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Chick for a Dick: New House, Familiar Faces

The highly polished marble steps glistened in the midday sun. They led up to a set of ten foot tall wooded french doors that were ornately carved with cherubs holding flowers which encircled two large ovals of frosted glass set in the center of each door. In the center of each glass pane was a bold upper case G printed in gold leaf. 

As Jen ascended the steps to the landing, she half expected to see a stereotypical snooty valet waiting to ask her what business she had in such a place or to shoo her off the property. She just couldn’t believe that this was her house. Just as she placed a single foot on the landing, both doors open widely before her. 

“Welcome home, Mistress!”

Lisa and Toy rushed out to meet her. The duo were wearing matching costumes of snow white latex that hugged their bodies tightly. Both had red crosses located in the center of their breasts which matched the crosses on their white caps. Their thigh high white boots clicked against the marble. The living love toys flanked her and each gently took one of her arms into theirs. Jen was annoyed when she realized that they were both taller than her now, and the added height from their boots allowed them to tower even higher over her diminished form. 

“We could feel you were under an incredible amount of stress at school,” Lisa said on her left. “So we thought you might want some sexy nurses to kiss it and make it all better,” Toy chimed in from her right. The two moved together, guiding Jen through the massive front entry. 

The inside of the house was just as decadent as the exterior. Whereas the house Jon had left this morning was a mansion blending traditional and modern aesthetics, the house Jen had returned to could only be described as a palace. The main hall that Jen was standing in seemed to stretch on and on and on. There were various doorways along the side walls that led to unknown rooms. In the distance Jen saw a massive staircase that split off to the left and right as it ascended to the next floor. On either side of the stairs, Jen saw that there were no walls. The hall extended even further beyond what she could see from where she was standing. 

Jen’s head swam. The previous house had been filled with an unknown number of rooms that still needed to be explored. Now she was going to need to start from scratch and learn how to navigate the titanic property. Lisa and Toy must have felt her anxiety rising, because they pressed their soft bodies against her even harder. “Mistress, can we be of any assistance?” Lisa asked sincerely. 

“Any assistance at all?” Toy added, her voice dripping with lust. She pressed even harder against Jen, practically toppling the girl over. As Toy’s crotch pressed against Jen’s thigh, she started to rub against the leg. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth and her eyes glassed over as she humped her mistress. Lisa let out an adorable giggle. “You must excuse her, Mistress. I altered mind a couple hours ago to make her a hyper nymphomaniac. She can only think about sex at the moment. It has been quite amusing. And perhaps it’s just what the doctor ordered,” Lisa said with a wink as she shook her chest, emphasizing her costume. 

Jen felt herself flush as a fire awoke in her crotch. Her dick was rapidly hardening and based on how obscenely her skirt was tent-poling, she was sure her cock had once again grown right out of her panties. But that wasn’t all she felt. She felt need radiating forth in warm waves, a tingling that gave her goosebumps. She instinctively squeezed her legs together and felt a slick wetness dripping onto her balls that were still tightly cradled in her panties.

Her mind raced. She wasn’t just hard, she was WET! Jen thought back to her encounter with Pervert after she had first become a girl. The pure physical bliss that had erupted within her from having so many erogenous parts stimulated at once was overwhelming. She could barely registered what had happened at the moment, unable to recall all of the ways she had been pleasured. But she recalled all too well her previous life when she was still Jon and how enthusiastically he had enjoyed his sexual conquests. Probing wet folds with his eager fingers, tasting their sweet musk, nibbling on clits, filling them with his hard-

Jen gasped as a new sensation pulled her out of her haze. Toy’s humping had become much more enthusiastic, most likely due to the large dick that was growing out of her own crotch and causing her latex dress to ride up. The mindless, lust addled expression on her face was shocking. But what truly shook Jen to the core was the realization that the only reason Toy would have grown a cock… was because Jen wanted her to.


With a single command, Toy froze completely. Jen pulled away from the sex crazed creature and was shocked to see that Toy remained frozen in place, even though she was leaning at such an angle that she should have fallen flat to the floor. Just as Jen had commanded, she had frozen mid-hump and would remain as such because it was what her Mistress desired. 

Jen looked at Lisa who tilted her head in silent acknowledgment, simply content to await her own set of commands. 

“Lisa… just take me to my room.”

“Of course, Mistress. I shall take you to your chambers immediately.” 

As Lisa stepped forward, Jen noticed her glance down and take in the sight of Toy’s exposed dick. There was a bead of precum that had dribbled out of the tip and was slowly running down the length of her shaft. Lisa smiled wickedly, clearly enjoying her plaything’s plight. Without another word, Lisa began to stride further down the cavernous hallway, the walls echoing with the sounds of her heels on the wooden floors. 


Jen was thankful that Lisa was intimately familiar with the layout of the transformed house. Jen had followed her down the great hall and was initially surprised they had moved right past the grandiose staircase. When they had stopped in front of a door that was smaller than many of the others which peppered the walls, Jen was shocked to find it was an elevator. Lisa let her Mistress enter first before following after and pressing the button for the top floor. The elevator seemed antiquated but its movement was smooth and silent as it ascended to the fifth floor. The short trip ended with a small jostle and the tone of a small bell. As the stepped out, Lisa stood beside the door and let Jen walk past her, but did not move from her position, instead waiting quietly at attention. 

