Topic: The Follies of Alchemy

“Be an alchemist, they said.  It’s a nice safe career, they said.” Diega groused as she ripped up another of the rotten looking ruddy tubers to add to her satchel.  “Some safe career, stuck out here in the middle of nowhere.”

She tried not to think too much about where she was.  It was over the line.  Not too far, but the mutated creatures of the region were hardly safe to be around.  Not that it mattered much, she was at risk of much worse.  But these bizarre plants had soaked up so much of the demon cum rain over the centuries that they were easily distilled down to powerful reagents.   And of course, as the junior alchemist, it was her task to go collect them from the Northern Wastes.  Lucky her was her only cynical thought on the matter.

She twitched at every rustle of the bushes, not sure what horror might emerge, but this far from the center of the realm it was mostly quiet.  In her mind, too quiet.  She had almost as many as she could carry of the huge tubers as each must have weighed a half a stone.  Besides, the moons would be rising soon.  She needed to get back to the other side of the line.

A twig snapped, causing Diega’s head to snap up.  She reached for her only real protection, a small knife that she used to help saw through the tough tuber stems.  It wasn’t much, and she knew it, but she gripped it tightly as she closed her satchel as stealthily as she could.  Her arms shook as she waited for another sound.

None came.  Only the return of the unnatural silence.  Slowly, she lowered her knife, breathing out a deep sigh of relief.  The exhale echoing in her ears as she brushed back her hair from her face.  The shadows were starting to lengthen, it was time to go.  She shouldered the heavy bag full of her prized tubers, hoping to return to the other side before something found her.  Her mind didn’t want to consider the perversions that wandered through the waste, their minds stripped of anything but the desire to copulate with anything they might come across.  She shuddered at the mental images.  It was too much.  The bag secure, she took off down the footpath cursing the strap that now dug cruelly into her shoulder from the weight.

***   ***   ***

The rock loomed above her, the face lit up like a glowing beacon in the amber rays of the sun.  It was little more than a mile distant now, a marker.  The boundary where she might escape this realm.

The walk had been quiet, no sign of life at all, save for a few bushes sprouting strangely phallic berries that she knew better than to eat.  She did add them to her pack though, perhaps they’d offer some new distillations.  Plus, they’d be hers to work with, not the more senior members.

Dry grasses crunched under her feet as she walked that last uphill slope.  The path meandering up the hillside, sometimes there, sometimes not.  Her eyes cast upon her goal, hardly daring to breathe as escape came closer.

“It’s customary to pay your respects when you’re in my domain.”

The voice jolted her.  It was low, smooth, but menacing.  There was a hint of a rasp that made her tremor.

“Turn around.”  It wasn’t a request.

She didn’t want to.  She wanted to run, but something held her transfixed as she felt herself slowly turning away from the stone, it’s orange glow already dimming in the coming evening air.

He stood there, dressed all in silver grey, save for a black ascot around his neck, tucked into a simple vest.  The cut was fine and feathery, and his speckled jet-black hair flashed with subtle iridescence, giving him a dapper look as he leaned on a small rod of brass and cherry wood.  A top hat stood ramrod straight atop his head, nestled between two great curving horns.  His skin was dusky red, almost as if it glowed with an inner light, like coal lit aflame.

Diega swallowed hard as she gazed at him.  He was clearly at home here in the wilds despite his fine features and exquisitely tailored clothes.  It didn’t take her long to come up with his name.  Or at least the name of whom he represented.  The word came haltingly to her lips “Karma.”

He bowed low at the recognition, sweeping off his cap.  “Kora'ak, avatar of Karma, at your service.”  The voice offered a hint of the menace still, and it was clear that any service he rendered would be one she would never wish, let alone forget.

“Please, no…”  The words barely escaped her lips, her body rigid as if frozen in place.

He strode around her, his dark eyes, too dark to be human, taking in every detail.  There was an uncanniness to his movements, as if his form were not the one that he should be wear.  She swallowed hard as she felt him reach out.  Her eyes fixed on his finger, nearly a talon, the nail dark and long, curving almost like the blade she used in the lab.  It slid under her chin, cold and dangerous; turning her head this way, and that, as he examined her.  There was malevolence in his eyes that terrified her.

“You’re no beauty, but a fair specimen at least.  I think you’ll do nicely.”  He smiled.  It was not kind.  She imagined it was a smile a snake would give a mouse.

She could feel him, but her voice wouldn’t come back to her.  It was if her tongue had frozen to her jaw, befit of any ability to reject the tide of magic that was slowly engulfing her.  His touch burned her now, like ice so cold that it felt hot.  Her heart was fluttering in her chest as panic rose.  She wanted to run, to hide, to be anywhere but where he was.  But he’d take an interest in her, and the whims of the avatars, particularly Karma’s, were capricious and legendary.

