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New Year's Corruption

"I can't believe you managed to get us a suite for tonight. It's, like… sooo hard to do that!" Makenzie exclaimed.

"Yeah," Avery added. "It's, like, New Year's Eve and you got a suite over the city. Who'd you- *hic* -bone to pull that off?" Makenzie and Avery giggled together as they held onto one another in the corner of the elevator.

Sarah looked back at the tipsy pair, swaying slightly herself. "Hey, I have my ways, you know…" she replied with a smirk. "And it only sometimes involves sleeping with the receptionist!"

"Ah, here we are!" Sarah announced at the elevator dinged. The doors opened into the middle of a penthouse suite, fully decked out with lavish furniture and upholstery.

"Whooooa!" Makenzie stared in awe at the room as they walked in. "Holy shit. This is- *hic* -amazing!"

"Look at this view! Everyone down there looks like ants!"

Makenzie joined Avery at the window. The suite had a perfect view of all the festivities below. They could see city hall, the opera house, and the city park all from their comfortable perch. And most important of all, they could see the twinkling neon ball hovering atop the skyscraper directly across from them, waiting for the countdown to the New Year.

"And what better way to celebrate than with my girls?" Sarah came walking back from the dry bar across the room, carrying a trio of martini glasses. She stumbled a bit, then caught herself, saving the drinks.

"Yeah, fuck boys!" Avery announced, happily taking one of the proffered drinks. "Now that you're back from your trip, the Bitch Squad is back at full strength!"

"'Fuck boys' is right." Makenzie agreed, grabbing her drink. "Who needs 'em. They're just a bunch of muscley testosterone buckets looking for someone to fight. Henry can have his damn floozy new girlfriend for all I care! She can be the one to take care of his tiny dick now."

"Then to old friends and new beginnings." Sarah proposed, raising her glass.

"And may Jonathyn's cock fall off in bed tonight!" Avery added to a chorus of laughter, then the girls all downed their swirly green drinks.

"Oooo, what is that? A new cocktail?" Makenzie asked, liking her lips. "Tastes kinda… appley, rosemary, chicken?"

"Ok, time to cut you off, girl." Avery laughed. "Apple, rosemary, chicken?! What the fuck were you drinking? It was obviously lime-aritas."

"Both wrong, actually." Sarah laughed. "Although I'm glad to hear you both became quite the liquor connoisseurs while I was away. It's actually a bit of a home brew, one I've been waiting to share with you both since my trip."

"Well, whatever it was… got any more?"

"Yes, actually. But the show's about to start now. We don't want to miss it!"

"Ooo!" Makenzie squealed, clapping her hands. "The ball's gonna drop!"

Sarah grabbed their glasses, fumbling them for a moment, then brought them back to the bar while the other two turned towards the window. They could see the giant video board below suddenly light up.

"Hurry up, Sarah. You're gonna miss it!"

"I'll be right there!"

Avery and Makenzie joined in with the crowd below as the video board started flashing.

"10… 9… 8…"

Avery looked up as Sarah joined them, putting her arms around their shoulders while they all watched the crowd below.

"7… 6…"

Sarah grunted softly, leaning on her friends as she shifted her legs, trying to get comfortable. She kicked her stilettos off into the room behind them.

"5… 4…"

Shapes began to move beneath Sarah's dress. She shuddered a bit, rolling her neck and shoulders. Another soft moan escaped her lips.

"3… 2… 1…"

Sarah shrugged the thin straps off her shoulders, baring her top before hugging her friends in close.

"Happy New Year, girls!!"

"Happy New Yea-GLPH!" Makenzie responded before something slid inside her open mouth.

"Happy New- hey…" Avery paused. "Why're you naked?"

"Shhhh…" Sarah shushed her friend. "Because this is the year I want to share something extra special with you!"

"Huh?" Avery pushed her head back, cocking an eyebrow. "What're you talking about?" Then she felt something sliding across her neck.

"Mm-phuff-uf, ug phafuff." Makenzie replied around the object she was happily sucking on.

