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Topic: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour

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Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour


This story is much weirder than my previous two, so please check the tags (both on the story and those listed below) before continuing and if after checking them, you're still willing to read further, enjoy.

In addition since literotica only allows a limited amount of tags, this story also contains the following tags: multi arm, multi cock, multi breast, multi legs, fusion, hyper cock, hyper balls, hyper breasts, mini giantess, height growth, breast growth, cock growth, butt growth, lipples, vagina-nipples, lactation, lamia, harpy, centaur, mermaid, mermaid, slime girl, cum-slime girl, arachne, dullahan, and probably a few more I missed.

Yeah, a lot going on in this one.


Over the many months since Kimihito Kurusu had become a host for the Inter-species Exchange Program, he had gotten used to all sorts of bizarre happenings and crazy shenanigans. Thus, when a mysterious, unmarked, black box was found sitting on his doorstep at four in the afternoon, he understood that whatever was inside would most likely make his life even more difficult. Regardless, his nature wouldn't allow him to simply ignore the package, so he bent forwards to grab the black metal handle and brought it inside, setting it on the dining table to examine it.

Luckily for Kimihito, the two most inquisitive of his homestays were currently occupied; Miia was still at her part time job as a shrine maiden for another hour, and Papi was playing a video game with Suu in the living room. This meant that he was able to open the package and examine its contents in peace. Inside were two dozen glass bottles covered in bubble wrap and a note. The note was written in a neat typed font and signed by the president of that sketchy "Black Lily" company, something which only compounded Kimihito's worries.

The note indicated that the bottles contained milk, a gift from the liminals on the ranch that Kimihito had (forcibly) worked on a few months ago, who wanted to thank him for his 'services' while there, with all of them hoping that enjoying this milk would be "as transformative an experience for you as it was for us making it". Once he had finished reading the note, Kimihito examined one of the bottles. It was an unlabelled 500ml bottle filled with what looked like milk, just as the note had indicated. The only marking on the bottle was a signature from one of the liminals on the farm, a pan faun named Sappho, with a heart drawn below it. Each of the bottles were similarly signed by at least one of the ranch workers, with many being signed by two or more of them, all with simple drawings or short messages accompanying them. Kimihito, of course, understood that what was in these bottles wasn't milk from the cows on the ranch, but the breast milk of the women who worked there.

This show of appreciation, despite its strange form, warmed Kimihito's heart. He had only been working there to pay off his dubiously acquired debt to the company that owned the ranch, but he had genuinely enjoyed his time there and it was nice to know that he had forged lasting bonds in those few weeks. He also understood that many of the girls that had contributed probably expected, or at least hoped, he would drink their 'gifts' himself, something that just wasn't feasible. There was about twelve litres of milk here, meaning that he would have to drink three or four bottles a day to finish everyone's before it began to spoil. Instead, not wanting the women's gift to go to waste. he opted to use the milk to make tonight's dinner, as on the few (often unknowing at the time) occasions he had sampled food made with liminal milk, he had found it to be of exceptional quality. Of course his homestay's might not be happy with that, not because of what it was but who it was from, but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

Soon, Kimihito had three pots of curry cooking on the stove, two huge pots for most of the household and one large pot of vegetarian curry for Centorea, alongside a pot of milk pudding for dessert. The two thirds of the milk that had gone unused had been stored at the back of the fridge, out of the sight of anyone who wasn't intentionally snooping, before he called everyone over for dinner. As expected, the curry tasted incredible, the milk adding the perfect amount of both creaminess and richness to the dish. The eight housemates all made sure that every morsel was devoured without a single speck of leftovers remaining. Once the dishes had been cleaned, everyone went back to their evening activities before eventually retiring to their rooms for the night. Of course, just because night had fallen doesn't mean that all of the liminals living in the Kurusu household were planning on actually sleeping. In fact, over the months the liminals had been living here, a sort of ritual had begun to form, one performed at least once a week, and, just a few minutes before midnight, the one who most often began this ritual made her move


Miia, wearing nothing but a sexy pink negligee and her lamia-friendly panties, peeked out her door, slit pupils sweeping across the second floor hallway to make sure no one was around. She then lowered her upper body as low to the ground as possible and crawled over to her darling's door, her 7 metre long, red-scaled snake tail trailing behind her. After doing one more quick check of the hall, bright red locks fluttering as she turned her head, she stood her upper body back up and slowly twisted the knob. The door swung open without a single sound. Normally, this was where one of the lamia's housemates would barge in and ruin her chance at some alone time with her Darling. Usually Rachnera would tangle her in webs from the ceiling or Centorea would charge in from around the corner. Of course, being someone far too self absorbed to consider the implications of their absence, Miia decided that she had simply outwitted her rivals this time and, while giggling like a schoolgirl, slithered into her darling's bedroom.

Once Miia was successfully inside, she went over the dozing form of her darling and climbed under the sheets with him. She knew from experience that her darling was a heavy sleeper, so she confidently coiled her tail around him in a full-body hug and nested her face into the crook of his neck, just like she did every night before Papi and the others were suddenly thrust into their life. Content to simply lay with him and partake of his body heat, the lamia was soon fast asleep, leaving her unaware of what was beginning to happen to her and Kimihito as midnight struck. Instead, drifting off into the world of dreams.

Miia's was one she had often. She was slithering up an aisle, crowds of people to seated on either side of her, but her eyes were firmly locked on the person waiting straight ahead. Darling, dressed in a handsome black tuxedo, was staring in awe at the immaculate, white wedding dress she wore, his gaze not shifting a millimetre from the lamia approaching him. Once she reached the altar, the officiant began his speech, the couple sharing their vows, before he finally said the five words Miia had always hoped to hear:

"You may kiss the bride."

At these words Miia and her darling threw themselves at each other and shared a passionate, romantic kiss; the crowd cheered the perfect couple's inevitable marriage. This was now usually the point where the dream ended, with her waking up to an empty, dishevelled bed, but tonight it continued. The dream had skipped past the reception and Miia was now being princess carried into her new husband's bedroom, a feat that looked far more graceful in this realm of dreams than in reality. Once her Darling had laid her on the bed, he began undressing both of them, the man eager to consummate their love.

As the dream continued, Miia's desire to be the only woman Kimihito had eyes for seemed to manifest as the milk, having contained an experimental mutagen Black Lily Labs had made, began to mutate the pair's bodies. The transformation started down in the coil of Miia's tail, with Kimihito's legs melding into the Lamia's tail, his pyjama pants being torn away in the process. As Kimihito's legs fused with Miia's tail, its scales darkened to a deep crimson and it grew both thicker and longer, cannibalizing the absorbed mass as the two's lower bodies became one. This fusion continued up until the last two metres of Miia's coils, where her tail instead forked into two branches that were connected to both of their hips. Where the tail branched, its colour smoothly transitioned from the dark crimson into two separate shades. The one connected to Miia was the same crimson that her tail had been originally while the one connected to Kimihito was the same shade of black as his hair

With their lower bodies now joined, the transformation spread up Kimihito and Miia's upper bodies, mutating them further still. Firstly, Kimihito's penis and testicles, now placed just below where his belly scales scales terminated into bare skin, were pulled into a newly formed slit, quickly re-emerging as a pair of twenty-five centimetre long hemipenes. Also inside this slit, below his twin shafts, was a newly formed vagina. In a similar fashion, a pair of penises also grew out of Miia's crotch, pushing her adhesive panties off as they formed, making both of them true hermaphrodites.

Kimihito's transformations continued upwards, with his hips flaring out and the impression of a shapely behind forming under the scales on his lower back. His waist then pulled in slightly and his shoulders narrowed, the musculature he had gained looking after his homestays completely giving way to graceful, feminine, curves. Next, the transformation settled on his face, turning it into a feminine visage that made him look like he could be Miia's sister. Black scales covered his ears as they lengthened into points, bleeding slightly onto his cheeks as well. Underneath his eyelids, his pupils became reptilian slits; inside his mouth his tongue forked; his canine teeth grew into small fangs, his face now unmistakably that of a lamia. The final touch to his metamorphosis was a pair of F-cup breasts that pushed out of his chest, leaving him a perfect match of the woman he was now conjoined with, save for differing eye and hair colours.

While her Darling's change was ongoing, Miia's body was undergoing its own drastic transformation. Her spine stretched upwards as a second set of shoulder blades formed beneath her original pair, followed by a third immediately after. From each of these new shoulders a pair of arms grew, both of which copied their topmost siblings and wrapped themselves around their owner's Darling. Making use of the space on the front of her elongated torso, a second pair of F-cup breasts were added to the lamia's front end, her two sets now squeezing those of her darling between them. Finally, her neck shifted over to the left to make room as a second, identical, head pushed out of her shoulders and began to snuggle into the other crook of her darling's own neck.

As the now fully transformed Miia continued to fantasize about her perfect wedding night, Kimihito was having a familiar dream of his own. This dream involved all seven of his homestays surrounding him, aggressively demanding they choose her as his wife. Normally this was practically a nightmare, with him feeling like he was being ripped in apart by the jealous women. This time however, the dream was framed in a more sensual light. Each of his homestays tugging on him as they begged him to fuck them as their bodies pressed up against each him in sensual ways. Soon their pulling got to the point where he began to physically feel himself pull in half, which was usually the point he awoke in a cold sweat in the morning. This time however it continued as, instead of the gory mess one might expect, he found that he was now staring at a second copy of himself, having divided into clones like a single celled organism might. Of course this was nowhere near enough Kimihito for his seven potential wives and they simply split into groups that began fighting over one of the clones each.

As the fighting continued in his dreams, Kimihito's real body was also experiencing something similar. A copy of his transformed upper torso had already pulled itself out of his back and was quickly splitting off its own two metre long section of tail, connected to the shared tail on the opposite side of Miia compared to the original body. As Kimihito's dream self continued to be divided so was his real self, stopping once there were six bodies total (in the dream Suu and Papi elected to share one between them). These bodies were all connected to the body-mates main tail separately, with three each on either side of Miia, and had all ended up on top of the sleeping pair, crowding the tiny single bed far beyond what it was designed for.

Even as their various transformations concluded, their dreams continued; both Kimihito and Miia's lust began to compound on one another, the shared sensations from their tightly packed forms creating a feedback loop that quickly sent them careening over the edge. The undersides of Miia's lower breasts were plastered with their mixed ejaculate while the cocks on the five Kimihito bodies not in the six armed embrace of the lamia shot off in a multitude of directions. Unfortunately, a slight shift during the unconscious twitching from his orgasm, one of Kimihito's bodies ended up falling off the bed, the pairs tightly packed coils ensuring that the rest of his bodies, as well as Miia, followed immediately after. This sudden fall jolted both of them awake, and through blurry eyes they saw the cum-stained form of the other.

""""""Miia! What are you doing!""""""

""Darling! It's not what it looks like""

When they awoke to the sight of the other, not yet noticing what had happened, they both simultaneously spoke, with Miia making a weak excuse as Kimihito scolded her. Whatever they might have said next died in their throats when they heard the echoed statements from their extra heads. It only took another moment for Kimihito to realize that he was staring at Miia, a Miia who had several extra body parts, from six different perspectives, and for Miia to see that the person she was cuddled up against looked like they could be her darlings sister, were it not for the fact that they were clearly a lamia. A lamia with six bodies that were all connected to her own tail. Before either person could truly take in the enormity of their new forms however, the door to the master bedroom suddenly burst open.








Just a short while prior, in a different room of the almost mansion sized home, Papi was busy playing on her handheld gaming console, laying on her belly as her as she determinedly tapped away at the buttons. The blue haired harpy had been stuck on a level for the past couple of hours and was determined to finish it before going to bed, having yet to even change out of her usual day wear of a strapless tube top and torn cargo shorts. One might expect that gaming would be difficult with the mitten-like 'hands' of her feathered wing-arms, but her thumbs were almost as dexterous as a humans. This meant the only trouble she really had was with the buttons on the back that were normally pressed with an index finger. Luckily, those buttons aren't used for anything important in the game she was playing. Even if they did, Kimihito, whom she affectionately referred to as 'Boss,' had found an accessory that allowed her to press them more easily for any games that might require them.

Papi's less than five foot height and slim build often lead people to mistaking her for a child, her innocent demeanour and habit of referring to herself in the third person only helping further such an impression, despite her being around the same age as most of the other homestays. Sometimes Papi got annoyed at how even her close friends, and especially the man she loved, treated her like she was nothing more than a stupid kid most of the time, but her bubbly personality and forgetful nature made her incapable of holding any real lasting malice towards them.

Of course, there was one aspect of Papi's figure that was undeniably adult: her plush behind. While nothing overly special, in a house where there were only two other women with proper butts at all, hers was quite impressive. Thus, when her changes began, it was perhaps good fortune that they focused upon it. Her hips grew wider and extra layers of fat were slowly being added to her ass, taking the harpy from "large for her build" to simply "large". While this was happening, the oblivious harpy's single-track mind was focused in its entirety on the game she was playing, determined to finish the level as soon as possible. The event that finally snapped her attention away from her console was her shorts loudly ripping down the back, no longer able to contain her growing lower half

"Ehhhh? What's happening to Papi?" The harpy screeched when she looked over her shoulder, dropping her game console beside her as she flipped onto her back.

The confused harpy could only watch as her shorts, and soon after her panties, were completely torn to shreds. Her butt now having grown so large that it looked completely out of proportion with her upper body. The real bizarre part however, was her hips. They were long past the point of womanly, now stretching almost a full foot past her shoulders on each side, and while her waist was thickening to accommodate their growing width, her thighs were not. The harpy failed to realize this incongruity, too exited about her growing lower end, and the less childish figure it brought with it, to worry about such things. This didn't prevent the incongruity from existing however, and the reason for it was quickly shown when a sudden pulling sensation enveloped Papi's lower body.

