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The Contract

A demoness was busy in front of a mirror trying out several outfits.

“Umm, no this won't do,“ she sighed looking at her reflection.

“What's the matter Mistress Jezebel?“ a female voice drifted up to her ears.

“Notting much dear,” she snapped her fingers changing to another outfit in a flash of flames, “just a group of teenagers are summoning me.”

“Oh? What kind of summoning,” the voice was quite curious, “for a contract or just fun time?“

Jezebel giggled, “a fun time, dear.”

“Oh fun! I always enjoy those,“ the voice giggled.

“i know you do dear,” Jezebel smiled, “you know dear, you have been with me for almost five years now.”

The voice let out a squeal of glee, “oh! Anniversary fun time!”

“I guess you could say that “ Jezebel responded with a small giggle, “now if I can just find the right look…”

“How about that outfit you had when we met for the first time?”

“Oh, you mean this one,“ a burst of flames enveloped jezebel's body and faded away shows a sleek business like suit.

The voice grunted a bit, “mind adjusting it a little? It's a tad snug.“

Jezebel giggled, “Sorry dear I haven't worn this in ages,“ Jezebel snapped her fingers “ there is that better dear?“

the voice sighed, “much better Mistress, thanks. I always loved that suit.”

“Well time to go. You know how teanagers are, always getting impatient.“

With a snap of her finger and a burst of flames Jezebel vanished from her room.

Five years earlier…

Penelope walked down the street with a big grin on her face. She was rushing back to her apartment she needed some time alone with her find. A car blared it’s horn at Penelope as she cut across the street to the door of her apartment building. After the doors to the elevator closed, she couldn’t hold back anymore. Penelope pulled the large black leather bound book out of the bag and opened it.

“I never thought a magic store sold actual magic books,“ she flipped through the pages, “some of the words are hard to make out.“

The elevator dinged at her floor and Penelope walked down the hall to her apartment. She fumbled a moment with they keys and dropped the book. The black book fell to the ground, opening on a summoning ritual. Penelope bent down looking at the entry as she picked up the book. She let herself into the apartment and flopped down in the couch to read further.

Penelope tried to make out the details, some of what was written looked more like letter salad then actual words. She did manage to read about summoning a demon to grant a wish. She misinterpreted the words wish for what was more of a warning. The demon that would come may or may not grant the wish, but either way it will take something from the summoner.

Penelope read the page she looked over the items needed. Pretty common things, some salt, candles, chalk, it was more about the preparation. There were a few specialty items she needed such as strange herbs and incense, calling for a trip back to the magic shop. The store owner gave Penelope an odd look and warned her about meddling in things she didn't understand, but she shrugged it off. Nobody was going to rob her of a wish

An hour later she returned to her apartment and started to move furniture around to make room for the ritual. Penelope drew the summoning circle and lit the candles She smiled to herself, thinking about her wish. Penelope finished the summoning circle and looked back at the book. She read over the words a final time and began reciting the incantation. As Penelope was speaking the words the sky outside her apartment went dark. She was oblivious to the rain and thunder as she tried to recite the words correctly. Penelope finished the last verse and there was an audible crack followed by a bright flash and flames. In the center of the summoning circle stood a demon.

Or to be more precise, a demoness. She could get away with being a human in a dark red business suit at first glance, apart from her wings, tail, and horns. as Penelope didn't believed that actually worked she had summoned one. At first she thought the demoness was in heels, but she soon realized that the 'heels' were bony extrusions forming into a pointed heel. Penelope also saw a long slender tail ending with a spade tip at the end. The demoness looked about and then fixed her sight on Penelope.

“Feast your eyes on my body mortal as i am the demoness Jezebel!“ She spread her black feathered wings out and stared at Penelope, “so mortal, you summoned me here. What do you want? Fame, glory, money perhaps?” Jezebel said with a playful voice.

Penelope was so caught up with the concept of getting a wish, she hadn't actually thought of one. She could see Jezebel staring at her with glowing eyes, slowly growing impatient.

Penelope finally blurted out, “I want to be immortal!“

Jezebel gave her a look, “immortal you say? It's been a while anyone asked for that,” Jezebel said with a smile.

