Topic: Horse Penis! - by Mozdoc

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Horse Penis!

Short Story
Written By: Mozdoc

Mozdoc knew something was wrong with his hand by the way it tingled and burned as he dashed through the shrubbery on the perimeter of the wall of the stable breeding ground.  It had been a dare that he was to go in there, sneak into one of the stables, and touch one of the horses balls enough to make it cum at least five times.  He’d snuck around dodging the guards and cameras and motion sensor activated security lights like a pro all the way, getting in through a stable window whose iron window grate was loose.  Funny that this stable was marked as a high security one for animal testing and would have a loose window grate.

The horse inside the stable regarded him lazily, obviously not caring.  The upper half of the stable door leading into the hallway was also open, so after calming the horse with a few pats on its flank, he exited to the aisle-way, which was dark and dimly lit.  Even though he was walking quietly the horses moved around and poked their heads out the doors or put eyes up to the windows to glance at the visitor.

Finally he spotted a horse that seemed prime candidate, one in stable one hundred down at the end of the hall.  This horse was of a Clydesdale breed or something large, and its stable door was locked shut with very heavy locks.  Funny, the animal looked so docile it was a curiosity as to why the horse would be standing so motionlessly still like it was.

After some looking, he found the keys and unlocked the locks and opened the door, only to feel something liquid rush into the aisle-way.  He couldn’t see what it was, but from the scent and texture, it had to be horse cum.  What luck, he found their ultimate cummer.  This would be an easy task.

And so it was, the horse staying still through the entire ordeal as if used to it, not raising its hooves or looking alive at all although it was very much so.

And now Mozdoc was scaling the wall using a tree limb that was overhanging to the outside to report back to his friends.

“Well, did ya do it?” asked one.

“Yeah, sure did.”

He displayed the evidence, the fact that there was sticky cum on his hand and he reeked of horses was enough.

“Well, congrats man, you’re a real risk taker now.”

“Thanks.” Replied Mozdoc, although he couldn’t help but wonder why his hand felt so weird.


Over the next few days it became obvious that something was wrong.  Mozdoc felt sick in every possible way, especially in his legs.  It almost felt like his leg muscles were twisting and pulling apart, and his bones rearranging, but it could’ve just been the tension from all the adrenaline he’d subjected his body too sneaking into such a facility.  Getting out of bed and swinging his legs over the side, he noticed something distinctly different.  His feet were starting to change shape, his toes fusing together, his foot being angled up more so he was walking on the front of it, and his legs were becoming something completely inhuman and covered in brown hair.

“Oh fuck.” Muttered Mozdoc, his sickening feelings temporarily repressed as he felt over his legs.  They still felt…  well, normal, so maybe nothing was wrong?  He didn’t touch anything unusual or toxic when at the stable to have caused something like this…

Getting out of bed he got dressed, took some medicines to assist him through the day, and went on about his life.  His parents always did say he never let being sick keep him down, this would be no exception.


As the days passed, it had been a week since the stable incident, Mozdoc was no longer able to walk at all unless he leaned against the wall, his legs hurt so much, yet he still had to get up and move around the house some too.  One afternoon while going into the livingroom area, suddenly the tension and pressure that had been building up in his legs caused his right knee and almost all of his other joints to pop loudly, and he collapsed heavily to the floor, in a dull throbbing pain as shortly thereafter, his left knee also snapped.

Curling up into a ball, Mozdoc couldn’t believe his eyes.  The shape of his legs in his pants were not human any longer.  He looked down just long enough to see his feet turn solid black and hard as stone, to end up as horses hooves.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he wailed, before it seemed like everything was starting to progress faster now for some reason.  He felt a pressure building up behind his tailbone, before a snap of flesh and some long course hairs growing down behind his growing buttocks.  Only too late did he realize he was still wearing jeans.  He struggled and squirmed on the floor trying to take them off, but to no avail as his legs grew longer and more animalic in shape, and the seams began to rip and tear apart, rendering his jeans un-repairable.

