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This is a sequel to The Chronicles of Sam & Mari and The Chronicles of Jennifer & Gracie, but can be read as a stand alone work.


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Hilltop Manor: The Chronicles of Lori & Holly
Chapter 1: Into the Unknown

“Lori, are you sure you really want to do this? I mean, really? It’s so dangerous!” Martin’s voice was full of worry. He was always worried, and he whined. She hated it when he whined.

“Yes, I do! This is the break I need! Think about it, if I’m going to get my investigative reporting career off the ground, I’m going to need a story, aren’t I?” Lori snapped at him as she brushed back her long, thick recently dyed hair into a tight ponytail. The brown looking a bit different than her normal golden locks.

“But what if you don’t come back, like those other women?!” Max just stood in the doorway, his big frame somehow managing to look helpless, and frankly a little pathetic.

She rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t you think I’ve thought of that? Geez, Martin, what kind of idiot do you take me for? Besides, those disappearances are why I need to go, someone has to find out what is really going on!” She shouldered by him, grabbing the purse she’d prepared the night before. She checked it once last time. Fake identification documents, a pre-paid cellphone and a small charger, a notepad, a couple pencils, an envelope of assorted bills, plus a prepaid credit card with a thousand dollars on it. There was also a small make- up kit, and a tiny bottle of hair dye for touch ups.

“But how will you stay safe?” He continued to whine.

She gave him a dark look, starting to really wonder what she had ever seen in him. “Let me worry about that! I can take care of myself, you know. Besides, I have an escape plan set up. Mary’s in on it. She’ll pull me out if I need help.” Her hands fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, as she made sure she was presentable in the mirror once more.

“Lori, I love you, you don’t need to do this.” Martain shifted himself, moving his bulk in front of her.

She tried not to grind her teeth. “Out of my way, Martin.” She meant it both literally and metaphorically.

“No.” It was the first non-whiny thing he’d said.

“Move! In fact, if you can’t trust me to do this, you can just get out of my life!” She screamed at him.

Tears welled up in Martin’s eyes. “As you wish.”

She hated his ability to do crocodile tears at a moment’s notice. “Don’t play that passive aggressive shit with me, I mean it. My career is important to me, you know that, and I won’t let you stand in the way of it!” Lori threw a pillow at him. “Now get out of my way!”

“I just hope you don’t come to regret it.” Martin said.

Lori just took her purse and stormed out. Hoping that when she came back from this mess Martin would be gone. She’d had enough of his attempts to block her career.

Putting on her hat and sunglasses she headed for the unknown.

*** *** ***

The car sped along the old highway out of town. She watched out the window as the landscape shifted from urban, to suburban, and slowly to rural. It was kind of amazing how fast the change took place.

The driver didn’t say much, his demeanor was exactly what she’d hoped for. She didn’t want to be particularly memorable right now. She’d caught the bus downtown, heading for the central terminal before flagging down a ride share car that was just dropping off

someone. He didn’t have another fare scheduled and she offered cash. That was enough for him.

She hoped she’d thought of everything she needed to pull this off. Her mind drifted to other matters, mostly about her fight with her boyfriend, Martin. Well, she supposed ex-boyfriend now. Lori knew he wouldn’t leave, he was on the lease after all, and they’d been together for a while so he probably thought he could just ride this out. Still, she was furious at him. He never believed in her career, nobody seemed to. She’d show them! After this story, she’d have her break, and within the month she could stop being a puff piece bit of fluff on the ten o’clock news to a real investigative journalist.

The lead hadn’t been much when it’d come in. A couple of women had gone missing, none high profile enough to warrant more than a short little blurb in the evening news, but no massive manhunts. Over the months she’d started piecing the story together from the police reports. To her eye there was a pattern the police were missing. They were all the same, relatively young, mostly attractive, and all of them very isolated. They came from a variety of ethnic and racial groups, but each of them was in a tight jam financially.

The police tried to trace their whereabouts, but nothing made sense really. Or at least they didn’t dig very deeply, because all the superficial evidence suggested the women walked away from their lives quite willingly and just vanished. Looking to put the story to bed with no real leads, the police just suggested that the women had moved on and gone to try their luck elsewhere. With almost none having close kin around the area to push to find them, people just took this as the truth and the story seemed to die.

She hadn’t believed them. She’d started poking around the places they’d worked and lived. Weeks of exhausting work talking to people. But the slow steady trickle of information from the interviews paid off. There was a theme that the police hadn’t caught, but she had. Almost all of them had seemingly found a great new job just before they

disappeared completely. The last break came when one of the waitresses slipped her a card for a tiny dairy farm outside of town.

She’d surveilled the farm for weeks. Watching as numerous women moved about the place, but none ever leaving the confines of the farm. Most spent their time in huge barns. It was weird, and it had the feel of something very sinister. Perhaps a cult. She had to get in and find out what was really going on. That little card was going to be her ticket.

*** *** ***

The car stopped where she directed, not more than mile from the farm, but on a different road. She quickly counted out the cash she owed him, plus a generous if not excessive tip, and let him drive away.

She stood there a moment, purse in hand, as the car disappeared over a low hill. Her stomach was full of butterflies, but she shouldered the purse and started walking. The road was dusty and seldom used, curving away towards a crossroad. She was glad she’d gotten some decent tennis shoes for this, rather than her usual shoes.

It wasn’t far down the other road to the gate of the farm. It wasn’t much to look at, just an old swinging metal gate as you’d see on any old farm. There wasn’t even an automatic opener. Just an old chain holding it to a fence post.

She slid the chain off and entered the farm, making sure to pull the gate closed behind her. It closed with a bit of clang that made her wince. Beyond it the gravel road of the farm wound into the heart of the farm. Barely a quarter mile away.

She’d never been this close before, always hiding outside the farm with binoculars. Inside the buildings were much clearer. The main building as a low red building, not quite a house, but not really anything else either. A long porch ran around the front of the building,

and a dark screen door sat in the middle of it. Behind it the giant metal roofs of the giant barns peaked like small mountains.

She hesitated a moment, her stomach twisting in knots. Raising a delicate hand, she knocked lightly on the door. It shook a bit, clattering against the wood frame, but no one answered. A second knock, and still nothing.

Leaving the door, she stepped around to the side of the building, peaking at the large dusty lot that lay between her and those barns. There were several large trucks parked there, each pulled up to a loading dock. In the distance she could hear machinery, and the trucks shifted and groaned as heavy things were either loading, or perhaps, unloading from the trailers. Every so often there’d be a metallic clang as one of the loose doors would bang against the side of the building.

She wondered what they were hiding. Were these trucks to transport the missing women into sex trafficking? Or was there something more going on here. Her curiosity aroused she started to walk towards the barn, only to feel a giant, strong, hand grip her arm.

“Here now,” a deep voice boomed. “You’re not one of ours. What are you doing here, girl?”


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Chapter 2: Caught

Lori turned to face the voice. Behind her stood a large, older man with graying short hair. He looked every bit the stereotype of a farmer with his overalls, plaid shirt, and straw hat. The large piece of straw stuck in his mouth just added to the effect.

“Um, hi, I, uh, got this card. You know, from a friend.” She reached in her purse and pulled out the business card, handing it to him.

He didn’t let go of her, but he took the card with his other hand, turning it over between his thick fingers. He studied it with a practiced eye. “Hmm, did you now?” He paused, considering the card. “And what did you friend tell you?”

She found her footing with her rehearsed story. “She said that there was good money to be made working here. You know, so I can get out of this lousy waitressing gig for good.” Lori knew that most of the women who had disappeared had been waitresses at one point or another, many quite recently.

He seemed to nod, almost imperceptibly, giving her a careful look. “What’s the bag for?”

“This? It’s just my purse.” She pulled out her small wallet to show him. Most of the women had left with little to nothing, as if they expected to be home that night. None of them had seemed to pack or take anything more substantial than their purse.

He seemed to consider her story a moment longer before letting go of her arm. Gesturing he gave a gruff sounding grunt, “this way.” He motioned her back towards the front of the building. She followed along behind him, and even through it wasn’t far, she almost had to job to keep up with his long legs.

He opened the door smoothly, gesturing for her to go in first. The interior surprised her. It was very much reminiscent of an old farm house, decorated with fair ribbons, and pictures that reminded her of a 4H or Future Farmers of America club. Well, except that there were a lot of very pretty women in those pictures. More than she might ever expect. Unless farm living really did breed them bigger and bustier than city life ever did.

The center of the room was where the similarities ended though. The room felt dominated by a large, heavy desk that looked to be a hundred years old. A small chair sat in front of it, and a larger leather one behind.

“Take a seat, miss.” It wasn’t a request.

She sat herself down carefully, hearing the snap of the latch behind her, making her jump just a bit. Trying to calm herself she folded her hands in her lap and waited.

He strode around the desk and took his seat in the high-backed leather chair. Folding his own hands under his chin, he leaned forward and looked her in the eye. “So, level with me, who are you and why are you here?”

His steely gaze unnerved her, but she kept to her story. “I’m her about a job.”

“There isn’t no job here, girly. And I didn’t give you that card. So, either you get honest fast, or bad things happen. You’re here for something, and it’s not what I’m offering. The only question is, what are you here for?” His low gravelly voice carried a heavy tone of menace.

She shrunk back a little in the chair, not having expected such a negative response when she showed up looking exactly like what they

seemed to want. “I told you, my girlfriend, she said you had work. I’m just here looking to make some better cash than slinging hash all day.”

He shook his head. “I told you not to lie to me, girly. Where’d you really get the card? And who sent you?”

Lori started to worry now. “No one sent me. I keep telling you, I got the card from a coworker. That’s all.” She hoped her lie would hold. It wasn’t the exact truth, but it was close enough. She had gotten it from a waitress that knew one of the missing women.

He shook his head slowly. “I don’t think so.” He made a motion and strong hand clamped down on her arms.

She looked up in shock at the two other men, both looking like younger editions of the man in front of her. “Hey! Let go!” Panic rose in her voice. It wasn’t supposed to go this way.

“Bring her along boys, it’s time we got something out of this one.” He gestured two the younger men.

Lori struggled, dropping her purse and her sunglasses falling to the floor. But the two large men hauled her up between them without much trouble. Lifted out of the chair and carried through a door at the back of the building, Lori wondered what had just gone wrong.

*** *** ***

Lori’s shoulders ached as they forcibly carried her out across the large dusty parking lot. Her feet barely touched the ground, their vicelike grips leaving dark red marks on her arms.

She gazed at the metal barns, their bulk off to her left. They weren’t taking here there after all. She tried to figure out why not. She was certain that was where she needed to go. Instead, they headed for what appeared to be a very old wooden barn to the side of the lot.

They carried her through the large wooden doors of the barn and down the central area of the building. The musty air tickling her nose with the smell of straw and mildew, and the faint stink of animals long gone. She could just make out the old stalls that lined the sides of the barn, once full of cows or horses she imagined.

At the end of the long space there was a single well maintained heavy looking door. The old man opened this and the two goons as she thought of them, pushed her inside where she found herself unceremoniously dumped into a chair. Her bottom stung as she felt her arms and legs being bound in place, while a dim light buzzed and flickered on, illuminating the tiny room. Not that there was much to see.

The older man came back forward now, this time holding a large syringe. “Now, missy, I don’t know who you are, or why you’ve come here, but on this farm, we have an old rule. No lose lips. Are you a corporate spy? An undercover cop? Maybe a nosy journalist? It doesn’t matter. If you want our secrets, you’re going to have to experience them, just like everyone else. Well, maybe not like everyone else. We have something special for visitors like you.”

He advanced on her, the needle glinting in the low light. “Hold her still, boys.” He admonished the two.

She struggled, trying desperately to get free, only to feel herself held down by those powerful hands again. They held her in place as she let out screams that echoed in the tiny chamber.

One of the men grabbed her head, pressing the back of her head against his stomach and holding her chin and forehead in a vice grip. She couldn’t move even an inch, and her struggles ceased as she realized she couldn’t compete with the stronger men.

She watched as that long need inserted first into one cheek, and then the other. Each time injecting a cold fluid that seemed to burn. Two more doses went into her lips, leaving them swollen and numb.

“Now, that should take a little while to work.” The old man said, tossing the needle in a bag.

The hands that held her let go, and she felt the straps loosening around her arms and legs.

She felt like crying. Her cheeks and lips felt numb and tingly. “What did you just do to me?” It came out somewhat slurred, but still intelligible enough.

The old man just smiled. It was a cold, cruel smile. “The first of many things, I suspect. You’re going to be my new special project. But as I said, that mouth of yours just has to go.”

The last strap slipped free, and she could feel the world spinning as she felt her stomach heave. She tried to stand but promptly fell forward onto her knees, her stomach twisting violently. The last thing she heard from them was their laughter as they door slammed closed, the snick of a key in the lock ensuring her stay there.


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Chapter 3: First Changes

She slumped there on the floor, trying to deal with the dizziness that overwhelmed her. Several vain attempts at struggling to stand ended with her sprawling across the floor, her vision swimming. Lori tried to rub her eyes, but the blurring only got worse leaving her to curl up, her arms wrapped around her knees in the corner of what could only be a cell. The oaken door might not have had bars, but there was no denying its effectiveness.

Other than the chair she’d found little else save a small, old, and very thin mattress covered in a ratty blanket that probably hadn’t seen a good wash in years. Given the damp chill she still wrapped it around her legs to keep warm. It was scratchy and unpleasant, and she hesitated to think how many rats it might have harbored. A tin bucket wasn’t far away, surrounded by a few wisps of dried, dirty hay.

It really didn’t matter now to her. The icy numbness in her face was giving way to a slow throbbing pain. She delicately reached up and prodded her lips, feeling the swelling. Her cheeks were just as swollen.

Her stomach lurched, her body convulsing. She quickly grabbed at the bucket, pulling the rusty thing up to her face as the limited contents of her stomach came pouring up her throat. Heaving into the bucket a few times she heard small sounds of something solid hitting the bottom. She tried to focus, her eyesight still blurry, but there was no denying the small white objects in the bottom appeared to be teeth, some of her teeth! She wanted to scream, but only managed to gurgle, as another wave of nausea and vomiting struck. Her ears echoed with the plink, plink, plink that continued to rain into the bucket. Horror and fear welled up inside her, unable to scream, and tears streaming from her face wave after wave struck her until at last, she was certain there were thirty-two pristine teeth at the bottom of the bucket.

She shook as she cradled herself, tears still rolling down onto her shirt. She could feel the pain continuing. Her sense of smell dulling. There was almost no way to describe the pressure that ran through her jaw, her lips, and her cheeks. It was as if a giant hand were squeezing them one moment, and then another wave of pain as parts felt pulled another direction.

She leaned back, slumping against the mattress, unable to do anything as the steady pulsing continued. Her voice lost to her, she could almost feel her tongue cleaving to the bottom of her mouth, itself stretching and pulling in contortions.

The pain continued to build, as it felt like parts of her face were being torn and broken. It was too much for her. A gurgling sob escaped her and she slipped into tormented unconsciousness, unaware of how extensive her changes would become.

*** *** ***

She awoke to the sound of the door opening. She blinked groggily, only just realizing that the pain was gone, only a dull throb now remained. She tried to say something, but nothing came out as rough hands grabbed her, lifting her head to stare into the cold hard face of the old farmer. He smiled, a twisted cruel smile. She shuddered.

“Awake again, are you?” He said, his deep voice almost a chuckle.

She tried to say something, but again nothing. Her mouth felt all wrong. All she managed was a bit of a gurgle.

This time he did chuckle. “I bet you’re wondering what happened, aren’t you? Well, there’s no need to keep you in suspense, here, let’s show you the masterpiece.”

He reached up and pulled something off the wall. It was a small square mirror that she’d not noticed in the dim light as it only reflected the

dark shadows of the corner. He held it out to her, letting her take it in her trembling fingers.

She almost couldn’t bring herself to look, fearful of what she would see. The memory of her teeth in that bucket haunted her. Slowly the she lifted the mirror towards her face and gazed into the image that stared back at her. She wanted to scream when she saw the folds that reflected out under her eyes. Gone were her pouting lips, replaced instead with the thick folds of a very generously endowed pair of pussy lips that folded neatly closed across the center of her face.

Lori could just make out the nub of a long clit that poked between them, almost aligned with her eyes, and she reached out to trace the wrinkled inner lips that dangled freely between the plump outer lips, almost down to her chin. The sudden touch sent shockwaves through her brain. Her mind reeling at the pleasure center so close to her brain. Her vision grew unclear for a moment as she started to process this, delicately probing the folds, pulling them back to reveal the delicate pink flesh that ran up her face. Inside, as she lifted the edges further, revealed the pulsing entrance to what must have once been her mouth. Its contours now more vertical, small pulses oozing out moisture that started to dribble out and down to her chin.

He took the mirror now, forcing her to look up at his cold hard face. “I bet you have lots of questions now. How? Why? Maybe even how on earth you’re breathing without a nose. All of that swirling around in that pretty, little head of yours.” He reached out and tapped his finger on her forehead.

He gave her another of his cruel smiles. “You shouldn’t have lied to me girl. That’s the why, but you didn’t need to hear that, did you? But the how? Ah that’s the delicious part of this. I don’t pretend to understand the chemicals that my supplier sends, but with them? Oh, I can mold you into whatever I desire. You’re going to become the most productive member of this farm, something special just for me to experiment on. You’re going to hate me, princess, but this? No,

you’re going to find that this is something that you love, you’ll crave it. Every minute, you’ll crave what I gave to you for the rest of your life.”

His fingers reached out, slipping deep between the outer folds of her face, spreading them wide. “Oh, I do love the beauty of this.” He traced his fingers up to the top of her new clit, her mind blasted by sensations that sent her spinning emotionally and physically. Pulling back her lips farther, he showed her in the mirror where two small holes sat next to her new clit. “This is genius, a marvel of design. You can still breath, and yet your face is now nothing but a giant drooling cunt begging for fulfillment. Absolutely stunning, but sadly useless unless I need you to suck off my workers.”

“Now,” he said as his finger began to rub around the clit, “it’s time to scramble that pretty, little head of yours.” His fingers continued to trace around the sensitive nub, and she could feel her reacting as he moved faster and faster. It was driving a wedge into her brain, a big horny wedge. The muscles in her face felt so familiar, even if they were out of place. Lori could feel the new tunnel spasming and squeezing, eager to be pleased, awaiting the thrust of something firm into it. Her new lips slowly becoming coated by the thick grool that oozed from it. The heat was spreading across her body, her other parts reacting as she felt her nipples hardening, and the space between her legs mirroring the feelings in her face.