“Um, Lisa, weren’t you going to take me to my room.”

The buxom blonde tilted her head in confusion. “But, Mistress, I followed your instructions. The top floor is all your private chambers.” Jen let out an enraged shriek, causing Lisa to step back in shock. 

“Ok, enough of this shit! Lisa, honestly, what the fuck happened to my house?!”

The latex clad love toy’s arms dropped limply to her sides and all tension left her body as she entered into the questioning trance. “When you made your wish for the house to be modified last week, it changed to fit Jon’s aesthetic. The current house reflects the preferences of the your current self. Jen is much more elitist and pretentious than Jon was and the house reflects that. The only thing you specified was the basement was designed to be a high-end night club, so that has remained.”

One fucked up misworded wish and my life keeps fucking changing! Jen raged internally. Her social circles, her home, her history, her whole life was just as altered and unexplored as the house! Even in her own home she couldn’t escape what she had done to herself. 

“Lisa, forget my outburst just now,” Jen commanded solemnly. Lisa exited the trance, briefly reverting to her shocked expression, before that too melted away and she returned to the docile doll that was patiently awaiting instructions. 

“May I be of any further use, Mistress?”

A gurgling sound filled the room and the pair looked down at Jen’s stomach. She had left the cafeteria in such a rush that she had never even gotten a single bite of food. 

“Or perhaps you required assistance from Judy, instead,” Lisa offered with her trademark pleasant smile. Jen sighed, not even knowing who “Judy” was, but she assumed that she would bring her food. “Sure, whatever,” Jen spat out, her voice filled with annoyance. Lisa curtsied, paying Jen’s sour tone no mind, and proceeded to step into the elevator and shut the door. A gentle hum of motors faded downward and Jen was left in a hallway that stretched ahead of her, much smaller than the main hall but still extensive. Doors dotted the walls to either side and there a set of double doors at the far end of the hallway. Not knowing where any of them led, Jen walked the length of the hall and opened the double doors. 

The bedroom Jen stepped into was eerily familiar. It’s layout was similar to the bedroom Jon had woken up in this morning, but with pronounced differences. The bed was still in the same location, as was the fireplace with the coffee table and couch in front of it. On the far wall, a set of double glass doors exited out onto a balcony. That was where the differences ended. Whereas Jon’s bedroom had been masculine and stately with rich wood and leather throughout the room, Jen’s bedroom was plush and feminine. Tones of white and soft pink filled the room with plush carpet replacing the hardwood floors. The bed was still massive, but it was round with four posts surrounding it. Cream curtains with rose gold trim waiting to be pulled back to hide the bed from the rest of the room. 

The changes did not just stop with the decor, though. The layout of the room was subtly different as well. The door on the far end of the room which had led to Jon’s private office now matched the glass double doors and also exited to the balcony which was significantly larger and stretched at least the entire length of the room and was furnished with a set of outdoor furniture. The door to the left that had led to a walk in closet was gone, replaced by a white wardrobe. And finally the door that had been to the right which led to a massive bathroom was replaced  by a large vanity with three mirrors. 

Jen slipped off her high heels and kicked them towards the wardrobe. As her feet pressed flat against the floor, she was simultaneously aware of how plush the carpet was and how much shorter she immediately felt. She looked to her right, crossed the room to the vanity, and plopped down in the plush chair in front of it. Her beautiful, but disheveled, reflection stared back at her. Streaks of dried eyeliner ran down her face, her eyes were red and puffy, and her face was slightly flushed. She let out a heavy sigh and the three Jens staring back at her did likewise. Looking to the vanity, she spied a stack of neatly folded white wash cloths. She grabbed one and wiped off her face. She was a little startled to see more than just eyeliner rubbing off onto the now soiled cloth, realizing she was wearing more makeup than she initially realized. She searched the table top until she found a bottle labeled as a “makeup remover” and doused a fresh cloth with the solution before vigorously rubbing her face. 

The reflection that met her where she finally pulled her hands away was still a stunning beauty. The makeup had highlighted her features, but she was still incredibly beautiful without it. The high cheekbones, plump lips, smooth skin were naturally hers. She stared into her reflection, feeling despair rising in her. School, home. Makeup, no makeup. She was still Jen Gibson. She couldn’t go somewhere else or wipe that away. This was her now. 

She looked further down her reflection to her clothes, stained with makeup and still showing off her vast cleavage. With yet another sigh, Jen stood up and began to remove the sullied garment which exposed her bra-clad breasts. Jen reached behind her and started pushing and pulling. Since getting the stone, Jon had gotten a lot of practice taking off girls’ bras. However, this was the first time ever Jen had to remove one from herself. After what seemed like an eternity of fumbling and uncoordinated tugging, the last hook finally released and the undergarment slid down her arms. 

The first thing Jen realized was just how fucking heavy these things were. The next was how good it felt to let them out of their padded prison. She looked into the vanity mirror and got a good look at her topless form. Just as she had expected, the breasts matched the pair Mr. Burton had grown each time her has ogled her. Despite herself, Jen had to admit her tits were flawless. They were firm and perky, with perfectly smooth skin capped by light pink, suckable nipples.  