“Fucking Christ!” he screamed…  “I’m…  I’m becoming a fucking horse!”

He fell back onto his back, suddenly overcome with stomach pains.  He could hear his organs inside of him gurgle and squish together like Jell-o being stirred with a spoon.  He almost vomited, but managed to stop from doing so as he rolled onto his side, one hand bracing against the floor while the other pressed to his abdomen where some hard objects were forming inside him, pushing out and making indentations in his flesh, two U shapes, pressing harder and harder against him from the inside out and turning his flesh white.

“Oh m…my god…” he gasps, the pain unbelievable before he gave out a loud shout of agony and his abdomen ripped open, his tattered flesh allowing two horses forelegs to spill out, as well as his own blood onto the floor for a moment before all of the blood vessels around these new additions were cauterized by some unknown force.  That didn’t dull the pain any, his legs still throbbed, and now his abdomen as he could hear the splintering and crunching of bones being built rapidly inside him and making the legs longer.  He made no effort to stop them, he was too in shock to try.

He lay back onto the floor, his forehead damp with perspiration, when he noticed that his body was moving.

“What…?” he asked, alert again, and looking down to his new legs only to see they weren’t there anymore…  Momentary fright caught him before he realized that his spine had been forcibly bent into a curve.  The two legs he saw emerging from his abdomen had now been placed directly below him, like he was riding a horse.

“This can’t be happening.  This can’t…  its impossible…” he tried to tell himself, feeling the surging growth of additional organs, bones, muscles, other vital organs as well as fat, growing the horses middle body between his now four legs, making him now half Clydesdale horse, and a male at that, evidenced by the beyond huge horses cock hanging noticeably between his hindlegs.  The only thing Mozdoc noticed different about it was that it was a mix of human and horse.  Whereas horses cocks are held entirely hidden in their sheaths, this one was horse in size, but human in looks as the tip of it was exposed outside the sheath.

And as if to add a final touch to his body, feathering flourished around all four hooves, his wrists, a mane bristled in down his back and neck, and his ears were replaced with horses ears on top of his head, and his face slowly reformed and reshaped into a somewhat horseish muzzle.

Mozdoc didn’t know how long he laid there.  It wasn’t until the sun started to set outside did he dare move, not knowing how to do so as only his original legs, now way back behind him as hindlegs, were the only ones that readily responded to his commands, the forelegs just twitched and sometimes lashed out when he tried to move them.  Eventually, he got the idea of it, and slowly, hoof by hoof, started to stand, immediately hitting his head on the ceiling and his horses body sides rubbing against the walls of the hallway.

He was absolutely massive.


Mozdoc was starving.  He hadn’t eaten in days.  He hadn’t ventured outside of his house for days.  He hadn’t talked to his friends for days.  He was terrified of what he had become and knew of no way he could tell his friends about it.  He didn’t even know how this all happened to him.  Becoming a Centaur and existing as a half animal was impossible.  Surely he would die like this…  It had been over a week since he first changed.  Shouldn’t he have changed back by now or something?  How long would this last?

He signed as he looked through the shutters over the window as his mind mulled over those questions.  That wasn’t the only thing on his mind.  Over the last week, his balls and cock had started to grow.  And grow.  And grow.  By now he had a sack full of balls the size of two bowling balls squished between his legs and a cock that attached to the last quarter of his underside in plain sight.  He’d already used it for his own pleasures, marveling at how much cum he could expel, but the bigger it became, and with no end in sight, the more worried he got.  He’d have to see someone about this, but doing so meant venturing outside in public, and no way in hell was he going to do that like this…  but doing so may be the only way to get some answers.

He’d wait and see what happens.  Miracles do happen.