Finally, she croaked out something, a denial perhaps, but it was hard to tell.  Her body was already flooding with new sensations as if his powers sough to change her in unimaginable ways.

Letting go of her chin he proceeded to set his top hat and cane on a small flat rock, where they vanished as if they’d never been.  His face had started to darken, feathers beginning to spread up from his chest.  A beak, sharp and golden, sprang forth.  No more a smile of maliciousness, it harbored a darker, more sinister feel.

She expected something to happen, like he’d rip out of his top as the swell of his bosoms began to press outward against the vest, but the fabric just shifted, melting away to accommodate the new shapes to its form, leaving only the outline of the generous breasts that stacked the feathered torso.

Below she saw his great member spring free of his trousers which too melted to reveal his dark feathered legs ending in heavy grey-black claws.  Long, dark, and thick, it swung freely in the evening air.  He handled it carefully as he seemed to ponder her fate.  She fancied she could see more growth as he revealing his true character, going from demonic to monstrous. 

“Ah, much better.  I think I shall keep my hands for this.”  His voice rasped now, though, as if speaking with a tongue that wouldn’t quite respond.  His fingers were flexing along his shaft, already the slight sheen of cum dripping from the tip.

Diega bit her lip, already afraid of what might be next, but he was not at all in a hurry with her rooted to the spot.  She could only wait.

“Where to begin?  You were most rude not to greet me today.  Trying to sneak in and out of the domain without so much as a by your leave.  A little presumptuous, and I think you shall have to pay a toll.  Yes, that sounds right, a toll.”  His voice sunk lower, almost emanating from the ground as it swallowed her up.

Diega shook as his fingers crept closer again, the longest tipped now with a not sharp dark nail, but very well-manicured claw now grey-black in color.  She sputtered as it touched her collarbone, a searing feeling coming over her as her neck was being burned.  Her skin bubbling around her collar bone, swelling and puffing outwards as he traced an invisible line.  She felt a bobbling sensation as her head seemed to pull away from her body.  With a sudden jolt she realized that was exactly what was going on as he grabbed her head and pulled upward.  With a slick pop her neck slipped free of the newly created vulva that sat atop her shoulders, it’s opening gape sending shivers through her detached body as the cooling air wafted across its new skin. 

Her mouth opened in silent scream as she saw her headless body standing there.  He only laughed at her discomfort as he held her by the neck, which seemed to be slick with juices and had a feel she couldn’t quite place.

“I think this belongs elsewhere, but ah, where should I put such a thing?  Oh yes, where it always belongs.”  He cackled slightly as he ran his fingers down the phallus that now extended down from her neck, the tip already hard and slightly sticky.  A snap of his fingers and the clothes fell from her body, dust that blew away on the wind leaving her body naked. 

To her surprise she found her new phallic neck pressing back against her body.  She could feel the sensation of the cock-like shape pressing into her disembodied crotch, her nether lips swelling and opening to receive it.  Too willingly it felt as she could feel herself filling with the girth.  Her mind reeled at the idea that she was now fucking herself, but he did no more than to push her into place, driving the cock deep enough to hit her innermost walls.  And he left her head there, bobbing slightly and peering out from betwixt her own legs, a face in her own crotch.

For a moment it felt as if she could move again, and she tried to reorient herself.  But her hands would not comply as they sought to reach down to her newly placed face.  Hoping that she could at least return her head to its rightful place.

He saw this and tsked, snapping his fingers in annoyance.  “Don’t interfere.”

The snap reverberated through her, his punishment swift as he warped her arms, the skin erupting in a burst of feathers as each turned into a great wing.  She could feel them, their feathers flexing and spreading outward.  The periphery of her vision confirming the great grey feathers that swept to her sides, each dusted lightly in the faintest outline of small rosettes.  Yet for all their new size and power, they denied her the ability to manipulate her predicament.  Her head was now firmly in place in its new home.  She could neither grasp nor dislodge herself from her own cunt.

But did she even want that?  She could feel herself sliding slightly back and forth inside herself, a slow steady beat, never enough to slide free, but never enough to quite take the edge off the hunger that was building.  A hunger she knew would soon consume her.  She flexed her feathers, unable to do more.
Diega’s distraction was of no matter to Kora'ak who continued his slow steady contemplation of her form.  His cock slapped her several times in the face as he paced around her, drops of cum splattering across her cheek.  The warping of her mind fixated on the tip of the monster cock that swung before her, begging her to take it in her mouth, and when he stopped and stood before her again, she found herself greedily doing so her mouth salivating as she slowly took it in, sucking gently at first, but soon wantonly.  Her distraction was so complete that she barely noticed the faint feathers that crept along her body, soft and downy, almost as if they were fur

This did nothing to distract the demon avatar though as he began to come up with her next change.  “How many of my things did you take?  Let me see.  Five tubers, and sixteen berries.”  He mused at the numbers.  “Ah, I know.”