She soon realized that this summoner had no true knowledge of magic. It was just luck that she managed to stumble through the incantations in the book and summon her here. Jezebel grinned and with a gesture she summoned to her hands and a scroll. With a flourish she presented the scroll to Penelope. The human unrolled the scroll and looked at it. It was even more confusing than the incantations in the book. Penelope looked back up and looked at Jezebel.

“What am i supposed to do with this?“ she held up the piece of parchment to the demoness

Jezebel gave her a toothy grin, “to perform a wish of this magnitude requires a certain amount of paperwork. I;m afraid you will need to sign this contract.”

“Oh, okay I guess...“ she turned her attention back to the contract.
Penelope tried her best to make sense of what it said. She could make out a couple words, but couldn't make much sense of it. She looked back up at the demoness. With another gesture Jezebel brought forth a feather quill with a golden tip. Penelope took the quill and tried to sign the contract but it did nothing but scratch the parchment.

“How do I sign and with this?“

Jezebel sighed at having to deal with this this clueless girl. A light sparkled in her glowing eyes as she had a thought, I have a fun idea for this foolish girl, with some minor motions of her hands Jezebel changed the contract. Rather than just letting her take the girl without granting a wish, it became much more interesting.
“You have to sign it with your blood dear,“ Jezebel tapped the tip of her finger with a sharp red nail

Penelope looked at the quill for a moment before pricking the golden tip of the quill into her finger and drawing blood. She winced but managed not to cry out. Penelope hadn't the slightest idea that the contract had changed. She quickly signed the contract at the X at the bottom. After she had signed a light glow appeared on Penelope's hand appeared where she had drawn blood, as the glow faded a demonic sigil was left behind.

“What's this?” Penelope said pointing to the sigil.

“Oh that's just a sign that you already have a contract with a demon so you can't get more wishes by summoning another one after me “ Jezebel said with a big grin.

The demoness snapped her fingers and the contract rolled itself up and it disappeared

“Your wish has been granted,“ Jezebel smiled widely before she disappeared in a burst of flames.

The rain came to a stop and the sun started to shine again through her apartment windows. Penelope rubbed her hand where the sigil sat.

“Didn't know you get an mark,” she looked down at her finger, “oh well, I can always just say it's a tattoo “ she giggled to herself.

Later that evening Penelope came out a store with some food for her dinner. She started to cross the road when suddenly she was lit up from the side and a loud bang followed. It took Penelope a moment to realize a car had run into her and ran off leaving her on the road.

“Ow, you fucker, that hurts!“ she yelled after the car as she got back onto her feet without any injury, “I'm glad i made that wish,“ she said with a giggle picking up her bags.

The contents of the bags were a bit scuffed, but were mostly intact as she had taken the brunt of the hit. Penelope rode the elevator back up to her floor and entered her apartment. She had put her furniture back into place and apart from some salt she needed to vacuum up it was back to normal.

After the final bit of cleaning was done, Penelope made her meal and seated herself onto the couch to watch tv. Other than being hit by a car with no ill effects her evening was surprisingly normal. after she had finished her meal she went to the bed room and striped herself down. Pausing to check for any bruises in the mirror, Penelope ended up just admiring herself for a moment. She nice looking body: D cup breasts, lightly tanned skin, and long blonde hair. Her blue eyes are drawn to the demonic sigil on her finger.

Did it just glow?“ she shook her head and dismissed it, it must have been the light catching it.

Penelope crossed the hall from her bedroom to her bathroom. As she flicked on the lights she found something out of place. In the middle of her bathroom floor laid a black feather. Penelope looked at the window and then back at the feather.

“Mmm, the window is closed so how did this get in here?“ She picked it up she realised the feather was far too big to belong to an bird she could find in the city.
She stuck her head out of the bathroom and looked down the hall to her living room. She remembered that Jezebel had large black feathered wings. But she was in the circle the entire time, and she found no feathers left behind while cleaning up.

Penelope shook her head and pulled it back into the bathroom, “no, she never left that summoning circle.“

She turned on the shower and after a moment stepped in. after letting the hot water run over her tan body she started to wash her hair. The lights in the bathroom flickered and at the same the sigil on her finger lit up once more. Penelope, however, had shampoo in her eyes and only noticed the light flickering as she rinsed out of her eyes and looked at the flicking light .

“Huh, guess that light might be going bad. “ as she washed the rest of the shampoo out of her hair.

