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Many Things to See
by flagcatcher

Louis was pretty excited to see the special event at the zoo, his tail was even wagging. He was an African wild dog, which meant he was covered in blotches & splashes of white, black, and blonde fur. It was like he went into the barbershop and asked them to fuck his shit up! Aside from that, he had big round and black ears with a white mane between them. His build was pretty athletic, but it didn't show through his baggy cargo shorts and the loose black novelty tee. It had the logo of his favorite metal band on it, Dick-Grater, and said logo consisted of--Well--Anyway...

"Bruh, what a buncha dicks. Suddenly, no one wants to read my texts or answer their phone." He grumbled to himself.

The plan was, meet up with three of his friends at the ol' zoo and plausibly-deniably enjoy certain edible substances as they walked beside the exhibits. Now normally, on a Sunday they'd opt to do this at the park or at some unfortunate sap's house. But! The zoo had all these posters hung up everywhere about some kind of 'freakshow' section they were ONLY going to have open for today, so how could a morbidly-curious guy like Louis pass that up? He was also amused by his ideas as to what a family-friendly zone like a zoo would even consider a freakshow.

Two-headed snakes? Yawn. Maybe a cow with three eyes? Ehhh. It was probably something even lamer, like an albino reptile!

That being said! Louis had arrived here at 2:30 PM. And this wasn’t the most well-organized affair, they just said they’d all be at the entrance at 2. So, here he was, late without a familiar soul in sight. He wasn’t even sure if they flaked or just went deeper inside, it’s not like anyone was replying. Thing is, his ‘snacks’ were only good for a few hours. And he had no plans for today, plus he already may have nibbled something on the way here. So, all that considered, why wouldn't he just head in by himself? Hopefully he’d meet them inside, anyway. Plus, it was free admission, which was the best part!

Thus, Louis waved a few staff members at the entrance as he strolled past the zoo's ajar metal gates, beginning his journey. He saw a few folks pass him by and shuffle towards the various barred, gated, and fenced enclosures across the open layout. A couple faces even looked familiar, probably some customers he saw from work, but no one resembled his friends.

"Yeah, they really did bail on me. Guh..."

The wild dog pawed at his nose and wandered around, in search of the fabled 'freakshow' section. It was hard to find any signage for that, as most of the areas were organized by either area, like 'South Asia', or the vibe of the species, like 'Big Cats'. So after a couple minutes spent circling, he decided to try and enjoy one of the regular exhibits, I mean he'd never been to this zoo before!

Then he approached the third exhibit he came across, and his eyes squinted once he leaned in and took a closer view.

The barred-up enclosure resembled the dull, tan hues of the Savannah, there was even some dry grass and a scraggly-looking tree. The exhibit had about the same amount of space as a small apartment, which felt a little inhumane? There was a plaque, which he eyeballed:

"Equus quagga... The plains zebra... Native to southern Africa--Oh, that's where I'm from! But where is it--"

Louis stared through the gaps between the bars, honing in on a black-and-white striped shape. Then, he was shocked at what he saw... And shock turned to outrage.

It was--Just--A freaking guy!

A regular two-legged zebra dude was sitting back on a wicker chair, and he regarded Louis with a friendly wave.

"What the fuck? The hell kinda ZOO is this? They just hired some DUDE and they're making him smile and wave for like ten bucks an hour or something!"

Needless to say, Louis was livid. He was thankful he didn't pay a dime, because he expected to see some actual wild animals. He didn't wave back and just stomped away from the exhibit! He was so peeved that he ended up bumping right into some other dude, and the two were briefly staggered before they took stock of one another.

The man was a possum, around Louis's size and age, just a little shorter and older. He wore a tan polo shirt that had the zoo's name on it, and his name badge was scribbled out. The dude's boots were up to his knees and his shorts were rather short, like uncomfortably short. That being said, the dude was built like a stick and the belt had to be real tight to make the shorts cling to his frame. His appearance was also generally disheveled, which made sense, 'cause possum. The mop of black hair obscured one eye, while the other was bloodshot and gave Louis a look over.