As she hefted her impressive chests, she was rewarded with a pleasant buzz radiating through her body. She had groped her tits a couple times since getting them, particularly when Pervert had been going down on her. But that had been through her shirt and bra. Now that she felt her hands directly on them, experiencing the sensations of fondling and being fondled, it was reawakened the smoldering fire of lust between her legs. 

Jen puller her tits apart and looked down between her opened cleavage to get a clear look at her dick once again lifting up the front of her skirt. With a huff, Jen dropped her tits, momentarily wincing at the pain while also watching as the hypnotically jiggled and swayed. After a moment, a throbbing further down once again pulled her attention to her crotch. 

“Well, guess it’s time to take a closer inspection down South,” she muttered. She hooker her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt and panties, then swiftly pressed down.


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Chick for a Dick: Chick Chats with Her Dick

Getting undressed was more of a challenge than Jen expected. Being unfamiliar with women’s clothing, she didn’t realize the skirt had clasps she needed to release to allow her enough slack to work the waistline past her rounded hips and enhanced ass. Add to that the fact that her dick was at full mast and was sticking out of one of the leg holes of her panties complicated her wardrobe issues.

With a frustrated growl, she gave a firm push. Her skirt ripped as it stretched over her shapely assets and she felt the lace of her panties slide across the top of her dick before it bounced back up. Her cock let out a giggle as is wobbled from the momentum before coming to rest, standing at full mast between her feminine legs.

Jen stared in shock at her nude reflection in the three mirrors. She twisted her hips to get a better view of herself. Her body was even more enticing than she would have imagined. Her toned stomach, shapely hips, full tits, and round bubbly ass were exquisite. She was absolutely gorgeous and drop dead sexy. The body was a flawless example of feminine beauty… except for the foot long cock and full scrotum proudly on display between her legs.

The image was unsettling to her. Both because it seemed so impossible that such a vision of womanly beauty would have such an absurdity male appendage, and because she could feel her arousal being further flamed by the sight of the hard rod. She couldn't help but reached up and cupped her left breast while her right hand reached down to grasp the shaft. Small, soft, delicate fingers gripping her cock made it twitch in her hand which now felt totally foreign to her. Her memories recalled Jon’s large, rough hands firmly grabbing his meat. Not these soft, dainty ones she now possessed. Looking up from her crotch and back up towards her reflection rewarded her with the sight of the beautiful girl stroking her dick and fondling her tits. Jen and her cock let out simultaneous gasps of arousal, and Jen felt a slick wetness traveling down her legs. Her mind was going into sensory overload when a voice caught her attention.

“Fuck, Jen. Usually when you’re this horny there’s someone around for some fun. Don’t keep me waiting. Who is it this time?”

Jen looked down at her penis, its mouth and face already coated with the wet sheen of precum it was drooling. Jen could only look at the impressive tool in silence, trying to fight back her wild imagination as she pictured her self getting impaled by the raging hard-on rather than using it to fuck someone else. Her expression must have been unusual, because her dick seemed to break out of its lust and looked up at her with concern.

“You, ok?”

“No. I am definitely not ok.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m a girl!”

The expression on her cock’s face shifted from concern to confusion. “Um… yeah? I mean, what else would you be?”

“A BOY!” Jen shrieked.


“I used to be a guy! My name is Jon Gibson! At least it WAS until that stupid stone turned me into this!” she bellowed, gesturing at her body.

Karyn couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She went back and forth between looking up at Jen’s face and staring at their combined reflection in the mirror. She stood fully erected between her best friend’s legs, just like she had wished for. But according to Jen, she was actually some boy name “Jon.” Karyn was no stranger to the reality warping powers of the stone. She had experienced them first hand. From Jen’s behavior, Karyn knew she had to be telling the truth. But try as she might, Karyn could not recall any memories of “Jon.”

“Shit…” was all Karyn could manage.

“Yeah. Shit. It’s all shit. I can’t believe this happened to me! I was having a good time with the stone, but this is not what I had in mind!”

Karyn felt herself soften, dread cutting through her arousal. “Wha… what do you mean?”

“I was making wishes all day. It was a blast. Didn’t even need to wait to get to school. I started the day by changing some girl into my dog and then gave her a dog dick for good measure.”

Karyn’s jaw dropped. “M-Miranda?! She’s a person?”

Jen shrugged. “She used to be. Besides, it was a little payback for Amanda.”

“Amand- oh no… you didn’t.”

I didn’t. It was Miranda who turned her into a dog in the first place. One of the wishes made at the party last Saturday. Amanda stole Miranda’s boyfriend or something. Well, now Miranda has the right body and equipment to be Amanda’s boyfriend. Now they’ll get along better then ever.”

Karyn listened on in shocked silence. The family dogs… were people. And Karyn had no idea. Nobody did. Not even the dogs themselves. The only one who did know was Jen. And by they way Karyn’s body was beginning to harden again, not only did Jen not see anything wrong with it… she enjoyed it.

“There was also Anal Bitch,” Jen said. Karyn’s eyes widened. She had just seen her. Hell, they had just fucked her! Did Jen change her on her way out?

“Wha… what did you do to her?”

Jen smiled. She actually smiled! “You didn’t notice?”