Penelope reached for her body wash an lathered it on with a sponge. She smiled enjoying the warmth of the water combined with the scent of the body wash. As she bent over to wash her feet, her rear bumped into something.

“Mmm, I enjoy a clean pet “ she could hear the grin on Jezebel’s face.

Before penelope could turn around Jezebel grabbed her tightly by the shoulders and bent her over slightly. She could feel something long and hard pushing against her rear. She opened her mouth to scream but not a sound came out.

“Now, now, let’s not disturb the neighbors, this is just between us,” the demon’s clit had swelled and grown to be almost a penis.

Finding the right angle, she penetrated Penelope’s vagaina with this psedo-penis. The young woman gasped as Jezebel claimed her vagaina. They both let out a long moan. Penelope turned her head seeing Jezebel’s black feathered wings

“H-how did you got here? I d-didn’t summon you again...“ penelope stammered out mixed with panting as the demoness started to thrust.

“You signed the contract and you are now mine,“ Jezebel groaned starting to fuck penelope harder with her pseudo penis.

“W-wait! you said...you said you granted the wish!“ Penelope panted, her body betraying her and refusing to pull away from being fucked by Jezebel.

“I figured you couldn’t read the contract anyway, it so I changed it to my own favor “ she laughed at penelope enjoying herself as she thrusted her oversized clit deeper into penelope “It’s a wonder you even managed to summon me in the first place. I could manifest myself here thanks to a little thing I left behind,“ Jezebel ran her hand down her arm and pointed at the sigil on Penelope`s finger.

Penelope started to moan feeling her body wanting to push back against Jezebel rather than away. The demoness looked down and grinned. The spell she had cast was taking effect. Jezebel was going to bond this girls body to hers in a fun way. Penelopes asscheecks started to fuse with the demoness’ groin. Penelope cried out as she came. She held herself up with her hands against the shower wall. Penelope had not realised that Jezebel had stopped thrusting into her. She could still felt Jezebel’s pseudo cock in her but it felt strange. It started to feel as if it was melting into her body. Suddenly, Penelope felt her body lifting up off the shower flor.

She snapped her head back over her shoulder to look at the smiling Jezebel. Penelope started to lose feeling in her legs. as she looked she saw her legs were beginning to fuse into Jezebel’s legs. Her skin discolored to match that of Jezebel’s, who's muscle where clearly gaining more mass as her own legs were absorbed into them. Penelope struggled as she tried to pull herself off the demoness, but could not grip onto anything in the shower. She looked at her hand and saw her fingers fusing together and starting to shrink away. In moments her hands became unresponsive and soon her arms where pulled to her sides and began fusing into her torso.

Penelope started to cry as she watched and felt her body change. She wanted to scream as she could see her lower half had lost most its features but also could see large dark veins starting to run up her body from jezebels groin. Jezebel was clearly enjoying the situation, smiling and giggling at the foolish girls struggles. Penelope panic only increased as she felt tugging on her chest. she looked down and saw her breasts starting to tug on her skin as they moved down her body and towards Jezebel’s groin. Penelope could see, no feel them change the closer they came to the demoness the more they stopped looking like breasts. she could feel them getting loser and sag as something firm seemed to form on the inside.

Penelope could see her tan skin darkening to an obsidian black color and the veins creeping further up her body. She could feel herself shrinking down as she watched a ridge form on her back. Penelope coughed as she felt her inside churn as they were absorbed into her body. Her panic spiked when she could no longer feel her heartbeat, but it was soon replaced with a different dark pulse from Jezebel’s body. Penelope’s body got more rigid and she could no longer look behind her.

She found herself starting to drool, but it it was no saliva, she knew it by taste. Penelope was drooling precum as the newly formed uretra had connected to her throat. Her neck was started to widen up and her blonde hair started to fall out in clumps. Penelope’s head started to deform at the same time her lips started to pull together and her nose sink away. Slowly her vision started to fade; the last sight she saw was in the bathroom mirror looking at what had once been her body. Maybe it was her body still. Penelope could feel Jezebel. She could feel all the sensations that were pushing the demoness’ lust far beyond human limits. She could feel Jezebel tense up as her vision finally disappeared. The last she seen was that she was changed into a giant horse cock

it was not her body any more. Penelope could feel Jezebel’s dark blood course through her now. The demoness ran her hands over her nearly finished horse cock. It was still far to big but she watched it size down till only a three feet of shaft and a matching pair of balls remained. Jezebel stretched herself as the excess mass from Penelope enhanced the demoness’ muscles. She looked around the bathroom, but was disappointed to only see the small mirror over the vanity. Turning off the shower, she walked dripping water to the bedroom. There she posed in front the mirror with her new and improved demonic body.