"Ahhhhhh! Why does this feel so good?" Papi moaned as her legs pulled apart, each limb splitting into it's own pair of legs, with the one in the limbs original spot having reversed its facing so that she now had two side-by-side pairs of legs. Despite this, she still possessed only one ass, with the crotch between her two pairs of legs being the point where they met.

As she stared down in shock at her four legs, she noticed that there was one significant difference between her outer crotches compared to the "original" one between her central two legs. While her pussy was nestled in her middle groin, she saw that her outer ones had a single tiny cock each, complete with a pair of similarly sized balls. Curious about these new additions, the harpy tentatively reached out her left wing-arm and gave her right penis a small poke to confirm it was real. This proved to be a mistake however, as the moment her feathered hand made contact with it, the penis suddenly surged larger, bringing a wave of incomprehensible sensations flooding through the harpy's body.

As the cock continued to grow, Papi found herself turned into a babbling mess. Her state was only worsened when her left cock was awakened when one her flailing legs brushed against it, sending a second wave of pleasure up her body as it quickly grew to match its sister. Her mind clouded in a primal lust, the harpy, almost by pure instinct, reached down and grasped both of her now ten-inch cocks. A squeal of delight escaped her lips as her bucking hips thrust her cocks in and out of the feathery holes formed by her hands. The sound of flesh slapping against her thighs began to fill her ears as her balls swelled with seed, a pressure filling them as their owner rocketed towards her twin climaxes.


Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour

When Papi came, it was like a white hot lance had shot through her body from her head all the way down to the tips of her cocks. The feathers covering her pseudo-hands were completely drenched in her cum after only her first two shots. The gyrations of her massive hips then shook her cocks loose, allowing each of their remaining four shots to fly up towards the ceiling and fall back down all across her body and bed, painting the harpy head to talon with white spots.

Papi lay there for a few minutes, blissed out of her mind, as her newly grown cocks dribbled the last of her orgasm into forming pools between her four thighs. As her mind awakened, her first thought was to go tell everyone about what had just happened, wondering what might have caused this strange (but not unwelcome) development. The harpy carefully slid off the bed onto her four legs and, after taking a moment to adjust to her new stance, extended her two right feet forwards and took a tentative step. Now assured that she understood how to walk, the harpy started to dash towards the door.

Suddenly Papi's mind went blank, any thoughts inside her birdbrained skull vanishing just as she had reached the door to her room. She was left in a state of confusion, unable to remember what she had been just doing. As she pondered this conundrum, a sad jingle played from her game console, her character having died from running out of time.

"That's right! I need to finish the level!" Papi exclaimed to herself, deciding that the urgent matter she was worried about had to have been her game. She leapt back onto her bed, wiped off her cum covered console with her blanket, and began retrying the level. She only managed to get a few minutes of play in however, as the familiar, but also much louder than normal, footsteps of Centorea thundered up the hall towards Kimihito's room and Papi couldn't help but zip out to see what was happening, the constant footsteps now keeping her focused on her goal.


Centorea Shianus, Cerea to her friends, was actually still awake at midnight as well; however, this wasn't due to being distracted by a game like Papi, but because her centaur physiology meant that she only needs around half the sleep of most people. Of course if she were to noisily trot about at this time of night it would make it quite difficult for the others to get their rest, so she usually spends this time in her room doing some kind of quiet chore. Tonight she was polishing her sword, making use of the time she had to do a slow, meditative job. The blade she worked over may be nothing more than a replica blade with no cutting edge, but that fact mattered little to her. This sword was the tool with which she protected Kimihito, her chosen lord, from anything that might threaten him and as such was due proper care and maintenance.

Unfortunately, twas not just external threats that Centorea had to guard her lord from, a fact that she was reminded of when her sensitive equine ears picked up the sound of an upstairs door, Miia's most likely, opening. Letting out a sigh at her rival's persistence, the centaur carefully set aside her polish and stood up, ready to stop the dastardly serpent from taking advantage of her lord in the night. When she took her first step towards the door however, an intense feeling of vertigo took hold of her and she tripped and fell onto her side.

"For me to stumble like a newborn foal..." Centorea chided herself, annoyed that she would mess up at such an important juncture. She silently hoped that Rachnera had also been lurking around and was ready to catch Miia, the spider's excessive teasing would give her time to arrive and stop them both from getting to Kimihito. Getting back to her feet proved more difficult than it usually did, the centaur finding her body felt bulkier than normal, but the centaur simply resolved to make less use of her personal carrot stash in the coming months as she pushed herself to her hooves. It was only when she had stood back up that she realized what the cause of both her fall and her difficulty getting up was:

She was growing larger.

Centorea took a quick estimate of her height using her nearby armour rack as a reference and found that she must have been close to a quarter metre taller than just a moment ago, with another centimetre being added every few seconds. Panicked with this development, she dashed over to her rooms full-body mirror to analyze her growing form. This examination revealed a bizarre detail of her transformation, the fact that her humanoid upper torso wasn't growing at all. This meant her upper body was slowly becoming out more and more of proportion with her equine torso, itself now large enough that she might be mistaken for a stallion were it not for her distinctly feminine upper half.

Almost as if triggered by that passing thought, a sudden burst of growth pulled Centorea's caparison up off of her legs, giving the centaur an unobstructed view of her undercarriage. This included a strange, cylindrical growth that was covered in the same dark skin and sparse hair as the rest of her crotch. It pulsed larger in time with the rest of her lower body, stretching wider and longer as Centorea watched in confusion, unsure of what exactly it was. Only when the tip of it opened to reveal a flat-headed, pink and black mottled shaft did the virginal knight understand that she was staring at a kind of "sword" she had little experience with.

Now freed from its sheath, Centorea's new horsecock accelerated its growth. It reached the size of her forearm in seconds and the length of her whole arm just moments later, the shaft now as thick around as her neck. At this point her lower body's growth finally plateaued, now close to twice as large as it was originally. Any thoughts she had that her cock would stop alongside her body however, were quickly dashed when she felt a pair of spherical lumps push out of her crotch into a rapidly forming ballsack, triggering another surge of growth in her now metre long penis.

Centorea's paralysis as she watched her growing member was only broken when she saw something approaching her in the mirror: a tiny blue-green blob that she instantly recognized as Suu, one of her fellow homestays. This sight was hardly comforting however, as she could tell that the slime-girl hadn't come to assist her, but to feast upon the sweat coating her body. The skilled knight was prepared to dodge the moment the slime lunged, but found that her massive lower body and still-growing cock prevented her from moving how she wanted and she ended up stumbling when her shaft slapped against one of her legs. With her now sprawled out on her side, the slimy tentacles her assailant sprouted were free to begin probing her for moisture.

It wasn't long before one of Suu's appendages brushed against the flared head Centorea's now metre-and-a-half long horsecock, sending a shiver of pleasure up the centaur's spine as a bead of precum formed on the tip. This was immediately slurped up by the slime-girl's tentacle, which then began actively rubbing the equine shaft in an attempt to coax more liquid from it.

"AH! L-lady Suu! Stop! Not there! Please!"

Centorea's pleas fell on deaf ears however, and Suu dedicated more and more of her slime to pleasuring the shaft before her. Soon the entirety of the slime's goopy form was wrapped around the now two metre long cock, tightly stretched over it's half metre circumference, and was milking it for all it was worth. Finding herself overwhelmed by her sensitive new organ, Centorea bites the hilt of her sword to muffle her scream of ecstasy as she cums with her horsecock for the first time. The first blast of cum to fire from Centorea's watermelon-sized balls stretched the tip of Suu's body out like a condom, each subsequent shot only filling the slime more and more until she was full enough to be almost as massive as the centaur's lower body.

Centorea, still delirious from her rapturous orgasm, watched as Suu's slimy body slipped off her cock and began to rapidly metabolize all of the centaur cum the slime-girl had devoured. From the top of the huge blob emerged the familiar blue-skinned head of Suu's humanoid form. Her head had a bundle of gooey green tendrils sprouting from it. one of these tendrils was pointed upwards like an antennae, while the rest draped downwards in a mimicry of hair. Below her head, the blob of slime and cum that made up the rest of her from began to condense into a humanoid body. This wasn't the typical, petite form the slime wore most days, nor was it even the taller, more mature-looking form for when she had absorbed excessive amounts of water. This form was two and a half meters tall, with meaty (slimy?) thighs bulging into comically exaggerated hips and an equally ridiculous ass. Her breasts were large enough to rival even the largest of minotaurs, each orb being close to half a meter in diameter. Most incredible of all though was her half metre long gooey cock.

"Suu!?" Centorea's words came out halfway as a question, the slime-girls new form shocking her with it's sheer sexuality. She attempted to quickly rise to her feet, wary of what her perverted housemate might due next, but found it even more difficult than previously. Once had managed to stand up, she turned her head towards her mirror. When she saw her reflection, the centaur let out a gasp of horror. Her orgasm had triggered one final growth spurt for her cock and it was now well over three metres long, sticking out from between her front legs far enough that she could bend all the way forwards and her head would only be level with its tip. It was not only long however, but thick as well, thick enough that it was only a few centimetres from touching her ankles and would most certainly bounce against them as she walked. The next thing her gaze fell on was her sheath, wide as an oil drum and about as long as well, its relative size making her wonder how it could possibly hold the trunk of flesh that emerged from it. Just behind that were her balls; which were large enough that they sat behind her rear legs rather than between them, their beanbag sized sack almost touching her ankles. She could already feel them churning, replenishing the cum taken by Suu. Suddenly reminded of the slime girls presence, she turned her head back to find her housemate slowly approaching her.

"Cerea... I'm so horny... need... to fuck..." The gaze Suu shot at Centorea was oozing desire, the slime-girl already stroking her newly formed cock as declared her perverted intentions. Unfortunately, even with her normal body Centorea had never managed to outmanoeuvre Suu before. So even being prepared for a sudden assault failed to prevent her from getting her arms pinned over her head when the slime-girl lunged at her. Suu's shorter relative stature to the three meter tall centaur did little to diminish the aura of control she radiated as she wrapped a pair of hair tendrils tightly around her prey's wrists.

"Gonna fuck you... gonna put my cock inside you..."

"Suu. If you want to penetrate me, are you not on the wrong si-" Centorea's confused question was cut off when Suu savagely thrust into the urethra of her housemate's massive horsecock, stifling the inevitable scream with a third slimy appendage.

"Ahhhh! Cerea, your cock is so tight! It feels so good!" Once Suu's hips made contact with the head of her lover's cock, she tightly gripped the edges of its flared head and began fucking it with an unrelenting fervour. Centorea was desperately trying to deny how wonderful Suu's cock made her feel, but the way its elastic surface ensured that her cock-slit was filled completely while still allowing her housemate to painlessly piston in and out filled her mind with nothing but pure ecstasy. To the woman, someone who had never even masturbated before, stood no chance at resisting such alien and kinky sex, and she was soon moaning into her partner's slimy muzzle.

"Cerea. Cerea! I need you. To come for me. Give me your cum. Please!

As Suu begged, she formed several more slimy limbs that began to snake across Centorea's lower body. When the centaur felt those tendrils reach her rear end however, she broke from her lustful reverie and shook the slime blocking her mouth away.

"No Suu, my maidenhood is for Milord!"

"Don't worry Cerea, I don't want your virginity." reassured Suu, "What I want is in here!" The slime-girls tendrils were not aiming for her vagina, but the other hole on Centorea's rear end.

"What!? No! Not there!" Centorea's words were ignored however and her buttcheeks were pried open by and penetrated by Suu's slimy tentacles, immediately sending the centaur crashing into her second orgasm of the night. Her balls clenched as they pumped nearly a whole litre of cum up her urethra. straight towards Suu's cock. Instead of being stopped by the obstruction however, the load of cum was cleanly sucked up by the slimy member and into Suu's body. A stream of white formed up the slime-girl's abdomen as the load was deposited into her breasts, swelling them larger in the process. As the centaur's orgasm went on, more and more cum was stuffed into Suu's tits, each shot adding centimetres of cleavage to her expanding bust-line.

After nearly a whole minute of continuous orgasm, Centorea's output was only now slowing down. She still felt a strange pressure in her balls however, one that only seemed to get stronger as her orgasm waned. When Suu's anally probing tentacles reached their goal, Centorea's prostate, this mysterious pressure was released all at once. As soon as the slime-girl's appendage rubbed against her engorged prostate, Centorea felt a sudden dropping sensation as she was thrust into an overlapping second orgasm by the new pair of testicles that had dropped into her ballsack. These new testicles rapidly grew to the same size as the centaur's first set even as they pumped their load up her shaft, stuffing her sack to the point of bursting.

Centorea's now four massive balls were seemingly making cum just as fast as they could expel it, her output far eclipsing the amounts she was cumming before as she endlessly pumped litre after litre into her slimy lover. Suu, for her part, had stopped fucking the centaur's cock, wholly devoting her attention to absorbing every drop of cum that she milked from her housemate. The centaurs ludicrous output forcing her to deposit the cum in her stomach in addition to her breasts. At this point neither woman was capable of coherent speech, Centorea was trapped in a voiceless scream of pleasure while Suu had started struggling to maintain her humanoid form as more and more cum filled her body. Eventually the white of the centaur semen filling her began to seep into her slime, slowly overtaking her blue-green colouration. The moment the natural shade of the slime-girl had finally been completely replaced by the pearly fluids of her lover seemed to be the same moment she reached her breaking point; her body losing all cohesion and melting into a massive glob of cum that quickly began to flood Centorea's room, aided by the centaur's at last slowing ejaculation.