Something wasn't adding up in Avery's mind, cutting through the alcoholic fog. How did Makenzie get a cock in her mouth? Why was Sarah suddenly acting so weird? And why was there a weird looking snake hovering in front of her face?

Avery's eyes snapped open. What the fuck was that thing?? In a panic, Avery pushed Sarah away who stumbled back a few steps. Mackenzie groaned as her mouth was freed from its intruder with an audible 'pop' and she licked the trail of opaque slime it'd left behind. Avery grabbed Makenzie as they stared at their friend in disbelief. Sarah stared back with a coy grin.

"Aren't they lovely?" Sarah struck a pose, showing off her breasts that grinned at the girls as well. Both of her hefty mammeries had developed what appeared to be some sort of reptilian maws! They'd retained the shape and softness of perky breasts, but now thick tongues slithered out of the lips that'd replaced her nipples, tongues that looked like cock shaped, eyeless snakes! The snakes coiled themselves around Sarah's arms and turned towards the other girls before opening their mouths as well. Oozing hemicocks slithered instead of the forked tongue one would have expected..

"Ooooh, gawd… I've been dying to share these with you all day!"

"Huh?" Makenzie rubbed her head, trying to make sense of the sight before her. "You've had those things inside you all day?"

"Well, longer actually." Sarah smirked. "Ever since my trip. And I haven't been able to stop thinking about you two since! I want to share them with you. Let you experience them for yourselves!"

"No chance in hell!" Avery shot back, finally sobering up enough to realize what was going on and picking up on Sarah's intent. "You're not coming anywhere near us with those… things!"

Avery grabbed Makenzie's shoulders and began guiding her more inebriated friend around the room's perimeter while keeping Sarah in front of them.

"Awwww," Sarah pouted. "You wouldn't say that if you knew how great they felt! Besides, it's a little too late to be backing out now..."

Avery paused as Sarah gave them a salacious grin. What was she talking about? Then Avery's mind went back to the drinks… Had Sarah spiked them with something?

"Now you're starting to get it." Sarah chuckled, walking towards them as the boob snakes slithered around her. "You've already taken your medicine, now all that's left is for me to trigger it so you can join me in this ecstasy!"

Sarah paused, biting her lip and moaning as she braced her hands on her knees. Avery watched as something began poking around inside the bottom of Sarah's dress. Then she caught her breath as another cocksnake suddenly slithered out from beneath it! Sarah looked back up at them with a grin.

"Oh, HELL NO!!" Avery yelled. Taking advantage of Sarah's compromised position, she grabbed Makenzie and made a dash for a nearby bedroom even as Makenzie started to cough beside her. She pushed her hacking friend towards the bed and then whirled around to close the door, locking it just as hands began to pound the outside.

"You're making a mistake, Avery!" Sarah yelled through the thick wood. "This is a gift! A gift for you both!!"

Avery turned away from the door, satisfied it would hold out their assailant, then walked towards Makenzie who was still coughing on the bed.

"You ok, Kenzie?" Avery sat next down to her, rubbing her back.

"I- don't know…" Makenzie managed through several coughs. She looked up at Avery, strands of drool on her lips and chin. "My mouth- feels really weird! My thongue ith…"

Avery rubbed her friend's back as another bout of coughing hit, but she could tell Makenzie was going to need more help than that. As the bout of coughing passed, Avery took a moment to look around the room. She had to find a way to get the police, or fire department, or someone here to help them. Hell, maybe even the military! But of course their phones were still out in the common room… Then she spotted an old landline phone on the bedside table. She rushed over, but when she picked up the receiver the line was dead. Of course… why would the hotel pay for something no one ever used anymore? Avery rolled her eyes.

"Afewy…" Makenzie groaned between more coughs. Dropping the phone, Avery rushed back to her friend.

"What is it, Kenzie?" Avery comforted, rubbing her friend's back again.

"Afewy… I feew weawy, weawy weiwd!

With another cough Makenzie's body suddenly tensed up, and then a viscous white stream spewed her mouth, coating Avery's legs in sticky ropes!

"Agh, what the FUCK!" Avery yelled, jumping off the bed and away from her friend. Makenzie's body continued to heave, coating the foot of the bed in pools of goopy white! After several minutes, the bout finally seemed to pass and Makenzie flopped back onto the bed, exhausted.