“My, you look beautiful dear,” she said while stroking her erect horse cock, “ah I forgot,“ Jezebel made a small gesture.

Penelope gasped, she could see and hear again, but the vision was not hers.

“w-wait what happened I can see again.“

She watched in the mirror as Jezebel stroked her cock. The demoness could hear a moan rise up to her ears. Penelope felt the new sensation across her new body. She was moaning with pleasure as she felt jezebel's hands around her. Penelope felt a sensation rise in what had been her breasts. Looking in the mirror she realized they were now her balls. Penelope could feel a rising tingle in them as pressure was building. Jezebel also was moaning. it hit her then, she was now part of this demoness and they would feel the same sensations.

As Penelope started to accept this new fact of life, she felt something run up her body. The sensations of being stroking caused a tension to rise inside of her as she moaned out in unison with the demoness she was now part of. As she felt cum rush through her body and out of her mouth she could taste the semen and she savored it. They moaned and panted together as they coated the wall and mirror with their demonic seed.

Jezebel looked at the mess they had made, “So pet, you make a wonderful mess your first time.”

Penelope was still confused, and her recent orgasam wasn’t helping much. She couldn’t move, but she could see but not her eyes.

“Can you hear me? I can see and hear...what is this?“

Jezebel giggled, “When you signed that contract you were mine, body and soul. I never had a true cock so I had the idea to make you into one. while you are trapped in your new body, it sounded you still had fun,” she giggled again.

“Well,” Penelope sighed, “this is sorta immortality, I guess. And it was an unusual experience; it felt wonderful when you came, well, we both came. Ii still think it was a bit of betrayal though.“

“Really, you should have known to never trust a demon.” Jezabel shrugged, “but I guess I did grant your wish,“ shel giggled .

“Being your cock was not what I had in mind...but it was amazing to orasm that way,“ she sighed contentedly.

Jezebel patted her sheathed friend, “I’m glad you enjoyed as much as I did. Now that I finally have a proper cock we’ll be having a lot of fun together, my pet.“

“If I’m your pet, then can I call you mistress?“ Penelope said in a sheepish way

“I didn’t know you were into that,” she gave her a another little pat, ”well I don’t mind dear,” Jezabel looked around the slightly disordered bedroom, “I will take your home as my new lair. Absorbing your body into me gave me more than enough juice to stay in the human world indefinitely “ Jezebel said cheerfully.

“I don’t need it anymore. Your body is my home now, Mistress Jezebel.“

Penelope still had a few mixed feelings about this situation. However she was not going anywhere any time soon and she may as well make the best of the situation.

“So mistress, how do you think you gonna afford the rent of this place then? I dont assume you have any money. And how you gonna deal with people when they notice a new person suddenly lives in my old apartment?”

Jezebel laughed, “money is never an issue for demons,” she held out her hand and a stack of bills appeared, “money is the number one thing mortals request of us you know.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense.”

Jezabel tossed the money aside like it was just paper, “as for blending in here, I can just make myself appear to them as you.”

“No way!”

“Don’t believe me?” she smiled and posed in front of the mirror.

If Penelope still had a jaw it would have dropped. Standing there in the mirror was her! Well, her with a large bair of black balls and a sheath.

“I’m pretty sure no one will notice the difference” a perfect imitation of her voice said.

“I believe you! Please, change back, it’s creepy.”

“As you wish, dear,” she smiled and shifted back to her true form, “I don’t like being so weak looking anyway.”

“Hey I am...was not weak, “ she almost yelled at Jezebel, “um, sorry for yelling mistress...“

Jezebel giggled, “no worries dear. I didn’t mean you were weak, I ment looking like a human.”

“One thing though, females don't have a horse cock between their legs. “

“Don’t worry, they won't see you down there,“ she giggled, “so, when is this next rent due?“

“Ah, I think Ms. Ferguson will come collect her rent next week, “ penelope replied, “but watch out, she’s not the kind and loving type, if you get my drift.”