The need was beginning to consume her. His fingers were all that she had available, and she felt herself opening to them. She didn’t even wait for him. She needed this. She forced her new cunt mouth down on his fingers, bobbing her head back and forth, desperate to feel something inside her. Her own fingers working her nipples through her shirt, and rubbing the cunt between her legs in tandem, sending yet more bursts of pleasure to her beleaguered mind.

The orgasms, when they came, blasted through her head. It was almost like a bomb had gone off in her cerebral cortex. She felt faint, foggy, and barely conscious.  Her face now drenched in her own

dripping cum as she released his fingers and fell back against the wall, more of her grool pouring down her face and on to her shirt. She tried to think but the effort failed several times as the after effects of the orgasms sent mini shockwaves through her.

*** *** ***

She didn’t realize what was coming until she saw the syringe. Barely processing the needle, she only registered his vicelike grip as he jabbed it home into the interior of her new lips, once on either side of her new love canal. Again, the cold sensation bore through her face and she wondered what it would do now.

Hands returned, lifting her to her feet, but her head was spinning badly still and she stumbled. The grip tightened as he half carried, half dragged her out of the dim cell and out of the barn. “Alright, time in the nasty room is over. It’s time to move you to someplace a bit more comfortable until you start production.”

Production? Her mind just couldn’t process anything. She only felt the bright sun on her face, blinding her. She tried to cover her face as well, the exposed genitalia making her self-conscious, but to little avail with the single free hand she had.

He escorted her to another building, a much smaller place than the others she’d seen on the far so far. It was a little guest house of sorts, barely more than a shack. Bars covered the windows, and the door had a heavy lock on it which he opened with a large brass key.

The door’s hinges creaked a bit it swung open revealing a small interior painted a soft off-white that seemed rather sterile. She stepped in behind the man, glancing around at the unfamiliar space.

There was a single large room, part kitchenette, part living room. It reminded her of the economy one-bedroom apartment she’d rented during college. The kitchenette sat in a bit of a nook, suggesting that

the lone door at the far end of the room was probably to a bedroom and bathroom combination. It didn’t take long for her to find out, as her captor forced her in ahead of himself.

What instantly drew her attention here was a man who was near the small couch, setting up what looked like an intravenous drip, complete with stand. Panic started to rise in her again, and she squirmed in the old farmer’s grip. Unable to get away she kicked at hit his massive upper arm, desperately trying to flee. He only three he back on the bed, where the new younger man promptly restrained her and yanked her shirt up over hear head, leaving only her bra.

“Hold still, or this will hurt and I’ll have to do it again.” The younger man snapped at her.

She froze, not that it mattered because the larger farmer had grabbed both her forearms and was squeezing them in against her body, forcing them into her sides. His knees were to either side of hers, holding her from getting up.

The young man took a bit longer now as he prepped her upper arm, inserting a line into her veins. “The line will let us give you some extra fluids and nutrients, so don’t mess with it. You’re going to need them more than you know.” He admonished her as he finished up by inserting the line into the waiting bag.

Finishing the line, the younger man packed up the small bag which he had brought with him and left, leaving her once more with the old farmer. Her mind, already worn out, swam and she knew it’d been too long since she’d had a meal. She only wanted to lie back on the bed and rest now. To hell with the mess of her face and whatever else they were planning with her.

The old farmer seemed busy anyway checking things around the space, she wasn’t sure why, it wasn’t as if he cared about her well- being. If he had, would he have done this to her? She prodded the

sensitive folds of her face gently, feeling them tingle. Worse, she felt the cooling tingle returning in her new lips where he’d stabbed her with the latest injection.

Tears began to well in her eyes, tracing new paths down her face as she turned herself into the pillow and cried herself to sleep as the pain in her face began to suggest her next changes were imminent.

She did not hear his heavy tread leaving the building, nor the lock clicking as the building became her new cage.


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Chapter 4: Silken Arms

Lori tried to groan as she heard the door squeak and the lock rattle, but all that came out was a faint gargle. Forcing a hand under herself she started to push herself upright, only to realize her face and pillow bore a sticky coating from a puddle of drool that has formed under her new pussy mouth during her sleep. She made a noise of disgust, realizing the tackiness and grossness of sleeping in what amounted to a pool of grool.

She sat up, wiping the stickiness from her chin across her arm, only to remember she had the IV in as it pulled lightly against her. Nor did that stuff on her face wipe off readily either, leaving a tacky smear over her new lips that refused to completely wipe away. She gave a disapproving look at the goo that oozed on her forearm now too. She wiped what she could off on her pants.

The lock clicked ominously and the heavy tread of the farmer echoed in the small building as he strode into the room where she sat. His dark shape blocking light from the small sitting room, his hand clutching a bag.

“Good evening, Princess. I see you’re awake again.” Even his more jovial tone sent shivers down her spine as he set down the bag on the small table. “I had a look in your purse. Nice forgeries, those documents, almost had me fooled but not quite. Seems I was right, in so much as you’re here to cause me trouble. Well, you were anyway. Now?” He barked a harsh laugh. “You are going to be my special pet project, and if you give me trouble, you’ll regret it. Not that you probably don’t regret things already, do you?”

He cupped his fingers under her chin, staring her in the eyes until she nodded slightly. “Good. Now, that name in your purse, that’s not your real name, is it?”

She shook her head slightly.

“Then, since I can hardly ask you to tell me your real name, and honestly, I don’t think I really care anymore, your name is going to be Princess from now on. Got that?” He didn’t wait for her to respond, only reaching into the bag he’d brought and changing out the IV bag that hung empty on the stand.

She looked up at it as she felt the drip resume. She wondered if he’d drugged it, but that was probably the least of her worries right now.

He turned back to look at her. “Now, ground rules. You struggle or try to escape and it will go badly for you. If you think what I’ve planned for you is bad now? Just wait to see what I do if you try something. Behave, and that means no struggling, and you’ll get better treatment. You struggle? I’ll slap you into restraints and do what I want anyway. So, it’s up to you, you can make this easy, or you can make this hard on yourself. This is your home now. You will not leave it. If you attempt to, well, let’s just say you really don’t want to do that.”

She nodded. She was getting her story, and even without her mouth she could write, but she kept this to herself. Besides, she knew she had Mary out there. She’d come for her and help her escape. Or would she? What if he caught her too? She tried not to think about that.

He motioned and a second figure came into the room, then seated himself in the one chair in the room. He scooched this up to the edge of the bed where she sat, and gazed at her face in a clinically detached manner that made her want to squirm. The other young man just leaned back against the door frame, his imposing presence ensuring she didn’t try anything foolish.

Reaching back in the bag he gave her a mirror to hold, giving her the first real look at her new face, the deep folds that dripped with her own juices. She had to admit, as far as a cunt went, it was very pretty,

but it certainly was disturbing to see her mouth and nose gone from her face and this drooling mess in its place.

The puffy lips dominated her face now. They split slightly, as if she were a pair of open legs, revealing just a hint of the tunnel that lay between them, still dripping with slick good. The entirety of it enveloped by the velvety soft wrinkled flesh of her inner labia that protruded slightly in nice wings. Her entire face seemed flushed, engorged looking, as if it were ever ready for sex. It was her clit that throbbed slightly, parked just below her eyes, the hood pulled back just slightly revealing the sensitive node. Beside it she could make out the tiny holes that she used for breathing. Sadly, her sense of smell was all but lost with the changes. She wondered about food though. Could she eat? She had no idea.

“That’s right, I want you to look. It’s time to make sure you learn to use your anatomy.” He said quietly.

She gave him a frightened look. Her eyes darting down towards his crotch.

“No, Princess, you’re not for play, as tempting as that is. You’re for something special. Now hold still.” He pulled out a large wooden tongue depressor, a flashlight, and a speculum from the bag.

He didn’t even bother making the latter wet as he forced it into the hole in her face. She could feel it stretching her, cold against the walls of her new vagina, pressing against new muscles that seemed desperate for anything to clamp down on.

He pressed the device open, and she felt her jaw almost unhinge itself as she felt her new cunt expand readily to take the added size. She imagined she could take some very, very large insertions into her new face, a thought that both titillated and horrified her.

The mirror reflected the slick walls, so akin to what she would expect to see inside her legs. Far down the tunnel, illuminated by the small flashlight she could see the pale pink donut like shape of a cervix. She wondered what lay behind it. Her throat? Her stomach? Another womb?

“Ah,” he said quietly. “That’s quite a nice cunt you’ve got there. Look, you’ve even developed a cervix. How interesting. I bet all your nutrition is going to have to slide through that tiny hole, so it’s a liquid diet for you from now on.”

She swallowed, watching the structure in the back of her cunt mouth bob with the motion. The rest of the interior was a nice healthy pink.

He removed the speculum and wiped her mouth with a cloth. “Now, that second shot looks like it did it’s job, and it’s time to start testing your newest additions.”

She gave him a confused look, but he took his finger and split her lips open, using the tongue depressor against a deep fold the speculum had obscured. For a moment she felt the pressure of the wooden object against the entrance of her vagina, and she winced a bit until the skin seemed to open, the depressor sliding under something, pulling at it. The strangeness of the sensation as he forced it forward, out of her mouth, seemingly rewiring her brain at the same moment to register the new appendage that emerged, covered in goo from her feminine opening.

He made a noise of approval, and then started to dig another fold. Soon, he had extracted six such strange structures from her face. She was confused at the monstrosity that emerged, the tiny nub-like limb like structures bobbing and shifting around her opening.

“Ah, good, all ready. I bet you’re curious now, aren’t you princess?” He asked, not seeming to care if he got an answer. He tapped on of

the appendages, it recoiled slightly almost automatically. “These are your spinnerets.”

She just blinked at him, completely lost.

“Try to control them. You’ll see.” He said, tapping another, sending it flinching away from the tongue depressor.

She concentrated on them now, her mind rewired to recognize the little limbs. She could feel them, and they moved a bit at her command, but she wasn’t quite sure exactly what she was to do with them. She looked back at him, wondering what he was expecting her to do.

He gave a chuckle at her continued confusion. “Don’t worry, they’ll work mostly on their own. It’ll take some time for them to really start processing but eventually you’ll be able to start and stop them when you need to.”

He pushed at them, letting her feel them slide back into the folds around her vagina, then he had her extend them again. He repeated this with her a few more times until it seemed natural enough for her. She wiggled her jaw a few times feeling them settle back into place, almost unnoticed, but she was at least aware of them now. It was a bizarre feeling.

Not quite finished with her, he took the end of the depressor and scooped up some of the copious drooling goo from her own orifice. The stuff stretched and oozed in a long thread from the depressor back to her mouth. “See?” He asked. “All this viscosity? It’s now got the same chemicals in it as silk. Tiny fibers of silk. Oh, it’s still good lube, I’m certain, if you try to use your new cunt to pleasure yourself. But what matters is that you can weave this, or at least you will as soon your spinnerets go to work. Think of it. Human made silk, the fortunes I can make from this.”

His grin turned malicious and she shuddered thinking of the horror she’d become. Her face little more than the back end of a spider. Her own body oozing forth skeins of silken threads. Even the thought though made her cunt mouth dribble a bit more and she could feel the tiny little spinnerets twitch. It wouldn’t be long now.

“Don’t worry, Princess, you’ll learn to control production soon enough, a couple of days, maybe even a week. It just takes some time for your brain to rewire fully before you start doing it automatically. But I am looking forward to it.” He shifted, turning away from her long enough for her to swallow hard, the lump of her new cervix bobbing in the back of her throat.

He threw the tools back in the back and pulled out some new items. The objects he removed looked rather like a turkey baser full of a brownish fluid, and the other was another pack of syringes. She shuddered at the sight and the thought of what else he was going to do to her body.

“No point in wasting that week though. Now, we have just a few more augmentations to make today so you can start your next phase.” He glanced at her; his eyes search to see something that he could not seem to find.

He took up the baster first, and slid it easily into her mouth. She felt it hit the back of her throat, the small tip pressing into the hole at the back. She felt the sudden rush of something down her throat as he depressed the bulb.

“That’s a good girl, Princess, eat up. You’ll need the energy.” His voice was now soft, but it never lost the menace.

She swallowed greedily as she realized how hungry she was. As he withdrew the empty plunger, she could see her juices all over it, white and viscous. She wished she still had a tongue to lick her own lips, her

libido teased by the pressure that the tube had placed against newly sensitive nerves.

He then reached out and slipped her sports bra up over her breasts, exposing the tender nipples. She moved to cover her exposure, but he swatted her hand away. The other man finally left his spot at the door and reached down, grabbing her wrists, while the older man grasped her wright nipple and rolled it between his fingers until it was hard and firm. A quick wipe with an alcohol swab stung, but then the first syringe jammed deep into the small divot in the center making her eyes roll back up in shock and pain. She couldn’t scream, only a soft gurgling sound came out of her. She could feel the icy fluid flowing into her breast. In moments he repeated the process with her left nipple. Tears streamed down her face as the man let go of her aching breasts.

He then took two more needles, and jammed them into her chest, just below her breasts. She tried resist, but a cuff from her captor stilled her movements, and she hung limp as he finished the process. She focused on the one stable thing in the room that she could see, the nearly empty IV bag.

She barely registered as they then stripped her. Her bra, pants, and panties all soon vanishing into the small bag along with the used syringes and the baster. A new set of wipes and syringes emerged, along with an electric razor.

He set about shaving her mons and her vulva. The hair falling to the floor. Her body twitching at the vibrations, but her mind screaming for escape. She could feel the hum of the razor stop as he inspected his work. A single large wipe went over the area, burning at the suddenly irritated freshly shaven skin. Then like before he injected more of that icy chemical into her system. There were four of them, all in that small space just above her mons.

“Almost done.” He commented, though she wasn’t sure if it was to her or to his youthful companion. “Time to scramble those brains one more time.”

She felt his fingers again slide across the sensitive nub and flesh of her face as he slowly worked her back up to orgasm. Like before she found herself drooling and wanting anything to fill her. It didn’t take long for her mind to feel blown apart by the sensation of his fingers, as much as she hated him and them, it felt glorious. Her head wobbled as she collapsed back on the bed, shuddering and twitching.

She didn’t feel them remove the IV, and she barely registered his comments about her needing a bath. She didn’t even notice that he packed the bag and both men had left, leaving her sprawled naked across the bed. The heavy click of the lock imprisoning her once more. But for those moments? She lost herself in unwanted ecstasy.


Re: The Chronicles of Lori & Holly - by palindrome256

Chapter 5: A Cage is still a Cage

She awoke disoriented and thirsty. Only the early morning rays of the sun suggesting the time to her, but what day it was she couldn’t tell. Struggling to sit up she felt the angry red welts that graced her torso, and the still tingling pain in her nipples that reminded her that more changes were coming. The iciness of the chemical had faded though, leaving just a general ache through her body. She reached up and felt one of her breasts, but winced at the sensitivity.

Sitting up again she looked down at herself. She lay covered in more of that sticky mess from her twin cunts. The one in her face perhaps more copious than the one between her legs, but it didn’t matter. She needed a shower. If she still had a sense of smell, and a nose to go with it, she’d have wrinkled it in disgust. As it was the thought made the clit in her face twitch slightly.

Levering herself out of bed she began to explore the small place. As she’d seen it was just three rooms really. The bedroom had nothing but the bed, a small table, and the single chair that sat pushed back into a corner.

Beyond it lay the bathroom, surprisingly large, with an oversized shower and tub, sink, plus the necessary toilet. There was a full-sized mirror on the back of the bathroom door. She stopped to look at herself a few moments here. She was still mostly herself, she supposed, if you ignored the feminine gash that dominated her face. If she was ever to get out of here, she’d need to wear a mask or high- necked sweaters for the rest of her life. Her shaven muff, a job more closely done than she had ever tried, looked a bit raw. In this she also realized how alike the one on her face was to the one between her legs, now that it was shaven, though her facial one was larger. Slowly she extended her spinnerets. They felt bigger in her cunt mouth than they really were. Seeing them extended they look rather small and rounded, not at all what she’d really expected, and they tucked right

into the folds at the bottom edge of her vagina where the grool seemed to pool and spill forth.

Her gray eyes searched for any other changes, but all that remained were the angry welts. Two under her breasts, and four more down near her mons. Turning away from the mirror she began to explore the rest of the small place.

She’d only a cursory glance over the sitting room and kitchenette initially. Now looking at it she wasn’t impressed. The sitting space had nothing more than a small couch, a loveseat really, and two chairs. They were soft enough perhaps, but nothing else. No table, and certainly no radio or television, not even a small stack of books to alleviate her boredom. Maybe that was part of the point? She’d go crazy after a while and then, well, she didn’t want to consider it.

The kitchenette had very little. All the dishware was plastic, and dull. There was a microwave and a small refrigerator, but nothing else to cook with. She wondered how she was supposed to drink or eat. There was no food, and her new lips were ill-suited to using a glass, though she did try as she was very thirsty. Eventually, after several mishaps, she was able to pour enough water down her facial pussy to satisfy her thirst.

Slipping back into the bathroom she found a small stack of towels and a few basic toiletries under the sink. Nothing fancy, certainly very basic generic stuff, but it was enough to made do. Though she did give the toothbrush a strange look, realizing she’d never need such a thing again. She was happier to find a pair of shampoo bottles. It was horse shampoo; mane and tail, but it would work. A bar of soap was the last find that prompted her to turn on the shower. She wanted to get clean.

*** *** ***

Turning on the shower she felt the water cascade over her hand as it warmed up to a suitable temperature. Stepping in she wasn’t thinking as she turned her face into the shower, the warm spray hitting her new cunt and sending her into a mind wracking near immediate orgasm. She quickly turned back away; shaking and making choking noises as she realized she’d gotten water up the tiny breathing holes. The disconcerting double sensation of her body nearly sent over the orgasmic edge and the feeling of choking made her grasp at the tiled wall, hoping she didn’t collapse.

It took her a few minutes to recover, but it was a lesson well learned. She made it a point to keep the water out of the direct line of her face, and opted instead to use a washcloth to gently clean the folds of her face. Even that sensation was hard to ignore, but it underscored how much she needed to get clean as she wiped crusty grool from crevices.

Working downward she continued to scrub the rest of her body, only to discover that the pussy she’d been born with now stirred and quivered with the same attentions. It felt far more sensitive now, and clearly had been reacting to some of the changes as she wiped it clean too.

Feeling cleaner, and at least somewhat more relaxed she finally just let herself soak under the warm water before she gathered up her shampoo and started washing her hair. It needed it. Sure, it would eventually wash out the brunette coloring, and reveal her normal blonde locks, but it wasn’t going to matter. Trapped in her prison now, she needed whatever she could get in the way of relaxation as she slowly transformed into God only knows what by that crazy farmer and his brutish staff.

