and down his back ending at the nape of his neck. Without warning Clair's mother's head twisted upside down and her hair fell out of her scalp as their necks began to press forward continuing their merger! As their heads collided it was clear that they now formed a bird like head atop the body. With with Clair's mother being the lower jaw and Jenn's father as the rest of the head. Clair's mother's eyes now rested below the shared beaks jaw and the dome of her skull morphed into the gizzard of a bird.

The transformations end was signaled as always by an involuntary orgasim. The bird parent gushed girl cum from her softball sized pussy releasing a screeching caw, flapping her twelve foot wingspan and lifting off the floor. while the snake parent hissed loudly and came streaming ribbons of cumm from its 4 cocks, more girl cum flowing from its pussy.

As the parents sat in the after glow of their climax, Jenn and Clair couldn't help but notice something about their transformation. Mainly it was a little simaler to their last body. Or at least the symbology of it. One set of parents was mostly a snake, often associated with the devil from the Garden of Eden. Meanwhile the other set, had gained large wings reminiscent of an angel. It brought into question weather the pills really were random or if some underlining influence was at play.

This thought was interupted as Jenn and Clair's parents produced another pill, split it, then shared it.

The girls were utterly shocked by what just happened! They'ed not expected their parents to change again so soon. As far as Jenn and Clair had experienced people usually enjoyed their new body before changing again? Baffled by the brashness of their parents they could only watch as they embraced each other and began to fuse again.

The snake parent quickly coiled their 'neck' (everything above the giant boobs that perched itself upon) around the bird parent. Skin feather and scale sifted like oil over water as the two torsos intertwined and melded. The snakes crotch finding perches along side their birds own engorged pussy, consuming it into its own, the duke snake cocks themselves rocketing forth and surging in size as they bent and curled out over eight feet long and thick as an arm, the tips becoming blunt with two thick slits at their end becoming a blend of elephant trunk in shape and cocks in function as thick vains pulsed around their shafts and clear viscus liquid drooled from their end. The huge horse cocks that flanked their sides became hard and ridged as they took on the roll of tusks, beneath the trunks where once a snakes vagina was now sat te inflated pussy of the bird parent.

Next the four legs of their bird parents doubled in size as they formed the thick musculer structure of a horse's thighs , elevating them off the ground two feet taller, they retained their taloned birds feet at their ends, only those doubled in size two. The tail of the snake fused between the legs becoming the fused creatures tail now and retaining its whale flipper tail tip, now looking more as home on the larger creature.

The breasts that the snake once rested on had in all their excitement of the rest of the body been overlooked as they hadn't changed size or shape but now acted as balls for the duel cock trunks. The body of the snake overtook the birds head an torso, the once human arms of the bird parent now grew unseemly long, the fingers streaching out until they reached the legth of their bird wings, when they did both sets of limbs grew two feet longer as the once human hands were covered in scales and quickly took the shape of leathery wyvern like wings, bright green and gold feathers dotting their tips and up their bony ribs. Feathers feel from their wings as their shape morphed to match the newest pair. Funny enough the comparably small breasts of the bird parent sat unchanged between the newly transformed arms.

Above the breasts the snake body continued its legth before branching out into the cobra hood. The markings of the hood shifted as more lines and creases gave way, adding another set of eyes to the original, and utop the hood the familiar roster crest formed, looking idly out of place as it sprung up the top of the snakes head, down its long back and just to the base of the whale flipper at the end of its tail. The lower jaw of the snakes mouth also changed as nostrils formed on its chin and soon the upper jaw was replicated on its lower with another set of eyes just as the bird parents head had been, minus the roster crest.

Without much warning as so many times before the transformation was punctuated by an orgasim. Cum sprayed fr the trunk cocks, their tail thrashed violently against the ground and the snake heads jaw sprang open in a deeply seductive hiss that Jen and Clair recognized as both their mothers voices overlapping eachother.

When the newly fused parent finally came too they perched themselves on a crate, flopping their long tail overtop it. Their four multi-directional legs all squating down awkwardly and forcing their huge balls forward and resting their trunks over them like green scaly beanbag chairs.

"UHHHH." The parent exclaimed, finally resting their body. Their duel voice ringing against one another. "It feels good to be back togther again"

"Uh, mom? Moms? How are you feeling?" Jenn managed to ask still taking in the sight.

"Oh, you wouldn't believe it!" Said Jenn's mother's voice, clearly by itself. "Oh well maybe you would, you two were merged at one point yesterday" this response came in Clair's mother's voice.

"It's such as rush to share those intense feelings and sensations with someone else." This response came in Jenn's Mother's voice again "and know that the other person is experiencing the same thing." That time it was in Clair's mother's voice.

"It's sublime!" Their duel voices rang out. "Though not having hands will be tricky" the flapped their giant wings in tandem. "Least we have these nifty cock trunks" came Clair's mother." "I don't know, they are awful sensitive, were also not the right size either, we need to be much, MUCH bigger to use our home again properly" rebukes Jenn's mother.

Jenn and Clair began to notice that when their respective mothers spoke different eyes on the cobra hood shut, and when they spoke togther in perfect unison both eyes stayed open. The snake eyes utop/under the snakes head, presumably their fathers, had no such input other then looking about.

"Guess we'll just try our luck with more pills" they said togther, pointing one trunk over to a shoping bag filled with the small packets of pills.

Jenn and Clair shared a concerned look, fearful that they might have created a transformation addict out of their parent. Not totally a bad thing.


To be continued: https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapt … 12064.html