Jezebel laughed, “with your help I’ll subvert her, making her my loyal thrall. That will cover the rent of this place for the foreseeable future. Now,” she looked around the bedroom, “I'm going to make some changes to this apartment to make it more...fitting to my tastes.”

“You don't like my tastes in decoration?“ Penelope said.

“Pet, a demoness wants her lair to be a place fitted for a queen. No offence, but this place is more suiting for a college student then me.” Jezebel said with a giggle.

Raising up her hands she began the process of renovating the apartment..

One week later.

The elevator doors opened and a woman came barging out. She marched up to the door of Penelope's apartment and started to bang on the door not holding back in the least.

“You’re a day late with the rent you blonde bimbo!” she was yelling at the door, “I’ve warned you so many times about this shit! I should call the police and-”

The door opened while she was mid swing. Standing in the doorway was Penelope. She was wearing a barely belted black silk robe. Her hair was tossed like she just got out of bed, but somehow it only added to her sex appeal.

“Ah, Ms. Ferguson, I was hoping you would stop by,” she stepped to the side, “please, come in.”

Ms. Ferguson was unsure about the situation. There was something about how Penelope was talking to her. It was almost like there was another voice whispering under it as she talked. There was also a strange scent coming off the blonde woman. It wasn't like any perfume she had smelled before. It made her want to get closer to Penelope. She shook her head and walked into the apartment.

As the door clicked shut behind her Ms. Ferguson stared in disbelief. The eggshell white painted drywall was gone. Rich wood wainscoting was matched with textured plaster walls. Works of fine art hung on the walls gently lit by brass lamps. Tapestry like drapes covered the windows. The furniture in the living room looked like it belonged in a palace.

“Oh yes, you haven’t been in here since I redecorated,” Penelope smiled, “please come and sit, I just made some tea.”

“But-but how, it’s impossible you can’t-”

“The lease clearly states I can finish the walls however I like as long as I return them to move in status before I leave.”

Ms. Ferguson sputtered, her head snapping between directions.

“Please, Ms. Ferguson, come and sit, a cup of tea will do wonders for your nerves.”

The landlady made her way to the fine couch Penelope was sitting on. She sat on the cusion farthest from the blonde. Penelope passed her a fine china cup with an aromatic tea in it.

“It comes out quite sweet, no need for sugar,” she smiled broadly.

Ms. Ferguson smelled the tea first. It was aromatic and rich. This wasn’t just a bag of tea from the supermarket. She took a small sip. The hot tea seemed to send tingles through her mouth. As she swallowed the sensation continued down her throat.

“Do you like the tea?” Penelope asked tilting her head to the side slightly.

Ms. Ferguson actually smiled, “yes, I’ve never had tea like this before,” she took another bigger sip.

“I imagine you haven’t,” her smile shifted slightly as she watched the middle aged woman drink the tea.

“I know you are here about the rent,”

“Mmmm” she seemed slightly distracted as she took another sip.

“And I know that in the past I have been less than reliable. That’s why I’d like to work out a new agreement with you.”

Ms. Ferguson placed her empty cup on the coffee table. Her eyes had a slightly cloudy look and she seemed to be smiling at a joke only she was aware of.

“You know, Penelope, you smell really good today.” she giggled slightly at her own comment.

“Do I?”

“Mmmm,” she nodded before giggling again.

“Why thank you, Abby, you don’t mind if I call you Abby do you?”

“No, no, that’s fine.” she smiled noticing just how pretty Penelope was for the first time.

“Well, if you like the way I smell, why not come closer and get a better whiff.”

Abby seemed to like that idea. She slid her way down the couch right next to Penelope. She took Abbu by the hand and pulled her close. She closed her eyes and inhaled the beautiful scent coming from Penelope.

[It’s really working! You got that bitch where you want her,] the real Penelope cheered.

“Almost, my pet,”

“What?” Abby looked up with a dazed look.

“Oh nothing, here,” she pulled the middle aged woman’s head up to her neck, “ged a real good smell.”

Abby resisted for only a moment before she sighed and relaked against what she thought was Penelope’s body. Once she felt abby start to kiss her neck, she knew it was time. She slowly pulled the landlady away from her neck. She was quite gone between the tea and her demonic pheromones. The demoness in disguise eye’s started to glow. Abby was entranced by the eyes staring back, hardly even blinking.