If Karyn still had her own blood and not Jen’s coursing through her veins, it would have run cold. Jen didn’t change her after we had sex… she was transformed before we even started!

“No,” Karyn whispered in disbelief. Jen’s smile widened to an impish grin, mistaking Karyn’s horrific shock for riveted curiosity.

“It started with Zoe. Kim was making her life hell and Zoe made a wish. Well, Kim was also under the power of the party wish and was transformed into Zoe’s ass. It got me thinking, so I replicated the wish on a couple of her classmates and wished to be able to fuck them right away. Didn’t realize that I basically turned them into the school’s communal fuck toy. But it keeps her ass full and lets everyone else blow off steam, so it’s basically a win-win.”

A person… is now trapped as a butt? Shit! Two people!

“I changed their names just for the fun of it. Didn’t even bother to find out what their real names were. Then there was also turning Ms. Lee’s civics class into a sex class, making it so everyone who was in the class first period would swap privates with anyone they got off during that time of they day, made it so Zoe and Anal Bitch don’t shit like normal person, and changed that creeper Bobby into an assistant for Anal Bitch.”

Karyn felt sick. The world was spinning and if she still had a stomach she was sure she would be throwing up. Instead, a surge of precum erupted through her body and oozed out in a long stream towards the floor. Jen was ruining people’s lives, and not only was she listing off her victims like she was reading a shipping list, she was getting off on it!

“And then that BITCH made me change myself into a chick! At least she got what she deserved,” Jen raged. Karyn was too horrified to dare ask what had happened to that poor girl, buy she knew it couldn’t be good. Jen was a monster! This was not the person Karyn remembered. The best friend she knew was kind and giving, an adorable dork, a loyal companion to her only-

“Of fuck.”

Dread filled Karyn. There was one big change to Jen’s life: Karyn. They were best friends. Each other’s only friends. They were there for each other, always helping one another. They looked out for each other and didn’t let the assholes at school get to them. When Jen accidentally made Karyn her dick, she realized what a mistake she had made and worked hard to find a way to reverse it. But now, Jen was alone in the world. She had no support. She didn’t have any hard lessons that taught her to respect the power of the stone. Instead, she was an angry girl with the power of a god lashing out at anyone who crossed her for her own amusement. And Karyn’s wish had caused it.

“Karyn is normal!”

Silence filled the room. Jen raised an eyebrow and looked down at her. Karyn felt exposed under Jen’s gaze, wiggled her phallic body as if hoping to jumpstart her transformation back to her full human form. But nothing happened. She was still a penis. It was then that she remembered her wish from that morning: she wished to be a penis again for a week like she had been the previous week. That meant the escape mechanism they had come up wouldn’t work.

Karyn was trapped until next Friday.

“Who’s Karyn?”

“Um… me?” she offered sheepishly.

“Oh great! I turned into the kind of girl that names her cock! Fucking perfect. Did I name my tits, too?!”

“No! I mean, I don’t know! It’s my- I mean, you always called me Karyn.”

“Not anymore. I didn’t give my cock some stupid name when I was a guy and I’m not about to start now. You’re just my cock. And you’re the only thing about me that is normal! The rest of me is completely female except for you. How the hell are you even still here?! The wish should have- Oh… a wish.”

Jen’s eyes widened with realization and Karyn froze.

“Jen, I-“

“Of course! Wishes can’t be reversed! Last week I let you make a wish and you gave yourself more inches! And you can’t undo wishes. Wow. If you hadn’t made that wish, I’d probably have lost the last part of my real body. Fuck, that was close.”

Karyn didn't know if she should be relieved or terrified. If she could turn back to human, all of Jen's memories of their previous reality and friendship should come flooding back. But if she only learned the truth without remembering it an embracing it, there was no telling what the current Jen's reaction might be. Karyn could only imagine how this Jen might lash out if she was improperly exposed to the truth. She needed Jen to remember Karyn as she was, not just have the revelation dropped on her like a bomb. Her only hope was that if Jen remembered her, the real her, that her friend’s real personality would come back. Because the Jen that existed now was a danger to everyone within the range of the stone’s power.

“Listen, Jen, could I use the stone? I think I have an idea that-“

“No! No way! I’ve already become this and I’m not gonna risk anything else happening to me!”

“But I-“

“Fuck! I said NO! Sometimes I really wish that you were quiet like the other guys’ dicks!”

Karyn’s eyes went wide as she waited for a flash, but none came.  She timidly opened and closed her mouth, feeling her tongue slide over her teeth and lips, coating her mouth with the lingering precum that was still in the back of her throat. She was relieved to find that her mouth had not been turned into a piss slit or her head turned into the glans of a normal penis.

“… I’m sorry,” she whispered quietly, scared to provoke Jen’s fury but desperate to make she she still had her voice.

Before Jen could reply, a bell chimed at the end of the hallway. Jen looked through the open door and saw the elevator doors part and a young woman step out. She was Asian, her black hair pulled up into a professional looking bun, a chef’s coat and apron hugged her slim frame. She strode forward on stiletto heels which gave the short girl a couple inches of height over Jen.