It had been another week, Mozdoc’s horse body had gone from brushing the sides of the hallway to starting to show some ribs.  The mere thought of food made his mouth water and his stomachs, both of them, growl with hunger.  His one horsecock had complicated things more by continuing to grow bigger.  Although now it finally had seemed to stop, although now he had to walk with his hindlegs spread apart as his gigantic balls didn’t fit between them anymore, each one must’ve been two and a half feet across, and the cock now hanging under him attached all the way down his underside so the tip was just behind his forelegs.  So far he hadn’t hardened up with that monster or needed to cum with it, and quite frankly, he didn’t want to.

But, just like before, it seemed that once some kind of catalyst started things, the rest fell into place very quickly.  He felt a pressure building up around the base of his long ground dragging tail.  No, wait, four pressure points.  He looked back in time to feel his flesh being torn some, and four nubs emerging.  More tails, but not horse tails, these appeared to be feline or some kind of cats tail, only as they continued to grow longer, they got covered in horsetail hair.

He didn’t know how long they grew to, must’ve been twenty feet, before he got a true surprise, a large bulbous object started to swell on the tip of each tail, stretching and groaning until each of his four new tails held a sack of balls on its tip, and growing out of the tail tip, was a cock.

“OH GOD…!” he screamed back at the four new cocks, before feeling a shiver rush up and down his horse body, a loud moan being heard from inside of the hungry horse as its starving body was pushed to more changes.  On each side of Mozdoc’s body were five growing lumps, and four more were growing atop his spine, like cancerous tumors of sorts as the flesh inflated like balloons before popping to reveal the tip of a long horses cock pushing out, followed by yet more sacks of balls.  When all was said and done, Mozdoc counted five more horse cocks growing on each side, one on the foreleg, one on the hindleg, and the remaining three evenly spaced between these.  The four cocks flopped over on his back were stagger spaced between the ones on his side so he had the appearance of a checkerboard, only with cocks.

Mozdoc was shocked.  He couldn’t say a thing as he felt more of these inflating feelings growing over him.  He couldn’t see them, but he could feel them.  Three distinct lumps, growing longer and heavier, right in his mane.  One between his shoulderblades, one right in the pocket of his back where human and horse merge, and the last evenly spaced between these two.  He reached back to wrap his hand around the upper one and give it a yank, only to feel it firmly attached, permanently part of him.

“Oh god…  this is a nightmare…  how could this get any worse.” He said, keeping his head lowered as he backed away from the window into the center of the room, only to stop short when he started feeling his chest start to puff out and his nipples grow more sensitive.  He immediately knew what was happening.

“Oh holy fuck…  tits!?” he screamed loudly, probably too loudly, as he pushed his hands to his growing chest, but to no avail as the mounds of tit flesh billowed out and forced his hands further away despite his best efforts to stop them before he was left with a sizeable set of breasts that strained his back muscles some.  But as if one set wasn’t bad enough, another formed underneath them.  Mozdoc tried to stop these as well, but again failed.  When the third set grew in on either side of his belly button, he didn’t even try to push them in.

Then, before his eyes, something happened, his nipples started to change again.  He could only see the top pair, but knew the same thing was happening on all four down below too.  The nipple thickened to several times its normal size, similar to a…

Mozdoc’s mind froze.  “OH…  SHIT…” he said in a low voice, pulling his hands away form his chest like they were diseased as he moved rapidly to a wall mirror to see what was happening as all six nipples lengthened to horses cocks, and then started to be pushed up as their sack of balls filled into mature size underneath them and hung heavily over the curves of his breasts.

“How…  oh god…” panicked Mozdoc, putting his hands to his face still staring at his tits.  He just knew he was going to need bras, but how would he explain special needs like this to someone!?  The itching in his hands came back just as strong as I was two and a half weeks ago, and he yanked his hands from his face.  “What the fuck now!?” he asks, looking at his hands as a large lump started for form in his palms.