Stepping out of the shower she patted herself dry, feeling a little closer to human than she had been for a while. She looked at the angry red spots on her stomach, they seemed to be more raised bumps, while her nipples looked larger. She ran a finger over them, and realized they were all very sensitive bumps.

There were no clothes to put on, and the bed was a mess with the sheets, so she opted to sit on one of the chairs in the sitting room. There was nothing else to do.


Re: The Chronicles of Lori & Holly - by palindrome256

Chapter 6: Meeting Holly

She heard the key in the lock, dragging her from her reverie. Not that she’d been doing anything but just staring at her navel for the last however long she’d been sitting there. It was hard to tell time.

What startled her was to see a woman enter, instead of the farmer or one of his oversized lackies. She almost didn’t believe what she was seeing, and she blinked to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.

The woman who bustled in was completely naked, and carried a small bag like the one the farmer had carried with him. She was tall, with wide hips and large breasts, but slender across the waist, giving her an almost waspish look. The bigger surprise was the bulging pink udder that sagged below her waist, with four flopping teats.

Her journalist brain took notes, clearly drawing the conclusions already about the illegal body modifications that these men were engaged in, but this was the first she’d seen of another woman here, and it gave her a close-up of what the changes looked like from a different perspective. It fascinated her.

As it was, she still moved with a remarkable grace despite the protrusion hanging from her belly, her hips rocking back and forth sexily with each step. It was rather mesmerizing to she how she swung herself around so smoothly despite the obvious imbalance of her body.

“Hi, I’m Holly, and you must be Princess.” She chirped. Lori shook her head no.
A slight frown crossed her face, fleeting as the smile returned. “Yeah, I know that’s probably not your real name; but that’s what the farmer

said to call you. So, it’s your name now, do you understand? It’s better if you accept it, really it would. So, you’re Princess, right?”

Lori looked at her, studying the woman’s face, trying to decern what game she was playing at. Was there anything to gain from fighting this? Probably not, she realized. Slowly she nodded.

“Good.” She clapped her hands together and bounced slightly, sending jiggles through her flesh. “So, anyway, seems the boss wants me to be responsible for you for a while. He and the guys have a lot of work to do, and the last couple days messing with you has put them way behind schedule.”

Lori gave her a bit of a dark look at the idea that they were just messing with her. Given her sudden change in cunt to mouth ratio, she was pretty sure it went beyond messing with her. The spider bits didn’t help matters either.

Holly either ignored or didn’t notice the look and continued her patter. “I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of questions, and I’ll try to answer some of them.” She looked at Lori a moment and realized the ridiculousness of that statement. “Oh, but you can’t speak anymore, can you?

The cunt-faced woman shook her head sadly, and made a faint gurgling noise.

“Well, maybe as we get to know each other, we’ll work something out!” Holly remained upbeat.

Lori brightened at the thought of communicating and, being more pragmatic, she mimed writing.

It was Holly’s turn to shake her head. “Nope, sorry, rules. I’m not allowed to give you anything to write with. Sorry!”

Lori tried not to look crestfallen over that news, realizing she wasn’t going to get anything to write with from any of her captors, not even the other transformed ones. Unfortunately, despite the lack of a normal face, she still managed to look defeated enough for Holly to notice.

“Don’t worry Princess, we’ll find a way to communicate what you need,” she said. “Anyway, let’s get you out of that chair, I’ve got to get some things done, and I can’t have you half falling out of that chair while I do them. Come on, let’s get you on the bed.”

Lori wrinkled her face in disgust, thinking about the state of the sheets, but levered herself up out of the chair. Holly ushered her into the bedroom where she took a seat on the bottom of the bed, and the udder woman took the chair, her pink mass hanging almost majestically over the edge, her hips spread wide to accommodate the mass.

Holly took note of the large sticky stains across the fabric. “Let’s see, going to need some fresh sheets, that’s no problem. Don’t worry, more than a few of us need them regularly. I mean I’ve woken up with mine soaked in milk more than a few times. There should be a spare set around here and I’ll bring a few extras plus a mattress protector a bit later today.”

After that she took ahold of Lori’s arm, and her long fingers traced around the marks that the two IV lines had left in her arm. “Not too bad, looks like he didn’t damage the veins any.”

Lori gave her a strange look.

“Oh, yeah, I was a nursing student before I came her. Pretty good at phlebotomy if I do say so myself.” She gave Lor a reassuring smile as cleaned the area again to remove some of the tacky residue from the tape.

Grabbing the bag she’d brought with her, she pulled out a small strap with a black box attached to it. “Lift your ankle please.”

Lori complied, hesitantly, and set her leg across the other woman’s knee. Holly quickly wrapped the strap around her ankle and there was a hard snap. Lori looked down at the object dubiously.

Holly caught the look this time. “It’s a security device, all the newest girls get them. Basically, it’s the same kind of thing that courts use for home arrest. It tracks your movements, and if you try to leave or take it off, well, it’s going to sound alarms. Basically, it’s going to ensure you’re never going to leave here without them knowing, and if they find you trying? Hmm, let’s just say you don’t want to do that. Ever. Besides this model has a remote function. They can zap you with a pretty good jolt just by pushing a button.”

Lori’s brows furrowed at that news. She didn’t care for the idea that someone had a remote control that not just tracked her, but could send electricity through her at a moment’s notice. Lori pointed at Holly’s own ankle, observing that the woman worn nothing on her ankle.

“Why don’t I have one, you mean?” She asked. Lori nodded.
She stammered a bit. “Oh, well, I’ve been here so long that they never really felt the need to put one on me.”

Holly was clearly hiding something, but Lori wasn’t sure how to pressure the woman into talking more about that. Instead, she switched tactic and pointed at her udder and motioned to Holly, hoping the taller woman would understand what she was after?

“The udder? Oh yeah, I love it. Most of the women here do, it’s quite nice once you’re used to it. Even the troublemakers eventually come

to love the life we offer her.” She kind of understood what Lori was after.

Lori pointed at her pussy mouth, which she realized had started to drip slightly, and made a similar motion as she had with Holly.

“Um, I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean? The pussy mouth thing? No, that’s a new one here. Only a few of the girls have it. I suppose most of them like it, but it’s hard to ask.” Holly shifted her hips a bit, and focused on the face in front of her, her fingers tentatively reaching up to examine the fleshy folds.

Lori let her touch her face. It felt good; soft and sweet almost. She wondered if the other women who’d gotten her change had been other trouble makers. The fingers continued to probe gently, exploring the folds with almost sensual touches, and Lori’s eyelids drooped as she enjoyed the sensations.

Eventually Holly’s fingers retreated. “Very neat, never seen that modification so up close before. It’s very pretty. Clean too, good thing, you don’t need to get infections.”

Lori blushed a little, knowing that she looked much the same between her own legs too.

“Shame you’re such a troublemaker, or you’d be free to come spend time with the rest of us.” Holly said, absently.

Lori made a questioning gesture in the air.

“The troublemakers,” Holly confirmed, as Lori nodded. “Well, um there have been a few. Some of the girls didn’t want to stay, and well, you can guess we really can’t have women like us running around. Now, can we? Anyway, the boss caught them, and he, um, punished them.”

Lori made a motion that she hoped would prompt the woman to continue.

Holly sighed. “I guess it would help if you knew anything about us. You probably really don’t. I don’t suppose it would hurt to tell you a little. You see, well, I’m the oldest type of modification we have. Nothing fancy, just some bigger boobs and a nice big pink udder.” She jiggled her assets for effect. “Most of the girls, they’re like, though some of the newer ones have bigger assets than I have. Anyway, the stuff they use? It’s customizable. The boss? He decided he didn’t want any more of their lip, and so he had a batch made that he used to turn their voices into nothing more than animal sounds. A few of the more determined he even had their hands and feet replaced by hooves. They walk mostly on all fours now.”

Lori’s face must have registered the shock at the idea of losing her hands, as she stared at her own slender digits.

“Don’t worry, Princess, I don’t think he has plans to take away those little dainty hands of yours. Just so long as you don’t make him mad. Besides, you need them to stay clean, as those folds are going to need constant care. Relax, I think you’ll survive all this and even grow to enjoy it.” Holly finished.

Lori clearly didn’t agree with the idea that she’d come to any place where she’d enjoy her new state. Deprived of her voice and given a drooling cunt in place of it, she was very much angry and depressed over the idea of having become something that was little more than a walking sex object. The memory of her teeth in the bottom of the bucket still haunted her too, and she silently fumed.

Holly patted her knee. “Oh, stop. I know you’re angry, upset, and probably confused. But I’m here to help you through this. It really won’t be so bad, and I do think you’re going to learn to enjoy it eventually. I know I do. In fact, I’m going to make it my personal mission to make sure you at learn to love your changes.

A shake of the head was Lori’s only response, her mind set that she’d never accept this dubious new life of hers. Though a small part of her squeaked in her mind that she already enjoyed something about it. There was a slight shiver as she remembered Holly’s fingers touching her lips. She wanted more of that. A lot more.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of time to convince you.” Holly smiled. It was dazzling.


Re: The Chronicles of Lori & Holly - by palindrome256

Chapter 7: A Nutritious Breakfast

They sat in silence for a few moments, as Holly let Lori absorb everything. Eventually though she slapped her knees and stood up. “Alright, I’ve dilly-dallied long enough. Time to get down to the rest of business. Or is that breakfast.”

Lori gave Holly another of the confused looks that she was getting so good at.

Holly just laughed. “Oh yeah, I suppose you wouldn’t have realized, but I’m here to supplement your nutrition. They don’t want to spend all the time keeping you hooked up to an IV drip. It’s not good for you.”

Lori wasn’t sure how to take that news. Last time they’d fed her with something that resembled a turkey baster, forcing a flood of food down past the cervix in the back of her throat. She wasn’t even sure what she’d been fed. Not that she could really taste anything anymore without a tongue or a proper nose. Her sense of smell now was so incredibly diminished as to be non-existent, the only scent she could really smell was a faint musky odor, and she suspected that was the work of her own new facial folds.

Holly stood up from the chair and reached out a hand, pulling Lori up off the bed too. She led the smaller cunt-faced woman out into the sitting room. There she grabbed the seat cushion from one chair and placed it on the floor in front of the other chair.

She then grabbed Lori by the shoulders and pressed her into a kneeling position on the cushion. “There, just settle in, get your knees comfy. You’ll be there for a while.”

Lori looked up at the taller woman with a curious glance. Holly just patted her on the head lightly and stepped over her. She slid herself

into the chair, spreading her legs wide, so that Lori was comfortably between them. Her udder bounced a bit as she settled into place, before it slumped against the seat of the chair, directly in front of Lori.

Holly giggled a bit as she got comfy. “You know, someday you’ll have to do something like this, judging from those spots on your stomach.”

Lori’s hand drifted to the small red bumps on her abdomen. They were starting to press outwards, and she could feel their sensitivity now. Belatedly she realized that she was starting to grow an udder just like Holly sported. Pressing her hands lightly against her toned abdomen she felt shaky.

A hand reached out, brushing the side of her cheek just beyond her folds. She could feel some dampness there. Holly was wiping away a tear.

“Shh, it’s okay, it really is. It feels good, I promise. You’ll find it’s worth it.” She cooed at the woman kneeling before her. She slid her hand down and under Lori’s chin. “Okay, Princess, this is where you learn to feed yourself. I need you to take one of your teats into your pussy- mouth.”

Lori blinked. She’d assumed they’d feed her with a bottle, tube, or something mechanical. It had not occurred to her that she’d be taking sustenance directly from the source. Let alone the teats of a living, breathing cow woman. She wasn’t even sure how. Holly’s teats were soft, long, and lay rather limply against the skin of her udder.

Sensing Lori’s reluctance Holly took the smaller woman’s hand in her own and gently wrapped it around one of the long teats. “Softly, just start caressing it. Like you would a nipple. See, it starts to get a bit stiffer as you rub it.” Holly continued to guide Lori’s hand, the teat slowly becoming quite erect, eventually firm enough that it stood out from her udder, it’s plump shape bouncing with each breath the woman made. Breaths that were now just a little bit deeper, heavier.

“Are you wet enough? Did you check yourself?” Holly suggested.

Lori didn’t need to check. She could feel the drool slipping down her face already. Her new cunt, and the one between her legs, both seemed to be quite ready to take something phallic at a moment’s notice. The teat bobbed before her, her cunt just inches away. She sat, indecisive, until Holly’s hands took the sides of her head and guided her slowly down onto the firm cow nipple. Lori’s eyes rolled back just a touch as she felt the teat slid between her folds, and into the depth of her cunt-mouth. It wasn’t as big or thick as the baster had been, but it was something else. It was warm, it was alive. The muscles in her mouth-vagina began to twitch, pulling at the teat, as she slowly moved her head, letting the thing penetrate her.

Holly shivered at the feeling of her teat, engulfed by the warmth of the cunt. She could feel Lori working out how to suckle, and she calmly gave her encouragement. “Good, now work your floor muscles, Princess. Right, just like that. Oh, that’s right, you want to create suction.”

It didn’t take Lori long to figure out how to get her canal to respond properly and in a few moments she and Holly both felt the first spurts of milk as they sprayed outward. It surprised Lori initially, but she relaxed quicky and returned to her suckling, coaxing more of the fluid from the cow woman’s udder, feeling it trickle down her throat, even as drops mixed with her drool and spilled down the front of her chest on to her tits.

Unused to all the movement and work, her neck soon grew weary, and she laid her head into Holly, resting it against the woman’s thigh as she continued to suckle first one teat, then another as Holly urged her to continue. Letting her practice fondling the teats, bringing them to arousal before placing them into her new gaping hole. Holly nudged her on, encouraging her to drink as much of her milk as she could

between her soft moans of pleasure. Each emptied teat coated liberally with a sticky, damp mess.

Lori’s belly was nearly full now, and had she still had the voice, she would have joined Holly in those moans. Her mind happily blissful from the sensation of sucking off the teats. Perhaps not as good as a proper cock, but remarkably fulfilling nonetheless. She slid her hand back down, feeling the slight plumpness to her full belly. Her fingers ran across the bumps on her chest and her abdomen too, noting with some disappointment that they were now more pronounced. She wished she could still frown, but her cunt-face denied her that simple act.

Holly slowly came around from her own blissful state as the last nipple slipped free from its place in Lori’s cunt-mouth. She made a slight cooing sound that Lori might have almost mistaken for a moo. Leaning down carefully she gave the smaller woman a small kiss on the forehead. “Mmhmm, that was deliciously pleasant, Princess.”

She pulled out a small towel, and gently went about wiping Lori’s mouth gently, then her own teats, cleaning the residue off them. For her part Lori wanted more, her body almost demanding it as her libido raged in her head. She knew she’d come close to orgasm several times, but it wasn’t quite enough to push her over the edge.

Holly seemed to notice the anxious sexual energy from her ward. “Don’t worry, Princess, I know you’re not done.” She said, finished cleaning her teats carefully.

Smiling she sat forward, letting her udder fall off the seat of the chair and almost into Lori’s lap. Her large breasts swinging dangerously close to the smaller woman’s face. “Now, let’s see if I can’t make you feel just a little bit better.”

She slid her hand up and down along the damp vertical gash, letting her finger tips tease the lips apart to reveal the soft pink interior. She

traced the soft velvety softness of the inner lips, pulling and tugging them slightly as she worked her way up to the throbbing hood and clit. Bending forward she slowly pressed her own face close, putting her lips over the tip of the clit, giving it a suck, eliciting a gargling moan from Lori as she deftly let her tongue caress the folds. Nuzzling here, licking there, now sucking, now nibbling. She used her nose to rub up against the clit, its firm nub throbbing against her nose with each passing motion.

Lori’s mind spun, Holly’s touch was softer, more sensual, than any she’d felt in years. For once she felt welcoming to it, letting her mind ease into the waves of pleasure that slid through her.

Unable to resist though she grabbed Holly’s hand, pulling it up to her opening, slowly welcoming each finger as it slid in, the sensations warming her as she engulfed three of Holly’s fingers as they pressed deep. Her own fingers drifted lower, fidgeting with her nipples, and then down to her own crotch, where her cunt there begged for its own release.

It didn’t take long before orgasms began to quiver through her body. Her legs trembling, her face pulsing as bolts of pleasure shot through her. Her own fingers, lost in the folds of her lower sex began to ramp up their motions, driving a second shockwave of orgasms that sent her mind reeling into a stupor. Barely conscious she made a whimpering gurgle as Holly’s fingers slowly withdrew.

Holly took a few moments to watch Lori, who lay sprawled across the floor, her body still tremoring occasionally from her orgasmic release. Taking the tower she gave a quick wipe of her face, removing some of the stickiness from her mouth, though she licked her lips slightly at the musky taste. Then she gently wiped off Lori’s chin and chest where her drool had spit.

Packing her small bag, she left Lori to recover on her own. The only thing she left was a water bottle, which had a long tube attached so

that Lori could drink as much as she needed. Blowing the prone form an air kiss she quietly mouthed “See you later Princess.” Then she stepped out the door, turned the key in the lock, and was gone.

Lori, blissfully dazed, lay there on the floor, neither hearing nor caring that she was now alone as she drifted off into dreamless sleep.


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Chapter 8: Silk Weaver

Lori yawned, stretching. She felt herself sore from the odd position she’d fallen asleep in. She tried to unkink her back, sitting up from her spot on the floor of the sitting room, the chair cushion still wedged under her hips. She would have let out a groan if she could have, but settled for a garbled version, her head swimming.

She didn’t see Holly, not that this really surprised her, but she missed having some company. Trying to clear the fog from her head she glanced at the shadows on the wall. Without a clock her notoriously poor sense of time was starting to make it difficult to keep track of things, and the shadows were her only way to figure out what time it was. She figured it was early afternoon by now, meaning she’d been asleep for a couple hours.

Shaking her head slightly, a move that made her very aware of her headache, she wondered how she was going to survive in this constant state of horniness and perpetual orgasm. Not that the orgasms were bad, she rather liked those, but it made thinking difficult and she was perpetually stuck in the moment. Any plans she might make washed away in the next cycle of orgasmic bliss.

She held her head as she pushed herself up off the floor. She knew her first stop, the bathroom. Once finished with that necessity she came out to find the water bottle that Holly had left. She quickly filled this in the sink and stuffed it into her mouth-cunt, her eyes rolling at the sensation, but she needed the fluid back in her. She refilled the bottle again when she finished, she refilled the bottle and carried it back to the bedroom with her.