Avery looked down at her legs, trying to wipe off the mess, but before she could it seemed to seep into her skin. Before long it had all disappeared, leaving behind her normal, dry skin. That was bizarre!

She looked back at Makenzie who was still laying on the bed. The steady heaving of her chest made it look like she was asleep, but then Avery noticed some movement from beneath the hair covering her face. Makenzie began to moan, bringing her hands up to stroke around her collarbone. Avery couldn't quite tell, but it looked like her skin there was plumping up… It got thicker and thicker, looking like a fleshy boa as Makenzie continued stroking it with her hands. Her moaning became more urgent and she sat up, ignoring her friend as the changes around her neck dominated her attention. From this angle, Avery had a better look at the swelling flesh and she recognized the familiar shape… It looked like Makenzie's neck had been swallowed up by a giant pussy!

Thick white drool dripped from the corners of Makenzie's mouth as she was lost in the sensations between her shoulders. She began rubbing harder, then her neck suddenly drooped down with her head landing in her lap! Avery stared at her changing friend, watching in shock as her neck continued to slither free of the oversized pussy. Makenzie's head soon fell to the floor, still moaning through the pleasure as her long, sinuous neck coiled on the ground around her. Eventually, the tip of her neck finally slipped free and her arms took advantage of the opening, one hand plunging inside as the other slid into her panties. She began rubbing and thrusting with gusto, servicing both of her pussies at the same time! It didn't take long for orgasm to hit and her whole body shuddered as her groans were cut off by more white fluid streaming from her mouth!

Avery couldn't believe what she'd just witnessed! Just moments before they'd been running away from Sarah together, and now Makenzie had become something equally as bizarre! Then Makenzie's body began to stir, along with her disembodied head and neck, and when Avery looked down she found Makenzie's vivid green eyes staring back up!

"Ooooh my gawwwwwd, Afewry…" Makenzie moaned, then began coughing once more. Avery took another step back, but this time no spew of white followed. Instead gobs of clear, viscous slime bubbled from her mouth, followed by what appeared to be a smaller version of her head! The head flicked back its slime coated hair, slithering out more on the vascular limb Makenzie's tongue had become, then looked up at Avery with a grin.

"That felt so fucking good!!" The smaller head finished.

"Holy shit!" Avery panicked, running back toward the door. Then she remembered the other monstrosity waiting for her out there. Where was she going to go now?! She turned back around, watching Makenzie's headless body walk towards her as her head and neck slithered along the floor.

"Where are you going, Avery?! Don't leave us!"

As they got closer, Avery dashed around them towards the other side of the room.

"Sarah was right!" Makenzie's smaller head continued as she turned towards her friend. "This is a gift! You have to share it with us!"

"Like hell I do!" Avery shot back, but she was beginning to feel odd herself. Her legs were starting to feel warm, radiating out from where Makenzie's cummy spew had soaked her.

With a sudden burst of speed, Makenzie's body lunged for Avery, who managed to dodge away at the last second. As Makenzie's body tumbled into the bookcase, Avery leapt over the bed, but her feet slipped in the cum puddle there and she went crashing to the floor! Makenzie's head lost no time in closing the distance, coiling around her legs as Avery propped herself up onto her hands. Makenzie leaned in close, leering at Avery with both pairs of eyes. Without saying a word, her smaller head opened its own mouth and a familiar looking cock-snake poked out, just like the ones on Sarah's body! It quickly shot out, nipping Avery on the nose before withdrawing back in. Makenzie fell back as well, releasing Avery's legs from her coils as she gave her friend some space.

Avery touched her nose, noting the small dots of blood from where Makenzie's tongue had bit her. Something started to feel off though, and as she focused she noticed a small tingling coming from the bite. The tingling slowly grew, spreading across her face, and she noticed her nose starting to shrink in her peripheral vision!