The dude gave Louis a weird vibe, and he couldn't tell if the other guy was pissed or something, because he looked at him for a good five seconds. The wild dog was pretty confused, and it took those five seconds before he could piece things together in his, ahem, 'altered' state of mind:

"Oh, you're the uh, zookeeper. I was about to say, those pants are too short to be straight. Not that I'm talking smack, I've hated every uniform I've worn."

The zookeeper grinned as he suddenly took the whole thing in stride. The possum clearly eyeballed the wild dog's shirt, "Oh, Dick-Grater. I put that shit on blast in my car. Well..." He then scratched his face beneath the long hair, "...You're probably here to check out the 'freakshow', right?"

Louis's face contorted. Huh, how did he know? The wild dog then regarded the possum with a five second stare of his own.

"...Why else would a grown-ass man come to the zoo without kids? Come on, I'll show you around."

The zookeeper swung his furless, pink hand through the air to beckon Louis to come along with. His segmented tail whipped around behind him, so the wild dog had to dash to catch up and walk beside him. The whole situation still struck him as weird, but this was what he came for, wasn't it? And the possum guy seemed pretty alright, even if he kinda looked like roadkill.

Their journey brought them to a secluded section of the zoo, a corner out of everyone's sight. This area walled off the zoo from the outside world by means of just a big-ass hedge, but the zookeeper just barged through the hedge and Louis opted to follow. They were now in an entirely strange and new area of the zoo, brick walls corralling the two in and making the rest of the journey linear... There were over a dozen caged-up, walled, or otherwise reinforced exhibits for the two to walk past, one by one.

There was only one sign to designate the whole area, humbly named, 'FREAKS'.

"Bro, what is this?" Louis found the atmosphere here kind of foreboding, even though by all means, the walls, barriers, and cobblestone pathing was consistent with the rest of the zoo. It's just that no one else was here besides them and the uh, creatures, and it just felt like Louis shouldn't be here.

The possum snorted. "Don'tcha got more eyes than me? It's the 'freakshow', my guy. Now let me take you on a guided tour."

Much as he had lead feet, something compelled the wild dog to keep walking. He strolled alongside the possum, and this close, he had this freaky, off-putting vibe. But then his eyes were drawn to the first exhibit by means of the zookeeper's furless finger's pointing.

This exhibit had nothing more than a chain link fence, for there was no threat of this thing's escape. What Louis witnessed was this... No, THESE many, twitching, leaking cocks. It was hard for him to really DISCERN what this thing was, aside from a mass of heaving, flexing male members along with brown leathery balls strewn near the bases. Every dick was varied in size but they were all equine! Moreover, the tan nuts were just as numerous but didn't seem to match to any particular cocks, just kind of... Hastily slapped together, the whole mass undulating and wobbling as one. He could even pick out what looked like a few nipples, then the soft and supple breasts they protruded from. Come to think of it, maybe there was some kind of creature buried beneath the mess of dicks, nuts, and tits.

"I call this one the 'pile of dicks'." The possum explained, "They said this used to be a tigress or something. Hard to believe. It's too heavy to turn over so we just kinda let it sit there, doesn't seem to need to eat, just cum. In fact--" The possum backed away, for the whole mess of cocks convulsed all at once, "It's about to cum right now."

Then, much to Louis's horror, the languid thing rippled with the throes of an incredibly powerful ejaculation. Great arcs of semen were sent flying in every direction, it was like ten fire-fighting hoses were flailing around in the air and hosing everything with white hot jizz. That's how damn crazy it was. Most of it shot right into the air and proceeded to rain down onto its sticky self, adding to the MOAT of cum that encircled the cock-pile. But unfortunately, a little splashed Louis's cheek. He was mortified.

"Don't worry dude, that won't do anything besides wound your ego. Now let's get going." The possum wiped the streak of cum off of the wild dog's face, and that was even worse.

The two ventured on to the next display, mere steps away from the first. Louis couldn't believe his legs were making him approach this thing, which consisted of a circular brick wall, just barely short enough for one to tilt their head over and peek. He welled up with curiosity, wondering what lay down in the depths, seeing as how this looked like a really wide well. The possum slapped his pink palms atop the wall's edge and craned his head over to check up on the second exhibit. Louis mimicked his motion, taking a gander with a gulp.

