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Re: Playthings of Perversion: Intruder - by BD-Acht

Playthings of Perversion - Intruder
By BD-Acht

All characters are over 18. This is a work of fiction intended for adults only.

Captain Gallihan burst into the room with her squad of guards, their swords and spears at the ready to dispatch the intruder. There was a chorus of surprised and shocked grunts as they took in the scene before them.

The previous squad was strewn about the room. After a moment to discern the movement in the dim lamp-lit room, it was clear exactly what sort of attack this was. Two of the knights were still moving vigorously. One was missing her armor from the waist down. Her pale ass and thighs were exposed as she rammed a freshly gifted phallus into her comrade. The receiving knight moaned, her dark tan skin shaking with impact. The armor that covered her arms was empty, forcing her mewling glassy-eyed face onto the floor.

On the other end of the room a knight was shoving a cylindrical, veiny forearm into her mouth with the other was pumping languidly under her armored skirt. Next to her, a woman was sat with legs spread wide and wider eyes under her helm. As they watched, she shuddered and squealed, cunt gushing onto the stone floor and painting her golden-brown thighs. A few moments later her body writhed and climaxed again.

There, in the middle of the room, was the perpetrator. She was woman with wild dirty blonde hair and a sharp, refined face. She wore very little. A handful of bangles and a choker that were more to accentuate her features than to actually cover anything.

She was reclining on the stone ledge before the dark window, toying with a transmogrified knight. The knight was missing her helmet and her body was propped up against the stone. She was limp but her legs writhed and twitched and her face was a mask of mind addled pleasure. Her tongue lolled and her eyes were lidded and rolling. Her fiery orange hair was tied back in a ponytail, which the witch was gripping. She was slowly pulling her head up and down, a strange sticky squelching sound accompanying the motion.

As the new knight's eyes adjusted to the light, they began to realize why. She no longer had a neck, as if the entire thing had been disappeared and left her head sitting strangely on her shoulders. But, that didn't mean there was nothing between her head and body. They could see a mess of slick flesh that slowly became clearer as they watched her head rise and settle back down. A taut, veiny pillar attached to her head disappearing down into a fleshy, split mound.

As if to confirm their forming suspicion, the witch pulled their comrade’s head up, up until that pillar was revealed in full. A long and thick specimen of a phallic length, capped by a bulbous dark head. Its tip rested gently on her shoulders, between which now laid a gently parted set of labia. A meaty pussy, slick and twitching. Waiting to hold her new "neck". The dickneck woman's expression grew more aware. First her eyes flicked to the witch in need and then to her rescuers in embarrassment. Her mouth opened, stuttering as the witch smiled gently to the newcomers and gripped her toy's length.

"Ah, I was wondering when fresh playthings would arrive," she purred as she smeared the dickneck in her hand over its waiting cunt. The forming words of her teased victim disintegrated into gasps of pleasured need.

Gallihan and her squad were taken aback. "Bitch!"

"Oh Goddess..."

"Y-you can't do this!" Gallihan cleared her throat.

"Put her down. You're coming with us."

The witch grinned, inclining her head as if complying.

She deliberately shifted her grip to the woman's head again, slammed her head back down. With a squish and splattered grool, her empty tunnel was once again filled with her large member. Her face screwed up in an embarrassing display of ecstasy and there was a faint wet pulsing as her new neck unloaded deep into her chest. The witch stood as their comrade climaxed.

"Actually, I was thinking you could join us."

The air was thick with tension and the only sounds were the lewd ones the fellow guards were making. The captain opened her mouth to speak. Before she could even make a sound the witch snapped, and the room devolved into chaos once more...

The captain's eyes lifted slowly against the warm afterglow of a white-hot cluster orgasm. Her head was lolling and she was limp against the door her team had entered through. It was closed now, and the only light came from a few lamps strewn about the room.

Armor from her squad laid empty before her. As her eyes started to adjust, she saw what befell them.

Lauri had only been a member of the guard for a few weeks. As a new recruit she was given guard duty as an easy assignment to learn the ropes. Now she had been changed, reduced to just a head atop her own pelvis. Her mouth was drawn down into an intimidated frown as her eyes raised wide, fixed upon a meaty cock she had been "gifted". Jutting out and up from just above her original sex, it was so big it rose to throb in front of her face.