The bed was still a mess, but the gooey stains had at least dried. Pulling herself up onto the mattress she stretched out, trying to get a handle on things as emotions warred within her. She loathed the farmer, she hated what he’d done to her, yet she felt strangely

engrossed by her changes. The power of her orgasms was undeniable, and there was something about Holly and that magnificent udder of hers that just warmed her loins. She’d never been that into women, though she’d experimented in college. Maybe it was just the raging hormones. She shook her head gently. She had to stay strong, to resist the temptation to just become what they were trying to make her, a walking sex object they could profit from. Well, she supposed she was already, and her perpetual nudity added to that.

Her fingers slipped down her belly, lazily playing with the small teats that were forming just above her mons. They were longer now, as were the pair under her breasts. She could already feel the small pads of fat that were building up behind them. If she was right, soon she’d have four breasts and an udder. More over she realized her own natural pair seemed to be larger, their nipples just a bit more distended, and they felt just a bit more fun to play with.

She idly toyed with herself, just enjoying the sensations. There wasn’t anything else to do, save to rehydrate herself and wait.

*** *** ***

She must have dozed a bit, because she awoke to the sound of the door opening, and heavy footsteps entering. She blinked as she saw the aged farmer enter, behind him was the blonde pony tail of Holly, her elegant face peeking over the farmer’s shoulder.

He pulled up the chair and sat next to her, eyeing her changes so far. “Good, you’re progressing nicely.” He grabbed a teat and tugged it lightly, watching as it hardened. Nodding he pulled a wooden tongue depressor out, using it to push open her facial cunt just enough to view her opening. “Now, let’s see if you’ve masted some control of those spinnerets yet. Push them out.”

Lori did as he demanded, letting the small nodules emerge from their folds. She could feel them, they weren’t really at the forefront of her

mind though, and when they slipped back into their folds, she almost forgot they were there. Slowly she willed them to respond, letting them push out just at the base of her opening, extending and ready for work. She wiggled them a little for effect.

“Now, let your mind let go of them, but keep them out. They’ll know what to do.” He said, still holding open her lips.

She tried to forget them for a second, but then they started to move jolting her back to alertness. The farmer frowned and she knew she needed to try again. Slowly she managed to let her conscious mind free the small appendages, and they began to move on their own. She could vaguely feel the twitching as they moved in concert. The small stream of drool falling from her working its way through them. No, it was more than that. They were channeling it, working it.

The sensation was odd, but pleasant as they worked for several minutes. They felt sore though, as if they were unused to the work. Not surprising given she’d just grown them. She could feel her mouth pussy producing more grool now, responding to the little working nubs. She wanted to see what they were doing, but looking down gave little insight, her clitoris and puffy lips blocking most of the view.

Eventually she had to stop. They were just too sore to keep going. She could feel something dangling over her chin though. The farmer took it, and held it up gently. It was a thread, as thick as a piece of cross- stitch floss, and about twenty inches long. She blinked, realizing that she’d made that.

“Not bad for a first try, but I expect better next time.” He said as he put the scrap of thread into a plastic bag.

She nodded almost imperceptibly, letting her sore spinnerets fold away into their hiding places.

“Well, a job deserves a reward. You’ve been good today, Princess.” He reached up and rubbed her clit a few times, her head rocking back with each pressed pass around the sensitive glans.

Her ability to resist the attention to her oversexed face was waning and her eyes started to roll back up into her head as she felt the rush of endorphins that flooded her start to carry her away.

He just smiled, that dark evil smile of his. “Good, your brain is getting overwhelmed by this, I bet.” He took something from Holly, another of those basters, and jammed it down her tunnel, letting the murky brown fluid seep down her throat. Whether lunch or dinner, she wasn’t sure, but she slurped it down greedily.

He removed the baster when it was empty, and took it with him when he got up to go. Holly stuck around though, cradling the dazed woman as roused back out of her post-orgasmic stupor. The taller blonde pulled out a wet wipe, and slowly cleaned the gunk from the delicate folds, and gave her the water bottle to drink, letting it rinse out her cavity.

“How are you doing, Princess?” She asked quietly.

Lori shook her head, trying to clear it. Again, whatever she might have been thinking lurched away from her. It wasn’t that she felt dumber, just that she couldn’t hold on to anything anymore. The constant ebb and flow of the hormones rushing through her just drove her mind to distraction. In the end, all she could do was shrug in response to Holly’s question.


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Chapter 9: Holly’s Transformations

Holly slipped in next to Lori and wrapped her arm around the smaller woman, giving her a squeeze. “I know you didn’t choose this life, like I did. Even so, I admit when I first experienced it, I wasn’t ready for it.”

Lori cocked an eyebrow, wondering where this was going. Holly seemed fit to burst about something that she wanted to say, but was unsure of how to say it.

Finally, Holly took a deep breath. “I suppose I should tell you how I ended up here. You want to know that, don’t you?”

Lori nodded slowly.

She poked Lori slightly in the ribs. “Good, because I need a captive listener. It’s been so long since I had anyone to really talk to. The other women here? They don’t trust me because I chose this life. I feel bad for them, and for you, but at the same time, I know how wonderfully liberating this has been for some of them. It just takes time to realize it.”

Holly got up and fetched some new sheets for the bed. Lori grabbed the old ones and stripped them off as Holly began her story.

*** *** ***

“It started several years back, while I was in nursing school. I really wasn’t happy there. No, scratch that, I was miserable there. I was just trying to live up to the expectations of my family. You know, go to college, get a professional job that they could brag about, and have a family. The usual family pressures. Except that I hated every minute of it.”

“I used to sit and stare at the fields that sat across from my college. They were full of cows, goats, horses, and even a couple of emus. I’d sit there after class with old magazines about farm life and wonder what my life would be like if I gave up the whole college thing and just ran off into the country. Hospitals weren’t for me, I wanted to be out in the fresh air. I wanted overalls, not scrubs.”

“It was my senior year; I was just so exhausted by everything. The exams, the constant studying. I did alright, I guess, I was passing everything, but I was just miserable and we were doing practicums. You know, where you go spend time working in the real hospital, getting some hands-on experience. It was awful. I went from being unhappy about everything to actively seeking a way to drop out.”

“Well, one thing led to another, and the night after midterms I ended up going out to get wasted. It was dumb, it was dangerous, and honestly, I didn’t care. I found a dive bar and ordered more to drink than was ever good for me. Somehow that’s when he found me.”

“I couldn’t seem to help it. He came in dressed in work boots, overalls, and flannel, like he’d just rolled off a farm. I gravitated towards him, not entirely sure why, and several drinks in I ended up pouring out my drunken frustrations. How I wanted to ditch nursing school, and just go run away to live on a farm. He didn’t tell me to go back, he just gave a long pull of his beer and said, you know what he said? I can make that happen, that’s what he said.”

“I barely remember what I said then. I was getting too drunk. But I remember what he offered. A chance to escape my miserable existence as a college nursing student, and disappear into the country. Here some stranger was offering me my dream, and he didn’t need to do it. He didn’t say much else, just handed me his card and said to stop by some time. That was enough for me. I was over the moon.”

“I don’t recall how I got home, but I must have held onto that card like my life depended upon it. It wasn’t flashy, just a little plain thing, the

name of the dairy farm, an address, and a phone number. I don’t think it even had an e-mail address. I must have clutched that card so tightly on my way home, because I found it still crumpled in my hand the next morning. Sweaty and wrinkled, but there. Proof that it wasn’t a fevered alcohol dream.”

“I remember packing my bags that morning, stuffing my few things into my little beat-up Honda. I didn’t even tell anyone what I was going to do. I just slipped into the registrar’s office and withdrew, much to their confusion. Just a few months from graduating and here I was throwing everything away. I didn’t care.”

“I felt liberated as I drove to the dairy farm. The very one you see here now, but it wasn’t like this then. The last couple years have really changed it. This was before they built the big barns, and it was just a small cattle farm. The farm and his three boys. You’ve met them, all now, I’m sure. Yes, the older two are twins.”

“They brought me in, and have me a job working with the small herd of cattle that they kept. The youngest of his sons taught me to care for them. How to feed them, check for hoof problems, care for their udders, and most of all how to milk them. He taught me how to do it by hand first. He wanted me to understand how the animal felt and why it was so important. I took to it like a fish takes to water, and milking, even when I started using the machines was my favorite part of the daily routine.”

“It wasn’t even much of a job. A bit of room and board, and minimum wage, that was it, but it made me so happy I didn’t care. The farm was struggling, and I knew it, so I didn’t ask for more.”

“About a year after I came to the farm, well the farmer came to me and told me that they weren’t doing well. I knew that, but he finally admitted how poorly they were doing. He was debating selling the farm, because unless he could make some big changes, well, they’d be going under soon.”

“I begged him not to let me go. I said I’d do anything to help the farm out. That turned out to be exactly what he wanted to hear, because he had some researcher friend who wanted to try out some new serums, and well, they needed a guinea pig. If it was going to keep the farm open, well, I was all for it. I didn’t even think it through what they were asking of me.”

“The next thing I knew I was strapped down to a medical gurney, with some strange little man jabbing me with needles. I remember asking what they were for, and he told me they’d just induce lactation. Seems the farmer was getting into the human milk game. I figured a bit more in the boob department to save the farm wasn’t the worst thing to happen to me. Heck, it even excited me a bit more than I should probably admit. I had always wanted bigger tits anyway.”

“The shocker came when he jabbed that needle into my stomach. It was deep, painful, and well, the formula was rough. Not at all what they use now. Oddly it’s slower acting now, and in those few minutes I could feel this deep penetrating chill as the liquid hit my insides, followed by burning and pressure as my body started to warp and change.”

“It couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes, but it felt like a lifetime as I screamed myself hoarse. I can remember struggling against the straps, feeling my hips pop and shift, then there was the pressure on my chest and stomach as my breasts began to balloon, even as this huge mass grew out of my pelvic area. I didn’t realize what it was at first, despite the rounded pink mass’ obviousness in hindsight. There I lay, panting and sweating, my body bloated and stretched, and yet those very same new areas felt tight at the same time.”

“It was frightening at first. Yes, I’d volunteered, but honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But it felt so natural, so warm to the touch. Whatever confusion and anger I might have felt melted from me as soon as I could feel my own teats.  There was just

something so right about the feeling. Here I’d wanted a farm life, and now, well I was farm bound forever.”

“I started milking the next morning, right along side the cows with my own little private milker. It was orgasmic. The farmer realized this, I think, as my own libido spiked. But he and the boys wouldn’t touch me, even when I started wandering around the farm nude. They regarded me as cattle now. Very useful cattle that could talk, but just cattle.

“This broke a bit of the spell for me, perhaps. I think on a certain level I was a bit infatuated with the old man. He was far too old for me, and he didn’t have any interest in me except as labor, and now as production. But at the same time, it also made me realize how much I loved being productive.”

“The only downside was that I really didn’t know how to handle being hypersexual. My libido was raging. It still does, honestly. Being a walking orgasm machine is great, except when you can’t get laid.”

“Oh, they took care of me, and I got all the perks of being the forewoman of the farm as the other women started to join the herd. Some were volunteers. Carefully selected, willing and happy to find themselves injected with the same cocktail of chemicals that mutated me.”

“But there were others, more as the serum was refined and improved. Some came to hide or escape lives, much like I had; some women found themselves coaxed into the role. Over time I became the leader of a small herd of bovine women, each of us giving gallons of milk every day.”

“They sold the cows. I was miserable to see them go, but now they produced milk that sold for much higher prices and the cattle cost a lot more to feed than we did. In the end, we saved the farm, but

perhaps at a little cost of our humanity. Perhaps no one’s more so than my boss’.”

*** *** ***

Holly paused, watching Lori’s reaction. Predictably there wasn’t much. The small woman seemed lost in thought, settled into her fresh sheets on the bed.

Eventually Lori lifted her head and mimed counting.

“How long? How many women? I wish you could speak.” Holly said, sadly.

Lori nodded to both things.

“Well, it’s been about five years since I came here, so they’ve been using the serum for four years. There are dozens of women now too, we get one or two new ones each month. Most end up like me. They’re just cows. Big old titties and an udder. A couple more adventurous, or problematic, ones are used to test out new compounds.” Holly said, ticking of a mental count of the women in the barns.

A mimed question mark was Lori’s response. She wanted Holly to explain more, and given how talkative the bovine beauty was, she hoped she’d get enough to write the full truth of the story. Here was her source. If she could only get to a notepad, it would be the story that would make her career. She could be a writer without ever showing her face in public again.

Holly thought a moment. “Oh, I guess you want to know what other stuff they’re using. Well, you’re the third one with the whole silk thing going on. I’m not sure why he does it to your face though, from what I understand he could just as easily do it with your normal vagina.”

Lori knew quite well that his choice had more to do with silencing her than whether he could do the transformation on her nether portions. She tried to frown, but the muscles just ended up dropping a goober of facial cunt grool on her growing breasts. She flicked it away with annoyance.

“Hmm, they’ve got a couple girls who are growing wool now, and a couple of us lay eggs.” Holly finished.

The us in the sentence made Lori perk up. She gestured back at Holly and made a shape like and egg with her hands.

“Yeah, I let him inject me with that too.” She admitted, a bit more sheepishly. “It was after I became forewoman, or should I be calling myself fore-cow? About a year ago the farmer came by, asking if I’d be willing to try something new. I don’t know why I agreed. I was happy with the udder, even if it wasn’t the biggest or most productive. Oh yeah, some of the girls have way bigger udders than I do, I was just the first. Anyway, I guess I was getting antsy about things, not feeling like I was pulling my weight anymore. So, yeah, they slammed some needle up my cooch, and two days later I doubled over like I’d had a bad burrito, and the next thing I knew I was pushing grade-A jumbo eggs out of my pussy. I laid a full clutch of eggs, right then. It was blissful too, best orgasm I’d had in years.

Struggling with gestures, Lori wished she knew sign language or something that would make her questions easier. She made a few trial-and-error motions, trying to get Holly to continue talking. Eventually Holly seemed to understand the question.

“Oh, that?” She nodded, finally comprehending. “I lay once a day, nothing special, usually first thing in the morning when I get up. I’ve got to admit it’s a pretty good way to wake up, since it rubs all the right spots.”

Lori tried not to roll her eyes, but admittedly her own libido would kill for something to rub it the right way.

Holly, who had joined Lori on the clean bed, reached over and gave her another hug. This one a proper hug. “Thanks for listening, Princess. It’s been a long time since I could tell my own story, and I just needed someone to hear me for a change. Most of the girls don’t listen, and I’m too busy with them to get the time to talk anyway.”

Lori leaned into the hug, feeling the warmth of the woman’s skin on her own. It was nice.

Eventually Holly broke it off. “Okay, let’s see. You need to up your water intake. Two gallons a day, minimum. That udder of yours is starting to grow and once it starts producing, you’re going to need the fluid. Might want to do even more with that silk drool of yours and extra titties he’s giving you.”

She rummaged around in the box of stuff she brought and tossed it at Lori. “Put some of this on your teats and nipples. It’ll help.”

Lori eyed the small plastic jar. Udder balm. She resisted an impulse to sniff it, since that was no longer feasible for her now. She glanced down at the small but growing mass on her belly, knowing that soon enough she’d be sporting her own giant milking bag. She took a little and rubbed it on the expanding teats and her nipples. It did seem to help a bit with the stretched feel that she’d been getting.

Holly was gathering up the dirty linens and other miscellaneous items that she needed to take with her. “You need anything else?”

Lori shook her head no.

“Okay, drink some water, get some rest. I’ll be back later with your dinner, Princess.” Seeing this got a nod, Holly walked out the door.

Lori found herself staring at the cow woman’s thick rump and the hint of her swollen sex as she walked. Parts of her twitched in response and she slowly slipped her own fingers into those places with naughty thoughts in her head. She’d ponder what she learned later, after a few orgasms.


Re: The Chronicles of Lori & Holly - by palindrome256

Chapter 10: Milk and Eggs

It was still light out when she finally removed her fingers from their warm nesting place between her lips, both above and below. Washing up a bit she wondered what else there was to do besides masturbate. She wasn’t particularly sleepy, though she was in a pleasant state of afterglow.

Settling down with her water bottle she idly played with her spinnerets. She let them work, feeling the little limbs weave back and forth with little thought. It didn’t take them long to spill out a thick line of silk, which she wrapped carefully around her hand. It was still a bit damp, but it was marvelously strong and light.

Setting aside this first pile of threat she wondered if she could change the thread’s thickness. Taking a drink from the bottle she forced the lewd thoughts that crept in as she pulled its neck from her mouth. She was going to have to figure out how to drink without setting herself off. Not that it was going to be easy. The bottle had an excellent shape for this and she enjoyed the feel as its thick tube slid in and out of her cavity, rubbing the soft folds of her facial vagina nicely. More to the point she just liked the sensation of feeling filled.

Putting the bottle down again down she got to work on a second thread, this one she tired to will to be thinner.

By the time the spinnerets wore out the sun had set, and she had run out of water. Examining this second thread she was impressed as how much thinner it was than the first. Finer, more delicate. She compared the two and wondered if she could do anything with them. Maybe she could learn to hand knit? Fiddling with the first thread, the heavier one, she was able to make a lose webbing with it, but little else. Without something to show her how, she might spend weeks trying to guess at how to knit with her fingers. With nothing else to do, she kept

at it. Besides, they weren’t going to give her knitting needles any time soon, she was certain of that.

Lost in her work she barely noticed Holly sliding back in.

“Oh, very nice, you’re getting good at that, Princess.” She cooed. “I’d better get you some spools if you’re going to be making all that thread.”

Holly flopped down on the couch, setting down the small bag. She pulled out another feeding tube, this she quickly stuffed into Lori’s face. Lori took little time to gulp it down, while Holly took out a measuring tape and wrapped it around her breasts, hips, and udder, checking the tape.

“Well, looks like you’re developing nicely here.” She said, putting the tape back in her bag, along with the now empty baster.

She was right. What had started as a bit of paunch around her belly was now starting to pull away, turning a bit darker in color as the udder started to really distend. It wasn’t big yet, certainly no where near the udder that Holly sported, but it was starting to rest on the top of her thighs. Her teats had grown quite a bit too, now nearly three inches long, they looked disproportional on the small udder, but she figured she’d grow into them.

Lori’s bust had grown, rather sizably given her small frame. She had been a nice c-cup when she came, but the mass on her chest was easily twice that now. Holly confirmed that. Down below them her second pair of breasts were coming in too, though still small, they were seemingly set to grow to similar proportions to the first. Lori wanted to groan at the thought of the back aches the combination of four large breasts and her udder would give her.