Several minutes passed before Centorea managed to recover from her orgasm. She found herself in awe at flooded room before her, waves of settling cum lapping at her ankles. A sense of pride at her sheer virility began to rise up before she quickly squashed it, not willing to confront the fact that she had begun to love her new body at the moment, and began to look around in search of Suu, believing her to have simply gotten lost in the deluge of centaur spunk. The centaur was thus taken aback then when Suu slowly emerged in front of her, her humanoid form having returned to the pornographic shape from the start of their romp, now obviously made up entirely of the same cum that Centorea filled her with moments before.

"Thanks Cerea! Filling me with all that cum felt amazing! And now I get to feel filled with your cum all the time! Though, I wonder how wonderful Master's cum would feel..." Suu runs her goopy hands over her body as she speaks, simultaneously using one of her feet to take in some of the ejaculate coating the floor and swell her proportions slightly.

"Milord!" Centorea's eyes opened wide as she suddenly remembered what she had been doing before her sudden transformation, pushing any questions she may have about her housmate's current situation aside as she moves to protect her lord, "Suu! We must get to lord Kimihito immediately, before Miia or Rachnera can do something unacceptable to him!"

"Alright!" Replied the slime-girl, who also wanted to see Kimihito, if for different reasons.

The Suu's help, Centorea managed to get her massive body through her bedroom door and, with the cum-slime following close behind, rushed up to Kimihito's room.


Meroune, having a more typical sleep schedule unlike Centorea or Suu and being far more personally responsible than Papi or Miia, was long asleep when the clock struck midnight. The mermaid gently drifting around the pool that filled most of her room as she dreamed. In her current dream she was a princess (well, still a princess) who had been kidnapped by an evil sorceress and was now trapped in her dark fortress. The sorceress in question bore the form of Mero's friend/romantic rival Rachnera, the voluptuous arachne creeping around the princess on her eight pointed spider legs as she finished spinning webbing that left Mero hogtied from the ceiling of a stereotypical throne room.

"There we go little princess," teased the sorceress in the deep, sensual voice of Rachnera, "now all that's left is to wait an itsy bitsy while longer for the hero to show up. Then you'll have a front row seat to watch as I defeat him once and for all!"

"My beloved Hero won't fall to you, Sorceress! Your black magic is no match for his holy blade!"

"Oh, you're a feisty one! Maybe to pass the time I'll have a little bit of fun with you then?" The sorceress groped Mero's generous breasts through her gown to emphasize the point, "Will your precious hero even want you after that? You would be nothing more than a defiled slut then, unfit for his love!"

"No! Please!" Moaned Mero as she pushed her chest into the sorceress's chitinous hand.

"Take your hands off her fiend!"

A voice from the opposite end of the room caught both women's attention. Stepping through the door was a man in shining silver armour, wielding an ornate sword and matching shield. His face was identical to that of Mero's real beloved, Kimihito Kurusu. As he approached the back of the throne room, the sorceress stepped away from Mero and stood confidently at the edge of the raised dais, an ornate onyx staff materializing into her hands.

"So you finally made it then, Hero. Very well then, I shall have my fun with the princess after dealing with you." As she spoke, the sorceress formed a crackling ball of dark energy at the tip of her staff which exploded into dozens of magic bullets that homed in on the hero.

The hero, showing no signs of fear or hesitation, charged forwards with his shield raised. As the bullets rained down upon him he deftly blocked every single one.

"WHAT?!" Screeched the sorceress, caught off guard to see what was clearly one of her strongest spells so easily defeated. The hero followed up that feat by leaping into the air and slashing his sword towards the sorceress. A wave of holy energy flowed from the blade and washed over the woman, flipping her over onto her arachnid back as she screamed in pain. The hero effortlessly landed just to the side of the sorceress's upper torso, her robes now burned into little more than a pair of pasties and a loincloth, and pointed his sword at her heart. Before he stabbed his blade forward however, his gaze met the sorceress's, her six crimson eyes filled with fear of her impending death, and his blade clattered to the floor.


Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour

"I love you." The words came softly from the hero's mouth.

""What?"" Both the princess and the sorceress responded with the same single word, but the latter's came out as a soft gasp while the former's was a confused shout.

"I love you Sorceress! Please, will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes, I will Hero!" Tears began to well up in the arachne's eyes as she clasped her hands together, "I grew to love you as I watched your quest on my crystal ball, your courage and determination moving me beyond words. I would gladly become your wife!"

The hero knelt down and pulled the sorceress into a deep kiss, seeming to have completely forgotten about the dangling mermaid just a few feet away. Mero's face was flushed as she squirmed in her bondage, causing her hanging body to sway back and forth.

"What about me, Hero? Did my father not promise you my hand were you to rescue me?" The princess's words were enough to break the lovers out of their reverie. The hero gazed up at the bound damsel, a look of confusion spread across his face.

"I did come here to win your hand, that much is true. And, I will admit, the idea of marrying a beautiful maiden such as you as my reward motivated me. But what is mere physical attraction when weighed against true love?" The hero turned back to gaze at the sorceress, "Your beauty means little when my soulmate lays before me!"

"Wait my love." the sorceress cut in, gazing over her shoulder at the princess as she wrapped the hero in her arms, "perhaps marrying her would not be such a bad idea." A sinister grin formed on her face as she explained her plan. "You could bring her back and claim the throne, her father doesn't have long left in him anyways. Once he has passed and you're crowned king, simply wait a few years and declare that she is infertile. Between your charisma and my behind the scenes manipulation it should be no problem to have won over the nobles and commoners alike by then. With the people's support we could then officially marry, while she becomes a simple mistress. That way not only could we rule together, but we would also gain a gorgeous woman to share between us."

The princess listened to the sorceress's plan, panting and squirming as tears streamed down her face. These weren't tears of despair however. The idea of her beloved marrying another woman, while she becomes a simple side-piece for them to enjoy together did not inspire sadness in her.

But lust.

Meroune, like many of her fellow mermaids, was a fan of 'The Little Mermaid' and wished for a romance just like the one in that story. However, the version they idolize is not the colourful, cheery, animated movie, no, it's the original Hans Christian Anderson story. The one where the prince ultimately does not return the mermaid's affection and she turns into sea foam in despair. This had led to Mero desiring, or perhaps fetishizing would be a better word, the idea of tragic romance, wishing to love someone despite their affections belonging to another. This obsession has cooled significantly after a particular event in the past, but the idea of being a mistress still appealed to the woman's masochistic nature on a base level.

As one might summarize then, this kinky dream was not, in fact, brought on by the influence of the infected milk, but merely one of dozens fantasies that played out within the world of Mero mind. These usually involving one or more of the many other girls vying for her beloved's affection, either seeking to become Kimihito's primary wife and leave Mero as a mistress or attempting to become part of Mero and Kimihito's already existing marriage as a mistress themselves. Thus it stood to reason that when the milk did begin to influence her dream, it quickly flew off the rails and into chaos.

"That's an outstanding plan my love," praised the hero," but why bother spending years married solely to her, even if only in law, when we could simply conquer the kingdom by force?"

"What do you mean by that, love?" asked the sorceress her eyes wide at the hero's suggestion.

"Before I was chosen by the holy sword, the kingdom was powerless before your dark magic, so if we were to join our power together there would be nothing stopping us from overthrowing the current king and ruling as husband and wife from the start. So long as we make the war as quick and bloodless as possible the common folk will accept us quickly and any noble worth their title will bend the knee without fuss not long after."

"Such a bold plan dear!" exclaimed the sorceress, clasping her hands under her chin as her eyes sparkled with joy, "that kind of outside-the-box thinking is why I fell in love with you in the first place!" she then cast a quick glance over towards the captive princess, a curious grin forming. "What about her then? Because if we don't need her title of princess to enact out plan, I have some ideas that might make her more valuable as more than just a mere concubine"

"Well..." the hero glanced at Mero, taking in her voluptuous form as he thought about the sorceresses idea, "if everything goes the way I think it will, we won't even really have enough time to use her as a bargaining chip or hostage. If you wish to make her more useful go ahead, so long as she is still able to join us in our bedchambers."

For the first time since their declaration of love, the hero and the sorceress pulled apart. The hero offered his hand to lovingly help the arachne back onto her feet. The sorceress slowly and menacingly approached the princess, her charred clothing doing little to diminish the aura of wickedness flowing from her. She lifted the princess's face upward so their eyes could meet, her chitinous fingers pressing the other woman's cheeks inward.

"Thanks to you, my precious hero was forced to slay many of my elite monster generals. Without them our conquest might run into a few roadblocks along the way. So you're going to make up for your selfishness by replacing one of them. How does that sound princess?" Not even waiting for a response, the sorceress stepped back and pointed her staff at the princess. The bound mermaid was immediately overtaken by an invisible wave of pressure as the sorceress's spell tore through her meagre magical resistance.

"NOOOO!!!" screamed Mero as her body began to contort and swell. The tip of fer gorgeous mermaid tail morphed into an elegant reptilian one. Her pelvic fins transformed into a pair of clawed digitigrade forelegs and a matching pair of back legs grew in a shot distance behind them. The space between her new legs stretched and twisted into the back of a massive quadrupedal creature, still covered in the same shimmering pink scales from her tail. Finally her upper body was pulled upwards to sit perpendicularly to the rest of her form as her head-fins turned into scaly, pointed ears and her gills sealed up completely.

As the former princess looked over her monstrous body, that of a meter at the shoulder headless drake, she found herself unable to sort out the conflicting emotions she was feeling. The one who cursed her with this form, as well as her beloved hero, were now pressed together in a passionate kiss, the sight of the princess's transformation having ignited their lusts.

As Meroune's dream self transformed into a monster, her real body also began to transform. The changes in reality however, were different than those of her dream self. Her entire body, save for her head, began to evenly grow larger. The gothic-lolita style bikini that served as her sleepwear became more and more strained as her body quickly outgrew it. The first piece of her clothing to break was the top, the thin straps holding it together snapping under the intense pressure, freeing the mermaid's now massive breasts. The skirt-like bottoms of her outfit soon followed, her growing hips snapping the waistband. Freed from the confinement of clothing, Mero's body surged with one final growth spurt before stopping once it had exactly doubled in scale, a gargantuan three metre length—not including her still normal sized head.

The reason for Mero's disproportionate head became apparent as the skin underneath her neck began to rise out of her shoulders, in fact the shape of this new growth matched the shape of the shoulders it was emerging from, only half as large. As the new set of shoulders continued to push up from under her neck, a pair of breasts grew in on her forming chest. These were quickly followed by a pair of arms with webbed fingers splitting off of the new torso, revealing a set of new gills along this torso's waist. The growth concluded just below her newly formed belly-button, an exact copy of her upper body now attached between the shoulders of her giant-sized original body. The opening of a second vagina over her collarbone, just above her lower set of breasts, completed her transformation.

It was at this time that Centorea had begun attempting to escape her room, and the sounds of cracking wood and stomping hooves echoed through the house. Since her room was also on the first floor, these noises woke the sleeping Mero up. Annoyed that such a wonderful dream (despite the strange direction it took towards the end!) had been interrupted, she rubbed her eyes and flexed her muscles so that she could swim over to the edge of her pool, intent on investigating the source of the disturbance. When her transformed body responded in a way she didn't expect however, she shook herself fully awake and looked down at her body.

The slightly opaque pool water made it hard to see the details, but the pair of massive shoulders that broke the surface of the water in her current orientation made it clear that something was very, very, wrong. Wanting to see the full extent of her changes, the mermaid dropped herself fully underwater. The sight of her body brought tears to her eyes. Her body was now larger than even that of Tionishia, the ogress that worked under Ms. Smith, closer to four metres than three if you included her smaller upper torso. Even beyond her sheer scale, she didn't know of any liminal with a form like this, meaning that the looks she got whenever she went out into town with her beloved would be multiplied several times over. Of course that assumed that her beloved would even want to take her out anymore, as her mutated form would in all certainty disgust him. Of course, the kind Kimihito would never abandon her. He would no doubt understand that her form would make her a pariah anywhere else and allow her to stay. He would care for her until, one day, he realized he loved her and propose. Unfortunately, this love would be undercut by her repulsive form, and he would no doubt end up cheating on her with one of the other girls, ever thinking of his true love even as he slept with other women.

Of course, to Mero this potential future was one she wholeheartedly embraced. Filled with a mixture of her own twisted desires and the libido increasing side-effects of her transformation, she giddily resurfaced and swam over to the edge of her pool. Her face was flush with arousal and perverse giggling constantly escaped her mouth as she awkwardly pulled her huge body from the water, even the fact that her wheelchair was now far too small for her form failed to bother her as she crawled her way to the door. She was thankful that the bodies of her fellow homestays necessitated large doorways as she slipped out of her room and made her way upstairs to show Kimihito her mutated body.


Rachnera, always having been the night owl of the house, had been busying herself by honing her bondage skills as midnight approached. The arachne skilfully wove her thread into intricate knots that bound the mannequin she was using for practice in such a way that, were it a living creature, it would have retained just enough range of movement to squirm in pleasure as she had her way with it. Of course, Rachnera preferred to practise with more "animated" partners, her housemates with their myriad of body shapes being her personal favourite targets, but she understood that her friends (with the possible exception of Mero) didn't take kindly to her using them in such a way and she tried to no push her luck with them. She also understood that none of them would be willing to help her practice the more intimate bondage play she loved, at least not openly, and since her "slave" Lilith had gotten in trouble again recently and was doing community service, she hadn't gotten scratch that particular itch in several weeks.

Soon Rachnera was bored of the mannequin's lack of feedback, and she thought about simply going to bed a little earlier than she normally did. Before she had the chance to retire to her hammock however, a small bell hung over the entrance to the attic rang softly. This was a signal she had set up ahead of time to let her know if Miia left her room in the middle of the night, meaning she was most likely planning on making a move for Kimihito. The arachne let out a sigh at her housemate's predictable antics as she moved over to the trap door, already planning out how she would tie the possessive lamia up when she caught her in the act.