As she approached, Jen quickly became aware of her exposed body and frantically crossed her arms in an attempt to cover her new body. Looking around the room, she could only see the tatters of her ruined outfit close at hand. She was just about to lunge for them when the girl spoke. “Don’t worry, Miss Gibson, this is far from the first time I’ve seen you between outfits. Now, Lisa says you seemed famished. I have prepared a lunch of roasted chicken with a honey drizzle and sautéed vegetables.”

Jen’s stomach responded for her as it gurgled at the idea of food. She couldn’t help but blush in her mounting embarrassment. “That, um, sounds lovely.”

“Would you like to eat on the couch, or in bed?” the girl asked politely.

“Bed! Definitely the bed!”

Jen dashed across the room and dove under the sheets, thankful for the opportunity to hide her body. She was so preoccupied with the feeling of her plush ass and the weight of her tits on her chest that she hadn’t even noticed the newcomer had moved to the side of her bed. Only when she pulled up her apron and exposed that she was wearing nothing on the lower half of her body did she draw Jen’s attention.


Jen was cut off as the girl gracefully climbed onto the bed and straddled Jen’s chest before pressing her dripping wet gash into Jen’s mouth. The act caught Jen off guard and as she tried to mumble a question into the muff its flavor filled her mouth. Instead of the musky tang of an aroused pussy, Jen tasted chicken, spices, honey, olive oil, and fresh vegetables dancing on her tongue. Her hunger overrode her confusion and she began to eagerly lap away at the slit. The more she ate the girl out, the more and more satisfied she felt.

After several minutes, Jen’s lapping became more lethargic. The feelings of a soft bed, a warm body pressed against her, and a full belly calmed her enough to forget her troubles for a moment. All of the stress of her new life was momentarily forgotten, and she passed out in exhaustion. Knowing her work was done, the girl climbed off of the bed, produced a napkin from her apron, and gingerly wiped her juices off of Jen’s face before leaving the room, making sure to gently close the door behind her.

Under the covers, Karyn wiggled her limp body, struggling against the inevitable as she tried to pull away from her host.

“Karyn is normal. Karyn is normal. Please, please let me be normal.”

But it was no use. Karyn had gotten her wish. She was now a dick.


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wow this got dark fast O_O


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Chick for a Dick: Heading Home

The ringing bell triggered a wave of pandemonium. It was Friday and the last period was over. The halls were flooded with students and faculty eager to begin their weekend. In his classroom, Mr. Burton casually teased the hard nipples capping his perky C cups. As the busty student he was fixated on left the room, his breasts automatically deflated and returned to his normal male chest. He readjusted his shirt, not registering that the buttons had been popped off when his chest had exploded outward into a pair or large D-cup tits during third period, and moved to his desk.

He opened the top drawer and pulled out a small paper bag. As he reached inside for its contents, a small voice shouted up at him.

“Please tell me it’s not another granola bar!”

Mr. Burton looked down at the cage sitting on his desk and the tiny girl inside it. Although Karen was only a few inches tall, her attitude was just as overinflated as ever. Even being reduced to a literal teacher’s pet had done little to curtail her entitlement.

Mr. Burton responded by pulling a granola bar out of the bag, earning a sour scoff from the pint sized princess. He ripped the wrapper off of the bar and dropped it onto the floor of the cage. The size of the bar dwarfed Karen, easily big enough that she could have crawled onto it and use it as a bed. She approached it and gave it a dissatisfied appraisal.

“It doesn’t even have fruit pieces this time!”

Despite her disappointment, she reached out and pulled a handful off of the bar and began to chew the oversized collection of grains.

“Just pace yourself. That has to last you a whole weekend,” Mr. Burton stated cheerfully as he threw the wrapper in the trash. Karen responded by flicking him off with her free hand. She was more than aware that this would be her only food for the next few days. It was more than enough, but days of nothing but granola bar got really old really fast. Add to that the boring monotony of sitting in an unused classroom, having to go almost three days without having her cage cleaned, and being stuck in the dark when the sun went down all made her detest weekends.

Nothing to do but eat, sleep, run on her wheel, and play with herself. Granted, that was basically what she did even when there were people around, but the activity of the school day at least broke up her boredom.

Mr. Burton continued his end of the week routine. Sign out of the computer, gather the book reports to grade over the weekend, check Karen’s water bottle, and head for the door. He looked back at his pet taking another handful of granola and gave a little wave.

“Have a good weekend, Karen,” he said sweetly.

“Fuck you,” Karen said through a full mouth.

She watched as her owner flipped off the lights and closed the door. The sound of keys and the latching of the lock signaled her weekend had begun. Nothing to do but settle in and wait for Monday.


Anal Bitch quivered as she felt the hot load fill her tight asshole. Slut Ass was greedily swallowing it, and she could feel it moving up into her bowels. She gave a content sigh and gently pushed the guy away from her.  His dick slid out of her back door with a loud pop and a moan of protest from Slut Ass.

Anal Bitch sympathized with her ass. Anytime she didn’t have something fulling her, she felt empty and needy. Butt plugs and toys only went so far. Feeling a hot, rock hard cock filling her perpetually aroused ass was the only time she felt any true relief. She was lucky to have landed such a perfect job as the school’s Anal Stress Servicer. She got to spend all day getting plowed by students in desperate need of stress relief.