Holly stuck around a bit, chattering about this and that, nothing important really, but seemingly there just to keep Lori company. She oohed at the silken threads as Lori set her spinnerets to work again.

Lori’s fingers continued to work on her hand knitting, feeling proud of herself when she managed to figure out how to make a square that she could tighten down into a small patch. It wasn’t very good, the rough knitting method was barely functional for such nice fibers, but she was proud all the same. She folded it over in her fingers, feeling the cool silk, the slick softness. She wondered if she could make bigger squares, maybe a patchwork blanket of them?

Over on the couch Holly played with some of the drying thread. She marveled at how strong it was, resisting any attempt to break or even cut once it had dried out. It was like trying to cut a wire, a very soft wire to be sure, but still impressive as she wound it around her finger tips.

Eventually Lori set down her work, and Holly made sure to give her a bedtime snack before she left, letting Lori take another delicious drink from her teats. Lori suspected this was as much for Holly’s only libido as it was foe her own nutrition, but she didn’t care. Holly’s teats filled her nicely and she craved more to eat as her body continued to grow and change.

Settling back on her heels, Lori wiped the milk off her chin where it dribbled from her facial cunt. Holly bent down with a soft cloth, and cleaned out the folds, making sure to use her fingers to rub everything just right as she did so. Moments later Lori’s lids fluttered and her gurgled at the attention. She’d lost count of her orgasms that day, but another was always welcome.

Holly put the captive woman to bed before tiptoeing out of the small house.

*** *** ***

Yawning with a facial gash instead of a mouth was an unusual experience. Lori felt herself suck in air, and exhale it, but it resulted in a rather strange sound as it blew over the flaps of her inner labia. Great, she thought to herself, I queef when I yawn now. The bigger problem for her was the heavy pressure she felt on her bladder.

Rolling over, she found the pressure instantly relieved as a large weight slid to the side. Reaching down she felt around under the sheets and felt the large warm mass that now took up a sizable amount of space on the bed.

Her sleepy mind didn’t connect all the dots initially. She ran her hand across the surface, feeling the strange softness of it and the sensation of fingers on skin she didn’t realize she had. Farther down she bumped her hand into a long cylindrical protrusion, her hand instinctively wrapping around it and pulling gently. It responded with a sudden burst of wetness. That woke her up.

Lori tossed the blanket aside, and gazed down at the very large, plump udder that lay on the bed. It hung from her lower belly, the skin stretching and pulling as she shifted. All she could think was that it was enormous. How had she grown that much overnight? She began checking herself, noting that her second set of breasts had also swollen to match the size of her first pair. They were complete, something she realized when she tweaked on of the nipples and felt rewarded with a powerful sensation of pleasure, followed by the dribble of more liquid. She groaned, realizing that she was tight and full of milk.

It took a few moments to extract herself from the bed. Her new udder was heavy, and resisted moving. Rolling on it or over it was decidedly a bad idea. Her breasts added more weight, further complicating the shift from lying down to sitting up. She had to spread her legs wide to let the udder fall between them.

Once sitting she could really feel the tightness in her chest and udder. She stumbled into the bathroom, needing to care for more than just her milk supply. She ended up in the shower, letting the warm water relieve some of the sensitivity as she got clean. It was a lot harder to clean now with the udder, and she took great pains to lift it up and clean under the deep folds. The weight of all the flesh was a lot though and she ended up leaning up against the wall, bent forward. This just let the water run down her back and ass, eventually dripping across her pussy, reminding her that she was needy in more than one way now.

Not that a few shower orgasms were bad, but she really missed coffee as a wake-up routine.

*** *** ***

The door swung open not long after she stepped out of the shower, still damp. Holly bustled in, looking very flushed, and carrying several things. The farmer’s large shape loomed behind her. Lori winced at the sight of him.

He caught sight of her and motioned to the bed. Obediently she sat down on the edge of it, trying to get her udder comfortable as she did so. It was an odd experience as she shifted her legs to splay them wider for the pink mound.

She could feel his cold hands probing the new growth, examining her teats, and then moving up to examine her new breasts. He nodded with each thing he touched, seemingly pleased with the results. “Well, good news, Princess, it looks like you’re ready to start giving milk.” He pinched a teat and watched the white creamy substance bubble up readily. “Holly also says your silk making is getting better, so it’s time to start the spools, too. Don’t worry, we’ll get you into a routine, but first there’s one more thing. Now, I want you on your stomach, ass up.”

Lori didn’t resist. She winced a bit as she lifted her udder onto the bed and rolled herself into something of a face down, ass up position, her body arched over the giant udder. She felt very exposed and she could hear the clink of small things. She shuddered to think of what they might be, and what that meant for her.

A damp cloth burned against her vulva, still close shaven from the other day, as he cleaned off her sex once more. She hated to admit that the touch aroused her, even though she loathed the man who was touching her and the burning wasn’t comfortable. Still, the increase in her libido had left her feeling needy, and she quickly felt warm as he prodded and poked. Lori buried her face into the sheets, aware her face was already starting to ooze its own readiness.

Not that he cared. He just spread her lower lips apart, and she wished she could still bite her lip at the sensation. He seemed to ignore the signs of her arousal and instead she felt the jab of a needle into her labia. She would have screamed, but instead only the forced gurgle came out, followed by tears. A moment later more came as he repeated the process in the other labial lip.

Lori wanted it to be over, but something else pressed into her, and her heightened sense of arousal welcomed it even as she struggled mentally to deal with the sensation. It didn’t take her long to realize it was the speculum, as the farmer pressed it open. Clutching the blankets, she tried to hold still for whatever might come, only to feel the harsh prick in her cervix as her emptied a third syringe of serum into her body.

The farmer closed and withdrew the speculum, setting it and the empty syringes aside for Holly to clean up. Patting the deformed woman’s ass, he said “good girl,” as if she were just a prize cow at the fair. Standing he walked into the other room, leaving the two bovine women together.

*** *** ***

The farmer left a few minutes later, his heavy tread fading into the distance. Lori preferred it that way. At least Holly seemed genuinely nice and caring, even if her job was only to get Lori to enjoy the changes that they were forcing her to undergo.

Holly helped Lori back into a sitting position, her vulva still feeling tender and achy. She wanted to rub it, but thought better of that for the moment, since the farmer was still in the other room doing something by the couch.

As it was, Holly had other plans. She pulled out a machine on a cart that they’d left in the other room when they’d entered. A small machine sat on top of a strangely shaped cart. Lori glanced over at Holly.

“It’s a milking machine, silly.” The larger woman said as she sat down, still looking flushed. “It’s time to get you some relief from those teats of yours.”

She spent several minutes pointing out how the device worked. They’d modified it to have a second set of tubes for her nipples, that were smaller and sucked at a lower pressure than the ones for her teats. The large collection tank sat on one side, and the pump was all electric, plugging into the wall socket. Lori took it all in, nodding as she looked over the machine. She was keenly aware of the growing pressure in her flesh that demanded some release.

“So, when you’re done, you need to remove this tank and put it in the refrigerator immediately. It’s set to 34 degrees to keep it cool enough until we can come get it.” Holly finished her speech.

Lori hadn’t paid much attention to the small kitchen, there wasn’t much in there. They hadn’t left her utensils or cookware anyway. But there was a small refrigerator, like the kind you’d find in a cheap apartment.

Holly babbled on about proper care of her teats, taking time to wipe them off with a clean cloth and bringing out a jar of udder balm for later use. She warned against letting them get chapped or they’d hurt later.

Turning on the machine she gently rubbed the first of Lori’s teats, making it firm in her hand. Lori’s moaned a bit in pleasure at the new sensations down there. A sudden fwoomp sound and the pull on her teat made her eyes go wide for a second before the system started to suction gently. Holly repeated this on each teat and nipple with practiced ease, until she’d completed the hook up of the transmogrified woman.

Lori shook slightly with the pleasure that coursed through her body, even as milk began to flow into the waiting tank. Each rhythmic pull slowly releasing the pent-up pressure in her body. She made vague noises of pleasure as the tank’s meter started to rise.

*** *** ***

Eventually the tank was nearly full, and Lori’s body felt remarkable relief from the weight and pressure it’d felt that morning. Holly made her drink as she slowly unhooked the tubes and cleaned her nipples and teats carefully. A smear of udder balm followed to prevent any chapping and soreness. Not that Lori seemed to notice, she was still in a pleasure haze.

“You must want breakfast now; you’ve got to be hungry.” Holly said, squirming slightly.

Lori nodded vaguely, her stomach rumbling a bit.

Holly grimaced. “Damn it. Can it wait just a few more minutes?”

The cunt-faced woman gave her a questioning look, miming a question mark in the air.

“I, um, was asked to show you something else and so, well, I’m a bit late for my laying. But the farmer wanted me to show you, since well, you’ll be laying soon too. Anyway, I really can’t hold them any longer or I’m going to bind up.” Holly shifted uncomfortably on the chair.

Lori tried to absorb this idea that she’d be laying eggs too soon. That would explain the recent shots in her crotch. She shuddered. Another part of her humanity ripped away from her.

Holly slid off the chair and squatted down, her udder resting on the floor. “I don’t mind you watching. I just need to… ooh.”

Lori had a good view of Holly’s marvelous backside, her hips raised just off the floor, spread wide, revealing the plump lips that were almost pulsing as she grunted and groaned, her breathing coming more rapidly. At first it was hard to noticed, but slowly there was clearly something pressing downward, slowly pushing the lips wider as she pushed the object out. It crowned, sticky with juices, as Holly gave a gasp, before she was able to press it all the way out, letting it slide to the floor with a satisfied noise.

The egg was large, probably about the size of a goose’s egg. Holly reached around herself and picked it up. “Yeah, it’s intense. Feels really good though.” She set the egg inside the bag she’d brought with her.

The act had been a bit mesmerizing for Lori who was contemplating what that would mean for her when the time came. She looked up at Holly, who had returned to her seat and was prepping her udder for Lori’s breakfast. She poked the woman’s knee, and pointed at the bag where the egg had gone.

“The egg? What about it? It’s just an egg.” Holly said. There was a slight sense of sadness about her voice though.

Lori mimicked holding a baby.

“Oh, I see. No, I can’t have kids like this. No, it’s okay, I don’t mind. I mean I suppose some guy could change so he could fertilize my eggs, but I’m not sure I’d want to see what they’d hatched into. It’s something I’d rather not think about.” The sadness remained in her voice. Clearly, she hadn’t expected to never have kids.

Another tap and Lori pointed at herself, again miming the baby.

“No, you can’t either. Or at least you won’t once the serum takes effect from this morning. You’ll probably start laying in a day or two and then? Well, I hope you didn’t want kids.” Holly wiped a small tear from her eye.

A few tears slipped from Lori’s eyes as she felt herself giving up on hopes and dreams. Even if she could return to the world outside, what would she do? She couldn’t have a family; she’d just be some freakish monster. She hated this place; it was rapidly stealing every dream from her.

Holly tried to comfort her, but Lori shrugged her off. The taller woman knew enough to let her charge get the crying out of her system at her own pace. She sat quietly until hunger drove Lori to her needed meal from her own teats. Even then she worked to console the grieving woman.

*** *** ***

Holly finally wiped off her teat from where Lori had been suckling. The breakfast had taken a while, the woman was both hungry and miserable. Not that it lessened Holly’s pleasure at getting suckled by

the strange cunt on the woman’s face, feeling the gentle pulling that came with it, but it was a more somber event today.

She took a moment to let Lori digest while she carried the heavy milk tank from the earlier pumping to the fridge, and cleaned up the machine. It fit nicely in the corner of the room, out of the way until needed again. There were several spare tanks in the small kitchenette, she placed one of these on it, just to make sure it was ready when the evening milking time came. Her ward was going to be a big producer, she was certain.

After breakfast she led Lori back out into the sitting room, revealing another new device that the farmer had left her. It was a small spinning wheel like device that let Lori wind up her silk on small spools. Holly carefully showed her how to work the foot pedal to create just enough tension without breaking the damp silk, and how to change out the spools when they were full. There were several, for varying sizes of silk, and a basket, one side full of blank spools, the other empty.

“Try to do at least one spool a day, okay?” Holly said as she finished the instructions. Lori just nodded dully.

Holly disappeared for the while, leaving Lori alone with her thoughts. Idly she let her spinnerets go to work, letting the long thread and the repetitive action dull her mind as she worked. It took some of the edge off, but not a lot.

After a while she took a quick shower, letting her tears flow. It helped some. She knew she’d gotten herself into this mess, and now she’d paid a steep price for it. It wasn’t fair, but her mother always told her to play the card you’re dealt. She had her story, though, but was it worth it? She lay down for a nap and wondered herself into a restless sleep.

Holly reappeared mid-day, offering her another snack and chiding her to continue to drink more fluids. This time she let Holly touch her, letting the session be more than just feeding, but rather Holly’s gentle probing of her facial folds, leaving her panting in orgasmic bliss, wishing she had something more to fill her than just Holly’s engorged teat.

Holly had also brought some of those liquid feeding tubes too, leaving a stock of them in the refrigerator for her to have whenever she felt hungry. She’d always have access to Holly’s teats, as Holly seemed rather enamored of the sensations herself, but she needed more nutrition than just milk.

The evening continued much the same as the morning, with her udder continuing to feel tighter, plumper as she worked more treat onto the spools, the gossamer silk glinting with the remaining dampness from her cunt. Her foot continued to work the pedal as her delicate spinnerets worked the long line of threat that slowly fed onto the spool.

Eventually she couldn’t avoid it, and she finally waddled back into the bedroom and hooked herself up to the machine again. She examined her udder a bit more this time, watching the movement of her teats in the tubes as the milk spurted. She realized then that her udder was probably bigger than Holly’s. Not hugely so, but bigger, and with longer teats.

Unhooking herself she made sure to put the milk away, clean the machine, and add udder balm to her sore nipples. It felt good, relieving the rawness that came with the constant suction that rubbed against them. With that she flopped over onto her bed, exhausted from the day, both emotionally and physically. She was asleep quickly, and never heard someone coming to remove the two filled containers of her milk and the first spool of her thread.


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Chapter 11: First Clutch

Yawning she blinked in the soft light of the morning. She could feel the pressure in her udder, already full again. Struggling back to a seated position she realized this was going to be her life from now on, a routine of milking morning and night, with her days filled with spinning silken threads. It wasn’t much to look forward to.

Still, her udder was demanding and soon enough she’d managed to hook it up, letting the pumping drift her off into a hazy bliss as she felt herself drained. After that it was a shower and some breakfast.

Holly came in around mid-morning, and by then Lori was ready for the extra meal, and the constant attention to her face. The two made a slow act of it, Lori gently draining Holly’s udder, while Holly’s fingers twitched and rubbed across Lori’s face. The orgasms distracting the both from the dullness of their day-to-day lives.

Lori took some time to recover, settling in on the couch as her mind spun from the three morning orgasms and the continued pulsing twitch of her face. Meanwhile, Holly pulled out a small cardboard box triumphantly, causing Lori to arch an eyebrow, wondering what was in it.

“I got you a surprise!” Holly chirped, beaming. She pulled open the box to reveal a handful of old books. They were some old classics. Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, Little Women, and several books by Jane Austin.

Eyes wide with surprise, Lori carefully picked up the books, something to finally do other than be face fucked and milked. She wrapped her arms around Holly, giving her a huge hug, feeling their udders and breasts pressing against each other. It felt good. The books were nice too.

Holly couldn’t stay all day, she had other duties to attend. She pulled away but not before giving a full kiss to Lori, letting her tongue drag up the slit to her clit, before giving it a gentle sucking kiss. Lori just quivered in place as Holly pulled away.

Trying to ignore the sudden gush of juices that threatened to overwhelm her, Lori settled back with a new spool and a book in hand. Her grool spilling easily forth as she still tingled from the kiss, starting a find spool of thread, even as her fingers danced across the pages of the first book in the collection. It was something to do with her hands other than fondle herself, at least. Not that she minded that either, and she stopped several times that afternoon for a quick pick-me-up session with herself.

She barely even noticed when Holly returned for her evening meal. But this time she made sure to do more for the bovine woman than just suckle her lovely teats. Her fingers reached under the udder and probed for the valley between her legs, finding it wet and ready for her. She made sure to leave Holly almost as red-faced as she was after they finished, Holly’s gentle mooing moans punctuating the evening together. Lori’s only regret that she couldn’t taste her lover, as she could no longer lick her fingers.

*** *** ***

Lori awoke with a start. Her stomach gurgled. She could feel something different. Sure, her udder was full again, and the pressure was distinctly there, but this was something new, a different feeling, as if something inside her was moving. A slow realization dawned on her as she felt her womb contract. She was having her first egg.

She tried to roll over out of bed, but only managed to pinch her udder’s teats, spraying milk on her sheets. Her hand landed in a puddle of her facial drippings from the night too. She knew the sheets would need to changing now, but that was far less important than trying to get herself into a position where the pressure in her belly would release.

Another contraction hit. She could feel herself getting ready to push. Flopping herself over she finally managed to get herself to the edge of the bed. Unsure how to balance herself she just knelt forward, letting her hips spread wide as she sank down until her udder pressed full against the floor, leaving her lower cunt just inches above the wood.

The egg was moving now, she could feel it as another contraction pushed it into the canal of her vagina, sliding down as the muscles pushed it out. She gurgled out as she felt it start to crown, only to feel it slip back in. The sensation against her inner walls more orgasmic than painful. She hard to press down several times before the egg crowned fully, by then her fingers had reached under her udder to play with her clit, making the release time with her orgasm. She could feel her lips around the egg, spreading wide, gaping as she let it slide out of her fully. Almost immediately though her body sent another contraction and she realized there were more. The second was easier, but no less enjoyable as it pressed downward, boring from her cervix to her vaginal opening. She wiggled her hips as it slid out, followed closely by a third.

Exhausted by the ordeal she struggled to remain upright, her udder dribbling on the floor as she felt herself closing back up. She shivered.

Tossing the three eggs onto the bed, where their goo mixed with that of her nightly mess and the milky sheets, she turned to get a shower.

*** *** ***

Holly almost jumped for joy when she saw the three eggs that lay there. Lori was just emerging from the shower when she received a full kiss by the taller woman, sending another shockwave of pleasure into her head.

“Oh, wow! Three eggs!” Holly cheered her. “Princess, that’s amazing!”