Before she could descend from the attic however, a bizarre sensation overcame Rachnera's entire upper torso, as if she were wearing an over-tight corset as opposed to the skimpy halter top and loincloth that made up her favourite outfit. The woman clutched her stomach as she wondered what this feeling was. None of her guesses could fully explain the intense, but not entirely painful, pressure. Just as she had the thought to go to a bathroom in case she ended up vomiting, one of her hands brushed across a sensitive point just below her right breast that sent shivers up her spine. Since her prodigious bust, second only to Centorea in size, made examining that area visually difficult, she continued to use her hands to probe around. The spot that had triggered the earlier sensation was swollen, with the peak being spongy and rounded. She also found that there was another one below her other breast as well. Whenever she touched one of the swollen parts, a tingle of pleasure flowed through her nerves. The sensation was similar to when she played with her nipples, but far more intense.

The comparison to nipples proved apt as the skin beneath the twin lumps further swelled underneath Rachnera's fingers. They grew and grew, larger and larger, with the arachne unable to do anything but continue to grope this expanding second bust. Once her new breasts had almost reached the same size as her original H-cups, she got her first look at the strange growths capping them. They were three-centimetre wide mushroom-shaped bulges with a purplish hue to them and a barely noticeable slit in their centre. Rachnera, not being a blushing virgin like most of the other women in the house, instantly recognized these for what they were: the tips of cocks. Once the breasts containing them finished matching the size of the ones above them, the pair of dicknipples slowly emerged to their full eighteen-centimetre length.

Rachnera should have been freaked out by this development and, to a certain extent, she was. However, as she stared at her dicknipples, veiny, erect, and throbbing, she couldn't help but gently grasp them in her chitinous hands (ensuring the silken arm wraps she wore were pulled up to cover all her sharp bits) and begin to masturbate them. The arachne was no stranger to the pleasures of the flesh, but the feelings she got as she ran her hands up and down the twin shafts left her mewling like it was her first time. She also understood that, since most of her sexual experience was with same sex partners, her hand-job technique was unrefined; she could, with practice, be giving herself even greater pleasure. The seeming impossibility of this act feeling even better made her wonder if her cocks were especially sensitive, or if penises in general simply felt this good when stroked?

As Rachnera continued to jack off her dicknipples, she felt the same sensation as when her second set of breasts grew in from even lower on her torso. The arachne was reluctant to remove her hands from their current positions, but her curiosity about the new developments won out in the end. The hand she brought down found that, indeed, yet another pair of tits were growing and they were already closing in on her other pairs' size. Perhaps more interesting however, was what was atop them in place of nipples. These breasts were topped by a pair of vaginas.

The sexual nature of these nipples was not as immediately apparent compared to her dicknipples, as the outer labia were concealed behind a layer of skin that made them look like an abnormally large innie nipple. But when Rachnera's finger slid inside, the slick, sensitive, inner walls perfectly matched those of the organ between her pedipalps. This left the arachne with a bit of a dilemma. She now had four sets of genitals, five counting her original pussy, but only two hands. Luckily she had a potential solution to this problem: the double sized bottom drawer of her dresser. Inside was the woman's sizable collection of sex toys and bondage gear, everything that the skilled dominatrix needed to tease and edge her lovers. She quickly dug through the drawer and retrieved a pair of dildos, the two closest in size and shape she could find.

The first was made of dark red rubber, shaped like a human's penis, and was slightly shorter than the cocks she now possessed. The second was a bit smaller still and made of black rubber. It was designed to be used as a strap-on, but perfectly functional even on its own. Like most of the tools inside the bottom drawer, these dildos were more often used on others than Rachnera herself, but that didn't stop her from sliding both of them into her lowest pair of breasts. She took her time pressing them further and further in, revelling in the feelings of these familiar yet alien orifices.

Once both of Rachnera's new pussies were filled with rubber, her hands flew back up to her dicknipples, already aching from the lack of attention they had been getting. Unfortunately This only made her pussies mad, as they weren't content to simply be filled, but fucked, and they began begging for their owners attention. This forced her to awkwardly alternate between pleasuring both pairs of genitals in a way that left her slowly and tortuously edging herself in much the same way she would edge her sexual partners. The building frustration at her current situation only got worse when she felt the sensation of yet another growing pair of breasts.

""More? I can't even handle the ones I already have!""

Rachnera's plea came out not from her head, that mouth still firmly shut as she bit her lower lips in frustration, but from her lower abdomen, just above where her humanoid hips transitioned into her arachnid cephalothorax. Once again reluctantly taking one of her hands away from pleasuring her genital laden breasts, she found that what lay on these newest breasts was perhaps the strangest thing yet.

""This might take some getting used to..."" spoke Rachnera through the two pairs of lips that crowned her fourth row of breasts. These lips were slightly fuller than the ones on her face, but were almost otherwise identical to their 'sister' pair. This included both the rows of sharp teeth inside and what felt like a throat which, upon discovery, made her question whether or not she could eat through them as well as speak. The only other difference was that the lips, as well as the inside of the mouths, were far more sensitive, not quite to the same degree as the pussies above and below them, but even just probing around with her fingers sent tingles through her body. This fact only served to further frustrate the horny spider however as she now had six new and needy bits that she wanted to pleasure with only two hands to do it with.


Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour

It was at this point that the remaining pressure on Rachnera's upper torso, which had been slowly releasing with each new pair of breasts, exploded out all at once. Her shoulders swelling with new flesh as in front, behind, and below them new growths formed into perfect replicas of the arachne's original set of arms, with smooth, pale flesh transitioning into sharp, black chitin. Reeling from this sudden and rapid growth, Rachnera was sent into a sexual frenzy as, with no conscious orders from her, the newly grown bushel of arms went to work on pleasuring the now equal number of breasts. One set lifted the sides of her top off of her original pair of breasts and began groping the neglected orbs, while another eagerly jacked off her dicknipples, with a third was making good use of the dildos still inside her new vagina's to properly fuck them and the last set was letting her lipples lick and suck on it's digits. This sudden stimulation after the intense edging from before meant that it wasn't long before all three of liminal's mouths were crying out in orgasm. Fem-cum dripped from her third row of breasts while her dicknipples shot their own impressive load onto the attic floor.

Once Rachnera's orgasm had run it's course, she looked over her perverse form. The woman found herself unable to feel anything but joy at her many sexually mutated breasts. They had given her too much pleasure for any negative thoughts to even cross her mind. Something that only made this form more enticing to the dominatrix, was the potential this new form had to tease and toy with another, or perhaps several other, people. What would it feel like to fuck someone with her new cocks? Or to kiss someone with her lipples? These and so many other possibilities swirled through the woman's mind, which had the side effect of reigniting her previously diminished lust. While she could simply masturbate again, confident that she hadn't even begun to scratch the surface of her new avenues of self pleasure, her body ached for a partner. As such, the arachne descended from her lair, a sadistic grin on her face, and started off towards the room of her favourite prey.

"I wonder how Honey will react to my itsy bitsy new extras?"


Lala was perhaps the most enigmatic of the liminals staying at the Kurusu household, despite her looking the most "normal" looking of them. If you were to ignore her blue-grey skin she could almost pass as a human, albeit one with very particular tastes. As midnight rolled around, she was busy twirling a massive scythe around, the long scarf she wore around her neck fluttering about. She then went to point her weapon forwards and pose dramatically, but her left foot stepped on the end of her scarf, and she tripped forwards. She twisted her body around and quickly tossed the scythe to the side to ensure she didn't cut herself, but she still landed hard on her back. The impact sent her head flying off and it ended up rolling under the bed. The woman's decapitated body lay there for several moments, unmoving, before it suddenly pushed itself up to a sitting position and began groping at the air where its head used to be.

"I fell under the bed again!" Exclaimed the loose head of the dullahan, currently laying on its side, "Ye just need ta come and nab me!" Lala, her Celtic accent bleeding into her speech, watched in exasperation as her body blindly flailed around searching for its other half. She was thankful that none of her housemates were around, as they were already under the impression that she was some tryhard edgelord instead of an emissary of death—the truth being that she was both an emissary of death and an edgelord.

Just as Lala was about to accept her fate and try to fall asleep where she was, her body began to act strange. It dropped onto it's butt and fumbled around with the bottom of its tunic for a moment. When it finally managed pull the garment up, it gave Lala a perfect view of the unnaturally bulging panties underneath. The dullahan stared in confusion as her body once again fumbled around with the underwear before they too were shifted aside, revealing a throbbing equine erection growing between her legs. With its horsecock freed from its cloth prison, her body grasped the shaft in both hands and began frantically jacking it off, the sexual stimulation being relayed to the dullahan's head and forcing a moan from her lips.

"What- ahhh. What manner of curse has- ohhh. What mann-ahg. What the hell is going on!" Shouted Lala, the sensations of her cock being stroked forcing her to abandon her edgy mannerisms. The disembodied head was forced to look on as her body stroked the shaft between its legs, now unable to encircle the half metre length with a single hand. A pair of apple sized balls had grown alongside the mighty horsecock as well, the dullahan able to see them visibly bloat with seed. The intense stimulation of her body masturbating continued for close to a minute before her body at last came. Lala clenched her mouth shut as hard as she could to prevent the whorish moan caught in her throat from escaping as she watched a deluge of semen spray into the air. The first blast managed to fly far enough that it would have hit the dullahan's head were she not protected by the bed above her. Each subsequent shot had less and less force, until all that came out was individual drops that clung to the tip before falling to the floor.

Lala was left speechless at what she had just witnessed, a mixture of arousal and fear as she felt strange fluids lap against her neck. A moment later she realized that since she was under the bed, none of the cum from her cock could have reached her, nor had any of it flowed over. A quick downwards glance confirmed that the fluid around her head was clear, unlike the pearly fluids from her cock. As she attempted to puzzle out what this mystery fluid could be, her body crawled over to the bed and grabbed its lost head, startling her when she was suddenly lifted into the air.

"Ah, my dark chariot has finally arrived! Come, let us be off to Kimihito's abode so that we might figure out a cure to this lustful malady!" Lala, assuming that her body was simply going to place her head back on so she could go to Kimihito for help, let out a celebratory speech. But when her body stopped lifting her at chest height, the dullahan quickly realized that her body had other plans; the deep, panting, breaths and the still fully erect horsecock just below her head made the body's intentions very clear.

"W-wait what are ye-" Lala's screech was interrupted when her head was suddenly shoved onto her body's cock, not mouth first like she had expected however, but neck first. The mutated body slowly pressed her head down onto its cock, stretching out the vagina that now occupied the base of the dullahan's neck. Lala found herself unable to speak, the sensation of being violated in such a way robbing her of the ability to form any words. She continued to be silently speared further and further down onto her own equine member, by now far past the point where it should have been physically impossible to continue penetration. Soon Lala felt her balls slap against the back of her neck as one last thrust hilted her cock inside her head, despite the fact that said cock was approximately three times longer than said head, and found control of her body fully returned to her, just as if her head had been placed back on her shoulders.

From Lala's current perspective, with her neck pressed against her crotch, she could only gaze upwards at her formerly rogue body's heaving chest, her view dominated by twin, bodice-clad E-cup mountains that rose and fell with each of her lustful pants. The feeling of having a cock, her cock, pressed into her neck far beyond capacity was like nothing that even a mystical liminal such as a dullahan had ever experienced before.

"Perhaps this form is not a curse, but a blessing." The dullahan muttered to herself, the sheer sexual thrill of her situation overwriting any horror and confusion she was feeling moments ago, "A gift from the dark goddess of corruption as a reward for my loyal service to the abyss." Wanting to experience even greater pleasure with her new, lustful, body Lala reached down and gripped her head with both hands before slowly lifting her head off of her cock and slamming it back down.

"Such an insidious gift, surely only the greatest of servants would be granted such pleasure! Of course as is the dark ones nature, this gift is also a test, for if I am not careful I might become overtaken by lust, and sink into slothful depravity. Or perhaps that is my reward? To be allowed to enjoy a lifetime of self-pleasure for my dutiful service?" As Lala continued to fuck her own head, her ranting only got more incoherent, the rapid movement of her head combined with her building orgasm causing her edgy fantasies to spiral into meaningless, horny babbling. Her degraded mental state prevented her from noticing the final mutation her body was now undergoing. The hole where her head normally sat on her shoulders slowly sealed up, leaving nothing but a tiny hole smaller than the width of a pencil behind. The skin around this hole then turned a darker shade than the skin next to it as it rose up into a mushroom-shaped lump. Below the lump rose a lighter coloured shaft and veins slowly crawled up this growing pillar as it continued its accent.

Just a few moments after the shaft, now a fully formed, fifteen centimetre penis, finished growing, Lala's body was wracked by its second orgasm of the night. A throaty, guttural moan exploded from the dullahan's lips as she shoved her head back down to the base of her horsecock just as her balls released their first blast of cum into her. Wherever her neck vagina led, Lala soon began to feel it fill up with cum, the pressure increasing like a balloon being filled to its limit as what felt like litres of cum were shot into her head. Eventually the pressure became too much for her head to handle, and the overflow began pouring out of her vagina, as well as her mouth and nose, joining the cum that her shoulder mounted cock was spraying into the air.

When Lala's orgasm eventually concluded, the exhausted dullahan pulled her head off of its perch on her lower cock, the now flaccid equine member slapping against her legs, and lifted it up to return it to its place between her shoulders, barely even registering the phallic addition to her heads perch. Despite being much thinner than her main cock, her upper cock felt right at home as her head was slotted onto it, as if the two were made to be together. When her head was fully attached, a pleasurable tingle went through her whole body. This tingle didn't go away. In fact, it only grew more intense when the dullahan moved around to examine herself in an attempt to find the source. Every movement from a simple twitch of the finger to a full body twist only worked her up more and more as her instructions to her body were sent through the nerves in her cock-neck until her horsecock had once again risen to full mast.