Distracted as she was, she didn’t notice the slow changes from her knees downward as yellow scales burst out covering the appendages.  Her feet though drew a muffled yelp as they split and cracked, reforming into corvid like claws, save the tips of each toe sported phallic tips where the talons should be.

His voice gained a rhythm and she realized he was counting.  “One… yes that’s a start.  Two, three, four, five.  Yes, yes.  Those four makes nine.”

Diega winced as she shifted her new feet, feeling the stones rub painfully against each small phallus, the cock-like heads eager to be pleased, but not by such rocky terrain.  The ground dug in cruelly to soft flesh.

Clicking his beak slightly he nodded, moving on to her chest.  Her breasts, now covered in that downy feathering stood out proudly in the night air.  Not too large, but nicely shaped.  His cold touch burned them too as she felt him pulling at them.  At first, they felt heavier, but soon he turned his attention to the space below them, pulling again as the number of her tits doubled, mirroring the set he sported.  She hoped he’d finished, but his fingers returned to each.  At first his talons seemed to be playing with her nipples, which turned rock hard in an instant, only to feel his powerful grip pull hard on each nipple.  She almost lost his member from her mouth in both pleasure and pain as the sensation four forceful yanks rocked her.  Each nipple gave way under his strength, pulling free from its place, revealing the shaft of a thick veiny cock.  Each stood out, eight inches and rock hard in the cooling air, rising from the center of each of her four enormous breasts which were still swelling.

“That makes thirteen, and I think those mounds will nicely take care of your debt for the tubers.” He chortled looking down at the face which continued to suck on the end of his thick penis.  He smirked, running a talon through her hair, watching the lustrous brown hair fall out as it passed, only replaced more of the downy layer of feathers that looked like gray fur.  These feathers also with darker rosettes.  In a flight of fancy, he gave her a muzzle and small ears of a cat like creature he’d once seen in the south.  This only served to deepen her taking of his cock as she had more mouth to encompass it.

The was precious little of the woman left now.  She was a monster, and the only desires were satiation in ways that were most carnal.  The cunt between her shoulders was oozing now, eager for filling by something, even as drips of cum dribbled from her four cock nipples as they wished to fill something themselves.  Still, he didn’t seem satisfied with his work.

“Thirteen, that’s such a poor number to leave you with.  I think we must do the full count.”  He tapped his beak a few times, pondering.

Diega tried to remember what the count was.  Her mind was having a hard time holding any thoughts now save to fuck.

The burning feel of his icy hand reached around to her ass, pulling at her tailbone.  From it two lengths grew out into great tails, each lashing back and forth.  Grabbing each in turn, he peeled the back the tips of these appendages with his sharp claws, exposing yet two more cocks as they joined her growing collection of phallic extremities.

“Ah, fifteen.” He chortled, pulling back, sliding his cock free of her muzzle.

She whined slightly at his withdrawal.  Her tongue lolled from her mouth; her mind barely able to think about anything but ways to pleasure herself.  She gazed up at him, wondering if he’d return that cock to her mouth.

Instead, he just laughed.  “You enjoy a cock so much between your lips, I guess it would be only fair to ensure you never lack for that.  Consider it my final gift to you.”  Reaching down, and grabbed her tongue.

Diega felt it swell and bloat under his claws.  She tried to mumble something, but the swelling quickly stopped any attempts as she found her mouth filled with yet another phallus, this one dripping already under his warm touch as he dangled freely between her lips.

“There!  Sixteen!”  He chortled as he backed away to observe his latest creation.

Diega couldn’t comprehend much, she was already trying to figure out how to suck on the tip of her new tongue cock.  She barely noticed as his arms folded out into great dark wings, as he launched himself into the dark sky.  His dark cawing laugher echoing over the stony hillside in his departure.  Instead, she hopped about, flittering her wings as she tried to give her aching toes relief from the stony path.  Yet, it was back down into the valley she headed.  Already the nightly noises were rising, and soon she would be among them.

Behind her, the bag of tubers lay discarded upon the ground, forgotten.

Author’s note:
This work is set in the open Legends of Belial universe created by Demon-Man.  Diega and Kora’ak are property of Frysco and used with permission.

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