Lori had lost track of how long she’d been there, a week? Two weeks? But here she was a sexual, milky, egg-laying, drooling monster. What was next for her? Lori could only wonder. She certainly wasn’t the woman she had been. But a part of her wasn’t sure who she was becoming. The orgasms were good, though. Scratch that, the orgasms were excellent. It was her last clear thought as she succumbed to yet another brain blistering orgasm at Holly’s expert finger tips, and this time, Holly drank from her udder.

*** *** ***

Life turned into a rhythm for Lori after that. The farmer seemed to lose his interest in her other than to regularly collect her milk, eggs, and silk.

Each morning would start with her laying three more eggs, breakfast, and a milking session, before Holly would show up for her mid- morning feeding. They’d spend a few hours together, which increasingly ended up in the bed, where she treated Lori to exquisite brain blasting orgasms. Lori tried to return the favor as much as she could, but it was hard to concentrate.

Lori loathed to admit it, but she was becoming addicted to the sensations her body produced, and the fuzzy empty-headedness that it left her in for much of the rest of the day. She’d spend the afternoons spooling her silken thread, and reading one of the few books that Holly snuck into her. Thankfully she was a slow reader.

Holly took care of most of the needs, from collecting her milk to refilling her stock of gruel in the fridge every few days. On nice days she was even able to open the windows from outside to allow fresh air into the small cottage.

Yet, Lori still knew it was all a prison. She wondered whether Martin was out looking for her yet. She’d foolishly not told him exactly where

she was going. Mary knew, but she wasn’t sure if Mary would do anything until she’d been gone too long. Realistically it was too late now. She stared out a barred window wondering if someone would ever find her. Sometimes she wondered if she even wanted them to, as her hand absently toyed with one long teat.


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Chapter 12: Lost and Found

The farmer looked at his latest catch. She’d broken quickly, blubbering about looking for her friend. Her description was close enough to another of his herd that he didn’t take long to figure out whom she was after. He stared at her a minute more, debating what to do with her. She was a prime candidate herself, and she’d just walked into his arms. Her mop of curly brown hair, her thick, but supple thighs. She was attractive enough too. He always like attractive cattle. They were more fun.

Folding his hands, he stared down at where she lay on the floor. “I’ll make you a deal. If I can show you your friend, neither of you can leave, and there will be a price to pay. Do you understand?”

Her arms trembled. “You can’t do that.”

He gave her a cold smile. “Yes, I can. But, if you prefer, I can let you go now, leaving you forever wondering about your friend, but never able to remember this place again?”

“Remember… nothing of this? How would I ever forget this.” She gestured to the dark cell that they held her in.

“I have my ways.” His voice sat on that soft edge, menacing, threatening to slip off into anger while remaining completely calm and in control.

The woman’s tears fell. “I promised her. I promised that I would find her. I can’t break my promise.” She sobbed.

“As you wish.” He left her.

*** *** ***

The relaxed routine didn’t last for Lori. Eventually the farmer returned, disturbing her afternoon reverie, forcing her to stuff the book she’d been reading between the couch cushions to hide it from him.

“Good afternoon, Princess. I think it’s time you and I had another little talk.” He said coldly, pulling a small black device from his pocket, and pointing it at her ankle monitor that she still wore. It beeped in response. “Come on.” He said harshly, all but pushing her out the door.

It’d been weeks, probably more than a month since she’d set foot outside. A sense of vertigo and fear almost set in, rather than the euphoria that she expected. The hand on her shoulder shook the shock from her as the farmer grabbed and directed her back towards the old barn.

The warmth of the day and the sunlight made no dent in the cloud of fear as she headed back to that place. Memories of her lost teeth, of the changes. The last scents she’d smelled of musty air and old hay. She reached up and gently touched the gash on her face, the facial cunt that had replaced her nose and mouth. She shuddered at the memories, but he still forced her onward.

Inside the building she felt small and overwhelmed, but something else was there. A faint sobbing cry, that grew louder as he led her back to the room that she feared most. The door stood closed, but she trembled at the sight of it.

The farmer stopped her there, pulling aside a small slat that allowed a view into the dim room. He peered in, while Lori continued to listen to the sobbing that came from the room. The voice that sounded familiar. Far too familiar.

“Please! Stop! Let me go! I’ve done nothing! I told you, I’m just looking for my friend, she’s missing!” The words were barely

understandable between choking sobs, but Lori knew that voice and her heart sank and tears welled in her eyes.

Lori turned to regard the farmer, but he was already watching her. “You know her don’t you, Princess.” It wasn’t a question, not really. He pulled a on a bit of her hair, now nearly fully blond save for the dark tips that were all that remained of her dye job.

He pushed her up the small slat so she could peer through, though she had to stand on her tip-toes to do so. She could just barely make out the hunched over form of her friend kneeling on the floor. The blond hair and delicate frame of her dearest of friends. Lori wondered what horrors the farmer had in store for her.

The figure shook and wove. A faint muffled crying passed through the small gap, a plaintive voice. “Please, I just wanted to find my friend and go home.”

He seemed to read her mind. “Oh, yes, she will get punished for coming here. I can’t have her running off to tell people about my operations, can I? But, you see, unlike you, Princess, she didn’t try to hide who she was. I’ve already run a background check on her. No family, no social media, nothing. She can disappear as easily as you did. I hope you can live with that on your conscience, because I’m certain she came here looking for you.”

Lori’s tears gave her away. His cold look just belied the monster that was behind the stony mask. She hated him, but he had the power. He’d warped her, her body now longer her own, and her old life now beyond reached. Now, she watched as her friend risked the same fate for her.

“So, princess, shall I let her see what she came to see?” He said in his flat icy voice.

The tone bored into her. She didn’t want Mary to see her, not like this. She shook her head.

“Too bad, Princess. Honesty deserves a reward, and I’m going to give it to her. She’s going to find you, or at least what you’ve become.” Flat and emotionless, he didn’t seem to care at all about the harms he caused.

In the gloom the twin sons came up beside their father. Together they unbarred the door and opened it. A firm hand on Lori’s shoulder, he pushed her inside to greet her friend.

*** *** ***

“Well, well, here we have a happy little reunion, don’t we?” His voice reverberated in the small room.

Mary looked up at the figures before her, her face streaming with tears. Broken and exhausted, she not made for such harsh treatments. She stared strange woman that entered with the tall dark man. She looked like her friend, but grotesquely changed. The disfigurement of her what looked like a pussy where her nose and mouth should be, four giant breasts, and a huge udder hung off hips wider than she remembered. But the eyes, they were still the same, and she’d know them anywhere.

“Lori?” She said, tentatively, gasping at the mutilated form of the slender, self-assured woman she remembered. She tried to process the impossibility of what she saw in front of her, but how could she have become so radically changed? That gaping slit? The breasts? The udder? It wasn’t possible. All that seemed to remain was the blonde hair, now almost free of dye, and the soulful grey eyes that welled with tears of their own.

Lori wanted to hide. To run away. She was ashamed of what she looked like now, and she saw the horror in her friend’s face. A friend

who had come to save her. But it was too late, and it was not too late for her friend, she was certain of that. Instead, she just nodded, feeling the salty tears running down her cheeks.

“Oh Lori!” Mary cried, “what have they done to you?!” She looked back at the man, “You monster!”

The farmer just laughed, a deep belly laugh, such as Lori had never heard him do. He wiped a tear of his own away in his mirth. “Ah, but I have kept my promise, haven’t I? I’ve let you see her, and that will come with a price. As for me being a monster? We all are. Some, like your friend here, just get to wear it on the outside now. Besides, II do not think you’ll be in a place to judge me on that soon enough.”

He turned to look at Lori. “Well, Lori, is it? A real name for you at last, Princess? I think I like Princess better. No matter. I’m going to let you watch what becomes of your friend.

Lori looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping he’d let Mary go, knowing he wouldn’t. She felt the twins brush by her as the farmer snapped his fingers. They grabbed Mary by the shoulders and pushed her down against the cold floor.

She tried to struggle, screaming at them to let her go, but they were too strong and she was exhausted. They yanked down her pants, and pulled her shirt up, leaving her exposed from breasts to crotch.

The farmer pulled a small wallet looking thing from his back pocket. Unzipping it her pulled out a syringe. Larger than any Lori remembered, it was full of a thick yellowish white fluid. The farmer knelt and jabbed it into her friend’s belly, forcing the fluid into the prone woman.

Lori wanted to run away, to be sick, but she felt rooted to the ground, watching in horror as Mary’s belly began to convulse. The skin below her navel bubbling up, quickly erupting with four teats that grew

longer by the moment. Pressure inside built rapidly, stretching the skin as the udder pushed and swelled, stretching to impressive size in just minutes to the horrified screams of her friend. The crack of her hips sounded loud and ominous, causing shrieks of pain that tailed off into whimpers as her pelvis widened to support the massive pink udder that now hung from her.

Too exhausted to continue thrashing, the twins pulled her up to a seated position now, her udder falling forward onto the ground between her splayed legs. A second syringe came out, this one her jammed into her throat, causing her to cough and choke, cutting off her cries. She gagged and coughed, bent forward, until a sudden lowing sound came from her.

Mary tried to talk, but her voice refused to respond with anything other than moos. Tears were falling like rain now down her face. Her eyes pleading at Lori for any kind of intervention. But Lori just stood there.

A last need came out, this one smaller than the rest. With this one they bent her forward, exposing her sex between those wide hips. They injected it into her labia, causing it to swell, dangling between her spread thighs, exposing her to the world.

The farmer put the syringes back in the wallet, nodding. “Well, Princess, I’m going to let you do the honors. I want you to finish the job. Bring her to an orgasm, fix her new position in the herd permanently. Now. Don’t worry, she’s about to be in heat, so she’ll appreciate it.”

Lori hesitated, but one of the twins grabbed her and hauled her to Mary’s backside. Mary lay folded over her udder, her hips spread wide on the floor, her swollen sex glinting in the low light, already long, swollen, and dripping.

The old Lori would have balked. She would have rejected the idea of touching another woman. But now? She was a creature that desired sex, and desired to touch and demanded touch sensually. The image before her just made her own juices start to flow. She resisted only moments now, watching the first drips of moisture hit the ground before her fingers slipped into the giant slit, first two fingers, then four. Her whole hand soon fit easily inside the woman, as she pumped back and forth, using motions to trigger the new cow woman’s g-spot.

It became a lathery mess as Mary instinctively responded, her hormones running rampant through her. Hips rocked in time with thrusts of Lori’s slender fisting, the vaginal walls clenching tightly, demanding more. The lowing sobs turning to moos of pleasure as she began to buck and shudder.

Eventually her friend let out a loud, long “Moo.” And tremored.

Lori slowly removed her hand from her friend’s sopping cunt, amazed at how easily she had obeyed the urges to pleasure the woman. She felt terrible inside though. Mary had come to save her, and here she’d just finished the final task of sealing Mary’s fate with her own. Tears ran down Lori’s cheeks as Mary lay across her udder, her body still quivering.

“Good girl, Princess.” The farmer said, as he inspected his newest cow.

Lori felt hands slid under her arms, as the twins brought her back to her feet. She glanced at the farmer, who seemed unconcerned with her. She pointed at her friend, who lay there, barely awake now.

The twin on her right seemed to guess what she was after. “Oh her? She’ll be off to join the rest of the herd soon. She’ll be a real good milker, that one. Don’t worry, she’ll be well taken care of.” He calmly pushed her out the door, leading her back to the small hut that she’d called home for so long now.

*** *** ***

She wasn’t sure why she got such different treatment from the rest of the herd. She never saw or interacted with anyone else but Holly, yet she knew from Holly there were many women there who had undergone changes into udder women and more. Why hadn’t they leave her with them?

Lori wondered what else they’d done to her friend. She knew how much of a mind fuck the orgasms were with those changes. Mary would be barely coherent. Would she remember that it was her that made the final act happen? Maybe, maybe not. It all ran together after a while. She wondered about the swollen sex they’d given her. Would she lay eggs too? Or was there something else afoot? The farmer had said something about her going into heat. Was she destined for breeding? If so, by whom? Regardless that huge udder made her own look small. If milked regularly she would be a productive cow.

The farmer came in later. “Evening, Princess. It’s time we talked again.”

Lori sat there stoically, letting the thread she’d been working on continue to dribble down her chin.

“Take this as a word of warning, Princess. If I find another person snooping around looking for you, their punishment is going to be much worse. Now tell me, how many more people knew where you went and why?” He towered over her, his voice grim and harsh like an old crow.

Lori trembled, and raised a single finger, thinking of Martin.

“Are they going to be able to find us? Do they know the location of this farm?” He asked.

She shook her head. No one else knew where she’d gone. Only Martin even knew she was even gone, but he didn’t know where she was. Plus, she’d technically broken up with him on the way out the door. She wondered if he would even know to look for her? Would he care? Did he know how to find the files on her computer? Or get the cops to look at it? Probably not. They were all password protected and in hidden folders. And they’d probably never even think to look for them.

He seemed satisfied for now and turned to take his leave, but not before reactivating her ankle monitor. The door lock clicking as he left.

She should have gotten something to eat. Or relieved the growing pressure in her udder, but she felt eaten up by guilt. Laying in the bed she cried herself to sleep.


Re: The Chronicles of Lori & Holly - by palindrome256

Chapter 13: Honey

Holly found Lori the next morning still abed. Her hand slid over Lori’s udder, making the woman wince, it was tight and swollen. Her belly too felt wrong, as if things that should be moving weren’t.

Holly seemed to recognize all this, and knowing there was a new strange cow in the barn this morning she had a guess as to why Lori was so upset. She slowly worked at soothing the shattered remains of her captive lover’s spirit. Working gently to get her rolled over and hooked up to the milkers from a squatting position. A bottle of water was next, to combat the dehydration that was setting it. Then she gently went to work on massaging the pelvis and stomach, trying to release the eggs that were bound up there. Eventually sliding down to help ease the delivery with gentle massage of her lips and clit as the three eggs slipped unbound and finally free. Holly was pleased to see that each were undamaged.

Even after Holly insisted on more water before she finally could just enfold her in a proper hug and let the woman cry on her shoulder. “Shh, it’s alright. Is this about the new girl?”

She felt Lori nod her head in response.

“Don’t worry, whatever happened, don’t blame yourself. She’ll be okay, and I promise I’ll keep an eye on her for you, okay?”

Another gentle nod, tinged with a mix of salty tears and sticky juices as she rubbed her face into Holly’s shoulder.

*** *** ***

Holly stuck around long enough to ensure that Lori was able to eat and at least compose herself a little. They skipped their usual love making,

which made Holly a bit sad, but she understood that her lover was grieving for another friend right now.

Heading out she trotted down to the barns. The other cow women greeted her, and she stopped to ask where the newest member of the herd was. Several women pointed to the far side of the barn. Holly thanked them and went to find the newest woman.

She found her strapped to one of the milking bars. Her udder gigantic, even by the farm’s standards, her hips impossibly wide. She could barely hear the soft burble of the milking machines gentle hum and rhythm over the piston sounds of the thrusting sex machine that sat behind the woman.

The woman didn’t pay her any attention as Holly moved around her. Inspecting what they’d done. She mooed with every thrust, her giant hips shaking with the motions of the machine.

Holly patted her udder. Another low moo. The small belled collar they’d strapped on her clanked. The eyes stared vacantly, glazed over. It was a look Holly knew all too well among those women who’d let their minds break. Her world consumed by the fog of her constant need to orgasm. Maybe, in time, she’d recover as her heat receded, but only time would tell. As it was now her plump lips oozed cum as she rode the device behind her, happy as can be.

Shaking her head Holly wished neither Princess nor this woman had come. They didn’t deserve this. She’d volunteered. She was different. But trickery led some of the women here, others found themselves forced into this life. She loved the changes, but was it fair to force them on others? Things needed to change, but she was just one cow. How would she change things?

She patted the rump of the cow woman, trying to offer support, but there was little that could happen right now. A moo was her only response anyway. Checking the milkers were properly set and that

there wasn’t any chafing starting, she headed to her private quarters in the other barn to collect a few things.

*** *** ***

Holly found Lori again after the noon hour, still morose, but now at least up and weaving her threads. She sat down next to her despondent lover and gave her a hug. This time a hand reached up and clung to her arm in reciprocation.

Pulling out the small items that she’d collected form her room, she saw Lori’s eyes light up with surprise. The small nail kit wasn’t much, but it was a chance for her to do something nice. Slowly she worked at each of her hands, even getting some hot water to soak her hands and feet in bowls. It wasn’t a proper manicure or pedicure, but after weeks of not having any such tools Lori’s nails were in desperate need of care, and it was something they could do together.

Lori’s nails cleaned; Holly produced the last item she’d brought. It was a small bottle of nail polish, dark blue with golden sparkles.

While those were drying, she told Lori that her friend was okay, and that she’d checked on her. Lori only nodded, a few more tears welling in her eyes at what had happened to her friend all because of her.

The door opened, and the Farmer stepped into the small space. “Hello Holly. Hello Princess.” He nodded, an unusually friendly gesture for him.

Lori just looked up at him, her eyes still tinged with the redness from crying. If he saw, he never acknowledged it.

“Stand up, Princess, it’s time for your next treatment.” The ice had returned to his voice.

Holly bit her lip; she’d never really challenged her boss before, but after all that she’d been through watching Lori suffer, she couldn’t stand anymore. “No.”

The farmer turned and looked at her. “What did you say to me?”

Holly swallowed hard. “I said no. She’s changed enough. What else could you want from her?”

The finger of the farmer poked menacingly at her. “It is my decision what changes she gets, and when she gets them. If you try to get in the way, I’ll make sure you join her in the same. Do I make myself clear?”

Holly only nodded; certain he’d do exactly that.

Lori was limp, even as he repositioned her into a kneeling position on the couch, her hips spread wide to accommodate the udder, revealing her moist lower sex. Holly looked on, quietly, wondering and fearing what was coming.

The farmer pulled out a single syringe this time, injecting it into the base of her spine. Had Lori still been able to scream she would have, but instead she only gave a muffled gurgle as her face folds pressed into the couch. This, she knew, was her punishment for getting Mary involved. She barely registered it as he ran his fingers over her groin and face, sending her mind reeling into orgasm whether she wanted it or no. Her body just wouldn’t accept the idea of not being horny, and every touch overwhelmed her ability to resist.

He left her on the couch there, her mind vapid as the chemicals began their work. Then he left, with only a steely glance at Holly who sat quietly, hands folded over her own udder.

After he left, Holly gathered the emotionally spent Lori into her arms and rocked her. Her sensitive fingers already noticing the small nub that was forming at the base of the woman’s spine.