"For even the act of moving itself to give me such pleasure... " panted Lala as she stared down at her throbbing shaft, "Perhaps this is not simply a dark gift, but a message as well. The dark goddess instructing me to not ignore the desires of the flesh, but to embrace my mortal desires and claim the one I admire's body in life as well as his soul in death."

With her lustful desires now properly justified by edgy fantasies, Lala ran off to Kimihito's room, eager to share in her gifts.








The remaining six homestays burst through the door to Kimihito's room (literally in Centorea's case as her massive body tore the door frame from the wall). Both Miia and Kimihito's six bodies recoiled back as the swarm of mutated women flooded into the room. The two groups stared at each other for a moment, taking in the sexually perverse forms standing before them. The group of six had already accepted the possibility that Kimihito could have been transformed himself so, despite the fact that He now looked like Miia's player two alternate colour palette, all it took was a single look at his eyes for them to know he was the man they all loved. With their target identified, the lusty intruders immediately lunged at the conjoined pair.

A short scuffle broke when all eight housemates collided, but soon each of the six Kimihito bodies was claimed by one of the liminals and was taken to a personal section of the room by his partners so they could sate their lusts. Kimihito, once the initial shock at the sudden assault wore off, began to eagerly reciprocate his homestay's advances with all six of his bodies, his transformation having left him just as horny as they were.

Left behind in the chaos was Miia, the multi-parted lamia having been pulled to the centre of the room as her rivals spread out with their prizes. Once the lamia realized that there was none of her Darling left for her, she stood up on her two meter tail branch, ready to fight for one of his bodies, only to find herself suddenly overcome by strange phantom sensations. This was because Miia and Kimihito now partially share a body, thus they now also partially share a nervous system, with particularly strong stimuli being felt by both of them simultaneously. Thus, when Rachnera slipped both of Kimihito's cocks into her lipples, Miia was racked by the sensation of the arachne's lips around her cocks, and when Lala shoved her equine member into the Kimihito body she had, the lamia could feel it as clearly as if her virginity had been taken instead.

As more of her romantic rivals began their sexual acts with Kimihito's bodies, Miia found herself hunched over the foot of the bed, all six of her arms supporting her as both heads held back moans of desperation.

"Why do those homewreckers get to hog Darling all to themselves?" Thought Miia, "I've loved him longer and harder than anyone else and now that a chance to consummate that love has finally arrived, they steal him away! I can feel them taking the love from darling that should be mine!" Her jealous thoughts continued to stoke her anger, rage slowly consuming her until, suddenly, she realized the truth of the situation. She was now a part of her darling, connected to him so deeply that she could feel everything he felt. That meant that the others weren't just having sex with her darling, but with her as well. So, now that she and darling were one being, it was impossible for the others to have him to themselves because she would always be there. Even if, after today, Darling chooses to marry one of the others, she would be marrying Miia as well, not even the bonds of matrimony able to surpass the intimacy the lamia now shared with her darling.

With this revelation, Miia threw herself into the passionate feeling she was receiving from Kimihito, relishing the fact that she was sharing in the love he was receiving from her friends. As Kimihito began passionately fucking the vagina between Mero's giant shoulders missionary style, Miia manoeuvred the seven meters of tail she shared with darling over and began fucking the hole on the mermaids giant lower body with it, the sensitive tail tip able to slide in almost half a metre before bottoming out.

"Oh Beloved! To think that you would show such love even to a monster such as I!"

Miia reached her lowest set of arms down to begin stroking her cocks as she shifted her focus over to the bodies having sex with Papi and Suu, the two close friends locked in a passionate kiss as they had their way with their individual Kimihito bodies. Suu was aggressively fucking her master, the former human letting out cute, feminine, squeaks as his pussy was taken by the slime-girl's gooey cock while her hands had morphed into tubes so they could envelope and milk both of his cocks at once. Papi meanwhile, was riding Kimihito's cocks cowgirl style, her ass cheeks of slapping audibly against his tail as she bounced on one of his twin shafts. The harpy's wing-arms were wrapped around her lover's head, pulling it tight against her right crotch as he deepthroated the ten-inch shaft residing there while his hands were busy stroking and fondling the cock and balls between her left pair of legs.

"Come on master! Let me taste your cum, fill me with seed so that I can become one with it!"

"B-boss! Papi feels so good. Please don't stop! Keep making Papi's cocks feel good while you fertilize Papi's eggs!"

As the two liminals broke their kiss to let out passionate cries, Miia turned her two heads towards each other and began to make out with herself, both of her forked tongues brushing against one another as they explored their twin's home. A phantom pressure then began to compress the lamia's hips, a quick glance to the side revealing that Centorea had finally figured out how she wanted to go about her lovemaking. The centaur was sat down with her quartet of nuts laying on Kimihito's crotch, with the base of her enormous horsecock laying along his body; the shafts flared head was nearly two metres past his head. Kimihito had wrapped his arms around the girthy shaft and was vigorously stroking it while simultaneously kissing and licking the part laying on his face. As he pleasured his lover's immense shaft, the centaur was gyrating her hips, making sure not to put the full weight of her massive lower body on him. This caused her beanbag sized ballsack to rub across that bodies twin cocks, stimulating them as if they were being tit-fucked.

"Lord Kimihito, thank you for debasing yourself in such a way for my sake! To know that even with this dirty, sinful body your love is still so strong makes me proud to be your sworn knight." As Centorea spoke, she reached up and began to grope her massive tits, an action that Miia mirrored with her centre pair of arms. Since she had two pairs of breasts however, the lamia had to alternate which of her two pairs she was pleasuring every once in a while, as her upper pair of arms was needed to keep her from falling onto the bed.

The pleasure of having sex with six women at once was incredibly overwhelming to the conjoined Miia and Kimihito, the sensations of exotic masturbation from the red-haired lamia's body only compounding their pleasure, and they let out a seven-fold scream of joy as a multitude of orgasms racked their bodies one after another. Thick blasts of cum rocketed out of their fourteen cocks, some filling the orifice they were inside while others simply launched out and splattered across whatever surfaces were nearby. Alongside their cocks, their sixteen breasts also began to spray small streams of white liquid; Lala, who had been sucking on one of Kimihito's breast as she fucked him, got a mouthful of this sweet, creamy, milk before it eventually dried up to just a slight trickle.

The other six liminals weren't far behind their lovers, each of them adding their own voices to the cacophony of lewd moans that now filled the room. Papi thrust her hips forward, burying her right cock down one of Kimihito's throats as it fired its load directly into his stomach. Meanwhile her left cock's cum was being mostly caught by Suu's body and incorporated into the slime-girl's form alongside the twin loads she was absorbing from Kimihito. Adding to the fluid entering Suu's body was the milk that shot not only from the breasts of both of Kimihito's bodies, but from Papi's as well, the harpy's mosquito bites releasing a pair of unimpressive spurts of milk, barely enough to fill a tablespoon between them. Despite all this fluid intake, the slime's body wasn't getting any bigger however, as she was losing just as much cum as she was gaining as she ejaculated into Kimihito, his stomach slowly bloating as his womb filled with the seed she got from Centorea.


Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour

Centorea was herself unleashing a torrent of centaur jizz, one which rapidly began to fill the room and pour out the open doorway, forcing Kimihito to sit the body underneath Centorea up on it's arms to prevent being drowned in the woman's never-ending flood of semen. This flood was only worsened when her breasts, which had been largest of the homestays before Mero and Suu's transformations, added their own personal brand of cream to the mix. Twin waterfalls of milk fell onto her still ejaculating penis that, unlike those of Miia, Kimihito, and Papi, continued to flow with no end in sight.

Mero, the only member of the household not in possession of a cock in some form, basked in pleasure as her upper vagina milked her beloved's hemipenes for all they were worth while her lower vagina attempted the same with the tail that filled it currently. Just like with the others, Mero's two sets of tits began leaking milk. When she noticed this, Mero forced Kimihito to suckle on one of her upper nipples, immediately switching him to the other when the first had run dry. The set on her giant lower body meanwhile simply added it's milk to the now ankle deep pool of bodily fluids.

The next liminal to cum was Rachnera. The arachne had moved Kimihito's cocks from her lipples to her vagina-nipples, and had been teasing his virginal pussy with two of her eight arms while two more had been toying with his delicate, milky, nipples. Her honey's face was pressed into her second right breast, the dicknipple touching the back of his throat. As she felt her orgasm arrive however, she pulled her lover's face back slightly, allowing his mouth to be filled with her cum to the point that it began to leak out around her cock. This sight brought a grin of joy to the dominatrix's face, enjoying how easy it was to tease her Honey's sensitive new body. When her topmost pair of breasts began to lactate, the arachne used two of her free hands to pinch them shut, letting the pressure build to the point that, when she released them, a powerful spray shot directly at Kimihito's head, soaking his hair and face. This act rewarded the arachne with another small shot of cum from both of honey's cocks.

The final member of the group, Lala, had arguably the least mutated body among her friends. As such her lovemaking was also fairly typical, with the dullahan going with simple missionary position. Of course her massive equine tool meant that she was the one doing the fucking, contrary to what even she herself would have expected. When her mouth had suddenly been filled with her lover's milk, the brief loss of concentration prevented her from holding back her orgasm any longer. Much like with the body Suu had been fucking, this body's womb was filled by litres of cum that made him look like he was in the early stages of pregnancy, the fact that his breasts were lactating only strengthening this impression. Meanwhile, the dullahan's cock-neck was filling her head with it's own payload, small dribbles of cum and milk leaking from the corners of her mouth. Lala herself had also begun to lactate, her milk joining the cum from Kimihito's cocks in the pool forming on his stomach.

With all seven women having finally made love to the man of their desires, if not exactly in the way they might have expected, everyone's libidos were at last satisfied. For the next few minutes they simply cuddled and basked in the afterglow, the cum and milk slurry draining out of the room slowly over time.

This moment of peace was not to last however, as all six of Kimihito's bodies decoupled from their partner, one of them standing up as tall as he could on his tail before making an announcement to the room:

"Alright girls, that was fun, but if we don't hurry all that cum is going to stain the floors and carpets, which will smell as bad as it looks. Not to mention the fact that I imagine many of your own rooms are probably in need of cleaning too. Follow me downstairs and I'll hand out cleaning supplies and divide up the tasks so we can prevent any long-term damage." with instructions given, he then gazed nervously to one side before continuing in a less commanding tone. "Afterwards we can have a discussion about what we're going to do moving forwards, considering our new bodies, and after that I'll need to call Ms Smith as well."

The homestays were taken aback at first by the sudden shift in gear and bizarre priorities of their host, but they all knew that was simply how Kimihito operated. So, all of them looking forwards to exploring the new relationship they now had with their love, marched downstairs with smiles on their faces.

To be continued...



Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour


Long time no see! Sorry for going MIA for so long, both my personal life and work got really hectic shortly after I posted my last story and I ended up with very little time or motivation to write. Things have calmed down enough recently that I was able to at last finish the follow-up to my previous MonMusu story that I mentioned before. Just like the previous chapter, this one has several weird TFs (including all the ones from the previous part) so take a look at the tags if you're unsure about the content.

Hopefully I can get my next story out a bit quicker, but this is just a hobby for the time being, so I can't promise anything. Thanks for all the favourites, follows, ratings regardless. Knowing that there are people, even if it's just a few, who like my weird smut means the world to me.



"I can't even begin to imagine how much paperwork this is going to create..." muttered Kuroko Smith. The woman worked for the Japanese government as an interspecies exchange coordinator (among other things) and her "men in black" style skirt-suit highlighted that position. Her brown eyes peeked above the dark sunglasses she wore them to look at the subject of her frustration: Kimihito Kurusu. He was one of the interspecies exchange programs VIPs, being the host to seven total liminals (the fact that Ms Smith had all but forced most of these women on him notwithstanding.) According to the call that he had made three days ago (that Smith was only responding to now because she had been busy with important government duties and NOT because she had been out drinking that night and decided she didn't want to deal with one of Kimihito's ridiculous problems while hungover, for the record) a box of bottled milk had been sent to his house from a ranch owned by the Black Lily company, which was already under the scrutiny of the government thanks to its grey market liminal immigration dealings. This milk, illegally--though thankfully not forcefully--sourced from liminals, was the reason why the person sitting in the chair opposite Ms Smith was nearly unrecognizable as the Kimihito she had seen only a week prior.

Before, Kimihito had been a fairly average Japanese man; black hair, brown eyes, and slim bodied. While those descriptors could still be applied to him, he most certainly was not an "average Japanese man" anymore. His black hair now flowed down to his hips. His brown irises now surrounded thin, slitted pupils. He could only really be described as "Slim" however if you were referring specifically to his waist, as his chest now sported a pair of breasts large enough to pull his black T-shirt up over his navel and his hips flared out as wide as his shoulders. Even more shocking was what was below those hips however: a black scaled snake tail which, combined with his drastically more feminine face, made him look like a palette-swap of his lamia homestay Miia. The comparison to Miia was quite easy for Smith to make because the Lamia in question was on a couch nearby, furiously fucking another copy of Kimihito.

The furious sounds of lovemaking had scored the tail end of Smith's interview, the slapping of flesh and cries of passion a clearly outlining the true depravity of what had happened to Kimihito and his seven homestays. Kimihito had not merely been feminized, nor had he merely been transformed into a lamia. Kimihito had been fused with Miia, their tails joining together into a single, massive limb after two meters. This ten meter long limb didn't just fork into two separate branches, however, but seven. Six copies of Kimihito were strewn about the room, all of them dressed in a men's shirt with a skirt borrowed from Miia to accommodate their tails--save for the one that Miia had stripped to have her way with. The one bodies nudity also served to remind Smith that each of these six Kimihitos, or rather the six bodies controlled by Kimihito, were equipped with both a vagina and a pair of hemipenes, a trait that Miia also now shared.