It was... A tree? The gnarled limbs were brown, grooved and weathered just like a tree's branches ought to be. There were even sparse leaves growing out of what were at least seven different and arching 'branches'. The leaves must've been confused as to what the season was, because they were apparently random colors; green, orange, red, even blue! And there was a trunk, which transitioned into fat roots that dug into the grassy ground. But the similarities ended there. For starters, the ends of almost every branch were shaped like dicks! The whole 'tree' even undulated slightly, as though shaken by a stiff breeze. Which drew Louis's eye to the center of the trunk, at which he balked:

"There's--A freaking guy!"

See, the trunk transitioned up to a feathered fellow's torso. His feathers were mixed in with leaves, demonstrating how he was truly half-tree in every aspect. His plumage was shades of blue, orange, green, and red, just like his leaves. And a fluffy neck flowed into a face fixed in a state of awe, marvel at what he had become. Orange beak agape, and instead of a tongue, another length of wood jutted out. It was one of his biggest branches, gnarled in the way that it bent, how it spread his beak with its recurve. Of course, he also had a fat wooden dick placed exactly where it ought to be, jutting out of where his crotch would've been, now more thick bark for the tree. Being birdlike, these feathered tufts shaped like ears stuck up straight from his head as twigs protruded out of them. He looked like he used to be some kind of gryphon, strangely familiar-looking.

The possum scratched his own ear. "Yeah, he's pretty cool. Just kinda chills there. Sometimes he'll talk but most of the time he just vegges out and ignores whatcha say. He's like some kinda Buddha but he only meditates horny thoughts, sometimes leaks a lotta 'sap' to clean up. So, we call him the 'blueball hardwood'."

As though he slipped briefly between lucidity and whatever the hell he was seeing, Louis replied, "That's kinda trying too hard. Why not just 'headwood'? Anyway, this one was just kinda funny, let's keep going."

The possum smirked, and led the partly-terribly-curious, partly-hopelessly-spellbound wild dog onward. As they approached the next exhibit, Louis briefly wondered what'd happen if he rolled a few of those leaves up and smoked 'em.

"Here's the 'cock-slug'. Uh, it's pretty self-explanatory. I'll let you take a look for yourself."

The possum stepped back and Louis walked forward. The enclosure had a tightly meshed fence, so this creature might've had a decent chance to escape, unlike a bedicked tree or a trembling cock-pile. The wild dog's gaze scanned about the foliage, mostly consisting of beds of leaves arranged just-so. Something large and lumpy was hidden beneath one such pile of leaves, about person-sized, and said shape started to emerge from beneath.

Louis leaned a little closer for some reason, as though inexorably drawn to this creature. His fingers tightened around the mesh as his gaze fixated onto a leaky pink cockhead. This humanoid penis emerged, leaking viscous slime instead of precum, and as the rest of the length wriggled out from the leafy cover, things became stranger. For one, the dick had eyes; beady dark eyes on the ends of slug-like eyestalks. The rest of the shaft's length was undulating and flexible, it inched much like a worm as it exposed itself. To Louis's fascination, it had rippling folds at the fringes of the underbelly, whereas the creature's upper back was covered in fat tits.

"Why the hell does it have BOOBS?" Louis mumbled.

"Slugs are herms, man, check it out." The possum's hand then pressed behind Louis's head, coaxing him to continue staring, to continue gawking at the writhing thing!

The oozing slug had this dull tone of pink for its flesh tone, and the nipples were deep brown, all of those breasts varied in size and a little in shape. As Louis's gaze progressed over the creature's mid-back, the 'ordinary' tits transitioned into breasts with cocks for nipples. These shafts twitched and leaked, occasionally spurting clingy slime a couple feet into the air. And then, towards the end of the crawling thing's back, there were only rather gigantic cocks, complete with saggy and veiny balls which dragged across crisp leaves and stained them with slime. All of this now began to fascinate Louis.

"I've heard it feels pretty good," the possum mused aloud, "to become one of these... Freaks. Nothing but a horny sex beast. But that's just what I heard, man."