*** ***  ***

It was a struggle to get herself back into routine again after the previous day, but Lori tried. She pushed thoughts of Mary from her mind, and buried herself into her weaving and Holly’s massive chest.

Holly continued to be supportive letting Lori move at her own pace, but enjoying it when the sensual woman desired more than just a shoulder to cry on. More than a few cuddle sessions quickly turned lewd and resulted in both women climaxing several times.

Over the next few days, it slowly got better, and Lori started to come back to some sense of normalcy. Well, as normal as she could ever envision being in this place. Holly kept her watch on the new cow, but had little to say other than she was doing well. There didn’t seem to be much point in upsetting Lori about the near constant state of heat that her friend was in.

Lori was also paying more attention to the new nub at the top of her ass. It was making it hard to even find a sitting position that was comfortable. It was slowly expanding, ballooning out into a shiny, bulbous mass that seemed to consist of three heavy chitin plates and a sack that was slowly filling with something. She couldn’t move it, except when she moved her whole ass, and it didn’t really seem to have any strong sensations, though she could feel when she tapped upon it. It was, perhaps, a food or so long now, and it made sitting in any chair a decided problem. She wanted to grumble about that, but all that ever game out was a bit of a garbled burble.

Holly just watched curiously, unsure of what the new growth even was. That she didn’t know didn’t comfort Lori in the least.

The food they were giving her was also changing. In addition to Holly’s regular supply of milk, the brown mixture was becoming paler, more like a syrup than a gravy.

The farmer only came to check on her once or twice, nodding as he tapped on the structure that protruded from her backside. He didn’t bother saying anything though.

*** *** ***

By the end of the week, she realized her new tail was still growing. Poking at it again she noted that it was expanding around as the sack under it seemed to be filling, getting heavier. She got Holly’s attention that afternoon to look at it. Holly lifted the heavy perturbance and realized that the pale sack was inflating, expanding to a near clear as it filled with a rich golden-brown colored liquid.

Exploring the odd appendage, she realized there was a small, tight valve-like sphincter at the end of the tail. Lori jumped when she touched that. The spot was clearly very sensitive, but slowly Holly massaged the spot into compliance as a small glob of the thick liquid oozed out, dribbling onto Holly’s finger.

It was sticky, and slid slowly down the length as Holly turned it in the light. She sniffed it and then with apparent delight she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean, smacking her lips happily.

“Damn, Princess, that’s good stuff.” She said, licking her lips.

Lori looked at her with a confused expression. Holly just licked her fingers clean of the last vestiges of the goo and said “Honey. You’re making honey.”

The confusion didn’t disappear from Lori’s face. She’d never heard of bees making honey in their butts before, not even when she took that pollinator’s class for her gardening course. Not that it looked like a

bee’s tail anyway. No stinger, all black, just kind of odd. She reached around and patted the bulb gently, wondering what the hell she was now? Part spider, part cow, part chicken, and part whatever this was? How much of her was still human?

Holly didn’t seem to mind her distraction too much, but made a point to ensure that a couple extra orgasms in the afternoon milking left Lori vacant and blissful. It was a surefire way to keep the woman from worrying too much about anything. Holly felt a little guilty though about doing that to her. She was a person, after all, and deserved to understand what was happening to her own body.

*** *** ***

Holly hadn’t intended to tell the farmer about the honey, but he asked and she couldn’t hide it from him. The next morning, not long after milking, he returned to the small space that imprisoned Lori. He came in smiling that cruel smile of his, and carrying with him a small case of mason jars.

A mental sigh was all Lori could muster, and she fell forward on her knees, careful to not squash her udder to painfully. Her new tail rose to a position where its bobbing fullness stood exposed to the farmer. While the new tail lacked the tactile senses of most of the rest of her body, she could still feel when he reached the small sensitive opening at the tip. Where Holly’s touch had been gentle, his was crude and forceful. But the nub itself still sent shivers of pleasure through her, yet another button on her body that was slowly turning into a living orgasm machine. Not as powerful, perhaps as her two clits, but still noticeable.

He observed it for a moment, his thumb pressing on the spot. “Can you open it, Princess? Or do I need to force it.”

Lori suppressed a shudder at the idea of him forcing it. Thankfully after Holly’s experimentation she’d managed to wire her brain to control

this latest addition to her menagerie of body parts. On an intellectual level she was quite impressed with the genetic engineering done to her body. The ability to rewire her brain to work body parts that were not human was beyond remarkable. Perhaps had she not been an unwilling guinea pig for the experiments she might be more interested in the potential of it.

Relaxing her new muscles, she let the golden-brown honey start to ooze outwards. It was slow, barely a dribble. The farmer seemed too impatient for this and he grabbed the sack underneath that lay swollen with the stuff and squeezed.

She had expected some pain at that, but strangely there was none, as if the sack’s design was for such rough handling. It was just an odd sensation that rippled through her as her honey gushed out into the waiting jars.

Her adjusted several times, making sure to get as much of her honey out as he could, until almost all the jars were full and her tail was feeling sore. She could feel the muscles tightening and the flow of the liquid came to a stop.

The farmer leaned back, eyeing the honey, pleased at the color and consistency. Lori just turned to look at him over her shoulder.

“I bet you’re curious again. You always are.” He said, glancing at her out of the corner of his eye.

Lori nodded. He just chuckled, put the jar in the box, and walked out without a further word. Lori silently raged at him. She wanted to know what was happening to her body, even if she couldn’t control it.

*** *** ***

It was Holly that came to the rescue of her curiosity. The cow woman had found an old book on insects somewhere on the farm and brought

it with her that afternoon. It was old and dog-eared badly, but it was still something. Holly flipped through it the page she was looking for before handing it to Lori.

Lori grabbed the book, settling into an odd cross-legged position sideways on the couch, it was proving to be the only way not to squish either her udder or her new tail. The top of the page it read “Honey Ants: Nature’s other sweet maker.”

Lori spent some time reading about them, and was privately very happy that she just got the tail only. She shuddered at the thought of having the antenna, or the compulsion to vomit up the sweet nectar she was producing. She figured the honey probably wouldn’t have been hygienic enough to sell then. She privately thanked the mad scientist who made the serum that that he at least came up with a solution that didn’t involve her puking every day. She had enough problems.

A soft hand settled on her back, and she could feel Holly trying her best to massage some of the tension of out her. It was sweet, finally she set the book down and let Holly just kneed her many tired muscles. Holly for her part was happy to oblige. She felt bad for the woman she knew as Princess. The number of changes were the most on the farm, and she was pretty sure that the farmer wasn’t through with her quite yet. Finally, the sleepy woman drifted off to sleep her head on Holly’s udder.


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Chapter 14: Roommate and Lover

Summer began its slow fade into autumn now. The weeks gone by had been just another chance for Lori to adjust to her body’s newest features, yet again. But she and Holly seemed to be getting closer, their time together lasting beyond the required minimum. Sure, Holly could have just let her get her milk and be gone. Maybe she just enjoyed the sex. But now? She spent more of her evenings with Lori, quietly cuddling or just reading together. What was the right term for their relationship now, she wondered, were they a couple now, or if this was something else? Holly even brought in a game of checkers. After ages deprived of most forms of entertainment Lori was thrilled to play anything at all, even if it was checkers.

During one particularly vexing game Holly piped up. “So, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

Lori turned her head again, her grey eyes met Holly’s blue ones. Lori absently brushed a strand of Holly’s dark hair out of her face. Lori’s own hair was its natural blonde again, and she felt Holly’s long dexterous fingers running through it. Lori sighed slightly in pleasure.

“I um, wanted to know, if, well if you’re okay with it, you’d like me to be with you. I know you’re not here by choice, but I kind of have developed feelings for you, and I was wondering if you, well, maybe felt the same?” Holly stuttered through the statement.

Lori just put a finger to Holly’s lips, silencing the taller cow woman. She nodded once, then pulled the other woman in for a face smashing kiss, lips meeting cunt lips. Holly obliged her newly minted lover with a generous tongue lashing in response. Lori just enjoyed every moment of it.

*** *** ***

A few days later, there was a commotion outside. It startled Lori from her spot on the couch with her morning milking, her eggs just starting to crown. She almost laid them in surprise, as the twins and Holly came barging into the room.

Lori stared as the twins removed the small bed, and the chairs and pretty much all the furniture that was in the room save the small stool she was using to keep from standing.

Then, in a whirlwind of activity they brought in the new furniture. There was a new, larger bed, a queen sized. It was so big it barely fit in the tiny bedroom. A small dresser replaced the tiny table and chair next to it. The sitting room got two new custom chairs, with adjustable and removable backs that would let her tail slide behind them easily, meaning she could sit in leisure again. Next to one of them her spinning spools were set up. Finally, there was a small table in the corner near the kitchen nook with three new higher stools.

The tiny kitchen, which lacked anything more than a refrigerator, sink, and couple tiny cabinets had a toaster oven and hot plate added. Next to that was a small coffee maker.

It was over almost as quickly as it had begun. In the space of just half an hour the apartment stood transformed, leaving only Holly there with a triumphant grin on her face.

“Tada!” She said, throwing her arms up. A move that made her large breasts bounce nicely, bringing a bit of grool to Lori’s lips as she watched them jiggle around.

Holly came over and gave her a hug. “I’m moving in!”

Lori just blinked, both a bit surprised and happy. Holly was the only thing that was keeping her going at this point, and having her around more would make the tedium more bearable.

She finished her milking, and laid her clutch, with some gentle sensual assistance from her newer lover. She greedily filled herself with Holly’s milk, only to have the taller cow woman pull her into the newly remodeled bedroom for some additional conjugal type activities, most of which left Lori laying in a heap afterwards, her breath panting through the small breathing holes. Holly had been insatiable, and had spent a great deal of time ensuring that what remained of Lori’s reservations about the new living arrangement slipped from her head as she shook with the after effects of the orgasms.

By the time she got up again the evening shadows had begun to lengthen and her udders and breasts were already feeling full; tight and sensitive to the touch. She took a dinner tube and slurped down the sugary slurry as she hooked the machine up.

“No, not tonight. Leave it.” Holly said softly in her ear, the breath on her ears making her twitch. “Today is for us.”

Holly took her hand and gently led her to the larger bed, slowly easing her down into a seated position. The taller cow woman knelt, settling between Lori’s legs. She took one of the long teats in her hands, rubbing it gently to erection before she slowly slipped it into her mouth.

Lori’s eyes bulged at the sensation. This was different from the pumps, or even the gentle motions of hand milking. It was far more sensual and arousing. She could feel Holly’s tongue wrapping around the teat, teasing it. The bovine woman slowly got into a rhythm as she rocked back and forth a bit with the suckling, letting her fingers wander to Lori’s much neglected nether cunt. There her fingers slid in small circles around her clit, flicking softly and tugging at the folds until the moisture was enough for her to slide her fingers into Lori. Her long digits ran up and down the front wall of her vagina, slowly rubbing the areas of her g-spot, making Lori’s legs shake and pulse rise.

Lori grabbed Holly’s other hand, bringing it to her cunt mouth, sliding those fingers into the slit that dominated her face, even as she fondled her own four breasts, letting milk leak out from the swollen nipples.

She relished the slow deliberate love making this time. There was nothing rushed as Holly moved from teat to teat with her mouth, taking in the milk. Nor was the pressure in either pussy too fast or too slow, just a steady comforting pace that let Lori wind up slowly, warming as the waves of orgasms rose and feel through her.

Eventually they slipped into a blissful slumber together, their bodies mutually exhausted by their escapades that left both twitching at the touch of the other. For the first time in a long time Lori drifted off into a contented sleep, carefully wrapped up with the woman beside her.

*** *** ***

Lori awoke the next morning to the gentle pressure of hands grasping her breasts. She looked down to see Holly’s long fingers gently squeezing her lower pair of breasts as she wrapped around her. It was an interesting and welcome feeling, though their bodies made cuddling awkward, what with both having large udders, not to mention her own tail pushed between them.

Shifting slightly, she heard her lover’s groggy moan. Turning to look back over her shoulder she caught the first rays of light hitting the deep blue eyes of her companion as they sparkled at her.

Holly yawned. “Good morning, Princess.”

Lori patted Holly’s hands, which got her breasts a nice gentle squeeze in return. Lori wiggled her butt against Holly’s udder in return.

The cuddling only lasted a short while as Holly grunted and shifted her hips awkwardly. Lori, familiar enough now with the process, knew that Holly’s daily egg was coming. Normally this would be something she’d

take care of on her own, but Lori wanted to be part of things now, it wasn’t as if Holly neglected her needs when she laid her eggs.

Taking a bit of her own facial grool she dampened her fingers and slowly reached around to Holly’s backside, her plump lips pressed between those luscious thighs. She began to massage the area, as Holly lifted her leg, letting the egg slowly press its way out. The egg bulged against her vulva, spreading it outward. Lori just took the opportunity to delicately caress the folds and work on the clit, making the egg’s passage less onerous and more pleasurable. The extra orgasmic stimulation was welcome as the egg crowned quickly, timed almost perfectly with a moaning orgasm from Holly, who quickly dragged Lori’s face in for a long kiss of thanks.

In short order Lori too could feel her eggs moving and Holly took great delight in returning the pleasurable experience as she laid one after another.

Eventually they would come to understand each other’s routines, but for now they enjoyed the freedom of cuddling, shower, and feeding each other through the morning hours. The extra spice in their life making both walking sex pots drip down their own legs at the constant sight and touch of the other.


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Chapter 15: Another Shot

Lori sat quietly in the morning sun that peeked in through the small window, enjoying some post-orgasmic bliss. Things had settled back into their routine and Holly still had to deal with the farm.

Holly had managed to bring in her collection of books, which gave Lori something more to do during the boring afternoons, even if most of them were old classics. Things like The Wizard of Oz, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and A Wrinkle in Time dominated the collection. Many of them stories Lori had read as a girl, but still enjoyed. She had a totally different appreciation for Alice and Dorothy now.

Feeling far more satisfied and content than she had been in a long while, Lori had begun to relax a bit. Sure, she knew she was still a prisoner, but at least she felt that Holly was now on her side, and that helped a lot. Some moment’s she wondered about Martin, if he was even looking for her, or if she was cheating on him with Holly. No, she’d technically broken up with him before she’d left. Holly at least knew how to touch a woman, so there was no loss in that department. Still, she felt a little bad for Martin.

Her mind would occasionally drift to her friend Mary too. Holly continued to keep an eye on her, but the reports were mostly the same. That she was fine, and healthy. She said little else, though she’d let slip that Mary spent most of her time hooked up to milking machines and in an orgasmic stupor. Lori felt guilty over what had become of her friend, she didn’t deserve to become a sex-crazed milk maiden.

Lori’s reverie broke with the heavy bang of the door. The footsteps that followed her heavy, not the light patter of Holly’s bare feet. She shuddered as she turned to look behind her, knowing what she’d find.

The farmer wore that dark smile of his. It was both jovial and yet deeply disturbing every time she saw it. His large frame towered over her, his voice still making her quake. “Good morning, Princess.” He seemed pleased this morning, and that only worried her more.

She wondered what he had planned this time. It’d been months since she’d joined the farm, and summer’s long days were now closing on the end of autumn. Things had been quiet for weeks after she had developed the abdomen of a honey ant. Her constant production of eggs, milk, silk, and honey provided the farmer with a steady stream of goods to sell. A flickering thought flashed through her mind, wondering if the people who ate her things knew where they came from? Would they accept that they came from the body of a horribly mutated woman? She doubted it. Shaking her self back to the present, she looked up placidly at the farmer.

He looked around the room. “Well, well, Princes. Getting all nested and cozy in here. Holly must really like you.”

Lori wouldn’t have said anything even if she could have. Instead, she just waited for him to get to whatever he wanted with her.

He gave up the pretense of looking about the refurbished little cabin. “Ah, so, it seems I had pegged you right. You’re a journalist after all.”

Lori didn’t bother acknowledging the truth. If he knew, he knew.

He wasn’t paying attention to her response anyway as he continued. “After your little friend came here to try to get you out? Well, she was able to give me enough information for me to track you down in the missing person’s files. Seems someone out there cared enough to report you missing. Not that it matters much, the police don’t have a clue where you are, so unless you have other friends who are as foolish as the first, I suspect you’re here to stay.” He chuckled.

Lori just glared at him, wondering if it was Martin or Mary who had filed the missing person’s report. It must have been Martin, because Mary would have told them where to find her. She hoped Martin wasn’t foolish enough to come here too, there’s no telling what the farmer’s cruel nature would do to him.

He waved his hand. “No matter. But you are my personal guinea pig, and well, it’s time to try something new for you again. I just got this new experimental serum today, and I’m just itching to try it out.”

He pulled out the small bag that she had become so familiar with. Her legs instinctively curled up under her.

He saw the movement and smiled darkly. “Unless, perhaps you’d like me to try it out on your friend? Or perhaps your lover?”

There was nothing for Lori to do as she accepted that he held all the cards yet again. Now he would just use Holly against her. It didn’t matter, she knew he’d planned the serum for her anyway, and it wasn’t worth fighting it. She couldn’t fight him off anyway, his strength was too much more than her own, and he could easily overpower her. Then the punishments would be worse, more injections, more changes. Maybe eventually her body would just give up after a while and she’d be free of him.

But that made her sad too, because she felt such a connection with Holly. She wondered if there was a future with her and Holly that didn’t involve the monstrous machinations of this madman.

She barely felt the initial jab of the needle as it entered her stomach, just above her udder, near her navel. The cold feeling spread through her stomach as her emptied the giant syringe into her. He wiped her stomach clean again after he removed the syringe and left her with little more than a small band aid over the spot.

Tears welled in her eyes as she felt the chemicals start their work, wondering how much more her body was going to be able to take.

*** *** ***

Lori debated trying to tell Holly about the shot, but with their limited sign language and no way for her to write anything, she finally just accepted that Holly either knew already, or would be better off not knowing. By the time Holly got home from her duties in the big barns that afternoon Lori could feel a hardness in the pit of her stomach. It was painful to touch, and she pushed Holly away from their evening love making.

The next day she felt even worse, lying down most of the day while her guts seemed to shift and move. There was now a slight red line around her navel, and it had a hard ridge like feature. Poking it felt both odd and painful.

Holly, unaware of the shot, finally went to fetch the farmer on the third morning. Her concern etched upon her face as she brought him in to see Lori lying on the bed, clutching at her stomach.

He, on the other hand, seemed quite pleased. “Ah, faster than I expected, Princess. How are you doing? Is it ready?”

