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Mean Taurs
by DarkDevilLeon

Please read this before continuing:
1. It's a story commission made from someone (You will not find my bad english there)
2. Mutants are involved in this story
3. It's based on the universe from AccessWorld, the Accessverse
4. This has nothing to do with any of my girls of Dr. G.Mein.


Gather round mutants all and let me tell you a tail…. Oh, I’m sorry, I meant tale. This is a story about two mutants who never could see eye to eye. Each thought themselves to be the best thing to happen to their small little town. Everyone got to see so few mutants that when they mutated, people worshiped them like goddesses… well maybe not goddesses. Maybe more like really popular idols? The point is, they were the popular girls.

There was Felicia, the red-haired spitfire. Originally part of the goth crowd with black streaks in her hair thick rimmed glasses on her face, she was blessed with five huge breasts, three on top, two on bottom. Oh, and when I say bottom, I meant taur body. Did I mention that these girls were both blessed with being taurs? She also had four arms, which gave her a sort of goddess look, and she reveled in it. She would adorn her four feet with four heels and just revel in the worship of the type of people that say, “please step on me mommy.” You’ve been on the internet. You know the ones.

Then there was Lara, who was a bit louder and quirkier. Her hair was a two toned blue and purple, that shimmered and changed depending on the direction you looked at it. She had four breasts, two where normal breasts would be and then two underneath positioned vertically. She also had four arms, but two of her arms were on her hips, which she swore was just a better position, allowing her to manipulate things at several heights. And also, most importantly, she had hooves instead of feet, which in her opinion made her the only real taur around here. What’s a centaur without hooves? In her opinion Felicia barely even fit the myth.

Aaaand unfortunately, that’s how this grim rivalry started. The two mutated around the same time, back when they were still in high school, and the popularity went to their heads. Each had their own little following, and each swore that the other just didn’t deserve theirs. Lara really leaned into the mythical nature of the centaur, dressing in in big bright colors and acting almost faerie like. She wanted people to treat her like a mythical creature, an impossibility to behold.

Felicia, on the other hand, fancied herself an amateur model… not that she ever had any official gigs. She just wanted to be known for her beauty, her mutant beauty. She didn’t need to be some fairy tale. She just needed to be the most gorgeous mutant within a fifty mile radius and have men and women alike groveling at her feet.

Alas, both of these girls would have been quite happy if it weren’t for the other. Lara’s wonder kept people wandering away from Felicia’s dark beauty, whereas Felicia presented a target that seemed attainable for those who rejected the whimsy of Lara’s infatuation with fantasy.

And thus, a battle started for the most precious resource of all… attention.


No one really knows when this unfriendly rivalry took a turn for the mean, but one day the girls became less comfortable with simply verbal abuse. You know how high school students are. Little pranks here and there begin to get out of control. One day, Lara's clothes were stolen while she was in gym class, and she had to wear her gym clothes for the rest of the day. Another day dog poop was smeared on Felicia's doorstep, causing her to step in it, barehoof and all.

And things only accelerated from there. From the old glue in the bra trick, forcing Felicia to tug at her breasts like a madwoman in the locker room, to putting gum in Lara’s perfect long hair. Unfortunately, cutting it short just made her look more like a pixie princess.

You’d think that bitter rivals like this would go their separate ways after high school, but people are irrational. The two followed themselves into college where their rivalry continued, and only accelerated from there, never quite to the state of danger, but always pushing just a bit more to see what they can get away with, how they could ruin each other’s lives. In fact, people began theorizing that the two of them purposefully followed each other around, staying in each other’s lives because they simply could not give up the pleasure of causing the other pain.

When Lara joined her college track team, Felicia joined as well. Unfortunately, Felicia was never particularly the athletic type. She did her best to keep up, but it was apparent from day one that Lara was going to win this one. Felicia’s boobs were just too big, and even when wearing a sports bra, they bounced up and down at the slightest bit of physical activity. Of course, there were plenty of people who went to track, just to see Felicia struggle. There was always a bit of a danger of a nip slip or two, and the horny college frat boys were all there for that.


The first “win” in their rivalry came when Lara and Felicia competed in a hurdle race. Taurs, as you know, have very high expectations when it comes to hurdles, due to their association with horses, and Lara met those expectations soundly. She bounded over the hurdles on every track with the grace of a show horse, to rounds of applause with every leap and bound.