Speaking of Kimihito's body-mate, whose red-scaled tail was connected directly in the middle of his six, she had not gone without some changes of her own. Miia shoulders now held two identical heads, each one bearing the same amber eyes and bright red hair. Despite being the same length as Kimihito's however, Miia's hair failed to reach her hips. Instead, it only reached just past the lowest of her three sets of shoulder blades. These extra shoulders of course came with extra arms, the four of them busy groping along her lover's body while her original pair held him tight as she fucked him. Her extra long torso also had a second row of breasts, the same size as the F-cups above it.

According to Kimihito and Miia, they shared senses to a certain extent, meaning that they were each feeling both ends of their lovemaking at the moment. The fact that the body talking with Smith barely showed any signs of this as they talked was impressive, if anything the embarrassment of what Miia was doing behind him was more of a distraction than the sensations of the actions themselves.

Under normal circumstances, a host having sex with their homestay was grounds for immediate jail time for the host and deportation for the homestay; these were hardly normal circumstances, however, so Smith chose to overlook it. Of course, even if she had caught them having sex before the transformation, she would have simply used it as an excuse to force the indecisive Kimihito into the interspecies marriage that her superiors had been pestering her about for the past year anyway.

Ms Smith sipped her coffee in silence as she waited for Miia to finish, she wanted to make sure both of them paid attention to what she wanted to say next, and the escalating cries of passion made it clear that she wouldn't be waiting long anyway. A few moments later, Miia had climaxed inside Kimihito and proceeded to cuddle the body, allowing the conversation to continue.

"Sorry about that, she still finds the idea of being conjoined to me so arousing, and I've gotten into the habit of just letting her use one of my bodies whenever she wants."

"Just the fact that you can say that so casually when you were such a virgin just a week ago tells me all I need to know about the situation here." Smith took off her sunglasses and rubbed her temples as she thought about the mountain of paperwork and dozens of phone calls she was going to have to do when she got back to the office.


"Don't worry about it, hopefully this will be the final nail in Black Lily's coffin. That should make the government happy enough that I can convince them to be more understanding of your..." she shot a pointed gaze over at Miia, "...situation, and approve the renovations this place will almost certainly need. Once M.O.N. are done interviewing the others, I'll have them collect the leftover milk you mentioned from the fridge. If we're lucky, you're the only person they sent that stuff to, and we can shut them down before any more gets out."

"Yeah, I think me and the others have mostly come to terms with what happened, but I can't imagine too many other people being so accepting."

"I don't know, Darling," said Miia's left head. She had untangled herself from her lover's other body and was now leaning on the back of Kimihito's chair with her upper four arms wrapped loosely around his neck. "I'm sure there are plenty of people who would dream of being so intimately close to their loved one." Her right head finished her thought. This alternating speech was something she had adopted over the past few days, as her heads would often muddle words when they spoke at the same time.

"Well, regardless, the girls should be finishing up with the interviews soon, so I guess I should..." As Ms. Smith stood up, an unexpected dizzy spell sent her tumbling back down into her seat.

"Are you alright, Ms Smith?" All six of Kimihito's bodies moved closer to help if need be.

"Don't worry, I just got a bit dizzy, I have been sitting down for quite a while." Ms Smith began to make another attempt at standing, but noticed a strange discrepancy and paused. She was a fairly tall woman--by Japanese standards at least--and was quite proud of her long and graceful legs. Thus, when she pulled them in to stand she was able to tell that they were a bit longer than before, her knees a few inches higher over the seat than normal.

"Ah!" "You're Shrinking!"

Thus was Miia's surprised comment a bit confusing. If her legs were getting longer, wouldn't that mean she would be getting taller? When she laid herself against the back of the chair, however, she found Miia's comment had merit: her head rested much lower than before, scarcely managing to even reach the headrest. Confused, she quickly pushed herself up to her feet once again, ignoring the dizziness that once again accompanied her sudden rise. As she got to her feet she felt her pantyhose tighten before slipping off of her waist, falling atop her heels in a pile, her legs apparently now too long for even the stretchy material to accommodate. This wasn't the only issue with her wardrobe, however. Her suit, which had been was fitted to her proportions when she bought it, now hung halfway down her knees. Because of that, her skirt was no longer visible, having followed her rising hips up beneath her shirt. Despite these drastic changes to her bodily structure, she found her overall height to be unchanged. Of course, that was a small comfort considering what was happening to her.

"I'm transforming!? How?!"

"How could this have happened? You didn't drink any of the milk, just that cup... of... coffee." All twelve of Kimihito's eyes went wide. "THE COFFEE! I used the jug we normally keep the coffee cream in without thinking, but once it ran empty yesterday we started filling it with our own milk! I didn't even think about it, but that must have been what did it!" Of course, simply knowing the cause of the transformation did nothing to slow it, and the three of them could do nothing but watch.

Smith's hips continued to rise higher on her body, absorbing her torso as they did so. She took off her jacket and shirt so that she could better see what was happening, her hips now closing in on the black bra covering her breasts. Just before her tits were absorbed, however, they stopped. There was a pregnant pause before Kimihito and Miia sighed with relief, believing Smith's transformation to be over. Ms Smith herself however could still feel the effects of the milk affecting her body. She had been growing aroused as her body changed, her lust rising alongside her legs, but now that feeling exploded throughout her body, concentrated mainly beneath her slowly tenting skirt. She quickly moved to remove the clothes concealing her rapidly growing equipment, only to find her arms had become just barely too short to reach the clasps on the back of her skirt.

"Agh! NO!" Despite being in a situation that should be horrifying, the only reaction Ms Smith had to her arms receding into her shoulders was frustration. Her newly grown cock, its shape now clearly visible beneath her skirt as it and the accompanying set of balls filled her panties, throbbed in need as she was only able to give it a few ineffectual rubs through her clothes before even it was out of reach of her diminished limbs. Alongside the needs of her new "equipment" her old set were also beginning to cry in need, a need that she was left unable to fulfill as her hands at last fully receded into her shoulders. Left with little recourse, she began desperately wiggling her hips, hoping to somehow dislodge her cock from its silken prison so that she might be able to at least reach it with her mouth.

"Your arms, they're gone!" Kimihito could only stare in shock at the form his coordinator had taken, nothing but a head and breasts attached to a pair of legs over a meter and a half tall. His body-mate, however, seemed to understand what the just transformed woman wanted. While Ms Smith writhed about, Miia had slithered over to her and deftly unlatched her skirt

"Don't worry, Ms Smith," "I'll help you."

"M-miia! What are you doing!"

"Please...." One of Kimihito's bodies moved to pull the lusty lamia away, but Ms Smith's whimpered plea stopped him.

"Come on Darling. You should know just as well as I do how worked up mutating gets you. The eight of us were at it for hours after we changed." Only Miia's right head spoke this time, her left one was already wrapping her mouth around Ms Smith's cock.

"Mmmmmmhhhhhhh." Normally Ms Smith would prefer to be a bit more in control--she was much more comfortable being the pursued rather than the pursuer--but the expert blowjob Miia was giving, her cock stretching out the lamia's throat as it continued to grow, was exactly what she needed right now. She opted to simply relax as Miia's powerful throat muscles, designed for swallowing food whole, were put to work as they squeezed and stroked Ms Smith's shaft. Her lover's immaculate technique combined with her lack of experience with her cock meant it only took a few seconds before she reached her first penile orgasm. Despite her sudden ejaculation however, her cock wasn't ready to stop, in fact the orgasm only seemed to encourage its growth as it pushed deeper into Miia's eager gullet.

As her left head continued to blow Ms Smith's cock, Miia used her uppermost arms to guide one of Smith's nipples into her free mouth. Her tongue circled the bare areola before her lips tightened and began to suck. Just like her blowjob Miia's technique was superb, the lamia had gained a lifetime of sexual experience in the three days of near-constant sex with her housemates and she put every ounce of it to work. Smith once again found herself filling Miia's mouth with hot, white liquid; however, this time it was milk that flowed into the Lamia's stomach. While both of Miia's mouths were amazing, there were only two of them, leaving her other breast and her pussy unsatisfied.

"Ms Smith? Would it be alright if I joined in?"

That was until the six bodies of Kimihito surrounded her. Each of them bore similar expressions--a mixture of embarrassment and arousal--as he asked with the one positioned in front of her. Smith found this comforting, that even with his new and sexual form, he still asked for consent like a virgin.

"Of course, Darling, help me break in this new body of mine."

Miia's oral assault slowed just long enough for Smith to reply, and as soon as she finished, Kimihito's bodies descended upon her. He had one assist Miia in draining Smith's breasts, letting his other mouths take over the task of breathing so that it and Miia wouldn't need to stop for air. The body in front of her stuffed her mouth with its cocks, while two more took up positions behind her and managed to manoeuvre themselves so that they could fuck both her pussy and asshole at the same time. The fifth body, lacking any of the traditional avenues of pleasure, took her ball sack--now large enough that it sat heavy on Miia's upper row of tits--and wrapped it around his cocks to use like a fleshlight. That left very little room for his final body, however, so he instead had it sit down in a nearby chair to give him the perfect of him fucking the woman that had brought so much joy and pain into his life.

The way that every inch of Ms smith was covered in serpentine bodies brought to mind the massive orgies that Lamia's traditionally mated in, though this setup contained far more cock than those. The idea of being the centre of attention, everybody around her being dedicated to giving her the pleasure she was no longer able to give herself, was entrancing. As she was fucked from every angle imaginable, she found herself climaxing again and again, each orgasm casing her balls to bloat around Kimihito's hemipenes and her cock to fill Miia's throat fuller. It was only after a half dozen orgasms that she found her balls truly drained, the last drops of her seed sliding into Miia's stomach as both her and Kimihito at last unleashed their own loads--coating her both inside and out with their white-hot seed.

Slowly, the trio fell into a post-coital pile. When Ms Smith's cock slipped out of Miia's mouth, it slapped against her knees, thicker around than her ankles. The three of them would have been content to simply fall asleep like this, were it not for a sudden realization Smith came to moments before drifting off.

"If your milk is contagious, then doesn't that mean everyone's is!?"


While Ms Smith was talking to Kimihito and Miia about the cause of their transformation, her subordinates were tasked with interviewing the rest of the household. This was to both get a firm record of their new bodies and figure out what modifications might need to be made to the house to accommodate them. Technically, these four liminals were just members of M.O.N.--short for Monster Ops: Neutralization--an elite team under Smith's command that existed to handle violent liminals that local police couldn't without potentially starting an international incident. In practice, however, they also served as Ms Smith's lackeys, constantly having miscellaneous tasks that Smith herself lacked the time or desire to do herself.

One of these elites was Doppel, a shapeshifter capable of transforming her body as she pleased. Currently, however, she was in her "default" form, with long white hair that unnaturally flowed to cover just enough of her dark skin to be considered decent and eyes with pitch black sclera and golden irises. Her four-foot frame was currently reclined against the breasts of Meroune's ten foot lower body as it listlessly floated around the pool, making up most of the mermaid's room.

"Honestly, this whole thing is pretty wild, even by my standards Fish Tits. You and the others look like you came out of some really messed up fetish site." Doppel's comment was directed back behind her, towards the average sized upper torso that sat between Mero's shoulders. As Mero blushed from the teasing, Doppel reached behind her and squeezed one of Mero's nipples, eliciting a soft moan from the mermaid. A trickle of milk flowed out in response to the stimulation and flowed down into the pool. Doppel casually caught a handful of milk in her hands and sipped it. "You want me to add a set of milkers to the list? This stuffs pretty good, you could make some decent money selling it. Not that I would suggest something illegal like that."

"S-sell my breast milk?" Gasped Mero, a look of horror on her face.

Normally, even Doppel wouldn't be so crass to talk like this to someone who was (for better or worse) an important political figure, but she had known this particular mermaid princess long enough that she understood what came next.

"Yes!" Mero exclaimed, her eyes now as bright and distant as stars, "With their bodies so thoroughly deformed I'm sure that my Beloved, Miia, and Centorea will be unable to continue their part-time jobs, and my mother is sure to disown me the instant she looks upon my wretched form. Our massive bodies require far more food now as well, meaning that our grocery bill will soon be beyond what the government is willing to pay. My Beloved would do his best, scrimping and saving to make ends meet. Unfortunately it won't be enough and, with a heavy heart, he would ask me to sell my milk. Every day I would be taken to a shady warehouse by some yakuza thugs where they would milk me dry over several hours, groping and teasing me. Eventually..." Mero's depraved ranting continued, but Doppel was no longer paying attention. Since she had already finished the interview a few minutes ago, the shapeshifter decided to leave the princess to her delusions and made a quick exit. She was so quick that she failed to notice when Tionishia, her ogre co-worker, clad in a skirt-suit similar to that of her boss, ducked through the torn frame of Centorea's room and ran right into her.


Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour

The seven and a half foot tall woman toppled over Doppel. Her medicine ball sized breasts blocked most of her downward range of vision, which had prevented her from seeing the much shorter woman.

"Get off me Tio!" Doppel's shout was muffled by the suit-clad mounds of her tan-skinned co-worker, pressing her face into the floor. Her amorphous nature meant that she wasn't crushed to death by the weight of the other woman, but her feet were caught on something, which prevented her from slipping out on her own.

"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry, Doppel!" apologized Tionishia. The ogre pushed herself up to her knees, a strange weight in her crotch bouncing as she did. She brushed her blond hair out of her red eyes and back around the black horn in the centre of her forehead as the sounds of approaching hooves filled her ears.

"What happened, Lady Tionish-" Centorea had come to her door to investigate the sounds she had heard, but was shocked into silence when she saw the two women in front of her door.