Both women looked at him, confused. He paid neither any mind as he probed Lori’s stomach, feeling the hard ridge that sat in the middle. Poking and prodding he made her grimace several times, prompting Holly to ask what was wrong.

“Wrong? Nothing’s wrong. This is very right.” The farmer pressed against Lori’s navel and a faint popping noise filled the quiet room. Lori couldn’t see what was happening, but Holly could. Slowly the skin around the navel split, revealing a gash about three, maybe four, inches wide.  It opened into a pearlescent cavity of swirled colors.

Greens, blues, purples, and whites. In the center of it was a small pumping white mass, which oozed a thick pale mucus.

The farmer reached in his pocket and pulled out a small vial and an applicator device. Holding the strange pocket open he pulled out the applicator and stuck it in the center of the white mass, rubbing something on the surface. Lori gurgled a whimper, clearly in pain at the sensation.

Holly looked at him. “What did you do to her?” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“I made her into a gold mine. She’s got an oyster gland inside her now. I just seeded her with some sand grains so that she can grow us some pearls.” He pushed the opening closed and watched as the skin seemed to seal back up save for what looked like a puckered scar across her midsection. “Now, you don’t wash those out, do you hear me?”

Lori just nodded and whimpered a bit more as it felt like her stomach was on fire. He seemed satisfied with that and left.

Holly stared daggers after him. The slow resentment she had been building for the man boiling over into outright hatred as she watched her lover clutch her stomach. Her rage simmered as she sank down next to the tearful Lori and tried to comfort her.

*** *** ***

Lori was miserable that week. The first couple days with her new changes had been especially painful, as it felt like someone had poured sand and lemon juice into a papercut and then rubbed it. Slowly the pain became more tolerable, finally settling into a dull throb that she only noticed occasionally. It wasn’t as if her body wasn’t already strange enough. It was just one more thing that made her less than human.

About two weeks in, Holly convinced her to look at the opening in the mirror for the first time. The mucus it produced formed a seal that didn’t want to open easily, and it took some doing before the seal split and she could pry it apart.

The mirror showed a strange soft interior. The white mucus coated mass pulsed and bubbled in the center of the most gorgeous swirls of mother of pear she could imagine. Had it not looked so disturbing, she would have thought it was lovely. Deep in the mass she could see small bumps, little bigger than the head of a large pin, but shiny and dark. Pearls, black ones, and they were hers. She wasn’t sure how to feel about it. It was so strange to know that her body now produced a stone.

Holly said little about it, and they slowly returned to their routines. Eventually even returning to their lovemaking as the pain ebbed and Lori’s libido demanded the attention.

Still, Holly was acting oddly, and was often absent for longer than normal as she did her duties about the farm. Lori chalked this up to the need to prepare for the coming winter and cooler weather that had already crept in.

Holly said little of her duties, save to update her on Mary’s condition, which now seemed to include a stint as an egg-layer as well. Seemed the farmer thought she should have the extra duties after so many months of being in heat. Whether Mary cared or not was uncertain, as her mind continued in its addled state by the constant heat she was under. Holly reported that she was quite the layer though, the most productive one on the farm now. Most of the other cows had the change forced on them too, leaving all of them laying eggs in addition to their milking. For some reason Holly didn’t seem to be pleased with this news, no matter how much she enjoyed her own daily laying.

Lori just nodded and shed another tear for the woman who had tried to save her. She wondered if she’d ever even see her again, let along see the sparkling personality that she’d once had. If they could ever talk, what would she say? How would she apologize for getting her friend turned into this?

Holly seemed to read her mind, and comforted her, telling her it wasn’t her fault. The farmer was to blame, not her. And someday? He would reap his own rewards.

Lori hoped so, but she feared karma wouldn’t catch up to him.


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Chapter 16: Unexpected Visitors

Holly was out, and Lori sat in the dying light of the afternoon sun as she read when the knock at the door came. It startled Lori badly, as no one had ever knocked before. The farmer just came in as he pleased, and Holly, of course, lived with her. No one else ever came.

Setting down her silk spool and her book, she folded back her spinnerets and went to the door, stepping lightly across the chill floor.

“Miss Lori Granger?” came the woman’s voice. It was strong, but still had that softness of someone who might listen. “Miss Granger, if you’re in there, please open up.”

The sound of her real name. It shook her and gave her hope. The door lacked any peep hole or window, so she let it swing inward, in this moment reminded of the ankle monitor she wore. Would opening the door set it off? She hoped not.

Her eyes widened in surprise at the dark blue uniform of a police officer standing there. Her heart skipped a beat, or perhaps three, as she held the door’s handle tightly in her grip.

Then in sudden shame she realized she was a deformed monstrous freak, naked in front of this woman. She wanted to run, to hide her shame. But here was the help she’d wished for; would they see past her changes to help her? Could they even?

Lori’s fear strove with her for a moment, finally giving way to her hope. She looked up at the police officer, not trying to hide the trauma she had faced. She found her eyes locked with that of a stout, non-descript police woman of middle age, a note book in her hand.

To her credit the officer didn’t bat an eye at Lori’s strange appearance. “Good afternoon, Miss Granger, my name is Officer Tucker. May I come in?”

Lori slowly swung the door wider as the woman stepped inside. Suddenly Lori leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the woman and sobbed, her body making a gurgling noise as she felt her emotions pour forth.

She felt the woman pat her head. “There, there, it’s alright, we’re here to help. You’re safe now.” A ritual long practiced and well-honed at making people feel better.

After a few minutes Lori finally let go of the officer, and tried to dry her tears. The officer handed her a couple tissues, and then fished out a second notepad. She handed it to Lori, along with a pencil.

“I don’t figure you can talk; but can you write?” She gestured to Lori’s facial cunt.

Lori nodded. ‘Yes’, she scribbled on the pad, showing the note to the woman.

“Excellent.” Came the stoic reply.

Lori quickly took to scribbling, noticing how out of practice she was at writing. ‘Am I really safe now?’ her pad asked of the officer.

“Yes, you are. Gerald and his boys are already on their way to jail as we speak. Five counts of kidnapping, and more pending.” Replied the officer who took a seat, and gestured to Lori to do the same.

Lori’s pencil scratched. ‘Gerald?’

“Gerald was the farmer who ran this operation. Seems he and his boys had some mighty big plans to make it rich off some old notes his

youngest son found in an old lab storage room at college. It’s quite a story but I figured you deserve to hear the whole of it once we get this all sorted out. In brief, it seems they had reviewed these old formulas, and with his knowledge in chemistry the youngest figured out how to recreate one of them. That would be the bovine formula that gave you that pretty udder. Not long after they hatched a plan to use women as their livestock creating a cottage industry of designer goods. If they had they stuck to volunteers, like Holly, they might have gotten away with it, but after you and Mary went missing, well, let’s just say that he finally slipped up enough for us to catch up with him.” She narrated this slowly, letting Lori absorb the information.

Lori looked at the officer, then scribbled on the pad. “Is Holly, okay? Is she in trouble too? What about Mary?”

“Mary is fine, we’ve got her safe now, but she’s been through a lot, though from the looks of things less than you have. As for Holly? I dare say she is in trouble. She helped them too much not to be. Granted I think the fact she turned them in will work in her favor.

Lori’s pencil scribbled quickly. ‘She turned them in?’

The officer nodded. “Yep. She’s with my partner now, giving a statement. She’s going to be under house arrest for a while. We need to get this sorted out. I’m not sure how we’re going to be able to. I doubt society is ready for forty women with rather obvious bodily modifications to suddenly appear in society. You make for a very particularly vexing case now that I see how far they’ve taken things with you.”

‘But, what shall I do?’ Lori’s pencil was a godsend to her, a chance to finally communicate again, and now she had so many questions.

“I don’t know. I need to know what you want.” She looked hard at Lori.

Lori didn’t hesitate. ‘I want to be with Holly.’

The officer nodded. “I think that’s likely to be arranged. It does seem my niece turned them in because of you.”

‘Niece?’ came the hastily scribbled note. Even when written the surprise was palatable.

The officer nodded. “Yep. She was always a bit of an odd duck. Took after me a bit, which is funny because she’s a niece by marriage as we hardly look anything alike. I suppose I just rubbed off on her a bit as a teen. Still, it was kind of weird to show up here after not seeing her for several years and find her sporting an udder like a prized milk cow.” There was a mixture of love, humor, and odd detachment in the woman’s tone. Clearly there was a lot of things going on here for her, and for Holly.

Pausing a moment, the officer gave Lori a curious look. “She’s really taken with you, you know.” Lori blushed a bit, but officer Tucker continued. “Now, let’s sort out what exactly happened.” Slowly, officer Tucker and Lori worked out the whole sequence of events. Lori occasionally stopping to show off the bizarre changes to her body as the officer took notes.

“Alright, Ms. Granger, I’ve got to go get this all sorted out. It’s going to be a doozy, but I think we can work on something to make sure you and the other girls are taken care of.” She slipped from the house, but not before removing the ankle monitor from the freed woman.

Lori went to bed that night clutching her pillow, wondering how Holly was doing. Tears of exhaustion, relief, and fear ran down her transformed face.


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Chapter 17: Endings

The next few days were a whirlwind of activity around the farm as the two officers took statements, checked on the women, and made sure that everyone was okay. Holly showed back up the next morning with an ankle bracelet, not unlike the one that Lori had worn for so long. Despite the new device, she was able to move around the farm and set it quickly back to rights, returning some semblance of order to things. The farm still needed to operate, even as their futures hung in the balance.

Autumn was almost over, but there were still mild days and the last of these came with a meeting of the entire farm. All the women were there, most still naked having long ago accepted their new bodies, even those whom the farmer had kidnapped. They had grudgingly grown accustomed to their new forms, and like Lori didn’t believe there was any point in expecting to return to a normal life.

Those transformed in such a way as to lose their voices, either as mooing cattle like Mary, or as silk weavers like Lori, found notepads gave them voice again. Something each cherished deeply after so many months without. Their primitive signs and gestures now replaced with scribbled words that any could understand.

They gathered that warm autumn afternoon to decide their own fates. They gathered in groups, each to their own kind, but Lori remained the odd one out. The spider women and sheep women, the bovine. Each faced challenges in returning to the world. Some might pass for human with simple adjustments to clothes, others would never be able to hide all the changes. Mary’s massive hips and udder were certainly going to never allow her to pass as normal again.

Looking around Lori got to see how varied the women were, some sporting multiple breasts, others udders, and some like herself had both.  The spider women had the same cunt-faces she had, their

delicate spinnerets still working on threads, while the sheep women were getting quite fluffy from their knees to their necks.

They sat and listened to Holly present the state of the farm, the options that the officers laid out to them, and the realities that faced them. The farm was well off, both in terms of provisions, and things to sell. Once they got the permits cleared properly, of course. Murmurs and grumbles abounded as each woman took in the information and processed what it would mean for her.

The one thing that was clear was that Gerald and his four sons were not going to ever bother them again.

Officer Tucker and her partner, Sergeant Mimms, worked the crowd, slowly getting all the women to agree to stay a part of the operation. It was a heavy lift, particularly among the kidnapped victims, but the reality dawned on each as they faced return to society. Without the tyrant farmer, they instead faced a chance to live their lives here without fear. Even the other kidnapping victims agreed that returning to society wasn’t going to work, though they relished getting back to being able to write and read again, not to mention the promise of televisions in their rooms.

Holly, would face sentencing though, and that left Lori fretting about what would happen to her and their relationship.

*** *** ***

After the meeting had ended and the sun sank low, Lori got the courage up to face Mary. She found her friend waiting, her large hips splayed on the soft grass under an apple tree in the last rays of the sun, the cool breeze just starting to blow. Mary gave a low moo, welcoming her old friend, her eyes sad as Lori sat down beside her.

They both shivered a little as they faced each other. Neither having a voice now to say what they wanted, but what each needed to say.

It was Lori’s pen that moved first. ‘Can you ever forgive me?’ She scrawled across the paper, handing it to her friend.

Mary looked a long time at the paper, a few tears falling on the page. She scribbled something of her own on it and returned it to Lori. Then she reached around her friend. It was a hug that Lori had longed for, and she returned the affection.

It was only after they released their embrace that she was able to read the small note left on her pad.

‘I already have.’ That was all Mary had written. It was enough. Lori’s eyes teared up once more, happy that Mary could be so generous to her.

*** *** ***

Holly’s sentence was handed down quickly. Two-thousand hours of community service running a home for abused women. It just so happened that the home would be the farm, and the women of it were her charges.

Under her management life on the farm returned to its clockwork precision, but for themselves instead of for the grasping farmer. Retrofitting the barns into comfier living quarters became a priority, and the promise of books and televisions quickly materialized for the women who took to them. Games too, and soon several bridge teams were set up. Many of the women played cards on the long cold nights while milking their udders under the table.

Good fortune saw them through. The farm’s assets were in her possession now by temporary judicial order, and they had a wealth of goods and funds for which to take care of the women. Once they had reestablished their legal production, the farm would easily be self- sufficient.

A delivery of clothes came, and Holly distributed the fabric articles among the women based on their changes. Though most women preferred nudity now, there was acknowledgement that for some things they were useful. Cold weather was one, but the expected influx of construction workers was another. A few women would also have to deal with the locals, setting up and arranging deliveries of goods they needed. Two, Melinda and Gail, took these jobs, having the benefit of being among the most human-like.

By the spring, there were permits to sell the agricultural products, and the farm began to turn a profit using the lucrative markets that Gerald and his boys had set up for their products. The spider silk was especially valuable, but it was the milk and eggs that were the mainstay of the farm. The honey and wool just added to the variety of items they could sell.

The workers had also come to renovate, and despite several admonishments to have the women leave them alone and hide themselves, more than a few took the opportunity to get a nice deep dicking from a few of them while in a dark room or behind a building. None of the workers seemed to ever say anything, and none of the women seemed inclined to complain. After all, many had been without a man for several years, and most weren’t interested in other women. One or two of the workers also became regular side visitors after the fact, enjoying a role servicing several of the needier women. Mary was among these as she desperately tried to keep her perpetual heat under control.

Lori had a special role one she had found herself able to produce black pearls, and she contributed three of them to the new co-op at Christmas. The reaction had been so positive she had even agreed to implant again, despite the pain it caused. Holly had been very gentle though and insisted that she didn’t need to do this if she didn’t want to.

If anything, Lori’s biggest sadness was how busy Holly had gotten. She waited patiently for her lover to return to her bed, but it was often well after dark when she returned, tired and sore. Their love making was less frequent, but no less enjoyable. Lori hoped that soon others would pick up some of the work so that Holly would return to her arms more often.

*** *** ***

Officer Tucker and Sergeant Mimms dropped in regularly over the months. They checked on the farm, performed the parole checks on Holly’s community service, and quietly made discrete changes to the reports to ensure that things best kept quiet didn’t make the papers, and the women didn’t become a national spectacle.

One day, as summer set in, they surprised everyone by bringing along two special friends.

Lori found herself impressed by the mountain of a man, Charlie by name, that climbed out of the SUV that afternoon. All muscle, and made rather literally of stone. She fanned herself just a little at the idea of him taking her. It was a little funny to see him put on a pair of glasses when trying to read fine print on some documents.

His wife, Jenny, was a stunning, dark-haired, and winged woman with a long tail that flicked about constantly. She too looked to carved of stone, but of the finest marble where her husband looked more akin to a boulder come to life.

The sight of her drove the idea of seducing Charlie right out of the head of every woman on the farm, as her ethereal beauty made most feel homely next to her. Even so, it was clear that Charlie only had eyes for her.

After the initial visit, the couple came by occasionally to help. Each of them was incredibly strong and the herd, as the women continued to

call themselves, greatly appreciated that extra help with work around the farm.

It helped that they were both very kind and accepting of the women. They chatted happily with the various women. It seems they’d found their own troubles some time ago with some formulas from the very same scientist whom Gerard had stolen from. Sadly, any notes the scientist had on reversing the changes were gone after an explosion many years ago.

Gerard’s fate was a constant talk among the women too. Eventually they learned he, and his sons, faced trial for charges of kidnapping, selling unlicensed agricultural goods, and practicing medicine without a license to name a few. A few of the women testified, but most just wrote out sworn statements. By the end of things, each received a sentence and significant fines and forfeitures. The courts confirmed the ownership transfer of the far over to the victims as compensation for pain and suffering, making each woman an equal share owner of the co-op. The herd celebrated that, but it wasn’t because they needed the windfall, but rather that justice prevailed in dealing with the horrible man and his kin. They were getting along just fine without him, and the days slipped by as they continued to enjoy the fruits of their own labors.

*** *** ***

Eventually the duties waned and Holly returned to Lori’s arms more often, and they stayed together in the small house that they had made into a home. They lived simply, quietly, and contentedly. The sex was great, the companionship was good, and she was happy. While Lori occasionally missed her old life, even wondering what happened to Martin, she wasn’t really worried about it. It all paled in comparison to what she’d ended up winning in the end. Someone who cared more about her than what she looked like, or what she produced.

Still, looking at herself, she did wish she hadn’t needed to end up with the butt end of an ant to find such happiness.


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The farm ran quietly, and productively for years. Slowly they removed all traces of the former owners, finally renovating the old red building that had served as their personal office space.

Tables, chairs, desks, and other furniture found itself outside and claimed by the various women as Holly worked up a sweat. Going back in to the nearly empty space she felt the floor board squeak under her step.

Looking down she found a small square board that seemed loose. Curiously she pried at it with her nails, only to find it came away easily as she lifted free the panel. Inside was a dark case, perhaps ten inches across. Her mind ran through the possibilities. Money? Jewels? What would he have hidden in this space?

Opening the case, she gasped at its contents. Inside were nearly two dozen marked syringes. The last of the stock of transformative chemicals.

The meeting that afternoon was raucous, as the women debated what to do with the find. Some said they destroy the contents, others said they should keep it safe and hidden. A few suggested they should offer it to those women willing to join them.

Eventually the vote was to keep the chemicals hidden, and so they lay in a safe along with a few other things like the deed to the farm and the bank books, almost forgotten as the years began to pass.

It wasn’t until one day that another young woman found them, seeking something she couldn’t find anywhere else. Brought to them by none other than the aging Lieutenant Tucker.

The decision was no long longer just theirs. Here was a woman who asked to be like them, to join the herd, the first in a decade. Pleading with them to give her the same swollen udder that so many of them possessed, and a home that welcomed here.

Holly took one of the vials from the case. Lori sat with Mary, watching as the newest woman’s udder blossomed, the first to join them since Mary. But this time it was different. This time it was a choice, and together the herd welcomed their newest sister. Perhaps, in time, others would find them, and they too would find such a joyous welcome home.