“Take off your clothes for me.” Her voice shifted away from Penelope’s

Abby nodded and immediately pulled off the sweatshirt she was wearing. Jezebel smiled as she stood up to pull off her elastix banded slacks, leaving her in a set of beige panties and bra.

“All of it,” her voice carried more of a command in it this time.

“I’m sorry,” Abby flinched before quickly taking off her bra and pushing her panties down.

[Eww, do we have to, Mistress?] Penelope sighed, [she’s a little past her prime.]

“Sorry dear, but trust me it will get better.”

Jezabel stood up and unbelted the robe letting it fall to the floor. She then smiled, letting her body take on it’s true form. Abby’s eyes widened but she stayed standing in front of the demoness.

“P-Penelope?” she asked barely a whisper.

“No, dear, I am Jezabel, but Penelope is here too.”

Penelope giggled a bit at the joke.

“Now,” she reached out and rubbed her hand against Abby’s already moist pussy, “let’s have a little fun, shall we?”

She moaned loudly, leaning in against Jezebel’s hand. The demoness moved her back onto the couch. Her lips claimed the landlady’s mouth with no resistance. Abby gripped her tightly, pulling her body tightly against the demoness, moaning like a bitch in heat.

[Uhh, I’m not ready for this..] Penelope said as she started to grow out of her sheath, [can’t you just jerk me off over her or something?]

The hot bodies sandwiching her only increased the lust driving Jezebel. Penelope continued to grow as the demon blood pumped her up to her full size. She now rested between both pairs of breast. She couldn’t help sighing at the softness that surrounded her. Jezebel pointed Abby’s head to the flared head of her cock.


As soon as she gave the command Abby’s tongue darted out to lick the flared head. Penelope leat out a soft moan as the landlady licked and kissed her head. As the first bit of pre leaked out, Abby was there to slurp it up.

[Not the kind of girl I wanted to be my first french kiss...]

Jezebel giggled, “It won’t be the last,” she whispered.

The demoness slid down her body, dragging Penelope with her across Abby’s body. She rubbed the flared head of her cock against her dripping pussy

“It’s too big…” Abby said,even as she spread her legs for Jezebel.

[She’s right, I’ll never fit inside her, let’s just call it off.]

“There is always room for a demon cock,” Jezebel answered them both before starting to push in.

[No! No! Wait! I'm not going to fit stop .. oohhmygod,] Penelope moaned as she was pushed into Abby.

Abby’s back arched off the couch as she cried out. Her body stretched around the massive intrusion. Penelope was lost in a see of sensation feeling the hot wet passage hug her every bump, rige and vein as she stretched out the landlady. Of course Jezebel was enjoying it was well, the moans from both abby and Penelope urging her on to push her horsecock in deeper. A small moan slipped past her nearly black lips.

Abby was writhing on the couch, lost in the feelings of the massive cock stretching her body. Looking down she could see the shaft’s outline through her skin. But she didn’t want it to stop, she wanted more of that shaft in her. Penelope felt the same. She wished she still had movement to worm herself in deeper.

[Please mistress, don’t stop!] She moaned, [fuck her deeper!]

Jezebel only smiled as she continued. Abby thrashed on the couch as she climaxed with the shaft only halfway in. Penelope and Jezebel enjoyed the sensations, but did not stop sinking in deeper. Abby reached out, not finished either. She grabbed Jezebel tightly, trying to pull the demoness into her even deeper. Her sense of reason had slipped away, all she felt was lust and a single orgasam did little to aleviate it.

Jezebel moaned again, as much from the corruption of the human as the sensations she felt through her cock. Penelope moaned louder as her medial ring pushed past Abby’s labia. As Jezebel finaly hilted penelope, another orgasam rocketed through the human. Abby shouted loudly. Just as she started to recover, that’s when Jezebel started to thrust.

She couldn’t pull all the way back, but it was enough. Penelope moaned louder than Abby as she was pounded deep into the nearly screaming woman. She could feel her balls churning preparing their load. Penelope was nearly screaming when she felt the tingle run down what had once been her spine. Her body twitch before the massive load of cum shot through her body.

[Fuck yes! Yes!] Penelope cried out as the cum shot out of her mouth and pumped into Abby’s well fucked boddy.

The pressure of the viscous fluid started to push Penelope out of the human. Jezebel slowly pulled out. Although a fair amount of her cum leaked out of Abby’s pussy, most of it was inside her very distended belly.