But now it was the weekend, and she had two full days off. While the free time was nice, she was disappointed to miss out on a readily available supply of partners literally lining up to fill her sphincter. She turned around, thinking about offering her last patron another round, but he was already rushing out the door. She let out a huff of disappointment. Nerdy boys were always so eager to fuck, but they were always too nervous to carry on a conversation with her and would inevitably rushed off.

It’s a shame, too. He was actually pretty well hung, she mused remorsefully to herself.

She reach behind her and wiped her hand up her ass crack. Like the good little asshole it was, Slut Ass hadn’t let a single drop escape its plump lips. It even gave her fingers a playful kiss as they ran across it. Anal Bitch gave it a playful tap, sending a pulse of longing through their shared body. She was just bending over to pick up her yoga pants when a knock came at the door behind her.

“Hi, Jaqi!” Slut Ass called out merrily. Anal Bitch stood up, smothering Slut Ass’ mouth between her butt cheeks and turned to face the new visitor. “Afternoon, Jaqi,” she said politely.

“Hello, Anal Bitch,” the newcomer said cheerfully. “Ready for the weekend?”

“Getting there. Just wrapped up my last servicing of the day. Just need to get dressed and head home.”

“Any plans for the weekend?”

“None, at the moment.”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to come back to my place.”

“Oh. Well, that might be nice. What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of stripping you naked and furiously making out with your ass.”

The two stared at each other in silence for several moments until they both started to giggle. None of them saw anything at all unusual about their circumstances. The power of the stone had altered all of them beyond recognition.

Slut Ass had been a normal girl before she had being warped into a perpetually horny asshole and was fused to a classmate’s body. Even her and Anal Bitch’s original names had been wiped from all of reality as a whimsical joke.

Much like Anal Bitch and Slut Ass, Jaqi was also a combination of multiple people. Two students and a teacher had been fused into a single person, with all of the physical and mental traits Jon found most desirable in them being used to create the new person. She had also been altered by the stone to have her sexual fetish change each day.

Today, her greatest sexual thrill was to eat ass. This had caused ripple through reality, leading to her and Anal Bitch becoming well acquainted as they indulged each other’s desires. However, come the next morning, Jaqi’s fetish would shift again and their relationship would disappear into the ether.

But at the moment, they were eager to share each other’s company.

“I like the sound of that. I hope your tongue doesn’t get a cramp,” Anal Bitch said playfully. She turned around and presented her back to the beautiful woman before bending over again to retrieve her pants. In her current position, her butt cheeks spread enough to fully reveal Slut Ass. Jaqi strode forward and gracefully fell to her knees before the ample posterior. She planted a sloppy wet kiss on the asshole’s plump lips which the girl-turned-body-party enthusiastically returned. Jaqi’s hands rested on the plush asscheeks as she pushed deeper into the face hiding in its crack. Their tongues danced and Anal Bitch hummed in pleasure as she felt the pleasure from the teacher making out with her sensitive ass radiate through her.

Without warning, Jaqi pulled away, a strand of saliva extending between her mouth and Slut Ass’ mouth. Its expression showed it was still tingling with the pleasure of having a tongue teasing its insides. A wall of spandex covered its face as Anal Bitch pulled up her yoga pants.

“Tease. Slut Ass is going to be aching the entire way back to your place.”

“That was the idea,” Jaqi said with a wink. “Let’s go.”

The pair stepped out into the hallway. Anal Bitch didn’t even bother locking her door, since the room was practically empty of anything of value. The only thing she needed for work was her juicy ass. Just outside the door, Booby looked up at them from her place on the floor.

“Heading out, you two?”

Anal Bitch nodded. “Yep. Another week do-“

Her voice caught in her throat as a noticeable bulge slid up her esophagus. She opened her mouth wide and a large, pink, silicone dildo slid out. She grasped the saliva covered toy firmly and gave it a yank, dislodging it from her throat.

“Excuse me. As I was going to say, another week down.”

Booby and Jaqi eyed the toy longingly, the power of the stone filling them with a desire to pleasure themselves with it. Anal Bitch smiled and handed the dildo to Booby, knowing she’d be coughing up something she could give to Jaqi before the night was over.

“Here you go, Booby. Have a great weekend!”

“Thanks, Anal Bitch! Have a fun weekend, you two!”

“Oh, I’m planning on it,” Jaqi said with a sly grin. She gave Anal Bitch a hard slap to her ample posterior, causing the girl to gasp and then giggle. As the two walked away arm in arm, Booby didn’t pay them any attention. She was too enamored with her new toy. It would help pass the time since she was planted to the hallway floor and wouldn’t have anything else to do until Monday when a new lined gathered to fuck Anal Bitch in her Slut Ass


The school parking lot was absolutely gridlocked. Everyone fighting over every inch of asphalt, all with the goal of making it out of the parking lot as quickly as possible. Tara stared out the passenger window at the bumper-to-bumper traffic and wondered if this was really better than taking the bus. When Katherine’s parents had gotten her a car, it had seemed like the best thing ever. Sure, it was a piece of junk, but it was a car! No more waiting around at a bus stop on rainy days, having more time in the morning, and not having to deal with the crowds of classmates taking up all the good seats.

That was all great in theory, but was the trade off really any better? Instead she now had to deal Katherine constantly being late to pick her up, no air conditioning, and parking lot congestion.

