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Eliza shivered slightly, as she returned to the old Chapel. At night, the ruin looked far more intimidating, and the fact that it was Halloween, didn’t make it any better. “What a stupid place for a test of courage – I just hope the girls know what they are doing”
As she went through the tall archway, she noticed that the place had already been decorated in a spooky way: A bunch of candles and carved pumpkins had been placed all around a small fountain in the middle of the chapel and Eliza saw some of Vivian’s old “magic” books lying around in the corner.

“Hm... strange” The air inside the chapel was wet and warm, even if the roof was missing – the further Eliza walked towards the weird fountain in the center, the more she felt like she was standing in some kind of tropical greenhouse.

She threw her jacket away and looked around. “Viv? Cloe?! Sam? Are you here? - I... I got this book you mentioned... you know that other dusty one from the collection Viv got from that weird old lady...”

Just in that moment, Eliza realized, that the water inside the fountain seemed to slightly glow in a pulsing light. “Girls?! Have you tried one of these creepy recipes without me already?”

“Come to the fountain Eliza...” Vivian’s voice echoed from the walls of the chapel “S-Stop playing tricks on me Viv... that´s not funny anymore!”

“Join us Eliza... the fountain of joy is calling for you!” Carefully, Eliza approached the glowing substance, as she suddenly heard an unnatural creaking of wood above her.


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With a high scream, Eliza recognized the naked body of Vivian dangling from a thick branch that seemed to move on its own. Her lust-filled eyes looked down on Eliza, who was still standing next to the fountain. “The pollen got you already Eliza.... come... join

In Horror, Eliza realized that the lower half of Vivian's body seemed to have mutated into a plant-like pod-shape. Meaty, slimy lips in the size of a toilet-seat smacked greedily, as the elongated tongue of the monster that used to be Vivian licked over the folds.

“Oh gawd, Viv... is that your-” Eliza took a step back, as she realized what had happened to Vivian's nethers. Long strands of thick milky liquids dripped from the bloated mess that once was Vivian´s most private part.

“Yeees! Everyone shall see...” Vivian´s long tongue again licked over the meaty rim of the disgusting pod “This feels so great... right Samantha?”

Eliza turned around and saw Samantha to her left: Her chubby body had mutated just like Vivian’s and she seemed to be completely lost in bliss.


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A sweet smell was evaporating from the pond in the middle and made Eliza feel dizzy. “Join us... feel the joy!” She felt Vivian’s tongue slowly coming closer. Something was drawing Eliza closer to Vivian's obscenely transformed body.... the scent that was coming from the fleshy pod seemed kinda intriguing out of a sudden...

“Yess.. Come closer...“ Vivian's slimy tongue slipped over Eliza's top, as she finally stood right in front of her friend. The slimy rim of the pod that had formed out of her legs and crotch was dripping with a milky fluid.

Without even thinking about it, Eliza ´s fingers slipped over the meaty, bloated lips of the opening, as a long moan escaped Vivian's throat. “Taste my nectar my dear... join us and feel the pleasure!”

Eliza looked at her wet fingers. The nectar that was dripping from them was smelling sweet and tasty... It was almost impossible to not... she moved her hand closer to her face. The moment her fingers touched her lips, Eliza felt a pleasant warmth spreading on them. Without thinking twice, she licked up more of the sweet nectar and felt a wholly pleasure filling her mouth.

“This... Hmm.. gawd, this tastes really awesome...”


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sink down into her belly. It was like she had just eaten the best and most delicious thing in her life.

She did not notice that Vivian’s tongue had already curled around her neck and was slowly dragging her closer towards the lewd opening of her nethers. Before Eliza was fully aware of what was happening, her face touched the meaty, slimy lips causing an incredible pleasure on it.

The smell of the liquid inside the pod rose into Eliza's nose and watered her mouth. She bended forwards as far as possible and took a deep sip from the substance. The taste of the nectar was carrying her away and the more she drunk, the bigger the feeling of warm satisfaction grew in her stomach.