"Everything's fine Centorea! I just accidentally tripped over Doppel and..." Tio turned towards Centorea to see the shocked expression on the centaur's face. Following Centorea's gaze, Tio found herself looking at Doppel. Her legs were half hidden beneath Tio's short, black, skirt, but that failed to conceal the fact that they were fused up to the knee.

"Uh, Tio I think I'm stuck to something, could you- WHAT THE FUCK!" Doppel had a much more explosive reaction to what she saw when she looked over her shoulder and saw what was happening to her legs. She once again attempted to pull away from the larger woman, but found she was still unable to--nor could she roll onto her back. Soon the pieces clicked together in her mind and she called out to the ogre, "Tio, lift your skirt up!"


"Just do it!"

Tio sheepishly heeded Doppel's worlds and hiked up the front of her skirt. Beneath its black folds, they were able to see that the shapeshifter's legs were merged together all the way down to the ankles. Ankles that, rather than ending in feet, had torn through Tio's pantyhose and were attached firmly to her crotch.

It was a that moment that Tio and Doppel felt a bolt of electricity pass between them. Suddenly, Tio could feel the wooden floor beneath Doppel's back as if it was her own flesh, as well as the growing heat of lust that was slowly permeating the shapeshifter's body. This connection also seemed to accelerate the fusing of Doppel's legs, with her thighs pulling together into a thick tube of wrinkly flesh.

"How is this possible? You're attached to me now!" The bewildered Tionishia felt around the point of connection, looking for a way to separate them. All she managed to do, however, was stimulate the sensitive flesh of what was once Doppel's legs. This caused Doppel's body to bob upwards as her hips met the same fate as her legs.

"Not only am I attached to you-" another pulse went through her body and lifted her upwards, "I think I'm becoming your penis!" Despite the absurdity of Doppel's words, all it took was a glance at the tube rapidly overtaking her body for the other two women to understand their truth.

"There is only one thing I can imagine that might have done this: the bedevilled milk that transformed me and my fellow housemates!" Centorea stepped through the ruins of her doorway out into the hall and offered a hand to the still kneeling ogre. Tio hadn't really thought about it during the interview, but now that she was standing face-to-face with Centorea, she was distinctly aware of just how big the centaur was now. Before, Tio was just shy of a foot taller than Centorea, but now she was eye level with her chest. Tio had never been one to show interest in other women's bodies, whether out of jealousy or lust, but as she stared at the blouse-clad orbs before her, she felt another powerful throb blast through her body. This sent Doppel flying up to slap against her chest, reminding her of the current predicament.

"B-but how could we have drunk any of it? All of it is still in your fridge, right?"

The mention of milk reminded Doppel of what she had done just before leaving Mero's room. "While I was interviewing Mero, I ended up drinking some of her milk, that must have been what caused this."

"But then that means that all of us might be contagious as well!" Centorea looked down at her breasts, glad that she had emptied them into the cream jug before M.O.N. had arrived.

"Honestly, I'm a little annoyed that I didn't even think that was a possibility, sorry for getting you wrapped up in this Tio."

"Don't apologize to me! Not when you're turning into my- my penis!" As Tio spoke, Doppel's body, now the shaft of a cock from the chest down, bounded up again and came to rest perpendicular to the ogres crotch.

"Honestly," began Doppel, reaching down to stroke her shaft-body, "this feels better than it should. If being a cock feels this good, then I don't think I'll, ooooooohhhhhh, mind." Her sentence was punctuated with a moan as she felt a tube, her future urethra she assumed, connect what used to be her vaginal canal to Tio's body.

"D-don't say that..." weakly mewled Tio. Between Doppel's rubbing and her newfound attraction to Centorea's body, she was finding it hard to not find the idea of her friend becoming such an intimate part of her to be a pleasant one, even if in her mind she understood that she should. Her loins made a decisive strike for their side however when a small sack made of Doppel's dark skin formed at the base of Doppel's shaft-body, followed swiftly by a pair of testicles dropping into it.

The sudden surge of hormones pumped through her body by her new balls sent Tio's libido over the edge. This was made all the worse as Doppel's arms were absorbed into her shaft, becoming nothing but more of the cock-flesh that had consumed all but her head now.

"Centorea." Doppel called out to the woman still watching nearby through a mouthful of precum freshly pumped through the urethra that now connected her mouth to Tio's already melon sized testicles.

"What is it, Lady Doppel?" The centaur pulled in close, so she could hear what might be the shapeshifter's final words before losing her ability to speak.

"If I'm gonna be a cock forever, then please make sure Tio doesn't die a virgin."


"Let her fuck you with me, please..." Ignoring her body-mate's outburst, Doppel made a sudden request, her words weakly fighting through the river of pre pouring out of her mouth.

"Very well lady Doppel, if that is your wish then so be it"


Centorea--once again ignoring Tio's outburst--turned her massive body around and dropped to her knees, putting her rear end level with Tionishia's crotch. "However, my womanhood belongs solely to my master, so I will have to request you use my a- *ahem* other hole."

Tio was surprised at how easily Centorea had accepted Doppel's request. She had known the centaur for a while now and never found her to be the kind of person to so readily accept something like this, let alone suggest something as deviant as anal sex! However, she couldn't deny how inviting the equine backside being present was to her newfound sexuality.

"C-Centorea I can't..."

"Please, Tio, for me."

Tio made one last attempt at protest, but Doppel's plea--her final words before her head began the process of turning into nothing more than the glans of Tio's cock--broke the last wall of resistance in the ogre's mind.

Tio approached Centorea and flipped the back of her skirt up, revealing her equine equipment. The first thing Tio's gaze fell on was the massive ball sack that was visibly pulsing larger as it prepared for what was about to happen. Sitting above that were Centorea's two entrances, the lower of which clearly showing that its owner wasn't simply offering herself out of obligation as it dripped lust to the floor below. Of course that hole was not the one she had been allowed to use, so she instead looked at the puckered doughnut sitting just above it, waiting patiently for Doppel.

Tio grabbed Centorea's rear end and pressed her cock--now only distinguishable as Doppel by its contrasting skin tone--up against her friend's rear.

"A-are you ready, Centorea?"

"Yes Tio! F-fuck me, please!" With Centorea's consent unquestionably given, Tio pushed forwards. The head of her cock immediately popped inside the centaur's asshole before its muscles clamped down on the intruder.



Tio out an incomprehensible squeal, the feeling of putting just the tip of her new cock inside someone already overwhelming her. Centorea, having much more experience than her partner(s), began pushing back to force more of the massive cock inside her. As Tio recovered from the initial penetration, she redoubled her grip on her lover's hindquarters and began awkwardly thrusting, the virgin woman desperate to get more of her shaft inside.

As the distance between the pair continued to shrink, more and more precum began to pour out of Centorea's own cock. The equine shaft was trapped between the floor and its owner's body, her vigorous thrusting also giving it a full-body rub. One lucky thrust from Tio pressed down on her inner walls in just the right way, hitting her oversized prostate dead on. A mixture of a whinny and a moan escaped Centorea's lips as she came hard. Her first shots were so quick it seemed as if they were a single stream of equine seed, fired powerfully enough to fly the nearly meter-long trip through the door to her room. The continued penetration prolonged her orgasm for over thirty seconds, her loads slowly petering off to "just" a few tablespoons each.

The powerful clenching of the orgasming Centorea's rectum only made Tio redouble her efforts, herself still not having cum yet despite her inexperience. It was almost like Doppel wasn't letting her host cum until the cock had gotten all four feet of her shaft inside. Thus, Tio continued to thrust deeper, already less than a third of her living dick left. As she neared her goal, the thrusts became more and more powerful, the ogre putting all of her considerable strength to work. That was why when her lover's orgasm at last ended and her asshole loosened, the sudden lack of resistance caught her off guard. A loud clap echoed in her ears as her melon-sized balls collided with the centaurs much larger quartet, and Doppel at last allowed them release,

Despite having just came, Centorea was instantly sent back over the edge when the bulge of her lovers' load passed over her prostate, her over productive balls ensuring that this orgasm was just as messy as her first. Tio leaned forwards and wrapped her arms around the centaur's tauric waist, thrusting mindlessly as her own balls emptied themselves into Centorea's colon. Wet patches began to form on her undershirt as milk shot from her nipples, her breasts now filled with the same mutagenic milk that had affected Doppel.

Once both of them had finished their orgasms, Tio and Centorea's bodies went limp. The ogre drooped over the kneeling centaur's back, while her upper body slouched forwards. Neither woman had any intention of moving for the time being, content to relax still locked together through Doppel, but the sound of someone clearing their throat behind them caught their attention.

"Are you two quite finished now?" the voice of Ms. Smith was unmistakable to both of the other women. Tio, having worked under the coordinator far longer, almost instinctively jumped to attention, roughly pulling her cock now limp cock out of the centaurs' ass. Centorea let out a yelp at the sudden removal, slowly turning around as her abused pucker recovered.

"Smith! What happened?" Upon seeing her boss's reduced form, blurted out a fairly useless question.

"I imagine the same thing that happened to you." The tone of her reply made it clear that, if she still had hands, Ms. Smith would be rubbing her temple as she spoke.

"Ah, yes..."

"I know Master would never stoop to such a thing, so it clearly must have been the serpent. I have been far too lenient with Lady Miia since she became one with Master, I apologize for not being near to defend you from her machinations."

"Tell me, Tio, is that Doppel between your legs?" asked Ms. Smith, choosing to ignore Centorea's ranting for the moment in favour of inquiring about the familiar looking shaft her subordinate now sported.

"Yeah... She said she drank some of Mero's milk and when we ran into each other, she fused with me."

"Is she, you know... still in there?" the coordinator's voice took a grim tone as she asked of her dear friend and co-worker's fate. Before Tio could answer, however, someone else did it for her.

"I'm not dead if that's what you're asking!" Suddenly, Doppel rose up and transformed back into her normal form, at least from the waist up. She was still connected to Tio's crotch, but other than that she seemed perfectly fine.


"Lady Doppel!?"

Both Centorea and Tionishia let out cry's of surprise at the sudden reversal of the cockified woman's transformation.

"Did you forget that I'm a doppelgänger? Just because I'm turned into a cock doesn't mean I can't shapeshift" As if to prove her point she proceeded to transform into her body, first into a horsecock like Centorea's, then into something resembling the kind of dildo you would order from a dragon-themed sex shop, then into a perfect recreation of Miia's multi-endowed upper body. "Though it seems that my form still has to function as a cock." "Other than that, however, I'm just as 'flexible' as ever!" Her impression of Miia's voice was impeccable, as she spoke out of both heads alternately.

"Thank goodness you're alright, Doppel!" Tio wrapped her cock in a bear hug, too happy to care about how sensitive Doppel was so soon after their orgasm.

"Hopefully the others are alright as well, you three weren't the only ones making a racket, so Darling and Miia went upstairs to check on Zombina and Manako"

"Yes, Lady Suu and Lady Rachnera are arguably worse than Lady Miia. I cannot imagine either of them would knowingly inflict this curse on others, but their deviancy has only grown since their transformations, so there is no telling what might happen."


"Well, if that's everything, then I'm going to take an itsy bitsy nap." Rachnera let out a yawn from all three of her mouths as she skittered out of Lala's room. Even as she was leaving, a hand was already idly playing with one of her dicknipples, making it clear to both Lala and Manako--who had just finished interviewing the pair--what exactly "nap" meant in this context. Honestly, however, Manako was relieved by the arachne's departure, as she hadn't bothered to cover her three extra rows of breasts and the various bits they had in place of nipples. Not that Lala was much better, however, as the white one-piece dress she wore beneath her black jacket and corset did little to hide the half-meter of horsecock between her legs. This meant that Manako ended up with her eye fixed firmly on the floor to avoid having to constantly stare at genitalia.

"W-What about you, Lala? Is there anything else you need before we finish up?"

"I require powerful vessels tae contain the dark energy expelled during my purification rituals, the ones obtained from the local apothecary proved insufficient." Between her edgy jargon and her thick (Irish?) accent, it was sometime hard to parse what the blue-skinned dullahan was saying. Luckily for Manako, she had noticed the garbage bin full of rubber scraps and tissues in the corner of the room earlier and used that to figure out that Lala was probably asking for larger condoms.

"W-w-well, if that's everything, then I'll be going!" After adding the final request to her notes, Manako jumped to her feet, so she could make a quick exit. In her rush, however, she got her ankle tangled with the leg of her chair and tripped. She tried to maintain her balance, but only managed to hop far enough forwards that she did inevitably fall, it was right into Lala's chest. Thankfully, Lala had been seated on her bed during the interview, and the soft mattress broke their fall. Unfortunately, it also left Lala's cock pressed firmly between their bodies, a position that Manako found herself unable to escape from.

"Ah! Let me go." Manako glared angrily at the Dullahan, who's arms were now firmly gripping her shoulders, only to see nothing but the shaft of a cock between Lala's shoulders.

"Run lass! My corporeal form has been possessed by the spirit of lust sealed within me, and it seeks your flesh!" The warning Lala's disembodied head shouted from the floor came far too late. Her body had already slipped one of her nipples from its dress and slipped it into the monoeye's mouth. It was only after insuring Manako had swallowed a mouthful of milk that Lala's body freed her from its grasp. Manako immediately rolled back off of the bed and sprung to her feet, ready for a fight. The rogue body however didn't pursue her, instead choosing to pick its head up from the floor and place it beside her on the bed. Manako was confused by the strange actions of the wayward body, right up until she heard the sounds of her pantyhose tearing.

"Ah, it seems the goddess of lust has decided tae make ye her newest acolyte..."

"Why didn't you tell me you were contagious!" The grim tone of Lala's announcement was contrasted against Manako's girlish squeal. The monoeye's expanding hips were in the process of tearing her hose and short pencil-skirt to shreds, and the growth quickly cascaded down her legs and forced her to kick off her shoes, lest they suffer the same fate.