Could this get any worse?

The sound of a CD feeding into the radio made Tara’s heart sink.

It’s worse.

The sounds of rapid techno beats poured out of the car’s few working speakers, joined shortly by a guitar, then drums. Tara pinched the bridge of her nose, knowing what was coming next. The music built, growing louder and louder, until it paused for a beat. Next to her, Katherine took a deep breath. A beat later, the music erupted at full tilt, this time joined by five female vocalist singing their hearts out.

In Japanese.

That didn’t stop Katherine from trying to join in. J-Pop had become her recent obsession, and she listened to it constantly whenever she was driving. Much to Tara’s chagrin. The driver was trying to sing along, but between her terrible sense of keeping the beat, not knowing what the actual words were and trying to just sound them out phonetically, the overly enthusiastic singer constantly jumping between the different tones the five girls in the band were all singing at, and the car’s terrible speakers, it was nothing but a mess of squawking gibberish.

The rest of her car woes Tara could have dealt with, but not this. She had often requested a change of music, but Katherine would just assure her that she hadn’t listened to it enough to realize how great it was. Maybe that was even true, but she’d never know with the sound of Katherine butchering it every time she turned it on. 

“Geez,” she whispered under her breath, “I wish she at least sounded like them.”


Instantaneously, the sound in the car was much different. Ten voices sang out in perfect harmony. Five from the radio, five from Katherine. As she sang, five voices flowed out of her one mouth, all perfectly mirroring the performance of the group on the radio. It was almost like two radios right next to each other playing the exact same album. Tara sat back and listed to her friend, glad that she was singing instead of-

Half of the vocals stopped as Katherine turned and looked at Tara. Her mouth began to move, but the sound of five voices speaking over each other at different volumes and speeds made her impossible to understand. Tara held up her hand, signaling her to stop, before reaching over and turning down the radio.

“Katherine, please, you know it’s difficult to understand you if you don’t harmonize.”

Katherine mouthed “sorry” before clearing her throat and taking a breath. “Do you want to go to the mall?” she sang out in five voices, all with a thick Japanese accent. Tara smile. “Sounds like a perfect start to the weekend,” Tara replied with a smile.

If we ever get out of this parking lot…


Slut shuffled her way down the sidewalk, lost in a shocked haze. The things she had done today replayed over and over in her mind. She had performed sexual acts she had never even imagined before today, much less would have considered doing. Each time she found a new low of self deprivation, she would find a new way to demean herself even more. And when she reached a particularly debaucherous memory, she would feel her legs quiver and her pussy spasm. She had already cum three times on the walk home, leaving puddles on the sidewalk in her wake.

She had considered not going home. Running away. Better her parents never know what happened to her rather than see what she had become. But then her new impulses kicked in. She could feel her brain rewiring itself. She wanted them to see what she was. Needed them so see. And so, like well used sexual zombie, she shuffled home.

As she reached her front door, she briefly considered sneaking in, going upstairs, and getting cleaned up before her mother spotted her. But wouldn’t it be so much more wicked if she saw you in all of your spent glory? a voice in her head urged. The voice had whispered to her all day, making suggestions to further denigrate herself. The more she fought the desire to demean herself, the more the desire consumed her. The voice had even convinced her to abandon her memory of her old name. Now, she only saw herself as “Slut.” She couldn’t fight it. Fighting it only made her want to listen to it more. Before she even realized that she had opened the door and stepped inside, she found herself letting out a yell.

“Mom! I’m home!”

The sound of footsteps on the hardwood floor made her freeze in place. Her mother stepped around the corner and took in the sight of her daughter. Her hair was a mess, ruffled with the telltale signs of heavy petting and caked in dried fluids. Her makeup was smeared and disheveled. Her shirt was barely hanging to her, stretched out by clawing hands and covered in stains. Her skirt was pulled up to expose that she was not wearing any panties. She wore only one shoe.

Her shame was on full display. She braced herself for her mother’s judgment, and the new levels of pleasure it would ignite within her.

“Hi, Sweetie! How was school?”

Slut was shocked. Of all other reactions she had expected, she had never even considered this. She was covered in cum, reeked of sex, and her arousal was clearly dripping down her legs. She looked like she had just stepped off of a porn set, and her mother was simply smiling at her warmly.

She was trying to think of an explanation, some sort of justification for her current state. She tried to think of anything when the voice directed her again.

Tell her. Tell her everything her dear, sweet daughter did at school today.

“Well, the day started pretty slow. Went to first period and it was boring. Went to the bathroom after that and ended up fucking someone. Don’t even remember who it was. That lasted all of second hour. After that I got pulled into a random classroom and got gang banged. I had every hole filled with cock. I was doing my best to finish off the rest of the class with my hands. I even got a couple guys off with my feet. I gave one of them my shoe as a memento. I got everyone off except for five students, but I ran out of time.

“At lunch, I deep throated a hot dog after I had it shoved inside my cummy pussy. Then a girl asked me if I’d rather eat something else, so I spent the rest of lunch munching on her delicious slit in front of everyone. I made it to my next class, and Mr. Levi asked me to suck him off. I made sure to take my time and make it last. I edged him so long the class ended and I kept sucking him off for the next class period, too.