[Shit,] Penelope said as she saw the results, [I really filled her up.]

“You sound pleased by that dear,” she said stroking the side of her cock gently, “did you have fun?”

She sighed [fuck yes, it's much better being a cock than just getting fucked by one.]

Jezebel laughed.

[What happens to her now, mistress?]

Jezebel looked down at Abby, passed out with her head to the side, drooling onto the once finely upholstered couch. She breathed slowly, each breath making her swollen abdomen jiggle slightly.

“Just watch dear.”

The bulge in her stomach slowly seemed to deflate. As it did Penelope could see a change in Ms. Ferguson. Her skin seemed to tighten up, wrinkles fading, stretch marks and moles disappearing. Her chest seemed to both grow and firm up at the same time. The gray hair on her head seemed to fade back to its original deep brown color.

[Wow, she’s...younger?]

“Her body was especially receptive to demon cum, probably because she is such a bitch to everyone,” Jezebel smirked, “of course that only means she is more addicted and under my sway now,” she reached down and touched the passed out Abby on her cheek, “wake up dear.”

Abby turned her head and slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at the semoness and smiled, almost childlike.

“Mistress,” she cooed.

“Hey, that’s what I call you!’ Penelope seemed a little miffed by that.

“Who said that?” Abby sat up and looked around.

“Oh that’s right, as my thrall she can hear you now, my pet.” she sat back down on the couch, not caring about the mess, “You remember Penelope Abby, well she now serves me as my cock. Go ahead and say hello.”

“Must you call her mistress?”

“What else could I call her? I am hers.”

“Well, if you have too,” Penelope sighed.

“That’s my girls,” she giggled, “Now Abby, I want you to continue your duties as the landlady without letting on our arrangement. Rest assured,Penelope will ‘pay’ her rent every month on time.”

“I look forward to it,” they could hear the smile in Penelope’s voice.

“So do I,” Abby smiled reaching out to stroke the half hard cock.

“Mmm,” Penelope sighed as she felt the now much smoother hands run down her side, “I like you better this way.”

Abby gathered her clothes and got dressed the rent collected from her new mistress. Jezebel cleaned up the remaining mess with a few simple gestures.

“What now, Mistress?” Penelope asked as the demoness retrieved her robe from the floor.

“A nice long bath I think, Is there something on your mind dear?”

“Oh, it’s nothing I was just thinking that next month we should fuck her up the ass instead.”

Jezebel laughed loudly, “Aren’t you adventurous?”

“I’m just...accepting my role.”

“It sounds like more than just acceptance,” Jezebel said, gently scratching under her balls.

“Ok, you got me mistress,” Penelope giggled, “I like being a cock, especially your cock.”

“That’s a good girl,’ Jezebel smiled as she walked to her bathroom.

Present time.

As a burst of flames Jezebel returned back to her apartment

“That was a fun summon mistress! I had so much fun today. You never would expect a guy to be so eager to drop to their knees for you mistress,” Penelope giggled, “I think he was a virgin as well, so nice and tight.”

Jezebel laughed, “Oh I think both the boys there where, the girls on the other hand where nice little sluts tough.”

“They sure know how to treat a girl like me!” penelope laughed.

“Say penelope your now five years with me I never really thanked you for letting me into this world. So, I have a little gift for you,“ Jezebel made a gesture and in her hand appeared a golden ring, “what do you think of this?“

Penelope looked and then giggled, “it’s nice mistress, but I don’t have any fingers to wear it, “ Jezebel could her the smile of penelope in her voice.

“It's not a ring for a finger,“ Jezebel teased Penelope out of her sheath till she was firmly hard.

“Oh it's it play time already?“ Penelope smiled feeling herself nice and hard again.

“It’s for something different my dear,“ Jezebel said with a smile.

she slid the ring onto the head of Penelope, piercing the flesh quickly with almost no pain. The ring hung in the head in the style of an prince albert.

“Oh I got a golden ring on me,“ She could hear Penelope’s smile, “thank you mistress.“

“Your welcome, my dear. Now i need an infernal hot bath after that much fun today,“ Jezebel walked to the bathroom, but she turns around at the door, “and if you readers misbehave you maybe lucky and the two of us will come and visit you,“ she giggled and closed the door behind her ..

Fin … ?