Felicia, however, kept tripping and stumbling over the hurdles, the breasts on her taur half tripping her up and smacking into each one. She stumbled over the finish line dead last to laughs and jeers from the crowd, and insults of “fat cow” and “mindless lump of boobs” from Lara. Felicia did her best to finish the course, but her athletic wear got caught on one of the hurdles, baring her lower boobs for all to see. As the laughter of the crowd rose to a crescendo, she desperately tried to cover her modesty and ran off back home.

But she wasn’t going to let Lara get away with this. Not by a long shot.

Lara might have been athletic, but that was where her coordination ended. While she liked to consider herself a fairy princess, she had four left hooves, and about as much grace as a real horse. If Felicia couldn’t best her in sports, she would best her in something she knew she could win in: DANCE!

So as soon as Felicia got the chance, she decided to sign up for the school’s competitive dance troupe. As much as Felicia liked to get across that she was the too cool for school goth, she actually took several dance lessons as a child, both before and after her mutation, from ballroom to swing. Within a few weeks Felicia was already known as the belle of the ball in her college, the most graceful dancer on the team, gliding across the floor on her dainty heels.

And Lara hated it.

So of course, Lara too decided to try out for the dance team, but Felicia was ready this time. There was only one person on the team that didn’t have a partner, and he was a creep. He was one of Lara’s many fanboys, a sweaty neckbeard that had absolutely no respect for personal boundaries. So, when Lara so graciously decided to join the team, her only choice was to get paired up with him, with Steve, the one partner nobody wanted.

And Felicia loved it. She loved watching Steve hug himself far too close to Lara’s body whenever they were practicing. She loved seeing him sniff her hair and whisper things into her ear, his yellow stained sweaty t-shirts rubbing his bodily funk off them. Of course, Felicia was not one to let any opportunity to add insult to injury go untaken. She would often extend her legs just slightly too far to catch Lara in the hooves during their dance practice, causing her to topple over in a pile with Steve on top of her, much to the laughs of everyone else in the troupe.

It did not take long for Steve to take things too far. He began posting pictures of Lara and him online. He began writing posts on Facebook about how much he loved her and, supposedly, she loved him back, and how they were going to be significant others, and get married, and so much more. Felicia did not feel bad for even a second that this creepy stalker was attached to Lara at the hip, and soon Lara was absolutely swamped with rumors about her and Steve’s relationship. No matter how much she tried to deny it she just could not shake the negative stigma as long as she kept going to dance class, and soon enough she decided that losing to Felicia was better than having her reputation sullied for the rest of her college career.

Felicia had won this time, and the war was just getting started.


Things only escalated from there, each new attempt at petty pranks and embarrassment getting more and more mean. Any time one showed up at a party, the other one was there trying to ruin their dress or drop a punch bowl on them. Any time one of them had to speak in public, the other mobilized any of their close followers that they could to at best boo them and at worst cover them in whipped cream and silly string. Day after day, week after week, year after year the two taurs set out on an endless quest to ruin the other’s lives.

And then they both came up with the best and worst idea that either had ever had. College, of course, is the time when everyone experiments with some of the less legal substances in the world. Pot… acid… mutagen… you know the deal. Of course, neither of the two taurs would ever imagine screwing with their perfect mutant body. But… what if they screwed around with the OTHER’S perfect mutant body.

Thus, the plan went into effect. The two of them were going to compete in a campus wide mudwrestling competition, held by a local sorority. Using their… more illicit connections on campus, they were going to try and score a small bit of mutagen, not much, not enough to hurt someone, but perhaps enough to, say, neutralize a mutation for a while. At worst, the mutagen would just turn the other human for a while, making it clear who the top taur was. At best, it would turn them into even a weirder mutant, embarrassing them in front of everyone at the event.

And so, the plan went into action. They both managed to score just a tiny bit of recreational mutagen from the campus dealer, diluted it with a bunch of water, and filled up a water balloon with it. The goal was to, in the middle of their match find a good time to toss the water balloon and watch the chaos unfold.

So, the day came for the big mudwrestling match, both of the girls in nothing but their panties alongside everyone else in the sorority. They watched the matches go down, with all of campus watching. Girl after girl rolled around in the mud, specifically for the rest of the campus to ogle, an immature past-time, but a fun past-time.