Louis shook his head just a little. "Why... Why would anyone want to become a horny, pleasured, misshapen weirdo...?"

The zookeeper patted the wild dog on the shoulder. "'Cuz... We're all weird on the inside, yeah? Why not make your outsides match your insides? And imagine seeing it, what you truly are, truly were the whole time. The 'you' that was waiting to be realized--"

The dog pulled away from the mesh and brushed off the possum's hands. "...Let's just keep going."

There was scarcely another word as the two ventured onto the next exhibit. And how could they not? Louis's thoughts might have remained a little conflicted as to why he was still here, but his legs didn't hesitate. Deep down, his curiosity had swelled up into a far worse fascination. And when the two stood next to a completely walled-off structure, the wild dog stood there, perplexed as he heard squelching noise from behind the barrier... But what was there to really see? The possum pulled open a hatch, which revealed a slit in the wall just wide enough for two eyes to peek through.

"This one, I'm not sure what it is yet. Because it's still BECOMING. But it's quite dangerous. So, make it quick."

Louis heeded the keeper's words. He paced over to the small slot in an apparently metal wall, then gazed into what lay beyond. What he saw were these shades of flesh running the gamut from pink and pale to inky black. The flesh undulated and moved in chaotic rhythms, but eventually his eyes made sense of what he saw. There were countless coiling lengths, some were serpentine and some were worm-like, a few even moved like eels as they squirmed and entwined around each other. This looked like a gigantic snake orgy, Louis briefly recalled something like that on TV...

Then, he stared more closely. Some of these writhing things were eyeless, some were in fact covered in blinking eyes that stared at either nowhere in particular, or right at Louis. There were agape serpentine maws, into and -out of- which crawled more and smaller wriggly things. And there were sucker-like maws, latched onto other creatures, as these things fed and fed on each other. Some things had two ends, some things bifurcated into other things, in fact many things were attached to other things, as other maws, other heads, or other phalluses. Was... Was it all one, big, wriggling thing?

At last, he eyeballed it a little closer. Come to think of it, there was a shoe rolling around the dancing masses, one of those blue designer ones that Kyle wears all that time. Then, one of the many heads pulled itself out of the squirming pile and rose up like a charmed snake, to stare directly, unmistakably right back at Louis. The slimy serpent's head was a penis head, no doubt about it, but the penis-creature had a pierced tip. And eyes. Violet eyes, along with a tongue that protruded from the urethral slit. It was pierced, too, the crescent shape was just like Miranda's--Oh.

Now Louis realized what happened to his friends. His maw was agape as he struggled for words.

And yet, the sound. So much, sloppy, squishing noise, a cacophony of delight. It was like a siren's call, and Louis's eyes went wide as he realized that his snout smooshed against the slot in the wall... Because, unconsciously, he tried to force himself through the impossibly-small slot.

But then he was pulled away by a sharp jerk at his shoulders and the possum swung the slot back shut.

"Whoa, whoa. This one's not meant for you, buddy." He chided.

Louis was rattled. He smacked his own head, as though that would stop the world from spinning and make everything make sense again. He wasn't in his right mind, because any sensible part of him would've told him to RUN. When he did collect his thoughts (relatively speaking), he realized... A certain emptiness. Right about now, he felt like he lost a part of himself in that... Worm... Vortex? Orgy? At this point, things were starting to defy words and categorization.

The possum then gave the dog a pat on the back. "...This time, I'll let you go in front, Louis. Feels like this guided tour's come to its conclusion. Just one more stop and you'll be headed 'home'."

That at least allayed the canine's fears. "Okay..." His tone was brisk, like his pace as he walked to this tall structure in the distance. As the two drew closer, Louis took note of the domed shape and the metal links which connected the steel ribs. Once he was within a few paces, he saw that the enclosure's door was... Open? And by all means, the cage looked devoid of any movement. If there was ever anything inside, it probably had escaped.

"What's this supposed to be?" Louis shuffled a bit closer.

"Ah, I mean I guess it's an aviary. I just call it a birdcage. Go ahead, take a look."

Louis was about to approach the enclosure's side, then the possum chuckled as he corrected him, "No, like, -inside-. Go ahead and make yourself at home."