“He blew the biggest load ever into my whore mouth. I couldn’t even swallow all of it. See this stain here? That was all of his gooey jizz that dribbled down my chin. After that, I went back to the bathroom. When I got there, I bumped into this shy girl who told me she had never had sex before. I offered to get her off but she said no. But the guys in the bathroom next door were a lot more eager, so I got to be fucked in the ass again. I love the feeling of having my tight little hole stretched out. So now I’m going to go upstairs and finger myself while I shove the handle of my hairbrush up my back door.”

Her mother looked at her with shock and disbelief. “Wait a minute…”

Slut squeezed her legs together, loving the reaction she had gotten out of her mother. Yes. Yes, tell me what a whore I am!

“Are you telling me you actually made it to two classes today? Oh, Sweetie! I’m so proud of you! That might be a record! Don’t let me hold you up. Go enjoy your hairbrush and I’ll send any visitors that stop by up to see you. I’ll make sure to prepare something you can eat while even if you’re preoccupied, just in case.”

Slut was so shocked that even the voice was momentarily silent. “Th-thanks, mom.” She walked past her mother, unable to believe what had happened to her. Just this morning, life had been normal. And now… now this was who she was. And nobody else, not even her own mother, thought anything of it.

Finger yourself in front of her, the voice whispered. Slut let out a groan as her hand snapped between her legs and three of her fingers entered her slick cunt.

“Have fun, Sweetie,” her mother called after her.


Chad burst through his front door and quickly locked it behind him before running down the hall to his room. He had at best forty-five minutes before his parents got home so he had to work fast. He entered his room, cursing the fact that his door didn’t have a lock, and threw his backpack in the corner. He darted to his closet and opened the door to reveal a heap of junk. While it look like it had been haphazardly tossed inside, it was actually meticulously placed to make a hidden cache that could be easily accessed by moving aside a couple shirts and rotating shoe box so it would keep the pile from collapsing. He pushed aside a stack of titty mags and reached for his prize.

The plastic shopping bag he pulled out rustled in his hands. He moved to the bed and turned the bag upside down, spilling its contents. He let the bag fall to the floor and shifted his attention to the pink pile of latex now sitting in the middle of his bed. He grasped it, gave it a couple flicks to spread it out, and flipped it over. Finding the valve, he quickly started to blow as quickly as he could. Breath by breath, the form begun to expand. Limbs took shape, mounds filled out, and the form became erect. After several minutes, the blowup doll was ready.

Its body was bubblegum pink, its hands and feet were barely defined stumps. Its tits were massive and capped with painted on nipples that were flat against the plastic. Between its perpetually spread legs was a gaping hole that barely resembled a actual vagina. Only two things stood out about the love toy: how absurdly cheap it was, and that it was topped with a guy’s flesh and blood head.

“Dude! You look super pent up, bro,” the doll said. Chad was already rapidly discarding his clothes, the task made more difficult by how lightheaded he was from inflating the doll as quickly as possible.

“I have been horny all fucking day,” Chad said as he moved back to his hidden compartment. “Allison Myers?” the doll asked knowingly. Chad returned with a bottle of lube.

“Watching her shower after gym class always gets me so turned on. And it’s the first class of the day. I get to have that image in my head all day. And getting to see her again in the last class of the day only brings it back in full force!”

“That’s what I’m here for, bro. I can be your Allison.”

Chad slathered his dick with a copious glob of lube and moved towards the bed, both him and the doll completely unaware that only hours ago they had been best friends. After Dylan tried flirting with an unreceptive Jen, she had wished for him to become his best friend’s blowup doll. He now existed as a toy to relieve Chad’s built up frustrations.

Chad lined up his prick with the waiting hole and clumsily slid it in. “Dude! You’re so big,” the Dylan-doll exclaimed. In truth, Chad was considerably below average, but it was the only dick the transformed love toy had ever experienced. Besides, a good doll should make sure to pleasure its owner as much as possible, both his junk and his ego.

Chad began to furiously pump away, the sounds if heavy breathing, a creaking bed frame, and the rubbing of latex filling the room.

“That’s it! Fill me up! Fill up your Allison!”

The encouragement triggered Chad and his body froze in place, burying his pecker to the hilt and emptying his load into the doll. He took short, heavy breaths as he rode the wave of orgasm. He had barely lasted over a minute, and couldn’t help but imagine that he’d be a huge disappointment to Allison if he ever did manage to get between her legs.

But for the moment, he was pleased with his lack of staying power. That meant he had plenty of time to-

“Chad! We’re home! Come help get dinner started!”

“Shit!” Chad hissed. His parents were home early! He quickly withdrew from the doll and swiftly popped the valve where its bellybutton would be. The air rushed out of the toy with a loud hiss as its body lost definition. He wiped off his dick with a dirty sock before hurrying to his closet and concealing his hidden compartment. The doll continued to deflate as he rushed to redress himself.

He grabbed the doll, which was now completely flat except for Daryl’s normal looking head, carefully gathered it into a ball, and chucked it under his bed for a temporary hiding spot. He brushed his hands through his hair, hoping that he didn’t look too disheveled or flushed from cumming only a couple minutes prior, and stepped out of his room.

Under the bed, the Dylan-doll hoped its owner would remember to clean it out before it got too crusty again.