Her nostrils flared and a blush rose to her cheeks. Forgetting herself, she strained, tongue reaching to taste her new anatomy. Too far to reach comfortably, she strained and grunted in increasing frustration until she started to wiggle her hips. The ringlets of her hair shook as she clumsily humped her waggling meat closer, until it smacked her in the face. She grunted in surprise, face turning a glowing crimson as she paused from the self-inflicted cock-slap. Clearly panting now, she started again. The growing frustration on her face was clear as her open mouth strained to catch her wood between her lips.

Alice and Kathrine were merged, their lower halves replaced with one another. There had been talk of a fling between the two for ages and the lack of hesitation in the way they attacked each other's lips seemed to support such claims. They were moaning and shuddering into each other's mouths in a way that seemed to imply a greater gratification for each of them than a normal lip lock would allow.

They pulled away, grinning madly. It seems their change wasn't wholly unwelcome, at least currently. Their eyes remained locked as Alice stroked her hands downwards to their meeting point...and something more. Almost in unison their eyes fluttered as Alice's hand slipped around a long hard dick. It stood straight up between them and its bottom side faced Alice.

With a playful wink she curled down between them and took it into her hot mouth. Kathrine's eyes immediately shot open and she fell to her elbows in shuddering, shaking, pleasured bliss.

Petunia looked relatively unaltered but was doffing her the armor on her chest swiftly. Down to her undershirt, she quickly pulled that up and off herself as well to gaze down at her own bust.

Did they forget themselves due to the witch's magic? Or was it simply the shock and lust from alteration? Gallihan could only wonder hazily.

In place of Petunia’s soft breasts was a firm replica of her own bottom. A perverse facsimile, it was complete with an upward facing slit and puckered hole just below it.

She gazed down in shock. Reaching for her new cheeks, she gripped them, squeezing. Feeling how different they were from what belonged. With a single testing finger, she felt just how different, a careful caress along her replicated lips. With a bite of her lip, Petunia continued sampling her own freshly made flower.

The witch was toiling on the last of her team. A smaller woman named Hella was twitching under her magical grip. The witch was pinching at her neck, sculpting it. Molding it into a more perverse form.

She grabbed her by her dark locks and pulled. There was a wet pop and then a long drawn-out moan that could have only been the girl's climax.

"Not bad. A bit repetitive but it’s no fun if there's no one else to swap with."

It became clear what she meant as the witch turned to admire her work. Hella was a panting mess in her captor's hand, now a dickneck just like that other guard they had seen upon their arrival. Her cock was firmly gripped in the other woman's hand, tip still dripping with milky white. Her empty shoulders were drizzled in that sticky cream. The plush lips oozed with grool and twitched, so suddenly formed just to be emptied.

"Let’s get you two introduced..." the witch purred as she hooked two fingers into Hella's cunt and led her body over to the other guard.

As Gallihan watched the redhead get slotted into Hella's quivering body, the captain realized she was unchanged. She grunted, sluggishly fumbling to get up as Hella's new neck found its own hot sheath and gushed into it.

A rising surge of adrenaline was swiftly quashed with the weight of the witch lowering herself onto her lap, her hands on her armored chest.

"Oh goodie. Finally awake and perfect timing at that. I was just giving them a little taste so they'll be more inclined to indulge after I'm gone," she smirked as she looked over to regard the dicknecked guards. They were each gasping, faces flushed as they tried to acclimate to their new anatomy being skewered into each other's body's.

"Now it’s your turn." Her eyes glowed with a combination of mirth and cruelty. Gallihan made to swing at her but was still impaired, too addled by whatever magic the witch had used to make her cream herself unconscious.

She was easily blocked. Her tormentor ignored the outburst.

"Now, I think a good captain should watch out for the needs of her fellows. That's right, isn't it?"

A tingling filled her breasts as her head became fuzzy with the perverse magic worked into her flesh. The witch rose, letting Gallihan pull her breastplate off and pull up her shirt. Looking down in confused curiosity, she saw her nipples were changing. She shivered as they pulled into a more contained, horizontal shape. She gasped as the two new pairs of lips pulled open into their own silent pant.