Mind you, Louis was still out of it. So this didn't strike the wild dog as remotely odd, he simply waltzed past the open door and politely closed it behind himself. With a clatter, he was enclosed in the aviary, moments before the following possum pulled out a key and locked Louis inside. The dog, however, was none the wiser, as he found himself captivated by the cage's interior. There were so many wooden poles to perch on, and so many hanging branches to fly onto! Somehow, these simple furnishings blew his mind, it was just a shame that he wasn't a bird... Yet.

Louis sighed. “Man, if I only had wings… Anyway, uhhh… Yo, where’s the freaky creature in this exhibit? I don’t see anything this time.”

The possum held his hands at his hips. He had a good laugh at the question. “Well, you’re about to find out, birdbrain.”

The wild dog scratched his head. Which was a little tough now, because his fingers started to recede into his hand, one by one. First they shortened, then the knuckles dwindled away, to leave only stubs. This left Louis with only the index and thumb on each hand, his other nubs even melded away further into his tapering hands. Then, feathers sprouted forth, an explosion of plumage covered his arms from fingertip to armpit. Out of the pale gray new down, these much larger pinion feathers emerged, granting him a vast wingspan. He flapped his new wings and could feel some lift already, absolutely convinced he was about to start flying. And given his bones hollowed out, one by one, his diminishing weight made that almost certain.

Louis, however, could feel these other changes twist his body. The tip of his tail burned with an itch, and as his ill-suited wing flapped to try and reach back and scratch it, he felt the swell at the tip erupt with a giant cock! To his shock, a fat humanoid dick emerged as an extension of his tail, protruding past the tail as nearly two feet’s length of throbbing cock. Moreover, that same throbbing sensation started to course through his feet. By the time he looked downwards, his shoes burst open with the protrusion of several fat cocks! Where Louis once had four evenly sized toes per foot, said toes enlarged and engorged as a veiny, foot-long phallus each. And one dick-toe from each foot migrated to the back, effectively giving Louis two penis-tipped talons.

“I’m—I’m covered in cocks!” He exclaimed, seeing as how the fur receded up to his knees to reveal punkish cockskin, the same as the flesh that covered his many pulsating pricks. The strange configuration of his large dick-tipped feet made him stumble, and he only kept balance with the flap of his wings. Seeing as how his shoes were now in tatters, the dickifying wild dog took flight. It was just his instinctive reaction to how the floor effectively felt like lava beneath his sensitive literal dicks for feet, but to his surprise, he was now airborne. And as the canine-turning-avian flew up to the ceiling, he only continued to change further.

For one, he was increasingly looking more like a she. The dog man’s chest filled out with two sets of fat tits, each bigger than his head. Those breasts in turn strained his metal band shirt even more, because their nipples expanded to obscene sizes. Those nipples felt raw, tender as they chafed against the top, which thankfully burst open not long afterwards. What Louis saw was all four of his basketball-sized tits flopping out, and every one of ‘em had a pretty big and twitching dick for a nipple. Combined with the thickening of his thighs and the dwindling of his only properly-placed cock, what was he becoming? Some kind of obscene cock-harpy?

“You’re progressing smoothly, Louis. Louise? Man I dunno. You got nice tits, that's all, I’ll give you that.” The possum chuckled, taking his smoke break given the cigarette in his hand. And what better entertainment was there, than another freak being added to the show?

After a bunch of frantic wing-flapping, Louis perched himself atop one of the smooth, hanging bars. It felt pretty awkward having to cling to the surface by means of his half-floppy, dicks-for-talons. And he had to relearn his balance, give his changed limbs and the added top-heaviness. Worst of all? Now his cock-toes began to leak precum like a loosened faucet each, which meant his grip on the bar was even more slippery! In fact, his body became slathered in prejizz, as the cocks protruding from breasts and tail were also flinging a lot of thickening precum… Right onto the mirror.