"Alas, my dark matron dinna-" A murderous glare from Manako made Lala swallow her words. "I- uh- I dinna know! All of us had already been transformed, and I havenae been around anyone else!"

The sound logic of Lala's words failed to console Manako, nor did they prevent the snapping of her panties' waistband as they joined her other lower-wear on the floor beneath her massive hips. Already they were twice as wide as her shoulders, with no signs of stopping in sight. Her legs were almost as thick as her upper body and had grown long enough that she had gone from just shy of five feet tall to well over six. Despite how massive the lower half of her body was getting, the upper half was still as rail-thin as always, a fact that annoyed the monoeye to no end.

A glimmer of hope showed itself however as Manako began to feel a tugging sensation on either side of her torso, as if something was pulling her body from both sides. This tugging also came with the same rising arousal that everyone else had experienced. She began rubbing her chest through her fraying suit, both to stimulate herself and as a way of praying that her transformation would at least get the massive breasts she had always wanted. As she continued to rub herself, her eye caught sight of Lala's cock, fully erect from watching Manako's transformation. Before she had found the sight uncomfortable, but now she couldn't tear her gaze away. Something about the thick slab of girldick awakened her inner desires, a primal need that had laid dormant within her for her whole life. The intensity of her ministrations--now against the bare skin of her chest due to her suit being torn nearly in half by her widening torso--increasing as she began to fantasize about cock. How good it would taste, how incredible it would feel inside her, how amazing it would look sandwiched between her massive tits.

That last image sent her hurtling over the edge, her climax accompanied by her suit fully succumbing to its fate as her torso split into two extra copies. In the middle of her massive, meter wide hips was her original body, unchanged from before other than its nudity. The extra bodies that sat on either side of her however bore two striking differences to the one between them. They lacked an arm on their inward facing side--the right body lacking a left arm and the left lacking a right--but much more striking was the single, massive breast that dominated each of their torsos.


Re: Everyday Life with Mutant Girls - by HauntedArmour

As Manako came down from her orgasm and beheld her final form, she let out a cry of joy. All four arms immediately went to her new breasts, her middle torso needing to lean at a forty-five-degree angle just to barely reach the nipple on either tit. Tears of leaked from her three eyes, while milk leaked from her nipples. While the arrangement of her new endowments was far from normal, they were far and away the largest breasts either woman had ever seen. Even a liminal three times as tall as her would be considered cripplingly endowed with a bust this big. It was only thanks to her vastly disproportionate lower body that she could still stand.

"Thank you! Thank you for giving me this wonderful body!" Manako lunged forwards and grabbed one of Lala's hand in those of her centre body, shaking it vigorously even as her outer hands continued to pleasure her breasts.

"It's good tae see you're enjoying the dark matron's gifts, but perhaps we should-" Lala was cut off by her body's free hand before it gestured to the erect cocks between its shoulders and legs. Manako immediately understood what Lala's body was asking of her, licked all three sets of lips as she stepped closer to the headless body. Lala attempted to protest, if only to spite the rogue body whose lustful machinations had gotten Manako transformed, but was quickly overwhelmed by the sensations of her lower cock being engulfed between Manako's massive tits

Lala was no stranger to large breasts. Even before their transformations, the women of the household (besides Papi and Suu) were quite busty. Thus, she was no stranger to getting tit-jobs from well-endowed women. What she experienced now however was several levels greater than even the massive breasts of Mero's lower body. Her fifty centimetre length barely made it halfway through Manako's cleavage, her own E-cups smothered by their superiors. Each of Manako's outer arms were rubbing up hand down, but the sheer size of her bust meant that there was a split second delay as the motions rippled across her flesh to reach Lala's shaft.

"How does this feel, Lala?" "My tits wrapped around your cock?" "Because this feels amazing for me." Manako spoke from each of her mouths in turn, her left and right head resting their cheeks on the bounty laid before them, while her centre body leaned forwards to start stroking the cock between Lala's shoulders.

Lala herself was mainly just along for the ride, her body continuing to thrust her hips into Manako's tits while her head was forced to sit where it was, having fallen on its side from the jostling of the mattress. Her body however decided to let her head in on the action and lifted her up to the mouth of Manako's left head, letting the Monoeye eat out the pussy set into the base of her neck.

It was this was the scene, that of two lovers in the throes of passion, that awaited Kimihito and Miia when they burst through the door. Neither Lala nor Manako was in any position to respond to the sudden intrusion, both only barely aware that the conjoined pair had entered. Seeing that Manako was already transformed, the pair silently closed the door before slithering off towards Papi's room, both she and Suu were being interviewed by Zombina.


At first glance the Zombina might be mistaken for a human; however the long horizontal stitching going across her face just above her nose, as well as the many other stitches across her body currently hidden under her black pantsuit, made her inhuman nature clear. Zombina, as one might surmise from her name, was a zombie. Over the years, Zombina has had to replace lost or damaged part of herself, leading to her patchwork appearance that includes her heterochromatic eyes (the left being green and the right being yellow) as well as the hair attached to the back of her head being black instead of the red of her scalp hair. Of course, Zombina wouldn't be let free if she was a walking zombie apocalypse waiting to happen--the virus that transformed people into zombies was actually very mild and only worked on people with especially weak immune systems or those near death. Ironically, it was Zombina herself that had just been infected with a contagion that was about to transform her.

"Let go of me, you crazy slime!" Shouted Zombina as she yanked one of Suu's tendrils from her mouth. Zombina's outburst caused Suu, her pearl-white body still in the voluptuous and well-hung shape she had taken during her romp with Centorea, to recoil back with a confused tilt of her head.

Thanks to her housemates' new bodies ratcheting their libidos up to eleven, Suu had little difficulty acquiring the "fluids" necessary to maintain her current form. In fact, no one even knew if she would turn back if denied the cum and milk that she now subsisted off of, as the always eager Suu was the perfect partner for when none of the others were able or--in rare cases--willing to have sex. This constant fucking meant that Suu, whose mind worked off of a strange mixture of primal instincts and sapient intellect, had gotten used to being able to grab someone and milk them when she got horny.

"Ah, sorry about that, 'Bina!" Squawked Papi as she skipped over on her four legs. The blue-feathered harpy was wearing her usual strapless tube top over her flat chest, but her double-wide hips prevented her from putting on her usual cargo shorts. Miia had offered the harpy one of her more adjustable skirts, but the difference in height between both women made it hard for Papi to walk in. Thus, she simply elected to go around without pants on, leaving both the pussy in her centre crotch and the two cocks in her outer crotches out in the open. "Suu, you can't just grab people like that without asking! Just because Papi and the others are OK with it doesn't mean everyone is!"

"Sorry! I'll ask permission next time." The slime-girl deeply bowed as she apologized to Zombina, her breasts, cock, and balls sloshing about at the sudden movement.

"As long as you've learnt your lesson..." Zombina rubbed her tongue against her teeth, trying to get the taste of Suu's fluids out of her mouth as she put away her notepad, having just finished the interview before the slime-girl's assault. As she did, however, she heard the muffled sounds of Manako shouting at Lala. Living up to her role as M.O.N.'s "commando," Zombina sprung into action and dashed towards the door, only for her right leg to separate from her hips with an audible *shlick* partway through her first step.

Of course to Zombina one of her limbs falling off was not that much of a surprise, she even frequently removed them intentionally for various reasons. When she turned around to retrieve her leg however, she was not greeted by the familiar and gruesome sight of dead flesh at the point of separation, but with a twitching vagina on her thigh and a strange hardness replacing it on her hips that was hidden in the folds of her suit's empty pant leg.

"What the fuck!?" Zombina went to grab her wayward leg and attempt to reattach it, only for her left arm to slide out of its sleeve. Just like her leg, her fallen arm had a vagina placed where it would connect to her chest, and a sensitive protrusion now sat in its place.

"Are you alright, 'Bina?" Papi hopped over to Zombina and held out a wing to help her up, which she accepted with her remaining hand. This proved to be a mistake, however, her other arm coming off when Papi pulled on it and sending her tumbling back to the ground. Papi let out a shriek at the severed arm she now held, dropping it as she fluttered backwards onto her bed and left Zombina to fall back to the ground, her final limb flying off from the impact.

"Is it okay if I take off your clothes?" While her feathered friend was cowering on the bed, Suu approached Zombina's limbless torso and posed a strange question. It took a moment before Zombina realized that the slime probably wanted to see what had happened to the rest of her body, a desire the zombie shared.

"Yeah go ahead, but no funny business alright?" With Zombina's permission, Suu expertly disrobed her, tossing the zombie's pantsuit into the corner, leaving just her camo-print panties to cover her body. Beneath her clothes were four cocks, placed right where her limbs had detached. Such a sight, her body now twisted into a bizarre and sexual form, shook the normally stoic woman to her core. That shock was fleeting, however, soon overtaken by creeping arousal. Zombina was hardly a stranger to sexual matters; however the sensation of the slits on the limbs she should not be able to feel, the sensation of (metaphorical) blood pumping through her rock hard dicks, and the knowledge that there was nothing she could do to relieve herself all bubbled inside her into an experience that even her colourful vocabulary struggled to describe.

"It seems I infected you when my fluid entered your mouth. I wasn't aware that I was contagious. Sorry!"

"Ah! 'Bina changed just like Papi and Suu!" Having recovered from the surprise of tearing Zombina's arm off, Papi glanced over and saw what had become of the zombie. "Don't worry, Papi will put you back together!"

As Papi skipped around collecting the scattered limbs, Zombina found her eyes locked on the bouncing and bobbing of her twin cocks, wondering just what they might feel like inside her new openings.

"Would you like us to help you?" The erect slime-cock that filled Zombina's vision when she looked over clarified what exactly she meant by "help." Hardly one to fret over something like this, and with the desperate cries of her eight new sexual organs goading her on, she saw little reason to refuse.

"Go ahead and fuck me, if I'm gonna have to live with these things, I might as well enjoy them!"

"Really?!" Papi's cocks instantly hardened at the thought of sex.

"Yep! Just make sure you give as good as you get, if you turn out to be a couple of two pump chumps I'll bite you!"

"Don't worry 'Bina! Papi knows how to mate real good! Everyone always loves when Papi fucks them!" Papi hops back over to her bed and sits down. She sets Zombina's arms beside her, lines up the vagina's on both legs with her own cocks. With a single thrust, both legs were filled with harpy cock, the muscles in their thighs twitching at the alien penetration. The feeling of having her legs used like novelty sex toys was unlike anything Zombina had ever felt. She wasn't given much time to dwell on it, however, before her torso was lifted into Suu's slimy arms.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Hopefully you'll do a lot more than that." The salty taste of Suu's body filled Zombina's mouth as their lips met. As they kissed, Zombina felt Suu remove her panties and add them to the pile of clothes. Slowly she felt her slit, her original one, be filled with Suu's cock. Despite its intimidating size, the slime-girl's member squeezed in and moulded itself to perfectly fill every inch of her. As she was slowly lowered onto Suu's cock, so too did the shafts on her hips enter Suu's thighs, their gooey surface parting to allow penetration. Her arm cocks weren't left out of the fun, either, as Suu shifted her grip on Zombina's torso to slip them into her arms.

Zombina's undead nature had always left her fairly numb to sensations, both physically and mentally. This numbness is what she attributed the fact that she was still coherent after being speared on Suu's cock while Papi continued to fuck her legs. Even when Suu's insides began vigorously milking her cocks she maintained her composure, leaning into her kiss and pushing her tongue to the back of Suu's mouth. She was caught a bit of guard when Papi used one talon to hold her arm up to eat out while the other three worked together to "finger" the other one.

With Papi working her limbs and Suu taking care of her torso, Zombina slowly found herself giving into the pleasure. Her body slowly sunk into Suu's until she was completely engulfed in a slimy embrace. Even fully inside the Suu's body, Zombina could still feel the distinct sensations of lips on her mouth; of a cock inside not just her pussy, but her ass as well; of each of her cocks being stroked from base to tip by soft hands; and of her breasts being drained of the milk that she now produced.

Despite her earlier boasts, it was Papi who was the first to cum. While her sexual experience had given her quite impressive stamina, her undead lover was hardly a blushing virgin and managed to hold out against her and Suu's dual assault just a few moments longer. Ultimately it was Suu, her biology completely divorced from that of the other two, who held herself together the longest, both figuratively and literally, as once she had made sure to absorb every drop of Zombina's first loads her body lost cohesion and collapsed into a puddle on the floor.

Just like with Manako before, Miia and Kimihito found Zombina already transformed and when they saw the conjoined Doppel and Tionishia follow Ms Smith up the stairs they let out an eight-fold sigh. Of course, deep down neither of them were too worried, they loved their new body (even if Kimihito was a bit less overt about it) and were sure that the five new mutants would love their forms just as much. Regardless, however, the pair slithered into Papi's room, so they could pull Zombina out of Suu and put her back together.


Once everything had settled down, Ms Smith had (with some help from Kimihito) phoned in what had happened back to her superiors. A few hours later, and a group of people in hazmat suits came through and collected both the bottles of milk that had started this whole ordeal and samples of everyone's bodily fluids for testing.

Ms Smith was currently being debriefed about what had happened, with everyone else hanging out in Mero's room, as it was the only place big enough to hold all of them currently. After nearly an hour of waiting in suspense, she stepped through the door, the makeshift poncho that Rachnera had whipped up to cover her still draped across her shoulders.

"Man, that was exhausting!" Ms Smith's lighthearted tone banished some of the worry about what might happen.

"What did they say?"

"Well, darling, it seems We've all been put under quarantine until further notice."

"Well that was to be expected really." "Where are they putting you up?"

Ms Smith cocked her head at Miia's question. A shiver ran down her and Kimihito's shared spine as they both realized what Smith was about to say.

"What do you mean? We're being quarantined here, of course!"