She watched as they responded to her clumsy control, parting and twisting just like the ones on her face. It was hard to tell in the dim light, but she swore they were the same shade that her nipples had been. The sensations she was receiving from them were similar enough to her missing buttons besides.

After a moment of experimenting, she tried to move something else that typically came with a mouth. She gasped as wet tongues flicked across her lipples. She quickly pulled them back, no teeth to impede them, wriggling within the soft confines pleasurably.

She reached down, feeling them as if making sure they were truly there. The witch, almost forgotten, grasped one of her hands and held it in her own clasped hands. The captain gasped again as she felt her palm open similarly, tasting her comrade's sex on the intruder’s fingers. She raised her palm to stare at it, opening her new mouth to inspect. Before she could react her other hand was changed to match. An embarrassment perhaps, but the lust was too strong to think straight. Even for her.

The witch moved to her hips. With a snap her armor clattered to the ground a few feet away. She began lightly rubbing a spot just above the cleft of her sex.

"If you've noticed, I only gave these out sparingly." The spot began to bulge, rising from her hips. It began to curve upwards, arching, straining.

"Well, not that sparingly. But its more fun if there's a little frustration."

Its tip shaped into a lewd fleshy point. Skin wrapped the tip and it stopped growing at a thick 8 inches.

"For them, that is. You'll probably have trouble keeping them off it," the witch laughed, watching as the guard captain dumbly stared at her new, prominent sex.

She reached out in her mind to feel its connection, almost scared of the thing and if it really was...hers. She flexed a muscle that wasn't there before, and her rod grew as stiff as steel. Veins bulged and its foreskin slipped down to reveal her throbbing head in all its girthy glory.

Her face turned red, embarrassment trickling into her slow mind at having been saddled with such a lewd and alien organ. The witch cupped something below it that made her blush harder.

"Nice pair of nuts too. Plump and fat. Perfect for making messes."

She felt the flick of a finger along her lips and Gallihan couldn't help but moan as she felt her pussy stretch into a different pair of lips.

"All the more to give," she said with a purr. "Maybe you can lick your own nuts if you try," she laughed.

She tried to move this pair too but had to stop when she had to bite off a squeal.

The witch stood again, regarding her contemplatively. She got an "aha" look and snapped again. The captain felt her tongues grow in their various mouths, and then the changes stopped.

She stuck a few out, going cross eyed to see. They weren't freakishly long, but long enough to be abnormal.

"There. The perfect form to pleasure your poor pent-up comrades."

Gallihan shuddered. Taking in the carnal scene around her, she knew she was right. It would only be a matter of time before someone noticed her here and... prepositioned her.

Her dick twitched. She took a deep breath and... found herself filled with anticipation. The witch chuckled as the captain stood and let her dick lead the way across the room.


"Halt intru...der...!"

The witch was simply watching, looking up from the scene of a knight losing herself in the spray of a squirting orgasm as the ass jutting from her chest was eaten by another.

Gallihan rolled her eyes up towards the door from her position laid out on her back. Two nervous guards stood there confronting the intruder.

Only two? Well they'd be joining them soon enough, she mused.

She felt a wet crotch press into her right breast, hot and humid. She refocused on herself. With her hands each gripping a cunt, her face squished into a furry mound, and left set of lipples already taken, this latest pussy had nowhere else to go on her. Even her fat shaft was being ridden and the lips under there weren't exactly accessible at the moment... though the taste dribbling down to them was pleasant.

She parted her new lips and began working on the newest pussy to grace her altered self. The captain closed her eyes and enjoyed it, receiving a bit of the pleasure she gave back by using what used to be a quite sensitive nipple. All those points of pleasure coming back to add to that barely focused, toe curling mess that was her current predicament.

Oh well. We can get this all sorted after, surely. Nothing to do but ride it out...

And ride it out she did, as cunts spasmed their grool across her tongues and her "rider" rode herself to completion...her cock responding in kind.

More than happy to serve the knights that served under her for the time being.