By now tears started forming in his eyes.  The one large cock was pleasant enough until it got too huge.  The first few cocks that grew in were also good enough, but now this was getting insane…  He just stood there staring at his hands as a horse cock grew longer and longer, spilling off of his palms and growing down towards the ground before stopping, completely filling the upper half of his palm, before its massive sack of balls grew in and inflated under it to occupy his lower half of his palm and attach some to his wrist, but not beyond.  He let his hands drop to his sides, defeated now.

“I’m a fucking freak…” he sobbed through tearful eyes, continuing to cry and looking at himself in the mirror one last time as his head started to complete its partial change to horse.  His muzzle developing fully, and his neck and skull changing appropriately until a Clydesales head was affixed to his shoulders in place of his human one.

“Well,” Mozdoc thought, “nobody will recognize me.  That’s at least a relief.”

However, what happened next wasn’t.  Mozdoc couldn’t explain what he saw forming in front of him, but the best way he could describe it was as if he’d been laying underneath of a horse looking back at its cock as if to suck it, only the cock was the only thing you could see of this horse, a cock and balls just floating there in midair before his mouth, pointed horizontally like it would be attached to a horse.

He stared at the huge member for a moment before turning away from it, not wanting to do anything with another horse or cock ever again the rest of his life.  Yet when he moved his head, the heavy cock and balls swung through the air as well and remained fixed ahead of his mouth, like there was some kind of physical bond to his lips.  In frustration, he tried using his hands to grab onto the member and pull it away, but had to stop because it hurt too much after a while.

“I’m going to need to suck on a horse penis tonight.” He said, and right away his eyes opened up in surprise at what he just said.  “I…  I mean, I need to make a horse penis erect soon.”

Again, he shut his mouth in surprise.  Those two sentences weren’t what he wanted to say at all…

“Horses have horse penis’s.” he said, after a moment, giving it another try but still having no luck speaking the words he wanted.  For some reason now he was cursed or mentally changed to where anything he said came out as something pertaining to horse cocks.  For that matter he couldn’t say cock anymore!

“Horse… c… c…  cooooo…penis!” he said.  “HORSE PENIS HORSE PENIS HORSE PENIS HORSE PENIS HORSE PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIS!” he screamed over and over, trying to make himself speak right.  What would he do now!?

“Mustangs horse penis’s are the best to use with mares.” He sighed in defeat.  If he thought he was screwed before with the horse body and cock, this voice alteration had made things a million times more difficult.

Mozdoc signed.  This was it, he had to tell someone about this.  See someone, do something, anything so he had a hope of surviving now.  His horse was near death, he was covered in horse cocks, his voice is altered, and so is his head.  Yet trying to move, he found his hooves stuck to the ground.

“Erecting horse penis’s ejaculating five gallons of fresh horse semen!” he grumbled, before putting a lot of effort into lifting his left forehoof off the ground, but hearing a tearing flesh sound coming up with it.

“Horse testicles?”

Mozdoc looked down at the ground to find that somehow a horses cock had appeared on the floor, complete with balls and looking like one of his own cocks except it wasn’t attached.  Then, before his eyes, the cock started to harden, stiffening and pointing itself slowly skywards, groaning, balls gurgling before its muscles strained and then it started spewing cum into the air again and again for easily five minutes before its balls groaned, the hard cock fell soft quickly and the whole attachment dissolved and decayed into nothingness, leaving just a pool of messy cum behind that would have to get cleaned up later.

Mozdoc looked at his hooves…  were they cursed too?  He reached over and got his keys to the door, having to awkwardly grab them with his fingers and hold them against the cock growing in his hand as he went for the door.  Almost at once every time a hoof lifted off the floor he’d hear a fleshy tearing sound.  He sighed, not even bothering to look behind him at the cum spewing sight that would follow.

“It’s a proven fact that erect horse penis’s are attached to aroused stallions.” He mumbled as he opened up the door, stepped out, locked it, and, with a very nervous turn, stepped off his porch into the world, ripping up horse cocks on his way.