Grabbing at her nose again, she was suddenly rewarded with an entirely new sensation. She gasped and felt her pussy moisten as shots of pleasure radiated through her face! She touched her nose again, rubbing it this time, chasing it with her fingers as it continued to shrink. She drooled uncontrollably, too enamored by what was happening to care as her moans became juicy. She continued rubbing her nub of a nose while her other hand slipped between her lips, instinctively pushing her fingers in and out.

Avery groaned through the sensations, loving them too much to be able to think clearly about what was happening. Before long, she felt something build up inside her, and she shuddered as orgasm overcame her new face pussy for the first time! The slit between her thighs dripped with sympathetic need, but before she could address it, the reality of what had just happened settled in and her eyes popped open in panic.

Her mouth and nose… They were completely gone! In their place she now had a plump new pussy that was simply aching for more attention.

Avery scrambled to her feet, backing away from where Makenzie and her body stood watching.

"Incredible, isn't it?!" Makenzie said, excitedly.

"Mmfeph, hmmm-mm, phuuuuff!" Avery replied, shuddering from the sensations of trying to talk through her pussy.

"Exactly!" Makenzie grinned with both mouths as she walked and slithered towards her friend. "I couldn't have said it better myself. But it doesn't have to stop there…"

Avery gasped as Makenzie's body suddenly dashed behind her, pinning her arms. Withdrawing the smaller head back into her mouth, Makenzie slithered up Avery's leg, pressing beneath her skirt and coiling around her body. Avery shivered from the sensations, only now realizing how firm and vascular Makenzie's serpentine body was. It felt like a big, long, delicious cock was wrapping its meaty grip around her! Then Makenzie's head popped out from the top of Avery's dress, hovering eye to eye with her. The smaller head slid back out of her mouth, hovering close to Avery's ear.

"So, what do you say…" she whispered seductively. "How about a little kiss?"

Slithering back to Avery's mouth, the head pressed against the plump vulva there before finally pushing inside. Avery moaned from the sensations, only to have that moan muffled as Makenzie's original head leaned in, sealing her luscious red lips against Avery's quivering labia. Avery returned the favor, pressing her own face against her friends, giving into the lust dominating her mind!

Both girls moaned as the kiss turned into something like never before! Avery's lips quivered as Makenzie's smaller head pressed its way deeper into Avery's repurposed mouth. Meanwhile, the tip of Makenzie's tail slipped between Avery's thighs, locating the other needy pussy there. With a quick shove, the tip of her tail pushed its way inside and she began fucking her friend in both pussies at once!

As Avery gave into the fucking, Makenzie's body released its grip on her arms, moving instead to disrobing them both. Avery's silver cocktail dress slid to the floor easily, revealing the thick, vascular body wrapped around her own athletic form. Makenzie's sparkling red dress soon followed, and her body pressed into Avery's back, hugging her close as it groped her ample breasts. The groping soon became clumsy however, and Avery peeked down, finding Makenzie's hands had become digitless blobs of flesh!

Scales appeared next that quickly spread up her arms and out of sight, then horizontal slits appeared across what used to be her hands. The slits widened, spreading further up the mounds, then split open into little mouths! Nostrils came next, and then pairs of slitted eyes that were the same emerald color as Makenzie's own. Eager to join in the fun, the new snakes explored Avery's body as a slick, colorless slime began to ooze from their scales. Like a luxury massage oil, the slime left the women's skin tingling wherever the snakes touched, amplifying the intensity of their soiree. Seemingly untethered by the length of Makenzie's previous arms, the snakes wrapped their coils around them again and again, massaging them both with their sinuous bodies.

Bound together in the reptilian embrace, the women stumbled over to the bed, falling onto the soggy sheets with an audible squelch. The puddle of cum from earlier pooled around them, slickening their skin as they writhed against one another. So engrossed in their activities, the crash from the corner of the room didn't earn a glance from either of them. It wasn't until they felt a touch at their feet and heard a familiar voice did they realize they were no longer alone.

"Beautifully done, girls. I knew you'd come around to the gift!" Sarah praised. "But don't think you can leave me out of the best part."