And of course, Felicia and Lara would end up facing each other. Even if BOTH of them didn’t end up fixing the matches, the whole campus wouldn’t have let the opportunity to watch their two best mutant beauties go at each other. Felicia stepped into the mud first followed by Lara, as the announcer hyped up the crowd over blaring electronic music. It was the match of the century, mutant vs. mutant, the two most popular girls warring to see who was mutant queen.

And each, with a small water balloon filled with mutagen stuffed away in their bra.

Now, here’s the thing. College mud wrestling is supposed to be something people do for fun. But none of the interactions between Lara and Felicia were fun. As expected, both taurs spat out insults at each other, Felicia claiming to be the beautiful one, Lara claiming to be the popular one. And moments after that they had their hands on each other, slipping and sliding, and trying to bring each other to their knees.

Everyone expected this match to be brutal, but not quite as brutal as it ended up being. A couple slips here, a couple trips there, and the girls were throwing elbows and knees to each other’s stomachs and taur bodies. It looked painful. Of course, neither of them threw fists. Punching would make it clear that they cared too much, that they had ire for the other, and could probably be punished by the school disciplinary committee. But every chance to scratch, kick, and pull hair was taken. The huge, uncontrollabe movement of Felicia's breasts, the brutality and the insults the girls made it to a spectacle to look at.

Under normal circumstances, that would be it. The two would come out of this with some bruises and scratches, nothing that a few showers and Bactene couldn’t fix. But of course, the two girls had their great plan to mutate the other… their great plan that they totally forgot by the time they had a chance to actually get their hands on each other. Within moment’s both balloons had popped, and the mutagen had mixed in with the mud. And unfortunately, it would be far too late before either of them noticed.

The screaming and flailing hid the sound of stretching flesh and fusing bones. The mud shielding the mutation from the view of the crowd. The pain of the impeding transformation obscured by all the physical violence the two girls were inflicting on each other. Their hips were cracking. Their thighs were sticking together. Their bodies were almost melting, and soon, they found themselves screaming, screaming loud enough that the referee had to stop the match.


A hose was taken to both girls as the mud was washed away, and before the crowd the outcome of their little scheme was shown. The two taurs had fused, back to back. On one side was Felicia, facing one direction, and the other side was Lara, facing the other. They both instinctively tried to pull apart but couldn’t. They argued and shouted and ended up falling in the mud again as they struggled to adjust to having both hooves and human feet. Lara was upset Felicia ruined her perfectly mythological taur look with human feet, while Felicia lamented the fact that she could no longer wear four matching heels. And that wasn’t all they disagreed on either. The two girls kept yelling at and blaming the other for the myriad of sensations running through their shared taur body as their now shared breasts kept banging against their legs anytime they tried to move. The crowd just stared and listened to their every word as best they could, enraptured in the muddy pair.

Moments later they were rushed to the hospital. The whole way the two were arguing, badgering each other, claiming the other was at fault. They took longer then needed to go there. Neither of the both wanted to be the one to walk backwards. Both wanted to be the leader.

However, when the doctor asked if either of them had come in contact with mutagen, neither would admit their plan. They had no idea that both of them brought mutagen to the fight, so they both secretly thought that it was actually their own fault. The irony.

And so, the two girls never told the doctor that mutagen was involved and never received any anti-mutagen. “How long could this last?” they thought. “Mutagen wears off, doesn’t it?” they thought. "How are we sleeping?" "Do we have to standing forever? How are we resting or sitting?" They have a lot of thoughts, they hopefully never need to find out.

And they figured all they would have to do is spend a few days together. A night at Felicia’s here. A night at Lara’s there.  Felicia struggled to drag Lara to dance practice and had to deal with Steve touching a body SHE shared now. Lara found herself falling behind in track practice. If Lara jump over a hurdle, just her half of the body move and Felicia has to jump her half on her own, wich makes it difficult for many reasons. Firstly, running backwards for the other is difficult, she don't know what the other half do, when does she jumps, when does she accelerate or brake. Secondly, she can't see what will happen, she can't see whats going on on the other side.

Day, after day after day passed and yet the two didn’t seem to be any closer to unfusing.

Maybe it would be permanent. Maybe, because the two never saw eye to eye, they would never see eye to eye again.

Oh, and the mutagenic mud? Well, strange story. A lot of girls experienced their first mutation that week, and the college suddenly became known for their thriving mutant population. Was the mutagen to blame? Perhaps it seeped into the ground, or even the college’s water supply?

We will never know because Felicia and Lara will never tell.


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