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Suddenly, Eliza realized, that this feeling of pleasure wasn’t only filling her stomach, but also the areas below! In disbelief, she pulled herself away from Vivian's lewd trap and realized that her dress was completely wet between her legs.

“Soo good... feel the pleasure...join us Eliza!” Eliza tumbled backwards: Long strands of milky liquids dripped from the seam of her dress while she felt the wet fabric of her panties rubbing over her swollen, sensitive pussy.

“W-What is this?! I... It feels so tight!” Underlining these words, Eliza felt her nethers turning even more sensitive as a fresh flush of liquids run down her legs.

“I need to... get rid of these clothes!” Eliza started to undress right in front of her friends. She did not care about this anymore... all she wanted was to free her sensitive body from these tight fabrics...


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Almost naked, Eliza was still shaking in lustful pleasure. Her skin had turned so sensitive, even her own touches caused her pussy to spray the ground in milky liquids. “Can’t...move... cant stand this pleasure...!!” She grabbed a thick branch that was hanging above her.

The feeling of her tights rubbing against each other was driving her crazy... she needed to find a way to stop it! Desperately, she pulled her own body up from the ground to spread her legs widely to they didn’t touch each other anymore.

Her wet pussy now on display, at least the uncontrollable feeling of lust had stopped. After a short time, Eliza felt her legs turning numb – she knew she could not stay in that position for ever. Desperately, she looked around, trying to find a way to let her feet rest and relax the muscles in her tights.


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Without any proper solution, she pressed her feet together to find at least a bit of relief for her muscles.

Nasty sounds came from her nethers and as she tried to take a look at her crotch, Eliza realized that something was horribly wrong with her pussy. Her labia looked swollen and loose and had started to grow outwards. Parts of her inner tights seemed to have fused with the slimy membrane of her womanhood, making it impossible to even think
about closing her legs again.

“Ugh... damn, that pleasure again... if feels so Hmmmph!” A lout moan escapes Eliza's throat as her pussy continued to turn into a giant, smacking hole that was dripping with more of her precious nectar.

Eliza felt her feet starting to stick together, the color of the skin on them slowly turned into a weird green.

“”Look Samantha... It starts!” Vivian looked over to Eliza's helpless body. “The time has come to welcome our new sister and send out a call to spread... the ...joy!” With her last words, Vivian had bended backwards to present her large tits: Her nipples looked swollen and bloated, as something thick slowly pushed out of them.

“Spores.... let us give them the gift of pleasure!” Eliza looked over to Samantha who´s tits also started to twitch as something pushed out of her nipples. In disbelief she looked at her own tits as a sudden pressure builded up inside of them...


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Eliza noticed, that she was unable to loose her grip around the branch above her.It seemed like her hands had fused with the wood above! Unable to touch her breasts, she could only watch, as weird stalks pushed out of her nipples. Eliza threw her head back. All this sensitive pleasure was feeling awesome... It was like someone had removed a
prude filter from her... It was like she was feeling true pleasure for the first time in her life!

A long and flexible tongue slipped out of her mouth and carefully probed the stalks on her breasts. Eliza's legs had fused in the meantime, her skin had grown together and formed a vessel that slowly filled up with the milky nectar her nethers still produced. The meaty lips of her labia had grown larger all over her legs, now forming a sensitive,
wet rim of the pod her lower body had turned into. Carefully, Eliza´s tongue touched her
lewd, new nethers.

Eliza was wondering, if these changes would be permanent or only last for this one, magical night.

With her tongue slowly slipping over the new, sensitive trap she decided to worry about this later and enjoy her experience together with the other girls – for now at least.


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Eliza in her new, lewd form slowly opened her eyes. The disgusting, bloated genital on her lower half smacked
greedily, as she dangled from the ceiling defenseless.


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