See, someone was thoughtful enough to leave a mirror mounted onto the cage’s interior, pretty close to Louis’s perch. It was probably for preening purposes, but the moment Louis gazed at his reflection, he was startled. He couldn’t even recognize himself, his blotches and colors were barely noticeable compared to his obscene half-dozen dicks! The shock was almost enough to make him faint and fall off the metal pole, but his dick-feet gripped firmer by reflex, which ached given they were half-hard!

“What the fuck…” He gasped, for what else could he say?

All the while, his dick kept shrinking away. It rapidly went through the motions of tingling and tightening towards oblivion, until the balls split down the seam to reveal the folds of a labia. Not long after, the split went up the underbelly of his cock as the root of his cock receded entirely, leaving him just a tip! That cockhead continued to shrink, ‘til it was barely distinguishable from a clit, and Louis effectively had a pussy where his cock ought to be. A very hot, drooling, and aching cunt, to be exact.

The whole thing had him shaken up, both with anxiety and pleasure. His horror at what he had become, mixed with his anticipation of what pleasure was to follow. Already, his new body felt so damn sensitive, so very -good-. Louis was ashamed of his new appearance, brimming with feathers and cocks, but shame melted away to a dirty pleasure as he finally began to stroke his huge new tits… Well, he did love some fat knockers, and they happened to be even better hanging from his chest. It was hard to touch himself given his limbs were so inflexible, but the caress of his own feathers on his flesh was enough to make him edge towards something… Climax? Certainly, he was outright spewing from his twitching cock-meats!

Or was it something greater... Completion? Now, Louis could feel that same, throbbing warmth build in his muzzle. Once his nose swelled out and his muzzle sealed over, to just leave a slit, he knew what was to happen next. Veins bulged across his snout whereas fur fell off his muzzle, then the foreskin pulled back from his bulbous nose to reveal that was now just a cock-tip! The slit of his ‘maw’ smoothly flowed into the tip of the shaft, forming his urethra just as his tongue flicked out and he sputtered out his last words:

“Why are my eyes burning…?”

The dick-harpy’s tongue then melded away into the passage of his phallic snout, complete with a messy spurt of precum that arced across the aviary. The next time he tried to speak, all that came out was a murmur and even more precum to join the constant leakage from his cock-muzzle! His eyes, meanwhile, felt heavy as the lids swelled up. Although he tried to resist, soon they grew too tired… And the next time they closed, the folds sealed for a while, only to part just a little… To reveal the pink flesh of a pussy!

In the literal blink of an eye, Louis’s eyes had vanished into the folds of two cunts, where they had once been. And the slits rotated slowly, subtly, until two aroused & dripping pussies were properly oriented on his face, flanking his rather large slab of cock-snout! He could no longer see or speak, but that didn’t stop him from murmuring to himself as his feathers returned to their preening, their stroking across his strange and erotic new form.

All that twisting, throbbing, and twitching had driven him so terribly close to the edge, though. So the moment his feathers grazed his pulsing pecker of a ‘beak’, he seized with the throes of a climax. It struck even him by surprise, as one by one, his veiny cocks started to pop off with spews of cum. Poor Louis tried to clench as hard as he could, to resist the flow of those veritable -streams- of jizz from each of his trembling members. His talons clenched on the bars harder than ever, the veins bulging across his feet as his cock-talons absolutely ached as a result! While his feet throbbed, his cock-beak was the last part to hold out, bobbing before his lewd excuse for a face as it seemed to swell out larger than ever, aching as it was terribly -engorged-, before he finally let everything loose.


Louis was dizzied by the intensity of his climax, a literal headache given his cunts convulsed with orgasm, too! The whole ordeal made him woozy, spent, sticky… He soon tipped over, swinging through the air before he came to an abrupt stop… His feet were still seized onto the pole, so now he hung upside-down from the pole like the weirdest-looking bat. And gravity made himself that much stickier and covered with his own cum. If he needed to breathe anymore, he’d be panting.

What a sight. The zookeeper tossed his cigarette butt aside, “Too bad you can’t see how freakish you look.~” The man then had a good laugh, “Then again, your eyes were probably tired from all that gawking, anyway. Don’t worry, ‘bro’, the next visitor is going to get a kick outta you.”

The possum then turned his back to the feathered phallic fella, returning to work. This collection still looked rather… Empty.