Makenzie and Avery broke their kiss to turn and find their fully nude friend standing by their outstretched feet. How she'd gotten into the locked room they had no clue, but they couldn't deny the cock-snake coiling up their legs. Sarah stroked the creature as it slithered from her own snatch, eagerly seeking out those of the other girls. As it got close, it opened its own mouth and another pair of cocksnakes slithered out, inserting themselves firmly between Avery and Makenzies thighs. Both women moaned as the textred heads pressed into their nethers, eliciting a quick bolt of pleasure through the entire trio!

Sarah moaned, clutching at her crotch snake as it sped a load quickly through its long, sinuous body. Eventually the warmth reached its targets and the other two girls felt a gush of heat erupt inside them! The heat quickly dispersed, seeping into their bodies to corrupt whatever was left of the celebratory cocktail inside them.

As Sarah's snake slowly withdrew back into her pussy she felt both girls' legs hook around her waist, pulling her in closer. She grinned, happy to accommodate. She stroked her breast maws, encouraging the eyeless cocksnakes hidden within back out into the open. They flicked their tongues, hissing as they picked up on the smells of sex around them. Sarah shuddered as they slithered out, eager to join in the fray! It didn't take long before they located the other girls freshly vacated pussies, happy to fill them once more. Makenzie's body shuddered with the sensations, but Avery began to shudder from something else entirely…

Her pussy had been growing steadily larger since Sarah had cum inside her, now easily triple the size it'd once been. The nipple snake there now was having trouble getting inside however, as something was coming out instead!

Avery's mouth-pussy quivered as she moaned, the vibrations adding to her constantly building pleasure. She pulled Sarah in tighter with her legs who in turn began stroking her oversized snatch. Avery could feel a building pressure in her loins, but all the attention there kept pulling her mind to the incessant pleasure. Before long she let out a gurgling moan as she felt something come out of her with a rush akin to another climax!

"Oh yes! YES!!" She yelled, although it didn't come from her mouth... It came instead from the eyeless snake slithering out from her crotch! She could feel its mind working in tandem with her own, not fully separate, yet not fully whole either. The pleasure was amplified as the snake slithered itself from her nethers, its smooth scales feeling heavenly against her skin, not to mention the row upon row of scaly breasts along its underside squeezing their way out along with it. The boob-snake coiled around Sarah as she continued to stroke Avery's thick labia, coaxing the snake further out. Its head settled on Sarah's shoulder, whispering just two simple words…

"Thank you!"

"My pleasure, darling!" Sarah replied, "But I think you have better places to be. A more accommodating place perhaps?" With a manicured finger Sarah steered the snake's head which instantly picked up on the heat signature at the top of Makenzie's body. The throbbing vulva there between her shoulders was the perfect target!

With a little struggle, Avery was able to loosen the coils of Makenzie's snarms from around her enough to slip free. Makenzie's head also slithered free, electing to coil around Sarah instead. Once there, she engaged Sarah in a deep kiss, showing off the talents of her altered tongue as she pusher her tail inside Sarah's freshly unoccupied pussy

Meanwhile, Avery had slipped beneath Makenzie's snarms once more, enjoying their warm, tingling embrace, although this time in a proper 69 position. The boob-snake honed in on the pussy between Makenzie's shoulders, nuzzling the oversized labia, then pushing its way inside! They shuddered together in shared ecstasy, Avery as the snake pulled out of her pussy, and Makenzie's body as it pushed into her own! Rejected by Avery's occupied pussy before, Sarah's second nipple-snake found a new home, pressing into Avery's fascial pussy as she moaned.

As Sarah and Makenzie shared their passionate kiss, Sarah's body revealed its final secret. Just beneath her hefty breasts, another pair of mounds appeared with faint horizontal slits at the peaks. It didn't take long for these to develop into another pair of sizable breasts, each tipped with another snaky maw just like the pair above it! They grinned and opened wide, allowing another pair of cocksnake tongues to venture forth.

Giving into the blatant debauchery, Sarah fell onto the bed, joining her friends. Their bodies became lost in the mass of writhing coils as they each pleasured one another in ways never thought possible before. Ecstasy exploded time and time again as repeated orgasms flowed through them even as the first rays of the new year's sun peeked up over the busy cityscape beyond.

This was truly going to be a Happy New Year after all!